Trunk: Locked In (2023) Movie Script

Shit, shit, shit.
Babe, shit. Please answer the phone.
Come on! Come on, come on.
Come on.
Hey, Enno's voicemail here.
No idea why I still have one.
- Just leave a message.
- He is fine. He is definitely fine.
Babe, please. Shit, answer your phone.
I need you.
- Mone.
- Hola, chica.
Did you see
how small its arms and legs are?
- Mone.
- Olaf doesn't want to find out the gender,
- but...
- Listen to me.
- You don't want to know either?
- No...
- That's hipster bullshit.
- Call the police.
I'm in really big trouble!
Okay, Malina, not funny
and totally inappropriate.
Hi, I'd like a small portion of fries...
- You can't be serious.
- A big portion.
- You are such a...
- Ketchup and mayo, apple pie.
Hey, I'm back.
- I'm having my first pregnancy craving.
- You...
- Will I eat pickles with whipped cream?
- You have to help me.
- What?
- I've been kidnapped
and trapped in a trunk.
No idea how I got here
- or where Enno is.
- What?
I am scared something happened to him.
You have to help us. Please!
- Do you think this is funny?
- The police have to look for me!
I'll send you the location.
- Okay, Lina...
- Okay?
I don't understand a word,
but I think it's just horrible
that in this wonderful moment,
you have to make it about you
and your weird boyfriend.
I thought you'd be happy
to become an aunt.
You'll understand when you grow up...
Shut up. Shut up!
FIM intact.
No lower leg fracture.
No angular malalignment.
Just move already, you stupid legs.
Right up to the spinal canal...
Good morning.
You are soaking everything
with your sweat.
I should throw you into the lake.
Oh, coffee! Awesome. Thank you.
I also made you breakfast.
Without help from your housekeeper?
That's almost too good
to be true, princess.
- Your princess commands you to get up.
- Yummy. No. Stop. No.
Are you having as much fun as me?
Ready for our big adventure?
More ready than you.
You are well-equipped
for such undertakings.
Mom and Dad got me everything
I need.
We have no time for this.
You have to calibrate your route,
so it shows us the way.
No, we have to be
at the rest stop on time.
If no one picks us up,
then we won't make our flight.
And my tired face
does not need to be filmed.
You'll be happy for the memories later.
Malina, stop it now!
Hey! You... Good God...
Don't do it.
Mone Voss
Good luck with that
Freeing yourself
from the trunk of a car
Good luck with that
Just go and fuck yourself, Mon...
Call the police immediately.
This is no joke.
No wonder we ran away.
"Being trapped in the trunk of a car
can be a terrible,
even deadly, experience."
You don't say.
"Unfortunately, it's not easy
to free yourself.
First try to open the lock.
What could kill you is hyperventilation.
So breathe evenly and don't panic.
Try to pry open any latches.
You might be able to find a trunk opener.
The trunk where you are trapped
might not have one,
unless you installed one yourself.
It is, however,
worth to try and find one.
Just in case.
Check if you can push
the brake lights out.
For this, pry open the covering,
behind which the lights are located.
Even if I you don't manage to do it,
you increase the chance
that the driver might be stopped
by the police
in the case you are being kidnapped."
Don't abandon me.
Oh, my God, yes.
I have a signal! I'll call you back, Dad!
Police Emergency Services, Khne.
I am trapped in a trunk. Help me!
I have been kidnapped.
- Are you injured?
- My legs are numb,
and I am super scared.
- Maybe it was an epidural.
- You took ecstasy?
- No!
- Are you under the influence of drugs?
The kidnapper drugged me.
I don't have enough imagination
to come up with shit like this.
I am just very scared
and I need your help.
- What's your name?
- Malina. Malina Voss.
- Malina Voss. What's your date of birth?
- June 6th, 1996.
Hey, just be quiet for a moment, okay?
Thank you.
Excuse me, just one second please.
- So, Malina Emilia Voss?
- Yes.
Okay, I have your details.
Have you tried opening the trunk?
I've tried the wikiHow instructions.
- You have to get me out of here!
- I'll be right back.
- Don't leave me alone!
- No.
- Don't leave me alone!
- Hey, I won't leave you alone.
Okay? We'll take care of you, Malina.
If the call gets cut off,
I'll make sure to reach you again.
Everything will be fine.
Wait a moment, okay?
Malina, do you know
where the car is located?
Can't you just track my cell phone?
Sadly, we only see the nearest cell tower
in your surrounding area.
That's why it's important
that you stay on the line
and try to tell us your exact location.
I am...
on a country road in the,
Upper Ilz area.
That's a giant area.
Try to give me more information.
Road names, upcoming crossings, something.
That will take too long,
by then Enno will...
Was someone else with you?
We were about to go on vacation.
Six months in South America.
Okay. And Enno is your boyfriend?
My fianc. Enno Bent,
born on December 12, 1989, before you ask.
The guy put a gun to his head...
Is the weapon still in the car?
- I can't reach him.
- Where is the gun?
- Not in the trunk.
- Okay, Bent, Benno.
Enno, sorry.
My colleague is trying to contact him.
We have to get you out of there
as soon as possible.
Do you know what kind of car
you are in?
- The make?
- Shit, I didn't pay attention to that.
Do you know the color maybe?
I think it's dark green.
On the video it looks old.
- You have a video?
- I recorded it in secret.
- Is the license plate visible?
- Not visible, damn it.
Okay, think about the dark green car.
Can you remember anything else?
- What condition is it in?
- It's missing one of the side mirrors.
Anything else?
Oh, yes. There are
a lot of heavy metal stickers on the car.
Do you know where you got in?
At a rest stop. Somewhere rural.
Near Dresden or Erfurt.
- So, you were hitchhiking?
- It was stupid.
I felt safe, I was with Enno.
Malina, this is very important.
You have to describe
what the driver of the car looks like.
I took a picture of his face.
Even better! Maybe my colleagues
will be able to identify the man.
Malina call me back THIS SECOND!!!
- Shit. Please don't hang up, okay?
- Hang on...
Malina, what? Of course not. Wait.
Malini, where are you?
I got a disturbing message.
Please tell me it's not true.
I can't. Dad...
Is this your way of telling me
you're running off with your boyfriend?
- Is this one of your stupid jokes?
- No.
I said to keep me out of it.
Do I have to repeat it?
Does this sound like a joke?
Does Mone still not get it?
What does your sister have to do with it?
Didn't she call you?
- It was an anonymous message.
- Wait.
Someone wants me to pay 250,000 euros.
What's going on? Damn it!
Wait, wait, they want a ransom?
- Ransom? So this isn't a prank?
- Dad, I've been kidnapped.
- I don't know...
- Oh, God.
Listen, you have to help me, okay?
- I'll send you a photo.
- How are you? Are you injured?
- No. If only I knew.
- Who are these people? Where are you?
- Who is doing this to us?
- Now listen. Dad, please!
Okay, okay.
Do you think it's the Gabriels?
No! I'd never seen the guy
who kidnapped me before.
I wouldn't put it past them.
Maybe they hired someone, those pigs.
- I'll finish them!
- This is no damn Liam Neeson movie.
Listen, I'm sending you a text
with a photo of this guy, okay?
How dare they attack you?
Then immediately contact the police
and send it to them.
I can't do that.
- Yes?
- No, no, no.
Are you crazy?
It says here that this is exactly
what I shouldn't do
if I want to get you back alive!
By the time they find him,
you might already be...
I would never forgive myself.
I could never forgive myself.
You should always inform the police.
What do we know?
What if they are serious? Shit.
What if they tapped our cell phones?
Who else could help me?
They are after my money.
I can only save you if I pay immediately.
- Holy shit.
- But still... The police...
They'll kill you!
It says so here in black and white.
"Not a single word to the police."
Please, no.
Please no, please no.
That's so disgusting.
Okay, okay...
Lie down now.
And take your top off.
Come on.
Come on.
Try to remain calm.
You are in good hands here.
I'll count down from three, okay?
Three... two...
No, no, no.
This looks worse than it is.
Please stay calm.
You can lose up to 1 liter of blood
before falling unconscious.
And this is just about a small latte.
How was your evening?
most beautiful
Probably the most beautiful message
I have ever received
Hey there.
I just wanted to send you
this voice message to tell you.
I thought it was nice today.
I was just thinking for a really long time
and went through all the people
who I've been close with...
Not just romantic relationships,
but also family, friends,
the probation officer.
I'm kidding.
I know this sounds really corny,
but I have never felt so comfortable
with anyone my whole life...
the way I did last weekend with you.
I know, super cheesy.
I just really wanted you to know
how important you are to me.
whether anyone else is just
as important to me right now?
Well, I doubt it.
That's why I also don't care
if your dad wants to drown me or whatever.
You know, as long as you stand by me,
then I found my place in the world.
Finally found my place.
I already mentioned this.
- My family wasn't always great to me.
- Come on, connect, please.
You are the first person
with whom I could see myself starting
a family of my own, anyway.
I mean, just think about
how fucking cute our kids would be.
What about three?
Three is a good number, right?
Well, I would like to start young,
but you also get a say, of course.
Malina, thank God, finally!
You got to try to stay on the line.
Dad says I shouldn't talk to you.
- That makes no sense. Your dad...
- What if they listen in on our calls?
And kill me just for that?
No. A kidnapping is like an exchange deal.
They need you unharmed.
Yes? They can no longer
let me go unharmed.
Why, what do you mean? What happened?
This conversation is too risky for me.
Malina, you know that's nonsense.
You have to help us to help you.
That's our only chance.
How do you want to help me?
Tell me what happened.
I think they cut out one
of my kidneys.
- What?
- They are organ dealers or something.
Well? You don't have
a standard procedure for this?
I can try and get
an emergency doctor on the line.
- Are you bleeding heavily?
- Not anymore.
- Did you have some bandages with you?
- No, but a nice pair of sneakers.
What? What do you mean?
I managed to close the wound.
That is really,
very impressive, Malina.
A medical degree has to be good
for something.
I know that the numb legs
don't mean that I'm paralyzed.
It doesn't matter. When we arrive
at 4:30, they'll kill me.
- At 4:30?
- Yes.
Tell Stigelegger the time limit is 4:30.
Can you physically hold out
a little longer?
I'm slowly starting to feel my legs again.
I wish not that wasn't the case.
That won't be a good feeling.
- Adrenaline will help.
- I thought you wanted to help me.
Two unmarked police cars
are looking for you,
but they could still use more information.
I wish I could remember the license plate
or the rest stop.
But I'm not good at that sort of thing.
Enno would have been able to remember
all the important shit.
I disagree.
Your cooperation is exemplary.
Do you have much to compare it with?
- Let's work more on this...
- Tell me.
You are not allowed to tell me the truth?
There is no standard procedure.
You have to trust me.
I'm doing everything...
- Do you think I'll get out of here?
- Yes.
- Why?
- Cause I'd never forgive myself otherwise.
I can't forgive myself for some things,
but they happened anyway.
I can't change what happened.
But I won't give up.
And I want you to do the same.
That's easy to say, when you're
currently not bleeding in a trunk.
I'm not saying
that I know what I would do in your place.
But I'll do everything
in my power to help you.
What's your name?
- Elisa.
- Why are you not here yet, Elisa?
I haven't got as many cars
at this time of night as I'd like.
And we can only see the transmission
angle of your location
to the tower, but not the distance.
You mean,
It's like playing Scotland Yard?
You can only check every fifth move?
That's why you have to keep telling us
more about your location.
Fuck, fuck! It's still on.
What's still on?
Is there anything worse
than Internet service on the highway?
No, definitely not.
This can't be happening now.
- You have...
- "Your Internet speed is reduced,
as your data has been used up.
Please change to a Speed-On Plan."
- I am so stupid.
- Try to stay calm.
- You are doing great.
- You could be here already.
But this is only my first kidnapping.
Please don't make a habit of it.
- Can you top up the credit?
- Yes.
"Please type 'Okay' to confirm."
Come on. Come on.
"We couldn't reset your data."
Fuck you! Fuck you, you sons of bitches!
Fuck you, "Have a nice day"!
We stopped.
Please try to look out for anything
that could lead us to where you are.
Bell towers, sounds of trains,
station announcements, all that, okay?
I can't hear anything.
Listen, there is something else.
We are in touch with your dad now.
He said I wasn't supposed to talk to you.
I don't think you should listen
to everything he tells you to do.
But I can connect you.
I can't.
- Can he hear us right now?
- No, he can't.
I told him not to call you
so the line stays open.
- Did he send you the photo?
- Not now!
He has the photo?
Why didn't he tell us that right away?
Her dad has the photo of the kidnapper.
He has to send it to us now.
Malina, are you there?
We are at a gas station.
Great! We'll check that out.
Listen, when the driver goes to pay,
you call for help, okay?
Are you sure?
This is your chance
to draw attention to yourself.
Are they on their way?
How many gas stations can there be?
I am in here!
Yes! Yes! Here! In here...
- Help me!
- Have you got someone?
Tell the person to break the lock
to alarm the staff.
- Open the trunk, please!
- Continue!
- What now? No, I don't need...
- Help!
- Shit, pass him to me and I explain it.
- Hello!
Malina, I'll be right back, okay?
- Malina, did it work?
- Help!
- Please! Please stop!
- You see?
Now they are watching me
I will try...
They are watching me
Stay strong
I love you
I knew you wouldn't let me down.
Those were the times,
when "The Safety Dance"
played in the Butan Club in Wuppertal.
- Enno is alive.
- Malina! Thank goodness.
We have a sign of life from Enno Bent.
They're holding him somewhere.
Several perpetrators.
The driver and one with Enno.
The gas station gave us a lead.
There are only two gas stations
in your radius.
Look for an empty whiskey bottle.
That's the right place.
My colleagues are already on their way.
They'll check the CCTV.
They must take the bottle.
It has that motherfucker's DNA.
- Good work, Malina!
- You can use it to get him, right?
If he is in our database, yes.
I'm just afraid that the DNA result
won't be ready tonight.
Can't your CSI guys hurry up a bit?
Maybe we can still identify
the perpetrator.
Your dad has sent us the photo.
And did you recognize him?
- No, but your dad did.
- What?
He is sure that he saw the man
at his hospital one or two weeks ago.
They chose me because I'm his daughter?
Is this really just about money?
He doesn't know the man,
but he has a suspicion.
Maybe I can get out of here,
no matter how bad this guy pretends to be.
It's just a show!
My dad just has to transfer the money.
That's also our hope, yes.
What's the problem?
We have to wait
and see how the situation develops.
Tell me what's going on.
Or do you worry you'll ruin my day?
Your dad doesn't want
to pay the ransom yet.
He's using it as leverage
to get us to look into his suspicion.
The Gabriels.
We are already looking into this lead,
so I think
we'll be able to convince him soon.
I could strangle him right now.
Even for him, that's just the next level.
Why is he so sure of this?
Who are these Gabriels?
Of course, it was an accident, but I...
I... During my second emergency surgery...
I killed someone.
The girl's family blames me. The Gabriels.
They hate me.
But her condition was critical and...
There should have been
an attending physician present,
but the scalpel was in my hand,
even though it shouldn't have been.
"Shit rolls downhill", as we say.
And also,
I don't know if he told you this,
my dad believes that
it was my mistake
that made her kidney fail in the end.
And I think he's right.
- Kidney failure?
- Yes.
Did the family threaten you?
When was the last time
you were in contact with them?
At first, they wanted to sue me.
They were so terribly angry.
But then I never heard back from them.
Maybe I deserve
to kick the bucket like this.
Alone, in a puddle of blood and vomit.
Malina, please.
Some doctors quit after one dead patient.
It might be best that I am one of them.
Your operation skills
are definitely telling a different story.
My Dad would finally have a reason
to be proud of me.
Promise me you'll give your medical career
another chance
when you get back home.
You mean, if I make it out of here alive.
I haven't heard a promise.
Don't forget that I'm with the police.
That's not their jurisdiction.
CID should handle it.
Enno also encouraged me
to go back to the hospital.
He showed up shortly after that
with his niece
and told her that I was the only one
who could make her well again.
He is so good with children.
He wants at least three of them.
How am I supposed to cope without him?
You have to get him back for me!
Without him I couldn't...
I know I couldn't be able to survive this.
- Try to stay calm.
- No, I...
- Malina. Listen to my voice.
- I want to go to him.
I believe in you. You are strong!
No, I am not strong.
Okay, okay.
Tell me about how you and Enno met.
Come on.
I am sure you still remember that.
- It was... because of a saline solution.
- Yes?
- Saline?
- Yes.
Enno drank too much at a work party
and then passed out.
I gave him the solution
in the ward at night.
He was so embarrassed
that he sobered up immediately.
Like drunks, when they see my uniform.
He was so cute.
He hid flowers and his phone number for me
under the plate cover.
That was 18 months ago.
My family still can't accept it.
They are jealous.
I mean, of course I want to spend
all the time with the person,
without whom I feel weak and helpless.
They are jealous. They don't get it.
Even though my Dad and Enno
are quite similar.
Sometimes I even confuse
which of the two said what to me.
I was probably such a nervous wreck.
And that's why when Enno asked me
if I wanted to travel to South America
with him next week for six months.
You just started to pack.
My dad would have disinherited me
right away.
Your dad is quite something.
That's why
I didn't want to say anything at first.
I was such a coward.
I didn't say goodbye to anyone. There was
no way I could have known that I...
Stay calm, Malina.
- I can't stay calm any longer.
- Please try.
- How am I supposed to...
- Have you ever been to South America?
- No.
- I went to Peru two years ago.
It's really beautiful there.
- Do you know the Rainbow Mountain?
- I am not sure.
That's a mountain
that has seven different colors.
Like a rainbow, for real.
- As if the Teletubbies lived there.
- I always liked the Teletubbies.
Really? Not me.
But at Rainbow Mountain
I changed my mind.
Trust me, you definitely have to go there.
Did you want to go
to Peru on your vacation?
Now I want to go there just to look
at those damn colorful mountains.
Trust me, you will.
Do you have a boyfriend?
I was in a relationship
with someone for six years,
but I have more fun when I travel alone.
It became apparent that she...
How can I put this?
That she was a total bitch.
Is that a special police term?
Yes, I'm obligated to tell you the truth
and she was a bitch.
It's cool that you travel alone.
I always need someone with me.
That's why I don't like it when we fight.
But sometimes...
I can't control myself.
Yes, then they should hurry up
for a change!
I need roadblocks, and not just one!
And that fucking license plate!
Why roadblocks? What about the ransom?
- Even if he pays, we must be ready.
- Even if?
- Malina...
- Elisa?
You can't be fucking serious!
And Dad, just pay the fucking money,
damn it!
Call the poli...
Call the police if you can
Ask for Elisa Kuhne
"Stay strong,
I love you."
Come on.
Thank you, motherfucker.
I can't help it.
My ears, you bastard!
Help! I'm in here!
Please, come quickly! In the trunk!
I'm here in the trunk!
Help me!
Yes! Yes, come on!
In here! Help!
Oh, fuck.
Oh, God. Fuck.
Three and a half liters.
Everything is fine.
Everything is fine.
The number you have dialed
has not been recognized.
The number you have dialed
has not been recognized.
The number you have dialed
has not been recognized.
Welcome to the Czech Republic
No, please no.
Malina, thank goodness.
There was a hit and run in a traffic jam.
- Was that you guys?
- Yes.
I seem to be involved
in every fucked-up situation tonight.
- Have you been injured?
- I'm in Czechia.
- I know, we are trying...
- We drove over the border
and we'll shortly arrive somewhere
where they will kill me.
We are talking to the border police
about roadblocks.
There is a bilateral agreement...
Please tell me
that you finally have the license plate.
Accidents are very stressful
for all involved parties. Their memory...
Please spare me the official bullshit!
We have the first letters,
but the witnesses contradict each other.
What about the gas station?
It's complicated.
The employee is new and doesn't know
how to access the server room...
- What? Are you kidding?
- ...with the footage.
But a car is on its way...
I'll die if you don't get me out of here!
I won't let it that happen.
Did my dad pay? Have you reached Enno?
What was that?
Come on.
Seven, one, four.
Seven, one, four.
Come on.
Seven, one, four.
Come on in.
OTC417. OTC417.
OTC417. I got him.
Is that you?
Are you hurt?
Don't keep me waiting. Say something.
Oh, God...
- It's good to hear your voice.
- I understand that you are afraid.
I am scared, too.
- Mr. Voss...
- Mr. Voss?
Listen, they promised me
that they would let Malina and I go,
- if you pay the money.
- Can they hear you?
We have to believe them.
We have no other choice.
Do you know who they are?
Did they do something to you?
Yes, it looks that way.
If you don't pay, then...
they'll kill us.
It could be over for me at any moment.
Even if that doesn't matter to you,
please think of your daughter's life.
Save your battery,
so that we can contact you.
- Babe. The police are coming for you.
- Poli...
- They'll get you out of there.
- No, the...
They have roadblocks and...
Then we will find you.
And these guys will go to jail, okay?
Are you here?
In the car?
Looks like it.
Can you attract
the attention of the police?
Mr. Voss, don't even think about it.
If the police stop the car, I'm dead.
And so is Malina.
We still have half an hour. If you pay,
you'll get your daughter back.
Your dad paid.
What? Oh, my God, finally.
until now, there hasn't been any reaction
by the kidnappers.
But we know now that the ransom demand
was not done by professionals.
What does that mean?
CID says the text was
sent via an anonymous online text service.
These providers are required to give us
the details of the sender.
We're waiting to hear from them.
Don't tell my dad.
He'll want his money back
because the demand was not professional.
He no longer thinks it's the Gabriels.
The money has been transferred.
We get no reply. We have no new suspects.
We have to act now. It's our best chance.
What? No!
- Trust us. Roadblocks are effective...
- No, no.
You have to wait longer.
We have to try now.
Even if we don't know
the license plate yet.
Malina, are you still there?
- Yes.
- Do you understand?
You will hear a car horn twice
before we act.
That's the signal. It has to be like this,
since we only have your rough location.
Elisa, I have to check something.
You have a new message.
Malini, I simply can't reach you.
I have taken care of the ransom money.
Forget the Gabriels,
they have nothing to do with it.
I had to check that myself.
I already once paid these bastards
a lot of money
so they would drop the lawsuit.
I didn't want you to... Your reputation
would have been ruined forever.
And mine too. Damn it.
I couldn't allow that.
How was I supposed
to tell the police this?
Now you've found out anyway.
If only this thing
hadn't happened back then.
Lini, I just want you to come back home.
Be very quiet.
Then we'll get out of here.
If they notice you we're dead.
Good evening. Would you mind telling me
why you are in such a hurry?
Hello? But I cannot tell you that,
otherwise I'd have to give you a lift.
Is the darling sitting next to you
more talkative?
Are you going fast right now?
- We are going slow.
- Then we'll get to you soon.
- I don't understand.
- We got the video footage.
Dark green Audi.
My colleagues will be with you soon.
You didn't stop us at any roadblock.
You took a different route.
But we are following you and will try
to stop the car in two minutes.
Do you know
where the ransom demand came from?
- That is not important.
- Yes...
- We have to...
- But they will let us go.
- We can't rely on that.
- But...
- We have to act!
- I... Do you have the number?
- That's no longer important!
- Can you give it to me?
- What for, we...
- Please!
Hang on. So...
- That's the number?
- Yes.
It's 017299...
- 532.
- 532.
Maybe I have an infection
and this is a feverish dream.
We will be with you any minute now.
Or I have a vision and I am about to die.
My colleagues can't see you.
- Are you driving very fast right now?
- No.
- We're not moving at all.
- That can't be right.
Elisa, I think I'm losing my mind.
- Oh, no.
- What?
What is it this time?
Can you hear water nearby?
Make... make it stop.
Make it so that it's not true. Okay?
The barrier...
We are on a ferry.
Damn it. Stigelegger,
why can't they hurry up more?
You are crossing a lake.
We have to drive around it.
It will take time.
Maybe we can catch you on the other side.
- I will try to make it work.
- Do you think it will work?
You are my first kidnapping. I...
I'm doing everything I can, Malina.
I want to save you.
I won't abandon you.
I would never forgive myself for that.
I told you, things still happen.
But I am not angry with you, Elisa.
I have finally understood
that I cannot trust anyone.
Tell me the truth.
Enno, what's going on here?
You have to know that I'm sorry.
I didn't want this. Do you believe me?
I don't know what to believe anymore.
The thing with your kidney...
I didn't know about that.
They weren't supposed to keep you.
- It should've been different.
- How was it supposed to be?
They were supposed to release you
once they had the money.
Nothing was supposed to happen to you.
I would've been gone from your life.
How could you do that to me?
Don't you know
what it's like when you have no way out?
In your perfect world,
you can't even imagine
the shit I am currently in.
If they had stuck to the plan,
you would have gotten rid of me, too.
I'm not good for you.
I'm not good for anyone.
You could've met someone new...
But... but all I ever wanted was you.
I don't know
if I can get out of this alive.
How did you get into this?
Does that even fucking matter?
Why keep secrets now?
I had problems for a while
that I didn't tell you about.
You couldn't have handled it, princess.
So you also think
that I'm too weak for everything?
At first it was just interests
that cost a lot of money.
- What kind?
- More than...
- People you shouldn't do business with.
- What kind?
It's like building a house of cards,
- and a guy lets...
- Enno!
- ...leaves the window open and you...
- What hobbies?
Problems nonstop. Debts, all that shit.
But that doesn't matter anymore.
I started at some point...
Well, I needed the money.
Then I got into shady deals, yeah.
I sold drugs I stole from the hospital.
Your dad's car.
You can imagine what happened to it.
Is that why you tried to persuade me
to continue?
- I tried everything.
- So you could keep selling drugs?
- I believed in you, okay?
- Tell me the truth!
It was another reason.
I still believe you are a great doctor.
Was it all a lie?
- No. No, no, no.
- Right from the start?
No, I really liked you.
I just had no way out.
If you knew what I did to pay my debts.
The things I had to do...
- They cut one of my kidneys out of me!
- Can you...
That wasn't my fault.
I didn't know that beforehand.
I didn't know!
I can't believe it.
Is that all you can come up with?
Why didn't you tell me?
I thought you trusted me.
Then you would have left me.
I wish that was true.
I wish it was different.
Now I'm supposed to
give my life for you?
You don't know what will happen to me.
Enno, listen to me.
I know how to get the family fortune.
I can get my dad's trust funds.
You have no idea how much money that is.
So much. I can get even more from Mone.
You can get it all, every cent.
With this you can pay off all your debts.
I promise.
But you have to get us out of here.
Then I'll forgive you.
If you save me.
If we don't die today.
Babe, I already tried. That won't work.
You can do it.
You are stronger than you think.
You can make the driver understand
how much they can get
and I won't say anything.
I... I won't betray anyone.
They'll never believe me.
Please don't have me killed
just because I loved you.
Please, I don't want to die.
Do you understand?
I don't want to die.
Malina, they can't let you go.
I... I need you.
Handing you over is my chance to survive.
I'm sorry.
- What... What's that?
- What do you think?
When? When? I... This can't be true.
- That can't be true.
- You won't kill only me.
- But also your son.
- You said it was too soon for kids.
Yes, and yet I was never happier
than in the moment I found out.
- I thought it was a sign.
- Why didn't you say anything?
- It just happened this way.
- No. Damn it.
You know how much I wanted children.
- Why...
- I only found out recently.
I wanted to tell you once we landed.
Shit. This is crazy.
When I found out... In that moment, I...
I wanted this child, badly.
I thought, I...
I wanted you to stay with me.
That you had to stay with me.
I don't believe you.
- I told you that I can't live without you.
- But...
People say stuff like this.
- Doesn't mean that they mean it.
- I was stupid.
You were very convincing.
I thought I was only worth something
if you liked me.
I thought so many times
that I was the problem.
Every time I felt guilty without knowing
what I had done wrong.
But I want this child. Still.
Our son.
Are you sure you can live
with killing your own boy?
I didn't want any of this to happen,
Hey. Hey! I...
Please, please.
Enno! Hey.
You can't abandon me.
You can't let me die alone.
Say something.
Anything. Please. Anything.
Come on. Come on.
Please come on. Say something.
Say something. Say anything.
Come on.
Why did you do this to us?
Why did you do this to us?
Why did you do this to us?
Why did you do this to us?
Time of death...
Well... This is for my family.
This is the last time you'll see me.
I wish I could see your faces
one last time.
And Mone...
I would have loved to be an aunt.
I think I would have liked it.
I would...
I would also have loved
to have a child of my own.
But I made so many bad decisions lately.
I was in love and weak.
That was enough for me forget
who I actually am
and what I'm capable of.
And it's going to kill me.
But I won't let them decide when and how.
I should have continued then as well.
As a doctor, I mean.
The Gabriel thing wasn't my fault.
And everything that is happening now
is not Elisa's fault.
I want her to know that.
I love you all.
No, no.
No, no, no.
I won't drown with you.
To film my tired face.
You will cherish the memory later,
believe me.
That's enough...
- What?
- One more kiss.
love you.