Tumhari Sulu (2017) Movie Script

Hello, hello 123. Hello.
Is mic not working?
Yes...Hello ladies and gentleman all of
you have reached the last play of...
...annual sports day of Love
and Faith higher secondary school.
Let's all go home refresh with the
last event the Lemon and Spoon race.
Give around a loud applause
to all the participating mother.
Get set...
Ma'am! Keep up!
- Mummy, run!
- Go ahead! Go!
Go! Go!
Sulu, steady steady...
- Mummy!
- Sulu!
Hey, she's cheating...
she's not playing fair!
- Mummy give me the spoon!
- Wow Sulu, champion!
The prize of this..
awarded by chairperson Mr D'souza,
Mrs Preeti Shah second
runner up congratulation...
Mrs Sulochana Ashok was, sorry, have
received the title of first runner up...
...and the winner of
the lemon and spoon race
Hey Ashok! Quick!
- Mummy, photo!
- Very nice!
- Did you get it?
- Mummy superb! Mummy!
RADIO: I bet you woke up late...
RADIO: I'm late but I'm lucky.
You know how?
RADIO: - How?
RADIO: - I'll tell you...
RADIO:There was so
much traffic the other day.
I was wondering...how about
I start a taxi business?
RADIO: "What are you saying..."
RADIO: "That's ridiculous!"
- It's...it's a nice idea.
- Isn't it?
Really nice.
Non-AC, right?
AC of course, it's hot outside.
AC... of course.
And, you're going to drive too.
Well, sometimes I'll
sit at the back...
...to check on the drivers.
Mom, will you drop me
to school...in your AC taxi?
Turn down the volume first.
It's a fantastic idea, Sulu.
We'll buy three taxis...
In fact, why three!
We'll buy five taxis!
Sulochana Travels Pvt. Ltd.
"Hello, Sulochana Travels."
Mom...Aunty twins.
Yes sis.
No sis.
Yeah, sister. Have you'll arrived?
We're almost there.
Tell the watchman to give
daddy a chair to sit on.
Yeah, okay.
I'm never giving you the phone again.
Turn on the AC...we don't
take the car out every day.
- Don't, it spoils the pick-up of the car!
- Miser...
Participation Certificate
in Tug-of-War!
3rd prize in Sack Race!
2nd prize in Lemon and Spoon!
Look at the tan on her face
because of the hours under the sun.
You won't believe how
much fun we had today.
It was a close race, a woman
tried to sneak in front of me...
Okay, okay, champion.
Dad's been waiting for a while,
he must be tired.
- Right, sis.
- Yes, sis.
- Go sit, I'll bring tea.
- Come on.
- Right, sis.
- Yes, sis.
Hey Subodh?
Do you know my name?
Ashok, didn't you
get the TV fixed yet?
Grandpa, no one listens to dad.
Pranav, you talk too much.
Wash your hands, everyone.
Dad, let's not bring up the TV issue
It's a never-ending fight.
What fight?
I am going to the consumer
court to seek a replacement.
Just watch.
Hmm...consumer court.
Have a cup of tea before you go, ok?
Please sit...
Dad, just see what our Olympic
champion has won this time!
Just like when she was in school.
- Right, sis.
- Yes, sis.
- Hey champion, mimic someone.
- No, sis...
- Hema Malini.
- Yes, yes.
No, Sita-Gita.
- Sridevi.
- Yes, Sridevi.
Pranav stop making
that irritating noise
You'll get a whack now.
Aunty twins.
- You know what?
- What?
- Should I tell them, mom?
- What?
- Tell me.
- Quiet. Quiet.
Mom's going to drive a taxi.
Not one, not two, but five!
Sulochana Travels... Hello.
Sulu, what's this all about?
He's just blabbering.
By the way, do the banks
give a loan for buying taxis?
- Five taxis?
- No, just one for now.
So...you want to drive a taxi now.
No, sister, it's business.
What taxi?
I told you many a times to learn
something from your sisters.
But no.
Join a bank.
You flunked thrice
in Higher secondary!
You guys aren't helping yourself
at all. Please have something.
Pranav, are you like
your mother in studies?
If you get eggs on your report card...
...then you'll sell
eggs when you grow up!
If you get eggs on your report card
then you'll sell eggs when you grow up!
I haven't finished...
Hey Champion,
what did dad say wrong?
Of course not, it's entirely my fault.
I just said it for the heck of it.
I don't want to do anything.
We all know you want to do something.
Honestly, I don't want to do anything.
I am done...
- You guys are doing it, right.
- Yeah...
Bank job, loan, your own home...
- There she goes again.
- No, listen to me.
Go on, go on, we're listening.
Daddy has a problem with me, right?
Why does he have to keep repeating
that I failed the higher secondary?
And that too in front of Pranav!
What else is he going to say?
That you passed with a distinction?
- The first year I was down
with pneumonia. - Yeah.
The second year, there were
questions outside of the syllabus.
You know even Gunjan Dubey,
the class topper failed that exam.
- And, in the third year... - You found
Ashok outside the tuition class.
- So?
- So...
So what?
- So what?
- Stop repeating yourselves.
- So nothing.
- What do you mean by nothing?
- You lost our Rs. 30,000 in the chit-fund.
- Forget it, sis...
I will pay you guys back.
I am not asking you to pay now.
But you keep reminding me.
Dad's lecturing me out there and
the two of you are lecturing me here.
- Did you guys get my bio-data?
- We'll get it next time.
It has a four-page
long list of hobbies!
Why can't you stick to one thing?
You know what...
...you should attempt your higher
secondary exams along with Pranav.
- You'll definitely pass this time.
- Forget it, sister. Let it be.
What's going on?
Making eggs.
- There she goes again.
- Eggs?
Next month is your birthday.
Keep this.
There are great
properties in Borivali.
Why don't you get a flat there?
- There's no need for this.
- Keep it, son.
And, keep your temper down.
Pranav, concentrate on your studies...
or we'll come for you someday.
Don't forget the house warming.
Be there on time.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Dad, you should get a car like that.
- Shut up!
Ashok, please press my feet.
I am really tired.
Sulu...am I losing hair?
What was daddy saying?
Same old property...home...why
buy a house so far away?
Same old conversation.
And, what did you say?
I clearly said that I'll
take the farmhouse in Alibaug.
Later, we were arguing over the
steel factory. But I said, hey dad...
They are right.
Well settled.
- And you got stuck with me.
- So true.
Poor Sulu.
Poor Sulu, huh!
Come here.
Sing a song?
SP Balasubramaniam?
"Batata Vada..."
"Batata Vada..."
"I didn't want to give my heart..."
"...but I had to."
"Batata Vada..."
"Batata Vada..."
Get up.
You didn't finish your food.
Finish it.
Give me the mobile.
You're always playing with the phone.
Come on.
If you come back and say
you ate from Chetan's lunchbox...
...then I'll whack you.
- Ashok.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
- Fix your hair, Pranav.
Slow down.
It's going to be such a long day,
I've got to meet Shanu too.
- Tea?
- Some other time Sulu.
Very tired today.
At what time is your flight tomorrow?
It's at 8 o'clock in the morning,
I can finally sleep a little.
You do it now.
Mind it Bhagyashree,
if you dirty my clothes today...
Why you... I won't spare you today.
Who do you think you are?
- Who do you think you are?
- Who do you think you are?
You broke my needle.
I won't spare you this time.
We may be sworn enemies,
but not while we're at work.
- You...
- You bloody rascal...
You've got diabetes,
you'll die if you fight like this
- It's your funeral today.
- Don't...don't hit him.
What are you two doing?
Let go.
Don't interfere, sir.
I'll show you today.
I...I will...
Mathuradas and brothers...
I am quitting.
Let's shut this place down...
...because there's just
no point of all this.
As you can see,
there's complete chaos outside.
I've been dealing
with this for 12 years
But not anymore.
You know what? I deserve
a commendation on Republic Day!
Listen...praying won't help...
...we've got to do something.
It cannot continue like this.
Last month someone
lost a tooth in the fight.
I've been carrying that tooth in my pocket
but no one's come up to claim it.
Tell me...
I mean someone's...
Who is he?
Is he new around here?
I hope you know how to fight.
And you know...
"Under the shade of old banyan tree."
"The sound of birds
along the mighty sea."
"I wrote a letter,
"I mailed it to all my friends."
"And sure enough,
I know the post delivered it today."
"I came home and asked."
"I couldn't wait for the reply."
- Repeat once again?
- Yes, sir.
"On a cold blue morning,
under the shade of
an old Banyan tree."
"The sound of birds
along the mighty sea."
"I wrote a letter,
I mailed it to all my friends."
"And sure enough, I know
the postman delivered it today."
"What my friends have thought."
- Repeat?
- Yes, sir.
"On a cold blue morning..."
- Laljibhai.
- Huh...
You should start
making home deliveries.
Well, my delivery boy isn't free.
- Yeah...I can clearly see how busy he is.
- Yeah...
You see...if I make him run up and
down for small household products...
...then he'll quit the next day.
My advice is to take this broom.
And, in case you want your
stuff delivered to your home...
...then you must make
purchases of at least Rs.500
Then he'll deliver.
Excuse me, I must take this.
Yes, madam.
Yeah, the boy's free.
I'll send him right away.
Change, please?
I dialed one...
I dialed one for Hindi...
...why are you speaking in English?
But, you should be on extn. 2, right?
Wasn't hungry.
My name?
My name is Ashok Dubey.
Date of Birth?
What for?
So you can wish me on my birthday?
Stop wasting my time.
Let me talk to the guy
who always attends my calls.
- What's his name?
- Deepak!
Give me his number.
What do you mean you can't?
What do you think I will do with him?
Fine, I am going to
the consumer court.
What do you mean by saying no to me?
I bought that TV for Rs.20,000
It's been 7 months and 3 days.
I don't want a mechanic,
I want a replacement.
Call your boss.
I'll see you...
I'll see you in court.
Hello... Hello...
They hung up.
I scared them.
These guys are really
scared of you, eh!
You think this is funny.
- I've been...
- I didn't say that.
Pranav, concentrate on your studies.
What did I do?
Stop yelling at the poor
boy when you're mad at me.
Stop yelling at me when
you're mad at the TV guy.
No point in locking horns with you.
It's been a while
since we locked anything.
- Really?
- What?
What you just said out there.
You know... locked horns...
Sulu...how does Dr.
Batra know I am losing hair?
I keep getting these texts from him.
Hello, am I speaking to Sulochana?
- Yes.
- I am speaking from Radio Wow.
Did you take part in the Prestige
'Sawaal Batao Seeti Bajao' contest?
- Yes.
- Madam, you've won the contest...
...and you'll be
speaking to RJ Albeli Anjali next.
- Now?
- Yes, when else?
Alright then,
welcome to Radio Wow, it's Wow...
...and this is Albeli...
Albeli Anjali,
and with me is our first caller...
Who is Mrs. Sulochana!
Congratulations, Sulochana.
Applause, applause.
Because you just
won a pressure cooker.
- So say what?
- It's Wow!
Albeli, I really love your voice.
Thank you...thank you, Sulochona.
But tell me, Sulochana...what do
you do, where do you live, right now.
- My name is Sulochana.
- Err...which we know.
I am a housewife.
I live in Virar,
and right now I was sleeping.
Sleeping, now?
You see,
I wake up at 5:30 am every day.
I just dozed off.
You know what,
Sulochana, can I call you Sulu?
Yes...you can.
Even Ashok...I mean, my husband,
even he calls me Sulu.
You're so sweet, Sulu.
Can you whistle?
Well, I'm not a pressure cooker
That's true...
- But I can sing.
- Then sing.
Singer Sulu, let Mumbai hear you sing.
"Your voice is sweet like magpie."
"Such an innocent face."
- Wow...wow...wow
- I haven't finished yet.
- Okay, okay.
- "Kohl laden eyes."
"Fiery lips."
"I'm losing my heart."
- Wow...wow...wow, Sulu, brilliant.
- Thank you.
Now I want to know how you feel...
...on winning this brand new
clip-on prestige pressure cooker.
Actually Albeli,
I don't want a pressure cooker.
Hello. Can I get a TV instead?
Uh Oh...I think Sulu
Just got disconnected
Hello... Hello...
I cannot give Sulu a TV
...but she will definitely
get that pressure cooker...
...and also this next
song is dedicated to her.
- Madam, what did you just say?
- I still want that cooker.
But you just said you don't want it.
- What size is it?
- I don't know what size, madam.
By the way,
do you have a contest for TV?
Madam, we aren't running
a contest for a TV these days...
...if you still want that pressure
cooker, come down at 11 Am tomorrow.
Where? Where?
I'll write it down.
Wait a second.
One emergency light, crockery,
one flask and now a pressure cooker.
Yours truly won it single handedly
Do you have any idea
how much money I saved you?
I am going to Radio Wow tomorrow.
But, we have a radio.
You know I am really fed up.
I was wondering...why don't
we start something ourselves.
You and me... 50-50.
Partnerships are just not my thing.
Fine. Great.
Good Morning,
you're listening to Radio Wow.
So say what...it's Wow!
Today could be your day.
So get out.
Let your dreams bake
under the sun's rays.
- Let your smile make your day.
- Pranav, wake up!
It's your day, and it's your day.
"Up and away, spins and sways...
like a restless wheel."
"She's on fire."
- Mummy
- Coming!
"Oh oh she sizzles,
oh oh she sizzles..."
"Left... Right..."
Sulu, pass the towel.
"Left... Right... Left... "
"Left turn."
Come on, come on!
"Oh oh she sizzles..."
"She sizzles and shines...
She's too hot to handle."
"Like a big surprise
that comes in small packing.
"Oh oh she sizzles,
oh oh she frizzles"
"She's a tough lady."
"Oh oh like a bazooka,
that packs quite a punch."
"She's brave, there she goes with
her handbag clung on her shoulder.
"Up and away, spins and sways...
like a restless wheel."
"She's on fire."
"Oh oh she sizzles..."
"High on heroism,
with an attitude of a superstar."
"She's a dude, still at heart."
"Oh oh she sizzles..."
"She's like the breeze,
turns wherever she likes."
"Whenever people meet her,
they say..."
"Oh oh she sizzles..."
"Oh oh she sizzles,
oh oh she frizzles"
"She's a tough lady."
"Oh oh like a bazooka,
that packs quite a punch."
"She amazes you."
"Oh oh she sizzles,
oh oh she frizzles"
"She's a tough lady."
"Oh oh like a bazooka,
that packs quite a punch."
"She's brave, there she goes with
her handbag clung on her shoulder.
"Oh oh she sizzles..."
Does this elevator
go to the Radio Wow office?
Madam, the security's calling you.
- Me?
- She's coming. Yeah...
- Did you call me?
- No, madam, I didn't.
Hi Girija,
please look into the 'Curry' issue...
...with the Lunch service
guy on an urgent basis.
- Now what should I reply to this?
- That's all you'll get on a tight budget.
That doesn't mean you'll
serve us substandard food.
Hello ma'am, how may I help you?
My name is Sulochana...
..."Sawal Batao,
Seeti Bajao" contest winner.
Yes. Fill out this form.
Vishnu, give madam
her pressure cooker.
- You may fill it there.
- Okay.
I've studied in a convent school...
...is it appropriate for a Convent-educated
girl to be arguing over 'Curry'?
Just give me my cheque, madam.
I've got the conjunctivirus!
But what do I write here?
Give me my Cheque, madam.
I am fed up of dealing
with this issue every day.
I'm gonna leave a note behind...
...saying you and your 'Curry'
are responsible for my death.
Give me my cheque.
Yes ma'am.
Excuse me,
madam...I would like to take part...
...in the 'You can be an RJ' contest.
Ma'am, that's not a contest,
it's an interview.
So...have you ever done it before?
No, but I can.
- Give me a form.
- There are no forms.
You know what,
go home and record your voice...
...and send it on email.
I'll forward it ahead.
Hello, yes?
Please hold on the line.
You see, ma'am.
My phone's really old...
- ...and it doesn't record properly.
- I see.
So, why don't you record
my voice right now?
You know what,
I'll give you a call tomorrow.
I have your number.
But I cannot come back tomorrow.
I am busy.
I would've done it...
I mean, woman to woman...
If I could.
- My cheque, madam.
- Hold on for a second.
- Ma'am...
- Why don't you call someone inside?
Tell them I am the contest winner.
Hello, ma'am.
The winner would like to talk to you.
She's asked you to come back tomorrow.
She's busy...
- And you...
- You didn't ask properly.
What do you mean?
I just called up in front of you.
- Give me my cheque.
- You didn't tell them my name...
Hey Girija, what's going on?
- What's going on?
- Hello, ma'am.
She's been bothering me.
- She wants to give an audition.
- Bothering you?
I said it's not possible,
everyone's busy right now.
Yes, she's been...
- Let me speak.
- I've been telling her...
- Let me speak.
- Fine.
I've been telling her that
I want to take part in the RJ contest.
All I asked her for
is the application form.
But I told you...
But she said to me...
Madam, what's your name?
My name is Sulochana.
"Sawal Batao,
Seeti Bajao" contest winner.
You're Sulu, aren't you?
- You know me?
- What a question.
"Voice sweet like magpie."
Yes, I sang that song.
And, I am Albeli.
Albeli Anjali?
We spoke yesterday.
Do you want to be an RJ?
I can try...just give me a chance.
"Eyes laden with kohl.
Fiery lips."
Who is this character?
"I am losing my heart."
"Wow wow Sulu, brilliant."
Girija, is Maria in her cabin?
Sulu...that's our radio booth...
...where we host our show.
- Looking nice.
- Shut up.
Where were you?
Is this the time to show up?
I was attending a
protest held by poets.
And what happened to your head?
"This wound..."
"This wound which runs deep..."
"It's not just a wound,
but my witness..."
"It's the time between dawn and dusk."
Loser...it's nothing.
It's an internal wound, madam.
- Should I...
- No, no, it's fine. Please come in.
"Sawal Batao,
Seeti Bajao" contest winner.
Pressure cooker.
"Voice sweet like magpie."
I am Maria.
- I head Radio Wow.
- Hi.
- Champion.
- Sorry.
Sorry, we couldn't give you a TV
...but, you'll have to settle
for the pressure cooker this time.
Actually, two weeks ago...
...I had a heated argument
and bought the same pressure cooker.
You know how husbands are.
I know...I mean I understand.
But, you can invite
us to lunch someday...
No, this is a gift.
- I've twin sisters.
- Okay.
And I am Sulochana.
So, there's a house-warming
at sister Kalpana's home.
I imagined this will
be the best gift for her.
Well, that's great.
It was really nice meeting you.
Keep listening to our radio station.
Say What...
It's Wow.
- Fast learner.
- Come on.
Maria madam,
I saw the RJ contest poster outside.
I want to take part too.
Do you want to be an RJ?
Do you have any prior experience?
No, but I know I can.
Back in our old society...
...I would speak over the
mic at every given opportunity.
- Let me introduce you...
- I know him.
Do you?
Of course, he's quite popular.
- Our RJ, producer, poet, revolutionary.
- Protestor.
Protestor. Protestor.
Tell her your full name.
Pankaj Rai Baghi.
So Mr. Baghi will take your audition.
Have you auditioned before?
Yes, I have.
Final round audition 'Asli
Mummy' contest, Goregaon East.
Winner, 'Fastest Sari Tying'
Competition. Sanjeev Enclave Society.
Second prize, the singing competition.
Lata Mangeshkar Sad Song Contest.
And, 'Main Radio ki Fan Hoon'.
That's alright, carry on.
And, 'Main Radio ki Fan Hoon,
Mere Fan Mein hai Radio Contest'.
Then, Announcer Shivalik Society,
four years.
Winner, 'Fastest Vegetable
Cutter' 2010-2014.
- And, the dance show for moms.
- I've seen that.
I auditioned for that too.
- Very badly organized.
- Okay.
There was a huge queue.
But us ladies started
playing 'Antakshari' outside.
And, I won that too.
That's how we passed
time until 2 o'clock.
Then, it was time
for Pranav to come home.
So, responsibility first.
Of course.
- This...
- Wear it, sister.
- Photo.
- Photo.
Come on.
Good stuff.
Shall we start?
- What am I supposed to do?
- Stop.
Don't yell.
Here's the paper,
those are your lines.
That's the mic,
you've to speak in this.
No yelling, speak softly.
"I'm here to light up your nights..."
Hold on. Hold on.
- Maria, may I?
- Yeah...he'll show you how to do it.
- What is this?
- Come on.
Why is she laughing?
Sulochana, listen.
I'm here to light up your nights
and make your dreams come true.
Dial my number straight
from your heart...
...and talk to me.
Won't you?
You mean like that Actress Helen?
You see, I can mimic
Actress Hema Malini and Sridevi.
Like... Sweetheart.
Okay, no... you don't have
to do anything like that.
Your voice is really good.
So use your voice.
Come on, Sulochana.
I am at a recording at Inspire BKC.
I'm busy for the next two hours.
Come back later, okay.
- TV mechanic, 7 months ago...
- Madam.
Please do it if you want to, or don't.
Don't waste my time, I am a busy man.
- Sorry.
- Look Sulochana, like this.
Do you understand sexy?
Come on.
I'm here to light up your nights...
...and to...
You see this pen...
It's mightier than the sword.
Such beautiful words should pour
out like pearls from a necklace.
We're not selling
knick-knacks on the train.
- Maria?
- Relax.
Anyway, it was really
nice meeting you.
- And, you have a very sexy voice.
- I know.
This is my card...
Call me.
I'm here to make
your nights colorful...
Sulu, did you get a sore throat?
No, just relaxing my throat.
What's wrong?
Come here...
Let me see.
Open wide.
Isn't it sexy?
- Forget it.
- No... who said that?
My throat's strained.
I spoke on the mic for so long.
I am going to be an RJ.
What's this now?
Like the RJs that speak on radio.
What if they ask for your
higher secondary certificate?
What about all your taxis
parked downstairs?
Who is going to look after them?
Remember that Sai Pav
Bhaji near your office.
You were right,
their Pav Bhaji is really sexy.
Sulu...who's calling you sexy.
Who's calling you sexy?
"Subhash Saris and beyond."
You're listening to Radio Wow.
So say what...it's Wow!
Do you want to be an RJ too?
Do you have what it takes?
So don't think twice.
Pick up that phone and say...
- Boss.
- Huh.
Who is it now?
Who is it?
I am speaking from C-507, Jal Padma.
I need a broom, please.
Of course.
I am waiting.
You'll bring it won't you?
- Hey...get a broom.
- Should I go?
Just go get the broom.
Wow, what a surprise Lalji Bhai,
How come?
Why don't you mind your own business?
Broom and all.
There isn't a 5th floor
in this building.
I have asthama!
I could've died!
- Broom.
- No, I already have one.
This one...do this one.
Sir, I have a fever.
I want to go home.
Just a minute.
- Yeah, Sulu.
- Hello.
What's wrong?
Have you got a stomach ache?
I've got a fever, not indigestion.
Why don't you take
enteroquinol or rantac D?
It's next to the TV set.
Enteroquinol... and Rantac D.
If you're not feeling well,
go meet Dr. Savita.
But...I need Dr. Ashok.
I've got high fever sir
May I go home?
I guess you've lost your mind.
Are you scared, Dr. Ashok?
That's enough, Sulu.
By the way, you were looking
really cute this morning.
Sir, they are calling you.
Sulu, I must go now.
Will I see you soon?
Tell me, Dr. Ashok.
And that's a six.
Thank you, thank you.
Mom, dad's home.
Pranav...son, come here.
- Come.
- What happened?
This is an important document.
Get me five photocopies of each.
And, have a fritter
or two while you're at it.
I finished work early today.
Dad, money please.
This is an important document.
Get me five photocopies of each.
And, take your time.
"The next song was requested
by the king of Virar..."
"...Ashok and queen Sulochana."
"The ambience is heating up..."
"...it's advisable to
keep your fans turned on."
"The temperature
outside is 40 degrees,
...while inside..."
"Be my Queen,
and I'll build a palace for you."
"Be my sweetheart,
and I'll build another Taj for you."
"Be my Queen,
and I'll build a palace for you."
"Be my sweetheart,
and I'll build another Taj for you."
"Listen Oh Queen..."
"Be my queen."
"I am your Shahjahan I'll
build another Taj for you."
"Be my queen,
and I'll build a palace for you."
"The fragrance
emanating from you..."
"...doesn't let me sleep."
"I wake up at nights..."
"...and think only about you."
"Listen Oh Queen..."
"Be my Queen."
"Say yes...and
I'll rock the world."
"Be my Queen,
and I'll build a palace for you."
"Let your eyes...stay
closer to mine."
"Let your eyes...stay
closer to mine."
"Come sweetheart..."
- "Come closer to my heart."
- What are you doing Ashok?
- "Come sweetheart..."
- I got hurt.
"Come closer to my heart."
- "Let your eyes...stay closer to mine."
- Now clean it up!
What nonsense is this?
And what is this?
"Listen Oh Queen..."
"Be my Queen."
"I am your Shahjahan
I'll build another Taj for you."
"Be my queen, and I'll
build a palace for you."
- What is this?
- Sir, it's his.
- No, sir...it's him.
- No, sir...it's him.
Boys, speak in English.
- Sir, it was him.
- Sir, it was him.
Your destiny is in your own hands.
Diamonds don't shine in a day.
You have the talent,
so don't think twice.
Don't eat that, play it.
And, play only after
I finish speaking.
"Lateness causes darkness, but
darkness is better than disasters."
"JP...JP Papad brings you songs."
"Songs that are
better than superhit."
Try using 'fresh' as well.
Yeah, yeah...
Maria, at the beginning
or at the end?
Sir, tell us where?
Anywhere...in the middle.
Great idea, put it in the middle.
"JP...JP Papad brings
you fresh songs."
"Songs that are
better than superhit."
- Hello.
- Hello, Maria madam.
It's Sulochana.
- The contest winner.
- Can't talk right now.
But JP doesn't fit the meter.
- But we don't want any meter, we want JP.
- Yeah.
But that will sound cheap.
It will sound weird.
- Or I'll leave out fresh.
- No.
- If Papad isn't fresh, it won't taste good.
- Yeah.
I am here to light your nights...
I said I can't talk,
stop calling me. You don't get it.
You don't get it.
- Can you add two more JP's?
- Good idea.
- I can add 5 JPs.
- Excellent!
- 5 times.
- Yeah.
Listen to this.
[I can do it.]
fresh and tasty JP.
- But where is the papad?
- Uh.....The crow took the papad.
- Crow?
- Crow?
What is he saying?
What's a crow?
I am a poet.
For the last four hours,
you've been ranting about papad.
Add this...add that...put
some glue in that...
I am fed up.
Don't start that now.
That's enough...stop it.
- "There's a fire raging in my heart..."
- What's this nonsense?
Sir, please sit down.
Instead of "ho ho",
can you do "papad"?
Pankaj, he's recording everything.
What are you doing?
"Those who sell their souls,
will not be able to sleep a wink."
- Pankaj, stop it.
- I don't want this job.
Go to hell.
Sir, I am really sorry.
I'll be right back.
Pankaj, what are you doing?
To hell with your job.
I am going.
Fine. Get lost.
- Don't ever come back!
- Okay.
Anyone else wishes to quit?
Go ahead.
Anyone else who thinks this
is a cheap job can join him.
I'll be there by 7:30.
I'm hanging up now,
talk to you later.
Okay, bye.
- Ashok Dubey.
- Yes, Ashok Dubey.
I am Sanjay. Great grandson.
Yeah...I know.
We've met before.
- Really?
- Yeah...
- You helped me get my driver's license.
- Oh yes...
You were quite young back then.
So you see Ashok, I've decided to take
over Mathuradas and Great grandsons.
I see...
So, Ashok,
what I want you to do...
...give me all the sales reports...
...client reports, statement
of outstandings, balance sheets.
As soon as they are ready...
- Is it going to take time?
- Sir, it's a big pile.
- An hour or two?
- No...
Will it take a day?
They don't have that long.
Your pill.
And one more thing, Ashok.
As you know,
there's a shortage of space.
So I was thinking of
moving into your cabin.
And you...sit outside,
in the Admin section.
Come on now,
I'm sure you can adjust.
-There is no space outside, sir.
- It's alright.
Just a second.
Mithu aunty...
Ashok, what's your salary?
It's Rs. 40,000.
- Rs. 40,000?
- Yes.
Carry on, thank you.
I don't want to eat onion curry.
How many times do I tell you?
Tia knows I hate onion curry.
"There's no fault in destiny,
look child, your destiny is upto you."
Let go.
Let me check your diary
I haven't checked it for a long time.
Leave that. See this.
Dad's home.
It's the second
time this month, Ashok.
Very good, you're setting
a fine example for Pranav.
Bend down.
Mom, dad's going to puke today.
- Quiet. Go get a towel.
- I'm telling you.
Sorry, Sulu.
- That Mathuradas...
- Go sleep!
I spent 12 years
to build all this...
Anyone just appears
out of nowhere and...
Why do you drink when
it doesn't suit you?
Now you'll have
a headache tomorrow.
Get some sleep.
- Sulu.
- Yes.
They took my table.
I didn't take a single day off.
I worked so hard, and...
- Sorry.
- Let's talk tomorrow. Sleep now.
Hello, madam.
We have a gym, a cardio-section...
...and, we just recently started
a Zumba section upstairs.
Would you like a tour?
No, I am here for the job...
- Yes.
- What's your name?
- Where are you from?
- Virar...Jal Padma Society.
Ever had a job before?
Traffic was bad today.
So finally I wrote
a few lines on JP Papad.
What did you say when you left?
Sorry, Maria.
Say it aloud.
"I don't want this cheap job."
Remember how you got
this job in the first place.
- I am sorry.
- Please go...
Go be a poet...do
whatever you want.
Concentrate on your poetry.
"Fire raging..."
What was that you said?
And you know what, I don't care.
I don't care.
Just go.
I will convince JP sir.
I'm sorry.
I gave you this job
because you were a friend.
I would rather give
this job to someone else.
I mean...
how about that Saree-wearing aunty.
So this is my gym.
- Isn't it nice?
- Yeah.
Just manage around.
I'll talk to Ganpat sir.
That's not a problem.
But, no sarees.
Would you like to wear a saree?
At least she had the hunger.
She had the hunger...
Look, let me show you.
Look...5 missed calls.
She messages me all day.
"I can do it."
I mean why not her?
In fact, that's it.
This sounds like a plan.
Saree-wearing aunty,
late night show.
You'll have to wear a tracksuit,
along with shoes.
Just get your own socks.
Whatever works for you.
Just a second.
- Hello.
- Hi, Sulochana.
- Yeah...
- Where are you?
- At the gym?
- At this hour?
Yes, this is my time.
Listen...can you do
that 'Hello' bit for us?
- Now?
- Yes, now.
"I am here to
light up your nights..."
"...and make your
dreams come true, it's Sulu."
"Dial my number
from your heart..."
"...and talk to me."
"Won't you?"
Maria, that's my show.
You can join from tomorrow.
6000 rupees a month and
30 rupees daily conveyance.
No, thank you.
The salary is too low.
Up to Rs. 40,000
Is she crazy?
Ashok... Ashok...
Thank you.
Get this done.
Sulochana, how was the gym?
Sit down. Sit down.
It was fine.
I'm sorry I couldn't
attend your calls yesterday.
I was having a crazy day.
Even I was in a bad mood.
Anyway, do you know why you're here?
Pankaj, please play that.
"I get tired dodging traffic all day."
"I wish I had someone..."
"...then, I would lie in her
arms and listen to my favorite songs."
"Tell me what to do?"
How will you talk to him?
- I...don't know...
- Okay, Pankaj.
Look at me.
How are you, darling?
I really like rickshaw drivers.
Imagine someday you
take me for a ride...
You press on the gas,
I won't step on the brakes
Sometimes you lean on me,
and sometimes I lean on you.
What are you thinking,
you naughty boy?
Yuck, who talks like that?
- I can't...
- No no no, I know.
Forget everything. Okay.
Imagine you're talking
to your husband.
What is your husband's name?
- Ashok.
- Okay. Excellent.
So just think you're talking to Ashok.
He's the rickshaw driver.
Now talk to him.
What happened?
You see, last year at the fancy dress
competition held in our building society...
...Ashok dressed up like a fisherman.
- So...
- Pankaj.
Are you done?
May I?
Hello, rickshaw driver.
Can I say Ashok instead?
However you're comfortable...
Hello Ashok...
You know what, Sulu wants you
to take her for a ride around Mumbai.
And, when you return home tired...
...then, I'll massage your head.
And, if that isn't enough,
I'll strangle your neck...
And if that isn't enough
I'll make you do all the laundry.
Now stop making excuses,
and listen to this song.
"Come slowly in my life."
Is that how you talk to your husband?
I say anything I like;
he's meek like a cow.
Just a...
Hello, I'll call you back.
It was the cow.
Would you like to be an RJ?
It's a big risk for me. First timer.
I can lose my job over this.
Will you train for it?
100 percent.
It's a night show, will you come?
Have I got the job?
It's a night show, will you come?
Well, I failed in my higher secondary.
Something's definitely fishy.
Who pays Rs. 40,000 on your first job?
Get down... you can't fix that.
I'll call the electrician.
I am doing it.
And, there's nothing fishy.
They said up to Rs. 40,000.
So, they will give
me at least Rs. 30,000.
They will pay me something.
I'll be an RJ, Ashok.
My voice will be heard on radio.
They must be joking, and you...
They will fool you.
All alone, at night...
You said that I can take
up a job when Pranav grows up.
Yeah... I mean you just went for it...
- ...when you could've called.
- I did, but you were drunk...
You're doing great, Mrs. Sulochana.
Do what you feel like.
Did you have to go today?
We could've talked this over.
Fine, I won't go.
Why are you always glued to the phone?
The bulb's dead too.
See that...
That's the recording booth.
Thank you.
Just take my word.
I promise I won't let you down.
Thank you, Karan.
Thank you.
Look forward. Bye.
So... Champion, what's up?
- My husband, Ashok.
- Hi.
Very nice to meet you.
Please, sit down.
So, what did you decide?
Are you doing it or not?
- Ask.
- What?
You had questions.
Shoot! You can ask me anything.
No, everything...fine.
Late night...safety...
We'll take care of the transportation.
Pick-up, drop... we'll do everything.
So, there is nothing to worry about.
You were asking about the salary.
- What?
- Salary?
- Didn't you discuss the salary with her?
- Relax.
Sir, it's nothing.
- It's nothing.
- Nothing.
- So, we're good to go?
- Yes.
Excuse me.
Shall we call the show,
'Tumhari Sulu'?
Yeah, it's nice.
It's nice, huh?
So we're ready to fly.
- Good Luck.
- Thank you.
Welcome to Radio Wow.
It's 10:30 in the morning.
It's the amazing Featherlite,
furniture rock-solid hit show...
...which lets you touch the sky.
It will compel your heart to go crazy.
It will make your heart
say Wow...this is wow."
"There's no one to stop me."
"Hold on to your dreams."
"Happiness has swooped down on me..."
"...as I opened my eyes."
"My heart's filled with passion..."
"...as my heart beats with the tune."
"My heart's filled with passion..."
"...as my heart beats with the tune."
"Why should I be shy?"
"The heart wants to spread
its wings and likes to fly."
"The world pulls,
pulls, pulls, keeps on trying."
"The heart wants to spread
its wings and likes to fly."
"The world pull,
pull, pulls, keeps on trying."
You're with Albeli Anjali
on another beautiful morning.
It's time for your traffic update.
Stay tuned.
"These days for real..."
"...I am in touch with life."
"Even the world feels
like a close friend."
"These moments now
are dictating my dreams."
"And I am walking down
the hope lane."
Say what...it's wow.
And I am RJ Sulu.
RJ Sulu.
"The heart's a little sweet..."
"...and just a little stubborn."
"The heart's a little sweet
and a little stubborn."
"It's a little twisted...and
a little straight."
"But it's one of us."
- Can be sexier.
- No, this is good.
"The heart wants to spread
its wings and likes to fly."
"The world pull,
pull, pulls, keeps on trying."
"The heart wants to spread
its wings and likes to fly."
Show me that one.
- Want some?
- Yes.
- Brother-in-law?
- Just a little.
- Want some?
- No.
This probably has a clock.
I'm going to work at a radio station.
Radio Jockey...RJ.
- Like Albeli Anjali?
- She's my friend.
Who? Albeli Anjali?
- Yes?
- Your friend?
- Yes.
- Says who?
Pranav, what are you doing?
Put it down, that's expensive.
Keep it down.
And your salary?
Starting Rs. 30,000
And 3 months later, Rs. 40,000
Rs. 30,000 during probation?
What's your job, Sulu?
To talk, daddy.
They will pay her Rs. 40,000
in a month for talking.
- Right, sis.
- Yes, sis.
Right, Ashok?
Leave now, Kamla.
You can clean up later.
Radio Jockey?
Is Chulbuli Anjali your friend?
That's Albeli Anjali.
Your sisters will
now hound you here on.
"Right, sis. Yes, sis."
You said I should tell them.
Right, because you
always do what I say.
Sulu, why don't you try it out first?
Whether it suits you or not.
Normally you're down and out by 9 P.M.
I won't now.
Sulu, why did you have
to tell them it's a night show?
Are you on my side or theirs?
Am I doing the right thing, Ashok?
"Your problems, your loneliness..."
"...the sound of your broken heart,
your life."
"Your Sulu is going
to listen to all of it."
"Call me...and talk to me.
"Won't you."
Bread's in the hot plate,
No need to reheat it.
- Sulochana madam, radio?
- Yeah...
- Drive carefully.
- Okay?
Should I come along?
Don't worry sir,
I'm carrying a pepper spray.
Madam is completely safe.
Best of luck.
Can I tell you something, madam?
I have a male friend
He also drives a taxi.
He picked up a female passenger
who was seated at the back.
She lowered the window...
...and a guy approached
the car on a scooter...
Hey, look where you're going, you.....
Sorry, madam.
Anything is possible these days.
It's hard to trust anyone.
- Play a song.
- Which one?
- Anything.
- I've new as well as old songs.
How about Rafi, Lata, or Asha?
Pakistanis sing really well, madam.
But I stopped playing their songs...
...because these days...
...people get offended over
anything and break your window.
Actually, madam...
Sulu, I found the sugar
but I can't find the tea leaves.
Top shelf.
Why do you keep tea leaves
all the way at the back?
Can you make tea?
I'll have to get used to it now,
RJ Sulu.
From tomorrow I'll
make tea before I leave.
Hello... Hello...
Hello... Hello...
First job, madam?
Even my husband would miss me a lot.
He would have fish fry with his drink.
Later he started ordering it from out.
And now he's left me.
But things are good now.
I have this car...
it's a respectable job.
That's the limit.
7 oceans,
7 fairies, 7 poems, 7 tunes...
- Welcome. Welcome, RJ Sulu.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
- How are you?
Come, please come.
Hello, Deepak.
Deepak, why do you sound so nervous?
I am right here, don't be so nervous.
I'll call you later, huh.
- Dinner?
- No.
Maria, would you like some dinner?
Maria isn't hungry and neither am I.
May I?
Good luck.
Hello, Sulu.
Say it again, madam.
I just can't do it.
Who wants to talk to Sulu?
Madam, my name is Ramesh.
And, you have a really sweet voice.
Actually, madam...I'm stuck
in a situation of sorts.
I'm in love with two sisters.
Sharmila and Pramila.
Tell me...whom do I choose?
I am a little confused.
Hello madam? Hello?
Please tell me.
Have you gone to sleep?
Peel some peas with me.
Are you cooking, madam?
Ramesh, your problem is similar
to the problem peas seem to have.
Peas taste nice with potatoes...
...as well as with cottage cheese.
Now tell me what you like.
Oh, madam...
Please tell me.
Right now I am holding
two pea pods in my hand.
Pramila and Sharmila.
Pramila mixes with
the cottage cheese...
...and Sharmila with the potatoes.
Who would you go with, Ramesh?
Yes you.
With Sulu.
You're really naughty, Sulu.
Thank you.
- So, what are you doing right now?
- Nothing.
Then do something.
Will do, will do.
Daddy, what are you doing?
- Checking the salt.
- That's my plate.
How many rotis do you eat?
You don't know?
Sulu, can you please
sing a romantic song?
"Batata Vada..."
"Batata Vada..."
"I didn't want to lose my heart...
"But I had to."
Amazing. Please give
me your number, madam.
Write it down.
1... 0... 0...
What madam?
Oh really...
Ashok? Pranav?
- Is that your son?
- Yeah.
- Hey buddy.
- Hi.
- I am Maria.
- Pranav Dubey.
Nice to meet you.
He couldn't sleep, so I thought...
I was fast asleep, but dad wasn't.
No... We go out...
via walk... night...
It's okay.
- She was very good.
- Bye, Maria.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Okay, Sulu take care.
Bye buddy.
See you, Ashok.
- Did you hear?
- Yeah...
Let's go home and talk.
You were amazing, madam.
Sir, madam was fabulous.
I mean her voice...
Did you like it?
Yeah, I heard some of it.
You were singing.
But, not the entire part.
Stop lying, dad.
You had the headphones
on the entire time.
That's nonsense.
So...now, tell me honestly.
Didn't you hear all of it?
"Batata Vada..."
"Batata Vada..."
Sorry, Ashok...
- "Batata Vada..."
- It slipped out my mouth?
"Batata Vada..."
Wow, I see the lion
was in the mood today
Don't you think Pranav needs a sister?
Aren't we a little late?
- Priyanka.
- I don't think so.
So...you want to be
Priyanka's old father.
I mean her classmates
will call you grandpa.
Is that okay?
And finished your tiffin as well.
- Hello. Ashok?
- Yes.
- Did you two leave?
- Yes, you were asleep.
- So, I thought why to disturb you...
- I...
But your lunch, and Pranav's?
I got Pranav ready
and sent him off to school.
He'll eat at the canteen today.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So that's your new job?
- You all heard it?
- Yes, we did.
- Very good...it was nice.
- Huh...
Potatoes, peas...cottage cheese.
What nonsense is this, Sulu?
Pramila and Sharmila.
Quit this job...and find
a job with a creche or something.
Do you have any idea?
We were all listening to your show.
Even the kids.
- What did I say wrong?
- Do you hear that, sis?
She wants to know what's wrong.
This doesn't suit
our family values, Sulu
What's the problem, sister?
You're going to talk
to any cheapster at night.
Do you have any idea
what you're doing?
Cheapster...what cheapster?
- It's just acting.
- Then don't do it.
Tomorrow if you get paid better at
a nightclub will you take that up too?
Look at her temper.
- Ashok, how can you allow this?
- No...
We talked this out.
I told her to try it out for a month.
This cannot continue.
Forget it, Ashok...that's
the problem with them...
...that's why I wasn't telling them.
I wanted to do a beautician
course after school...
...but they stopped me
from doing that as well.
Enough of your charade.
shut up and sit down.
Didn't you guys go
out of the city for audit?
Leaving your husbands at home?
I guess that was acceptable?
- Sulu, she's your older sister...!
- Daddy...
Hold on...hold on, daddy.
Yes, we did Sulu...
but it's a respectable job.
We don't get paid to sweet-talk
any random cheapster.
There's no point talking to you both.
Fine, then don't.
But tomorrow if you're in trouble...
...you will come running to us.
Of course I will,
after all you are my family
Look at her.
- Ashok.
- Sulu, you won't go anywhere.
I mean, let's talk
this over in case...
Pranav's slept off early.
Give him his dinner when he wakes up.
Look at her.
Shall I play a song?
Hello Sulu...
You were amazing.
Hit it out of the park
on day one itself...!!!
More than 200 call requests.
This calls for a party.
You did it!
Sulu! Sulu!
What happened?
Can I do the show during the day?
Don't look down when
you're climbing up.
You'll get scared.
"I am the princess of your dreams.
I'm the one that rules every heart."
"I am the princess of your dreams.
I'm the one that rules every heart."
"My tresses are like the clouds,
and my gait's like lightening."
"I'm here to strike
like lightening."
"I'm here to strike like lightening."
"And they call me...Hawa Hawai."
Who wants to talk to Sulu?
Come on.
- Pranav.
- Oh no, I forgot to charge my mobile.
- Do it at the office.
- Yeah...
Pranav, there's a surprise
for you in your lunchbox.
- Did you find your earphones?
- Yeah, they were in my bag.
- Hi!
- Hi!
- What's up?
- All good. How are you?
Good...little busy.
- Okay.
- So sweet.
Yes, sir.
We just recently
moved into our new home.
The pest control,
plumber, etc. are coming.
So just go and help them out.
I'll send the peon,
he knows everything.
- What? Peon?
- Yeah.
He won't be able to handle it.
You go.
Hello, Mithu aunty.
Leakage? What happened?
I am sending someone.
Do you want to see me get divorced?
Go on.
- And who has the cheque book?
- I do...
Right, leave it on my table.
I don't understand why
you fret over these small things.
Sulochana madam
Bye, sir.
Mr. Dubey,
taking the rest of the day off?
No, sir.
I leave every day at this time.
Actually...I've some work
to take care of at home.
Why don't you get some work
done around the office as well?
Meet me in my cabin in 20 minutes.
- Sir...
- We've got work to do.
Ashok, where are you?
I'm getting late.
Have you lost your mind, Sulu?
I'm disconnecting your
calls...that must mean something.
Ashok, I must get to work today.
We have a film star
coming over to the studio.
I told you I've to leave early today.
Can't you take the day off?
- Off...but I just...
- Fine, Sulu.
As usual, you know everything.
You've already made up your mind.
Do as you want.
Such a playground.
You've never been to this place,
have you?
Never. Never.
Ayushmann, meet Sulu.
- Sulu...Ayushmann Khurrana.
- Hello.
- So, you are Sulu.
- Yes.
Nice to meet you.
Hello...I'm here to
light up your lives...
Pranav...come here.
Pranav...come here.
- Your son?
- Yeah.
- Hi, what's up?
- Hi.
- How old are you?
- 11
Same here.
Who wants to talk to Sulu?
Sulu, my child...
He sounds boring,
let's move on to the next.
No...let's listen.
You have a beautiful voice.
Thank you.
Sing an old song for me.
Do you have a favorite song?
It's "Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi".
Can you sing that one for me?
I'll try.
- Sing along with me.
- Okay. One minute.
"The heart doesn't seem to agree."
"The heart doesn't seem to agree."
You sing really well.
My name is Sudhakar Reddy.
My wife's name was Sulochana.
And, I would call her Sulu.
Listening to you,
I got reminded of her.
She would sing and
laugh just like you.
What did your wife call you?
So Sudha...
...your Sulu would be remembering you.
And she would be missing you too.
Take your pills on time,
and don't forget to call me.
I will...
Yes, promise.
Okay, bye.
Thank you, thank you, Sulu.
God bless you.
Thank you. Goodnight.
Would you mind giving me an autograph?
Go for it.
"The heart doesn't seem to agree."
"The heart doesn't seem to agree."
"Doesn't know that
the path of love..."
...is never easy!"
Daddy, last night was so much fun.
Look at this.
Mummy's office.
And Ayushmann uncle
wears such a nice deo...
Top of the world.
These film stars...
They hardly take a bath.
No dad.
Sulu, this is nice.
Very good.
Pranav, did you drink your milk?
Go and drink your milk.
Or you'll complain later.
- Fine, I am going. Just chill.
- Chill?
Pranav, mom's completely
changed after meeting a film star.
Pranav, tell your dad
that mom gets angry too.
- Then let me see it.
- You first.
- I don't get angry.
- I do.
Very nice.
Chetan, what are you doing?
Here comes the wimp.
Pranav, come on.
Come on, buddy.
Do you want to see?
Only 10 rupees.
I told you...he's a wimp.
Where did you get the phone?
Where did you get the phone?
I won't tell you.
I'll tell ma'am.
Then I'll tell her too...
...about the DVD.
- Wimp!
- Wimp!
- Chetan, let's go.
- Wait.
- Chetan, let's go.
- I want to see too.
- Wimp!
- Get lost.
- Wimp!
- Get lost.
Wimp! Wimp!
Try to get some combination in this.
No... No...
Read it...email.
"We have received..."
"I regret to inform you that
we will be henceforth terminating...
...our contract with
Mathuradas & Sons."
This order was worth 1.5 million.
Do you know what that's worth?
How many zeroes in 1.5 million?
Let's go out and talk.
Why? Do you feel
embarrassed to talk here?
Are you feeling embarrassed?
No. This wasn't my order.
Am I lying?
What are you staring at?
Eyes down.
Eyes down I said.
This is what you've been
doing for the last 12 years, right?
What happened?
- Did I scare you?
- No.
Now listen to your
Sulu's favourite song.
Hello, Sulu.
I am Kadam.
I've been listening to
your show for the last 10 days.
Your voice is so cool,
that it feels like winters...
What do I do?
Kadam, my advice is...
...wear a sweater before
you dial my number next time.
Or else you'll catch a cold!
You're at it again.
Sweet talking to that Sulu.
Sulu...hang up!
You and your 'hello...'
- Sulu.
- Yes.
My shirt is all wrinkled.
Hurry up.
I am hurrying.
Don't call me a wimp!
Don't call me a wimp!
What did I tell you?
What did I tell you?
Go over to the other
office and get the fabric.
Did you get it?
Do I have to say it again?
'The customer you're
calling is unavailable.
'You can now...'
'The customer you're
calling is unavailable.'
'The customer you're
calling is unavailable.
You can now leave a voice message.'
"I've brought some wonderful tales."
"You've got to listen... o boy."
"I can create waves in the heart."
"And drive you crazy."
"Steal the pearl from the ocean..."
"...and the light from the lamp."
"I can start a fire with stones..."
"...and steal the night away."
"Yes...steal the night..."
"I know the secret you're hiding."
"I know the secret you're hiding."
"They call me Hawa Hawai."
- "Hawa Hawai."
- "Hawa Hawai."
- "Hawa Hawai."
- "Hawa Hawai."
"Hawa Hawai."
"Because I've been blessed
with a face like this."
"Because I've been blessed
with a face like this."
"They call me Hawa Hawai."
What's up, Mr. Ashok?
What's that?
It's what everyone
keeps saying at the office.
"What's up... Chill...
You know what happened yesterday?
I don't want to know what happened.
Are you angry?
I am not angry.
Hello... Call me,
I will solve all your problems...
But first get up, you're getting late.
- Sulochana.
- Yes.
I am planning to quit my job.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Do you have the time
to listen to anyone else?
Your life is all about Maria madam.
Did you come home at all last night?
It was Maria madam's birthday.
She insisted, and my phone's
battery was completely dead.
You guys must have partied hard then?
Drinks and all...
That's the reason I was late...
The police took us all in...
Why can't you be serious sometimes?
Quit your job at Mathuradas.
You've done enough.
Soon I'll get a salary
increase as well.
Then, let's start
something of our own.
Sulochana, you're the best.
"Sulu's Naughty tales."
"It was raining that day..."
"...and Sulu came home
completely drenched."
"When she got home, she noticed
that her husband was
waiting for her at home."
"Seeing Sulu drenched,
her husband got ideas."
"Seeing her husband desperate,
Sulu couldn't control her laughter."
"Sulu started teasing her husband
and walked towards him slowly."
"Sulu got in the mood,
her husband got in the mood."
Zoo... zoo...
zoobie... zoobie... zoobie.
Hey... hey zoobie... zoobie... zoobie.
Zoobie... Zoobie... Zoobie...
O heart, keep singing...Zoo...
zoo... zoobie... zoobie... zoobie.
...having fun all the way and singing...
Zoo... zoo... zoobie... zoobie... zoobie.
What is all this?
Where's Pranav?
Over at Siddhu's place,
I sent him there.
How do you like your gift?
Don't you see it?
Have you ever seen me wear red?
And this?
What will I do with that, Sulu?
You should ask before
spending recklessly.
Here...I'll go take a shower.
Sulu, what are you doing?
And what are you doing, Ashok?
Taking a shower.
For 20 minutes?
Yes, I am.
Ashok, it's my first salary.
And, I bought a Kurta for you.
Have I ever worn red?
Then let's get it exchanged, Ashok.
- Green, blue...
- I don't want to.
What about the television?
I've already chosen one.
Great, Sulu.
You're working now.
You're earning.
Do what you want.
It is Sunday tomorrow.
Let's go out.
It's been really long.
I even have a gift voucher.
Say something, Ashok.
"Sulu's Naughty tales."
"It was raining that day..."
"...and Sulu came home
completely drenched."
"When she got home, she noticed
that her husband was
waiting for her at home."
- I don't... - "Seeing Sulu drenched,
her husband got ideas."
I don't... know?
"Seeing her husband desperate,
Sulu couldn't control her laughter."
"Sulu started teasing her husband
and walked towards him slowly."
I don't...
"This world is woven
by strange threads."
"This world is woven
by strange threads."
"These threads are a mixed
bag of happiness and sorrow."
"We have sewn our patches
with these threads."
"We have sewn our patches
with these threads."
"This world is woven
by strange threads."
"These threads are a mixed
bag of happiness and sorrow."
"We have sewn our patches
with these threads."
"We have sewn our patches
with these threads."
"While you found the way,
I had a wall."
"While you found the way,
I had a wall."
"But even on those
wall I created a garden."
"When you came back in the evening,
the buds has wilted."
"When you came back in the evening,
the buds has wilted."
"We have sewn our patches
with these threads."
"We have sewn our patches
with these threads."
- Have you seen my phone?
- No.
Did you check your pant pockets?
Check on the shelf?
It had to happen today...
Did you leave it in the car?
Call me at the office if
you find my phone. I am leaving.
- Okay. - What am I going
to do about my interview?!
Is this your mobile, Mr. Ashok Dubey?
Yes, sir.
Is this your signature?
Mrs. Ashok!
Please don't misbehave in my office.
No, sir.
Do you all live in the same house?
Your son's turned into a businessman.
First, he smuggled
magazines into the school.
His friend and he.
Then DVDs.
And now a mobile phone
20 rupees per viewing.
Where does he learn
all this from? Where?
You'll say school.
Okay, I will take
the responsibility...
...and I will pay a price for it also.
- He's suspended.
- No, no, sir...
Please, sir...
I'll make sure this never happens.
I swear...
- You must, Mr. Ashok.
- Please, sir.
I have never ever
seen a case like this.
Sir...last chance.
I guarantee it'll never happen.
Radio: 'It's a beautiful day.
Everything looks so wonderful today.
Turn off the radio.
I said turn it off.
Why are you yelling?
Fine, I'll turn it off.
Why did you touch my phone?
Why did you touch my phone?
I won't do it again.
Why did you touch my phone?
So now you're stealing?
Who taught you to steal?
Who taught you?
We gave you everything, didn't we?
Papa, please.
Who taught you this?
Who is Chetan?
Dady, please. Sorry.
You've been suspended from school,
do you realize that?
How will I face people?
- Why did you steal the phone?
- Sorry, daddy.
Tell me what you want.
I'll bring it for you.
Tell me what you want.
Do you hear what I am saying?
What do you want?
What are you going to do now?
Huh, Pranav?
- I haven't even had lunch.
- Neither have I, sister.
He'll sell eggs, what else?
- Where does she keep her cups?
- Check if there are any biscuits.
I'll get it.
Nobody cares about
anything around here.
Are you going to say something?
I slog all day and come home to this.
Ashok had called...and we
left our office in the middle.
Very good.
That's it?
- Don't you want tea?
- No, I don't.
- Look at her attitude!
- Forget it, sister.
I had an interview today.
How did it go?
I couldn't go for it,
the address was in the phone.
Daddy, you were right
about this colony.
We should move out of here.
Aunty I don't want to go.
Ashok she isn't saying a thing.
Take him away.
Take your bag and go.
- I don't want to go, please.
- Shut up.
- What did I say?
- No dady.
- No, you deserve this.
- Sorry dady.
- Take your bag and go.
- I won't go.
Take him away. Take him away.
No one's going anywhere.
- Pranav.
- Mom...
Sulu, I've decided.
He's going with them.
You were supposed to take care of him.
Remember what you said at his school.
I'll personally make sure this
doesn't happen again. Then do it!
- Stop talking nonsense, Sulu.
- But you can, right.
I don't charge money for it.
Sulu, resign today.
He'll shape up if he
lives with us for a few days.
No one's going anywhere.
My car will be arriving, I am going.
Are you serious?
You're going to work today.
Forget it.
Stay at home and pay attention to him.
What do you mean by pay attention?
You mean to say that I don't.
Then why is it happening?
You mean I taught him this? Huh?
- We don't even have a TV at home.
- What about the TV?
- Leave it, Ashok.
- Leave what?
Go on...get some more pictures
clicked with film stars.
That's all he's going to learn.
Sulu, you must quit your job first!
- Why should I quit?
- Please, don't.
Go on...go to your job.
There's no telling
what he'll do in future.
- Quiet, Ashok.
- Who are you telling to shut up? Huh?
Just a minute, Ashok.
What is all this argument...
No, daddy.
Even at school, he was saying,
"I'll take care going forward."
You think I don't
pay attention to him?
You and your late night show.
I told you there will be problems.
There are no problems in my home.
No, no, there is no problem at home.
All the problems started
since you joined that cheap job.
- Take him away.
- Don't touch him.
Pranav, go inside.
I'll talk to your boss... Radio Show.
I told you not to take
up this late night show.
He's fast asleep when I leave...
...what has my job got
to do anything with him?
First, everyone wanted
me to take up a job...
...and now, you all want me to quit.
No one's dead here.
This is my home, I'll take care of it.
Sulu, think about it.
- It's for your own well being.
- For my well being?
Thank you very much, daddy.
You always support them,
no one's with me.
Hey drama queen, pick up
the phone and resign right now.
Get lost.
- You didn't carry food today?
- Huh.
No lunchbox...
People send anything
in the name of a joke.
Shall we begin?
Come on.
All well?
Sulu. Sulu.
Yeah, Ashok.
- Where were you?
- I was at the gate, sir.
- And you didn't see, Pranav?
- No. He didn't leave.
Where did he go now?
Ashok, what happened?
I can't find Pranav anywhere.
He must be around somewhere.
- Ashok, come here.
- I'll look around.
Sulu, listen... Listen, dear.
Please do something, Maria madam.
My Pranav is missing.
- What was he wearing?
- Green color shorts.
- And striped...
- Grey T-shirt.
- With red and blue stripes...
- Okay.
"Sorry, daddy...very sorry, daddy."
"I'll never touch your phone again."
"Don't scold mom because of me."
"I am going..."
"And, everyone calls
me a wimp at school."
"But I am not a wimp."
"Dad, I don't want
to go with aunty twins."
"They always scold mom."
"Please take mom's side."
"Mom is nice...in fact,
she's very nice."
"You're nice too.
"I am bad."
"Sorry daddy, sorry mom."
Hello. Yes, sir.
No, no...we got a
small picture of him.
But the face is clearly visible.
I'll send it over.
We have both the pictures.
I'll get it.
- Do you have a picture of him?
- We do.
- Sorry, daddy.
- Pranav.
Pranav. Where were you?
Sorry, daddy.
We found him in the classroom
in the morning. He was crying.
He kept saying, "Please
don't expel me from school"
Sorry, Mom.
I'm sorry mom.
Please forgive me.
It's alright.
Would you have breakfast here
or should I pack something for you?
No, we'll leave.
Yes, sir.
I promise you, I'll get it done.
Okay. I'll call you right back.
Yes, Sulu. Tell me.
I can't do this anymore, Maria madam.
I knew I said it right here...
"I can be an RJ... I can."
But, I can't continue any longer.
You've done so much for me.
No, thank you.
You really are a champion.
I never said this...
... but really loved the perfume
you were wearing when we first met.
You can yell at me if you like,
Maria madam.
It's alright.
You guys never visited my home right?
My mistake,
I should've invited you guys over.
But when?
But, you can still
come over for dinner.
And Pankaj,
booze not allowed in my home.
Honestly speaking Maria madam,
I was happy.
I always wanted a job like this...
...but everything happened too fast.
But, I had fun.
I enjoy everything I do.
But now... something has gone wrong.
It's just not working out for me.
All my life I kept assuring
myself that I can do anything
Mimicking Sridevi's voice,
Bala Subramaniam's song...
...friendship with Bhagyashree, Chit
fund business, lemon and spoon race.
You know, Maria Madam...
...I never dropped the lemon
in the lemon-and-spoon race.
I never bothered
about winning or losing.
But the lemon was intact.
But amidst everything...I
missed out on my home.
My responsibilities went for a toss.
You trusted me so much, sorry.
You're happy, aren't you? That's it.
And, you can do my show now.
I'll listen to it every day...
I'll call too...
Don't go...
You...you're the best.
You're cut out for this space.
Say something, Maria.
It's okay Panky, it's fine.
All good.
Thank you.
Take care.
Before you leave,
say 'Hello' in your style...
Oh man.
Didn't you see the email?
My curry is the best in the world!
Yeah, because no one survived
after eating your curry.
I've complained so many times.
Didn't you read the email?
My curry is the best.
You serve rotten food. Get out.
Then settle my account,
give me my cheque.
You won't be getting a cheque.
Who is going to pay
you for rotten food?
Stop complaining about my food.
- You're not getting any cheque.
- Give me my cheque.
- What cheque?
- My food is the best.
- Says who? - How many tiffin
boxes do you need every day?
It's the best.
How many tiffin boxes
do you need every day?
No, 25-30.
- Just hand over my cheque.
- What for?
- Daily?
- Yes, ma'am. daily.
Are you okay, Sulu?
What happened?
Maria madam, the split
green gram cooks in one whistle.
There are two varieties
of split red gram.
Yellow and red.
The yellow ones need two whistles...
...while the red needs three.
And for chickpea,
four whistles are compulsory.
Because if we don't...
No, no, no...Sulu.
No. Idea?
- Another Idea?
- I can do it, Ashok.
Honestly, I can do it.
Get in, I'll tell you.
- Sulu.
- Huh.
Hello. Ashok Tiffin Service.
I can hear now.
Ashok Tiffin Service here.
And Ashok here.
Yes. Yes...
How many Tiffin?
Sulu, you'll have to drive
yourself to work from tomorrow.
our son will flunk his exams.
Ashok, call me if you need anything.
- From your heart.
- Hello...
And listen, turn in early today.
Crank up the window.
You're listening to
Radio Wow and it's 9 pm...
...and I am signing off.
Coming up next, to light up your
nights, is your favorite, RJ Sulu.
I'm here to light up your nights
and make your dreams come alive.
This is Sulu.
Call me from your
heart and talk to me.
Won't you?