Trolls Holiday (2017) Movie Script

Narrator: Once upon a time
in a village far away,
lived a group called The Trolls,
that celebrated almost everyday.
Hey, that's a rhyme!
Narrator: The Trolls had
holidays up the wazoo.
From Bubble Day
to New Hairs Eve.
Just to name a few.
[Trolls cheering]
Enjoying holiday after holiday,
they partied without stopping.
They celebrated everything
with their leader, Queen Poppy.
All: Poppy, Poppy, Poppy...
But across the way,
in old Bergen Town,
lived a group called The Bergens
whose spirits were down.
They had but one holiday
that brought happiness.
A tradition of eating Trolls
on a day called,
"The Trollstice."
Then Poppy taught them
that joy was inside,
all along.
So they got rid of Trollstice
and their only holiday was gone.
And so on Trollstice Eve
in Bergen Town,
The Bergens, well,
now they're just kinda
sitting around.
Boring! Boring!
[instrumental music]
Todd: Got another card
from Troll Village.
- Oh, yay.
- Thanks, Todd.
- I'm Chad, he's Todd.
- Hi.
Yup, got it, Chod and Tadd.
Ooh, look, Grissy,
it's another card from Poppy.
Happy Catch Your Friend Day?
- Ooh!
- What if you drop her?
I mean, we we're not insured
for that kinda thing.
I would never ever drop Poppy.
- Bridget: Never.
- Gristle: Whateves, babe!
Gristle: The Trolls have so many
Too many holidays if you ask me.
Well, I think it's... [chuckles]
k... kinda nice having so much
to celebrate.
Hey, Bridgy,
we do cool stuff too.
I mean, what about all those
awesome cards
we send back to them, huh?
Well, that's... consistent.
Branch, Bridget...
um, sent another card.
[Branch grunting]
Poppy: Wh... what are you doing?
Are you about to barf?
I'll go get a trash can.
What? No.
I'm practicing my smile.
Y... you know I'm new to this
whole "Being happy" thing.
Oh, well here, let me help.
Smiles are my jam.
Poppy: Okay, here we... No.
Hm... No.
- Ah!
- Close. Weird. What the...
Your face is being
very frustrating.
What is the deal
with these cards?
Branch: Monday. Friday.
Sunday mid-morning?
It's like ever since Trollstice
was cancelled,
the Bergens... don't have
anything to look forward to.
I feel really bad for them.
- Oh!
- Ah, uh, no.
No, no, no.
I know what that look means.
You're about to hatch
an elaborate plan
which involves a lot
of hugging, singing,
dancing and [gulps] glitter.
- You know it.
- Okay.
Promise me you'll sleep on it
before you rush
into something like
you always do.
I won't do anything.
Just call me angel
of the mornin' angel
Just touch my cheek
before you leave me baby
I'm goin' down
into the bunker angel
And I'll be sippin' on coffee
in the mornin' baby
- Good morning, Branch!
- Aaah!
- Poppy, you didn't sleep on it.
- Not a wink.
And you probably got
a crazy plan.
And yes, I do. I decided the
Bergens need a new holiday.
And nobody knows holidays
better than us.
We'll just give 'em one of ours.
- And why are we doing this?
- Bridget is my best friend.
They deserve to have a day
of dancing and singing
and costumes and presents
and glitter.
So much flipping glitter.
Poppy, are you sure
this is a good idea?
Absolutely. This is what I do.
I take care of my friends.
And this is how
we're gonna do it.
Poppy: First, break into
Bridget's bunker...
and get them on board.
- What?
- I'm on board.
Poppy: We set off
for Bergen Town
and we arrived with as much
dramatic flare as possible.
- We see Gristle and Bridget.
- Poppy!
Poppy: And do some hugging.
We pitch them our holidays.
Their minds are blown!
And that's how we're gonna give
Bridget and the Bergens
a new holiday.
- All: Holiday!
- Aah!
I'll go put on some pants.
Narrator: Certain her holiday
mission would be a success,
Poppy chartered a ride
on the Caterbus Express.
All aboard!
Poppy: Guys, hurry up!
Come on, let's go.
Cloud Guy: Welcome to the
Caterbus Express! S... S... S...
Oh, no!
Hey, guys! Captain O'Slappy.
- Queen Poppy.
- Cloud Guy.
Please put away all electronics.
Cloud Guy: Safely store your
and hold on to your Dinkles.
Thank you for choosing
the caterbus,
the safest way to travel.
Unless we go into a wormhole.
I'm sorry, d... did you
just say wormhole?
Now, sit back, relax
and feel the love!
People all over the world
join hands
Start a love train
love train
People all over the world
Join hands
Start a love train
a love train
The next stop that we make
Will be soon
Tell all the folks
in Bergen Town
We're bringin' it all
to you
Now please don't miss
the train at the station
'Cause if you miss it
I'll feel sorry
Sorry for you
[instrumental music]
People all over the world
Sisters and brothers
Join hands come on
Start a love train
Ride this train.
Come on, ride it, ride it...
Uh, who's driving the bus?
[all screaming]
You guys, I don't feel so good.
Join hands
What's wrong, Cooper?
I'm feeling weird.
People all over the world
Join hands
Start a love train
a love train
Start a love train
Narrator: After landing
in Bergen Town,
Poppy continued on her quest.
For her BFF Bridget,
she wanted nothing but the best.
Guy Diamond, you're on glitter.
Glitter at the ready
- Cooper, pyrotechnics.
- Fire!
Satin, Chenille,
festive outfits.
- On it.
- Uh, Poppy...
- About these costumes...
- Branch, we've been over this.
It's not a holiday
without costumes.
So put on your big boy pants
and let's go in there.
In three, two, one.
Stop everything!
- Huh?
- Hmm?
- Poppy!
- Bridget!
- Pop star.
- Diva.
- Lollypop.
- Roller girl.
- Water bomb.
- Morning jogger.
- Helicopter.
- Prim and...
- Proper!
- Proper!
- Wassup?
- Wassup?
Your hair looks amazing!
- It's a weave.
- I won't say a word.
It's so good to see you, Poppy.
Um, what are you doing here?
Funny you should ask.
Hit it, Smidge!
[Bridget applauding]
Lady and gentleman,
we are here
to solve your problems.
- We have problems?
- But don't worry.
We have the solution.
You guys need a new holiday.
Why do we need a holiday?
How else are you gonna
get presents
and wear awesome costumes
and play "How many marshmallows
can you fit in your mouth?"
One hundred and seventy-two.
- Beat that!
- M... my goodness!
Excuse me, h... have you not been
getting our cards back?
Uh, yeah. I... I especially
love the Wednesday one.
You know, it really made me
appreciate the middle
of the week.
Ooh! Middle of the week.
Told you, babe.
Look, we care about you guys
and we wanna make sure you have
something to celebrate.
And here's the great news,
the Trolls have like
a gazillion holidays,
so you can have one of ours!
That's cool! I guess.
Yeah, it is.
You're lookin' for a holiday
And there's a million things
to celebrate
Your life is bland right now
but that's okay
Prepare your minds
to get blown away
Poppy break it down
The first holiday
We're presenting to you
a sparkly shiny day
Called glitter polooza
Homie Guy Diamond
take the mic
And give the Bergens
something they're gonna like
When you wake up
in the morning
Whether it's sunny
or whether it's stormy
You open the door
for a big surprise
A blast of glitter
shoots in your eyes
Glitter palooza glitter
palooza glitter palooza
Ah! Oh, yeah.
Oh, that got in there.
Aah! It's my eye.
Maybe the holiday is not really
cool for us.
That's okay.
We got tons of holidays.
Biggie, tell 'em about
Tickle Day.
We celebrate with giggles
Get tickled get tickled
Get tickled by spiders
Tickle Day!
[Trolls giggling]
Clearly not your idea of fun
Yo Satin Chenille
show them another one
Everyone will scream hurray
In their electric
pom parade
We got laser
that sparkle and glow
So everyone enjoys the show
And there'll be flowers
shooting bubbles in the air
You'll be blinded by the
lights but you just won't care
Flip a little switch
get a bubble pom pom
'Cause a party ain't a party
without lasers and pom
Ah! They sting!
These don't seem like
Bergen things.
Okay not the holiday for you
It's all good
we're only half way through
You gotta be kidding me!
All your family and friends
will gather around
To enjoy
the majestic sound
A chorus you will hear
from miles away
For 24 hours
it's Balloon Squeal Day
[balloons squealing]
Hey, everybody, why don't we
just take a cool five?
- Not workin'?
- Nope.
Still... still super weird.
These Troll holidays all suck!
I'm trying to stop her,
but she just won't listen.
You have to do som...
Ow! Ow! Ow!
Uh, Poppy, this whole thing
has been great.
- Thank you.
- And you're great for doing it.
- Thank you again.
- But it's a disaster.
Thank... Wait, what?
You know that wise old saying,
"Go big or go home."
- Maybe we should go...
- Bigger! [Chuckles]
Okay, that's not what I meant.
[upbeat music]
It's time to double down
in the speed round
Got a holiday you're gonna
like better stick around
Well my favorite's
a Big Hug Ball Day
That's a big ball of hugs
Or Shock A Friend Day
rub your feet on the rug
And touch everyone you love
A very special day
we call an equinox
It's a great opportunity
to celebrate socks
Socks socks socks s... socks
Come on
Tear Away Pants Day
feel the breeze on your hips
Hear the sound a Velcro
going rip rip rip
Good Luck Troll Day
put a gem on your stomach
And you spit a little charm
let a friend belly rub it
Everyone will be so jelly
when they see you on the telly
With their shiny big jewels
sticking right out your belly
On Express Yourself Day
give your opinion a shout
Keep It To Yourself Day
where you shut your mouth
There's a rockin' holiday
filled up with lots of drama
Get you jumpin' all around
lemme call it Mosh-sha-sha-na
Shoot a flare in the air
like you just don't care
'Cause it's Fireworks Day
in the village square
There's Bleeping Sound Day
where you only speak in bleeps
You could say anything like
If you want a tattoo
but you're having doubts
There's Random Tattoo Day
which is not thought out
Smacksgiving Day
is a day we embrace
Especially when someone gets
slapped in the face
A big holiday that's a bundle
of fun
It's Fuzzy Wuzzy Day
so go put one on
It's so wuzzy and it's fuzzy
and it's cute and ugly fugly
And we know you're
gonna love it
When you're feeling
super snuggly.
[Bridget panting]
I used my outside voice.
You don't like any of our
Poppy, all of this glitter
and fun...
and pyrotechnics...
Don't forget the fuzzy sweaters.
- How could we?
- I guess what I'm saying is...
[clears throat]
Maybe it's best if you, um,
go and stand somewhere
like where we're not.
Oh, uh, you mean like, uh,
back here?
Ahh! Mmm!
- How about here?
- Mmm-hmm.
You mean, like over here?
Maybe farther...
- Wait, are you mad at me?
- No, I'm not mad.
I'm just feeling a feeling
that's the opposite of happy.
- What is happening?
- I don't know.
It's like the nicest fight ever.
Bridget, I think I know what
you're trying to say.
Okay, good.
'Cause I really didn't wanna
have to say it.
- You want me...
- Mm-hm.
- To step back...
- Uh-huh.
- So we have room...
- Yes!
- To show you more holidays!
- What? No.
Like Fuzzy Leg Warmer Day
or Chug A Jug Of Milk Day.
Poppy, enough!
You're not listening to me.
What do you want me to do?
I think you, uh,
you should... leave.
[bell jingling]
Narrator: The holiday
presentation had ended
as quickly as it started.
Feeling bad for what
she had done,
Poppy left broken-hearted.
- Poppy! Poppy!
- Poppy! Poppy, where are you?
Oh, can you see her,
Mr. Dinkles?
Where is she?
Hey, guys, give me a minute.
Poppy, I know you're hiding
in your hair.
- Ah, what the what?
- Not Poppy!
Sorry. Wrong hair.
Uh... Poppy?
Is that you?
I totally blew it with Bridget.
I... I mean we've never
had a fight before
and I'm worried I just lost
my best friend forever.
No, that's not possible.
I don't know, Branch.
Well, I do
because I'm your friend.
And you know what?
How many of us have them?
Branch? Branch, please stop.
Thank you.
Thank you for
being a friend
You know this one.
Travel down a road and...
Branch, what's your problem?
You just might
have a problem
But I'll understand
We all need somebody
to lean on
Lean on me
When you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
You know what? No more Trolls
in the castle area.
But the Trolls just want us
to be like them
with their happy energy
and glitter and foam and...
Grissy, maybe we shouldn't
have been
so hard on Poppy and the Trolls.
I mean, they were just trying
to do something nice for us.
I guess. I just can't believe
they took a bus
all this way and created an
elaborate holiday theme,
song and dance,
just to find a holiday for us.
That is poor time management
if you ask me.
Yeah, they did do all of that.
Just to try and help us.
I mean, why does she even care
so much about what we do?
There's glitter on the
You're right.
She does care.
A lot.
Maybe we do have a reason to
celebrate a holiday after all.
Grissy, that's it!
What? W... wh... what did I say?
Was it king-ish?
Did I sound like a king?
Yes, it was super king-ish.
Now get your keyboard ready.
We have work to do.
You see what I did right there,
That is how a king
gets things...
Very impressive, sir.
Oh you're the best friend
That I've ever had
I've been with you
such a long time
Branch! Stop!
I keep telling you to stop
and you just keep singing.
It's like you're not even
listening to...
Oh, my holy realization!
That was just what I did
to Bridget, wasn't it?
Phew! There it is.
I was runnin' out of songs.
Oh, man!
I got so excited trying
to take care of Bridget and I...
I wasn't even listening to her.
[instrumental music]
[humming continues]
Hey, everybody!
The tree looks like Troll hair.
Grissy, it's so beautiful!
- Poppy!
- This is amazing.
I am so glad to see you.
I'm sorry, Bridget.
I was not being a good friend.
I got so caught up in
telling you what to celebrate
that I didn't even
think about why.
Oh, it's okay, Poppy.
You actually helped us.
We realized that the holidays
aren't about all that stuff.
Oh! It's not about the glitter
or the presents
or the decorations...
Although, man,
do I love decorations!
But no. You're right.
It's not about that.
I'm learning as I go.
Me too.
I think that the holidays
are about
celebrating the awesome things
in life.
And the super awesome thing
in our lives...
is our friendship with you guys.
Bridget: The Trolls.
And a friendship like ours
is definitely something
worth celebrating.
Branch... you're smiling!
I... I am? I... I am!
Wow! That's what
this feels like.
You have a very nice smile.
Thanks. Now I can't stop.
Yeah, this is kinda
startin' to hurt.
This is really nice, Bridget.
Happy Troll-A-Bration,
I love it.
And since we're celebrating
the Trolls,
I thought we could Troll it up
a little bit.
Hit it, Grissy!
[upbeat music]
Holiday come on
If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
Everybody now
It would be
it would be so nice
Everybody spread the word
We're gonna have
a celebration
All across the world
In every nation
It's time for the good times
Forget about the bad times
Oh yeah
One day to come together
To release the pressure
We need a holiday
Narrator: And so Poppy
and Bridget
took some time to celebrate
and appreciate each other
on a brand new holiday.
They would take one day
out of life
and it would be, it would be...
so nice!
So happy holidays to all!
And to all, a goodnight.
Oh, there you are, Mr. Dinkles.
Hang on, what are you wearin'?
Is that a pipe?
Who gave Mr. Dinkles a pipe?
We have got to get together
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]
Chicken: It's a Channel 3 News
special report.
A heat wave is baking Chicago
and I scream.
I can almost touch the water.
Chicken: You scream.
We all scream...
in this intense heat.
How long will this scorcher
of a summer continue?
With rolling power outages and
temperatures in the hundreds,
this reporter sure hopes
relief comes soon.
I know mom bought a fan one year
and shoved it in the basement.
It's gotta be around here
Dealing with an Earth heatwave
is still quite strange to me.
You are being very cool, Tip.
Um... oh, you maybe
but if I don't find that fan,
I'm gonna pass out.
Hey! I am your biggest fan,
Tip. [Laughing]
Oh, well, there she is.
There's Tip. [Gasps]
[chuckles] You little weirdo!
Where did you get this stuff?
In this box
full of shiny objects
and weird clothy items.
Oh, man! That's right.
You don't know anything
about Santa Claus.
Sant-Oh Clogs?
Yeah, buddy. Check it out.
Santa Claus.
He's a magical, jolly fellow.
He rides an enchanted sleigh
through the sky.
He must have high technology.
Like the Boov.
Tip: Then he goes down people's
chimneys and leaves them gifts.
Oh, breaking and entering.
Tip: People even leave him
Hmm. Treats!
He only comes once a year, in
December, but everyone loves him
because he gives them exactly
what they want.
Exactly what they want?
Santa is so cool.
Speaking of cool... Found it!
[fan whirring]
Oh, you wish to lower
your core temperature.
I am having just the thing.
Be right back.
Mm. Who am I kidding?
This thing stinks!
Do not be worryings.
Sant-Oh is here!
I have exactly what you need.
It is for to lowering
the core temperature
of the upper region
of Boovish appendages.
Oh, wow!
It cooled down the basement
in just a couple of seconds.
I feel so refreshed.
These are amazing little balls.
They're amaze balls!
Everyone in Chicago could use
one of these.
Thanks, Oh.
I'm gonna go show mom.
Maybe Sant-Oh Clogs could help
Chicago get what it needs.
[whispering] You and I will be
spreading the magical joy
of coolness to the city.
Exactly what they wants.
Ah, no. No, Coobish.
Go back with the others.
Alright, let us go, guys.
Making the world a cooler place.
On Coobish, and Coobish
and Coobish and Coobish.
[glass shattering]
Oh! That is why Sant-Oh was
enslaving them with rope.
What you're recalling?
The most coolest Sant-Oh
of alling
Let's go oh Sant-Oh is
bringing coolness
To the pretty little
humans town
And when they feel
when they feel the coolness
All humans will dance around
and they go
Sant-Oh Sant-Oh
Ooh watch out that is me
Sant-Oh Sant-Oh
Ooh that's me
All of the human's
core temperatures
Will be coming down
When Sant-Oh brings
To primitive human's town
Sant-Oh that's me
Yo, that song was whack!
[instrumental music]
First stop.
I am very nervousing.
But I know with my heart
to guide me
and the wind in my beard,
I can do great things.
Chicago! I will break
and enter your homes.
I will bring you the coolness
that you needs,
because tonight,
I am Sant-Oh Clau... Oh, aah!
Ow! Ow! Ow! Aah!
How do you do it,
Sant-Oh Clogs?
A treat!
My favorite!
Female 1: Muffy? Is that you?
Sant-Oh Clogs
must not be seen.
Muffy? Ooh! What's this?
Mm, jawbreakers
are my favorite candy.
Hearing her joy
makes all this worthwhile.
Another stop
for Sant-Oh Clogs.
Climbing this tree and enterings
through the window
is much less the danger
than jumpings down the chimney.
The tiny claw creatures.
I did not anticipate that.
I wonder if real Sant-Oh
has to deal
with such complexities
every year.
You have spotted me.
Well, hello, you lucky little
humans girl.
Sant-Oh Clogs is here to deliver
you a cool gift.
I sees you have left me a treat.
Wow! You are really liking it.
Tiny clawing creature,
please stop!
Alright, Oh, let us do this
the civilized way
and go in
through the front door.
Male 1: Hey, hey,
what's going on?
Female 2: What are you doing?
Female 3: Get out!
[all screaming]
Being Sant-Oh is hard work.
You are the welcome!
Female 4: Call the police!
We interrupt this adorable
cat video
to bring shocking news!
The Boov have done it again.
Chicken: A jawbreaker
law-breaker has broken into
dozens of homes this evening
and terrorized hundreds.
He marks his terror
with a calling card
that we originally thought
to be jawbreakers.
I don't know what it is
and that makes me not trust it.
It could be a suppository.
Yo, that mysterious object's
makin' me nervous.
He's super nervous.
Experts have confirmed
that we have no idea
what these things are,
so we should fear them.
Those are amazeballs.
Chicken: If you spot this Boov
do not take the law
into your own hands.
Rather take a rock
into your own hand
and throw it at this evil doer,
who has turned our hot summer
into a hot mess.
Classic Boov.
Man, he could be anywhere.
[sirens wailing]
Eh, we got you surrounded,
Jawbreaker lawbreaker.
Oh, you have been spotted me.
Policeman 1: There's nowhere to
Yes, it is, I, Sant-Oh.
Bringer of the cheers!
Ah! What is going on here?
What happened?
I am helpings people.
Oh, what were you thinking?
Tip, they put me in a net.
I am not understandings
this custom.
- Buddy.
- They put me in a net.
You can't break into
people's houses.
It's against the law.
But I was just trying
to break and enter.
Like Sant-Oh Clogs.
You should have heard
the screams of joy.
Like, "Aah! Who is that?"
- "Call the police!"
- Aww!
Those are screams of fear,
I know you meant well.
I just don't think
everyone else knew
what you were trying to do.
Wait just a par sec!
That is being excellent
with ideas, Tip.
Perhaps, if we show everyone
how to use these
they will understand
that I mean well.
Pfft, how're you
gonna show them now
when you're in jail?
I think I am having a plan.
Come on, Tip.
Alright, Oh!
I am making a break for it.
Please be pursuing me.
You heard him.
He's makin' a break for it.
Commence pursuing him.
Hey, hey, there's the Boov.
- Get him!
- Get him!
Tell us what you're seeing
down there, Stu.
Thanks, Chicken,
we're live at the scene,
where mobs of people
are chasing the Boov bandit.
Would you say he's running
from his problems?
Yes, I would, Chicken.
This is a classic Boov move.
- Classic Boov.
- "Claboov," as the kids say.
- Cloove.
- Say B.
[engine whirring]
Man, it looks like
it's pretty much
all of Chicago down there
chasing us, Oh.
Then it is being time.
[instrumental music]
[tires screeching]
[sirens wailing]
[indistinct chatter]
Whoa! Get me out of here!
- Ah!
- Ah!
Hey, man, ca... can you turns
on the AC?
- Ah!
- Ah! Sweet relief.
- Man: Oh-ho-ho!
- Boy: Oh, wow!
- Aah!
- Aah!
[instrumental music]
Merry cooling to all.
And to all a very cool night.
Chicken: Our crime-apocalypse
has become a cool-mageddon.
What we first thought
to be jawbreakers,
then mysterious mystery balls
actually turned out to be
new technology from the Boov.
We're calling them
Hey, I called them that first.
The amazeballs
come from one mysterious Boov
who is trying to help
in the heat of the moment.
We were all just caught
in the net of misunderstanding.
And as for our cool new city
all I can say is,
"Classic Boov."
Well, you did it, Oh.
I mean Sant-Oh.
Maybe you should start planning
for next year.
Perhaps, you are right, Tip.
But then again,
maybe I will be leaving that
to the big guy.
[instrumental music]
[laughs] What?
I'm not that big!
[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
Oh, what are you doing?
Assuming the Boovian position
of giving up.
For what now?
The white death is outside
and there is no escapings.
There is only giving up.
[instrumental music]
- No way!
- Tip, no!
Do not be looking.
Snow day! Whoo!
I see you are as terrified
of the white death as I am.
And now you are putting on
your protective gears.
But it will not be saving you.
We Boovs have seen alien planets
destroyed by the white death.
There's no danger out there,
just snow.
So, quit being such a Boov
about this.
Now get ready for the time
of your scaredy-cat life.
- Oh, dang!
- Aah!
That's my new fragrance
youse currently choking on.
It's called Dang!
And it makes you hot!
I guess it don't work
on you though.
Oh, this stuff burns my eyes.
Sharzod, your fragrance
is sizzling my Boov bod.
Your Boov bod
is already sizzlin'.
What is in this Dang?
Well, just my secret blend
of oils and essences.
- How exciting.
- A gallon of jalapeo salsa.
- Oh, I wanna go outside.
- And one can of pepper spray.
I'm unveiling tonight
at my fragrance party.
But do you not feel
the coming ice-age?
Unh-unh, ain't no white death
gonna stop me.
- Can we move this along?
- Everybody's coming.
But, Oh, you get
my personal invitation.
'Cause you're my special little
Of course, we will come
to your party.
Uh, give us a second.
Sharzod: Oh, no, you did not
just close the door on me...
Oh, I don't wanna go
to Sharzod's party.
Don't beings ridiculous.
Sharzod: Did I just hear you do
not wanna come to my party?
We're gonna be too busy
playing in the snow.
You've got to get us
out of this.
Sharzod: I'm not gonna be
no subterfuge.
Ah, Sharzod, um,
we will be too busy.
Oh, you know I don't wanna be
hearing no rejections.
Sharzod: You don't wanna see
Sharzod cry.
See you at the party tonight!
Sharzod: I disappeared!
She can't ruin a snow day,
right, Oh?
Come on, let's go, snow boy.
Whoo-hoo-hoo! Ha-ha!
Tip, come ins
from the outside.
Come on, Oh.
Sharzod's been out here
and she's fine.
- That is true, but...
- Oh, you beat the Gore.
You can do this.
Tip: Who's a big brave Boov?
That would be me.
That's right.
Come on.
Come play in the snow.
There's nothing to worry about.
Unless you slip, don't do that.
Fluffy, yet also crunchy.
Hey, this is being
not so bad... Aah!
Tip, what was that?
That was a snowball, silly.
I do not like your snowball.
Well, you better get used to it
'cause snow comes every year
in Chicago.
[instrumental music]
There's nothing
else on Earth quite like this
Wait! Don't!
No way
Our winter wonder show
I am not liking this.
We wait and wait all year
to play
Outside in the snow
Snow snow snow
We wait and wait all year
To play outside
in the snow
Snow snow snow
You okay?
Let us do that again.
Oh: No, no, no, no, no, no.
That, I still do not like.
[indistinct shouting]
What is that sound?
Oh, what the heck is happening?
[car horn blaring]
Attention, all Boov.
You are right to be panicking.
The white death is here.
And all hope is lost.
Kyle: We are evacuating this
Just reach down
with your right hand
and activate your
bubbles of cowardice.
The bubbles of cowardice
will fly you to Boovsland
for immediate boarding.
Uh-oh! Aah!
[instrumental music]
Oh, the Boov
are abandoning Earth.
I have a feeling that we must
show them the ways
of Earth snow.
Come on, everybody,
let's go, let's go!
Move 'em out.
Kyle: Everybody please stay calm
as we frantically leave forever.
- Stop!
- Stop!
Oh, perfect, you're just in time
to escape
this horrid dying planet.
Kyle, you guys totally need to
stop booving out right now.
- Oh, still leaving!
- No!
Everybody stop!
Do not fear the snow.
Are you crazy?
We've seen this stuff
destroy planets.
I once felt the same way
but look at all the fun
you are missing.
- Yay! Whoo! Ow, my eye.
- Oh, that's horrible.
That eye is most definitely
useless now.
Oh, wow!
Oh, wow!
Behold, a snow recreation
of a winged human.
There is a human shaped
like that?
- Aesthetically displeasing.
- Hmm.
Oh, where are you going?
The Boov aren't gonna listen
to me.
She is right,
we find her voice very grating.
Man, these little sass mouths
are start... Aah!
- Oh, that's..
- Oh, no.
That is a betrayal.
- Ah ha ha.
- Sweet revenge.
You're toast.
We will be seeing about that.
That looks like fun.
I've always wanted to have fun.
[Tip and Oh laughing]
This is so fun.
Bringings the pain.
Okay, that is enough the pain.
[instrumental music]
I love snow!
- Snowball!
- Ha ha ha!
I'm a little cold,
but I like it.
[laughing] Oh, I think I feel
my core temperature dropping.
Come, we'll
have a snowball fight.
No, wait.
I got you guys so..
Tip, I froze every Boov.
Boovs are having a higher
freezing temperatures.
I should never have given up
on the Boovian position
of giving up.
Oh, think, you're not frozen.
Oh, yeah, maybe because I am
wearing a hat? Aah!
Well, it can't be that.
What else could it be?
Sharzod: Why ain't nobody
at my fragrance party?
Don't you all wanna be hot?
Secret oils and essences!
Jalapeno salsa!
One can of pepper spray!
[gasps] Sharzod made me hot!
Tip, we need Dang!
To un-freeze
all of these Boov.
Oh, uh, I'm stuck.
Uh, okay, Tip,
you stay here and keep an eye
on the Boovs.
And Oh will take Slushious
to Sharzod's party.
This will protect
your human skull.
- Whoo!
- Huh!
Uh, huh, you guys seem cool.
Ha-ha, ooh!
Dang, dang.
Dang, dang.
Dang, dang.
[instrumental music]
Sharzod! Uh!
Sharzod! Sharzod!
Oh, my Boov boy, you came.
Sharzod, can I takes
all of your fragrance
to unfreeze the Boov.
What? My fragrant?
You are asking to take
all of my fragrant?
To save a bunch of Boovs
who didn't even come
to my unveiling party
in the first place?
Hmm, dang!
But, Sharzod, if we do not use
your fragrance
the Boov will freeze to death.
No one will be around
to attend your parties.
Do you see anyone here?
No one did attend my party.
Not even you, Oh.
[instrumental music]
Oh: Maybe we stills can.
Oh, what're you doing?
[upbeat music]
Ooh, right there, right there.
Hah! Ha-ha!
Oh, Sharzod!
Look who is here to sees you.
You guys made it after all.
Now hurry up and makes them hot.
Let's get hot!
[instrumental music]
Embrace my scent!
Ah! Dancing party!
Whoo! I am very flexible now.
Yeah! Uh-huh.
Tip, I did it.
I am savings the Boov.
Yeah, now that's a party
worthy of me.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
I was gettin'
kinda chilly back there
but now I'm kinda hot.
[Sharzod laughing]
Sharzod: No, you ain't.
[instrumental music]
Eep: Since the first sunrise,
there have been
two things
you can always count on.
Family and change.
And both can be pretty painful.
Hi, I'm Eep.
My family, the Croods,
went through a lot
of changes surviving
what we called "The End."
But this isn't that story.
This is about "The Before,"
as in, before the end.
"The Before" was back when
we lived in Ahh! Valley.
A neighborhood named after
the last words of its founder.
Who forgot to check if anyone
was already living there.
Eep: Life was good.
I was learning how to
hunt prey and friends.
My mom had taken a break
from gathering
to stay home with my
little sister, Sandy.
My brother, Thunk, was...
And my dad was the best
bonker in the hunting pack.
Working hard to
put food on the floor.
All he asked was that everything
stay exactly like it was,
and that's exactly
when everything changed.
[instrumental music]
Mom, Sandy's
eating my face again!
Well, did you sleep with
your stomach showing, Thunk?
You know she likes easy prey.
Remember what I taught you.
- When an animal locks its jaw...
- Tickle its closest paw.
Well done, Eep, and who's
daddy's little predator?
Hey, Eep.
No training today.
Teacher got eaten by his lesson.
We're all going
to the watering hole.
Come hang out with us.
Can I go to the watering hole?
Uh, I... I don't know.
But, dad, this is the first time
I've been invited inside
the predator defense circle.
Oh, the in crowd?
She would be safer
with them, Grug.
Bye, in crowd.
Thanks for letting me hang.
Okay, okay, you can go, but
don't have too much fun, and...
Eep: Don't drown.
Don't splash water spiders.
Don't taunt the wind.
That's my girl,
remembering all her don'ts.
[woman screams]
Grug. My mother!
Hi, family that I love!
And Groan.
It's Grug!
Bub bub bub bu-dub
Bub bub bub bub bu-dub
Bu-dub bub
Hold on, mom!
Or give in. Up to you.
Excuse me, outcasts.
[instrumental music]
The cold season will return.
Gather food
while there's still time.
We're wasting our breath,
This town thinks we're crazy.
Maybe now, brother,
but when the valley freezes
and food goes scarce,
what'll they think then?
Why, nothing, brother.
They'll be dead.
I stand corrected, brother.
I stand corrected.
It'll be nice to have this
valley to ourselves, brother.
Indeed, brother.
Getting slow in your old age.
- Maybe try usin' my cane, Glop.
- It's Grug!
Oh, right. Glop was
Ugga's handsome boyfriend.
Croods, family tree formation!
[music continues]
[all screaming]
Come on, we're almost home,
Gah! My back!
I have to rest, brother,
or I'll drop this egg.
I sure hope your back's
feeling better, brother.
[Sandy giggling]
Did you see that, Bulk?
Yeah, Sulk, but I wish I hadn't.
- Ew!
- Huh!
What a super funny stunt
that I totally did on purpose,
Let's go to the watering hole.
Yeah, maybe when you don't
smell like eggs, you're out.
Out of the in crowd?
But I only just got
in the in crowd.
Please stop! You're
only making it worse!
Outcasts, we're leaving!
You... you are going to eat your
egg? [Yelps]
Ugga! Oh, did you wash
your hair again?
With your face shape, it looks
better with a layer of dirt.
[chuckles] Thanks, but we need
to talk about you, mom.
This is the third bear owl
to grab you this week.
Eh, they got good taste
in women.
- Aah!
- No.
They have a taste for weak prey.
I think you should
move in with us.
Uh, hold on, honey,
shouldn't we send Gran
to a place more suited for
someone of her... advanced age?
Like, I don't know, uh,
Old People Island.
Have fun. You'll be missed.
We're not sending her
to a place like that.
We're the only family she's got.
- Hah! Pass.
- You're coming with me.
Wow! You really are easy
to drag off.
Don't worry, Gran, we... we'll
feed you and clean you,
like an animal we catch
but never eat, it'll be fun.
[instrumental music]
Eh, alright, let's go.
The sooner we get to your cave,
the sooner I can start
marking my territory.
[music continues]
Quit it, Sandy.
I'm not that tasty or am I?
Okay, got my lunch, uh, but
anybody seen my hunting rock?
I think I see it.
Big and hard and lumpy?
It's right on top of your neck.
- That's my seat.
- This butt says it's mine.
You know what?
That's okay.
I've got to get
to the hunt, anyway.
About that, now that we
have another mouth to feed...
How much more food could you
bring home from the hunt today?
- Uh, none.
- Says the lazy lump.
Go take a bait shift!
Ha! Good idea, mom.
Problem solved.
[instrumental music]
Ugga, no.
Alright, let me explain
how hunting works.
Grug: You have bait
and you have bonkers.
Bait lures the food.
Oh, no! I'm weak and helpless!
Guess I'll just rub
these berries
on myself while I wait to die.
Grug: Bonkers bonk the food.
And sometimes the bait.
Good hustle, guys.
Grug: Every hunter starts out
as bait
and yes,
bait takes home more food.
Oh, no, I am weak and delicious.
Grug: But keep in mind that...
and I can't stress this enough,
Oh, no, I'm weak and...
Aw, just eat me.
Grug: You also have to be bait.
So, when I became a bonker,
a good bonker, mind you, some
would say the best bonker,
I promised myself that
I would never be bait again.
And I promised myself
I would never
share a cave with my mom again,
but we all need to make
sacrifices now that she's here.
Like, I need to gather
more food,
and Eep has to watch
Sandy and Thunk.
- Wait, what?
- Hang out with Eep? Alright!
Can't you hire the babysitter?
She's sitting for the Clops.
But, mom, the watering hole.
I need to get back
in with the in crowd.
You can still go, just bring
your brother and sister.
And me. This cave is
already crampin' my style.
No! No, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no!
Mom, if you were the in crowd,
would you let that in?
Ta-da! Told you I could do it
- Ah.
- Ooh, yeah.
That's gonna be rough.
Good luck!
[instrumental music]
Send out the bait!
Good yelling, brother,
but next time
have a little fun
with it, like...
Send out the bait
Be serious, brother,
send out the bait,
or your kids will starve
and your mothers will cry...
Send out the bait
and hop on one foot
Send out the bait
and rub your tummy
Eat me! I'm weak but delicious!
Oh, Munk, buddy, I don't know
how I'm gonna survive
living with Gran.
Hey, well, you know,
she's old, right?
- She can't live forever.
- Oh, she might.
Gran is a force of nature,
she always eats
like it's her
last meal, but it never is.
She always has a bone to
pick, but never shares it.
She, uh, never replaces
the wiping leaf.
And now, thanks to her,
I'm bait,
and I hate being bait.
Oh, that's too bad.
You are good bait.
Ow! Hey, aim for the prey!
Nice work, sweetie!
Catch three more
and we'll have dinner!
Ooh, there are a lot of these.
Anyone know if they're deadly?
We need a taster on shrub four!
We're gonna need a new taster.
[instrumental music]
Look, guys, I'm going to see
if I can get us in,
but you've got to be cool.
- Done.
- So, don't shout.
Eep: Don't burp, don't eat stuff
you find in your ears,
don't make music with your butt.
Excuse me.
You know what?
Just do nothing.
Hi, in crowd.
Can you open up?
Are they with you?
Gran: Who's up for a skin swim?
It's like she's got enough flesh
for two people.
And why is it so scaly?
Wait, where's Sandy?
Ow! Something bit my butt.
Sorry, just a little slip-up,
but I promise if you let us in,
they won't be embarrassing...
They'll just stand off
to the side and do nothing!
You can come in, but they can't.
That's just how it is.
I don't make the rules.
Yeah, we do!
Oh, yeah. We do.
Fine, we'll go make our own fun.
What do you kids wanna do first?
Go ramu tipping or moon the sun?
- Let's moon the sun!
- Yay!
Eep, you in or you out?
I'm out.
[instrumental music]
Stop singing!
Thunk: Is this safe, Gran?
Dad says, "When in doubt,
don't, just, just don't."
Your dad doesn't know fun.
I do. Literally.
I knew the caveman
who invented fun.
Really? Where is he now?
Oh, he's dead.
Now cue the mask!
Stampede surfin'.
Thunk: Whoa!
Great baiting today, Grug.
You're a natural.
[Grug groans]
Mighty fine baiting, Grug.
Way to make yourself look
so weak and pathetic.
Really sold the whole
'giving up on life' thing.
Yup. You are definitely our bait
from here on out, Grug.
You know until you...
Today, I was bumped, bitten,
bruised, battered and bashed.
And I rather go through all
of that again
then go home to Gran.
Be grateful for the family
you have, Grug.
Remember, I lost mine.
Still no idea where
you left him, huh, hmm?
We really should search more.
[chuckles] Yeah, and lose myself
too? No, thank you.
Uh, if Gran just had
somewhere else to go,
but we're the only family
she's got...
Not like I can find her
a new family.
[children screaming]
Whoo! Ha-ha!
Look, what Gran taught us!
[Thunk laughing]
Gran: Nice belt, Grunk.
Does it come
in cavemens? [laughing]
Know what? I think I will try
finding you a new family.
- Anyone need a grandma?
- I do.
Bye, Grug. My new grandma.
Go ahead. You think I like
livin' with you, Grunk?
It's Grug! Uff.
Wait, you don't wanna
live with us?
No, you're loud,
you're obnoxious
and you always tell me
what to do.
No, no. Those are my complaints
about you.
I had it good.
Sure all kinds of critters
tried to eat me,
but none of then ever
called me "Embarrassing."
The only one who wants me livin'
with you is...
- Ugga.
- Ugga.
So, we need to convince her
that I can still
take care of myself.
It's pretty hard to do when
every time you come to visit
it's in the mouth
of another bear owl.
[gasps] You big, dumb, idiot.
You're a genius, Grug.
It's Grug! Oh, you said it right
that time.
[instrumental music]
Hangin' with the in crowd.
Ha-ha, you know,
I've always wondered
what you guys do in here.
You're lookin' at it.
Ha-ha, yeah.
And you do it really well,
uh, but, well,
what do you do for fun?
I mean,
I bet it's awesome, like...
What if we jump off cliffs?
No way! What if we fell wrong?
We'd look stupid!
Okay, uh...
Look, Eep, now that
you're in the in crowd
you can't do anything that
might make you look uncool
or trying too hard,
or trying at all.
So, that means we do nothing?
She gets it.
[instrumental music]
Hey, guys, need a hand?
- Sandy, do you hear something?
- Unh-unh.
Look, about earlier,
I... I said some things
you said some things.
Sounds like Eep,
but she'd never be here
because we embarrass her.
Yeah, but it turns out
that embarrassing is
a whole lot more fun.
Huh, so what are we doing here?
So, we just roll down?
This is getting faster.
[all screaming]
[Gran chuckling]
This is your plan?
Who's even gonna wear this?
Looks like you kids
are havin' fun.
Who wants to have more fun?
I do, if I don't
embarrass you too much.
Oh, all family's embarrassing,
but we'll always be together.
Now help me trick your mom,
so I can live on my own.
[instrumental music]
Ugga, I'm home.
Oh, no, bear owl!
I hate saying this, but help me!
- Grug.
- Huh.
Get away from that
big dumb animal,
you even bigger, unh, animal!
Ha! Look at me takin' care
of myself and then some.
So, we're pretending?
Ugga: More family fun.
Who should I be?
- Grug: Bear owl! Bear owl!
- Gran: Bear owl! Bear owl!
Well, how about I pretend
to be a hunter instead?
Let go of my handsome hubby,
you beast.
Mom! Bear owl!
Okay, fine,
I'll pretend to be a...
Bear owl!
- Ugga!
- Ugga!
- Mom!
- Mom!
[Ugga grunts]
Grug: Tickle, tickle, tickle.
So, not ticklish, huh?
Bet you don't
remember me, do ya?
Oh, you do?
Well, if you want to eat
this big brave idiot,
you got to eat through my
tough old hide first!
And if you wanna eat her,
you have to eat me.
You wanna get one Crood,
you gotta eat all the Croods!
Um, I appreciate all the love,
but how about it eats
none of us?
[all screaming]
Croods, family tree formation.
That includes you, Gran.
[Gran grunts]
Oh. [Chuckles]
I get the plan.
[Bear owl screams]
[screaming continues]
Would you look at that, brother?
Ain't that something, brother?
- I blame you, brother.
- I blame you, brother.
Whoa! That was really cool.
I know, uh, I mean,
they look stupid,
but also awesome.
So, is doing stuff cool now?
Should we start doing stuff?
Tell me, Sulk?
I need to sit down!
The in crowd doesn't know
what's cool anymore!
This system has failed us!
Guess that's it
for the in crowd.
Hmph. Good thing I'm running
with a much cooler crowd now.
- Oh, yeah. Who?
- Our family.
We are the cooler crowd.
We are?
Normally, I say,
"Don't" to anything new,"
but just this once
I'll say "Do."
Do move into our cave.
But only I sit on my slab.
I promise nothing, Glop.
Wow, you two agree on something?
Yes. We both love you.
But we still disagree
on everything else.
Oh, yeah. Big time.
Eep: Yes, life is changing
for the Croods,
but it's all workin' out.
Well, almost.
[instrumental music]
Ooh oh ooh-oh
Ooh oh ooh-oh