Trust Game (2023) Movie Script

How are you? How do you feel?
Do you need anything?
- Are you a doctor?
- No. I'm a criminal psychologist.
I get it.
You want to find out if I'm crazy.
I just want to talk.
I gave a full statement.
What more do you want to know?
Just treat our conversation
as a job interview.
But we'll talk about your
personal experience instead.
Thoughts, feelings, memories...
Everything that seems important
and that can help us
understanding the circumstances.
So what's the verdict?
About what?
Do I have a chance to win?
This conversation won't change my opinion.
But that's not important.
It can change your future.
And the child's future.
Yes, you can win.
If you trust me.
- How much time do you have?
- As much as you need.
My mother showed me the Trust Game.
I was a child back then...
Are you ready?
I am.
- Are you scared?
- No.
- Why?
- Because I trust you.
- Why do you trust me?
- Because I know you love me.
- And you won't hurt me.
- Good.
Take a step back.
Are you scared now?
- Why?
- Because I trust you.
- And...
- And I know you won't hurt me.
Take another step back.
Listen to my voice, Elly.
Don't be scared.
Take a step back.
Well done, my brave girl!
Take off the scarf.
Turn around carefully.
Beautiful, isn't it?
It's like flying.
How did I do, Mom?
You were great!
I'm your best friend, Elena.
I love you more than anything.
I know, Mom.
My Mom didn't marry my Dad for love.
She was pregnant.
It was the right thing to do.
Back then you had to do the right thing
to be socially acceptable.
- Where have you been, Stefan?
- Not now, Mother.
Dearly beloved!
Dear relatives and guests.
For the marriage to be valid
you have to confirm...
Could you make it shorter?
The strange thing is that my Mom
never did the right thing.
Just like me.
- Where did she disappear?
- Who?
- Yana.
- Forget that bitch!
- Why?
- Because she cheated on me.
- No way! She cheated on you?
- Yes! With some redheaded slut.
- The ultimate clich!
- But were you official?
Of course! We slept together.
This counts!
- This is not a relationship.
- It was a relationship!
- Excuse me...
- You're not excused.
- Is the white 'Peugeot' yours?
- Yes. Why?
- It was hit.
- What?
- Somebody hit your car.
- Who?
- How should I know!
- I have to go.
I'll get the check. Excuse me!
- It's all right.
- Sorry?
The car is fine.
I wanted to be alone with you.
I could have gone with her.
Then I would follow you
and put you in my car's trunk.
- Like a psychopath.
- So scary!
- Now what?
- Now we'll have dinner.
But this place is too noisy and...
The victim will come back any minute.
Now or never!
I was sure that I knew everything.
That nothing can surprise me.
And then I met Kamen.
My life changed completely.
He was not like any other man.
He adored me.
We moved out of Sofia.
I didn't mind.
All I wanted was to be with Kamen.
Our house was big and beautiful.
Not a house... A mountain palace.
And I was the queen.
Do you like it?
It's fantastic!
Kamen convinced me to quit work.
He satisfied my every whim.
Yes... I was happier than ever.
What went wrong?
Everything in my life
was wrong from the beginning.
Take her home. She's hungry.
Come here, Elly!
Come, my girl!
Well done, my girl!
She's still hungry.
You're right.
- Do you need anything?
- No, thanks.
You are doing this on purpose.
- What?
- You want me to lose my cool.
I want to take care of my daughter
as I see fit.
Your daughter has a father.
Does he agree with what you do?
You are afraid that Elena
will grow up to be like me.
I know what you are, girl.
You may think you are somebody,
but you're nobody without Stefan.
Don't forget that!
Before it's too late.
We'll manage without them.
- You think she's right?
- Of course she's right.
She's not right! She's evil.
Don't even think about it.
- I can't manage by myself.
- You take care of Elly.
It's normal for him to make the money.
Is it normal for me to ignore
all his hoity-toity sluts?
Why did you marry him?
I wanted him to give her a good life.
He ruined mine.
I don't want me and Elena to depend
on Stefan and his fucking money.
- I need a job.
- You can't work with Elly. No way!
There's always a way.
I can ask my mother
if they need people at the factory.
I need something better than the factory.
I'll get a university degree.
I want him to...
'Every woman defines herself
in comparison to her mother.
The mother is the matrix...'
- How was work?
- As always.
- Sushi?
- Every day!
It's good for you.
- Want some whisky?
- Yes.
Hello? Hi!
Sorry... I'm eating.
No, we are at home.
Kamen's favorite Sushi.
For real?
So they liked everything?
You are the best!
Thank you very much!
I don't know what to say.
All right...
We'll talk when I see you
All right... I love you.
Good night.
- Guess what.
- I can't.
- Dara got me an interview at 'Tikket'.
- What's 'Tikket'?
The magazine! She thinks that
I can be their new chief editor.
- Since when do you need a job?
- I don't.
People need me.
Can I have my whisky?
The interview is next week.
I don't know much more.
Dara will brief me at the birthday party.
- What birthday party?
- Dara's. It's Saturday.
She invited us a month ago.
I remember. I just forgot
that it's this Saturday.
Do you have work to do?
I can go by myself.
No problem.
Work has nothing to do with it.
You and me have other plans.
Just you and me. And no Sushi!
What do you think?
- Fantastic! Let's change the dates.
- I already bought the plane tickets.
- It's Dara's birthday.
- You'll celebrate it the next weekend.
It's always 'the next weekend'.
Since we moved here
I don't see her at all.
I don't see anybody.
I'm here.
Are we going to Monaco?
- Will we go on a yacht?
- For sure!
- Let's go.
- Nice.
Relax a little.
You were late.
Now I'm late because of you.
Don't worry! They'll wait.
It's not funny, baby.
This interview is important.
What's important about it?
There are other important things
besides your work.
I'm going crazy alone at home.
I feel like a prisoner.
- You need some hobbies.
- Please stop talking! Now!
- Stop! This is not the way.
- You trust me, don't you?
- What do you think?
- I don't know. About what?
About your new car?
- It's mine?
- This is the reason I was late.
- It's fantastic, baby!
- Now you can go wherever you want.
And whenever you want.
But if you're not back home before
midnight the car turns into a pumpkin.
- I'm very mad!
- But not as mad as you were, right?
I'll find out after I take it for a drive.
Check my inside pocket.
Congratulations for the degree.
But I think a woman should know her place.
And where is the woman's place?
Her place is to be
a good mother and a homemaker.
It's nature's law, not mine.
So a woman is a baby machine?
You are the gods, we are the slaves?
I didn't say exactly that.
Well I hyperbolized a bit
but I got the gist.
- What's your opinion?
- About what?
Me and Danny are talking about
a woman's place in society.
Go talk to the other girls.
Go and get me another whisky.
All right, all right! Danny...
What do you think?
Where does the woman belong?
The same place as you.
Women are free and independent.
They can manage alone.
So you are independent?
A person? Managing alone?
- But you want me to find you a job.
- Who found you a job?
Your mother. Your father
bought you a car and a flat.
And your education...
You owe it to me.
Do you want to start
managing alone from tomorrow?
I will manage.
Believe me, I'll find a way.
I don't need you.
- You're nothing without me.
- Sure!
It's 8 hours every day.
Sometimes Saturday and Sunday too.
Sometimes it's more than 8 hours.
Get this straight!
Not always! Looking at you...
You'll have to make 45 coats a day.
I'm sorry?
This is your spot.
I was told that I would work
somewhere in the administration.
The administration!
What are you talking about?
- I'm sorry I wasted your time.
- This is a sewing factory!
- Does Stefan know you are here?
- Nice cups.
- Are they Chinese?
- Why are you here, Daniela?
I need help.
You are so desperate
that you came to me for help?
I need a job.
Elena is not a baby anymore.
Try some cafeteria.
Or Elena's school.
Cleaners and kitchen workers
are wanted everywhere.
I need a real job.
You and Zhecho have connections.
You can do it with one phone call.
I don't like you.
I've never liked you and you know it.
You hate me too.
And now you want me to help you?
- We're talking about Elena.
- What about her?
- I have to take care of her.
- Stefan takes care of you both.
- Stefan is never home.
- Because you don't stop nagging.
Give him a smile, make him feel welcome.
Finish your tea and go.
You know your son.
Give me the chance to take care
of your only granddaughter.
I'm asking you as a woman.
- You have two degrees.
- Yes, sir.
Psychology and Bulgarian Literature...
You wasted your youth studying.
I started after I got a daughter.
I think I still have my youth.
- I didn't mean to offend you.
- You didn't.
Where did my manners go?!
Have a seat, please.
Can't you find a job
suitable for your degrees?
- There are no such jobs.
- You'll find it boring here.
I am a quick learner.
And I need this job very much.
Considering your qualifications,
the job won't be a challenge for you.
What will I have to do?
Answer the phone.
- And file documents.
- I'll do anything.
There are some specifics.
There are two things
I won't compromise with.
You'll have to be here 8:00 sharp.
Unless you are very ill or dead.
Is that clear?
Yes, sir.
And the second thing?
I have my coffee with lots of sugar.
Me too.
I think we'll be able to work together.
Thank you.
Why so gloomy?
- The tests are just fine.
- So?
Elly... You are pregnant.
6 weeks. Here is the Ob-Gyn's number.
He'll take care of everything.
- Is this planned?
- Well...
- We've been trying for a while.
- Yes.
- Good! Congratulations, Elly!
- Thanks, Zhorka.
I'm still in a bit of a shock.
Just imagine it, baby!
We'll have a child.
- How do you feel?
- Fine.
What's wrong?
- I'm not ready to be a mother.
- I don't feel ready too.
We'll do it together.
- This is not the right moment.
- Why?
- It doesn't feel right.
- How does it feel?
I want kids with you. I do!
But not right now.
- Let's try again in few years.
- You are not your mother, Elly.
- What do you mean?
- You are adopting her fears.
But you won't repeat her mistakes.
- What if I become a bad mother?
- Nonsense! I know you well.
You'll be the best mother ever.
Do you love me?
- I love you.
- I love you too.
And this child is the next step.
I want you to be happy.
Do you understand?
Nice clothes.
You are beautiful.
- You stink!
- I had a beer with my colleagues.
- You stink of cheap perfume.
- Stop that!
You disgust me!
I disgust you?
Do I disgust you when I pay for your rags?
Don't forget that I provide you
with food and shelter.
You have a job thanks to me.
You are just a whore-chasing drunk.
If it wasn't for your parents
you would've died starving.
- You too.
- It's over.
Go back to your whores.
I won't put up with this anymore.
- You'll put up all right!
- You didn't pick me from the street.
I did! Slut!
Talking about whores...
Just look at yourself!
You are the biggest whore of all.
I will...
Are you all right, baby?
- I'm fine.
- You startled me.
- What's with all the books?
- I'm writing a piece for the magazine.
- Materials...
- 'Mother's psychology.'
I'm writing about the psychiatric
disorders during pregnancy.
Where did you get the books from?
I ordered them online.
You look disappointed.
We agreed about you working.
I don't remember us agreeing.
- Considering your condition...
- What condition?
- You are pregnant.
- I am, baby.
- I'm not a hauler, I'm a writer.
- With the magazine?
Okay, but I don't agree.
We always do what you want.
Let's do mine this time, okay?
- Don't mess with my things!
- I want to lie down here.
I'm busy.
- What about dinner?
- I'm not hungry.
Where are my books and notes?
- Good morning to you too.
- Where are they?
- I burned them.
- I'm not joking!
- I burned them in the barbecue.
- Where did you hide them?
Baby... This is for your own good.
I want my things back now!
- Are you aware of your behaviour?
- Completely.
- You are not my father!
- Yes, I am your husband.
What are you doing?
I'm ordering the books again.
Have some rest.
Hello. These aren't complete.
- The Director will say if they are.
- It's my job.
- Complete them and bring them back.
- Danny!
- I want my driver in 5 minutes.
- He's already waiting.
- Come on!
- Me?
Where are we going?
They are not complete.
- 'Danny?'
- No surprises here.
Let's go.
Why are we here?
We are on a lunch break.
I don't think it's wise
to have lunch together.
You'll have lunch with me.
End of discussion.
Leave the bottle, please.
- Are you serious?
- Fact! Fact!
But don't tell anybody!
This is an official secret.
Do you like it?
The food, the restaurant...
The companion?
Everything is perfect, thank you.
- I see you like nice things.
- Meaning?
You are classy. Beautiful...
There is something
very aristocratic about you.
Because you've never seen
this aristocrat cooking and cleaning.
Well... You won't be
cooking and cleaning tonight.
- I really have to go.
- I'll take you home, don't worry.
My daughter is home alone.
What about your husband?
We have problems.
All right...
Tell my driver to take the lady home.
Of course.
Where were you?
Is Elena asleep?
- I asked where were you?
- At work.
- Are you fucking him?
- You'll wake her up.
- You are fucking him, aren't you?
- Leave me alone!
You are my wife!
And you have a marital debt.
Get lost, you wimp!
Quiet! You'll wake the kid up!
You're nothing!
I'm sorry!
Only the right books?
Look at page 3.
- Girls' names?
- I'm sure we'll have a girl.
Beautiful like Mommy and smart like Daddy.
It's a feeling.
- I don't feel a thing.
- Elly...
I know this is hard for you
but you can count on me.
You can count on me all the way.
And... Please don't be angry.
All this is new to me too.
I'm not angry, baby.
- What's for dinner?
- Wine for me.
- Wine?
- Yes.
No way!
We'll order something.
No fish Sushi for you.
Stop it!
I said stop it!
Let go off me!
I'm sorry about the glass.
I don't know what came over me.
But it's bad for the child.
You know that.
You can't be selfish.
You have to think about the child.
And the other thing you did?
Was it good for the child?
I'm your wife, baby.
I'm not a walking incubator.
- What do you want from me?
- Normal behaviour.
I want you to respect
my opinions and my choices.
Don't overreact, please!
I always do what's good for you.
So I have to shut my mouth
because you bought me a car?
You're not yourself. Hormones...
You need more rest.
And again only you know
what's better for me.
No, baby!
Your actions affect our child.
I can't let you make the wrong choices.
You can't let me make the wrong choices?
Not like that!
Come on... We talked about this.
Look... The fork in the left hand,
the knife in the right hand.
And cut. Try it.
Press it. Here...
Press it with your finger.
I can't.
- What?
- I can't.
- I don't know this word.
- I can't!
- There's no such word.
- There is.
'Impossible? There's no such word
in the French language.' Napoleon.
Try again. Lift it
and press with your finger.
- Hard...
- Cut it for me, please.
My princess!
Did you behave while I was away?
- Of course! Right, Mom?
- This is for you.
- Look, Mom! A Barbie!
- Put this tacky thing away.
Good evening.
- Let me help you with the box.
- No toys at the table, Elena.
Finish your dinner.
- I can't.
- Finish it!
- It's charred.
- Pick your cutlery.
Don't behave like a spoiled brat.
I'm sorry, Mom! I...
I want you to do it alone.
No one can help you now.
No fear! And no tears!
- Try it!
- I can't.
Don't block it!
Take your hands down!
Hands down! Be brave!
Look at me! Brave!
No fear and no tears!
- Well done!
- I see you know everything!
Don't touch me!
Now is not the time
to pretend that you are a father.
- I'll do what I want!
- Not in front of the child.
I should have stayed with my whores.
Crazy bitch!
You belong in the madhouse.
I'll put you in the madhouse.
And I'll take the child.
I'll take her and you
won't see her ever again!
You belong in the madhouse
and I'll put you there! You got it?
I won't...
- Do you want some more?
- You want to break stuff?!
- You crazy bitch!
- Get out! Get out now!
In the madhouse!
I'll hit you! Get out!
You are going to the madhouse!
You crazy idiot!
You whore! I'll destroy you!
You won't see her again!
Is that clear?
Take a break.
I have to finish this by lunchtime.
Don't you trust me?
- You look tense. Is it the work?
- No.
Not at all.
Is it about your husband?
I don't want to discuss my personal
life with you, Comrade Colonel.
I'm sorry. I strive to be a friend
to everyone in my staff.
No, I'm sorry.
I was... I was too harsh.
I want to know what motivates people.
What motivates you?
My job.
- I dreamed of being independent.
- Aren't you?
How can I be.
I know that I can do a lot more.
Don't worry about the job.
I'll help you.
I need loyal people like you.
Are you all right?
I think I overestimated myself.
The drink went to my head.
I'm sorry.
Call next week. Mr. Hristov is
on vacation this week. Bye.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Can you call Dara?
- Who's Dara?
- Darina Mladenova from PR.
- She doesn't work here anymore.
- She moved a month ago.
- Really? Where?
To our head office in Milan.
- Do you want the contact information?
- No, thanks.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What are you doing?
- Cooking a romantic dinner for two.
What happened?
Did you cut yourself?
Let me see...
I don't want to argue anymore, baby.
- I want to make things right.
- By cooking?
It's not your forte.
Not if you want to keep your fingers.
- You smoked?
- One cigarette.
- One cigarette?
- Dara has moved to Italy last month.
I felt sad and I had a cigarette.
It's not a big deal.
Isn't it?
I forbid you to smoke.
- You forbid me?
- Yes I do!
- Get lost!
- Listen to me!
I told you that I won't let you
make the wrong choices, right?
I'm sorry.
The Minister's reports, Comrade
Colonel. Signed, as you ordered.
I don't like you like that.
- I'm sorry?
- I'm not used to you being dejected.
- Everything's fine.
- You've been down for weeks.
Can I do something?
No. I'm fine.
Any problems with the divorce?
- It's over.
- Are you okay?
I just...
I had to rent a flat and...
- Everything's fine.
- What about your daughter?
She's okay too.
A single mother...
It won't be easy.
I want you to know
that you can count on me completely.
The National Theater's Director
is a friend of mine.
I have two tickets for their latest play.
Thank you very much
but it's not the right time.
No... I meant for you and your daughter.
A welcomed distraction.
Thank you!
- Hello, ladies! Have a nice meal.
- Thank you.
It's better this way.
Try it!
What do you feel right now?
In here?
- I don't know.
- It's freedom!
You can't be happy if you are not free.
And if you are afraid.
And you have to trust completely
the person next to you.
Do you see these two?
They are tarts.
They look like ladies to me.
Like the theatre women.
Do you know the difference
between a tart and a lady?
- No.
- The tart is an empty-headed bimbo.
She gives her ass to anybody
who can offer her a better life.
Ladies have style.
They are smart and brave.
And they make
their lives better for themselves.
- Do you understand?
- I think so.
I don't want you to marry
the first man who has a shiny car
and takes you to a fancy restaurant.
- All right, Mom.
- Don't let anyone tell you
what to think or what to do.
Be yourself! Be free!
And never stop dreaming!
Eat with your hands.
We're messing with the tarts.
Do you want a desert?
- Elly...
- Hi, Zhorka!
- How are you?
- Fine, thanks.
- Thank you for meeting me.
- Of course.
What's up?
- Do you want to go for a walk?
- Yes.
It may sound a bit strange,
but I wanted to talk to you about Kamen.
You know him since childhood...
But he's not the same man lately.
How do you mean?
I'm not entirely sure.
Pregnancy changes the father too.
It's normal to become more carrying.
Have you seen him display aggression?
- Has something happened?
- No. Just asking.
Kamen is a tough bastard.
He is entirely self-made.
If this means that he's aggressive,
than he surely is.
Have you considered that you might be
the one who has changed?
Your personal relations
are none of my business, but...
People rarely change
their behaviour without a reason.
Are you suggesting that I'm the reason?
I'm not suggesting anything.
I'm just thinking out loud.
What changed in his behaviour?
Can you not tell him about this?
Physician-patient privilege?
Of course.
Thanks, Zhorka.
- This is the last one.
- Well done!
When will we get back home?
- This is our new home.
- Forever?
- No.
- What about Daddy?
He left forever.
Is he dead?
Worse! He has forgotten you.
You should forget him too.
This will fit you.
Of course not. Good evening.
I'm sorry...
The problem is that I'm
alone with my daughter right now.
Yes. No, I'm coming.
I'll be there in 20 minutes.
- I have to go out for a while.
- Now?
Eat your dinner and go to bed.
And don't open the door!
- Is it clear?
- Are you leaving me alone?
You are my brave girl.
Are you my brave girl?
My brave girl!
I came as fast as I could.
Are these the papers...
Catch your breath first.
I don't want to drink.
I'll do the work faster
if my head is clear.
There is no work.
I lied over the phone.
I wanted to talk to you.
- You're firing me, aren't you?
- No. Don't worry.
I... I want you to know
that I'm on your side.
- But I want you on my side.
- I am on your side!
- I'm doing my job as good as I can.
- I know, I know...
People are talking.
You know how they are.
A divorced woman, a single mother...
What does this have to do
with my work performance?
You are the face of the Department.
I'm protecting you
because I'm your friend.
But I want to be sure
that you are loyal to me.
Don't cry!
Everything will be fine.
Let me go!
I want your loyalty!
Loyalty! Do you hear me?
I want your loyalty!
All right.
Everything seems to be fine.
When was your last check-up
with your Ob-Gyn?
About two weeks ago.
- Do you want to know the sex?
- I'm sorry?
The sex of the baby...
Do you want to know it?
It's a girl.
Look... If you want to terminate it
it's now or never.
What do you want me to do?
I'm listening. Out.
Are you following me?
- Why were you at the hospital?
- I asked you something.
I'm tracking your phone.
Wait a minute!
Zhoro told me that you were
acting strange. Is it true?
Am I officially a prisoner now?
- Why were you here?
- I had a check-up.
It's not due for two weeks.
Besides, you have a doctor.
I'm pregnant. I felt weak.
Is the child all right?
Everything's fine.
Do you want me to take you home?
I'll drive.
Go play!
And don't talk to anybody.
What's up?
They won't hire you.
I'll take any job.
Seamstress, cleaner... I don't care.
I told them, but...
Please, Svetla!
You are my only hope.
I'm sorry! They don't hire people
who were disciplinary dismissed.
The rumor is that you were ready
to sleep with anybody for your job.
Tasev raped me.
Tasev raped you?
He called me in his office,
he put something in my drink and...
He raped me on his desk.
Are you sure?
- Am I sure?
- They say that you and Tasev were...
Do you believe this nonsense?
- I understand.
- Danny, wait!
So according to you,
Colonel Mladen Tasev
slipped you a barbiturate
and then raped you?
- You don't believe me?
- I've said no such thing.
You are looking at me as if I'm crazy.
When did this happen?
Before or after he fired you?
I told you already.
I wasn't fired.
It says 'disciplinary dismissed' here.
I wanted to quit, but Tasev
ordered them to fire me.
But why?
Are you listening to me?
Tasev made clear
that if I want to keep my job,
I'll have to sleep with him.
Then he raped me.
After he slipped me a barbiturate.
The next day he fired me.
You mentioned barbiturate...
Do you know what this is?
Yes, I'm aware.
I'm a psychologist.
I know what an anti-psychotic drug is.
So... When did he rape you?
About two weeks ago. No...
A month ago.
That's right! A month.
Two weeks ago or a month ago?
A month ago.
So why didn't you come to me a month ago?
I don't know.
- I was confused.
- Confused?
Is it possible
that you are confused now too?
- Confused?
- Or angry at Colonel Mladen Tasev
and trying to get him
because he fired you.
He raped me.
This is a crime.
And you are mocking me.
I want to talk to your superior.
Mom, why are you not working
at the Ministry anymore?
Because there is
a very bad man there.
Is he scary?
Are we gonna get back to our old home?
You can't get the past back, Elly.
You said that there's no such thing
as 'I can't'.
Mom... What are you doing?
What's wrong with you?
Please stop!
Stop it!
Mom, please!
Mom, stop! Are you crazy?
I talked to the Turks today.
They expect an offer in two weeks.
We'll needs trucks like this one.
We have 50 of those.
I'm counting on you.
You were our best seller last month.
- Thank you.
- I expect double next month.
Of course. Give me one more man
and consider it done.
You got it.
The Austrians expect an offer too,
but it's a bit less urgent.
- Why did you cancel my credit card?
- I'm working, Elly.
Answer my fucking question!
Wait for me at the office, please.
I'll call you later.
You cancel my credit card,
you track my phone! What the...
Nobody has ever embarrassed me
like that in front of an employee!
Look what you made me do!
Stop playing the victim.
I'm the victim!
I'm constantly forced
to put up with your hysterics!
You wanted money...
- Hi, Mom.
- We have to go!
- Come on!
- Where are we going?
- We're running away.
- From whom?
A bad man is following us.
He wants to hurt us. Got it?
Nobody's following us.
- Just go!
- No!
Don't be a spoiled brat!
I'm sorry, Elly!
Can you forgive me?
Do you want to go
to an awesome place? Come on!
It's probably Daddy!
Now this is a nice cake!
Leave my home!
May I take a bite?
- I'll call the Police.
- Sit down!
I told you to sit down.
Very nice! Try it.
Go to your room, Elly.
We hear that you like
talking to the Police.
What did you tell them?
The truth.
You have two options.
Option one:
Tomorrow you retract your statement.
Your problems are over.
And you never see me again.
Option two:
You refuse to retract the statement.
Then your problems are just starting.
Am I clear?
I want to hear that you understand.
I understand.
Very nice cake!
Save a piece for me.
I might drop by again these days.
I'm sorry!
What's with the suitcases?
I told you that I'm sorry!
I don't love you.
- I'm sorry?
- I don't love you.
Elly... I'm really sorry!
- I lost control. It was despicable...
- It's not just today.
Maybe the pain helped me realize.
I don't want my child growing up
in this house. I'm leaving.
All right, go.
I want to make things clear.
I'll live in Milan with Dara
until we get a divorce.
I hired a lawyer. He'll call you.
You can be there when
I'm giving birth if you want to.
We'll talk about custody later.
You are not going anywhere!
I'm sorry?
You won't leave. You know
that you are nothing without me.
What are going to do?
You don't know anything.
How will you manage?
You'll find another sponsor?
Let's be frank here!
You are just a whore
who doesn't know what she wants.
You've always been just a whore!
But nobody will take home
a slut like you. And you know it!
I haven't kicked you out of here
just because you're carrying my child.
I'll leave you whatever it takes.
Don't even think about it!
And if you do something to my child,
I'll kill you!
What do you want?
- Grandma!
- Go to your room! Now!
So you're taking care
of your daughter in this dump?
I'm not anointed like you.
But at least I have my dignity.
Go somewhere and have some rest.
You need to get a grip.
I'll take care of Elena.
Go to hell!
What do you want? Get lost!
Leave me alone!
What are you waiting for?
You want me to struggle?
Wait... You can't get it up
without this, right?
Don't touch her!
Don't you dare!
- Get away from her!
- Who are you talking to?
- Can't you see him?
- There's no one here! Stop it!
You have new clothes?
- Who gave them to you?
- Grandma Radka.
And you know what?!
She was waiting for me after school.
Take them off!
Take these clothes off!
- Take them off!
- Let me go!
- Take them off!
- Let go off me!
Take them off!
You won't become a tart! Never!
You really are crazy!
I dreamed that you jumped off
that cliff and I felt better!
I hate you with all my heart!
Wait! Wait...
Those were the last words
she ever heard from me.
I never saw her again.
Two policemen came home.
They said that my mother
has committed suicide.
That she jumped off a cliff
and died instantly.
I don't know if she killed herself
or somebody pushed her.
Does it matter?
I just know that I didn't save her.
I discovered a new restaurant.
They use only bio ingredients.
I booked a table for the whole month.
It's nice because they cook
different things every night.
You have to eat diverse food
in your condition.
We spent a whole day together
for the first time since forever.
Do you want alcohol-free wine?
- I prefer juice.
- Don't move!
You won't believe the taste.
It's just like normal wine.
Try it.
- I have to go to the bathroom.
- Try the wine!
Good evening. The car for the airport
is at the address.
The trip is canceled.
For the inconvenience.
What's going on? You scared me
shitless when you called.
- Where's Elly?
- She lost it completely, man.
I'm scared that she'll hurt the baby.
- Did you call an ambulance?
- I don't want strangers in my home.
- Will you help me?
- Sure! What do you want me to do?
I don't know.
Give her a shot or something.
Kamen... Relax!
Where is she?
- What's going on here?
- I told you, she lost it.
What did you do to her?
I can't be a part of this!
Zhoro, please! You are my best friend.
I don't know what to do.
Elly, I'll give you a shot.
You'll be fine tomorrow, I promise.
Did you hear him, Elly?
Everything will be fine.
There are two vials and some needles
in my glovebox. Go and get them.
- Why?
- You want me to help you, don't you?
I called the Police, Kamen.
It's all over.
What do you feel right now?
- In here?
- I don't know.
It's freedom!
The best feeling ever.
You can't be happy if you are not free.
And if you are afraid.
And you have to trust completely
the person next to you.
Don't let anyone tell you
what to think or what to do.
Don't let them crush you!
Be yourself!
And never stop dreaming.
No fear! And no tears!
I understand, Mom.
Don't stand on the edge!
Stay away, Kamen!
Let's go home! Please!
Listen to me!
I never wanted this to happen.
I'm doing everything for you
and for the good of the child.
I love you!
I know you love me too, Elly.
Let's start over! I'll change.
I promise I'll change.
Elena! Wait, please!
Tell me about the game.
The Trust Game.
- Are you ready?
- Ready.
Close your eyes!
- Are you scared?
- No.
I love you more than anything
in the world.
I know, Mommy.
- Why?
- Because I trust you.
- Why?
- Because I know you love me.
And you won't hurt me.
And what about Daddy?
He's gone.
You don't have to guts to go away 'cause
you know without me you're nothing.
Take a step back.
Are you scared now?
Take a step back!
- You won't! Is it clear?
- Mommy?
You're going to the nuthouse,
filthy idiot!
Another one!
Don't look! Take a step back!
You said you weren't scared.
You are ordinary whore who
doesn't know what she wants from life.
And you always were.
I'll kill you.
I won't let you become a whore.
Take these clothes off!
Mommy stop! Don't be crazy.
Nobody's gonna a punk like you
and you know it very well.
Be you. Be free.
Kamen is hurt very badly.
But he'll recover.
His lawyer said that they'll accuse you
with attempted murder.
Now what?
- They'll consider all the statements.
- This conversation too?
Did you push him?
I already answered that.
When Kamen wakes up
he'll tell us what happened.
For years Kamen defined
everything in my life.
But not this time.
This time I'm right.
Don't you want to know if you won?
I won.