Triumph in the Skies (2015) Movie Script

Hello, Mr. Wong!
Hello, Jayden!
Welcome aboard!
I had no idea...
I had no idea either
you'd go this far.
Careful... let me help you!
Thank you!
Next time you need help,
be sure to ask one of the crew, OK?
This is the signing ceremony
of the Skylette buy out.
The Cheung's Group
will make full payment
for Skylette shares.
Let's have the CEO of the Cheung's Group,
Mr. Branson Cheung, to sign for the company.
Thank you!
Give me a hand!
- Which one?
- The thumb!
- I can't find it!
- Why not?
- Can you find your brain?
- Here it is!
Come on!
I'm sorry, Sam!
I was stuck in traffic.
You're not late. I'm early.
Over 300 lives
on the plane are in your hands.
It's better to be here early and get ready.
- Cup of water?
- Thank you!
- And you?
- Thanks!
Have some water.
We're almost there
Excuse me...
lam Pee.
I have 1 ticket but there are 4 of us.
If I don't get on this plane, I can't do this job.
I am just an employee.
Why are we still on the ground?
I'm sorry, but we're doing our final preparations.
What is it?
Captain Tong, a checked-in passenger
in first class
did not board the plane.
Is that TM?
You know her?
I bet only you don't!
Excuse me...
Pardon me...
If you don't get there in 10 steps...
I still have to wait, hurry up!
No, don't close the gate!
- Security!
- I'm just doing my job!
Me too! Security!
I have 3 jobs!
Door 1, Heather!
Captain Tong,
we have a situation in economy.
When can we take off, please?
- I'm sorry. We're taking off right now.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain Samuel Tong.
Please return to your seats
and fasten your seat belts.
We're about to take off.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is the Captain speaking.
Please fasten your seat belts
For sure we're not waiting for TM?
You can stay if you want to see her.
Take off!
What is timing?
When you meet or pick up someone,
it's all about timing.
What are you trying to say?
For instance, we missed the flight,
and it was my fault.
Board the plane, take the pills,
turn off the lights,
wake up and get to work.
We leave after the press conference.
That's it!
Who will suffer most?
If only he had waited.
Sam Tong, Tong Yik Sum.
I looked him up, except for murder and arson,
TM, what do you want?
What else?
Beat him up every time you see him.
600d idea!
I know someone who can do it.
You pull some very amazing aerobatics!
The avalanche
and the shoulder roll.
Who are you trying to impress?
Where's the fun if you don't pull all the stops?
Want to try?
I fly planes for only one reason:
take the passengers
safely to their destinations.
Thrill is not my cup of tea.
That's the reason I bought Skylette.
As the top Chinese pilot,
you're the safety guarantee.
But I also want my passengers
to have fun when they fly with us.
I came up with some promotional ideas
to position Skylette
as the best airline.
To enhance our inflight service quality,
I'll provide 3D movies.
To satisfy the needs of our
international passengers,
I'll provide international cuisines.
I have interviewed many of our passengers.
The one thing that they hate most
is when they're watching a movie,
they're interrupted by the Captain speaking.
That will never happen on a Skylette flight again.
Do you always use so much sauce?
The boiled chicken is tasteless.
There's no taste without sauce.
The staff will get shares based on
their years of service.
Someone like you will
get onto the Board of Directors.
I will shoot a commercial
and have signed a superstar as the spokesperson.
I hope you can be
the consultant of this commercial.
Now I know why you
use so much sauce.
There's nothing in your life
but work.
It's dull and dry.
Someone who leads such a dull life
finds everything he eats tasteless.
Everything you see is designed by my cousin.
That's good, right?
Captain Cool
Coffee, tea
or me?
Hi! Captain Cool!
- Hi!
- Hello!
Let's take a look at our flight plan.
When we reach 10,000 feet,
we should pop the bubbly,
unbuckle the seat belts
and start to party and dance.
When you put the plane on autopilot,
you're welcome to join us.
Please return to your seats.
We'll be taking off shortly.
OK, guys
The party starts
when we're airborne.
Don't let your fun
become someone else's pain.
Please return to your seats and
buckle up.
Thomas, get back!
Tony, OK!
When we land in the U.K.,
you can stay at my house.
I'll introduce you to some friends.
- Sure!
- See you in the U.K.
You're not on this flight?
I have things to do tonight.
So I'm taking a later flight.
Please get off the plane
if you're not a passenger.
We'll be taking off shortly.
How long has it been?
HOW long?
The last time I saw you
should be in Rome.
You saw me holding hands
with a girl on the street,
and you came over and slapped me.
That should be the last time I saw you.
Why does it happen to me all the time?
I always run into heartbreakers like you.
In a relationship,
you can't blame me for everything.
You have to do some soul searching as well.
Why should I?
I have been more than accommodating.
I just want to find a man
who doesn't treat me like I'm transparent,
someone who cares about me.
You can do that,
but you have to wait.
Don't tell me you don't know
you're on the waiting list.
Whether as a person or as a lover,
you must know your role.
If your role is to wait, then you must wait.
You can't rush it.
If you don't, you won't get anything.
Just wait and wait...
and wait and wait...
and wait and wait...
and you might just get upgraded.
Don't cry.
At least keep it down.
Are you crying?
No, this is not crying.
I have watery eyes.
I won't cry for anything.
Thank you.
This is Captain Tong,
the consultant on aviation technology
of this commercial
and the senior Chinese pilot of our airline.
My mentor Tong Yik Sum.
Or you can call him Sam.
- Hello
- OK, go get ready!
Hi, nice to meet you.
I've been looking for you.
Can we stop?
This is not right!
Let me ask you, who's in control?
The director.
- No, I mean
- who is the pilot flying?
But... OK!
I need to point out a few things.
If she's in charge, she's the captain.
The captain always sits on the left.
Even if you authorize him to be the pilot flying,
you can't swap your seats.
Also, we're 10,000 feet above ground...
Sam, this is just a commercial.
Right! A commercial!
Can we start?
Can I ask you something?
What are they doing?
Are you trying to show...
...they're taking off?
I really think
we should stop.
That's not how it's done! It's fake!
People will laugh!
Please? Director...
Why did you stop us?
Flying a plane is not like driving a car.
You can't just look out the window.
You must check the reading on the meters.
We always look out the window,
- and then look straight ahead.
- Sam...
Why don't you do it?
You'll definitely get it right.
600d idea!
I'm the consultant.
I will not go in front of the camera.
You won't.
We'll change your face.
Face off!
Can we take off the hat?
We never wear it.
We wear a headset
to communicate with the tower to
ensure the passengers' safety.
The key to making the commercial is to look cool.
But I won't wear it.
When the commercial goes on air,
- I'll be the laughing stock.
- Nobody can see you.
We would have swapped your face.
Give him a hat in post production.
Just say those lines.
- All right, let's do it.
- Action!
Clear for take off!
Runway, 25Left
Skylette 007
Set thrust!
Thrust set! 8O knots!
V1 rotate
Put away the desk.
Let's do the dance, OK?
Hurry up! Get rid of the desk!
Branson, where are you?
Get over here now and fill in for me.
I can't stand what's going on around here
and the panel they use.
Or you'll be sorry!
You're so careless!
Not so fast!
Take it easy...
Be careful!
- Here, here
- No, not work.
Shall I get you some painkillers?
Go get them.
Here? Is it better?
No, not there!
Hey, stop!
Who are you?
I'm the bodyguard.
I'm sorry!
Help her over here.
Slowly and gently!
You must relax if you hurt your back.
You were doing something very simple,
but you still hurt yourself.
That means you're very tired.
The first thing is to relax your dorsal muscle.
Then locate the yang guan acupoint,
which is at the L4 vertebrae,
and press it like this.
Go ahead and scream if you feel painful.
Screaming can ease the pain
and help you relax.
OK, let's do this again.
I thought rock & roll singers like you
always screamed on stage.
Let's try this again, OK?
Are you really OK, TM?
We're done if you're OK.
OK? Come on.
You too.
Why me?
I'm only filling in for the flying part.
We dropped the guy, please help us out.
You hit me if I refuse?
I said
to beat you up every time I see you.
But thank you... us finish the shoot.
1, 2, 3, 4... 5, 6, 7, 8...
1, 2, 3, 4... 5, 6, 7, 8...
- 1, 2, 3...
- Cut!
I need interaction.
Let them clean the windows.
That's good!
No... let me show you.
5, 6, 7, 8... 1, 2, 3, 4...
5, 6, 7, 8...
Aren't we cleaning windows?
Come here, let me show you.
Stand over here.
Pretend you're a wall and don't move.
Ram into it, sit down..
Ram... sit...
Get it?
OK, pretend I'm a wall.
Ram into me.
Ram... sit...
Closer, sit...
Ram... sit...
That was amazing.
Go home and practice.
TM, we need to go, we have things to do.
Excuse me! Thank you, everyone!
Let's call it a day, everyone!
Dumpling, why are you mad at me?
Locate the yang guan acupoint,
which is at the L4 vertebrae.
TM, you believe in love at first sight?
What about everlasting love?
You believe in destiny?
Have you tired long distance relationship?
People talk about astrology
and Enneagram nowadays.
You believe in that?
TM, why aren't you dating anyone?
Go ahead and scream if it hurts.
Screaming can ease the pain
and help you relax.
Let me show you, stand over here.
Pretend you're a wall and ram over me.
Closer... sit...
- I can't do this!
- What about me?
I'm tired, do you understand?
- I need time off!
- Damn!
- I need a vacation, get it?
- Yes.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, I do.
You want time off, a vacation.
- When?
- Finish this job first.
No, you shut up!
What are we doing today?
We'll shoot the cockpit.
Where's that table?
You broke it yesterday.
We'll put it back with CGI.
What about TM?
CGI as well?
She's not feeling well.
We'll shoot your part first.
What should I call you today, Boss?
Call me Captain Branson.
Just act normal.
Ann, what are you doing?
It's Captain Branson's first day.
We should do something.
Give him a present.
Are you trying to tell him you
want to be the Boss' wife?
No, this is common courtesy.
Then you should give him this.
Heather, you already have Roy.
It's common courtesy.
What about you?
I have nothing.
Hi, Heather!
- Hello!
- Captain Branson,
I know this is your first Skylette flight.
We have a little something for you.
I hope you'll like it.
Thank you!
You're welcome. Enjoy!
Inside the cockpit,
is there any hanky-panky going on?
Do you know why a woman
sends chocolate to the one she loves?
To make him fat,
so he can't go after someone else?
A sweet heart...
Give the man her heart,
and after he eats it,
they'll be together forever.
So if he is in love with someone else,
his heart would have to be surgically removed?
I don't know.
I have only done it once.
That should last me a lifetime.
You're as dark as chocolate.
Don't you think so?
You brought me out here for fish and chips?
There's no better food in the U.K.
Didn't someone say she liked to eat by the sea?
I said that?
It wasn't me, you're mistaken.
You had plastic surgery?
Can't you tell?
Your plastic surgeon must be very good.
I only know one girl called Sze.
Though I also know a girl called A
and a girl called B.
You still make chocolate?
Why not?
I can't finish them all.
I'd rather go buy it.
If we eat it together,
I'm sure we can finish it.
You like it?
Make your own.
If you get to choose, when you retire...
you want to live by the sea or in the city?
Alone? Or with someone?
With someone.
By the sea.
You'll get arthritis.
Why the city?
It's more convenient.
It's closer to work and shopping.
But when I have retired,
I'll have all the time in the world.
I can do whatever I want.
But that's when you'll get sick.
OK, even if I'm sick,
it's quite romantic to die listening to the tide.
Now that would be...
an overkill on romance.
What do you mean?
You asked me a question!
You can live in the city, I'll live by the sea.
Sorry, it's my fault, OK?
Have you heard of
a deeply moving love story
called The Ferris Wheel?
The story is about this couple
who fell in love at first sight
and pledged to be married.
As fate would have it,
the guy's father
summoned him home to run the family business.
So he promised his girlfriend...
We can't get married now.
Dad wants me
back in the U.S. to help him run
the family business.
Give me some time.
I'll be back after I've accomplished something
and we'll get married.
Can you ride the Ferris Wheel
with me for the last time?
When the Ferris Wheel stops,
we're finished.
After a while,
the guy made something of himself
and returned to the Ferris Wheel
to look for the girl.
But the girl
has fallen in love with someone else.
Did she do the right thing?
After the guy went away,
there has been no word from him.
Can you blame the girl?
The story happened
in the 30s during the war
and there were no communication facilities.
You can't really blame the guy either.
But if you were the girl,
would you leave or wait?
Chicken dance
your turn.
Who you want to dance with?
Captain Cool! Captain Cool!
What are you doing?
It hurts...
- Calm down, OK?
- OK
- OK?
- OK...
Captain Cool
What is it?
I'm dead if you won't help me.
Yes, hurry up
Captain Cool
You won't beat me today.
She's mine!
Go for it!
- I will.
- Let's go!
Come on, let's get ready!
Sorry about last night! I had too much to drink.
- What?
- I was impulsive.
I have a very important meeting.
Then don't pick me up.
I'll go straight to the restaurant and wait for you.
We're having dinner tonight, remember?
Winnie, I'll call you after work.
Can you just wait?
You're simply awesome, Captain Cool.
We're having a party tonight. Are you coming?
Are you coming?
I made plans for you, tomorrow...
Don't you go to school or work?
Just waiting to die?
That's me!
The party will start soon, come on.
I can't. I don't have time.
Hurry up!
There's a broad band of clouds straight ahead.
We may have turbulence.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the seat belt sign is on,
please return to your seats
and fasten your seat belts.
Please sit down. It's very dangerous.
Granny, we're experiencing some turbulence.
Please sit down.
Come, be careful!
Are you OK?
Door 1, this is Heather!
Flight crew Peon Ka-sze is injured.
Tower, Skylette 331
The aircraft has encountered turbulence.
Someone get hurt.
It's so big and nice in here.
It's even better than a hotel room.
Why didn't I get a room like this last time?
You're welcome to stay here for good.
You still have a sharp tongue.
That means you're fine.
I'm OK on the outside, not sure about the inside.
Does it still hurt?
Wise up!
Am I interrupting?
No, we'll get out of your way.
I came to express my deepest sympathy
on behalf of the airline.
I checked with your doctor.
No bone fractures,
just a bump on the head and no concussion.
Luckily no scratches on your face
or you'll give me Hell.
I know. The doctor told me.
You only came here to tell me this?
You can be so...
You're lucky. Next time, please be careful.
You expect me to sit there
and watch the granny get hurt?
If I hadn't helped her, given her age...
you wouldn't be here today but at her funeral.
I know you were doing your job.
Just don't do something so stupid again, OK?
Or I'll have to worry about you again.
What do you care?
I'm your boss.
It's my job to care about my staff.
I'm fine, Boss!
Thank you, Boss!
Can you get off this attitude?
My most esteemed Boss,
exactly what kind of attitude
would you like me to have?
I'll try my best to oblige, Boss!
First of all, don't frown.
That's right. Try to be more cheerful.
Yes, but don't go overboard.
Mr. Cheung...
Supposedly the seat belt sign was on,
but the granny left her seat anyway.
Was there a problem with
the maintenance of the plane?
Granny said she didn't see the sign
and nobody reminded her.
Is that negligence of the crew
towards elderly passengers?
Sorry, I have no comment at this stage.
Let's wait for the internal report.
Granny was walking...
We have no comments.
Wait for the report...
and I will explain further at a press conference.
OK? You should all leave now.
That granny was lying.
I'll take care of it.
Why didn't you defend me?
The family
needs Branson more than you.
The only thing for him to do right now
is to work hard at running the family business.
Everything else will have to wait.
Captain Branson
- Thank you very much.
- You are welcome, enjoy.
Captain Branson, can I help you?
No, thank you!
What is it, Boss?
You have lean pork?
American ginseng?
Soup with lean pork and
American ginseng is good for you.
I'll go and take a look!
Talk to me.
You didn't when you should have!
Why should I listen to you now?
I'm used to not having your
around when I needed you.
It was better back then.
At least you told me before you left.
That was a separate matter. Don't start again.
Come on, sit down!
The turbulence was an act of God.
Neither one of us wanted that.
Back then was also an act of God?
Everything was an act of man, not of God!
Your father arranged everything.
And you dared not say no.
You can say anything you want.
Just don't talk about my Dad.
I have utmost respect for him.
Then I'll say this...
I don't ever want to see you again!
Can you tell me
why we have Beijing, Nanking and Tokyo
but there's no Xijing.
3... 2... 1...
Because Xuanzang took it
on his Journey to the West.
Here's another one.
One day, a match was home alone.
His head became very itchy
and caught on fire,
so it was taken to the hospital.
Tell me...
What became of it?
A blackhead.
It turned into a Q-tip,
because they put bandages on its injured head.
That's a good one! Let me ask you this...
Each one of us has 2 eyes, 2 hands,
2 legs... then why
do we have only one heart?
I don't know.
Because the other heart
is with someone else.
That's why we spend our entire life,
looking for that heart that belongs to us.
Did you find yours?
I have one more...
- I want to play this.
- Which one...
- Let's go line up.
- This one? You're kidding!
Haunted house.
I personally don't care for this sort of thing.
Are you scared?
Don't point your finger at me!
- How about I buy you ice-cream?
- You're scared!
He's scared of the haunted house!
Come on, let's do this once!
Next time...
Are you really scared? Don't be!
Where are we going after this?
They're collecting donations!
The world needs more people with a big heart
to help those in need.
If this money can help pay for their operations,
their lives won't be the same.
Do you have any money? Loan me some!
Actually, if you kiss this sweet sweet girl
and let me take a picture
our sponsor will donate 1 Euro
to the International Foundation of Cleft Lips!
You are such a bad kisser.
Still unhappy?
Don't be!
When you're unhappy,
bad hormones will build up inside your body
and affect your metabolism.
You'll become old and haggard.
So don't be unhappy.
You're exaggerating!
What's a good way to detox?
Eat a lot.
Trust me.
You'll get fat when you eat a lot.
Then you'll want to lose weight.
You must exercise in order to lose weight.
When you exercise, your brain
will produce endorphins
which can make you happy.
Eat, get fat, exercise and endorphins.
Don't forget!
Where are you?
Right here! You want to buy me dinner?
Are you kidding?
You're in the U.K.
What are you doing there?
I'm going to check-in at the airport right now.
Can you really have dinner with me?
- Hello!
- Hello!
Sorry! I'm late
You are late. No more excuses, please.
Sam, where are you?
Sam, where are you?
I'm on my way, I'm at Immigration right now.
Be right there!
Come and sing with us, come on!
Sam, where are you?
Sam, where are you?
You're here already? What plane did you take?
It's several times faster than
an ordinary aircraft.
At 15,000 meters in the sky,
it can fly at 2.02 times
the velocity of sound.
It's pretty awesome!
It takes only 3.5 hours
from Paris to New York.
But it retired in 2003.
Why TM?
I'm money hungry, I want to get rich.
I want to earn $1 Om.
Ten million
When my parents split up,
I wanted to know why.
So I told them to "tell me".
That's Why it's TM.
Are you getting...
...a bit confused?
I trust you.
My ex-boyfriend was with a band in Beijing,
the heavy-metal kind.
When I was 26,
he proposed to me.
I was so excited
I insisted we go out to buy beer to celebrate.
We barely went 2 blocks
when our motorbike
crashed into a taxi.
The taxi was fine.
The taxi driver was fine,
I was fine,
the motorbike was fine,
but he was a bloody mess.
Still sitting on the bike,
he yelled, "That mother..."
he couldn't even say the word "fucker".
I stared at him
and I was afraid I'd forget him some day.
"That mother..." was
the last thing he said to me.
Now you know.
The pool is brand new,
though a bit too narrow.
I need it to get used to living by the sea.
Why don't you use the bathtub?
You need not go through so much trouble.
You're so unromantic!
I want to take a dip with you.
Will history repeat itself?
really cannot be changed.
My Dad is the person I respect most.
Whatever wish he has,
I'll do my best to make it come true.
I will be a capable
and responsible man.
I still fall short of achieving that.
But trust me, I can do it.
I want you right here with me,
so I can be a responsible man.
That's enough!
Sorry, Sorry...
Are you free on the 17th next month?
I'm working on the merger.
But your birthday is the 17th,
I'll be here no matter how busy I am.
I promise.
I can afford to lose the world,
but I can't afford to lose you.
- Hi, Roy
- Hi
Are you all right, Sam?
Perfect timing.
Is there a problem?
No! You taught me
a pilot must arrive early to do the preparations
because hundreds of lives are at stake.
Are you ready?
What is it, Heather?
He proposed again! For the third time!
Why won't you marry him?
Why should I?
I've done it before. People change
after they got married.
But Roy will keep waiting.
It's not easy waiting for someone.
He's waiting for you, this way.
Please sit down!
Try the newly brewed pu'er tea.
I can't believe
you waited so long for him.
Coffee, tea or me?
What the?
What's wrong with you?
Don't be scared.
I'm sick.
- Tomorrow...
- Don't you go to school or work?
Just waiting to die?
That's me!
I can't wait, I don't have time.
Do you believe
turning the windmill will bring good luck?
I made a wish last time
and watched it turn one cycle.
Then I met you.
That's why I must believe.
People are funny.
They pray for good luck no matter what.
Don't you need treatment?
Of course I do.
I was in the hospital
for a year and tried everything.
But nothing worked.
At the beginning, the doctor told me
I had a 70% chance of recovery.
But I ended up in the other 30%.
It's not a matter of treatment,
but a matter of bad luck.
I didn't want to lie in bed and wait,
so I ran away from the hospital.
I want to do the things I like to do,
and love the people I love.
Captain Cool,
I won't harass you for very long.
I'll disappear very quickly.
I'm only one of many in your life,
but you're my last.
I think you're in luck.
Why else would you
run into me?
I'm having surgery to remove my brain tumor.
The doctor said I only had 40% chance.
So I really need a lot of luck.
I'll let you in on a secret.
I'm actually the luckiest man on earth.
You don't believe me?
I can prove it.
Whichever horse you pick will win. I know it.
I'll pick...
...this one!
OK! It'll definitely Win.
It'll win because I say so.
Do you believe me?
I believe you.
I placed the bet.
- Let me see.
- No, put it away.
Come on...
You lost. Why are you so excited?
Says who?
You bet on the winning horse!
I told you, the horse you pick will win.
You have good luck.
Captain Cool
Don't worry, my good luck
will rub off onto you.
You'll be fine, you hear me?
For you.
For you.
Thank you!
Egg sandwich.
Mine too.
Good! Amazing!
Sam, you did OK!
You've been practicing!
Thank you!
The director wanted me to tell you,
after the last shot, you can go home.
So early?
No, everyone goes home.
We won't be seeing you again.
Now we need a shot of TM waking up.
When you wake up, you look at each other,
and hold hands, understand?
Let's roll.
TM, rest your head on Sam's thigh.
Thank you.
OK, action!
Cut! Excellent!
OK, that's all, folks!
TM, go change and we can go.
- Long time no see.
- Right!
I don't quite get it.
The lawyer asked me
if both companies would benefit from this.
Winnie! courier.
1... 2... 3...
My turn!
My turn!
- Sure?
- Yes! Come on, hurry up!
- OK
- Again!
You used up your magic.
It's time to brush it up at school.
Captain Cool will go with you.
Thanks for coming to
the JetPlus and Skylette merger.
Today is the day my dream comes true.
I get to work with the man I admire
and make a name for ourselves.
I can assure you
I will do my best
to make SkyPlus a new force
in the airline business.
Let's give a big round of applause
to the man I have always respected,
Hello, everyone!
First, I must thank Tony for his compliment.
I'm really not that influential.
But he was right about one thing
the merger of 2 companies is like
bringing together 2 strangers.
It's a mission impossible.
We went through
a honeymoon,
then surmise,
and forbearance.
At a time when it was most painful,
I wanted to give up.
I went to every corner in the world
to look high and low for someone compatible,
only to find that someone right here beside me.
A promise is about the trust between 2 people.
On behalf of SkyPlus, I promise all of you
we'll become the most popular airline
in the business.
All the passengers will choose our airline.
Thank you
You kept your promise to me.
What about your other promise?
Don't g0!
Don't g0!
Thank you...
Excuse me
- Sorry
- I shaved this morning.
It's OK, it's cool!
I'm so sorry for that.
It's come out of my bag
- No, you can keep it!
- I'll give it back to you.
Sorry! Thank you...
I missed my chance once
and have taken too many wrong turns.
I'm not letting go this time.
"Where are you?"
"Still in a meeting, don't wait for me."
Ladies and gentlemen,
the plane is about to take off,
please fasten your seat belts.
Didn't you hear the broadcast?
Please fasten your seat belt.
I thought you were in a meeting.
I was.
But now I have something
very important to tell you.
I'm sorry, Winnie.
I haven't given you
any sense of security.
But starting today,
let me be your seat belt.
No matter where you go,
I'll always be there to protect you.
Says who?
Why should I listen to you?
Winnie, will you marry me?
Wait, wait
Captain Cool!
Captain Cool came to see me!
I have to go in now.
You have watery eyes again?
You promised to wait for me.
We'll go to the haunted house,
Trust me.
TM stands for
This moment