Tulen morsian (2016) Movie Script

Based on the true story of
Scandinavia's first witch hunts.
I hope our small island won't be -
too uncomfortable after Stockholm.
We have a lot to do.
I prepared these -
to brief you, Circuit Judge -
on our ways of doing things.
- Keep them.
I did not come here
to copy the past-
but to bring about changes.
Changes, Your Honour?
I fear our little land
has turned into -
a seething nest of witchcraft.
My water has broken.
Tear open the breach
Let the jawbones stretch
Open up the doors
to the granary of flesh
Old seer. Tell me
who stole my rye sheaves.
What is it?
Someone stole Ebba's rye sheaves.
Johan? Anders?
Ingborg? Kirstin?
Rebecca? Mats?
It is a pity-
that I studied in Uppsala -
not in Tartu.
We might have met earlier.
Your Honour.
- Has she no shame?
I am a poor wife,
I need my stolen sheaves.
Ulrica, you may go.
I'll look into it at
the winter assizes.
I can't keep us alive
with my granary of flesh.
My family'll starve to death!
- Any witnesses to the crime?
No. So I asked the beggar woman
Karin to divine the thief.
To divine the thief? -Yes.
But she saw no one.
I even asked the Bailiff along
to be a witness.
I will talk to him.
He's a good man -
not a village pussy ward.
Seriously looking for
a bride of his own.
Your Honour.
What is this divining?
Just an old tradition,
a harmless custom.
Someone divines
a thief or a murderer.
She can be right,
or she can be wrong.
Without judicial evidence -
anyone can be deemed guilty.
That's why we need laws
and proper trials.
No more heathen practices
and random accusations.
This island will now
enter modern times.
What's the new judge like?
Haven't seen him.
Perhaps I'll ask him
if I can be his maid, too.
We could share the maid's bed.
Guess what.
In my dream, I saw a man -
glistening in the sun.
- A beautiful dream.
He came towards me.
Then right up to me.
And his stem...
- You mustn't...
...pressed against me.
- You mustn't...
Don't you ever feel the urge?
The Reverend preaches that
innocent lambs will drown...
If they won't live piously
and in the fear of the Lord.
But Lovisa, it was no ordinary dream.
It was a sign, a premonition.
Sheep cannot swim.
Anna, they will all drown!
Valborg, please.
This one time only.
I will meet a man.
He's gorgeous. like a mountain.
Like a rock he rises in front of me
when 1 least expect it.
What do I need to do?
- It's not that clear.
It is one thing to know -
quite another to let people
use the knowledge.
Teach me. Tell me what I need.
Find a lovage root.
- Lovage.
Put the dried root in his pocket.
Tie a knot with your hair,
and light as a feather -
touch his bare, sweaty skin with it.
Keep the knot with you always,
against your breast.
Tell me more!
- I am tired.
Rakel gave birth today.
But I was with her
this very morning.
A pretty little girl.
You could've learned a lot today.
- I know. I'm sorry.
So sweet.
Valborg and I foretold
the future with tallow.
A golden, godlike man waits for me.
The image was so clear, so strong.
I can't hear to wait.
You'll get the best one
on this island.
You have a stain on your blouse.
A pretty face won't help you here.
Perhaps the Psilander family
needs help in the kitchen?
Who wouldn't want
to be the Judge's maid?
But I'd never have thought -
that the daughter of Valborg,
our all-knowing healer-
would leave her foster mother.
I've chosen my maids.
Who is this sweet girl...
Do you feel ill, Madam?
Lovisa! Pepper!
Feel any better, Madam?
And who is this -
sweet girl?
I am Anna Eriksdaughter.
I came to ask if you need
any help in the kitchen.
I told her we don't need any.
But Anna knew that pepper
can be used as medicine.
I know the herbal lore.
- Anna must go now.
I take her as my chamber maid.
Anna, don't!
Just a taste.
The boats are coming!
The men return!
Come! Let's go!
Let's go!
Begging your pardon.
Madam Elizabeth's maid.
- Anna Eriksdaughter, Your Honour.
It is he.
The man of my dreams I saw -
in the candle's shadow.
- Anna, no.
He rises like a mountain
when 1 least expect it.
Neither earth nor water
can hold him back.
He's Elias, you fool.
Here is the neighbor
of your cousin Sven:
Mrten Sjberg from Saltvik.
His wife passed away last winter.
But now Mrten's here to visit us.
My, how you have grown!
Have you lost your mind?
Anna, for heaven's sake.
It is written in the stars.
Valborg saw it, too.
Elias is Rakel's husband!
Have I told you smell like -
a young birch in spring?
Will you also say so
when the winter comes?
Will you be my bride?
Oh, Karl!
Nothing could make me happier.
I must go home.
I'll see you home.
No, not before I've told Father.
Dear child, we must talk.
Perhaps you should confess.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
No! Stop!
Don't you want to receive
the love of our Lord?
Let us go.
Gertrud, pull yourself together.
Leaving already?
Valborg's little Anna.
Not so little any more.
I'm sixteen already.
I guess you fail to notice
time pass at sea.
I was going to thank you.
I hear you saved
our sheep from drowning.
I ran into the water...
- Into the water?
A true mermaid.
I think I ran on the waves.
It happened so fast
I didn't have time to drown.
Let's go for a swim.
I'm so afraid I will...
- Get pregnant.
Who was it?
You'd never believe me.
No one would.
Did he talk about God's grace?
How can you know?
- You're not the first one.
I've helped other fearful girls.
Good evening.
The light of the body is the eye:
if thine eye be single, thy
whole body shall be full of light.
But if your vision is poor-
your whole body
will be full of darkness.
No one can serve two masters -
without a deceitful darkness
creeping into our souls.
In this village -
the forces of darkness...
- Mother?
...threaten to murder the light.
Someone has put the evil eye
on the old lady.
But they just got here!
Spat out a spark
Through Earth, through the ground
Through the Virgin's maidenhead
In the name of the Father-
of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
How can it be so difficult
to find a doctor?
He is mostly in Stockholm.
with luck, on a nearby island.
It'll take days to get a doctor here.
How is my mother?
- That woman...
She spits, spins bread,
does strange tricks.
Last time, Madam's maid did the same.
She is asleep.
Where have you received
your schooling?
I am the village midwife and healer.
My lore is handed down
from one generation to another.
Who asked you here?
How is Madam?
I shouldn't have let that woman in -
but they just barged in.
- Who?
Valborg. -Valborg's powers
don't bode well for our village.
Fragile green sprigs of spring.
What would God think-
if those powers of nature
were destroyed?
We mustn't harm God's creation.
What right do you have then -
to destroy the innocent ones
God has created?
I will find witnesses if you
don't change your ways.
Valborg is lying.
These are not lies!
- It's not the first time!
I'm sure we can agree that -
our little Gertrud was the last one.
I thought she would die.
For Madam.
To wish her health.
Please. Take it.
- Thank you.
For Madam Elizabeth.
He dropped something.
You dropped this.
My knife.
How careless of me.
Thank you, beautiful saviour.
You're finally awake.
When the Batholomew Fair is over-
come to the cave.
I'll wait for you there.
...mouth of a wicked lad
Turning right cheap
like the broom of a fast lass
Dear girl, dear girl,
dear girl, listen here
Don't you forbid me
from hugging you again
one pond '5 deeper and the other...
Do you feel ill?
I am fine.
For your good health.
Your mother's good health, Nils.
I hear Valborg visited your mother.
What sort of a healer is she?
- Just an ordinary midwife.
She uses herbs
for women's troubles.
There are no ordinary healers.
People believe in
harmless little tricks.
Have done so for centuries.
Butchering innocent souls
in their mother's womb.
Is that harmless?
- They're playing God.
There are no harmless tricks.
Witchcraft is always witchcraft.
Did you find out what
that woman, Karin, does?
She is just -
a poor old beggar woman.
Who uses devil's tricks
to divine thieves.
Understandably so.
These villagers live on
this godforsaken island.
Some of them starve to death.
The law forbids such witchery.
Are these women ignorant of it -
or don't they just not care?
Beggars divine thieves.
Healthy people fall suddenly
seriously ill.
What do you imply?
That Valborg has used -
evil forces?
-of course not.
But now that you say it...
Let's take Karin, for instance.
People claim, for good reason -
that she uses the evil eye.
And Valborg, the angel maker-
defies our God!
I must convene the assizes
because of these women.
Thank you for an excellent meal.
I found a plant in the garden...
I wanted to compare
it to the book's...
Lovage, Levisticurn officinale,
is a perennial plant -
flowering from July to August
with pale yellow blooms.
The stem is smooth, hollow,
leafless and bluish -
with two or three...
- I see Anna can read.
My stepmother taught me.
Anna seems to be eager
to learn things.
You haven't told anyone, have you?
Who hit you?
Karl's not like that.
Now that we're engaged -
he came to my bedchamber.
He noticed it wasn't my first time.
That someone had already...
Karl left me.
My father wanted to know why.
He hit me, called me a whore
and abandoned me.
My father said
I've ruined his life.
You can always stay here with me.
Where did you get this?
Silk is dreadfully expensive.
In Stockholm.
Let's go to Stockholm together.
- You're sweet.
Only the best for my bride.
You're shirtless!
If I tell you something -
promise that you never, ever -
reveal it to a living soul?
I promise...
Elias is Rakel's husband!
Anna, it's a mortal sin!
What was it like?
Be careful!
Silly girl.
Get away, we must...
- We must dance!
Once did a pretty girl kiss
the mouth of a wicked lad
Turning right cheap
like the broom of a fast lass
I'm not a great seer,
nor a great witch
when I see a pretty buy
his heart I will win!
I came to take Valborg
to be interrogated.
She made a fire of nine
different types of wood -
and shoe soles, tinder,
liquor and garlic.
She read a rhyme for each cow.
You will follow me like the devil
follows his false master...
You remember the rhyme well,
thank you.
What do you know of
the visit the accused made -
to Madam Elizabeth Psilander
after she suffered a fit?
She did trick with a loaf,
and spells. -What kind?
In the name of the Father,
of the Son and...
That is from the Bible.
And Ulrica Johansdaughter
ought to know it.
And the accused?
I just lit a bonfire for the cows.
An old practice many villagers use.
It harms no one.
Madam Elizabeth Psilander
was seriously ill.
I did my best to keep her alive.
Your Honour.
There isn't a single family
in the village -
whose child Valborg hasn't
helped into this world.
This trial is about witchcraft,
not midwifery.
Valborg has used white magic.
I want to remind Your Honour-
that only black magic
is called witchcraft.
In King Christopher's Law...
- The Bailiff should know -
that the law is no more
recognized in our realm.
All magic is dangerous,
therefore punishable.
Jurors, please rise
to hear the verdict.
Widow Valborg Magnusdaughter
has been proven guilty -
of practising witchcraft to
damage people and cattle -
for the benefit of herself
and the devil.
Therefore, she will banished
from here for the rest of her life.
Leave Rakel's husband alone.
I love him.
You follow your lust.
It's not the same as love.
I hope nothing happened
on the laundry day -
that cannot be salvaged.
Where is she? My Valborg.
You made a terrible mistake.
Overturn the sentence.
You can do it.
I observed the law.
And the trial was properly held,
you must understand it.
You scoundrel!
You know how long it takes
to clean those boots?
This'll make them shine.
Well, always time for one game.
Shall we?
How do you use your skills?
Ebba asked me
to divine the thief and...
Speak Swedish!
Cripes! Never have I spoken before -
in front of such big, fine lords!
What should I invent?
Sometimes I see small black kittens.
Once I saw a big black dog,
tall as an urchin.
But the trip I did only once.
What trip?
The first time -
I was there all alone,
and the black man...
He was big in every way!
Where was this?
Oh! It felt good!
But the second time
there was food.
Got to eat my fill!
Meat and fish!
Then he carried me home
on his strong arms!
Where did you find all that food?
On the Blockula Mountain, of course.
The same old story.
Because she's been there,
on the Mountain!
Believe it if you will.
Don't believe me?
I'll show you.
The black man hit me,
tore at me, mauled me...
The jurors will decide on the case.
Can I go now?
Imbalance of bodily fluids.
It has caused melancholy.
Blood-letting prevents her
from sinking in deeper.
And ipecac helps vomiting.
A person often angry
and melancholic -
must take this regularly.
We will follow your instructions.
This really is not for Madam.
Everything will turn out right.
And you know what?
Karin told her old story about
the Mountain at the trial.
Did you say no?
You speak!
I must talk to you.
We have two small children now,
they need their father.
I ask you as a woman.
End your affair with Elias.
I'm not thinking of myself only.
I am sorry.
But the bond between Elias and me -
is so strong. Stronger than life.
This is not the first time.
That's not true.
He's easily attracted to young,
beautiful girls.
I am your friend.
You hate Elias.
You try to turn me against him
and lie about him.
I must serve Madam Elizabeth's tea.
If Valborg were here,
I'd talk to her.
How dare you to mention my Valborg!
You're just a selfish little girl.
- But not a bitter old hag.
I used to like you.
But look at yourself now!
My darling.
Anna darling. Give it to me.
Don't come any closer.
You'll never touch me again.
Give it to me.
Damn you!
You're bleeding!
It's just a scratch.
Promise you'll never leave me!
To tell the truth.
Karin knows what it means.
Who did you meet at the Mountain?
No one.
No one.
Let me remind you of hell.
Liars will burn in eternal flames.
In never-ending pain.
Telling the truth -
and the names of
all the other witches -
will cleanse your soul.
You cannot receive Holy Communion -
unless you confess all your sins.
We'll travel to Stockholm -
Elias and me.
Forget Elias.
I ought to congratulate you
on your engagement.
Did you try to protest to your
So you gave in blindly.
Why wouldn't I?
Mrten is a good man.
A decent merchant.
He's kind-
doesn't drink too much or
hit children without a reason.
I wonder how Rakel
keeps him to herself.
She binds Elias to herself so -
that he cannot even breathe.
No one else knows about
you and Elias yet -
but you maybe discovered
at any time.
Imagine what will happen then!
Should I sell myself to
some old widower, too?
I thought we were best friends.
Have you witnessed something
with your own eyes?
Rakel Larsdaughter has used herbs
to cast spells.
And she has managed to dye
woollen yard red.
How do you think that happened?
- Through black magic.
Karin Persdaughter -
a beggar woman without an abode
or work in this district -
has been proven to have
made a pact with the devil-
to gain profit by black magic and
to help the forces of darkness -
she has followed in her sinfulness.
- Good riddance to her.
Therefore she will be,
according to our laws -
sentenced to death by beheading
and burnt at the stake.
A death sentence!
The voice of my beloved!
Behold, he cometh leaping -
upon the mountains,
skipping upon the hills.'
Rakel! Come and see how a head drops!
I think it's horrible and disgusting.
They say he's uglier
than the devil.
The executioner,
all the way from Turku!
Strong evidence shows -
that these evil deeds do not
spring from a mystic -
but from a natural
source: witchcraft.
Let us also be aware that -
even in our midst
there may be souls -
who have made a pact
with the devil.
In the name of the Father-
of the Son -
and of the Holy Ghost.
Communion! I want the Communion!
I want to cleanse my soul,
I don't want to go to hell!
I've seen you!
I've seen you hags
on the Blockula Mountain!
And the good Reverend knows
everyone's name!
As Karin has now made
an official confession -
she is ready to receive
the Lord's blessing.
The body of Christ.
The blood of Christ.
No, no!
I don't want to die!
I'm an old wife and -
I don't think my fleshy cunt
will save me now.
Grandma Ebba is alleged to
have used rnagia divinaria -
to solve crimes, therefore being
guilty of a pact with the devil.
According to the testimony
of Persdaughter -
widow Lisbeta Skarp has turned
herself into an animal -
with black fur
to take part in the devil's feast.
Let me go!
Let go, you scoundrels!
Don't touch me!
Can all those guilty of witchcraft
be sentenced to death?
Rakel Larsdaughter is arrested
for practising witchcraft.
Rakel, come with us.
What about my children?
They're better off
with the neighbours -
than in a stinking dungeon.
Johan, will you hold
your little sister-
while I warm up some
sugar water for her?
Forgive me. I didn't know
what I was doing.
I didn't mean that Rakel...
- What are you saying?
It was wrong to give
Rakel's name to the Judge.
I thought they'd just banish
her like Valborg.
God damned bitch.
I should've never trusted you.
I don't want to hear.
How did you get the Judge
to believe your lies?
I know how.
We have been forced to witness
individual tragedies.
But only a hardened soul-
does not confess its sins.
In the name of God, these souls
will burn eternally in hell.
I may not be -
as certain of what
I said about Rakel when...
when you denounced her.
- Yes.
I see.
Usually you are quite
certain about everything.
It was a mistake. I thought...
You can rest easy.
You can confidently leave
the matter to us jurists.
We have the methods and the tools -
to drag out the truth.
Everyone knows it!
Help me, please!
Tell them I'm innocent.
My Karl.
You said once -
that I made all your
dreams come true.
You slut.
I picked you -
from all the innocent virgins.
Witches' ointment.
It's just ordinary shoe...
Did you fly to the Mountain?
On a goat, or a cow?
Lisbeta's family-
may soon lose their home.
Your Excellency...
I am sure you understand-
that we need firewood.
- Firewood?
We need your cottage -
for firewood when we burn
witches at the stake.
Stigma diaboli.
Look for scars, deformities
and dark patches on skin.
No pain.
Have you not done
the needle test before, Bailiff?
If the suspect doesn't feel anything,
she's been marked by the devil.
Case closed.
I fell from a tree as a child.
Ebba Matsenkia.
Lisbeta Skarp.
Gertrud Bengtsdaughter.
Maria Nilsdaughter.
And Ingeborg Olofsdaughter.
According to the law, all will be
sentenced to death by beheading -
then burnt at the stake.
Mother's little darlings.
It was no witches' ointment.
I wanted my shoes to shine!
Karl, help me!
Rakel Larsdaughter.
Rakel Larsdaughter has not yet
completed her confession.
Interrogations will continue.
In the name of the Father-
of the Son -
and of the Holy Ghost.
Help me!
Help me!
Will you...
- I won't tell anyone.
Forgive me.
I said some bad things.
I was desperate.
You're my best and dearest friend.
And you mine.
I brought you fresh bread.
I need to see Rakel Larsdotter.
Visits are forbidden.
Judge Psilander's order.
A nursling needs her mother.
You know?
Just this once.
Just this once.
Greetings from Johan.
Everything's fine at home.
Rakel, I am sorry. I was mad.
My little child.
My little unbaptized daughter
whose soul will be damned.
You couldn't even wait
for me to be churched.
I'll end up in hell.
What will be her name?
My little Iliana.
She will be baptized.
I promise you.
- Slut!
Go away.
Want your boots cleaned,
Mr District Judge?
And then some shoe polish.
Does anyone use -
these jars for any other purpose?
You did that well, Madam.
Where's the ointment
you showed to the jurors?
I burnt it after the interrogations.
You burnt it?
- Witches' ointment.
I certainly didn't want to keep it.
Where did you find that?
From Rakel?
It is shoe polish, just like
Gertrud said in the court.
That slut is capable of
saying anything.
This time she told the truth.
Then the wisest thing -
is to leave this between us two.
This is a terrible mistake.
Canon Episcopi?
Is this about witchcraft?
That everything is just dreams?
Does your son know about this?
- Yes.
We have argued about it many times.
I have made a big mistake.
It is impossible to rectify.
I must ask for your permission
to leave this island.
A big mistake.
What're you up to'!
I'm doing a good deed
to an innocent soul.
Rakel's little girl has
not been baptized.
It must be done.
In the name of the Father...
The Father, and the Son and...
The Father...
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
I christen you -
Iliana. -Anna.
Anna Iliana.
I christen you Anna Iliana.
In the name of the Father,
of the Son -
and of the Holy Ghost.
Imagine if they're
all just daydreams.
What do you say?
Who is so stupid and foolish
as to think-
that all these things done in
the spirit are done in the body?
Whoever believes in such things
loses the Faith and is not of God -
but of him in whom he believes,
that is the devil. Canon Episcopi.
Written by an ignorant and aberrant
monk hundreds of years ago!
Rakel Larsdaughter has confessed -
and has been proven to be guilty
of the use of black magic -
for her own and the devil's benefit.
Therefore she will,
according to the Mosaic Law...
I want to confess.
I denounced Rakel Larsdaughter
on false grounds.
Do you confess this in all honesty?
Yes. I do.
Then the court must find out-
if the devil has led
this person to do so.
Anna Eriksdaughter
will be arrested -
for interrogation and investigation.
I will handle this myself.
Anna, you can still
change your confession -
concerning Rakel Larsdaughter.
Get up.
This is an official interrogation.
Get up!
You will now tell me -
all your secrets.
What's it like to
fly on those beasts?
Do you turn into an animal, too?
What does it feel like
to meet the devil?
When he lays with you?
You feel lust? Tell me!
Tell me!
I don't know you any more.
I am the District Judge,
a man of the law.
In front of God, our king
has assigned me the duty -
to uncover all devil's deeds
until my dying day.
Future generations will read
about it in the chronicles.
Chronicles never lie.
Several witnesses have told -
that the accused has used the lore
received from her foster mother-
the witch Valborg,
banished from this island.
Anna has used black magic
in unnatural way -
to heal sicknesses and bring
good luck with cattle.
The accused has also been close
to the beggar woman Karin -
already proven to be a witch.
Finally, she has boasted
of being able to walk on water.
What does the accused
Anna Eriksdaughter have to say?
Your Honour.
The devil wouldn't be the devil
if he were easy to recognize.
The devil blinds you with
his glamour, touches you -
fills you with magnificent strength.
Makes you howl like a bitch,
until you're ready to fly.
That is what the devil can do.
Isn't it so, Honoured Judge?
I am guilty of all the things
mentioned here.
And of an even worse sin.
I have borne false witness
against an innocent woman.
Rakel is innocent.
- She has confessed her sins.
Then it is the devil's handiwork.
I know it, for I did
all the evil deeds -
in the name of
Rakel Larsdaughter.
Jurors have decided that
Anna Eriksdaughter -
is guilty of practising witchcraft
in Rakel Larsdaughter's name -
thus endangering the whole village.
She is sentenced to death
according to God's Law:
Exodus 22:18.
Rakel Larsdaughter will be set free.
I will fetch her myself.
The body of Christ.
The blood of Christ.
My beloved -
esteemed parishioners.
A great day for Christianity!
Anna Iliana!
Mother, tell me again
what happened to Big Anna.
It was our Reverend!
He raped Gertrud -
and destroyed her life!
- You murder innocent women!
And of many others, including mine!
Water has turned into wine.
A miracle!
You dyed the water red -
fooled the Reverend and saved Anna!
Set her free!
Set her free!
She moved to Stockholm,
become rich and famous.
Everyone admired her as
the best healer ever, right?
To Anna Iliana.
A perennial,
flowers in July-August -
with pale yellow...'
"...shiny with two or three umbels.
The stem is long.'
Nils Psilander acted
as the land Circuit Judge -
until his death in 1682.
There were no more executions for
witchcraft during his term in office.
In continental Sweden, witch hunts
blazed up in Dalsland in 1668 -
spreading from there to Stockholm.
By 1676, approximately 400 people -
were sentenced to death
for witchcraft.
Translation: Mikko Lyytikiinen