Tum Bin 2 (2016) Movie Script

Gosh, your obsession with skiing!
I have only two vices.
What's the other one?
So, you're going to
climb up that mountain to ski?
Up.. then down.. and
then up again.
Our resort is on that mountain.
I'll be going further ahead to ski.
Higher up.
No more skiing vacations
after we get married.
After the wedding, our vacations
will be something else altogether.
How come?
Wait and watch.
I'll become the rain,
you'll become the clouds.
Wait and watch..
Wait and watch..
I'll love you so much
that you'll go crazy.
Wait and watch..
Wait and watch..
The rays of the
morning sun declare..
...I'm yours in every respect.
Wait and watch..
I'll forever be
the smile on your lips.
Wait and watch..
Wait and watch..
When your eyes turn moist.
...l'll flow from them,
wait and watch.
Everybody has a heart.
But mine is full of love..
...more than all others,
wait and watch.
I'll carve you
in the lines of my fate.
It's my promise to you,
wait and watch.
The rays
of the morning sun declare..
...I'm yours in every respect.
Wait and watch..
I'll forever be
the smile on your lips.
Wait and watch..
Wait and watch..
When your eyes turn moist.
...l'll flow from them,
wait and watch.
Yes, dad?
Has Amar returned?
No, dad.
The weather's getting worse too.
I'm his father.
I've put up with his
habits since he was a kid.
Now it's your turn.
I'm a little scared now, dad.
I'll call you later.
It's just a stupid mountain.
Why can't they find him?
Though he doesn't say it,
but dad's worried too.
Taran, don't worry.
It's Amar after all.
You know him, nah!
He may come late,
but he'll definitely come.
No need to worry, Manpreet.
He will come back.
Where else will he go?
Yeah, of course. Where can he go?
I am going only because
Taran's all alone out there.
See you.
Ok, call me.
Yes. I will.
Ok. Bye.
We were together, we were close.
I wonder where our
paths separated.
The place where no path goes..
...that's the one you chose.
We were together, we were close.
I wonder where our paths separated.
But a place where no path goes..
...that's the one you chose.
O beloved, living without you..
...every breath pricks my heart.
Without you.. I cannot exist.
Without you.. I cannot live.
Without you.. I cannot exist.
Without you.. I cannot live.
Nine days we've searched,
we looked everywhere.
If..If we find the body,
we will call you.
For now, I suggest you go home.
I am so very sorry, he must be dead.
Alas! This daily dilemma
that refuses to die down.
As if something very dear,
has been misplaced and forgotten.
You were here..
Yes, right here..
...but now you're lost.
O beloved, living without you..
...every breath pricks my heart.
Without you.. I cannot exist.
Without you.. I cannot live.
Without you.. I cannot live.
Without you.. I cannot live.
It seems, without you..
...I can't live anymore.
The shattered pieces within..
...I cannot explain.
Come back now..
Why nurse a grudge against me?
O beloved, living without you..
...every breath pricks my heart.
Without you.. I cannot exist.
Without you.. I cannot live.
Without you.. I cannot exist.
Without you.. I cannot live.
When you feel like crying,
cry out loud.
And when you feel love, give a hug.
These are the only
two realities of life.
Years later..
...I went to office today.
Got some work done too.
In the beginning, when I started the
gallery there were many instances..
...when I thought I might
have to shut down the gallery.
Thank you, papa.
Like it often happens in any business.
But it's been 30 years now.
The gallery is still up and running.
Nothing stops.
...if it's done with a good intention.
That's enough, thank you.
How is it?
Delicious, like always.
For 6 months, I sat
alone in this house..
...and thought about Amar.
Sometimes I would cry.
As a kid,
when he was just learning to walk..
...he would often fall down,
like all kids do.
I would rush to pick him up,
as if I had hum myself.
And Urvashi would laugh at me.
She would say, 'let him fall'.
'He'll learn to walk..
..and to deal with his pain.'
I would often quarrel with her.
'We can at least
save him some of the pain'.
But she was very sensible.
Do you know what she would say?
'Every life has its
own share of pain.'
'The sooner you learn to conquer it,
the better.'
'How long do you
think you can help him?'
She was right.
For three months, she battled
with her pain in the hospital.
I couldn't save her from her pain.
And I couldn't save
Amar from his pain either.
...he must have dealt with his pain.
We need to deal with
our pain too, dear.
I've thought of something, dear.
Look dear..
...we can either keep crying
for years to come and wait for him.
Weave thousands of stories,
saying, 'maybe this..or maybe that'.
Or we can admit the truth.
Admit the truth, dear.
I've already given
up all hope regarding Amar.
That's what I called
to tell you, dear.
And I wanted to request
you personally, dear..
...that let us together, let Amar go.
Let him go.
He was supposed to be
with us for only this long.
Hi, dad.
Come, son.
I thought I'll take you out.
Come, dear.
This is Taran.
I'll take your leave now, father.
You didn't bring your car.
Shall I call a cab?
No, papa. I brought my cycle.
Can I drop you?
No thank you.
I'll really be fine, papa.
See you, Papa.
All hope, all desires seem
to have vanished in thin air..
All hope, all desires seem
to have vanished in thin air..
As if your unfulfilled
desire lies buried in me..
As if a lifetime has
passed while I lay awake..
As if a lifetime has
passed while I lay awake..
All hope, all desires seem
to have vanished in thin air..
Enough, Gurpreet.
No girl from our family
is going to Pakistan.
Who's going to Pakistan?
He lives right here in Edinburgh.
But he's a Pakistani after all.
But I like him.
You even liked that stupid guy.
What was his name, Taran?
Enough, whether he's
Pakistani or Afganistani.
You won't find someone like him.
You should be worrying about
yourself, I've plenty of options.
I see..
Then what about him?
He's too cute.
By the way, my guy isn't just cute.
He's good looking too.
I said no means no. Twisty.
Don't call me Twisty.
You're always hitting me.
Twisty. Let's see you escape today.
Take that. And that.
Move.. Move..
Take that.
Twisty! Twisty!
Hi, papa.
- Hello, papa!
This is how life should be..happy.
Hello, papa.
Hello, dear.
I am sorry, but I brought
a guest along uninformed.
He's the son of my friend.
His father passed away.
Since then he's been lonely,
always wandering around.
How are you, dear?
Come, Shekhar.
Meet the charming Kaurs.
Manpreet, the eldest of the lot.
Taran, of course.
Hi, Taran.
- You've met her.
And this is Navjot.
For the past three
years, he's convinced..
...that he'll marry Manpreet.
It was Manpreet's birthday yesterday.
But we've been invited
to dinner today.
I see..
Wish you a belated happy birthday.
Thank you.
Sorry, I didn't know.
I showed up empty-handed.
I owe you a gift.
Not at all, please.
Have a seat.
Take a seat everyone.
I'll finish up first
and then we can chat.
I've already finished my chores.
I'll be done with mine in 10 minutes.
Navjot and Taran,
you guys go get the cake.
Let me first pour papa a drink.
Then we can go.
Can I go get the cake?
And you guys can finish up by then.
Actually, I'll come along too.
These guys are such drama-queens.
They're very choosy about the flavour.
No-no..what are you saying, Gurpreet?
How can our guest go get the cake?
A guest should get a gift too.
Come, Gurpreet.
No-No, I am pretty much done here.
I'll go get it.
I haven't done any cycling today,
I'll go get it.
I'll order one.
This way we'll have five cakes.
Actually, I can bake
a cake in 15 minutes.
That way we'll all stay at home
we'll have the cake.
...and it'll be my gift to you.
Ohh, so sweet.
But please,
no need for such formalities.
I am going to invade your kitchen.
And you're speaking about formality.
Well I'll need an assistant.
Gurpreet, would you mind helping me?
The blender's here, fantastic.
chop these fruits please.
Manpreet, can you pass me that bowl?
Thank you.
I also need some flour
and some baking powder.
Thank you.
By the way..
...l've an old association
with the name Gurpreet.
My best friend when
I was a kid.. was Gurpreet.
We would call him Guru.
He went to India.
Later, on my first trip to New York..
...the name of my first
taxi driver was Gurpreet.
And you won't believe this.
When I was returning from New York..
...my taxi-driver to the airport,
was another Gurpreet.
And just see this..
There are seven Gurpreets
in my phone diary.
My last girlfriend's dad..
Sardar Gurpreet Singh Dhillon.
Thank God for him.
If it wasn't for him..
...I would've been married by now.
But it's unbelievable.
All seven Gurpreets were men.
Oh really!
Until 10 minutes ago, I thought
only guys name can be Gurpreet.
Here are your fruits and your knife.
Make it yourself.
- I haven't finished yet.
After meeting you today, I felt..
Only girls should be called Gurpreet.
Thank you.
Take some more.
Thank you, sir.
Manpreet, the food is fabulous.
Thank you.
You should taste Manpreet's
kidney-beans and rice.
- It's out of this world.
Is it?
So Shekhar.
How long do you plan to stay here?
Don't know.
Honestly, I don't know.
And anyway I believe,
we never decide the time.
Life does.
We just pretend.
One day, papa passed away suddenly.
He wasn't that old or sick.
One day he was leaving for office..
I was having my breakfast.
He turned around and said bye.
I saw..
...something unusual.
But before I could ask.. he..
...just collapsed.
We had..
...so many plans together.
Some for the next vacation,
some for 20 years later.
Later, I decided
I won't plan anything.
Just take life as it comes.
I see life..differently.
Remember how your cousins would
come home during summer vacations.
We would make plans at night.
We would plan 14 days
of fun in just 7 days.
We'll do this..we'll do that.
And then one day..vacations
would get over.
Everyone would go back to their homes.
That's how life is..
Ends suddenly..like summer vacations.
We make plans for many
lifetimes in one lifetime.
And then cry over
things we couldn't do.
I still do things that papa liked.
He's always around me.
Sometimes as papa,
sometimes as Gurpreet.
Sometimes he's
warm..sometimes furious.
And sometimes.
...he just watches me sleep all night.
I never stop myself.
I just embrace happiness
wherever I get it.
Because who knows..
...when the vacations might end.
You're absolutely right.
Nice thought.
'Life is a summer vacation.'
Here! Your cake's ready.
Let's see this.
We'll know when we see it.
Let me help you.
Facing down?
We'll soon find out.
Happy birthday, Manpreet.
Thank you so much.
happy birthday.
Make a wish.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Manpreet.
Happy birthday to you.
Thank you.
Not bad.
Taran, I think you've found
the consultant for your patisserie.
- Seriously, it's really nice.
Thank you.
Taran and I,
we're starting a patisserie.
You will be our consultant.
No-no, very bad choice.
I only know
how to make few things.
But a very dear friend of my,
He runs the best patisserie in London.
Come along,
and I'll introduce you to him.
And he'll give you the best advice,
and that's for sure.
O beloved..
Life has offers both
happiness and cure.
What do I do..
my heart grieves for you.
As if, every breath of
mine chants your name.
As if, every breath of mine
chants your name.
Taran, it was a pleasure meeting you.
Be ready, and I'll see you at 10.
Manpreet, can I give you a hug please.
Of course.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
- Keep coming as long as you're here.
I will.
Hi. Good morning.
I've been calling you for so long.
I thought I'll turn
around when the song's over.
Very funny.
It was hard to notice the headphones.
You're up early.
- We didn't sleep all night.
I see.
The three of us were
chatting all night.
And brother Navjot.
He doesn't live with us.
He just comes over sometimes.
His father is quiet old.
So he feels lonely.
- That's sweet of him.
- Yeah, he's really sweet.
She thought she loved me.
But she didn't?
No, she did.
Then she found it.
What she always wanted.
Then who were you?
She just loved me.
That's esoteric.
It's practical.
Between our desires
and our choices in life..
...lies our weakness.. ..or our strength.
That's even more esoteric.
And now?
No love or anything
of that son until 2019.
Just free as a bird.
Why 2019?
Just like that.
Hi. Morning.
Wow. So you'll open the
door and all for me, huh?
That's my dad.
He would teach me about chivalry
and respecting women since I was nine.
And he even managed to
imbibe some of the habits in me.
Shall we get something
for you for the road?
Some coffee sandwiches.
It's a long drive.
No-no, I am good.
By the way, what do you do?
I mean..what do you want to do?
Me..l travel.
Meet people.. see new places..
But, mostly alone.
I mean professionally, what do you..
Professionally.. sorry..
You see Taran, about 6
years ago I had a Chinese friend.
He had a financial mind..and
I was the software kind.
So together we designed an app.
We had a small office, in a garage.
Just the two of us.
Soon it grew bigger..
We had around 20-25
people working for us.
I always thought we can work
harder and expand the company.
But one day Zhi..made
a deal on the company.
The money offered was huge,
so we thought.
Doesn't matter how much
money you were offered..
- ..You worked hard to build that company..
- 62 million Dollars.
We each got 30-30.
- 62 million Dollars?
Then why work?
But no..l wanted to work.
But Zhi said let's
take a break for few years.
And we'll Stan something new in 2019.
What is so special about 2019?
I guess Gurpreet's told you a lot.
Why did you love Amar?
What do you mean?
I mean..
I want to know why someone
loves a person so much.
I don't know.
You know..like he was a pan of me.
A pan of my body.. pan of my soul.
If I can separate him from myself..
...then maybe I can
think why I loved him?
I guess..love isn't reasonable.
It's beyond reason.
Listen to me, right.
Shekhar, oh my God!
Come here you..
And this beautiful lady, Taron..
Come here. Come here.
So this is my boyfriend, Daniel.
Nice to meet you.
I know, right.
You know, I used to have
a crush on him back in college.
But he's so grossly heterosexual.
And boring. So..
You show him the cakes.
Only the cakes.
And you and I Taran,
we're going to have a chat. Okay.
Come on.
so, What are We trying today?
Francoise says you might
like some of the carrot cake.
I was going to cut you a slice,
if that's okay.
Please do that.
Good choice, no?
So darling, you want to open up
a pattisserie, don't you?
This is a very, very, very hard..
I never, never helped anyone.
Because nobody helped me, so I
don't do this. But he vouched for you.
So I..
I will help you.
And That is..
- So..set!
I will help you..
...but you've to do it together.
And you've to do it
with your heart, okay?
Yes, I will.
So, you let me know
if you change your mind.
I will let you know
if I change my mind.
Bye, I'll see you.
- Bye Daniel, I'll see you.
I feel like taking to
the skies and tell everyone.
You see Taran, the time that
will take us to get to the airport.
I was happy.
Maybe I would've told him first,
if he was alive.
The first person you
think of in a happy moment.
...is the most valuable
person in their life.
You know..
Most people turn their back on life.
Actually..we're used
to carrying our past.
And no matter how many
options life sends our way..
...we don't see them.
There can never be an option
for someone we love, Shekhar.
Of course not.
How can there be an option for humans?
What do you want from life?
Just a little happiness.
And for some reason,
even you don't know..
...that you were
happy with Amar, right.
But Amar isn't here anymore.
So what now?
Maybe not Amar, but you can
surely search for happiness.
You just..need to look ahead.
Happiness is right in front of you.
Go get your share of happiness
through your options.
What options?
I don't know.
Only you can see your options.
Maybe that lamp-post.
What about that lamp-post?
Maybe you'll find happiness
by just leaning on it.
Or maybe that..musician's music.
Or a cup of coffee
or a glass of champagne.
I don't know.
...every minute.. a moment is
passing-by right now too..
All you need to do is..make
every passing moment happy.
And you decide what makes you happy.
That lamp-post, or that music or..
or the champagne or something else.
It's your life, your moments,
your happiness.
And so are the choices.
The wise Kabir says,
don't cage your heart, let it soar.
Roll the dice of joy,
enjoy the game.
...make your move,
0 free-spirited one!
O free-spirited one!
The wise Kabir says,
don't cage your heart, let it soar.
Roll the dice of joy,
enjoy the game.
...make your move,
0 free-spirited one!
O free-spirited one!
Once or many times,
you win some, you lose some.
Play your best, enjoy the game.
...make your move,
0 free-spirited one!
O free-spirited one!
The wise Kabir says,
don't cage your heart, let it soar.
Roll the dice of joy,
enjoy the game.
...make your move,
0 free-spirited one!
O free-spirited one!
I fly away to an unknown city.
What provokes this madness in me?
O free-spirited one!
Is this day or night?
Who cares to remember anymore!
What could be the magic?
O free-spirited one!
Once or many times,
you win some, you lose some.
Play your best, enjoy the game.
...make your move,
0 free-spirited one!
O free-spirited one!
The wise Kabir says,
don't cage your heart, let it soar.
Roll the dice of joy,
enjoy the game.
...make your move,
0 free-spirited one!
O free-spirited one!
You were right!
You were right!
Life should be like
this road, straight-ahead!
Life should rush into your lungs,
like this weather.
Life should get entangled
in your curls, like this wind!
Are you okay?
Shekhar didn't know and..
...she gulped it down
like a professional.
She is asleep anyway.
You can overact when she wakes up.
Don't worry Manpreet, she is fine.
She was quite happy,
and this happened.
It's a good thing that she was happy.
See you.
Hey, Gurpreet.
I need to meet you, urgently.
Okay. is everything okay?
This is a very serious matter.
After all he is Gurpreet's boyfriend.
He's invited us to dinner.
And Manpreet's refusing to go.
Now that will be very
embarrassing for her.
She hasn't even met him yet.
You mean she rejected
him without even meeting?
Just because he's a Pakistani.
- So what if he's a Pakistani.
They should meet once.
I can understand if
she rejects him later.
But she will never meet him!
You know how.. how stubborn she is!
Look, dear. I can talk
to her and she might even go.
But I can't guarantee you
what she will do when she gets there.
Let's take it one by one.
First we must get her to go there.
Well.. let's call her.
Why aren't you answering the phone?
Must be papa..calling for you.
He always calls on the landline,
for you.
Yes, dear. How are you?
Hello, papa.
I am not fine.
You already know about Taran.
And that Gurpreet's
acting like a real 'twisty'.
Yeah dear, she did call.
Poor girl was crying a lot.
But we can't exactly
tie her to a pole.
How is it 'tying her to a pole'?
What are you saying?
The boy's a Pakistani.
You know the situation.
What situation, dear?
The kind that Pakistanis have.
Blasts here.. explosions there!
Dear, we'll consider
all that when we talk to them.
But I feel we should meet them once.
I talked to Shekhar as well.
He has the same opinion.
Anyone will have the same opinion.
You're too naive,
you don't know anything.
There's no point in going
to any Pakistani's home.
Out of the question.
Talk to him, dear.
And I'll do as you two say.
Talk to her.
She should feel that
someone's on her side.
If we try to corner her,
she will never agree.
Talk to her.
Yes, Manpreet.
What do you say, Shekhar?
Well..a Pakistani guy
is out of the question.
Isn't it?
And anyway,
there are no boys in Pakistan.
Why? Are there no boys in Pakistan?
Well, half of them
are busy playing cricket.
...and the rest are unpredictable.
But there must be some guys.
Yeah..there must be a couple of them.
We'll come along to
see the guy if you say so..
...but our lives could
be at stake in Pakistan.
No Shekhar,
he lives right here..in Edinburgh.
I see.. so he moved here!
I am telling you very
clever these people are.
No he didn't move here,
he was born here.
But Manpreet, we must check whether
he's got a local passport or of Pakistan.
What difference does that make?
Even we have a local passport.
Well, that's true.
Passport doesn't matter.
He should be a nice
guy..and keep our girl happy.
But..what do we do about Pakistan?
I don't know..Gurpreet
likes him a lot.
But my heart doesn't agree at all.
Can I give you an advice?
Meet him.
And What if I like him?
Then don't tell Gurpreet
that you like him.
That's the problem Shekhar,
that's just it.
How will I say no if I like him?
He even has a local passport.
No Manpreet,
I don't trust these Pakistanis.
Who cares about their passport?
I see.
Well..we can at least go meet them.
At least we'll get some good food.
Pakistanis make really good food.
Yes..l think that sounds logical.
Let's go meet them,
we'll get to eat some good food too.
It's been so long I
haven't seen a Pakistani.
They are very handsome.
But remember Manpreet.
...we've to say no.
Of course we do.
But there's no harm in seeing one.
Come, dear.
The house looks okay.
How are you?
Hello. Please..come in.
Come, dear.
Your house is really beautiful,
That's Mashallah.
Isn't lnshallah and
Mashallah the same?
Not at all.
Inshallah is when you
want to say 'God Willing'.
Like 'You will like my
house 'lnshallah' (God Willing).
And Mashallah when you want
to say 'save you from evil eye'.
Like 'You're looking so beautiful
Please come in.
I'll call my mother..
Your mother's still alive?
Of course..may God bless
her with a long life.
Mashallah! Mashallah!
My house looks lively again.
Otherwise he's always
busy-busy and more busy.
After meeting Gurpreet
I had some hope.
Your sister is really amazing.
That she is.
- Come, I'll show you around the house.
you Take a seat, mom.
I'll show them around.
Do you know the way around the house?
- You're mostly at the hospital.
Hospital? Why?
I am a doctor, Manpreet.
- Come, we'll show you around.
This is our drawing room.
I see.
That's the kitchen.
We'll show you upstairs later.
This is the guest room.
And this is..
...our temple.
But Gurpreet said you're Pakistani.
We are Pakistanis.
Do you have any objection?
Of course not.
We don't if you don't.
But doesn't your
family have a problem.
Being a Pakistani,
you pray like Indians.
Manpreet dear, we're all Hindus.
But you're Pakistani.
There are Hindus even in Pakistan.
Just like there are Muslims in India.
Please come..
Thank you.
couldn't you tell me this before?
You never let me say
anything beyond Pakistan.
I get it, there's a little confusion.
Why do you wear a sherwani,
and not pant and shirt?
I always wear a pant and shin.
But I thought of wearing
this today so I could impress you.
Too much confusion!
There's a different between
religion and culture.
We're Hindu by religion..and
our culture is Pakistani.
And we're proud of our culture.
Such a simple theory,
made so complicated by the world!
Things are always simple..
...but when you don't understand,
it gets complicated.
Leave it.
I'll serve dinner.
I hope no one's vegetarian.
Wait a minute.
There's another surprise
in store after dinner.
Harry sings really well.
I see.
And so does mom.
So how about you sing
a song today for me.
The moon's very proud..
...about its moonlight.
He hasn't met you yet,
hence the arrogance.
Is there a secret in your heart.
...or are you high on love?
There's definitely
a reason for such praises.
The crazy heart.
The crazy heart.
My beloved's come home today.
My heart's really elated.
As I caught a glimpse of
my handsome beloved.
My eyes feel bewitched.
My eyes feel bewitched.
I am sorry we didn't
get a chance to talk.
I just wanted to say I am
so sorry I got so drunk that day.
You were happy, weren't you?
A lot.
Nice people.
Yes. Very nice.
They will keep Gurpreet happy.
Can I say something?
Shut up.
You know, Shekhar's plans
for 2019 will soon get cancelled.
He's always looking
at Taran so secretly.
- He thinks we don't know.
- That's true.
But she's no less either.
She was whispering
to him on the terrace.
I wasn't whispering, only apologizing.
Oh my..apology.
You never apologized to us.
Go back to sleep,
it's not morning yet.
Someone's calling.
What are you doing?
Let me guess..Francois called.
The bank's sent a mail,
he's leaving from London.
He wanted to Stan work today itself.
Alright, sounds good.
I thought We could have coffee together.
I wanted to tell you first.
Nice house.
It's a mess, I like it like that.
For what?
A lot.
Not at all.
Francois is a dear friend.
We wouldn't have to go at all.
I could've called him
instead and he would've come.
But I thought you'll
get out of the house..
...see few things, think over things.
Yes, thanks for that.
Not for Francois.
I mean for that too..
But mostly..for all the
concern you've shown for me.
You've done so much.
You told me so many
things..about happiness.
About finding happiness.
See you.. I must go get ready.
I would really like it..if
you stay around me for this project.
Be with me.
See you, bye.
Wait a minute.
When Zhi and I started our company..
...l used to wear this watch.
This watch changed my time.
I want you to have it.
Why are you doing all this for me?
I don't know.
I don't..
Blessed love...!
Blessed love...!
Blessed love...!
I'm drenched by your shower of love.
Your breath makes me soar high.
The world shifted beneath my feet.
This never happened before.
dear heart, this is love!
dear heart, this is love!
Blessed love...!
Blessed love...!
Blessed love...!
Blessed love...!
Why does it feel like..
...your gaze lingers in my eyes!
Expressing things
that I never knew of.
You are everywhere I see..
...then how can I go away from you?
dear heart, this is love!
dear heart, this is love!
I still stand where I met you first.
Your heart is the city,
from which I never returned.
I'm lost somewhere, do let
me know if you happen to find me.
dear heart, this is love!
dear heart, this is love!
Blessed love...!
Blessed love...!
Blessed love...!
Blessed love...!
Blessed love...!
What happened?
Taran, somethings wrong.
It's not like I don't miss him.
You know, some nights.
...l feel like I am plunging
thousands of feet below.
And I wake up suddenly.
What's wrong, Shekhar?
What's wrong, Shekhar?
Whenever you're scared
of anything in life..
...then you must face it.
Fear is a coward.
If you stare directly in its eye,
it runs away.
You know, people have woken
up from coma even after 10 years.
Sometimes they lose their
memory..or something else.
Amar will be fine, so papa was saying.
And that French doctor
doesn't speak English.
But she was saying that he's fine.
But didn't papa talk to Amar as well?
Yes, they spoke briefly.
Did papa leave from home?
He sounded okay on the phone.
He was saying he often
forgets few things.
But it all comes
back if you remind him.
I hope he's fine.
He will be absolutely fine, papa.
You know, sometimes
when you wake up from a nap..
...you often forget things.
And poor guy was in coma for 8 months.
But don't worry.
He'll be fine.
God bless that doctor.
She was saying.. someone
found him in a small river.
They kept treating him for 8 months.
How are you, Papa?
Where is Taran?
This is the fourth time
we crossed this statue.
Being a drifter has its own perks.
Being a drifter has
its own benefits too.
If you pass-by the same road..
...you often notice new things.
Doctor, do you drink?
of course.
The martyrdom of the grapes
should never be in vain.
This is important.
Mix some love with alcohol.
Go on, And Take him too.
Papa..take papa along.
What will I do?
Guys.. I am absolutely fine.
And papa..
Don't worry at all.
From tomorrow I will resume office,
I promise.
No need to go to the office.
Do you know the state we were in?
Please sit next to me for a while.
I'll obey all your orders.
Do exactly as you say.
And I promise, I will get well soon.
Absolutely fit, like before.
Cheers to Amar's return!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
You're really late today.
It's time you hit the bed.
Manpreet and everybody
are waiting downstairs.
You need to sleep.
But you look so beautiful.
Get changed, get into bed and call me.
Manpreet and everyone are waiting.
You didn't show up?
You know what,
just as you guys left..
...I ran into an old friend.
He said let's have some
coffee and ordered beer.
Then we just went on.
I am so happy for you.
For everyone actually.
Are you driving?
Yes. Why?
Nothing. just go home.
Of course.
You take care. I'll see you soon.
Go GN:OM on.
- Good morning, Shekhar!
Hi, Good Morning.
Good morning.
It's okay, I've got it..
You guys are so early today.
- Could've shown up a little later.
Actually, we went out for breakfast.
We go there every
Saturday for breakfast.
It's about an hour
and a half from here.
They sell the best pancakes
in the world.
Amar really wanted to go
there..so we left as early as 7am.
Daniel, Francoise..pancakes.
Come fast.
You know Jasleen..
The girl beating the drums
at the airport.
Oh yes, right.
She is throwing a party today.
She has invited you as
well as Francoise and Daniel.
Listen guys, you guys have to come.
All of you.
Sounds nice, but I hardly know her.
- You know..doesn't make sense.
What? No, please.
Come on, it will be so much fun.
Well, we've to get ready,
so we're leaving.
Guys, see you at 12..sharp.
Bye- Bye.
Bye. .
You won't come, will you?
I knew you wouldn't come.
That's why I didn't
go with the others.
Why are you complicating life, papa?
Complication is life's problem, son.
Life will decide its course.
But we must give life one
fair chance atleast.. isn't it?
Hello, yes?
Greetings! How are you?
I'm dumbstruck by your looks.
I've done the unspeakable.
You're dumbstruck by my looks,
you've done the unspeakable.
Seeing you groove..
Seeing you groove,
I want to get on the floor.
I wanna dance with you..
alas, I can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, I can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, I can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, you can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, you can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, I can't dance!
He looks into my eyes when flirting.
Doesn't let any chance pass.
My heart skips a beat
when it hears your golden voice.
Touches me here and there..
enjoy the feel of it!
When I tell him to stop stalking me,
he doesn't relent.
I have come only for you,
only for you have I come!
I'll walk into these clubs for you.
Yes.. yes.. yes!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, I can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, I can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, you can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, I can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
Greetings! How are you?
I'm dumbstruck by your looks.
I've done the unspeakable.
You're dumbstruck by my looks,
you've done the unspeakable.
Seeing you groove..
Seeing you groove,
I want to get on the floor.
I wanna dance with you..
alas, I can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, I can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, I can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, you can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, you can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, I can't dance!
I wanna dance with you..
alas, I can't dance!
Gurpreet was saying
you're going somewhere.
I was thinking..
to my father's hometown, India.
This watch doesn't suit me anymore.
It's showing me some
very strange times.
What did Shekhar say?
Nothing, that he's happy for me.
Is he leaving?
Yes..he was saying,
that after the opening..
Don't think anything.
...just leave it for a while.
What are you wearing?
How is this?
Black is such a night color.
This one.
Hey, this one we got
from Switzerland. Remember?
This one fits nicely..and..green..
This white shin will go with green,
and it also suits you really well.
I think brown-green-And white.
What would I have done without you?
Thank God I have you in my life.
What's wrong?
No, it's nothing.
You get ready quickly, I've to run.
Two people..without whom
I didn't know where to begin.
Francois and Daniel.
Can I have you guys here please?
And one..
Without whom this would've
never been possible.
Can I have you here please?
I don't want to thank him.
I just want him to stand next to me.
The more you share,
the happier you feel.
So I just want to
say thank you guys..
...for coming here,
to be a pan of my happiness.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Whom should I anger.. who
should I be upset with?
Both are my reflections.
...who should I break away from?
As if, your eyes ask me something.
Shekhar, I want you to meet Amar.
Hi, Amar.
Hi, Shekhar.
Thank you so much for everything.
Taran can't stop talking about you.
It's great to meet you.
I am so happy for you.
Okay, I need to take Amar home,
with papa.
Because he needs
to turn into bed early.
Shall we?
And I'll call you, there's
something we need to talk about.
See you.
You okay?
Are you sure?
Yeah, I am sure.
Goodnight, Amar.
Be ready on time tomorrow.
We've to visit the temple.
I'll come, pick you up.
Come here.
Always concerned
about others happiness.
Are you happy?
No, papa.
I am very sad.
A lot.
A lot, papa.
No, dear.
Be happy.
You must find your happiness first.
Otherwise how will
you spread happiness?
Even if it means making someone sad.
Do what is right.
Do what you feel is right!
There's nothing more you can do.
You said 'meet me for breakfast at 9'.
I was there at 9.
But you didn't show up.
I looked around, asked
people if anyone had seen you.
But no one had seen you.
By the time it was
12, I was getting scared.
I asked papa to come down.
You didn't show up all night.
Nor the next day.
The people who were
helping us look for you..
It was clearly evident from
their faces, that we've lost you.
...I never even dreamt
about a life without you.
I didn't know what to do.
Then I mustered a lot
of courage and stood up again.
Thinking that I had
to continue without you.
But then suddenly, I
bumped into this fool.
As soon as I took my eyes off you..
...life swept me off my feet.
Today, I want to confess to you
in His presence, Amar.
No matter how much I love you..
But now there's someone
else in my life.
I am always late, right?
- Hi!
- Hi!
Buddy, I can never lie.
She knows.
It's not my fault..nor is it yours.
The only difference
is that I was her past.
...and you're her present.
You know, when I woke
up, I didn't know who I was.
I couldn't use my hands or limbs.
For two days they
taught me how to walk.
Later I remembered papa..then Taran.
I vaguely remembered my accident.
Then God.
Anything could've happened.
But no..
I came back.
Papa's absolutely fine, he's happy.
Gurpreet, Taran..they are all fine.
They are all very happy.
But if there's anything
I've lost in this entire incident.
...then that's my right on Taran.
...more can I give you?
Take good care of her, Shekhar.
At least she will still be my friend.
Maybe you can call
me someday to scold me.
See you.
Taran, he's your friend.
You love him.
You've seen many dreams with him.
Waited for him.
Who am I?
Where did I come from?
How long have you known me?
Let me go to hell.
I will fly away again.
Why are you doing this, Taran?
Don't you always say,
'do the right thing'.
It wasn't your fault.
You just came in our
lives without a reason.
You didn't do anything wrong, Shekhar.
You supported papa. You
did so much for me.
What do I do?
Tell you to leave,
because Amar's back.
Your job's done.
It's his fault.
It's completely his fault.
Where was he?
Where was he for 8 months?
Where was he?
The night was spent such that..
...I couldn't find dawn.
As if, the soul
left the body quietly.
As if, life moved on fast.
very fast.
As if, life moved on fast.
very fast.
How do I walk away..
...if he lives somewhere in me?
I try to walk past
without her noticing..
It feels as if..
...her gaze quietly follows me.
Hi, Shekhar.
Hi, Amar.
Shekhar, I am really sorry
that I came here to talk about this.
It was Taran's decision
that she wants to live with you.
And she's my friend,
and I would always want her to be one.
Of course.
Shekhar, Navjot,
Manpreet, Gurpreet, papa..Taran..
...they all love you.
And there must be
a reason why they do.
I am relatively new, and I am sure
I'll Stan loving you just as much.
But give me some time.
But Shekhar, believe me..
...l'll never do anything
to hum you or Taran in anyway.
Yeah, I know that Amar.
I only came here because,
that day Taran told me what she wants.
I thought I should
tell you what I think.
'It wasn't your fault.'
'Don't you always say..
'Do the right thing'.
'It wasn't your fault.'
'It wasn't your fault.'
Taran, please..careful.
Shekhar.. Shekhar..
I am okay.
I am Okay.
Doctor.. I love you.
I am okay.
- I'll see you.
- Shekhar!
You don't know how
much I love you, Taran.
Hey, good morning.
Good afternoon, really.
I just woke up.
I know.
I knew you will call
as soon as you wake up.
You slept well?
Where are you? At home?
Guess where?
No, I am driving back from London.
London? Why?
You dropped me home at 5.
You know we all forgot.
Amar had an appointment today,
with the doctor.
I remembered just
after I dropped you home.
I went straight to Amar's house.
Papa was supposed to drive him there.
Thank God I made it in time.
Sorry..bad network probably.
Yeah, the mountains.
You know, there's amazing news.
Now Amar only has to go
see the doctor once in six months.
He's recovering so well.
Taran, the network is really bad.
But congratulations,
I am happy for you.
And Amar.
Anyway, I'll speak to you
later..whenever you get the time.
Yeah, okay. Bye.
Yeah, bye.
...let's not meet for few days.
It's not Shekhar's fault.
...but, anyone can feel bad.
See you..
I am so happy you're
recovering so quickly.
This isn't done.
If you're angry,
call up..talk..fight.
This is absurd.
His phone's switched
off..and he's missing.
She hasn't slept all night..and now,
we've to go look for him.
I can't reach him.
Maybe his phone's not working.
It's not the phone,
but his mind that isn't working!
Even last night.
Let's talk about this later.
When? He's been missing for two days.
You know..
Let's not speak in front of her,
it'll upset her.
Hi, Taran.
Gurpreet..come on.
Sorry, my friend came over and..
...we went out to watch the game.
We had some beer.
Where is Amar?
Where's Amar?
Aahh..he sleeps early.
Did he take his meds?
Did he?
He must have.
Anyway, I think it's quite late,
we should get going.
I am okay.
I am fine.
- You're not fine.
I am Fine.
Not Fine.
- I said I am fine!
I am Fine.
Shekhar, enough.
Enough what, Taran?
Enough what?
I want to tell you enough.
Did I tell you to love me?
Did I tell you not to love Amar?
But..you told Amar, that you love me.
I did.
Come on,
Shekhar..let's talk tomorrow.
I don't want to talk.
L am going.
- Shekhar, let's..
- I said I don't want to talk.
Enough, son.
That's enough for today.
You want to go home, go home.
You can speak with Taran tomorrow.
He's not that kind of a guy.
I can't believe this.
I know.
Who is Shekhar, Taran?
He's not the son of my friend.
I lied.
He suddenly showed
up one day out of nowhere.
Both of us were in a place
where we shouldn't have been.
It wasn't his fault either, sir.
Nor was it mine.
I was right behind you two
when you were looking for him.
I was waiting too..
...for Amar to be found.
And get this big load off my chest.
Truth takes up a lot
of space in your heart, sir.
There's no way to accommodate it.
I couldn't take it anymore.
I thought I should tell you the truth.
...l snatched the most valuable thing
from yours and Taran's life.
I have no one..
...so I'll do whatever you say.
Take me to the police.
Kill me.
Make me your slave.
Or make me your son!
He had no reason to come here.
To tell the truth.
But from what I saw in his eyes..
...I felt he can be trusted.
All of us were..
...trying to deal with your accident,
in our own ways.
He wanted to deal with it too.
He wanted to help me.
But in a way,
he was asking for my help too.
In the beginning,
I would take him to the office.
In the evenings,
he would drop by for some coffee.
- Hi.'
I didn't realize..when he
became more like a son to me.
You can't find him now, son.
You're ok, you're fine.
It's just this wound over
my left eye that hurts, otherwise..
Do you have any clue
how drunk you are?
And who drives after getting so high?
Are you a doctor or a cop?
Just do your job.
What are you doing?
You're hurting that poor girl.
A little pain now..
...will save her from
a lifetime of anguish.
Let me go, please.
You don't love her?
Love is not some relationship.
It's a ray of light
which offers a glimpse of God.
And I am listening to my God now.
Hello, sir.
The aircraft is ready, sir.
Should be able to take
off in about 15 minutes.
I want to meet him.
I want him to tell
me what my fault was.
And then he can go
wherever he wants to.
I want to meet him.
He can't do this. I want to meet him.
He will take off in 15 minutes.
I don't know where he is going.
There's no chance of
getting there in 15 minutes.
Can't make it.
Taran's question is important.
I will get her there in 15 minutes.
But I need your help, please.
Don't do this to her.
First she grieved for me..
...now she will grieve for you.
Please..what is her fault?
I know..
...who you are.
We all do.
But we still love you.
That's the problem.
...everyone loves me.
Otherwise it was so easy.
I would've quietly escaped..
...to my world.
Why did you show up again?
You made this all the
more difficult for me to leave.
Why do you want to go, Shekhar?
You had your own
world before I arrived.
And now you have that back.
And there's no place
for Shekhar in that world.
Will you decide whom I love?
Only I have that
right. me.. not you.
If I had that right.
...then you could've
never loved someone else.
Not now..or in the next
lifetime..or after that.
Then why?
I just want to tell you..
What you're doing is completely
different from what you want, Taran.
You didn't do anything wrong, Taran.
The other day, in the temple,
when I asked you why you chose me..
...you said 'I am
doing the right thing'.
It's true that it's not my fault.
Also true that I love you.
Maybe more..
...than you know.
But not more than you love Amar.
Love is not some
responsibility, Taran.
Love is not reasonable.
It just happens.
Only compromises are reasonable.
Fine, I won't go.
Look into my eye and say..
...that you don't love Amar.
Say that every day you didn't
feel something shatter inside you..
...after you told Amar about me.
Say it Taran, and I won't go.
Say it..
Don't do the right thing, silly..
...fall in love.
It's my turn to do the right thing.
See you.
Smile..laugh..be happy..