Tufang (2023) Movie Script

The number you
dialed is out of range
Try again later
The number you
dialed is out of range
Try again later
My brother has been
missing since last night
He had never been this long before
According to the forest department,
the tiger population is increasing
That's right, it's not been a month yet
Tiger kills Village
Head of Vadda Nagar
I saw his lifeless
body with my own eyes
The blood vessels are like noodles.
Oh Lord
My brother went to Italy and
came back wearing glasses
Why are you crying?
I feel worried
Let me cherish my brother's memory
Now you will drink from
the Mouser Brar bottle
- Brother is still alive
- Yes
He's coming
These are your glasses from Italy
Brother, you killed
that pig very cruelly
I slaughtered him
and the fly was happy with the blood
- You know, Arjun?
- Yes
My brother's target is
even more dangerous
Arjun aimed at the fish's eyes
Imagine if I targeted
flies in the same way
No, brother
Please, brother
You live with Mouser,
but you're afraid of bullets?
Place the bag like this
Aim in this direction
The weapon should be
visible when I take it out
Come on brother, start shooting
How are you all?
I have a request for all of you
Asle Wale Sardar does
not support any violence
Children under the age of
18 should not watch our videos
There are many other things available
on the internet for your entertainment
Now we will start the video
for viewers aged 18 and over
This is a panther from
the Second World War
9mm loger
During the Second World War, Hitler's
army used this weapon as their weapon
The cartridge is slightly
larger than 32 bore
This is rare
This is the main firearm of
today's video, Bulbul's son
Brigitte Tom Cat
And as before, the boxes are
sponsored by Hem Raaj Halwaai & Sons
And I ask
Please give us a like
and share our video
Now, let's assess the aiming
accuracy of each firearm
The bullet is round
Like tropical almonds
In Arabic, almonds
are called 'Fandook'
And the weapon
used to shoot him,
called 'Bandook'
In Punjabi, the old name
of 'Bandook' is 'Tufang'
The word 'Tufang'
comes from Farsi
Likewise in Trkiye it is called 'Tufek'
In Punjabi, the name is 'Tupak'
I go
Guns are an integral part
of our religion and history
Each weapon has its
own historical meaning
World history is
incomplete without weapons
The use of weapons must
be solely for self-defense
Weapons are amazing
Guru Sahibaan
called him our saint
In Shri Guru Granth Sahib,
the term 'Tupak' is used instead
of 'Bandook' to describe the weapon
In the Dasam Granth, these
words are mentioned many times
'Tupak' and 'Tufang'
I heard that in
the last few days
the government has revoked the
permits of more than 1000 firearms
In America, you can legally
obtain a firearm without a permit
You can even get 47
No, my friend
Having a firearms license is required
And it must be given to
the people of the country
But here, we need it to open fire at a
wedding party and bring down the tent
That's right
Hello, sir
Welcome, Jeen Singh
Here, Uncle. I've fixed it
- I fixed it, and now it's good
- Good
You've made it look like new
Jeen Singh, what happened?
I heard that the government
confiscated your firearms recently
It was a tragedy
At my nephew's wedding,
my wife mistakenly
drank alcohol
thinking it was tea
Then he fired two shots,
and someone filed a complaint
Uncle, I advise you to keep
two things away from your wife,
the first is a car steering wheel,
and the second is a firearm
It may cause an
accident at any time
No, my son
There is no difference
between men and women
It's just about how it's handled
Who will teach them
how to handle it?
You aimed correctly, but
you couldn't hit the target
Look at him, he
shoots very skillfully
Nightingale Child
Brigitte Tom Cat
He has a real gun
There is a difference
between real and fake
Buy real firearms
'Very rare, made
by Mouser company'
This is rare
Dad, I'm thinking
how about buying a gun?
It's like we have buried
treasure in our house
I bought a gun when there
was a dispute with Chhinda
It has been many years since
the dispute with China ended
Then I sold it
There was never a need
Why do you need a gun?
Do you want to be a criminal?
It's not about being a villain
Our house is located
in the middle of a field
What if one day there are robbers?
How will we defend ourselves?
With cow dung?
Having a gun is important
Do what you need to
do. Stop this nonsense
Marry. Your little
sister has a child now
And you're still not married
Now you bring up
something new, wanting a gun
I'm just talking about
normal things, ma'am
And you start criticizing me
Don't force me to hit you
He wants a gun
Band 9, IELTS Institute
The government is strict
about weapons licensing
The government gives permits to
those whose lives are threatened
Or to a particular officer,
but what do you have?
IELTS center only
Will someone steal the band from you?
Madam, we need
permission for our safety
You know that there are 80-90
rape cases filed in India every day
And some cases are not even reported
The government is not
taking action for our safety
We have the right to own
guns for our protection
Well, weapons for girls
AK47 is filled with red chili powder
Even I use this
Why kill men?
Just blind their eyes
Madam, arrange a
meeting with DC for us
How about arranging a
meeting with the Prime Minister?
Get out of here.
Looking for weapons
Even the Punjab Police
do not have weapons
Get out of here
This is a buskat weapon
The King of Patiala had this
Then Raja Manish had it
Then it was at the
Britisher's Museum
Now it has arrived at
its rightful place, with you
- How beautiful!
- Yes
There is a new sparrow in the forest
Let's go and check it out
That's not a lie. Come with me
Brother, Uncle took Babbu
with him to see the sparrows
Feel free to join too
And look what Uncle did
Observe how he pees
Don't worry
No need for that, sister
It was a blessing for his
daughter on such an occasion
OK, your daughter is upstairs
And your son-in-law is
checking weapons outside
Go and meet your brother-in-law
I'll see him later
Go and meet him
OK, I'll go
How are you, uncle?
I'm fine
How are you, brother-in-law?
How is your weapons business?
Is the business progressing or stalling?
Don't worry, I'll take care of it
It is said that dark
clouds can cover the sun
but can't stop getting up
Whose status is this?
Running an armory
business requires leadership
Your leadership qualities ended
with the death of your father
Let me suggest you
to start a Chaamp kiosk
You can earn four to
five thousand every day
Here's what you can do,
find yourself a
beautiful wife, and
you can earn 15
thousand every day
Sell Chaamp and make videos online
Chaamp and online videos,
this is a great opportunity for you
Are you interested in this?
This is very rare
Nothing is rarer than this
Can I put him in his place?
He's my brother-in-law
I don't know if I would
call him brother-in-law
or wretched bastard
or I'll cut it into pieces
and love it to the dogs
Only I have the power
to do this, no one else
Unfortunately, disputes between
husband and wife are commonplace
It's better if they
stay in a relationship
A husband is like an
animal in front of his wife
You never know when he
will scold you or show love
A wife can save her home
by closing his eyes like a bird
Even after my marriage, I
kept my eyes closed, Mom
The turban suits you
I told him to wear it every day
But he didn't listen to me
Even his Australian girlfriend
was impressed with his turban
She's a mother now.
Please, stop mentioning him
Get married
Please, both of you, stop
thinking about my marriage
I don't want to get married
OK, don't be angry
Please sit. I'll get some food
No, no need
You don't like eating the food here
Okay, no problem
I'll come home next
week and bring you Saag
No, that's not necessary
Grandpa was alone in the shop
- Greetings, Uncle!
- Greetings, Uncle!
Jewelry shop is in Vadda Bazar
And you can find sparkling
jewelry at Kila wala chownk
Uncle, we are here to buy a gun
Why do you need a gun?
Because of family disputes
- We are sisters
- Yes
We don't have any brothers
The family wants to take over our land
- Because we are women
- These are the dark ages
However, you are strong
girls. Show your license
We don't have one,
but my dad has a license
Today we came here to look at the gun
Gun House does not display
handguns without a license
You're girls, so I'll show you
- All right
- Show us the 32 bore
Looks like you
came here prepared
Let me take it
Uncle, who is in the photo?
He's my grandson, and that's me
He is my son
He is no longer with us
Very sad to hear that
OK uncle, we will come tomorrow
with Dad and his license
- Move fast
- Come on
But his car was parked on that side
Two girls
wearing a red and black suit
Like black magic, and
they definitely use it
Uncle agrees to show the gun
Uncle, both of them have
the intention of deceiving you
Uncle starts telling
his family story here
And they do their work here
He put the gun in the bag
Arjan, these girls are fooling uncle
Oh my gosh, I'm going
to lower the quality to 3gp
Have common sense when speaking
Forgive me, venerable uncle
Forgive me
There is one thing to consider
We don't even give samosas to
anyone without taking payment
and why did uncle show
them a gun without permission?
go to your shop and check
the sugar syrup for jalebi
No need to be Power from CID
I have a new camera
with HD quality
with a 29.5% discount.
Do you want to?
Stop your CCTV business
and start selling kohl by the bus
You start selling your product
without assessing the situation
We have CCTV footage, uncle
Uncle Sama will come
at the police station
Let's call him and file a complaint
I received a call from Mr Randhawa,
so it was natural for me to come
I used to tell about
you at the police station
Which story?
One day, someone stole his horse
Do you know what he did?
He didn't chase the thief
By hearing the clatter of
horse hooves from 2 km away,
he aimed his gun at the target
And the shot directly hit
the thief in the buttocks
And since that day
Nobody dares to steal
anything from your place
Mr. Randhawa was a
great shooter from the start
And regarding courage,
Courage is in your blood, my son
I forgot to ask why you
called me here, Mr. Randhawa
Tell him, Arjan
We sold several pistols
in the last few days
So I thought I'd give
you some information
and drink tea with you
OK, that's good
Give me the register and
order another tea, it's delicious
Our Gun House was in
Rawal Pind before partition
In those days, my
father kept the shop open
and will be out on various assignments
In those days, there
were lots of robbers
My father is very famous
throughout the region
so no one dares
entered the shop in his absence
Today, look at me
Why are you depressed?
Yes, Arjan
I'm getting weak now
We continue this business without reason
We have to shut down this Gun House
Gun House is not just
a business, but a legacy
And the legacy never closes
Eat your food
I'll look for the gun and
track down the robber too
Is this your first time coming here?
You can go
This is CCTV footage
from Mattu's shop
Take a look
Here they approached Dharamshala
They turned
Now they are near my
beloved Kajal's beauty salon
Since when did Kajal
become your girlfriend?
Since I sold him a 20
thousand camera for 5 thousand
It's been a long time
When girls used to be
impressed by sweet things
Now we have to spend a lot of money
You're going to break my camera
Birju, where is the camera?
It's on the muzzle
I have a camera disguised
as a pen and even a nose ring
I have cameras of various sizes
Let me see
This is what we call Sticky Camera
Used in hotels so
videos can be leaked
You can even put it
in your girlfriend's room
You can monitor
who visits his house
Put it up at your girl's house
So you can track
who visits his house
Pause the video
Play back
- Zoom in on the car mirror
- OK
Zoom in again
They're there
Start the jeep
Let's go
Wait a minute, stop the car
I think the kids in the
jeep are following us
I know they've been following
us since we left the Institute
He is the owner of the Gun House
Get out of the car
What is the problem?
Why are you following us?
What is going on?
I think they are our lovers
If I upload your
video on social media
This madness of love will diminish
If I want love, Chandigarh
is the place I choose
We don't waste
time on girls like you
Give me back my gun
What you stole
If you are facing financial difficulties
and need help with
your wedding, let us know
We will help you
I'll sponsor the catering
Our sweets are famous
in this city, right, Birju?
- Do we look like thieves?
- Yes
Do you know who I am?
She was the daughter of a respectable
family. He owned hectares of land
Why did you mention it to me?
Give me back my gun
Wait a moment
You mentioned the village
where Bahadur was the leader
Yes, why?
Are they your brothers?
No, it's not like that. He once
beat me for trying to seduce a girl
I just want to make sure
You can continue
You're so stupid
No need to show attitude
Give me back my gun
- I have CCTV footage of
you stealing the gun - Really?
Go to the police
station and show them
You talk like a gangster but
don't even know how to hold a gun
Come on, Rani
Now watch my movements
- This - What if he really
files a complaint against us?
If he wanted to, he
would have done it
He won't be here following us
Now, watch the live broadcast
I'm sure he keeps
his gun in this room
My friend, if someone finds you
please don't mention me.
I'm not with you
Why? I'm here with you
Whenever you are in trouble, call
Ashu Jatt Jinder, and I will come
- Shout loudly
- My friend, don't joke
They will beat you
like a soft rasgulla
I'm not like you, who accepts
defeat before competing
Shut up
- You - There are lots of mosquitoes
here, don't catch dengue fever
I go now
He would definitely be beaten
Guns are like lovers
We hold it with love
Not hidden in a box like you
When I scream
the residents will hit you hard
If I hit you with this
you will see stars
Hit me
You hit me
You planned it like a Money Heist
But you forgot to
take off your car sticker
We know how to
handle and use firearms
We got the gun
but one bullet is missing
It's a shame the bullet came here
What if he had a
grenade in his pocket?
Be careful, my friend
Who opened the door?
Who's that?
There is a scythe placed
where you are standing
And I broke down
the gate with it
I want to let you know
that I use cartoons
Who's that?
A man
He must have been saved
How much does the gun cost?
The price is 2.5 lakhs
I have 2 lakh now, later I
will give you 50 thousand
Do you have a license?
Yes, I have
Is that your father's license?
First, tell me why
you need a firearm?
You have various types of firearms
You upload a video
in this world, only you
have a hobby like that, right?
He has created a training
ground for himself on the bike
He trains there every day
We saw traces of nail
polish in the bowl there
True firearms lovers are also like him
Do you know who the real lover is?
Those who steal firearms
only because of interest
Bring your father's license tomorrow
Give 2 lakh now and 50 thousand later
Tell me, how do you
aim so accurately?
To do that, you must
make your lover a firearm
and love them like explosives
Will you teach me?
Will you love?
What do you think,
my friend, will he love?
I can't say for sure
But he will knock you out
I realize that you, Jatt, are
not very good at business
To achieve the target, you
need to regulate your breathing
Now your breathing is out of control
I have a proposal for you
He has a government job in Bathinda
How do these government
employees respond
to the anger of
firearms enthusiasts?
I already have
feelings for someone
Who's he?
He runs an IELTS center
But he's a little different
Different in what way?
This means he is not someone
who follows you everywhere
He is someone who
can make you try
Such girls are good
at housekeeping
He will be able to handle you
Tell me the village, and
I'll send you an application
He sent an application
You won't find a
better man than him
He must have spent over a lakh
on cartoons to teach you to shoot
Just say yes.
What do you think?
Is he going to kill someone?
You can ask him
He didn't even get 300 views
and he acts like he
has 3 million views
But he's cute
Even Uncle is cute
Only his face
looks like a slipper
When a slipper hits your
body, then you will know
Whatever our audience...
Let's make a video
Take the phone
I'll show you how to get views
- Are you ready?
- Start!
This is a Glock
The impact can be very painful
I remember the taste
I used this to shoot
News Journalist Balveer
He often talks bad about me
I shot him in the chest with this
Thaa. Thaa
That is very fun
He begged for forgiveness
It was a cold, foggy December
and warm blood
Human blood is quite delicious
Brother, we did something wrong
What need is there to mention that?
Then what should we do?
Let's make an entertaining video
Entertainment, should I do
the 'Kacha Badam' dance here?
Excuse me
Get out of the way
We have chosen a girl for Arjan
We'll see him tomorrow
I just wanted to ask, would
you like to come with us?
Of course
There's more, my darling
Get up
Get up!
How old is he?
Two months
Whether it's a man or a woman
your brother won't meet my baby
Not even a glance
Call him
Call him!
Hello, sister?
Geez. Romeo, have
you found your Juliet?
Even Warieshah found her girl
but he is not married
Because he didn't have a Mauser
Don't worry
I won't let you become a saint
Don't underestimate me, brother
I'll be a villain when I want to
That's the problem!
Men should have the
same attitude after marriage
It helps deal with their wives
We will fire AK47
guns at your wedding
Don't go to jail
Sanjay was jailed for five
years for the AK47 case
That's the difference
between a fake inheritance
and royal blood
I told you we would shoot
AK47s at your wedding
And we will
We will not damage your reputation
Tomorrow wear a yellow suit
Yellow suits you
Now, show your smile
It's not charming
Laugh out loud
I told you to laugh
Not like that
Laugh out loud so I can enjoy it
I told you to laugh
Everyone is sleeping
I told you to laugh out loud!
Good, harder
Good, harder
These are tears of joy
What happened to your hand?
That girl is beautiful
I think he's a
perfect match for you
- Brother
- Yes
My daughter is really settled
Yes you're right
He runs an IELTS coaching center
He is smart in his studies
So we didn't marry him
because of his studies
This man is good
I know him, he
came here that night
Auntie, I think he has
a problem with his eyes
He mistook someone else
In my opinion, girls and boys
should have private conversations
- Yes, you're right
- Sure
My mother often told me that
we would marry you with a gun
In fact, I don't like
anyone other than this
You're the first girl who
approached me like a gun
You should have asked me
before submitting your application
What is the need? Like
we'll match horoscopes?
We have the same
hobbies, that's enough
Hobbies alone are not
enough for a marriage
You have to accept my terms
What are your conditions?
I have no problem if you
run an IELTS training center
That's good
I will take you in the morning
and pick you up in the afternoon
That will save travel costs
Of course, we'll buy
vegetables on the way home
Is it necessary to buy
vegetables at the market?
We grow vegetables at home
without harmful chemicals
Are you on drugs?
- What nonsense are you talking about?
- Then what do you want?
I want to kill people
What is this nonsense?
I'll buy you a new
Android phone,
then you can kill people in PUBG
I'm serious
We solved a murder case
What is your dispute with them?
Please tell me, who is he?
Let's sit down and
solve this problem
My dispute can only be
resolved by killing people
Arjan, I want to be completely
transparent with you before our wedding
As my mother said,
a relationship based on lies
never works
I have the urge
to kill two people
If you want to marry me,
you have to kill the first person
And we will kill the
second person together
What is the reason for killing them?
I will answer your question
after you kill the man
If you agree, let's
complete this alliance
Do you like my brother?
I like him, but you'll
have to ask him
No need to ask him.
He really likes you
Who knows
sometimes people
change their minds quickly
Let's go, Preet
Use soap, it won't come off easily
What did you say to the child?
There isn't any
He rejected me, not the other way around
They proposed an alliance to
you, so why did they reject you?
They came from
a reputable family
You will live a happy
life in their house
Why are you making things difficult?
I earn a good income
I don't need a reputable
family to be happy
You're wasting my time for no reason
Wake up, Rani
He manipulates you
Auntie, you scolded me for no reason
I'll talk to your mother
Then he will find you a partner
And I will find him a partner
My mother, they
told her no, not yes
Stop reading newspapers all day
You can try installing it
as many times as you want
It no longer fits on your finger
I told you
That girl is crazy, but
you don't listen to me
Friends, pray to
God that he is safe
Otherwise, he will
turn you into a dog
Residents who can
strip their lovers naked,
how can showering
the groom with flowers?
Hasty decisions make
you Jatts make mistakes
You didn't even get the
girl and you also lost money
Arjan, what happened to Deep?
There isn't any
If you want, you can
tell me. I'll be back
Sister, he asked
him to kill two people
OK, if you don't want to tell me
But stay away from them
Let's go
Come on
Did your mother tell you to rely on
that boy to maintain the relationship?
He didn't tell
that trust is necessary for
a successful relationship?
If you were so capable, you
would kill the first person alone
I don't understand what you mean
I understand it
Here, 45 thousand. I'll give you
the remaining 5 thousand later
Give me the full amount later
Your ego was hurt because I rejected you
You rejected me?
I reject you
I don't even care about a girl like you
Go away from here
Put your finger down
I don't like men like you
Guy showing finger at girl
Take it down
This is my finger
and it will stay like this
Put your finger down
You're strong
Showing strength to a girl
What if I get killed while
trying to kill that person?
Or if I'm in prison?
What will happen to us?
I like guns
I will not betray you
Who is that man?
Rasool Puria Zaildaar Rana
What is it? Let's close the shop
Friend, where are you lost?
Grandpa, you kept
this gun with great love
Have you ever shot anyone?
I fired it once
In 1947 during the partition
During that time, there
were attacks on the camps
Once a group of people came
to our camp to take young girls
At that time, I used
this for the first time
What happened next, grandpa?
What is next?
I don't count bullets
but the ground was stained with blood
You and my father are legends
He also did amazing things
I feel like I can just
shoot at the target
I'll probably never get the
chance to shoot someone
It's good if you never
get a chance like that
But when such a situation arises,
the reason for using
a firearm must be legal
What if we don't know the reason?
So that relationship determines
whether you want to use a firearm on him
Hey, look
is ours
Hunter looks cool
while hunting lion
not a pig
You're an extraordinary man
By the way, what's your name?
Which village are you from?
I'm Pablo
from a Mexican village
You're an extraordinary man
Even your alcohol is amazing
Friends, why are you sitting still?
Come on, let's drink
Is he the one?
Kill him
I have kidnapped him,
and I will kill him too
Just tell me why
Sister, who are you?
Look at him again
Who are you, sister?
Brother, please
Why did you kill
me on his orders?
Sister? Don't you recognize me?
Arjan, kill him
I've never killed anyone
This is a big thing for me
- Brother - Just tell me the
reason, then it will be easier for me
We drink together
Show compassion
Shut up!
Tell me, why are
you so stubborn?
You're stubborn
Keep the promises we make to each other
Kill him first, then
I'll tell you why
He was 1 foot away from me
- Tell me the reason
- My mother is waiting for me at home
Please let me go
Shut up!
I will not obey you
If you can't kill him, leave him.
I'll shoot him
I have never done
anything evil in my life
Brother, no
If you are fluent in
English pronunciation
then half of your
English is perfect
How do we pronounce it?
Gurdeep, tell me
Schedule, ma'am
You're smart
Let them learn too
From your hard work, you
were able to pass the civil exam
No, ma'am. I just want to
get 7 bands and go to Canada
Now I will tell
you the next word
Where do you want to go?
Ma'am, Canada
I asked about the moment
I'm going to the village
Come on up, we'll take you
How many siblings
do you have, Mehar?
I don't have any siblings
just a sister
What does your father do?
My dad has passed away
I only have mother
Do you rent out your land?
No, ma'am, we don't have land.
My father is a truck driver.
What is your mother's job?
My mother works as a maid
We have two buffalo at home
One of them is pregnant
I pray it's a girl
Do you know about Canada visa fees?
Around 20 to 25 lakhs
Nothing to worry about
My groom will bear
all the expenses
What is a real marriage
or a contract marriage?
A real wedding, Mom.
We love each other
Impressive, you have planned
your career and future carefully
Your hard work will definitely
bring success in your life
Thank you mom
Mom, this is my teacher
Your daughter is smart
May you be blessed
Come on, let's have some tea
No problem, we'll come
another day for lunch
Of course
Boy will it ruin the reputation
of our service center
They cannot speak or read well
There are no
comments on their posts
Mehar gets full marks again
He was absent for the last 2-3 days
I hope he's okay
Maybe he's sick
Who is the man fighting with Mehar?
It looks like he is the
sponsor for Canada
I think he's creating a
scene for the wedding
He's innocent, so I'm
sure he manipulated her
Does he refuse to marry you?
Does not matter.
Let's go for a ride
Come on
Don't worry
Let me tell you
about my condition
For four years, he chased me
and said, I will marry you, Rani
I can not live without you.
But when I mentioned marriage, he said
his family was against love marriage
I don't feel hopeless
I told him to leave
Why did you reject me?
I will beat you up
- The same thing happened to Deep
- Yes
I forgot about him
- Yes, you opened this service
center after leaving it - Ma'am
He recorded a video
of me with his friends
He forced me to come
to Shimla with him
If I refuse, he
will leak the video
If he leaks the video
my mother will commit suicide
I do not know what to do
I feel like killing myself
here, in front of the train
Why did you die?
Stop talking nonsense
We are with you, Mehar.
Don't worry
You go to the institute, we
will go and delete your video
They come
It seems the girl reported
me to her English teacher
Delete Mehar's video
Are you stupid?
Delete the video
or I will file
charges against you
Is it true?
I am very scared
- I swear, I'm scared
- Don't act smart
Do what I say
Call Ginda
Yes Ginda, Rana
wants to talk to you
Chanchal America and Naughty India
Upload videos on the site
- Not only in Punjab, Mehar's deeds
- No, please
- will be seen by all of India.
Upload the video - Please
I'm really sorry
If you are annoyed because of my words
I apologize to you
If his family sees the video,
they will commit suicide
Please, we won't say
a word to the police
Please delete the video
Sorry, madam, but
you ruined my plans
Don't worry, brother
Forget Kasauli, we
will go to Bathinda
Sir, please
Please, I ask
See you
Come on up, Rani. Start the car
I have seen this video
Awesome, Mehar, you are trending
Mehar's video goes viral
I made a big mistake
I made a big mistake
Mehar didn't answer my calls
He must be at home
He must be at home
Aunty, where is Mehar?
Where is Mehar?
He's not home yet.
I don't know where he is
Don't cry
I'll find it
I feel like I died
under a train here
Drive fast, Rani
He made a mistake, Mehar
He will be punished
Mehar, are you listening to me?
You're innocent
Mehar, I'm with you. Come on
Mehar, you are brave
Listen to me, Mehar!
I will not obey you
If you can't shoot
him, leave him
I'll shoot him
Why are you barking like a dog?
If I want to kill you
I'll shoot you in the head
Don't worry
Nothing will happen to
you in these 3-4 hours
The reasons will decide
did I let you go to your mother
or you go to heaven
I go
We only kill someone
after knowing the reason
Isn't he Rana Jaildar?
Yes, he is from Rasulpur
He is a hunter
He died
Send the body for autopsy
Greetings, Mr Randhawa
- Welcome
- Greetings!
He is Paramveer Singh from CI staff
He came here for investigation
- Sure
- Sir, look at this bullet
This is a 9mm shell
Has anyone purchased a cartridge
this size in the last few days?
No sir. Nobody had ever
bought a cartridge this big
Was there an incident?
Yes, Mr Randhawa
Someone died on the train tracks
And the same guy got shot
in a movie theater last week
Licensed firearms are
not used in such incidents
Firearms and bullets for such incidents
usually come from Uttar Pradesh
These ingredients
are not sourced locally
- Who's he?
- Arjan
He is Randhwa's nephew
He is an expert in making firearms
- Their story is quite well known
- Sir, let's do an investigation
We can listen to their
stories another day
Jai Hind, sir. - Jai Hind
Please sit
- I met DGP sir at the CM's office
- OK, sir
- He told me that you were handling
the Rana murder case - Yes sir
He is my son's friend
Did you know, children's
friends are like family
By the way, what is
the status of the case?
Is an investigation underway?
We are waiting for the forensic report
After that it will
be ascertained
whether it was
intentional or situational
Rana was killed on the railway track,
10 kilometers from the forest
The killer meets Rana in the jungle
They hunted together and drank together
Everything was fine until then
The question is what happens
after everyone goes to bed
or what situation occurred
to cause Rana's death?
If the murder was
planned beforehand
so why throw a party?
The most important thing is that
Rana was killed on the train tracks,
10 kilometers away from the forest
Why not in the forest?
Do you have a sketch of the shooter?
Yes. I have
But that's not clear
Each person gives a
different picture of the killer
They were all probably
drunk. All they need is alcohol
OK, I'll go.
I have a cabinet meeting
Mouser will follow up
on the case with you
I will go
See you, kid
Paramveer Singh, what do you think?
Is this situational or intentional?
Do you suspect anyone?
I wish I was suspicious
Then you wouldn't be here
You're going to do someone's autopsy
Bring tea to the police inspector
And bring my things
Shopping for a wedding?
With Jaggi?
Do you know him?
I know him, he's a bastard
What do you mean?
Don't marry him,
we will kill him
How are you going to kill him?
Who are you really?
Do I know you?
Hello, hey! Listen!
Hi, Nimmi
Jaggi, I met a girl at the mall
And he said he would kill you.
What is going on?
Relax, I'm safe.
Back home. See you
Brother, Nimmi called
He met a girl at the mall
The girl asked him not to marry,
because they would kill her husband
Are they working together?
Don't worry, I'm with you
I'm not the one who's worried
The day after my wedding, and
the next day I will fly to England
What if the threat is 1% genuine?
We will come to
the wedding and see
Don't just look,
deal with the problem
I want that man alive
When the bride and groom come
on stage, you will start smoking
That's a DJ's job
No, the DJ will play the song
How will he start smoking?
Brother, they have a system
OK, so you don't have this system
Brother, tell me
your wedding date
As soon as I find the
girl, I'll give you the date
You've been babbling
for the last hour and
you came here to book
a palace without a girl
Tell me, where is the bathroom?
Thank You
Hey, flush after using the toilet
Don't make a mess
You shouldn't have told that girl
We had a fight over a girl
so letting him know is important
The girls couldn't digest the secret
So let's dance?
I don't understand one thing
they have guns to tear down
tents but they want
security from us
- Let's have a snack
- Let's
What are you doing here?
I came for the wedding
Even I came here for a wedding
You can't be on the groom's side
What relationship do
you have with the bride?
Not like that
The bride's uncle is
a friend of my father's
Grandpa is sick, so I
came just to give him a gift
Go and meet him
I'll see him later
Go and pee
The gun is gone
But we have to do this today
We won't get another chance
Tomorrow Jaggi will fly to England
Who did you chat
with at the wedding?
He's my brother-in-law
Looking at him, it seems
like the relationship
between the two
of you is not good
We don't have a good relationship
Old story
Our first meeting
went something like this
Ten years ago, the owner died,
and the case is closed
Since then, no one has
come forward to claim it
What's your price?
You're the boss, how
can I ask you for money?
Just consider it a gift from me
Compensate me
for taking the risk
Tell me how many?
Ten lakhs
Sir, this is for you
This is a court order for
the firearms stored here
You came here after 10 years
We fought the case, and
yesterday we got permission
Good, you got here just in time
Mauser Brar, son of Darbara Singh Brar
He admires your gun
That was my father's last memory
He uses this gun to shoot the
villain Jagu, who kidnaps girls
from the land of wrestling Jagrau, Das
He sacrificed his
life to save the girls
Are you the son of Jagraj Singh
from the Asle Wale Sardar lineage?
Yes, so it's not for sale
That's our family heritage
Your words resonate with me
You honor your father's legacy
Just like me, it
runs in our blood
But I really like this gun
It costs just 2 lakhs
but I am willing to offer you 25 lakhs
As I mentioned,
it's not for sale
Don't be stubborn
30 lakhs
There is a difference between
your bloodline and mine
It can't be bought with money
Thank you sir
After a few months,
he proposed to my sister
I'm not ready yet,
but my sister loves it
And my family also agrees
Do you like it?
I love it, how about you?
I doubt he wants revenge on me
He doesn't think like that,
you worry for no reason
After all, this is about your wedding
If you don't like it, I
will reject the proposal
I want your happiness
I want your happiness
I'm really very happy
I love it so much,
I swear to you
OK, say yes to him
If he molests you after the wedding
just tell me, I'll
take care of it
You always think negatively
So when should we
set a wedding date?
Where have you disappeared?
You've changed your mind once again
The minimum sentence
for one murder is 10 years
And it's about two murders
But I committed the second murder
I will not let any
harm come to you
The police will find me
I will definitely go to jail
I can't ruin your
life by marrying you
Maybe you were the
one who started all this
But that ends with my legacy
Now I am part of this legacy too
I'm not just an ordinary firearm
I am Asle Wale Sardar's firearm
Tomorrow, I want you to meet someone
Will you go?
Boy, if Mehar were alive today
we will come to your wedding
You still have to come, and that's
also one week before my wedding
How can I come one week early?
This house problem is stressing me out
What has happened?
The villagers
claimed the land we
lived on belonged
to the Panchayat
They want to build a well here
I don't even know where
I will live with my daughter
If only I had a son
he would not allow
anyone to enter our house
Auntie, don't worry.
Think of me as your child
I'll find a way
Thank you, son
Come in, Inspector
We are waiting for you
Your security is impressive.
I'll talk to CM about you
We will honor you
on January 26th
Please sit. This
party is in your honor
What kind of security do you provide?
What food did you
eat at a wedding that
kept you unaware that
someone had been shot?
You don't even know who the killer is
Uncle, my gun is here
I went crazy looking for it
Thank goodness I found it
Are you satisfied now?
You've caused
us a lot of trouble
Jaggi was shot with this gun
You don't even know
how to hold a gun, you idiot
- You and your gun
- Brother, please
- Go get drunk
- What did I do wrong...
- Go get drunk
- Brother, that hurts
What did I do wrong?
What did I do wrong?
Sit there
Look at this photo
Do you know him?
He is the owner of a firearms shop
He is my brother-in-law.
He's there
The murderer must be a shooter
I have more photos
I will send it to you via
WhatsApp. Check it out
You might recognize someone
The killer is in front of
you but we can't see him
Mom, have we recently received a wedding
invitation from the Sandhu family?
Do you like my brother?
Sometimes men change their minds
If you have to marry me
then you have to kill two men
Sorry I'm late
I conducted tests with my students
How many students do
you have at your institute?
I have one group of 20
students, five groups every day
Do you just teach them, or do
you also provide training for killing?
Who told you that?
The police have a photo of Arjan
They suspect him
Then I must have been in those photos
That's why you called me here
The police only suspected my brother
We thought we would
find a good wife for him
Which girl puts a condition on
killing people before their wedding?
The conditions must be
conveyed before the wedding,
bringing it up later
would lead to betrayal
A story came to my mind,
listen carefully
There is a girl
A man promises to marry her
One day, he and
his friend raped her
They record videos and
upload them to social media
Are you talking about
Jaggi and Rana?
There is one more man
Mousers are like animals
Someone will definitely
kill him someday
I have suffered a lot with him
since the first day of my marriage
Do you know why I hid
this from my brother?
Because I know that once
Arjan finds out, he'll kill Mouser
I don't want Arjan to end
up in prison for killing Mouser
The girl's experience was unfair
However, there is an
alternative way to take revenge
You involved my brother
Perhaps this illustrates the
difference between sisters and lovers
May God bless you, son
May children like you be
blessed by God for everything
You saved my house
Let me know if you
need further help
I patiently await
another favorable event
The good guys had
killed those two bastards
Now, only Darbara's son remains
He won't run away
Mrs. Deep fought bravely
He pursued justice through
police stations and courts
but no one listened to us
A man may hold an important
position in government
but no one surpasses God
May god bless you
Be happy
I want to kill two men
You will kill the first person
The second one we will kill together
What is the problem?
There are three people, not two
He knows how to maintain relationships
That's why he was the one
who would kill the third person
But who is the third person?
The killer is in front of
you but we can't see him
Jaggi was shot with this gun
Why are you crying?
It's not time to cry yet
The toilet in the palace is clogged
We found a gun there
I'm sure the killer intended
to use this gun to kill Jaggi
But it stuck
That's why he took
your friend's gun
and kills Jaggi
Not like that
My father was sick, so I came
to give him a sign of good luck
Then leave
I'll give it to you later
Why did he kill him?
Brother, Nimmi called
He met a girl at the mall
And he told her not to marry
because they would kill her husband
Look at this photo
Do you know him?
The killer was clearly
a professional shooter
Delete Mehar's video
If not, I will file a
lawsuit against you
The killer is in front of
you but we can't see him
The killer is in front of you
Brother-in-law, let me ask you something
What did you say to him
so that he turns from
a puppy into a lion?
And he hurt my brother's ego
Sister, provoking someone
against another is not a good thing
He was incapable of doing this
This is the call.
He will die soon
It was three people, not two
You didn't tell me
but I know
Correct answer!
The winner gets a baby toy
You could have played the
drums, but you were too late
Brother-in-law found
out everything last night
If you already know
You should come directly to me
Why did you bring that
girl into this trouble?
I don't think it's funny without a girl
You did all this because of your girl
If not, what problem do you
have with Rana and Jaggi?
I'll take your girl to
the forest. Come there
Seeing a girl alone in the
woods makes me excited
The meat is ready
But he still hasn't come
Ma'am, how many BANDS
do I need to go to Qatar?
Learn the alphabet first
Dreaming of going to Qatar
Sister, I don't think he loves you
Brother has no heart
If he really loved you, he
would have come by now
Here I come. Don't
miss the bad times
It could come at any time
It's me, do whatever you want
I will pour oil for you
and even light a lamp in your chest
This is the same
alcohol you offered Rana
It seems like you told your
family about your funeral rituals
Be careful
The blow was very strong
Don't shoot anyone
The real game starts now
If someone does something,
then he will kill the girl
Your eyes will be the
reason for your death
If you leave the police
station with just a gun
Then I'll forget about it
Damn, you're trying to act smart
You show me your eyes
It hurt my ego
If I wanted, I could gouge your
eyes out right then and there
But not
I won't be satisfied with that
What do I do?
I married your sister
I thought with this, you would
respect me and lower your gaze
But you didn't do that
Then avenge your eyes
I took it out on your sister
He cried loudly
He cried and screamed loudly
but you didn't hear his screams
You're embarrassing as a brother
When she screams
I find satisfaction
His hands
When I put his hand in the fire
he screams your name
Lower your eyes!
Lower your eyes, bastard!
I made a mistake that day
and I will not repeat
the same mistake again
do not move
My silence is the
reason you are still alive
The reason for my silence is my sister
If he told me earlier, then you
wouldn't have to tell me today
You would be dead by now
It's called 'pride',
not 'arrogance'
With which hand did you hurt my sister?
With this hand?
With this hand?
With this hand?
You burned his hand with this hand
Do you remember that poor girl?
Poor girl from IELTS?
Poor girl
Bastard, you touched
him with this hand of yours!
With these dirty hands!
Shoot him! Get your revenge
We don't have to kill him
I don't want people to say,
Sister's love is lost because of a lover
Don't think, shoot him
You forgot Mehar. Shoot him
- Shoot him
- Finish this
This was the difference
between inheritance and true blood
We do not ask permission
from women for any work
What if I get killed while
trying to kill that person?
Or if I'm in prison?
What will happen to us?
I like guns
I will not betray you
Listen, Deep's mother
Listen to the newspaper headlines
Asle Wale Sardar's son has
been jailed for 20
years for murder
It's a good thing he refused that day,
otherwise we would have been in trouble
Where do you go?
Deep, please listen to me
See you, take care
He endured his son's pain,
but he couldn't bear
his grandson's pain
I want to wait for Arjan here
Can I stay here?
The pain of loss can
be endured if he dies
But waiting for a
prisoner is very difficult
A woman is incomplete
without a man
The wait will make you lifeless
Waiting for someone like
Arjan is not a death experience,
but rather an occasion to celebrate
I want to celebrate
this occasion with you
Will you let me celebrate?
Guns are our saints
Master gave us this
weapon as an inheritance
with great responsibility
Every time you
use a sword in battle
it must be used to eliminate evil
Not to impose
oppression on others
The use of weapons
must have a valid reason
Using weapons to
oppress others is a sinful act
And only through the use of
weapons can oppression be ended
I remember another
lesson from my grandfather
He once said,
there is no difference between
men and women in any job
It all depends on
how the job is handled
If he understands it then he can
take care of the kitchen and house too
He was right in saying that
And my words are also true
Gun House is not just a
business. This is our heritage
That legacy was given
to everyone by our Master
Something that cannot be ended
by humans, prison or even death
This will continue in future
generations, like gunpowder
Whenever there is
oppression on this earth,
then here the new generation
will plant a weapon tree
The plant will represent righteousness
like a 'Tufang' before sinners,
Naughty India and Chanchal America
Keep going? Do your job
Do you know Mehar?
Hello Ginde, Naughty India
Upload videos on both sites
- Who are you?
- Asle Wale Sardaar