Tum Mile (2009) Movie Script

on Superhit Red FM,
and this evening of 25th July...
Tiwari, forget it, let's play!
-Why are your hands trembling?
-What are you doing?
Disturbing without reason.
-His hands tremble at the wrong time.
-Oh, shit!
-Your fluke won't work every time.
-It will work!
I'll just come, wait.
Deshpande, sit down.
I will play, Tiwari.
It's my turn, wait.
I will just get the water.
Deshpande, he just played.
Where did it go?
Pal, can't you hit where you're aiming it?
This cloud formation looks
slightly weird.
There is nothing weird, Sir.
This happens every year.
But still. Shall I inform the airport?
Deshpande Sir, theyre not going to cancel
a flight because of your warning.
Now come, it's your turn.
All right, Im coming.
-Hey, listen? Are you Chinese?
-Yes, yes.
-Yah, you speak English?
-No English, no problem!
No problem, no problem, great, great!
I have to go to the Heathrow Airport...
-Because I am getting late...
-No problem, no problem.
-Do you even understand what I'm saying?
-No problem, no problem.
Yom, I will call you back, okay?
OK, listen to me.
Love and romance exist
only in movies, pal.
Don't waste your time with girls, OK?
All right?
I will call you later, OK?
Bye, bye!
Okay, listen, you!
OK, is that your son?
He is cute, yeah. Looks like you.
This is my design, yeah.
It's free. It's for your son.
Yeah, nice?
It's for you, it's for your son.
Keep it.
Break, break signal!
-No problem.
-No problem, yeah, no problem, great!
This one, it's such a...
What are you doing here?
The same thing the rest of the people
on this plane are doing.
Going to Mumbai.
Right, right.
Hi, I'm Rajiv!
-So, how are you, Sanjana?
-I am fine, Akshay.
-Good, good, good, great!
-How is your father?
-Papa died last year.
I am sorry, Akshay.
Wow! This is amazing!
What are the chances that we would run
into each other on a flight to Mumbai?
Actually, I am moving to Mumbai.
As far as I remember you never
liked Mumbai.
People change, Akshay.
Yes, sir.
Can you shift me
to another seat please?
The only empty seat is next to you, Sir.
I don't mind the economy.
I am so sorry, Sir.
The flight is full.
-Anything else I can do for you, Sir?
-No, it's OK.
-Thank you, Sir.
Its been 6 years, Akshay.
Don't tell me that you feel
uncomfortable sitting near me.
Sanjana, it's not like that.
Who is this?
Who is he?
Nothing, just someone.
Just one big accident.
Give me one more.
Give me the camera!
Shall we go?
Is there a spring in your ass?
I mean on this hot Saturday afternoon
on the day of my only holiday
instead of flirting
with a beautiful girl
what am I doing here with you?
I have no idea, understood?
You see, between my stupid waiter job
and my art college, I have no
time for a such a scene.
Now, will you help me?
Come, pick up the canvas.
But what do you mean?
There is no time for such a scene?
If I had been a painter
I would have shown you.
I would have only painted
I have no idea what you keep on painting.
Look around you, son,
at all the beautiful girls.
Hold it properly!
I'm holding it, man.
Why do keep yelling at me?
I will find a Hitler for you.
-Look at her, will she do?
As the editor of Young Asia,
I demand an explanation
on why the street bulbs
haven't been replaced
by eco-friendly bulbs.
Why hasn't it been made
compulsory to
switch off the computers after
the offices close.
Akshay, come fast!
God! This bloody rain ruined everything
and look now, the sun is shining!
Don't worry, Sanjana, you did your best?
People were getting in the mood, Namrata.
I was about to announce a letter
campaign and just...
Fine, so what if it rained?
Everything was ruined,
but look at this way.
You have seen the worst.
What can we do now? No?
Come on! Smile!
Now what? The bike owner
will come and kill us!
Come on, let's move, let's go!
What do you mean let's go?
This bike belongs to someone.
-We have to find the owner.
-Listen, no one saw us.
He will be very upset at this.
Let's just go, come on!
Okay, just give me one second.
Oh God! Now what?
Come on!
-Coming! Just leaving a note.
-Let's get out of here quickly!
We have come 40 Km away from Capetown,
How will go back to the city?
We will take care of it later.
The bike was standing in Uncle's
garage for 6 years.
This way we can get some money
for next month's rent. Understood?
Okay, whatever.
Listen, brother,
party is rich and future is bright.
Think about it, someone who lives
in this area.
Come on, let's ring the bell.
Excuse me, madam!
These gentlemen are here to see you.
Yes, this note, Sanjana?
Our bike was scratched, are you?
All right! My driver was
trying to reverse.
The bike was hit very badly, Ma'am.
-Lots of damages!
-I am really sorry.
No, it wasn't that much.
I mean, the bike was hit so
scratches will be there, right?
How much damage?
I will pay you right away.
-It's not about money. We can pay for it.
What do you mean we can pay for it?
See, I am in a crisis right now,
so if you could get to the point,
you know, it will save time
for the both of us.
Ask for the money and let's go.
How about this?
You give me your address,
I will send the driver
and get the bike serviced
and repaired completely.
Does that work?
All of it?
Even if there are any faulty parts
I will get that fixed too.
Your cake is dead!
I really wanted to make this for Papa.
May I?
Part time delivery boy
and full time artist
at your service, ma'am!
Listen, both of you had to come
so far because of me.
The least I can do is
drop you home, right?
Yeah, sure!
Let's go!
You are in this world for me,
why do I feel this way.
There is something missing in my life,
why do I feel this way.
If you move, I move...
If you stop, I stop...
Why is this happening?
How did this happen, tell me?
So, you mean you will make all
the money only after you die? Right?
-What do you mean?
-This usually happens with painters, no?
-First, I am not a painter, but an artist.
Secondly, usually what happens with me
doesn't happen with others.
OK, so you write poetry, too?
If I tell everything right now then
we will have nothing to talk about later.
So, we are meeting again?
Listen to this verse,
a few things are left unsaid,
believe what I don't say.
-How was it?
-Your sense of humor is too sad.
But you are laughing.
Not at your jokes, but at you.
If you can please
tell me why I feel
that the life I lived until now
had no reason...
Give your heart as a gift...
Become mine...
Don't leave me...
Listen to my request...
You are now a part of me
just like the beat of a heart...
There is something missing in your life.
Why do I feel this way?
Why, why...
If you move, I move.
If you stop, I stop.
Why is this happening?
How did this happen, tell me?
Believe me, it's true
I am happy because of you...
If you are not with me I have nothing,
don't ever leave me...
You are my only path.
You are with me day and night.
How can I keep away from me?
Okay, thank you!
Thank you!
You guys saved my day.
The least I can do is drop you.
Yeah! I hope your Dad likes
the food.
We worked so hard, he has to like it.
Anyway he comes once a month
and that too only for a day.
-He won't criticize the food.
Okay, anyway, thank you!
No problem.
-Okay, bye!
Is you uncle going to get the number?
I was thinking, I was wondering,
-if you, you know, if you can?
-You want my number?
I mean, yeah, I mean.
Sure! Give me your hand.
This is my card.
-It was nice doing business with you.
-Call me.
-Call her!
-No, man!
Call her! Call her!
Are you crazy?
I have only met her once.
-And you have seen her house?
-Call her!
No, let it be!
Call her!
You know, I was just thinking,
if this girl has a sister
or any other relative,
then do get me hooked up with her.
If no sister,
then aunt or any other relative,
any single relative would do for me.
Will you shut up?
-Jungle Rule!
See, even the forest
has the same rule, no?
Male tiger goes after the female.
Switch off the light,
I have to get up early!
But Akki?
Fine, what's it to me.
Don't call.
I have my hands.
You just broke me face!
Hi Sanjana, it's Akhsay!
You know, I was thinking
if you are free tomorrow night
or free tonight
then you know we could
I was thinking...
-Sanjana, it's Akshay. How are you?
-Akshay who?
It's me. We met that day at your house?
My house?
Sanjana, it's Akshay.
I didn't know I could fool you so quickly.
Oh I get it. Okay.
That means you are thinking
about me?
Oh Sorry, my mistake.
No, continue making such mistakes.
It's very good.
Yeah. So?
You want to go out for coffee
or dinner or something?
Yeah sure.
Hey listen,
what are you doing in the evening?
In the evening?
Yeah, why? Is it too soon for you?
No, I mean it is 6 right now.
Evening means today ro tomorrow?
I mean around 10 tonight.
I have something to do at 10.
At least try.
Okay, okay, fine, okay.
Great! I will leave home at around 10,
so you come there. Party!
Alright, I will see you at 10.
See you at ten!
Can we work now?
Shut up!
Sanjana? What are you doing here?
-What did you think? You will just escape?
Excuse me.
Take it off!
Thank you.
-Come on!
Perfect! Come!
Why are people giving such
fake laughs here?
I mean seriously.
Do people ever laugh freely here
or not?
I thought you were an aspiring artist
so maybe you will make some
contacts here.
-You know, for the future.
Oh definitely! You can pick two or
even three of his works.
Like it?
It's a bit of a show off.
This show off fetched quite a price
in yesterday's auction.
Hello, Sir! How are you?
Hi Sanjana! Your Papa isn't here?
He was about to come, but you know.
It is perfect for abstract painting.
It seems that it was painted
with the textbook on the side.
Wonder you invested in this, no?
Well, I bought this painting.
Did you try the starters?
They are really very good.
Your friend? What does he do?
Sorry, this is Mr. Oberoi.
He is an art dealer.
This is Akshay, artist.
Well, well! So, what kind of art
do you make?
Yeah! I look for truth through my art.
Search for truth?
How? I mean of what? Paintings?
Sculptures? What?
I don't know, anything that comes to mind.
Something that touches the common man.
Unfortunately, a common man
cannot pay for your painting.
I you want to make money, you will
need to make art for special people, son.
Not for the common man.
The thrones of kings are set
on the shoulders of the common man?
You must have heard it?
Well young man,
and all the best for your art
and your business!
-Thank you!
-Shall we?
Finding it hard to breathe
here, no?
-Bike ride?
-Bike ride?
Oh don't worry, I am not
taking you for free.
I will send the bill to your home.
-OK, driver, get the vehicle out!
-Yes, Ma'am!
Come around...
It's time to baby come around...
Come on now, come around...
It's time to baby come around...
Come around...
Come around...
My eyes were without any dreams.
There was no one
and my life was lonely.
I was silent with nothing to say.
There was no one
and my life was lonely.
Since I met you, I have the world.
Since I met you, every moment is new.
Since I met you,
I drifted away from others.
Since I met you, the world seems magical.
Since I met you, I have learnt to live.
Since I met you, I have found God.
-Thank you!
-For what? I hope you are not too sleepy.
-I can't sleep at night.
Born insomniac.
Impossible to sleep
without sleeping pills.
But really, Akshay. I don't remember when
was the last time I laughed so much.
OK, so now you like my
sense of humor?
Not at all.
My love was asleep with eyes closed.
I didn't smell the fragrance in the air.
Who knows where my spring was.
I didn't smell the fragrance in the air.
Since I met you, my rains are fragrant.
Since I met you, my desires are alive.
Since I met you,
there is a chain of waves.
Since I met you, the world seems magical.
Since I met you, I have learnt to live.
Since I have met you, I have found God.
These are the best kababs ever.
-Best kababs Karim's, Delhi.
-The best.
My turn. Best drink?
-Best film?
-Haven't seen.
-You haven't seen Sholay?
How is that possible?
You heard my prayers.
You heard the call of my heart.
What else do I ask from you?
Without you I am incomplete.
With you I am complete.
I am so thankful to you.
How do I say...
How do I say these moments touch me.
It seems these are filled with only you.
How do I say I hear new sounds.
It seems these are filled with only you.
Since I met you, I lost my heart.
Since I met you, I got the world.
Since I met you,
I have nothing to do with others.
Since I met you, the world is magical.
Since I met you, I learnt to live.
Since I met you, I found God.
Come on...
Come around...
It's time to come around, baby...
Come around...
Come around...
Sorry. Okay, you are home.
Easy, easy, easy.
Okay. So I guess it's good night.
-Good night.
Hey, baby, sorry the flight got delayed.
So I couldn't come
and your dad is going to
come in next week.
-How was the party?
-Then give me a hug.
Come here. I missed you so much.
What's going on?
Nothing, it's just a little
turbulence. It's OK.
It's okay. Just calm down. It's okay.
Yeah, put the seat belt on.
-Oh, God.
-Please calm down.
-You are okay? Huh?
It's good to see you after so long.
Yeah, same here.
This is my card.
Still in the restaurant business?
No, I am working for a character
design company.
We design for comics and toys.
You have your office in Mumbai?
No, I have some personal work here.
Short trip?
I am leaving for Tokyo the day after
for the Global Animation Awards.
Our company's been nominated.
So, yeah.
You have a ride? My car
will be here, I can drop you.
Oh no, Rajiv is here.
I am going to Lower Parel with him.
Lower Parel? In this rain,
you will need to swim to get there.
I have been coming in this rain for
4 years, I have gotten used to it.
-Anyway, take care.
-Yeah. You too.
If you need our magazine...
Okay. Good night.
Nice doing business with you.
-See you, Akshay.
Quite a thing, huh?
You were the one who was staring at him.
Shut up! I am happily hitched!
If my boyfriend hears this,
he will nag me.
No, dear. If I hadn't said that
you would have dropped me, it would have
become unnecessarily awkward.
He is cute though. How come you
never mentioned him earlier?
Because there is nothing to mention.
OK, but your reaction
on seeing him
seemed to indicate that there was
a lot to mention about.
Please, Rajiv,
there is nothing like that.
My driver is here. I will see you.
-Day after?
-Day after. Bye.
-Call him, huh?
-Shut up, Rajiv!
What's up, Sanju?
Great! Come here, you are receiving awards
in Tokyo, huh?
I haven't got any awards,
only a nomination.
That's fine, but don't forget to
add "Thank you, Vik" in your speech.
Your life is great!
From London to Mumbai, Mumbai to Tokyo,
from Tokyo to Timbuktu. My bus is
always standing at the bus stop.
Do you ever stop or are you
always in transit?
-Shall we go?
-Come quickly! Let's go.
So, what else is going on?
Are you still living with your loneliness
and your poems or did you find an Aunty?
Do you have a lighter?
Don't smoke, friend,
you will kill yourself.
I am quitting tomorrow,
give me the lighter.
Moni doesn't like smoking.
I don't have a lighter.
You are such a coward.
I have a wife.
It is my duty to be a coward.
I met Sanjana on the flight.
Sanjana? On the plane?
Yes, she was on the seat next to me.
You okay?
Yeah, I am okay. What will happen to me?
See, you met her, you spoke to her, fine,
but don't start thinking about it.
It's not right, huh?
Because she isn't thinking
about you.
Now are you going to carry that
sad little face everywhere?
Come on, let's go out!
Will you please just shut up!
I was crazy. I don't know
what happened to me.
I mean everything
was right in front of me.
Akshay! Someone wants to see you.
-Look, I...
-Listen, its okay.
It's my fault, you know,
I don't know what I was thinking.
No, Akshay. It was my fault.
I didn't tell you
that I had a boyfriend.
But, look, I didn't know that
we were going to kiss and...
-It's not that simple.
-No, it is very simple.
Sanjana, you go your way
and I will go my way.
Forget what happened.
Just forget it. Okay?
-We don't love each other.
-I know that.
No! I mean, my boyfriend and me.
He works with my father
and I don't know it's just...
Sanjana, whatever happened in your life,
I have nothing to do with it.
Okay. Just tell me that you don't feel
there is anything between us.
No, I didn't feel anything.
There is nothing between us.
Now if you can please excuse me?
I have work. Alright.
I have to go. Bye.
-It's me!
-Some wine?
How are you? What?
I know in the past year
I have probably never asked you
how you are doing.
Sanjana, I was thinking,
you and me,
I am sorry, but
I don't think it's working out.
I know we're family friends.
Ill speak to your dad as well.
But I think it's better
to be friends than...
Nothing. Just that
if you hadn't said this today,
then Id have said
the same to you tomorrow.
That boy yesterday,
he wasn't here to give the change.
I am sorry.
Do you love him?
Good morning, everybody.
Welcome to your final assessment.
This morning we are working from
a live model in the medium of your choice.
You have three hours to complete it.
So, good luck
and please welcome Ms. Jessica!
Ma'am, this is not Jessica!
This isn't her!
-Do you have a problem, Akshay?
Will you proceed then, please?
You are the reality and the dream.
You are the sea, you are the thirst.
You are the restlessness of my heart,
also the comfort.
Wherever I go I find you.
Whether you're with me or not,
you're always with me.
You're my soulmate, my companion,
my beloved...
Shit I am late! I have to go!
Come here. Let's get our own place.
-Let's get our own place.
What? I bet you, Akhsay.
Moving in with her is a bad idea.
Im telling you, she's really nice.
She's a princess, pal.
You can't afford the rent
of your own house.
Where will you get a house for her?
You are a painter,
not a Wall Street broker.
Trust me on this, you will have problems.
Come, let me take you in my arms
and make you closer to me.
When you are apart,
every moment seems strange.
There is no one as lucky as me in
this whole world.
You gave me your heart
and I am the closest to you.
I reside in your heart.
I reside in every breath of yours.
Only I reside in your
You're my soulmate, my companion,
my beloved...
I don't even realize
when time passes away.
Since I met you
I am not aware of anything else...
The shadow of your rich
eyelashes is beautiful...
I am not afraid of the sun
since their shadow is on me...
I won't breath without you...
I won't live without you...
I can't live even a moment
without you...
You are the reality, the dream...
You are the sea, you are thirst...
You are my restlessness
and my comfort, too...
You're my soulmate, my companion,
my beloved...
-What are you doing?
-It's a huge day. You have to look good.
-Can I go? Okay.
-Yes. Good luck!
Thank you!
Your work looks really good.
All you need to do is get approved
by curator and the scholarship is yours.
-Thank you.
Have we met...
Carefree artist.
Strange, you know,
I was very curious to find out
whom the college
would recommend this year?
I mean, it's good exposure.
Not to mention the money.
So, have you brought your work?
Okay. So let's see.
I am sure I will like it.
Perfect. Too perfect. Textbook.
Too dark. Intensity is very low.
There is not much in the color palette.
I know this is not about
the painting.
You've a problem with me.
-You're scared of my courage.
You'll never approve this painting.
Not because it's good or bad
but because you can't understand it.
So, before you reject me,
I reject you.
Thanks, but no thanks.
Okay. As you wish.
I will write to your school
that you didn't like our gallery.
Suit yourself. And your money.
You know a lot about art,
but as far as business is concerned,
you are not going anywhere.
Now, don't sit with a sad face.
You should have said something
to impress me.
Usually, you are very quick witted.
What did he say?
You aren't going anywhere in business.
I will buy my own gallery one day.
It will be a little difficult
to reject that gallery.
No seriously.
You know, even my dad was an artist.
When I was a child, he held an art
exhibition in Mumbai's Taj gallery.
But the gallery owner gave him a raw deal.
My dad got nothing
and the gallery owner bought a big car.
Even today, my dad travels by train.
And I promised him
that Ill buy my own gallery one day.
Shit, man!
Why did that idiot have to be the curator?
It happens. Come on, your chance.
You want me to talk to papa?
If your Dad can give some time to have
a normal conversation, it would be enough.
I have to do this on my own.
In the future, if I manage to avoid people
like Oberoi, it'll be a tad easier for me.
Let that idiot remain there.
You are going places.
For the time being, Im in your city.
Fifty dollars, please.
-It's a little more than that.
-What do you mean?
This month's rent,
I don't even have that much money.
It doesn't matter. I am here, aren't I?
I'll pay this month's rent.
You can pay me back later.
In cash or in kind.
My God!
Its not an ordinary thing, Sir!
Ive never seen so many clouds
in all these years.
Its as if a sea is lurking
behind these clouds.
Sir, we will have to send a warning.
No, the horse is already out of the barn.
What's going on, huh?
Where is Mr. Das?
He will be here in a minute.
He must be stuck in traffic.
Listen pal, these people are
about to close the coffee shop.
When will Mr. Das be here?
Sir, you're lucky.
His property is in a prime location.
I know that property.
He is coming to India only for a day,
especially for this deal.
I think we should be thankful
for it when he comes.
Let him come first.
So, what else is going on?
Now, let's see the
condition of the whole city
due to this rain,
as reported by our associate,
Umesh Kumavat.
Right now, we are in Kurla, Mumbai
and we will show you how the city's state
is deteriorating due to the heavy rain.
You can see how difficult it is
for cars to move
in this rain.
Some vehicles are moving,
but there is full traffic jam here because
the streets are flooded with water.
If we talk about areas,
Mumbai, Chembur and Kurla are flooded.
The rain has especially created
havoc in Parel.
It has been raining since afternoon and
the streets are flooded with water
and this has affected the
movement of trains.
People aren't able to reach their homes
and they are trying to walk back
to their homes.
Fire brigades are trying to reach
the place where
people are stuck. The first thing that the
administration wants to do is save people.
The tracks of the local train are flooded
and this is why people are now
walking on the tracks trying to get home
because local trains
are not running at all.
Because none of the trains are running...
Akshay! Akshay!
-What happened?
-I don't know, Ma'am.
-Then go and see, no?
-Ok, I will go and seen, Ma'am.
Akshay, have you gone mad?
Where are you going?
To Sanjana.
Akshay, wait for a second!
Wait! Listen to me!
At night, even if the tap leaked,
she would get up.
I have to go, pal. She must be in trouble.
Even I am in trouble!
The whole city is in trouble!
How many people will you save?
Aren't you forgetting
why we are here?
Akshay! Akshay, you are doing this
for your Dad!
I'm sorry, pal! I have to go help her!
I'm sorry!
Help! Please somebody help!
Stop! Stop, please!
Help me, somebody!
Mama! Mama! Mama!
Don't cry.
Where is your mother?
Come on, let's go.
Naina! Naina! Naina!
Have you seen my wife? Red T-shirt?
Naina! Naina! Naina!
He found his love!
I don't know. I have to go, okay.
I will see you later.
Shall I say something?
-Let it be.
-Come on, speak up.
Papa had called, he wanted to meet you.
I have made a plan for the 25th.
You are free, right?
I am completely free!
I am not doing anything, am I?
I didnt mean it like that.
It's been three months and
I haven't made a single painting.
I am just so busy doing nothing.
Don't talk crazy, OK.
You just need to concentrate a little.
You'll see everything will be fine.
I will see you later.
Bye! And yes, please pay the electricity
and the water bills.
I am keeping the money here.
Yes, Ma'am!
Fine, OK, OK.
-Bye, bye.
-What happened?
Dad's health has worsened again.
He's in the ICU.
I have to send some money home.
I am so sorry, Akshay.
Do you want me to stay?
Leave me alone for a while, please.
Sure, I understand, call me later, OK?
-Hello, Akshay? Are you OK?
How is your father?
He is fine. He is OK. He is OK.
He is out of the ICU,
but he's still in the hospital.
Listen, do you need some money?
I can talk to Papa.
I don't want your money.
I will arrange it myself.
Listen, I am sorry.
It's okay.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Court or temple?
We are not getting married.
Assume you are,
then court or temple?
I don't even know whether he
believes in God or not?
What do you mean you don't know?
I don't know means I don't know.
What do you mean?
He doesn't talk much.
Does he ever tell you anything about
himself or only you do the talking?
Careful, huh? He may be Batman!
Look, your Batman's here.
-I'll see you.
What happened, Akshay?
Why didn't you come upstairs?
Shall we go?
Akshay, the electricity bill?
I'm sorry, I forgot. I'll pay it.
How come you've a lighter?
-You are smoking, aren't you?
-No, maybe one or two.
Why did you lie to me, Akshay?
It did occur to me. But I felt you'd
tell me if you were really smoking.
Why don't you tell me anything?
I won't eat you up!
I will quit smoking, OK?
What's going on, Akshay?
I never know what's going on
in your mind.
You never say anything.
You're my boyfriend, Akshay,
not my roommate.
Sanjana, its been so many months
and I haven't made even a single painting.
I don't even have any money.
I can't even keep you happy.
I mean so what's the point?
What's the point of what?
Just keep sitting like this,
just like this, keep sitting here.
The heart's praying, listen to its beats.
I'm obsessed with making you mine.
Let me pick
a few beautiful moments from life.
I'm obsessed with making you mine.
The heart's praying, listen to its beats.
I'm obsessed with making you mine.
Let me pick
a few beautiful moments from life.
I'm obsessed with making you mine.
I want to live
all the moments of my life with you.
I want to live
all my future moments with you.
Whatever breaths I take,
I wish to take them with you.
Whatever path I take,
I wish to walk on it with you.
My heart's praying, listen to its beats.
I'm obsessed with making you mine.
Let me cease to exist,
let my heart be one with you.
Why do these distances exist?
These moments will never come back,
don't let them pass.
Lose yourself in me.
Let me take you away from yourself
and join you with myself.
Let me envelope my body
with your fragrance.
Whatever breaths I take,
I wish to take them with you.
Whatever path I take,
I wish to walk on it with you.
My heart is praying, listen to its beats.
I'm obsessed with making you mine.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Is the power back on?
-Yes, you rang the door bell, right?
-Yes. I want to check the meter.
-Yes, come in.
Your article in the October issue
about the environment.
Actually, I thought...
I'm sorry.
No, we liked it. We really liked it.
-We want to make you an offer.
-Chief Editor, The Youth Magazine.
You will have a whole team under you.
So, what do you think
about London?
It is amazing.
To me it seems
as if you have taken the truth
in your hands and painted on the paper.
It's like the bulb is fused.
Just like practical life is broken.
This moon is melting away. Wow!
As if the night has come to a stand still.
Amazing! This is what it is, right?
This girl...
The girl is very beautiful, Sir.
She looks like an angel.
Eyes are depressed as if
they want to say something.
They want someone to come
and embrace them. Yes, that's it!
I have said too much
this time, Sir, but you see,
I said what I felt like.
A common view of a common man.
The common man's view is never common.
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
-I'll just be back.
-I'll see you guys! Bye!
-See you! Bye!
-Akshay, you won't...
-Sanjana, you won't believe this!
This is my best painting! I'd been trying
so many days and last night, it happened.
Thank you!
This is a new beginning for me!
-Don't do that!
-Mama! Mama!
Here, another Romeo
found his Juliet!
What are you doing here?
Our car broke down
-and we were going to the hotel and...
Hey, good to see you!
Vik, I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, Vik. I'm just a little shocked.
6 years have gone,
and then twice in one day.
First in the plane and then in the bus.
I think we will now end up in a boat.
Fine, don't laugh!
I know it was a bad joke.
Are you calling a helicopter now?
No, pal. Giving my attendance.
My wife will be very angry.
-You're married, Vik?
-Yes, even I'm surprised!
I think we should go to the hotel.
-Yes, right. Let's go.
-Yeah, let's go.
-Let's go.
Come on, Sanjana.
I can't go, I'm scared. I can't go.
We will wait till the water recedes. OK?
Mama, the light is gone!
Let's have some tea.
Here, drink some tea.
Thank you.
Best tea! I'm sorry this tea is far
better than your campus tea!
Are you going to start something new?
Yes, I was here to buy a gallery.
-Yes, Das Gallery? Das?
-The one in your Dad's story!
-Great! Congratulations!
You always wanted to do that.
But I don't think the deal
will be possible now.
Because by rule,
I should've been there, not here.
But then I have never
done the right thing.
Come on, Akshay.
Enough with those filmy lines.
But you're smiling.
This means you've begun to like
my filmy lines.
I've told you before I don't laugh
at your jokes, I laugh at you.
Did your car really break down?
You want the truth?
If you'd said the truth earlier,
I wouldn't have asked.
If I'd learnt to tell a lie, I guess
things would have been different.
What do you say, Riya?
Well, it's nice...
But something is missing.
Let's order something to eat.
No really, I mean if it had been some
other mood-based color,
it would have gone great with my home.
Why don't we order something?
One second, Vik.
So, what do you think?
What color should it be?
You know some darker shade,
something like brown.
OK, I don't think
that should be a problem.
OK, I tell you what.
I will spill this coffee over this.
That way you'll get your color and the
deal will also be finalized. OK?
Akshay, what did you do?
I haven't seen a bigger cartoon
than you in my whole life!
I don't want to sell my painting to her.
Buddy, you're a freaking loser!
I'd gone through so much trouble.
Do you think you are Picasso?
You're a bloody no one!
Never ever am I going to help again!
-Just give us five minutes, please.
His deal was very important.
He must be on his way.
I don't understand all this live-in thing.
-So, now you want us to get married?
-Why not?
This generation of yours...
Sometimes, I really pity you people.
In our time,
love was unconditional, fearless.
You people are too calculative.
Is the job right or not?
Is there money in the bank or not?
Papa, come on!
But a control freak like you hasn't
planned a future with him,
I find it hard to believe.
Is this boy good or just a loser?
He's nice.
Nice or NICE?
NICE. He is very nice or would I have
introduced you to him.
Let's order starters at least.
Excuse me!
Akshay called and said
his deal has been finalized.
Oh, how wonderful!
He had to go out with the client.
He said to say he's really sorry, Papa.
He will meet you some other day.
Come, let's go!
-Call Papa and apologize.
-Fine, I'll call your Dad.
So, can I ask you why you didn't
come last night?
I was in a bad mood
and it was too late.
l came back at 1:30 am,
but you were asleep.
Akshay, you came at 3:30 am last night.
Do you know how worried I was?
No phone calls. Nothing. You don't just..
Sanjana, it was important
for me to be alone, OK?
You're just upset because your Dad found
just one day in three months to meet you
and I didn't show up.
Did you wonder why I didn't show up?
I didn't want to meet your Dad!
I was having a bad day!
Were you alone?
What do you mean was I alone or not?
I was with Vic for a while.
What do you mean were you alone?
Who would I be with, huh?
Akshay, you never say anything, ever.
What are you always thinking about?
Just forget it.
What do you mean forget it?
You owe me an explanation. Damn it!
We were supposed to have dinner with Papa
last night to celebrate your sale!
What do I celebrate?
Should I celebrate that Im broke?
Last night, after dinner you would have
paid the bill in front of your father.
Is that what you wanted to see?
Celebrate this if you want,
that my best friend thinks Im a loser
or another cancelled deal
or that my girlfriend thinks
Im cheating on her.
-l never said that, Akshay.
-But that's what you meant, didn't you?
-Don't Akshay me, Sanjana!
What did you really mean
whether or not I was alone last night?
Don't change the subject, Akshay.
I just wanted to know
why you didn't show up for dinner.
I think as your girlfriend,
I'm entitled to that much.
Sanjana, you wanted to know which
other girl I was with last night.
That's what you asked!
Where are you going?
You talk when you want to talk!
When you don't, you just walk away?
I want to talk right now!
Why does he have to make it
so hard to love him?
-I'm sorry.
-Akshay, I just...
This money crunch
has left me so confused.
Then take up a job, no?
I will.
I'm surprised we've become strangers...
Why don't you talk to me about your pain?
Neither me nor you are unfaithful...
but still why are we apart?
Don't know what time has in store for us.
Why do we have these distances between us.
My life!
My life...
It is so difficult
to spend the days without you.
I miss you very much.
As the evening approaches, my heart
becomes lonelier and my eyes become moist.
I am a little upset with you
and you are a little upset with me.
But I don't know what the reason is.
Don't know what time has in store for us.
Why do we have these distances between us.
My life...
My life...
I loved you with all my heart,
but I couldn't make you mine.
Happiness pinches me.
You were most valuable to me,
but I never could make you mine.
This one thing hurts me a lot.
I am also lonely like you.
Both of us are in grief, what can I say?
Who knows what time has in store for us?
Why are there distances between us?
Oh, my life...
I also don't like that you work
day and night on coverage.
I know you're made for better things,
but we have to think about practical life.
I've gone crazy
with your practical life!
I do a job and then come
back to do household chores!
It is as if someone has
snatched my freedom!
And I have done that?
I didn't say that.
Don't twist my words.
I'm not twisting any words, Akshay.
Stop walking away from me, Akshay!
Fine, do what you want!
Just don't blame me!
I've to quit, OK.
Then quit, but don't blame it on me!
-So, do you still paint?
Where is your friend?
His name? He was with you in the plane?
Yes! He was going home with you?
No. Actually he was saying
that you were very cute.
-He's gay.
-OK, OK, he's gay!
You know, I thought you two were...
-You thought we two were...
No, no, please!
Come out, the bus is about to fall!
Akshay, be quick!
Akshay, let's go!
Come on, get out!
Akshay, quick, quick, quick!
Come quick!
Someone please help!
Akshay, quick!
Yuvi, give me your hand. Come over this.
I was so scared!
I've never seen you like this.
I've become a fool
in the last few years.
That was dangerous.
You didn't see from the outside.
When I saw you the first time,
you were nervous just like this.
Obviously Papa was about to come.
The whole week was going to go bad.
No, not there!
The first time I saw you
at the artist corner.
You were getting drenched in rain.
Hey, father of the nation!
Give me your phone!
I've to call Moni!
There is no network in my phone.
Damn it, if I come out of this mess
the first thing I'll do is buy her a gift.
She's sweet and doesn't trouble me at all.
You? What will you do?
-I will watch Sholay.
-You still haven't seen it?
Hold my hand, hand!
Vik, we are going towards that building!
You wait, OK?
Everyone stay together!
Thank you!
Why did we ever break up?
-This is for you.
-Thank you.
What's going on?
What did you mean when you said
you are not quitting?
Sanjana, we are doing with Capetown, OK?
Next episode is in Sydney.
What do you mean next episode in Sydney?
I have been offered a great job!
Creative Character Designer
in a fifty million worth movie.
Fifty-million-movie job!
What are you saying, Akshay?
I'm saying that we are going to Sydney!
-Can I have a bottle of wine?
-Bottle of wine?
Yeah, thanks!
-No but, it's all set!
We can't do this, Akshay.
What do you mean it's all set?
See, this is a one year assignment
and their is no interference.
Full creative freedom!
Akshay, you know you are not
made for jobs.
What do you mean I'm not made for jobs?
I mean you're an artist.
You think like an artist.
As soon as you like something.
you get frustrated with it, too.
You know this.
What do you mean I'll get frustrated?
I won't get frustrated, OK?
This is great job!
I really need this right now!
No, Akshay, you don't need this.
The only thing you need is your art.
Not a job where you have to take
permission from someone
to paint something freely.
So, you want me to go back to being
an artist going from pillar to post?
Someone who has to ask his girlfriend
for money so that he can buy a beer?
Akshay, I'm making this money
for the both of us.
So, if I'm making money for both of us,
then what's the problem?
What's the problem with that?
Marry me.
Sanjana, what are you talking about?
Marry me, Akshay.
You want me to leave my job, career,
family, friends everything
and come to Sydney with you, right?
Then marry me.
Sanjana, I'm talking about
one thing,
and you are talking about
something else!
How can it be? Marriage right now?
Why not? Huh?
When leaving your job,
you took one decision for us,
for the both of us, without asking me.
Once again, one decision for us.
Sanjana, right now there is
no stability in my life.
I have no money in the bank.
How can I get married now?
But now you have this job, this movie,
50 million, Sydney.
Yes, I have it now, but we'll see later.
We'll see.
Sanjana, where are you going?
Listen to me, Sanjana!
I have invested three years
in my job, for our life,
for our stability.
Now, I can't let all this go.
And you now want me to come to
Sydney with you?
I'll have to start from scratch again
for the both of us.
You want me to follow you.
Cook for you.
You don't need me. You need a muse!
A statue for inspiration!
Sanjana, don't talk crazy.
Sanjana! Sanjana!
This job offer is very important for me.
It is very important for me.
Then go!
What do you mean go?
Go, I can't come.
If you had received a job offer like this,
wouldn't you have done the same thing?
I did get one. Chief Editor,
Youth Magazine, London.
But unlike you I thought about us
and at that point it was important
for you to be in Capetown.
You didn't do me any favor!
If you had the offer and you liked it,
you should have taken it.
You know what, you like this control.
You are controlling my life!
Do this, do that, sit here, wear this!
Akshay, that's not fair.
I always thought about the both of us.
Bullshit! You think about us?
If you thought about us,
you wouldn't be saying no to Sydney!
I have to take a stand now, Akshay.
I can't leave.
I can't let this job offer go.
It's over.
Can you please think once again?
We never fought like this before...
Did our love die?
Can you do me a favor?
Can you please stay for the night, please?
Have you forgotten about us?
What's that sound?
-Akshay, I am scared.
-Don't be.
Akshay! Akshay!
Akshay, Vik.
Come down, the way from here
seems safe enough.
Come down!
-Move on.
-Listen. Did you tell her?
That you love her?
-Have you gone crazy? Let's go!
-What do you mean?
The girl was with you.
She was with you for such a long time.
You were alone with her and you still
couldn't tell her that you love her?
I don't love her.
Look into my eyes and say
you don't love her?
-Be careful, Sanjana!
Hey, if not now, then never.
Are you OK?
-Will you say it or should I?
I mean instead of saying thank you,
you are giving me attitude.
I saved everyone's life.
How did you like my plan?
What plan?
Which plan?
What's he saying? Let's go.
At least I had a plan.
What did you have?
I don't have filmy lines.
It's a full adventure movie, buddy!
I will talk in a filmy way.
Friends, I swear by the whole country!
-I swear by my mother.
If we die today, it will be
in the name of this country, I...
-Akshay! Akshay! Akshay!
-Vik! Vik!
Akshay, Vik!
I thought you had left.
Where will I go, huh?
Don't go.
Why didn't you say this to me earlier?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
When will we both understand
that we are giving each other
very little time?
Sanjana, I want to make up for lost time.
I really do.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
You are my whole earth,
wherever I may start from...
I will always stop at you.
Whatever path I choose I cannot go
anywhere without you...
because I stop at you.
Since I met you, time has stopped.
Since I met you, my grief is gone.
Since I met you, I learnt to smile.
Since I met you,
the world has turned magical.
Since I met you, I learnt to live.
Since I met you, I found God
What is the message
you would want to give?
It's recording now?
Grow to up to be anything,
but not like this one here,
and when it rains stay indoors.
You are my shore,
and the support of my heart.
Hold my heartbeat
It turns to you,
this breath connects with you.
It takes your name
every second of the day.
Since I met, there is nothing missing.
Since I met you, I found the world.
Since I met you, I found a shelter.
Since I met you,
the world has become magical.
Since I met you, I learnt to live.
Since I met you, I found God.