True to the Game 3 (2021) Movie Script

[gentle music]
Gena, Gena, Gena, Gena.
Gena, how you doing?
How do you know my name?
Rawlings, right?
Philly, right?
Okay, this is too
weird for words,
how do you know my name?
[Quadir] Gena, Gena, Gena,
Hi queen.
You okay, come here.
You're alive.
I'm alive.
No, how are you alive?
You were dead.
I know, they brought me back.
How could you do this to me?
You were dead, I saw you.
I know, it's a lie-
- You were dead-
- It's a lie.
What do you mean a lie?
It's a lie.
You left me.
I know, I know, I know.
[Gena] You left me.
To protect you.
To protect me?
You left me!
You left me for a
year, you left me!
- For a year.
People were trying to kill me,
Feds wanted to indict me,
Quadir Richards had to die.
So this is all
part of your plan?
None of this was real?
this is real.
I had no idea Jerrell was
gonna hit us that night.
[gun firing]
He tried to kill me!
But praise be to
Allah, I'm here.
I'm here.
Praise be to be Allah?
Praise be to Allah?
You left me for a year!
Take it easy, take it easy,
take it easy.
Why didn't you trust me?
Why couldn't I have
been part of the plan?
There was no plan, baby.
Until I woke up
and the best thing
to do at that point
was to keep you safe
until I could come get you.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, baby.
[upbeat music]
[knocking on door]
Bria, I gotta talk to you.
What's so serious
that you're banging
on my door at this
type of hour for?
Sit down.
I shot Saleem.
Okay, well I guess you had
to do what you had to do.
That nigga Dalvin
that you fucking with,
he's selling coke for
them from time to time,
sooner or later they're gonna
start connecting the dots.
[Maria] Look, I need
somewhere to stay, like now.
Okay, but I'm staying
with Gah Git and I
can't mix up the two.
You already in it.
Honey, are you all right?
Yeah, I'm okay Gah Git.
Well, I overheard you saying
that you needed a place to stay.
- Yeah, I do.
- Oh, no-
- Well, you can always
stay in Jenna's old room.
I would like that.
No, she's good but thank you
'cause you have to go, right?
'Cause you got the, you know,
someplace else to
go, you need help?
Wow, yeah, I'm good.
Okay baby, you
know you welcome now.
Thank you Gah Git.
Thank you.
Goodnight Gah Git.
Goodnight precious.
You know better than that.
We welcome folks here.
Yeah but she's good,
you know sometimes
she just be tripping
but she has a place to
stay, she's good, trust me.
You sure?
I'm sure Gah Git.
All right, you
want some lemonade?
Come on, sugar.
Gah Git got you.
Gah Git knows.
[knocking on door]
Yo, what happened to you?
You all right?
Yeah, don't worry
about it, man.
Sit down.
Check this out.
I want you to follow Bri,
she gonna lead us to Gena.
I know that bitch
got Quadir's money.
I got you.
But do not fuck this up again.
Look, I'm gonna
call her and apologize
and say somebody gave me
some bad drugs or something.
Nigga, I don't give a fuck.
Just handle this shit.
The last thing I remember
after going down
was you holding me
and everything went black.
When I finally woke up I was
in a safe house provided
by Carlos being attended
to by a nurse named Maria.
You're awake.
How do you feel?
Where's Gena?
I'm sorry, I don't know Gena.
How long have I been out?
Well, for about two weeks now.
But you do have some
very powerful friends
that care a lot for you and
during emergency surgery,
you went into cardiac arrest
and were pronounced dead
and then just like that,
you came back to life.
Who else knows that I'm alive?
Well, Mr Sanchez,
myself and your mother.
My mother?
[Maria] Yes, your mother.
I need to go find Gena-
- No, no, no, no,
no, do not move, no.
- Ah shit.
- [Maria] You have to rest.
This is a safe house.
Do you understand?
[Quadir] I do.
[Maria] You have a long
road of recovery ahead.
She was great, she helped
me learn how to walk again,
to use the bathroom,
I mean, everything,
that went on for months
[upbeat music]
Til I could finally
stand again, that's
when I started reading,
praying, working out again,
everything I did from
the time I woke up
to the time I went to bed was
about getting back to you,
seeing you again.
[upbeat music]
Yo Los.
[Los] Yeah.
I just wanna say thank
you for everything.
How's Gena?
Gena is well,
she's in New York
and we're tracking
her per your request.
Listen, tell my mom I'm okay
and I'll see her
soon, all right?
It's the very least I can
do, what do you wanna do?
That's a good question.
But once I'm a 100% which
I'm almost at, I want you
to bring Gena to LA, by then
it'll be the perfect time
for me to explain everything
to her and hopefully
restart this relationship.
We had a beautiful
time when we were here.
This is where I wanna stay.
Can you make that happen for me?
Of course.
I owe you my life.
I'll talk to you soon.
[speaking in foreign
language] come on, come on,
where the hooks?
Where the hooks?
Looking healthy again.
Starting to feel
like myself again.
Gena's here.
[Gena] Yeah, me too,
throw me the ball, let's go.
All right-
- The next day I followed
you to the beach.
[Gena] Whoo!
Whoo, yes.
You looked beautiful, happy.
Why did you go to see her?
You don't want me leaving
but I had to find out
who's following her.
I have men on that.
They're not moving
fast enough, okay?
If the feds know Gena has
my money, she's in danger.
Let's be rational-
- I am being
rational about this!
I'm going to get her tonight.
You get her,
there's consequences.
[Quadir] Really?
This path that
you're going down,
you're on your own,
I can't protect you anymore.
[pool balls clanging]
[upbeat music]
How's it look?
Looks good.
Can I join you?
I'll take that as a yes.
[Man] Where's Jerrell Jackson?
Hey Bria, can we
please talk, baby?
Look, I really wanna see you,
I've been missing
you like crazy,
I know you in there,
okay, I swear,
you gotta forgive me, I
would never do that to you.
Baby, somebody had to drug me,
I promise you that wasn't me.
You gotta forgive me, please.
[Gah Git] Baby,
who's at the door?
No one, it's just
a Jehovah's Witness.
Dalvin we can't talk right
now, Gah Git's in here.
Maybe later, maybe.
All right.
Look, Bria, again, I'm sorry.
Yo partner, wanna
get some food or what?
[phone vibrating]
Give me a minute,
man, I gotta take this.
I'll be right there.
Oh baby.
This is Joe.
[Man] Why you
dodging our calls?
Hey, hey, come on
man, listen to me-
- [Man] You want a
bet on the eagles
but you don't want to
pay when they lose.
I got this, all right?
I got you.
[Man] You owe
us for 40 stacks.
40 stacks, I got it, man,
I'm good for it, come on now,
this is me, all right?
I got you, baby.
[Man] You got 48 hours
to get us that money.
All right, all
right, calm down man,
I'll see you guys
in 48, all right?
It's a quick 48,
it's an easy call.
[Man] Oh, you think
because you're a cop
that shit is gonna protect you?
You gonna go there, huh?
Slow down man, I got this,
I'll see you in 48, all right?
Yeah, don't call me no
more with this bullshit.
[Man] You better pay up Joe.
[knocking at door]
Saleem here?
My nigga, what up?
Listen, where you coming from?
Where you been at?
Was on the block collecting.
You know I got pulled
over by some detective,
they named me, you,
Jerrell, they knew about
the meeting we had,
talking about the
heist and everything.
That's crazy.
Did he say any names like-
- My nigga, I didn't even
wanna tell you this shit
'cause a nigga mad jealous
of you any fucking way
but the boy Tracey, he's
on the block the other day
on his phone, I
walk up behind him,
he put his phone in his pocket,
the shit was still on speaker,
I hear Mr. Thomson, Mr. Thomson,
he took it out, hung it up,
gave me some old bullshit.
Nigga was mad nervous.
It gotta be Tracey.
I'm gonna kill
his whole bloodline.
That's facts my nigga.
Anything you need.
What I need is for you to
pick the phone when I call you.
You understand?
I got you my nigga.
Yeah, all right.
[door slamming]
Hey, Titus, what's up, man?
Why I gotta track
you down, man, huh?
Looking for you to get
information, that aint cool.
Let me tell you
what's not cool.
That little stunt you
pulled running down Saleem
and them like that,
that's the type of
shit get niggas killed.
You be all right.
Now you get them thinking
there's a rat in the crew.
Titus, every crew has a leak,
yours ain't no different.
They think it's you?
Nah, not yet anyway
but if we keep meeting
like this, they will.
You knew the job was tough
when you took it,
stop complaining.
But I'm not trying to
end up in somebody's trunk.
Titus, you gonna
fine, all right?
Hang in there a
little while longer,
you might even make it alive.
Fuck you.
Yo, Jerrell, where you at?
I'm out, I thought you was
gonna be here to pick me up?
Hit me back when
you get this, man.
Why you doing this to me, man?
Have fun, motherfucker.
You know, I can't believe him.
Yeah but Saleem would have
[indistinct] for this one.
You know why you here, huh?
Do you know why you're here?
[indistinct], I'd never play
you or Jerrell, man, please.
You know what to do
with snitches, right?
Didn't say shit to nobody,
especially not the fucking cops.
We're about to have some fun.
[upbeat music]
Did you snitch?
I'm no fucking snitch, man.
God damn, J, where
the fuck you at?
Nigga, you got me out
here walking and shit man,
all right, fuck.
Hey, yo, Fly,
I'm out baby.
Is the spot still the same?
I'm on my way to you.
What up though?
My nigga.
What up though, baby.
Welcome home.
Love, love, love.
You look good.
Thank you, man,
I can't call it.
So we gotta get you
right now, all right?
Yeah, I need it.
Come on, let's
get off the block.
I'm following you.
What's up?
I never said
nothing to nobody-
- Come now, you finna
catch your first body.
I aint do nothing,
man, please.
What the fuck
you hesitating for?
You about to get
your teardrop tonight.
Please, help!
Don't believe Titus.
Why don't we
hear him out, man?
Nigga, do what you need to do.
Nigga, handle your business.
Yo Saleem, let me do it.
Take your fucking
ass back in the corner.
You filming this?
You the fucking rat.
Please, no!
[upbeat music]
You know this
nigga right here?
Sup Saleem.
You wanted to see me?
What the fuck was that
shit the other night?
Nigga, why is you acting
like a little bitch?
Nigga look like you tweaking.
When I tell you to do
something, nigga, you do it.
I got you.
Matter of fact, what's
going on with that bitch, Bri?
Still working on that, she-
- Nigga, I ain't trying
to hear none of that.
Either you get Bri
or Imma get Bri,
then I'm gonna come get you.
I got you, man.
I'm on it.
Clown ass nigga.
[knocking on door]
Who is it?
[Dalvin] It's me, Dalvin.
Come on, open the door.
Stop popping up
unannounced, for real, Dalvin.
Look baby, I wanna see you.
Look, I got you something.
Can you open up?
You got five minutes, my
grandmother will be back soon.
Better than Shoog,
she kicked my ass
in front of everybody last time.
Yeah, 'cause you
was doing too much,
that's why you deserved it.
Was I?
That wasn't even me.
Oh, then who was it?
That was [indistinct] mickey.
Look, I'm sorry about
that night at the club.
Like seriously I am, I
feel like I was drugged
or something happened,
it wasn't me.
So you telling
me you was drugged?
Baby, I'm serious, I
don't know what happened.
I mean, you just bring this
and you think that
it's all good?
Baby steps.
Please say, about this, my name
is Dalvin, what's your name?
Are you serious?
I'm trying here.
I literally cannot.
Your phone is ringing.
Who's that?
Hi Bria, is Gah
Git over there?
She's not answering her phone.
No, she's at bingo
for another 20 minutes.
[Shoog] Hmm.
I gotta go, Dalvin's-
- Dalvin?
I know you are not messing
back around with Dalvin-
- Who is that?
He's saying that he's sorry.
- I'm gonna tell
Gah Git to call you
when she gets home okay?
[Shoog] Bria.
Hang up the phone.
Okay, love you, bye Shoog.
Was I rude?
Yeah, you got two
minutes, what's up?
Two minutes, make it one.
Make it 10.
I can't believe you remembered
the code on that chain.
Was that a part of the plan?
Yeah, that was my
original exit strategy
but clearly things didn't
work out as I hoped.
I'm just glad you
figured it out.
Open the door,
it's the police.
Pick up, pick up, Aaliyah.
Aaliyah, I need you to
listen to me carefully,
I need you get over to Gah Gits
and get Bria out of that house.
The police, they
knocking at my door,
I don't know what
the hell they want
but we gotta lay low and I
can't go nowhere right now,
that's why I need
you to get over to
that house right now
and make sure she's not
with that boy Dalvin.
[knocking on door]
That boy's dangerous.
Hit me back when you get Bria.
[knocking on door]
Shoog sent me over here
'cause she gotta lay low
and the cops don't really know
who I am but these niggas do,
you gotta stop seeing him.
You remember I told you
that Dalvin was selling
for Jerrell and them?
Yeah, well he been hanging out
with them real tough lately
and he might be talking
and setting your ass up.
Okay but they don't know
that it was us, right?
I don't think so,
but I know we gotta get
the hell outta here.
Now look, don't say
nothing to Gah Git,
don't say nothing to
Gena, I gotta think.
Oh lord Jesus, oh hello
officers, can I help you?
No, can we help you?
Please, these bags
are awful heavy.
Baby, what's going on?
How come y'all didn't
answer the door?
Oh, we didn't hear it.
Officer you can put those
groceries down right there,
thank you.
Oh, Gah Git, you came in here
with the cops, okay,
what you do now?
Well, actually ma'am,
we're here for Brianna.
Why y'all wanna talk to me?
There was an incident
at a nightclub nearby.
Social media pictures put you
and other women at the scene.
So, why don't you come
on down to the station-
- Wait a minute, what's gong on?
Well, the other
woman is my aunt and-
- Brianna, you don't have
to tell them anything.
And you are?
A friend to the family.
Oh, a friend to the family?
What is going on?
Nothing ma'am, there's no
issue, everything's fine.
So if everything's fine,
then there's nothing for us
to talk about, right officer?
Actually, it's no big deal.
I don't need to file
a police report,
that was my aunt and she
was just helping me out
with some boyfriend issues.
We're just trying
to make a report,
so we just need some names.
I said she's good.
Yeah, well as a officer
of the law I'm strongly suggesting
that she makes a report.
What in the world
is the matter?
Ma'am let me see if
I can help out here,
you see this
gentleman right here?
You see, he's a known
drug dealer in the city.
Oh my God.
We just wanna get
him off the street,
make sure you're safe,
come down to the police
station and make a report
and everything remains
confidential, I promise.
Like I just said, again,
we're good and my Gah Git
and I gotta get ready
for bible study, so-
- Bible study?
[Cop] That's what
you're gonna do, huh?
Oh, Gah Git, what
church do you attend?
Mount Zion Missionary
Baptist Church sir
and you ought to
come next Sunday.
[Bri] We're late Gah Git.
Yes ma'am, thank you.
We'll see you around.
All right now, both of y'all,
y'all need to tell
me what's going on.
Exactly what you
just heard Gah Git
and I don't know who
this guys connected to
but I don't think
that Bria should
be talking to the
police right now.
They can't help us.
All right, you know, I'm
gonna get myself cleaned up,
I'll be ready in a few.
Be ready for what Gah Git?
Bible study.
I'll go.
[Man] Fucking snitch.
yo, who that?
I'm Jerrell's brother, nigga.
What's up?
There's some nigga out here
saying he Jerrell's brother,
I think he just came
home a few days ago.
Hold up.
Let the man in.
God damn.
Which one of y'all Titus?
I'm Titus.
You heard from my brother?
Not recently.
[Indistinct] out in Cali.
What the fuck you
doing out there?
Fucking with some broad,
pop some bag or some shit.
Until my brother
get back I'm gonna
be taking over the paper.
I just need you to let
niggas know I'm home.
But you need to
holler at Saleem though.
I need to holler at
him anyway, you know,
I need him to pull into
a lot more people here,
especially after what
happened to my nigga, Reds.
[gun firing]
Reds was your boy?
Biggs, get the man a drink.
Nah, you know what?
We good on the
drinks and shit, man.
I'm just gonna wait
on that nigga Saleem.
Yo Bria, where
you going, baby?
I'm making my runs, why?
Hop in, I'll take you.
[Bria] Nah, I'm good.
Baby, you still mad?
I'm not mad Dalvin,
I'm just done.
What you,
what you mean you done?
We were just good the other day?
Yeah, that was before I
found out what I found out.
What are you talking about?
Look, I don't like the
company that you keep, okay?
Oh, it's like that?
Yeah, it's like that.
And those the same dudes you
and that Shoog bitch was jacking
a couple of weeks ago, huh?
The fuck you talking about?
You know what the
fuck I'm talking about.
That shipment,
all that shit you,
Shoog and Aaliyah was selling,
that's they coke.
Look, if they knew what I knew,
trust me, your family would
be dead unless you
just get in this car.
Please, I'm trying
to save you here.
Thank you.
[engine humming]
What's this?
Protection, put it down.
You got a gun now?
Give me the gun.
No, I said-
[gun firing]
Oh, so you home now, huh?
My new friend Titus
tell me some shit I
just can't believe dog,
you tell me that the
nigga I sent here is dead
and then all my
brothers work is gone,
what's up with that shit?
Come with me.
Look, we on it.
It was three bitches.
Jerrell went out to Cali
to follow the girl Gena,
Quadir's ex bitch,
thinking she got the bread.
Last time I talked to him,
he said he was getting close
and he was going off the
grid for a couple of days,
I ain't talk to him since.
Something ain't right.
Imma go holler at Fly.
Bet she like a fly on the
wall, she hear everything,
she'll help us
find these bitches.
Yeah, all right.
We good?
For now.
[heavy breathing]
[phone vibrating]
Gena, I just needed
to talk to you.
It's three o'clock
in the morning.
Are you and Gah Git okay?
I'm fine.
You don't sound
like you're okay,
I feel like somethings wrong.
I'm at the ER
but I just wanted
to know when you're
coming back Gena.
I'll be there tomorrow.
What's the matter?
Can't sleep?
I gotta go to Philly.
What you talking about?
It's Bria, she's in trouble,
she needs my help.
Okay, all right, slow down.
I'm coming with you.
Absolutely not.
I promised you I was
never gonna leave you.
If you go to Philly they're
gonna try to take you out,
I cannot lose you again.
Okay, okay.
Okay, all right, all right.
I'll put you on a
flight in the morning,
you go get Bria and
bring her back to LA,
if I don't hear from you
in 72 hours, I'm coming.
Bria, what's going on?
Oh my God, what happened to you?
I shot Dalvin.
You can't be saying
that that loud.
Now watch your surroundings.
Is he dead?
No, he's in surgery.
He had a gun and
we were struggling
and we got into but
it was an accident.
I didn't know what to do,
I just brought him here.
Did he say he knew anything?
Did he even mention Saleem?
I can't think
about that right now.
All right, well go
home and get cleaned up
but I want you to get
your ass right back here
so we can keep
tabs on him, okay?
And could y'all do me a favor?
Stop shooting niggas, damn.
So what you know
about the heist?
No more than what y'all heard.
How the fuck you
know what we heard?
No, I'm just saying.
Look, that nigga Quadir got
a bitch named Gena, all right?
Her fam stay out south,
I need some info on
them, can you do that?
Of course.
Yeah, they cool, it
ain't no problem though.
Come on, man.
Did I ask you their
street status?
Look, the old bitch
that stay over there,
I want you and
Saleem, squeeze her.
Find out what's going on.
What you thinking?
Making some shit
fucked up man.
My brother ain't been
answering nobodies phone calls
or text messages in a
like or some shit, right?
Remember, whatever's
going on, Nana,
I know that bitch
Gena told her fam.
I wanna know what it is.
I don't trust that
grimy motherfucker.
Say less, I'm on it.
[indistinct] baby.
Hey baby.
Yeah, I just made it.
I'm going straight to Bria.
I love you.
Call you later.
I told you I don't
like meeting like this.
The fuck you so
paranoid for man?
It's just me and you,
I can always have you
come down to the precinct.
Shit ain't funny man.
Tell me something
good, come on.
Look, shit getting
real dangerous.
The boy Jarrell
brother just came home
and he about to fuck shit up.
Jerrell got a brother?
Yeah and he's serious.
He about that work.
He wanna know what's going
on with his little brother.
What the fuck
does that have to do
with the fucking heist
and the fucking ambush
and who was behind it
and the fucking money?
'Cause they all connected.
The ambush, the nigga
Res, them broads,
I need to get the
fuck out of Philly.
Who's behind the heist?
I really don't
know who it was,
I don't.
What the fuck you
mean you don't know?
You fucking with me?
It ain't them street punks you
need to be scared of Titus,
you better not be
fucking with me.
Good work.
This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it
shine, let it shine-
- Hey, excuse me,
aren't you Gah Git?
Who's asking?
I'm a friend of Gena's, you
know where I can find her?
No, who are you?
I'm a friend of
hers from school.
I ain't never seen you before.
What's your name?
My name's Trey.
What part of California
did you say she's in again?
I didn't say.
Huh, yeah, that's all right
grandma, we'll find her.
[engine revving]
How the hell'd you find me?
I used my imagination.
I saved your damn life, I
cried over your hospital bed,
I paid doctors to hide you-
- With my money.
I had your funeral
and this is how you act?
You chasing after the same girl
who almost got
you killed before?
She wasn't the reason I
got shot and you know it.
The deal was you start fresh.
You take your dirty money
and you make a new life
for yourself where I don't have
to worry about burying
my son a second time.
What do you want me to say?
I don't want you
to say anything.
I want you to start acting
with some sense, any sense.
Especially after all
Carlos did for you.
Me and Carlos are done, mom.
What'd he look like?
I don't know,
let me think, he
was light skinned,
had these tattoos on his neck
and he had them funny kinda
looking eyes, like yours baby.
That's definitely Saleem.
Who is Saleem?
Just some guy.
Now what you say to him?
He did ask me where Gena
was, I didn't tell him where.
You think I ought to call her?
You don't need to call Gena.
Here's that file
on Jerrell Jackson.
Somewhere in Malibu, man.
[Officer] God damn.
What we got?
Got some problems bro.
Remember the guy Titus ID'd?
Jerrell Jackson?
Yeah, what about him?
Shot and strangled
in Malibu man.
You don't say.
My contact in Cali
just got me the photos.
And that aint
even the bad part,
his brothers out, Terrell.
His brother?
Well, I guess that means
we got a new player
in the game gentlemen.
Oh my God, Bria.
Are you okay?
What happened?
Gena, please don't be
mad but there's some folks
that's after me and
I really fucked up.
What do you mean
you fucked up?
Shoog said that is was
supposed to be one, two, three
but it's like we got there
and people were shooting
and we killed some people
and Jerrell is after me.
How the hell can
you get involved
in some shit like this Bria?
I wanted to be done,
I wanted to help Shoog.
It was a shipment that we stole.
All right, look,
I know you're scared
but you gotta tell
me everything.
Who you scared of Brianna?
We aint got time to be
playing with motherfuckers.
We gonna find the
bitch, I'm telling you.
Jerrell, some nigga
about to run up in here.
He the jigs, he
about to pull up.
Good looks.
Hey fellas.
You got a second
to sit with an OG?
Man, what the fuck you want?
First off, watch your
motherfucking mouth motherfucker.
Second, I just came to deliver
some kind words is all.
So, when's the
funeral gentlemen?
Oh damn, y'all
really don't know.
Well, Terrell, let me be the
first to offer my condolences,
I just got a call from
my contact in Cali,
your brother Jerrell,
he was found dead in the ocean,
washed up on the
shores of Malibu.
Man, what the fuck
you talking about, man?
Hey, hey, hey, hands up,
don't shoot, just a messenger.
However, I might
have some info on
how it happened
and on that heist
that went down about
a week or so ago,
yeah, let me give you all this
word to put on the streets,
we're getting real close
to shutting this shit
down and finding out
who's behind the ambush,
we gonna get that ass.
Why don't you get your
ass up out of here, man.
Ain't no rats in here.
Are you sure
about that big man?
Well, I guess I'll
see you niggas
when the warrants and
indictments start flying.
Brianna Scott.
Come with me.
No, no, no, wait,
what are you doing?
Relax ma'am, we're
just questioning her.
This young man has been shot.
Don't wanna have to take
you down to the station to.
But she didn't do anything.
There's a standard
procedure when someone's shot,
anyone that's
involved comes down
to the station and
answers questions.
Let's go.
Bria, I'm coming.
Come by the station,
you can pick her up later
if everything checks out.
Hey baby.
What's going on?
They just arrested Bria,
I'm on my way to
the police station.
- I got it, bye.
[Quadir] Gena's in trouble,
we gotta go to Philly now.
Right now.
You know this whole right
to remain silent
shit doesn't have
to apply to whether you
want a cup of coffee or not.
The infamous Shoog.
Yeah, you're popular
on the streets.
And I know you're a
woman of few words,
so I'll keep it brief.
We know that you
were the mastermind
of a drug robbery gone bad
and you're looking at triple
homicide on these streets.
We also knew that drug
shipment was Jerrell Jackson's,
that's right,
you got killers on your ass,
so why don't you just
do the smart thing?
It'll be so much
easier to work with us
but at least you'll be safe.
I mean, don't you know
your lives are in danger?
Now we have your attention.
Hey, oh,
you guys got the party
started with me, huh?
Look Shoog, I'm gonna
keep it a 100 with you,
we got all the cards,
we got Brianna,
I got a CI, we know how he
knows 'cause he was there.
Look, I just left
Saleem and his boys,
so they looking for you,
they know it was you.
What do you think
they're gonna do
to Gah Git when they find her?
She's a sweet old lady, we know
more than we're telling you.
Let us help you, you help us
or you can start
planning funerals.
Oh, there she is!
That's Shoog.
God, see.
Yeah bitch.
Hmm, damn.
Now look, I need
some info from you
and you gonna tell
me, you know why?
What the fuck you want?
Y'all know each other, right?
What's up beautiful?
Hey baby, baby please help me,
look how they got me up here.
Remember I told you I
was gonna see you again?
And I'm glad you here, you-
- Shut the fuck up.
Man, I'm tired of playing
with y'all motherfuckers
for real 'cause
my man right here,
he gon' take this 22 and
shoot you in your feet,
knees and shoulders
until you tell me
what the fuck I need
to know, you hear me?
You hear me?
Now I wanna know
who killed my brother,
who took my money and my
motherfucking product.
What the fuck
you asking me for-
- Now!
I'm sorry-
- Shut up.
I'm sorry I shot you.
When I'm done with
you, I promise you,
you're gonna wish
that you shot me right
in my motherfucking face.
I'm not dumb, I already
know I get a phone call.
We know you're not dumb, Bria.
You clearly think
I am if you think
that I'm gonna believe that
Shoog told y'all anything.
Who's helping you out?
What are you talking about?
Gena's outside
kicking and screaming,
trying to get you to go
home, I want you to go home.
Just tell us what you know.
I know nothing and
what does Gena even
gotta do with this?
Gena just came out
here to help me out
'cause I was scared, okay?
And I didn't wanna get
my grandmother mixed up
in this mess right here.
So she just jumps
on an airplane
at a moments notice
to come save the day?
Bria, listen to me closely,
you are facing 25 years,
you're just a kid,
you have your whole
future ahead of you.
Do not make this mistake.
She talk?
Nah, she thinks she's hard.
Oh that's the game we playing?
Ooh, you ain't fucking
hard, little girl.
You ain't tough, your
cousins out there right now
and if I know who she is,
you know it's just
a matter of time
before Saleem and
the boys figure out
who she is and they gonna have
a good time with that ass.
Now you want that over
little pretty head?
You keep on playing this game!
Or you tell us what
we need to know!
I want a statement, I
want a fucking statement.
[gun firing]
Hey, how that hot
bullet feel bitch?
I can't believe
you shot a woman.
A woman shot a man.
Don't listen to him,
he's jealous of us.
Listen, shut the fuck up.
Either you start talking
or I'm just gonna put
another one in your ass.
I don't know shit.
Sure you don't.
That's not her, I don't
recognize her or the other one.
You must really be
trying to go to jail,
man, what the fuck?
I ain't into sending no
innocent broads to jail,
especially a little girl.
Little innocent
little girl to jail,
what, you gone soft now?
You know, I will
fucking shoot you nigga,
it's not a game.
What the fuck-
- Chill, chill, chill, chill.
Relax dog.
I'm cool, I'm cool.
All good.
All right.
All right, all right,
cut them loose then.
Hey, Titus.
Keep your phone on,
I might call you.
It's not a game Titus.
I'm sorry, do I know you?
I used to work the
door at Club Passion.
Me and Quadir go way back.
You two.
Go in?
Thank you.
Tragic what happened to him.
How you been though?
I ain't even know you
was back in Philly.
I'm good.
Look like you're
on your way out,
I ain't gonna hold
you but that bag,
it looks like it's full of cash,
you here to bail somebody out?
Excuse me?
Calm down, it even like that.
Qua was my man and I know
he looked out for me.
We need to talk,
it's about your
people, you know,
your little cousin,
your grandmother.
What do you know
about my family?
The walls got ears in here,
we can't talk,
give me your phone.
Imma just call my phone
and I'm gonna lock you in.
Yeah, we'll talk.
It's good seeing you Gena.
You looking good girl.
Oh my God, Bria.
Aaliyah, I just got
outta jail, where you at?
Call me back when you can.
Gena, come on, what's up?
You aint got no love for Shoog?
Hell no I got no love for you.
How the hell you gonna
get Bria wrapped up
in the street shit?
She didn't get me wrapped up
in nothing Gena and I
aint no little ass kid.
Exactly, Bria is old enough
to make choices on her own.
I better get back
to the hospital.
- Hospital?
- Hospital?
Yeah, I wanna be there
when Dalvin wakes up.
Fine, you grown.
You wanna go to the hospital?
But as soon as he wakes
up, bring your ass to me.
Whatever, I'm out.
Be careful Bria.
Can't believe you
tripping on me like this.
You supposed to be
like family to us.
I am family.
How are you family
when you put Bria and
Gah Git in danger?
These niggas is real killers
and they know you
stole their shit?
What you talking about?
Bria told me about the heist.
And if anything happens
to Bria or Gah Git,
that's on you.
Hell, I hate a good
kid like Bria caught up
in all this shit, either way,
fucking Titus screwed us over.
Not really.
What you mean?
Well, we know damn well Shoog
and Bria weren't
involved in that ambush,
we're gonna grab
that genius fine ass
and find out about that
money, as soon as possible.
Hold on bro, hold on.
What you doing?
Don't you think we should
we slow down a little bit?
Do this the right way?
They got families bro.
Everybody got families man.
It's go time baby, go time!
Well, well, well, well,
look what you've
done with this place.
This looks good.
Moms gotta do
something to deal
with the grief of
losing her only son.
You talk to Gena at all?
I gotta go find her.
No, no,
you're not going
anywhere Quadir.
This is Philly, everybody
knows your face.
Give me that bag.
Sit down, relax.
Can I get a drink?
You got it and I'll
order you some delivery.
Thank you.
Yo, Terrell, let me
holler at you real quick.
What's up?
Got you [indistinct]
some shit.
No, look,
word is, somebody
that look exactly
like Cardi had been at
Clear Port today, his moms,
now I don't believe in ghosts
but something going on
'cause that niggas alive.
I put my mans on him, they
followed him to his moms crib.
So we straight.
All right, bet.
Finally some good fucking
fucking news, all right,
I'm gonna go check on that
nigga and his moms and get mine,
don't you worry about that.
Hey, hey, but you and [indistinct]
was right about Titus.
My man seen him
talking to two cops.
I'm gonna keep a lookout on him.
That's why you my nigga.
My nigga, you know that.
All right.
Let me holler at you.
We found the rat.
It's was that grimy
ass nigga, Titus.
The fuck.
That motherfucker.
All right, we gonna
take care of this bitch,
finish this shit
and then we gon go pick his
ass up and deal with him.
All right.
You know what this
shit mean though, right?
That mean this motherfucker
now told the police
every motherfucking thing
about me, my brother,
big boy and yo ass.
[gun firing]
Well all right.
Now I can trust you.
Y'all know what this
shit mean now, right?
Everybody gotta die.
I'm finna go get grandma
and that little bitch Dalvin.
He's at the hospital.
I like where your head at.
Gah Git!
Gah Git!
What Shoog?
Shoog, what is wrong with you?
Girl, you can't be banging
on my door like that.
Gah Git I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry but I
had to rush over here
and let you know that you
gotta get out of here.
You gotta get out of here.
Okay, you are one of my
oldest and dearest friends
and you really took me under
your wing and I'm sorry,
I didn't think that it would
be like this but there are
some really scary people
that are coming here and they're
gonna be looking for Gena,
Bria and me and they
won't think twice
about putting a bullet in you.
No, no, no, no, wait, wait,
you mean to tell me
that you don got both
of my babies mixed up
in some kind of mess?
I'm sorry.
You gotta know that I
never meant to hurt you.
I got greedy, I got
stupid, I got thinking
of Quadir but you gotta know
that you're like family to me.
No, no, you were like family
to me and when I got out
of the number business,
I said I wasn't going back
and me finding the Lord helped
me to keep my word and you,
you went behind my back
and got my babies mixed up
in all of this shit,
jeopardizing Gena and Bria?
Fuck, I don't care how you
think about me, I don't care.
Gah Git, I need you
to listen to me,
these are some
really bad people.
Gah Git, they will kill you.
God has kept me
safe in this house,
on this street for
the last 40 years.
I have raised my
babies up in here
and I aint going nowhere,
you understand me?
I aint letting nobody
run me out, nobody!
And especially not
no damn street thugs.
Gah Git, please.
You've got to
get up out of here.
Listen to me!
Listen to me!
You got to go.
You got to get up
out of here girl
and I pry God have
mercy on your soul.
You got to go, now.
Gah Git.
No weapon formed against
me is going to prosper,
I can do all things through
Christ that strengthens me.
I can do all things through
Christ that strengthens me.
Hey baby.
Hey Dal-
- Ooh.
Come on, easy.
I'm sorry.
Relax baby.
It's okay.
Dalvin, I want you to know
that it was an accident and
whatever happened in the car-
- Bria, baby, relax, okay?
Okay but if were to just
hit you like two inches over-
- I'm good, I'm
good, relax, okay?
Look, I need you to
know that I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for everything,
for the drugs,
Shoog, all the other bullshit.
Dalvin, you don't need
to tell me about
that stuff right now.
And I didn't want this life,
I didn't ask for it.
I just, it's not for
neither one of us.
[indistinct] money, can
get his claws on you,
I would never hurt you,
Bria, I couldn't let them.
Bria baby, I need you to know
that I love you and I'll never
let them get to you, okay?
I love you too, Dalvin.
[upbeat music]
[knocking on door]
Open up, I know
you up in there.
You better get on
away from this door,
Imma call the police.
Nah, you listen up grandma,
I will huff and I will puff
and I will knock this
motherfucker down.
[metal clanging]
Now you can tell me
where I can find Bria.
Not telling you nothing.
No, no-
- Ma'am, ma'am, you
cannot come here-
- No, no, no-
Ma'am, ma'am.
Please, she didn't
hurt anybody, please.
No, no Gah Git, no.
That's my Gah Git, please,
please, never hurt
anybody, please.
Quadir is in your heart,
he's gonna always
be with you baby.
God got me, God got you.
You know I don't want
that life for you.
You know I don't want
that life for you.
[gentle upbeat music]
[doorbell ringing]
You okay, baby?
Yeah, yeah,
yeah, now get that.
Sheryl Scott, better
known to her friends
and family as Gah Git was
found gruesomely beaten
with multiple gash wounds
to the back of her head.
She was found dead in the living
room of her apartment home.
Hello Mrs. Richards,
may we come in?
Turn around.
Well, well, well,
Quadir Richards, you
know you a legend
behind them walls nigga and
I aint gonna lie to you,
no bullshit, you like black
godfather, I see you nigga.
All right, this is
how this is gonna go,
shorty right here, she
gon tie yo asses up,
you gon start talking, if
I get what I want, we good.
I don't know what
you talking about.
Tie they asses up.
Where my money, nigga?
Hey, hey, hey,
okay, all right, look.
Don't piss me off.
Okay, I just got back in town.
Oh, you just got back in town?
What's up, baby?
You think this nigga lying?
I don't know but
I bet his bitch do.
Right, I bet that
bitch do know something,
what's her name again?
Gena, right?
Where Gena at nigga?
Gena got nothing
to do with this
and neither does my mother.
Nigga, I don't want
your fucking momma.
I don't give a fuck about her.
I want you to get
that bitch Gena here,
now, and I wanna know where
my motherfucking money is
and I wanna know who
killed my brother nigga.
Ah, you're Jerrell's brother.
But I guarantee you, that
that motherfucking bitch Gena
or Bria or or yo motherfucking
ass knows something
about what happened
to my brother,
we gon find out
today Machiavelli.
But first, start dialing, baby.
Nigga hurry the fuck
up, give me the phone.
I promise you, if I gotta
tell you this shit again,
mom dukes, we gon
lie her ass right-
- Hey!
We good.
My nigga.
Dial away.
Oh shit.
I really do love what you
did with the place though.
This shit is nice.
Fuck man, this shit is
getting depressing man,
old church lady
didn't hurt nobody,
now look at her.
I can't help but to feel
like this our fault man.
People die everyday man,
it's a part of the job,
all right?
But you know what don't die?
We figure out a way to make more
than our lousy fucking pension
and to keep it a 100 with you,
I don't give a fuck
how many more these
motherfuckers die man
because I'm focused and
you need to be focused too.
Focus on getting to the money.
Excuse me ma'am, Gena Rawlings,
ma'am I'm sorry for
this but we do need
to talk to you and ask
you some questions,
do you mind stepping
outside for a minute?
Come this way, come on.
All right everybody,
we got the family
of the deceased, we
need to clear the room,
we're grieving, let's
give her a moment,
clear the room please, we
need the room, thank you.
Thank you, great job, great job.
All right listen, look.
My Gah Git is dead
and they were here,
where were you?
Where were you?
You're right, okay?
I apologize but we're here now,
I got people here,
you're safe, all right?
How can I possibly feel safe?
[phone vibrating]
Anyway, I don't know what's
going on with anything,
I just got here,
my, Bria, oh my
God, I gotta get to-
- I can't let you leave, okay?
Listen, bodies are popping
up, people are disappearing,
you're safe here, all right?
We got you.
There's just been
another murder.
There's a girl across
town who's dead.
Who is it, Bria?
I cannot confirm-
- Was it Bria?
I can't confirm or deny.
Hold on, hold on, hold
on, hold on, hold on,
don't do that shit, man.
Not now.
Listen Gena, we did
find another body,
it was a women who
was a prostitute
turned drug dealer by the
name of Aaliyah White.
She was shot earlier this
afternoon but it wasn't Bria.
Listen ma'am,
a lot of strange things
have been happening
since you came back
into town Miss Rawlings,
and quite frankly, I can't tell
whether you're involved or not.
Listen, I don't have anything
to do with anything, okay?
I just got back.
My innocent Gah Git was murdered
and I just can't believe this.
I can't believe this either.
Especially because everybody
that you know is involved.
[phone vibrating]
Ma'am, we [indistinct] fact
that Jerrell Jackson
was murdered in Malibu,
isn't that where you came from?
Listen, there's a lot
going on right now,
let me help.
Hey partner, let me talk
to you for second, all right?
Come here, let me holler at you.
We in trouble, all right?
We can't find Titus or Saleem.
Let me handle this,
you take care of that.
Two birds, one stone.
Take care of this.
You sure?
I got this.
Okay, partner.
All right, so let's
cut the shit, okay?
You're not as innocent
as you playing,
I see right through
the whole act.
[phone vibrating]
Okay, this is what
we're gonna do,
the next time that phone rings,
you're gonna answer it, okay?
I wanna know what's
so damn important.
Look, you wanna solve this
thing, let me help you,
this is what I do, okay?
You wanna get these guys
back for what they did
to Gah Git, you gotta
follow the money.
You follow the money,
you get the bad guys, we get
them off the street, okay?
Or I could just lock you up
and we can see how much help
you are to Bria from jail.
[phone vibrating]
You gonna answer that?
[Gena] Hey baby.
Hey Gena, look,
I got your nigga
and his mom over
here, all right?
Gena, Gena, Gena,
come on, baby,
you know who this is.
Don't you?
It's Jerrell's brother, Terrell.
Hurry up with my
motherfucking money.
Don't even start
with that shit bitch,
I know Shoog told
you where it's at,
go get it and get
your ass down here
in about 30 minutes,
clock is ticking bitch
or both these
motherfuckers is dead
and then I'm coming
for your ass next.
So you wanna get the money?
We need to go now.
All right.
You know what?
I gotta give it to you bro.
I really do, I gotta
give it to you.
You da man.
You are.
I got one question though.
What's that?
Why you ain't
fuck with my brother
when you had the chance?
He told me he tried
to get at you.
He did, a few times.
He wanted in, I wanted
out, I wanted a real life,
picket fences, little
league, that shit
but your brother,
your brother was loud.
If he would have
just been patient,
all of this shit
could have been his.
So, you really thought
that you was gonna
put all this work in
in the streets and
then just retire nigga?
Just like that?
The fuck out of here, that
ain't how this shit go.
Look, you seem like
a reasonable man.
I don't know
what fucking money
you're talking about
but if you need some bread,
we can figure something out.
I don't need some money nigga,
I need all the money!
This motherfucker
think I'm playing.
How much money we talking?
Two million.
Hmm-mm, I'm gonna
need some time.
Okay, see, right there,
right there, that's
where you fucked up at,
time is the one thing
your ass ain't got.
[gentle upbeat music]
[metal clanging]
[indistinct] Dalvin, listen
to me, we have to go back-
- No, we can't
Okay, wait.
Bria, listen, I don't
know who looking for us,
we can't stop now, let's go.
[Bria] Okay.
[phone ringing]
Yo Derek, what's going on?
Hey Mike, we just got
a tip that Titus is gonna
be trying to skip town.
We got a lead on his location,
he was spotted going into a
warehouse on the west side.
All right, that's good news.
Let's scoop him up.
I can't text you the address,
do you want us to wait for you?
You guys can handle Titus.
I have [indistinct]
to take care of.
[ominous music]
What's good?
What's up baby?
That's for you baby.
For real?
Yeah for sure, you
got something for me?
Come on now, come on.
Hey man look,
all that's legit,
now what I mean, know
a girl down at the DMV,
take care of her,
she takes care of me,
know what I'm talking about?
What the fuck is this?
Easy baby, easy
baby, we good, we good,
take a little bit of
that base out your voice,
Shoog, we good?
[gun clicking]
Yeah, we good.
Now get out of here
before I tell your aunty
how you making that extra bread.
All right.
Shoog, baby, it
aint what you think.
Now Titus,
you just got caught
with your hand
in the cookie jar
and you gonna tell me you
don't like chocolate chips?
Fuck outta here.
You got enough common
sense to know not
to talk to Philly's best
without getting a
bullet in your chest.
To think if I had got
your ass the last time,
we wouldn't be having
this conversation.
Looks like you don't know what
to do with second chances.
Well, I know what to do with
mine and Imma get it right-
- Don't do it-
[siren blaring]
[gun firing]
[glass breaking]
Oh shit, motherfucker,
ah, motherfucker.
Okay Shoog, come on Shoog.
Come on, you can do it.
Let's just have a
seat right here,
just right here,
you'll be all right.
[footsteps thudding]
[Officer] Shots fired,
we need backup right now,
there's a body on the ground.
Go see who that is.
Don't even think
about that shit nigga.
Just getting comfortable.
Yo, what the fuck is this?
It's that's cop from Tootsies.
Yo, he by himself?
Let his ass in.
Hey, all right, all right.
One arm, easy, easy.
Hey, keep it cool, keep it cool.
Hey, look, I aint
here for no trouble,
I just want a cut, cut me
in, I'll cut it out, huh?
I'm here for no smoke.
Dirty motherfucker.
You good?
You hurt?
Get the fuck up.
This is big, you might wanna
let me handle it from here.
Yo, I need backup,
kidnapping in progress.
We gotta make
this look real good.
What the fuck I
need you for nigga?
Hey man, everybody already
thinks this cat is dead,
all right?
You can off him right now,
aint nobody asking no questions,
I aint making no reports.
No paperwork for me,
it's easy on my end.
This is the great
Quadir here, man,
this is big for you, this
the man that beat death,
came back, come on man.
This is Philly's
finest right here, man,
changing of the guards, baby.
I got a sneaky suspicion
he has something
to do with your brothers
death in California too.
What the fuck?
All right you motherfuckers,
put your guns down.
Philly PD.
Hands up, guns down.
Good to see you partner.
How long you expect
me to sit here
and watch partner while
innocent bodies is dropping?
All right, well aint
nobody in here innocent.
You can say that again.
Get your fucking guns down.
Let's go Terrell, you too.
Hey Mike, you sure are
airing out a whole lot
of dirty laundry in
front of company.
Guns down, let's go.
Adrenalin's pumping,
emotions are running wild,
keep your cool.
I aint never thought clearer.
All right, bunch of bad guys
in front of us, all right?
Eyes forward, focus.
What the fuck-
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
This is why I killed
your motherfucking brother
with my own bare hands.
You know, we don't
get you some help,
you're gonna bleed out.
Fuck you Joe, I'm
perfect over here.
Mike, I'm gonna call you
an ambulance, all right?
I looked up to you man,
my fucking brother,
fuck man.
You're gonna get dizzy.
Rooms gonna start spinning,
you're gonna black out.
Starting to give you a reason
to trust me, all right?
[gun firing]
There's my gun, all right?
Look at my hands.
See my hands?
My hands are up.
All right?
Stay your ass over there Joe.
You a good kid,
Mike, look at my hands,
you're so naive man,
we could have made a lot of
money together motherfucker-
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
Time to say good
night mother fucker.
[gun firing]
Good night motherfucker.
It's over.
It's over.
[gentle upbeat music]
[Woman] Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm just
thinking about my Gah Git
and how I wish she was here.
Well, she's with
you in spirit.
Viola, I have to
tell you something.
I am so sorry for everything-
- No, no, no, no,
I'm the one who should be sorry.
I had you all wrong.
Thank you, I needed that.
You're my daughter.
My mother.
Let's go.
Love you.
Love you.
We are now gathered today
for the marriage of Quadir
Richards and Gena Rawlings.
Quadir Richards do
you take Gena Rawlings
as your lawfully wedded wife
until death do you part?
I do.
[Priest] Do you,
Gena Rawlings,
take Quadir Richards as
your lawfully wedded husband
until death do you part?
I do.
[heart beating]
I now pronounce
you husband and wife.
You may kiss your bride.
[gentle upbeat music]
Boy you looking like my type
But tell me can
you hit it right?
'Cause if I let
you in tonight
You better put it
da-da dum da-da dum
Yo bro, I need
the new Dior joints,
them shits is fire bro.
Look, you know your boy
drippy nigga, Dior to the floor.
Yo, I think it's
this nigga right here.
Wait hold on, Vaughan
sent me a picture of him.
I'm gonna tell you right now
if it aint, Imma park his ass.
That's him.
All right, cool.
what's good with you?
What's shaking?
You good?
It's all there, we straight.
You all right?
I'm good, you good?
You're the new Johnson
and Johnson now play boy,
do me a favor, make
sure you hit Vaughan
and send him your love
'cause this shit could have
went a whole different way.
All right.
Yo, Saleem.
[gun firing]
That was crazy.
It was either gonna
be him or us though.
Baby, it's gon' always be us.
[upbeat music]