Trouble Every Day (2001) Movie Script

on appointments
Let's go !
Come on !
You should stop the cigarettes Mr Perrin.
Yes doctor.
Of course, you always say that..
Put your clothes on.
No I didn't forget you Mrs Calmat.
Don't worry.
I'll come to see you after I'm done here.
See you later.
- OK. We'll see each other the 20th, as usual.
- Yes doctor.
- Good.
- I forgot my checkbook doctor.
It's no big deal...
You'll pay me next time, ok ?
- thank you.
Christelle ?
Is the 321 ready ?
Ok, can you come here one minute please ?
What do I do with that guy then ?
What guy ?
That american who's calling all the time...
Do you take his call ?
He's been waiting at least 10 minutes.
Listen Malcot...
I've got a meeting in 20 minutes..
I haven't finished yet...
No tell him to call back.
Always on time
I don't want to wait anymore, Lo.
I want to die.
Breakfast, please.
Malcot !
Listen Malcot I've nothin to tell him,
He bugs me !
What's this ?
It's all his faxes actually.
You psycho !
I'm coming !
Come on, let's eat !
We're waiting for you !
- Come in !
- I don't know...
Come, come, come !
What's this shit ?
Come see this !
- Fuck no, let's go now !
- Leave me alone, stay here if you want !
- Please...
- Leave me !
today ?
Last night
Really ?
Oh shit !
I hope I didn't make a mistake...
Shiiiiit ! Shit !
You wouldn't have a cigarette Malcot ?
Thank you.
- I need six months.
- You can't !
It doesn't fit !
You know that i don't ask for much.
Just a favor
I need a little time.
You can help me.
It does not fit !
Do it for Cor at least!
Do it for her !
I can't...
Allo ? Who's calling ?
You don't feel well ?
You're late this morning...
Hello. How are you ?
See you tomorrow honey.