Tubines (2019) Movie Script

[Yana softly cries]
[Turbines sound]
[Knock on the door]
Come in
Hello again, Mrs Dragwash. How are you going?
Who's this little guy?
It's Jagmar.
You again? What are you doing here?
I'm sorry. Atilla, nice to meet you.
Yeah, Im Paul.
Nice meeting you Paul. Why don't you have a seat.
Thank you
Thank you
How about something to eat?
Ah, no, that won't be necessary.
Ok, maybe a cup of tea?
Yeah ok, I'm ok with a cup of tea.
I'll just grab a seat.
No worries.
Now there's a couple of beaureucratic traps a lot of people
tend to fall into regards the intigration form.
I just need a couple of details, about how well
you've been integrading with the local people in the area,
some examples of how you get along with say some people in town,
getting along with people at work, at the um, at the turbine farm,
just basic things like that.
I'll just get you to have a look at those for us.
[Windturbines, heartbeat increasing speed and volume]
[Hammer crack on steel]
[Deep breath in and out]
I think I've got a leech on my shoe
Oh come on there's no way that you've got a leech on your shoe
annoying, seriously why is it so hot?
We should get some water or something
Guys, can we please stop complaining. We've got so much to do.
Well, who made you in charge?
The school did.
[Soft happy music]
Sighs, that was a long day. Sighs
It is always a long day
As always, your right.
Is Jagmar asleep?
No, you know Jagmar, he always plays with the dog.
Why did you get him that dog?
He needs a friend. He's isolated here.
Sighs, I know, but, you know what's been happening.
What's been happening?
You know, those animals, killed.
It's not gonna happen to the dog.
I don't want him to fall in love with that dog,
and for something to happen and then he gets hurt
He loves that dog.
And I love you.
And I don't want you to get hurt.
You would never hurt me.
Such a happy little boy.
I know, they're always together.
Sometimes I feel bad that's his only friend.
How's your husband, Atilla?
Oh my god he's so much better.
For a while there I thought there was something really wrong.
I'm not gonna lie, I was scared.
But he's so good with Jagmar. You know, giving him that dog.
He's always there for us.
And everyone's very happy and healthy?
Yes, very much.
I told you there was nothing to worry about.
Kissing and giggling
Didn't you guys get enough of that last night?
Gees I hardly slept you know.
6 hours of Oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god.
It says here that there's a history of headaches, nausia,
sleep disorders and other healh problems.
So, I was just wondering maybe
people living here and working here
might have some of these symptoms.
What does it say?
Well, he said that our conditional citizenship has been extended not that it
Let me look
suspended and it's ahh
Nothing has been taken away from us.
It is only untill our citizenship can be finalised.
that will only be another
Untill when, and then
Well that, I don't know
6 months?
6 years?
it's gonna be untill we work this land and we die.
You know what they're gonna do, their just gonna get someone else.
You know what
Where are you going?
Out where
[Yanna cies]
[Tent is russling]
Sigh. Not again!
That's it!
I'm not listening to this all night!
Hi Velma, aaw
Ugh, hi Daphne
Hey, um, aaw, do you think we can have a couple of minutes alone
Yeah a couple more minutes, reow
just like a few,
shhhh. Giggling
Thank you Velma
Thank you Velma
Shut up
One minute, Im longer than a minute.
Look at the Turbines
[Cracking of a stick]
Did you hear something?
There's something out there.
Calm down, it's just an animal. We are in the woods after all.
Fuck off, haha, see, easy.
Florence! What are you doing? I'm not a lesbian.
I'm sorry, I just thought, Im sorry, sigh
[Scary music]
Im sorry, ugh, look, I, I, I was just thought that maybe
You think too much.
Come on, let's go back.
Just don't kiss me again.
Hi, you're Atilla, right?
Well, Im Hugh's girlfriend, Wendy.
And he's sick
and I thought I'd come up and see if I can work for him.
In his place.
For the day.
There's nothing for you to do here, go home.
Please, we need the money.
Go get your gloves and get up here then.
[Scary music building]
[Hammer clangs against steel]
Screams and thuds into the ground
Groans in pain
[Scary music building]
Hey, hey
No, No!! Screaming
[Heartbeat faster and louder with heavy beathing
eerie music]
[Hammer cruch bone]
[Suspensful string music]
[High pitch sounds]
[Door and floorboards creak]
mmmm, Atilla is that you?
Yana my love
That's my boy.
Come on sit down.
There you go.
Now, before you have breakfast today,
there's something really important daddy has to tell you.
Now mommy, she's a little bit sick.
It's nothing bad, she's just a little bit sick.
I think she needs a little bit of peace and quiet.
So, and you need to promise me this, ok.
Don't go in her room untill I tell you, ok. Ok, Pinkie Swear.
Ok, alright, lets eat up.
Hey boys, hugh.
Whoa whoa whoa hey hey
Where is she?
Whoa hey fellas, just one second. Back off alright
Just back off alright
Where is she?
All of you, back off, where's who?
Wendy, my girlfriend.
Wendys missing. It's his fault.
How do you figure that?
He was the last one that saw her.
She came up here and she never came back.
So you figured that's he's what?
Kidnapped your girlfriend, stolen your car and stashed it somewhere?
Have you ever thought that maybe she just left you?
Atilla's been working up here with us for years.
He's earned our respect. He's one of us now, ok.
I think you owe someone an apology. Alright
Why don't you sort it out
Looks pretty sorted to me
Hey guys, wait up!
Guys, I have to go!
[Wind turbine whooshing sounds]
Is that Florence?
Can we just be quiet for a minute guys.
She's such a dork.
She's a dork.
a-ha, see I told ya, suck a dork
I told you
Calm down, calm, down, calm down. What happened.
Sit down here.
Crying and heavy breathing
Listen, you're fine. What happened.
I saw it over there, there's a body,
it's all cut up, it's over there by the tree.
I'm sure it's nothing.
It's ok.
It's fine now, we are here with you.
Hey maybe it's just some hunter that killed something.
I know what I saw.
I miss you too honey.
And I love you.
Jagmar is so big now.
He looks like his mom.
I miss your beautiful eyes.
Look, I'm not saying that we should all go
What do you wanna do?
But who's gonna do the tech stuff? You? Or you?
What's the point doing the tech stuff?
Look can we just
But we are here for a purpouse
Who said you could be the boss? I'm even, there no point
It doesn't matter
You can't always go around and be the boss.
Yes I can
No you can't
I can
You can't. This is boring, what your doing is pointless.
We have things to do.
We are just sitting here doing absolutely nothing.
Shut up
Were doing absolutely
What if we just
Let's just ask her
Flo, honey. Are you sleeping?
Gasp air and screams
[Scary music and screams]
[Ear piercing scream, Skull Crunch]
[Crunching and moans]
[Scary gong sounds]
Can I have some? No. What if I had a bite?
Only one piece of toast.
Just one piece.
Neran, what are you doing?
No, no, out. Out!
[Knock on the glass door]
Mr. Dreckwaesch
We are just investigating an incident in the area and
we'd love to ask you a few questions. If that's ok.
Were you in any kind of altication,
you have a little bit of a, a little something
Just a disagreement at work.
Disagreement at work. Understand. Trust me.
Do you mind if we step inside.
I can't let you. My wife is sick.
Oh well, I'm sorry to hear that. Is it just you and your wife?
I have a son.
And how old is he?
Five, that's a fun age.
Listen, if you hear anything untoward, or anything suspicious
as you kow there's been some disappearances in the area so
please don't hesitate to give us a call.
Sure. I really gotta go to work now so
if you guys don't have any other questions
oh well. I think that will do us
Good day, gentlemen
Good day
Here he is. Finally
We'll just wait for him to come to us and we can get him together.
Where is Shaun?
Not here today.
Just us and you mate
Ahh, that's good.
Yeah, that's good. No one here to protect you.
I don't want him to see what's coming next
[Droaning scary music and hammer crunch]
[Music droans like a gong]
[Groans and breaths heavy]
[Music droans like a gong]
[Trowel banging on concret and a crunch of bones]
[Plastic russling]
[Singing to himself]
[Groans and breaths heavy]
Every day I think about you.
And every day I feel I'm missing you more.
I miss you making breakfast for me.
I miss you in the shower.
And I miss watching you play with Jagmar.
I love you
[Soft music plays]
[Knock on the door]
Mr Dreckwaesch
Yes, how can I help you?
We are investigating two missing persons, Hugh and Lou.
We believe they were meant to report to you today?
I killed them, they are in my garage
He's joking
Laughs, I thought you're being seious.
I am serious. Let me show you.
[The sound of light rain hits the tin roof]
What the fuck happened in here?
Self Defence.
Self Defence?
They tried to kill me.
So you defended yourself by bludging them to pieces?
Tell me again how this happened.
Well I guess they ran out of their stupid insults.
How I take work away from them.
They always laughed about my accent.
Your accent is pretty funny.
What's with the guns?
Your'e gonna shoot me now because I defended myself?
If this is self defence,
why did you bring the bodies in here?
Well I couldn't leave them out there, couldn't I.
With all the recent animal killings,
just imagine how the bodies would look now.
It certainly would't look any fucking worse than this, would they.
Atilla, get down on your knees and put your hands behind your head.
[Eerie music]
[Screams, groans and hammer cracking bones]
[High pitch noise]
I really hope you feel better soon.
He misses you.
But he loves that dog.
I told you you're wrong about the dog.
Better rest now.
[Eerie music]
[Feet scuffle on the concrete floor]
Officer McCagan, Officer Rose, where are they?
Officer Rose. Is right here.
Let her go Atilla
If I let her go, she might fall.
Let her go!
Yeah, why don't you grab her.
Grab her!
[Screams, groans and hammer cracking bones]
[Eerie droning music]
Aaaahhh. Look at Naren. Jadgmar, look at Naren. Like that.
Same thing, same thing. Waaahhh.
Have you eaten up yet? You have?
Ah look, Naren hasn't eaten up. Just tell her to eat up.
Eat Up.
Good girl.
I told you she'd eat if she could reach it.
Maybe if I move your plate you would eat too huh.
I've already eaten.
Oh you've already eaten, ok.
Now you don't try and trick me.
Why don't you go and grab Naren and you guys go and play.
Naren, go and play, out.
Naren, here.
No, out.
Naren, here.
Under the desk is good. Just out.
Now you just go and play. Ok.
[Knock at the door]
[Louder and faster knocking]
[Door slides open]
Oh hi doctor.
Long time no see.
Long time no see.
Yeah, um. Aren't you supposed to be at work today?
No, I have a day off.
Yeah, Um, Ive just come to check up on your son.
Is he around?
He's playing with the dog.
Ok, yeah, hm, um. So um, is Jana around, around anywhere?
Yeah she didn't feel well. She's in the bedroom.
Ok, um, can I go and check up on her?
Nah, she'll be ok.
Ah, ok, I'll go and check upon her.
[Knocks on bedroom door]
[Knocks on bedroom door]
[Heartbeat and droning music]
[Heartbeat and music increases, louder and faster]
[Door clicks shut]
[Doctor breaths heavy in panic]
[Droaning music and hammer crunch]
[Loudly kisses Yanna]
Jagmar?! Jagmar?!
[Birds chip after rain]
[Atilla breaths heavy through his nose]
[Heavy eerie droning music]
Hey, Hey!
No, no, no!
[Heavy eerie droning music]
Bitch was nagging aye
[Gong to fade out]
Eerie music over credits