Truth or Consequences, N.M. (1997) Movie Script

Let's do it.
Come on, Addy. Let's go.
- Can I wait till the end of this song?
- Why? You're wearing a Walkman.
What the fuck do you think
they call it a Walkman for?
What's wrong with you?
I'm sorry.
I'm a little edgy.
- Are you sure you want to do this?
- Yeah.
You wouldn't do this unless
you thought it was a good idea, right?
- Right.
- That's enough for me.
You're my baby? Give me a kiss.
This is our chance
for something better, right?
Let's go.
- You got any change for the meter?
- No.
- What about that quarter?
- That's my special quarter.
- Why?
- You wouldn't understand.
- Is it a concept that's beyond me?
- You wouldn't believe it.
- Try me, Curtis.
- I don't think so.
I would like to hear the story.
Granted, I didn't look at it closely,
but it looked like an ordinary quarter.
It's not what it is, man.
It's what it represents.
Fine, you want to hear it?
This dude was telling me a story
about some cat who flipped a quarter -
- and it landed on its edge.
What are the chances of that happening?
Because it lands on its edge,
he can read people's minds.
If I can get one to land on its edge,
I can do that too.
That's an old episode of
"The Twilight Zone".
- What?
- That's "The Twilight Zone", dog.
- Half that stuff's true.
- No, it's all fiction.
I told you you wouldn't believe it.
You're a bona fide sceptic.
I don't see how someone can read
people's minds because of a coin.
Wouldn't the story be better
if the guy got hit by lightning -
- or took some experimental drug?
Then maybe I could buy into it,
but a coin on its side...
It's not my fucking story, Addy.
As I recall the story, there was
nothing special about the coin.
Did the guy say there was
anything special about the coin?
- No.
- Then give me the fucking quarter.
There's your fucking quarter.
- I think we can do business.
- What kind of weight?
It depends on
how much money you've brought.
- What the hell are you doing here?
- You said nothing about guns.
- Shut the fuck up, Marcus!
- Hey, what are you doing here?
- You told me no one would be here.
- There wasn't supposed to be.
Come on, Raymond.
Raymond, you dumb cocksucker!
Do you think you're going to
move up on me?
- Think you can treat me like a punk?
- Shut up, Eddie.
Get the cases.
This is how you repay me
after everything I did for you?
What did you do for me, Eddie?
I did two years for you!
You give me a job moving crates.
Fuck you and what you did for me!
You haven't thought this through.
You're ripping me off.
That's the easy part.
Living with what comes after
is the hard part.
If you make this play,
how far do you think you'll get?
I'll fucking tell you!
The whole goddamned world
is not big enough to cover you ass!
Have you seen yourself?
You should take a look at yourself.
- You just pissed your pants.
- Shut up. You pissed your pants.
Shut the fuck up, Eddie!
Hey, muffin.
Your boyfriend pissed his pants.
- What did you do that for?
- You crazy motherfucker!
We're dead, Curtis. You fucked us.
Please. I've got a family.
Let me show you...
- He was going for a gun!
- What the hell is wrong with you?
Shit! He's a fucking cop!
You shot a goddamn cop, Curtis!
He's wearing a wire.
Pick up the fucking case!
You shot a fucking cop!
What are we going to do?
Pick it up!
Pick up the case.
Come on, come on!
Get in the back. Get down.
Don't shoot!
Shut up, Marcus!
Oh, shit.
- Come on.
- Move!
Request back-up! Officer down!
Curtis, don't!
- You said no one would be there.
- Nobody was supposed to be.
We had a situation arise
and we dealt with it.
No, you dealt with it!
All that craziness was yours!
- This was supposed to be a simple buy.
- Fine. It was my fault. Can we move on?
How many drug dealers are there
in this state, Curtis?
How many do you think
will get ripped off today?
And how many of them -
- will have a fucking undercover cop
in their fucking office?!
The odds must be a billion to one.
I need a computer to figure it out.
Are you finished yet?
- Dump the car.
- She's right, Curtis.
This was my daddy's car.
It's got a 350 bored out to a 386.
I don't care if it's got a pussy!
We've got to get rid of it!
Why's everybody yelling at me?
It went pretty well.
- How long are we going to stay here?
- Until I say it's time to leave.
- We have to come up with a new plan.
- We should run like hell.
No wonder you've been in prison twice.
Running like hell is no kind of plan.
Running is a damn sight better
than standing around.
That's your slave mentality talking.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
Why did every slave who tried to
book off the plantation get caught?
He didn't have a plan.
He didn't know where he was going.
First of all, I'm no fucking slave.
Secondly, this is no plantation.
And we wouldn't be in this situation
if you weren't so trigger-happy.
We've got to look at the big picture.
People are dead.
It wasn't supposed to happen.
Curtis, that cop had a family!
We took it all away from him.
There's nothing we can do
to give it back!
I didn't plan this.
That's life. Shit happens.
You knew there were going to be risks,
so stop sitting there like some bitch!
- Watch how you fucking talk to her!
- Get out of my face.
We don't have time for this shit.
This shit is happening because of you.
When it comes to her, there's a line.
The next time you cross it...
- What? Tell me what you'll do.
- You guys click this shit off!
You're not helping the situation.
- I don't want an apology from you.
- Knock it off!
Let's take a deep breath.
Deflate your balls a little.
Let some blood go back to your brains.
You know something?
I'll stand by you through anything.
But if you ever fuck with her again,
I'll fucking leave you flat.
Honey, we have to go.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
I'm sorry for getting you into this.
You didn't get me into nothing, Ray.
It was my choice to come along.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
If I knew it would be like this,
I wouldn't have...
I know that.
It's not your fault.
We got into this together
and we'll get out together.
How do you want to play this?
We have to play it like we planned.
Go to Vago.
We sell the dope.
Then we can book down to Mexico.
- I love you.
- I love you back.
Come on.
It's okay. Just be calm.
I'll handle them, okay?
Good afternoon.
- How are you guys doing?
- Our car is overheating.
- You're having a picnic.
- What have you got?
We've got some wine and bread,
cheese, fruit -
- and some prosciutto.
It's Italian deli food.
Damn, that's ham, dog.
Some good fucking ham.
- So have you got a vehicle?
- Yes.
What d'you say you give us a ride?
The thing is, we're not comfortable
giving a ride to strangers.
A cautious man. I can dig that.
You can't be too careful.
I'm glad you understand.
Did I say we understood?
Why don't you just take what you want?
What do we look like?
Fucking prosciutto bandits?
Where's your car?
On the other side of the barn.
Let's go take a look-see. Up we go.
Come on.
That's your car?
We'll just have to make it work.
Come on, show me.
What are you doing?
No more killing.
- I think...
- You don't think!
That's the problem.
Why don't we take them with us?
We might need them.
That's thinking.
- You drive.
- Don't make us go with you.
- What are your names?
- I'm Gordon and this is Donna.
Well, Gordon and Donna. Hop in.
Wait, we're not going to say anything.
Gordon, right? The next time I tell you
to do something, you do it.
Your life means nothing to me.
We're bringing you for protection.
You cross me once
and your life ends. Understand?
Good. So, Gordon and Donna. Hop on in.
Frank, you know Alan Gryder.
So, let's have it.
A few months ago, we got word a dealer
named Eddie Grillo was moving up.
He got a connection
that could supply 100 keys a month.
- How did we get this information?
- On a phone tap.
Do we know who killed him?
Raymond Lembecke, Addy Monroe, -
- Curtis Freeley and Marcus Weans.
We got them on this surveillance tape.
- What have the police got on them?
- Raymond got out eight months ago.
- He did two years on possession.
- How much?
- A key.
- That's a lot for a small-timer.
It was Grillo's.
Lembecke wouldn't roll over on him.
Grillo gave him a job in the warehouse.
My guess is Lembecke felt he was owed.
Grillo wasn't giving, so he took.
Addy Monroe is Lembecke's girlfriend.
She has no priors.
Curtis Freeley is as bad as they come.
He's been in the joint twice.
For possession and assault with intent.
When he was inside,
he was Lembecke's muscle.
He's been in and out his whole life.
His record is extensive.
- And Weans?
- That's where we've got a problem.
Marcus Weans is one of ours.
Marcus, we've got to go!
Come on, Marcus, we've got to go!
- What are you doing?
- Can't a brother take a piss?
- May I ask what you're running from?
- No, you may not.
- It's got to do with drugs, right?
- Look, just do what you're told.
All they want to do
is sell it and disappear.
- "They"?
- I said "we".
- No, you said "they".
- Shut the fuck up.
You know what? Turn around.
- The highway is up here.
- Gordon, I know where the highway is.
What are you doing, Addy?
I figure we got a bad jump on this one.
The highway is crawling with cops.
What do we need to run for?
We have everything right here.
Why don't we head up into the hills,
chill out for the night, rest...
Let the heat die down.
Sounds good.
Hey, Gordon!
Turn around.
Ray, I know you and Curtis are tight,
but you have got to cut him loose now.
- What?
- He's out of control.
- If I left Curtis, he'd be dead.
- One of us is going to end up dead.
- Don't talk like that. It's bad karma.
- I'm serious, Ray.
We have to get past the next few days.
After Vago, it'll be clear sailing.
Don't worry about Curtis.
I can handle him.
- What if something happened to me?
- I don't want to think about that.
No, what would you do?
If something happened to you,
I wouldn't want to be alive.
- Really?
- Yes, really.
Now, come here. Give me a hug.
- What are we going to do?
- I don't know. We're going to be okay.
How can you say that?
These people are crazy.
They're probably scared too.
- They're going to kill us.
- We don't know that.
They haven't killed us yet, right?
That's only because they need us.
What's going to happen
when they don't need us any more?
They'll probably let us go.
Here are your categories.
"The Old Testament"
followed by "Colours".
"Science". "Pop music".
"State capitals".
"Foreign words and phrases".
Science for 100, please.
He outlined his three laws of motion
in Principia Mathematica.
- Who is Galileo?
- Sir Isaac Newton.
Who is Sir Isaac Newton?
State capitals for 500.
- What's all this oat and bran shit?
- It's cereal.
No, Cocoa Puffs and Fruit Loops,
that's cereal. This shit is for horses!
- Why do you have to make so much noise?
- Sorry I woke you up.
But we've got to do something about
the food situation here.
- I can't live on oats and prosciutto.
- We're going to stop for supplies.
"In I Samuel, chapter 31,
this king falls upon his own sword-
- so David can become king."
What do you say? Who's Herod?
- I'll go with that.
- I don't think so. How about Saul?
- Who is Saul?
- That's right.
- That's impressive, Raymond.
- Thanks, Gordon.
- Select again.
- Science. 400.
It's registered to Freeley.
They grabbed another ride.
They're not walking.
Cancel the APB on the car.
Marcus left us a note.
He must have been in a hurry.
Hostages explains
why he's still with them.
Keep the APB on the four of them.
Gentlemen! We are now looking for an RV.
Utah license plate unknown.
Let's go find it!
What're you doing?
My mother loves these things.
Sweepstakes are for losers.
Believe it or not.
I know this mechanic who won five grand.
I know a fella who won twice in a week.
What are the odds of that?
- Here? In this very store?
- I was here working at the time.
- We took a picture.
- That's cool, man.
I play every day. Never won a thing.
Dispatch. I'm 1086 at the Tri-Mart.
Back in fifteen.
All-points for RV.
Utah license plate unknown.
I think you need a system.
A birthday or a woman's measurements.
- Hey, Rob.
- Curtis!
Good morning.
Come on, Marcus. We should go.
Was that all?
- Thanks a lot.
- You bet. Good luck to you.
Just a minute.
You can't win unless you enter.
Have a good day, boys.
- Thanks.
- You have a good day too.
- Did you get it?
- Yeah, I got it.
- I don't feel good about it, though.
- You're making too big a deal about it.
I just feel like
I'm going behind my boy's back.
I'm not with that.
I just think he should be
more involved in this.
He will be. I just want to know first.
Thank you.
- The whole thing's illogical.
- How's that illogical?
If Yogi took the picnic basket outside
the park, Ranger Rick couldn't do shit.
- How can you eat that shit, Marcus?
- Who are you? The nutrition police?
Like that breakfast taco is better.
- It's better than that rat shit.
- Because the word "breakfast" is in it?
Do you know how much saturated fat,
cholesterol and sodium are in that?
- No.
- About twice the daily allowance.
So, nutritionally, you shouldn't eat
until the day after tomorrow.
How can they advertise it as healthy?
That's nothing. You'd be surprised at
what some restaurants do.
Me and some buddies went out
to get some food.
An hour later, my boy's ass
is glued to the toilet stool.
Sick doesn't describe what was going on.
I've seen it with my own eyes.
The boy was changing colours.
He was dark-skinned, right?
After half an hour,
he looked like a white.
The next day, the health department
closes the place down.
The meat didn't come from a cow.
- Where did it come from?
- Dog.
All kinds of dog. Dog with broccoli.
Poodles with black bean-sauce.
Crispy barbecue dog.
That's sick. Imagine your dog is missing
and you go out to dinner and eat it.
That's a cold world out there.
You don't know what you're eating.
Fuck! Shit!
Curtis, we're being pulled over.
Addy, take everybody in the back.
Donna, come here.
You're in the back with us.
What goes down now is up to you.
Pulling over a tan RV.
Utah license plate 39L66V.
Be cool, lady.
Please exit the vehicle
with your license and registration.
- What seems to be the problem?
- May we search your vehicle?
May I see your license and registration?
- Where are you coming from?
- Clear Lake.
- Are you alone?
- Yeah.
- It's registered to a Gordon Jacobson.
- That's my boyfriend.
- Where is Mr Jacobson now?
- He's up at the lake.
Are you all right?
Yeah. We had an argument this morning.
Vehicle's empty.
Here's your papers.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
What if he had looked on the roof?
Would you have shot him?
- In a minute.
- How can you be so nonchalant?
It's a game. Everybody who plays
the game understands the rules.
I certainly understand the rules.
The cop's the good guy. I'm the bad guy.
It's his job to catch me.
I will do everything I have to
to stay ahead.
I've been to prison. I'm not going back.
Nobody's fucking with my liberty again.
When you get to the trees,
get off this road.
- Don't you think we should keep moving?
- No, we should hold up until morning.
Then we'll get a new ride.
Another night with the Bobbsey twins.
Gordon and Donna.
What made you buy a mobile home?
My grandfather left it to me.
Thought I'd take some vacation time.
Drive around the countryside.
- Kind of a Charles Kurault thing.
- Who's Charles Kurault?
He's a reporter on television.
I don't watch TV.
You should watch TV. Then you'd know
you can't read people's minds.
- That's funny.
- Don't you think we would know by now?
Absolutely not.
The government puts people
with supernatural powers on an island.
I'm serious. If I was a politician, -
- the last thing I'd want
is some fucker who could read minds.
Gordon gets it.
So the people just go away
and never come back?
First, they want to see you.
Make sure you've got the real goods.
Then your ass is theirs.
Then they take your car
and stick a bomb in it.
Everybody you knew thinks you're dead.
But you're not.
You're on vacation at Club Fed.
When they say they want to
talk to you, are they lying?
Of course they're lying.
If you can read minds,
why don't you know that?
She's quite the smart-ass.
My girl.
- Gordon's not getting any tonight.
- She's pissed.
Go get her, cowboy.
- Are you all right?
- No, I'm not.
- We were just kidding around.
- Don't you get it?
They'll tell you a joke one minute,
the next, they'll shoot you in the head.
They're not waving guns at us any more.
Maybe if they get to know us,
they don't kill us.
Is it possible
that you admire these people?
Not admire...
They're going to make more this week
than I'll make all year.
I can't believe you're saying this.
A week ago, you wouldn't have had
anything to do with people like this.
- I know what I'm doing.
- You don't have a clue.
That's enough!
Let's go back and join the others.
I'll be back in a minute.
- I'm going to bed.
- Me too.
- Good night, Ray.
- Sweet dreams.
I'm going to get another beer.
Marcus, you want a beer?
Yeah, just get me one.
- Gordo?
- Fine.
What the fuck are you doing?
You think this is cool?
- Why are you kissing everybody's ass?
- I'm not.
People like you look at this life -
- and you think it's got a power,
because it says "fuck you".
There's an invisible line
between this world and yours, Gordon.
But you can't see that
until you cross over that line.
And once you do -
- there's no turning back.
Sorry, man.
Yo, dog. I'm going to take
this couple for a walk.
I don't give a shit.
I'm going to go take a piss.
Come with me.
Just shut up and come with me.
Give me a kiss.
That's all I get.
We're not giving you any trouble.
Why are you taking us out here?
Shut the fuck up and listen to me.
Do everything I tell you to do.
- Shouldn't we be with the others?
- Shut up!
We're over here!
What the fuck are you doing out here?
Getting some rest.
It's a fucking rest stop, isn't it?
We've got to go. Gordon, Donna, now!
Let's go, honey.
I think we found ourselves a new ride.
- Nice car.
- Thanks.
Give me the keys! Get down!
- We don't need to kill him.
- Says who?
This isn't what we're about.
- He's going to tell the cops.
- Tie him up and put him in the RV.
You want to be bad guys
but not kill anybody.
You'd better
re-examine your commitment.
Shut the fuck up! No more killing!
Put him in the RV!
There you go. All yours.
- It's the right thing to do.
- You getting a conscience, Marcus?
You've got one too.
You just don't want to admit it.
Just get him in the RV.
Police found the motor home
at a rest stop.
They took some guy's suburban.
- Did he identify them as our guys?
- Yes.
Let's get down there.
Hey, Gordo. Behave and I'll teach you
the finer points of armed robbery.
You'll never feel power like saying:
"Give me everything you've got!"
- We've got a cop.
- Shit.
- Come on, Ray! Move!
- Shut up! Just shut up!
- Just be cool.
- Don't tell me to be cool!
Dispatch 323. Code 33.
Suspect vehicle: red and white suburban.
- What's he doing?
- Curtis, be cool.
- Try to lose him.
- Pull over!
Son of a bitch.
What the hell are you doing?
Come on! Move!
Watch out!
402, I'm in pursuit.
They're coming right at you.
- Get in the room!
- What's going on?
Knock him out!
Come on, Ray. Hurry up.
Gordon, you drive.
Come on. Get in there, Donna.
Get down! Duck!
Go! Go!
Car 401, do you see them?
Are you sure taking Curtis into Vago's
is a good idea?
Yeah, why?
How do you know he won't kill him
the second he sees him?
Curtis does what I tell him to do.
Asking Curtis not to kill the guy that
killed his best friend is asking a lot.
Not even Curtis is dumb enough
to throw down on Tony Vago.
Curtis takes the cake on dumb, Ray.
Here you go.
Thanks a lot.
- You're going to be cool, right?
- I'm going to be cool.
It might be better if I stayed here
and watched these two.
Addy'll be fine.
- You afraid?
- Damn right! These are bad people.
- I'm not afraid.
- You're too stupid to be scared.
No reason to be scared.
We'll move the weight.
We'll get out.
Hurry back.
Your intelligence really shines.
Every cop in the world is looking
for you and you lead them to me.
That is brilliant.
Obviously, there's no respect.
But your types wouldn't know
anything about respect, would you?
Respect is the foundation of
civilization and working relationships.
No offence, Tony, but you're getting
a little carried away.
Respect is what separates us from
the niggers and the spics.
When I first met you,
you had intelligence and connections.
You had potential. So what do you do?
You get mixed up
with this second-rate stick-up man.
Tony, we just came to do a deal.
What are you selling?
Look, man...
Come on, Tony.
It's taking them a long time.
- How stupid do you think I am?
- I don't know what you're thinking.
- We just came here to do a deal.
- Deal?!
I've got thirty keys of primo stuff.
Over a million in street value.
You can have it for half.
- How do you know me?
- I met you through Eddie Grillo.
- Correct. And how did I know him?
- You guys did business.
- Correct. What kind of business?
- You bought from him.
Eddie Grillo worked for me!
These drugs belong to me!
Do you think I'm going to pay you?
Do you think you could come in here,
you son of a bitch, and rip me off?!
- No. I didn't know it was yours.
- Jesus Christ.
It doesn't matter what you knew!
What matters is how it looks!
And it looks like you stole from me!
Can you give me a break here?
- Please, Tony.
- Sorry, kid.
We would never have taken this shit
if we'd known it was yours.
We've got all of it right here.
We'd never have taken
these drugs from you.
We've got everything right here.
I can't die like this.
What the fuck are you doing?
This is 10, 15 grand. Where's the rest?
Where's the rest?
Was I disrespectful, Tony?
Where the fuck is the rest, Tony?
- Where's the rest?
- He's fucking lying!
- Let's get the fuck out of here.
- Cue Tip was my best friend, fucker.
Come on, Curtis.
- How did it go?
- Get in the car.
What happened, Curtis?
You killed Tony Vago, Raymond?
Eddie worked for Vago.
He wanted to kill us in there.
- Would that make you happy?
- No.
I thought you knew what you were doing.
Massacre in Vegas. Five dead.
One of them was Tony Vago.
- He had half his face burned off.
- And the reason you're telling me this?
Witnesses' descriptions match our guys.
They're driving a Dodge.
Call Richard Pearson at the FBI.
Tell him we'll be there in the morning.
- May I have your attention?
- Who the hell are you?
Who I am is of no importance.
I have been sent here
by Mr Giannino and his associates -
- to deal with the situation
that occurred here last evening.
- We worked for Mr Vago.
- Mr Vago worked for Mr Giannino.
- So? What do we call you?
- Sir.
You may call me sir.
That high pressure continues
giving us dry days and chilly nights.
- Raymond? What are you doing here?
- Nice to see you too, Wayne.
I'm sorry I had to come here.
I had no choice.
What happened? This isn't your style.
I don't know.
Curtis went crazy in Grillo's office.
Nobody was supposed to be there.
You should never have hooked up
with that asshole.
I don't need a fucking lecture, Wayne.
- I need your help.
- I'm not getting involved.
- Remember Cecil in New Mexico?
- I'm not getting involved in this shit.
If anyone saw you,
my parole is down the toilet.
Nobody saw anything.
I need you to make
one phone call for me.
Can you do that?
All right, Ray.
One phone call. That's it.
- Can I trust this guy?
- How should I know?
You thought you could trust Vago.
The price is the price.
I'll call you tomorrow and tell you
where we're going to meet.
Just make this deal and go.
You hit Tony Vago.
They'll never stop looking for you.
- What are you doing?
- Going to my girlfriend's.
If anyone saw you,
I'll tell the cops you broke in.
- I want you guys gone by tonight.
- Okay, Wayne.
Hey, Wayne? I need your car.
This is fucking unbelievable, man!
You come and take over my house, -
- use my car...
You want to come and fuck my girlfriend?
Thanks a lot.
What do you think Vago's people will do?
They don't shit
without permission from Giannino.
Giannino's big on vendettas.
There's no way he'll sit still for this.
- If they find them first...
- We'll pick up body parts.
Can you get me surveillance
on Giannino's shooters?
Are you still mad at me?
Because you knew that Vago killed
Curtis' best friend, -
- and you still took that lunatic
in there with you.
I know it was stupid.
But it turned out lucky.
It's not enough we've got
every cop in the country looking for us.
Now we have the mob after us too.
We're just blessed with good fortune.
I'm sorry, Addy.
Right now, sorry isn't good enough.
With the lioness out of the way,
the hyenas bring the wildebeest down.
Do you like guns?
I've been to the firing range a lot,
but I've never seen one like that.
Sig 9 millimetre.
You get hit with that puppy,
you'd be lucky only to lose a limb.
At the rest stop, you were trying to
get us away, weren't you?
When this whole thing started,
I was so scared.
Now I just feel numb.
If you need to be scared, you should
be scared about your boyfriend.
Put it down, Gordon!
Jesus Christ. It's cool.
It's not even loaded.
You know how close you came
to getting killed?
You two morons get ready.
We're going to make a food run.
Pack up. I'm going for food.
Marcus. Help me load up the stuff.
You have a problem because I'm
listening to Curtis' point of view?
His point of view?
What point of view? He is psychotic.
Would you please stop imitating him?
I'm not imitating him.
I don't condone what they're doing.
I'm just trying to understand
why it is they do it.
- What's happening to you?
- This is a game.
Everyone who plays the game
knows the rules.
The cops are the good guys.
The good guys' job is to catch them.
The bad guys' job is to not get caught.
- Just get away from me, please.
- We have to get something to eat.
Where are you going, Donna?
To take a bath.
- A shot of Scotch.
- Coming up, darling.
- How much further to where we're going?
- Why?
- Just curious.
- Stay curious.
- I don't know about Mexico.
- You'll have a good time.
- It's easy for you. You've got Addy.
- You'll meet somebody.
Addy knows people.
She's got a friend down there, some guy.
He knows some chick named Juanita.
Addy says she's going to introduce you.
- I don't get set up.
- What are you talking about?
- About getting set up. I'm not with it.
- Why not?
- What did Addy say about this girl?
- She said she was very sweet.
- Nice personality, right?
- She has a terrific personality.
- What does she look like?
- What difference does it make?
- Go right in there. Forget about it.
- No, I don't even walk that way.
Every time somebody tells me about
a girl's personality before her looks, -
- I know she'll be butt-ugly.
- How do you know that?
- I've been through it.
Three months ago, my cousin set me up.
This girl's supposed to have a big ass.
So I'm like cool.
An hour later, I'm at the Beef Basket.
I kick back, you know,
in a booth. Chilling.
And in walks the butt-ugliest woman
I've ever seen in my life.
She walks over to the table and smiles.
The bitch has five teeth.
- That's cold.
- Brutal.
You know what she orders? Ribs.
The bitch has five teeth
and she's chewing on a rib.
Chewing's not even the right word.
The bitch was gumming it!
That's when I just said:
"Fuck it. I've had enough of this.
I'm not spending
one more minute with this ugly, -
- sabre-toothed-tiger-looking,
gum-smacking bitch."
So I got up, went to the bathroom,
climbed out the window -
- and booked to the pad.
So when Addy's talking about
hooking me up with some great girl, -
- there's no way in the fucking world
that's going to happen to the dog.
She could've been a wonderful girl
with a fantastic personality.
Yeah, right.
- You eat a lot of that stuff.
- I'm pregnant.
- How long have you known?
- A couple of days.
- Raymond know?
- No.
- You're not going to tell him?
- Yeah, I'll tell him.
When the time is right.
He's got too much on his mind.
You should give him a chance
to think about it.
- We'll go to Mexico and live there.
- That's a dream, Addy.
That's real.
If Raymond says we'll do that,
that's what we'll do.
Go to Mexico, buy a house by the ocean
and be a family.
What about you and Gordon?
Do you love him?
You think you know someone, -
- that there might be
something to build on...
Then you see a side of him
you never knew existed.
Howdy, Tex.
- What's your problem, man?
- Right now it's you.
- You bumped into me.
- We don't have time for this.
We've got time.
Come on, Gordon. Kick his ass!
That's enough, Curtis. End it.
I've got it.
Jesus Christ, Gordon!
Get the fuck back to the car!
- I need a doctor.
- No, you don't.
- Is he dead?
- Yes. Move! Get in the car!
Jesus, that was the most insane move
I've ever seen.
You killed a guy over some pizza?
How does it feel, Gordon?
To throw your life down the toilet.
- It was self-defence.
- That's not self-defence.
Self-defence is: I hit you, you hit me.
Not: I hit you, you kill me!
Idiot. Fucking idiot.
- What happened?
- Gordon killed somebody.
Get some ice. We're in a rush.
You're supposed to be the leader.
You can't even control Gordon now.
It happened so fast.
Would you just get some ice, please?
I hope we didn't frighten you, Wayne.
- It is Wayne, isn't it?
- Who the hell are you?
I love that look.
No matter how often I do this.
That "I'm-in-deep-doo-doo-now" look.
- What do you want?
- To the point. Good.
It saves everybody time and energy.
I just want to know where Raymond went.
Raymond who?
You were doing so well up till now.
You were direct, to the point,
made eye contact.
- Do I look stupid to you, Wayne?
- No.
Then you must know that I refer to
Mr Raymond Lembecke.
Your former cell mate. The gentleman
who was here earlier today.
I spent last night with my girlfriend.
Somebody broke in through my window.
I don't know who it...
Just a minute.
You spent the night at your girlfriend's
and you're just coming home?
Then how did you know
that someone broke into your house?
- I saw the broken glass.
- Look at me.
You're lying. You know you're lying.
I know you're lying.
They know you're lying.
I haven't seen Raymond
since I got out of prison.
I always give a man a decent chance.
Usually it's three wrong answers.
If you make a guy tell you
what you want to know right away, -
- it robs him of his dignity.
He feels he didn't even try
to be a stand-up guy.
- I'm telling you that I haven't...
- You're telling me nothing.
But you will tell me
what I want to know.
I only mention it, because everybody
tells me what I want to know eventually.
Please sit down, Wayne.
I say again, take a seat.
Where are we going, Ray?
I'm going to do the deal
at my brother's house.
He's away in Canada.
You're doing very well, son.
Now, where in New Mexico?
- Where in New Mexico?
- I swear to God, I don't know!
He just said New Mexico.
Wayne, stay with me, son.
Raymond was raised in New Mexico,
wasn't he?
And he still has family there?
He has a brother.
I don't know where he lives.
Thank you very much, son.
I'll be in in a minute, okay?
I no longer care what happens to me.
I just don't want anything
to happen to Donna, all right?
What's so funny?
Old Gordon over there
just sitting there all teary-eyed.
The fool's never
killed anybody before.
- He still hasn't.
- What are you talking about?
That guy in the parking lot...
He wasn't dead.
He was just hurt real bad.
I had to finish him off.
My whole life I've been afraid.
Now tonight...
I tell myself it was self-defence.
It wasn't.
I could've walked away
before it started. But I didn't.
I just wanted them to know
that I wasn't afraid.
I wanted to impress them.
I love you, Raymond.
If I ever thought
that it could get this bad, I mean...
- I didn't mean it to get this crazy.
- I know. It's okay.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- Forever?
- I love you more than forever.
Forever'll be done and I'll love you.
You know...
we've been together for a long time.
And us going to Mexico...
That's kind of like saying we'll spend
the rest of our lives together.
Once we get down to Mexico... know, maybe we should...
Once we're there, if you want...
Are you asking me to marry you?
- Yes.
- Really?
What do you say?
I say yes.
They're at the brother's house.
Thank you.
- Yeah, Thompson.
- It's Marcus.
- Marcus? Where are you?
- At Raymond's brother's house.
Outside of Truth or Consequences,
about three miles south on highway 25.
- Are the hostages with you?
- Yes.
- It'd be better if you can get away.
- No, I won't abandon these hostages.
Just make sure
your people don't kill us.
Yo, man, just take care of that for me!
- What are you doing?
- I made a phone call.
- To who?
- To my boy.
- At 4:45 in the morning?
- He works graveyard.
What did you call him for?
- You ask a lot of questions, Raymond.
- You're not answering any.
I called him to make sure
everything was okay with my mother.
She's on welfare. I've not exactly
been in a position to check up on her.
- Why didn't you call her?
- First of all, she's sleeping.
Second, even if something was wrong,
she wouldn't tell me.
She wouldn't tell me.
She's like that. She's proud.
I get it.
Call your friend back. Call him back!
When he answers,
all you've got to do is tell him:
"I just want to make sure
you understood what I said."
Let me listen.
- Frankie, it's Marcus.
- Did you fucking forget something?
Did you understand what I told you?
- What do you think I am? Stupid?
- I just wanted to make sure.
I'll go check on your mom in a while.
Mind if I put on a shirt first?
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah, later.
I'm sorry, man.
Everything's fucked up.
We've got them. Assemble the team.
Wake up. We've got to go.
- Go where?
- Mexico, but we've got to go now.
- But we've got to do the deal.
- Fuck the deal. I'm thinking of us.
- There's more to think of than us.
- The others can do what they want.
I'm pregnant, Ray.
- What are you talking about?
- You're going to be a daddy.
Why didn't you tell me before?
I just didn't want you to think
you had to marry me.
Think I had to marry you?
I wanted to marry you
the first time I saw you.
Come on. We've got to go.
Look at this piece of shit.
I found him hiding.
Get him in the house, Curtis.
Addy, load the car.
Get in there.
- What's going on?
- Shut up. Listen to me.
Something's going to go down here,
but help is on the way.
If anything happens before help arrives,
you grab Donna and get her out of here.
I'm a drug enforcement agent.
You never killed that guy.
When Curtis went over to him,
he was still alive.
- Why didn't you tell us before?
- I couldn't trust you. Just stay down.
Hurry up, Addy.
- Just do the deal, Ray.
- I'm going to do the deal.
You Raymond Lembecke?
- That's right.
- I'm Cecil. What have you got?
Come inside.
You don't know who you're fucking with.
Shut up.
That looks like it hurts.
This is my lucky quarter.
You'd better get one of these.
You don't look that lucky.
- We're going to have to test it.
- Take one.
- You seem a little too nervous, man.
- I'm in a hurry.
It's good.
You're a rich man now.
What're you going to do?
None of your business.
Jesus Christ, look at that!
Come on!
Drop the weapon!
Go. Stay low.
Gordon, Donna, follow me!
Come on, honey!
We'll be okay.
It's going to be all right.
Stay down.
Gordon! Get down!
- No, I'm not one of them.
- I know.
- Please don't.
- Close your eyes.
Snipers! Verify your targets!
Target verified.
Go, go, go, now!
Give me the gun, Addy.
Give me the gun.
Oh, honey...
Come on.
You're okay.
Hold your fire!
It's going to be okay.
On me!
Raymond, stop!
Stop, goddamn it! Drop it!
I'm a drug enforcement agent!
- I just want to be alone with Addy.
- It's over, man.
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