True Justice: Family Ties (2024) Movie Script

[ominous music]
[breathing heavily]
I'm so sorry.
Hey! Hey, you!
I called the cops!
- [sirens wailing]
- [car accelerates]
[sirens wailing]
COP: Freeze!
Don't move!
Don't move!
Suspect apprehended
on [inaudible]...
[breathing heavily]
[dramatic music]

SARAH: Case!
Case, wait up!
Sorry, we can't be late!
Didn't Professor Ambrose advise
you to skip class this week?
Yeah, I just can't
sit around and do nothing.
He's not gonna be found guilty.
Case, at worst,
your brother's a thief.
PJ: Hey, how you holding up?
She's not.
I was up all night,
but I've got a plan.
Look, if he's convicted
of second-degree murder,
there's only two ways
to shorten a life sentence.
Through the governor,
upon unanimous recommendation
by the board of pardons,
or an exoneration.
We can cross that bridge
if and when we get there.
PJ, after dark clouds
come rainbows.
Start talking.
In my year of being
a court intern,
precedent shows the odds
of an exoneration or a pardon
are extremely low.
But not impossible.
Casey, this is why
hypothetical bridges are bad.
Now you're sad!
No, no, I'm not sad.
Look, thank you
for being honest.
And thank you both
for being here
and all of the support.
I could not have done it
without you.
It's much appreciated.
I'm just an intern,
standing in front of
a worried sister, asking her...
Wait, are you quoting
Notting Hill right now?
What? No.
Okay, yes.
- I love Notting Hill.
- See? Thank you!
protections of due process
can be further understood
in what two categories?
Procedural due process and...
- Sarah?
- Substantive due process.
Which ensures that laws
and actions are what?
Fair and reasonable.
Because our rights
should not be infringed.
AMBROSE: Haven't opened the
floor to commentary, Mr. Flint,
but since you are
so eager to participate,
enlighten us
on some of the errors
that can lead to prejudice
against a defendant.
Flaws in lab procedures,
or miscalculated DNA testing,
and overall fraud
and human error.
Human error.
[in a whisper]
Little show-off.
Now, this is where theory
gets convoluted by practice,
which can compromise
an otherwise fair proceeding.
Now the floor is open.
ELI: What about the act
of second-degree murder?
Let's say in the case of,
I don't know, a robbery.
How does due process
apply to that?
And what if the robbery
was committed
after the victim
was already dead?
Regardless of the nature
of the offence,
doesn't the law apply equally
to everyone involved?
For instance, isn't
the sentence life in prison
the possibility of parole?
And what if the defendant
was only convicted
because of human error?
I mean, I'm sure you wouldn't
want an innocent man
to go to prison
for the rest of their lives
for something they didn't do,
would you?
Or maybe you actually would.
AMBROSE: While I appreciate
a hearty debate,
we've gotten a little
ahead of ourselves.
Wrongful conviction will be
the focus in the next few weeks.
That is class.
Mr. Flint, Ms. Barlowe,
please come to the front.
We'll wait for you.
I swear...
AMBROSE: Look, I know
you both are going through
some incredibly
hard things right now.
He started it.
Wow, with an opening like that,
good luck ever winning a case.
You know, I could argue
that your brother started it
by killing my girlfriend.
You don't know anything
about my brother!
Or about me.
You are a spoiled brat who's had
every single thing handed to him
his whole life and has
never had a single hardship
for a single day, ever.
Now, that's a better opening.
AMBROSE: Whether her brother
did this to Devina or not,
it is not Casey's fault.
Devina was her friend,
and she could also be
losing her brother.
And he is in grief.
I know you can relate.
Look, I hate that you are both
going through this right now,
and I am here for you,
whatever you need.
But you can't
bring it into my class,
or I'll ask you to leave, okay?
- Of course.
- Fine.
Eli, you can go.
Casey, please stay.
"He started it"?
I'm sorry, Professor Ambrose.
I just, I...
No, it's okay.
It's okay.
- I shouldn't have engaged.
- It's okay.
- [sighs]
- How are you doing?
Bracing for the worst, and...
trying to hope for the best.
The jury's deliberating
right now, so, um...
Length of deliberation
isn't necessarily
a good or bad sign
for either side.
Do you think what
Theodore Parker said was right?
Does the moral arc of the
universe bend toward justice?
Well, my next class
starts in 11 minutes,
and that is not near
enough time to have
the "Do we live in
a just society" conversation.
But I meant what I said earlier.
Whether you need to talk
or just miss a few classes,
I'm here.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hey, are you okay?
I am so sorry
that happened to you.
Someone needs to put
a muzzle on that guy,
and I would love
that someone to be me.
Hey, it's okay.
He believes
that my brother murdered
his girlfriend.
I would be mad too.
I feel like you need a hug.
Oh, okay... oh, it's happening,
okay, we're hugging.
No, I need to hug you
for at least 30 seconds
to calm your sympathetic
nervous system.
- Uh-huh. Uh, PJ?
- [phone buzzing]
- Mm-hm?
- My phone's ringing.
- Oh.
- Yeah, sorry.
[phone buzzing]
It's the public defender.
Okay, breathe.
[suspenseful music]
Okay, uh, yeah, yeah.
I'll... I'll be right there.
The jury is back,
and Marcus is not doing well,
so I need to go
to the courthouse.
Um, I'm heading there now.
I'll take you.
I'm going with you.
Seriously, I feel like
I'm gonna vomit.
It's okay,
I've got a bag in my car.
Okay, breathe.
It's okay.

MARCUS: You gotta
get me out of here.
I-I can't go back in there!
- Marcus...
- I can't!
Marcus, can we please sit down
and talk about this
for a minute?
I didn't do this,
and they're gonna put me away
for the rest of my life,
I know it!
No, no, we don't know
anything yet, Marcus.
I mean it.
Listen, listen.
Hey, hey...
Hey, hey, it's okay, it's okay.
Look, just breathe.
- Oh...
- Look at me.
We don't know
anything yet, okay?
I need you to calm down.
You can't go back out there
like this, okay?
So, come on.
Can you please just come here?
Come with me.
Sit down, sit down.
It's okay.
Good job.
- [exhales shakily]
- Just breathe.
- I'm scared, Case.
- I know.
I know I've...
made mistakes, but...
I would never.
[melancholy music]
I know.

What am I gonna do?
I only took the necklace.
I didn't do this.
I know, I know.
I know you didn't do this.
Then why am I here?
Because you were there.
If they would just
give me another chance...
I mean, I'll... I'll
turn it all around.
I'll... I'll be better.
I know.
[breathing shakily]
- Look, Marcus...
- [exhales]
Marcus, no matter
what happens in there,
I promise you, I am never
gonna stop fighting for you.
You are gonna get
your second chance
to make things better, okay?
And I am gonna hold you to that.
Because I need you.

Frank, hi.
Casey, this is
District Attorney Quinnley.
Oh, I know.
I intern at his office.
I'm sorry
we're all here like this.
I am too.
Frank, may I speak to you
for a moment?
- It's not a good time.
- Frank, please.
Go ahead.
I'll meet you guys in there.
CASEY: I've been calling.
Did you get my messages?
I did.
Frank, I'm sorry.
I wish there was something
I could do to bring Devina back.
I... I don't even
know what to say.
I-I can't even imagine what sort
of pain you're in right now.
I brought you into our family
after your mom died
when you and Devina
became friends.
I treated you
like one of my own.
I told you to walk away
from your brother.
I know.
I'm sorry, I couldn't.
He's... the only family I have.
That would be the hardest thing
I could ever do.
Not harder
than burying your child.

JUDGE: Thank you.

On the count of
second-degree murder,
we find the defendant,
Marcus Barlowe...
I hereby sentence the defendant
to life in prison
without parole.
Ladies and gentlemen
of the jury,
on behalf of myself
and the city of Philadelphia,
I want to thank you
for the attention and time
spent on this case.
Your service is now concluded.
You are discharged.
All rise for the jury, please.
CASEY: Hey, hey, hey.
Come here, come here.
It's okay.
Look, I promise you.
I promise you this is
not how it's gonna end.
I got you.
I will get you out of this.
It's gonna be okay.
I love you.
I love you.
It's gonna be fine.
I love you.
[sombre music]

[in a whisper] Eli could
look a little less pleased.
CASEY: Okay, this is why
I always stay ten steps ahead.
I mean, what do we even do now?
Do we ask the public defender
to file an appeal?
Uh, if we ask the public
defender, it'll take forever.
Like, years.
We gotta do this ourselves.
You don't have to do anything.
You've done enough, okay?
This is my brother's case.
This is my fight.
SARAH: Case...
Case, I know you don't like
asking for help, but... if there
was ever a time, this is it.
Let us help you.

Okay, what are our next steps?
Alright, um...
if we're looking to exonerate,
we gotta find new evidence.
They must have missed something.
An item of clothing
they forgot to test,
blood, hair, fingerprints...
I need to get the discovery.
It'll be released
now that Marcus has
been sentenced, right?
Right, but I can get it
faster than you.
So, text me your address,
I'll meet you there,
and we'll pore through
every page.
Thank you, you legal angel.
Alright, let's go do this.
[ambient city sounds]
CASEY: "I checked
her pulse and breath.
"Should have called the police,
but with my record,
"I was scared
they'd think I'd killed her.
"Felt sick to my stomach,
but I needed the money.
"The necklace was there
and she was already dead,
"so I took it."
How long were you and Devina
friends for?
Since, um,
first day of undergrad.
All three of us, actually.
And then Case and I
went to law school,
Devina came to a party with us,
met Eli,
and started distancing
herself after that.
Ah, so that explains
the tension between you three.
She left you for
the big man on campus.
Yeah, basically.
So, then, how did Marcus
not know Devina?
They never met.
My mom died a couple months
before I went to college,
and that's when Marcus started
pushing me away
and getting into trouble.
You know, breaking and entering,
public intoxication.
is a crime of passion.
It takes place between two
people in a close relationship.
So, besides Eli,
who was Devina hanging out with?
We don't actually know.
She folded herself
into Eli's friend group.
And we were never invited
to hang out with that group.
- Nope.
- Not that I wanted to.
In the last, what, six months,
she hasn't returned
a single call or text.
Okay, so we need to figure out
who was in Devina's circle
during that time.
Was Eli questioned?
Uh, I don't think so,
unless it was off the record.
Oh, oh, I can find that out.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Here's something.
So, the bodega owner,
he was the one that confirmed
he saw Marcus standing over
Devina's already-still body.
Which Marcus confirmed
in his statement.
He's the only eyewitness.
That doesn't prove murder
beyond a reasonable doubt.
Well, there's 12 jurors
that would say the opposite.
Yeah, but remember
what Ambrose said:
even the most objective jurors
will err on the side of
putting an innocent man away
rather than letting
a murderer go free.
Yeah, it's true.
Who would have done this to her?
CASEY: Ah, Devina,
what were you doing?
SARAH: Wait...
That's odd.
What'd you find?
The only items tested
were Devina's phone,
which only had her prints,
and the necklace,
which carried Marcus's prints,
which means that the item
Marcus knowingly took
was the sole, real evidence
used to convict him.
PJ: What?
Everything on or around her
should have been tested.
If we could get our hands
on those items,
do you think you could
test them for prints?
If the CSI lab caught me,
I would lose my internship.
SARAH: But you're
my best friend.
And, you know, justice.
Well, I would do it
fast, though,
because anything
deemed extraneous
will either be disposed of
or returned
to Devina's next-of-kin.
Well, if Frank
gets a hold of it,
we'll never see it again.
Oh, if only we knew an intern
at the public defender's office
with access
to the police department
where said evidence
is being held.
- No, no, no, no...
- Yeah...
- No!
- Oh, she's right.
[Casey sighs]
Do we have to?
[ambient city sounds]
Let me guess.
You guys are
looking for a tutor.
Sorry, my schedule
is indefinitely full.
Ugh, calm down.
I know you think
my brother's guilty.
I know your brother's guilty.
What if I were to tell you
there may be evidence
to suggest the contrary?
Evidence that wasn't properly
dusted for other prints
or tested for a potential match?
And yes, we read every
syllable of discovery.
The public defender's office
is swimming in cases.
They don't have the luxury
of unlimited resources
to spend on cases
that are clear.
Marcus's was clear.
I wonder what your dad
will think when he finds out
the office his son
committed himself to
neglected to test
all the evidence.
Mm, that's a good point.
Why do you think
I would want to help you?
If you really loved Devina
the way you said you did,
wouldn't you do everything in
your power to find her killer?

What do you need me to do?
Get us the exculpatory evidence.
Possible exculpatory evidence.
Before they give it to Frank.
I know you have the police
contacts and the access.
We'll test it at my lab,
and if we get a hit on AFIS...
I'll cross-reference
with criminal records
and police reports.
I can expedite any paperwork
through the court.
This is quite the plan you have.
It certainly is.
Are you in?
ELI: Hey-hey, what's up, Green?
GREEN: Hey-hey, Flint!
I hear congrats are in order.
Making sergeant.
Next drink's on
the public defender's office.
You guys are too kind to us.
Speaking of the PD's office,
I saw the DA on the news today.
That Barlowe case,
it's crazy, huh?
Yeah, crazy.
Saw that kid in here
a few times.
Hard to believe he's capable
of something like that.
Hey, uh, listen.
I was actually hoping you could
do me a solid and release
any of the victim's remaining
personal items to me.
Technically I'm only supposed
to release that to next-of-kin.
I know, but the public defender
wanted to extend a courtesy
to the father,
get me to drop it off for him.
More of a personal touch.
Get that?
CASEY: Did you get it?
SARAH: Huh, playing games
with evidence now.
Oh, believe me, this is no game.
I'm not giving you this until I
know what you're doing with it.
We're gonna test
every item in that bag,
and you're gonna help us.
[Eli scoffs]
Yeah, that's funny,
'cause I'm not.
If we find any prints
on any of those items
that don't match Marcus,
you're the first person
that we're gonna look to.
you have a choice, Eli.
You can work with us, and have
a chance to defend yourself,
or you can go out on your own
and let the chips and the prints
fall where they may.
I think Choice A
is definitely the way.
Got that.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Meet us after class
at Sarah's lab?
Well done, ladies.
AMBROSE: Wrongful convictions
have increased 70%
in the last five years,
and the current rate
is as high as 10%
for indicted individuals
who are actually innocent.
But think about it:
fingerprints get lost;
detectives, short on time,
overlook leads;
faulty lab work;
and then the defence comes in
after somebody
has already been arrested...
They weren't at the scene;
they're dependent
on law enforcement
to preserve evidence
and then jurors
to check their bias at the door.
You see where
I'm going with this, right?
Look, when people
enter the system,
they do so with
the best of intentions.
They really want to
make a difference,
but at the end of the day,
the justice system
is made up of human beings.
And human beings
are not perfect.
- PJ?
- Then what's the point?
The point is
we don't stop trying.
We don't stop fighting.
Because human lives
are at stake.
And you can't stop
believing that as well.
That's class.
ELI: You failed to mention
in your plan
that you were going to test me.
Well, we're just dotting
the I's and crossing the T's.
SARAH: You'd be surprised how
many guilty people follow along
thinking they'll
never get caught.
Ego is a strange thing.
And yours
is especially considerable.
For someone that needed my help,
you have an unusual way
of showing your gratitude.
CASEY: And there's the ego.
I'm sorry, are you
looking for a thank you?
Is that what you're waiting on?
- Yeah, that'd be nice.
- Hey, guys...
Because without me,
there'd be no evidence to test.
Let me be clear,
I'm not doing this for you,
or for Marcus.
Despite what you think,
I don't want an innocent
person in prison.
If there's a chance
that your brother didn't do it,
we need to find out who did.
- Oh, I agree.
- Guys...
Do I think you had
anything to do with this?
No, I don't.
But if it saves my brother,
I don't care if you get caught
in the crossfire if we find out
who actually killed her.
SARAH: Guys!
I got prints.
A clean set from her watch.
I'm gonna compare them
to Marcus and Eli's prints.
In about 20 minutes,
we will know if anyone else
besides Marcus
could have been there
the night Devina was murdered.
ELI: I don't know what
you think you're gonna find.
I have nothing to hide.
CASEY: Good.
Then you wouldn't mind answering
some questions while we wait.
So, where were you
the night Devina was murdered?
- Come on.
- Well, it's an easy question.
You were either with her
or you weren't?
- I wasn't with her.
- Great.
So, uh, did you see her
at all that day?
I will not be
interrogated by you.
You two were known for being
on-again, off-again,
so were you off... again?
My relationship with Devina
is none of your business.
- I beg to differ.
- SARAH: Hey, you done yet?
The results are in...
The prints from Devina's watch
are not a match to you, Eli.
[Eli exhales]
Told ya.
Now do you trust me?
I'm sorry.
Trust is tricky for me.
Um, thank you for your help.
What about Marcus?
They're not a match
for him either.
- Oh, thank goodness.
- But listen...
All this tells us right now
is that this is
a latent set of prints.
This could still
lead to nothing.
Or it could lead to the killer.
Either way,
it's gonna take some time
to match these sets
in the system.
Okay, how much time?
Three days.
Maybe more.
What do we do in the meantime?
Hone in on a suspect
with the information we have.
CASEY: Go, go, go, go!
- What?
- Just get in the corner!
What are you doing?
I just really don't want to see
DA Quinn right now, okay?
'Cause you got something
stuck in your teeth?
- Wait, do I?
- Yeah.
Okay, funny man.
Look, DA Quinn can't know
what we're doing
until we have proof
of Marcus's innocence.
So I shouldn't call out
after him, "Hey, DA Quinn, I... "
No, hey, hey, hey!
Not funny.
And not helpful, okay?
Okay, the coast is clear,
so we're just gonna...
You guys are so great.
I love talking to you!
So, let me know how your
golf tournament goes, alright?
And you gotta show me pictures
of your grandbabies,
and I gotta hear about
your swim class, alright?
Uh, alright.
PJ, you're a masterpiece.
Ah, thank you.
- ELI: Question for you.
- Yeah?
Can you quickly locate
criminal records
similar to Devina's case?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, but also on the down-low.
Something's different.
We just, uh...
came to an understanding.
Can we just go find
the documents now?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What's an understanding?
It's an understanding.
It's like when two people,
like, agree on a thing.
So, aside from men with
a history of female assault,
what else are we
looking for here?
Uh, strangulation
or attempted strangulation.
And add men who were released
by the time Devina was killed.
And women that were
bound with boat rope.
PJ: Ah...
[murmurs indistinctly]
I'm sorry.
The discovery said
she was bound with boat rope.
No, don't be sorry.
The details help
narrow the search.
Are you sure you're okay,
hearing all this?
Oh, now you're worried
about my feelings?
I'm just asking.
I'm fine.
PJ: Bingo bango!
Three names.
ELI: John Lucas Bronson.
Never trust a man
with two first names.
Taylor Graham, no middle name.
Must have been a middle child.
ELI: Matthew Alias Cane.
CASEY: Alias?
That's an interesting name.
So, all three fit our criteria,
except none of them
used boat rope.
Well, we are off to
a sick and scary start.
DA QUINN: Where's my
invite to the party?
CASEY: I'm sorry, sir.
I know I should have
come to you first.
I found another set of prints.
Can't tell you how I found it,
but I promise
I'll explain everything...
Won't be necessary.
For the record,
I don't condone it.
Of course not.
Uh, and I wouldn't want
to jeopardize my internship
with any conflict of interest...
I think what you should do
is just take some time off.
- I don't need time, sir.
- It's not a punishment.
It's just that you've
gone through a lot,
and you need to
take care of yourself...
and whatever else it is that
you guys are doing in there.
- Understood.
- Yeah?
Thank you.
Also, if my office were to
legally re-open Marcus's case,
you and your
merry band of interns
would need to produce
eyewitness testimony
placing whoever
you think did this
at the scene of Devina's crime.
Or better yet,
a full confession.
- Understood.
- Good.
I promise we are using
the utmost discretion.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Just shh...
Less is more, alright?
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, okay, thank you.
- Yeah, you bet.
ELI: Sarah, did you get that?
It's John Lucas Bronson,
Matthew Alias Cane,
and Taylor Graham.
SARAH: [on phone]
Okay, got it.
This just saved us hours,
possibly days.
We'll let you know if and when
we find these guys.
Thank you, Sarah.
Okay, talk soon.
Okay, so how are we
gonna find these guys?
Well, first of all,
are we in trouble?
No, I'm pretty sure
DA Quinn just gave us
his unofficial blessing.
- Oh.
- Nice.
Okay, sweet, well...
I know an off-the-record guy.
He can track anyone down.
I'll call him
and set something up?
- Sounds great.
- Ah!
We're like the Marvel Universe
of law students.
ELI: Oh, man.
You know what that means?
We need a name.
What about Justice Warriors?
- No.
- PJ...
Okay, okay, uh...
Free Marcus?
- We are not saying Free Marcus.
- Absolutely not.
Okay, okay.
We'll brainstorm
something later.
Just remember...
[phone buzzing]
There's no "I" in "team," Eli.
ELI: But there is an "I"
in "Eli."
This is Casey Barlowe.
Okay, um...
Yeah, I'll...
I'll be right there.
Uh, are you okay?
I have to go see my brother.
CASEY: Are you eating?
I know the food's
probably terrible,
but I need you to try.
Can't keep anything down.
Well, could you, um, try
and drink some water, maybe?
I'm sorry.
I mean, you don't
have time for this.
Checking on me,
running my errands...
Hey, hey,
do not apologize to me, okay?
Come on, I'm here for you.
For whatever you need.
Hey, um, what do you
need from your place?
I need my socks and toothbrush.
And if you could
pick me up some earplugs.
Yeah, absolutely.
I'll do what I can.
Anything else?
Uh, anything... you find
that might make this place
at least somewhat bearable.
Maybe some photos of us.
Hey, did you...
find anything yet?
I, um...
I'm gonna need you to hold on
just a little bit longer, okay?
Can you do that for me?
- [sniffs]
- Hey, hey.
Come here, it's okay.
I promise, you will not
be in here for much longer.
[intriguing music]

Okay, you're good, buddy.
Thank you.
Honestly, you saved me.
No problem.
So, this is the guy
that's gonna save the day?
Never judge a book by its cover.

SARAH: Or its fake moustache.
Come on.
P-Jelly, how goes it, sister?
Oh, it's goin'.
What you working?
Checkin' on the legitimacy
of a workman's comp claim
for a "broken hand."
Check this out.
That hand doesn't look
very broken to me.
That, my friends,
is what fraud looks like.
PJ: Nice.
LIAM: Yeah.
Liam, I want you to
meet my law school buds,
Casey, Eli, and Sarah.
- Hey.
- Nice to meet you.
SARAH: Hello.
We need your help
tracking down three ex-cons
who could potentially be
involved in a murder case.
[chuckles] Juicy.
What do you really need?
PJ: No, I'm being serious.
Uh, rad.
I thought you guys
were pulling my leg.
- Can you help us or not?
- No, sorry.
No can do.
I just...
No offence, but you guys are,
what, a bunch of grad students?
And I like to get paid.
And I got a ton of
surveillance cases, so...
Whatever they're paying you,
I'll double it.
You can't afford me.
Oh, I assure you, I can.
Fifty an hour.
This enough to get you started?
You're that guy, right?
Yeah, sure.
You're, uh, smart, I'm sure.
Real smart.
Top of your class?
- We're doing this, huh?
- Yeah, we're doing this.
You want the job or not?
LIAM: Send me what you got
and I'll get started.
Thank you.
[door opens and closes]
[ambient city noise]
[soft, reflective music]

[mysterious music]

Okay, friend.
How did you end up here?

I'm sorry!
I didn't mean to scare you!
You can't just walk up
to a person like that
in a dark alley!
You have to, like,
make a noise or something!
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
You own the bodega.
I do. Why?
I recognize you.
Um, you were at this trial
for a woman who was murdered.
Her body was found there.
Who's asking?
An old friend.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Like I said to the jury,
I found her body
when I was taking out the trash,
I ran back inside, I called 911.
She seemed nice enough.
She came to the bodega
a handful of times,
always with her...
Her boyfriend or husband.
Wait, you saw her
in this area with a man?
Yeah, she didn't have a ring,
but you never know these days.
Was it this man?
No. Much older.

Is there anything else
you can remember about him?
I think he's with
that team that's building
that new complex
down the street.
Um, not a construction worker, though.
Drove, uh...
a Mercedes Benz.
G wagon, jet black.

I am so mad at you
for going there by yourself
at that time of night.
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
- Yes, it will!
- Yes, it will.
But... it was worth it.
I was at Marcus's,
I got curious, and if I hadn't,
we wouldn't have
this information.
[sighs] Fair.
Okay, so what
do we do with it now?
We have to figure out
who this guy is
and if he had anything to do
with Devina's murder.
Do you think she was
seeing him romantically?
Well, I don't think she was
seeing him professionally.
Do we tell Eli?
You're assuming he doesn't know?
There's no way
he could have known.
He would have had to say
something to investigators.
If you say so.
So, how do we break the news?
I will figure something out.
ELI: Break what news?
- Um...
- Uh, the...
- Liam.
- Yeah.
Liam said that he's got
some news for us tonight
about John Lucas and Matt Cane.
Oh, sorry!
My, um...
note... note book.
AMBROSE: Your notebook.
Yeah, the notebook.
Yeah, mm-hm.
- I, uh, put this aside for you.
- Thank you.
- Yes, of course.
- Important for class, and...
We are together.
Yeah, clearly.
Yeah, cool.
DA QUINN: We are indeed,
and I should probably
head back to my office.
I'll see you tonight
at Del Fresco's.
DA QUINN: You okay?
Yeah, yeah.
I just feel like I saw
my second-grade teacher
and my PE teacher
kissing at the movie theatre,
but, you know...
- You want to talk about that?
- No, I do not.
I was going to stop by your
office, though, after class.
We found some
physical evidence in discovery
that wasn't admitted at trial.
What's your level of confidence?
It's a set of latent prints
lifted off of Devina's watch.
Hm, those could be anyone's.
True, but what if I told you
that Devina may have been
in a relationship
with an older man?
The same eyewitness that ID'd
Marcus at the crime scene
was able to say he'd seen Devina
with this man several times.
He ID'd the vehicle and said
he was a new property developer
working at a new complex
down the street.
I would say
you're onto something.
[loud sawing]
- Hey.
- Hey.
I was driving.
It just started smoking.
When's the last time
you had an oil change done?
A week ago!
At Zevo's down the street,
that garage...
If I had a dollar
for every shoddy job...
Yeah, that's it, right there.
Alright, alright, you know what?
I'll take care of ya, alright?
give me a sec, okay?

Fingerprints of one
Matthew Cane.
And donuts.
Those are my favourite.
How did you know?
No, that's all, Officer.
Thank you so much.
I really appreciate it.
Bye, now.

ELI: Did you ever think
we'd be meeting
parole officers together?
CASEY: [exhales]
Thanks for coming with me.
Maybe I'm not as horrible
as you assumed.
But jury's still out.
You know, it's really strange,
the last six months,
Devina just quit returning
my calls and texts.
She told me the opposite:
that when we started dating,
you stopped wanting
to hang out with her.
What? No, that...
That's not my way.
Devina, she had a way
with the truth.
Sort of makes you
wonder what else
she might have been hiding,
you know?
[door opens]
Eli, I've been meaning to...
Hold up.
I think that's him.
[door closes]
is a tough place.
Many end up
right back in the joint.
Taylor did the work inside,
became the man
he always wanted to be.
Got released early, even started
a weekly support group.
On Wednesday nights
you can actually find him
in the prison meeting room,
talking to other inmates,
giving them advice.
Letting them know that they too
can turn things around.
We're real proud of him here.
[phone beeping]
Excuse me, one sec.
It wasn't Taylor.
Devina's body was found
on a Wednesday night.

CASEY: Liam had
the brilliant idea to check
the security camera footage
from the prison community room
the night Devina died.
LIAM: Yeah, Taylor Graham
was definitely present.
He was running a support group
the exact same time
Devina was killed.
CASEY: So it definitely
can't be him.
Lab analysis confirms
that Matt Cane's prints
from Liam's hood
are not a match.
LIAM: And two-first-name guy
over there is dead.
PS, never trust a guy
with two first names.
I literally said the same thing!
So we're at a total dead end.
LIAM: Uh, what is this...
going on between you two?
Uh, there was
nothing between us.
Okay, you guys are amateurs.
You just looked at her, trying
to get her to say something,
and then you just shook
your head back at her, so...
What's the deal?
You guys gonna share
with the rest of the group,
or am I walking out of here?
'Cause I don't work like that.
Devina was seeing another man.
- Oh.
- The question is...
Did you know?
Eli, wait!
That was messed up in there,
putting me on the spot
like that!
I know, okay, I know, I know,
the timing was bad, yes.
I know, but it was
a fair question.
Did you know?
We're gonna find out.
I won't stop.
It'd just be a lot easier
if you'd help us.
[poignant music]

SARAH: You're home.
CASEY: Yeah, I had to
take a walk,
clear my head.
Did it help?
Eli knew.
Is that what he said?
No, but his silence
spoke volumes.
I'm sorry.
I know you're disappointed.
He's been a conflict of interest
from the start,
and now
he's a flat-out liability.
Yeah, but it still wasn't
the time or the place
to confront him.
Not in front of everyone.
And it wasn't your
information to tell.
We deserve to know the truth.
We're all invested in this.
Look, I've put my internship
on the line, Case!
So has PJ.
So have you!
So did Eli.
Or he was, anyway.
You don't think he'll be back?
I don't know.
But I know if I had
just had one more chance
to talk to him one-on-one,
I believe he would have told me.
I'm sorry.
I got you a glass.

Should I just put Eli's picture
on the board, you know?
FRANK: Case.
Frank, hi.
Uh, you know, I'm just
running between classes.
I just want to apologize
for the way
that I treated you
at the courthouse.
Hey, Frank,
you don't need to apologize.
That was not the time
to approach you.
I know how much
you loved Devina too.
And I'm sorry.
I do.
Thank you for saying that.
That means a lot.
I appreciate it.
I took my anger out on you.
You're not your brother.
You're nothing like him.
I miss her more than I can say.
I miss her too.
She was my best friend.
I don't know if you were aware,
but she hadn't been answering
my texts or calls
for quite a while.
It was almost as if there
was something that she
maybe wasn't comfortable
talking with me about.
I don't know, did she ever
mention anything to you?
Never mentioned anything.
Did I do something to upset her?
Or was there something
going on with Eli, maybe,
or with someone else?
Doesn't matter.
Whatever was going on with her
won't bring her back.
Anyway, um...
Again, I'm sorry.
AMBROSE: Next week, we are
gonna hone in on the obstacles
that are up against the accused.
Is he just gonna ignore us
for the rest of second year?
Looks that way.
AMBROSE: and at every point,
we have to adhere
to the firm foundations
of the Constitution.
That's class.
Off to the lab.
And I gotta get
to the courthouse.
I'll check in with Liam, see
if he has anything new for us,
and put it in the chat.
- Don't forget to take Eli off.
- Yeah.
PJ: We lost a
Justice Warrior today.
SARAH: His choice.
- I'll see you guys later.
- Okay.
Yes, Professor?
For you.
- What is it?
- I don't know.
Who's it from?
Let's just say it's from
someone who believes
that you might be
onto something.
LIAM: Where'd you get this?
I can't tell you.
But it's from a reliable source.
I mean, personally,
if I was conducting
an unsanctioned search
for evidentiary proof
to reopen a wrongful
conviction case...
Which is exactly
what we're doing.
I would do it just like this.
Come on, an envelope full of
secret collected content?
So sexy.
Or an envelope with a single
copy of a newspaper article.
"The body of Philadelphia
native, Tammy Monroe, age 22,
"was found two days ago washed
ashore on the Delaware River."
I don't remember hearing
anything about this.
It's because it's not current.
It's from three years ago.
Local developer
and philanthropist Kurt Teller
and his wife Rachel have
announced a $25,000 reward
for any information
leading to the arrest
and conviction of the person
responsible for Tammy's murder.
Wait, Monroe was an intern
at Teller Developers.
And was a recent hire.
Apparently, Kurt and Rachel
were extremely distraught
at her murder.
Yeah, check this out:
"My contractor business
"is the firm foundation for
my greater development work."
Apparently he's
"staunchly committed
"to refurbishing the city."
SARAH: Wow, quite
the paradigm of altruism.
Wait a second, zoom in
on that image right there.
That's Elmwood.
That's where Marcus lives,
where Devina's body was found.
"Urban renewal project."
CASEY: Well, this has to be the
developer Devina was seen with.
So... whoever sent us this
is telling us if Kurt Teller
murdered Tammy Monroe, then...
maybe he killed Devina?
CASEY: And now he's
gotten away with it
not only once, but twice.
There was no real evidence
linking Teller
to Monroe's murder,
so whoever gave this to you
is probably hoping
that we can find that evidence.
I'll look into it.
PJ, can you get me
the files from the county
and the investigative reports...
From the detectives
on Tammy's murder?
Yep, you bet.
SARAH & LIAM: And Kurt
and Rachel Teller's testimonies.
CASEY: Uh, okay, well,
it's a long shot,
but it's the only shot
we've got.
ELI: I don't think
it's such a long shot.
Wow, I don't know whether
I should be impressed
or tell you to go out
the way you came in.
Casey, can I talk to you
for a second?
Whatever you want to say to me,
you can say to the group.
It's not what you think it is.
Only guilty people
say things like that.
Devina had been off for months.
She was clearly having a
relationship with someone else!
- You had to have known.
- I didn't know.
I just...
I had a feeling.
You're one of
the smartest in our class.
I have a hard time believing
you're that dumb in love.
Did you ever even
ask her about it?
No, I...
I didn't want to come off
as insecure or paranoid.
Same reason I didn't say
anything to the cops,
if that's what you're
gonna ask next.
I didn't want to send them
on a wild goose chase.
When was the last time
you saw her?
The day before she died.
Why did you come back?
To help.
And to apologize.
Well, in that case...
I'm sorry.
I should've told you the truth
when you asked.
PJ: Hmm.
I mean, I...
I should've told you the truth
before you asked.
One more question...
for now.
How do you know Kurt Teller
if you didn't know
Devina was seeing him?
Because my dad's done
business with him.
And let me tell you guys,
he is not a nice guy.
He's got friends
in all the right places,
so we need to be careful.
- We?
- Yeah, we.
If Kurt did this, I need to
be part of taking him down.
And getting Marcus
an exoneration, right?
Yes, of course...
Casey, of course.
Okay, look...
Like it or not, he knows
how to work evidence.
There's no one in our
entire law school class
that knows their way around
criminal procedure
the way that Eli does.
ELI: It's true.
Not helping.
Besides, Liam, he's paying you.
So, are we all okay with this?
If you're okay, I'm okay.
I mean, I don't trust him.
But, uh, then again, I don't
trust anybody, so, yeah, sure.
CASEY: Sarah?
You know what?
I've gotta get back to the lab,
make some headway
on my actual work.
LIAM: You do you, boo.
Text ya later.
Yeah, on the group chat.
About the case.
Yeah, right on, that's...
that's what I said, I think.
Uh, PJ,
can you get on those docs?
- Yeah, will do.
- Yeah.
Alright, so...
what happens now?
Now the real fun begins.
[dramatic music]
CASEY: Is this the man
you saw with our friend
who was murdered?
That's the guy.
And when did you start
seeing him hanging around here?
Uh, spring, when they broke
ground on that new building.
If you, uh, think of anything
else or you notice anything
weird or concerning, call me.
Why are you asking now?
Didn't they catch the guy
that killed her?
They didn't catch the right guy.
Thank you, Salim.
You've been really helpful.

LIAM: That's Kurt's trailer,
right there.
I'm gonna come back later
to set up some security cams
around the property.
SARAH: Hey, all!
LIAM: Hey.
Finally caught up at the lab
and at your disposal.
Did we get anything?
I think we found Kurt's hideout.
LIAM: Yeah, we pulled
this up earlier.
SARAH: Ah, winning awards,
erecting buildings,
maintaining a solid
social schedule...
He's either a saint
or a psychopath.
CASEY: So, what do we do now?
Surveil him?
Yeah. I'll tell Kurt.
I don't think
I agreed to a nickname.
It'll grow on you.
I'm gonna need you to
run prints off of anything
I can snag off of Kurt Teller,
and then test for a potential
match to that latent set.
CASEY: If this guy Kurt is
who we think he is,
I feel bad for his wife.
ELI: You're assuming
she doesn't know.
Most of these women know their
husbands are who they are,
but they protect the facade
for the sake of their lifestyle.
Yeah, you wanna
learn about the husband,
follow the wife.
Especially when she's
the type that'll lie for him.
Yeah, if she's
protected him before,
who's to say
she's not doing it now?
I'm gonna need one of you
to befriend her.
I can do it.
Should I work recon with you?
No, no way. Uh, you can...
work with Casey.
Buckle up, warriors.
CASEY: PJ, that was
even fast for you!
Yeah, what can I say?
I might be an actual magician.
CASEY: I think you are.
I got the testimonies
and police reports
on Tammy's murder,
for your reading pleasure.
Or not.
It's pretty dire,
so allow me to summarize.
Not bound,
no prints found on her body,
but she did show
signs of strangulation.
That's only a one-out-of-three
match to Devina, then.
Investigative reports
on Tammy's apartment
found a cellphone with 17 calls
to the same number
on the night she died.
And guess whose name
popped up on the testimonies?
Uh, Kurt Teller.
"Tammy had a tumultuous
relationship with a boyfriend
"who was in and out of her life.
"A really troubled guy.
"She called me obsessively
because she was under duress
"and because
we were having an affair."
He admitted to the affair?
How did this never
come out in the press?
ELI: Telling you.
Friends in high places.
LIAM: Huh, so he admitted
to an affair to save his butt.
Uh, I found a phone number
that links to an old cellphone
belonging to Kurt Teller.
Which means
he had multiple phones.
I sent you the coordinates
for Kurt Teller's house.
Covertly stake out the premises.
If Kurt pops up, text me.
If you see Rachel, follow her.

What are you looking at?
Devina's post online.
The last thing
she posted was six hours
before she was murdered.
Just trying to get an idea
of her movements.
I'm sorry.
This must be so hard for you.
The sad part is...
I'm not shocked
that Devina had an affair
with someone like Kurt.
- Really?
- Yeah, yeah.
No, I often wondered if
the only reason she liked me
was because of
my family's money.
And you didn't
break up with her?
Nah, you just get
used to it after a while,
and assume that everyone
wants to be your friend
because of your family's status.
That is, um...
That's one problem I have
never had to deal with.
So, how did you and Devina
become friends?
You're so different.
Oh, I... no, no,
I don't mean that in a bad way.
I don't mean that in any way.
I was just...
It's okay, you're...
you're actually right.
- Okay.
- We were.
We were... we were
very, very different.
I dunno, we met at
freshman orientation.
I'd just lost my mom,
she lost her mom the same year,
and we were sort of
trauma-bonded for life.
Yeah, I mean, it's why Marcus
and I are so close.
I practically raised him.
We're the only two people
we have left in the world.
So, how did you become...
And your brother is...
- In prison?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you can say it, it's okay.
That's what I meant.
Trauma is a bit of a wildcard.
You know, either you fight,
you fly, or you freeze.
And I had no choice;
I had to fight.
I'm the oldest; I had
my brother to take care of.
But Marcus, he just...
He's been running from
that pain ever since.
That's some hard stuff.
It's also my life.

Hello, Rachel Teller.
Looks like you're off to yoga.

ELI: Oh...
Get down, get down, get down...

[clears throat]
Let's, uh...
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
Yeah, let's follow her, yup.
Do you just have, like,
a treasure chest of costumes
lying around?
Uh, yeah.
Why, you don't?
I never know where
the case is gonna take me.
The Hawaiian shirt
is a staple, though.
I loved Magnum PI as a kid.
Is that why
you wanted to be a PI?
I actually wanted
to join the CIA, but...
Why didn't you?
Oh, I still have plans to.
It's just,
this is what pays the bills.
So, what do people
usually hire you for?
Insurance claims.
Uh, spouses hiring me to catch
their unfaithful partners.
Every once in a while, I get
something juicy like this.
But I got plans to go
international, baby.
I can see it.
Uh, and then what?
Buy a house for my mom and pops.
Um, what about you?
What made you want to
investigate evidence
from gruesome crime scenes?
Norman Bates was my Magnum PI.
- What?
- No, I just...
I've always loved the macabre.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
That is weird.
And it's a far cry from
a real estate mogul dad
and an oncologist mom.
I mean, how do they feel
about that career choice?
They think that you should
stop doing recon on me!
We're judging me now?
- Mmm.
- Mrs. Bates?
- [laughs]
- Yeah.
There he is.
You see him?
Oh, yeah.
Alright, he's on the move.
Let's go.
[intriguing music]

[phone shutter clicking]
ELI: From yoga
straight to the office.
CASEY: She cleans up well.
[intriguing music]

- Hello, hello.
- Hello.
Somebody order a set of prints?
Thank you.
Okay, just drop me at the lab
and I will start
processing these.
How about I
take you out sometime?
A nice dinner?
A little dancing?
- Dancing?
- Yeah.
For a PI, you clearly haven't
been picking up on my cues.
Whatever you say, Sarahbella.
[car starts]

[distant chatter and laughter]
CASEY: Must be nice to
go yachting on a random weekday.
Bet your dad
has one of these, huh?
It's the fourth boat
down on the right.
Okay, yeah.
Wow, she has certainly
forgiven him.
Men who cheat are extremely
affectionate in public.
In the discovery,
you said the rope
used to bind Devina's hands
was what...
Boat rope.

Boat belongs to Kurt Teller.
Got the Bill of Sale and Title
on this party yacht.
Which means accessible
boat rope is not something
he's lacking.
- No.
- I need to get close to Rachel.
LIAM: On it.
Stand by.
ELI: Did you just hack
into Rachel's calendar?
LIAM: Oh, yeah.
I'm booking you in for 10 am.
You guys are gonna need to
find a space, a backstory.
I am not wearing a costume.
Uh, you will do whatever I say.
Whatever makes you guys
believable as a young couple
with enough cash
to hire Lady Teller.
Hey, Sarah, can we get
access to the vacant loft
in your dad's building tomorrow?
Great, okay.
And also, I'm gonna need
your help picking out, like,
a dress or something fancy.
I know, you're so excited.
Okay, calm... Sarah, calm down.
Okay, bye, bye!
Okay, we're in.
I also have to get some
semblance of studying done.
I'm gonna go,
but do you need anything?
Are you good?
Yeah, good as gravy, baby.
I will be on stakeout
until Kurt and Rachel dock.
I'll see you at 10 am.
Great work this week.
And good work to you too.
[door closes]
Buddy, that's not happening.
[ambient city noise]
[intriguing music]
[Casey clears throat]
You look beautiful.
Uh, you too.
Uh, handsome, not beautiful.
The... yeah.
[clears throat]
Wow, she really
does not look happy
about the scheduling mistake.
There must have
been a calendar mix-up.
Mrs. Teller will see you now.
RACHEL: My apologies.
I thought someone else
was booked at this time.
I'm Rachel Teller.
And you are...?
Michael Madison.
And this is my wife, Mia.
- How do you do?
- Oh, how cute!
M & M!
Let me guess,
you had personalized M&M's
at your wedding?
You guessed it!
RACHEL: Please, have a seat.
So, how can I help you?
Well, my wife and I
recently got married.
RACHEL: Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, thank you.
And we purchased
a spacious loft in Society Hill.
I love that area.
I've always wanted to get
my hands on one of those lofts.
We were hoping you'd say that.
See, I just don't know
what to do with the space!
Design isn't necessarily
my forte.
RACHEL: Oh, well, you certainly
know how to dress.
Well, actually,
he bought this for me
on our honeymoon in Paris.
He knows how to spoil me rotten.
[giggles] Okay, so tell me
a little about yourselves!
It helps me to know what kind of
aesthetic you're looking for.
Well, we met in...
College, yes,
in our freshman year.
You're adorable!
We really just want
our place to remind us
of our time in Paris.
Mia is a big fan of
the drama of Jacques Garcia.
I am? I am.
I, myself, prefer the design
elements of Jean-Louis Deniot.
Oui, oui!
RACHEL: Oh, I love Deniot!
Okay, look, normally,
I am booked out far in advance,
but I could clear some things
and slot you in
by the end of the month.
Sound good?
[phone buzzing]
Oh, that is so
incredibly kind of you.
we need someone who can
get started as soon as possible.
You see, our marketing firm,
it's a startup,
and we have a piece
in New Day Dcor;
they need to shoot by the end
of the month in the space,
featuring the designer heavily.
It's a whole thing.
So, is there another designer
that you can recommend?
Someone of your calibre,
of course.
- Of course.
- Hmm...
Okay, let me just have another
look at my calendar here.
Oh, that's weird.
I was supposed to see
Mrs. Purcell this afternoon
for her big installation.
You know, I hear there's
a bug going around.
- I heard that too.
- It's so nasty.
Well, how's today at 2 pm?
- That would be just perfect.
- BOTH: Mm-hm.
RACHEL: Excellent.
[mysterious music]

[camera shutter clicking]

- And that's the last.
- Thanks, I'll get right on it.

[mysterious music continues]

[camera shutter clicking]

Oh, yes!
This is gorgeous! Oh...
Like Deniot, I will dress these
windows ceiling to floor.
Oh, the exposed brick
is stunning.
We will not be touching that.
Have you picked a colour scheme?
I love Deniot's ability to
mix patterns and textures,
capturing both the masculine
and feminine.
Well, I'm a big fan
of bold pops of colour.
I'm more of a neutral
kind of guy,
but I think we can
find a compromise
we both find favourable.
I just want
my bride to be happy.
See, he's still sweeping
me off my feet,
even without the acapella.
That's so sweet.
Now, let's discuss bedrooms.
I'm assuming primary,
guest, and...
I think we want to
grow our business
for a couple of years,
and then...
I'm sure kids are in our future.
Do you have kids?
Um, my husband and I
tried for years,
but after enough
unsuccessful rounds of IVF,
we decided that a family
was not in our plans.
We bought a boat instead.
- [laughter]
- Oh, nice.
We built two
successful businesses.
We can travel whenever we want.
Things have a way
of working out.
Also, kids cost a lot.
So, enjoy that purse
while you can!
- [laughter]
- [phone ringing]
Oh, I need to take this,
but I've seen enough
to get started.
So I'm gonna
leave this with you.
I will get you a mood board
by end of day tomorrow
and have this loft camera-ready
by end of month.
- Thank you so much!
- Okay, muah!
I think she might invite you
to her next girls' night.
I just feel badly for her.
Eyes on the prize.

[engine starts]
Come on, man, that's my baby!
Way to give a guy a break!
[distant sirens]
[mysterious music]

[alarm beeping]
What do you think?
Well, forensics
are suggesting suicide,
but obviously can't
confirm until autopsy.
Yo, you got stakes in this?
Yeah, I mean, I got hired
to dig into Kurt Teller
on the Devina Adams murder.
I dunno, man,
maybe my intel's off.
Maybe I'm rusty.
Look, if anything pops up,
I will let you know.
LIAM: I swiped
both of Kurt's phones,
downloaded the data,
and then popped those
back onto the crime scene
before the cops arrived.
What does it matter?
He's already dead.
I know, we're not gonna
get a confession, okay?
But I still think
we have a chance
at a really strong case here
with physical evidence.
[phone buzzing]
- Hey, Sarah.
- Hey, talk to us.
SARAH: [phone] No one can know
I'm sharing this.
Kurt's suicide was staged.
Initial analysis from his
trailer shows he was murdered.
- Okay.
- Whoa, what?
PJ: Now I'm really confused.
SARAH: I'm not done.
Kurt's prints from his
water bottle are not a match
to the latent set
on Devina's watch.
Our techs managed to lift
prints from Kurt's neck
and several
from around the trailer.
I'm gonna stay and run them.
I gotta go.
[call hangs up]
ELI: Case, don't even go there.
Those prints could belong
to whoever killed Kurt.
We find that person,
we find Devina's killer.
Look, I'm gonna go out,
start canvassing the area,
see if there's
anything I missed.
You know, Sarah's doing her
due diligence on the prints,
and maybe you guys comb through
the discovery one more time?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Just keep your head up, okay?
I always find my guy.
ELI: First year in
the public defender's office,
this is all I did.
Hot tip for ya...
Scan in spurts to stay sharp.
[phone buzzing]
Hey, Sarah.
The prints found on Kurt's neck
from the crime scene
are a perfect match to the
latent set on Devina's watch.
But hold on,
because we have still no record
of who those
matching prints belong to.
(Great, so that means the person
is A) not in the system
(and B)...
They could be
anywhere or anyone.
ELI: What is it?
What are you seeing?
See if you can find
the evidence list,
if your
upperclassman ring's on it.
Well, it's not pictured
here in the evidence,
but she had it six hours
before she was murdered.
What's going on?
You good?
Yeah, um...
It's not there,
because I have it.
SARAH: [on phone]
Are you kidding me?
Sarah, I'm gonna call you back.
- No, no, I want to...
- [call beeps off]
ELI: Can we just...
You said you didn't
see her that day.
I know I did, I know.
Please, listen.
Six hours before
she was murdered,
she was wearing that ring.
The reason it wasn't
pictured with the body
and found with the body
is because you saw her
sometime in those six hours,
and you... you took the ring.
Can I just please
explain myself?
You lied to us, Eli.
You lied to us again.
No, but I am
telling the truth now.
Why didn't you want anyone
to know you saw her that day?
I went to her house
to confront her
and then we got
into this big fight.
About what?
Eli, answer the question.
She admitted she was
in love with someone else!
But she wouldn't say who,
but said that everyone
would know soon and they were
gonna run away together
and there was nothing
I could do to stop her.
So I demanded that she give me
my ring back, and I left.
That was it.
You tell me.
You tell me right now that
you didn't know it was Kurt
this whole time.
No, I swear.
- I don't believe you.
- Oh, Casey.
I don't!
Did Frank know?
I don't know!
Casey, I-I'm telling
you everything...
- No.
- right now.
Look, look, I didn't...
I didn't say anything before
because I knew that it
would make me a suspect,
but I also knew
that I didn't kill her!
- How do I know that?
- Are you serious?
You just saw her
the night she was murdered!
Okay, you knew... you knew
she was having an affair,
so you have a motive,
and you have been lying to us
this entire time!
No, look,
if I am guilty of anything,
it's of protecting myself.
I cannot believe that
I gave you a second chance.
Oh, Casey, come on.
Please, please...
- You need to leave, Eli.
- Casey, please.
- Eli, get out now!
- Casey...
[dramatic music]

It's not as bad as it looks.
I am so sorry.
I promise you, I promise
I'm doing everything I can
to get you out of here.
I know you are.
Hey, hey, hey.
Listen, since we were kids,
you've never let me down.
Anything you put your
mind to, you've done.
I know you can do this.
I can hold on until you do.
[knocks on door]
Look, I know we're not
in the best of places,
but I could really
use someone to talk to.
I know you and Eli became close
while he was dating Devina,
but I really think
you should know this.
Eli had told me
that he hadn't seen Devina
the day that she, um...
[phone buzzing]
Uh, really sorry about this.
Anyway, uh, Eli lied.
It turns out he had
seen Devina that day.
And I know I've asked
you this before, Frank.
I know, and I just...
I really need you to
just try and remember
and be honest with me.
Did she ever say
anything about...
someone else?
Or, or breaking up with Eli,
or running away with them,
[phone buzzing]

Frank, I-I'm... I'm sorry.
I really gotta take this.
I'll be fast.
Liam, what do you need?
LIAM: [phone] I checked
the footage on my cameras
at Kurt's place.
You will never believe
who I pegged outside
just before Kurt's murder.
Wait, hold on,
I'm gonna send you a video.
I'll wait.
[phone buzzes]
[dramatic music]
LIAM: I bet those latent prints
belong to Frank!
Oh my God, Frank killed Kurt.
[dramatic music]
So you figured it out?
One day, you'll be a parent,
and you'll know
what it feels like
to love someone so much
that if someone hurts them,
you do anything
to make them pay.
I'm sure I would have done
the exact same thing.
Frank, how did you know
it was Kurt?
I didn't.
Until recently.
If I did, I...
I could've saved her.
Before Devina was killed,
she was acting like
a different person.
I thought I was
losing my daughter.
And so I confronted her,
and that's when she told me
that she was in love,
but she wouldn't say who.
Whoever he was,
I knew he was to blame,
so I tried to convince her
to stop seeing him,
to focus on herself, but she was
leaving to go be with him!
So I grabbed her wrist.
This was the last time
I saw her alive.
Frank, you did everything
you could to try and save her.
I wish that was true.
Even after she was murdered,
I was convinced
it was your brother too.
But then I saw you in the cafe.
I couldn't shake what you said.
So I snooped through her stuff,
and that's when
I found out about Kurt.
There was a picture of the two
of them on her bedside table,
and a few notes
that she kept from him.
So I followed him.
And when I saw that
he got into that trailer,
I realized how close he was
to where she was killed.
I paid him a visit.
You confronted Kurt?
Yeah, I didn't want to hurt him.
I only wanted to know the truth.
But when I asked him
if he killed my daughter,
with that smug look
on his face, he said,
"Your daughter was delusional!
"She was threatening
to blow up our lives!"
And I was recording it
on my phone, and he saw it,
and he attacked me.
And before I knew it, I had
my hands around his throat.
I wanted to see his life
squeezed out of him.
Just like he had done
to my daughter.
He used her and he threw
her away like trash.
Like she was nothing.
And she was my everything.
FRANK: I'm never
gonna see her again.
It's okay.
Frank, I'm sorry.
I know. I know.
I'm so sorry, Frank.

LIAM: You're okay?
I don't think "okay"
is something I'm ever gonna be.
Hey, um, you know, if it helps,
with Kurt's confession,
Frank will probably
get off on self-defence.
That actually does help.
Thank you.
How did you find me?
You never hung up,
so I tracked you.
[phone buzzing]
It's Rachel's assistant.
They're probably calling
to cancel the appointment
this afternoon.
This is Mia.
You're calling to confirm
the appointment this afternoon?
- [in a whisper] Keep it.
- Why?
Just say you'll be there.
I will be there, yes.
Thank you.
What is going on?
Why... why would I keep
this appointment?
Why would she keep it?
Her husband just died.
Tell everyone to meet
at the loft, like now.
Uh, not Eli.
He's out.
Well, he's gotta be back in.
I'm sorry,
I'll explain everything to you
when we get there.
LIAM: I knew there was
something kooky about Rachel,
so I went through the data
on Kurt's phones.
I didn't get a chance
to tell any of you guyses,
because, you know,
I was saving Casey's life.
You didn't save my life.
I... you know.
I was ready to.
Anywho, Kurt only contacted
other women on his second phone,
but his calls and his texts from
Rachel were on his first phone.
But the night
that Devina was murdered,
Devina got texts from Kurt's
actual phone, his first phone,
asking her to come
to his trailer.
Why would Kurt contact Devina
on his actual phone
that he never used for other
women on that specific night?
Because it wasn't him.
It was Rachel.
Ding, ding, ding!
A+, Casey.
She had access, she had motive.
Liam, do you happen to have
a copy of Kurt's confession?
CASEY: Oh, you legend.
KURT: [audio] Your daughter
was delusional.
She was threatening
to blow up our lives.
Kurt never said
he killed Devina.
He just alluded that
she got what she deserved.
And we were focused
on Kurt the entire time.
That's why I always say,
always follow the wife.
But there's still no solid
evidence connecting Rachel
to the murder, guys.
And unless we get
an eyewitness testimony
placing her at the crime,
or a confession,
Marcus still stays in prison.
Yeah, exactly.
And that's why Michael and Mia
are gonna get her to confess.
Just Mia.
She's never gonna confess
if you're there.
You're right.
Okay, then.
Let's go.
[upbeat music]

Don't worry,
we'll be right next door.

[ominous music]

CASEY: [on mic]
Liam, this better work.
LIAM: Here she comes.
And here we go.
[suspenseful music]
CASEY: Rachel, how are you?
Honestly, I've been better.
[laughs awkwardly]
But talking design
about your gorgeous loft
will help get the mind off it.
Is it just us today?
It is!
Michael is stuck in a meeting.
Oh, that's too bad.
I'll fill him in on everything.
Oh, what a lovely picture!
Is that you as a kid?
Oh, yeah.
I grew up sailing with my dad.
Some of my best memories.
Is that what made you convince
your husband to get a boat?
It must make you feel like
you're a kid again.
Tell me, does he love it
as much as you do?
LIAM: [on mic]
'Atta girl.
Well, now we know why
she's good with boat rope.
I should...
[emotionally] I...
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, Rachel!
Oh, was it something I said?
No, it's not you.
It's, um...
my husband...
he, um...
he died recently.
Oh, Rachel.
Oh, I am...
so incredibly sorry.
That's awful.
You must be so heartbroken.
I am. I...
I don't know
how I'm gonna go on.
I wanted to cancel today,
but I thought it might be good
to just get my mind
off it for a bit.
But I can't.
I-I... I just can't
believe this is happening.
I... I'm sorry.
This is so unprofessional.
Oh, Rachel,
no, don't worry about it at all.
You know, I know firsthand
what it's like to lose
someone you love.
Not my husband, of course.
Michael's just fine, but...
I recently lost my best friend.
Here we go.
CASEY: She was...
the sister I never had.
Her name was Devina.
I think you know her, right?
Hm, that's what I thought.
You know, Rachel, I gotta say,
I think that if I knew Michael
was running around on me and...
not valuing me and betraying me
in the worst and most
humiliating way possible,
I would probably want to kill
the person responsible as well.
She was threatening
to blow up our life.
Do you know
how hard I've worked?
Everything I've had to
put up with to have this?
Kurt wouldn't do it,
so I had to!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Call the cops, call the cops!
Hey, hey!
[Casey gasping]
Hey, are you okay?
LIAM: Eli, I need your help.
RACHEL: Get off me!
LIAM: Hey, stop!
[Rachel screams]
PJ: Police are on their way.
You're okay!
JUDGE: In our re-examining
of the evidence of innocence,
which was not
presented at trial,
the court relieves Marcus
Barlowe of all consequences
of the criminal conviction
of murder in the second degree.
- [gavel bangs]
- Court dismissed.
[emotional, uplifting music]

CASEY: Well, they're
gonna process Marcus
and get him out of here.
He's exonerated.
He's finally free.
I can't thank you enough
for everything you've done
for my brother and me.
I-I really can never repay you.
You don't owe us anything.
PJ: I think we make
a pretty good team,
us Justice Warriors!
- [laughter]
- Not calling myself that.
LIAM: You know,
I actually have another case
I could use some help with.
How's about I take you guys
to lunch and, uh,
get your eyes on it?
Okay, it's a deal.
If you let me treat.
- Sold.
- Alright.
- She sold me.
- See ya.
LIAM: You guys all heard that.
She's doin' it.
PJ: I heard it.
I saw you talking
to DA Quinn earlier.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, I mean, you know,
he's not real happy
that I put myself in danger.
But he's happy that justice
got served in the end.
Rachel's all set for trial,
and between the tape of Kurt
and the evidence we found,
it's enough to prove
Frank's self-defence.
I'm glad to hear that.
And he offered me a full-time
position at the DA's office
when I graduate.
What? Whoa, Casey!
That's amazing.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
Thank you.
I turned him down.
I asked to be transferred
to the conviction integrity unit
next summer
for my last year's internship.
I-I, um...
I know we haven't
really had a chance to talk.
I feel horrible
for the way that I behaved,
and I owe you an explanation.
I'm listening.
I don't have
a Casey in my family.
You know,
someone that'll stick up for you
no matter what.
Marcus is really lucky.
And, if you'll let me...
I'm gonna do my best to become
the man you believed in,
and not the coward
that I have proven myself to be.
Hey, hey, hey.
Don't talk about
my friend like that.
- Am I the friend?
- Yes, you're the friend.
Alright, come here.
CASEY: Alright, y'all,
let's get outta here.
SARAH: Oh, yeah.
CASEY: So, are we actually
set on Justice Warriors?
PJ: Yes, I'll make T-shirts!
ELI: I'm not calling myself
a Justice Warrior.
CASEY: Okay,
let's hold the roll.
LIAM: It's grown on me,
I mean it.