Trouble Is My Business (2018) Movie Script

(orchestral music)
(dramatic music)
Take me to the cemetery.
She's still alive.
This better be good.
I wish I could say it was.
(dramatic orchestral music)
It started the other night, Lew.
I was alone in my office.
Nothing in there seemed like
it belonged to me anymore
including me.
Goodnight, Drake
It's a shame what happened.
(phone ringing)
We're closed.
[Woman] Roland Drake?
[Woman] I want to see you.
Well pick up a
local gossip rag.
You'll see plenty.
[Woman] I do read the papers.
I gathered you weren't
planning on being
a very busy man anymore.
[Woman] That doesn't
change the fact that I need
to see you... now.
Come back tomorrow.
I won't be busy then either.
[Woman] I'm downstairs.
I said now.
Well I can't say
no to a lady...
(phone clicks)
or you.
[Roland Voiceover] I made a
feeble attempted to straighten
things up for her, to hide
the inward chaos of my life
before her shadow
eclipsed everything.
It's open.
(dramatic music)
Never thought you'd save me?
Give me time.
Looks like you
only have 30 days.
All right so how can
I help you missus...
Miss Montemar.
Of course.
[Roland Voiceover]
She had a face
that would launch
1,000 ships and a body
that would bring them back.
You mentioned needing saving.
Sadly it's not coincidence
that I've come to you,
Mr. Drake.
I didn't think that
this was a happy accident.
Wise ass.
Wait till you get to
know the rest of me.
I'm not here to get
to know the rest of you.
[Miss Montemar] I'm here
to find out what happened
to my father.
Didn't I read something
about him going missing
in the papers last week?
I think my entire family's
in danger, Mr. Drake.
Who do you think did it?
I don't know.
Oh come on, Miss Montemar,
we both read the papers.
I don't believe the
story you're selling,
so why don't you just
take it to the cops.
He's missing.
I don't know that
he's been murdered.
And, the cops, yes,
they were very nice.
First time for anything.
They took his name
down, told me to call
if I heard from him.
Real helpful.
Well you want some
more real helpful advice?
You know from the papers
that missing persons cases
and me don't mix real well.
I don't play the
fool for anybody.
I'd like my desk back.
(dramatic music)
Wait a week and call.
I can't wait a week.
My uncle's gone missing now too.
I'm not that guy.
I'm not the guy in the papers.
I wouldn't let anything
happen to anyone.
I knew you weren't.
(dramatic music)
Miss Montemar.
I'm sorry this
happened to you.
I don't want sorry.
I want solved.
And, unless they find a body,
my father's never going to be
considered dead
which is why I want
more than his name in a list
and a phone call in a week.
Mr. Drake, in the papers,
you said that you were
the best missing
persons man in the city.
Are you the best?
Find out.
So how does this work?
It's working right now.
Shall we?
Yeah I think we
should probably start
with how he went missing.
No, my father and I were
supposed to have dinner
at home.
Oh, you still live at home?
Yes Mr. Drake,
I'm not married.
Oh good.
Why what does that
have to do with anything?
Nothing, that's for me.
So I take it dad never showed?
No, we haven't seen
him since Tuesday.
Does dad have a
habit of disappearing?
(dramatic music)
I don't know what kind
of people you're accustomed
to dealing with,
Mr. Drake, but we're
a normal family.
We're the victims here.
Usually the victim
knows the assailant.
The assailant feels justified.
So I have to ask this question
how did your family become
rich, Miss Montemar?
I am suddenly very sure
of one thing, Mr. Drake,
I don't have the
best man for the job.
Yeah, there's one
thing you've forgotten.
Oh really?
Do tell.
How would it look with
pieces of your clothing
all over my office?
Well you're the dective.
You tell me.
(thunder crashing)
(dramatic music)
(heavy breathing)
(dramatic music)
(ominous music)
(ominous music)
So you gonna invite me in?
Actually I'm right
in the middle of...
Hey, hate the DA not me.
You didn't listen to me.
Yeah MacDonald, I
appreciate what you...
Up kind of late again?
Yeah actually I
was just waking up.
Well I know you're going
through a hard patch, buddy.
It's okay.
Actually things have started
to pick up since you left.
Well you made me too good
a detective to believe that.
I can't believe the
newspapers are making
such a stew about
that missing girl.
You'd think that
you'd kidnapped her.
Yeah, well I appreciate
you backing me up.
Oh I see.
Well I didn't know
you weren't alone.
Anyone you know?
I'm alone.
I wanna be alone.
Okay, sure.
Can I use your bathroom?
All right.
This came for you at my office.
If you could take
care of your half,
well I'd appreciate it.
Here let me take it.
Hope you get things
straightened out, my friend.
Like I said, I just need
some time to get on my feet.
You take care of yourself.
(phone ringing)
You look like
you've seen a ghost.
(phone ringing)
[Woman] Roland Drake?
[Woman] I need to see you.
Katherine, what's going on?
[Woman] I need to see you.
Can we meet at your office?
Yeah no, I'm not gonna be
in the office today actually.
[Woman] Now.
Yeah, oh yeah.
You see Lew, business
is picking up already.
Of course it is.
You might want to
get your door fixed.
Someone might break in.
[Roland Voiceover] Lew,
after I watched you walk away,
I went over my place
again and again.
How did this happen,
and I never woke up?
With every passing
minute, I was feeling
like it happened in a
dream, like I'd fallen
for a ghost.
I needed to get back to the
only place I could think.
(dramatic music)
(tense music)
(pencil clattering)
I caught a whiff of perfume
like sweet temptation.
Last thing I needed.
Sorry I'm closed.
Actually I'm expecting someone.
[Blonde Woman] More correctly,
you were expecting me.
No, no I wasn't.
Who are you?
I'm scared, Mr. Drake.
I'm Jennifer.
Why the gun?
Katherine's sister.
(dramatic music)
Don't you make a habit
of remembering the names
of the ladies that come to you?
I remember if it's business.
Well then I'm surprised
you don't remember Katherine.
I expect you gave her quit
the business last night.
Look why are you here?
I'm here to find out
what you did to my sister.
Now are you gonna help me
or are you just sticking
your nose where
it doesn't belong?
Look lady...
Or is nose off the mark?
How can I help you, sister?
You are still a detective
after all, aren't you Mr. Drake?
I mean perhaps not
a very good one.
Let's see remembering
things would be
a minimum requirement.
Do you remember my name,
or have I given you
enough to go on, huh?
I remember if it's
important, Jennifer.
That's my business.
And, I remain too much
of a lady to inquire
what you do remember
about Katherine.
She came her last
night, didn't she?
She did.
It was before closing.
Yeah, now she's missing.
People in my family
are missing, Mr. Drake.
Where is she?
Where is she?
What did you do to my sister?
Beyond the obvious, nothing.
Don't lie to me!
Please Mr. Drake, my entire
life is disappearing.
If my father is dead,
then Katherine stands
to inherit my entire
family fortune.
Now I can't find Katherine.
That makes me next.
All right, that
I will remember.
And, then I wake
up this morning,
and I see this envelope full
of pictures of the two of you.
Yeah, real nice.
I want to know what's
going on right now!
All right, calm down!
Those guns go off.
You want to sit down?
I'd like to call the police now.
You know what after last night,
I feel like I was
practically in your family.
I like your family.
Your sister came to me.
I'm not so sure about that.
Why don't we call the police
now, and we'll just all
look at these pictures
together, okay?
Fine, why don't we do that?
(dramatic music)
What are you gonna do
to me know, Mr. Drake?
Unfortunately I'm
gonna go to plan B.
I'm gonna offer you a seat
and a chance to listen.
(dramatic music)
Well it seems you have
more than just a professional
interest in missing persons
cases, don't you detective?
(dramatic music)
I don't get it.
Someone wants you
to think something.
But, that somebody thought
they had an airtight frame,
they would've sent these
things to the cops,
not to you in the morning.
I'm disarmed.
I guess now I have to
take your word for it.
Look you've got the
wrong idea about me.
Oh do I?
Because I would
really like to know
what do you think
is going on here?
I want to find out what
happened to Katherine.
I just don't want to get
involved in it with you.
You don't get involved
in this with me now,
and I make sure all of these
photos go to the police.
And, given your current
reputation, oh yeah.
All right fine.
We're in business together.
I normally make $35 a day.
We'll have to talk about that.
Yeah, well we're need
to talk about the jewelry.
What jewelry?
Come on, dumb's the one
thing that does't look good
on you.
We both know that the
jewelry had something to do
with this case.
What do you know
about the diamond?
The gem was one of the
things that came up last night.
It's so valuable how come
everyone in the world
isn't looking for it?
My father brought
it back secretly,
so only those of us in
the family even know
we need to be looking for it.
It could be very dangerous
for those that do know.
Well I'm being very
selective, Mr. Drake.
I always get picked
for the good stuff.
(tense music)
Who's this?
I've never seen him
before in my life!
(dramatic music)
Who are you?
(gargling blood)
What do you want?
Who are you?
(gun firing)
He was gonna, I
thought he might stab.
Oh my God, is he dead?
Yes, thanks to you.
Now that gun shot's not
gonna go unnoticed for long.
Are you sure you
don't recognize him?
I don't know him.
Well he seems to know you,
and somebody slit his throat
and didn't finish the job.
A dying assassin?
Maybe he found me
because of Katherine.
(door rattling)
Hey Drake, you
all right in there?
We heard something.
- We're fine.
- We're fine.
(tense music)
There's nothing in his
pocket except a matchbook
from the Wiltmore Hotel.
This mean anything to you?
No, I wish it did.
Jennifer, this is murder.
Oh if we're gonna have
to talk about murder,
then maybe we're gonna
have to tell the police
how you were with my missing
sister all last night,
and that I have pictures.
The police are gonna love you.
I don't need love.
I need help.
Claude, are you still there?
[Claude] Yeah,
but you got company.
I'm just trying to
help a lady out here.
Something fell.
[Claude] All right
it's nothing folks.
Something fell.
Lots of blood.
Don't worry about
it, I'm being evicted.
Okay get that rug.
He's bleeding everywhere.
I'll get it.
Just keep talking.
Let him wonder what
happened in there.
I see you like a
little innuendo.
Well not a little one.
I'm gonna need
some more information
about the diamond.
I know a place we can talk,
and the food's survivable.
Are you asking me to
lunch at a time like this?
Yes, and since you're
paying me 35 a day,
it's on you.
Your pick.
Well I do know a place
within walking distance.
But, are you
familiar with Orlov?
No, good food?
And, then in the
1700s it was stolen.
It was later passed
down to a Russian count,
Gregory Orlov, and
he was a paramour
of the legendary empress
Catherine the Great.
He was using the diamond
to try to win her love.
But no, not even with
the purest of diamonds.
Who else found out
what it was worth?
Well a lot of people
know what it's worth.
Napoleon himself
tried to find it.
But, his armies were
warned by a ghost
that there would
be consequences.
No, I meant who found
out what it's worth
more recently?
More recently there was
this pair of Russian twins
who lept to their deaths
after possessing it.
And, my father, he's
not the kind of man
that believes in cures, but
even he was gonna have it
recut, and then he disappeared.
[Roland] How did your
father get the diamond?
I don't know.
Worth a look.
We can find out
how he got it here.
Maybe we find out who
else knows about it.
And, how soon can you pay me?
Mr. Drake?
For you.
(dramatic music)
Where's my tip?
Eat your vegetables.
What was that?
Another ghost.
Never mind.
Now with a diamond
like that, it requires
a big operator.
It's not the kind of
thing that you can sell
on the open market.
I know.
And, that's why I'm worried
about what's gonna happen
to the rest of my family.
Your father was
an archeologist,
so why didn't he just
give it to a museum?
Well for all I know,
he was planning on it.
I don't know.
He was on the board
of several museums.
A diamond like
this is gonna attract
the wrong kind of attention
no matter what your family
tries to keep a secret.
Now you mentioned
that Katherine was set
to inherit all of
your family fortune.
Why don't you get half?
Come to dinner
tonight, you'll see.
You know I didn't hurt her.
You remind me of her.
Well we're sisters.
Look Mr. Drake, I'm not ready
to turn you in just yet,
just arrive at seven.
If you hear from Katherine,
will you let me know?
Of course.
(dramatic music)
I got it.
You're broke.
$1.47, still got an
eye for detail, Lew.
You trained me well.
We spent a lot of
years together.
Who's the girl?
Potential client, like
I said things are starting
to pick up.
Is that the girl that was
in your apartment last night?
Busy man.
Where's that one?
I saw the state you were in.
A needle mark in your arm,
I got a tip for you buddy.
I can't cover for
you the way I did
with the missing girl.
And, I think someone's onto you.
You didn't need
to cover for me.
That was the whole problem.
Just trying to help.
Need any help now?
Just a $1.47.
Plus the tip?
All in the details.
Perhaps that's why
Jennifer Montemar hired you.
You're a detail man.
(dramatic music)
Any change, mister?
I wish.
(dramatic music)
That was the first time
I knew you were
really onto me, Lew.
So I figured the Orlov diamond
was my best chance
at finding Katherine.
Knowing her missing uncle
was a jeweler of course,
you did the usual.
(dramatic music)
I checked every
jewelry dealer in town
even the ones that
didn't have a store,
nothing, not even
a missing jeweler.
(glass shattering)
That bothered me,
and I bothered them.
And, they made not
secret about it.
And, you right at my
heels, well you always knew
how I felt about that.
My life might have
been a slow drip,
but I was definitely bleeding.
And, two Montemars
walk into my office.
Katherine made me
feel alive again,
but Jennifer made me
want to stay that way.
(dramatic music)
I arrived for dinner
at the Montemar house
thinking maybe I could find out
what a respectable,
normal family looked like.
'Cause in my line,
I'd never met one.
(doorbell ringing)
Roland Drake, a
private investigator
of Miss Jennifer's acquaintance
who is indeed expected.
Anything else?
Yes, I can't say I care
very much for your shoes.
Please come in.
(clock striking the time)
[Woman] Rivers,
there's no longer steam
coming off of my tea!
(dramatic music)
Mr. Drake, thank you
so much for coming.
Miss Montemar.
Hey baby, who's the rube?
Mr. Roland Drake,
please meet John Shannon.
Mr. Drake has agreed to help me.
Roland, I want to
thank you so much
for helping my girl out.
You know I just gotta
say thanks for just going
out of your way for her.
Yeah well not that
helping her doesn't have
its own benefits,
but it is my job.
What's your job?
Oh I'm her fella.
You're a working guy.
I like helping out.
I help her in, I help her
out of things for free.
But, I got other hobbies.
You want a bell pally?
You mean a drink
or an opportunity?
Both are my bag, right baby?
Dinner's being served.
Johnny, please do try not
to upset mother tonight.
I'm pretty sure the
tin start might upset her
just a little more, huh.
And, I'm sorry if Johnny
appears rude, Mr. Drake.
He really can be very sweet.
Can't you, lover?
For you.
Yeah, all right, see youse.
I had an ex secretary
who was real sweet.
Was she?
Yeah, she made
me feel real good,
and when I gave her
dictation, she made me feel
real smart.
Oh you can be a
heel, huh Mr. Drake?
I can be.
Well you don't have
to make a pose of it.
It's the only
pose I have left.
I am gonna have to ask
your fella some questions.
Of course, Johnny would
be more than happy to help
any way he can.
Oh I got that the first time.
And, I will have to ask
your mother some questions.
Well maybe not
too many questions.
Really why?
You'll understand.
Miss Evelyn Montemar, I
present a Mr. Roland Drake,
a private investigator of
Miss Jennifer's acquaintance.
Please don't stand.
I never do.
Where's my first born
isn't Katherine joining us?
There hasn't been word, madam.
Well just us tonight.
Katherine was quite
a dish, Mr. Drake.
You know you might even
have a shot with her.
Did you?
No, but I got a
thing for brunettes.
Evelyn quite the
spread tonight I must say
like mother like daughter.
You're not funny.
No one thinks you're funny.
(dramatic music)
Is there anything
else I can do?
You do enough.
He's been my strength since
your father disappeared
last week.
Sweet man.
Private investigator, hey?
Aren't you good enough
to be a police detective?
(Johnny laughing)
No, my shoes squeak
too much ask Rivers.
I don't like a man
with a sense of humor.
I find it almost as unattractive
as a woman with one.
Depends on what
she's laughing at.
I rarely laughed before my
accident, and less so now.
Although I do find it
amusing that Jennifer
has brought you into our
family business, why?
I would like to
help your daughter.
For a fee, I'm sure.
Well even a shamus gotta eat.
Thank you.
Jennifer doesn't have
her own money, Mr. Drake.
So you must be working for me.
Yeah we like hard workers
around here, Mr. Drake.
Yet, you're here
too Johnathan.
I told Jennifer about
the newspaper stories
of your disgraceful
behavior, Mr. Drake.
[Roland] Wait till
you see how I eat.
Mother, please
you're being rude.
I have a certain morbid
fascination with failing.
So it was difficult to mask
my delight at meeting you.
You probably noticed.
No, as you and your
daughter keep pointing out,
I'm not that good a detective.
I'm not surprised that Jennifer
sought you out, Mr. Drake.
I'm sure you're the only
detective she could recollect
from my opinions of
your failings regarding
that poor girl.
Katherine is the
reader in this family.
Just because you read
accusations in the newspaper,
doesn't make 'em true.
Yeah, didn't they say that
you were the best, Mr. Drake?
My partner Lew would
agree with you, Johnny.
Smart man.
Lew MacDonald's integrity
seems quite unassailable.
Frankly I'm not surprised
he left your partnership.
He cuts quite a fine
figure of a man in print.
Lew's always been
uncompromising when it comes
to appearances.
Well you seem a
little more flexible.
I was down on my luck, Johnny.
Why don't you take up reading,
find out what's going on?
Sadly, the only thing
these two ever seem to read
are the funny papers
and the obituaries.
Mother, I invited
Mr. Drake here tonight
because I believe that
he can do more for us
than the police are doing.
Wouldn't it make more
sense for you to take
whatever you find to the
police instead of here to us?
No more sense than
slitting my own throat
to get some fresh air.
I do wish Katherine were here.
She would know what to do.
I've often thought
that Katherine took
all the refinement
from my womb and left
precious little for out
fascinating Jennifer.
Evelyn, Jennifer
brought me here,
and I'm willing to do
what's necessary to help.
Seems you've done
more than necessary
as far as the police
were concerned.
Perhaps, without
you that poor girl
would still be alive.
The girl's family
contacted me when the police
appeared to be doing nothing.
I found the girl, and I said so.
She died.
The DA and the police
made it easy to hate me
and hard for me to stay
out of a permanent address
with three squares and a cot.
The police are doing
everything they can for us.
(dramatic music)
I am beside myself
without my Wilson.
All right, I have a
certain morbid curiosity.
When is the last time
you saw your husband?
The last time I saw Wilson
was here at home last week.
When was that exactly?
Tuesday 2:15, he received
a guest in his study.
What was the guest's name?
When Mr. Montemar
has company come
to the backdoor, I've been
given specific instructions
not to notice.
And, his name was?
The monogram on his
briefcase bore the letters GG.
You did notice.
Only the third visit.
What happened?
[Rivers] He visited
for 31 minutes
and as per my instructions,
I have no idea
about the nature
of his business.
[GG] As long as
Nadia's book is missing,
the operation is not safe.
The diamond will never be
safer than it is with me.
Well afraid we must
disagree, my friend.
Nadia's death could...
[Rivers] I'm sorry to
say I didn't see or hear
any of their conversation
You're being coy with
me, aren't you Rivers?
It hadn't occurred to me, no.
The house isn't that big,
someone had to see him leave.
[Roland] Rivers?
No, honestly no.
All right so nobody say Wilson
or this GG leave the house?
I assumed he was
delayed with business,
so we ate dinner without
him which is normally beyond
I waited some time for
him, and then I had
Rivers put me to bed.
And, you never followed
up, and you never called
the police?
Later I thought I
heard them in the study.
I heard voices.
Wouldn't be the first time.
Jennifer, we agreed how
unattractive that sense
of humor is, didn't we?
(dramatic music)
Jennifer, I never asked you
where you were that night.
Oh you don't have to
wait for the door.
You can just go ahead and
answer the question right now.
I spent the entire
day with John.
Yeah it was great.
It was a very good day.
Very great.
And, then I came
home late, alone,
and found out that my
father was missing.
Not much of a alibi.
Hey, how 'bout I pop you
right in the kisser, all right!
[Evelyn] Gentlemen!
Hey I'm just trying
to keep it civil
with this flat tire.
What's your alibi?
She just said it.
(doorbell ringing)
You got something
in your ears, pally?
Can't hear anything?
What do you want me to say?
We had a lovely afternoon.
We did things that a
fella does with his dame.
It was a lovely afternoon.
It's not your
business, all right?
What'd you see?
What'd you do?
I saw a lot of this
lovely young lady,
and you better keep
your eyes off, pal.
I see what you're
doing with those eyes.
This belongs to me.
It's off limits.
You want to ask
some more questions?
Detective Barry Tate
of the Los Angeles
Police Department.
(ominous music)
Please excuse
the interruption.
I'm just here to ask, Drake?
I hope you're here in
a non working capacity.
We're birds of a
feather that way, Barry.
I'm here about
Wilson Montemar.
I'm Jennifer Montemar.
What have you discovered?
Well Miss Montemar, we
found your father's car
abandoned on Hope
Street near Sixth.
What about my father?
Well Miss, we haven't found
him or his belongings yet.
But, we did find fresh
blood in the car,
and I figure with that
blood that this is becoming
less and less a
missing persons case.
What is interesting?
[Roland] 'Cause you
figured something out, Bar.
I will allow you to
stay in my presence
for a moment, but there's
something more important here,
finding Wilson Montemar.
Now there you might
have figured wrong.
And, why is that, Drake?
Do you care to tell the
law something for a change?
I don't have my
fingers in all the pies
the way you do.
Well I am not
leaving this place
until I have found out
everything that I need to know
to help you, Evelyn.
Now Evelyn, is there
something else we should be
looking for here?
I don't know what
you're asking of me.
I believe you.
Jennifer, I believe that
you are so concerned
with getting back
what is yours, well,
have you any idea what
your father is up to?
I only know that he's
missing, and that you found
his car.
Well it's lucky that I'm here.
Give me one reason why I
should leave you in this room,
I like cooked goose,
and the company's good.
Maybe Katherine knows.
When do I get to talk
to her in person?
Katherine's not here is she?
You didn't try to help
her like you helped
that missing girl,
Nadia, did you Drake?
You know the one that's dead.
No if anyone's
gonna help a girl,
you're the one to
pull the trigger.
Don't mess this one up.
You don't talk
with your hands.
Oh I'm going to be
doing more than talking
with my hands.
There's ladies present.
Funny last words, Drake.
Detective Tate, I don't
appreciate violence in my house.
Yes, thank you very much
for all of the information
and please let us know if
you discover anything else.
Thank you for coming.
I would dissuade your
daughter from having
any further contact
with Roland Drake, mam.
So would I.
I will be talking
to all of you.
(dramatic music)
Well, that was delicious.
(dramatic music)
I still need you.
(dramatic music)
Although I've no sensation,
the pain is constant.
(dramatic music)
(rocks clattering)
(dramatic music)
Blame where there
should be love.
(dramatic music)
I'm sure you mean guilt
where there should be love.
Why Jennifer, I never
get such a rise out of you.
Mother, I let you
berate me and berate me
day after day and
night after night,
but not tonight.
No, you're gonna shut your trap!
You don't dare
speak to me that...
Yes, I do.
I know a mother should never
feel what I feel for you.
Rivers, I want you to
call Lew MacDonald.
Get him on the telephone.
Tell him I will pay him
whatever he requires of me
to get to the bottom of this.
Tell him!
Mother, I already
have Mr. Drake.
[Evelyn] It should be
you, not me in that chair.
(dramatic music)
So, like your
goose cooked, hey?
It pains me as a
mother that you are
such a disappointment.
Well then allow me
to take away your pain.
Beverly Hills 4044,
the Lew MacDonald Agency.
[Jennifer] What you...
Hello Mr. MacDonald.
[Jennifer] Paid
more attention to me
This is the
Montemar residence.
[Jennifer] instead of
blaming me for everything.
We'd like to engage your
services tomorrow morning.
[Evelyn] There would
be nothing to blame.
Oh that?
(Jennifer yelling)
That's an unseemly radio play
I have in the background.
I should've turned that
down, I'm terribly sorry.
So tomorrow morning
bright and early?
Yes, it is a delightful
surprise, isn't it?
[Evelyn] Rivers!
Here, use the pillow.
It helps with her pain.
(ominous music)
You don't have the guts.
[Barry] You can't leave
well enough alone, can you?
You won't make
it stop doing this.
I had it all wrapped
up in a neat little box.
She doesn't have to be found.
Yeah so, that little black
book was worth killing her,
No, you killing
her was worth it.
I protect and serve my
city, and the profitability
of our ventures.
I was mad that you
didn't get the chair
for murdering that
backstabbing little...
Well I guess you don't
control everything, do you?
Oh yes, but there is one
thing I control tonight.
You may disappear.
That's a shame 'cause
I have the black book.
[Barry] Liar.
You wouldn't risk it.
The only one at risk is you.
No one knows you're
up here with me.
Now we've spent
enough time together
for you to tell me
where the book is now.
If not, you
eventually will beg me
to throw you off this roof.
You're a missing person.
You always were.
Nobody's gonna come and find you
because nobody cares.
(fleshy thudding)
Why don't you pull up a chair?
I got a nice view.
We got options.
You don't have any options.
You are going to disappear.
Just like you did
to Katherine Montemar?
I heard tonight.
Let me clue you in.
She's dead.
You're lying.
I ask the questions,
you give the answers.
If you don't, you are going...
Turn around, officer.
Get back to what you were doing.
It's not that, sir.
You said that you didn't
want to be interrupted
unless he showed up.
He's here.
All right.
Such a nice evening,
really nice evening.
You know I think
I'll give you a break
until I get back.
How 'bout a jaw?
(fleshy crunching)
(tense music)
Stay safe.
(tense music)
(phone ringing)
I found her.
I found Nadia.
(dramatic music)
Get out of there.
What are you talking about?
I found the girl.
Call the police.
(fleshy sucking)
(dramatic music)
(guns firing)
(guns firing)
(dramatic music)
(guns cocking)
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(thunder crashing)
(dramatic music)
(thunder crashing)
(chair clattering)
(tense music)
[Barry] This is how
we do things in my city.
When things move through,
I serve and protect.
I always get my cut,
my piece of everything.
You can't change this.
[Man] You changed it
when you killed his niece.
[Barry] You don't know
that I killed his niece.
[Man] We know everything.
That's why you work for us.
[Barry] I may work for
you, but this is my city.
This isn't some painting
or broken piece of pottery
this time.
This rock is the most valuable
item we've ever moved,
and I get my cut.
[Man] You are, to
use the term of your
own organization, on probation.
They will decide when you
are part of this again.
[Barry] I won't
standby on this one.
My forces are powerful,
and you need me.
When I find this...
[Man] Stay out of it.
It is beyond you now.
[Barry] Nothing
is beyond my reach.
[Man] Don't you dare
walk away from me.
(safe dial clicking)
(tense music)
[Man] Find where Montemar
is, bring him to us.
(safe latch clicking)
Make problems, and it is
you who will be exported.
[Barry] You think you
can come into my precinct,
my office, and
tell me what to do?
I am this city.
This is my rule of law.
If you want to live,
don't ever tell me
what to do again.
(speaking in a foreign language)
[Man] You...
(gun firing)
(thunder crashing)
(dramatic music)
(phone ringing)
(tense music)
(safe clicking)
(tense music)
Mathews, another
suspect tried to escape.
Clean this mess up.
(dramatic music)
I want everyone of our
men looking for Drake.
He's still got that book.
(thunder crashing)
Nadia had a book.
Black with the dark
afterglow confessions
written in her own code.
Her words up till then
were the only safe
I could never crack.
Police corruption,
Wilson's own name,
and the priceless
things moving through
the deepest arteries
of the city unseen
all found new meaning
in the diamond
as it flawlessly destroyed
the Montemar family.
The black book wasn't
just an insurance policy
anymore, it was a chance
to set it all right.
You had it?
Of course, well played.
Where was it?
Just curious.
Fine, so that's why no one would
really testify against you.
Very well played.
A lot of names in that book.
If anything happened to
me, I made provisions.
(dramatic music)
[Officer] Geez
Drake, this place
is a Petrie dish of germs.
(dramatic music)
(phone clicking)
[Dispatcher] Dispatch.
Tate, I want an all
points bulletin put out
on Roland Drake.
[Dispatcher] What's
the charge, sir?
The charge?
I found blood.
I'll come up with something.
[Dispatcher] Yes sir.
(dramatic music)
Move over
Jennifer, I'll drive.
(dramatic music)
So Wilson seems to be missing.
I know, and I'm really
worried about my father.
Montemars always know
more than they tell.
He and I were working a deal.
I know you have a precious
little (knife clicking) item.
Are we driving someplace?
Even with him gone, it
doesn't mean you and I
can't be in bed together.
We've always been
close, Jennifer.
Never with my consent.
Now let's do
this deal together,
and then you and I
can go somewhere new,
a cottage in the woods,
neighbors miles away
visit only occasionally.
They smile at us and pat
our children on the head,
never knowing.
You have to give it to me.
Give it to me now!
(fleshy sucking)
(dramatic music)
What happened to you?
So after dinner, I was
peeking in your mom's bedroom.
I fell.
Tate caught me.
I wish I hit the ground.
(dramatic music)
So what are we
gonna do about John?
(glass shattering)
(dramatic music)
Rivers you've been my
strength since my Wilson
You're so good to me.
I don't tell.
This is getting weird.
Things are making so
much sense right now.
I'm glad they are for you.
Oh my God, why
are you doing this?
Rivers, you
handsome, handsome man.
Wait till they
find out I'm dead.
Is she really dead?
(dramatic music)
Please comb my hair
before the police arrive.
The police can't come.
(dramatic music)
That would be a
Mr. John Shannon
uncharacteristically early.
Johnny hi, I'm so
glad you're here.
Drake, what are
you doing here?
I'm just here to check
out her father's study.
Oh no, that room's been
gone over many times.
Don't bother.
Well do you mind if
I earn my 45 a day?
35 a day.
You look like you
could use a beer.
You know I could use one.
A little early.
It's late for me.
[Roland] You got all the
sides covered don't you?
Excuse me?
You and me in the bedroom.
That was real.
And, what's this?
This was covering our bases.
Don't do me any favors.
Are you crazy?
All of that had to
happen in front of you.
Don't question my feelings.
It's a simple mistake.
You show me some affection,
and I go and believe it.
You know you might actually
like how this turns out.
My father's study's
down the hallway.
I'll meet you there.
Do you trust me?
Do you trust me?
What is he doing here?
Was he here all night?
Why are you in your nightgown?
Was he in your bedroom?
What does he know?
Calm down.
We will find out.
Now about Drake.
Oh yeah, shush.
We'll find out what
he knows together.
Do you honestly think
he knows something
he's not telling us?
I got an idea.
(dramatic music)
Johnny, you're
kidding right tough guy?
I don't like Johnny.
Neither do I.
Much as I don't want
to, I'll have to hurt her
if you don't talk.
You're all heart.
We're gonna talk about you,
we're gonna talk about
that Orlov diamond.
I think you know more
than you're letting on.
You need to stop that.
I love Jennifer, and
I won't let you ruin it!
You're good for her,
oh I can see that.
If you care anything
about her whatsoever,
you're gonna tell me what
you know about that diamond.
I can't tell you
where the diamond is.
(dramatic music)
Look you're jealous,
I get it Drake,
but let's make things real
spiffy and tell the whole story.
You first.
What whole story, Johnny?
What whole story?
Oh, I got him interested now.
Wilson, he's not missing.
I know he's dead.
That's right eagle eye.
He's dead.
Wait a minute, how did?
No one's seen
him for seven days.
There is no body, so no
one's gonna squat hot for it.
In fact the file in
Tate's office said
no one contacted the
police or the family
for ransom which can
only mean one thing.
Despite all appearances,
the Montemar family
has no money.
They don't?
No, of course.
That's why the diamond
is so important.
Anyone who sells that
diamond on the black market
would be set for life.
How do you know this?
My father never told me.
Obviously he wouldn't
tell you because that
would tie him to the Russian
mod and to illegal trafficking.
How do I know it?
Well he told it to someone
else in bed months ago.
And, a girl named
Nadia wrote it down.
It didn't make
sense until today.
(dramatic music)
All this time they've
been looking for Wilson,
we've been looking
for the diamond.
[Roland] We?
Oh yeah, that's the best part.
You're gonna die, and
there won't be no murder
'cause they won't find no body
because we always...
Who's we, Johnny?
You know.
Who's we?
Wait just wait.
Who is we?
You better tell me.
That's it Jennifer.
You're crazy.
You wanna know who
killed him, Drake?
Gun's not loaded, Roland.
What, you little bitch,
what are you doing?
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
Son of a bitch.
(guns firing)
[Roland Voiceover] It
was the first and last time
Johnny ever touched a book.
(dramatic music)
(door squeaking)
(dramatic music)
Oh I'll have to clean that up.
[Roland] Go.
That was exciting.
With you it usually is.
I would never in my life.
I mean I have seen some,
heard some crazy things
in my life.
But, that was almost arousing.
Is that okay?
Oh my gosh, wow.
That was wow.
[Roland] He wants
to kill us I think.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(latch clicking)
(dramatic music)
I swear I'm not trying
to be presumptuous,
but I honestly feel that
a motel is our best bet.
Oh you're not being
presumptuous, not at all.
(happy orchestral music)
[Roland Voiceover] It felt
right to be there nest to her.
With her sister, it had
been lust, a challenge.
But, with Jennifer,
even how her body moved
in such an unconsciously
alluring manner, melted me
in a way I didn't
have a name for.
Planning another invasion?
Well actually I was
kind of hoping you were.
(dramatic music)
How about India?
Katherine always
wanted to go to India
if she even knows where it is.
Just say anything to
get out of that house.
Jennifer if there's ever
gonna be an us anywhere,
you need to know everything.
Is there an us?
Isn't there?
I woke up that day,
and there was blood.
And, I don't know what happened,
or why I didn't wake up.
Maybe I was drugged.
But, I opened my eyes
and there was the blood,
her blood everywhere.
You have to believe me.
Not hurt her.
It kills me that I
haven't solved the crime.
And, then you
walked into my life
and things got all.
(dramatic music)
Nadia's death has,
forgive me Wilson
how do you say this,
changed the game.
And, your exorbitant
bet and continued excess
will bury your family.
(dramatic music)
So now you know we're poor.
Did he give you the diamond?
No, you'll never
get it from me.
Okay as discussed,
we'll beat it out of him.
Where is the diamond?
Where is it?
(dramatic music)
All the love I have
for you is in that safe.
(dramatic music)
It's empty.
Take care of the body.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(car starting)
[Roland Voiceover] My
dear, I cannot sleep.
I have to go back to the house.
We need money, and I know where
my father has some hidden.
As much as you might
disagree, I cannot spend
the rest of my time
in this negligee.
I hope I'll be back before
you even read this, J.
I need a cab.
So I followed her.
I was thinking
clearly enough to know
that after having her, I
wouldn't be thinking clearly.
You never let yourself fall
for a dame in our business
let alone two in one week.
Sisters, (laughing)
naughty, naughty, naughty.
Bad for business.
I didn't follow her
because I didn't trust her.
I followed her because I had to.
She left a trail
of all my hopes.
Like crumbs in the forest.
Why is it so important?
Who cares about what's in
her little black book anyway?
You should care.
I'm in her little black book.
He is in her little
black book, and you
are in her little
black book too.
Tonight we are going
to go and relieve Drake
of his little get out
of jail free card.
Now fortunately, we
found blood in his house.
We have a proper
warrant for his office.
Operator, get me
the reporter's desk
at the Harold Express.
(tense music)
Let's wait.
(tense music)
Eyes on the road.
(tense music)
Katherine, son of a...
Does she take it all off, huh?
(tense music)
(tense music)
Boy, that was close.
You think.
(tense music)
You want me to wait?
Does this look like
my final destination?
That's sarcasm, right?
Yes, it's sarcasm.
Flash me if we find we're
not alone, all right?
Do you want me to
blow the horn too?
There goes your tip.
I'll keep the fare running.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(horn honking)
(dramatic music)
Everything okay, Bert?
Yeah, waiting on a fare.
(dramatic music)
Well good luck
with that, Bert.
Listen we got an APB on
this guy, Roland Drake.
You seen him?
(horn honking)
(dramatic music)
We need to get back to
the house I was casing.
Listen Drake, I don't
want to get you turned in,
but I also don't want to be an
accomplice to your peepshow.
Why don't I take you
back to that motel,
and we'll call it even?
(dramatic music)
Mr. Claude Allen,
I asked a question.
You will answer.
(fleshy thudding)
Drake's a good man, detective.
I think you railroaded him.
You will do what I say.
(flash popping)
Arrest them!
We didn't see anything.
You want us to
arrest the reporters?
My family.
(dramatic music)
Extra, extra,
read all about it.
Hey Mr. Drake, up early?
How 'bout a newspaper Scotty.
Sure thing, lots of bad news.
It should be a good morning.
The DA guy who was
after you got his, huh?
I guess there is justice.
Well I wouldn't
want to be caught dead
at his funeral.
(dramatic music)
[Roland Voiceover] I got
back just ahead of her, Lew.
My whole world had changed
knowing Katherine was
still in it.
I knew that my feelings
for Jennifer were deepening
clouding everything
including the job
she'd hired me to do.
Oh good, you got my note.
We need to talk.
Oh yeah, we do.
Okay let me talk first.
So I went back to the
house, packed our bags.
Then I went to check on Johnny.
Roland, he wasn't there.
His body wasn't there.
There was no body, and
I searched that house.
And, there was no body.
And, it scared the
heck out of me,
so I got our stuff
and I came here.
I got out of there
as fast as I could.
Who do you think
moved the body?
Why are you looking
at me like that?
Who do you think moved the body?
Time for a confession.
Roland, I don't
even know what...
I followed you tonight.
Katherine moved Johnny's body.
You're sitting here
trying to tell me
she's still alive?
Look I know that
you love your sister.
So she's still alive?
Yeah, but you need
to consider the fact
that she might be
behind all of this.
She faked her own disappearance.
This is the genius
of this whole thing.
She's taking bodies and
burying them in open graves.
No body, no crime.
Either that or she's
trying to protect me
because that's what she's
done her entire life, Roland.
You don't know her.
Rivers, he told you about
some guy with the initials GG
when we were at dinner.
So if GG is so important
to keep secret,
maybe we should
be looking for GG.
That would be my
next course of action.
It's unmarked except for GG.
Unmarked mail's the best.
Those are the ones who
don't want to be found.
The man that attacked
us in my office,
he had a matchbook from here.
(dramatic music)
There you go.
Take good care
of it for you, sir.
Don't worry, it's not ours.
(dramatic music)
Is Clark Gable staying here?
Sir, Clark Gable has not
checked into our establishment.
How 'bout William Powell?
Not the William Powell,
but a William Powell.
We may have a celebrity
or celebrities staying here.
Alas, if only you
knew their name,
then I could find him for you.
Shall I call security and
show you the front door.
Nah, we saw it on the way in.
(dramatic music)
You know that five
spot you gave me?
Well someone just
arrived in your car.
Three, two, one, the
receptionist's finger
hesitated on one name.
Receptionist's fingers
always hesitate
on the one name they
don't want to reveal.
(dramatic music)
Two of them, they're
on their way up.
No idea, but they thought
they were very clever.
320, 321, wow you were right.
This is not your room.
Well that's a relief
because you look like you hog
the sheets.
We are here to see Mr. GG.
Mr. GG?
I'm sorry Mr. GG
does not see anyone
without an invitation.
I got an invitation
right here.
Good luck.
(dramatic music)
(speaking in a foreign language)
I must say I am very,
very sorry of the events
of the Montemar
household have been
so deeply distressing for you.
And, the infamous Mr. Drake
scourge of the police.
I am Gavron Grozney a friend
of the family you could say.
Let's talk about
the Orlov diamond.
So now you and Miss
Montemar find yourselves
in quite an uncomfortable
position, no?
Really what would that be?
Everyone who comes in
contact with the diamond dies.
You're in contact with it.
You are not a
villain, Mr. Drake.
The whole city has
tried to make you to be
such a person, but try as you
might, I know you are not.
(dramatic music)
The missing Russian girl,
Nadia, she was my niece.
Wait, you're the GG that's
all over her black book?
Not in the customer section,
but you're the busy man
she admired so much?
(speaking in a foreign language)
Information is the
currency of our business,
it's true.
You do not rise to become
the head of the Russian
black market without
knowing the value
of having crippling
information about the corrupt
and inelegant police force.
The pitifulness of
their own corruption
makes them vulnerable
to my temptations.
Was my father's diamond
one of your temptations?
But, if you have come for
your father's diamond,
you have come
woefully unprepared.
In fact, I am insulted
that you have come to me
bringing nothing but this girl.
(dramatic music)
(metal clanging)
Ow, you stop!
You stop that.
You are woman.
And, you stop hitting me.
[Roland] Yeah,
but that's my girl.
[Jennifer] And now you
seem to find yourself
in a most
uncomfortable position.
Miss Montemar, I
am very impressed.
I'm very impressed.
I can see why Mr. Drake
is so anxious to claim you
for his very own.
Do you have it?
Indeed comrade,
it is close by.
Then give it to me.
Be careful, they might shoot.
This is very frightening.
It is close by, but
not within reach.
Then reach further.
It is where every item
of great value in antiquity
should be, but it is
however not on display.
I'm not prepared to say more.
You don't need to.
A place with
antiquities, a museum.
Not on display, it's
just waiting to be sold
on the black market.
You are on a fool's errand.
My temptations
reach far and wide.
You are an honorable
man, Mr. Drake.
And, I meet so few of
them in this business,
but with her, I suspect
it will always be
unfinished business.
Yeah, that's our problem.
Sadly, one of many I'm afraid.
Listen to me.
Leave this place.
Leave this place,
leave the diamond,
leave the underbelly
of your pasts behind
and start again together
while you still can.
You two are very good together.
I came here for the diamond.
I want what's mine.
No matter who it destroys?
(dramatic music)
[Shadowed Man] Our
papers are being forced
to publish pictures of you
as you've seen fit to
draw us into the light
and have jeopardized our
largest transaction to date,
we have decided you are
permanently out any further
business arrangements.
To use the parlance of
chess, you are a pawn Tate.
You were always a pawn.
And, you're being
removed from the board.
A pawn?
I knew all the pieces would
be here half an hour ago.
Uniformed officers went
to each and everyone
of your oh so
carefully hidden homes.
Hat in hand, they
knocked on your doors
and then asked your
wives with your children
woken from their beds
could they come inside?
Oh they had bad news.
Now if any one of you wish to
see any of your family again,
you will tell me where the
Orlov diamond is being taken
Oh and as they say
in chess gentlemen,
Let's just find
the diamond and leave
the country together.
Listen if we return it to
India to the eye of Vishnu,
we will want for nothing.
Wait, we need to get
somethings clear here, sister.
I haven't solved one thing
you came to me to investigate.
What about your father?
What about the man
dead in my office?
And Katherine, I am not
stopping until I find out
how she's tied into all this.
Isn't that what you
were all fired up about?
After hearing Gavron,
a lot of things
are starting to make
sense, little things.
I came into possession
of a book awhile ago.
For months, it didn't make
sense, and then I met you.
All of a sudden,
random names, numbers,
information start popping up.
I think between that and you,
I could find this diamond.
I could bring down
Tate's operation.
And, I could finally
clean up this city
that you're suddenly in
such a hurray to leave.
And, get us both
killed in the process.
Gavron thought he was
being cryptic, all right.
But, that book is the
last missing puzzle piece
that makes all this make sense.
I could find your diamond.
Trust me?
I trust you.
(dramatic music)
Where to, mac?
1130 Linden Avenue,
Warehouse District.
(horn honking)
(dramatic music)
We're almost there.
How's the black book fit in?
So I broke into your house.
Broke into my house?
Best place to hide it.
Was at my house?
Yeah don't worry,
I didn't touch
your crappy brandy.
What about the Cognac?
It was good.
That's when I found out what
was so ingenious about Nadia.
All those random Russian
names all corresponded
to numbers.
Those numbers fit a grid that
matched the museum annex.
Gavron filled in the rest.
Jennifer and I didn't
know what we'd find
at the secret museum
annex, Katherine, Tate,
or hopefully just the diamond.
We only knew that we
had to get it tonight.
Or, the promise of the
jewel and a new life
would fade into the
darkness of the black market
and be lost forever.
(ominous music)
I want these wires
cut, the alarms off,
this building shutdown now.
Am I understood?
Yes, sir.
(ominous music)
Excuse me sir,
what are you doing?
No alarm has been set off.
(gun firing)
Alarmed yet.
(guns firing)
(dramatic music)
(guns firing)
(dramatic music)
(guns firing)
(dramatic music)
(guns firing)
(dramatic music)
(guns firing)
(dramatic music)
(guns firing)
(vase shattering)
(guns firing)
(gun firing)
If only we had guns.
(dramatic music)
I love you.
(guns firing)
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
(dramatic music)
(guns firing)
(dramatic music)
(guns firing)
(guns firing)
(dramatic music)
(guns firing)
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
Tate, you can't
get away with this!
Once again, your persistence
will be your undoing.
It's over Drake!
You're late again.
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
How does if feel to be just like
a frightened little
Russian girl pleading
for your worthless life and
no one's here to save you?
I'm not pleading.
Speaking of little
girls, you hit like one.
You know if you
were as half as smart
as your mouth, you would
have played ball with us
like your partner did.
You never did get
anything right, did you?
Well now this is the end.
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
Good luck with that.
Come on.
(tense music)
Looks like you're
at a dead end.
Wow, eye for detail, Lew.
Miss Montemar, I've been
admiring you from afar.
Of course, that's how
I get to know people.
But, most of all I've been
admiring that diamond.
I understand it's priceless.
So what's half of priceless?
Even you wouldn't.
Don't underestimate me, buddy.
I've always been willing
to do what you couldn't.
That's why I'm the one
with the nice suit,
the car, the
office, and the gun.
We were friends.
You can't ask me to choose.
Well profiting from an
unfortunate situation's
the only way to stay
sane in a city like this.
It doesn't take a
lot of detective work
to know you're sweet on
her, but I'm warning you.
You can't trust her.
You'll thank me for
shooting her, Roland.
As I say, we'll each
have half of priceless.
(hammer cocking)
(dramatic music)
Give it to me.
(guns firing)
(dramatic music)
Hey buddy.
Sorry Lew.
(gun firing)
She's priceless.
(dramatic music)
Tate is dead.
I know I must've been a thorn
in your side as a partner.
You made me too good a
detective to believe that.
A bull in a china shop can
be useful if not aggravating.
We have the diamond.
This is our chance.
Let's go.
Wait, there's a trail
of bodies leading to you.
I've seen Katherine
Montemar alive.
Come on, who sent
you the photos?
Who murdered your
mother, your father?
It doesn't matter.
We have the diamond,
and I love you.
So let's go.
I can meet you.
Remember the time I
told you to trust me?
And bring the world map too.
(dramatic music)
And you, I know what you want.
Pull yourself together
and meet me at my office.
(dramatic music)
(tense music)
Okay, so here's the plan.
I got a numbered key, number 77.
I got two boxes here.
One of them's the black book.
The other one is a letter.
I want both of
these to get to Lew.
If anything happens to
me, he'll know what to do.
(dramatic music)
Take me to the cemetery.
She's still alive.
This better be good.
I wish I could say it was.
(dramatic music)
Lots of bad news.
It should be a good morning.
The DA guy who was
after you got his, huh?
I guess there is justice.
[Roland Voiceover] Katherine.
That was the beauty
of Katherine's plan.
She was using the open
graves to bury bodies
so no one would look there.
The plan was perfect.
How much do I believe
Jennifer anymore?
She told me she didn't know him,
then she shot him.
This is Evergreen Cemetery.
If Katherine is the
key, and trust me,
I've learned enough
about this family to know
that someone's gonna be
at the DA's grave tonight.
I have more than
one gun, you know.
I was counting on it Lew.
I'll take priceless over
half of priceless any day.
Give me the black book Roland.
You don't want the diamond?
What would I do with it?
I couldn't even buy a
sandwich with that diamond.
But, the black book,
now that's everything
in this city.
I guess you can
trade in ruining lives
for cash forever, huh?
Where I'm going I don't need it.
I'm not coming back.
Where is it?
Don't think I won't use this.
And, here I
thought we made up.
Go to the drop box,
the one we used
when we were in
business together.
I'm not fond of you Roland.
I think you should go away.
But, with her, someplace
bright where you can see things
You always were a little
too shiny for the city.
In this world, the one
that cares more always loses.
The one with the
gun always wins.
Get out.
Katherine, you're
going away for good.
Roland, do you love me?
Nobody needs to know.
My family never told
anybody that Katherine
committed suicide.
I can be Katherine.
I can go into the
attorney's office.
I can get the house.
I can get everything,
and we can just go away.
We can leave here together.
I loved you.
Not now.
They need to know, and
you need to go away.
(fleshy sucking)
I can be Katherine for you.
You can have both of us.
(dramatic music)
I'm sorry, Drake.
You made me do this.
You made me.
I'm so sorry.
I loved you.
(dramatic music)
Lew, wait at your house.
It will arrive at dawn, Drake.
Son of a...
(dramatic music)
[Roland] I hope with all
that's left of my heart
that we're on our way to India,
and that you never see this.
If you are reading this,
I didn't get to cancel
the package with
this letter to Lew
because I was wrong
about you and about love.
But, I guess I was wrong
about a lot of things.
(dramatic music)
It was always about the diamond.
I was just part of a plan
that was hard and faceted
and icy as your
feelings and that rock.
You toyed with my heart
with fickle carelessness
and I fell for it.
(dramatic music)
(thunder crashing)
(dramatic music)
(thunder crashing)
(dramatic music)
They say a kiss is the
way we love someone
when words are not enough.
Well this letter is my
kiss, my confession of love,
and your confession of guilt.
I was a fool.
I wanted you, but I
wanted the truth more.
(dramatic music)
Miss Montemar, mam?
(dramatic music)
[Roland] I finally know
exactly why you hired me,
to be your fall guy,
and I fell all right.
I guess you were right about me.
I am good at my job.
I knew you were trouble,
but then trouble
was my business.
(dramatic orchestral music)
(sad orchestral music)
(dramatic orchestral music)