Triple Crossed (2013) Movie Script

get a job.
yeah I'm calling about the street apartment.
you have listed.
no background check will be a problem.
that's a lot for a apartment I don't work
as a is it any way I can come by and see.
what the fuck am I doing?
yeah this is christianson I'm calling to
follow up on a job
Yes I can help.
this is Jackie
Sure I take the call but I'll do it myself.
Chris this is Jackie townsand how are you?
Hi Ms. Towsand.
I was just about to
call you to discuss the position you applied for.
yes M'dam of course.
it's just Jackie .
Is there any way we can meet in person?
I sure I'm actually pretty free right now.
Should I come by your office
No don't come to the office.
Do you have a pen? I'll give you the address
yeah I can come by in like an hour.
Thank you miss. Thank you Jackie.
Thank you for making it on such a beautiful day.
Yes ma'am.
So formal. Take a seat.
I hope you don't mind
I do have a very good reason for why we're not in my office.
I did wonder about that.
As you can imagine we received quite a few
applications for the position of head of security
there'd there are a lot of people
looking for work right now.
And your experience skills are quite impressive
thank you.
unfortunately your drug test was dirty
and that's a big problem for my HR
department an insurance company
I I could retake the test in a couple of days.
Given the circumstances
you can no longer be considered for the position
insurance has zero tolerance policy considering these matters.
I'm interested in hiring you for another position
altogether. Under the radar.
that is a photo of Andrew Warner
included his scheduled his daily
routine his other
personal informations
is there something wrong?
Iis he missing? Did you need me to find him for you?
No Chris I don't want you to play detective.
I want you to kill him.
that's a little far off from the security
position don't you think?
This is not what I'm hiring you for.
This job description is more in line with your qualifications.
that may be true
things are different for me now as a civilian.
You're not a civilian Chris.
Just because the states you're at
it doesn't make any difference
I also happen to know how long it takes to CVH to set the benefits
You've been out of your car for months now
Why do you want him dead?
It's personal.
so is killing someone.
Fair enough.
Andrew Warner and my brother were lovers.
When Tyler was killed in
Afghanistan he left everything to
including 51 percent on my company
stocks and assets
he controls majority stock option
preventing me from my company the way I see fit.
So it's about money.
But why kill him?
It's simple you help me get Andrew out of the way his
inheritance reverts back to me
it's about survival Chris
I have an apartment ready for you
A couple of cash in your pocket
just a quick pep rally is about a 10
points nothing special
get a hush hour and this for once. All things
stocked and ready for you
think I need a day or two
Saying I consider it.
Let's talk about the money
50,000 cash obviously
and a place to rest your head until it's done.
How long do I have?
A week. And Chris.
This stays between you
and me
or I find some very creative ways of making
you pay for it
Come on you look fine.
Kendra you look perfect to me.
I think you just wanted to get us out of that store
as fast as possible
Guess not very subtle then.
Girl we both know you know how to shop
I so did not I just wanna make sure that I look
good for tonight mixer
you should try it sometime you said
yourself that it's time to move on
and I know for a fact that there are
dozens of men maxims every night of the week
okay maybe this is true. But I'm really just not
into the whole organized mating ritual thing.
I know the right guys out there for you
I'm sure he is
but one he's not likely to show up in these things and two
I know for a fact those things are like
all for
their toys for being full of drama and
And I don't need that in my life.
That's so not true. I did most of those guys
and I know for a fact
yeah you really exactly
Alright, I got your point.
Thank you. Good
I guess I just think that when I meet Mr. right I'll know
don't be gay
it's almost been two years.
Go jogging.
Hey what's this? I seen in a couple of guys
Is it some kind of secret sect or whacko?
Fuck you. I have it for a while. It's nothing.
What is this? About gay now it's over?
Good thing you're leaving.
Fuck up Towsend. You know you want some of this.
man you really kicked into overdrive
back there
And actually looked like enjoyed it.
It helps me clear my head.
The area wonder if the trail is long enough for me though.
I'm Andrew.
So I haven't seen you around her before.
I just moved in.
Where from?
I was in military.
Around the world
Guess I should 've known from the routine.
I'll see you around
Dude, where the fuck you've been?
Geez, sorry I been late.
Yeah you're late. I can't wait
around all day until you gets here.
Shhh Did you hear that?
Wait. Did you called the cops?
If you called the cops you have to, you have to tell me
Who are you?
We've done this before. I'm not a cop.
Alright, you're that guy yeah why are we here?
Did you bring something for me?
yeah you see this is pharmaceutical grade
beans, man
These are like top-notch promotion, man
It'll give you such a good deal in this man, it's not fuckin' funny.
We're good?
Why are you still her? Get off my fuckin' face
Call you next week
What are you doing here?
just finishing.
I can see that
Do the plumbing broken in your place ?
No the plumbing is just fine in my
Your plumb maybe would be fun
But you get all the wrong fixtures
You could saved me the trouble.
sorry I didn't know our little arrangement came
with fringe benefits.
So how's Andrew ? What? you're not surprised I had you followed, are you?
Not at all.
Good. Get used that you accepted my
I have not accepted your proposal.
Alright. Not yet. Another technicality.
Meanwhile I'll be able to deny or claim that sweet
time I prevail
I'm woman of action
As you've seen here.
Okay you wanna talk business
Let's talk about the money. Considering what
you have to gain
And what I have to lose. I think we both
benefit from you pay me half a million dollars
For this little accident you would like to facilitate.
It's out of the question.
How do you think you stock is gonna feel
If they knew about your litttle plan?
That's blackmail.
That's good business.
Half million of possibilities.
You drive a hard bargain
That's what they say
and I'll take your extra set of keys too.
Hey. How's going?
Pretty good.
How are you?
Do the whole course today?
You mind if I walk with you?
Actually that would be nice.
That would be great.
so do you come up here everyday?
I have to force myself to this
Did your partner not like the outdoors?
He did.
He actually liked it a lot
But he died about two years ago in afghanistan.
I'm sorry.
No, but it's my new
reality. Among other things.
How about you.Where is your station?
I just got back from Afghanistan.
I'm glad you made it back.
So was he career military or
Tyler. Yeah, he was in the reserv
So he was called out.
Wasn't really his thing.
his father insisted he enlists.
To stay out of trouble yep
So I see you tomorrow.
I'll be here.
Later. Bye
Everything okay?
Actually no. It's not starting it's
like it's dead
it's the weirdest thing.
Anything I can do to help?
You know I have a Triple A but I'm just not
seeing my card in here
Want me to give you a ride?
You'd do that for me?
Okay. Thank you.
Let's go
I really appreciate this.
No problem
have you ever been to Topanga Canyon?
No. It's where you're going?
No.Topanga Canyon is beautiful.
It's by the PCH
we should go sometime
How about tomorrow?
That would be great
Let's go
I'll pick you up?
the right is coming up here
Do you want me to wait for you?
No it's a walk back, it's not that far.
You sure?
So what time tomorrow?
About nine?
Nine it is.
Here. Just in case you you need a ride or anything.
Thank you.
And this is my number
in case you need anything at all.
Thanks for the ride.
No problem
Stay out of trouble.
I see you tomorrow.
Hey Andrew. I was just thinking about you
well that's good to hear.
You driving?
No I'm just about to leave the mechanic now.
the battery?
Nope. Cut cables.
So when the Triple A came out to give me
a jump sparkles flew everywhere.
That's crazy.
The reason why I was calling is to see
if you want to have lunch tomorrow
Yeah I figured if I
you'd carry it uphill you know since
you're trained for that.
I was not trained to carry sandwiches up the hill.
Are you kidding? I'm a better cook than that.
That's good to know.
Anyway, I guess I'll see you tomorrow morning
The shore is beautiful
You never been up here before?
No. I just got into town, remember?
Yeah, that's right
Home is where again?
Ah cheese and cold winters
I don't really miss the winters the cheese was
good though
It doesn't get very cold in atlanta
Is there where you're from?
yeah can't you tell by the accent? No
I don't have an accent. Dropped
it when I moved to Los Angeles.
How much further?
Not far
Where are you taking me?
This is a surprise, obviously.
You should wear hiking boots.
I'm not as hardcore as you mister G.I. Joe.
Don't say I didn't warn you
You're alright? Yeah, nice grip
Told you should wear hiking in boots
Pretty much sums it all up, right?
On a clear day you can see all the way out
to the ocean from here
Still nice though. It's peaceful.
I love it up here.
I feel really closer to Tyler when I'm here.
So you hungry?
I could eat.
See hiking makes you hungrier
Yeah I guess it does.
But I need to find the latrine first.
So I'll be back.
I'll set up.
Grab a seat
Get the lunch
What's up with that?
Sorry. It's bad habit to break
Always at work
Guess you were in the military for a while
Yeah asserting that can stand in the record
So how was your job?
In the military?
Yeah in the military.
Most of what I did is still listed as classified
So you can't tell me
Cause if I tell you
you would have to kill me
Yeah I'm sure I heard that before
Do you need to get that?
So I hope you don't mind me talking about Tyler
You're the first military person I've
met then. You know
Kind awkward a bit.
It's fine
You know when he first deployed
I got the worst feeling
He told me not to worry and we
know how that worked out, right?
Sounds like someone really gets a hold on you.
You sure you're not married or something?
No. Not me. I told you it's not important
How do you know?
Because you're here.
Good answer
See anything?
yeah I see a sunbird
No.. it's just a golden retriever
Ow, fuck.
You okay? you're alright?
hurt your ankle?
does it hurt?
You sure wish you were with that hiking boots,uh?
Knew you would say that
Don't worry I'm not that heavy.
Put that.
So for keep jumping off rocks
Too tight? You can have the ice package
Set on the outside it
works pretty against the skin
I guess you're pretty good
with the whole first aid thing
Don't had a choice.
Forget to hold on for a minute
Don't be
Don't be sorry
this isn't gonna work here.
How about the beach?
What you say the beach tonight?
Yeah I say beach tonight.
Just seat tight I gonna put some stuff together
Just slide to the back. Careful.
Be careful. Stir your leg this way.
Yeah walk on soft sand on a twisted
ankle is not highly recommended
And that's the beer talking.
Can I get you guys anything else?
another round?
I'm not driving.
Is that a yes or..?
Yes. No
So how do you met Tyler?
Blind date.
He was way out of my league.
Really? Yeah
My friends got sick of me constantly
picking the wrong type
And they chose one for me.
Collect and fix... I love the bad
and the broken
Cheers to the bad guys
uh I uh
I didn't mean it had
to be refreshing on you
Too late. Here's your check. Take out whenever
you're ready. And by the way the two of you adorable
Anyway I think I broke that
track record with Tyler.
Practically perfect
For three years
I miss this guy
I get nostalgic about twisted ankles and bad boys
you know what I mean
Will we get out of here?
I have a headache
Me too.
Thank you gentlemen
So are we enjoying the beach
tonight. Aren't Chris?
For some reason I don't
think you're there alone
What are you looking for?
Can't find my pills
for anxiety. I have PTSD
They were fucking here
Let me try something
Fuck off me
Come, let me try something.
Come. Come and sit down
This isn't gonna work.
Don't be so negative. Just give it a shot
How long was the last
time you have a massage?
Does physical therapy counts?
Where you got the idea?
Just a little something I picked up.
The answer is slowing your breathing.
Slow, deep breaths
You okay?
This is how I sealed the deal with Tyler.
He asked me the best foreplay
to foreplay as I get massaged
I have to agree.
You okay?
Morning. Good morning. I got breakfast
I hope you don't mind I took your car.
Fritters, eggs, toasts. You know the usual.
What are fritters?
Fritters? It's like the normal thing. Fritters
Don't worry. I'm gonna go wash
You left your phone in the bathroom.
Looks like you missed some calls
Nothing. You remind me a lot of Tyler.
Oh, yeah?
Except you don't really look alike.
Okay. Maybe when you look
like this. Yeah there it go. Alright
Oh maybe if you think of that gun some point.
Maybe it's that I feel safe with you.
Well you're safe with me.
It's nice. Especially after all the weirdest
surprises I had the last several months.
Like what?
Two million of things happen to
be too much of a coincidence, you know?
Yeah.I mean. Like for example my
battery cable thing. That was weird.
I'm sure that was a random act
of vandalism. Yeah, right? Yeah
I have thought so too.
Except it there wasn't a nice little accident.
Whoever it is they seem to
love vandalizing my poor car.
Lighten up
So you talked to anyone about the stuff going on?
Just once.
Right around my birthday I got
this card on mail post from my hometown
I just thought it was one of my sister's.
So I tore it right open.
There was no name.
No writing. Just white pattern.
Yeah. So the police had it checked out.
And there was just surcharge but, so...
What Tyler would have to say about all this?
It only happened after he died.
Do you wondered actually
who would hurt you then?
this before but after Tyler died
I inherited a very large sum of money
Like life insurance?
That too but mostly his half the company
his father left him and his half sister.
She is a real bitch.
She wants it for herself.
And I'm on her way. So
they both can have everything handled
since they grow up so
But do you actually think she'd gonna kill you?
I mean that seems kind permanent.
They're just thoughts.
Obviously I'm not that concerned or I wouldn't be picking
up random men on hiking trails or spending the night with them
So I'm special?
Don't worry she'll have to
get through me to get to you.
Hey. What happened to you last night?
Hey, Kendra.
You okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
Tell you what? Pour me a drink
and I'll lend you my ears.
Remember all the weird shit that
has been happened to me?
Well I met a guy I spent last night together
And the two events are related how?
Well in story short.
I got in the same path as Chris.
He reminded me a lot of Tyler.
Two years in Afeghanistan.
And he hit on you?
No I started it.
Yeah I saw him checking me out, I was
was gonna him so I was picking up the signals,
and I just kind started a conversation.
Nice. But... this is all just still standoffish.
I know...but I did it so...
And you spent the day with him yesterday
Actually I spent the night, however
Wait no I'm zapping you right there.
Number one whatever with your however
And number two I said singles mixer.
Not pick up some random boy
town creep off from jogging path
and have random casual sex
with him in a cheap motel?
And then feel bad about afterwards
because you think he's stalking you
and doing weird creepy things to your car?
It wasn't that cheap of a motel
And then what's the problem ?
I found a pair of wire cutters and a
greased rag in the back of his truck
So he's good with tools. Just the kind of
guy you need. So what's the problem?
That he won't have these missed calls
that he had from a JT in his cell phone?
Jackie motherfucking Towsend
She's been trying to get to me since Tyler
JT are common initials. Jackie is not trying
to kill you and she wouldn't hire Chris to do it.
Stop being so dramatic.
Life is interesting enough if you just live it.
I'm a walking proof of it.
I am being ridiculous
Yeah you are.
You want answers? Go out there and get them.
Cause there's not gonna be any waiting
for you at the bottom of this bottle.
Like this. Just go ask him
You're right you're, alright. I'm being ridiculous.
Yeah, you are being ridiculous.
Just whatever you do don't go in that guns blazing.
You're never going to find the answers you need from a man
when he's staring down at the barrel of a gun.
It sounds like this guy has some
real issues but...who doesn't?
Maybe he just needs someone
to help him guide the way
You're a pretty that guy...
Look at me. Look how I turned out
Thank you.
Why don't we switch places?
I stay here with this beautiful
out of lake and trial my sails
and you can go out and grab life by the balls.
Or, Chris or whatever his name is.
Go. Go!
Do you have any news for me?
Like on Andrew Warner.
No. Not yet.
Why not?
The time and place wasn't right.
There was too many people around.
beach you take him to?
That was his idea.
Oh, right. And you just went along for and in between
fucking him you couldn't find a time to get it done?
The closer he let's me get to him,
the more he'll trusts me.
Oh, maybe. But I haven't given
around the world way too much.
Listen. Don't concern yourself with how I do my job.
Just know that it'll be done.
Alright, alright, my god.
Just get it done. Time is running out.
Wh-What are you doing here?
The keys. I remember.
You're not big a criminal.
You heard me.
You 're in love with this thing, don't you?
You need to be careful with that.
I will.
As soon as I get some answers.
What kind of answers?
Like who the fuck you really are
You know who I am. There are no secrets.
Really? Then what the fuck is that
greased rag and why the cutters in your car?
It's not what you think.
Then what the hell it is?
Jackie Towsend hired me to kill you.
How much is she paying you?
Someone would have to kill you.
Now what the hell is going on here?
It's a long story.
Well do I have time to listen or..
Tyler Towsend was in my unit in Afeghanistan.
You knew him?
he was my best friend.
He told me about his sister
and how he didn't trust her
So we made a pact that if anything would
happen to him. I would watch out for you.
Once I got out.
So why don't you contacted me directly.
He thought it was a better idea to contact enemy first.
So when I researched the company I
found out they were looking for head of security I
I thought that was the perfect opportunity.
So you work for company?
No. I didn't pass the drug test.
And she knew about part of missions I've done
No details. But she knew enough.
And I knew if I wouldn't
take the job, someone else would.
So you cut my cables?
But I had to. I had to get closer to you.
She was have me followed.
So all of this was a huge lie?
It was for your own good.
What a great way to start a relationship, uh?
You're for hire the entire time.
Look. Its... I know it's a lot.
I know but you have to believe me.
My feelings for you are real.
Where are you going?
I'm getting out here.
It's not safe.
Yeah or where else I'm going out there. It's gonna be a lot safer
than being here with you. You're the one who's hired to kill me
Just please, don't leave.
Is that the hired killer or the
protector friend asking first? Neither!
Well what are we gonna do?
I don't know. I didn't have
enough time to think it through.
Oh, Great
Look it's not everyday you get
hired to kill someone
Why won't we just go to the police?
No police.
Why not?
Because I'm not exactly into right here.
That's for fucking sure.
The thing that gets me is.
I don't understand why Jackie would have me followed.
I mean. It just. It seems so unnecessary.
Right. Totally fucking overkill.
You know what? She has someone watching you
constantly. That doesn't make sense.
Exactly. And I mean, I haven't seen anyone
out of place or people hanging around.
She must have house bugged
Wait a minute. The cell phones.
The GPS in the cell phones. There are a way to
use the GPS in cell phones as, as a tracking device
So that's how she always knows where we are.
Exactly. And that's how she
can probably vandalize
my car no matter where it's parked.
And she probably has an acess key to your car.
That fucking bitch!
So what do we do?
Tomorrow I will throw you off a cliff.
you ready for this?
As ready as I'll ever be.
Don't forget your phone okay?
I get it right here.
Alright. Meet you at the spot.
Everything is gonna be okay.
I don't know how anyway.
It's simple. Jackie is gonna think you're dead
and she's gonna have to pay me the half million dollars.
Yeah but what happens if there's no body recover?
Who cares! Will be long gone by then.
What's next?
Then give me your cell phone.
I'll miss my cell phone.
Alright.Time to go. Time to go.
Okay. Here we go.
So have we met our deadline?
It's a done deal.
Well I suppose I won't be so sure until he's reported missing.
So I'll have the money for you then.
No I'm not gonna wait around.
You gotta pay me now.
As soon as people find out he's missing
they gonna start asking questions.
So the sooner I'm gone,
the better off you will be. Hey, hey
I'll bring the cash tomorrow morning.
No I'll pick up the cash tomorrow afternoon.
This is your idea of special delivery?
Last night decision.
So you're leaving anyway.
And just happens to have an extra set of keys.
Why not counting?
Make sure it's all there.
Why so urgently?
I guess it takes me a while to rewind after a kill.
had you all twisted around just like it did to my brother.
Made yourself pretty comfortable here.
Kind like you're planning on staying.
I'll be leaving tomorrow.
And how do I know once I gave you this
payoff that you won't come back asking for more?
A deal is a deal.
Yes it is.
And I can assure you that you'll
never see or hear from me again.
Just so I like it. Well, I wish
I could say even a pleasure. Ciao.
Oh and don't forget to drop
the keys before you go.
What now?
Wait. Wait until the fuss is
clear and then we get out of here.
If anything would ever happen.
Nothing is gonna happen to you.
You don't know that.
If anything would ever happen to me.
You have to get out of town as quickly as possible
It's not safe for you here.
You just promise me.
I get that for you.
Thank you.
Oh, wait. Have to get one thing.
Come on we gonna be late.
What you forget?
Another perfectly good cell
phone sacrificed for the cause.
Yeah. it was any lucky
those two are headed toVegas.
What about us?
Well I figured the worst in your death.
is your family is gonna be pretty upset.
You're correct.
So I figured if we just cut short into Helena
You'll be safe there and I can turn myself in.
You first saving me?
I have to turn myself in, okay?
Look even I do just magically reappear
there's nothing Jackie can do about it.
Half million dollars short or not.
You know that may be true. But still too risky.
I'd rather just come clean about the whole thing.
I have enough stuff on me already.
It's a long way to Helena.
Let's just not make decisions right now, okay?
Maybe you're right.
Good answer. Have you used to say that?
So only thing left to do is stop
by my house and get some stuff.
We can't do that!!
Why not ?
Because it's too dangerous!
What about my passport?
We may have to jump the border or something.
Okay. But only a pit stop.
I'll need it eventually.
And what's this
Yes I know. But my parents are in poor.
And we have half million dollars.
You can buy anything you want.
Yeah, well if you turn yourself in,
you probably turn in .
Okay. In either way
we're not moving fast enough.
Sit down.
We're just not moving fast enough.
Are you in edgy?
You know why I'm edgy.
You know you get turned on by the weirdest shit.
You know by the time we get to the east coast.
It's gonna be hurricane season. Yeah. Bellevue Park Hollywood?
What are you up to?
Something is up.
Why would you be there?
Where are you going?
We're not hitting that dodge fast enough.
We have fun though.
Seriously Andrew, are you forgetting that
we have an expiration date to get out of town?
Yeah but I'd rather not go.
Come on
Let's go.
I'm gonna go take a piss.
You better be ready by the time I get back.
Oh, Chris.
You probably thought this would buy you
some time. Not so much.
I told you to get ready.
We need to get out of here.
How do I know you're still
not trying to kill me?
Yeah, Chris, how do we know?
Nice tatical Chris.
Just not good enough.
Fuck you.
Unfortunately not.
All the best ones don't swing in my direction .
Okay. This is going way too far. Before you cause any
further accident, I suggest you turn around and walk away
I'm so very, very disappointed on you, Chris.
Not surprised. But so disappointed
Chris what's going on?
Stay where you are, Andrew.
Hello angry lady with a gun here!
Yeah, you see this little black thing?
That means I talk, you listen.
So this is what you're gonna do. Your junky ass
is gonna finish the job as per our agreement'.
You can't make me pull the trigger.
You will cause a deal is a deal,
and you're a day late on a fucking half million dollars short.
You can have your money back.
You know it ends making you so strapping, so stupid.
And then some. Do it Chris.
Sorry. Not gonna happen.
On a trifling justice, my ass.
That's the army you bitch!
Better put some pressure on that, buddy.
You gotta have a really good excuse
for what you have put me through!
Come on you look ridiculous
pointing that thing at me.
Drop it. Or you'll lose your best asset.
You'd never be able to tell that
Put the gun down.
Tyler, just. Just comply for now.
You boys aren't the only ones in the room
who can handle a pistol.I need fucking answers.
Just help me up.
Who are you calling?
Yes shooting. 14436
Clover street, Sherman Oaks.
Are you crazy?
Doesn't matter who's gotta the biggest dick when in
a room and not the gun in it, uh?
Yes there's one dead female, one wounded.
Yes ma'am. Myself. Thank you.
Alright guys. Angry ex-boyfriend in
the house still need some answers. Talk!
Tell him Tyler.
Tyler faked his death to get out of combat.
But then he think it through like what would happen
to the millions in his name and Towsend industries...
So you wanted me dead too.
But you have to understand.
You were two people wanting to kill me?
No...Yes. Originally it was Jackie.
Tyler paid me a visit after our hike.
But you're still alive, aren't you?
Yeah, so everything is good now?
Ding dong the bitch is dead. Let's move on.
I don't think it works that way Tyler.
The paramedics. You wanna get them Tyler?
Then we gonna figure out
how to deal with this mess. The three of us.
Now we're take care of all for you guys.
Now you guys really gonna be thanking me
You Tyler Towsend?
You're under arrest for desertion.
Come along.
So you gonna tell me.
Seeing Tyler was as much a surprise for me as it was for you.
So he wanted you to kill me.
He came by my apartment.
And knocked on the door like an old friend or relative.
And he said stay the course
by whatever means necessary.
He said he would back up Jackie
in the event of something went wrong.
You know. Tyler's version of back up.
He said that we. He and I, could finally be
together without the guilt.
Once you were out of the way.
So when he said he met friends, good friends,
he really meant friends with benefits.
You deserved better than him.
You deserve a honest, loyal man.
I know.
I think I found him.
In you.
Okay. You're sexy as fuck and all but there's
a dead woman in my living room, on my couch. It's kinda hard of
Yeah the bitch is dead.
And the police is gonna be here in any minute so...
you need to give me another kiss.
Cause I'm under. You're still breathing, I'm bleeding.
More halfway the credits...
Okay. I know you all just escaped death and life is pretty
perfect and everything for the two of you
but I can use some assistance over here
Hold on. You said cook out. I figured you knew
full well that I was grill illiterate.
And I couldn't for my own in this one
Chris. would you come over here and show this scant little boy
how a man and his grill work together in perfect harmony?
Good thing I'm cute.
And smart. Don't forget smart.
And smart.
I'm really glad you with this one.
We were all a little concerned about him.
Guys, I'm right here.
Please don't treat me like I'm away. I can hear you
Oh yeah? And just what do you think you gonna do about it uh?
Oh, hold on I missed one spot
Fucking boys.