Truth or Dare (2017) Movie Script

I'm coming!
Good, that's good!
Just stand up!
I can't do this!
You can!
We're almost out of time!
I can't!
You can!
Just don't think about it!
Come on, Johnny!
Just stand up!
I can't move!
You're doing great!
Just stand up!
You got this!
Just focus on the grass!
Come on, Johnny! Jump!
No, Johnny!
Please, God.
Seriously, babe, where
the hell are we going?
We are going north.
It's Carter's annual
Halloween scare venture,
whatever you want to call it.
So just enjoy the mystery.
Okay, cool.
Hopefully, it's better than
last year's "scary" corn maze.
Yeah, I hope Luke doesn't
break any more bones this year.
Well, he did get like a jillion
hits on that video, though.
Yeah, but he missed
the playoffs.
True, but, man,
can Luke scream or what?
So you like it when they scream.
Okay, I will jump out of
this moving vehicle
right now if this
sexcapade goes any further.
Are you jealous?
Hey, you should have invited...
shit, what's his face?
Yeah, when your friends refer
to your on-again-mostly-off
whatever he is as
"what's his face",
it's usually a safe bet that the
relationship isn't gonna work out.
He's out there, Mad.
What exactly do your
friends know about me?
Well, they know that
you're a great lay.
Luke, you're a shit!
Well, you are.
You're such an ass.
You are a great lay!
You want me to lie to
my friends, is that what?
I hate you.
Well, they know your name,
they know you're
a little bit shy.
They know that
you're into pitchers.
Pitchers of beer.
Not baseball pitchers, no.
They're well aware of
your alcoholism.
Yeah, I'm not into you...
at all.
They know that you maybe stalked
me after one of my games.
It was one time, let it go.
Well, you did do it.
Look, they're my friends.
They're gonna love you.
Welcome, my pretties!
Ooh, Addison!
What do you expect?
You say Halloween and party.
I hear costume.
And cats have really
good hearing.
Yeah, well, the camera's
loving kitties.
You must be the stalker.
Hi. I'm Holt.
The stalker.
So Luke's told you.
I'm also vegan, so I might as
well put that out there now.
I'm not a vegan.
This bag is full of meat.
I like meat.
There you go.
Hey. I'm Maddie.
Hey, Carter, can I ask
you a question?
Why did you bring us to your grandma's
ghetto-ass house? That's funny.
That's the same thing your
mom asks me every time
she brings me here
for some one-on-one.
Who wants to see what's inside?
Come on, let's check it out.
Listen, Doc, I've had like
this clicking in my wrist...
Do you think I'm in med school
to be your personal physician?
Unless you're a hot chick that needs
something checked out, it's a hard pass.
Hey, but man to man,
use the other hand.
Use the other hand...
Come on.
Tell me this place isn't prime!
Well, happy Halloween!
Courtesy of your
neighborhood serial killer.
Where did you bring us?
Carter, when you said overnight,
I think we expected
something a little less...
Sad? Desolate?
The power of besties.
See? Now, I just thought
that was the power
of you two regressing
to the second grade
again and again and
again and again.
Dude, what are we doing here?
Okay, all right.
Ever hear of
Hey, babe, sure you don't
want to go to a hotel?
No! Come on.
Guys, it'll be fun.
We're here to explore.
Look for ghosts,
channel spirits, whatever.
Look, it's the perfect pre-Halloween,
Halloween thing to do.
I mean, it's a total
dead and breakfast.
No. Absolutely not.
All right, picture it.
This place, 1983.
Right here in this house,
seven teenagers played
Truth or Dare.
God, the 80s really were
tragic, weren't they?
You know what, Holt?
They were.
Because all but one of them died
horrible, painful deaths.
Wait. In this house?
That's what I'm saying.
Can't you feel it?
You guys, overnight this
place became a haunted house.
The people moved away.
The neighborhood started dying.
This place has a power.
Yeah, okay.
Let's hope it has real power.
Okay, okay, wait.
What about the person
who survived?
Points to Alex
for paying attention.
She was never seen since.
But rumor has it if
you did see her,
her face would
haunt you forever.
So dumb.
Dude, get to the part where
you stop boring us already.
All right. Saddle up.
We're gonna find out
once and for all
if things really do
go bump in the night.
I was afraid you'd say that.
Babe, are you sure
you want to stay here?
It's one night in Carter's
We got this.
Do we?
All right, let's unload,
and then we begin.
When millennials freeze up
in front of the camera
when all they do is
take selfies all day.
You really weren't kidding.
You're gonna videotape
everything tonight?
Yeah. Carter here is
the founding member...
The only member.
Of the film club, or whatever
it is that you do by yourself.
Don't need to know what he
does by himself, thank you.
But, sweets, you're
with me in spirit
every second I'm doing it.
Lucky me.
Read between the lines.
You know what, I actually
kind of think it's cool.
Here, I got you a beer.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
My God!
It's dead!
So disgusting.
Isn't that against veggie law?
I mean, roaches are people too.
They are not people.
They are vile creatures
and they can eat me.
All right,
we're roach-free.
Now what?
Now... wait for it.
We play the game.
Truth or Dare!
That was weird.
How'd you pull
that one off, Carter?
Who cares?
I want to do a sance.
Like engage with the other
side, the afterlife.
Well, Addie, good thing
I stuffed a Ouija Board
down my pants before we left.
O-M-G! And then we can talk
about how cute Tyler is,
and totally braid
each other's hair.
All right, all right, all right.
But come on.
Think about it.
How cool it would be
to play that game
in this house where
all hell broke loose?
You mean, where all
those people died?
I'm in!
But I'm not doing
anything sexual.
Fine. Nothing sexual.
We promise.
You know what?
Nothing illegal.
Cause, um,
the rental's in my name.
All right.
I got some cards
and I got some pens.
We'll write down
some dares and truths
and we'll mix them up.
All right.
Hand it over.
Ladies first.
Know what?
I'm feeling feisty.
Ease up, babe!
Really, boys?
Did we not just go over this?
"Make out with Maddie."
Who would...
That's crazy!
You should probably
do that one, though.
This should be interesting.
Come on.
She's your "bestie", remember?
It'll be like
kissing your sister.
No. That's totally
not a thing, ew.
Not the same thing at all.
Make out, make out, make out...
Okay, Maddie, pucker up.
Yeah, I am definitely
pregnant after that.
All right, all right,
I'll go next.
Let's see who else you guys
want me to kiss.
I'm not playing.
That's not the rules.
No quitsies.
Do the card.
Come on...
I'm not playing the card.
Stop touching me.
Aw, geez!
Stop! Give it back!
I said stop!
You guys, stop it!
"Did you sleep with Tyler"?
I did not have sexual
Shut up, Holt!
I didn't sleep with Tyler.
I can't do this anymore.
I made a mistake.
When you were away
with your family,
Tyler and I got drunk
and we hooked up.
But it didn't mean anything.
It meant nothing.
But, Alex, you're
my best friend.
I'm so sorry.
Babe, wait.
Whoever wrote that is dead.
Carter, you are such an asshole!
Shot? Shot? Shot?
Babe, just please
let me explain.
Like I want details?
Don't, seriously, Tyler.
Alex, just please
listen to me, all right?
Get away from me!
Who did you tell?
I never said a word.
I want to know who
the hell did this.
Ty, look, none of us knew.
Yeah, that's messed up, bro.
I didn't write that!
That's not even my handwriting.
I'm not doing it!
I don't want to be in
any more of dumb-ass videos!
What the hell?
Dude, grow the hell up.
Help! Help!
What happened?
Get my medic pack from the car!
What's going on?
My God, what happened?
What did you do?
It wasn't me.
What do you mean?
It wasn't me!
Just bring that around.
Around this side.
There we go.
You, you set this whole
freak show up!
He's right.
You're the one
that wanted to go viral.
You know what?
Suck it, newbie.
You don't know me
and you don't know Tyler!
Maybe you slept with him too.
That's enough.
I'm not making this shit up.
Okay, I'm drunk, but
I am not that drunk.
Three rounds.
48 hours or you die.
What does it say?
Eat Tyler's burnt flesh.
Four minutes.
Son of a bitch!
You play your shitty
pranks on the rest of us,
but you leave her out of it!
How many times do I have to
say that I am not behind it!
All I did was rent this house!
All right, I wanted us
to have fun.
Have a few drinks, whatever.
Haunted house, great!
If I caught something
on camera, bonus.
I did not write that card.
And I did not set up any tricks.
I would never hurt anybody!
Last year was an accident
and you know that.
Yeah, well, we're outta here.
Let's grab your stuff.
What was that?
It's trapping us!
Go around!
Come on!
The windows!
The windows!
Try to break the windows!
My God!
Are you okay?
No, no, no, no!
My gosh...
My gosh, come on, try the doors!
We gotta do the dare.
The dare...
Everybody shut up!
I think you gotta do the dare.
What? No.
I had two minutes and
I didn't do it.
Look, I know this is nuts,
but I think Ty is right.
I think you gotta
do your card, Jess.
Screw you!
He's right!
I am not doing it!
Somebody do something.
My God, you guys.
We're wasting time here.
I mean, she had four minutes.
Ty's card said two.
And then he got hurt because...
Because I didn't do the dare.
The dare did me.
Jessie, you have to do it.
You only have
a couple of minutes left.
Come on!
We have to do something!
Check your phones!
Come on!
Just check!
Shit. No signal.
Mine's not working either.
There's no signal!
It's no use!
Jessie, come on!
No, no, I can't!
This could be our way out!
Let go!
No! No, no, no.
Hey, Jess, Look, look at me.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, we're not sure
what's going on.
But something is happening here
and we have to handle it.
That means you, Jessie
and it means right now, okay?
Okay, I know that this is crazy.
But we gotta do this, okay?
I'm right there with you.
Come on.
Come on!
One minute!
I can't do it.
I can't do it...
Guys, we're running out of time.
It's over.
Answer it!
What is it?
All of it.
No, I can't.
I can't do it.
Do it!
You have to.
It'll be over soon.
Come on!
Okay, I did it.
There has to be
a way out of here.
I'll check upstairs!
Damn it!
Go, go, go, go, go!
There's nothing upstairs.
We have to play three rounds.
Alex, no. Well, maybe
you can sleep with it.
We'll all be home free.
That's not fair.
Not fair?
I think it's pretty clear.
We do the dare, we live.
We don't...
Well, who hasn't gone?
You, Holt, Luke and Addie.
I can't.
I'm not doing it.
Nobody wants to.
This is ridiculous!
What aren't you guys getting?
Come on.
Why don't you step up, babe?
Step off it, Luke!
Okay, just shut up!
Okay, I'll do it!
I'll do it.
You happy?
I'll do it! Fine!
"Grab the wires."
What the hell does that mean?
Grab the...
One minute.
Carter, grab that
blanket over there.
Grab that blanket.
Hey, Holt?
Hey, pay attention.
All right?
Calm down, pay attention.
Now I'm not gonna lie.
It's gonna hurt.
You might not be able to let go.
Carter, you're gonna
hold the blanket.
You're gonna run as fast
as you can towards Holt.
Why me?
Carter, just shut up!
All right, just do it.
Holt, now whenever
he gets to you,
I want you to grab the wires.
Carter will slam into you
and knock you from the circuit.
Now if this works...
It should.
It should what?
It should what?
Keep you alive.
That's a big if.
It's all we got.
That's a big if.
It's all we got.
Carter, man, you gotta be fast.
You gotta be real fast.
Okay. Well, good thing my buddy
Carter's all-state track, right?
He wasn't all anything.
No, he's not all... I'm just
trying to lighten the mood, okay?
Holt, you ready?
Yeah, as ready as I'm gonna be.
Okay, Carter, here we go.
Wait! Wait!
Take off your watch!
Take off your watch!
Shit, yeah, she's right.
Take off anything metal
that can heat up and burn.
Here, here.
There's metal.
All right, Carter, go.
No, just go!
Is he okay?
What's happening?
Is he alive?
My God.
It's okay.
Take this. I can't.
I can't do it.
It's okay.
I'm going nuts.
This is completely crazy!
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
It's insane!
No, no, no!
I just ate a person's skin!
Calm down!
You're not helping!
Like you would know!
You've answered one question!
You haven't done shit!
Holt just got electrocuted!
I'm done!
Okay, enough is
enough, all right?
Ghost, spirit, monster,
I don't give a damn!
I'm done playing
its stupid game!
Pay attention, guys.
You do the dare...
Or the dare does you.
Two minutes.
We have two minutes.
Luke, two minutes.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
This, this is my scholarship
we're talking about, guys!
Scouts are coming!
This is my shot!
We can't just smash my knee...
You're not gonna be able to
play anything if you're dead!
Okay, then we'll wait it out.
See what happens!
You have to.
God, okay!
Fine, fine, fine!
Just do it!
Just do it!
You got this, Luke.
What do I do?
What do I do?
Just hit it! You can do it!
Come on!
Okay, it's done.
I did it.
You're running out of time!
I just did it, though!
Screw that!
You're not smashing my knee!
What are you doing?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
You okay?
Sorry! I'm sorry!
Are you okay?
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
No, I can't do this anymore!
Addison, just try to calm down!
Don't tell me to
calm down or relax!
Don't tell me to do anything!
I wont do this anymore.
I can't.
"Are you an addict?"
Addie, you're on drugs?
I'm not an addict!
You have to tell the truth.
I don't have to do shit, okay?
No, Addison, listen please...
Carter, shut up!
Like I'm not a drug addict!
I got in a car accident,
I took painkillers
and they're prescribed.
Jesus, why do I have
to explain this to you?
It's not the question.
Believe me, don't believe me.
I don't give a shit.
Listen to a voice,
a phone, a damn door?
You know what?
This whole little squad?
I'm so done.
Wait, wait, Addie!
Addison! Addison, wait!
Addie! Stop!
Addie, don't go!
Just listen!
Addie, you can't go!
You can't leave!
Have fun and good luck, bitches.
Just come back inside!
Addie, wait!
I've told you the same story
over and over again,
and there are seven
other people.
Let me get this straight.
Just back up from the beginning.
You rented this house,
you had your friends over.
And... mystery things
started happening?
Like a ghost?
What was it?
What, you think we're all lying?
Because it just doesn't add up.
I mean, you guys taking drugs?
Doesn't it seem strange to you?
Doc says I'm all good.
What's taking Carter so long?
What's taking Carter so long,
is trying to explain something
that can't be explained
to a bunch of idiot police
who'd rather be knee deep in jelly-filled
doughnuts than listen to me.
What about Tyler and Holt?
For God's sake, Addison is dead.
What do you mean,
they're not listening to you?
They are...
gonna rule it an accident.
They're calling everything
that happened an accident?
Yeah. Makes sense,
doesn't it?
Think about it.
A game of Truth
or Dare gone bad.
That sounds legit.
A game of Truth or Dare with some
evil-ass presence or whatever?
Come on, who's gonna
believe that?
So that's it?
They're just not
gonna do anything?
They're saying that
we were drunk, which we were.
Things got out of control.
To them, the whole thing
spells stupid college kids
plus booze equals problems.
Hell of a lot easier
for their tiny brains
to understand than
inexplicable evil.
What about the video?
Did you show them?
The video, yeah, about that.
Take a look.
This is great.
I wish they could
have seen that video.
Yeah, no shit.
Enough, all right?
It's not my fault your stupid
camera didn't catch anything.
Do you think that's what
I care about it?
Screw you.
Okay, stop it!
Just stop!
God, we're all tired.
We're all a mess.
Let's just move forward.
Really have some nerve, Maddie.
Move on?
Tell that to Addison.
Excuse me?
All right, I shouldn't
have said that.
I'm sorry. I'm just...
I'm so tired.
I don't even know what to say.
All right, everyone just go home.
Get some sleep.
Someone's gonna need to talk
to Addison's parents.
Yeah, who?
I guess I can call her sister.
I mean, I knew her parent...
I know her parents.
This sucks.
Well, we're never going
back to that house.
Yeah, okay.
I'm coming with you, Carter.
You awake?
Yeah, me too.
I keep thinking about how
lucky we are...
that we didn't...
I can't believe Addison is...
She's a good person.
Like a really good person.
Yeah, Maddie.
She was.
It was late.
And we were both really drunk.
Stop, stop.
This is pathetic.
Okay, look, you have
every right to be mad at me.
But at least...
Yeah, I do.
And I'm sorry.
Like more sorry than
you'll ever understand.
And I don't know how many
times I need to keep saying it.
But I really am!
Okay, I just want things
to go back to normal.
Okay, yeah, great.
Let's just turn back the clocks
and all will be normal again.
We'd still be best friends...
And Addison would
still be alive.
I'm really sorry.
Yeah, we covered that.
I made a mistake!
Would you rather
never see your family again
or have to live with them
for the rest of your life?
Have to live with them for
the rest of my life because
we live on a really
big property.
Would you rather...
How long have you been
in love with me?
Hang yourself for two minutes.
You're not done yet.
No, we beat you!
You have one minute.
No, no!
Help! Help!
You can beat it.
Help! Please help!
Come on, Carter.
Time's up.
Please help!
No, no!
It's got Carter!
Come on!
My God!
Maddie, come on!
Hey, Carter!
Hey, let us in, Carter!
How many ways do these cops
want us to say the same thing?
It's what they understand.
They ruling it a suicide.
Did you hear he hung himself?
I heard it was an accident.
Hey, no.
He didn't hang himself.
And it wasn't an accident.
He was murdered!
Hey, Alex, Alex, come on.
Seriously? Come on?
Two of our friends are dead!
When is this
nightmare gonna end?
You okay?
Hey, guys, have you
talked to Luke or Jessie?
They know about Carter?
Yeah, they know.
I called them.
They've been holed up
in his room.
I looked up a bunch of
stuff in the house
and all those stories
Carter told us are true.
The deaths, the survivor.
Wasn't much, but it's all true.
Then we should go
back to the cops.
Listen to this.
"Police say they have
no evidence of foul play"
in the death of six youths,
all locals.
The events have officially been
ruled accidents or suicides.
But one investigator
who spoke anonymously
said they believe
the events to be related
to a death pact
amongst the group.
The only survivor has
negated that assertion
"and refused further comment."
A death pact?
Well, they got
the death part right.
But, come on, how could they
think it was an accident?
Okay, fine.
So then what?
What do we do?
Are we just screwed?
Maybe not.
Where are you going?
We're going to talk to the lady
who survived this 30 years ago.
Who the hell is she?
We're about to find out.
What's her name again?
Donna Boone.
And you're positive
she lives here?
Donna Boone?
Maybe she's not home.
It has to be her.
Donna Boone?
We've been to the Charun House.
We played the game
and now our friends are dying.
Please help us!
Maybe there's another way.
We don't have time.
Come on.
You're right.
There is no other way.
And you don't have time.
Come on.
Please sit down.
It started as a Christmas game.
They called it
"Questions and Commands".
It went back as far as 1712.
If someone didn't answer
a question or lied,
they had to pay a price.
A dare, if you will.
What does that have
to do with us?
God, you guys look
just like my friends.
It was such an innocent game.
It ended up not so innocent.
It's that house, isn't it?
If it was, I would
have burned it
to the ground myself.
No, that's just where
we played the game.
You know, that thing,
that darkness
isn't relegated
to any one place.
Evil never is.
So what is it?
God, it's, um...
it's powerful.
It's a demon that
feeds on your fear
and your pain and the secrets.
It uses the game to steal
its victim's souls
and makes it look like
an accident or a suicide.
So you know?
I saw it on the news.
It's a tragedy
for people not involved
but a murder for those who are.
We tried going to
the police, but...
Yeah, I did too.
It landed me in an
institution for 10 years.
Yeah, I'm afraid
you're on your own.
Well, then we'll leave town.
That's not the way it works.
You played the game.
You opened the door.
It chose you.
And if I could tell you why,
then maybe my friends
would still be here with me.
But they lost.
So what now?
What do we do?
Three rounds.
48 hours.
You finish the game,
but you can beat it.
I did.
Please tell us how.
Well, you have to help each
other as much as you can.
You have to be smart.
You have to share the dares.
What does that mean?
Well, for instance, one of mine
was I had to make
four deep cuts.
I knew I would bleed
to death if I did that.
So I did one and my friends
took the other three.
And I walked away hurt,
but alive.
The dare was done.
This sounds crazy.
Think about it,
we've already done that.
Hey, Holt, Carter helped you
when you had to grab the wires.
That's true.
Well, what about you?
You know, what happened
to your face?
And why didn't
you share the dare?
There was nobody left but me.
It was the third round,
my final dare.
This is only in
the second round.
Yeah, then things are
gonna get a lot worse.
Just go back to the house.
That's where it started
and that's where it has to end.
But just remember, you can
be smarter than the game.
You okay?
I'm gonna go take a shower.
I'm gonna turn my phone on
if you want to talk.
What's wrong?
My God.
We got to go!
We got to go right now!
It's a dare.
Wait, wait, wait!
What? You can't!
You can't do this one!
I don't have a choice!
Come on.
Wait, wait, wait.
Please don't go, please.
Okay, look.
Just stay in the car, okay?
Don't get out.
Anything happens, just
be ready to leave, okay?
I'll be right with you.
I need you to
give me some money.
Any amount.
It doesn't matter.
I don't have time to explain.
But, please, I just need you
to give me something.
Look, lady, I'm not gonna
shoot you, I promise.
But I need you to give
me some money!
All right!
Right now! I need it.
Come on!
Drop it!
Please, you don't understand!
I can't argue with you!
I don't have any time to...
I will shoot!
Just give me some money!
Anything! A dollar!
Doesn't matter!
Come on, pick up, pick up.
Pick up.
Alex! Alex!
No, everything is not okay!
Luke's dead, Luke's dead.
Luke's dead.
It found us in his dorm.
And it said that he had
to go rob a gas station.
And he got shot.
I don't know what to do!
Look, I think I figured
out what we have to do.
We need to go back
to the house, okay?
What? No!
No, I'm not going back
to that damn house!
I'm not going!
I just can't!
No, no, no, trust me, okay?
We have to finish the game.
Otherwise, we're all
going to die.
I don't understand. Why?
Just hurry up and... Jessie?
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Come here.
We're gonna
figure this out, okay?
I think I know how to end it.
Come on.
So now what?
Next time, don't ask.
Now or never, right?
"Drink the liquid."
What liquid?
Two minutes.
It's poison.
Can you tell what kind?
So now what?
We do what Donna said.
We share the dare.
It said to drink, but not
that he had to it by himself.
Are you sure?
I don't know.
I don't want to do this one.
I really don't.
News flash, you guys.
Jessie doesn't want to do this.
You know what, Holt?
You don't always
have to be an asshole.
Come on, guys, enough.
We do the dare.
We work together.
We survive.
Well, what if it kills us?
What are you doing?
We can do this.
If we drink the soda,
the phosphoric acid
will protect the lining
of our stomach.
At least long enough
to puke the stuff back up.
It's med school 101.
You're the only doctor here
so I'm gonna believe
whatever you say.
Okay, give me those.
We're wasting time.
All right, okay,
on the count of three,
we're gonna drink the soda.
You're gonna feel
bloated at first,
but it'll help get
the shit back up faster.
Are we ready?
One, two, three.
Everyone take one of these.
Okay, on the count
of three, drink
and then get it out of
your body, all right?
One, two, three.
She's in here.
Come on.
Hell, no.
You guys are gonna
help me, right?
We're in this together.
It says two teeth.
Shit, here we go!
Then we'll choose.
What? No! What?
Are we gonna get straws
and just pick...
Just shut up, Holt!
There's four of you.
Figure it out.
No! That's not fair!
That's not fair!
We share the dare, remember?
Just share the damn dare, okay?
I wasn't even supposed
to be here!
I was supposed to be with Luke
wherever the hell else instead of
getting dragged into this shit!
Fine, you're out.
What? Are you kidding
me? That's...
Fine! I'll do the dare,
okay? I'll do it.
I'll do it.
I'll do the pulling if
you're okay with that.
You're the doc.
All right.
Okay, all right.
A back upper molar, okay?
Gravity will help and
it won't be noticeable.
You ready?
It's okay, it's okay.
You're done, you're done.
You're done, you're done,
you're done.
It's okay.
Hey, Holt, here we go.
Aw, come on.
All right, I'll be gentle,
you know.
Don't worry. It's not
like I'm holding a grudge
that you stole Becky G.
From me at
the seventh grade dance.
You can have her.
All right, you're gonna grab,
twist and pull fast, all right?
Grab, twist and pull.
Grab, twist and pull.
Grab, twist and pull.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, dude.
Go, Holt!
I'm so sorry!
You do it!
You do it!
Okay, okay, okay.
"Three rounds, two minutes,
one bullet."
Russian Roulette.
Try to outsmart it,
it outsmarted us.
Wait, wait, wait.
Give me it.
Outsmart us, my ass.
It never said that we couldn't
use the bullet first.
Try it.
Come on!
Just give it to me, okay?
All right, now...
Give it to me!
It's happening again.
It's starting again.
And I need to tell
you guys something.
Two years ago, I was
involved in something.
I was involved in
a hit-and-run.
And I got freaked out and
I left the scene of the crime
because I was afraid my parents
were gonna like get mad at me.
And they were gonna
yank me out of college.
And the guy that I hit,
he got paralyzed.
Okay, you got a truth.
It's okay.
No, I didn't get a truth.
So why are you telling
us this for?
'Cause I need someone to run me
over in less than two minutes!
Hey, Alex?
I need you to snap
out of this for me, okay?
I need you to snap out of this.
Holt, come on!
We have to go.
Come on!
We have to go now!
Get the keys!
We have to go now! Go!
Your foot!
We'll run over your foot!
Fine! Fine!
Go, go, go, go!
Come on!
Hurry up, come on!
Come on!
It won't start!
It won't start!
Come on!
Try again!
Hurry up, come on!
Come on!
It won't start!
Start it!
It won't start!
It won't start!
Just pop the hood!
Okay, it's open!
It's flooded!
Alex, we need Tyler's keys.
Holt's gonna die!
What'll we do?
Try again!
Okay, okay.
Do it!
It won't go!
It wasn't me!
We're out of time,
we're out of time!
I don't know what to do!
No! What are you doing?
Stop it!
It's not me!
I can't stop!
Stop the car!
Stop it!
What happened?
I couldn't stop the car.
I couldn't stop it.
It wasn't me.
I couldn't stop.
What are you doing?
I'm finishing this.
Alex, stop.
Now I know what Donna meant.
Holt ran someone over.
You and Tyler cheated.
Carter was a voyeur.
Addison was an addict.
Luke was obsessed with
sports and winning.
His entire life hinged
on his ability to play.
I don't get it.
So what?
It's punishing us
for our secrets,
our obsessions, our sins.
But why us?
What did we do?
What did we do?
Donna said it.
We opened the door.
It... Maybe it knew we
were weak, easy prey.
Maybe we deserved it.
I don't get it.
Because I don't have any
weaknesses or fears or whatever.
We all do.
Some of us are just
better at hiding them.
So then what?
What's yours?
So done!
The pipe?
What pipe?
Open the door!
We're trying!
We can't!
I can't see!
Come on!
You have to hurry, come on!
You're running out of time.
Open this door!
We're trying everything we can.
Do you see the pipe?
Search for the pipe!
Okay. Um...
There's bugs everywhere!
Take a deep breath, okay?
I can't do it!
You have to do it!
You're going to die!
My God.
Come on.
That's my phone.
I don't think
I can do this, okay?
Hey, hey.
Just one more.
Just one more dare
for each of us, okay?
Remove seven living
body parts in seven minutes.
Stop, stop, stop.
Okay, stay here.
I got this. I got this.
Just stay here, okay?
Move back.
Alex, I'm sorry about
what I did with Tyler.
Not now, Maddie, it's okay.
I need to say this.
You were my best friend,
and I ruined it.
Doesn't matter right now.
We have seven minutes,
seven living body parts.
Start with your eyelashes, okay?
Rip out an eyelash.
Come on.
Good. And I'll do
a piece of hair.
Hold on.
We got this, we got this.
I need your fingernail, okay?
I need you to sit still, okay?
Just do it, just do it!
Okay, breathe.
On the count of three, okay?
One, two, three.
Shit! Is it okay?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You go next.
Skin, skin.
No! No!
Maddie, Maddie, look at me!
You have to, okay?
It's okay, it's okay.
Just do it. Just do it,
just do it, just do it.
Just get it over with.
Come on, go. Go!
Just go, it's okay.
Just go!
It's okay.
We got to think,
we got to think.
Next. What's next?
Whole living parts...
Skin. It would have had
to have been all my skin.
My God!
It was a waste!
What now? What now?
What now? What now?
My earlobe.
Okay, okay.
We'll put it on ice so they'll
be able to sew it back on.
Sew what back on?
My pinky!
My pinky, my pinky!
No! Do mine!
Do mine!
Do it!
Which angle?
No, I can't!
Use the clippers!
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, ready?
Okay, one, two.
Just do it, do it, do it.
I can't.
My pinky toe.
Okay, okay.
On the count of three.
One, two...
Ready, ready, ready, okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Alex, Alex, are you okay?
I'm sorry.
One more.
What will we do?
No, no, no.
I can't.
You have to.
I can't do that to you!
Alex, you have to!
We have nothing left.
Just do it, just do it.
Please don't fight with me.
Just do it.
Okay, okay. Okay.
What are you doing?
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
I got this.
I love you.
I love you.
Go! Do it now!
We have no time!
Okay! Okay, are you ready?
Look at me, look at me,
look at me, ready?
You ready?
Hey, Maddie, Maddie,
just hang with me, okay?
Please, please, please,
just a few more minutes.
I hate that house.
No! No, I won't kill her!
You can't have her!
No! No! No!
Alex, you have to.
No! No!
If you don't do the dare,
the dare does you.
You can't save me!
Yes, I can!
Don't say that!
You don't know that!
Yes, I do!
Someone has to live!
You have to live.
For me?
Alex, what are you doing?
Alex, Alex, stop.
What are you doing?
Stop it!
Alex, stop it!
Alex, stop it!