Triple Seat (2019) Movie Script

It's an extremely special day
for all of us.
Because today, we'll be meeting...
Advocate Jehangir Jeejeebhoy Irani.
Welcome, Mr. Jehangir Irani.
Thank you, Madhu.
Today, we've gathered here,
at the British Press Club
to celebrate your 75th birthday.
A great deal of lawyers, judges,
your students, and your admirers
are here, to meet you.
Thank you.
I thank all of you.
being a lawyer was
passed on to you as legacy.
You came to be known as...
"The lawyer who never loses."
But, Jehangir...
which case was the most challenging
for you, in your entire career?
I've fought countless cases.
For instance,
The Ambegaonkar murder case,
the Kapurwadi case.
There are a lot of cases, Madhu.
I've always wondered how you
managed to win all the cases.
I think it was my hunger for justice...
that made me win every case.
I won't ask you about any of
the cases that you've won.
I'm not going to ask you to narrate
a single case that you've won.
-But I have a question for you.
Was there a single case...
that you wanted to lose...
but ended up winning?
A case that you'd never forget.
From a lawyer's point of view...
this case was the simplest of all.
But for me, personally...
it still remains an unsolved case.
till today.
He's asking us to wait.
-He's saying hi?
I think he's asking for you.
-He's not asking for you.
-He's not.
Hey! He's asking for me.
-No, no!
-You have to go!
Just tell him whatever you feel like.
Wake him up.
What are you waiting for?
Go on!
-Go on.
-Say it.
Please wake up, sir.
How much more will you study?
-Section 378...
What's that?
You thieves!
Nab those thieves!
-Hurry up!
Otherwise, I'll shoot you.
I'll shoot you all!
Shoot them!
-Hold them!
-Where are you going?
Hold them!
I said hold them at gun point!
How dare you enter my house!
Who are you?
Who the bloody hell are you?
-All three of you are Krushna?
Babu, Pendru.
-Trying to fool me?
-All of you!
And I will shoot you!
Please don't.
At least listen to me.
There's a case...
and it's very critical.
-A case?
What is it about?
Those boys came into my
house out of nowhere!
Those bloody three idiots
barged into my house,
without my permission!
And he narrated his case to me...
in the middle of the night!
Actually, I...
I am Krushna.
Krushna Surve.
Have you heard of Shivaji Nagar?
I live there.
This is my father.
Dinkarrao Surve.
After Mom passed away,
he started drinking 24-7.
Yet, he's always all right.
I'm all right.
I hate that he drinks.
That's why, we don't get along.
And I stopped talking to him.
This is my younger sister,
The pampered kid.
She stands in front of
the mirror for hours.
Admiring her looks
is her favorite pastime.
-Let's go, Babu.
Ramakant! How are you?
-I am good.
-You shouldn't have
-carried so much luggage.
-It's okay.
Hug all you want!
Nobody here cares about me.
This is my cousin, Varsha.
My uncle passed away when she was young.
We grew up together.
And this is my brother-in-law,
A kind man
who is always ready to help.
I was a driver before.
But thanks to Ramakant,
I now own a van.
And then, my life took a turn
for the better.
I live by one principle.
Do anything and everything
you can to fulfill your word.
Keep this money.
Right now, you need it more.
Hello, Krushna?
My scooter broke down.
And my exam is in ten minutes.
Don't worry.
I'll drop you off at the college in time.
Thank you, Krushna.
My life was perfect.
But as they say...
"In the journey of life,
we are mere passengers.
We don't know where God will lead us."
-What is it, Babu?
-Why are you hitting me?
-You're dead!
Weird people!
I have been kidnapped.
Will you please help me?
I just had enough balance
to give you a missed call.
Can you please add some credits
to my phone number?
So that I can call my family.
Sure, I will add some
money to your number.
Please be careful.
I am here, don't worry.
Call me back if you need anything else.
Even a missed call would be fine.
I'm adding some credits right away.
Thank you.
Oh, God!
Babu, Pendru!
-What happened, Krushna?
Come here!
-What is it?
-What happened?
-Get in.
-Anything wrong?
-What happened, Krushna?
-Yes, Krushna?
I'll text you a phone number.
-Add 100 rupees' worth of credits.
-Right away!
-What's wrong?
-I'll tell you.
A girl has been kidnapped.
Oh, God!
My dear wannabe Romeos...
for now, I've just bashed your heads.
The next time you harass a girl
I will crack your skulls open.
Got it?
-Well said, sir.
-Now leave!
Parade, about-turn!
Keep going!
We have guests!
Please come in.
The police are the people's best friend.
Please tell me, what can I do for you?
Who's that?
-I am Babu.
All right.
Would you like to have something?
No, I am good.
No? Okay, then tell me,
what brings you here?
Yes. A girl gave me a missed call
from this number.
-A girl?
-Note down the number.
-Yes, sir.
Go on.
Tanvi has won the dare!
She successfully got
some credits added to her number.
Let's give her a standing ovation!
How can you be so sure
that she's kidnapped?
What if she's lying?
Not at all.
I talked to her!
She said it herself.
And she was extremely scared.
What if you're lying?
Get up.
I said get up
and get out of here!
I am not here to take
such nonsensical complaints!
Get out or else you're dead meat!
Please listen to me, sir.
You're the police, only you can help us.
You said you're the people's best friend!
So what?
You going to screw your best friend over?
-Please listen--
-Get out!
She was scared.
She gave me a missed call,
which means she doesn't even have money.
-I could sense the fear in her voice.
-Call her.
Yes, you.
I want to see what happens.
Call the kidnapped girl.
-It's her.
-Answer it!
She's been kidnapped, answer it!
Put her on speaker.
Ask her for her location.
Where are you? Are you okay?
I am splendid!
Actually, I called to say thanks.
But, weren't you kidnapped?
Not at all.
Actually, it was a dare.
I called a lot of people...
but you were the only one who called back
and added credits to my number.
So, thanks.
Well, would you look at that!
Right now, I am at a police station.
What kind of a prank is this?
-You're dead.
-I am sorry.
You shouldn't have...
You took it way too seriously.
But I have to say,
you're a really nice man.
-That's true.
I mean, even if it was someone else
you would still have helped, right?
It's hard to find such good people!
-Thanks again for helping me.
And, I am sorry you had to go
to the police station.
-What's your name?
My name...
Say it.
Tell her your name.
-Krushna Surve.
-Surve boy!
Thank you, Krushna.
-What's up?
-Let's go.
Sorry, sir. I made a mistake.
You were right.
Inspector Diwane!
What the hell do you think you're doing!
Sorry, sir.
Extremely sorry.
You were supposed to bring the criminal
to court in 24 hours!
-Do you remember?
-Yes, sir.
-You know the rules, right?
-Yes, sir.
But, the crime was very crafty in nature.
Please give me some more time.
The court will decide the crime!
Who the hell are you to decide?
Who the hell are you?
I am extremely sorry, sir.
I'll see you in court.
please have some tea, or coffee.
I can't let you leave just like that.
I am Jehangir Jeejeebhoy Irani.
I'll be waiting to teach you a lesson
-for keeping me waiting.
Sorry, sir.
Please hear me out, sir.
There he goes.
That was one hell of a scolding.
What did you say?
-No, I didn't say that.
-Get out!
Get out!
Mr. Missed Call! Get up!
Get out of here!
He says I got a scolding!
can you please get me a glass of water?
"I have been kidnapped.
Will you please help me?"
"Will you please tell me your name?"
Oh, yeah! What's the girl's name?
Krushna, call her.
-Call her and ask her name.
-Call her.
-No need.
-No, we have to.
We need to know her name, right?
Don't ask, just call her.
-Put her on speaker.
-Really? Not that--
-Hold on a minute.
Krushna? Hi!
Tell me.
What's up?
Ma'am, I forgot to ask you your name.
One minute.
Stop being so formal.
Don't call me "ma'am."
Yes, that's more than okay.
Good friends are never
formal with each other.
When did we become friends?
Right now.
But tell me your name.
My name's Meera.
What are you doing?
I'll give you a missed call again.
You'll remember my name, right?
I see the moon in the daylight
The seasons are changing in a blink
I see the moon in the daylight
The seasons are changing in a blink
I don't know what kind of magic this is
I don't know how to explain it
I don't know if it's the reality
Or just an illusion
Nobody knows what kind of bond this is
Nobody knows what kind of bond this is
Hold on. What's your sun-sign?
-That's why you like to lock horns!
-What do you mean?
When did you become an astrologer?
I am liking this confusion
This bafflement of losing myself
Into someone else
I am liking this confusion
This bafflement of losing myself
Into someone else
Now, my heart is colored
With different shades of you
Now, my heart is filled
With the shape of you
I don't know if it's the reality
Or just an illusion
Nobody knows what kind of bond this is
Nobody knows what kind of bond this is
Hey, missed-call-buddy!
When are we meeting?
Why do we have to?
Let's not meet.
Let's stick to our
All right.
Where were you?
At college.
Until this hour?
I had my practicals.
What time?
In the evening.
What time is it right now?
She had informed me that she'd be late...
-because of her practicals.
-Shut up!
What time is it, Tanvi?
In which theater did you
have your practicals?
Your father...
would eat when he was offered.
If nobody offered he would sleep hungry.
That struggle is the reason I am here.
And then, there's you.
Splashing out my money!
Do not cry!
Stop pretending.
It's not your fault.
It's mine.
I sired you.
It's my fault.
Got it?
I never wanted you.
I wanted a boy.
She's nothing but a burden.
Ungrateful bitch!
Next time you pull a stunt like this...
I'll marry you off
in a matter of two days.
Two days.
Tell her.
This is because I am a girl, right?
Until when should we keep tolerating this?
We're done with the memorial service.
Bandya's sudden death
is tragic for the slum, right?
-You're right.
He did so much for us.
He fought for us.
And defended us when he needed to.
He's gone.
It's sad to lose a dear one...
He's put on a new show.
-It's become a routine.
-The ones we love...
leave us all of a sudden,
without a warning.
And they're gone.
And we stay behind.
They go away...
What's up, missed-call-buddy?
Nothing really.
I accidentally...
dialed your number.
That's impossible.
Tell me, what happened?
Are you okay?
What's wrong, Meera?
Hey, hello?
Are you...
Are you crying?
What happened, Meera?
Please don't cry.
Tell me, what's wrong?
Krushna, my father is
extremely spiteful towards me.
He says awful things...
and he resents me because I am a girl.
I hate every bit of it.
Even I am sick of my father's behavior.
But crying won't help.
What do you do...
-when you can't take it anymore?
It's easy.
Will you do as I say?
Listen up.
Close your eyes.
-Come on.
Close your eyes.
Whoever's hurt you...
forgive them with all your heart.
And seek a heartfelt forgiveness...
from those you have hurt.
Thank you!
I feel so light.
Me too.
I forgave my father.
And whom did you ask for forgiveness?
Because I bother you a lot
with my missed calls.
If one missed call can
solve such a grave problem,
then everyone in this world should
give their friend a missed call.
I like this
whom do you feel like
giving a missed call?
I want to...
give a missed call to my mother.
Your mother?
Yes, she's too far from us.
I am sorry.
I didn't know.
Meera, I believe our
life should be so momentous
that when we're gone...
somebody should feel like
giving us a missed call.
I see the moon in the daylight
The seasons are changing in a blink
I see the moon in the daylight
The seasons are changing in a blink
I don't know what kind of magic this is
I don't know how to explain it
I don't know if it's the reality
Or just an illusion
Nobody knows what kind of bond this is
Nobody knows what kind of bond this is
I believe, everyone is a little childish.
-No matter how old we get...
we always stay young at heart.
You should get drenched in the rain.
Because every drop of rain
sings a different song.
Have you ever tried listening?
We want to get drenched in the rain!
-Please, Krushna!
Let's go!
All the colors feel new
And though I walk the path
I don't know where it leads to
All the colors feel new
And though I walk the path
I don't know where it leads to
I don't know what this madness is
But I know it's you
And now I want to live
In this precious dream of you
I don't know if it's the reality
Or just an illusion
Nobody knows what kind of bond this is
It's not good to always
stay glued to your phone.
I mean, we've never seen
something like this.
If not love, then what is it?
Nobody knows what kind of bond this is
Nobody knows what kind of bond this is
What's your name?
Kavita Dinkarrao Surve.
Dear, do you know how to cook?
Yes, she does!
From stuffed parathas
to vegetable curries,
sweets, snacks and so much more!
Kavita cooks delicious food!
That's great!
do you have any hobbies?
She's a dancer.
I mean, she sings as well.
Sewing, pottery...
Making rangolis...
In fact, she knit the sweater
Ramakant's wearing right now.
I mean...
What are you doing?
I want to have a word with you.
So you intend to get my Venkatesh
married to your Kavita?
Well, I am okay with that.
But, hear me out.
What if we get Vrunda and Krushna
married as well?
Let's do a double-wedding.
What do you think?
You know, Vilasrao thinks we should
do a double-wedding.
"Kavita weds Venkatesh...
and Vrunda weds Krushna."
That's a great idea!
It's a win-win.
Kavita will get married
in a good family...
and you'll get a good wife.
They can get married in the same altar!
Just imagine the amount
of money we'll save!
Tell me.
Do you like Vrunda?
What do I say?
I'll do whatever you say.
-Who am I to say no?
So, it will be a double-wedding, right?
One second.
do you accept?
Yes, I do.
It's always better to ask beforehand.
Here you go.
Three cheers for the
Ahmednagar Intercollegiate!
-Hip hip...
-Hip hip...
Krushna, hold the line.
Krushna, where are you?
I've been trying to reach
your number for so long.
I have to share some good news.
I also have to share some good news.
Me first.
We won the Ahmednagar Intercollegiate.
My college secured first place
in all the competitions!
-That's great!
-I am so happy, Krushna.
You were saying something?
A suitor had come to see Kavita.
And, Kavita is getting married.
Kavita, as in, your sister, right?
And I will be getting
married as well.
Oh, my God!
Going with the flow,
your marriage's fixed as well?
-Don't laugh at me.
It happened so suddenly...
I didn't know what to do.
both of us are getting engaged next week.
That's great.
Krushna, I am very happy for you.
Tell me...
What does the girl look like?
Where does she live? What does she do?
What's her name?
I want to see you every single day
I want to be with you every single day
It's a unique fantasy
A crazy feeling
I forget everything else when I see you
I've lost my heart to you
I've lost my heart to you
I've lost my heart to you
I just wanna say...
I love you
I just wanna say...
I love you
Life sings a sweet melody
A melody I want to listen to
Over and over again
These beautiful moments of love
Emerge with new colors
Colors I want to drench myself in
Whatever I do
Wherever I see
You become a reflection of me
I try to bring myself back to reality
Yet, your thoughts engulf my mind
Knowing you,
I've forgotten everything else
I've lost my heart to you
I've lost my heart to you
I've lost my heart to you
Krushna, don't ever leave me.
I won't.
I give you my word.
Well done, Krushna.
You make me feel proud.
Thank you, Meera.
All of this was possible because of you.
Tomorrow is a very important day for me.
And I really want you...
by my side at the engagement tomorrow.
But I can't.
You can, if you want to.
I know it.
Oh, really?
We had decided that
we'll never meet each other.
Don't do this, Meera.
Please come.
Please, Meera.
It's an important day for me, and...
I really want you there.
-Krushna, no way--
-Please, Meera. Please!
But if I come there...
you'll have to face serious consequences.
What do you mean?
If I come there...
there is a high possibility...
that we'd end up getting married.
Hey, Meera!
You're such a drama queen!
You scared me to death.
I am telling you, Krushna.
We'll end up getting married.
Hello, Meera?
You're getting married?
Shameless girl!
Let me show you how it's done.
You're too eager to marry, right?
-What happened?
I, Vasantrao Pradhan, will get you married
in the next two days.
And that's a promise!
Greetings, everybody.
Hello, Aunt.
Varode, I guess it's not the same girl.
We have an arrest warrant against you.
-I am sorry, but...
you'll have to come with us.
I apologize, but we have to leave.
What did he do?
He'll need to come to the police station.
I didn't want to intrude
this special occasion.
-But you need come with us.
-What did I do?
You'll find that out
at the police station.
-Come on.
-But I didn't do anything!
Babu, Pendru...
Varode, they are the same guys. Remember?
Yes, sir.
I am 100% sure that he was
forced into marrying that girl.
Now it's up to us to do something.
-Track down that number.
-Yes, sir.
This is Tanvi Pradhan.
Take a good look.
I don't know her.
-Why did you hit him?
-Why did you hit him, sir?
Sir, I swear I don't know her.
I've never seen her before.
In fact, it's the first time
I heard her name.
The last number she dialed
from her phone was yours.
And you've been arrested
because you kidnapped her.
-Do you get it now?
-I found it, sir.
It's the same number
that he had given us
the last time he was here.
Give me your phone.
Give me your phone.
That's Meera's number, sir.
-It's Meera's number.
This is Tanvi Pradhan's number.
You're lying to me?
Oh, so it's been going on since then!
Look, tell me the truth, or else I will...
Come in.
That's him.
I beg you.
Tell me, where is my daughter?
I haven't done anything to your daughter.
I swear!
Mr. Pradhan!
This is my police station!
Don't you dare touch him again!
We're here to do our duty.
confess your crime
otherwise you'll be given the third degree.
It's an unknown number.
Answer it.
Put it on speaker.
On speaker...
Hello, Krushna.
That's my daughter.
Talk to her.
-Tanvi Pradhan?
Hello, Tanvi Pradhan
this is Inspector Diwane speaking,
Savedi Police Station.
We've arrested Krushna Surve
for kidnapping you.
Wherever you are,
you need to come here right away.
Hurry up.
You should've run some background checks.
I made a hasty decision.
if you knew of your
son's malicious practices
you shouldn't have gotten us involved.
Be careful, sir.
Once she's here,
I'll see to it that all
of you are punished.
Where were you?
You didn't even tell me before leaving--
Mr. Pradhan!
Have you been watching
a lot of action movies?
You're hitting everyone!
I am warning you, don't do that again.
Otherwise, I'll have to report you.
So, please.
Where were you since last night?
Have you got no shame?
Where the hell were you last night?
She's a burden!
A bloody burden!
Let's go home.
I swear I am going to
beat you to death.
Come here, kid.
Have a seat.
-Mr. Pradhan.
you need not be scared of anybody.
Tell me everything that happened.
Come on.
kidnapped you...
-Krushna didn't kidnap me.
It was my decision to leave home.
Didn't I tell you, sir?
Do not interrupt!
Why did you run away?
Nobody will lay a finger on you.
Just tell me the truth.
Do you both...
love each other?
Do you?
-Tell me.
My child...
Keep quiet.
Tell him.
Tell me.
Krushna and I love each other.
We wanted to get married, but...
-Did you hear that?
Sir, I heard it all last night.
They were all set to elope.
All right...
-I was right about the whole thing.
It's all your fault!
Hold on.
-What's going on?
-It's not true, sir.
What are you saying?
There is nothing going on between us.
-She's my missed-call-buddy.
-Tell him.
-Not another word, Krushna!
You can't shut everybody up, can you?
Let me see what I can do.
-And you!
-Tell him the truth!
You want to marry him?
I have cracked the case!
Krushna loves Tanvi
and Tanvi loves Krushna.
But, you're scared because
her parents are against it.
No, sir.
I disown you.
You're dead to me.
Don't you dare come back home.
-Don't do this. She's our daughter.
-Let's go!
Mr. Pradhan!
-Why did he--
-He won't listen to anybody.
Please do something.
I beg you.
-Veena, let's go!
you have no reason to worry.
From this very moment...
I take her as my daughter.
I will make sure you get married.
-No, sir!
-I will!
He wants to get us married!
-I don't want to marry him.
You're getting it all wrong!
Tell him!
Krushna's done for.
Look at the way he's crying.
Let him.
Serves him right.
Next time he gets a missed call,
he'll never call that person back.
We just wanted our Krushna to get engaged.
But you brought us a daughter-in-law!
There there, my girl!
Look at this!
-Krushna, I...
How could you...
Venkatesh and Kavita...
We were going to...
But you!
-I had no other option!
-So you did this?
I didn't want to get married either.
-Krushna, hear me out.
-That idiot Diwane!
-He's the one at fault!
I got married!
Listen to me--
Krushna, are you okay?
-Can't believe I got married!
I got married!
Oh, my God!
All of this because of one missed call?
I think it's a...
-rarest of rare cases.
What's interesting about it?
I was forced into getting married to her.
And Inspector Diwane is
entirely responsible for it.
I am stuck in this mess
for no reason at all!
I am all right.
Tea, for me?
I guess you're the only one
who cares about me.
Lovely tea!
Why are you giving her tea?
You got her marriage called off.
You should give her poison.
I don't want your tea.
And try not showing me your face
every now and then.
Perfect timing!
Just when I was craving some tea!
I guess no tea for me today.
The thing is...
a father has to often visit his
daughter to keep a check on her.
By often, I mean every day.
Come on, have the tea.
You know...
having tea with your father-in-law
gives a longer life...
to the father-in-law!
Go on, have the tea.
I guess...
we'll see each other often, son-in-law.
I mean, every day.
let's step out, I need to talk to you.
You make wonderful tea!
Here are your clothes.
And your nuptial chain.
Your mother gave it.
How is she doing?
What do you think?
She misses you a lot.
When your father isn't home...
go and see her.
Let's go.
please calm down.
Diwane has made my life miserable.
He's watching me like a hawk.
Babu, Pendru...
please do something.
Please get me out of this mess.
We have only one option.
Do you remember that man,
at the police station?
Okay, I get it now.
That's why you've come to me.
But, Mr. Krushna Surve,
I am sorry to say...
I don't fight such cases.
You know, it's not my field actually.
You should find another lawyer.
Don't get depressed, son.
Don't worry.
I will find a good lawyer for you.
I will find...
No, no...
Only you can save me.
-Diwane won't spare me.
-Please, sir.
-Please help me.
-Please, sir.
-Only you can help me.
-Please, sir.
-Please fight this case.
-Please, sir.
-We don't need another lawyer.
Listen to me!
Now, listen to me.
I told him,
"Now, you have only one option.
Divorce by mutual consent.
You'll have to convince Tanvi
for a mutual divorce.
It's only a matter of six months.
Then, you shall be free."
But, son...
nobody else should find out about this.
Not even Inspector Diwane.
Or else, you'll be in deep trouble.
And you'll also have to give your
word to Vrunda and her family
that the day you divorce Tanvi
will be the day you marry Vrunda.
Son, I'm very sorry to say that
I can only help you as a lawyer.
Given the situation,
only one person can save you.
Why have you come here?
To apologize to all of you.
Mom, it all happened so suddenly...
Take this and hit me on the face!
I had placed...
a lot of faith in you
before I took that decision.
All of us have a plan for ourselves.
But we have no idea...
about the plans God has for us, Tanvi.
Not only have we been defamed...
our kids have also been humiliated.
People are saying awful things about us.
We are simple folk, Krushna.
We had never imagined...
that something like this
would happen to us.
There are three very
important stages in life.
One: Birth.
Two: Marriage.
Three: Death.
And it's never up to us to
decide about these three.
Life is a journey from
one stage to another.
You might think that your
marriage was an accident.
But there's no such thing as accidents.
We've never been so humiliated!
Now, if you're done putting on a show...
Please hear me out.
I had given you my word.
And keeping my word is of
utmost importance to me.
Have you lost your mind?
You just got married!
Do you realize what you've just said?
Sir, please listen to me.
I have given this a lot of thought.
I am going to divorce Tanvi consensually.
And then, I'll marry Vrunda,
and Venkatesh will marry Kavita...
as decided.
I only care about how you feel.
I don't care about other people.
Please give me...
one last chance to make things right.
Yes, for marriage.
God made it all happen so that
the two of you could get married.
Marriage is a union of two souls...
that lasts beyond lifetimes.
Marriage is nothing but doing everything
you can to safeguard this union.
No matter how much you try,
you end up going back to each other.
My child...
we always find...
what we're destined to get.
what you just said,
is pleasing to my heart...
but it's irrational.
You might be successful
in making this possible...
but it sounds impossible to me.
Sir, I will make it possible.
To fulfill my word.
Wait, Krushna.
I will marry your sister...
only on the day you marry mine.
I can't see tears in her eyes anymore.
Please forgive me, I've hurt you a lot.
Everyone must be hurt
in his family, right?
You have to win them over with love.
You know...
God has given us women a gift.
The gift of selfless love.
Everyone in this world is capable of love.
But it's only a woman...
who can love selflessly.
That's also the reason a woman is
blessed with motherhood.
What is selfless love?
It means...
loving someone without
expecting anything in return.
Where you completely surrender yourself.
Krushna is a good friend.
And only a good friend
can be a good husband.
Eventually, the bond always gets stronger.
Doesn't matter if it's a...
love or an arranged marriage.
You think marriage is child's play?
Look, I've given my word.
Stop it already!
Have you ever thought about my feelings?
Krushna, you will never
be able to understand...
a woman's heart.
Thank you.
I've set a timetable
for all the medicines.
Look at that.
She set a timetable
for all the medicines.
-Take your doses accordingly.
-What's that?
Show me.
Wow! You bought a sari and a garland!
Such a pretty color!
Whom did you buy this for?
-Babu, tell her.
bought this for Tanvi.
Beautiful, isn't it?
Not Meera...
Oh, man!
-Are you okay?
I am fine, but I am feeling...
There's something...
Don't worry.
Let's not be hasty.
-We're not in a hurry, are we?
We are.
It has to happen right now.
We never get to be alone, just you and I.
We can only do it now, not later.
But how do I start...
I don't know.
Give me a minute.
You know you don't have
to say anything, right?
Then it's no problem.
Take a look.
It's very important for us.
Go on.
Mr. Irani is a big shot lawyer.
He made these papers for us.
Let me explain it to you...
Krushna convinced Tanvi.
And Tanvi signed the papers.
Krushna was extremely happy.
But Tanvi...
Tanvi was shattered.
Can you promise me something?
This should stay between us.
Promise me.
It's only a matter of six months.
After that, we can go back
to being friends.
Oh, God! I was so worried.
-Hail Lord Ganesha!
-Hail the Supreme Lord!
Let's go.
What are you looking at?
Lord Ganesha has two wives.
Goddess Riddhi and Goddess Siddhi.
Incredible, isn't it?
What's incredible about it?
He's the Supreme Lord.
Yes, that's true.
But it's so difficult to
understand a woman's heart...
let alone, two women.
How does He do that?
It's incredible.
What made you think of this?
Vrunda told me
that it's very difficult to
understand a woman's heart.
Why did she say so?
Because she thinks
I don't understand her heart.
if you try with all your heart...
it's very easy to do so.
You just have to have a little
patience and sensitivity.
Patience and what?
Let's do one thing, Tanvi.
Will you teach me?
Because you used to understand
my heart over the phone.
-You want to be a good husband, right?
But you'll have to do everything I say.
Once you get it right...
you shall pass the test.
So I should consider it practice, right?
Once I understand your heart
I shall understand hers as well.
That means, I'll be a good husband.
Did you hear that?
I'll be a good husband.
Hail Lord Ganesha!
Who knows why
The heart becomes fond of somebody
Who knows why
Feelings entwine
Who knows why
The heart becomes fond of somebody
Who knows why
Feelings entwine
From the strangers of yesterday
From the strangers of yesterday
To the soulmates of today
Walking together the path of life
Nobody knows where the destination is
Walking together the path of life
Nobody knows where the destination is
how do I look?
Just like your mother.
Where do you take us?
Why do you leave
So many questions, unanswered?
Why do you forget the way
At the last moment?
Why is it so difficult for you to accept
This familiar feeling
My bewildered heart?
Walking together the path of life
Nobody knows where the destination is
Walking together the path of life
Nobody knows where the destination is
You've become an uncle.
It's a girl.
She has my eyes.
No, she has my eyes.
There's uncle.
-How are you?
-I am good.
Oh, baby.
She looks so cute.
Don't cry.
Your uncle's here.
He ran all the way here.
She stopped crying.
She's so pretty.
No, baby. Don't cry.
This is your aunt.
She drives better than your uncle.
That's why we were here in time.
You know...
I've become a grandpa.
And you, a grandma.
Grandma Anusuya!
How does it sound to you, grandma?
And, I am all right.
I'll be back.
there's a call for you.
You're kidding, right?
-At least talk to the person.
-Come on.
-What is it?
Hello, who is it?
It's me, your Krushna.
You've become a grandpa.
How are you?
I am...
I am good.
I wanted to tell you something.
May I?
Dad, I am not used
to seeing you so scared.
You're our hero.
We hate it that mom's gone.
But we hate it more when
we see you like this.
After Mom passed away,
you became our mother...
and loved us just as much.
But it's because of your drinking
that I don't talk to you.
People make fun of you.
They say bad things about you
behind your back.
Dad, you're everything to me.
Wherever mom is...
she's watching us.
She must feel so bad.
All of us, including the baby,
only want one thing.
Please stop drinking, Dad.
Stop drinking.
I won't drink anymore.
Never again.
But on one condition.
Give me a hug and call me "Dad."
Everyone is so happy!
And you?
Just a few more days...
Who knows why
The heart becomes fond of somebody
Who knows why
Feelings entwine
Who knows why
The heart becomes fond of somebody
Who knows why
Feelings entwine
From the strangers of yesterday
From the strangers of yesterday...
Hello, sir.
How are you?
We're doing everything as
per your instructions. Right?
Thank you very much.
Sir, I've never seen a couple
this happy getting a divorce.
I know.
Let's go.
New questions emerge
Finding the answers
Yet, the answers are right in front you
Why do you feel heartbroken
When someone leaves you
It's a feeling you know,
Yet you try to figure it out
Over and over again
Walking together the path of life
Nobody knows where the destination is
Walking together the path of life
Nobody knows where the destination is
Tanvi, I've never gifted someone
something like this.
-It feels weird to give this to you.
-Give it to me.
-You want to be a good husband, right?
It's my birthday gift.
-Give it to me.
Strange girl!
Let's go.
Are you okay?
Where are we going?
-Now go straight.
Okay, going straight.
I am...
absolutely fine.
Left? Okay.
I am taking the left.
-Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Tanvi, are you drunk?
Why didn't you wish me, Mom?
-Your dad's home.
-So what? It's my birthday.
Tanvi, you're drunk--
Did you drink?
I guess...
witnessing this day was inevitable.
Get out!
Lower your voice.
Mr. Vasantrao Pradhan...
keep your voice down.
Ask her why she is here.
I am here to find my father.
My father.
There are two kinds of
fathers in this world.
One, good fathers.
And two, bad fathers.
"My wife has given birth."
"What is it?
A boy or a girl."
"A boy."
"A girl?"
"What a shame."
A girl is a burden, an obligation, right?
Giving her an education,
getting her married...
the one who considers
such responsibilities
a burden is a bad father.
And you're a bad father,
Mr. Vasantrao Pradhan!
A bad father.
A father is supposed to
be his daughter's hero.
Being with her, when her little hands...
learn to hold his fingers tight.
Or when she takes her first steps...
The one who's always by
her side is a good father.
A daughter never wants anything special...
except her father's support.
She wants him to support her mother,
which you never did.
But now, she's gone, isn't she?
She's gone.
A daughter never stays
long with her family.
She's there just for a few years.
And then she goes away,
leaving her parents behind.
Nobody else leaves their parents' home...
except a daughter.
I never found my father in you.
Get out!
Don't you dare come here again!
Come. Mind your step.
You are my real hero.
My hero.
I hope you have a happy
married life with Meera.
Sorry, not Meera.
A happy married life with Tan...
But I am Tanvi.
What's her name?
The one you used to talk to,
over the phone?
What was it?
Have a happy married life with Vrunda.
Happy and blissful.
I love you!
I love you!
Nobody should know about this.
Not even Krushna.
No matter how small the ceremony,
we need time to make arrangements.
I wanted to discuss things.
I thought everybody
should be a part of it.
everything is final, right?
Yes, it is.
I was going to tell
everyone about it today.
Let me know what you decide.
You can start with the arrangements.
All right.
What arrangements?
For the wedding.
Kavita and Venkatesh's.
Mine and...
what about Tanvi?
She accepts.
I was about to tell you.
We're getting divorced.
What are you two doing?
you're making a mistake.
I can't believe you didn't tell me.
Why are you doing this?
You love me more than
my daughter ever could.
And you lied to me?
You're leaving your father behind?
I am talking to you!
I have to go.
You've lost your mind.
You'll never find a girl like Tanvi.
You think marriage is child's play?
Krushna is an idiot
but you're a sensible girl.
Don't go.
I'll talk to him.
Krushna, please don't do this.
I don't necessarily
have to marry Venkatesh.
Your happiness...
lies in Krushna's happiness, right?
And if he's not happy...
both you and I...
will never be happy.
That's why, I have to go.
We had agreed upon this marriage.
I had given my word to Vilasrao.
But it was called off because of me.
And now, it's my
responsibility that it happens.
Finally, that day arrived.
Everyone was busy preparing
for the wedding...
but nobody was happy.
Because Krushna and Tanvi
were getting divorced.
And Vrunda and Krushna
were getting married.
Tanvi was the family's daughter-in-law.
But that day, she was leaving
everything and everyone behind,
going away forever.
Her love won everyone over.
except Krushna.
Shall we?
I have caused everyone a lot of trouble.
Please forgive me if you can.
Wait a minute!
What's going on?
Krushna, you--
By the time Krushna
realized his mistake...
they were already at the court.
The court was going to decide
the future of their
Let's go.
You, Krushna Dinkarrao Surve
and, you, Tanvi Vasantrao Pradhan
are divorcing each other in
sound mind and with mutual consent?
Say, "yes" if you accept.
Thanks, Tanvi.
I didn't realize how
those six months went by.
Of our missed-call-friendship, right?
you practiced very well.
I hope you'll have a happy
married life and that...
you'll be a good husband.
Now will you be able to
understand a woman's heart?
Will you miss me?
Will you do me a favor, Tanvi?
Never give a missed call to anybody again.
I won't.
Because I am going so far away...
that you won't be able
to give me a missed call
even if you want to.
What happened next?
What happened next in
Krushna and Tanvi's story?
I don't know.
But, I really wanted to lose this case.
But, you know...
Jehangir Jeejeebhoy Irani
ended up winning this case as well.
he couldn't grant justice.
Unsolved case.
-You're coming?
Well done, Krushna.
It was a difficult task, but you did it.
I am proud of you.
Baburao, don't keep it there.
I don't understand
What made you mine
I don't understand
What made you mine
But when you were mine
But when you were mine
I didn't know how to keep you...
Krushna, I love you!
I don't understand...
Why is it
That my eyes only search for you?
Why is it
That my eyes only search for you?
Because without seeing you...
Because without seeing you...
My life seems incomplete
I don't understand...
I don't understand...
Now do you understand...
why I started drinking after
your mother passed away?
Krushna, it's time.
Come on.
Krushna, I knew you'd come back to me.
I knew you'd be able to pull this off.
You have no idea how the
last six months went by.
No other man...
would've been able to do this.
Thank you.
-Mr. Irani!
-Stop the car.
-Babu, the welder?
Come here, son.
Come here.
How are you?
What happened next in Krushna's life?
What happened is...
You gave me your word...
but fell in love with Tanvi?
Krushna, the person who loves us...
is more important than
the person whom we love.
Hey, missed-call-buddy.
I wanted to...
I was saying...
-How do I?
You know you don't have
to say anything, right?
I already know it.
Babu, I wanted to lose this case!
I wanted to lose this case
and I lost it!
I lost the case!
I want to see you every single day
I want to be with you every single day
It's a unique fantasy
A crazy feeling
I forget everything else when I see you
I've lost my heart to you
I've lost my heart to you
I've lost my heart to you
Babu, catch it!
What do you want, baby?
-What are you up to?
Here... No.
-Look at this.
You have a call.
-Say something.
-It was a missed call.
-Missed call?
Then call back.
What if someone's really
kidnapped this time?
Go ahead.
-It might be another Meera.
a Tanvi.
How could it be Tanvi?
She's right here.
"Will you please help me?
I have been kidnapped."
You rascals!