Triple Cross (1966) Movie Script

Give us a hand, Will you?
Thank you!
Mornin', Guvnor
Move along then..... Move!
RADIO: 'This is the BBC. In a
spectacular burglary last night,
The Gelignite Gang struck again.
Today a street musician was released from custody
after assisting the police in their inquiry.
Lord Beaverbrook today firmly stated
That war is impossible in our time.
Speaking at a banquet...
It was reliably reported today
that the explosive used by
the so-called "Gelignite Gang"
in their daring series of burglaries
in and around London and home counties
in recent weeks may in reality, be some secret
new compound introduced from abroad.
..expressed their confidence in the Maginot line.
Scotland Yard today revealed it has
detailed 17 of it's most qualified personnel
to halt the operations of the Gelignite Gang.
Investigations disclose that at the scenes
of each of the recent burglaries
quantities of discarded chewing
gum have been discovered
leading the authorities to believe that the
crimes are the work of a band of foreigners
Possibly Americans
RADIO: ... in the daring middle of the night raid
on the Union Cinema in Hampstead,
Police were interviewing all persons
known to them to have participated
In safe-breaking activities
of a more conventional kind
With war clouds gathering over France,
More and more Britons are turning to the
Channel Islands for their summer holidays.
At St Helier, on the Isle of Jersey, hotel
accommodation are this year at a premium.
Public houses and Restaurants
report record business...
Its BBC, Excuse me Sir
May I know your profession?
Financier.... I handle other peoples money.
And what make you choose
Jersey for your holiday?
Well, they tell me that, uh ......
Friendships ... ripen ... quickly here.
Open up the door!!
Open it up, Chapman!
Eddie Chapman,
You're under arrest!
Je ne comprends pas anglais.
Grab him!
Apart from its many diversions - its
water sports, its golfing and its tennis
Jersey today is renowned for an
atmosphere of tranquility and repose.
Many Britons think of retiring on this island.
They speak of its unconfined atmosphere,
it's fortunate climate, the unusual
pilons that permeates the landscape...
In sunny Jersey, it is said,
Every day is exactly the same as every other
Room service!
Come on, you lousy bunch of screws!
MOVE!...Move your fat bottoms!
.... Come on!
Ain't there enough trouble going
on round here? Come here....Look!
What's that lot of Germans doing out there.
Now Come on!!
Tell me! There's a
war on, isn't there?
Haven't you heard the news, Chapman?
10 months solitary! How the hell can I be
expected to know happening around here?
Now Is there a war on or not?
I thought so.
So, they've taken Jersey, have they?
If I were you I wouldn't be caught parading
around with a chest full of medals, Grandad.
They might think you got them for
killing Germans the last time.
What is it you want Chapman?
I want the German Commandant!
Not that one again!
Yes that again!
And tell him I don't like to be kept waiting.
You're a cocky one. - Look...
If we don't push ourselves,
nobody else ever will.
Let me tell you, the more scared you are,
talk louder. You can get away with murder.
Now go and tell the
commandant I want to see him!
This is Outrageous!
You really think he wants
to burn down the prison?
He was trying to set light to himself,
Sir, That's what he was doing.
Come In! ..... What, What's That?
What's the meaning of this?
Please Shut the door,
There's a terrible draft.
On your feet Chapman in the
presence of the commandant.
Look who's giving orders around here now!
I'm Sorry about all this, But it seemed
the only way to get in touch with you.
Now that You are in touch with me. What
object did you have?
I want to save your job for you.
- Save my job for me?
- Yes.
Because You'll lose it if
you don't do what I ask.
Do what YOU ask?
Don't you understand I could have you shot.
Possibly, But I'm asking
you, in front of witnesses,
To get a message pretty damn
quickly to your German intelligence.
And I'd hate to be in your shoes if they
ever found out that you hadn't passed it.
Do you think they could be interested in
a message from a thief like you?
They will be, when they find out it's
an Englishman who wants to help them
and once more - who can.
- That's all you want? Just that?
- Just that.
Have the lock of this door changed.
Every day!
Heil Hinkle!
There my Dear Countess ... As impressive a
list of honors as we have seen for many a day.
Wanted by Scotland Yard
for thirty broken safes,
Two escapes from prison,
Here read the rest for yourself.
Facing 14 years further imprisonment.
Very Interesting.
For what we have in mind
I think he has possibilities.
For what I have in mind,
You've have possibilities!
I like you, Herr Chapman.
I like his wicked tongue.
Wicked tongues can be dangerous.
Chapman, evidently you are clever.
Are you clever enough to see now
Now that now you've met all of us,
Puts You in a position to identify us
Therefore will be most certainly be shot?
That is to say...
That is to say unless you hire me?
Who are you ....... Chapman?
After Three hours of questioning, 22
cigarettes from the lady over there
I thought you'd understood by now.
I'm a realist, I'm in prison
and I want to get OUT!
I don't give a DAMN for
Germany or for England either.
Why should I?
What have they done for me lately?
You haven't finished?
You're Damn right I'm not finished.
Only one side is going to win this war and
I'm going to be on that side.
Whichever it is?
Yes, whichever it is.
If it's England, God help me. I've got
fifteen years ahead of me behind bars.
England will be no more....
It will be razed to the ground.
Well, Have I a choice?
I'd rather live for Germany than die for England.
And if we wanted you to die.....
For Germany?
The price would be the same.....
High ..... Of course.
Of course.
Have the Commandant take him back to the cell.
Herr Chapman?
It is possible you will hear from us.
More probably you will not.
That file in front of you speaks for itself.
You don't see recommendations
like that every day of the week, uh.
Much too soon to say.
It is obvious, he's a risk.
Why do you say that, Keller?
Merely Judging from his dossier
He cares too much for women.
Acute observation, they
say about him in the file.
That cigarette will
make exactly 23
Wouldn't listen, Would you?
Well, I'll put in a word for you
I'll see you get promoted!
What is it?
Sign here
What for?
Your effects
Check 'em
Get in then, Go on
Where are you taking me?
At least it is in the direction of Paris.
Make yourself at home, Englander
Oh Well, Thank You!
It's for the foreigners. I hope you
stay alive a few days to enjoy it
Just like home, isn't it?
I'm Chapman.
Laars Veriman
Where are you from?
What they got you in here for?
They picked me up in Paris,
my papers weren't in order.
Where are we?
10km north of Paris,
Sort of a transit camp
Some of us they send on,
Most of us they shoot.
Any way out?
No, there's not enough time
to plan an escape route.
Get in there!
At least they left me with these
Have one?
And you?
What else are you?
So why bring me here?
Malta's not at war with Hitler
What did they grab you boys for?
Me, I was a waiter at the Savoy grill.
They thought I was a spy.
- Are you?
You must have a great sense of humor.
If I told you...
You've got a nerve asking the
Commander to come down here.
Yes, I thought you might understand German.
Now look, You may be a pigeon they've
planted on us, or you may not
Unless you want to wake up cold and stiff one
morning, you just better keep out of my way.
Remember...... I'm superstitious too, Huh
In my book, three's a crowd.
Its Nice to know they got women here.
Ya, This place has got everything.
Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dedans?
Where did you get 'em from?
One of the guards
Can you get us some?
Have one now! - No, Next time.
There may not be a next time.
What's your name?
There'll be a next time.
Come on, come on now. Come on.
Get the ball now, Look at me.
Come on. Look at me now.
Get the ball
One, two and three
Get the ball
Ah, there you are
You rascal
Where have you been, huh?
- Sshhh
At the far end, the other side.
And who are you?
Franz, I'll call on you sometime.
Life is so dull here
What are you doing here?
Ssh, nothing to worry about.
Are you mad?
They can send you to Germany or just shoot you!
How long have you been here?
A month, but what's that do with it?
You're right, you're so right.
- Move along there.
- Good night, Chapman.
I must know your name.
What Does it matter?
Sorry I got you into this.
- I can tell them it was my fault.
- Paulette, Paulette Gehehr.
Inventory, sign here.
- What for?
- Property of EA Chapman.
24 in notes, six shillings in
silver, one gold-plated watch.
Gold-plated? You must be out of your mind!
I never wear imitation!
Well... put down solid gold.
And what address where
they can be sent to?
Address? I don't get you.
- So they can be restored after the war.
Put them with the other things
you're holding for Paulette Gehehr
A charming thought. She can have
them if and when she ever gets out.
You know what they're
going to do with me?
I have an idea.
Having been a waiter, I suppose you know the
difference between a sheep and a goat.
I don't get you.
For either one they hang you!
Take him away!
Back to work, go on.
This man is dangerous.
He's a public menace.
Not for long
Goodbye, Goodbye! Gawd bless you!
So long, Eddie.
Our turn next!
Anything to say, Chapman?
Well, it's been a great life.
Ready ... Aim ... Fire!
"Shot while attempting to escape."
But why a Jersey newspaper?
For circulation in England to those who matter.
As an added precaution, your little
friend was released - Paulette something.
If as we think she's in the
Resistance, they will pass that back.
Yeah, but the date.
Tomorrow's date.
Your new name is Franz Grauman, private,
second-class, in the Germany Army.
- Franz who?
- Grauman, remember it.
Grauman, lovely.
What else must I remember?
Not to ask questions.
Not to go near the radio
room, unless accompanied.
Not to mix with men
from the other sections
And to listen to whatever I have to tell you.
I'm sorry, Was I crowding you?
Any time
Franz, You are about to meet your new Chief,
The Head of the Abwehrstelle Ast,
Colonel Baron Von Grunen.
Be careful with him. He is, well...
- But a very, very remarkable man.
- Uh-huh.
- I thought all the servants left before darkness.
- They always used to.
I will inquire into it at once
Report to me, Come on
Go on in
Can't you salute?
Herr Steinhager, It takes time to learn to salute.
Are you well, Countess?
Well enough
The Long motor trips are always tiring.
I suggest you get some sleep.
Tomorrow morning at nine, Herr Steinhager.
Nine o'clock.
- Good night. - Good night.
Deutsche Ordnung
German order
Sit down
You've gone from safe-cracker and
prisoner, to private second-class,
and a potential member of the most successful
espionage group in the army, Abwehrstelle Ast
A long way in one day
To the health of uh.... Franz Grauman.
I thought you only drank to the Fuhrer's health.
Or To the health of
the king of England.
I'll drink to mine.
Mine is more important too me.
I see you might be described as a businessman.
Nice, Makes a change brandy with a pedigree.
This object also has a pedigree.
It's Persian, six or seven
hundred years old, isn't it?
Uh Huh...
And it can be destroyed in a fraction of a second.
You were once one of His Majesty's footguards.
Did they teach you how to shoot?
I can shoot
From there.... shoot the head off this animal.
You obey orders in a roundabout way.
But this time it happens to suit me.
Now You didn't really want me to do that did you.
The shot you just fired Grauman ....
Either broke the microphone that
I believe is hidden in this room
or the eardrums of the man who was listening in.
Behind the paintings or in the lamps, no doubt.
I'm telling you all this as a warning.
Oh, I always have.
without exception.
Good night Franz Grauman.
And Grauman, tomorrow you
will say "Colonel" or "Sir".
You will salute properly as in
the army by clicking your heels
Or if wearing a cap touching it with your hand.
All right... Baron.
DEE-DEE, DA-DA, Some people just
can't distinguish the difference.
Hopeless to try and teach them.
The best place to hide the
igniter - the join in the rails.
Cover the wire with a dead
fly or a piece of dirt.
Or anything.
Code, Keep as simple as possible
- the Bible, any well-known book.
An agent mustn't carry any heavy
or incriminating equipment.
Everything has to be
home-made, Found anywhere
You can Improvise. Flash powder with sugar and
saltpeter, This you can find in a hardware store.
Paper washed with saltpeter can give a
five-second fuse. Longer if necessary
The day of the month the same number as
one of the psalms as your key for codes.
To make a time fuse - an ordinary watch.
Use the either the minute or the hour hand
to touch the wire and make the contact.
Watch the light bulb.
A substitute for an explosion.
A human igniter sometimes works even better.
The springs, Even a rat trap.
You don't need much weight
Send XXX at the end of every message
otherwise we know you've been captured.
A home-made detonator out of a child's toy
A construction set
Let someone else do the job for you
This is just one of our own manufacture
A gun for firing round corners. You see
the enemy in the mirror. He can't see you.
Everything there you can find in
hardware stores, pharmacies, beauty shops
all to make an flash point ... an explosive.
Set if off with any friendly, familiar object
Secret radio frequencies of
other agents, Not your business.
He should be ready in two months
Colonel, I have certain doubts about him.
I told you he was to be one of
your responsibilities, Countess.
Study him thoroughly
It could be worthwhile
I maintain, The English Secret Service trained
him and imprisoned him in Jersey,
So that he could infiltrate
himself into our service.
I also suggest his criminal past is nothing but a
fiction meant to deceive us. I do not believe it.
I say he endangers our work here.
And I suggest You have a
personal prejudice against him.
Herr Steinhager, you discovered him
You investigated him.
You arranged for him to be watched.
Are you having second thoughts too?
Baron, I trust no-one.
I'm a security officer. It's my duty to
suspect everyone. Even those who are here
Are you going to say that
you also suspect the Fuhrer?
I didn't go to the University of Heidelberg,
nor the Staff College at Pottsdam like yourself.
Before I joined the army, I was a policeman.
And as a policeman, I know men
The discussion is closed
Franz Grauman will be trained for
an extremely important mission
For which you don't have to
know about for the moment
You are to Report to me
anything Grauman says or does,
No matter how charming and pleasant
a companion he turns out to be
You seem determined to force
me into this man's bed.
My dear Baron, Anybody would
think I need a procurer.
Not Procurer, a manager.
- Yes, that's how you saw it always.
I saw that in your case, someone was needed
to develop your latent possibilities.
Latent possibilities, Charmingly put.
Yes, You had costly and highly
sophisticated training in England.
I was hoping to see
some results of it now.
One day I must tell you exactly
how costly it has been, For Me.
You already have, several times.
Ahh, There is your Grauman.
Back to work..... Good hunting.
Now Who sent you in here?
I couldn't sleep.
You didn't try hard enough.
- What's the matter?
- Couldn't sleep.
I could read you a nursery rhyme.
Or sing you a lullaby.
Just you try
You should hear me sing. A voice
like a cornflake on a stormy night.
That's Better
Tell me, what is the matter?
Ohhh, It's this place it's
beginning to get me down.
I'm not surprised. They made you work
like a mad man. Parachutist school...
That damn parachute training, I can hardly move
Come on, turn over - I'll give you a rub.
Huh,,Turn my back on you?
You must be out of your mind?
Now Don't be a fool -
I am in charge of the English section,
and You are one of the English section, So
- What's so funny? Tell me.
- Oh, this whole business.
Every spy is another little
spy and that little spy ...
Well of course, it's a shabby business.
But what did you expect
You're not training for the priesthood
here, Stop complaining The money is good.
I haven't seen any of it yet. Don't feel sorry for
yourself, You're not the only one! There. - Oh.
Yes, boss. I suppose so..
I suppose anyone .....
- What, you suppose? - If anyone can
be honest in this business, it's you.
Yes, honest little Helga Lindstrohm.
The poor man's Mata Hari.
Who, if she could give
me away, would do it.
I wouldn't enjoy giving you away, You know that
But you would.
But that's what I'm paid for, isn't it?
I think I like you.
Helga Lindstrohm.
I think I like you.
- I'm glad you do.
It's not part of the deal,
but I prefer it like this.
Probably on their way to Cherborg.
Well, at least we can both
say it isn't one of ours.
Got a light?
Ive got a lighter.
Gentlemen, there is very little time.
British and Canadian forces
landed an hour ago at Dieppe
Probably a diversionary tactic for an
all-out invasion elsewhere on the coast.
Abwehrstelle Ast must suspend all training
activities and concentrate on rounding up any
potential French Resistance personnel.
I'm handing over control of this
operation to Colonel Steinhager.
His experience in these matters
are far greater than mine.
Yes, Colonel.
Kellar, I want you ride with me.
We meet in 30 minutes.
This way
Open up .... Open up!
Fritz! Quick, finish your
message and hide the radio.
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
HEAVY KNOCKING I'm finished.
Collet, Go to the bedroom on the third floor.
Take the back staircase.
Open up!
Open up!
German police!
Open this door!
What is it?
Come In.
Search them Franz, always do that first.
Who did you take that watch from?
I didn't take it.
Who from?
It was given to me.
By whom?
- A girl.
- Her name?
Her name?
Just a girl.
Want to tell me where she is?
On the Third Floor!
Bravo, Grauman!!
You're beginning to learn the business.
All right, I'll look after them now.
You search the other apartments.
Get up
Now I want to talk to you
Get up!
Eddie, that's you...
Shhhh - Quiet!
Why are you wearing that uniform?
You gave this away, Didn't You?
In the Camp they said that you were dead.
Now Look! You have to get out of here
NOW, Today.. otherwise you're finished.
Leave an address with someone in this
house Next time, Don't give this away.
Am I intruding?
You intrude?
No, that's not your type... Surely?
We're after bigger fish than that,
Aren't We.
She's nothing but small fry.
Gilligan, Duncan.......
I don't want to interrupt you.
The Name's James
I'm a sergeant.
Name.....Number 483295.
- Rank?
- Lieutenant
Huh!... Here's a wife in a million.
To Whom It May Concern
"This is to certify that
while overseas, away from me
Sergeant William George Daniels,
my lawfully wedded husband,
"has full permission to consort with
any pretty girl he may meet."
You speak it pretty good,
Don't you buster.
Well, Four years in night school,
you do pick it up a bit you know.
One of them, are you?
Hey Fellows, Take a look.
Another bloody renegade...
One of the Lord Haw-Haw's gang
Ohh..Push off, will you?
Well, as I was saying,
before I was interrupted...
One lighter, one 20 size packet of
Players containing 12 cigarettes,
three-penny bus ticket, bar of chocolate,
hotel bill, box of matches...
Leave the rest here, Keller.
Does it mean Colonel that against my recommendation
you are going to use Grauman after all?
It means check items listed, nothing more.
Do you approve the contract?
It seems all right, but uh why a contract?
Deutsche Ordnung
This is a personal contract
between you and me.
It gives me control of you.
Neither The Luftwaffe or the Kriegsmarine
can have the use of your services
- without permission from me.
They want me?
Succeed in this assignment
and they'll all be after you.
I don't know what
this assignment is.
You won't know .....
Till the last moment.
Unless the British paid their troops
in counterfeit money that's Sterling.
We took over 1 million at Dunkirk alone.
Now are you ready to sign the contract
or do you have any more questions?
Two questions
The 100,000 marks I get
paid - when and how?
When you succeed in your mission
In any currency you wish.
Are they in there?
The safe
I think this calls for a celebration.
If I'd been running the Savoy Grill,
you'd have been fired the first day.
To Your navigation, Major...
Swimming the Channel was never
one of my ambitions.
Your people live very well Colonel.
But of course Major. Can't you see?
We truely lack nothing here.
Nothing at all.
Yes, My people are special
Exceptional talents deserve
exceptional treatment
Are all of them equally... special?
You have a mission tonight Major.
You mustn't flirt with me.
In this room are Some of the most
highly trained specialists in the world.
- Ahh.
- Care to see a demonstration?
Using only this watch as a time fuse.
Albert there will blow up one of the trees
outside of the house at the stroke of nine.
Let me go with him, keep an eye on him.
Good idea - you
haven't been drinking.
I have been drinking!
My God have I been Drinking.
Now he has gone.
Nine O'clock
It must be fast!
My people don't make mistakes.
Not of this sort
I heard you
What a foxes - What a foxes.
I'll check it with the
nine o'clock on the BBC.
You mean You listen to the British?
You heard what the Colonel said
- special treatment.
RADIO: This is the BBC
Home And Forces programme.
Here is the Nine O'Clock news...
And This is Alvar Liddell Reading it.
Where are you, Grauman? Grauman!
Where's Grauman?
I've looked everywhere.
Where were you?
I cut it on some broken glass.
Let me look at it for you.
You don't think I cut it myself?
Now, really!
Good luck
Thank you
Now, here are your special instructions.
Within 15 minutes of landing in England, you must
get on the air to us with a safe landing signal.
15 Minutes! That's a must!
Otherwise we'll be sending another
plane with a replacement.
15 minutes - clear?
You'll hear from me in
much less time than that.
Heil Hinkle!
Jolly Alberrt!!!
Heil Hitler!
Oh, Heil Hitler
Herr Colonel ...
They are transmitting.
They are circling the landing area.
We are here, Stand by
Hey, you bloody fool!
The release check.
He's not going to transmit.
I can tell you exactly what he's doing right now.
He's given up every intention
of carrying out his mission.
He's trying to get a ride into the nearest town.
Still nothing yet.
Are you convinced now, Colonel?
That makes 40 minutes.
We'll wait another half an hour.
Made in France?
I want you to bring him back to me
Dead or Alive!
We shall get the cars ready.
The cars are ready outside.
Come on Come on
I'm convinced you are making a mistake.
It may be woman's intuition but I have a
feeling something's happened to him.
No, Colonel Steinhager was
right to impose this test
Otherwise a serious mistake
might have been made.
Well, If you've caught him, I'm glad
it wasn't I who caught him for you.
I'm going to bed.
Wait! Wait! I've got something.
Herr Baron, I've got him now.
What is it?
Grauman, He is transmitting.
Tell him to stay where he
is, we're coming for him.
Your feminine intuition, Countess, Remarkable.
Come on!
What kept you
You bloody imbeciles?
Who the Hell do you think
you are anyway..Comedians?
Did you fall on a bank or a strong box?
Right in the middle of that red bleeding tree!
Do You Mind!
Stop that! Grauman!
Grauman, I had to put you to the test.
Charming !
Damn Well the last time I'm jumping, that's all.
Thank you very much.
Next time will be the real thing.
My nerves won't take it.
It's the shock. I'm scared to hell of it.
It's the shock
It's gonna bloody well take a bigger
shock than that to get me back to normal.
By that you mean...uhh?
An extra thousand pounds.
Who sent you in here?
I couldn't sleep
Try harder
At least you'll be sure of one thing ....
for now.
Is that all you have to say to me?
No.... Heil Hitler(!)
- Heil Hitler!
The factory entrance
Only one policeman on duty
Power plant
The position for explosives
Thank you, Lars
You can take your equipment later
And You won't forget Franz, All
the codewords I taught you?
No, no, no.
And the XXX at the end?
Clear as mud.
See you later
Now these photographs are much more detailed.
Study them Carefully.
Come On! I've been on this for five
days, I know them backwards.
Know them frontwards too.
This is your last chance.
And Grauman, always remember one thing
You're under contract to me.
These are clean.
One lighter, Box of matches.
You'd better drop me in the
right place this time or else.
All right ..All right.
Here Put this on, it will make you feel better.
What is it?
Tonic for your nerves. It's a thousand
pounds, You hinted you would like.
I hope it's all right. I don't like
passing counterfeit, that's not honest
Sling me one of those, Would you Keller?
May I have a cigarette, please?
One last thing.
If you're captured, take this.
It's very effective.
- It kills instantly.
Oh, Thank you, how touching!
You have three days, If We don't hear from you
within that time, I'll simply write you off.
Three days I will be back,
You can count on that.
Safer up there than down here.
You go onto the plane, Sir. - I'll bring Chapman.
Have we crossed the English Channel yet?
We have crossed it
I thought I was unpopular down
there, but this is ridiculous!
Green light, Stand By!
Position report, Sir.
Aircraft...circling...dropping zone
- 1,200 -
Leo, go and tell the Colonel.
Stop that noise! What
the Devil do you want?
I'm a British airman, I'm
sorry I've had an accident.
- May I use your telephone? - Telephone?
- Yes, I've got to get to the police.
It all checks, sir.
One of these radio frequencys was already on
our intercept list of enemy agents in Norway.
Looks as though he is
telling the truth Sir.
You just produce Eddie
Chapman's criminal record
I can answer any question from it.
Anything, In detail.
Chapman or whatever your name is
I'll be blunt.
Our position is that the real Eddie Chapman
was executed a long time ago in Jersey.
Look Sir, I dropped out of the sky up there
to make a deal with you down here.
But my bargaining position is
getting weaker every second.
This is the third day!
Who'll be held responsible for not
buying some of the best intelligence
To come your way during this
whole bloody War? .... You Will!
And Pretty uniforms and your old school ties.
By having nerve, you may have got away
with murder with your German friends.
But it's not going to work here.
It worked before, it can work again.
If you try it on with that, you'll find that you
will never be allowed to transmit that message.
Or you may find yourself back in prison
for those 14 years you referred to.
What do you have to say about that?
Well Sir, I'd say...
"It would all be a terrible waste."
Frankly, so would I.
Remember the three Xs.
Oh, thank you.
- If we don't hear anything, we'll try again.
- Yes.
Blow up...
Repeat 03.00 hours precisely
for reconnaissance check.
Jolly Albert terra terra." What's that last bit?
It's a private joke Sir, One of
the chaps in the Abwehrsteller...
Alberrr, You know the stool pigeon
I told you about a bit on the uhhh
Spare us the details.
Right Sir
Reconnaissance check means they
must be taking this pretty seriously.
Or could it just mean that
they don't trust Chapman
They will have to trust
him Sir because of the job
Now you don't mean to tell me that you are
actually going to let me to blow up Vickers.
It'll be worthwhile if you fall in with
what we have in mind for you later.
I'm always open to a proposition.
Even if it means going back to the Germans?
But Working for us, this time.
This time on an exclusive basis.
Exclusive, that comes extra.
At least you have merit of being consistent
Chapman, I'll say that for you.
Well, I mean going back there ......
My life is in pretty good danger.
It's in pretty good danger now.
A man who drops into England by
parachute with a German radio
And the Identity card of a man
who's been reported dead......
You could hang for that.
That last remark has a rather nasty sound. Not
at all what I expected from British fair play.
Well now that we have established that you're
not going back for patriotic reasons,
What else would interest you?
10,000. Half in advance, in cash.
I don't trust banks, people
will keep robbing them.
10,000, that's all?
A free pardon.
And a nice, shiny medal
like the one he's got on.
It's a pleasure to do business with you
Chapman. You know so clearly what you want.
But I neglected to tell you, In case we
don't through with this Vickers sabotage,
- You were a guardsman, weren't you?
- Mm-hmm.
Your call-up papers for the army
will be served on you by breakfast.
Blackmail. This war has destroyed
all moral values, really.
Besides, I'm a pacifist.
I'm against all wars.
That makes two of us.
Well, my instructions were precise.
Join in with the rest of the nightshift.
Stop, here.
And go through one of the
gates, like that one there.
I was told to join in with the workers.
Listen to what the men in front had to say.
- Hello, Charlie!
Hello, Bert!
Hey, you!
Your cap
You have to go to one of the washrooms
hide up there till midnight,
When there's a meal break,
Join in with the mob again.
This gets you into the main factory area.
The next part's much the worse.
Von Grunen told me the food will be
quite ghastly....... He wasn't fooling.
My orders were then to follow the
others out, staying till the last.
The end building houses
the generator plant.
The main dynamo that supplies
power to the whole factory.
22 paces from the north
corner of the building...
..You plant your plastic explosive.
Insert the igniter.
Set your wrist-watch time
fuse for a seven-hour delay.
My orders were then to
go back to the washroom,
Hide out in there, until 6am
when the night staff goes off
Then like the rest of
them, make your way home.
Now, do you believe me?
Interesting, anyway.
Sitting out here all night, I've been thinking.
If I can persuade the War Cabinet to take a chance,
Would you go through with your part of the deal?
What do you mean by War
Cabinet taking a chance?
Well, for instance, justice.
Lord Beaverbrook has been
held up by the Prime Minister,
But he's on his way, He apologises.
But speaking for the Ministry
of Aircraft Production,
I can only say that we would take a very dim
view of your blowing up one of our
biggest factories, as your memorandum suggests.
Jerry's so keen to have Chapman
destroy the Vickers works.
At least it indicates that our raids
are more successful than we thought.
But You do understand our problem, if Chapman fails to carry out
this mission, the Germans will know there's something fishy.
And His value to us as
an agent is destroyed.
I must confess my ignorance as to
your Mr Chapman's activities here.
But However valuable his services maybe,
You can't expect the Ministry of Aircraft
Production to allow one of its plants
To be put out of action for a whole month.
My friend, I have news for you.
After I've seen Lord Beaverbrook,
That's precisely what I do expect.
First time I ever had a cop
carry my tools to and from a job.
You know You'd make a
pretty good Gelignite man.
Whenever I get back into business,
You'll gonna be my first choice.
Go back Into business,
You'll be mine.
An unidentified aircraft
in sight of the coast
Coming in at southeast minus ten.
Call all anti-aircraft batterys group 7,
Let the unidentified aircraft through.
It's one of ours returning from a mission.
No, sir. The unidentified aircraft is German.
You said it might be.
So they are sending one to
find out whats going on?
It's just as I...
Anti AirCraft Battery 554 states the aircraft
is out of range, continuing on its way.
That's Funny.
It's even burning on the roofs we didn't go near.
Somebody else must have been smoking.
Let's get back.
17:35, the Admiral,
Brigadier Dalrymple,
WAAF officer, name unknown.
Well, you seem to be very comfortable here.
Well..It's a bit racier
than most prisons I know.
This is Squadron Officer Laurence
She is one of our top camouflage people.
She's very proud of the work she
did for us last night... Show him.
Those false buildings your erected made a damn
good fire! Should have fooled the Germans.
Ah!... It's taken in the dark.
Yes - infrared film.
You didn't tell me you
did that much damage.
So it looks to me and I'm an expert.
And this one - taken not more than five
minutes after the German plane had gone.
- So his photos would be...
Not much different from that one. Uhhh.. But The
factory, How long will that be out of action?
Hours only, The night shift
will be on schedule at midnight.
Terribly Sorry Sir, but they're
calling Chapman here on the radio.
Answer for me, will you? You know
all of the codes by heart by now.
Ahh, They could identify
your finger on the tapper.
Take care of this.
..Submarine possible.
Proceed... ship
Last message
That's funny
No Good show or well done or anything
Last message sounds like
breaking off contact, doesn't it?
I can't say I like it.
I can't say I like it at all.
There's a funny smell to it.
Something's not quite right.
It's because we're slightly concerned for your
welfare that we're having this conversation.
I'm not sure now that it's
safe for you to go back.
Of course... If it was
made worth my while...
The financial terms have already been agreed.
Also the matter of the free pardon
The Distinguished Service Order - no.
I happen to wear it myself when I'm in uniform.
I'm a snob about whoever else should wear it.
If you do go back now,
it will be on my terms.
The day of the private war of
Eddie Chapman has come to an end.
Are you with me? - I'm not sure I'm WITH you,
but I'm beginning to get what you have in mind.
It's 600ft down in the
sea, between the rocks
and it eats mainly small fish and it's
also fond of human flesh....and crabs.
So far, you've had it pretty good.
You've been working for this Von
Grunen - a Gentleman of the old school
But you're NOT working for a Gentleman now.
You've got to make up your mind
who's going to win this war
God help you if anything goes wrong
and the Germans get to London.
They'll find tons of official and secret documents
All in beautiful crumbling ashes.
And In a convenient fireplace in MI-5,
they'll stumble across the half-burnt
dossier of Edward Arnold Chapman.
That half will be enough to get a rope round your
neck or a bullet through your brain within the hour.
I really don't know what's happened
to the British sense of Justice.
Well, all right.
Now, remember the first 5,000.
And no checks.
Now all We have to do is get you back to
the Germans in the best possible condition.
Now, The first time they
said, you get your treatment.
I told you,
it was...
It was beaa........
- And the time of the train?
- Just before six. I told you.
Corridor or no corridor?
- None, as I remember.
- I want a definite answer.
No corridor.
Look, I'm tired now.
I've got to get some sleep.
Give him another drink
- that should wake him.
You'll take over in half an hour.
That film you saw the first night in London?
A pretty girl called...
Sally, uhhh...
Grey and Anton Walbrook and er...
Warsaw Concerto, that was the
name, something like that.
- Which cinema?
- Marble Arch.
And the color of your railway
ticket from Rigbys to London?
White - No, No, No - You bloody fool...Green!
White's for first-class. There aren't
any first class on the local railways.
One mistake like that with the real
boys and you'll be a goner.
Ohh.. Please, I've been here for days.
15 hours and they'll
keep you 30 at a stretch
Make him finish the bottle.
Grill him for another four
hours, If he survives that
I think it will be safe for him
to catch the ship tomorrow night.
Gentlemen, Thank You for your help
You've taught me one thing -
Never let the Poles take you prisoner.
And Chapman,
In case we never meet again, I'm
relying on you to do a good job.
After all, you do represent
a considerable investment.
- Now, sugar ration -
- How many ounces a week?
- Oh!
- I adore you!
- Why?
Because you never, never change.
Listen, I don't have time for even backchat today.
It was you in the black car?
I had to reach you before
Schnapps or Keller did.
Where's von Grunen?
On the Russian front
They are those who say it was your doing.
Ahhhh! - Senor?
Una manzanilla, por favor
Alright, What am I being blamed for now?
Well, Three of our best people in England
Were liquidated within days of your arrival there.
The arm of coincidence can't be that long.
You do follow what I am saying?
Oh Yes, I am listening.
You'll be interrogated today
and tomorrow and the day after.
I hope your story's good
It is
Neither of us can be safe unless
Von Grunen is brought back
You are the only one who can do it.
How do I go about that?
Isn't there some valuable piece of information
that you can give ONLY to Von Grunen?
- No. But he owes me a
hell of a lot of money.
Can you prove that?
It's in the contract. As soon as they are
satisfied with your story at the chateau,
I might get the right people by telephone.
Agente Provocatrice!
Hey, you're working too hard.
Does it show?
Why don't you stop?
This is a man's game.
Yes, I will stop.
One must stop, sometimes.
At the moment, I have to be clever.
Let's both be clever.
This way.
Come in.
You are Franz Grauman?
Unless you're the military attache, no I'm not.
Whatever I am is not your business.
You will please go over to that table
and write down the whole of your activity
from the moment you landed in England.
You will omit nothing.
I must say, You both seem overjoyed to see me.
Of course we are.
Welcome back.
There's only one Franz Grauman
He's the man alright.
No, He hasn't changed, not one bit.
At least life will be more gay at
the chateau now he's come back.
Just when we had given him up forever.
Given me up?
I never thought you'd dare come back
to us after all that has happened.
Well, why not?
It takes courage to do
what you are doing now.
Walking directly into the lion's den like this.
I've come back for my money.
What money?
The 100,000 marks the baron owes me.
- Who is unfortunately no longer with us.
Who, Unfortunately may no
longer be with anybody.
The Casualties on the Eastern Front
are appalling so they tell me.
Colonel Steinhager, This is defeatist talk.
Yes, all right.
After all Everybody knows
that our glorious armed forces
are winning victory after
victory on the Eastern Front.
In Fact only a few more such triumphs and we
shall be fighting in the streets of Berlin itself.
Colonel Steinhager, Please...
Yes, in the meantime put down on
paper your experiences in England.
It should make fascinating reading.
Omitting nothing
You've got a lot of time?
Oh yes, We have time.
After all, time is on our side... Isn't it?
Now the possibility of political
asylum for you has been lost, Franz.
We have crossed the border.
I don't know quite what you're getting at Keller.
You were in neutral territory.
Now you're not.
Franz, come on
Good luck
- Heil Hitler
- Heil Hitler
Heil Hitler
For you
Oh, yes They are waiting
They have been waiting quite a time.
They don't like to wait
Come on!.........Grauman
Now What is it, huh?
Is there somewhere I can...?
There's a Bathroom through there
Franz, Open this door!
All right
What's the matter with you? You look terrible.
It's the long ride, no food I suppose.
Drink this
A man must put something into his stomach
I know someone who was just about to.
Alright Gentlemen, that is about all for now.
We shall discuss this later
If you take these papers
Herr Field Marshall Rundstedt,
May I present to you Lieutenant
Special Service Franz Grauman?
They told me your story. I've been
looking forward to meeting you.
Read it
"To Lieutenant Special Service Franz Grauman
"for successful achievements on behalf of the
Bureau of Intelligence of the German Army,
culminating in an exploit that
resulted in the destruction
of a large part of the Vickers
Aircraft factory in England
"At Great personal risk, and
requiring specialised skills.
Your award is made herewith of
the Iron Cross Second Class.
"In the name of the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.
"It is worthy of further notice
that Franz Grauman is the
first Englishman to become the
recipient of this honored decoration."
In the name of the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.
Now that you have been promoted to
Lieutenant, I think the first thing you need
is a visit to my tailor, and a different uniform.
That's very kind of you, Sir.
Is there anything else you want?
Anything else I can do for you?
Well, yes, I... I don't quite know how to put it.
There is, actually.
There most certainly is.
We're very glad to see you back with us, Sir
No need to make speeches
I'm glad to be back.
Alberr, Your buttons need shining.
I think that includes all my personal documents.
These are the files on the general administration.
Thank you, Steinhager. I'm sorry to make
you clear everything out my first day back.
But I think It's better to start
off the way I intend to continue.
How did you get a hold of this?
- What?
- This aerial photo.
What is it an aerial photo of, Franz?
Tell us.
And where have you seen it before?
Hmm? ... Tell us.
It's the Vickers factory of course.
Look, I spent four days learning
the layout, looking at pictures...
in this very room.
I've seen it before
No, Franz. Pictures, drawings,
but not aerial photographs.
And certainly not aerial
photographs of a factory on fire.
Don't you think you have made a
dangerous little slip-up this time?
Hmm? Don't you?
My English friend
Oh, give over Steinhager,
You're getting as nutty as Keller.
Must be a Occupational disease...
Once a policeman, always a policeman.
Is that how the saying goes?
Yes and it doesn't make me
angry, as you would like it to.
I am proud of being a
policeman and grateful.
Because We policeman have to be kept
on no matter what regime is in power.
Whether Germany is ruled by an emperor
or communists or national socialists,
The State needs policemen and the policeman
now who is asking you one more question!
Hurry it up, then!
You said, "How on earth
did you get hold of this?!"
That's Right.
As if it were surprising for us,
the Germans, to have this picture.
Why ask that, If you had seen this picture before
when you were studying with the Baron here?
It's meant to be of the highest security
rating, kept in a wall safe and all that.
Only the Baron, the projectionist
and Myself were allowed to see them.
Now they're flogging them around for one
and all to see. No wonder I'm surprised.
Until the Baron returned today, I was in charge
of Abwehrstelle Ast! I wasn't one and all.
Oh Franz, you disappoint me.
You disappoint me that you
cannot think of anything better!
Steinhager...if you feel so strongly
that you have a case against Grauman
Then you must make a formal charge
Press for an investigation.
But if you are wrong... it
will be your responsibility.
Are you willing to take the risk?
What would be the use?
Franz seems to have
friends in...high places.
No, it's just that I am
disappointed professionally.
Cruelly disappointed
That is the first time I
feel sympathy for that man.
And, of course, he is right...
He's bound to survive.
- Why him?
- He's doing his job...
He enjoys it. That's
what makes him dangerous.
Ah, well, Baron...
Welcome home!
This certainly is not the German
Army that conquered
Poland, Norway and France
in less than one year of war.
No, it certainly isn't.
I am part of this army...
and yet I like to think of myself as a pacifist.
I'm a pacifist myself.
I wonder, Eddie... all the time I wonder...
What you really are.
Helene, a packet of Gauloises, s'il vous plait.
More champagne, I think, don't you?
I'm afraid I'll
have to leave you.
Those friends of mine in the corner,
I can not keep them waiting any longer.
Fearfully top army echelon
Are they?
Bring him another bottle and when he has finished
that, put him in a taxi and send him to his hotel.
- Yes.
I'll see you in the morning.
You look so sad and lonely.
I'm a sad and lonely type darling.
Then don't you think...?
YOU push off.
I was here first.
- Bonsoir.
- She doesn't belong here!
- Run, don't walk.
I know I'm late. I'm sorry. Your
telegram was difficult to deliver.
And now... Well, I have another name.
- Oh. Legally.
- Yes. My husband's name.
- Why did you want to see me?
- To ask you the time.
And what else?
Well...the last time I saw you,
you had friends with you. Remember?
Friends in the Resistance.
I'm not trying to trap you, believe me.
I need help.
- Help from the French underground. I've got to...
- I must have radio communication with England.
- I can't possibly...
You don't have to admit
to anything, just listen.
Suppose you knew someone
in the Resistance...
and suppose he checked up
on me with London...when
he found out I was all
right, he could contact me.
If I knew such people, what
would you want to tell them?
Take a look at that table in the corner.
One of those generals is Field Marshall Von
Kluge. The colonel with him is Von Grunen.
Meaning what?
Von Grunen is using me as a cover
to attend that meeting over there.
Today is Tuesday. I only buy
books on Fridays and Saturdays.
..So the names really do
mean something to you.
Do me a favor, will you?
Get me in touch with England by radio.
And then do me another?
Right afterwards... get
out of this business.
Deux cents francs, monsieur.
At eight o'clock. At the bistro
called Les Bons Nuits, rue Lamartine.
Eight o'clock?
Merci, monsieur.
Let me know straight away.
We'll come back in a few minutes.
Le rouge?
Coming ....
Can we talk here?
Mmm... Nowhere safer
Got me cleared with London?
If you have something to say, I
may be able to get it across there.
You're taking an awful risk,
talking like that. Openly.
That's the secret. The trick
Talk openly ....
I can deny anything
You have a grudge against me, maybe?
Or you want me out of
the way for some reason?
Now, is there still something
you want to tell me?
I could've used somebody like
you back in the good old days.
I'll tell you fast. 21st Panzer and
the 19th Light have arrived in France.
How do you know?
The generals were at dinner
Here in Paris, on Tuesday night.
Something pretty funny going on among those
generals. The regular army ones, I mean.
It involves a senior officer on the general...
I might have known.
I'm surprised to see you here
Disreputable dive like this
I'm not surprised to see YOU, however.
Everybody seems to have
his hands in his pockets.
- What is it, a raid or something?
But you take your hands OUT of your pocket.
Bit jumpy, aren't you, Keller?
What seems to be bothering you?
You are under arrest.
Oh, Keller, You really
need your head examined!
I received your telephone message.
I came as soon as I could.
Well I'm Sorry that I disturbed you,
it turns out it was a false alarm.
Put your gun away. And you...?
What are you doing here?
It's just a coincidence. He and his friends
happened to walk in. Isn't that right Keller?
As Grauman says, Sir... A false alarm.
I don't know what's happening
here, but I intend to find out.
It had better be important enough to take
me from a dinner with the Colonel General!
Go Back to your hotel.
- Stay there until I send for you.
- Yes, sir.
You have a rendezvous tomorrow evening.
I wouldn't like to see you miss it.
Now it's you!
A telephone message.
It's from you?
Better ask Grauman!
He seems to be the only one
who knows what's going on.
Night, all.
Leave your coat here. I'll sign
for both of us. .. Good Evening!
Ah, my dear cousin, so THIS
is your celebrated protege.
- Good evening, gentlemen.
- Fuhrer!
How's your father? Haven't seen
him for years! Is he keeping well?
Quite well, sir.
- We must all keep well!
Colonel General, may I present Lieutenant
Special Services, Franz Grauman.
Good evening.
- Heil Hitler!
- Mm.
Extraordinary how things have changed, isn't
it? Instead of "Heil Hitler", he grunts.
- Colonel Steinhager! - Ja?
Nobody is to go in or out until
the meeting is quite over.
No exceptions, sir?
No exceptions, That's an order.
Looks like we're in for a
very rough night, my friends!
I say no, no and no. The last mission was
entirely for the benefit of the Luftwaffe.
This time the Kriegsmarine must have
a chance! - I say Grauman belongs to the Army!
The Navy is the senior of all the services!
Yes, and the smallest.
My dear Admiral, and esteemed
friend, your argument is very weak.
This meeting is going to last a week.
Shan't sleep for a week as it is!
My God, the Luftwaffe are
going to bomb the Navy!
OUR Navy!
I have already submitted it to
They're beginning to run out of steam already.
I am just waiting for the right moment.
Lower your voices!
You can be heard halfway across Paris!
General Schuler is in there!
I demand he receives this message!
My entire career could be destroyed!
An SS general being refused to be allowed
to receive an important communique?!
You heard our instructions!
I'm sorry Sir but I must insist !
Insist?! You INSIST?!
Sit down at once!
I may not be the SS, but by God,
I will see a court-martial break
you for disobeying my orders!
Give it to me.
Any minute now
Then it doesn't look as though
that is going to work out either.
The only solution for this is a mission for
Grauman that will have something for each of them.
So it seems!
Have you a suggestion?
In England Colonel General,
near Portsmouth,
Five heavy bomber stations are airfields
for quite specific targets in Germany.
Planes from Lakenheath always bomb Hamburg.
And Manston has Berlin for a target.
What is needed is a man in the
Portsmouth area who could...
Exactly Colonel, A man to radio us with the
news of which airfield the bombers come from.
Exactly. The Luftwaffe could then concentrate
its night fighters over the target area.
From the High Command
Intelligence, Bulletin number 317
We have reports of another American
army being formed in England
Possibly to be commanded by General Patton
In the same Portsmouth area
Identify this US 3rd Army successfully,
And I promise that We can arrange something a
little more interesting than Iron Cross work!
Gentlemen, this suggestion of
Colonel von Grunen is inspired!
We've been talking for hours at cross purposes
And now we have a plan of action
For our valuable English associate.
Have you no comment to make on this?
When am I going to get any sleep?
- Right now because I am going to bed.
Open the windows, please. We need some fresh air.
When you see your father, He was
my divisional commander you know-
Tell him from me that his son will
most certainly equal his achievements.
I'll tell him Colonel General
Thank you
It's difficult to be both
a soldier and a diplomat.
Good night or Good morning rather, Gentlemen.
General Schuler
Your orders were that you
were not to be disturbed, Sir.
You carried out your orders well.
But These messages they are important, Sir
They are very important, Sir !!
I can tell you what it is.
The Allies...
- Anything wrong?
No, It all seems in order.
The only thing is the money must be in a
Swiss bank in dollars, all 100,000 of them.
Well, I can't blame you... We've lost the war now.
It's only a matter of time.
- Sh-sh-sh.
- Microphones.
No-one cares any more. Everybody says it.
Hitler has been interfering so
much with the army strategy,
Von Rundstedt has asked to be replaced.
- Von Kluge is taking over.
- Ah, who was in the night club with you
I didn't tell you it was Von Kluge.
Some time ago, that remark of yours
might have got you into a lot of trouble.
Now, who cares?
Your copy of the signed contract.
They're not serious about
sending me on this job, are they?
V1s and V2s, that's all the
madman has left up his sleeve.
Secret weapons
How far are they?
About 35 miles.
American Third Army will be
here in less than a week.
Well, I'll be in Paris tomorrow.
Anything I can get you?
No. I have an aircraft waiting.
It's an important journey for me.
Your radio frequencies.
- What was that?
Your radio frequencies.
You'll memorise them before you leave.
Oh, I'll learn them.
Wish I was going with you.
The Countess going back to Sweden, You
to England, the place won't be the same.
Not with the American and British
soldiers around, it won't.
I mean't.....Abwehrstelle Ast
Did you see that? Free French.
Yeah, I'm not particular.
Damn it, We're running late.
I want to celebrate my last night in Paris.
When it ends, and it will
end, what will you do?
- If I survive?
- Oh, you'll survive.
As I will. We're both
professional survivors.
Well In that case, I'll just
go on doing what I like best.
Which is?
Looking at pretty things.
If you ever go to Sweden...
It Wouldn't work.
Well ....... We could try.
Are we too much alike?
Let's just say...
We're very much alike.
Steinhager's here.
Vous restez, monsieur? What?
Can we stop dancing? I don't
enjoy it with him watching.
- Table?
- No, no.
It makes my heart feel young
again just to watch you.
First you'll have to steal a heart.
Tsk, tsk, tsk. Franz...
And the last time we
shall be together, huh?
You've come for me rather early.
They are getting anxious at the
airfield, and no Von Grunen.
Do you know where he is?
Come on.
- You coming?
- I've had too many farewells in my time.
I'll miss you, Helga.
It's nice to know you remember my name.
I WILL miss you.
Just go.... I'll have a little more wine.
Ah, Keller!
I was worried about you.
I thought they'd sent you to the Russian front.
If I were you, I would be
more worried about myself.
Oh, I didn't know you cared !
Colonel, They say fog is closing in.
So as soon as you're ready...
Yes, We are coming.
I must say I'd like to
have seen the Baron.
So would we all.
Achtung! Achtung!
This is an important announcement.
The Fuhrer is well.
The Fuhrer is not dead as reported a few
minutes ago by a few German traitors...'My Gott!
who had seized Radio Stuttgart illegally.
There has been an attempt on the life of our
glorious Fuhrer by some treacherous senior officers.
'But in less than one hour, the Fuhrer himself
will be speaking to you on this station.
'Stay tuned to this station.'
Now I suppose that cancels MY trip.
There's no order cancelling your departure..
Grauman must wait
Oh, come on, make up your minds.
You heard what the pilot said.
That's right!
Grauman's mission is urgent.
I do not see why this group of filthy traitors
should in anyway affect you.
Come on - the cars are waiting.
Be ready as soon as I send for you.
Look after yourself, Steinhager. I don't want to
come back and find you listed as missing in action.
Always the joker, Franz!
Always the joker.
Franz! There's one thing I must ask you.
Are you...?
I know - I heard.
- Already?
- On the radio.
We're doomed
When the aristocracy of the German army cannot
even blow up one single room at a given time,
We deserve to lose
Ja, danke schon, danke schon. Later!
Look, Eddie! Look, Eddie!
Tell me one thing.
I have to know for myself.
You ARE a British agent, aren't you?
AREN'T you?
When did you guess?
Colonel Von Grunen, you are under arrest.
I resist arrest, Steinhager.
You resist arrest, Sir?
You know what your orders are,
If I resist arrest
I command you to carry out your orders!
It wasn't necessary
Somebody else would have done it for us
Aerial reconnaissance is practically out
of existence, but thanks to your security,
The German high command have no
idea where the V1s are landing
or what effect they're
having on the British people.
My mission is to report the exact time
and position of each explosion,
so they can correct their aim and
drop the maximum load on London.
You mean They don't know what a hell
of a time they've been giving us?!
Well, Gentlemen, let's call the backroom
boys together and work out a plan.
We can supply the Germans with information AND
at the same time divert all their secret weapons.
1500 hours. Five bombs - 51
degrees, 15 minutes north,
0 degrees, 10 minutes west.
Pass to you for translating
into decoy information.
False reading as follows -
51 degrees, 7 minutes north,
0 degrees, 5 minutes west.
That should fool them all right.
Now, put this up on the board.
There you are.
Good evening, Braid.
Evening, Sir.... Everything's in order.
Parker! How's it going?
I THINK we're pulling it off, Sir.
The bombs all seem to be
gradually moving north.
Let's cheer them up.
Let's tell them that
one was Selfridge's.
Smithson 37
Beautiful model!
Three minutes to crack
that back in the old days.
Those were the OLD days. Now that
you've got your free pardon here,
You'd better keep it that way.
Have you got the Molyneux robbery
down and the post office at Bromley?
Hey! Where's my record?
There's nothing here at all!
This doesn't make the pardon legal.
It's legal alright!
Read it!
Anything before 1945 - You're in the clear.
I'd better be!
Now that it's all over, I
can tell you something else.
Your own criminal record - your
dossier - went up in the Blitz.
What? Would you say that again.
A bomb dropped on the records office
- everything A to E written off!
You mean...before I landed
here the first time?
You mean I went through all this...?
I risked my life...!
Oh, why the hell did I get
mixed up in all this anyway?
Say, Eddie...? - Mmm?
Tell us something.
Which side were you REALLY on?
You mean you don't know?