Tuhog (2013) Movie Script

-You son of a bitch!
-Timbancaya, will you be careful!
Doctor, we know
who is going to live and die.
So you're God now?
Of course not Dr. Nuguid!
We've come up with a formula.
Each person has a life equal to 50 points.
Points are deducted for every injury.
Example, we admit a gunshot victim
with injuries to the heart and lungs.
For critical organs, on a scale of 1 to 5,
the heart scores high at 5 points.
Since the injury is severe,
that also counts as 5 points.
We multiply the organ
at risk by the severity of the injury.
5 x 5 = 25 points.
The bullet grazed the lungs, 4 points.
And 2 points for sutures.
We multiply 4 x 2 = 8
lf we add it all up,
25 + 8 = 33 points.
The patient arrived unconscious
and with no vital signs.
His physiologic score
is automatically the most severe.
20 points.
Remember each person has 50 points?
Zero means no life.
50 - 53. He's gone.
He gets a zero, he's dead.
lt's just that simple?
What about them?
What's their score?
Please come to the hospItal.
Okay. Thank you.
Your father had an accident!
l hate you!
Hello, ma'am?!
Caloy was in an accident.
Please come to the hospital.
Nurse, we're Caloy Sicat's friends.
Impaled? How?
Skewered. lmpalement.
This is how it happened...
when the bus hit the fence,
the three patients were hurled to the front....
and impaled on a pole.
All three together on one pole?
Are they alive?
How will they remove the pole?
We can't,
they're alive because of the pole.
The pole serves as a tamponade.
Tamponade? What is that, doctor?
lf we stick this straw into this juice pack...
As long as it remains in the pack...
lt will not leak out, right?
But once we remove the straw...
Doctor, how wIll you proceed?
The pole can only be removed
in the operating room under direct vision...
to repair the damage.
But Holy Family hospital
only has 2 operating rooms.
So what now?
There are three patients!
One will be left impaled?
What happens to his chances?
The longer they stay on the pole,
the lesser the chance of surviving.
Doctor, did l understand it correctly?
You're saying the last one left impaled
on the pole... will die?
But who? Who's going to die?
Sanchez, needle!
Four points lungs.
Times one point because of the pole.
So, 50 - 4... she still has 46 points.
When is the baby due?
l'm not pregnant.
Yes, you're pregnant.
Looks like you're in your sixth month.
BP 90/50. Pulse 100.
46 - 10 points = 36.
l need to talk to Angel.
Excuse me. Let me pass.
Pulse: 1 40. BP weak, 50/30.
He's in shock!
Minus 1 5 points. 35 points left.
-Excuse me.
Wait a minute.
Hey? Hey!
Calm down.
lf l die, Angel might break up with me!
He's a candIdate for perIhepatic packIng.
1 6, liver surgery.
He's down to 1 9 points.
Rochelle, do we have a saw?
Huh? No.
Look for a carpenter.
Doctor, l'm ticklish!
120/90. Pulse: 92.
The old man is stable.
Only 5 points minus.
He has 45 left.
Can we pole remove the pole now?
Yeah, this is too close for comfort.
lf we remove that pole, you'll all die.
Sanchez, call radiology.
Find a way to get an x-ray.
Who paged? What's up?
Heart plus major vessel equals 20.
The woman only has 4 points left.
Why are they still alive?
What's the score of the guy
with the punctured liver?
19. The old man is at 45.
The old man is the most benign?
Sanchez, get the ambulance.
We can transfer him to JR.
-He's unconscious!
Take him off.
Take hIm off.
Oh no! l'm late!
l'm late!
Dad, you... are... retired!
l'm so dumb!
Now, you can eat a proper breakfast!
l lost my appetite.
Ugh. This doesn't feel right.
ls this my chair?
l knew it, this isn't my chair!
Where is it?
Dad, your heart.
Please... relax!
Mercy, l want my chair!
Tonio! You're behaving like a child!
Adrian, go get it.
Yes mom.
Dad, this could collapse anytime.
See. My butt fits perfectly.
Any plans for today?
Dad, banana fritters for you.
you've got your retirement pay, right?
Uhmm... Bobby's aunt
has a business proposal.
A spa franchise.
And so?
Bobby said...
Where is your husband?
lf he wants something,
he should ask for it himself.
Bobby! Come here.
You explain the spa.
lt is a good investment.
Go visit it, dad.
We'd like to advance Faith's share
from your retirement pay!
Damn it!
l'm retired! Not retarded!
Wait for me to die
before you split up my money.
Did you see my cell phone?
Where did l last put it?
Tonio, what happened here?
l've misplaced my phone.
You'd misplace your head
if it weren't stuck to your body.
Oh! lt's ringing.
Where is it?
Oh, Tonio!
Hey! lt's Lando!
Poker Two?
Sure. l'll be there, l'll be there.
Oh! Dad...
where are you going?
To your Uncle Lando's.
How are you getting there?
By bus.
Who will be there?
Just me, your Uncle Lando,
Bert and Jun...
What time will you be home?
l'll be back by midnight.
Oh no, Dad. That's too late!
You should be home by ten.
Okay. Be safe.
Hold on to the rail! Hold on!
Macasaet, drive any faster
and you'll kill somebody!
Hold on!
Grandpa, have a seat.
Ah! Macasaet!
Be considerate of the old man!
Quit making sudden stops!
lt's nauseating!
Sir, where to?
21 .
What the...?!
This is going to take forever...
Who taught you how to drive?I
Your mother?!
A blind man can drive better than you!
We're now here in downtown.
-That smells good.
How much?
Two pesos.
Give me a dozen.
Sir, please spare me some change.
l'm sorry, boy.
l don't give coins.
You're going to die.
Hey, kid! Get out of here!
That was scary.
lt gave me goosebumps!
You son of a bitch!
What did you do?!
You wrecked my house! You bastard!
Delfin! Stop it!
-He destroyed our house! Bastard!
-She's my wIfe!
Stop It, Delfin!
Then there was a fIstfIght...
lt seems one guy
stole the other guy's wife.
Sounds like a soap opera.
So, who has the three clubs?
Not me.
Do you have it, Bert?
l've been dealt a bad hand.
l bet you got all twos.
You joker.
l'm getting hungry.
Quit badgering me.
Here! Say thank you.
l almost died because of this pandesal.
And it tastes like crap.
A true pandesal should be crunchy
on the outside and soft in the inside.
Easy to chew. Not too sweet.
A real pandesal is not full of air.
This is not a pandesal!
Not a pandesal at all!
That's just pandesal. Take it easy.
Yeah, right.
Where did that come from?
Nothing. Getting old is tough.
Where have you been?
School. Bye.
That play makes no sense!
Mercy! l'm late! Why didn't...
What is it?
Where's my chair?
Lord! l thought you were in trouble!
Where's my chair?
Antonio! Stop it.
You're behaving like a child.
Did you throw it away?
Did you throw away my chair?
How many times do l have to tell you
not to touch my chair?!
We can always buy a new one.
No. Never!
Why are you doing this?
Just because it's old, it's useless?
You're being overdramatic, Tonio.
There's no need to get mad!
We're just concerned for you.
Adrian. Adrian!
Yes mom?
Give your father his beloved chair.
lt's your fault, you know.
You're fighting mom over a chair.
l don't care.
lt's almost lunch
and you're just having breakfast?
Time moves slower when you're older.
Are you going out?
Yes. Why?
No, dad. You can't go out.
And why not?
l will leave when l want to
and l'll come home if l want to.
Let me remind you,
l am still the head of this family.
And l will do what l want.
Nobody can tell me what to do.
Dad, you can't leave with just your briefs on.
Put on some pants.
l will leave when l'm in my pants.
-Son of a bitch!
You don't have a single?
He said we did it?
We never even dated. He's a liar.
Who is she arguing with?
l guess her boyfriend.
When you're young, you think the world's ending
when you fight with your boyfriend.
We used to be so innocent.
Ha! You were never innocent.
You were a pervert.
l would give anything
to be young again.
l just woke up one day,
and l was old.
Now my kids think they're better than me.
You know, growing old
is not for the faint of heart.
Being sixty isn't so bad.
Seniors get a twenty percent discount.
And a full house.
l don't want to claim
my senior citizens card.
You should. lt's useful.
l don't want to.
l don't want to be officially old.
The lD will only remind me
of how old l've become.
That our lives are about to end...
That we are just waiting for death...
Pair king.
That's sad.
What's wrong?
Who said l was happy
in the first place?
On a scale of one to ten,
l'm a one.
Huh? Just one?
No chance of a ten?
There is...
if l get a new lease on life.
lf l get to do what l want.
And what's that?
To bake.
To what?
To bake.
Our old lady wants to bake!
Do you know how to bake?
l can learn.
When l was young,
l used to watch my grandmother bake.
And l know the taste
of a good pandesal.
l just need to get it perfect.
lf you're serious,
l know a good location for a bakery.
Leave it all to me.
lsn't it great?
Perfect for a bakery.
Perfect if you want to get gangrene.
Will they give you
a health permit for this place?
A little cleaning
and this place will be good as new!
A little?! A little cleaning?
l can see it now...
You can have tables here
for dine in guests.
Over here
will be the shelves for the bread.
And here, the counter...
And here is where the magic happens!
A rat!
A cat will solve that problem.
So? What do you think?
Bert, maybe we should check
other places too.
This is a bargain at 1 5,000.
l might even be able to get it
down to 10,000,
lncluding the equipment.
For only 80,000 this bakery is yours.
This place is just right for a bakery.
Take it. Before someone else does.
Who do l write the cheque to?
You won't regret it.
This bakery is a best buy.
And so... l bought a bakery.
Huh? Why?
Are you crazy, Tonio?
A barber shop?
Ba... ker... y.
Your retirement pay is all gone, dad?
So what? lt's my money.
At your age,
why are you taking a risk?
l am old so l have nothing to lose.
What if this fails,Tonio?
Do you even know how to bake?
Or how to run a business?
No, but l know l want to be a baker.
Looking good.
l'm so happy you're here.
You're not mad anymore?
l could never stay mad at you.
Oh. You fixed it.
The guys helped me with it.
This is nice.
Here... this is for you.
You look good.
You make a handsome baker.
Thank you.
Good thing you're here.
l wasn't sure
if l was right or just an old fool.
Let the dough rise
until it doubles in size.
Hey! Should l play your hand?
l'm coming. l'm coming.
-What's the last play?
Pair four.
Yeah, l'm in.
l wonder how things went
at Maning's wake?
l really don't want going to those things.
l hope Maning is playing poker in heaven.
There's gambling in heaven?
lt's not heaven without poker.
l'm sure his cards are always good,
because it's heaven.
Like these cards?
Give me a chance to play.
Remember Maning used to pick his nose
whenever he got a good hand.
l miss that guy.
Which one of us will die last?
Don't they say the bad egg dies last?
Here! Let's see those twos.
All's lost.
Big two poker.
lt's you who will die last.
Tonio, how much yeast did you use?
Jun said 60.
60? l said 16!
Please sit down. You're making me dizzy.
lt's rising.
lt will bake faster if you don't watch.
Come here and play with us.
lt's your turn.
Am l doing the right thing?
l cannot fail.
We'll lose all our savings.
How will l explain this to Mercy?
What will my children say?
This is my last card.
You're scaring me.
You did not even let me play.
What's that?
Something's burning!
Ah! My pandesal!
Ouch, doctor!
These are second degree burns.
Doctor, will he make it?
lt's not a brain injury!
No need for last rites.
You're not allowed to eat here.
Hey! Leave some for me.
So? ls it good?
The parts that were'nt burnt are okay.
Hey. You have black stuff on your teeth.
Right there.
So do you.
-You too.
-Me too?
You're being too noisy.
Please wait outside.
What a grump...
Dad, what happened to your hand?
Just a minor injury.
What's that? Biscotti?
No, have some of my pandesal.
You baked these?
Let me taste them.
They're delicious.
Children, taste this.
Go on. Get one.
lt's good.
Yum. Here, Faith.
Bobby, get one.
You know, Dad, you should stop
this foolishness while you still can.
lt's a waste of money, dad.
We could have used that money ourselves.
My whole life l did nothing
but provide for all of you.
Everything you wanted, l gave.
This is the only time
l'm doing something for myself.
And you won't let me have it?
You children are no good!
This is really good!
That's a lot of pandesal.
Can you sell it all?
Better than not having enough.
Are you still making a profit at one peso?
lt's only the first day.
Here... take one.
Dad, all you're selling is pandesal?
What else will l sell?
You need variety.
What is your business plan?
What's that?
This is what we've been trying to tell you, Dad,
This maybe
the best tasting pandesal in the world...
but if you know nothing about business,
you will fail.
Tonio, are you sure about this?
You've been awake all night?
How can l sleep
when l'm worried about you.
Are you sure about this?
This has been a life-long dream.
But you don't know what you're doing.
Just this once...
Can't l do what l want?
-There's passenger.
-Stop! Stop!
Miss Dacanay,
do you have any next of kin?
No, he can't be here.
How about the father of your child?
You're pregnant.
What for?
He's unreliable.
ls Fiesta Dacanay here?
You're the new guy?
You're dead, man. Dead.
Do you have any other job options?
ls there a problem?
lf you're with Fiesta Dacanay...
She's a terror.
I hope you're not a crybaby.
-She made Macasaet, her last driver, cry.
He cried?
But why?
She rained insults on him,
accusing him of not knowing how to drive.
Cursing him from head to toe.
From the beginning to the end of the day.
lf l were you, l'd back out.
lt's Fiesta.
Renato Timbancaya?
Get on!
Just call me Nato.
l'm very frank so l'll be blunt.
l don't like you.
lf you plan on staying long,
you better listen.
l am Fiesta.
Happy Fiesta?!
No. Just Fiesta. No happy.
l was joking.
There will be no joking.
No reckless driving.
No smoking. No drinking.
No eating. No tardiness.
You're wasting time, idiot. Move it.
Passengers are waiting.
Get InI
What? You're gonna cry?
lf you're going to cry then get off.
You're going to die!
Devil boy!
Who's going to die?
You're pissing me off!
Hey, Fiesta!
He's just a kid!
Your fIrst day at work
and you know better than me?
Concentrate on your drivIng!
From dawn to mIdnight
and thIs Is all we made?
We worked for nothing.
lts only the bosses who are getting rich.
Can you check this out.
Hey... hey! This bum is drunk.
Hey, Sir! This is the terminal.
You have to go.
Come on, come on.
Give me your hand.
Get up. Come on.
Oh, crap!
lt's just vomit.
Sir, just breathe deeply.
Breathe in and out.
Timbancaya, don't just stand there.
Help me!
We're going down, okay?
Step down. Slowly. Slowly.
One last step is high.
ls this yours?
Hey, Nato!
You survived! Join us!
ls that bad, huh?
-Fiesta is vile! A real bitch.
-ls that bad, huh?
Didn't l tell you to back out?
She's domineering.
That's the problem.
She just needs some loving...
-Kiss her. Just kiss her.
-Are you mad?
l won't kiss her even if you pay me.
You're such a wuss.
Fiesta does not scare me.
l can take her on.
l'll make her beg for mercy...
so she better ease up
or she's going to have it out with me.
l can pummel her with kisses
or pummel her with punches. The choice is hers.
l'll take the punches!
How long have you been standing there?
Go home. You're drunk.
Go home? lt's still early.
l've only had one drink.
Go home, I saId.
You have work tomorrow.
Says who?
Says me.
What? Should l let her have it?
Nato, Nato! Are you okay?
Nato, wake up!
-Nato, get up.
Are you okay, Nato?
Hey, Timbancaya!
-You squished a passenger!
Timbancaya, you're an idiot! l'll report this!
Please don't. They'll fire me.
Fiesta! Please don't report me.
l will lose my job.
The other day you were on your high horse
too proud to beg.
Now look at you... Wimp!
ls that so...
l really didn't want to kiss you.
No, no, no. What l mean is...
Just don't report me, please.
The kid will not take legal action.
The other bus made a sudden left.
ls it my fault that the other driver is stupid?
Fiesta! Hey!
Pay for this.
l didn't know you were a girl.
Shut up.
What happened back there?
Hey, are you okay?
-Give it here. l'm going home.
-No! No! No!
l'll walk you home.
Whatever. l'll still report you.
l'll leave your napkin here.
l need to go.
You're a real pain in the ass!
Me? What did l do now?
You're still here?
lt's always the same!
Why can't he just die?!
Why can't a car run him down
and put an end to this?!
Or maybe a blow to the head will kill him...
Fall to his death?!
Or get struck by lightning?!
Damn it!
ls he here?
Since we opened.
Who does she want dead?
Her father.
Dad, let's go home.
Dad, let's go...
Timbancaya, since you're still here...
make yourself useful.
Help me with him!
Put him down on the bed.
Fiesta, is your mother home?
-l can do it. l can do it.
This is my hell.
Go ahead. Explain this.
lt was an accident, boss.
The bus made a sudden left.
lt rammed us on the side.
Boss,l didn't want this to happen.
lt was an accident.
And the taxi incident? Was that an accident too?
What taxi?
Boss, the taxi is a different story.
You have a history of accidents!
You should look for another job.
You're a liability to Janus Express.
Boss. Please.
lt's not his fault.
Not his fault?
Yes. The other driver was to blame.
We were parked when he rammed us.
Fiesta, l'm making him your responsibility.
l've already given him two chances,
there will be no third.
No, boss. There won't be a third.
l promise. We'll be careful.
-What are you waiting for?! Go!
-Sir, thank you.
Hey, Fiesta.
Fiesta, thank you.
l'm sorry.
lt won't happen again.
Make sure it won't.
lt was your fault.
Passengers were still getting on
when you drove off!
Clean up your act, Timbancaya!
Or else l'll get rid of you myself!
l will.
Hey, Fiesta!
Cubao Underpass! Cubao!
Cubao! Cubao Underpass!
Cubao Underpass!
Cubao Underpass!
-The man with a cap. Don't let him pass.
-Cubao, Underpass.
-Hey, my cellphone!
-Hey FIesta, waItI
-Hey, my bracelet!
Hold on, wait.
Are you crazy? He'll kill you!
My bracelet!
That was given to me by my mother.
lf he stabs me...
Give it back! Bastard! Thief!
l'll beat you up.
-Sir, hang on. We can talk about this.
-What? You're a hero, huh?
No, here. Take it.
Take it. lt's yours.
Who do you think you are now? Bastard!
-Come back here!
-Where's my bracelet?!
Where's my bracelet?
-There.Thank you.
-That's my cellphone.
This bracelet?
-Timbancaya, l already said thank you!
-All l get is a thank you?
-Why? What else do you want?
-That's it.
Go out with me on a date.
Huh? Why?
-l could have been killed.
-Give that to me.
So what?
Give it to me.
lf you're going to be that way,
l'm keeping the bracelet.
Give it back!
No way.
You'll get it back when we go out.
l'll pick you up Saturday. Don't forget.
l hate you!
ls it your treat?!
Of course.
And try to dress nice, not like a dyke.
Dress nice, okay?
Let's go!
Fiesta, you have a visitor.
Fiesta, you have a visitor.
Where are you going?
We're just going to eat at...
Let's go!
What time will you be back?
Why, dad?
Uhmmm... just before midnight.
Son, this is my only child.
Take care of her.
Oh, dad.
Don't worry. l'll keep her safe.
You look nice. You look like a girl.
Are you okay?
l'm fine.
We'll go ahead, Sir.
Son of a pizza!
Just use your hands.
No thanks. l'm not hungry.
Fiesta, what now?
Let's sit a while. My feet hurt.
Wait. What now?
Can you still walk?
Give me your shoes.
Give them to me.
Or else carry me home.
But you're heavy.
Timbancaya, you're pissing me off.
Go on. Take them off.
Are you serious?
Fine, here.
So what do l use?
How will l walk?
Here. These suit you.
Balut! Balut!
Hey! Hey! Balut!
Wait for me.
You're not hungry, huh?
l have simple tastes.
l don't like fancy places.
You didn't have to spend so much.
l just wanted to thank you.
For helping me out.
What's so special about this bracelet
that you would die for it?
My mom gave this to me when l was five.
lt was my mom who named me Fiesta.
Because she wanted
everyday to be happy.
Maybe that's why my father
feasted on drink all year round.
So where is your mother now?
One day she just got fed up and left.
l will never forget that day.
We were in a mall.
She said she needed to use the toilet.
We waited for her for a long time.
l remember the salesladies
putting away their merchandise...
The guards pulling down doors...
The lights flickering off...
Now l look like a fool.
When l'm in the mall
during closing time, l panic.
l can't help it.
lt's like my mother
is abandoning me all over again.
Do you have a hanky?
Your mom still cares for you.
She didn't care for me when she left,
why would she now?
That's depressing.
Come on, let's drink.
l'm going home.
He's only after one thing.
And once he gets it, he will leave you!
And that's the truth!
Ouch! Dad!
You think he likes you?
Have you seen yourself in the mirror?!
No one will love you.
That's why your mother left.
He will leave you too.
Dad, please!
Come here.
Calm down. You're hurting Fiesta.
Stay out of this!
Why do you even care?!
Huh? Who the hell are you?
Who the hell are you?
-Come. Come on.
She's hurting.
-He's hurting you!
Do you see what sort of a man he is?!
You're making me leave?
He's the one who is drunk.
Leave us!
l am just concerned for you.
l do not want you to get hurt.
l'm sorry l pushed your father.
Forgive me.
l was just concerned for you.
l do not want you to get hurt.
Let's just do our jobs.
l've had enough.
l can only handle one drunkard in my life.
Bus. Stop, stop.
Stop, stop.
Miss, will this pass by the hospital?
-Yes. Holy Family Hospital.
-Come on, let's get in.
Get on.
Here. Sit here. Your hands...
Let's go.
Fare for how many?
-Four, miss.
Wait! Wait!
l'm getting on the bus.
-Thirty six.
Here, l have a coins.
-There it is.
-Wait, wait.
-Get that, please.
-Pick it up... by your foot.
Let's talk.
About what?
Don't get mad at me.
l'm not your father.
Timbancaya, what are you talking about?
What if...
what if we become a twosome?
What sort of twosome?
A couple.
What if l court you?
Court me? How?
why are you being dense?
Me, dense?
You're the one who's not making sense.
Look at Nato!
Nato and Fiesta!
Dad! Dad!
Dad, what have you done?
Dad! Dad, wake up!
Dad, no! Dad, wake up!
Dad! Dad, please!
He's angry at me.
Your father needs stitches.
ls he allergic to any medicine?
Doctor, there was a lot of blood.
l was scared.
ls he going to die?
ls he allergic to any anaesthesia?
Doc, why would he do this?
ls it my fault?
l don't know.
But if you really want to help your father,
you need to clam down.
What medicine is he allergic to?
The doctor said you should stay put.
Or your wound might rip open.
lf you need anything, call me.
My child, l'm sorry.
l won't do it again.
l was just scared
that you would leave me like your mother did.
That you'd find someone else.
Promise you'll never leave me.
How can you abandon your father?
You and your mother are the same!
You think you're better
than everybody else.
lf you don't want to stay then get out.
Run to that man!
Who's there?
What... l thought...
lt's just me.
Can l come in.
Of course. Come in.
What happened?
Can l stay here for a while, please?
Sure. No problem.
Give me your bag.
lf l move out of my father's house,
where can l go?
You came to the right place.
Stay with me.
ls this Lolet's?
No. Lolet and l are over.
Really? ls that so?
This... whose toy is this?
Fiesta, trust me.
l am not trying to deceive you.
Listen to me.
lf you wish
we can get married tomorrow.
l'll take you away from your father
so he can't hurt you anymore.
We're late. Get up.
l'm leaving.
-Come back to bed.
Quit it. Stop!
-Stop being coy.
-l said no.
l said no.
Stop it.
When was my last period?
l'm here for you.
Slow down. There's a kid.
Papa. Papa.
l can explain.
This is my daughter, Bea.
Bea, come here.
-Papa is working. We'll talk to him later.
-You don't need to explain.
Get a room!
Sir, stop!
Let's go. Hurry up.
He's lying to you!
Are you still mad?
Fiesta, she left me for another man.
My whole world ended.
l thought she'd never return.
When l met you,
you gave me a reason to live.
What does she want?
She wants to come back.
And what do you want?
What about your daughter?
l don't want to leave her
but what can l do?
One day, Bea will forgive me.
l could never forgive my mother
for abandoning me.
-Full tank. Let's go! lt's late.
-Wait a minute.
l love you.
Your daughter needs you.
Stay with your family, Timbancaya.
l'm home.
Dad, what's that?
-l need a sip. Just a sip.
-Dad, let go of it!
-You can't drink this! You'll die!
-Leave me alone!
-Give it to me!
-Just a sip. l'm really thirsty.
Hey! Fiesta! Fiesta!
Just a sip.
Please let me have some.
Give it back!
Stop meddling. l need a drink!
I'm thirsty. Just a little sip.
Open thIs doorI
l am so thirsty.
Please, let me drink.
Open up!!
You'll be sorry
if you don't open this door!
Open it!
Open the...
You'll be the cause of my death!
Dad, this will pass.
You can do it.
You can do it.
Fight it for both our sakes.
You're drunk.
Yes, l am. And so what?
You're better than me now?
You were right to peg me as worthless?
You know,
people like you will never be happy.
Your mother left you...
because you have no heart.
l am the only who ever loved you.
Yet you chose to push me away.
ls this the life you want?
You only have yourself to blame
for being alone.
Doctor, the carpenter is here.
All right, come here.
l can't help you.
lt's easy.
We pull them apart, you start sawing.
Why is there so much blood?
D.l.C. Death is coming.
He's already 1 9 -1 5.
Whose blood is this?
Those are contractions.
She's about to give birth.
What? She's pregnant?
Give me the saw.
We don't have much time.
Caloy, you perv!
You'll go blind!
Angel, hurry.
Take off your shirt first.
Angel is so sexy.
Can we watch?
We'll be quiet.
Angel is my girlfriend. Get lost.
Get out. Go!
What now?
We're done?
Jun Rey and I
are meeting up early tomorrow.
Jun Rey, Jun Rey. lt's always Jun Rey.
There's no reason to be jealous.
He's with you In Dumaguete.
I'm here in ManIla.
Ever since you and your family moved, all l hear
from you is Jun Rey this, Jun Rey that.
Jun Rey, Jun Rey, Jun Rey.
DIdn't I make a promIse?
Did you mean it?
Or you only promised,
because l beg you to do it?
I promIsed because I love you.
I love you.
Sure l'm the only one?
Yes, only you.
National Heroes day
is celebrated every blank.
Every blank Monday of August.
Class, every fourth Monday.
And for what?
So that we have a day to honor
our lesser known heroes.
So we remember them
and not just BonifacIo and blank.
Who else?
But RIzal Day is celebrated every blank.
Class, fill in the blank. Please.
Every... yes?
December blank.
December thirty
Is the day Rizal was blank.
He was... E... Executed.
He was executed.
Bonifacio Day is celebrated every...
November thirty.
And what is November thirty?
Clue: Happy blank day.
Happy blank day to you.
November thirty is... what is happy blank day?
Carlos Sicat?
Angel, I dreamt about you last nIght.
And you were beggIng me to...
...blank you.
You said
you would do anything for me if I...
blank you.
I wIll blank you and blank you
until you beg me to stop.
I wIll confIscate this phone.
Caloy, Caloy... Jenna.
-Because you keep reading blank... what?
-Blank me. Blank me please.
Fifty Shades of Grey.
That book will do you no good!
Bro, l already blanked Peachy.
Solid, bro.
Cool, right?
ls that my shirt?
Yup. I sleep wearing it.
I wIsh I was that t-shirt rIght now.
You know what,
this is the only thIng I wear when l sleep.
Only this.
Not even..?
You want to see?
Jun? Jun Rey!
-You're cheatIng on me wIth Jun ReyI
Caloy! My name is CaloyI
You called me Jun ReyI
No. Uhmm... Caloy, sorry l...
Be quIet!
Who is that?
You're fighting?
She has Jun Rey now.
Why don't you look for a real girlfriend?
Why? Angel is not real?
Jenna's more real because she's here.
You can kiss her.
You can... mmm...
touch her.
Bro, if you don't sleep with Jenna,
l'll kill myself.
l won't do that to Angel.
l thought you said she has Jun Rey?
Boys, what the blank is going on there?
Bro, fill in the blank.
You cannot blank Angel long distance.
ls this history of the blank?
l don't want to go to class.
Me too. l feel blank.
Then let's cut class.
lf you have crap on your head...
would you want to know or not?
l would. To get even.
Wouldn't it be better to remain clueless?
Hey, Timbancaya!
-Hey, Wayne!
- Wyne!
Bastard! l will report youI
l can't feel my legs.
Are they still there?
They're still there.
-Yeah, they're there.
-They're there.
Wayne sandwich.
This Is cool. Look...
Boy, l'm sorry about what happened,
but that other bus made a sudden left.
l thought you were already on board the bus.
Chill, man.
This is actually awesome.
l got lots of hits.
You're the driver?
Yes sir. l'm the driver.
You're lucky the kid only got bruises.
But next time,
if you don't stop being reckless...
you might kill someone.
l promise there won't be a next time.
lt won't happen again.
l hope so.
l saw you on Youtube.
You were In the bus sandwich video.
How Is your frIend?
He's famous now.
Caloy, are you stIll mad at me?
If I ever see that Jun Rey,
I'll beat hIm upI
I'll just make it up to you.
What's that?
Just watch.
Angel... Angel... Buffering!
Please! Not now.
Did you see that?
She wants me.
Go on, call her!
lf you don't call her, can l?
Shut up!
l prefer Angel.
That's not what your dick is saying.
Please, let me sleep!
-Damn it!
l had that shot!
Hey! Bro, wait!
Tell me what you'll do to me
when we're in bed together.
What the...!
All you can think of is Angel's cherry.
lf you're going to have sex,
then have sex.
Go and get it over with.
So we can get some sleep.
Angel will be here during sem break
for our anniversary.
So come second semester,
we will no longer be virgins.
Slow down. There's a kid.
Go get a room!
Sir, stop!
He's lying to you!
Hear that, Angel?
She says you're a liar.
Caloy, we have to talk.
Miss, can you spare me some change?
Boy, we don't have money. Scram.
You're going to die.
Hurry up. Let's go.
Hurry up. Come on.
Stop it.
l'll do it, l'll do it. Take yours off.
Wayne! What are you doing there?
You've been there all this time?
Ah, yeah. l got trapped.
l'm Wayne.
You're the guy between the buses?
That's... Mark.
You're sexier in person.
Hey! Aren't you the least bit embarassed?
You're not leaving yet?
l thought this was happening on your
Just because it rained...
Let's go! Let's play DOTA.
Do you really want to do it already?
Let's wait just a little while longer.
Our anniversary is just a few days away.
l'm so excited.
l want it to be perfect.
You're making me nervous.
Your expectations are too high.
l might disappoint you.
Angel, that's impossible.
We both want the same thing.
We want our first time to be special.
And we both want our first times
to be with someone we love.
ls that corny?
No. lt's sweet, actually.
What is it?
Nothing. Come on.
Caloy, thank you.
lt's nothing.
-Let me. l'll bring it in.
-No, l'll do it.
Are you angry?
l'm just tired.
Am l being unfair to you?
Maybe l'm being unfair to you.
lf you're not ready, just tell me.
l'll wait.
Caloy, we need to talk.
But not tonight.
l don't get it. Angel and l were okay.
Then all of a sudden, we weren't.
The funny thing is, l have no idea why.
Wayne has something to tell you.
Why me?
Just tell him.
You've got crap on your head.
Bro, check this out.
That's nothing.
l'm sure Angel can explain.
You need an explanation for this?
Look at it.
Angel is cheating on you.
Looks to me like Jun Rey
already popped her cherry.
-Take that back!
Your girlfriend cheated on you.
And you're mad at me?
You're messed up!
But she promised me...
l would be her first.
Caloy, are you there?
Caloy, man up.
Tell her you know.
Don't be a sissy. Stop hiding.
You're acting like it's your fault.
lf l were you, l'd get back at her.
l would take advantage of her.
Angel's no longer a virgin anyway.
Shut up, man! l love Angel.
Even after she cheated on you?
Don't be stupid!
Go on your anniversary date.
Get some payback.
Happy anniversary!
l'm cold.
l saw you and Jun Rey on Facebook.
What was that?
Did you sleep with him?
Caloy, l made a mistake.
But why? How could you?
l could have slept around.
l didn't because l love you.
But you were making a fool out of me.
l even found out from someone else.
Caloy, it's too difficult.
You're here in Manila
and l'm there in Dumaguete.
But you're the one l love, Caloy.
Mark said you wanted to dance with me?
Here. ln here.
Can we do it here?
Somebody might see us.
We'll get caught...
Rough! Me like!
Here? We're doing it here?
Don't touch me!
That's hurt.
lf you touch me l'll stop.
Okay. l won't touch you.
Wow! lt really bonds in seconds!
Are you high?
Why did you super glue me?
Why are you spreading rumors about me?
Even if you pay me,
l would never sleep with you.
Peachy, get me out of here.
So, how did this happen?
Mark told people that he
and Peachy were dating.
He said they had sex
but that wasn't true.
Mark told a lot of people.
He made a lot of things up
about him and Peachy.
And then...
Okay. Enough.
l don't want to know.
Try to relax. This may sting a bit.
Caloy, please don't hang up.
Caloy, we need to talk.
Can l go there?
WaIt for me.
Did we do it?
What do you think?
-Jenna, wait! Don't open it!
Angel, sorry.
Talk to me, please.
Angel, l'm here now.
Talk to me!
Angel, wait!
Angel, come on...
Angel, let's fix it!
-Fairview! Fairview!
-About to leave. We're leaving.
-Angel, wait!
-Angel, wait! Talk to me!
-Sir, you can't do that here. Get off.
Angel! Angel! Angel!
Angel! Angel!
Hey! Fairview! Fairview!
-Fairview! Fairview! To Fairview! Through Litex.
-Going to FaIrview?
To Fairview. Fairview.
Fairview! Fairview! Fairview!
Fairview! Fairview!
Let's move it!
Where to?
To my bakery. How much?
Twenty one.
Angel, you hurt me first!
Here we go again.
Stupid coins!
Angel, you hurt me first!
l don't care! lt's over!
-Sit! Now pay up!
None of us can escape death.
If we know that death Is a fact of lIfe...
shouldn't we live more?
If you know your days are numbered,
shouldn't you dream more?
If you know that life Is short...
shouldn't you love more?
When death comes callIng...
wouldn't fIght to save your life?
We have no time
so l'll give It to you straight.
Your heart is badly damaged.
lf we pull out the pole,
it will be harder to save you.
You're saying l'm going to die.
What about the baby?
We must choose between you and her.
Can't it be buy one take one?
Doctor, she's pregnant.
She shouldn't be the one to die.
lf you have to, then choose me.
l'm old. l have lived a long life.
You have less injuries.
You've got a better chance of survival.
You have a better chance to survive.
One... two... three!
Help him.
-Okay. Go, go, go.
-Go, go, go.
Paz, O.R. one.
Wait a minute.
Can she go ahead of me?
l'm stronger than her anyway.
l can wait.
We need to operate on you now
or you'll bleed to death.
She shouldn't be the one to die.
Who should it be?
One... two... lift!
Don't lie down. Sideways, sideways.
Doctor, l've had a hard life.
l don't want that for my baby.
She should have a better life.
l promise to take care of her.
Now, l can die.
When death comes callIng...
wIll you be ready?
No one knows. Who dies?
Who lives?
Always live like there's no tomorrow.
Don't be afraid of death.
Death gives meanIng to life.