Truth or Dare (2018) Movie Script

Can I get
a pack of Morley's?
Truth or dare, Giselle?
Please, I don't wanna
play anymore. Please.
Truth or dare?
No, no! No!
I'm sorry,
I don't have a choice.
You do have a choice.
And I can honestly say,
the pure joy you will feel from
literally building someone's home,
it will stay with you
for the rest of your life.
Unlike all the nights
you won't remember,
and the hangovers you're
really gonna want to forget.
So, for a spring break alternative
that is really good for the soul,
please consider
Habitat for Humanity.
So, I've been doing some thinking,
and I forgive you.
For what?
For saying you can't come on spring break.
I know you didn't mean it.
- Markie.
- Yeah.
I love you so much,
you know that.
But I can't.
I already signed up for Habitat.
- I know.
- Yeah, I'm a trip leader.
No, I know, I know.
It's just...
This is our
last spring break. Ever.
And the thought of doing that
without my best friend?
That breaks my heart.
Since high school, you and I haven't spent
more than a week away from each other.
This is our last chance
to have some fun
before life tears us apart.
- I mean, when you put it that way...
- Yeah.
No, still can't.
Okay. Olivia, whatever happened to
"Between you and the world, I choose you"?
- I still mean that.
- Do you?
Yes, most of the time. This just,
you know, isn't one of those times.
Okay, all right.
You know, I really didn't
wanna have to do this,
but you've left me
no other choice.
I unsigned you up.
- You what?
- Yeah.
I told Habitat
you got shingles.
Which is kind of funny because
roofs have shingles and...
- Markie, that is so...
- Brilliant.
Thank you!
Okay, if you come with us for this
one week of spring break debauchery,
we will all build houses with you
for two weeks over the summer.
We said one week.
We said two.
It'll help with your med school applications.
Like I need the help.
He's in, full 14 days.
So, what's it
going to be, Liv?
I mean, your feeble set of hands for
one week, or all of ours for two?
I mean, you're really just being
selfish if you don't come with us.
Oh, my God!
What did you
put in here?
- It worked?
- Well, that depends.
Are you really gonna help me
build houses this summer?
You had me at
"boys with tools."
And Markie's nothing
if not persistent.
Yup, that is her
most annoying quality.
Glad you're with us,
Girl Scout.
you know we've always been a package deal.
Oh, yeah.
I'm well aware of that.
- Are you?
- Yeah. I'm okay with it.
- You ready?
- So ready.
Okay, let's go.
Let's do it.
- Do we have everything?
- Yeah.
Now we do.
Ooh, ooh!
Spring break, bitches!
That's right, bitches!
There it is!
We're in Mexico.
- Rosarito! Spring break!
- Spring break!
Who's ready
for some cervezas?
- Margaritas!
- Actually, this is like our fourth.
- I love you.
- I love you!
- Such a babe. My God.
- What about me?
Tyson is about to run into the
water and get eaten by a shark.
Beer run, let's go!
We're not drunk yet.
Are you straight? Are you straight?
Are you straight?
All poles, no holes,
you know that.
Hey, get a room.
Lonely souls here at the bar.
- Who wants shots?
- Drink, drink!
Sand dollar! Lucky charm.
Sober friend right here.
There, there.
Yeah! Oh, shit!
I love this.
If you guys watch this later,
I love you, Markie.
Love you, Liv.
Love you, Pen. Love you, Brad.
I love you, Ty.
Let's leave these
losers behind. Let's go.
I just want to
go to one more bar.
Oh, I wanna lay you!
Let's go back to the hotel. Come on.
They are really going for it.
Well, if you
can't beat 'em...
- Oh!
- Mmm-hmm.
Just like that?
Okay, tell me
what's going on.
Uh, last night
in Mexico. And...
And we're the only two
losers not dancing.
Mmm. If you can
call that dancing.
Definitely not.
Is that for
your YouTube channel?
No, no. YouTube's for my volunteer
stuff and Snapchats are just for fun.
Um, I'm gonna go to the senoritas'.
I'll be right back.
Come on.
Hey, I thought you were
done with this shit.
You're moving in with Lucas,
to D.C., remember?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
I'm so stupid.
I'm just drunk, okay?
You're seriously the best friend ever.
- You good?
- Yeah.
Look who I found,
trying and failing to salsa.
- Oh! Cool.
- I wasn't that bad.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I missed you. Welcome back.
- I missed you.
I missed you, too.
Olivia! What?
Ronnie? Hi.
What are you doing here?
Oh, I'm just skiing.
What do you think I'm doing here?
I'm getting my spring break on.
Do you wanna join me?
No. Thanks.
Hey, where's Markie?
Maybe we could do a little mnage trois?
You know what?
She's actually with her boyfriend. Lucas.
What about, like,
a mnage dos?
- It's just...
- Not happening, pal.
Oh, yeah?
Is there a problem, pal?
No. Just surprised she hasn't
punched you in the face yet.
Guess she's nicer than I am.
Oh, yeah?
How about I punch you in the face? Huh?
Wouldn't be the worst thing
that's happened to me this week.
Okay, Ronnie, calm down.
Seriously, you gotta let it go. All right?
I saw Delta Phi in the back.
They're doing shots.
So you should
really go check it out.
I can't say no to shots.
Everyone knows that.
That's why I'm gonna leave.
Not 'cause of what you said.
You think I'm too nice?
It's a good thing.
Except when dealing with guys at bars, so...
Feel free
to tell me to piss off.
Maybe I just like
being nice.
Can I give it a shot?
I'm Carter.
- Buy you a drink?
- Yeah.
Another beer,
and a margarita for the lady.
Come on! There's gotta be an
all-night bar around here somewhere.
We still have that tequila
back in the room.
But it's our last night in Mexico.
I don't wanna go back to the room.
I know a place
we can go.
I'm sorry.
Who are you?
It's a bit of a hike,
but it's worth it.
Or you can just
tell me to piss off.
I think the hotel room
sounds pretty good. Yeah.
Oh, come on.
It's our final spring break.
"Before life tears us apart."
We're almost there.
I should have
worn my hiking shoes.
Um, okay.
Should I lay down
some bread crumbs?
Wait, guys, be careful.
I wonder what that means.
How's your Spanish, Brad?
Come on, guys, let's go!
This place is interesting.
Kinda terrifying.
There's nothing
to be afraid of. Promise.
Yeah, this is
way better than a club.
Hey. You okay?
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
Just a little tired.
Yeah. We won't stay long.
Where's the tequila?
Hope you've had
your tetanus shot.
I gotta piss.
- Nice. Thank you.
- Cool, cool. Thanks, man.
Whoa! Oh! Chill out,
O-dog, it's just me.
Ronnie, did you
follow me here?
You can't keep Ron-Ron
from a party.
What the hell?
This smells horrible.
What is it? What?
Yo, beer me, bro.
Oh, great, Ronnie's here.
Sure thing, bro.
You know, we gotta
get up early, so...
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah.
You guys just got here.
You can't leave now.
Yeah. What's the rush?
Yeah. Let's, uh,
play a game or something.
Oh, yeah.
Like spin the bottle.
And on that note,
let's, uh...
I was thinking
truth or dare.
What, this a seventh grade
sleepover or...
I know it's a kids' game,
but, if you play it right,
it's a chance to expose
your friends' deepest secrets.
Make 'em do things
they don't want to.
That actually does sound
kind of interesting.
Great. We're in.
Okay, everybody,
get behind me.
- And, one, two, three.
- Smile!
- Queso!
- Will you tag me in that?
Glad you're with us,
All right.
Olivia. Truth or dare?
- Whoo!
- Hmm.
- Truth.
- Lame.
They land right now
and they give you a choice.
They kill everyone in this room
and then leave peacefully,
or they kill the entire
population of Mexico,
but we escape unscathed.
What kind of a ridiculous
question is that?
It's a moral dilemma.
- I don't have morals.
- Of course you don't.
Okay, well, obviously,
she's choosing us.
- Sorry, guys.
- What?
You're gonna
let aliens kill us?
I love you, but millions
of people? Come on.
You have to
tell the truth.
I am. It's the only
right answer.
Ah, whatever.
Well, I'm bored of this already,
so let's get this party started.
- You brought us here.
- Ooh.
Yo, I know how to
amp this up a little bit.
Why don't we get a little
girl-on-girl going?
- No.
- Ronnie...
- I'd watch that.
- Truth or dare?
Dare. Duh.
I dare you to give Tyson
a lap dance for 30 seconds.
No way. No.
- Yep.
- I won't do it.
Once you're asked, you're in.
It's the rules.
There's, like, three chicks here.
You couldn't dare...
- This sucks! So wack!
- Get over here.
- Just do it.
- Get it.
- Take it off.
- No tips, no touching, bro.
Don't make this a thing.
- Hold this.
- Don't make this weird.
This is gonna be the longest 30
seconds of my life. Let's go. Come on.
- Whoo! Take it off.
- All right.
He's done this before.
I think
he kinda likes it.
We got a real pro here.
Look at that technique.
- Ooh! Look at that.
- Ronnie! Ronnie!
He's done this before.
Look at that.
Make it rain pesos.
I don't want your pesos.
Aww. Cheer up.
Okay, all right. Lucas?
Truth or dare? This sucks.
Okay, who's ready?
Okay, guys, I promise you it's
just because it's cold in here.
I have no judgment.
Scarred for life.
Hold your applause, please.
Thank you.
- Quite the show.
- Thank you.
Okay, Markie's turn.
I got this one.
Truth or dare?
Uh, truth.
Are you aware that Olivia is
in love with your boyfriend?
- No, she's not.
- Come on, it's so obvious.
Will you stop being
such an asshole?
Just being truthful.
- Hey, Tyson, shut up!
- Don't tell me to shut up.
What the hell
is wrong with you?
Dude, we're all here because she's trying
to make you jealous, like, clearly.
Why are you always starting shit, dude?
Hey! Stop!
Can somebody tell the truth?
That would be great!
Stop it with the agro-posturing
and just get to my turn, please.
- Brad, truth or dare?
- Yes. Truth.
If you had to make out with anyone here,
who would it be?
It's okay
if you're bi-curious.
Scruffy boy over there.
- Come on!
- I'm flattered.
Tyson, truth or dare?
- Dare.
- I dare you
to stop selling forged
prescriptions to freshmen.
Olivia, always with
the moral high ground.
Fine. I make more money
off upperclassmen anyway.
Oh, my God.
Uh, Penelope,
truth or dare?
- Dare.
- Make out with Olivia.
Why not? Just try.
It could be fun.
Didn't see that one coming.
It's okay, Liv.
Just close your eyes and pretend it's Lucas.
You know what...
Maybe I'm bi-curious.
Tight. It's tight.
Carter, you're up.
Truth or dare?
Uh, truth.
What are your intentions
with our sweet Olivia?
I needed to find someone with friends
that I could trick into coming here.
I could tell Olivia was a pushover,
which made her an easy target.
I brought you all up here
to play this game because...
I'm okay with strangers dying
if it means I get to live.
I'm sorry,
but you should've told me to piss off.
Wait, what's up?
What the hell?
Look, I know.
It sounds insane, but the game is real.
Once you're asked,
you're in.
Okay? Wherever you go,
whatever you do, it'll find you.
Hey, don't, don't.
Tell the truth or you die.
Do the dare or you die.
Refuse to play...
Just follow the rules.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Guy's a jerk.
Wanna get out of here?
Yeah. Great way
to end the trip, Liv.
Make sure you make it home
next weekend, son.
- Hi.
- Hey!
All good with Officer Dad?
Oh, absolutely,
now that he thinks I spent my last week
belly-bumping my nonexistent
girlfriend in wine country.
Your Canadian lady,
she really does like a good Merlot.
Uh, her name is Kimberly,
and her palate is quite refined, thank you.
Oh, sorry. My apologies
to Canadian Kim.
Remind me why I didn't go to
school thousands of miles away
from my overbearing
and homophobic father.
- Because you never say no to him?
- Mmm.
And you never
would've met me.
Are you sure you don't
wanna be my beard?
Because I really wanna
ghost Kimberly.
Yeah, I doubt that would
solve either of our problems.
How is Markie?
I don't know.
Haven't talked to her much
since we've been back.
Don't worry about us.
We're friends for life.
- Bye.
- See you.
- Hi, Olivia.
- Hi.
Here you go.
God bless you.
Hey! We made mojitos!
Study party?
Yeah, maybe later.
Olivia, um, Pen was saying that
I was a bit of a dick in Mexico,
so here's a little something
to make it up to you.
A prescription?
What? You're not a freshman.
Yeah, you're not a doctor.
That's not what
my lucky pen says.
I thought I was
your lucky Pen.
Oh, baby,
but you are my lucky Pen-elope.
- Oh, my lucky Pen!
- Tyson! Tyson!
Roy Cameron, 45 years old,
attempts to make dinner. Take one.
A little faith, please.
Nobody makes a steak
like your old man.
Uh, Dad,
I'm pescatarian now.
Right, and that's why
I meant to say
swordfish steaks! Boom!
you are such a dork!
But you still love me, right?
Yeah, yeah, I still love you.
- Sorry.
- Hey.
Come bearing gifts.
Penelope said you didn't want one.
I know you better than that.
Yeah, you're right.
Probably could use a drink.
So, I know
things have been
a little Bette and Joan
between us since Mexico.
But awkwardness
stops here. Okay?
Since my dad took his life,
you've been my only family.
The one person I can really trust,
so I'm not gonna let
a stupid comment by Tyson,
of all people, change that.
I promise you,
I do not have feelings
for your boyfriend.
He's like a brother
to me. Okay?
Okay. Yeah.
Between you and the world,
I choose you.
And I choose you.
- Oh, my God. That is...
- Wow.
- Very strong.
- Yeah.
Hey, asshole!
Do you think that's funny?
Think what's funny?
I don't get it.
My desk and the flyer
were harmless.
But it's gonna cost me a
lot of money to fix my car.
Okay, I am so lost right now.
What are you talking about?
You keyed "truth or dare"
into my car door.
There's nothing
on your car.
Except your idea
of a lame joke.
Okay, you're a little crazy.
But you know what?
I actually happen to like crazy.
Do you wanna maybe
- get a drink sometime?
- Can you just leave me alone, okay?
Is that a no?
Hey, Sarah,
have you seen Markie?
In the library.
Hey, Olivia?
Truth or dare?
What did you say?
Truth or dare?
Truth or dare?
Truth or dare?
Truth or dare? Truth or dare?
Truth or dare?
Truth or dare? Truth or dare?
Truth or dare? Truth or dare?
Truth or dare?
Truth! Stop!
What secret does your
best friend make you hide?
Markie's constantly
cheating on Lucas.
That true?
Markie, I don't know
what's going on.
He's like a brother
to you?
No, I'm serious.
I'm seeing things.
Touch me again
and I'll break that hand.
Yo! 'Sup?
You wanna play?
You look like a girl
who's good with balls.
Please do not talk to me.
No, look, uh, just one game.
I just wanna show you my pool cue.
By pool cue, I mean penis.
I'm referring to my penis.
Maybe we could have sex.
You know. See what happens.
Truth or dare, Ronnie?
What, did Olivia
put you up to this?
Truth or dare?
Uh, creepy. And sexy.
Let's do it. Dare.
Get on the table and show
everyone your pool cue.
I knew it. Okay.
Hello, friends and neighbors!
This fine young lady here
has asked me to play a little
game of truth or dare with her.
- And like a real gentleman, I chose dare.
- Go, Ronnie!
Anyway, now, I will do you all the
honor of showing you my business.
Seen it before!
Not impressed!
- Who is that? Beth?
- No.
But Beth said
it was tiny, too.
No! Beth would
never say that!
Okay, you know what?
Screw this, I'm out.
Whoa! Careful, dude!
Watch the pool cue, man!
Thank you.
Somebody call 911!
I swear to you.
People were talking to me.
It looked like a messed up
Snapchat filter.
They were asking me "Truth or dare?"
over and over again.
And I panicked.
So you're saying a mob of
people chanting in unison
made you tell Lucas that
Markie is a cheating whore.
Look, I know
it sounds insane!
- Just a little.
- But it happened.
Something really weird has been
going on ever since Mexico.
Oh, come on!
Keeping a secret like that,
it's a huge burden.
None of us would fault you for
trying to get it off your chest.
Not maybe so publicly.
I wish you would have done it
for your YouTube channel.
I will stab you with this.
Calm down, baby.
Basic Beth again.
Holy shit!
Excuse me,
friends and neighbors!
This fine young lady
right here
has asked me to play a game
of truth or dare with her.
And like a real gentleman,
I chose dare.
Anyway, now I will do you all the
honor of showing you my business.
- Gross.
- Ugh!
Call 911.
Oh, my God.
Bad break.
- It's a pool joke.
- That's not funny.
It's the game.
- What?
- It is. It followed us home.
Are you being
serious right now?
Carter told me
that it was real.
That we were all in
and that it would find us.
We're really taking the word of
our mentally unstable tour guide?
How else do you explain what
happened to me in the library, huh?
- And now Ronnie?
- Oh, I don't know.
Maybe he was drunk and he fell off a
pool table, which is what happened.
So, it's just a coincidence that he
was supposed to be doing a dare?
- Yes.
- No!
Carter said, "Tell the truth or you die.
Do the dare or you die."
Ronnie chickened out.
He did not do his dare, and now he's dead.
Guys, tell me
I'm not crazy!
No, you definitely
sound crazy.
I am so sorry
for what I said,
but I swear to you,
something forced me to say that.
And I need you
to believe me.
Kind of hard to believe someone
who's been lying to you for so long.
See you guys.
Anyway, now I will do you all the
honor of showing you my business.
That's very funny, guys.
Okay, this is insane.
I believe you.
Something started burning
"truth or dare" into my arm.
Oh, my God, are you okay?
Yeah, yeah.
I mean... It's gone now,
but I felt it, Olivia.
It was really painful.
Yeah. And when I was in the library,
I was surrounded by people,
but what we're seeing
is not real.
Only the consequences are.
Did you answer?
Lucas, you have to answer.
I've had feelings for Olivia
since we met.
Sometimes I wonder what it'd be
like to be with her instead of
I wonder what it'd be like
to wake up next to her.
To kiss her.
But I know
that can never happen.
Oh, God, please tell me
you didn't hang up.
We have to
convince everybody else.
I'm coming.
What is all this?
An intervention?
I always thought day-drinking
Penelope would be first.
Thank you for coming.
I live here.
So, what is it all about?
The game.
We're still playing it in the
same order we played in Mexico.
Carter told us the truth.
The game is real.
First, it was my turn.
I got asked in the library,
and it made me tell your secret.
Then it was Ronnie's turn.
He didn't do his dare
and it killed him.
Maybe you and Ronnie
shouldn't have answered.
Carter also said,
"Refuse to play and you die."
I got asked tonight
and I tried to ignore it.
But then something burned
"truth or dare" on my arm, Markie.
Show me.
I think
it's gone now, but...
There's nothing there.
Because I told
the truth.
- Oh, my... Jeez.
- Wow, Olivia.
I mean, this is next-level.
You can't take responsibility for
humiliating me in front of everyone
and ruining my relationship,
so you come up with some insane
story that a game made you say it?
Then you get Lucas to lie for you?
No, I'm done.
Markie. Markie! Stop!
You can't be alone.
Why not?
Because in the picture,
your turn is next.
Unknown number.
Of course it is.
"Truth or dare?"
Wow. A text, really? I mean, there's
no way a human could've sent this out.
Just answer it.
"Dare you to follow through
with your promise.
"Break Olivia's hand."
Obviously, this was you.
Do you see me
texting you right now?
No, but you were the only
one there when I said that.
Markie, why would I
dare you
- to break my own hand?
- I don't know!
Maybe you're making a new YouTube
video on how to lose friends.
That seems even less likely.
What are you doing?
You have to do it.
You have to.
Ronnie didn't do his dare
and now he's dead.
Liv, this is
so messed up.
Even by my standards.
Look, as pissed as I am at you right now,
and I'm so pissed,
there's no way
I'm gonna break your hand.
Well, you don't really
have a choice.
So just take it. Please.
Markie, I don't wanna find out
what happens if you don't.
Just do it.
No. I can't.
God, just trust me, Markie.
Do it. Please.
Oh, don't tell me you're a
fucking coward like your dad!
Oh, shit.
Oh, my God.
I'll get some ice.
I can't deal with this crazy right now.
I got a med school interview tomorrow.
See a doctor!
- I'm sorry! Sorry!
- Guys!
Oh, God.
- We gotta go to the hospital, okay?
- Come on.
- Okay.
You believe all this?
I don't know
what to believe.
Come on.
Come on.
Truth or dare?
Hey. What are you
doing here?
Uh, my job.
Why you here?
Friend of mine got hurt.
It's nothing serious.
I'm just here
for moral support.
Something wrong?
Yeah, no, I'm just
a little shaken up.
You haven't come by to see
your mother in a few weeks.
Yeah, I know,
I'm sorry.
I thought I was
paying for this school
so you could come home
every once in a while.
I know, I know...
Things have been
a little crazy lately.
You know,
I don't wanna hear excuses, son.
I want the truth.
There goes another $1,000
in credit card debt.
Oh, my God, Liv.
I just had my turn.
You what?
The game, it made me, uh,
come out to my father.
Are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
For the first time in my life,
I told him my truth,
and I stood up to him
and I feel awesome.
Okay, hold on.
Your dad didn't know that you were gay?
Your ringtone's Beyonc.
Everyone loves Beyonc.
Tyson's next.
Will do.
Tyson Curran?
Let's do this.
Right this way.
So, you come from
a family of doctors, then?
Yes, ma'am. Mother, father,
sister, uncle, and grandfather.
Pretty much everybody.
Well, they must have
set a great example
for you to want to
take the same route.
Yes, absolutely,
Dean Spencer.
Growing up, I would hear their
stories about saving lives,
and I think that
somehow shaped me.
Pen! Where's Tyson?
His med school
interview. Why?
You know,
I could do something self-serving,
like become a hedge fund manager.
The thing is,
people need help,
especially in
times like these.
That's very noble of you.
You know, I just have
one final question.
He hasn't had his turn yet.
Mr. Curran, your bag.
Wait, Tyson, no!
Wait, Tyson!
Can I help you?
Truth or dare?
I'm sorry,
I beg your pardon?
Truth or dare?
Truth, I guess.
Did my friends really
put you up to this?
How long have you been
forging prescriptions?
I don't.
Did she actually
tell you that?
Excuse me?
I don't forge prescriptions.
Why would you even ask me that?
Ty! Tys!
Ty! Open the door!
- Tyson!
- Are you okay?
Open the door!
Come on! Listen! Tys!
What are you doing?
Oh! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Tyson lied and then
died because of it.
Just like Ronnie did
when he didn't do the dare.
And my turn's next.
Yeah, pick truth.
I mean, listen,
we all should. Right?
Then whatever question
that we get asked,
we just answer it
with 100% honesty.
Okay, that's how we're gonna
survive till we figure this out.
We got it?
Only choose truth.
Need more vodka.
You need sleep.
Okay, I'll put her in bed.
You guys find Carter.
He started all this.
Maybe he can end it.
He said that
he went to USC.
Five Carters,
none of them our guy.
Maybe he meant
the other USC?
All right, she's asleep.
Did you find Carter yet?
No, dead end.
Did you try using Google?
Search "Mexico truth or dare."
Uh, guys?
"Suspect Giselle Hammond, 22,
an American college student
"had gone missing while on
spring break in Rosarito Beach.
"The clerk recounted Hammond's
bizarre behavior before the incident,
"which is backed up
with surveillance footage."
Pack of Morley's.
I don't
wanna play anymore.
I'm sorry,
I don't have a choice.
Holy shit.
Did they catch her?
Uh... No, it says there's
still an ongoing search.
I just found her on Facebook.
Oh, my God. It's him.
Is he tagged?
No, I don't see him
in any other photos.
Look at her wall.
Maybe he posted.
Not that I see,
but there's a bunch of posts
about people asking her
to turn herself in.
Stuff like that.
Wait, do you think
she's checking this?
- DM her.
- Wait.
Just, uh, make a fake account.
We don't want this shit traced to us.
we're here on our first vacation together.
Is it our
first vacation together?
Um, there was
that time you came
and visited me
and my family in Texas.
You're from Texas?
I thought you're from Mexico.
From Mexico?
We're playing
the game, too.
We need your help.
Please meet me.
This woman
is wanted for murder.
Do you really think she's
gonna come out of hiding
for "We need your help"?
I know the game dared you
to set that woman on fire.
Tell me
where to meet you,
or I'll wait outside
your family's house
until the game dares me
to do the same to them.
you cannot send that!
If you want to live,
you need to stop thinking about other people
and start thinking
about yourself!
Truth or dare, beautiful?
Hard to make a decision without
Tyson telling you what to do?
Screw you!
Truth or dare?
I said truth!
Sorry, that's not
how this game works.
What the hell is that
supposed to mean?
Be patient.
She'll write back.
This is all my fault.
Hey, no, it's not.
No, she's right.
None of us wanted
to follow that creep.
None of us wanted
to play that stupid game.
The only reason I went on that
trip was for you, remember?
You said you needed
your best friend.
- All right, come on, guys.
- No, but now I realize
it's not about friendship
or "I choose you."
It's about me being there
to cover your ass
while you hooked up
with randoms!
Screw you, Olivia.
Was that necessary?
Guys, come outside! Now!
What are you doing?
I tried. It wouldn't
let me pick truth.
I tried, I swear!
I have to walk the edge
until I finish this!
you're gonna be fine!
Okay, just go slow.
Take your time.
- Be careful!
- Oh, jeez!
I'm gonna go up there. I'll try and
grab her if she loses her balance.
No, your hand's broken.
I'll go.
Pen, just walk slowly, okay?
Hey! Just take
your time, okay?
Walk slowly. It's gonna be fine.
What do we do?
Be careful,
it's gonna be okay.
- Okay.
- You're gonna be okay.
We need to grab something
in case she falls. Go inside.
I'm gonna clear a path.
All right,
let's go, let's go!
Be careful!
You're good, okay?
Hey, will this work?
What? Yeah.
Yeah. Come on.
Just get under her.
Get under her and follow her.
Be careful, Pen.
Get back, get back.
No need to rush.
It's okay.
It's okay, Pen.
Just take your time.
Take it slowly.
Just put one foot
in front of the other.
Watch it, okay?
Just go slow.
You can do this.
We're right here.
We're here for you, okay?
I see her, she's right there.
Go, go, go!
Wait, she's on the corner.
There she is.
Get that stuff
out of the way!
I'm coming, I'm coming!
No, no, no,
don't get too close!
If I cheat,
if I don't do the dare...
I know, I know. Okay?
But when you finish,
I'll be here to grab you.
Just gotta go around
this corner now, okay?
Come on.
Take your time, okay?
You're doing great, Pen.
Don't look down.
- Stay here, stay below her.
- Okay.
Wait, where are you going?
Hey, Pen, don't look
at the fence. Okay?
Look at me, okay? You're almost there.
Just a little more.
She's right above us.
Throw it on top.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
That's not gonna work.
That might.
Oh! Hey! Penelope!
- Guys, get back further. Get back!
- Go, go, go.
One last sip.
No. Pen!
Hey! Pen! No! No!
She's not moving.
Is this my bed?
You're okay.
I just got a Facebook
message from Giselle.
We're sure this is a good idea,
meeting her here?
What if the cops
trace her message?
No, she wrote us
on a fake account.
Yeah, but that chick lit somebody on fire.
She's probably nuts.
I mean, do we really
have another choice?
We can talk about this inside.
Come on.
Let's go.
Okay, all right, that's far enough.
Tell us what's happening.
Which one of you's Olivia?
No, you answer our question
first. How do you know Carter?
- "Carter"?
- Cut the crap.
We saw the photo.
He's the one who brought us into this game.
Yeah, right, okay.
Carter, right.
Did he bring you
into this, too?
No, he didn't.
He didn't start this.
He was just
one of my friends.
We all went on a trip to
Mexico and got really wasted.
We found this old church,
and we decided to party in it,
and my roommate wanted to play truth or dare,
so we did.
But when we got home,
the game, it just kept going.
My roommate died first
and then the other ones and...
How is this possible?
I wish I knew.
I thought this was some kind of karmic
payback for Sam trashing the place.
Uh, yeah, Sam.
He was one of my friends.
He got really drunk and he
just started breaking stuff.
I don't know.
We were all being idiots. I don't...
Our friend just had
a turn in the game.
It wouldn't let her pick "truth."
Do you know why?
It's how we played.
We called it "two truths and a dare."
If two people pick truth in a row,
then the next person had to do a dare.
Thought it was
more fun that way.
More fun?
Your asshole buddy
gave us a death sentence.
Any more super dangerous rules
you wanna tell us about?
Easy, Pen.
He told me he was dared to
find a new group to play.
And that it had to be at the mission.
He didn't have a choice.
Of course he did.
Okay, so
where is Carter now?
I haven't talked to him
since he went back to Mexico.
I thought that when he got a new
group to play, that we would be out.
I can't believe he only
got five of you to play.
If he would've gotten more,
then I would've had a longer
time before I had to go again.
You got another turn?
Okay. It's time
to go, guys.
Is this why you're
telling us the truth?
No. I, uh, I picked "dare."
Markie's right.
Let's get out of here.
Okay, we're leaving.
Come on, Olivia.
I am so sorry, Olivia.
How did you know my name
when I got here?
I didn't put it
in the message.
- No!
- Pen!
Brad! No! No!
- Hold her down!
- I have to kill Olivia!
Stop moving.
What the...
No! No!
No, no!
Oh, shit.
What was she thinking?
It wasn't her.
Something took over
like she was possessed.
She didn't finish her dare.
Like Ronnie.
This is what happens.
So what do we do?
We tell the truth.
She was erratic,
said she had to kill me.
Then Penelope pushed me
out of the way,
she shot her and then
turned the gun on herself.
Were you aware that Giselle
Hammond was wanted for murder?
Yeah, we thought that she knew
someone that we were looking for.
A guy that we met in Mexico,
his name was Carter.
You don't know
his last name?
Any of these people
look like him?
No, who are they?
Five of Giselle Hammond's
All deceased.
Three suicides, two accidental deaths.
All in three weeks.
And now
you've lost two friends.
I don't believe
in coincidences, Olivia.
I think this is all connected.
If you know how, you need to tell me.
No, I promise.
If I did know, I would.
I hope so.
We'll be in touch.
Don't take
any more vacations.
That did not go well.
We told them
the truth.
- As much as we could.
- Guys,
the cops should be
the least of our concerns.
I mean, Penelope's dead
and Giselle gave us nothing.
She did say a new game
had to start at the mission.
That place
has to be the key.
Catch up
with you guys later.
No, we shouldn't split up.
No, it's okay.
My turn's not for a while.
I'll deal with my father,
you deal with finding the mission.
Come on.
I think it was built in 1896.
Yeah, that really
narrows it down.
It's a start.
Oh, shit. I gotta
grab my charger.
I think you left
your bag in my room.
- Oh, my God.
- What?
Check this out.
It says there was a
massacre a few weeks later.
Only one survivor, lives in the area.
Inez Reyes, 19.
or dare.
Where is she? Liv!
Hey! Hey!
Olivia! Are you okay?
Where am I?
- Where am I?
- What the hell are you...
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Are you okay?
Was that your turn?
Hey! Hey!
Come back! Come back!
Olivia, what did he say?
He dared me
to sleep with Lucas.
Why would you pick dare?
Because of what
Giselle said.
If I picked truth,
I was just forcing someone
else to pick dare.
How noble.
Markie, I didn't know
that's what it would ask.
I don't think
he knew where he was.
- Are you guys okay?
- Yeah, I'm perfect.
Well, hey, hey!
Where are you going?
Anywhere but here.
What is going on?
Why don't you ask Olivia?
Will you please tell me
what the hell is going on?
I got my turn.
Yeah, and?
Whoa. Hey, no.
What are we doing?
Oh, this is the dare.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you pick truth?
I told Markie it was so that
you guys wouldn't have to,
but that was a lie.
I chose dare because there is something
that I can never tell Markie,
and I'm really afraid the
game's gonna make me do it.
It can't be that bad.
You have no idea.
No, you're just doing this
because of the dare.
Because you have to.
No, you have to.
I don't.
Look at me.
Truth or dare?
Truth or dare?
Who are you
truly in love with?
I care about you. I do.
I'm in love with Markie.
Liv, I'm sorry.
It was the game.
No, it was the truth.
Roy Cameron, 45 years old,
attempts to make dinner.
Take one.
Whoa. A little faith, please?
Nobody makes a steak
like your old man.
Wait, Dad,
I'm pescatarian now.
I know, honey.
I miss you so much.
I miss you, too.
There's something that
I have been dying to ask you.
- She's not answering.
- Wait.
Come here. Look at this.
There's no number,
but she lives in Tijuana.
That's less than
three hours away.
Who is she?
She's someone who might
be able to help us.
Come on.
Come on, sweetheart.
Time to pick.
The gun I used
to kill myself,
why do you keep it?
Sometimes I think
about using it.
Maybe you should get it.
I'm worried
about Markie.
I wish we would have
found her before we left.
Well, she doesn't want to speak to me
right now, so there's nothing we can do.
You know,
the secret that you're keeping from her,
maybe if you got it out,
the game couldn't use it against you.
No, no one can ever know.
Especially not Markie.
It would kill her.
I'll try her again
when we get there.
- Um...
- Can I help you?
Sorry. Um, we're looking
for Inez Reyes.
She's my grandmother.
I watch after her.
We were just wondering
if we could speak to her.
She speaks to no one.
No, please.
Our friends are dying, just like hers did.
We just need a few words.
I will ask.
And if you could
show her this.
Show her that
we were at this mission,
and that half the people
in this photo are now dead.
Then maybe
she'll talk to us.
She might see you.
But she will not speak to you.
She has not said a word
in 50 years.
Wait here.
She must have taken
a vow of silence, right?
She was 19 when her friends were butchered.
Imagine what that did to her.
I don't have to.
It's been over an hour.
Yeah, for someone who doesn't speak,
they seem to be doing a lot of talking.
She will see you.
I'm sorry for the wait.
She has written
something for you.
What is it?
She would not
let me read it.
Thank you
for seeing us, Ms. Reyes.
"The mission was a convent where
young women went to find God.
"We were girls,
so we played silly games like hide-and-seek.
"But the priest who ran the convent
forced us to play his own game.
"He let us hide,
but then he took the one he found.
"His pleasure was our pain.
"We suffered in silence.
"Then one of the girls
told a secret.
"She knew spells
that could call spirits
"so she summoned
a demon named Calux.
"He possessed our game."
Possessed the game?
"Demons possess
people, places,
"objects, even ideas."
"Calux is a trickster.
"That night, when the priest
found his victim,
"she was possessed by Calux.
"She hid the priest's body
in the mission
"in pieces.
"It took them a week
to find his head.
"But Calux didn't want to stop.
He made us keep playing.
"Many of my sisters died."
Wait, how did you
and the others escape?
"The person
who released the demon
"can trap it
with a simple ritual.
"But only by his own hand."
Uh... This is the spell?
It's in Spanish.
"The spell must be
repeated seven times
"and a sacrifice must be placed
in a pot sealed with wax.
"As long as the pot
stays sealed in the mission,
"the door we opened for Calux
will also be sealed."
Wait, I've seen
that pot before.
Look. When I saw it,
it was broken,
and there was something inside
it and it smelled rotten.
"Whoever broke the pot
will have to do the same."
What was it?
The sacrifice?
It was you
who summoned the demon?
It's been a few years since AP Spanish,
but I think it says,
"I have called upon an evil,
"silence my voice
so the evil is no more."
So when Carter and his friends
broke the pot at the mission...
The demon was freed and possessed
their game of truth or dare.
And we have to find
whoever broke that pot.
Giselle said somebody named
Sam trashed the place.
And we have no idea
who Sam is.
Or if he's even still alive.
And if we do find him...
What? "Hi, Sam, do you mind
cutting out your tongue
"and sealing it
in this lovely handmade pot?"
I'll check Giselle's Facebook again,
see if there's a Sam tagged.
Still nothing from Markie?
She's ignoring all my texts.
Her turn is next.
I'm gonna try calling her again.
It's your father.
Since Penelope,
he's been...
I'll get rid of him.
Let's talk outside.
I'm gonna
grab a coffee.
Look, uh, I'm hearing some things
about your friend's murder.
Kranis in homicide isn't
convinced it's so simple.
I know I don't
need to ask this, but...
Is there something
you're not telling us?
No, I promise.
Everything we told you was true.
Markie, thank God!
Why are you telling me
all this?
'Cause I know
Kranis is wrong,
and I want you
to know what's going on.
You don't have to worry.
I'm not gonna let anything
happen to you.
You're still my son, Brad.
You gonna get that?
Get what?
Truth or dare, Brad?
I guess I just needed some time alone.
No, no, no. It's fine.
Just get here as fast as you can.
And please be careful.
Your turn's next.
I had my turn.
I chose truth.
So did Lucas.
And if the both of you
picked truth...
You only have
one choice.
You sure there's nothing
you need to tell me?
I dare you to steal his gun
and make him beg for his life.
Thank you, Dad,
for everything.
It's just, uh...
There's just one more thing I need to do,
and I hope you can forgive me.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Of course.
For what?
It's okay.
I need you to beg.
- For your life.
- The hell are you doing?
Beg for your life!
Brad, please
put the gun down!
- Just do as I say...
- You don't have to do this.
...or I'll die.
Get on your knees.
We have to go. Now!
Do as I say.
I'll explain everything, okay?
- I know I've been hard on you. I'm sorry.
- Listen. No!
That's not
what this is about.
Beg! Please, I'll explain
everything. Just beg.
I guess you think
I deserve this.
No! No.
Just beg!
Please! Just beg
and I'll put down the gun.
- What's that gonna prove, Brad?
- Just beg!
And I'll put down
the gun! Beg!
No, no! No!
Brad, no, no, no. No!
No! No!
Get a paramedic.
Come on.
Brad! Brad! No, no, no.
Stay here.
You're gonna be fine.
No! No!
I need a paramedic. Help!
I need a paramedic! Brad!
I'm so sorry.
Guys, can we
get out of here?
I still need to
talk to the detective.
I shouldn't have picked truth.
It's not your fault.
I picked truth, too.
We shouldn't have
left Brad alone.
No, it wouldn't
have mattered.
This game is smart. It's too smart.
We're not playing it.
It's playing us.
And none of this is a coincidence.
It waits for our most vulnerable
moments and that's when it asks us.
Yeah, you got that right,
And now it's your turn.
Truth or dare?
What is it?
Lucas just asked me.
No, I didn't.
Truth or dare, Olivia?
Okay, you have to
pick truth.
Olivia, do it.
- Dare.
- Olivia.
I dare you
to tell Markie the secret
you fear most.
What? What is it
making you do?
Markie, there's something
important I need to tell you.
I was there the night your dad died.
I know what happened.
What are you talking about?
I had gotten into a fight with my parents,
so I went to your house.
You weren't there,
so your dad let me in.
He was drinking,
and he offered me one, so I took it.
We had a few, and then he told me
that he had been fired that day
'cause he was
drinking on the job.
I felt really bad for him.
But I told him that you and I
would help him figure things out.
And then
he called me beautiful.
I was drunk, and I didn't know what to do,
and then he leaned in to kiss me...
I tried to push him off.
I didn't do it, but he...
He kept
coming back stronger.
Finally, I got free.
He begged me
to forgive him.
Said that he needed help,
but I was so scared.
And I was confused,
and I threatened to
tell you what happened,
but he said that he would die
if you ever found out.
I told him that you'd be
better off if he were dead.
I am so sorry.
I wanted to tell you,
but by the time I got a hold of you,
he had already done it
and you were devastated.
It broke my heart.
I didn't know what to do. Trust me...
No, I'll never
trust you again.
Miss Barron,
you're up.
"I know the game dared you
to set that woman on fire.
"Tell me where to meet you,
or I'll wait outside your family's house
"until the game dares me
to do the same to them."
That is quite a threat.
We traced the IP
to your laptop.
I know that
that looks bad,
but I just needed
to get her attention.
Yeah, I know you're playing some
kind of truth or dare game,
but what I don't understand is,
why are people dying?
There's only
four of you left.
I'd like to keep
the rest of you guys alive.
Everyone who's dead
was in Mexico.
That leaves you, Markie and Lucas,
and Giselle's friend, Sam Meehan.
Wait, he's alive?
You know him?
That's just someone that
Giselle had mentioned.
He's holed up in an apartment.
Won't talk to anybody.
Said I had to arrest him if I
wanted to speak to him again.
Olivia, what the hell
is happening here?
Could I get
some water, please?
I need
a glass of water.
Yes, sir, right away.
Am I being charged?
Not yet.
Okay. Then I need to go.
Carter is Sam.
He was using a fake name.
But Giselle acted like
they were different people?
Well, she was probably
trying to protect him,
but she slipped up,
and she used his real name. Come on.
Markie, please open the door.
We need to talk.
What are you doing?
What my father did.
Markie, please put it down.
I don't have anything.
You have me.
No, the game has us.
I hid the truth about
your dad to protect you.
But I was wrong.
Every single day,
I wish I could take back what I said to him.
He tried before.
It's not your fault.
We can't change the past.
But we can still have a future.
We can end this game.
Carter. I know
where he is.
Okay, so what's the plan?
We just have to get him
back to the mission.
Okay, so don't open with,
"We need you to cut out your own tongue"?
Here it is. Six.
Go away.
I don't wanna talk to anyone.
Screw this.
- You...
- Carter!
Or is it Sam?
- How did you find me?
- We were motivated.
- What the hell happened in here?
- The game.
No contact with the outside.
Nothing in here
can hurt me.
This is your plan?
My plan is to wait it out.
No, that was
your second plan.
Your first plan
was to screw us.
Three of my best friends
are dead because of you!
I'm sorry. I lost friends,
too, okay?
If I could take it
all back, I would.
There is a way.
But we all have to
go back to the mission.
A way to what? To what,
end the game? How?
Just trust me.
We have to go back.
This is another dare, right?
The game is daring you
to lure me out.
- Is that...
- No.
She's telling the truth.
And why should I
trust you?
Because we want
the same thing.
We wanna survive.
I'm gonna tell you what you
should have told me at the bar.
Piss off.
Okay, sweet, little Olivia's
not shooting anyone.
Try me. I dare you.
Let's go.
Is this ritual that old nun told
you about actually gonna work?
There's only one way
to find out.
So we're gonna end this
with a sance?
We are
not ending it.
You are.
I tried.
We all know
how that turned out.
Stay down.
Here, take this. Take it.
Say it seven times.
What are you gonna
do with that?
I'm giving it to you.
Take it now!
Now say the words
seven times.
Did you feel that?
Don't stop.
- Just tell me what's going on!
- Keep going!
All right. Uh...
Say it again.
Five more times.
Truth or dare, Lucas?
- Where are you going?
- Just gotta get away from here.
Wait, wait, wait!
You can't go.
Your turn's next.
I just had my turn.
- Gotta get away from you both.
- Why?
Because it dared me
to choose.
You already have.
You love Markie!
Choose which one
of you to kill.
What, so he's just leaving?
Don't stop.
Two more times.
Why did you pick dare?
Because I knew if I didn't,
then one of you would have to.
And we're so close.
And I won't let
the game kill you.
You're such an idiot.
What can I say?
You do that to me.
That's seven. We gotta
get out of here.
This place
is coming down.
No, there's
one more thing to do.
Pick up the knife.
I can't do it for you.
Pick it up!
And do what?
I'm so sorry, Sam.
But you unleashed
this evil,
which means you're the
only one who can stop it.
I need you
to cut out your tongue.
No! That's insane.
Please! It's the only way
we survive.
You take care of each other.
No. No, no, no.
No, no!
Do it.
Lucas, stop!
That's not Lucas.
Do it now, Carter!
Before it's too late.
Don't you wanna live?
You do not have a choice!
Do it!
I can't believe
I'm about to do this.
I will murder everyone
you've ever known.
No! They are not in this.
It's just us!
You're right. But Lucas is.
And he didn't do his dare.
So now he dies.
Lucas refused his dare
to save us.
We have to finish this.
Calux killed Carter.
The spell won't work.
No, we lost the second
we started this game.
The second we came here.
Carter was dared
to bring us here,
because this is where you can
add new people to the game.
I have an idea.
Your turn's next.
When you're asked, I need you to pick dare.
Why would I do that?
Truth or dare?
Now Lucas is asking me.
Pick dare.
But don't do it.
What? I'll die!
I am so sorry for keeping that
secret from you for so long.
And I swear to you I will never
ever keep anything from you again.
But we survive this
only if we trust each other.
Trust me.
You have to pick.
I dare you to shoot Olivia.
He wants me to shoot you.
You gotta trust me, Markie.
Don't do it.
This is the only way
to save us both.
I trust you.
I won't do it.
Dare complete, Calux.
Your turn.
Truth or dare?
I'm not in this game.
No, once you're asked,
you're in.
Those are the rules,
So, truth or dare,
How do we get out
of this game alive?
You can't.
Carter was the only one
who could stop this.
So, now the game won't end
until all the players are dead.
And your turn's next.
Unless you find some
new friends to play with.
But that's not
gonna happen, is it?
Your arm.
I'm okay.
Well, did it work?
It's not over.
The game will never end.
Not as long as we're alive.
What are you doing?
I'm choosing you.
My friends
and I went on a trip
to Mexico for spring break.
We ended up in an old mission where
we played a game of truth or dare.
We had no idea that we had
encountered an unspeakable evil
that wanted to play with us.
When we went home,
the game kept going.
It killed five of my friends.
The game is real.
Tell the truth,
do the dare or you die.
Refuse to play, you die.
It can happen anywhere.
And it can come from anyone.
I'm so sorry,
but I have to ask you.
Truth or dare?
Truth or dare?