Tripped Up (2023) Movie Script

(upbeat jazz music)
- [Mary] Liz, hurry
up over there.
We are trying to celebrate
your freaking birthday.
- Oh, Mary, you don't know,
but tartlets, take time.
Especially the one from Patricia
Chamberlain's new cookbook
with a little Lizzy
twist, as usual.
- You are literally
obsessed with her.
- You know, she's
probably a robot
or an algorithm or something.
- [Lizzy] Taylor, she's
known for being elusive,
and her recipes are the perfect
foundation for me to get
ready for Sliced and Diced.
- [Kai] I can't believe
I'm about to be besties
with a celebrity.
- Yeah, little baby
is gonna be a star.
- Hold up, where, where
did we get the champagne?
- My parents.
Not that they would notice.
- [Lizzy] Okay.
- Oh, Lizzie, these
look so amazing.
Mary, you need to try one.
- Yeah no, I am vegan this week.
- I'm gonna key
your car this week.
Just eat a damn tarlet.
- I mean, the-
Ooh, the texture is really
weird, but you know what?
It smells so good.
- You put your finger in
the tartlet, I will take it,
thank you, Mary.
(laughs nervously)
- Oh my God, guys,
guess what I found in my
mom's dresser last night?
- [Mary] Vibrator?
- [Lizzy] Butt plug?
- [Kai] Lube.
- No!
(indistinct guesses)
No, my God, you guys are gross.
- [Lizzy] Your soul?
- No.
I found this "Coming out of
the vagina and going back in,
coping with a lesbian daughter."
- Oh, don't go back in, you
don't wanna do that now.
(Mary gasps, whimpers)
- No, no, no, no, no,
these are my new designer
jeans I just ruined!
- [Kai] Marry, just take
a bong hit and chill,
we'll throw 'em
in the wash later.
- No, I need to document this.
- Do we even have time for that?
My mom comes home at five,
so you know what time it is.
- Buongiorno Elizabeth!
(girls laughing)
- What?
We need to make sure
this weed isn't schwag
before our five
hour drive to Saucy.
- True, true.
- But,
what we are here to
celebrate today is the birth
of our beloved Lizzy Sokin.
- [Lizzy] Y'all.
(excited squealing)
- Guys, these are gonna be
the best years of our lives.
- God, I hope that's not true.
- It's true.
- Guys, but 17!
Can you believe it?
(excited exclamations)
- No, gosh, oh my God.
- Can you believe it?
- (whispering)
Kai, hold the bong.
- Oh, you are in
so much trouble.
- Tartlet?
- Welcome back my
little beignets.
We're down to two chefs here
at the Sliced and
Diced Junior Finals.
Lizzie and Tom.
Let's see who's gonna make it
to that final championship.
- So in five years,
I would love to be the head
chef of my own restaurant,
where I can bring
traditional cuisine,
but adding my own
modern spin on it.
When it comes down
to competition,
the only person that I'm
competing with is myself.
So you know what, I
wish the best for Tom,
but just me today.
- I'm sure Lizzie's a sweet
girl, but she has nothing on me.
I know flavor and
I know consistency.
- We're cutting it close
here and there goes Tom,
back to the pantry.
(suspenseful music)
It looks like Lizzie's dish
is missing an ingredient.
Lizzie's been the front
runner through this session
and all she needs is
to make a solid dish
for the dessert round.
(Lizzy laughs incredulously)
(dessert squelches, thuds)
- Fuck you, Tom, you wanna go?
(Tom exclaims, surprised)
You wanna go, I'll show
you who fucking blew it!
- Girl, calm down!
- We'll be right back after
a quick commercial break.
- Cut to commercial.
(suspenseful music
intensifies, ends)
(crockery rattling)
(indistinct talking)
- All right, listen up.
We got four salmon.
We got six beef.
Two quail.
Two gnocchi.
We got three pork,
one mussels, got it?
- [Chefs] Yes, Chef.
- Got it?
- [Chefs] Yes, Chef!
- Lizzie, How long
with the salmon?
Fish station.
Can you hear me?
- Yes, Chef, yes.
- How long with the salmon?
- Just minutes away, minutes.
- Okay, well push it, Lizzie.
This beef is dying
in the window.
- [Lizzy] Yes, Chef.
- Hey, how you doing, Chef?
- Chef's fine.
We're out of radishes.
- Gotta make it work.
- Going rogue.
- Rib eye, rib eye.
- [Chef 1] How long, rib eye?
- Don't fuck it up, Chef.
- Thank you-
(butt slap thudding)
- If I see you do that again,
I'm gonna sear you
like a fucking steak
and I'm gonna throw you
the fuck off my line.
We clear?
- Yes, Chef.
- Okay.
- (whispering) Thank you.
(ambient kitchen sounds)
- What is that?
- It's clearly a turnip.
- This dish doesn't
have turnips.
- Well, no one stocked-
- What the fuck is this?
- Well, nobody stock
the radishes, so I
had to think on my-
- Oh, did you?
Hold the work.
- Chef.
- Fish station.
You wanna run the kitchen?
You get your own line, okay?
We serve my menu here.
Got it?
- Yes, chef.
Wait, are you, I can fix it!
(plate clangs)
- Do it again.
- Yes, Chef.
(plate clanging)
(water running)
(traffic roaring)
(soft snoring)
(calm, rhythmic music)
- Good morning.
- Stop.
Stop it.
You know I don't get up for
other 15 minutes. (sighs)
(sheets rustling)
(indistinct whispering)
(vibrator buzzing)
(sharp exhale)
(Mary moans)
(gentle guitar strumming)
- So you have my number,
can I have yours?
- I'll call you.
- It was really nice meeting
you last night, Taylor.
- Nice to meet you too.
- Emelia.
- I know.
(deep inhale, exhale)
- [Customer] Hello?
- Shit.
- [Customer] Hello?
- Shit. (inhales deeply)
Hello sir, welcome to Heady's,
what can I get for you today?
- Yeah, I'll take an iced coffee
and a vegan
snickerdoodle cookie.
- Yes, sir, that'll be $18.
- $18?
- It's Brooklyn.
- Ah, you gotta be kidding me!
Is there like a manager or
somebody I can speak to?
- Yes, sir, one second.
It'll be $18.
(gentle percussive music)
- [Taylor] Dude, running is fun,
but not sweating
is even more fun.
- [Lizzy] I kinda like this
walking thing that we're doing.
(Lizzy exhales)
(Taylor sniffs)
- Why do you smell
like extra frat boy-y?
- Maybe because I
was extra on the line
until two in the morning
with a bunch of frat boys.
I feel like the only
safe place there is Jose.
Do yo remember him?
- Yeah, he's really sweet.
- Yeah and respectful.
- Yeah.
You need a new job, though.
- I-
- Mm-hmm.
- Yes, I do.
- Yes, you do indeed.
But you're gonna be at
dinner tomorrow, right?
- Freaking chef called me in
last minute to do inventory,
but I will,
I'll be there.
- Good.
Because I can't listen to
Mary rage on about Clint
all by myself.
I mean, can anyone,
all by themself?
Clit, by the way.
- Clit, Jesus.
You think they're gonna
break up soon, right?
- (sighs) Let's keep praying.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers to that.
Anyway, how have you been?
- With what?
- I don't know, like work?
- I just wrote a
wonderful long article
about water scarcity.
- [Lizzy] Bleak, huh?
Yeah, very.
- Yeah.
- Thank God for friends, right?
(mellow music)
Gotta get it right
for the weekend
You ain't gotta know
- [Mary] Okay, so basically
you are on a hetox.
- A what?
- A hetox,
it's a man-detox.
- Mm, my astrologer refers
to that as the Saturn return.
It's when the choices you make
in your mid twenties are
revealed to be out of sync
with your true destiny.
- What about that
cellist dude, Ravi?
- Pretty sure he stole
my weed this morning,
so yeah, hetox it is.
- [Server] Top you up?
- Ooh, yes, please.
- Taylor, you're not drinking?
- No.
- Are you pregnant?
(phone message tone)
(Mary gasps)
- Goddammit, Clint!
- What?
- He left freaking Prince
Louie's crate open again.
- How do you know that?
- My puppy cam.
I can even talk to him.
Look, (speaks in mothering
tone) Prince Louie.
Yes, hi, mommy loves
you. (blows air kisses)
- Hi, Louie.
(phone message tone)
- Yes, look at me.
Mommy! (blows air kisses)
- Hi, Louis.
- He's so cute.
- [Kai] What was that look?
- Jess just texted me.
- As in your whore
of an ex, Jess?
- Yeah, the one and only.
- Why, what does she want?
- She's asking if she could
pick up the rest of her shit
when she's in town this weekend.
- Well, tell her
you said it on fire.
- What's up, ladies?
- Where have you been?
We've been waiting for you.
- It's been a long,
long day, Mary.
- Castelvetrano olives.
Good taste, Taylor.
- What is your
deal tonight, dude?
- (sighs) well,
work is a nightmare.
My boss hates me and I'm
gonna get wasted, yeah?
- She does not hate you.
- Hi.
Oh yeah, can we get
another bottle of wine
and four shots of
tequila, please?
Tequila, tequila?
- Three, please.
- No, no, no, shots.
- Thank you.
Cheers to Lizzy
(glasses clinking)
getting dizzy.
(glasses clinking)
Keep it on the low
- Guys, honestly, I don't
know what I'm gonna do.
This job is making
me hate cooking
and you guys know
the job I had before
was not doing me any better.
Like, I don't know who
my boss thinks she is,
but her food's
not even that good
and she walks around like she's
Thomas Keller or something.
- Helen's dad?
- No, she just thinks she's
the shit and she's not.
I'm this close to exploding.
This close.
- I mean, honestly,
it just sounds like you
really need to get laid.
When was the last time
that happened for you, hmm?
- I, yeah, I don't know.
- Long time, yeah.
So I say trim your bush,
get back in the game.
I mean, you talk about how the
culinary world's all sexual
and seedy, right?
- I will have you know,
Matt grabbed my ass last
night for no reason.
- Liz, I'm pretty sure
that's sexual harassment.
- I'm pretty sure that's all
I'm getting this season, Tay.
Anyone have anything good
to cheers to, please?
- Yes, I do.
Guys, I checked
Clint's search history
and guess what I found?
- [Taylor] What?
- He's been looking
for wedding rings.
- Oh, that's awesome,
Mary, congratulations!
(glasses clinking)
- So cheers to me and marriage.
(Mary squeals excitedly)
(glasses clink)
- Cheers, Mary.
- [Taylor] Cheers.
- I know.
- But what we really should
be cheersing to is Saucy,
which is where we
should be this weekend.
- Hey, I actually
forgot about Saucy.
Do you guys remember what
a good time that was?
- Yeah, it was as good or better
than Hot Trim Summer Festival
and, coming from me,
that is saying a lot.
- Why is that?
Because your mouth
was filled with food
instead of dirt?
- No, it's because I was
with you guys, asshole.
(phone buzzes)
- Oh, speaking of
asshole, she's texting.
"Dear Lizzie-"
Dear fish station,
dear fish station,
(mockingly) fish
station, fish station,
your face is a fish
station! (makes fart noise)
(glass banging)
I'm done.
You know what?
I'm telling this bitch that
her octopus dish sucks.
And also, I'm not
coming in tomorrow.
How about that, Chef Missy?
How about Chef Bitchy?
Can I get a cheers?
- (whispering) No.
- Hey!
- Miss.
- Ladies.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You know, Liz,
there's really nothing worse
than an arrogant young chef
who thinks they're way more
talented than they actually are.
The line better be fucking
spotless tomorrow when I get in.
Enjoy the rest of
your evening, ladies.
- Holy shit.
(sobering music flourish)
- She has so much
pull in the industry.
I'm screwed, Kai, I'm
literally screwed, I'm done.
- Well, I have all
the pull in the world
in my own apartment,
so let's go.
- It's just, she
already hated me,
and now I've given her
a legitimate reason
to get rid of me.
- Ugh, look, it's
totally gonna be fine.
The universe is all connected.
- Mm hmm.
- [Kai] Lighter.
- Yes, indeed.
- Thank you.
All righty.
Oh, damn.
I'm high already, fuck.
(friends laughing)
(smoke bubbling)
- [Taylor] Oh, Lizzy.
- Wow, yeah.
- Liz, it will be fine.
- No, it won't, Tay.
Be fine.
Kai, bong!
- Yeah!
God, I'm just, vibes.
- Greedy weedy.
(Taylor chuckles)
(phone rings)
- Oh, fuck, my phone, okay.
Why is my cousin calling me?
(Liz coughs)
- Jack?
- Yeah.
- Tay?
- No, I'm good.
(phone connects)
- What's up, Cuz?
- What's up, Moon River?
How you doing?
- Oh, you know, just vibing.
Why are you calling me
so fucking late, weirdo?
- Well, I have a bit of a
ridiculous question, actually.
- Ah, yeah, well,
I'm probably way too
high to answer right now,
but ask away, Captain Jack.
- Did you read the trades?
My firm took over Saucy.
- Aww.
- You own Saucy now?
We were literally just
nostalgising about it
like at dinner, your
eyes must be burning.
- Your ears.
- [Kai] I don't think that-
- [Jack] Who, who
am I talking to?
- Oh, you remember Lizzie.
- Hi.
Taylor, Mary, the girls?
- Yes, of course.
How are we doing ladies?
- Vibing.
- I'm dying.
- Yeah, we're okay.
- Well, I, I'm just calling
because I'm working to get
all the vendor tents filled
and some arsehole just
bailed on me last minute
and I need a replacement ASAP.
And you were the only
one I could think of
who's irresponsible enough
to take off for the weekend
at a moment's notice.
- Thanks, but yeah, I don't
think I can pull that off.
I'm sorry.
- No!
What about your friend, Lizzie?
Doesn't she cook at
some big time place?
- Yeah.
- Not anymore maybe.
After this weekend's sin
I definitely don't think
I'm getting time off.
- (laughing) Yeah, she
fucking said some shit
about her boss,
and then her boss just
appeared. (laughs)
(Lizzy laughs mockingly)
- Shut the fuck up.
(Taylor chuckles)
- Not even for a big tent
with prime location?
You could make some
good money, too.
- Money isn't everything, Jack.
- [Jack] (scoffs) Right, okay.
Yes, but it's going to be
at least a couple thousand
and it's great exposure.
Lots of magazines
and then sponsors.
And there's a dope
industry party.
You just give me a 60% cut.
- I know, I know.
It sounds-
I'll do it.
I will.
- [Jack] Hell yeah, that's
what I'm talking about!
- Um, hold on.
What the hell?
I mean, you got a portable
kitchen somewhere?
- Well, Taylor gave me the look.
- I did not give you the okay.
- You looked at me.
You've-got-this-girl look.
- The tent comes
with equipment.
We can make it work, just
bring the ingredients.
- Look, Jack, I'm gonna
have to like call you back.
We're just gonna talk about it.
- I'm emailing
you the info, Kai.
- Jack!
- Just fill out the forms
and I'll take care of the rest.
Thanks, ladies.
- Oh, shit.
- Dude, are you
fucking kidding me?
Now I have to fill out a form.
- Oh, it's one form, Kai.
- What if it's two?
- I don't know I-
I'm desperate, okay?
What did I just do?
- You just signed up
to work a food festival
that starts literally tomorrow.
- Tom-
- Yeah. (scoffs)
- [Kai] Yeah.
- [Taylor] Crazy, that's insane.
There's no way you can do it.
- But-
- No.
- [Lizzy] Yes.
- No, don't give me that look.
- Taylor, what are
you doing tomorrow?
- No.
- [Lizzy] Yes.
- No.
- [Lizzy] Please?
- No, not happening.
- Okay, what?
So you're gonna sit around
while your ex picks
up all her, huh?
That dildo's yours, come on.
- Not the one with
the tentacles.
Don't let her take that one.
(lighter flicks)
- [Lizzy] Tay.
- You do have a fair point.
- I am fair.
Come on, Tay.
- You're such an asshole.
- (claps) Yes, but
I'm your asshole.
Am I your too asshole too, Kai?
- Well, I was gonna
shroom pretty hard
and try to sell some
feet picks, but-
- But?
- There's always
tomorrow, let's do it.
- Yes!
Yay! (claps)
I'm scared, okay.
We gotta make a lot of coffee
before prep tomorrow morning
for Saucy.
- Coffee for Saucy?
- Coffee for-
Shut up, Kai.
- Okay.
(footsteps falling)
(Kai stretches, sighs)
- Ooh, wait, guys?
(beads rustling)
- What do we do about this one?
- [Kai] Oh, those are
the mints she liked.
- They're not regular mints?
- No.
- [Taylor] Oh shit,
yeah, she's out.
- [Lizzy] Good night, Mary.
- [Taylor] This
will be interesting.
(energetic music)
(Mary screams)
- (screams angrily)
Where the hell am I
and why the fuck is
there no service here?
Am I in fucking
Canada right now?
And now my fucking
app won't load.
- Why she gotta do
Canada like that?
I don't even think
she's been there.
- She really needs to calm down.
Her blood pressure's gonna go.
- She's not gonna get a car
around here, that's for sure.
- I had a very
important meeting today.
- Okay, Mary, chill.
All right, it's gonna be okay.
And I really think you need
to rethink your decision.
You're gonna miss out on all
the fun and female bonding.
- You guys kidnapped me, okay?
I mean, you know what?
I'm not going to some freaking
disgusting hippie festival.
Okay, no offense, Kai.
What, just to get
food poisoning?
No offenses.
You know what?
Do not contact me when
you guys come home
with just nasty fleas and
intestine eating diseases, okay?
Just do not call me.
And my car will be
here in 15 minutes.
(Taylor laughs)
- Okay.
- Fuck!
Okay, now it says 20.
- I don't know Mary,
that's called Karma.
- [Kai] Okay, well, bye.
- Have fun getting home, Mary.
- [Kai] Bye.
- [Taylor] Text us
when you make it.
(car doors closing)
- Let the countdown begin.
- Hopefully she doesn't
get kidnapped.
- Oh, I know.
How long do you wanna bet?
- I'm giving a good 10.
Nine, eight.
- You know what?
- Six, five.
- I have two things to say.
- Yes?
- One, fuck you, and two, I'm
in because my car canceled.
(friends screaming excitedly)
- Yay, Mary.
- All righty, princess.
- We love you, Mar, we're
gonna rock this thing.
- [Mary] You better
fucking rock this.
- [Taylor] I told you guys.
- She's back.
Oh, come on.
- All right,
everyone repeat after me.
Fun and female bonding!
- Fun and female bonding!
It wasn't in my plans
To step into a game I'd lose
- [Mary] Were you all still
drunk when you packed my bag?
- [Lizzie] No, we just
gathered all the stuff we stole
from you over the years.
- [Mary] You guys suck.
Now here we are from
the ceiling to floor
All aboard on a
midnight train
- [Mary] Okay, What Spotify
playlist shall we listen to?
Pop country feels
appropriate, I mean,
as we're currently
in the boonies.
- [Taylor] The great upstate.
- [Kai] How about
Funk Outta Here?
- [Mary] Yes, please, I mean,
'cause you couldn't get me the
fuck outta here fast enough.
You're just a
shadow on the wall
- [Taylor] You good?
- [Lizzy] I don't know.
I just still need
to pick up veggies-
- [Taylor] Well, Lizzie,
wait, wait, wait.
Look, there's a
place right up ahead.
Kai, hang left.
You're just a
shadow on the wall
They don't mean
nothing at all
(car engine whirring)
- Oh, cute.
- This is so cute.
- Wow!
- Good job.
- [Lizzy] Kai, could we
have parked any better?
- I like it, I think it's great.
- [Lizzy] But what
if, nevermind.
Ooh, there we go.
- I think
it's a great parking spot.
- It's in the middle
of the damn driveway.
- Do you need any help?
- Yes, please.
- This is so pretty.
- Yes, I was-
- This is perfect.
- Oh, look at this.
- Huh.
(footsteps crunching)
Well, I mean, this
looks promising.
- Yeah.
- I mean,
there's no one here though, so-
(heavy breathing)
(box thudding)
- That depends on who or
what you're looking for.
- In life, or like right now?
- Is this your personal
collection or is
any of it for sale?
- And that depends on
if I like you or not.
- I don't know about her, but
I think I'm pretty likable.
- What can I get you ladies?
- I have a couple things I need,
but you might not have them all.
- Try me.
- Nasturtium.
- Flour or leaf?
- Flour.
- Done.
- Damn, I didn't even need
that, I was just guessing.
- Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh!
Those are those, those things.
Those things that
are, oh my god.
What are they?
- Alpacas.
- Yes!
- Edible?
- No, but they are
considered a delicacy.
- In Peru.
- Can we go check 'em out?
- Yeah.
(phone buzzing)
Happens every time.
- I'm sure.
- Um-
- Is that?
- Gimme a minute.
I'll be right, I'll
be back, I'm sorry.
- Have you been to Peru?
- Yeah.
- I don't know where it is.
I said I-
I don't know.
Okay, I know it
means a lot to you,
but I have no idea where you
could have possibly left it.
- This stuff is gorgeous.
You really, really have a gift.
- Ah, I know.
I honed my skills
when I was in France.
God, I miss it there.
- Why'd you leave?
- Well, I thought it
was time to come home.
I was away for too long and
want to do my own thing.
Actually, this is the first
time I've opened this up
to the public.
- This is your first time.
- Yeah.
- I mean, clearly a success.
This is some of the best grown
produce I've seen all season.
Hands down.
- Great food comes
from the source.
- It's the heartbeat
of any good dish.
Every chef knows that.
- So you're a chef?
- I mean, I'm trying to be,
I guess my answer differs
on different days.
Just wish I had more
support, you know,
or some kind of direction
from more women on top.
- Ah geez, well.
That ain't easy.
I Mean long hours,
hard work, shitty pay.
- Ooh, you're a chef too?
- So what brings you
and your gang up here?
- Just cooking at
a food festival.
Filling in for
someone last minute.
- Saucy?
- That's the one.
- Hmm.
What you cooking?
- I'm gonna make
a savory pastry.
I got some great laminated dough
for my friend Kai's bakery.
- Laminated dough.
- Mm hmm.
- Well, that's bold.
But you look like a badass.
- I try.
- Oh wait, hold it.
I, I know who you are.
You are that-
The one that was on that
show, Sliced and Diced?
You're the chick
who lost her shit.
- Yes, I am the chick
who lost her shit.
Crazy, overly emotional
female, that's me.
- Well, sometimes crazy
is what makes us great.
- Yeah, I'm still waiting
on my crazy to turn great.
- Don't worry
about the bullshit.
I mean, that show is garbage.
It's just about ratings.
Has nothing to do with
a real chef's talent.
- I hope so.
- Cut to commercial.
- Cut to commercial.
- Cut to commercial.
- (laughing) You got me.
Can I get these?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Oh my gosh, look
at you, yes, hi!
You are so cute, oh my goodness.
- Oh, hello!
- Hello!
- Yes, hi, hi, oh my goodness.
- You are so majestic.
You are a celebrity.
- You're so cute!
Oh, this one don't like you.
Oh yes, chop chop
chop chop chop.
(indistinct cooing)
(alpaca spitting)
(Mary gasps, snorts)
- Okay, all right.
- Ew.
- Okay, gross, gross, gross.
- [Mary] That's disgusting.
- Hmm, interesting.
(Mary screams)
(dung splatting)
- I'm done, I'm fucking done.
Pack up your own shit
and get out. It's-
- Do I even have to ask?
- Take a guess.
- Or you could just
let people in for once.
Tay, why did you even answer?
- I have no idea.
- Dude, you need to
stop dating assholes
and date someone
who respects you
and is actually nice to you.
- Yeah, maybe I should.
- You don't deserve Jess's
bullshit, that's for sure.
- I might just listen
to you for once.
Speaking of shit-
- What?
Oh my God.
Oh my-
What happened?
- Don't worry, I
have extra T-shirts.
- She's gonna hate it.
(water spraying)
(Mary screaming)
- It looks like I peed myself!
(indistinct screaming)
(alpacas bleating)
- Mary, get-
- I'm in a T-shirt.
- Get over over.
- I hate this.
I feel gross, I'm sticky.
- [Taylor] Oh my god.
- This is not okay.
- Kai was in it too.
(phone ringing)
- (gasping) Shit!
Oh my gosh.
Clint's FaceTiming me, what
do I say, what do I say?
- Just say that you went
away with your girlfriends
for the weekend, it's fine.
- Oh shit.
No guys, he is not
gonna like this,
I don't know what to do.
- Why is it even a big deal?
Just tell him to screw off.
(Mary whispers indistinctly)
- Okay.
(whispering) Okay,
do I look okay?
- [Lizzy] You're fine.
- Hey baby.
- Hey babe, I just
passed Citarella
and was thinking about dinner.
What are you gonna make tonight?
- Um.
- My protein shake just
isn't throwing me upright,
I need something
more substantial.
Even though you don't
eat meat or whatever,
you can make steak, right?
And what are you wearing?
That color looks
terrible on you.
- I know, it's so, it's funny.
I'm actually not in
New York right now.
See, the girls took me
away for the weekend.
- We didn't talk about this.
What the fuck, Mary?
Did you check with me, no.
Did you ask if I was
okay with this, no.
What am I supposed
to do this weekend?
Are we even together?
- Clint.
Listen, okay, you are on video,
so everyone can
hear you right now.
- Yeah, Clint, you're
being aggressive.
- Fucking great.
(call-ending beeps)
- Cl-
- Whoa.
- Seriously?
- Yeah, Mary, you can't let
him speak to you like that.
That was like really unpleasant.
- Okay, well you guys weren't
supposed to hear that.
And he's just, he's
really upset, you know,
we had plans this weekend
and then you guys decide
to take me away, so.
- Like what?
Sucking his teeny peen
and making him steak?
Boo, bitch, send him back.
- Guys, listen, he-
He's upset.
He's really concerned about
my job, unlike you guys.
And, you know, it's
because he cares.
He really cares about me.
- Yeah, it really shows.
- We're done.
- You know what?
- He's done.
- Toss him, toss him!
- I'm over this.
- Toss him, toss him!
- I'm in a T-shirt.
I fucking hate this.
- Good night.
- Can you get this?
(Taylor and Lizzy laugh)
(Car engine starting)
- [Lizzy] No one gonna
help me with these veggies?
- Oh my god, I'll
give you a hand.
- [Lizzy] Thank you Taylor.
Once you taste the sunlight
It's hard to go without it
Cause at first you saw
- [Kai] Oh, this is
so fancy, oh my god!
- Yes, Kai!
- Thank you.
- [Taylor] This is nice!
- [Lizzy] I hope we have
time to get in the pool.
- Okay, okay.
- Dude.
- Ooh!
- Okay, Kai.
(Taylor gasps excitedly)
- Infused water.
- Oh my gosh.
- No, no no, no.
Look at this.
- More snacks, Lizzy!
- Look at me,
now I'm the vibes!
- Food, okay.
What do we have here?
(luggage thuds)
- Guys, look at the crumb
in this bread. (sniffs)
It's probably slow fermented.
- (mockingly) Fermented.
(Taylor laughs)
Oh my God,
and the color of this blackberry
is so, so, so rich.
- Oh, my god, artisanal jam?
- So disrespectful.
- Oh my gosh and
there's a boutique!
So now I can change outta
these dirty ass clothes.
- She really put her
hands in the jam.
- I know, I know, it's gross.
(hand slapping)
- Hi!
Hi, oh, I love your glasses.
- Thanks, I like your-
Checking in, are we?
- Yes.
My friends and I are
actually in town for Saucy.
And we have one room
under Kai Clary,
C as in Capricorn,
L as in love,
A as in air,
R as in road trip,
and Y as in yellow.
- Wow, okay, yeah sure.
I can check you in for both.
- Awesome.
- Yeah, no, I'm not seeing that
you're staying here with us.
When did you make
the reservation?
- Yesterday?
- Did you use a different name?
- No, but, but
maybe do you need me
to spell Clary for you again?
It's C as-
- Oh, god no.
- Got it.
Clary, not seeing
anything for that name.
- I, I, I know I, I, I
made the reservation.
So just, one second.
Okay, is there like another
system you can check?
I, I don't know.
Could you just like check again?
- Yeah.
- No, so we were actually
fully booked as of yesterday.
I don't think you
would've been able
to even make a reservation here.
Maybe you made one for Simple
Stays, down the street?
(phone ringing)
Sorry, I should take this.
(Kai sighs)
- Wow, looky here.
Tom made it onto Rising Star.
What's next, 30 under 30?
- You know you should
have won that thing.
We all know that.
- Do we?
- Whoops! (laughs)
- Well, I mean, Taylor,
if you did that,
I think I just might have
to (lemon squelches).
And that's for taking me
down with the damn lemon.
How does that feel, Tommy Boy?
(Taylor makes silly noises)
(Lizzy laughs)
And you know what, one more.
That is for every woman
of color who has to work
so much harder than any
other mediocre white dude.
(magazine thuds)
Yeah, that's you, Tom.
- Oh crap.
- That was good.
- What's up?
Pack it up, ladies.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- [Kai] I'm sorry.
- Bags!
- I'm sorry.
- Why the face?
- We cannot sleep here.
- What?
- We have to go.
- Don't look at me.
- You're telling me
I can't stay here?
- Well, the receptionist
was exceptionally rude
and, and I do not want to
support an establishment
that supports r-rude.
- Kai, I just got here.
- But think of the people.
Yeah, I, I got another place.
It's, it's only 10 miles away.
It's really great.
- Thanks, Kai.
Thank you, Kai.
- Yeah.
- Thank you, Kai.
- Thank you, Kai.
- Yeah.
My younger self
was in a movie
She always wanted
to be (indistinct)
She chased the
future (indistinct)
Wish I could let her know
to just enjoy the ride.
Yeah, caught up in the noise
Yeah, caught up in the tide
Yeah, caught up in the-
- Well, did you book
a cabin or dollhouse?
- Are you sure that
this is it, Kai?
- It, it's what it says.
- At least we have shutters.
- Okay, well, you know what?
It's fine, all right?
I know I'll fit.
Y'all can sleep outside tonight.
Freaking haul asses.
- All right.
It's just one night,
just one night.
- Well, I know what we need.
(Whiskey swirls)
So what kind of Spotify
playlist are we in the mood for
on this balmy summers eve?
- Okay, so I know you are a
queen at Spotify playlists,
but I do vote that Taylor
whips out la guitara.
- No, no, I'm good.
(whiskey swishing)
I'll do it for you.
- Two steps ahead.
Thank you, thank you.
(Taylor starts playing guitar)
- See you guys,
this isn't so bad.
I mean, I think it's
pretty awesome, okay.
The whiskey's flowing,
the vibes are going.
- Yes, Kai, big city living.
Okay, but actually, what
is the plan for tomorrow?
- Okay, so tomorrow
is industry night,
but set up in the day
and then Jack is
throwing a rager.
- [Lizzy] Nice.
- Party full of chefs.
Sounds like a healthy
serving of ego.
- You know, you guys really
owe me a spa day after this.
Make it a spa week.
- Oh, come on, Mary,
when was the last time you
sat in a nice patch of grass
with your girlfriends?
- Not long enough.
- Shut up, you're having fun.
Even I'm having fun.
(gentle guitar
strumming continues)
(car engine whirring)
(mellow music)
- [Kai] Would you rather
be three foot seven
or seven foot three?
- [Mary] 3'7, 'cause then I'd
get really awesome high heels.
- [Kai] Okay.
Would you rather give
up cheese or oral sex?
- [Lizzy] Giving or taking?
- [Kai] Both.
- [Lizzy] Oral sex.
- [Mary] Cheese.
- [Taylor] Cheese.
Oral sex is way too
important to my people.
We can do it on
our way there
At the curve hit the pool
for some time to spare
I know you got three days
- Are you one of the vendors?
Are you a vendor?
- Oh, we actually have a tent.
- Name?
- It's under my cousin's name.
- Which is?
(Kai inhaling)
- Jack Woods, please.
- Jack Woods is my boss.
He doesn't have a
tent in his name.
- Can you call him
and figure this out?
- Yeah.
- My friend here's
a little flaky on the details.
Can you give us a
minute to call him?
- You know what, I'll just
call him on the walkie.
(walkie beeps)
Jack, are you there?
Gary, can you cover for me?
We've got a hold up over here.
Sorry, he should
respond quickly.
- Oh, hopefully not too quickly.
- Oh.
- Can you not?
(walkie crackles)
- [Jack] Ashley, come in over?
- Yeah, I've got some girls here
who say they have a
tent in your name.
Sorry, what's your name again?
- Kai.
- Her name is Kai.
(walkie crackles)
- You have to say over.
- [Jack] You didn't
say over, over.
- I said her name is Kai, over.
- Kai, great.
I sent her the
forms to fill out.
The tent should be under
her name, actually.
Last name Clary, over.
- Yeah, I'm not seeing anything.
Are you sure you
filled out the forms?
- It's, it's possible I didn't,
but that, that's not
a big problem, right?
- It's possible.
- Geez.
- Kai didn't fill out the forms.
Is there a place you
want me to put them?
- [Lizzy] Kai.
- It's fine.
- [Jack] God dammit, Kai.
Ah, fuck!
Just give me a minute.
I'll get back to you, over.
(walkie beeps)
- Kai, you had one job.
- Whatever, it's fine.
- What, what if it's not fine?
- It's gonna be fine.
- Yeah, it's always
fine for you, isn't it?
- So, was I scoping a
little action going on there
between the two of you?
- Well, it's not off
to a great start.
- She seems like a bitch.
- Probably because you're
making her job a living hell,
thought about that?
- Well, she's cute
though, right?
- She's honestly so not cute.
- Mary.
- I mean,
if you like the farmer
type, look at her.
Look, she's coming,
look, look, look.
(whispering) Okay,
she's coming back.
- Okay, so I moved some stuff
around and I got you guys
over on the east
side of the grounds.
It's a pretty happening locale.
Here's a map, you're
gonna be on lot 29
with a basic kitchen,
and I'll stop by a little later
to make sure you have
everything you need.
- [Taylor] Awesome, thanks.
- Oh, hey.
Could you actually ask
Jack if we could crash
at his place tonight?
Our Airbnb sucks.
- No.
- Still not cool.
- Okay guys,
it's gonna be
amazing, all right?
Look, she said happening locale.
Let's go.
- But honestly, like-
- It's gonna be good, okay?
Let's go.
I know you been there
It's time to hustle
(car engine revving)
(car engine whirring)
It's time to hustle
It's time to hustle
(parking brake engaging)
(doors opening)
- [Kai] Whoo hoo!
- Okay.
- Okay.
(door slamming)
All right, chop chop ladies.
We got work to do.
- Here, let me help.
- Sure.
(cooler rattling)
(Kai and Mary grunting)
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
ladies, please!
Can we please be careful,
that is precious cargo.
- Well, Lizzy, it's like a
thousand pounds over here.
- Where are we supposed
to plug everything in?
- Okay, one second, Taylor.
Hold up, is this-
We only have one plug?
Guys, I have like nine
things that need power.
- Well can't you
just buy another one?
- Well, you know what, no.
I will text Jack, okay?
- Well, wait, excuse me!
Please can-
Okay, did we bring
a surge protector?
- I wouldn't know.
I was unconscious when you
packed up the car, remember?
- Yes, Mary was
unconscious, I was high,
Taylor was hesitant.
We work with what we
got, people, yeah?
- All right, let's just
get the fridge plugged in
and get everything out
of the cooler, okay?
- Oh, Tay, we are
ballin' on a budget
and we will make it
work, we have to.
Grab this.
- Okay.
- Do you know how
to set this up?
- Aren't you the camper?
- Yeah, but I, I usually
just sleep under the stars.
I'm closet phobic.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
- Taylor, we need you over here,
- Well do this later.
- Thank you.
- Ooh, okay, tent.
Simple, it'll be simple,
I think we'll just grab a corner
and we'll put it upright, okay?
- Good thinking.
- [Taylor] Mary?
- Yes?
- Help, please.
- [Lizzy] Some help.
- Thank you.
- There we go.
- A little bit.
- All right,
and pull on three, ready?
One, two, three!
- (screams) What the fuck?
- Kai.
I'm gonna need you to be better.
- Not helpful.
- All right, well, this
just doesn't seem right.
Are we gonna be
cooking on the floor,
like (silly nonsense sounds)?
Okay, but seriously, we
gotta figure this out.
Oh, wait, you just pull up.
- [Taylor] There we go.
- [Lizzy] Man your
poles and rise.
Up and up and up and up!
- I'm not really
into poles, Liz.
- I've seen you
sophomore year, Taylor.
- Can you please not remind me?
- Okay.
This explains why I
don't have a boyfriend.
- All right.
Oh, we are erect.
- Nice! (laughs)
- Good job, Mary.
- I'm hot.
(Taylor laughs)
- Yes, you are,
girlie, yes you are.
(birds singing)
(crickets chirping)
- Okay, thank you so much.
Please take these all to Jack's.
Appreciate it.
You can tell him
that Kai sent you.
- Really hope there's AC.
- Of course there'll be AC,
it's Jack.
(packet crinkling)
- Where'd you get those?
- I'm a woman of mystery.
- Well, give me some.
- Okay.
(packet crinkling)
- You think Lizzy
will be upset seeing
us eat Cheetos
and not all the fancy
food around here?
- I mean, probably.
That's why we gotta finish
'em before they get back.
(packet crinkling)
- I'd really like if someone
could fetch me a cocktail,
you know?
- Yeah.
- Anyone?
(Kai licking)
Can you not?
- Well, what am I
supposed to do with it?
- I don't know, wipe it on
your pants or something.
It's like, I hear it
and it's just gross.
(squirrel gnawing)
- All right, let's go, ladies.
- Mary, you should post
a photo of the tent
on your Instagram.
You have the most followers,
so it makes the most sense.
- Yeah, spread the word, sister.
Ooh, my vape.
- Yeah, no offense,
but this is not the kind of
content my followers wanna see.
- Oh, please Mary,
come on.
- No, I'm serious.
I would lose all of my
vegan followers, okay?
They could smell the
disgusting meat sizzling
through a photo.
- You're not even vegan.
- I was, but now I'm
pescatarian this month.
- Yeah, and also a
pain in the ass this month.
- Guys!
I can't, okay?
Because first off, you
jerk turkeys kidnapped me
and my boss thinks I'm out sick.
So I can't be seen at a
freaking food festival, okay?
But if you hand me your phone,
I will shoot all the content
for you and post from there.
- Because my two followers
are really gonna help
increase our volume.
- Where's my phone?
- I don't know.
- Yep, I'll be back.
(footsteps crunching)
- Mar, just catch up with us.
- [Kai] All righty.
(footsteps crunching)
- Oh, yes.
(Mary grunts)
- Okay.
(in a squealing
voice) Prince Louis!
Hi, pumpkin, mommy loves you.
Yes, I'm coming home soon,
I will be home soon
(voice drowned out)
(gravel crunching)
(fridge clanging)
(door thudding)
Tell me, could
you let me know
Could you let
yourself go, oh
Could you let yourself be
Release your fantasy, oh
To be wild and free
To be bad like me
Yes or no, yes
or no, yes or no
- I didn't know everyone
was gonna be serving,
I thought it was
just set up day.
- These people are just
overachievers, okay?
We're gonna size up this
competition, all right?
Size all you motherfuckers up.
- I liked the way she thinks.
- [Lizzy] Me too, I guess.
- (gasps) Oh my God!
- The Godfather, you
are like the Pizza King!
- How you doing?
- I've read about you
in an Eater article.
Can I?
- Absolutely.
- Thank you, Grazie.
(Chef speaks in
foreign language)
(Lizzy grunts)
- I mean,
it looks just like pizza.
- Don't say that.
- That's incredible!
- It's more than pizza.
- Incredible.
Living la vida loca
To be wild and free
- You look like you'd
be really skilled
handling that fish
taco. (laughs)
He must not have gotten it.
Where the hell is Mary?
- Her dog probably called.
- Man.
- Jack really did a good
job developing all this.
- I know, right?
I'm so proud of him.
I introduced him to
the culinary arts.
Feels good to inspire people.
- Liz, are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm just
scoping out the scene
and I definitely have
to bring my A game.
- It'll be fine, don't worry.
It'll be good.
- It's okay.
- Oh, hey.
- Hi.
- Where have you been?
- I was taking a phone call.
- [Vendor] Hey, you guys
wanna sample our mushrooms?
- Never say no to mushrooms!
- Sure, sure.
Oh, nice.
- Our last batch, fire roasted.
- Thank you.
- These are delicious.
Were these freshly foraged?
- Hey Jose, where'd
you get the shrooms?
- Get out.
- Oh, what the-
Dude, what?
- [Jose] Yo.
- What you do in here
following me, come on.
- Oh, Chef left you
off for the weekend?
- No.
- So you no-call no-showed.
- Yeah.
- Oh, that's ballsy.
- You know me, big balls.
- What are you cooking?
- I'm thinking of doing
something with laminated dough.
- Laminated dough?
- Yeah.
- In this heat
at a food festival.
- I'm Mary, by the way.
- I'm Jose.
- Nice to meet you.
- It's nice to meet you too.
- Yeah.
- So, how about the
rest of you, ladies?
You, you guys all cooking too?
- No.
- Well, we are this weekend.
Whatever Liz needs, we're on it.
- Thank you.
- I love that.
- Which, by the way,
are you the little wood fairy
who went out into the woods
to get these little mushrooms?
- Oh, yes I am.
- Freaking precious, dude.
- Wow, they're amazing.
I mean, you should open your
own restaurant with those.
- That's the dream.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I just need a
hundred thousand followers,
a trust fund-
- That is bullshit.
No, you don't.
No, I mean, like
your food's great,
and I mean, I can certainly
help you get your followers up,
that's easy for me, I do
it all the time, I mean.
And food like that
sells itself, so.
- That's the kind of
energy that I need.
- She never does
her social media.
- I do.
- She doesn't.
- Yeah, well.
I gotta wrap up
for industry night.
Will I see you there?
- Yeah, I'll be there.
- You'll see her,
I mean us, there.
- Great.
- It's nice meeting you.
- Bye Dude.
- Jack's my cousin,
we'll be there.
- All right.
- I'm Kai, bye.
- Kai, Kai.
- Yeah, bye.
- Did I sense a little bit
of fuego there, Mar?
- What are you talking about?
- I don't know
I saw your eyes twinkling
for the first time, Mary.
(Taylor laughs)
- I could feel the
vibes, they were spicy.
- Saucy.
- Okay.
Please, guys, listen.
I have a boyfriend,
thank you very much,
and I'm very happy with him.
I just really enjoyed
his mushrooms.
- You could be juggling
his little portobellos.
(Lizzy and Taylor laugh)
- [Mary] Are you done?
- No.
- It's not funny, I have
a boyfriend and I'm happy.
- [Kai] Laugh, I
juggled fake balls.
- Mushrooms.
- Is she happy?
- Okay.
- That was good, that was good.
- Sweet.
Looks like there will be some
new live music here tomorrow.
- Guess there is.
(mic feedback whistling)
(drums playing)
- Tay,
what's up?
Lotus, how are you?
- I'm, I'm great, hi!
It's so good to see you.
We've been worried.
You've been making
other meetings?
- Well, I've been going to a
few different ones actually.
Can I give you a
call, is that okay?
- Of course.
You can call me any time.
Matter of fact, I'm
gonna be performing
at the music tent tomorrow,
you should check it out.
- Cool, yeah, I'll try.
I will, promise.
- Well, it was good to see you.
I actually have to
talk to the sound guy.
- Okay, nice to see you too.
See you later.
- Is Taylor still gay?
- Who was that?
- Just a dude that I
used to play music with.
- Well, why didn't
you introduce us?
- I didn't think it
was that important.
- Why?
- Since when do you have
random dude friends?
- I have a lot of
random dude friends.
- Well, it's fine.
Let's keep going, come on.
- How about Jose, you're
random dude friends.
- Are you freaking
kidding me right now?
- What?
- What?
- [Lizzy] Take a guess what.
- [Kai] Ugh, is that Tom?
- Yeah, it is.
Dude, I've avoided him
for like seven years
and now we're just
here like this.
- You look good.
- Do I?
- He's kind of cute.
- Mary!
- Where the hell is Clint now?
- Don't worry, he's
still a prick, Lizzie,
it doesn't matter.
- Yeah, clearly a
really successful prick.
- You know what, screw him.
I mean, anyone can look
fancy looking like that.
- Shit!
- What?
- I think he saw me.
- Girl?
- Oh my gosh.
- He's, he's right here,
he's looking at me right now.
Right now.
- Okay, I doubt he sees you.
But we have to be at
Jack's anyway, so.
- No, we gotta go,
we gotta back it up, ladies.
(girls talk indistinctly)
(energetic music)
- [Lizzy] What are we,
in the enchanted forest?
- [Kai] I guess.
- Ooh, pulled pork?
Nice, thanks.
- Hey ladies.
Kai, long time no see.
How's your mum, still hot?
- Still your aunt.
- Not by blood.
- Oh, Jack!
- Hello, thank you
so much for coming.
My most favorite vendor.
Are you all set up?
- Yeah, I mean, the locale
is really happening.
- Oh good, good,
that's great to hear.
All right, ladies, I have
got to go and mingle,
but have a great time.
- Thank you, yeah.
- Thanks, Jack.
- We super appreciate
it, thank you.
- Has he always been British?
- Dude, I don't know.
He's spent a summer in London
and came back a
massive douche bag.
- Is that how it works?
- I guess.
You make me feel crazy good
- Okay, I know I've said
this like three times,
but that pulled
pork was to die for.
- And dude, this chicken?
I mean, it is just chicken,
but like, damn!
- Hey.
- [Lizzy] Hey, it's
not just chicken.
- What's up y'all?
- Hey, what's up dude?
- How are you?
- Hey.
- Tell me if you're
trying this pork,
'cause it's insane.
- We're actually gonna
go and get some more.
- Oh, can you just
bring me some back?
- We're gonna get
some more, Kai,
Get up, come on.
- Oh, oh, okay.
- Enjoy!
- Oh, I was really comfortable
but okay.
- Let's go, bye.
- Okay, okay bye.
- Oh my gosh.
- Liz is the best.
- Yeah, she's great.
- She's a really hard worker.
- Very hard worker.
- So what do you do in the city?
- I'm actually in finance.
I mean, not as cool
as being a chef, but.
- Oh, finance is
pretty impressive.
- Thanks.
- You must have worked
so hard at school.
- Honestly, yeah.
Probably a little too hard.
- I like a girl with drive.
- Well, I like a
guy who can cook.
So are you from New York?
- I'm actually from
Oaxaca, Mexico.
I moved here with my
mom when I was five.
- Oaxaca, Mexico.
I know, I know that area.
Yeah, that is home of the mole.
- Mole.
- Don't, I-
- No, no, that's impressive.
- That's funny.
- How'd you know that?
- L-Lizzie, she makes
so many different meals
and explains everything, so
I picked up a thing or two.
- Wow, I love that.
That's amazing.
I mean, I'm not gonna lie,
I actually make it
pretty mean mole myself.
- Really?
Well, I'd love to
try it sometime.
- I'd love to make it for you.
- Okay, you know what?
That can be payback
for me getting those
Instagram followers up.
- Deal.
(hands clapping)
(Mary laughs)
- Jose,
You got a minute?
- My buddy needs my help.
I hate to leave you hanging.
Can I try and catch
up with you later?
- Sure, yeah,
Go, go, go, go, I'll be here.
- [Tom] This is lame.
Just like all those
tents at the festival.
So basic.
- Yo, did you see that
Lizzy Sokin chick?
You know the one that
you sliced and diced?
- She just needed a little
bump from her pedestal.
- It's on.
(meat sizzling)
(mellow music)
- I just don't like
the idea of snakes.
- Well, there's not a lot
of snakes, like, in nature.
I mean, have you ever
actually like been camping?
- Yeah, have you, Tay?
Have you been camping?
- Oh, hello, how are you?
- Hello, it's me again.
I don't actually live
at the vendor entrance.
- Well, thank god.
- Oh, really?
- Shit!
- Whoa, what?
- Jesus Christ,
is he everywhere?
- Well, if you believe
in God, then yeah.
- No, not him, freaking Tom.
- Oh, Tom Allen?
Oh yeah, no, I hate that guy.
He really sucks.
He leaves a bad
taste in your mouth.
- Oh. (chuckles)
- You see what I did there?
- Chef jokes, love it.
- Looks like he's doing
the watermelon race.
- What the hell is
a watermelon race?
- You'll see.
(energetic music)
- Wait, is that?
- [Judge] Now listen,
it's not about making it
to the end, it's about
who remains standing.
- Hey, I'm Tom.
What's your name?
- You will soon know me as
the girl who made you cry.
- Excuse me?
- You heard me.
How do you like that?
- Three, two, one, go!
(energetic music)
(judge talking indistinctly)
(judge continues commentating
in the background)
Her foot touched the
ground, you're disqualified.
- (crowd moaning)
She fell!
You're disqualified.
- He cheated!
- Disqualified!
- He cheated,
He freaking pulled the rope-
- Disqualified.
- You-
- He cheated.
(energetic music
intensifies, ends)
(audio of Sliced
and Diced incident)
(Lizzy inhales sharply)
- Okay, breathe, Lizzy,
breathe. (exhales shakily)
(rhythmic snoring)
- Freaking kidding me right now?
(snoring continues)
(muffled grunt)
(birds chirping)
- All right, friends,
so we are live on five.
Here are the instructions.
We gotta get the dough
pulled, the station set up
and Kai, you come with me,
because obviously
you got the most-
- Oh fuck.
- What?
- Shit.
- Holy shit!
No no no no no no no no no!
- [Taylor] Oh, this is bad.
- Not the laminated dough.
- I secured this so
tight, I know I did.
- Oh my God, how did this-
Hold on a second.
The fuck?
Why do these have tire tracks?
Are you-
Dude, who plugged it
in across the road?
- I think I accidentally
switched the plugs.
- No, Mary, no!
- It was an accident,
I didn't mean to, I just,
there was so many cords,
how was I supposed to
know which went where?
- Okay, but you shouldn't have
been messing with it, anyway.
Can none of you guys just get
it together for five minutes?
- Okay, Lizzie, all
right, it's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay, we're
gonna figure it out.
- You just had to go back for
your phone, didn't you, Mary?
- Liz, this is an accident.
- You guys were the ones who
asked me to post something.
- Oh, don't pretend like you
gave a shit about this festival
until Jose popped up, come on.
- Well, I really don't
give a fuck what you think,
at least I have a
real life, Lizzie.
- A real life?
I don't know if you can
see this all around you,
but this is real life.
Not one where you just sit at
home in your perfect bubble
and just beg for
validation and likes
on your selfies all day.
- A, I don't post
selfies, that's 2015
and B, the only reason
we are here is for you
to salvage some BS reputation
you think you fucking have.
Okay, no one cares
that you lost Slice and Diced
a million fucking years ago,
so get the fuck over it!
- Mary, you know
that I was cheated.
- I was cheated too.
And it's beginning
to be a bit pathetic,
you just living in
this guy's shadow.
- At least I have a goal in
life with some integrity.
- Well, I hope your integrity
gets you off at night.
- You know what?
It's better than going
home to your vibrator
while your boyfriend's
dead body lays next to you.
- Why are you bringing
Clint into this?
- Because he sucks, Mary.
You only wanna marry
him for his 401(k)
and his freaking
cottage in Spain.
- Okay, calm down.
Okay, why don't we try some
pranayama breaths, okay?
- Do you know what?
At least I have someone
who loves me, Lizzie,
because you are so far
up your career's ass
that you can't let
anyone else in.
- Yeah, Mary.
Clint really adores you.
- What is that supposed to mean?
- Liz.
- What?
What are, what are
you talking about?
Why do you continue to
bring Clint into this?
- Liz, don't do this.
- [Mary] What?
- He's not a good
guy, Mary, okay?
He's a freaking cheater
and I had to literally
pull him off Taylor
at your Christmas
party last year.
- What are you talking about?
- Yeah, what?
- Ask her.
- What is she talking
about, Taylor?
Tell me.
- He cornered me
and tried to kiss me
and was telling me
all this bullshit
about how he was gonna
try to convince me
that I was straight.
- How could you
not tell us this?
How could you not tell her this?
- Because he was wasted.
And I didn't think that they
were gonna stay together.
Then, I don't know,
too much time passed
and now he's looking at
fucking engagement rings,
so, I'm sorry, Mary, I
should have told you earlier.
- You're sorry?
Fuck all of you guys.
- [Lizzy] Wait, Mary!
(footsteps crunching)
- I can't believe that
you just did that.
- Taylor, she had to
know at some point.
He's a freaking asshole.
- That's not your right to tell.
- So you guys are just
keeping sketchy secrets now?
- I didn't wanna
make it a big deal.
I mean, I barely
remember it either,
I was, I was drunk, I didn't-
- Okay, well, you could
have told me, Lizzy.
- Honestly, Kai,
could I have told you?
You're the last
person in the world
to be able to keep a secret.
You'd probably try to have a
healing circle, for god's sake.
- Well, maybe we should have.
It would've been a whole lot
better than what you two did.
- What we did?
Wow, so finally, we
just don't match up
to your moral code, Kai?
Some of us actually have
bigger things to worry about
than getting stoned at mommy
and daddy's hippie cafe
that they bought for us.
- Excuse me?
- You heard me.
- What, what is this?
You're, you're jealous?
Is that what it is?
You got something
to say, say it.
- No, Kai, I am not jealous.
I am literally baffled
that you have had
a huge opportunity
placed into your life,
and you don't have
three shits to give.
I break my back
every single day,
every day, trying to
get where you're at
and you take it for granted
and just skate by through life.
I mean, who the hell
sells $8 bean water
and calls it cold brew?
- It is cold brew, okay,
and I've asked you
to work with me.
- You mean work for you.
Is that what you mean?
- No, no.
- 'Cause I actually wanna
work with someone who cares
about something in their life.
- I do care.
Just because I
don't spend all day
making fucking tomato dust,
doesn't mean I don't work hard.
- Well, unlike you,
I'm actually trying
to push myself, Kai,
it's how you get better.
I don't know, by taking risks.
- Have you ever even
thought that maybe I'm happy
just running a small cafe?
- You know, I might
actually believe you
if you didn't spend your whole
day stoned outta your mind.
Did you know that
happy people don't have
to be burned out all the time?
- Okay, are we done?
Can we stop this, please?
- Now you wanna
speak up, Taylor?
Where the hell have you been
during this conversation?
- I've been staying out of it.
- Very clearly, Taylor.
- Is that a problem for you?
- You know what, it actually
hasn't been until now.
Why don't you tell me?
- What are you talking about?
- Dude, you've been
sketchy and MIA for months
and you seriously think
we haven't noticed?
- Oh my gosh.
Don't drag me into
this, it's not fair.
- Well, we've aired everything
else out, so please, Taylor,
the floor is yours.
- No thanks.
- Seriously, Tay,
come on, just say it.
- What, I've been, I've been
going through some shit,
is that what you
wanna fucking hear?
So fine, it's whatever.
We need to go and we
need to go find Mary.
- Don't change the subject.
We're supposed to be some
of your best friends.
Why can't you just
tell us the truth?
- Is this about Jess?
- This is not about Jess.
- Then what is it about?
- I'm an alcoholic, Lizzie.
- Okay, but do you really
think you're an alcoholic,
or, or, or maybe you're just
going through a rough patch?
- No, this is not just
a fucking rough patch.
I knew you guys
wouldn't understand,
so I didn't ask
for help from you,
because you never listen.
I'm gonna go find Mary myself.
- No, Taylor!
- Taylor!
- Shit!
- Fuck, Lizzie.
I'm gonna go take a walk.
- No, Kai.
- I'm gonna take a walk.
- Just-
(car door slams)
- Okay, get it together,
(breaths loudly)
get it together.
(somber music)
(table rattling)
(table thudding)
(table thudding)
(somber music continues)
(plastic wrap rustles)
(Jose breathes loudly)
(oil thuds)
- Mary!
Hey, where's the gang?
- I don't know and
I really don't care.
- What's going on?
- Nothing, I mean,
everything just went to shit.
We lost all the food and
Lizzie exploded on all of us.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
- I mean, this festival's
a pressure cooker.
There's a lot of eyes
watching, stakes are high.
A lot of talent here.
Maybe take it easy
on her a little bit.
She's got a lot of
weight on her shoulders.
- You know, I get that,
but there's a way
about going around it
without having to be a
complete asshole to everyone.
- Yeah.
(strained breathing)
- Well, look who it is.
- Let me help you with that.
- You okay?
- It depends on what
you mean by okay.
- Step into my office.
(audience applauding)
(guitar chord strumming)
- Thank you all so very much.
You've been such a great crowd.
Hey, you, come on up here.
Come on-
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have an amazing
guest in the house.
Taylor, come on.
Come on, everybody,
give it up for Taylor,
get up here.
(audience applauding)
I'm not gonna take no
answer, get up here, girl.
Come on, come on, come on.
(applause continues)
You guys are in for a treat.
- What am I doing up here?
- We're rocking.
- Yes, just say what are
we gonna play though?
- I think you
might recognize it.
Come on, look.
I'm gonna start, you just
follow along, all right?
You ready?
- Yeah.
I'll wait out the
blue skies for you
Bring on the cold and rain
From the waterfront
to the serpentine
From the kitchen
sink to the pantomime
(guitar interlude)
(audience applauding)
When the avenues are empty
And the future's fifty-fifty
And everything's on hold
I'll miss your point of view
The skyline leaves me cold
(Kai inhales)
- Hey, can I help?
I'd love to help.
- No, it's fine, I mean,
you're really
sweet for offering,
but I think at this point
it's just, it's over with
and, you know, you, you
have your station to run,
- No, no, no, no.
Stevie can handle
this without me.
I'm just gonna
give her some oil,
then I'll be right back.
(calm music)
(tea pouring)
- Can I interest you
in a cup of iced tea?
- She is interested.
- Rosemary, mint, hibiscus.
- Nailed it.
- Perfect.
All the memories are hazy
Maybe I'm still coming to
From the waterfront
to the serpentine
(footsteps crunching)
(calm music)
(guitar strumming)
- Ever since I was a kid,
I've wanted to be a chef.
I, I have never wanted
anything so bad.
But recently I-
I don't know anymore.
Like this dream that I had
of giving something back
to the world, it
hasn't given me shit.
I have tried to do it my way.
I have pushed everyone away.
And what are you supposed
to do when the one thing,
the one thing that you love
is absolutely ruining you?
- Well,
it's easy to push people away
when you're the one
steering the ship.
I've been there.
I know it's, it's
a lot of pressure.
- Well, to say the least.
- But I also know that
struggle is normal.
It's part of life.
So you have to show up
for the people around you
and trust that
they've got your back.
- I mean, I guess I
can see that somewhere.
- Nowadays there are a
million ways to cook.
If that's what you
really wanna do,
you'll figure a way to do it.
Trust me.
- Okay. (laughs)
- Now I gotta deliver
these veggies,
but I've got some
extras, you want 'em?
- For real?
- Well, I mean, it's not gold
leaf, but it's good product.
- Thank, thank you so much.
- It sounds like you
could use a win right now.
- I really could, if
you couldn't tell.
Thank you.
- Bring it in.
(footsteps thudding)
- Wow. (giggles)
I'm impressed.
- And I'm embarrassed.
- How did you know that guy?
- He's just a dude that I
used to play music with.
- Well, you sound
really good together.
- Thanks so much.
I'm actually kinda surprised.
- Not me.
So where's the
rest of your crew?
- My friend Mary ran off.
- She's the watermelon
slayer, right?
- Yeah.
She is the one and only.
Kind of worried about her,
but she'll be okay.
(birds chirping)
(airy music)
(soft chewing)
(phone clicking)
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Go back.
- Yeah.
- So how do you all
know each other?
- We've known each other
since elementary school.
We like go way, way back.
- That is amazing.
It says a lot about you that
you've stuck by each other
for that long.
- Yeah, I mean, we're
completely different people,
so I don't even know
if we'd be friends
if we hadn't met back then, but,
I don't know, it feels like
a sister bond at this point,
you know, like we've been
there through thick and thin.
- That is a really
beautiful and special thing.
- Yeah, it is.
Thank you so much for listening.
You are so weird.
- Yes, I am.
And I think you like it.
- Maybe I do.
(both chuckle)
In spite of everything
that's actually going on,
I feel really bad for Lizzie.
- Hey, why?
- All her food got
like completely ruined.
- Wait, we have an office
filled with supplies.
We should go and see if
there's anything you can use.
- No, you don't have to that.
- No, no, no.
Let me help you save the day
and you can repay me by
taking me out to dinner.
- Like a dinner date?
- Is that not what you
were gonna ask for?
- Like, I don't know, like-
- It's sort of fun to
get you all flustered.
- I just don't know
how to act around you.
- Is being yourself
not an option?
- I'm not really a
big fan of myself.
- Well, you should be.
'Cause you're pretty great.
Little mysterious,
but pretty great.
(kissing sounds)
- You have a little
something on your face.
- Do I?
- A little bit.
- Come one,
let's get this stuff off
before Jack finds out
I stole his golf cart.
- Ooh, okay, let's do
that, right? (giggles)
Oh god, okay.
Do you even know how to
do this thing? (laughs)
(golf cart whirs)
(energetic music)
You better get up now
I know you been there
It's time to hustle
It's time to hustle
Come on, get up now
I know you been there
It's time to hustle
It's time to hustle
Get up now
- What are those?
- Peace offering,
disguised as chives.
- Kai, look.
I am so sorry.
- No, no, no,
no, no, Lizzie, it's, it's fine.
Okay, I do take my
opportunities for granted.
- No.
- And I could
probably smoke a little less
weed, vape a little less,
but hey, wouldn't be as awesome.
- True.
- But, we're different.
Yeah, and what's best for you
might not necessarily
be what's best for me.
- Yeah, you are right.
We are very, very different.
And look, I'm sorry
about what I said earlier
about the bakery.
I know that you
work your ass off
and what I said has
nothing to do with you
and actually has everything
to do with the fact
that, yes, I am a little jealous
that you get to
do your own thing.
And I'm clearly still trying
to figure out how to do mine.
- Well, it's not all that
it's cracked up to be, okay.
Sometimes we actually
get customers.
- Oh, god forbid.
- I know, right?
So don't be jelly.
- I still feel really shitty
about the way that
I handled things.
I threw you in the line
of fire, Mary, Taylor,
Like what?
I'm sorry.
- Okay, look, maybe you haven't
been your best self here.
- Yeah.
- But I've seen worse, so
I think we'll keep you.
- Please keep me.
- We love you.
- I love you.
Hi, what's up dude?
What you need?
- What's up?
Just here to help.
- Hey, you thought
about frying this?
- Hey, does she own a
bakery or something?
- When in doubt, fry it up.
- I love it, let's get it.
- Hey!
- Let's get this sizzling.
- Kai with the ideas!
- Let's do it!
Ooh, look at my chives.
- Hey.
- Hey, dude.
- Come here.
Taylor, I'm so sorry
about what I said earlier.
I didn't realize that you
were going through so much
and I should have
listened to you
instead of questioning you.
- It's okay.
I guess I just wasn't really
ready to talk about it.
But I should have opened
up to you guys sooner.
And as for the other
stuff, Mary needed to know.
I mean, the delivery could
have been a little bit better,
but it's, it's fine.
- We love you, Tay, and
we are here for you.
Always, promise.
Come on.
- I love you assholes too.
- [Lizzy] Love you.
Have you found Mary
yet, is she here?
- I just ran into her.
I thought she was
coming this way.
- I'm sure she'll be back soon.
Come on, let's get cooking.
Let's go.
- Hold on.
Who brought me this
wonderful cheese?
- Ashley here is a
little thief, or hero,
if you call it that.
- Oh, it's just a little-
- Part of the team.
Thank you.
All right, let's get cooking.
- Okay.
- All right.
- What you got in
that brain of yours?
- Hmm.
Do you have any
extra frying oil?
- Oh yeah, we got a whole
truckload of backup.
- Very nice, can I have some?
- Yes, Chef.
- What?
- Come on, Lizzie.
You're a chef.
(fast-paced music)
- Get me my damn oil.
There's a lighter
in my pocket
And I'm full of gasoline
Light it up and you will see
Sometimes I just go to war
To bring more people
- [Taylor] What
are we doing, boss?
- All right, we're gonna fry
the dough (indistinct) style.
I am done cooking for
other people's shit.
- About time!
What can we do?
- All right, Ash, can
you man the front please?
- I would love to, but I gotta
go check on some other tents.
Come back when I can.
- I gotta get back
to my tent too,
so I'll check y'all
in a little bit?
- I got the front, Lizzy.
- You don't wanna be cooking?
- Who am I kidding?
Got the voice for radio and
the face for front of house.
I got this.
- Ooh, I can document it
and chop things up
if you want me to.
- We're gonna rock this shit!
(energetic music)
I'll burn you in the
flames (indistinct)
As long as I live
It's you that I want
As long as I live
It's you that I want
- [Kai] Okay.
- We did it.
(hands clapping)
- Girl!
- Okay.
(shouting) Open for business!
- Okay.
- Maybe they didn't hear me.
- Where is the people?
- Try it again.
- [Kai] (muted)
Open for business!
(footsteps crunching)
(camera snapping)
So what if I'm learning
to myself the secrets
(indistinct lyrics)
Would be more than
worth it (indistinct)
- Hello, would you like
to try our sweet version,
which is ricotta,
peach and chili honey?
Or you could go the
traditional version,
which is tomato and herb.
Either way it's winner
winner, chicken dinner.
Except we don't have
any chicken, so.
- Thank you, Kai, one more.
- See, this is what
you're supposed to have
at a food festival.
Not that crazy shit over there.
What's that chef's name?
- I think it's like Tom
something, I don't know.
He's like some big
celebrity chef.
- [Customer 1] Who cares?
- [Customer 2] I know.
- Who serves foam?
- Yeah, who serves foam?
- This is the kind of thing
you go to a festival for.
(footsteps crunching)
- You don't wanna try any foam?
Where are you going?
(footsteps crunching)
Oh, Lizzy.
- So good.
- This is literally the best
thing we've eaten all day.
Hands down.
- Liz?
- [Lizzy] what do you want?
- [Taylor] (chuckles)
Did you see this?
- [Lizzy] No, what is it?
- [Taylor] Mary's post.
- Hey, that explains
all the people.
Wait, but how does she
even know that we're open?
- She's so sneaky,
I have no idea.
- Where the hell is she?
- But she obviously cooled down.
It's okay, we'll find her
once we run outta dough.
- Guys, by the way, we
are almost outta dough,
which means we are almost sold
out, which means we did it.
I can't believe it.
(excited squeals)
I thought I needed
something more
But I've got nothing
now it's over
And I want you back
And I thought I
needed something more
But I've got nothing
now it's over
- Show's over, people,
last order officially
exiting the building.
- I heard these
things are awesome.
- Enjoy!
- I am so sorry, we
are sold out, sir.
Mission fucking complete!
- We sold out!
- Holy shit,
you guys are sold out already?
- Yes!
- Yeah.
- That is incredible.
- That was intense.
- Liz, we are just
so proud of you.
- Guys, seriously,
best day of my life.
- Better than the
aquarium on Edibles?
- Better than soup dumplings
on Chinese New Year.
And y'all know I love a
good (foreign language), so.
- Or fried dough.
(all laughing)
- Oh man, you guys
are crazy, though,
'cause I'm never
doing that again.
- All right, let's wrap this up,
'cause the hotdog-eating
contest starts soon
and your boy Tom
is a challenger.
Should we go?
I mean, maybe he'll choke.
- I would love to see that.
- [Jack] Come in all staff.
We need a challenger
for the final round
of the hotdog contest.
Any takers?
Ask around, please.
Need to fill the spot in
the next five minutes, over.
- Let's welcome Lizzy,
(audience applauding)
come one, give it up for Lizzy.
(audience applauding)
All righty then, let's go
over the rules one more time.
A hotdog and its bun must
be completely consumed
to be counted.
Competitors, do you understand?
- Yes, sir,
- Yes.
- You didn't lose bad
enough the first time?
- Can't cheat your way
outta this one, Tommy Boy.
- Fried dough?
What is this, the County Fair?
- Your foam looked like snot
and tasted like alpaca dick.
(Tom gasps)
This one's for Mary.
- Bitch.
- And, go!
(audience cheering)
Here we go, folks, I'm
gonna (indistinct) this,
this is gonna be amazing!
I am keeping count now,
we're keeping count,
but this is gonna be a
new record, I'm sure.
(energetic music)
Zing zing, got
yourself electric
Zing zing, I got the power
Zing zing, kilowatt power
Zing zing, electric
Zing zing, got
yourself electric
- Good thing it's not lemon.
(Lizzy mumbles angrily)
- [Judge] Oh my gosh, Lizzy
is not looking too good.
Looking a little on
the greener side,
So, you know, what
are we gonna do?
(crowd cheering)
(energetic music continues)
(crowd chanting,
"Lizzy!", cheering)
(Tom and Lizzy mumble angrily)
Tom is in the lead
by only one hotdog.
Will Lizzy catch up?
- [Tom] Going down?
- Like a river slug.
- [Judge] Keep going,
just keep going!
Zing zing, got
yourself electric
Zing zing, you need power
Zing zing, kilowatt power
- [Judge] 15 Seconds,
oh my goodness!
(crowd cheering)
10 seconds!
Nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three,
two, one, and stop!
All right, 30 seconds to get
down everything in your mouth.
Oh, here it goes, here it goes!
(crowd quiets down)
And stop!
Tom, open up.
(crowd moans in disgust)
Oh god.
Those do not count.
Tom, that leaves 13 for you.
Lizzie, we need
14 for you to win.
And Lizzie wins with
fifteen hotdogs!
(crowd cheers exuberantly)
(energetic music)
- Tragic, huh?
- And before we go on,
we have a very special
surprise for you all.
And to make the big announcement
is our fearless leader,
Mr. Jack Woods.
(crowd applauds, cheers)
- Thank you.
Thank you all so much.
I am so proud of
everyone who is involved
for coming together
and making this happen.
(audience applauding)
And there is one new partner,
about which I'm
especially excited.
She is someone who has literally
shaped the culinary world
and she has just come home to us
after a long stint in France.
So without further ado, may
I present culinary legend,
Patricia Chamberlain.
(audience applauding)
(bright music)
(crowd cheering)
- [Patricia] Thank you.
- Oh my god, I love her.
- Is that the lady-
- Yeah.
- Thank you, thank you for
the warm welcome, Jack.
Thank you for the
wonderful opportunity.
I am so happy that I get
a chance to be involved
in this project.
Many of you know, I shy
away from moments like this,
but I was recently
reminded by someone
that we old timers need to
guide the next generation,
and especially me, when it
comes to young female talent.
So I thank you for
your participation
and we thank you for all the
support that you're giving
to this wonderful talent.
So now I think it's
time for all of us
to give a round of
applause to a young woman
who went absolutely nuts
on a tray full of hotdogs.
(audience applauding)
Very impressive.
I'm glad you beat him.
(whispers) He's a dick.
- (whispers) I know.
(audience applauding)
(Lizzy burps)
- Oh my God.
I should have known our
paths would cross again.
- Okay, well, for one,
I did not know that our
paths were gonna cross.
And the eggplant, the
eggplant was a success.
We sold out out of all the food
and you, you, you, you
are Patricia Chamberlain.
- Call me Patti.
- I literally started cooking
because of one of
your cookbooks.
You're incredible.
- Well, inspiration
comes in many forms.
- I just, I can't believe
I didn't recognize you.
I mean, I know that
you've been flying
under the radar
for years, but you,
you're the best of the best.
- Yeah, I'm not in it
for the validation.
I just love to cook.
A few good friends,
a nice, delicious chilled glass
of Pouilly-Fuiss, a farm,
and I'm good.
(Lizzy gags)
- Okay, Patti, I'm-
- I'm not good.
(coughs) Sorry!
(Patricia sighs)
- Dude.
- Guys.
- That was incredible.
- Babe.
- Oof, pregnant with hotdogs.
- I don't care.
- I'm literally so proud of you.
And how crazy is it that
Patricia Chamberlain
is the freaking alpaca lady?
- Dude, mind blown.
- That was seriously badass.
Like, you made Tom look
like a little wiener.
- Guys, seriously, in less
than two minutes, 40,000 views.
I mean, it looks like
someone is gonna go viral
for the second time.
- So you don't hate me,
we can still be friends?
- Until the next time
you decide to kidnap me.
- Well, let's
start the planning.
- Mary, I'm really, really sorry
about the whole Clint thing.
It's messed up, I
should have told you.
- We were trying not to hurt you
and that is exactly what we did.
I'm so sorry and it
won't happen again, Mar.
- I appreciate it, guys.
I mean, you were right.
I just, I just
didn't wanna see it.
- We love you.
- [Lizzy] We love you, Mary.
- I love yo guys, seriously.
(phone ringing)
- Oh, speaking of the devil,
one second.
- Go get 'em, Tiger.
- Hey sweetie.
- [Clint] Hey baby,
I'm sorry about before.
So to make it up to you,
I got us a reservation at
Le Bernardin this weekend
and I even got a new
suit at Bergdorfs.
You're gonna love it.
- Yeah, well, I'm not
in a hurry to get back
and certainly not for you.
- [Clint] Excuse me?
What's wrong with you?
- Absolutely nothing.
I just had the best
time with my friends
and I realized I don't
fucking need you anymore.
So you know what, go
fuck yourself, Clint.
Oh, and by the way, Prince
Louis is coming home with me.
Who's hungry?
(friends cheering)
- Oh, oh my god!
- [Taylor] Oh no.
- Hey.
- So who's Clint?
- Oh no one, he doesn't matter.
Getting a clear view
(upbeat guitar strumming)
- Hi.
Are you guys all good?
Hello, guys.
- [Customer 3] This dish
is fantastic, I need more.
- I already way ahead of ya.
(customer laughs)
- Yeah, top him way off.
- Should we just,
should we do it?
- Absolutely.
- Let's do it.
- Absolutely.
- [Customer 3] Cheers.
- Cheers, babe.
Till I get through to you
But for now I'm
getting a clear view
(upbeat guitar strumming)
- Jose, tell me, do we have
enough cucumbers? (laughs)
- Hello, hello!
- Hey girl.
- You have someone out
there waiting for you.
- Okay, I have fans now.
- You got fans.
- You guys gonna be okay?
- Of course.
- I hear that.
- You ready to take over?
- Yes, what's this?
(upbeat guitar strumming)
- Liz!
- Miss, what are you doing here?
- You know something, Liz?
I just had one of the
most wonderful meals.
Chef Lizzie Sokin.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Doing it your way.
- Merci, Chef.
- No, thank you.
Keep up the good work.
- Fish station out.
- Fish station out.
(Lizzie giggles nervously)
She said, "Fish station out!"
(Lizzie and Kai laugh)
- That was the
ultimate compliment.
- Dude, what?
- That was Missy?
(girls laugh excitedly)
- Lizzie, you have come
so far from Salmon Gate
and Fish Station!
- Yes.
- I mean, your restaurant
is popping off right now.
- Our restaurant.
- Love you, Kai.
- I smell a franchise coming on.
- Ooh, nice thinking.
- Let's smell ladies.
And money on three.
(all inhale deeply)
- One, two three.
- Money!
Waiting for the
light to finally go
And we still got time
Though we can't go home
You made up my mind
I'm gonna shake it up
One more time now
In the highest highs
I felt the no's
Guess I'll never learn
To let 'em go
After all this time
I gotta give it up
One more time now
- Get the fuck off my hotdog.
Fucking ruin it.
- I have two things to
say. (screams hysterically)
(Taylor laughs)
Two things to say.
- Tolini bernini (laughs)
- Ooh, I got a
little snake in my tit.
- She's coming to
visit us later.
- She's visiting
you later, Taylor.
- Whoo!
- Hey!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah!
(both laugh)
I'll let you know
Can't waste no time
We gotta shake it up
(Lizzy shouting, laughing)
- [Host] We'll be right back
after a quick commercial break.
Can we, cut to commercial!
- I'm sorry, I 'like
ripped his shirt.
- (laughs) Ladies?
Take a chance
on what you see
- Have you been to Peru?
- Yeah.
- Have you tried alpaca?
- No.
- Good for you.
- You know what?
- I did it for you.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
- I did it all for you.
- I did it all for you.
- Did it for you.
(upbeat country music)
The headlines say
we're going down
But I'm optimistic
Still have 51-49 chance
according to statistics
The forecast says
it's overcast
But that don't mean a thing
Bring on the rolling thunder
To me it feels like spring
The future is precarious,
that much is understood
There's little
hope for humankind
But shoot me, I feel good
The books are blue,
the movies too
All twisted and disturbed
At least the songs
are still upbeat
Who cares about the words
My cashflow is running low
My industry's gone bust
Yes, the music
keeps on playing,
But the algorithm sucks
Don't believe the lies they
spoonfeed you in childhood
Democracy is dying, but
shoot me, I feel good
I feel good
(bouncy music interlude)
I know, I know,
I know, I know
This life is
filled with sorrow
But ain't it funny
All our money's
riding on tomorrow
Trouble on the home front
and trouble overseas
The whole damn
world is upside down
Hanging from its knees
Trouble is, today I just
don't feel the fear I should
I'm swinging
over that ravine
Shoot me, I feel good
(bouncy music interlude)
(bouncy music ends)
- [Singer] That felt good.
(listeners clapping)