Trouble Maker Lucy (2004) Movie Script

"The Hammurabi code"
Sorry, I'm seeing somebody else
never call me again.
What are you doing?
That's my phone.
What's this?
I wrote your name on it.
Even if you lose it at a dressing room
someone will secretly send it to you.
I don't go on a school trips any more.
What do you mean by secretly anyway?
Hello? Haruo? It's me.
That was my sister
that answered my phone.
Really. She did it without asking me.
I'm sorry. Call you back later.
What are you doing?
Who is masochism?
You can use it. Here you go.
What's this? I don't need it.
Go grocery shopping, will you?
Give me money.
I gave it to you a minute ago.
You did?
Don't play innocent.
Go shopping, now!
I'll go window shopping.
No. Go buy the groceries.
Oh, you were listening.
Potatoes, carrots, and onions, okay?
That means spinach.
No stopping on the way!
Hey you.
hey, girl. I'm Frankie.
Are you interested in show business?
No thank you.
I haven't asked you anything yet.
You could at least listen
to me before you say no...
Oh, yeah?
Then wait for me here,
I'll do my grocery shopping first.
You are just going to leave me behind?
Don't worry, I'll come back. Just wait here.
Someone has been stalking me.
That guy!
- Which one? That guy?
- Yes.
No matter how many time I move,
he always finds me.
I see.
Arrest him.
I have to investigate before I arrest him.
I'm not lying!
I didn't mean that.
Any trouble?
- Well, this girl...
- Yes, there is trouble.
What happen?
This guy...
Sexual harassment again?
Wait a minute, when did I do it?
A Rumanian
who asked you for directions,
a college girl
whose underwear was stolen,
and a house wife who shoplifted.
You have done many
- crimes including sexual harassment...
- Hey!
I have never done any sexual harassment,
don't be rude!
And when you came to my house,
you insulted my wife.
Who wants to touch that ugly wife!
What! You!
Wait! Calm down!
Shut up!
You blame my wife?
I'm sorry!
Hey girl!
I just arrested that guy so don't worry.
I'm sorry!
- Hey girl!
- Shut up!
Miss, you don't have to run away from me.
I'm sorry.
I've been followed by a stalker.
What!? Stalker?
That guy!
He has a sword.
A sword?
I don't see any.
He just hid it behind him.
Leave it to me!
Excuse me, I have a question.
Looks like he is dead.
Oh, no.
This is not good.
- Hey.
- What?
- Hey, wait.
- What?
I said come here. Don't try to escape.
Are you okay, Mr?
I don't think I'll be fine.
Deliver it to him!
Stinks! What the fuck it stinks!
Deliver it to him!
Wait a minute! Who is he!
Stinks! What the hell is this!
What is the chemical formula for this!
- Is everything okay?
- This.
This old man said
that he wants you to have it.
Smells weird.
It's his will, smell it as much as possible.
My life seemed to be long
but it was really short.
That's the life.
I'm home.
Hey, you are not home?
"Don't look for me".
I wrote that.
"Dear LUCY,
Haruo is coming today
so please leave as soon as possible.
Okay, I see how it is.
You are so quick, Haruo.
I got off my work early.
Is Ann there?
Wait a second.
What happened?
It must be them.
Who are them?
I don't know.
Ann was gone when I came back
from grocery shopping.
- What do you think?
- What do I think?
This must be a big trouble.
We have to call the police.
No! If it is a kidnapping,
she will be dead if we do such a thing!
Ann's cell phone.
Who's calling?
No name.
It might be them, wait.
Make the conversation
as long as possible.
Why do I have
to make the conversation long?
So I can detect the number.
Detect the number? Can you do that?
Anyway, make the conversation
as long as possible, okay?
This is Yamada electric store.
I'm very sorry.
Sorry. I'm very sorry.
I don't even know how sorry I am.
I'm sorry, too.
Then, about the TV that you brought in,
it's good to go.
"Be delighted. "
That's great.
"More. "
That is so great.
I am glad.
From bottom of my heart.
Thank you.
If you don't mind,
I will deliver it to you now.
"Refuse. "
I refuse it.
"More. "
No! You can't.
I refuse it!
You don't have to say that much.
I understand that you are busy.
"He is thinking that you are a cop. "
No, I am not a cop.
It wouldn't be wrong to say
that I am Ann's relative.
I am Haruo. I'm pleased to talk to you.
Thank you.
You have to emphasize more.
I haven't reported it to the police yet.
I'm telling you a truth, believe me.
Yeah, sure.
What time should I deliver it to you?
"Ask how much the ransom is. "
The ransom?
How much?
Including some parts,
it will be 24,000 yen.
"Beat the price down. "
How much?
"Boldly. "
That's too expensive.
10% off!
Some parts are very expensive.
"More. "
Then 20% off!
That's more than it was.
"Insist. "
I'm not going any lower.
That should be my line.
"Ann's life!"
Please don't kill her.
I will pay as much as you want.
What are you saying?
"Be more frightened. "
Please just save her life.
Something is wrong.
"Pray for time. "
Please wait.
Do people's life change?
How am I supposed to know?
"Feel like Sumo wrestler. "
More food.
"Like talking to your boss. "
Yes, that case has been solved.
"In Russian. "
He is stupid.
Phone got disconnected.
No! What did he say?
He was in a bad mood.
Oh, what am I going to do?
Well, you watch and wait at the house.
At the house?
- It doesn't seem very aggressive.
- What are you talking about?
There is very big chance
that they would call you.
Right. There is a big change.
Don't go out until they contact to you.
OK! I'll go home quickly!
are you there?
I'll be out now.
Were you taking a bath?
Did you wear the clothes I gave you?
I would never wear it.
Stop it!
What is this Lucy!?
I was looking for the clothes that
I gave you but I couldn't find it anywhere.
It's OK, I'll buy a new one.
You can have it.
You idiot!
What are you doing?
I'm being discouraged.
I can't do it anymore.
What happened?
Nothing goes fine.
It's best to be dead.
I have a good idea.
Am I jumping from here?
You want to die, right?
It's not like I want to die.
Don't complain, just jump.
You'll feel much better.
I can't.
I don't care if you can't, just jump.
You don't mean anything to this world.
You didn't have say it in that way.
Don't get sulky,
it doesn't work anyway. Jump.
I'll jump.
"Office Funakoshi"
Show business.
Super star.
A TV personality without talent.
Hey Frankie, what do you think?
Oh no!
He's gone.
"Office Funakoshi"
42 red left and benefit of 600.
To make that 3000 during this week,
I have to purchase at least 500.
That hurts.
I banged on the door too much.
Stage properties?
Who are you?
Are you Mr. Funamushi?
Yes, I am.
It's wrong but you are basically right.
Correctly, I'm the president Funakoshi.
What do you want me for?
8 hundred million dollar
for contract money
and a salary for 3 years?
What are you talking about?
Your agent Frankie scouted me.
By the way, that story
about money didn't mean a thing.
Those words just slipped away
from my mouth without thinking anything.
Just give me 10 million dollar
for the start.
I can't. We are not the MLB.
You have to work first to get money.
This company sucks.
Oops, again. My mouth is being wired.
You are going
to pay me as much as I work, right?
Yeah, sure.
By the way,
there is no scout name Frankie
in my company.
Maybe you are in a wrong company.
He had your card, so I came here.
Frankie doesn't belong here?
No, he doesn't.
First of all, it's strange
that scout doesn't come with you.
Where is he?
I don't think you would believe me
but he disappeared.
What do you mean by that?
There is no way
to explain what happen other than saying
disappeared at the emergency exit
of one building.
At the emergency exit...
sounds like he is an angel.
An angel?
How much do you make out of them?
It will be 2 dollars.
Is there another job?
There should be an audition today.
You could make money
if you are accepted.
Where does it take place?
I don't know.
I really don't know.
Ms. Uno Hanako is going there,
so ask her.
Mr. President,
I'm going to the audition.
Are you new?
I'm Uno Hanako,
Takagi Uno Hanako.
Which one is your last name? Uno?
Takagi. I'm Unohanako Takagi.
I'm pleased to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
I think you went the wrong way.
Definitely did.
We are going to be late,
if you don't hurry.
Oh yeah?
I'll be going then.
Thanks for seeing me off.
Oh, Frankie.
What? You are alive?
It was good.
Now one rival is gone.
What are you doing?
It's a spell for easing the tension.
You're having a panic attack.
No, I'm not.
You don't have to hide it.
I'll give you a medicine.
I'm not sick.
Don't worry,
normal people take them, too.
Thank you, I'll take them.
Is it working?
Maybe it's working too much.
It starts in 10 minutes.
What happened?
I don't know.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Are you going to the audition, too?
No, I am a judge.
you wouldn't be able
to pass the audition with that face.
What? You are so rude.
You'll have to pay for this later!
Give me a discount will you?
Wait! You dropped your wallet.
What? I?
Shit, it's Frankie.
Is she coming?
Not yet.
So late.
Are you Ms. Nanafushi?
Yes, I am.
How do you do? I am the producer.
Yeah I know.
I am the director.
Yeah I know.
We are running out of time,
so let's start.
What's that dog?
Isn't she cute? She's a Puretal.
Well, I don't know what to say to you,
but go ahead and start.
Read the line of Yoko
in the scenario that I gave you.
Speak up.
Yoko, right?
If we do double take out,
that'll be a Big eight!
To the right! Trust me!
Ms. Nanafushi,
please speak Akiko's part.
Ms. Nanafushi.
Oh, me?
I can't shoot well.
It's impossible to concentrate on shooting
because there is no endurance.
That's a story of Biathlon.
Please read a Curling story.
There is no way that I can do it.
I'm in such a bad condition today,
so we should play it safe.
Stop being a fool.
It's already the 8th quarter.
We won't be able to win
if we don't make a move right now.
We will bomb a game
that we can easily win,
if you are being timid!
Go ahead.
Med, medicine...
It is impossible for me
to do skip from the beginning!
You don't know your true pow,
pow, pow...
Where are you!
Who is Sadamori?
You can't fool me!
Make clear whether you are
on my side or not!
I will kill you depend on your answer!
Sadamori is over there!
He is pretending to be a dog!
Come in.
How do you do?
You are in a wrong audition.
There is no kid in this movie.
Yes I understand.
there is no such a thing as perfect
in this society.
It does not necessarily mean zero kids,
even though there
is no appearance of a kid.
Definitely no kid.
Mother, this is the triumphal arch.
There is no such a line.
You were desperate to see it.
Oh man, there is a co-star.
My son.
Your mother's eyes are blind now.
Don't give up.
Look, look with your heart.
His father is here, too...
This is all we got?
There is one more.
She is late.
Let's move on to the judgement.
Excuse me.
I am very sorry to be late.
I couldn't be on time for certain reasons.
The story will be long
so I won't make an excuse,
and I will not dare ask you
to take time for me.
Just wanted to say,
if I have a chance some other time
I will do my best.
With my disability and courage,
I have come a good way
to apologize you all.
I will excuse myself now,
have a great day.
You, wait!
I like Hanako.
Lucy was better.
Who is Lucy?
This girl.
She didn't come to the audition.
No, she didn't.
I thought she was here.
No she wasn't.
What do you think about Unohanako?
Unohanako Takagi.
I like her, too.
Lucy is much better than Unohanako.
We should decide on Unohanako.
Lucy is better.
Why the protagonist
on Curling story is on wheelchair?
Unohanako must slept with the producer.
I don't think so but it could happen.
What do you really think!
I don't care.
Why not?
Do you know the producer's address?
Oh man. What the fuck.
Let's begin.
Don't make a mess.
They are all ugly.
There it is.
What was the name of the producer?
You don't belong here, right?
Then what are you?
Found it!
Let's go Frankie!
Give me.
You're his wife Sachiko, right?
I have a story about Mr. Yomoyama.
- My husband?
- Let's sit down and talk.
So, what's the story
you wanted to talk about?
I thought you had a story.
I don't have a thing to say to you.
Go home.
It's my house.
She is the cat thief.
A cat thief?
I don't have a cat.
Your husband is having an affair with her.
An affair?
Oh, the cat their...
This girl...
That's right.
If you don't make a move now,
she will not only steal your husband
but the house and money.
What do I do?
The best way is to hurt her.
But how?
Can't see...
My back hurts...
Everything is set, captain. Over.
Capture her right after the tires go flat.
Roger. Over.
I got nothing to say. Over.
Oh come on.
This is that. Over.
Oh really,
This and that became this
at my house, too.
Captain! There's a problem!
Stop her now.
Give it to me.
She is too strong, over.
It's like bride and mother in law.
We completely lost her, captain.
We have to search by foot now.
- We have already.
- Then search by hand now!
What do you mean!
You don't have any plan, do you?
That hit the mark, right?
Shut up bitch.
I should've team up with a guy.
What? You said something!
She is the one who made a plan
on kidnapping.
And my sister is actually gone.
- My sister's boyfriend is a witness.
- You made a plan, captain!
And I never knew
that your sister was gone!
- We need to have a conversation then.
- What?
- Wait a minute.
- What?
Let me talk to her.
You are going to be the suspect
if you don't do anything,
that officer is good about it.
What do you mean?
That crooked officer almost killed a person.
An innocent old man.
He had nothing
to do with the incident, too.
The officer
is acting like nothing happened.
He is an evil!
- Why did you bring such a guy!
- That's not the problem right now!
The problem is the situation
that you are in now.
You are going to get killed
if you don't make a move.
We'll never know what he would do
if he is furious.
Actually, he beat his coworker to death.
Hang on!
What happened?
- What?
- Shit.
- I know everything!
- Know what?
That old man.
Oh... that...
Shut up!
Old man killer!
I didn't kill him!
Police man killer!
He is not dead!
Did you get Yomoyama's Address?
Catch her!
I caught him!
You are Unohanako!
You think your disguise will work?
You scared me.
I kidnapped your son,
if you want him back,
pay 10 million dollars.
I don't have a son.
What about a daughter?
I don't.
What about a family?
I have a younger brother.
then I am going to kidnap your brother,
if you don't want me to do it,
pay 20 million dollars.
Usually we pay a ransom
after you kidnap my brother.
There is no usual kidnapping!
Well, that's true.
Help me, Haruo!
Is it Lucy?
No! It's Ann!
Ann! Are you OK?
No, I'm not OK!
Pay 30million dollars as soon as possible!
I can't!
I don't have that much money.
Don't give up!
If you don't have cash,
you could bring stuff
that costs 50 million dollars
or it could be real estate.
I can't...
Stop saying NO!
Show me your sincerity!
I can't...
How much money do you have now?
15 hundred dollars.
I will accept 15hundred and 50 dollars.
If you have a time to say something,
just bring the money now.
I understand,
let me get a pen and paper.
Sorry, I can't move.
Are you insulting me?
My legs are numb.
Well, I will go to your house
to get the money then.
You are coming?
I knew it would happen,
so I kidnapped one more person.
Haruo, it's me.
Ann! Are you OK?
No, It's Lucy.
I'll go to your house to get the money.
Hey! Stop it!
What are you doing to Ann!
There? No! Not there!
It's OK Haruo, I'll protect Ann.
Don't let the suspect get you.
Just prepare the money.
Never give up on yourself, OK?
Self-examination doesn't mean a thing.
Don't think too much, just believe me.
Well, bye.
Are you serious?
You guys don't have a cell phone?
Don't you have a money to buy one.
You embarrass me.
You don't have one either!
What the fuck!
What do you think you are?
You were in there long-ass time!
Too fucking long!
You suck at acting, too.
Do it at home!
Can't you apologize?
He's right! Apologize, bitch!
- They're right.
- Yeah!
Shut the fuck up!
You poor bastards!
Oh, man!
Hey, beat him up!
A robber?
I'm out of luck.
Why are you giving the money
to a robber?
What are you going to do with a ransom?
Oh, you are right.
I forgot that I set that in my mouth.
Are you OK?
My eye hurts.
I know it didn't hurt much,
where is my money?
Ann will be their outlet of desire,
if you don't give me the money!
I must go there and save her!
I can't open my eyes!
Guide me Lucy!
What? Are you really going?
We are here.
I still can't open my eyes.
Oh yeah?
Then, I'm going in to give him the money.
Come help me
if I don't come back in 20 minutes!
20 minutes?
I'll have to do this and that,
so it'll definitely take 20 minutes.
That's true.
Give me the money.
See you in 20 minutes.
Be careful!
This is all I got today.
Thank you very much.
Take this money
and let's finish this relationship.
Not yours.
Don't look down on me.
I don't want the money.
Then, I'll take them.
Then, I won't give it to anybody.
What about my salary?
I'll pay you at end of the month.
End of the month?
I want it now!
Yes, at end of the month.
You seem like you know
what you are doing,
I will let the matter pass for this once.
Are you OK?
- it didn't hit the right place.
- Don't talk!
Take this money!
Are you sure?
OK! I'll take revenge for you!
I thought she was going to kill me...
You can't get away with it!
Give up yourself!
She just shed her skin.
I don't know who you are,
but will you be kind
to tell me what time it is?
I'm Yokoyama.
It's past 5.
What? Fuck!
Are you OK?
Ann, are you OK?
Somebody! Come!
I caught two fucks!
Two fucked up couples in the bathroom!
Somebody come help me out!
Catch her Frankie!
Lucy! Now!
Sorry, Frankie!
You didn't do it.
It was all hers.
Are you sure?
Yeah, sure.
Thanks! Frankie!
Man, I'm so tired of this.
Excuse me, do you have a cell phone?
May I please get the number
of the Maritime self defense force?
There is a suspicious person
at this beach.
And a boat.
We got a report
by a lady who was walking near
the beach this afternoon,
who says she saw many people wearing
wetsuits jump out of a suspicious boat...
The maritime safety agency started
searching the boat immediately,
and found a suspicious stateless boat.
They started attacking them with
machine guns as they tried to escape,
the maritime safety agency return fire.
They are still having...
having a magnificent fight.
We'll be back.
We got the latest report,
the maritime safety agency
sent their newest battleship to the scene.
Preparing for the suspect's missile,
they are preparing a major attack...
we think...
Right now,
several fighters have passed by us.
They probably got called for help.
well, certainly...
Some helicopters are now heading
to the scene.
They are now attacking in full force!
There is a light over there
with the loudness.
What's actually happen?
Our home is going to be ruin?
I'm home.
Is that the new clothes
that you were talking about?
You smell like fish.
I'm starving.
What's for dinner?
Get lost.
I am very sorry about the last report,
I was in such a confusion.
Let's pull ourselves together,
this is the latest report from the beach.
We are expecting to hear
that they have secured the boat.
Haruo is so late,
did he dump you?
Shut up.
The person who escaped from the boat
transformed himself into a lady
in a wet suit
and her whereabouts remain unknown...