Tubelight (2017) Movie Script

See this beautiful place?
It's our town, Jagatpur.
It was a small town then.
I was small, too.
This is me. Laxman Singh Bisht.
This is our headmaster,
Father Frederick.
There's another place, London,
don't know where that is.
He brought this long bulb from there.
It took ages to light up.
(Light up. Light up. Light up!)
The bulb was called a tubelight.
Don't know why, but the kids
also started calling me Tubelight.
Hey Tubelight!
Light up. Light up. Light up!
Laxman, what's three plus four?
The tubelight didn't light up
at once...
...nor did my brain cells.
My mother would say my mind
was like a tubelight.
It needed time to light up...
...but when it did,
it lit up the whole world.
The four brothers:
Ram, Bharat, Shatrughan, Laxman.
They enjoyed life.
But I had no brother.
On the first day of the Ramlila,
I asked God for a boon.
He heard me in a flash.
Lanka was in flames.
Ram and Ravan battled.
Papa emptied a bottle to celebrate
Good triumphing Evil.
It was a cold October night...
...out of pity, mother let him
sleep indoors.
He usually slept outside.
And exactly nine months later
my real story began.
When this little baby
appeared before me...
...he was soft as mountain grass.
My younger brother.
They had already named
me Laxman.
So they worked backwards...
...and named my little brother,
Bharat Singh Bisht.
I had only one friend:
my brother, my partner.
He did whatever I asked.
He trusted me blindly.
I was Tubelight to everyone... my little partner,
I was his Captain.
Light up. Light up. Light up!
Hey Narayan!
God be praised!
My Bharat got all the kids
standing at attention.
Narayan stood straight as a pole now.
One day a remarkable man came
to our school.
A true captain.
If I believe that I can do
what I set out to do...
...then I'll gain the strength
to complete my task.
Even if I lack that strength
at first.
Even in the terrible cold,
he was dressed sparsely.
I heard this captain bowed
before no British officer.
Namaste, Bapuji.
Bapu, where is true belief?
Belief is inside of you, son.
Right here.
Do not forget that.
Yes, Bapuji.
Where? Where is true belief?
Here. Inside of you.
Since that day, Gandhiji's words
became our catchphrase.
Captain, do you believe
you can do it?
Yes, brother, I believe I can.
Captain, do you believe
you can do it?
Yes, partner. I believe
I can do it.
We believed that together
we could do anything.
But slowly our world
began to change.
India got its independence,
but it was divided into two.
Father Frederick returned
to London with his tubelight.
Father consumed alcohol,
and one day it consumed him.
Alcohol killed my father...
...and grief killed my mother.
And we all killed Gandhiji.
The world turned upside down.
But we brothers could not be parted
You're the ace in the pack.
You're the sixer in my innings.
I'm Aladdin.
You're my genie.
Without you... I'm incomplete.
You're my first paycheck.
You're my true soulmate.
You're Aladdin.
I'm your genie.
Without you...
...I'm incomplete.
You never made me feel
less than the others.
You've taught me how to live.
Dance with abandon.
Leave all your buts and ifs behind.
Jump, Captain! Go on, jump!
Do you believe you can do it?
I totally believe that...
...if I jumped, I will die.
Damn Tubelight, you chicken.
The moron fell!
You bum! Think it's funny?
So jump.
I'm not nuts like you.
When you die...
- ...they won't find your corpse.
- So what?
Your soul will wander about.
You won't know peace.
If my body goes missing,
then burn all my things.
My shoes and clothes.
Throw the ashes into the river.
My soul will be at peace then.
So jump with me.
You're crazy!
We are bound together like
kite and string.
Like kite and string.
Without you, I can't take
a single step.
Not a single step.
You put me on a pedestal.
You taught me how to live.
Play with the clouds like the wind.
Leave all your buts and ifs behind.
Dance with abandon.
Leave all your buts and ifs behind.
Jump high and touch the sky.
Leave all your buts and ifs behind.
All was well.
That's what we thought.
But beyond those mountains
events were taking place...
...that would change
our lives forever.
My Jagatpur friends...
...I am Major Rajbir Tokas.
As you all know...
...there's tension on
the Indo-China border.
So the government has decided...
...that the young men who
wish to serve their country...
...may now enlist in the
Indian army.
I am confident that every man
in Jagatpur... ready to serve his country
at this difficult hour.
Hail to the Motherland!
Glory to the Kumaon Regiment!
How can I leave Laxman alone?
He's not alone. We're here.
- But Banne uncle...
- Listen.
Our Delhi legislator, Mr. Tiwari.
He says there shan't be
a conflict.
There's tension at the border...
...but Pandit Nehru does not
want a conflict with China.
The tension will soon subside.
Come back home then.
Another thing. If you enlisted...'d be good for Laxman.
In three years, you can leave
the army...'ll get a pension for life.
You'll have ample money
to look after Laxman.
Besides, how long can you
keep working in my ashram?
I know how little I pay you.
Don't say that, Banne uncle.
When our parents died,
you raised us both.
What happens after I go?
Wise decision.
Everyone's leaving.
Why can't I go?
Captain, try and understand.
How can I?
You're unfit to enlist.
What do you mean?
Do you think I'm a tubelight too?
No, Captain.
You know that isn't true.
So in what way am I unfit?
You're fine, my Captain.
You're just fine.
Catch me, catch me!
Narayan Lal Tiwari.
You're rejected.
Right! It's impossible.
What do you mean?
Not selected?
You have knock-knees.
Hindi, please.
Come here.
Stand at attention.
Will everyone pay attention?
See how his knees touch
each other?
No gap between his knees.
See how they touch when he
straightens his legs?
It's called knock-knees.
Four Jagatpur boys have
this condition.
When running your knees could
knock against each other...
...and you'd fall.
So don't make me run!
Armed, I can fight
the enemy sitting.
We do not enlist men with
knock-knees. Please go!
I've run without falling.
Wasting time here while
fighting is going on there.
Laxman Singh Bisht.
Sorry. Rejected.
How come?
See? There's a gap between
my knees.
Let me explain.
Captain! They'll enlist you.
Don't worry.
Will they?
Yes, Captain.
Some men will go to the front,
others will stay here...
...and protect the country.
You're a Captain, Jagatpur
Jagatpur regiment?
If the enemy enters Jagatpur,
who will alert the army?
You will of course.
A regiment here?
That's right.
Long live India!
Long live India!
Bharat, be confident!
Bravo! Next.
Don't worry, son.
Take care.
Laxman, new boots!
They'll get worn out with all
those parades.
Don't worry, brother.
Come back soon.
I'll get you those new boots.
Soldiers! Time to go!
- Hurry up.
- Let's go.
Even if...
...I stole the sparkle from the stars.
Stole the song from the breeze.
They could not ease the pain
of your absence.
Even if...
...I stole the colour from nature.
Stole blessings from the shrine.
They could not ease the pain
of your absence.
This world is full of strangers.
There's only you for me.
You're the dream that came true.
I will wait for your return.
God forbid something happens
to you...
Without you, loneliness stalks
my every step.
I am the moment that time
passed by.
Holi has no colour...
...without you.
Without you...
...the rainy season is dry.
Even if...
...I stole the rulebook of life.
Stole the cream off the profit.
They could not ease the pain
of your absence.
This world is full of strangers.
There's only you for me.
You're the dream that came true.
I will wait for your return.
God forbid something happens
to you...
Sit down! Settle down, folks!
The old, the young and
the little ones.
Some honesty, some trickery.
Everybody loves magic,
from priest to hermit.
I present the greatest King
who ever walked the earth!
Gogo Pasha!
Today I shall perform a miracle,
greater than magic itself.
This is no simple hand trick...'s a feat of sheer
To perform this miracle...
...I need someone from the audience...
...who is all heart.
Who is that person?
Me! Take me!
Yes, you.
Laxman, he's calling you.
Get up on stage.
You're going to witness a feat
greater than magic.
You'll see something move
that cannot move by itself.
I'm talking about self-belief.
Man's inner strength.
I won't perform this miracle...
...but my new friend will.
His name is...
No! They call me Tubelight
to make fun of me.
My name is Laxman.
Laxman, do me a favour.
Your zipper!
Don't worry...
...everyone has a magician
hidden inside.
"Make the impossible possible
Make all your dreams probable
Turn the parrot into a crow
You'll only reap what you sow."
Now you have the power... perform the miracle!
You will now move this bottle
without touching it.
No, they'll make fun of me.
No, Laxman...
...if you can move it... one will ever make fun
of you again.
Do as I ask.
Concentrate. You can do it.
Just concentrate, Laxman.
Tubelight, light up!
Concentrate, Laxman.
This Tubelight never lights up!
No, Laxman.
Get rid of your fears.
Awaken the power of self-belief.
Laxman, do you believe
you can do it?
Partner, do you believe?
Do you believe you can do it,
I believe I can make
the bottle move.
I can't hear you.
Louder! Do you believe that
you can do it?
Yes. I believe I can make
the bottle move.
Louder! Have you faith?
I can make it move.
Do it through your belief!
Light up. Light up. Light up!
OK, sir! Over!
Soldiers! Take cover
in the mountains.
Sir! Laxman Singh Bisht.
Have you sent the supplies?
Have you increased the quantity?
Cpt. Laxman Singh Bisht.
Sir, when will my brother
- Who?
- My brother Bharat. When, sir?
Are you crazy?
Have you no sense?
There's a conflict raging.
Wasting my time."When will
my brother return?"
"Following growing tensions...
...China has attacked posts
in Ladakh and NEFA.
We do not know how many Indian
soldiers have been killed.
China has seized control
of seven Indian posts."
The papers say there are ten
Chinese soldiers to one of ours.
Our forces are unprepared.
They have no guns or ammunition.
How can they fight?
Banne uncle!
Don't say anything that will
upset him.
Banne uncle, you said
there'd be no fighting.
But that's untrue.
- Don't worry, son.
- How can I not worry?
Believe me, it'll be fine.
Believing alone does not help.
It does.
Anything is possible
if your belief is firm.
When Gandhiji began his
non-violent resistance...
...everyone thought it would
not affect the English.
But we all know what finally
At first others didn't believe it.
But Gandhiji's belief was
so strong...
...that soon every Indian
believed it too.
Their belief shook the
foundations of British rule.
Like the bottle shook?
Like the bottle?
A soda bottle.
I made a bottle move.
Ask Gogo Pasha.
I swear on my mother.
Here's a bottle. Make it move.
You want to see it move?
All right.
- It didn't move.
- Try again.
Let me try from there.
There! The bottle moved.
That's unfair. You moved the bottle.
Because you made me.
That's how belief works.
Gandhiji did not perform magic.
His words were so convincing
that they moved everyone.
People who have self-belief
can move even mountains.
Where do I find belief? So much
that I can move mountains too.
- Not where. But how!
- How?
Follow Gandhiji's teachings.
Do as he did.
What must I do?
I'll tell you about
Gandhiji's teachings tomorrow.
Why tomorrow? Start now!
Go home. It's late.
I'll be back tomorrow.
He's naive, Banne uncle.
What can you teach him?
He's not naive, Maya.
He's just different.
The poor boy is lonely
without Bharat.
We'll keep him distracted
till the war is over.
The Chinese have come.
The Chinese are here.
What do you mean?
- The Chinese are here?
- Where?
There. Over there.
How many are they?
Do they have guns?
- Maybe they do.
- Are they coming here?
Maybe they are.
- Come on, take me to them.
- Let's go.
I'll show them.
Light it!
Careful. They may have guns.
I'll teach them a lesson.
Long live...
That's when I understood why
the army does not enlist...
...people with knock-knees.
I told you to follow
in Gandhiji's footsteps...
...and you pull this stunt?
- Not Gandhiji's way?
- God save me.
Absolutely not.
He didn't act foolishly like you
or that idiot Narayan.
So what did Gandhiji do?
Here. Read it.
What does it mean?
Feeling enmity towards others,
is being an enemy to yourself.
That's why you must regard
enemies as friends.
Does it mean I must make
friends with the Chinese?
Gandhiji said...
...harbouring hatred will consume
your belief.
But how?
Think about it.
Think about it?
If I befriend the Chinese,
will my belief grow?
Gandhiji never hated
the English.
Ok. I'll make friends and bring
my brother home.
Your brother?
My belief will help me bring
Bharat back home. Yes?
If God wills it.
Why would God not wish it?
Or not want it?
You're right.
When my belief is stronger,
I can move mountains, right?
Of course. Why not?
Son, what have you against
your zipper?
Pull it up!
Hey you Chinese kid!
You nuts?
You hit my head and chest.
What next?
I can't make friends with
those crazy people.
Gandhiji's ways are not easy.
Even if Gandhiji came back to life,
he could not befriend them.
Come forward.
You tried to burn their house.
How can they befriend you
so easily?
Think of something.
Want a cold drink? Here.
It's for you.
The Chinese boy smashed
the bottle into little bits.
Lost my 4 annas deposit.
My son!
You have no choice. Make friends.
I am Laxman.
I am an Indian
and you are Chinese.
Indians-Chinese are brothers.
How to tell this fool?
Who are you calling a fool?
He speaks Hindi!
Now who's the fool?
No, not that. Please!
Put it away.
You hurt me the other day.
I still ache.
Why do you come here
every day?
You speak Hindi too?
Does everyone in China
speak Hindi?
I don't know. I've never been
to China.
We're Indians.
What do you want?
Nothing. I came to make friends.
Watermelon... cools the mind.
I don't want a watermelon.
I want ice-cream.
My name is Laxman Singh Bisht.
What's yours?
Han Jian Guo.
Gu is not a name.
Gu is potty. Means poo in Hindi!
Not Gu! It's Guo.
See that shop?
You can buy ice-cream there.
- Not coming with me?
- Don't want ice-cream.
Give me some money.
One softy, please.
- What does he want?
- A softy.
We don't serve the Chinese.
Get out!
Go, you rascal. Or I'll melt
you with your softy.
He'll get me killed.
Why is the Chinese boy
calling you?
Don't know him, he doesn't
know me. Swear on Banne uncle.
Watch where you're going!
Get down!
Laxman, did you make friends?
I bought him a softy.
We're friends now.
Where's uncle?
He's gone home.
He's off to Delhi tomorrow.
He left this list for you.
List? What list?
A list of Gandhiji's teachings.
You must do everything
on the list.
Your belief will grow
even greater.
Myself Laxman.
Myself Liling.
Maya, look after Laxman.
Stay well.
Are we friends now?
Indians-Chinese, brothers!
How many times must I tell you?
I'm Indian, not Chinese.
Then say: "Long live Mother India!"
If you're an Indian say:
"Long live Mother India!"
If you're an Indian, say it.
Or else you're Chinese.
You go first.
Long live Mother India!
Long live Mother India!
I said it louder than you.
So I'm more Indian than you.
Long live Mother India!
Why are we here?
To report to the Major.
Report? Why?
Tell him you're Indian,
not Chinese.
If an enemy sneaks into Jagatpur,
reporting is my responsibility.
Not even a mouse
would be scared of you.
Wipe your nose.
You have softy all over.
Fix your hair.
Talk politely to the officer.
- And your zipper.
- What?
Pull up your zipper!
- I said four.
- Yes, sir. Four.
- Move, please.
- I asked for four so why only three?
Long live India!
Who is he?
This is Gu.
He's Gu? I see!
Yes, sir. Gu and his mother
are living here.
He's not Chinese, he's an Indian.
He speaks Hindi well, but
trips up on some words.
Want to hear him?
Speak Hindi for him.
Go on.
Say something in Hindi.
Wiping your nose now?
You made a mockery of me.
Why didn't you speak Hindi?
Am I a parrot? You ask, I talk.
I will not speak Hindi.
Have you no shame, Laxman?
You were always a tubelight...
...but are you that dumb?
What's wrong?
The Chinese are killing our
brothers, your brother...
...and you're making friends
with them.
Guo is an Indian.
He can speak Hindi and Chinese.
He's not our enemy.
Shut up! You dumb traitor.
Teaching me who is an enemy
and who is a friend.
Why hit me?
If Bharat was here, he'd give you
a slap too.
No, he'd beat you up.
Drop that rock!
Guo, run!
Watch out! If I see you again
with him...
Now get lost!
Long live Lord Hanuman!
We'll destroy the bunker
with a hand grenade.
How will we throw it?
The bunker is too far away, sir.
Sir, let me.
I will.
Cover his back.
Let's move.
Liling-ji, where is Guo?
Come, I'll explain.
When Guo's papa passed away...
...we lived with my father.
My father, brother and uncle were
thrown in jail in Rajasthan.
My great-grandfather, Lee Tsu,
settled in India.
My parents, my husband and
I were born in India.
But conflict changes everything.
Now people look on us
as enemies.
It makes no difference
that India is our home.
Makes no difference that we
love India as much as you...
...and your brother do.
I brought Guo here from Calcutta
till my father is released.
Guo is safe here.
I heard what happened yesterday.
I don't want Guo mixed up
in all this.
I think it's best for us all
that you stop meeting Guo.
We're not friends?
We're friends, Laxman.
Are we?
Guo and I are your friends.
Then my work is done!
My work is done, Liling-ji!
My work is done, Liling-ji!
Thank you!
The boots!
23 rupees, right?
Here's 15.
And the rest in change.
Total 23.
Bharat likes these boots.
They're for him.
- Is Bharat coming home?
- Yes! Very soon.
We're friends with the Chinese now.
Friends with the Chinese?
When did that happen?
This morning.
I heard nothing on the radio.
Switch the radio on!
The boy seems to know,
yet we know nothing.
The Major has called you.
News about Bharat.
- News about my brother?
- Yes.
News about my brother!
How wonderful, Bharat.
You're going home.
I wish I had been shot.
I'd be heading home too.
Laxman? You?
Where is Banne uncle?
Why are you crying?
Where is Banne uncle?
I told you he was
going to Delhi.
Why today of all days?
Don't cry. You can talk to him.
We have a telephone.
You can call anyone.
How does it work?
With this cable.
It carries your voice there,
and brings his voice here.
- Can we talk to anyone?
- Yes.
- No matter where they are?
- Yes.
I want to call.
Not today. It'll work tomorrow.
Yes, telephone.
Please call, sir.
- Call where?
- China.
Who do you want to call
in China?
An officer like you, sir.
Let's call him.
To get news of Bharat.
We'll talk to my brother.
Be quiet!
Look, Laxman...
This is our phone,
the number here is 3867.
Assume his number is 5678,
so you dial...
You dial like this.
The bell rings there.
Someone picks up the phone,
we talk.
But we do not have a number
there to call.
Who will have it, sir?
Maybe... The Chinese may have it.
I'll be right back.
Liling-ji, do you have a number
for China?
- What?
- A number for China?
Your great-grandpa's number
in China. Leechi...
Lee Tsu.
- How many brothers did he have?
- Three.
- Did they all come to India?
- No.
You must have some family
back in China?
Laxman, we don't have any family
You must have someone.
Grandpa? Grandma? Uncle?
Laxman, what's all this nonsense?
Liling-ji, I must get a number
in China.
What's happened, Laxman?
They took him away.
The Chinese have taken him.
They've got Bharat.
Have faith, Laxman.
Your brother will come home.
How can he?
The Chinese have taken him away.
When the fighting is over, all the
prisoners will be freed.
And if they kill him?
They won't.
How do you know?
People can kill each other.
Laxman, don't give up.
You must believe that your
brother will return.
Don't let fear fester in your heart.
There's some words like that
in Gandhiji's list.
Banne uncle's list.
"Fear is our enemy."
It means... must rid your heart
of your fears.
What do you fear most in life?
Partner, do you believe?
Yes, partner. I believe.
Partner, do you have self-belief?
How can you walk in those boots?
Walk? We had better run
for our lives.
Or else we'll all be dead.
Don't be crazy.
They'll shoot if we try anything.
He's right.
We must run...
...if we want to survive.
What's the next one?
This is short and sweet.
"Truth is my god."
Do you understand?
This is really simple.
"Speak the truth."
For how long?
"Always" is a long time.
It goes on and on...
...till the very end.
Don't have that much time.
So tell the truth to those
to whom you have lied.
Smart! My work will be done sooner.
Let's go.
Go on!
Go on!
Go on.
Sir, remember when you
punished me outside...
...all day long?
Remember when I was a kid... asked me to offer milk
to Lord Shiva on Shivrati?
Aunty, remember the night
of the flood... sent me looking
for your husband?
I said I couldn't find him.
I was angry and poured water
into your bag. Remember?
Never mind, son. It happens.
I told you Lord Shiva drank
the milk before my very eyes.
- Remember.
- Yes, I remember!
Lord Shiva drank the milk...
...performing a great miracle.
I remember. The next day the
poor man came home exhausted.
That wasn't water, sir.
It wasn't water?
- What was it?
- It was...
It was pee, sir.
Panditji, that was not
the Lord's miracle.
A small boy drank the milk.
That boy was...
I did find him.
You damn Tubelight!
Your husband gave me a jalebi.
A jalebi? Why?
Because he was feeding
jalebis to Nattu's aunt.
He wasn't using his hands,
but his this.
Run, Guo.
Laxman, stop!
Run, Guo.
You sinner!
"Truth is my god."
They must have news of Bharat.
- Let's ask the Major.
- OK.
Bharat is not among them.
Go home.
And hurry! Get your friend
out of here.
There is too much tension.
Now go.
"Increased fighting is expected
in the Aksai Chin zone.
According to our reports...
...over 200 Indian soldiers
have died.
The enemy offensive has damaged
the morale of our soldiers."
Oh no.
Did you know that Ghuman Singh's
two sons were killed?
Oh Lord Shiva.
This loser never learns.
My blood boils when I see
Must you stay glued to him?
What's he to you?
He's my friend.
Get back!
You traitor. The Chinese
cannot be our friends.
Our brothers are dying
and you two...
I'll show him.
I won't spare either of you.
No! Run, Guo, run.
I won't spare him.
You and your son had better
leave tomorrow.
Only Indians live in Jagatpur.
Who are you to decide who
is Indian and who is not?
We have as much right as you
to live here.
We're Indians because we believe
it in our hearts.
We don't need a certificate
from anyone to prove it.
Liling-ji is right.
Shut up!
If you befriend enemies,
your brother will never return.
Sure he will. I'll bring him back.
You'll bring him back?
Hear that?
Tubelight of all people!
This number one moron
will bring his brother back.
I will bring him back.
Wait and see.
And how will you do it?
If one has belief,
anything is possible.
Shut up! You and your "belief!"
You moved one silly bottle,
now you lecture on belief.
What's a bottle? You can
even move mountains.
Move mountains, eh?
Your zipper is never zipped up.
And you'll move mountains.
A mountain, my foot!
There it is. Try!
Show everyone. Come on.
Make it move!
If you can move it an inch,
I'll shave off my moustache.
You don't have to do it.
He just wants to make
a fool of you.
Shut up! You've said enough.
- Stop!
- Maya, don't butt in.
- Enough!
- Make him see sense.
Why are you making a scene?
One minute...
That was no earthquake.
A great power moved
the mountain.
What power?
The papers say it
was an earthquake.
People need excuses
to believe in miracles.
OK. Let's assume it was
an earthquake...
...but how did it happen?
I don't know.
It was a miracle. I saw it
with my own eyes.
So build a temple in his name!
It was a miracle.
Children, you should
believe in science.
It was just an earthquake.
Laxman just happened
to be there.
Teacher, I saw Laxman
with my own eyes.
He moved the mountain like this.
Sit down!
For 35 years,
I've seen this mountain every day.
I swear it.
It seems to have shifted
to the right.
Am I wrong?
A little to its right... do you see it?
Goodness me!
Have you read this?
Yes. I heard there was
an earthquake.
No, not an earthquake.
It was Laxman, he moved
the mountain.
Get lost!
Don't even mention holidays.
Hey Laxman. Sit down.
I'll make you a drink.
No, sir. Alcohol consumed
my father.
A true miracle!
They say you moved
the mountain... doing something
like this. Right?
Sir, my belief has really grown.
So find a way to stop this
cruel fighting, my Captain... all our men come home.
And the Chinese soldiers can
go home to their children, too.
Sir, if the fighting stops...
...will all the soldiers
return home?
Yes, Captain.
And so will your brother.
We're here.
China is to the east.
Where is east, Liling-ji?
Where the sun rises.
That's where China is.
Why do you ask?
I must stop the fighting, Liling-ji.
Major Tokas said Bharat will not
return till it ends.
You'll stop the fighting?
You mean like this?
Yes, Liling-ji.
Look Laxman, you did not
move that mountain.
And you did not cause
that earthquake.
But Liling-ji, you saw it
with your own eyes.
Yes, Laxman. But no one can
move a mountain.
To move mountains is just
a saying.
Self-belief is a very
precious thing.
But it cannot perform miracles.
And if something happens that you
did not wish for...
...then do not think that
your belief did not work.
We must believe, Laxman.
Believe that Bharat will return.
I must believe that my father
will return too.
We must believe this cruel
war will end some day.
"Despite the bravery of
the Indian soldiers...
...they were forced to retreat
from Walong.
Heavy shelling at Chushul
was reported late last night.
264 Indian soldiers have
lost their lives.
The Chinese are bombing our
posts from every direction."
It's getting from bad to worse.
It's impossible to even bring
their bodies back.
The fallen soldiers turn to ice
on the spot, frozen...
...with their rifles.
O Lord Shiva!
My broken heart...
...burns in your flame.
Wherever you may be... live in my heart.
My broken heart...
...flows in your waves.
Wherever you may be... live in my heart.
You may live in this world
or in the next.
You are everywhere.
This is my only belief.
You are everywhere.
Forever and ever... every way you are
my only belief.
Each time I remember you...
...I gasp for breath.
I cry out in despair.
I pray to catch a glimpse of you.
Broken bits of my heart...
...stay in wait for you.
Wherever you may be... live in my heart.
Whenever I feel sad... make me smile again.
Wherever you may be... live in my heart.
What's he doing?
Is he stirring up another
Hold on tight to the railings.
You may live in this world...
...or in the next.
You are everywhere.
This is my only belief.
You are everywhere.
Forever and ever... every way you are
my only belief.
Laxman is back.
Laxman is here!
You've done it.
You've done it. Done it!
Look! Today's headlines.
The conflict has ended.
There is a LOC between
China and India.
You've done it.
Yes, son! You've done it.
You've shown us all.
Laxman has done what
he said he would.
I have done it!
I had the best news ever.
It made me leap to the sky.
My wishes were granted.
My prayers had that power.
Spruced myself up,
combed my hair.
Got my shoes polished.
Now I'm ready to dance.
My dear, play the Radio.
Play your music loud for me.
My dear, play the Radio.
Make them all wanna dance
with me.
He was that lost bit
of my heart...
...I knew that I'd find it
I knew it in my heart.
I'd happily sacrifice my life
so he'd head home.
Sacrifice is OK by me.
Like an upright officer...
...sitting in a jeep, my soldier
will come home again.
My dear, play the Radio.
Play your music loud for me.
Listen to me!
Wait a minute.
There's no news about
our men returning.
But the fighting is over.
I understand your plight.
The fight has ended.
But our units deep in the
mountains are out of reach.
We cannot contact them,
even by radio.
You should do your job.
Hear me out!
We hear there's still fighting
in some areas.
It hasn't stopped everywhere.
- Why did we spare the Chinese?
- Meaning?
Parading before our very eyes...
...while their soldiers
kill our brothers.
Brothers, calm down.
I will not spare them.
What's wrong, Guo?
Why are you crying?
Stop shouting! You nutcase.
Why hit him?
Who was hit?
He's talking rubbish.
I saw him with my own eyes.
You beat him up.
Who was beaten?
- What's Laxman talking about?
- Nothing.
He beat Liling-ji's father.
He's always been crazy.
Talking rubbish.
Liar! Narayan hit her father.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Shut up! Want another slap?
- Why did you hit him?
- He's an enemy.
No, they are not enemies.
Will someone stop him?
He's gone mad. Stop him!
No pulse, no breath...
...emptiness is all I see.
In a life without you...
...emptiness is all I see.
No tears, no sighs...
...emptiness is all I see.
Now even death is inviting.
Emptiness is all I see.
Why have I survived?
What am I without you?
In every hour, in every place.
Emptiness is all I see.
Your shadow no longer
follows me.
Emptiness is all I see.
In a life without you...
...emptiness is all I see.
The valleys look forlorn.
The empty paths send their greetings.
Lost in thoughts of you.
Stories of you
return to my lips.
Lost in thoughts of you.
Why have I survived?
What am I without you?
In every hour, in every place.
Emptiness is all I see.
Your shadow no longer
follows me.
Emptiness is all I see.
In a life without you...
...emptiness is all I see.
Two ice-cream, please.
My treat.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Can we sit with you?
We're going back to Calcutta.
Father must be admitted
to the hospital.
Is Guo leaving too?
They were right to say...
...I was a tubelight.
Lived by a list.
I thought I could bring
my brother back.
That list was the love
you have for your brother.
You said your brother
always asked you:
"Partner, do you believe
in yourself?"
You proved that you believed.
You did whatever you could
for your brother.
If he knew what you've done,
he'd be proud of you.
The softy is melting.
Need some help?
The boots...
Take my boots.
Record their names and unit numbers
from their tags.
He's dead, sir.
Which unit did he belong to?
Bharat Singh Bisht.
3rd Kumaon.
Sir, he's breathing.
He's alive.
Take him to the camp below.
- On the double!
- Yes, sir.
I'm going. I'm going to
bring my brother home.
I'll bring him back.
Listen, brother.
Sir! Don't forget your boots.
The priest said that God
would return Bharat to me.
Banne uncle said it was my
belief that protected Bharat.
Liling-ji said it was my love.
There's Bharat.
He's badly wounded.
He's suffering from trauma.
You must be patient.
My partner.
I am your Captain.
Partner, the boots?
You wanted these boots?
Partner! See who has come.
Banne uncle.
This is Liling and Gu.
Not Gu. It's Guo!
The only thing that I have
understood... that belief is powerful.
It takes time to light up...
...but when it does, it
brightens the whole world.
Just like a tubelight.