True Identity (1991) Movie Script

You know the five sweetest words
in the English language ?
No, sir.
Frank luchino,
you're under arrest.
- We have visual confirmation.
- Okay, here we go.
Come on, come on !
It's crunch time.
Let's go ! Come on !
I want you upstairs,
downstairs, everywhere.
Let's go.
Come on, get a move on.
[ Radio ]
Okay, bird one,
verify subject on board.
[ Helicopter ]
This is the FBI.
All personnel on deck.
[ Radio ]
We have positive I.D.
Luchino is alone.
Yes ! Come to daddy,
[ Radio ]
Roger, bird one.
Go to position two.
[ Helicopter ]
Roger. Securing marina now.
Oh, n--
oh, no !
Hey, I'm sorry
I'm a few bucks short.
Baby, didn't I tell you
to bring all my bread
'round to my crib ?
Miles !
Miles, Miles, Miles.
There's no reality here.
I just don't feel...
That you're being truthful
with your performance.
Could you explain
what didn't work ?
It's just that...
You're not black enough.
You need to be more
More Harlem-esque.
Harlem-esque ?
feel your roots !
Get down with
your bad self.
I'd love to get down with
my bad self, Mr. grunfeld,
but black people don't talk
like that anymore.
We definitely don't dress
like this !
I look like
"superfly goes hiking."
Never... argue
with the playwright.
Once more
and from the top.
And this time...
Funkier !
Yo, baby. I'm sorry
I'm a few bucks short.
Didn't I tell you to come by
my crib wit' my bread ?
I oughta pop you
upside the head.
That's it ! That's how
it was meant to be played.
Oh, Miles...
This is acting.
See you next week,
Take care, honey.
See you guys.
All my life I've been told
what I can and cannot do
but the world is turning
I've got some news for you
let my yes's be my yes's
my no's be my no's
through with straddling fences
gonna carry my own load
it's so simple
why can't they see
I'm no better than you
you're no better than me
ain't gonna walk that line
no compromise
I've seen the truth and
I've got nothing to lose
ain't gonna walk that line
no compromise
I've seen the truth and
the truth has cut me loose
- bravo !
- Marvelous !
[ Honking ]
Miles !
What's going on ?
How you doin' ?
All right.
How you doin' ?
I'm all right.
Miles, how you doin',
good-looking ?
Nice hat.
Yo, Duane.
Duane !
Duane !
Quit shoutin'.
Duane's busy.
I guess he is.
You must be susie.
Who the hell is susie ?
My name is Ruth !
That's what I meant,
Duane spriggs, get your
skinny butt out here.
Who the hell is susie ?
Hey, hey ?
Keep it down.
I'm trying to watch Oprah.
Martha, you look like
you've been gettin'
too much beauty sleep.
Don't you try to
sweet-talk me, Miles pope.
If you don't stop
that noise,
I'm gonna put you to sleep
and it won't be beautiful.
Mmm-mmm !
Duane !
Wait !
Wait a minute.
She meant nothing to me.
I don't care, Duane.
She meant less than nothing.
I don't care !
It's over.
[ Miles ]
Excuse me,
can I get by ?
If that was Ruth,
who the hell --
what happened to susie ?
Susie walked out on me...
When you called her Kate.
Remember ?
Oh, yeah.
What have you got
against my love life ?
You always do this shit.
It's hard. It would take
an Einstein to keep up.
You ruined my afternoon.
Did you see that woman ?
She was gorgeous, man !
She was a giant,
is what she was, man.
You're sheep !
You and all the guys
who think like you.
You like these skinny women
with no curves.
Me, on the other hand,
I'm like rubens,
like titian --
Jesus, Duane,
what the hell is that ?
This is "road crew from hell."
It's a low-budget movie.
It starts up
- Your agent called.
- What's the good news ?
- He said he had a job.
- They're all the same.
[ As a pimp ]
Bitch, you been
holding out on your man ?
[ Woman's voice ]
I would never dare,
'cause you'd cut my ass.
[ As Morgan Freeman ]
Missy, ass ain't a
word we likes to hear.
I'm gonna take you down
to the pigley wigley.
Miles, he said
it was a dramatic lead.
Dramatic... lead ?
"Dramatic lead."
That's what I said.
What is it, Harvey,
"uptown Harlem pimps on crack" ?
"Nightmare on 125th street" ?
No, they're shooting in Florida.
It's a cute piece.
It's "raisin" something.
Raisin ? Um --
you're not talking about
"raisin in the sun" are you ?
That sounds about right.
Harvey, are you kidding ?
That's Lorraine hansbury.
It's the seminal
black play.
I can't believe it.
Harvey, I love you.
You're a Saint.
You're a good kid.
You're going to the top.
Here's your
plane ticket.
Thanks, man.
Oh, did you do anything
about the audition ?
What audition ?
My audition
for "othello" !
Oh, I did speak to them.
They're not sure your
singing voice is strong enough.
It's not a musical.
It's a play by Shakespeare.
It's on
at the lyceum.
All right,
I'm on it.
You... go to Florida.
Have a good time.
Work on your tan.
Ha, ha, ha.
Very funny.
Cute kid.
Harvey ? Harvey !
You son-of-a-bitch !
This is a commercial
for breakfast cereal.
You said it was,
"a raisin in the sun."
No, you said it was,
"a raisin in the sun."
I said, "raisin" something.
I'm an actor,
not a piece of fruit !
At least
you're working !
Thanks for nothing,
Places, everybody.
Five-minute warning.
[ P.A. System ]
We are starting our pre-board,
flight 004,
nonstop service
from Orlando to New York.
Hello, sir.
Pope, p-o-p-e.
I have a reservation.
Miles pope.
Here it is.
That flight's been over-booked.
You've been bumped.
It wasn't over-booked
when I made the reservation.
It happens sometimes.
- What's your name ?
- Paul. Paul shussler.
Paul, this is the champ's
home phone number.
- The champ ?
- Tell him that Dr. pope,
his personal psychiatrist,
has been delayed.
The boxing champion
of the world ?
Here, I'll do it !
Pardon me. Do you mind ?
I'm in a hurry.
I said,
I'm a medical person.
I have a beeper.
Now, back off !
This is Dr. pope.
Get the champ.
It's an emergency.
Oh, look ! A first-class
seat just opened up.
I could just
upgrade you.
First class ?
Well, if that's all you have.
-Would you like champagne, sir ?
-Champagne ? Yeah, how much ?
- There's no charge.
- Really ?
Oh, yeah ?
And you, sir ?
No, thank you.
I wonder if it would be possible
for me to change my seat ?
The flight is
completely full.
Thank you.
What's up ?
Miles pope.
How do you do ?
Wait !
Leland carver ?
The leland --
you're leland carver ?
I thought I recognized you.
I saw your picture.
You're the guy who's
putting on the Shakespeare
festival at the lyceum.
Would you mind terribly
if we don't speak ?
We have to talk.
Do you believe in destiny ?
Me neither.
Total bullshit.
Could you get me an
audition in "othello" ?
I'm an actor.
Of course you are.
I have nothing to do
with that end of the business.
Just put in a word for me.
My agent's Harvey Cooper.
I'm Miles pope.
Remember that name.
I'm real good.
I'll do what I can.
Did I tell you I was
in town doing a movie ?
Major dramatic lead,
major !
Do you die
in this movie ?
[ Radio ]
Atlantic northern 117.
You are cleared to land.
Previous flights report
wind shear 1,500 feet.
They weren't kidding
about that wind shear.
We're 30 knots
below reference.
Get the power on fast !
- We're losing altitude fast.
- Prepare for emergency landing.
This ain't turbulence !
This is bullshit !
There ain't no pilot in here.
This is just a closet.
I need to speak
to the pilot.
Take your seat !
A fur coat can't fly a plane.
This is bullshit !
A fur coat
can't fly a plane !
Not the hair,
not the hair !
Could I have 100 more
of these pillows ?
Hey !
Get a grip on yourself.
I don't want to die.
Shut the fuck up
and stop sniveling.
You're gonna die
so die like a man.
Linda, I've had an
affair with Jackie.
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay ?
I've been having an affair
with Jackie too.
What ?
[ Screaming ]
I'm scared !
You're scared ?
Kid, you ever hear
of Frankie luchino ?
Frank luchino ?
Sure. Mafia guy.
Blew up on a boat.
You're sitting next to
Frankie luchino.
You're gonna die
next to royalty.
You know how many guys I iced ?
Nobody could get me.
I spent thousands of
bucks on plastic surgery,
years establishing a new I.D.
I outsmarted
the fucking FBI...
And it's gonna end
like this. Geez !
I'm gonna croak on a plane
next to a fucking actor.
Well, I'll see you
in hell, kid.
We're still minus 30.
Stewardess, could
I get another seat ?
Air speed's
coming back.
Air speed,
holding steady.
Thank you, God.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is the captain.
We just encountered some
very severe turbulence.
Everything's okay and we
should be on the ground
in just under one minute.
Shit !
[ Gasp ]
For crying out loud !
I got him,
I got him !
Hey !
What the --
I want to report
an attempt on my life.
Have a seat.
Be with you in a second.
This is kinda important.
Where am I supposed
to sit ?
Nice try, pal.
I came to report a crime.
So does everybody
who comes in.
I didn't do anything.
I know.
Hello ?
This is ridiculous.
I came here
to report a crime.
I'm reporting a crime too.
Stand here, face forward
and shut up.
That's him !
Number four, that's him.
Number four.
Wait a second. Me ?
You're kidding.
Look, I'm a victim,
not a perpetrator.
That's the man
who flashed me.
What ?
I was a boy scout.
Guys, just chill out.
Or maybe...
Number one. Huh ?
Sorry about that. I was
wondering where you went.
Things like that
happen all the time.
No shit ! So what are you
gonna do about this mob guy
who's trying to kill me ?
You're gonna have
to talk to the FBI.
Have a nice day.
Thanks, man.
Thanks for nothing.
Shit, I'm glad
I don't pay no taxes.
How'd you like
to find this
waitin' at home
for you every night
only been used
once or twice
but it's still
good and tight
but if I can't
sell it
I'm going to remain
seated on it
Martha, you seen Duane ?
I don't see the need
to give it away
you're questioning
my sincerity ?
What do I have to do
to prove...
Aaah !
Oh, God ! You're insane.
I'll cut the whole
hand off, but I
gotta have you tonight.
We just met
ten minutes ago !
- I gotta talk to you.
- Not now, Miles.
- This is serious.
- Karen, your phone number ?
The thing is plastic.
He does this all the time.
Wait a minute,
he's right !
Karen, I think
I can explain.
Sorry, man, I had to do it.
I'm in big, fucking trouble.
You're goddamn right
you're in trouble.
I met this guy
on the plane.
We were sitting next
to each other when
we had this emergency.
Everybody was flipping out
except for this guy.
He was beyond fear.
He started telling me he was
Frankie luchino, the one
everybody thinks is dead.
He's got this new identity
and he's trying to kill me.
These things happen.
What the fuck
is that supposed to mean ?
What's the problem ?
You moved eight times
in the past year !
You got finance companies
looking for you.
If they can't find you,
how will this guy ?
I don't know.
Listen, Miles,
I wouldn't steer you wrong.
I'm your best friend.
It's over.
He'll never find you.
Good, good.
Hello, Lulu.
Welcome back,
Mr. carver.
Nice to see you.
Thank you.
Is my wife at home ?
Yes, she is.
That will be all.
Thank you.
Very well.
Come here.
I want you to call Tony
in Vegas.
Find me somebody reliable,
somebody I don't know and
who don't know me.
By this time tomorrow,
I want that pope kid dead.
Boss, it's no big deal.
What can this black guy
prove anyway ?
He can set
the FBI thinking.
I've been legitimate
far too long.
They take my fingerprints,
I'm fucked.
You had your
fingerprints removed.
They can grow back.
I'll call Tony.
Leland, darling.
Hello, darling.
How was your trip ?
Just business.
We missed you
in Newport...
And mommy
sends her love.
This is kristi.
She's working with Jeremy.
Jeremy ?
Our decorator.
Yes, of course.
Hello, kristi.
Nice to meet you.
I'm sorry to be rude,
but I have a lot of calls
to make to California.
Hey, who are you ?
Where's Harvey ?
Harvey's gone out
for awhile.
I'm a friend of his
from Vegas.
Wait a minute.
Magic Bruno and his performing
rabbits ! Right ?
That's right.
Harvey told me.
He booked you into the lounge.
Nice venue
for a rabbit act.
We're very excited.
Maybe you better
show me some I.D.
No problem.
Now by heaven, my blood
begins my safer guides to rule.
And passion, having
my best judgment collied --
collied ? Colley ?
And passion, having
my best judgment collied,
assays to lead the way.
Assays to lead the way.
All right.
Whoo !
I gotta get outta here.
But that I loved
the gentle desdemona.
We're talking about my life
and you ain't got time ?
What the guys at the desk
failed to tell you...
Is that I'm not
in the field anymore.
This is data retrieval.
I've got six reports
to finish.
I'd like to get outta here
sometime before Christmas.
This was your case !
I can't believe you don't care.
Look ! I spent six years
chasing luchino.
I don't wanna spend...
One more second
talking about him.
Good-bye !
Where the hell
have you been ?
I've been looking
for you all night.
What's the matter ?
Nothing very important.
Just the mob's
trying to kill me.
This is the real thing.
Tommy, can you give
us a couple of minutes ?
Sorry, man.
Miles ? Miles !
Are we gonna make love,
or something ?
You know what happened to me ?
I'm walking out
of my apartment.
Suddenly there's bullets flying
and the Terminator's on my ass.
Someone is trying
to kill you ?
- Ah, a breakthrough !
- Why don't you go to the cops ?
I went.
Nobody believes me.
You gotta help me
disappear now !
- Me help you disappear ?
- How many times ? Yes !
Step into
my office.
Thanks, man.
Just have a seat.
I'm gonna help you disappear.
A haircut ain't
gonna make it.
This is
not gonna be a haircut.
Neither is a massage.
It's not gonna be
a massage either.
All right. Good.
[ Miles ]
What are you doin', man ?
What are you putting on me ?
[ Duane ]
Keep still.
You're gonna look fabulous.
Can I look yet ?
No, keep your
eyes closed.
This stuff needs
another second to dry.
keep an open mind.
All right.
You can open your eyes now.
Keep an open mind.
Aaah ! You made me
into a white guy ?
I can't believe this !
What's the matter with you ?
I wanted to look like prince.
You made me look like
Wayne Newton without
the little mustache.
Relax. This is genius.
They're looking for a black guy.
You're a totally safe Caucasian
who's going to live.
Get this stuff off me.
Nobody is gonna believe...
- That I am a white guy.
- Why not ?
Read my lips...
Which for a white person
are extremely visible.
I do not want
to be white !
You're an actor.
Look at this as
the performance for your life.
Don't give me that bullshit.
I traced my roots.
I know who I am
and it's not ward cleaver.
When I think of
my favorite people,
a lot of 'em ain't white.
Do you have
a better idea ?
Release yourself
just let it go
said I gotta
go underground
hallelujah to
the underground
this ain't gonna make it,
Look at the way these
white people are walking.
They walk with their
butts real tight.
They're the reason God
invented talcum powder.
Look at him.
You're a crazy
Taxi ?
Great. Hey ?
Come on, man.
You know you see me.
There you go,
Thanks, man.
Yo, lady,
that's my cab.
I saw it first.
Lady, I gotta get
outta town.
I'm in a hurry !
Greenwich village, man.
Penn station
and take the park.
Wait a minute.
Haven't we met ?
I don't think so.
- Your face is very familiar.
- It's that kind of face.
I know ! You're at the
bond desk at merrill lynch !
Andrea Clark, Dean witter.
Yes, I remember
you had a long name.
And you're ?
Perry, Perry white.
Perry, of course.
I'm terrible with names
but I never forget a face.
So, Perry,
how have you been ?
Oh, just great...
Since they let me out.
- You're out of the business ?
- No, no, no.
- Out of jail.
- Insider dealing ?
I got 4 to 6 hard
for knocking off
a bank in queens.
I was in jail,
had a boyfriend,
I was the wife.
Stop the cab !
Took steroids.
[ Miles ]
Anytime, baby. I've been
pumping iron especially for you.
The village, man.
You want to confirm
the hit ?
Be here in 15.
Maybe next time, brother.
Where is he ?
Where's pope ?
I'm not sure
where he went.
Well, you've
got a key.
I'm just sharing
the apartment...
Which has some exciting
upscale potential.
- You been looking long ?
- I'm not looking.
This unit is a superb buy
for the low 6's.
I know, you're thinking
"the war zone."
But the war zone look
is going to be huge.
The neighborhood
is pre-transitional.
The unit has
7-foot ceilings...
That are highlighted
with gold fleck.
Look, I have a 6-page
brochure in my car.
Why don't I get it ?
Shut up.
What's with
your feet ?
My mother was black.
I'm a mulatto.
Just your feet ?
No, from the waist down.
That's how it happens sometimes.
Show me.
Duane, help me !
My radio.
He put up a real fight.
I'm Anthony.
We talked on the phone.
Wait a minute.
This isn't pope !
Miles pope is black.
Who's this guy ?
He lives down the hall.
He was here feeding the fish.
He was just feeding the
fish and you whacked him ?
Jesus, lamotta,
two civilians in one day.
You still
haven't found pope.
Jesus, carver's
gonna be pissed.
He was pissed when I told
him about the janitor.
We better keep this one
between us.
I know a place
we can dump the body.
I used to use it
all the time.
So you wanna use my car
or yours ?
Let's take yours.
I think I'm gonna dump mine.
Smart, smart. Careful.
I like that.
- What are you doing ?
- I took my shoes off.
Always do when I fight.
Better traction.
You're a fucking animal.
Get the other end.
What ?
Get his feet.
We'll roll him up in the carpet.
We'll take him down.
Jesus !
He weighs a ton !
I think we should
chop him up and take
him down piece by piece.
Come on.
Get the other end.
[ Laughter ]
Talk of memories, huh ?
I've used this place
a hundred times.
I feel like
a fucking kid again.
So, lamotta,
what kind of gun you use ?
Gun ?
Well, you know...
I use what
I always use.
Which is what ?
Nemmler... 86.
Nemmler ?
Never heard of that gun.
It's a new company.
I got a promotional model.
86 caliber ?
That's a big number.
What do you do
about the recoil ?
You don't have to worry.
It's self-coiling.
Never heard of that either.
I feel like I just
got into the business.
Should be taking notes.
- [ Ringing ]
- Excuse me.
Hi, boss.
No, pope wasn't there.
Lamotta ?
Hey, lamotta ?
That was the boss.
He wants to see you.
He wants to see me ?
Now ?
I'll call him...
If the man wants to see you,
you go to see him.
Otherwise he can get
very upset.
And we wouldn't want that,
would we ?
Oh, and don't worry.
I didn't mention the stiff.
Paisans, right ?
Come on !
What are you gonna do ?
Leave roses ?
you can't pretend...
Sponsorship of the arts
isn't a perfect tax deduction.
I'm not saying it doesn't
make financial sense.
But that's really not why
I'm involved, senator.
Culture is the lifeblood
of New York City.
Without it, we may as well
be living in Los Angeles.
[ Laughter ]
That's very good.
Mr. carver, I brought
Mr. lamotta like you said.
I wonder if
you'd excuse me ?
A little urgent business
has come up.
I won't be a moment.
Watch how
I handle this.
What the fuck have
you got in there ?
Meatballs ?
You said to bring him.
Not through the
goddamn front door.
I've got a senator
and the d.A. Out there.
Sorry, boss.
I wasn't thinking.
What the hell have you
got to say for yourself ?
It's been a
day and a half.
Pope is still alive and
the only stiff you brought
me is a lousy janitor.
These things happen.
-What is that supposed to mean ?
-It means what it means.
I'm paying you 100 grand
and you are giving me attitude ?
I want this taken care
of quick and quiet.
What is the problem here,
huh ?
He's just a kid,
a lousy actor.
There's too many
of 'em anyway.
If you can't handle this,
tell me now...
And I'll get somebody else
for half the price.
I'm your man.
I want pope dead !
You understand ?
You rip him open, cut
him up and make sandwiches.
Understand ? Do it
by tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow morning.
Piece of cake.
So, how's Tony ?
Tony ?
Tony's Tony.
You know Tony.
He'll always be... Tony.
Capisci ?
Fucking a.
Fucking a.
He's never gonna change,
right ?
No ! He's never
gonna change.
Hey ! Hey.
[ Mrs. carver ]
Leland ?
Hello, darling.
Dear, I thought you were
still with the politicians.
I was, but there's no
problem if you'd like
to measure in here.
I don't believe
we've met.
This is Mr. lamont.
He's a friend of mine
from Florida.
Mr. lamont is more
interested in kristi.
It's, um --
I mean...
Ah... you look
just like my sister.
By marriage !
Well, she is the most
beautiful decorator.
And she's doing our whole house.
If ever you need --
I'll keep it in mind.
- We'll let you finish.
- We'll see you in a moment.
Kristi, let's go do
the bedrooms.
[ Quietly ]
Tomorrow morning.
S-s-shit !
Is this the FBI ?
Could you put me through
to Mr. Houston, please ?
This is Miles pope,
Tell him I called.
So... this is how you
white people live ?
Not bad !
Have some room service.
I ordered the whole
left side of the menu.
Miles, you should join
a support group.
- What ?
- A support group.
Where people in the same
situation get together.
The same situation ?
I'm passing for white.
I've been hired to find
and kill myself.
That's a common problem.
That's a fucking epidemic !
Miles, calm down, man.
I can't calm down.
The whole white-face makeup
thing is a nightmare.
I gotta get my life back.
I'm gonna go home and say,
"mammy, don't you know me ?"
Wait a minute !
There was a girl.
She worked for Mrs. carver.
She was a decorator.
- All right !
- Maybe she knows something.
She's been all over that house.
Maybe she's seen a secret safe.
All right.
Hello, I'd like to speak
to Mrs. Rita carver, please.
Thank you.
Rita, darling.
It's lord Percy chisley
Of South worchestershire
upon avon.
I want to speak to you
about your decorator.
Everyone is talking
about her.
That's marvelous.
Soho !
How spiffy.
Wonderful !
Thank you, Rita, darling.
Love you more than
life itself. Ciao.
Duane, listen.
Do you still have the key to
your wardrobe department ?
[ Buzzer ]
Who'd you say
you were ?
Darryl brown,
James' brother.
James brown.
The James brown ?
Hey !
Hit man !
Right on, baby.
A friend of mine gave me
your name. Rita carver ?
- You know Rita ?
- Yeah, I'm into art and shit.
She told me you was
doing some radical
bullshit up here.
I'm loaded
and ready to buy.
Do you mind if I take
a look around ?
Well, come --
what a delightful apartment.
Very urban. Good God.
Hey !
Looks like massio !
Ohhh !
I love doors !
My house is full of doors.
I'll buy it.
How do you know
Rita carver ?
She's a friend of James'.
They dated for awhile.
Don't tell nobody
I told you that.
I hates to gossip,
but have you heard that
rumor about her old man ?
About how he's some
big-time mobster ?
Had his face redone.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- Who you calling ridiculous ?
You never seen any little
secret hiding places ?
Or one secret room ?
Or places where you're
never supposed to go ?
Have you got
any I.D. On you ?
This one
is real superb.
I love the way the jeans
bunch up into his --
you're bullshitting me !
Mrs. carver never dated
no James brown.
I swear on my
brother's parole board.
Aaah !
You nuked me !
You'll be shaky
for awhile.
Start talking !
I'm an actor.
Miles pope.
I'm in a lot of trouble.
I need your help.
- What are you talking about ?
- Leland carver.
That's what this is about !
You're trying to pump me for
information about my client.
Your client is trying
to kill me.
Give me a break !
You haven't said a
truthful word. Now you
expect me to believe this ?
- I can explain.
- [ Zapping ]
All right. Just don't
"taze" me again.
Look... I really
did like the door.
Only in New York.
Hello ?
What are you
doing here ?
What are you doing here,
Mr. "no-pants"...
Or do I need to ask ?
No, you don't
have to ask.
Duane, honey,
is that the champagne
and lobster you ordered ?
No, cherise,
it's the maid.
Come here, man.
The mob's trying to kill
me and you're ordering
champagne and lobster ?
Some guy called who said
his name was... Anthony.
He wanted you to confirm
if the package was delivered.
If not, he would make
other arrangements.
Whatever that's
supposed to mean.
What does it mean ?
Are you gonna leave now ?
I'm gonna make a phone call.
Is that okay ?
It's okay, but can you
not make it too long ?
Cherise doesn't like
a lot of noise.
It breaks her
Hello. Can I speak
to Mr. carver, please ?
It's a matter
of life and death.
Tell him it's Mr. lamont
from Florida.
Where is he ?
Golf course ?
Which golf course ?
Can you get in touch
with him ?
When are you
expecting him back ?
Shit no.
I can't wait that long.
If I'm lying,
I'm flying.
You're the first brother
I had in here all day.
When I say "brother"...
I mean African-American.
It's crucial for people
to remember their heritage.
Brothers today don't want
to know about the struggle.
I start talkin' about
the struggle, they say,
"step on it, please.
I'm in a hurry."
I'm kinda in
a rush myself.
Uncle Toms
and wanna-be's, man.
They don't know who they are,
Brooks brothers suits and all.
They're ashamed
of themselves.
I heard that.
We, as a people,
gotta stand up...
And say "we're black
and we're proud of it."
Right ?
There's only one way for
a black man to make it
in a white man's world.
Great googa-mooga !
Where's Mr. carver playing ?
I don't believe
he's started yet.
He's probably still
in the locker room.
You're welcome.
Mr. carver, I believe
we have a visitor.
I didn't know you were a member
of this club, Mr. lamont.
We gotta talk.
I don't discuss business
in public. Kindly leave.
We have to talk.
This business is important.
Come with me.
Now what's so
fucking important ?
It's about pope.
I need a little more time.
More time ?
I'm not asking you
to whack the president
of the United States.
This is some fucking actor
with no talent and no future.
I want him
permanently cancelled.
I don't know. I hear
it's only time before
he makes it real big.
What ?
it's hot in here.
Whoo !
I don't want
no more excuses.
Either you whack this spook
or I get somebody else.
Spook ?
Yeah, spook.
You've got 24 hours.
And if you don't mind,
I wanna start my game...
Unless you got something
else on your tiny mind.
What's that black shit
running down your forehead ?
What ?
You got black shit.
It's disgusting.
Oh, shit ! It's...
It's my hair dye.
Every time I do a job,
I change my hair color....
In case there's, you know,
You leave witnesses ?
No, no, course not.
I'm a professional.
It's been nice talkin' to you,
but I really gotta go.
I got a lot of
whacking to do.
Another day,
another whack-a-roonio.
Lamotta, first you whack
Miles pope.
Then you whack the guy
who gave you that dye job.
Make a mental note.
Kill Duane.
All right.
What are these ?
All from the same person,
Miles pope.
Pope ?
The actor who told you
the luchino fairy tale.
He's been calling every
two-and-a-half minutes.
Look, kid.
I wanna believe you.
Luchino cost me
my marriage,
my job and
the lives of five agents.
I need to believe you.
But as far as
the bureau is concerned,
you're another crackpot
and I'm another old-timer.
What counts as hard
evidence apart from
a bullet in my chest ?
Anything that connects
carver with his old life.
He's gotta have an office,
somewhere where he works.
You gotta get in
and search it.
Me ?
This may come as
a surprise to you,
but not every black person
from the inner city
is good at that shit.
I never ripped off
a car stereo. Ever !
It seems to me,
if you are
telling the truth...
You got nothing to lose.
Either you find something
and I bring him in...
Or you're a dead man,
my friend.
[ Miles ]
Hey, kristi.
Give me a minute.
I need to talk to you.
I thought
I made myself clear.
You're pissed off,
I know.
Let me explain.
The Darryl brown thing
was bullshit. I'm sorry.
These are for you.
You probably stole them.
You bet, I had to
break into the flower shop.
Leland carver has
hired someone to kill me.
- My friend made me white.
- But you're black.
At the moment. Whenever
I need to be, I'm white.
You're insane.
It's my life
that's insane.
You gotta believe me
'cause I need you to help.
- I really do.
- Miles, you're cute.
Call me when
you're better.
Here you go,
Thank you, brother.
Check this out, man.
Yo, man, you're
a long way from home.
You lost or stupid ?
I think he's stupid.
You'll get hurt, white boy.
Around here my favorite
people ain't white.
Mr. lamont,
Mr. carver's
friend from Florida.
you don't know
how wrong you are.
Miles ?
[ Kristi ]
I don't believe
we're doing this.
[ Miles ]
I want my life back.
Do you think
anybody's home ?
They're at sotheby's.
I marked a bunch
of stuff in the catalog.
Let's go.
Did you get a key ?
I'll go in here.
You take the bedroom.
Miles --
we don't have time.
Hey. Hey !
I don't have
time for this.
whose car is that ?
It's kristi. She must
be here with the fabric.
[ Mrs. carver ]
Kristi ?
[ Mrs. carver ]
Hello, kristi.
Are you here
with the swatches ?
No, no, no.
I had to
the uh --
the master bedroom.
They didn't lose
the measurements again ?
First, it was the tile.
Now, it's the curtains.
I've got to
make phone calls.
I'll be in my study.
Is there a problem ?
No, no.
Oh my God !
Oh my God !
I would like you to
look at the valances
in the guest bedroom.
I'll take a look.
First, I'm going to
make some phone calls.
Frankie, salut.
What the fuck
are you doing here ?
What am I doing here ?
I could ask you
the same question.
- I live here.
- You live here.
I'm asking
the goddamned questions.
Mr. lamont and I have
business. Leave us alone.
Close the door,
You got 10 seconds
to tell me what
you're doing here...
Or I am gonna tear the
heart outta your chest,
and rip that nose
off your face.
And give me those !
The fact is, I got good news.
Miles pope...
Is dead.
[ Carver ]
I want confirmation.
Ah, well,
confirmation ?
The thing is,
you know,
when you said sandwiches
you gave me inspiration.
I ripped off his head.
I made minestrone outta brains.
I ripped out his intestines.
That was chow mein.
I crunched his nuts and
sprinkled 'em like croutons.
The guy is dead.
I'll send Anthony.
Don't leave town.
Get outta my house.
Beat it. I never wanna
see your face again.
You're the boss,
of course.
It's beautiful.
It's fucking beauti--
he bought it.
I told you, man.
[ Miles ]
thanks, man.
- Are you okay ?
- I'm fine.
- I should get an Oscar.
- First, get me out.
Oh, sure.
[ Laughing ]
Can you
believe this ?
Oh, God.
You look lovely.
Let's get some pizza.
[ Harvey ]
Miles ?
Hey, where
you been ?
Been looking
everywhere for you.
How'd you find me ?
Your friend told me...
The crazy guy.
Duane. Great.
Now take a hike.
I love your sense
of humor. Now listen.
I managed to get
you that audition.
- What audition ?
- Othello, 4:00.
It opens Friday.
It'll be cast by now.
Trust me.
Their lead got sick.
James Earl Jones
got sick ?
Whoever. They gotta recast.
You wanna kiss me ?
Right there.
Had it pleased heaven
to try me with affliction,
had they rained down all
kinds of sores and shames...
Upon my bare head --
thank you, that was --
thank you.
Hi, Miles.
I wanna talk to you.
This is crazy.
Even if you get the part
you can't take it.
Carver will know
you're still alive.
I can't take the part
but I can audition.
I've worked too long
for a break like this
to flush it.
I've wanted to do this
since I was nine years old.
No matter what,
I want to know if I
could have made it.
Miles pope,
Miles pope,
Good l--
break a leg.
All right,
we're ready.
Excuse me, you
forgot your script.
It's all right.
I know the play.
Had it pleased heaven
to try me with affliction,
had they rained all kinds of
sores and shames on my head,
steeped me in poverty
to the very lips,
given to captivity
me and my utmost hopes,
I should have found in
some place of my soul...
A drop of patience.
But there where
I have guarded my heart,
where either I must
live or bear no life,
the fountain from the
which my current runs --
thank you.
Thank you, that
was amazingly good.
We don't have to look further.
You are the understudy.
The understudy ?
The understudy !
Your agent didn't --
oh !
This is an emergency call.
We open tomorrow.
- Our understudy got sick.
- The understudy got sick ?
My agent told me I'd
be reading for the lead...
To replace
James Earl Jones.
Afraid not,
You're good, but
you're not that good.
You were fantastic.
I gave my last performance
and I got the understudy.
Why does it have to be
the last performance ?
There are actors in Detroit.
You can start over.
I don't want
to start over.
This is my home.
I like being me.
I like being Miles pope.
Well, if it makes
you feel better,
I like
Miles pope too.
And I don't want him
to leave either.
Really ?
Do you
feel better ?
Maybe if we, uh,
did it for longer,
you know, deeper.
We might get more of a benefit.
Yeah, that did it.
I know this place.
It's a hotel.
They serve champagne
and they have a vibrating bed.
It's a wonderful thing.
I think you should see it.
[ humming ]
[ Humming ]
Good morning.
Hello, darling.
You're up early.
Something wrong ?
On the contrary,
something is very right.
Excuse me.
Good morning, boss.
who's the guy
you brought
into my home ?
The guy I talked to
in the steam room ?
Frank lamotta ?
Oh, yeah ?
Then who the fuck
is this ?
I don't know.
You don't know ?
I don't get it.
You don't get it ?
The guy I brought
here is the guy
who killed pope.
You told me
Miles pope was dead.
He is dead.
I saw him sprinkled
all over his apartment.
It made me throw up.
This is beginning to
make me feel stupid.
I don't like
to feel stupid.
Get over to lamotta's hotel.
Find out what is going on.
Yes, boss.
To think
I looked up to you.
I thought you were
the best there was...
When you were
the white guy.
I tried to order one of those
self-coiling nemmler 86's.
I hate to tell you this,
but there is no such thing.
Now, to find out you
were lying to me,
leading me on.
I have to tell you,
I'm genuinely hurt.
Would it do any good
if I said I was sorry ?
No, it wouldn't
do any good.
But you know what ?
Splattering your brains over
this bed's gonna make me better.
Are you okay ?
No, I'm dead.
Look at this.
Did you kill him ?
I can't
believe this.
Carver must know
I'm still alive.
We gotta get
outta here now !
No, we have Anthony.
We can take him to the FBI.
He'll deny everything.
They have that code
of silence thing.
He'll never talk.
Carver will never stop.
I'm a dead man.
He'll track me down
like an animal.
Year after year, day
after day, week after week.
I'm fucking dead.
He's gonna corner
me like a rat.
What'd you do that for ?
You do that when
someone's babbling.
Did you have to
hit me so hard ?
Will you help
me tie him up ?
I've seen Kojak.
I know how to do this.
Do you want me --
turn him over.
He's so heavy.
He's a mobster.
What do you expect ?
Why can't you put
pressure on him ?
Make him believe
the bureau's taking
Miles seriously.
- There's nothing I can do.
- Wait a minute.
There's got to be
something we can do.
There is.
[ Groaning ]
I can't believe
that punk fooled me.
Me !
He fooled me too,
King Kong in a dress
would fool you.
Boss, I think
we got a tail.
They look like feds.
You don't think they're
startin' to believe pope ?
Take me home,
- Well ?
- Guido's man in the bureau...
Said he hadn't heard
anything about surveillance.
But pope has been with
Houston 3 or 4 times,
so he didn't
rule it out.
Houston ?
Oh, Jesus.
I called
pope's agent.
Guy didn't know
anything, except --
what ?
He said pope wasn't
going anywhere...
'Cause he'd gotten the
understudy to the lead...
In your "othello."
Miles pope
got a part in my play ?
He combined sensitivity
with great strength.
Shut up ! This kid's
playing with me.
It ain't
gonna last.
Get to his apartment.
See if he's got feds
protecting him.
Yes, boss.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, f--
[ grunfeld ]
Class, Miles.
Well acted.
Excellent method.
All of you, everyone
was wonderfully...
Fascist !
Thank you.
I can't believe
I'm doing this.
Dessert menu,
Thank you.
Gelati's homemade here
and the tiramisu --
shut the fuck up, Anthony,
and let me think.
They must be coaching
him for the grand jury.
Jesus Christ.
Once the feds sniff, it's
gonna be a piece of cake
to find out who I am.
We're gonna have to take
him out before he gets
a chance to testify.
It's gonna be tough.
Feds got him 'round the clock.
-Need a bazooka.
-Must be a way to flush him out.
Must be some bait
we can set to stop him...
Before he gets
a chance to testify.
You got something ?
Get the car.
I've got a job for you.
I could not
believe it.
I step out my front door
and there's this car
comin' 100 Miles an hour.
We'll have to cancel.
Forget it.
You got a good understudy.
You don't understand.
This is a gala opening.
We have the mayor coming.
We have big names.
We can't go
with an unknown.
Miles pope is
gonna be terrific.
I think he'll
surprise you.
Tell him othello's
not jealous.
Iago's jealous.
Othello's crazy.
Critics will love it.
I believe that
this kid is for real.
You have more gall
than is healthy
for an FBI man.
You're lucky I'm not busting
you down to the mail room...
After the stunt you
pulled with those actors.
If carver was just
another millionaire,
why would he try to
have the lead in his
own play knocked off...
The day before
the play is to open ?
You have no proof.
Carver believes
we are listening to pope.
He knows the way to shut
him up is to kill him.
He knows he has
to flush him out.
He's trying to get
his guy a clear shot.
I'm sorry, there's no way
I can authorize this.
I was one of your
best agents for 15 years.
You trusted my instincts
and I always came through.
Carver is luchino.
I can feel it !
I'll give you my badge
and my pension...
If I'm wrong, but
I believe this kid.
I want this chance,
All units,
mark's in position.
God, I'm nervous.
Don't worry, I'll be great.
I'm not worried
about your performance.
There's feds everywhere.
There's nothing to worry about.
Okay, do well.
See you later.
I'll see
you later.
God, I'm
I'll be fine.
Listen, I know you're
doing Shakespeare.
There's a right way and
a wrong way to do it.
But whatever you do,
just keep moving,
don't stay in the
same place too long.
I'll try my best.
Okay, yeah.
I'm nervous.
Don't be nervous.
Get out of here.
Let me get that.
Love you, man.
Love you.
God, I'm nervous.
I discovered him,
plucked him from obscurity.
Taught him
everything he knows.
Excuse me.
That's bullshit.
I discovered him.
Pay no attention
to this self-publicist.
I'm Harvey Cooper,
Miles' agent.
That's my number.
Isn't that too typical ?
They'll be coming
out of the woodwork.
[ Emilia ]
Look where
he comes.
I will not leave him now
till cassio be called.
How is it with you,
my lord ?
Well, my good lady.
O, hardness to dissemble.
[ Miles as othello ]
How do you, desdemona ?
Well, my good lord.
Give me your hand.
This hand requires
sequester from liberty,
fasting and prayer,
much castigation,
exercise devout.
'Twas that hand that
gave away my heart.
A liberal hand.
[ Othello ]
The hearts
of old gave hands,
but our new heraldry
is hands, not hearts.
[ Desdemona ]
Come now, your promise.
[ Othello ]
What promise ?
[ Desdemona ]
I have sent to bid
cassio come speak with you.
Anthony's moving toward
the lobby, center aisle.
That handkerchief did
an Egyptian to my mother give.
She was a charmer and could
read the thoughts of people.
Picked up something that
looked like a gun case.
[ Agent ]
He went upstairs.
Let's do it.
[ Othello ]
I did so and take heed on't.
Make it a darling
like your precious eye.
To lose't or give't
away were such perdition
as nothing else could match.
- Is't true ?
- Most veritable.
[ Othello ]
Look well.
[ Desdemona ]
Would to God I never seen't.
Why do you
speak so rash ?
Is't lost ?
Is't gone ? Speak !
[ Othello ]
Say you.
[ Desdemona ]
It's not lost.
[ Desdemona ]
But what an if it were ?
I say it is not lost.
let me see it.
[ Desdemona ]
This is a trick.
Fetch me the handkerchief.
My mind misgives.
You'll never meet
a more sufficient man.
The handkerchief.
The handkerchief.
A man that all his time
hath his fortunes on your love,
shared dangers
with you.
The handkerchief.
Gentlemen ?
[ Othello ]
Tempt heaven.
[ Iago ]
The handkerchief.
By heaven, I would most
gladly have forgot it.
O, it comes o'er my
memory as doth the raven
o'er the infected house.
He had my handkerchief.
[ Iago ]
Ay, what of that ?
That's not so good now.
O, blood,
blood, blood --
oh, my God,
he's been shot !
Whoa, my blood !
[ Screaming ]
Oh, my God.
[ Othello ]
O God, why does
thou punish me so ?
[ Othello ]
Blood doth pour out
of my open chest.
My boyfriend !
Would that I could
know my assassin and
confront him with his name ?
Which play is this ?
But hark,
there he sits.
Beneath his cloak
of respectability...
Doth a
scoundrel lurk.
O Francis, why does thou
seek to have me slain,
when a promise made
upon the plane to have
your secret here remain,
when now my life's
blood does stain --
what's he talking
about, leland ?
I have no idea.
Come on,
you do so.
My pal, Duane,
he rigged the vest.
Why don't you
stay dead ?
Sorry, this is one spook
that just won't stay whacked.
Capisci ?
It's all over,
I've waited
11 years for this.
Frank luchino,
you're under arrest.
Yeah !
This is ridiculous.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
My name is
leland carver.
Great story.
Why don't you
keep telling it ?
It was carver !
Leland, you're
Frank luchino ?
No wonder we never
paid for anything
in Las Vegas.
Put cuffs
on him.
Oh, by the way.
When you get
to the joint,
talk to some
of the brothers.
They'll be dying
to hear your views
on racial equality.
Get him
outta here !
Yeah !
No matter how many
times I see Shakespeare,
I always get
something new out of it.
Bravo !
Bravo, Miles !
If he doesn't get here,
if he messes this up --
he ain't gonna
mess it up.
He'll get here.
He'll get here.
All right.
Miles !
Miles !
[ Miles ]
Where the hell
have you been ?
I'm sorry.
I got held up.
I met this girl.
- Miles, she's perfect.
- Save it, man.
- I got your tickets.
- Thanks, man.
I always come through,
even if it is late.
Come here.
Thanks for everything.
Have a good one.
I gotta go.
- You're under arrest, huh ?
- Yeah, I'm under arrest.
Make sure you get
that one phone call.
Watch that
choke hold.
[ Laughing ]
Well, she might.
[ Ticket agent ]
May I help you ?
Atlantic northern ? Isn't
this the airline you took --
this flight
is overbooked.
I thought we'd bump
you to first class.
How does that sound ?
[ Train sounds ]
I gotta tell you,
I've learned some important
lessons from all this stuff.
You have ?
Like there's black,
there's white...
And there's meaningful
shades of gray.
Other thing is...
First class sucks.
First class
really sucks.
I think you know what
I'm talking about.
Come here, girl.
I think I do.
You know
I love you.
["Small people"
written by David Marley,
performed by Ziggy Marley]
small people
small people
one day will get big
and those who
they call minority
are most of the people
that you see
don't you ever abuse
a humble man
don't be afraid
to wake up
don't be afraid
to wake up
don't be afraid
of another day
oh, yeah get ready
oh, yeah

walking down the street
can't afford
to rest my feet
I just can't agree
with my environment
I would like to see
what can be done about it
I'm not afraid
to wake up
I'm not afraid
to wake up
I'm not afraid
of another day
I am ready
oh, yeah

living in this time
got so much things
on my mind
living in this world
I can't afford
to lose control
I speak up for your right
expect it gonna be a fight
better a free man
than a slave
better a free man
any day
What did you say
me never hear what you say
little while ago
people get ready

I sorta like it
I sorta like it
small people
one day will get big
and those
they call minority
are most of the people
that you see
oh, don't you ever abuse
not one humble man
small people must get big
small people
they must get big
small people
one day must get big
small people
they make the world go 'round
come make
the world go 'round
they make the
world go 'round
the world go 'round
'round, around
struggle all small people
put your best shot
give it your best shot
lick it while it hot
I'm gonna hit you
with music
I'm gonna hit you
with music
I'm gonna hit you
with music