Tsunami 2022 (2009) Movie Script

"Seven years ago,"
21 million people died from bird flu.
The virus was able to mutate itself
originating from man-made technology.
But today our world faces another crisis;
a natural disaster of catastrophic proportions.
We have brought this upon ourselves
through eons of neglecting the environment.
"From the past till present,"
we've continued to enjoy technology.
We indulge ourselves with modern gadgets.
But we forget that we're destroying nature.
Mother Nature is finally taking revenge
on what we have done to her planet.
Extreme temperature changes
have wrought havoc on the ozone layer
"causing hurricanes, cyclones,"
"snowstorms, disasters,
and volcanic eruptions"
Movement of the earth's crust
is causing earthquakes and tsunamis.
We represent various countries worldwide
who understand the significance of this crisis
which could bring alarming consequences.
We could already be too late.
"But at the very least, we should be proud"
of our participation in implementing
this treaty at an international level.
The 30-year-old Kyoto Protocol
aims to protect the environment and mankind.
"Once again, I beg those of you"
who haven't yet signed this treaty
to fully understand the potential disasters
that may befall our world by out very hands.
- What's going on?
- Earthquake! Get out of here.
It's an earthquake.
Please leave the building sir.
What about everyone else?
I'll take care of them.
- Run!
- This way. Hurry!
Shouldn't the National Disaster
Warning Centre
have informed you of
this incident beforehand?
They told me frequent
earthquakes will occur
and could affect all of our dams.
There's even a risk of a giant Tsunami.
But who would believe that? Would you?
Mr. Prime Minister
Thailand is unlikely to have
an earthquake or volcanic eruption.
What makes our country so special?
"If the world ends,
we'll be on the same planet
as everyone else."
Don't try to find exceptions.
"Welcome aboard the Seafdec
research vessel, Dr. Siam."
Thank you Commander.
I'm disturbed to hear of this
underwater volcano.
- Please come to our meeting room.
- Good idea.
We found an underwater
volcano in this area
with an unusually high flow rate.
I never paid much interest to
this volcano before
but now I see it grow every day
and it continues to release heat.
Perhaps it was caused by the eruptions
of the Philippines' Pinatubo
or Indonesia's Krakatau which is also
expected to have an eruption.
"In 2008, I thought this volcano
would never erupt."
But now I think it's a 51% likelihood.
Krakatau and Pinatubo were bad enough.
Now we've got this one to worry about.
It's like a cannon in the Gulf of Thailand
"aimed straight at us, Sir."
That's why I had to see it with my own eyes.
Come on.
Want some water?
Me first.
Here. Hold this.
Follow me.
Oh Ruus.
Daddy... Mommy... Help me!
Daddy... Mommy... Help me!
- Help me out buddy.
- Daddy!
- Daddy... Mommy... Help me!
- "Hold on to me, son."
Phu... What happened?
"It's OK, I'm alright."
Why are you lying on the ground?
I must have fallen asleep.
You're full of crap.
"If we didn't find you, a tiger would have."
How did you two find me?
You were screaming so loud.
I'd have to be deaf not to hear you.
I'm glad you're here.
Let me show you something.
I found these layers of rock on the cliff.
This is evidence of 2 past Tsunamis.
When do you think it happened?
I sent samples to Tokyo early last month.
They confirmed what other
labs had discovered.
The first occurrence was 1800 years ago.
The second was about 900 years ago.
Are you saying that it occurs every 900 years?
"Yes, but it might occur sooner
or later than usual."
The water level is unusually low.
I decided to examine it a few days ago.
The river banks have significant erosion.
I'd say about 5 - 10 meters.
What do you think happened?
It might have something to do
with ocean currents.
Grandpa told me the earth is relieving stress
and releasing concentrated heat rays.
The earth's crust will also start to move.
Does that mean an earthquake?
Don't jump to conclusions yet.
The doctor is aware of all the facts.
He's gathering more data from satellites.
I'm sure he'll find something.
The animals are also starting to migrate.
I've noticed it happening for months now.
I'll report these developments to him myself.
Maybe you should get some rest first.
"Yes, I think you should see a doctor."
I'd rather not.
I don't want their needles or pills.
Look closely at the Indian Ocean plate.
It's constantly shifting under our own plate.
The friction has a great impact
on this volcano.
"Doctor, the heat rays are very concentrated."
Many points are flexing
with the Eurasian plate.
Are any other volcanoes reacting?
We're monitoring Krakatau and Pinatubo.
This could be the most violent
eruption in 120 years.
Indonesia is monitoring activity in 3 volcanoes.
We'll have to help them.
We're all born on the same planet.
I'm going to the underwater lab.
- Will you come with me?
- "Yes, Doctor."
Many plates are on
the brink of an earthquake.
Could this cause another
earthquake in the Indian ocean?
That's exactly what I fear.
Perhaps the 2004 Tsunami
was only a warning sign.
Will there be another great catastrophe?
Only God can answer that question.
"Don't forget, no technology
can fully predict earthquakes."
That's why we built this
facility in the first place.
We'll stay at the research site tonight.
We'll go to the warning centre
by boat tomorrow.
We should be able to help Grandpa.
The doctor is worried about you.
He wants you to stay on the ship.
"When my time comes,
it won't matter where I am."
I might see you at the centre tomorrow then.
That would be good.
Grandpa always asks about you.
Hey Ruus!
What's wrong with you?
What are you afraid of? There's no snake.
An earthquake?
How did you know? You're a clever boy.
It's good you've both arrived.
You can take over from
the others who haven't slept for days.
We're lucky the Seafdec
is anchored there for 7 days.
8.5 on the Richter scale.
- In Krakatau?
- In Aceh.
That same location had
an earthquake in 2004.
We have only 1 hour to evacuate the people.
"Doctor, it's in the exact same location.
It's as if it were a copy."
I'll inform the Prime Minister immediately.
Alert all coastal warning centers now.
You gave us 2 false alarms so far.
How confident are you this time?
I'm on the way to a rally in the Northeast.
It's the largest voter base for my party.
"If I make any wrong decisions now,"
my position and political party
will be put in jeopardy.
"But if you're confident,"
I'll put the disaster relief centers on high alert.
A state of emergency has been announced
to prepare for a possible
earthquake and Tsunami.
An aftershock of 5.6 Richter hit at 08.17hrs.
But we have no reports of a Tsunami yet.
A Tsunami travels at speeds
of 900 km. per hour.
The wave height starts at roughly 1 meter.
Our underwater station should detect it.
All the warning alarms have been triggered.
Oh no! I forgot little Mai Tai.
You stay here while I go to the Seafdec.
Mai Tai is still on board.
I must send him far into
the ocean before the Tsunami hits.
Are you going alone?
Don't worry about me.
Where are you going Cindy?
There will be a Tsunami
in the next 30 minutes.
I need to warn Mai Tai to leave the shore.
Cindy wait.
- Don't go.
- You go back Phu.
"Cindy, it's dangerous."
- Come back.
- You go back.
"Cindy, come back."
What's that?
I've never seen anything like that before.
Mai Tai... Mai Tai...
Mai Tai...
Mai Tai...Where are you?
Come here right now.
Mai Tai...
Mai Tai...There you are.
Never do that again.
There's going to be a Tsunami again.
Stay away from the shore.
Swim far away. Do you understand?
I'll see you after the Tsunami is gone.
Go Mai Tai.
Take care of yourself Mai Tai.
"During the past 5 - 6 months,"
I've had so many nightmares.
I want to know if these recurring nightmares
are trying to deliver a message to me.
Don't worry too much about dreams or omens.
How can I help my people
in the face of a real natural disaster?
"Don't worry, just do your best."
"Make the best decisions
you can, that's enough."
"Phu, I'm sorry for leaving you here."
- Nothing will happen to you.
- Help! Please don't leave me Cindy.
We're safe here.
Nothing will happen to us.
Please don't leave me.
Not another false alarm?
I know the reason why.
This was a vertical earthquake.
It failed to spread horizontally
toward the ocean depths.
But the epicenter was violently struck.
150 ft. erosion on an area of 25 sq.km.
We're fortunate it didn't hit a residential area.
There should be no more than 100 fatalities.
"Despite the false alarm,
at least there was no disaster."
It's always better to be safe than sorry.
See? I told you. Nothing happened.
There's no Tsunami.
It will never happen again.
"Don't be afraid, forget your nightmares."
"Cindy, I don't know what happened."
My mother also died in the Tsunami.
It's painful for both of us.
You lost your father and mother.
I may have lost only one parent
"but after 17 years,
I've never recovered my mother's body."
I know Cindy... I know.
It's not that I don't fear the ocean.
The only reason I go diving
is to find my mother
or at least whatever remains of her.
I can't let her vanish into thin air like this.
I'm sorry.
I understand how you feel
but I want you to forget it.
Life still goes on and
we must continue to fight.
I want to know who's
responsible for the state of emergency.
Who ordered the evacuation
and ruined the economy?
I take full responsibility of my actions.
When there's a 6.5 magnitude
earthquake only 600km. from Thailand.
People's lives are my highest concern.
But this is strike 3.
I'd do the same thing 10 times over.
You're being tricked by that crazy doctor.
Hold tightly onto your seat.
The Tsunami may sweep it from under you.
You don't have to threaten me.
"You're just a coalition party,
don't push your luck."
Your time will come soon enough.
This is no ordinary land subsidence.
I believe it's caused by
motion within the earth's crust.
It may be only slight movement.
But the result is significant on
the earth's surface.
Doesn't land subsidence occur
right after a violent earthquake?
Not necessarily.
There's probably another cause;
when a 4 Richter earthquake
occurs over 200 times.
It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
What do you think about this land
subsidence we found today?
This is how it looks when
it occurs in the jungle;
landslides and fallen trees scattered about.
"But if it happens in a town or large city,"
I don't need to mention how much
damage it would cause.
Hawaii reported a 9.7 magnitude
earthquake felt in Kauai.
The epicenter was in Aceh.
"Why didn't we feel any impact
in Thailand, father?"
Perhaps it was a vertical earthquake.
"Look, hurry!" Quickly collect the fish.
"Tsunami is coming, RUN!"
Hurry! Move it!
Everyone come up here. Now!
"Grandpa if you die in the ocean,
who would be with me?"
Don't worry about me.
"Even if we humans don't destroy each other,"
we're all going to die anyway.
Yes father?
I've invested over 30 billion
Baht on this island.
I don't care about your problems
with the coalition.
But no one can cancel
my paradise island project.
"I hope you understand.
I'm in a meeting now, goodbye."
Are you upset?
No other rich kid has such a short temper.
Let's swim together.
Do you actually think someone like me
would follow those people? I resent them.
I hate how they destroy our resources
and abandon us.
We shouldn't have to live
under these conditions.
What's all the fuss about?
Whatever will be will be.
It's according to the gods above.
I think it's best you don't get involved.
As for the issue of them seizing our island
and eventually driving us away
We'll all have to live out at sea.
What are you going to do about that?
Who do they think they are?
They act as if they own the sea.
It's been 2 years of destruction now.
What should we do?
Don't worry too much about it.
They just run around naked
and lay spread eagle on the beach
Like a bunch of sun-dried stingray.
Aren't you concerned at all?
What if they finish building the casino?
What would you do?
Our island will be full of gamblers.
And where are we meant to go?
But I refuse to leave even
if they send me away.
I'll fight to the death.
That won't get rid of him.
Did you call for me boss?
Those idiots at the disaster warning station...
they're ruining my business.
I've invested trillions in my business.
It's much more expensive
than their crappy signal station.
I don't believe a Tsunami
will come in the next millennia.
Those fools are asking for trouble.
How should I deal with that lot?
What? I thought you took care of it already.
This evening APN will interview
me about the casino.
I'll take care of them right away.
"Yes, do it quickly."
I'm building a yacht marina on that beach.
"When my casino is completed,"
yachts will bring cash from
the 4 corners of the globe.
This is a truly mega-project.
Those villagers will no longer be
an eyesore to your boss.
Catch him quick.
Mr. Keng? Mr. Keng?
Mr. Keng? Mr. Keng?
Beat him to a pulp.
Lift him.
Move him up.
"Leave him here, the high tide will kill him."
Let's go.
"Rawai, Uncle Keng is probably dead."
Why would you say such a thing?
Then where is he?
Don't worry about me Rawai.
Just don't give in to them.
Never surrender wherever you are.
Don't be a coward.
You have no weapons to fight them with.
All you have is a tiny kitchen knife.
This is what I'll use. Why?
What can you do to them?
What do you think you can do?
Do we let them walk all over us?
Welcome aboard the Seafde.
This looks like fun.
I should resign from my reporter job
and work as a volunteer.
It looks like fun on the outside
but our work is actually quite stressful.
We worry a lot about what's
happening to the world.
Where have all the fish gone?
"Wait on the boat, don't go in the water."
I'll be back soon.
Let's get out of here.
Where are you going so early?
I'm not finished yet.
Don't you have a meeting today sir?
Who cares?
A political party is the same as a company.
"As the owner, I can work whenever I like."
How about another round?
Don't be so serious.
The world isn't going to end today.
We have more exciting things to do.
"Obey me and I'll make you
successful, understand?"
Can you show us where
the sea bed broke apart?
We need to examine it.
Are you sure you saw
the earth split underwater?
I go diving everywhere possible.
"7 years ago, a Tsunami
hit the rocks so we could see it."
"But this time,
it's a totally different location."
"With a volunteer like you,
we aren't groping in the dark anymore."
"I'm an islander, I make a living in the sea,
I love the sea."
I can't let anything happen
to the ocean either.
But everyone can see now
that all the fish are gone.
Do we have to dive underwater
to take pictures of the separation?
Both of you can join us if you wish.
We'd love to. it's our pleasure.
The movement of earth's
crust on 26th Dec. 2004
triggered ongoing motion
in the tectonic plates.
"Now 17 years later,
it has created another underwater volcano."
Will it erupt again?
"It may or may not erupt,
nobody knows for sure."
The smoke from Krakatau is above Bangkok
and it's getting thicker.
"Yes, we're seeing dramatic climate change,"
especially when compared with 20 years ago.
You've got a lot of nerve
to trespass onto my grounds.
Are you a police informant?
Looking for information?
Just because you're rich
doesn't make you honest.
Actually you're all drug dealers.
"I sell drugs, I'm power crazy,
and I'm a bastard."
But I'm rich. Got a problem with that?
Do you have a problem with me?
What do you want? What do you want?
Got a problem?
Are you alright?
Are you alright?
How is Rawai?
You should see for yourself.
Is he in serious condition?
What happened? Who did it?
That pack of dogs.
It's that Chartrat right?
Take us to see Rawai.
Come on.
"I'm fine, don't worry about me."
32 stitches and you say you're fine?
I'm feel so sad.
"I was born here,
my parents were born here."
"But after only 2 years,
they drive us away like dogs."
Did you report it to police yet?
Who would dare arrest a politician's son?
Why does Thai society fear
and respect him so much?
A millionaire's son is born
with the upper hand.
"Besides, his father is powerful too."
They're either very good or downright rotten.
The rich are always right
and the poor are always wrong.
"Today's skyscrapers, superhighways,
and sky trains"
failed to solve any of mankind's problems.
Then who can fix it?
Something divine or perhaps Mother Nature
can answer those questions
or solve our problems.
I hope you don't mean another Tsunami.
"If our sonar is accurate,"
we're on the brink of
an inevitable and severe disaster.
What do you mean?
Multiple volcanoes will erupt.
There will be a powerful earthquake
or perhaps a Tsunami higher
than we could ever comprehend.
What's the likelihood of
this actually happening?
10 or 20 percent?
What should we do?
I'm making this vessel change course.
I'll send you to shore.
"At this time, Dr. Siam and
the warning stations"
need our urgent assistance.
And what about you?
"After I send you to shore,"
I'll further examine
the abnormalities on the ocean bed.
"Cindy, Phi Phi. I finally found you."
What's the matter? You look frightened.
It's urgent. We have to go to
the warning station.
What is it? We've come on
shore to see Grandpa.
Then let's hurry to see the doctor.
I need to know exactly how
serious the situation is.
Krakatau and other volcanoes
which have been dormant for 140 years
may violently erupt once again.
There's a 70 percent likelihood.
I already know about the volcanoes.
I need data about underwater volcano
activity along the Vietnam peninsula.
These 2 volcanoes have been
reacting for 50 years.
"At present, Krakatau, Pinatubo,"
and the underwater volcanoes
along the Vietnam peninsula
have been pressured by
the moving tectonic plates.
This could mean a simultaneous
eruption at any time.
How will this impact our country?
It will create a giant Tsunami
headed straight toward the Gulf of Thailand.
"Yes, waters in the Gulf are shallow."
"As the Tsunami sweeps in,
it will escalate in size."
It could reach over 30 meters
by the time it reaches Phra Padang.
I need your advice now.
"Evacuate residents from along the Gulf, "
especially Bangkok.
Move them to higher ground
as soon as possible.
The evacuation of 15 million
people is no small task.
You have no other choice.
The Philippines' Pinatubo
and Indonesia's Krakatau
have been spewing smoke for 6 weeks now.
The smoke has also been growing thicker
at 12000 meters or 12 km above sea level.
This natural phenomena
has caused southwest winds
to carry the volcanic smoke
into ASEAN countries
especially into southern Thailand
where thick smoke has reduced
visibility to a mere 100 meters.
"As you are watching this, the smoke
has also covered Bangkok."
It's a thin layer
but the 15 million residents of Bangkok
are alarmed at this recent development.
People are wearing raincoats
to avoid the ashes
and masks to avoid inhalation of toxic gases.
People are beginning to have
doubts and rumors
are circulating about
a possible violent earthquake
that would cause buildings
and dams to collapse.
What's even more frightening
is the possibility of giant Tsu
"after the 26th Dec. 2004
incident, 17 years ago."
The Prime Minister has now arrived
at government house.
May I ask you a few questions sir?
Will there be a giant Tsunami?
Will there be a giant Tsunami?
Will there be a giant Tsunami?
I can't answer that question yet.
Why have you summoned Dr. Siam?
Just to ask for his advice.
What has caused such violent
natural phenomena?
That's a tough question.
We've been on this Earth
for millions of years
but we know this planet less
than we know Mars.
The problem may have been
caused by you and me
or those who don't appreciate
our planet enough.
How do you plan to handle this catastrophe?
"Firstly, I've converted the 4 regional armies"
into a National Disaster Relief Force
to protect the lives and
assets of our population
to the best of their ability.
How do you think we'll emerge
from the violent rage of Mother Nature?
I can only suggest we accept it.
But I'll do my best to solve this problem.
Thank you very much.
Mr. Prime Minister...
How serious do you think
the 13 hurricanes that hit America were?
America lost 25 percent of its
population and resources.
"If Europe and Russia are buried under snow,"
the losses would reach up to 50 percent.
What if the entire Asian continent
"experiences volcanoes, earthquakes
and the Tsunami?"
I expect half of the Asian population to die.
Are you saying that our entire
civilization could be wiped out?
I believe that an earthquake
higher than 9 on the Richter scale
would cause a Tsunami
to sweep the Pacific Ocean
across the Gulf of Thailand.
Anything can happen as a result.
But my greatest fear is...
that many of our dams might collapse.
Mr. Prime Minister
You should order mass evacuations
in the Southern
and Central regions immediately.
But you've ordered evacuations
three times already.
"If it's inevitable, it must be done."
A fourth or fifth time is not a problem for me.
But you've faced immense
political pressure so far.
Let the chips fall where they may.
What's the use of a prime minister
if there's no one left to lead?
"Dr. Siam, how confident
are you of this event?"
"Over 50 percent, sir."
"I'm concerned that if
we announce a state of emergency,"
it may lead to utter chaos.
I know there will be some citizens
who won't believe this disaster will occur.
"But the ones who do, will leave the cities."
I also fear the worst scenario
could result in huge fatalities.
"You cannot make a wrong decision this time, sir."
I'm not a god.
"Dr. Siam, return to the National
Disaster Centre immediately"
and update me with periodic reports.
We can handle up to 6 meters high.
"But if the waves are higher, I'm not too sure."
"Right now, our world is in a crisis."
And this ship's duty is to
monitor the deep sea.
"If we fail to perform our
duties in this situation,"
I wouldn't know why I'm on this ship.
"In the midst of this severe natural disaster,"
the government has received
reports from various agencies
that many regions worldwide
are impacted by a natural crisis;
one the likes that mankind
has never seen before.
Many relevant agencies have reported
a mere 25 percent chance
of this potential catastrophe happening.
"But in order to avoid carelessness,"
"I, on behalf of the government council,"
I declare an extended Songkran
holiday for 7 consecutive days
commencing from tomorrow onwards.
Let's once again welcome
Dr. Siam to lead our nation.
Thank you kindly.
Let's perform our duties with no room for error.
A single mistake may have
devastating consequences.
How can you lead our country
with such nonsense?
The world will flood and
a Tsunami will hit Bangkok?
Impossible! You're insane.
You've lost your mind.
You may have influence in your political party.
You might enjoy unrivalled
wealth and prestige.
But you'll never overpower
Mother Nature itself.
"This is madness, it's unheard of!"
You're ruining the government coalition.
The opposition will crush us beneath their feet.
Let me inform you
"the moment you step down
as prime minister,"
I'll sit in your place.
"Honorable Somchai,"
if you crave for it so much
"then take it, but don't get in my way."
Now the lives and safety of my people
are more valuable than my assumed position.
Sounds like you're under a lot of stress.
I must be.
"Even without seeing my face,
you can sense my mood."
"It's the coalition parties, isn't it?"
Haven't you already accepted the problem?
Don't worry too much about that nonsense.
I'm actually calling about
this year's Songkran festival.
I want you to take the kids to
Chiang Mai for Songkran
and I'll follow shortly.
"You said that before,
but you never show up."
But you're serving the people now.
I shouldn't get upset.
I'm sorry but this time
I promise to keep my word.
I really want you to take
the kids to Chiang Mai.
This year's festival is very grand.
He dares to brag at me.
"He won't survive this time,
I'll remove him from my path."
"You've always been number one, father."
You have everything; money and power.
Just get rid of anyone in your way.
It should have been over long ago.
"This time, your wish will come true."
Don't you want to be
the Prime Minister's son?
Whatever will be will be.
I'm willing to lose everything
in exchange for the lives of my people.
"If Dr. Siam's predictions don't come true,"
then it's out of my control.
"Even if it's the end of my political career,"
it's more than worthwhile.
All we can do now
is pray to the heavens above.
May Thailand's guardian angel
protect the Thai people
from this natural disaster.
Look at them Rawai.
Look at how disgusting they are.
Why won't the police arrest them?
You shouldn't look.
Watch what will happen.
My blood is boiling.
China faced its worst
natural disaster in 100 years.
Their largest dam was even destroyed.
London is entirely buried
beneath a snowstorm.
"France, Spain and Italy got the worst of it."
Their people were frozen alive.
The reason I've decided to be here
is to work together with each of you.
I'm sorry that I'm unable to grant your
agencies a holiday on this Songkran festival.
"Additionally, I need all of you"
to be 100 percent prepared.
I believe that very soon
each of you will understand my decision.
Hello, Mr. Prime Minister.
I'm with the airborne disaster relief unit.
We're ready to respond to any crisis.
Your predictions had better prove accurate.
You can begin the countdown.
All of us must abandon this island.
"We must leave our homes immediately,
it isn't safe here."
Today was marked by obscenity.
They've invoked our ancestors' wrath.
The guardian spirits will wipe away
this evil scourge.
"You can follow me if you want, it's up to you."
"If you won't leave, then sleep in your house."
"But let me warn you,
you'll never wake up."
"The prime minister won't last,
he's a madman."
I've gathered you here to inform you
that I'll pressure parliament to
relieve Traipop of his duties.
Because he has no more virtue.
He completely destroyed
our country's economy.
He ordered 3 evacuations
because of a Tsunami warning.
He's too easily swayed by Dr. Siam.
Dr. Siam? I've seen him try to
campaign for senator.
But he always flops.
"The prime minister backs him up, I know."
"To make matters worse,
this Songkran is a 7 day holiday."
People are flowing out of Bangkok.
The city will be deserted.
"Millions are headed north,
south, and northeast."
What's going on here?
I suggest we replace
the prime minister with Somchat.
We have enough votes.
Yes, He's perfect.
What are we doing today?
Collecting garbage.
Where does the garbage come from?
It's man-made.
What garbage is the most
dangerous to our planet?
Chemicals and pesticides.
Very good.
The principal has ordered us
to return with the kids immediately.
What happened?
This program is meant to last until tomorrow.
- What's going on?
-There's an earthquake and possible Tsunami.
"This is serious, put the kids on the bus."
Get on the bus children.
What happened?
- Quickly children.
- Tsunami is coming.
A 7.9 magnitude earthquake
has hit the Andaman.
9.2 in the Vietnam peninsula.
Simultaneous earthquakes
have hit 19 points across the globe.
Shock waves are felt along
Sumatra and the Pacific islands.
I'm going to the underwater lab right now.
"But you can't, it's too dangerous now."
"At this point, nowhere in the world is safe."
We built the lab to provide
an early detection signal.
"Doctor, the lab is important"
but your life is far more valuable.
Shouldn't we wait for awhile
before descending?
I believe we can expect countless aftershocks.
We've gathered all the signatures.
It's enough to force him
to relinquish his seat to you.
- What?
- What's going on?
It must be an earthquake sir.
"Yes, it's definitely an earthquake."
What the hell should we do now?
I think we should leave the building.
We're on the eleventh floor.
The elevators are too dangerous.
Mommy. Mommy help me.
"Don't worry, my building
won't collapse so easily."
See? It's only an earthquake.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
This is an omen for Traipop's seat of power.
It will be shaken out from under him.
Everyone look at this.
"Grandpa, is this really another Tsunami?"
We cannot stop now.
Everyone be careful and
perform your duties well.
I'm going down to the lab.
"It's very dangerous, Doctor."
We need to know if an earthquake will hit.
And the answers are to be found underwater.
But the underwater lab
cannot withstand the pressure.
I'm already very old.
Perhaps Ling should go instead.
"No one should go there
at this point, Grandpa."
Why spend 60 million to build a lab
if we don't make use of its benefits?
I'm going down there with you.
"Humans are so vulnerable,
we even fear the weather."
Some tremble at the idea of
an earthquake or Tsunami.
Whatever will be will be.
I'm going to cruise on my luxury boat.
There's a lot of work to do upstairs.
You shouldn't have followed me down here.
You've always said the underwater lab
is the heart of our disaster warning systems.
Sorry but I had to do it.
Give me a sign... Let me know.
I need to know if there will be an earthquake.
Give me a sign now.
Every scientist wants to
predict an earthquake.
Tell me... Let me know.
"if these predictions are true,"
then this world has truly
entered the dark ages.
What's going on here?
What's happen?
Dr. Siam...
Prepare to signal
a level 5-red earthquake warning
for the general public to evacuate immediately.
What evidence do you
have to support the signal?
The underwater alarm is activated.
Follow my orders immediately.
"Grandpa, you should leave
the lab right away."
It's too dangerous.
"Don't worry about me, I'm only one life."
There are millions of others to save.
Signal the warning now before it's too late.
And inform the prime minister immediately.
I'll send the data right away.
- Do your job.
- Grandpa.
- All hands on deck.
- Grab the rope.
Look out.
- Lend me a hand.
- Stay alert!
Warning!! Data sent don't work.
Warning!! Data sent don't work.
"Sir, let the airborne relief unit
take care of this."
I'm the leader of this country.
I must be with my people
when they need me most.
You can wait for me here
if you're afraid of death.
Let's do it.
"It's nothing, calm down."
What's going on?
Run! A tsunami is coming!
Hurry kids! Run! Tsunami! Run!
- Get to higher ground.
- Run quickly!
"Quickly, up the stairs."
Move it!
Help! We're over here.
Black Hawk One.
I need to help those stranded on the rooftops.
Will execute immediately sir.
Throw us the rope.
- Phi Phi.
- Phi Phi.
"Phi Phi, where are you?"
"Phi Phi, where are you?"
- Phu
- Phi Phi.
- Somebody help me.
- Help!
Has anyone seen Grandpa?
We're over here.
We're over here.
It's Grandpa.
- Phi Phi
- Doctor.
Are you alright doctor?
Get to higher ground. doctor.
Help. We're over here.
"Sir, a school bus is about to sink."
I see it.
"Black Hawk, we need to help those kids now."
But we can't handle more than 300 kilograms.
I don't care about our maximum capacity.
We must help those children now.
"But sir, I'm afraid that..."
"I'm leading this country,
your job is to obey my orders."
"Yes, but let me warn you sir..."
An overload will put us in grave danger.
Then I'm going down myself.
But you can't do that sir.
Are you my father?
This is breaking news from APN.
The Prime Minister is now
descending from Black Hawk One
to rescue a group of children
who appear to be in danger.
Help us! Help! Help!
The raging waters are gaining momentum.
This is live coverage of our
Prime Minister's 's fearless courage.
Get me closer... lower.
- Steady now... pull the rope up.
- Pull it up now.
Pull it up.
"Hold on, don't be afraid."
Higher now... higher.
All of the students have been rescued.
But the chopper can't hold any more people.
Our Prime Minister is unable to
return to the chopper.
He's in the bus which may be
swept away by the raging waters.
Don't worry about me.
Mr. Prime Minister.
Go on without me. Leave now.
Our Prime Minister is about to
be swept away by the raging waters.
Over here... I'm over here!
I'm over here!
Fellow Thai citizens...
It's a miracle by the Thai Guardian Angel.
After hours of searching
the airborne rescue unit has
finally found the Prime Minister.
"At last, the airborne rescue
unit has him safe."
On behalf of our entire country...
I offer my deepest condolences
Dr Siam will be a huge loss to our nation.
Grandpa gave his life
to obtain precise data for disaster warnings
as well as earthquake prediction.
Our computer centre has already informed me.
Don't let a disaster befall
our country like this again.
Never again.
This was an important lesson for me
and for all mankind.
Mr. Phuket...
Your scientific data is extremely useful.
I'll appreciate the importance of every life
and every tribe that lives on this earth.
I promise.
Thank you sir.
I'm proud to have you lead our nation.
You're more of a leader than a politician.
There's someone injured over there.
Everyone listen to me.
Our nation needs urgent development.
"The souls of our people
need recovery, nourishment,"
and treatment from this major injury.
We must forge ahead together.
Mankind must awaken
from this nightmare and work together.
"Above all, we must stop
destroying this planet"
and live together in mutual respect
and harmony.