Tueurs (2017) Movie Script

He is very tall.
He had a carnival
mask on his face.
A long coat.
And the other man, the third
He looked and he fired twice there.
From 1982 to 1985
The band called "The killers
of Brabant" sow terror
Important research has
been done without success
The mobsters escape in the
manner of a real commando
We talked about the CIA who
wanted to shake Belgium
"Soft Belly of NATO"
There has been talk of an attempt by the
far right to "destabilize the state".
We talked about so much as to
scramble everything at leisure
- You have proof that we did
not want to succeed? - Yes
Brussels, 30 years later.
Masked number - Is paradise near?
I'm there
Let's go
Commissioner Tesla, leave a message.
Lucie call me back it's urgent.
I am at the mall of...
Bois de la Houssiere, 10 days earlier.
Go check it out
What did I tell you...
We must wait for the results of the lab
So ?
All matches
The size of the skull, the dentition
and, the state of decomposition of the body
suggests that it has been here for 30 years
The indications of the
"Raven" was perfect.
12 gauge, Brenekkes type
- the type of ammunition
used by the "Crazy Killers"
- A signature somehow...
Probably shot by a shotgun
one bullet in the head and
two others in the chest
- I have the green light to launch the
search at the Minister Van Bollen?
Are you sure we have
all the evidence?
He is done with what the "Raven" provided.
- And you could
identify him, I guess?
Not yet, but we are working
on it, Mr Prosecutor.
So ?
- We are live in front of the home
of former Minister Guy Van Bollen,
who, as you see, is arrested
by Judge Vronique Pirotte.
Ex-Minister charged during the course
of the "Crazy Killers" investigation
Crimes that I recall have
bloodied our country
in the early 80s.
So, it went well?
Yeah, I have everything
- Do you have an appointment with the guy
for the rest? - Tonight if everything OK.
Not bad.
It is the best.
Do you have the chargers?
Yeah, I have everything.
The last from Astra.
Everything is fine. She is alone.
I'm doing a last job, and
in a week we are far.
I'm not going to live "on
the run" again, Franck.
It's finish.
Trust me.
What are you doing ?
Your bottle...
What, the bottle?
You touched it before putting on your
gloves. Change gloves, your DNA is on them.
Soon it will be necessary to dress
like cosmonauts to steal...
We arrive at Marchienne.
Everything is fine.
We get there in two minutes.
We are getting closer.
Get ready.
Secure perimeter.
Impact in fifty meters.
Hands behind the neck.
Move !
Here. kneel.
On your knees.
Don't be stupid. Think of your
kids and everything will be fine.
There, with the others.
It's good I have it. One minute.
Stand ! Stand !
Go! Faster !
Enter There!
Go sit.
Do not move.
GPS enabled.
We stay calm, it's almost over.
I'm in place, everything is fine.
Thank you.
Shit, what's up with this schmuck?
Me, I do not leave here without my money.
We stay calm.
Go for it.
Thank you.
Your hand ! Show your hand.
Hey! Right here !
Against the wall.
Go! Go!
It's good, go ahead.
Get out! Move!
Straight ahead.
Go quickly.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Put your finger.
Buzz off.
Move! Move!
Down ! Down !
Commissioner Tesla, leave a message.
Lucie call me back it's urgent.
I am at the mall of...
Soldiers of the old Legion,
Tomorrow brandishing our flags,
As winners we will march,
We do not only have weapons,
But the devil walks with us,
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,
Oh, damn I will miss that.
Ah me too.
Ellen will not follow you...
We'll see
If you change your mind.
Ah, Na, no, it's decided, I'll stop.
With all this dough,
I'll see coming.
Me, I'm going to get bored without you.
Ah, ah, ah You'll come to see me.
- Not that - go ahead
No, not that
Go ahead
She will protect you all three.
You're shitting.
Thank you.
Where do they come from?
Shit !
Aim for the tires!
Throw the nails!
Yey !! Ney!
They can always hope, these bastards.
Good game !
You don't stand a chance.
- Frank!
- Drop your weapons!
Valken! You are surrounded,
You don't stand a chance.
So, put down the weapons and surrender.
Frank go ahead!
Go ahead !
Phew, fuck.
Santo is dead.
The cops were waiting
for us, we were betrayed.
How we were betrayed?
You, go and find me that conveyor "son
of a whore" who sold you the deal.
Frank, it's not possible
Santo is dead, fuck, do
you understand that?
Look, it's not possible
now, the cops are here.
We have to wait a few days.
It's you who has referred this guy to us...
You go to pick him up.
You understood ?
The cops have not descended upon us by chance,
I don't like that. This affair stinks.
I'm not stupid, Frank.
I swear I don't understand.
I do not know what happened.
I swear.
I have the sad responsibility of
announcing the death of eight people.
Including one of our
sisters, esteemed by all
Judge Vronique Pirotte
Cowardly murdered by criminals
Who acted like real predators.
One of them was shot
dead by the police
This is Santo Messina.
Well known of our services.
Exceptional police
measures are implemented
to neutralize this band of terrorists
Have a good day.
Mr. Prosecutor, please, we're still
asking ourselves a lot of questions
questions about Frank Valken who
escaped from prison a few weeks ago
he was very close
to Santo Messina
So is he considered suspect?
No comment.
Mr. Prosecutor -
Could you make a little
less noise, please...
I need sugar and all the
sugar is in the bottom...
You know this is why we
propose some spoon...
Bah Yes, because you see; while stirring ..
Your sugar is better distributed.
And as you do not have to
suck the bottom of the cup
And then I do not have to
listen to that shitty sound...
It would be so much more elegant...
You think ?
How are you feeling ?
Like shit.
We lost Valken
And in my opinion, he is already far
That's what he wants us to believe.
I know how to find
him, trust me.
We remind you this
information Frank
Valken, a prominent
figure of organized crime
who escaped from
prison a few weeks ago
would be one of those responsible
for the terrible shooting
which took place last night...
- What is this madness ?
- Fuck but it's not us!
- What do you want to do ?
- A press conference ?
It's not the moment Vik.
Judge Vronique Pirotte.
I remind you that she
investigated the
"crazy killers" file
Killers who seems so back.
30 years later.
A glass of red.
Same thing.
Since when does a reporter
give his info to a cop?
I would rather say "share"
You seem pretty close
to Judge Pirotte.
I checked her phone.
With whom did Veronique have an
appointment in this parking lot?
Did she tell you she
had an appointment?
Do you really think she
was there by chance?
I do not know.
She was waiting for
someone, that's obvious.
Someone who pretended
to be the "raven"
It is not false.
His informant had given her an
appointment in this parking
You could identify it?
Not yet.
It constantly changes
his cell phone and SIM card.
Do you know what an "exquisite corpse" is?
You think that her death is a staging?
That's it ?
You doubt it?
You are completely crazy.
There are cops everywhere.
I want to talk to you.
What happened ? Frank.
What happened ?
We just hit the bank.
We would never have shot innocent people.
So, what's all these deaths?
They say it's you.
That's bullshit.
We were trapped.
The cops fell on us immediately.
They knew it.
It's not possible otherwise.
The Judge was not there by chance.
Damn, Frank.
What are you going to do ?
I will disappear a moment.
I won't allow them to put that on me.
Police !
Spread your arms!
Spread the arms
Turn around! Turn around.
On your knees!
Get on the ground!
Lay down !
Spread your arms!
Cross your legs.
You make me tired Valken.
I need to understand
what happened
We take back ?
What were you thinking?
Why did you do that ?
I have nothing to do with that.
You have nothing to do with that.
You do not know.
You have no idea.
That's it ?
Do your job.
Here, It's me who speaks and I
ask you why did you do that?
It's not you ?
Okay, it's not you.
So which one from your gang has
shoot these people?
We have nothing to do with that.
Do not waste my time, Valken.
Tell me who
shoot these people?
Who killed this kid?
I will never have done that.
It's you Valken
It's you and nobody
else who was on
this parking just after
robbing the bank.
- You and nobody else.
- No it is not me.
It's not me, I tell you! Shit !
Do not take me for a bitch!
I'm not a killer, shit!
You are not a killer?
But, that's funny.
It's not at all what ballistics says.
The first analyzes are formal
It's your weapon that killed the judge.
How do you explain that?
Motherfucker !
Motherfucker !!
Leave us alone.
It's good to get together
a bit, just both
Face to face.
It's been a long time
since this happened to us
It's you asshole who falsified
the ballistic report.
I'm a cop, Valken.
You are the gangster
You went in this shit by yourself.
I've been running after you for
a long time, huh.
Long time
it pissed me a little bit about not being
able to get you faster, that's true I admit
But now, I'm holding you.
And It'll cost you.
30 years
You'll never come out again, Valken.
And for your family...
it's terrible...
Can you imagine a little?
All the beautiful little events of life
that you'll miss because you're not here.
But I will be there.
I promise you, I'll be here.
I will insure where
you can not insure.
For example...
I will be there at the
communion of your little one.
And then after
I'll be there, at her wedding too.
And then, I'll be there,
too, at your wife's funeral.
- At the search.
Turn around.
I'm listening.
- They are after me.
- Who ?
Were you her informant?
It was you who sent her to be
killed on this parking lot?
- Nope
Someone is trying to make
it sound like me, but no.
You know who it is?
Those killers, do you know their names?
It will have to pay a hundred thousand,
if you want the scoop of your life.
There was also money
with Vronique?
We were negotiating.
Hundred thousand It's a lot of money.
It is I who buried the corpse
found in the Bois de la Houssiere
By order of Minister Van Bollen
It should convince your
bosses to find the dough.
I already give you a hint.
I'm the giant on the picture.
You were denounced, Minister.
Stop denying.
We have all the evidence.
Collaborate or you will end your
life in prison. it's clear ?
So ? He cracked?
We are progressing.
We are progressing ?
What does that mean ? We are progressing.
He cracked, He did not crack?
It means that we progressing.
Well, I need a report
tonight before 8 pm OK ?
We will try.
We will not try. I want a
report tonight before 8 pm
We will try.
I want a report tonight before 8 pm
It's still clear, no?
We will try.
That's it.
Do not play with my balls, OK?
By the way
There is something wrong
with the Valken case.
How are you going Frank?
I have news from Vik
What did he want?
He wants to help you escape.
Do you have a plan?
He want me to get a phone
inside, but it's hot
they are hyper paranoid right now, but
don't worry, I'll find a way.
You have a guard in your pocket?
No, but I will arrange.
Do you think I can
bring in a gun?
How do we do then ?
No, No, "How You are doing it".
I have only one more year left. I'm
doing a favor to Vik that's all.
Valken parlor.
It's okay ? Are you doing alright ?
Why don't you want to see your lawyers?
I don't understand.
- Because it's useless.
- Why is it useless?
They can not do anything for me
I disagree. Explain to me...
I don't want you to give
up, I want you to fight
Stay away from all that
Do not come anymore
Listen to me
( Contact Vik )
I'm going back to the cell.
Shit !
- Hello.
- Yes it's me.
Hi Dede
Stop. Stop, stop!
Danny. I can explain.
- I can explain.
- Too late, Dede. Too late.
You saw what you make me do Dede.
That's not cool.
You think it makes me really
happy to see my friends
leaving like this, little by
little, one after the other, no.
It makes me sad.
From your friends
Thank you.
He contacted me three days ago.
He was the driver of Minister
Van Bollen, called Dede.
How did Dede die?
He was found hanging from his radiator.
He committed suicide?
They did not do an autopsy.
And the body is gone.
- How is it gone?
- The order was to proceed with
incineration without autopsy.
- Who gave this order?
- Commissioner Bouvy.
- Is it normal for the chief of police
to take care of a simple suicide?
- No more judge to investigate
- No more informant to denounce
Admittedly, someone is doing great
things to jam the tracks, right?
- I know your fucking conspiracy theories.
- I want proof.
- I received this picture from Dede
- If I believe his confidences, he was part
of the band of "Crazy Killers" in 1985.
We have people infiltrated
in all spheres of the state.
They have the power, they will
do everything to keep it.
Terror is a radical way
to manipulate the media
and to make laws more
and more repressive.
Help me.
I need you to corner Bouvy, you are the
only one to have access to the file.
Commissioner Bouvy asked
me to send him the file...
You do not transmit anything
to anyone without my consent.
Understood ?
Go home, I need to be alone.
Fucking shit...
Good evening madam.
Good evening, I come to see Mr. Lemoine.
I'm listening.
The picture is from 85
These are three members of
the "Crazy Killers" gang
Look at this one, next to the giant
and watch especially his tattoo.
It's Bouvy's, I'm sure,
it's exactly the same.
Mr. Prosecutor...
I'm sure that Bouvy was
part of the "Crazy Killers"
We can not accuse him of something
so serious with so few elements.
It may be a montage.
Bouvy produced a fake in the investigation of the
suicide of the former driver of the minister.
The famous "Raven" who denounced
Van Bollen to Judge Pirotte
A man named Andr Bouchard
Said "Dede"
Was the driver of the Minister.
I'm sure Dede was part of
the "Crazy Killers" gang
And that Bouvy is involved in
the murder of Judge Pirotte.
You realize...
You will conduct this investigation
with the utmost discretion
You only refer to me.
Nothing should filter from this case.
Of course.
You can count on me.
Be careful.
Good night.
Open the door !
- I don't have the key.
- Stay here.
Open the gate!
Come here !
Come here !
Go ahead !
Throw your weapon!
Throw your weapon !!
Against the wall !
- Calm down, calm down...
- Shut up ! Shut up !
Open !!
Go back!
Go back !!
Don't move !
Don't be a fool Valken.
Do not move !
Do not move !
Open or I kill her!
Where is the minister?
What are you doing ?
Let me, you'll see.
- Go back!
- Stop! Stop !!
Leave him alone ! leave him alone !
Stop !
You, Come here!
Come here !
Where is the minister?
Come here.
Come here !
Help him.
With a Minister hostage,
they will not dare to shoot.
The megaphone.
- Slowly slowly.
- Move!
The umbrella
Here. Take it !
Go ahead !
Wait, wait.
Open! open!
- Falken!
- Move
- You are surrounded, you have
no opportunity to escape.
So put down your weapons and surrender!
- Grenade!
- Hey Bouvy!
What is your plan?
We give the assault, I
will not let one of
these bastards come out of there alive.
It's clear ?
There is a woman who does not feel good
Bouvy, you want to take her place?
- You have to call the Prosecutor.
- No !
So Bouvy? What are you waiting for ?
That you grow some balls?
We do not have time. OK
You really pisses me off, Damn.
Tesla, what are you doing?
Hey! What are you doing ?
Tesla !
Tesla !!
Get in!
We have a big problem.
Yes, Mr Prosecutor.
Now, let's see what
your Minister is worth.
To all,
We let them go
We do not shoot.
I repeat, we do not
shoot, we let them go.
Go back, back up! clear!
- Dammit ! damn shit.
- You're a jerk!
- What did you do there?
- My finger slipped. It's an accident.
We're not going to cry
for a creep, eh...
Accelerate !
No, we'll go to the tunnel.
No, you stay there.
Motherfucker !!
Get in !
Hold on.
Calm down, calm down, we're almost there.
I'm a shit Frank.
Stop talking bullshit, we'll
get you out of there.
I betrayed you
I am sorry
Stop, stop.
Vik! Vik!
Bouvy! I'm going to smoke you!
Calm down.
I know it's not you who killed the judge
Nor all these people on the parking lot
Me too, I want Bouvy's head
But, we'll do it my way.
It will be give-and-take.
You're not the one I want.
I am really too stupid.
You could not have known.
It's that bastard, Bouvy pulling
the strings from the beginning.
I don't understand ?
When Van Bollen was
denounced by the "raven"
he organized the
assassination of the judge,
using you
Do you really think that Vik
killed the Minister by accident?
Bouvy did not shoot me by chance.
So what ? what are you getting at ?
We are in the same camp Valken.
No. Wait for me here
Stay here
I'll be right back.
What are you doing here ?
This way, go around
go ahead
- Shut up.
- Let me go !
Do not move or I'll belt you one.
Give me your gun.
You disappointed me Tesla, really.
I warned you not to
play with my balls
Go fuck yourself.
You know what, you're going to end
up like this little shitstirrer of judge.
Will you pass this for an accident? Huh.
As for the Minister and others.
Yeah, I'm pretty proud
of myself here.
You disgust me.
You went in this shit by yourself, Tesla.
Did you really think the
prosecutor was going to help you?
Fuck you, Bouvy.
And Valken? Where is Valken?
She is alone...
You lost it.
In any case, she is one
who interests us.
And then, Valken with all
he has on his back, he
can tell what he wants
nobody will believe it.
Do you see what it is?
This is a small GPS plotter.
With Vik, we had trapped all the
weapons supplied to the band.
That's how we track Valken
from the beginning.
A good little snitch this Vik,
pity that I had to get rid of it.
How could you?
How could you let them kill
all those innocent people?
You have no idea how big the problem is.
Miss Tesla.
Evil is sometimes necessary to win.
You are really sick.
You know what you have left to do.
Go get the car.
Do not touch me !
Do not touch me !!
Move !
Open the trunk
Don't mess with me, Bouvy.
Open the trunk!
Take it
From Tesla.
Everything is there.
You will understand.