True Bloodthirst (2012) Movie Script

I'm here to see Grigore. I'm expected.
Go on out the back.
Whoa. Hell of a warm welcome,
making me wait for you outside.
What do you want?
Well, you said if I ever had more.
AB negative. Only one in a hundred.
Is that supposed to
make it taste better?
Rare is always valuable.
Isn't that what the people say?
People say a lot of stupid things.
Thank you.
Don't snort it all at once.
You know, for such a rare blood
type, you have little trouble
obtaining it.
I guess. That's what
makes me your source.
My friends here believe
you are the source.
They can taste that stuff in your blood.
If that's true, why buy the cow when
you can drink the blood for free, hm?
Today marks the end of the myth.
Our new reality is that
vampires live amongst us.
And I, Constantin Kovaks,
have been named head of the
Department of Human Vampyre Relations
in accordance with our government's wish
to foster a genuine symbiotic situation.
When we reach this historic
scientific conclusion,
the synthetic blood will
allow vampires and humans
to finally live together in peace.
After years of unsuccessful coexistence,
the Romanian government has
made the unilateral decision
to cast all vampires to Sector
I find it outrageous that this
could happen in this day and age.
We are now not only
subjugating these people,
but quarantining them into what
amounts to a modern day internment camp,
only one with horrific living
conditions. So let me ask you,
how long before Sector Five becomes
an outright concentration camp?
Hey, the sooner the
better if you ask me.
The fact they even refer to these
things as people is frankly offensive.
They're an affront to God
and everything we stand for.
I don't think for one minute
they wouldn't do the same to us
if they had half a chance.
As long as people continue
to think like you do,
there will never be a lasting peace.
Now, I want you to listen
to me, and listen good.
Humans and vampires
will never live in peace.
It goes against the
natural order of things.
Make no mistake, it's us or them.
Which side are you on?
Keep your lD's out.
To the left. lD's out.
I had it. I just had it.
There a problem?
- Yeah, my ID. I just...
Well, no one gets in without ID.
- I know, I know. I just...
Step out of line, please.
I've got it.
I take your trash twice a
day. I deserve your respect.
No one gets in without ID,
so move along.
I said move along.
Ah, Lieutenant Derricks. You look like
you just spent an hour with my wife.
We've got a situation
developing in Sector 5.
Clearly you do not know my wife.
I meant to say you look terrible.
Yeah, I got that.
- Palinka?
It's not even nine-thirty.
It's synthetic.
- Then what's the point?
Three vampires and one blood dealer
wound up dead last night in Ferentari.
Anyone I know?
Well, then it would seem the
situation has resolved itself.
It looks like they
were ripped to pieces.
This is making me
reconsider my breakfast.
You know,
whatever did this couldn't
have been a normal vamp.
It sure as hell wasn't human.
Last Monday. Last Thursday.
Same M.O., same district.
You're saying there's things
out there worse than vampires?
We only have learned that vampires
exist in the last ten years.
Who knows what else might be out there.
I'll wait.
No, no, come. Detective Derricks,
Lieutenant lnnes-Bunchley.
First from Scotland Yard. I want him
to ride along with you on this one.
Yeah, no.
- What, he's perfectly qualified.
I'm perfectly qualified.
No offense Bumcheese, but I need someone
a little crazier. Someone
who won't flinch at this.
Harker. Give me Harker and his team.
That's... Oh, yes.
Harke r?
Yeah, the Vampirdzhiya. Vampire hunters.
You know, the next
attacks could be on someone
you actually give a damn about.
Okay. Okay, take the savage.
But you're taking him as well.
Hey, freaky giant guy.
You're not even that big.
What are you, like
two-eighty? Two-ninety?
Fine. You're probably
more like three-ten.
Anyone ever tell you you talk too much?
Yeah, but I probably wasn't listening.
What was it you were saying about...
Well, I'm glad you could join us, John.
Harker. John's my toilet's name.
So what'd you do to
piss off the big guy?
Would you believe it
was over a sandwich?
Vampirdzhiya, right? Am
I pronouncing that right?
Well, I'm Lieutenant Derricks, and
this is Lieutenant lnnes-Bumstead,
and we're here...
What? Sorry, in his what?
It's Bunchley. lnnes-Bunchley.
Anyway, we're here to offer
you a way out of this hell hole.
Call it work release.
We know the Vampirdzhiya
have certain skills.
You want us to hunt vampires.
Not exactly. Something out
there is already doing that.
So what do you want from us, then?
Well, I would like
you to help me stop it.
Why would we want to do that?
Because it's not just blood
suckers that are being killed.
It's because I can get you
transferred back to America.
But mainly, because you're good at
killing things. It's what you do.
My sister, too. Or no deal.
All right?
Told you. Matter of time.
Thank you.
- Don't thank me yet. We done?
Couple of stops we need to make first.
We don't have time for this.
Actually, we do. It won't
be dark for another hour yet.
Which means it's still happy hour.
They got a point, bumbly.
You boys got this, right?
We cannot turn in an expense report
for the nightclub Kama Sutra.
Reckon you owe me that
for the past two years.
What can I get for you guys?
Whatever they want.
Uh, beer. Round. And, um...
So what are we doing here,
Harker? Please tell me
the last member of your fabled
bunch isn't a prostitute.
She's not a prostitute. She's
a dancer. The hours are better.
So, tell me. How's a cop
from the East Coast end up
in Eastern Europe?
Same way most Americans
do. Married a local.
How'd that work out?
Still here.
We definitely can't drink on duty, guys.
You got a lot to learn about
being in Eastern Europe, Bumlick.
lnnes-Bunchley. - What?
To still being here.
You went out for ice cream
and it took you two years to come back?
What can I say? I eat slow.
Champagne Room.
Save my seat.
The Champagne Room?
We can't expense that.
Nice. I like it.
Two years, Johnny. You couldn't
find a way of letting me know
you were all right? Or even alive?
A vamp could have killed
you in there for all I know.
You keep the vamps
separate, Kat. You know that.
Listen to me. I thought about you.
Not enough to write.
I couldn't write. It might
have lead 'em straight to you.
You had a phone call, Johnny.
Everyone gets a phone call.
Yeah, but how would I
know you were safe after?
So what are you doing here now?
Making sure you are safe. Look,
I know things have been bad.
Bad is what things were
like when you went in.
Things now, they're worse than ever.
I'm stuck here night after night,
too scared to even go home at night.
Why didn't you just leave?
Get the hell out of Bucharest?
I knew I'd never see you again.
And you never woulda had
a chance to slap me, right?
Not in the mood for a lap dance?
Bumbledor gave me one in the car.
Uh, he's more the kinda guy that
would stay home with the wife.
Feel better?
Like new. Kat's up to speed,
so we're ready when you are.
What? She's part of the crew?
Why else do you think we're here?
You know it's work.
You can expense that.
Let me guess, Harker family reunion.
When I heard you were out,
I had a sudden craving to see you.
Is that supposed to scare me?
It's okay. Marius here, he's all talk.
Hardly put up a fight
the last time we met.
Do you think we'll let you
walk freely after what you did?
He served his time.
Now take a step back.
Killed my father.
You mean the sick
bastard that turned you...
Show yourself in our district
and we'll bleed you dry.
Yeah? You come near me again.
And you'll what? Sick your slut on me?
I'm sorry, what?
She didn't tell you. Your
girl has been making enemies
since you left.
Keep talking, Marius. I swear
to God I will rip your head off
and stick it right up your...
Okay, I'm a cop, so try to
cool it on the death threats.
Keep working with him, and
my kind will turn on you.
Derricks! Derricks! Bouncers
are missing. There's blood.
And I don't suppose you
know anything about that?
You're ours, Harker. You
and your merry band. Go.
You know I released
you on one condition.
That leech just killed two people
We don't know that. Hey, low-profile.
How's this for low-profile?
Semi-automatic, nine
millimeter, hollow points.
Not bad.
Haven't told you the
best part, mercury tips.
The vapor in the bulb.
- Yeah. To them it's poison.
To us it's poison.
I thought it's always
silver, vampires' weakness?
What do you think they called
mercury back in the day?
Shoot 'em with enough of these,
they'll boil out from the inside.
So what else you have in there?
- We should go.
Yeah, I'm driving. Keys.
- What?
It seems Harker and his friends
are back to their old tricks.
We should tell Nikolai.
Hey, we're just here for information,
not to get vampire blood on the hands.
Yeah, yeah, I get it. You should
know that those things in there,
they don't care you're a cop.
To them, blood is blood. Okay?
We need to speak to whoever's in charge.
Back of the line, bleeders.
This is official police business.
I know your people can't hear
for crap, so let me try again.
You're not on the list.
I'd check again.
Didn't you read the sign
outside? No soliciting.
We're not selling Girl Scout cookies.
We just want to talk.
Surrender your weapons. You
won't be harmed, you have my word.
Don't trust him.
You force your way into our house
at gunpoint with the Vampirdzhiya.
Give me a reason to trust you.
We're not giving up our guns.
Yeah we are. Remember why we're here.
All of you. Do it.
I think I prefer being in prison.
Just you.
Harker, too. Trust me, he's better
where I can keep an eye on him.
How old is this place?
Older than Bucuresti itself.
Older than the Kazikle Voyvoda.
Older than the Kazikle Voyvoda.
The impaler Prince...
Vlad the Impaler.
And his Ordinul Draculya.
Order of the Dragon...
So who does that make you, then?
I am Anghel. I had the honor
to serve during the Carpathian Campaign.
My father is six hundred years old.
Dude, you don't look
a day over two-fifty.
You better have good reason
for bringing humans here.
For bringing him here.
Three vampires were killed
last night, torn limb from limb.
They were buying human
blood on the black market.
The past week, there's been easily a
dozen murders, both human and vampire.
Though, from the look on both
your faces, this isn't news.
What isn't news to us, Detective, is
that human police don't care
about crimes against vampires,
but now that humans are also
being targeted, here you are.
I believe the distribution
of this black market blood
has led to certain impurities.
I don't follow.
A contaminated blood sample has
spread through our people not unlike
one of your sexually
transmitted diseases.
The infected appear to be turning
into a primitive subspecies,
acting only on their most primal urges,
turning our genes against us.
Like some kind of retrovirus.
So, what are you saying exactly?
I think they're saying there's life-size
vampire bats flying around Bucharest,
sucking it dry. I guess
that's where I come in.
Vampire metabolism
is already must faster
than a human's, but these
vampire bats, as you call them,
their needs are much higher.
Their blood thirst, insatiable.
One of my own sons has gone missing.
I fear he has fallen into their ranks.
So how do we stop 'em?
You can't, human.
Oh, and you can?
We are somewhat limited by
our nocturnal tendencies,
but you can track these creatures
during the day while they slumber.
Of course, they'll tear
you apart if you do.
Yeah. We'll take our chances.
We should work together.
What? That is not what I signed up for.
You signed up to kill vampires,
and as far as I can tell,
these are about as pure
vampire as they get.
I do not wish them killed.
You must understand we
don't have any choice.
Nikolai will help you find them
if you will help us try to save them.
Good luck, Detective Derricks.
It's not part of the
deal. We work alone.
Actually, you work for me now.
We don't need them.
Wait, is that you?
Fire of eighteen forty-seven.
Humans burnt down half the city.
That was the last time
we revealed ourselves.
Jury's still out if things will
be any different this time around.
Vanatorii Umane.
It's time.
Vanatorii Umane?
Human hunters.
Not all humans, just the ones you
brought with you. Don't worry, Detective.
They're off the clock.
Where's Marius?
Find him.
Found him.
I'm sorry. I brought them here.
Get out!
Harke r!
Hey! Hey!
Faster metabolism apparently
means they die faster.
Don't mention it.
What are you doing?
He could lead us to the others.
That's not Aleksandr anymore.
Brother, we only want to help you.
I told you we wanted him alive.
Tracking bullet.
You should have said so.
How do we track him?
- Equipment's back at the...
Your hide out?
No. No. We are not
taking them back there.
Why not? You already know where we live.
That's not the same and you know it.
The hell it's not. If we're working
together, we're working together.
Good thinking using
that tracking bullet.
Good thinking using
that tracking bullet.
I expected a bit more.
It's no six hundred-year old disco.
Looks like he's moving along
Rahovei through Ferentari.
If he removes the tracking dart?
No, transmitters are
already his blood stream.
Not bad. At least you're
bringing something to the table.
So, uh, who pays for all this?
We bought stock in SanguiTech.
Pharmaceutical company
behind the synth blood?
We got in early.
And no, the irony's not lost on me.
So where are we with our guy?
He stopped moving somewhere here,
in the sewers below the
processing plant in Rahova.
That's where their colony must be.
When you say colony," how
many do you think there are?
Hard to say.
Well how many of you are missing?
Right, hard to say.
You still don't want us knowing
how many of you there actually are.
You're still getting used to the idea
that you know about us
at all. Let's just say
there may be more of them
out there. A lot more.
Okay. We should gear up, get back out.
Not until sunrise. Not
if you want to survive.
I guess patience isn't one
of your virtues, Harker.
Well, it's definitely one of yours.
I mean, without us you'd be
still sipping on cocktails
waiting for someone else to
find your brother for you.
Don't worry about it, leech.
They won't be the first vampires
I've enjoyed killing, just the ugliest.
Don't think I didn't see what
happened back at the club.
You might not have killed
Marius, but you may as well have.
Once this so-called alliance is over,
you and I are going to discuss it.
Why wait?
Okay, okay. We may
have some time to kill,
but let's not kill each other, yeah?
What? He started it.
Some slumber party.
Did you think we slept upside-down,
hanging from the rafters?
Those things'll kill you.
You really need to worry?
What happened to getting some rest?
I guess I'm just restless.
I can see that.
So your ex, what's the story there?
What makes you think there's a story?
She got sick a few years ago.
Doctors didn't give her long.
I was desperate. I knew she'd say no,
so I didn't give her a choice.
You had her turned?
I knew she'd object, so
I did it while she slept.
She woke up a vampire.
She's out there
somewhere. You'll find her.
You know, the thing is, I wouldn't
even know what to say to her if I did.
I'm sure you will.
That's real, isn't it?
Can I ask you something?
Why do you hate the vampires so much?
Is that a real question?
You could have left
town, like so many others.
People shouldn't have to
leave their own cities.
They shouldn't have to live in fear.
Are you frightened of me?
Is this okay, us talking like this?
Like what?
You know, like a couple of people.
We are a couple of people.
No, I know. That's not
what I meant. It's just...
I know.
What's it like out there?
If I didn't know better, I'd say
your sister's flirting with Nikolai.
- What?
I'm sure they're just passing time.
I don't know about you,
but I could use a shower.
You coming?
Derricks has involved the vampires.
They're moving on the sewers at sunrise.
Understood. I'll make sure.
The signal stopped moving four
hundred meters south by southwest.
Well, this is nice.
We got enough C-Four to
take out half of Sector Five.
But, I'm sure it won't come to that.
Remember, we want Aleksandr alive.
I'll take the lead.
- Nikolai...
You can't see in the dark.
- That's why we have flashlights.
What am I here for, then?
Bitching, apparently.
Fine. By all means.
A hundred meters this way.
I'm sorry.
I can smell them.
Means they can smell us, too.
From here on out,
silence. Flashlights off.
Harke r?
Wait. My brother is in
here. Let me find him first.
What about the rest of them?
Plant your charges, but
give me the detonator.
Come on.
Come on!
Okay, come on.
Okay, okay. Go, go, 90-
Come on!
Go! Go, go, go!
They're getting through!
Fire in the hole!
They're giving UP-
They'll be back, once they
find another way around.
Okay, we get outta
here while we still can.
- No?
You saw the size of that colony.
There were hundreds of them.
This is our chance to
wipe 'em all out at once.
He's right, Harker. If we leave
now, they'll move the colony
before we get back.
We must detonate the explosives.
You're the one that dropped
the damn thing. You go get it.
Unless it wasn't an accident.
We don't need the detonator.
We just need someone to get close enough
to blow one of the C-Four
bricks. Blowing one of the bricks
will set off a chain reaction to
take out the rest of them, too.
This has the biggest
range. Who's our best shot?
My eyesight is twice
as sensitive as yours.
How do we even know
you're gonna take the shot?
- Just cover me.
How close you need to get?
- The door.
At that distance you're
going to blow yourself up.
Let's just get him to the door.
I can't get a clean shot.
We need that detonator.
Let's clear a path. Follow up on me.
Know what you're doing?
Everyone out!
Go! Go!
Go! Go!
Harker, just go!
Something's blocking the door!
Anytime, Harker!
It's stuck!
She's gone. They're all gone.
I couldn't save any of them.
Aleksandr is gone.
He gave his life for us. That proves
he died your brother and
not one of those things.
You need to stop hurting
yourself and cover up.
Harke r?
He's a dead man.
He will pay for what he
did to Andrei, I promise.
But right now we need him alive.
Harke r!
You better lock him up
somewhere I can't find him.
What is the meaning of this?
- You tell me.
He was waiting for us.
As we took out the colony,
he was waiting to trap us in
there with those creatures.
Vampires are a disease! They have
no business living amongst us.
It wasn't just the vampires,
was it? I was in there.
Please, please, please, please.
Get him out of here.
Well, this will be an
embarrassment to the department.
People are dead because of him!
I think we can both use one of these?
Someone must be responsible
for the tainted blood.
Tainted blood?
The black market blood. Some of it's
tainted and infected with something
that alters the vampires' DNA, turns
them into these full-on monsters.
Damn blood dealer.
Now killing the infected won't
stop others from getting sick or-
or changing. We need to find
the source. And who knows
if that was even the only colony.
Colony? There are colonies?
Unless the poor bastard
downstairs is the last.
You brought one here?
The examination room, yeah. I
gotta tell ya, he's a little crispy.
Ah, well. Good work, Detective.
I think any loose ends can wait
till tomorrow. Uh, get some rest.
Eh, one last thing,
what of the Vampirdzhiya?
They're still under
my watch, just in case.
I'm gonna take a shower.
- I'm taking a nap.
No, there's no time.
There's not long till sundown.
What are you talking about? Johnny, no.
Wait, what are you talking about?
He wants to go back
to Nikolai's nightclub.
What? Why?
That crypt is one of
the largest in Bucharest.
It could be connected to a
dozen more, for all we know.
But we do know this much, where we
can hit 'em where it's gonna hurt.
After everything we've been through?
Okay, Celeste. Shoot.
What have we been through
that's been so life-altering?
Two years in a cell, Johnny.
It gave me a long time to think.
Well, did you think about what
Dad would say if he found out
that you were falling for one of them?
Huh? Do you think
that'd give him some sort
of comfort while he was
visiting Mom's grave?
I'm with Celeste.
Nothing's clear anymore.
Have you looked around
lately? There's more of them
every single day. More and
more humans will continue
to go over to their side until one
day there will be nobody left on ours.
Look, we've all had
a long couple of days...
Don't. Do I need to remind you,
they know we know where they live.
We know where they live. And
now, they know where we live.
Hey, look at me.
Too scared to go home at night.
That's what you said. Do you
really wanna go on living like that?
Do you ever sleep, Detective?
After today, I'm not so sure.
It's a dark one.
You shoulda seen him
before he got the tan.
What can you tell us about it?
This thing represents a complete
regression of the vampire genome.
The question is, what triggered it?
The infected blood sample?
If this were an isolated case, sure.
But for it to spread
to so many, so quickly,
this outbreak must have had
more than one original carrier.
In fact, I'm even inclined to say
that this is no accident at all.
It's more like a large scale
demonstration of some kind...
Excuse me.
Derricks, Derricks, he's out of
control. You've got to stop him.
Whoa, Celeste, slow down. Start over.
Johnny and Kat are on
their way to Nikolai's.
What, Why?
Well, why do you think?
Well, why didn't you stop them?
They tied me to a chair for my own good.
All right, I'm on it.
- Derricks, there's more.
Well do I even wanna know?
I'm pretty sure half the city's
about to come under siege.
What are you talking about?
There are more of them than we
thought, Derricks. A lot more.
Hang on. You're gonna wanna
hear this, Celeste Harker.
Celeste, you're on speakerphone.
As you were saying,
there's a lot more of these?
A lot more. At least half a
dozen colonies across Sector Five,
just like the one we saw today.
No, that's impossible.
I'm seeing massive movement
beneath the city streets.
We've got hundreds of those
things descending on Rahova.
Okay Celeste, thank you. Hang tight.
Look. Every advantage vampires
have speed, strength, hearing,
even the paralytic agent in their
saliva this guy had in spades.
This guy had in spades.
So if there really are hundreds
of these things out there.
We need to order an evacuation.
I think perhaps you are
delirious from fatigue.
What did you not hear her?
I cannot order an evacuation
of Bucharest and incite a panic...
Not the entire city. Not the entire
city, no, but Rahova, Ferentari.
There are ten thousand people at least
still living there, and easily
twice that many vampires.
You have a point.
Would you excuse us, please?
If what Miss Harker says is true,
I think this represents
an opportunity for us
to rid the city of these creatures
before they spread to more
densely populated areas.
Thirty thousand vampires and vagrants.
Small price to pay, don't you think?
Harker's still out there.
He's my responsibility.
Him and his sister.
I'm gonna bring him in.
If you feel you must.
Detective, just be careful.
We don't have to do this.
Then what are we doing? Are
we not still the Vampirdzhiya?
Have you forgotten why we do this?
We were scared back then.
We both lost people close to us.
Yeah. What's changed?
I have to do this.
Even without you.
It was supposed to be a cure.
But it wasn't, was it? It was a virus,
and you went forward anyway.
Different means, same end.
To rid the world of vampires?
Do you know what I see when I
look out that window, Detective?
Fear. I see a city paralyzed by fear.
And now there are reports of vampires
in London, Budapest, Prague, Barcelona.
Make no mistake, they are
spreading. They are the virus.
They represent the end of
everything we have built.
Everything we know.
Surely you must see that.
We are going to take back our country.
But it never was your country, was it?
Vlad the Impaler was a damn vampire.
I knew it was a risk
to put you on this case.
I need to know where you stand
in regard to these monsters.
My wife is one of these monsters.
Yes, she is. I am sorry for you.
Detective, please.
If it's any consolation,
I will make sure
you are here with your
friends when it all goes down.
This isn't the Romanian
Revolution, Kovaks.
Isn't it, though?
Take down Detective Derricks. I
repeat, take down Detective Derricks.
You? Why are you helping me?
I saw you at the club last night.
You were with Nikolai and the others.
Open the door now.
If I don't make it out of here,
you've got to give Anghel a message.
The synth blood is contaminated.
Kovaks and whoever he's
working with are behind it.
They're the reason his son is dead.
Tell him yourself, just
go through a window.
They won't show you any mercy.
And I won't show them any.
They gotta be down below, sleeping.
Really, Harker? Too predictable.
Yeah, you might get us in a rush,
but not before we take most
of you with us, and your crypt.
Shame it has come to this.
It didn't have to, you know.
You would've done the same, eventually.
There's still a way out
of this, for both of you.
You gotta be kidding me, right?
It's your choice,
Harker. Join us, or die.
But either way,
I'm gonna turn your sister,
and she's gonna like it.
Try doing it from the next life.
Harker! Been out of jail now
for what, thirty-six hours?
Are you really in that
much of a hurry to die?
What? You forget what side you're on?
The only side you've been
on Johnny is your own.
Human, vampire, you want it to
be that simple, but it's not.
Now lower your weapons.
Lower your weapons.
Now shut your mouth for five damn
minutes. If you still want to die,
I'll shoot you myself.
No need to be so rude about it.
You too. Give me five minutes before
your Vanatorii Umane do anything drastic.
Why should I?
Because what I'm about to tell
your father changes everything,
and I don't want my team killing
each other in the meantime.
You know the way, Detective.
It pleases me to see you alive.
Pleases me as well. Anghel...
Nikolai told me you did
everything you could.
Even so, I'm sorry.
Did you learn anything?
You could say that.
Tell me everything you know.
Peacekeepers in place.
The complex is locked down.
Derricks nearly ruined our plans,
but in the end, he simply
accelerated our time table.
Now, we wait.
These are disturbing developments,
but not entirely surprising.
Kovaks is willing to sit back
and sacrifice hundreds of humans
just to turn public against you.
We have to expose the truth.
What we need to do is warn
people. Humans, and vampires alike.
Otherwise it won't even matter.
Once again, I am in your debt.
I'm just doin' my job.
Nevertheless, allow me
to do something for you.
is that really you?
Hello, again.
You look...
The same?
Is this, um... Do you live here?
It doesn't exactly
work like that with us.
I drive through Ferentari every night,
past the vampires, and the blood dealers,
and the homeless. I've seen your face
a thousand times, but it was never you.
How can you be sure?
What I did to you, was unforgiveable.
But that doesn't mean I
don't want you to forgive me.
I want to thank you.
No. I was selfish. I just
didn't want to lose you,
and I still lost you anyway.
You never lost me, Terry.
And you'll never have to.
I just don't know if that life's for me.
I know. But, think about it.
You know where to find rne now.
What have we done?
We didn't do this, Kovaks did.
All units, all units, we have multiple
disturbances in Rahova, Ferentari, Odai.
Please respond.
Half the city's under siege,
where do we even start?
- Celeste.
We're quicker on foot from here.
'bout time you have a
real weapon. Come on!
This is almost fun! I'm
starting to not hate you as much!
Just so you know, the
feeling's not mutual.
Come on!
Come on you bastards.
Is that all you got?
Whoa, what about my hug?
Oh, I'm sorry Johnny, I almost forgot.
What are you, psychotic?
First of all, ow.
And secondly... I could have been killed!
You're fine.
There's something you need to see.
Whoa, what is that?
Those are the blood transmitters
we've injected into Aleksandr.
They've been passed on exponentially.
Wait, you're telling me that each
one of these is a vampire bat?
They're being drawn into
the heart of Ferentari.
Vamp central.
- Why?
Some kind of ultrasonic signal,
but here's the interesting part.
The signal is only being relayed there.
It's actually originating here.
The Vampire Relations building?
- Someone's doing this on purpose.
That son of a bitch isn't just letting
it happen, he's making it happen.
We have to stop that signal before
this thing turns into a massacre.
We need to get in there tonight.
Well I can get us in there,
but getting out, now
that might be tricky.
By now, Kovaks will have the
entire complex locked down tight.
He'll have snipers on the rooftops
in case any vampire bats get too close.
Peacekeepers will be at the entrance.
The signal emitter should be on
the rooftop along with more guards,
but the moment we break in,
they'll activate the UV lights.
That's going to be a problem.
That's why we're going to cut
power to the entire city grid.
So no one can see?
They can.
Turn out the lights and
we'll have the upper hand,
but like everything else, the vampire
bats will have the same advantage,
only more so.
We're going to need backup
on this one. A lot of it.
You'll have it.
So, whaddya think?
Hell, I should be in prison
right now anyway. Why not?
I believe they're here.
Masks down!
Don't worry, they're just unconscious.
I can hear their heartbeats.
The control room should
be right up ahead.
That's where we shut down the signal.
I think we've got a problem.
I'm seeing a lot of movement.
Tell me that's not what I think it is.
Transmitter must need
full power to operate,
and since we cut primary
power to the building.
The vampire bats are all
coming here now, and fast.
Then let's get that signal shut
off, then, sooner rather than later.
Can you shut it down?
Got it.
If I don't press this button right now,
every two hundred pound
vampire bat in Bucharest
is gonna be here in the new few minutes.
Even for you, Harker, you're
not making a lot of sense.
Let's say we shut off
the signal. What then?
The bats leave, we survive.
I got a better idea.
We blow the building.
That way they're all in the
same place at the same time.
This is how we end it. Tonight.
Are we really considering this?
Well, we wouldn't have to
blow the entire building.
Just the transmitter on the roof.
That's actually not bad, Harker.
So... how do we do this, exactly?
With a little luck,
and a lot of C-Four.
I'm a little busy here, Johnny!
You appear to have brought some
new friends with you this time.
You had to know the truth will come out.
Of course.
So genocide was something
you wanted on your resume.
Is it really genocide
when the survival of one's
own species is at stake?
Or simply self-preservation?
Either way, that's
not for you to decide.
Hey guys?
Go ahead, Celeste.
Uh, we got another problem.
This is bigger than you or me,
Detective. Much, much bigger.
we have to go.
When the main power came back on,
so did the transmitter relay.
It's sending the bats back downtown.
You can't shut it off?
Not without the code.
You can't threaten me.
You know I would rather die than fail.
They're not mutually
exclusive, by the way.
The code, Kovaks. Now.
You know, sometimes we have
to make decisions for others
for their own good. Don't
you agree, Detective?
Oh, by the way, how is your wife?
I made a choice, and I've
had to live with that,
but that's got nothing to do with this.
Well, I think we should find out.
I'm not going to shoot anyone
else. I have made my point.
What point?
She's dying.
No, there's gotta be
something we can do.
There is.
No. No, there's got to be something
else. A hospital or something
we can help her!
Celeste, Celeste, talk to me! Celeste!
Whoa, Harker, Harker.
Wait. Think. We need him.
We're losing her.
What do I do?
You can't make that decision for her.
Celeste, tell me what
I should do. Celeste.
Save her. Save her. Please.
Your body's healing itself.
You're weak, but you'll be fine.
I couldn't stand to lose you.
You have nothing to be sorry for.
As I said, my point is made.
Is it so wrong to choose life?
No, and therein lies the dilemma.
If they survive, we do not.
If that's the way it's
gonna go down, so be it.
Perhaps. But I will let
history be the judge of me, not you.
It's all right, I'm fine.
You may not be scared of dying,
but you are scared of one
thing becoming one of us.
You wouldn't.
The code, Kovaks, or
become what you hate.
Okay. Okay.
It's working. The bats are doubling
back again towards the roof.
What are you doing?
What is this?
A choice. There's enough C-Four
on the roof of this building
to vaporize the top three floors.
Hey Harker, remind me,
what floor are we on?
Top floor, boss.
So like I was saying, that there
in your hand is a detonator,
which you'll probably want to
press once this place is crawling
with those things you helped create, or
if you really want to make a statement,
don't press it. Just let the monsters
eat you alive and you'll have high schools
named after you and people will know
you died for a cause
you truly believe in.
And how do you know
I won't press it right now
and blow us all to hell?
Because you still think you're
making it out of this alive,
and hope can be a real bitch like that.
So like I said, you got a choice.
You can't...
Boss, what happened to you?
Shh! Keep it down and come over
here and get me out of this!
So how did you know?
How could you be sure
Kovaks would blow the roof?
Kovaks was a coward. I was pretty
sure he'd take the easy way out.
And I had a second
detonatorjust in case.
Well the next few days
should be, urn... interesting.
It'll probably get worse
before it gets better.
But vampires and humans will
continue living side-by-side.
But will it last?
Does anything?
We had better go.
I've seen my last sunrise, haven't I?
I know Katya would
have taken the same deal
if she'd been given the chance.
You're still here and
I'm grateful for that.
Bye Johnny.
I'm coming with you.
'Bout time I said hey" to my wife.