True Love Ways (2014) Movie Script

Very nice,
thank you.
That was Daddy's idea.
Mardi Gras.
All others dressed up as witches.
And you were a witch in disguise.
Very funny... it's cute.
Of course it's cute.
You don't love me anymore.
I had a dream.
Yes, a dream. I had a dream. Not just once.
A guy-
A man in a white car.
An open, white car.
I have never seen him before.
But he kissed me.
It was a kiss...
Believe me, something like this
never happened to me before.
But after that dream, that night,
I woke up in love.
I wonder if I've ever loved you.
Come on, eat!
What a beautiful autumn day.
You are beautiful as well.
What is happening here?
Well, filming.
I wish you all the best.
I feel sorry for you...!
You cannot leave me because of a dream.
They have replaced the light bulb.
It's shining again.
The street lamp! It's shining again!
Then I can knock it out again!
I need a time-out.
That's all.
You can cuddle with him.
At least he doesn't talk.
You heard right...
Severine is leaving me.
She's heading to the sea on
her own for a couple of days.
She'll probably meet up with somebody.
You too.
It's an endless war with love.
Pardon me?
I said it's an endless war with love.
A shot...
for this gentleman.
Well then...
to love!
To love? Really?
She will return.
What makes you so sure?
Do you love her?
See what? There are plenty of people who
love someone and are still being left.
Certainly, but you are
not that kind of guy.
That's what I thought as well.
You are that kind of guy,
who gets what he wants.
And who doesn't keep it.
Oh you do.
She will come back.
I haven't realized it yet!
People are murdered in
front of the camera...
in very brutal fashion.
It is very difficult to handle the matter,
because perpetrators and customers...
have a very committed
anonymous relationship.
Women always used to be independent,
nowadays they shout it from the rooftops.
Some sense of tact -
that made them superior to men.
Unfortunately they lost that.
You can't reach the soul without femininity.
Everyone is longing for power
and will take any...
chance that destiny,
time or era might offer.
But once the rug is being
pulled under her feet...
And she will be completely vulnerable.
At that point she will accept her guardian.
What guardian?
Be her "Tarzan".
What is your life motto?
If life gives you lemons,
make lemonade out of it.
Do you have a boyfriend?
The right one hasn't come along yet.
That will change soon enough.
I still have my whole life ahead of me.
Melissa knows how to enjoy life. A lot.
Not only with me.
Are you sure the murders are real?
They could also be fake?
Sure, on certain occasions
it has been staged,
faked if you want to call it that way.
One day Melissa was haunted by the thought,
that she has not experienced
life to the fullest.
She started going out again,
by herself or with her friends.
For a while it worked out.
One night when she was ambushed...
by three guys on her way home.
Coincidentally I was there.
I gave them hell.
And I saved her.
I don't want her to be harmed.
For gods' sake, no! Of course not.
Not really.
What do you mean?
There's always a way.
What way?
You know, a way to make things happen.
A little staging if you will.
That's insane!
Honestly I trained in my mom's high heels
in front of the mirror since I was twelve.
Argue about the methods.
It is definitely questionable.
But the aim is noble...
and the result for her own good.
Besides, love sanctifies all means.
I have a photo.
She is really beautiful.
It's like a walk in the park.
When she takes the road towards the coast
as planned, we can track her easily.
There's the park she stops by every day.
I will wait here,
so she'll sense she is being followed.
Around there, she will run out of gas.
Driving on reserve gas.
Enough to get out of the city.
I will scare her a little and then...
you show up and give me hell.
And just like that I'll be her...
You can't imagine how heartwarming
it is to reunite lovers. It's like being...
Hey did you remove my curtains?
They are gone!
Gone! Just like that!
I am sure they were there
yesterday. I never close them,
except for when the street lamp is on.
Yeah, me too.
Soon, right now I need to be alone.
I'll leave tomorrow.
Hey, did you remove my curtains?
They are gone!
Gone! Just like that!
I think they were there yesterday.
I never close them except for
when the street lamp is on.
Yeah me too.
Right now I need to be alone.
Tomorrow I'll leave. Bye.
Tom? What the fuck is it with that tape?
It's unbelievable!
Are you insane or what?
We are waiting for our newly
elected beauty queen,
but it seems you're stuck in traffic.
This song is for you.
Hello, can you please put me
through to roadside assistance?
Can't be that hard to catch that bitch!
If we can't get her, we're fucked.
Go! Get the other one. We have a deadline!
Take off the tape,
I'd like to check the volume.
Can I get that one more time?
Everyone ready?
- Speed!
- Camera?
That could have cost you a crate of beer!
Your cellphone rang.
You almost ruined the sound.
Hey Tom, she didn't pass by yet.
Is she still at home?
No, I checked. She should be there by now.
So she must have left earlier.
I knew it.
Well, she is quite...
Cheer up, Tom. Let her enjoy
some days off by the sea.
And don't try to call her or go after her.
It's not sexy.
Most likely by then your problem...
will be gone.
And if not we'll try again, okay?
Good. See you.
We should've killed him straight away.
We can still do that.
He couldn't even harm a fly.
VIP visitors...
Any good women?
Take a look. We have her
on schedule since two weeks now.
Award ceremony and all.
We filmed everything...
and then it turns out she even wins.
That's what the market demands!
Well done!
Damn it. That little bitch
was hiding underneath the bed.
What's up?
Just a little problem.
Who is it?
An actress.
If she shows up...
at your precinct, then...
If you don't get it under
control immediately,
you guys will fuck each other in jail!
I don't give a shit about the film
as long as she's running around.
The bag. It's gone!
She has her bag.
Where is she? Pst!
If you don't find her by midnight,
we wrap up and burn this place down.
If she goes to the police,
we get her back.
The situation has changed.
Max takes over the night watch and
you guys head back to her apartment.
Copy that.
You must help me. I need a phone!
Hello to you too.
The phone is broken.
Go and clean yourself first.
There. Over there.
Yes, the girl is here.
I feared, that...
something between us would be destroyed.
Our photo,
that you always have in your wallet.
You still have it?
Are you holding it in your hands right now?
That's impossible.
That's impossible!
That's impossible!
Hey, what the hell? You're going too far!
The number you have dialed
is not registered.
A guy-
A man in a white car.
An open, white car.
I've never seen him before.
It was...
a kiss...
We need to postpone this.
Take her to the cellar.
Nice location.
Are you sure you've got
everything under control?
So how is live?
Officers are just underlings.
You know what's missing?
Good to hear. Grapes?
Shut up.
Where's the girl?
In the cellar.
Oh yes...
What did they do to you?
No! Fuck off! You are one of them!
Calm down!
You're lying!
I love you.
Do you trust me?
Come on.
Nice to see you.
So I was right!
I'll take care of it. You better leave.
To hell with that.
That's it. Why do I always have
to take care of things myself!?
She's not here.
If you find her, bring her to me first.
Are you still interested in me?
What kind of question is that?
Just talk to me, once!
Is there anyone else?
What is that supposed to mean?
Unfortunately that's how I feel.
Marcel, please don't make a scene now.
I am not making a scene.
There's nobody else.
Not really...
Not in reality.
What is that supposed to mean?
A dream.
A dream?
I had a dream.
It happened to me before.
But this time...
this time it's...
this time it's a guy in a dark suit.
He kissed me.
It was a kiss...
That night. After that dream...
I woke up in love.
My dream scares me.