Tum Bin (2001) Movie Script

"'I will not wish
for anything, but you"'
'I will love you
till I live'
"'love, love!"'
'My eyes wish to see you'
'my heart wishes to love you'
'i'm lost in your love'
'how shall i tell you
what i'm feeling'
'you will shy away'
'you will shy away'
'i will play such a mischief
with my eyes'
"'i will not wish
for anything, but you"'
'i will love you
till i live'
"'love, love!"'
Your father must
be proud of you?
'Wish this would have
happened, but..."
parents died
in a road accident.
You are a worthless man.
You call your friend
from canada to mumbai...
...and don't even come
to receive him at the airport.
I'm going back
by the evening flight.
"Look, I'm really sorry."
My interview was going to be
aired on television.
I went off to sleep waiting
for it. I couldn't watch it.
Please forgive me.
Atleast embrace me once.
- Won't you embrace me?
- Say it once again.
"How are you, friend?"
How did you become wet?
It's three days
since 'holi' got over.
But our neighbour's kids
are still playing it.
They threw a water
balloon at me.
They must be the kids next
door. They are very naughty.
Do one thing.
Go and change.
I will change later.
First you make a drink for me.
Did you see the time?
If this is not the time
for a drink. Make coffee.
I am making coffee.
"Anyway, I will have to do
whatever you say today."
Why don't you do one thing?
How can anyone be comfortable
in a one room flat?
Everything is
in the same room.
Do one thing.
Built a bathroom hereitself.
"By the way, this is
called a studio apartment."
You may call if a bungalow.
It will remain a one room flat.
'That reminds me, you had built
a bungalow for yourself, right?"
Why don't you stay there?
"I had built it for my parents.
But after them..."
...I don't feel like
going there.
I go there every 'Diwali'
to light lamps.
This year's FDA award has
proved that Shekhar is the best.
Shekhar is the star
of the evening.
"By the way, I do the same
in canada what you do here."
I run a small industry by
the name of Shah industries.
'Add some love
to this drink'
'o' beautiful maiden'
'you are my destination'
'you are my fate'
"'with you, I don't lack
for anything in life"'
"'give me love,
take my heart"'
"'o' beauty,
you are my darling"'
'quench the thirst of my eyes'
'o' my love! '
- Will you leave today itself?
- Yes.
"- Nice to meet you.
- Me, too."
- Do you know what
a wedding dress is? - Yes.
- Is this the one?
- Yes.
Piya had asked for it.
I am getting married next week.
"'I swear by god,
you are very dear to me"'
'i love every style of yours'
"'your loves is wonderful,
so is your beauty"'
'you makes my heart go weak'
'quench the thirst of my eyes'
'add some love
to this drink'
'o' my love! '
I'm not joking.
Lets place a bet of 100 -.
I will certainly call you
to canada.
I am very happy here.
Alright then.
I will take this note back from
you when you come to canada.
Or else i lose the bet.
"Hey mister, you will
make me miss my wedding."
How much more time
will it take?
I will miss the flight.
Why don't you think of that?
I can't say
how long it will take.
Is better if
you take another taxi.
"Alright, tell me how far
the airport is from here?"
One kilometer at the most.
It will take 4 minutes by taxi.
You can even go walking.
"Yes, i'm on the walk."
The taxi broke down.
This taxi driver is
stopping me from coming to you.
But i won't heed.
I will go walking.
"Amar, listen.
Get up."
Have you gone mad? We will
take him to the hospital.
Check his pulse.
He is dead.
"Before going
to the hospital..."
...we'll have to go to
the police station. Lets go.
"No, shekhar."
What are you doing?
Why did you
disconnect the phone?
I've written such a romantic
poem. Now listen.
Don't laugh.
"'Without you, how can i live"'
'how can i live without you'
'the nights seem
as long as ages'
'the days seem
as long as ages'
'you come back'
"'my heart says,
come back"'
'lonely i feel again'
'i miss you again'
'i am nervous again'
'you are making me restless
"'come back, says my heart"'
"'what all i've thought,
i have some many dreams"'
'my heart has so many
wishes and desires'
'storms pass through
my heart
'i can't live without you'
"'come back, says my heart"'
"'come back, says my heart"'
'how can i live without you'
"'without you, how can i live"'
"did you like my poem, amar?"
"Shekhar, remove
your t shirt."
Hurry up.
Remove your t shirt quickly.
Be careful.
'We inquired in many houses,
but no one knows anything."
Everyone says
they didn't see anything.
We have taken
the details of the boy.
His name was Amar Shah.
He has a canadian passport.
He had come to mumbai
by this morning's flight.
And he was returning
by the 4 o'clock flight.
I found out from the hotel.
"He was going to the airport,
but his taxi broke down."
So he decided to go walking.
His body lied here
till 40 minutes.
We got a call later.
We have informed his family.
They must be on their way.
It takes 28 hours
to reach here from canada.
"Okay, i'll leave."
You know how long he was lying
on the road after the accident?
"You don't, right?
A full 40 minutes."
"If no one came to his rescue
then, now there's no need."
We will manage.
"Come on, get going."
There is no show going on here.
Someone has lost his life.
Go home back to sleep.
"Mr. Shah, i am very sorry."
"I promise you that some day,
that man..."
i had come to mumbai for a day.
I had heard a lot about you.
I thought i should meet you.
You know what
a wedding dress is?
Piya had asked for it.
Next week is my wedding.
"Look, d'mello, he is
a z catogory minister."
Divert the force.
The arrangement
should be perfect.
"Sir, i need permission."
I want to put up checkposts
and find that vehicle.
'Which vehicle, d'mello?"
An accident has occured
as the milan subway.
Three months have passed.
"How do i forget, sir?"
It doesn't affect
your record in anyway.
Lets go.
But if affects my sleep.
"If the accident has occured,
someone was surely driving."
"And if someone was
driving the vehicle..."
...i will keep the case
pending till i find him.
Stop the car.
It is 1.35 a.m.
We are late.
I didn't know we'll get stuck
in the traffic in the night.
Give me.
I'll park the car and
be back in 2 minutes.
The flight will leave
by the time you come.
Please don't go.
"Okay, go."
- Take care. Okay?
- Yes.
Forget what happened.
I will call you up
as soon as i reach.
"'What all i've thought,
i have some many dreams"'
'my heart has so many
wishes and desires'
'storms pass through
my heart
'i can't live without you'
"'come back, says my heart"'
'how can i live without you'
"'without you, how can i live"'
lets place a bet of 100 -.
I will certainly call you
to canada.
I will take this note back from
you when you come to canada.
I will certainly call you
to canada.
"- The flight was a long one,
wasn't it? - Yes."
Did you sleep well?
I thought you must
have forgotten.
"I tried very hard, but..."
then what have
you come here for?
What is your intention?
I have come to apologise.
You are too much! Do you
think they will forgive you?
But i was not at fault.
Only we know. No one else knows
that it was not your fault.
"Yes, maybe amar knows."
They will not forgive you.
I will do whatever they say.
"Either hand me over to the
police, or punish me themselves."
You have gone crazy.
Since five years i have been
telling you to come to canada.
You didn't come then.
You have come now.
And you're saying that you'll
accept any punishment they give.
Do you know who all
are there in his family?
"He has a sister, father,
grandmother, and his fiancee."
At whose all hands will
you accept punishment?
And why?
When it was not your fault?
Try to understand.
It won't be easy.
"Anyway, nothing
is easy, right?"
"Neither for them,
nor for me."
Alright then.
Do what your heart says.
"Get in the car. You don't
want to listen to me, do you?"
- Yes?
- Amar shah...
- but he is...
- i know.
- You are...?
- I work here.
- Is anyone home right now?
- Grandma is doing her prayers.
Come in.
"Sit here, grandma will
come after her prayers."
My name is shekhar malhotra.
I've come from mumbai.
I had met amar...
...in mumbai.
We met at a party.
We spent quiet
some time together.
'Then, amar left
for the airport..."
...and i left for home.
Amar met with
an accident with my car.
"Sir, i and basko left
the party in my car."
And the street was desolated
and i was driving very fast.
"I took a right turn..."
"...there was a big bungalow
ahead, its gate. I don't know..."
...where a small girl came
from running after her dog.
She suddenly came
in front of my car.
'To save her..."
...the moment i took
a right turn.
And the car banged
against something. And...
...i applied the brake.
I and basko got down...
...and we came in front
of the car. We saw amar...
amar was soaked in blood.
If you still feel that...
"...i am to be blamed, i
accept any punishment you give."
Whom are you talking to?
Sir does not speak.
"Since he cremated amar,
he does not speak nor listen."
"You take a seat,
i will call grandma."
Who is it?
'Who was it, girdhari?"
"Ms. Piya, we have evaluated
all the property."
And all this property is not
worth even half the loan amount.
"If the regular installment
does not reach of time..."
...the entire property will
be auctioned by next 20th.
'As if a life time
has passed...
...staying awake'
'as if i'm alive...
...but not breathing'
'as if there's a plea...
...buried in your heart
'as if you've said something...
...through your eyes'
"look, we cannot
bring back amar."
But right now
their major problem is...
...their sinking business.
You can help them revive it.
- Will they let me do that?
- Why will they not?
I am trying my best to
get a six month extension.
And what if we don't?
Then they do the auction.
Is there no other option?
The best that can happen is...
...shah industries should
start running again like before.
So that the market and
the bank gains confidence in us.
And all this should happen
within a month's time.
I am talking of a miracle.
"Miracles happen only in stories,
mr. Jain, not in real life."
"- Alright, I'll leave. I'll
call up in the evening. - Okay."
My name is Shekhar Malhotra.
I had met amar in mumbai.
He had given me an offer
to work for shah industries.
"Mr. Shekhar, about 8 months ago,
in a road accident, amar..."
i know.
We don't have any vacancy now.
Just a minute. You can at least
check my credentials.
"Look, mr. Shekhar..."
look madam.
I was sent to holand for
t.f.c. Exchange program.
"In my previous job, i got 3
promotions within six months."
"In five years time, i was
made the vp of the company."
"In mumbai, people say that
no one works better than me."
You want to work
with shah industries?
What do you know
about shah industries?
"Before working here, know
some things about the company."
"Do you know that
after amar's death..."
...the price of our company's
shares fell drastically?
This mr. Markis.
And this is ms. Anna.
'Within three months
after she joined..."
...her mother underwent
an open heart surgery.
The office sponsored it.
"Suddenly she felt, this office
is too far from her house."
This is mr. Bhatia.
Mr. Bhatia worked with
the company for 14 years.
He used to sit here
since five years.
He had gone on a short leave.
He did not return till today.
We recieve his resignation
by post.
Everyone has the same story.
'Today, in the stock
and finance market..."
...shah industires
is a sinking ship.
Please don't try to
board this ship.
"Let those who
are sinking, sink."
There is no place for you on it.
"Madam, you want to
break amar's promise?"
What promise are
you talking about?
'With amar's death,
all his promises are broken."
'The promises he made to you..."
...and those who he made to me.
"Madam, look,
i can help you."
I don't even want
a salary for now.
Maybe this sinking ship
can float again.
Please think about it.
You should have appointed
the boy for a few days.
Maybe he coulve helped us.
"After all, amar
had selected him."
There must be something
special about him.
"I'm sure, there must be.
But is too late now."
I had spoken to mr. Jain.
I have no hopes left.
"One must never lose hope, child."
The world survives on hope.
"And then, your entire life
is ahead of you."
Everybody is sorry
about amar's death.
"But you have to forget
all this, and move ahead."
I can never forget amar.
"Hey, listen to me."
"Child, perhaps you can
make her understand."
Amar is dead. Why is
she ruining her life?
"Getting her married is our
duty, our responsibility."
"She was our daughter-in-law
before, not she is our daughter."
"Don't worry, grandma.
Everything will be alright."
God must have chosen
a prince for her somewhere.
'The day she meets him,
she will forget amar."
"- But grandma...
- yes?"
"It would be so nice, if piya
would become my sister-in-law."
- I'll leave.
- Okay.
"- Fufu must be waiting. I
had promised her. - Go, dear."
What a strange man he is!
He is ready to work
without pay?
You should have appointed
him immediately.
Who knows when someone
could be helpful.
I was so rude to him that he
musve returned to mumbai.
What are you doing?
I was cleaning.
But the bulb had fused.
I tried to repair it.
A short circuit took place.
The siren started.
I didn't...
the bulb is fused.
And i even go a electric shock.
Shall i pick it?
"- It is a fax.
- Oh, this?!"
The machine is too small.
"- Ms. Piya, this letter...?
- Yes?"
Why did you throw it?
It is of no use to me.
Perhaps you did not
read it properly.
They have asked for a quotation.
It is an order worth
atleast 20 million.
- We can't take this order.
- We can at least try.
"Look mr. Shekhar, the company
does not have enough money..."
...to accept such a big order.
We haven't got the order yet.
'We'll get the money,
once we get the order."
"Ms. Piya, i hope you have the
today's exchange rate list?"
You will not send
this quotation.
You are using my computer
without my permission.
I had told you earlier that...
...the company does not have
funds to handle such an order.
I had told you yesterday...
"in my previous job, i got
3 promotions within 6 months."
"In the past 5 years,
i was made..."
...the vice president
of the company. Why?
What do you think of yourself?
Do you know that i allowed
you to come in this office?
Because amar had promised you.
And now you will tell me
which letter to respond to?
"You used my computer, my entire
office without my permission."
Do you know you
have no right to do this?
We have received your quotation.
The gm wants to meet you.
- Will tomorrow 10 a.m.
Suit you? - Yes?!
- This one?
- What printing is this?!
The printer was bad.
"- I am piya speaking.
- Yes, tell me."
There's a stupid problem.
- That boy shekhar...
- what happened to him?
Nothing happened to him.
At least let me finish.
You scolded him again
and drew him out?
And now, itbt called up."
They gave me an appointment
of 10 a.m. Tomorrow.
I am not even aware of
what quotation he had sent.
Where do i look
for that nut now?
"Actually, i have this habit
since childhood..."
"...that whenever i'm scolded,
i begin to feel hungry."
"- Will you have?
- No, thank you."
- Are all your phones
working fine? - Why?
- You will receive a call.
- Whose call?
From itbt. We had sent
them a quotation. They'll call.
They've called me
at 10 a.m. Tomorrow.
So you received
the call already?!
Now do you agree
that i can work?
Reach office at 9 am tomorrow.
It is a 45 minute drive.
That means my job is confirmed.
I will prepare the proposal.
"You'll see, we both will
make this sinking ship..."
...go around the world.
Did you hear that?
Now this sinking ship
will go around the world.
"'Without you, what is life"'
'... what is life'
"'without you, what is life"'
"'without you, how can i live"'
'how can i live without you'
'the nights seem
as long as ages'
'the days seem
as long as ages'
'you come back...
...says my heart
'lonely i feel again'
'i miss you again'
'i am nervous again'
'you are making me restless'
"'in my heart,
there are several memories"'
"'without you,
i am lonely now"'
"'come back..."
...says my heart
"'what all i had thought..."
...i had some many dreams'
'my heart had
so many wishes...
...and desires'
'storms pass through
my heart
'i can't live without you'
"'come back..."
...says my heart
"'without you, how can i live"'
'how can i live without you'
i am talking to you.
"Yes, it is obvious
you are talking to me."
- What?
- You are talking to me.
"Look, our relationship
is since past 12 years."
And i didn't expect
this from you...
...after 12 years
of relationship.
"Sir, you have a 12 year
relationship... with her?!"
"If you keep quiet for a minute,
may understand what she means?"
What did you say? What do we
have since past 12 years?
- Relationship.
- Oh!
- What?!
- Do you have any doubt?
No. There's not doubt.
'When you are saying,
it must be true."
But i was not aware of it.
- You were what?
- I wasn't aware of it.
I mean i didn't
have the knowledge.
"Look, my boutique
has been buying cloth..."
...from your company
since the past 12 years.
And you say that you don't have
that? What was it you said?
I wondered which relationship
she is talking about.
"Anyway, have a seat."
Have a seat.
"I had just one, i've kept it."
"I mean to say make yourself
comfortable, then we can talk."
"He meant sit down,
not put down."
Now tell me.
"Look, my boutique
has been buying cloth..."
...from your company
since the past 12 years.
We never faced
this problem earlier.
'That ex-manager
of yours, mr. Aslam."
"At times, the cheque used to
reach on time, sometimes not."
- He never complaint.
- It wasn't right either.
- What won't right?
- To complaint.
And this new manager
of yours...
how dare he...
he stopped the supply just
because one cheque was late.
"Just a minute, madam."
Your behaviour is upsetting
our relationship.
Please don't talk
in code words.
This is known as urdu
language in hyderabad.
Please sit.
This ordinary man
is called lftikhar.
- Who is that?
- Is me.
"I mean, my name is lftikhar."
But people call me lfti
with love.
My name is ayesha.
People must be calling
you aya with love.
"Ayesha, from now on, you will
keep in touch only with me."
- What?!
- I mean contact.
You will keep
a contact only with me.
Not with this fool.
"Anyway, i am not interested
in keeping a contact with him."
- What?
- I don't feel.
You don't wish.
"- Alright, i'm not interested.
- Right."
- I'll leave.
- How should i say?
I have to go.
- Do come again.
- Sure.
- Do send the cloth.
- I will bring it myself.
"Actually, today
is mili's birthday."
I become confused when
i go to buy a gift alone.
I'm sorry to bother you.
No. Good that you told me.
Or else mili would think
that i didn't even wish her.
This also resembles mili.
- Shall we buy it?
- Immediately.
'The best way
to select a gift..."
...is to take the decision
Where did you buy
this dress from?
Why? Fufu has designed it.
Don't you think this hat will
look nice with this dress?
Yes. Ill look very nice.
"If you don't mind, i would
like to gift this hat to you."
I don't wear hats.
Please try it once.
Please try it once. I'll wear
it if you didn't like it.
"I told you, didn't it!"
Your face seems to have
bloomed with this hat.
Always stay happy like this.
You look good.
Mili plays the piano very well.
"If she continues to learn
like this..."
...she'll play it
like me one day.
Do you play the piano?
Play? I play
the piano very well.
I can even teach you.
I thought you forgot.
How can anyone forget
the birthday...
...of the most beautiful
girl in the world?
- And what have you bought
for me? - What can i give you?
I've only snatched from you.
"For now, this chocolate."
But you can ask for
anything you like.
Alright. Not today.
But i'll ask some other day.
You will have to give.
What shall we go?
Inform all your friends to
come there within half an hour.
"Mr. Ikti, you?!"
- Do i look different?
- No.
- I wasn't expecting you.
- I see!
"I was passing from here, so
i felt that i'm very hungry."
"I don't have
anything to eat, here."
Yes! There's a sandwich left.
I'll get it right away.
"- Do you have dinner?
- Yes, i do."
Even i do. How nice!
If you say so.
"No. I mean if
we both had dinner..."
...how about having it
together? - What?!
"- Fufu, where is my gift?
- Here's your gift."
"Lftikhar, she is my neice,
mili. Shekhar and piya."
'This heart has seen
some many dreams'
'what should i do
about these dreams'
"'nor do i know,
neither my heart knows"'
'i don't know
where my destiny lies'
'it is difficult
to control my heart
'it is difficult
to hide my feelings'
'i am not crazy'
'but i am sure'
'she will make me crazy'
'this heart yearns for her'
"'lf i don't see her,
i feel restless"'
"'my feelings,
she does not understand"'
'everytime i keep thinking'
- what happened? - he
is feeling breathless.
Perhaps he is not even
able to breath properly.
"Don't worry,
everything will be fine."
"Yes, everything
is going fine indeed."
Wonder who we have wronged.
He is alright now.
He is sleeping.
I think there's absolutely
nothing wrong with him.
His problem is psychological.
He does not want to live.
Nothing is wrong with him.
He will be alright.
You all were worrying
- The doctor said he will be
discharged tomorrow. - Good.
It is only a matter
of one night.
You'll go home and take rest.
I will bring him home
tomorrow morning.
- I will stay with father.
- Why are you getting worried?
"Grandma, i am not worried.
You all go home."
"Alright, then
i will stay here."
I will ask for help
when i need it.
Where did mili go?
Just a minute.
"Fufu, you proceed,
i will bring mili!"
She has become so stubborn.
"Our piya has become wise,
not stubborn."
'What happened, mili?"
Will father leave us and go?
He will.
"Do you know,
i had never thought..."
...that my parents will
leave me and go away.
But they both died one day.
'That night,
god came in my dream."
"He showered his love on me
and said 'sorry', too."
There is a dearth of
good people in his world.
'Whenever he needs
good people..."
...he has to call them
from our world.
"He told me that in some
other part of the world..."
...a child needed parents.
So he sent my parents there.
Where did god send amar?
"I don't know, mili."
Will you tell god something?
Tell him not to send
my father anywhere.
I need him more.
He will not send him anywhere.
I know you don't need any help.
I only came to give you tea.
"'At every meeting..."'
'... i feel... '
'... that as if your gaze... '
'... is asking me something'
everything is clear to you.
I don't want to deceive you.
I had told you the truth.
I don't have the courage
to speak the same truth again.
I have gained the pleasure
of having a family...
...after a long time.
I don't want to lose it.
"- Shall i drop you home?
- No, thank you. I'll go."
"'While walking, often..."'
'... i feel that... '
'... as if his gaze is... '
'... secretly following me'
'what happened?
You liked the snow, isn't it?"
You always liked it.
Then what happened today?
Tears are flowing
from these eyes?
Time did not stop
after my death.
The wind did not stop.
You did not stop breathing.
This snow did not stop.
Then how can your life stop.
"Look piya, the time
we spend together..."
...was neither in
my hands nor yours.
That is only a fantasy.
You should cry over a fantasy.
Remember the time
we spend together.
"And when you will recall that
time, you will only smile."
I cannot come back.
Life is waiting for you
with open arms.
I know you cannot forget me.
But remember me in such a
manner that i help you survive.
"You like him, don't you?"
Even i like him.
I knew this nasty man
would give us an appointment.
I had written such
a letter to him.
He is really nasty. He has
given an appointment for 10 am.
And it is a five
hour drive from here.
You'll have to leave at 5 am.
"Miss piya,
i'll leave right now."
"But once this man is convinced,
he'll give us several orders."
You were uselessly
losing courage.
That he won't even meet us.
"If you want, you
can lay a bet with me."
That he'll give
the orders to us.
"One does not behave like
this, if he's not in love."
You are always lost
in your thoughts.
"Once the girl is mentioned,
your mood changes."
Shall i tell you the truth?
You have fallen in love!
Don't start talking
in punjabi when drunk.
Whether i speak in
punjabi after drinking...
"...or drink before speaking
punjabi, you don't interrupt me."
- Understand? - alright.
- Now hear hindi.
"You will not accept it, but you
have fallen in love with piya."
- Don't talk nonsense!
- Who are you hiding it from?
From me? But you cannot
hide it from yourself.
"Sometimes, someone's else's
fate helps your destiny."
- What do you mean?
- I am talking about shekhar.
You didn't want to
appoint him at all.
- Now his fate has...
- not fate.
"Shekhar is so hard
working and determined..."
...that perhaps he doesn't
need the help of good fate.
And the best thing is that...
...that he had very
noble intentions.
He always wants the entire
world around him to be happy.
Such people are
very hard to find.
"After amar, that office
seemed such that..."
...i didn't have the
courage to enter it.
"But today, i feel like
giving that office a new look."
I want to take it
in a new direction.
When will you start thinking
like this about your life?
- How? - that you give
your life a beautiful turn.
Do you like shekhar?
He's a nice boy.
Think about it.
It is after so long that
i am seeing you happy.
What happened?
You look tired.
'The boss kept fighting
till late at night, so..."
"No, nothing."
'Since i have seen you... '
'... my heart is
lost in your thoughts'
'what is it
that my heart... '
'... is saying to my heartbeats'
'i am falling in love'
'i had to lose my heart
i am losing
'what are people saying'
'i have started wondering'
'what is the truth about me... '
'what shall i tell you'
'who am i... '
'how long shall i hide this'
'how much ever you
may hide from me... '
'... i still know everything'
'everybody will
tomorrow know... '
'... about our love'
- i had given the appointment...
- you are...
you misunderstand.
I am not abhigyan.
'This year, our company's turn-
over is 800 million dollars."
"Compared to last year,
125 o/o growth."
"Uncle, how many zeros
does 800 million have?"
- Why?
- Have you ever noticed?
'The bigger the bank
account figure becomes..."
...life becomes ionelier.
Nothing except work.
"And then, stability is needed."
"A stage, where life begins."
Uncle... life!
Had i not told you that...
"...amid this hard work, life
will itself come to me one day."
"Now, if life will carry
me away with it..."
"...it is life's fault, not mine."
And i hope life
will carry me away!
And miss piya is
our managing director.
- My name isn't very bad.
- What?
We have studied your buying
pattern of the past five years.
And one funny thing
we noticed is that...
...after purchasing the material
you dispatched it within 10 days.
"You purchased all the material
during the peak season..."
...when the material
costs the most.
"If you had purchased this
material during off season..."
...it would cost you
about 25 % less.
"Abhi, i only
want to say that..."
"...whether anyone else offers
you this price or not..."
...we want to offer this
off season price to you.
You study our project report.
And consider adding us
to your vendor's list.
I have never come across such
a prepared supplier before.
'That company may not be
doing very well today..."
...but we can start with them
by giving them a small order.
I think piya is the
girl who i was looking for.
I want to know in detail about
shah industries and piya.
I know everything about
that company and that family.
"Calgary is a good
place, isn't it?"
Calgary has always
been a good place.
"No, uncle. It is
seeming better today."
Why? Because piya lives here?
Really? Piya lives in calgary?
I want to open an
office in calgary.
"Sure we will, son. But before
you think more about piya..."
...i would like to know
who this shekhar is.
"Yes, sir. One minute."
Has our quotation reached you?
One minute. Piya.
Really? Congratulations.
"Yes, we will surely come.
I will tell shekhar."
He is opening an
office in calgary.
He has thrown a party and
has invited us both to it.
Is good that you have come.
I was waiting for you.
"Some faces are simply
so lovable, right?"
"You love piya, don't you?"
"No, i don't."
'Her beauty is stunning
i am losing my senses'
'my heart is singing in joy'
'i am looking at her
she doesn't know i
'i am falling in love with her'
'my life was not
so restless earlier'
'wonder why i
sometimes feel that... '
'... i don't want to be ionely
but she is not with me'
'i can feel
her presence in my heart
'don't ask what my condition is'
'my heart is dancing today'
'i may lose my senses'
'her one look
had such an effect
'wonder when
she came into my heart'
'i was ignorant till now
i have known today'
'i am longing to make her mine'
'my heart has recognized her'
'i know her'
'someone go and tell her this'
will someone tell me
what the problem is?
I am talking to you!
You had told me that
abhigyan is a nice man.
You had told me
he is a rich man.
"And the most important, you also
told me that he loves piya."
Then what is the cause of
your anger and dejection?
"- Tell me.
- Yes, i had told you!"
I had told you that
abhigyan is a nice man.
I had said that he is rich.
I had also said
that he loves piya.
"But one thing that
i didn't tell you..."
...is that i love piya too.
I love piya.
And the reason for this
anger and dejection is that...
"...how much ever i may love
her, i could never tell her..."
...that i love her.
Because this time i will
not tell her the half truth.
This time i will tell
her the complete truth.
I will also say that
i caused amar's death.
"Bosco, i will never be able
to tell her that i love her."
And what if she says it?
That day will be wonderful!
"I cannot say yes,
and i won't be able to say no."
These emotions are so stupid.
They don't have
any sense of logic.
- What happened now?
- It is so simple.
"Right now, there's no better
option for piya than abhi."
Wonder why we are
uselessly arguing.
- Coming! - hurry!
How much you shout!
- Lets go.
- Are you ready?
'Wait! I am going
downtown, mummy."
- I'll back in around 2 hours.
- Hurry up.
- What happened? - isn't the
meeting with abhi at 2 pm today?
"Yes, you have to go."
- Both of us have to go.
- I spoke to abhi last night.
I had asked him if it
was okay if only you go.
Is not okay. And you should
have asked me before asking him.
Didn't i ask you?
"Shekhar, what has happened to
you? Go and get ready fast now."
"Look, i have promised mili
that we'll go for cycling."
Nobody will go for cycling.
Now kindly go and get ready!
Abhi will come now.
'We will have to go, or else
mili will be heartbroken."
"- Go, shekhar, hurry up!
- Please. - he's come!"
What shall i do now?
"- So, you are going cycling
today? - Yes, just like that."
- Shall we go?
- Lets go.
"Shall we go, mili?"
"Lets go, mili!"
- What happened?
- Why did you lie?
- When did i lie? - you had
yourself planned to go cycling.
And you told her that
you had promised me?
- Hadn't i promised?
- Don't lie.
One must not lie to a
woman. One gets caught.
"Really? So, you've
become a woman?"
"Actually, i wanted just
the two of them to go."
Thas why. Lets go.
Do you also feel
that abhi loves piya?
"- Yes, maybe.
- And piya?"
I don't know.
Is it that you love piya too?
'The gear got stuck.
Come, lets go."
Where are you going?
'The office is
in downtown, right?"
Shall i tell you something?
We don't have nay meeting today.
I want to take
you to see my house.
- Are you offended?
- Yes.
"I have not met you often,
but i do understand you."
"Six years ago, i
was exactly like this."
I wanted to win
the entire world.
I was a workaholic.
I didn't realize
how the years went by.
I was over worked
these last six years.
I am seeing all that
happening with you.
The desire to take back shah
industries to its earlier glory.
I know everything.
"Piya, this is
a strange phenomena."
Work and life constantly
fight with each other.
"And in the end, death wins!"
"Both, life and work, lose!"
"After losing six years,
i have only understood that..."
"...i had should have taken out
time for myself, in that fight."
"Anyway, i couldn't,
but i want you to."
Sometimes! Without any reason.
"I am sorry, i lied to you."
But i just did that so that you
spare some time for yourself.
Shall we go back?
You wanted to
show me your house.
Piya's a very nice girl. I hope
she finds herself a nice man.
We are very worried about her.
"Grandma, you are always
worried about others!"
Don't you ever
worry about yourself?
I am okay.
I am not so nice.
I will find many men.
Who says you are okay?
You are the best!
You are the second
person who has said this.
- Who was the first?
- Brother amar.
Will you make me your brother?
I already have.
These are my parents.
They live in chicago.
I surely go to meet
them once a month.
"And everytime, they show me
the picture of a new girl..."
...and waste the whole
evening on that topic.
- And you? - i? I
explain to them that...
...she cannot be searched for.
"She will suddenly present
herself before me one day..."
...and happiness will follow.
'Thas true. But as
soon as you'll find her..."
...don't be too late.
"You are such a nice man, she
will not be able to refuse."
Just approach her with
an engagement ring!
Get married to her!
"- Shall we go.
- Yes, lets go."
"Actually, you...
no, you proceed."
I have some more work.
Do it tomorrow.
I will help you with it.
How much will you help me?
Let me also do something.
It will just take about an
hour or so. I'll go later.
"- Sir, you are not being fair.
- To whom?"
To yourself.
"I have told you to stick to
your job, not to interfere."
I'm doing that. Beji sent me
from london to take care of you.
"Look, beji has gone insane."
"And where you are concerned, you
look like you are born foolish!"
"- You are insulting me.
- Yes, i intended to."
- What are you doing?
- I have felt offended.
You continue to feel offended.
I will go and meet ayesha.
What happened?
You were offended.
"Yes, but i cannot afford
to be offended right now."
This madam is very famous.
"- She is... - if you'll say one
more word against ayesha..."
- i'll pull out your eyes!
- You are strange!
'The words will come from my
mouth, & you'll pull my eyes!"
"Yes, it depends on my
mood, what i want to say."
Stupid! You would understand
if you had ever fallen in love.
"Love! You call what she
is doing with you, love?"
This is fraud!
Total nonsense!
Love is an emotion which
is felt from the heart.
Come out of your dream world.
"A beautiful spirit, and face."
"- What? - When you
look into her eyes..."
...you should be
able to see heaven!
But why am i wasting
my time with this fool?
"- Yes, a fool!
- Yes, a fool!"
You wait here.
What is the matter?
You look very tense.
"I am tense, and normally my
face never reflects my emotions."
- Right! - i am
very worried about piya.
- What happened to piya? - she
didn't return home all night.
She came at 7 o'clock
and left again at 8 o'clock.
"If she works so hard,
won't she fall sick?"
"Yes, but how do you
know that she was working?"
It is possible that even
she has fallen in love.
Help! My tie!
You are unnecessarily
getting so worried.
Call her up and talk to her.
Ask her where and how she is.
You are so smart.
You think of so much.
Mr. Somako is saying that
this is a very big order.
"And more than quality, you'll
pay personal attention to this."
It has been our
company's policy...
...to satisfy all our customers
with personal attention.
She disconnected my call. Mine!
Maybe she is busy in a meeting.
"- You fool?!
- A beautiful face, sir."
And the spirit!
Mind blowing!
What happened?!
Tell me what happened!
What are you doing?
- What happened?
- Do you know what happened?
"Look, what has happened!"
This is only a ring.
What are you crying for?
Lfti wants to marry me!
- And you? - even i want to!
'The nights... '
'... grow longer'
'the nights grow longer'
'suddenly one becomes sleepless'
'the heart becomes restless
one starts waiting for someone'
'when someone falls in love'
'i have become crazy'
'don't ask me what i want
'i have come into your arms'
'i have found heaven
in your arms'
'my heart is blooming
like a flower'
'i have touched you
and lost my senses'
'the heart is always restless'
'when someone falls in love'
'this heart soars like a bird
'when one's dreams
are fulfilled
'dreams are just dreams'
'they can never be our own'
'one dreams even with open eyes'
'when one finds true love'
'one loses control on the heart
and cannot control oneself'
'when someone falls in love'
"since the last three months, our
installments are reaching timely."
The bank is also
very happy with us.
"At this rate, we will pay
off the loan in 10 years."
- 10 years?! - yes.
- It will take another 10 years?
- Yes.
Wish god would present
me with some money.
And would tell me
to pay off the loan.
So that i could
free shah industries.
"It must feel so good, to
work hard for small needs."
I have so much and no
one to share it with.
"Uncle, i want to marry piya."
It will be better if
you tell that to piya.
"She said, i should approach the
girl with an engagement ring."
And i should marry that girl!
I don't have the courage
to tell her that now.
She won't agree.
She wants to pay off all
of shah industries loan first.
And it may be too late by then.
It will be! Is it not
possible that we help her?
"It is very simple, piya."
The price of the shares of shah
industries is not very high now.
That is only because...
...the company is not doing
well since the last one year.
That is why the company had
to take a loan from the bank.
My offer is that...
...i will purchase 40 %
shares of shah industries.
This will have two advantages.
"One, because of my company's
reputation in the market..."
...the share value of shah
industries will increase.
"Secondly, the money you
will get for the 40 % stake..."
...you can pay off
your bank loan with it.
'Why will you do that, when..."
"...today, no one wants to buy
the shares of shah industries."
I'm also into investment.
"I have complete faith in you, in
shekhar & in shah industries."
"If shah industries needs
anything today..."
...it is money.
"And once the money comes in, the
share price will go so high..."
...that i will surely profit.
"And you can buy back
your shares, if you want."
I have given a lot of
thought to this proposal.
- And i think it is a
very good offer. - Yes.
But i want opinions
from all of you.
"Piya, mr. Girdhari had
started shah industries."
Then amar managed it
very well after him.
'Today, you and shekhar
are running it."
"Before giving my opinion..."
...we would like to take
even shekhar's opinion.
I am very thankful
to mr. Abhigyan...
...for having so much
faith on shah industries.
I am grateful that you
want to know my opinion.
I knew about this
proposal last night.
'Though i have no right..."
...yet i thought about
it late into the night.
I thought about what shah
industries really is.
"About 35 years ago..."
...mr. Girdharilal shah
came to canada from bombay.
You all became friends.
"And then, like a family."
Then this family
decided to do something.
"And hence, shah
industries was born!"
"As far as i know..."
...you all had decided that...
"...whether good or bad,
big or small..."
...shah industries would
remain within this family.
No outsider will
be allowed into it.
'Today, shah industries
desperately needs money."
"And if i'll listen
to my mind..."
...perhaps i will immediately
accept mr. Abhigyan's offer.
But i don't have this right.
"Because i have not made shah
industries, you have made it."
"And if i am understanding
your emotions correctly..."
...then you still have complete
faith on shah industries.
You still believe that
everything will be fine.
"In fact, all of you want..."
...shah industries to pass this
bad phase & stand on its feet!
I want to remind all of you that
i'd only asked for your opinion.
"And as managing director..."
...i want to inform all
you share holders...
...that i have
accepted this proposal.
How can she do it?!
And i will sign
the papers tomorrow.
"Did you call me, piya?"
'Why did you do it, shekhar?"
I just gave my opinion.
Even if that opinion
may go against me?
"Piya, you probably
did not notice..."
...but every person present
there was against your decision.
'Whatever i'm doing, is for
the benefit of the company."
"You were fighting earlier too,
for the company's benefit."
Alone! Even i was
not with you then.
"But the decision that
you have taken today..."
...was taken by leaving many
company associates behind.
"Me, too."
I want shah industries in
the same position as before.
At any cost!
"You can give me your
support, if you want."
"And if you want, you can
leave me alone and go."
Remember one thing.
"One feels happy on reaching
one's destination, when..."
...one has friends with him.
"I am nothing, but if you
reach your destination..."
"...without father,
grandma, and mili..."
...everything will be pointless.
I'll take your leave.
'One moment has captured... '
'... the journey of a lifetime'
'as if life may have... '
'... moved very fast
"so, you will leave
everything and go?"
- You have gone mad!
- Times are not in my favour.
"Look, shah industries
does not need me anymore."
And the shah family?
Abhi loves piya very much.
"Once they get married,
everything will be alright."
- And what about your love?
- Mine?
'Why, don't you love piya?"
Maybe this is my punishment.
My happiness lies
in her happiness.
"And if you love someone, it is
not necessary that you get her."
"Shekhar? Is me, piya."
"Pick the phone, shekhar."
"Is piya, shekhar.
Please pick up the phone."
"Look, i am at the merger.
I'm all alone. No one has come."
Even you did not come.
Please pick up the phone if...
"shekhar, you supported me
when i had lost all hope."
Then how can you
leave me alone today?
"You understand that i should
go away from here, right?"
I am your culprit.
"I used to think that if i
can help you in any way..."
...it will be my repentance.
But no. Maybe my punishment
is that i shouldn't help you.
That i do not get your love.
"I'll leave. If possible,
please forgive me."
Please embrace me once.
"- Where is mili? - We don't
know, she has gone out."
She has given this for you.
I thought i will not
be able to stop you.
And i couldn't
even see you going.
One feels very hurt
when a brother leaves.
I will never make
anyone my brother again.
What is the matter?
What do you think you are doing?
For whom are you doing this?
"You are not doing it
for yourself, right?"
Have you given a thought to
why you are alone here today?
'Why are father, grandma
me or mili not here?"
Why isn't shekhar here?
"Before shekhar came, all
of us were ready for this."
'That one of these days, the bank
will auction shah industries."
"Only after shekhar came, every
thing had begun to go right."
'Today, shekhar is
returning back to bombay."
You are snatching
a son from a father.
A brother from his sister.
"And my child, you are separating
that person from yourself..."
...whom you love.
Go and stop him! Or else...
...you will become as ionely
in life as you've never been!
'This is the pain of love'
'don't go away from my life'
'don't go'
'please don't go'
'wait, shekhar!"
'What do you think, shekhar?"
'That you can enter my
life whenever you like..."
...and leave me
whenever you want?
You won't ask me?
You won't even tell me?!
"Look piya, i am not
needed here now."
Who doesn't need you?
"Father, grandma, mili, or me?"
"No piya, shah
industries doesn't."
Does only shah industries
exist between you and me?
Have you ever tried to know if
i need you in my life or not?
Did you ever try to
find out that...
"...after amar's death,
if i tried to live again..."
...it was only because of you?!
"Shekhar, have you ever
tried to know that..."
...i love you!
"Yes, shekhar.
I love you!"
I don't love you.
"- You are lying.
- No, this is the truth."
No! A woman's eyes can
never be mistaken like this.
You are lying!
Look into my eyes and tell
me that you don't love me.
I don't love you.
'What have i gaine
'what have i loss
'maybe the thought of that... '
'... is making my heart cry'
'you were my own
why is this dream unfulfilled
'lf i'll lose you
i won't be able to live'
"you can give me your
support, if you want."
"And if you want, you can
leave me alone and go."
"And if you love someone, it is
not necessary that you get her."
Don't you love piya?
I don't love you.
I won't make anyone
my brother again.
"After a long time, i have
got the love of a family."
I don't want to lose this.
But one thing i didn't
tell you is that...
...i love her too.
You are lying. A woman's eyes
cannot be mistaken like this!
"Yes, shekhar!
I love you!"
I love you!
"One year, seven
months and 18 days."
You'll not go by this plane.
"You will come with me after
4 hours, in another plane."
Come with me.
And i was thinking that...
...when priya will become free
of her responsibilities today...
"...then i will
present her a ring..."
that i will marry her!
Shall we sign the papers now?
"One year, 7 months
and 18 days."
Sometimes i thought i will
not be able to find you.
"But now, in 3 hours, i will
take you to india with me."
'Whenever i saw you,
you were sad."
I saw you
struggling with life.
'Today, i was hoping to
see you happy for once..."
...when the bank will return the
shah industries papers to you.
But i found you sad even today.
'To get these papers,
you did everything."
You have them today.
"So, god took away something
more important than them."
I want to see you happy.
"I want to give you
so much happiness..."
...that there is no place
left for sorrow in your life.
I know this is
not the right time.
"But whether good or bad..."
...i won't let any
moment make you sad.
I want to marry you.
You are a very nice man.
'That girl will indeed be
fortunate, who'll get your love."
But i have had my share
of love in my life.
"Now, my family will
decide about my life."
My father and grandmother.
I want to meet them right now.
Shall i tell you the truth?
"After investigating
for so many days..."
...i don't find this to be
a normal hit and run case.
The whole story.
'Aii the time... '
'... i keep thinking of you'
'my every breath... '
'... takes your name'
'there is some plea... '
'... buried in your heart'
i'll take it.
Who is it?
"After 20 minutes, i..."
"...will leave this
place, forever."
I have hidden
something from you.
"And before leaving..."
...i want to tell
you everything.
Even i love you.
"Yes, priya.
I love you very much."
I was never able to tell you.
Do you want to know why?
"Priya, will you hear a poem?"
"'Without you, how can i live"'
'how can i live without you'
'the nights seem
as long as ages'
'the days seem
as long as ages'
'you come back'
"'my heart says,
come back"'
'lonely i feel again'
'i miss you again'
'i am nervous again'
'you are making me restless'
"'in my heart,
there are several memories"'
'i am very ionely without you'
amar had never even
heard this poem.
I am the man...
...because of whom
amar met with an accident.
"Piya, listen."
There's a car behind you!
"Papa, i have
committed a grave sin."
I fell in love with a man...
...because of whom
amar lost his life.
I fell in love with a man...
...who lied to everyone and
became a part of our lives.
I never realized when i
fell in love with shekhar.
But i did all this unknowingly.
"But today, when
i know the truth..."
...why does my heart say that
i must stop him from leaving?
'Today, when my family made
a decision about my life..."
...why do i feel like rebelling?
I am no more your good daughter.
I am no more your good daughter.
Why do i still feel that
shekhar should return?
Even when i know that
he has killed amar.
Shekhar did not kill amar.
He didn't kill him.
We lost amar in a
road accident.
He left all of us!
'When shekhar came
home the first time..."
...he had told me
everything right then.
I didn't see that accident.
But the truth and honesty
that was in his eyes...
...was worth trusting.
"Even after knowing everything,
i have accepted shekhar."
Then how can you be a culprit?
'What shekhar
snatched from us..."
...we have snatched much
more than from himself.
For taking care of all of us.
Our amar has not left us.
He has returned!
He has returned.
Bosco had called. Shekhar
has met with an accident.
He is in hospital.
"Brother, please do not go."
Remember you had promised
me a birthday present?
"I want that present, brother.
You used to tell me that i
am the best girl in the world.
So this girl wants
her brother back.
Please come back.
I spoke to the doctor just now.
Shekhar is gaining
consciousness for little time.
And he is calling
out priya's name.
Doctors say that ill be better
for priya to stay with him now.
I had told you that i
want to see you happy.
Hold his hand and
sit next to him!
He won't be able to
leave you and go.
"Go piya, shekhar
is waiting for you."
A closed fist.
A ring in the fist.
"I free you from
this relationship, piya."
"Uncle, calgary is
not a nice place."
I am leaving.
"More than the law,
this family needs shekhar."
"Mr. D'mello,
i cannot believe this!"
"Piya, brother shekhar
has recovered.