Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997) Movie Script

I've got you now, wizard.
Get him!
Search every bush and tree!
Lerigot must be caught!
He's over there! Hurry!
Come on!
Easy now. He's close by.
Keep your eyes open.
There's no escape, Lerigot!
It's all over, wizard!
Surrender to Divatox!
Fools! You let him escape!
Come on, Rocky!
Focus, Rocky! Focus!
Tommy! Follow-through!
Your follow-through!
Rocky, get back in there. Let's go!
All right. Get in there! Get in there!
Watch out. Come on, move!
Adam, get in there!
All right! Get in there!
Rocky, spinning-heel kick! My hand!
No. Look, you're trying too hard.
# Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream #
# Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
life is but a dream #
# Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream... #
- Come on, Justin. You know the words.
- I don't feel like singing.
- Do you want to talk about it?
- There's nothing to talk about.
I just don't feel like singing.
Hey, Rocky. Maybe we are trying too hard.
Maybe we're not trying hard enough.
- Don't move.
- My back!
- Can we get some help?!
- It's gonna be all right.
- Just relax.
- Man, I'm so stupid!
- You're OK, man. Just calm down.
- Don't worry. Help is on its way.
Yeah, that was cool.
Justin, wait!
- Everyone, wait here. It'll be OK.
Wait here.
- You'll be OK.
- Hang in there, pal.
You're worthless! And you!
- Me?!
- You lost Lerigot.
You let him get away.
I told you those bolt-brains didn't have a clue.
- Oh, shut up, Elgar!
- Whoa!
Those are your bolt-brains,
which makes this all your fault.
Come on, don't punish me.
I'm your favourite nephew.
Hey, you two losers,
I nearly got fired for your screw-up!
You're just lucky
Aunt Divatox likes me. Whoa!
- Not again!
- Never send a moron to do a mutant's job.
If you're so great,
why don't you do the job, Rygog?
That runt Lerigot is still out there
with the key to the island of Muiranthias!
No, thanks. But I'd be happy to lend a hand.
Oh, yeah. Real funny.
- Quiet! Both of you!
- Sorry.
You're giving me such a migraine.
I have a plan.
Once we take away the one thing
he values most in the world,
Lerigot will come to us willingly.
Where's my Eely? Where is he?
Come to Mommy! Come here!
There's my boy! Yes!
I have a date with destiny.
I want Lerigot's family
captured and bought here.
Yes, give Mommy a kiss. Yes.
Oh... Oh...
Alpha... Alpha...
Alpha... Alpha...
Ai yi yi. Zordon! Lerigot,
the wizard of Liaria, is here on Earth!
Zordon? Zordon, where are you?!
I'm here, Alpha.
Zordon, you scared the diodes out of me!
I'm sorry, Alpha. I too sensed the arrival of
Lerigot ans was tracking his whereabouts.
But why would he come here? He knows
he can't survive on Earth for very long.
Something must be terribly wrong. Pinpoint
his location and contact the Rangers.
- If Lerigot is in trouble, we must help him.
- Right. Beginning a worldwide search now.
- Brought you a surprise.
- There you go. How you doin'?
- Got you a card.
- And some decoration.
- The doctor said you'd make a full recovery.
- Yeah, but not in time for the competition.
- You guys are gonna have to go without me.
- We don't have a choice.
Without that prize money
the shelter's gonna close for good.
You know, Justin's taking this pretty hard.
It's bad enough he lost his mother.
Now he has to face losing the shelter.
Well, we're not gonna let that happen.
- Go ahead.
- Rangers, report to the Power Chamber.
A powerful wizard has arrived on Earth
and may be in danger.
We're on our way. Tommy out.
You guys heard Zordon.
What are you waiting for?
- All right. We'll let you know what's up.
- See you, Rocky.
- We'll be back, OK?
- Be careful.
- Ow!
- Who's there?
Did you just hear all that?
You guys are the Power Rangers?
Lerigot has taken great pains to hide his
exact location. Someone must be after him.
You must find him quickly.
- Tanya and I will stay here just in case.
- Good idea, Adam.
- This could be trouble. Keep an eye out.
- He is in Central Africa.
Equip yourselves with the Power Boxes
and teleport there immediately.
- Right.
- He cannot survive the sun's rays.
Ai yi yi!
The short-range locators in your Power
Boxes should lead you to Lerigot. Good Luck.
- Ready?
- Let's go.
I've found Lerigot. He's on Earth.
Yes! He must be looking for Zordon.
Excellent. You may kiss my hand. Gotcha!
Earth? Forget it. Let's go back
to looting and pillaging. That's what I like!
Never! Lerigot holds
the only key to free Maligore,
the great flame of destruction
and my husband-to-be.
Once we are wed, I will use his powers
to raid all the riches of the universe.
Thinking about it
just gives me goose bumps!
- Kinda gives me gas.
- Elgar!
You will head the capture of two...
two humans of purity and strength.
They'll be my dowry to Maligore. Activate
the barrier shields and set a course to Earth.
We're going after Lerigot!
Prepare to teleport!
Hey, hold it. What you got there?
- Just as I thought.
- What is this? Huh?
- I'll check these hot dogs.
- Bulkmeier! Skullovitch!
Beat it, kid.
Men, listen up, because you know how I hate
to repeat myself. I hate to repeat myself.
You just did, sir.
I needn't remind you
of our luck in getting rehired, Men...
I have am important assignment for you.
It's am easy one, but one that will, uh...
- Skullovitch, are you listening to me?
- Yep, I'm with you, sir.
Well, listen to this. Precisely at 1900 hours,
you relieve me from duty at the international
danceathon. Do I make myself clear?
- Got it, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Would you mind, sir?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Napkin?
- Got one, sir. Thanks.
Wow. Reminds me of parts of Australia.
Got him. The signal's coming from...
that direction. Let's go find him.
Wow, this is moving fast.
Adam, come check this out.
That object we're tracking just entered Earth's
atmosphere. But its identity is being blocked.
It is likely the reason Lerigot cam to Earth.
An evil energy surrounds it.
Man, I've got a bad feeling about this.
I hope Tommy and Kat make it back soon.
Lt Stone is already gonna kill us
for bein' late, so turn right!
Left! Left is north. North Star!
- Look at the stars there, man!
- That star?
- That star!
- That star is moving! Wanna make a wish?
- What the heck was that?!
- I dunno, but keep going!
- The accelerator's stuck!
- Whoa. Stop! Skull, slow down, man!
- I'm trying!
- Skull, there's a building up ahead.
Lerigot's signal is gettin' stronger.
Tommy, do you mind if we stop for a minute?
- You OK?
- Yeah, it's just hot out here.
I know. Want some water?
We still have a lot of jungle to cover.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Man, this heat's intense.
Don't move.
On the count of three, jump away.
Zeo Ranger One! Pink!
My leg!
- Are you OK?
- Yeah. Are you?
- Yeah.
- My leg...
What do you mean,
you can't find Lerigot?!
And are these
my humans of purity and strength?
Yeah. Check 'em out. I even scrambled their
brains so they'd be easier to deal with. Ta-da!
- What do you think?
- Urrrgh!
Are you out of your mind?
The idea was to woo Maligore,
not make him lose his lunch!
I am giving you one more chance.
Don't blow it.
Yes, ma'am. Hey, you heard the lady.
Go find me some more humans, you losers!
Oh, man.
We're headed in the right direction
but the signal's gettin' fainter.
He must be weakening from the sun's heat.
Tommy, we've gotta hurry.
Let's go.
My name is Tommy, and this is Katherine.
We're friends.
- We're here to take you to Alpha.
- Alpha...
My leg!
He healed my leg.
- Thank you, Lerigot.
- Let's get him outta here.
It's OK.
Alpha, we're standing by
with Lerigot for teleportation.
Thank you.
Well, what do we have here?
Two humans, ripe for the picking,
and they're heading our way!
Two perfect specimens,
worthy of feeding my fianc.
Throw them into the bilge,
where they'll stay fresh for Maligore.
It'll be my pleasure.
Now let's reel, in that little runt Lerigot.
He's probably with Zordon by now.
Remove the mind block.
We'll use his wife Yara to contact them both.
- Is he going to be all right?
- The sun has taken its toll on him.
- This should restore his life force... for now.
- I wonder who's after him.
- What's happening?
- Tommy, wait.
Lerigot is receiving a telepathic transmission
that is obviously upsetting him greatly.
Zordon, what should we do?
Perhaps if we find out
what he is receiving, we can help him.
Alpha, attach the cranial transmission
scanner and connect it to the viewing globe.
- Ai yi yi!
- Zordon, I know you can hear me,
so listen well.
Lerigot must surrender.
Say hello to Lerigot's family.
Yara, loving wife,
and caring mother to little baby Bethel.
Don't you just want to pinch
those adorable cheeks?
- Ai yi yi yi yi!
- Make it stop! Look what it's doing to him!
Bring him to me. Oh, and by the way,
as a token of my appreciation,
I'll spare a couple
of your favourite humans.
They're certainly not much to look at, but my
sensors tell me they were once one of your...
Oh, what do you call them?
Oh, yes. "Power Rangers. "
- Kimberly.
- Do what I say or it's lights out for all of them.
And Jason.
- Kim?
- Yeah?
I think we're in major trouble here.
I'd say.
Wish we could morph.
Doesn't look like there's any way out.
- Hola!
- Ja. Guten Tag.
My name
is Antonio Bandanna.
- Bulk?
- Skull?
You are speaking to us?
Who ees this "Bulk" and "Skull"?
- Something's strange with those two.
- You just figured that one out?
- They understand each other.
- As good friends should.
I don't understand it.
Why does Divatox want Lerigot?
I believe that Divatox plans
to use Lerigot and his golden key
to cross the treacherous Nemesis Triangle
into another dimension.
Once there, she will likely travel
to the lost island of Muiranthias
and attempt to join forces
with an evil creature named Maligore.
- Great. Then what?
- Then nothing will be safe.
- Even the Zords could not stop them.
- What? No!
- What's he doing?
- Ai yi yi!
He is performing the Liarian prayer of
guidance. Lerigot is preparing to surrender.
- But why? We can't let him do that.
- It's his family, Kat.
- We'd do the same for each other.
- I just hope they're OK.
OK, listen. We'll get Kim and Jason out
of there, then we'll go after Lerigot's family.
Kimberly and Jason were Power Rangers
once. If anyone can get through it, they can.
Careful. Watch your step.
Look. There they are.
Warriors, let's ride!
Send Lerigot down!
No! Bring our friends closer first!
You have no choice, humans!
This is as close as you get!
Now send the wizard down!
I don't like it. We should stall them
and figure something out.
Yeah, I think maybe you're right.
Lerigot's gone!
- Lerigot! No!
- Come back!
Come on, fur ball. Come to Elgar.
All right! You have what you came for!
Let our friends go!
Swim for 'em! Arrivederci, turkeys!
All right, stop the boat.
You can dump them out right here.
Come and get 'em!
All right, take us back to the ship.
Move it!
I gotta go... I gotta go after 'em!
- No! It's a fake!
- Tommy! Tommy!
- I gotta check the other one.
- Tommy...
Come on. They're gone.
Tommy, come on! Come on!
- I gotta... gotta go after 'em...
- They tricked us.
Double, double rocks and rubble!
If only its magic would glow in my hands,
I would have no need for you.
You will oversee our safe passage
into the Nemesis Triangle, won't you, twerp?
Set a course for me Nemesis Triangle!
Full speed ahead!
Once we get to the island of Muiranthias
on the other side...
As I was saying.
Once we get to the island of Muira...
My Maligore's appetite will ignite
once he sees the powerlicious
offerings I've brought him.
Those two ex-Power Pukes will be the
perfect wedding meal for my Maligore!
This is so lame. We come back to surprise
everybody and help out with the shelter...
Next thing, we're snack food
for a monster with the munchies.
Level stabilisers off at 8.40.
- Full throttle on the power output.
- OK, all systems go here.
The Zords you are creating will possess
the power to carry you safely
through the Nemesis Triangle
to resuce Lerigot, his family and our friends.
Behold your new Turbo Zords.
They're just ordinary cars.
No, Tanya, they are extraordinary cars.
Vehicles equipped with the power
and velocity of Turbo technology.
Individually, they are
formidable fighting machines.
But merged together they form the Turbo
Megazord, the most powerful Zord ever.
Adam, Desert Thunder
will be yours to command.
Katherine, yours is called Wind Chaser.
Tanya, Dune Star is your Turbo Zord.
And, Tommy,
Red Lightning will serve you well.
Thanks, Zordon.
- But what about Rocky's?
- Mountain Blaster will stay behind for now.
Remember, Rangers.
Once inside the Nemesis Triangle,
communication with the Power Chamber
will be impossible.
Here are your new Turbo morphers,
five keys similar to Lerigot's golden key.
Individually, they power up your vehicles and
give you access to your morphing powers.
But only together are they powerful enough
to see you safely through your mission.
Now reach out, Rangers,
and accept your destiny.
Whoa! I've never felt anything like this!
Wow! This is great!
- All right!
- This is awesome!
- Whoa! This is incredible!
- Yeah!
- All right, guys, let's go to work.
- Right behind you.
- Wait for me!
- Let's do it!
All systems check out. Your Zords
are programmed and ready to go.
Take your Zords across the great desert to the
sea. There you will find the Ghost Galleon,
a phantom ship which will take you
and the Zords through the Nemesis Triangle.
You must merge the power of your keys
the moment you cross into the Triangle.
The combined power of your keys
and the Galleon will see you through safely.
Neither the ship nor your Zords
will be detectable by Divatox.
- Ai yi yi! Good luck, Rangers!
- Thanks, Alpha.
- Good luck, and may power protect you.
- All right, Rangers. Power up!
# Go #
# Go! #
# Power Rangers Turbo, go! #
- Man, this is awesome!
- Desert Thunder ready to rumble.
- Wind Chaser ready to howl.
- Dune Star's gonna shine.
- Red Lightning ready to bolt.
All systems go.
All right. Let's rip some velocity!
Shift into Turbo!
# Power Rangers Turbo, go! #
By accepting this honour, you are
also accepting a great responsibility.
As the newest Ranger,
you must take your lead from the others
and learn to use your new powers wisely.
You will command the Mountain Blaster
and be henceforth known as the Blue Ranger.
Good luck, and may the power protect you.
No Power Rangers in sight.
I knew Zordon would get it
through his thick skull not to mess with me.
I'm no veterinarian, but I think it's dying.
Oh! We can't let that wretched Liarian thingy
die till he opens the gateway to Muiranthias
and frees my betrothed!
You guys? I hear the ocean,
but... I don't see the ship.
I'll take a look up ahead.
I think I found it.
The Ghost Galleon.
It's amazing.
Hey, guys, check it out.
Wow. Cool.
Justin, what are you doing here?
- Rocky couldn't make it, so they sent me.
- What are you talking about?
- Guys, I'm the new Blue Ranger!
Isn't that cool or what?
- What?
- Man, I was afraid I wasn't gonna make it.
Alpha had to give me
a crash course in driving.
Good thing you don't need
a licence to drive a Zord.
So, what are we doing here?
We'll talk about this later. Right now
we gotta get those cars on that ship.
Let's go.
- OK. Everybody on board?
- Yep, we're all here.
Let's check out the ship.
Hey, you guys, look at this!
I guess we should open it.
Looks like the portal keys
also control the ship.
Let's do it.
Hey, the compass is moving.
- And the sails! They're all raising...
- By themselves!
# There's hope for the world #
# Hope for the world #
# And as long as I exist #
# There's hope for the world #
# Hope for the world #
- Do I look fat?
- Nah!
Hell's bells, what is going on now?
Sensors detect the presence
of five humans, but no vessel.
What, are they swimmimg?
We're in the middle of the blasted ocean!
Whatever they're travelling on
is totally undetectable.
Zordon's little Power Pukes, no doubt.
Why didn't the radar alert us?
I guess it needs fixing.
Never mind.
I'll just leave a little something for
those Power Parasites to remember me by.
Justin, where are you?
- Justin?
- I'm over here.
Why don't you come down below with us?
It's getting pretty cold out here.
I'm way too excited to sleep.
I was just thinking.
If my dad only knew,
man, he'd be so proud of me.
And all the other kids at the shelter...
- Justin, you can't...
- I know, I know.
It's for me to know and them to find out.
Ranger's code of honour.
- I won't tell anybody.
- Good.
I guess my dad's still up north.
He had to close down the martial-arts studio
after my mom passed away.
Why'd he close it down?
He just... He just couldn't focus any more.
It was like something
was missing inside him.
He'll find it again.
He just needs a little time, that's all.
I know. And when he does,
we can be family again.
That's important.
Yeah, it is. But you have to remember
that we've your family now too.
Come here.
OK. don't stay out too long.
Even Power Rangers need their sleep.
- He's OK.
- Good.
Guys... Hey, guys...
OK, once we get there, we'll nead
to the middle of the island...
Adam, look out!
- Guys! It's time to rumble.
- Let's go.
Look out!
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Aw... Ugh!
- This sure ain't the Love Boat.
- What's the Love Boat?
That's it. Kim, move away
from the wall for a minute.
Um, sure.
Instead of making weapons, I think we ought
to be concentrating on getting this panel off.
Wouldn't that mean
all the water would come in?
Yeah. Right now my dive computer says
we're at 435 feet.
As we get to Muiranthias,
the sub's gonna climb.
Once we hit 100 feet,
we pop this off the wall and "boom".
- And make it up in one breath?
- It's our only chance.
At last! We're finally approaching
the Nemesis Triangle!
- Begin our ascent! We must avoid the reets!
- You got it.
- Wait till we cross the Triangle.
- We'd better pass through it quickly!
There it is. The Nemesis Triangle.
It's incredible.
Yeah. Whatever's steering the ship
sure knows where to go.
Right into the heart of it.
It's time.
- The room's filling up! What's happening?
- I don't know!
We're minutes away
from the dimensional gateway.
I don't know how much longer I can hold it.
Look out!
- Tell me I'm not seeing things.
- No. It's the Triangle.
Looks pretty nasty.
Hit the deck!
Do it, wizard. Open the gateway.
Come on, come on. Do it!
You little fool! Open the chamber!
Don't move, you little hair ball!
You may be willing to sacrifice yourself, runt.
But how much do you love your little family?
- Elgar! Grab the baby!
- Right! Come here, you little brat.
Well? What will it be?
That's better. Yeah.
Open the gateway!
Get to it.
- We need something to pry it with!
- Get the pipe.
Good idea.
This should do it.
- OK. Any time, Jason.
- I'm trying!
OK. This water's getting too high for me.
- We go swimming?
- Would you guys be quiet?!
I'm trying to get us out of here!
We're sinking. We're sinking.
OK, OK, don't panic. Don't panic.
We're sinking!
Oh, we're sinking. Gotta go!
- For some reason, we're taking on water.
- Water? Water?!
We're close to the gatway.
We need the keys.
- You guys go below. I'll get the keys.
- Be careful.
OK. Ready?
My key! I dropped my key!
My key!
- I can't reach it!
- Hurry, Justin!
I got it! Yes!
Come on! Hurry!
Let's do it.
We gotta get Bulk and Skull first. OK?
You guys? You have to exhale slowly
on your way to the top.
Swim now, like a little guppy.
What?! It's coming from the bilge!
Activate the emergency hatch!
- Right.
- Now!
- Quicker!
- OK.
Hope that drain's not clogged.
Now open the hatch to the bilge. Hurry up!
Well, I suppose Maligore
will have to do with just one sacrifice.
Wow. Land ahoy.
Thar she blows! Land ahoy!
Shiver me timbers!
I always wanted to say that.
There it is. The lost island of Muiranthias.
Yep, looks pretty lost to me.
Maligore's volcano is inside the serpant's
temple. That's gotta be where they're going.
Then that's where we're goin' too.
Your evergrown hamster ain't lookin' so hot.
No! He must live long enough
to open Maligore's sacred temple door.
Now what?
This is impossible! Our radar is detecting
five human life forms approaching the island!
I knew they wouldn't let me down, Divatox.
- I have to get rid of those Power Rangers!
- Yeah, they're gettin' on my nerves.
Hi, Rita. D here.
Sorry to wake you.
I forgot about the time change.
Now listen. I know you've had
some experience in this matter.
I need your advice.
How do I get rid of the Power Rangers?
The Power Rangers?
If I knew that, do you think
I'd be lying here listening to this?
My advice to you, Divatox?
Thanks for nothing.
What are you doing?
Stop it!
Let go of me! Stop it!
- She should have better camoutlage.
- What should we do?
We could resuce her.
Or we could enjoy is beach.
Guys, something's wrong.
I can't get a lock on Lerigot.
Desert Thunder's up first. I'll drive to the top
of that cliff and see if I can see the temple.
Good. Keep in contact.
We'll get the other vehicles rolling.
Be careful.
They've gotta be riding something!
A couple of torpedoes will find out what.
Two torpedoes are armed and ready.
Fire one and two!
Cool view.
- Our cover's blown. Something's coming.
- And it's coming fast.
We can't be detected in the Turbo vehicles.
Come on! We gotta
get our butts in those cars!
Hey, guys!
Whatever it was, we hit it!
- Looks like we all got through.
- All right!
- So what do you think, Justin?
- Wow! Can we do that again?
Head for shore.
Come on! I haven't got all day!
Oh, man.
- Where is it? My feet hurt.
- Stop complaining. We're almost there.
Move it, prisoner.
I don't like the sound of that.
Come to think of it,
I don't like the looks of it either.
Hey, the little Power Geek's back.
- So, you want a fight, huh?
- No, no, no. Wait, wait!
Those are the Malachians, guardians
of Maligore. Get the wizard. Bring him.
OK. Release the wizard!
Would you hurry up?
Do it, wizard. Spin your magic.
Move it, fur ball.
- The little guy packs a punch!
- Give me that!
What a rush! That's right,
bow to me, you little peons.
I love being queen. All right, come on,
everybody. We've got a wedding to get to.
Here comes the bride!
Watch it, shorty.
Get going. Come on!
Warriors, bring the others.
Move it.
What are you lookin' at? Get inside!
- Guys! We gotta hurry!
- Are you all right?
Lerigot's dying.
We may already be too late.
All right. We'll leave the vehicles,
go for a silent approach.
Take out your morphers.
It's time to kick into action. Shift into Turbo!
Yeah! Oops.
Mountain Blaster Turbo power!
Desert Thunder Turbo power!
Dune Star Turbo power!
Wind Chaser Turbo power!
Red Lightning Turbo power!
- Let's do it!
- Right!
- Right!
- Whoa! All right!
Hey, wait for me!
I like it.
I love it, I love it.
Oh, the steaming skulls - perfect!
Put her down over there.
Come on!
Don't move.
Lerigot... Lerigot...
The lava will have to go,
but we'll do all our entertaining here.
Of course, you won't be around to see it.
All right! It's time to feed my future husband!
Prepare the humans first!
On your feet!
He can have the Liarians for dessert.
If anyone knows a reason why we two
should not be joined in holy matrimony,
shut up!
- Sure beats walking.
- You can say that again.
Hear that? We're close. Keep your eyes open.
- Tommy! Over here!
- What's wrong?
- You OK?
- The sound's coming from that way.
- Good job, Justin.
- This is fun! Follow me, I'll lead the way.
- Justin, wait! It's too dangerous!
- I found the entrance!
Maligore! Maligore!
Maligore, great flame of destruction,
it is I, Divatox,
your one and only true soul mate.
This moment has been long in coming,
and now I bring you two perfect specimens
to seal our matrimonial pact.
Awake and feed upon their purity.
Come forth and let evil twist their souls!
Be free again and join forces with me!
Maligore! Maligore!
- All right, guys, this is it. You guys ready?
- Ready.
Move out on my command.
Hey, did we miss the party?
Who invited you?
We did. Rangers, this is Divatox.
Divatox, this is your worst nightmare.
Lower them into the volcano.
I'll get the wheel!
Divatox! Give up?
Elgar, go and give Power Boy my answer!
Come back, you little twerp!
What's the matter? All choked up?
Come on, Lerigot. Over here.
Wait here. I'll be back as soon as I can.
- Kim!
- Into the fire!
- You guys!
- Get... outta... my... way!
- No! Let me go!
- Help! You guys!
Too late, Rangers. Even now
they are becoming his spawns of evil.
I love it when a plan comes together!
Kimberly! Jason!
That's a nice trick.
Maligore's children! Destroy those
who would threaten the flames of unity!
Leave him alone!
Snap out of... urgh!
Let... go... of... me...
- Kim, you've gotta fight the evil.
- Evil is like evil does.
Don't do this!
Leave her alone. Kimberly, no!
Look at me, Kim. Look at me.
It's me.
- It's me. Tommy.
- Yes. We're your friends.
I don't have any friends.
Oh, yeah. And, sweetie, pink is out.
- You're mine, Ranger!
- No. I don't wanna hurt you.
Into the fire. Into the fire.
Do it. Do it. Maligore's power will exceed!
Throw him in the fire!
No! This one is mine!
- Throw him in the fire! Throw him in the fire!
- Yes. Into the fire.
Now I'm the one
with the muscles and the power!
Yeah, that's right, Jase.
But you're not using your brain power!
- Come on!
- Tommy! Hang on!
Come on, Jason. Don't fight me.
You gotta remember.
Remember all the good!
- No!
- You got it. Come on.
- All right, Kim?
- I'm with you!
- I think you're gonna need this.
- Yeah. Thanks.
Back to action!
- I'll get the Liarians.
- Right. Let's finish up, guys.
- Watch it, you Christmas tree ornament!
- Sorry about that.
Maligore! Arise and meet your bride!
Together we will exact revenge on Lerigot,
descendant of those who imprisoned you!
Come to me! Please! Aw, come on.
- The humans are turning pure again!
- No!
- Now we don't have a sacrifice!
- Oh, but we do, dear nephew.
We do?
Remind me to get another pet.
Out of my face.
Excuse me.
- Why, thank you.
- Any time.
Man! Tough room.
Straighten up! He's coming.
I don't think I like this one bit.
Come to me, Maligore!
Unite our powers as one!
Get ready to take this freak.
He's back!
She wants to marry him?
Are you sure about this?
- I think it's time to break out the hardware.
- Good call, Justin. Let's do it!
- Turbo lightning sword!
- Turbo hand blasters!
Turbo star chargers!
Talk to him.
- Turbo thunder cannon!
- Turbo wind fire!
You look... great. Haven't changed a bit.
It's not working!
Whoa! What a hot-head!
What's the plan, Tommy?
That barely fazed him.
Lure brimstone-breath outside
and call our Zords.
- All right! I was hoping you'd say that!
- Let's do it!
Adam! Get up!
Oh, man! I can't move!
- Come on! You can do it!
- Hey, your bride's leaving.
I think I hear my mother calling.
- Made you look.
- You have no sense of direction!
And you're ugly.
Everyone! Out the way we came!
Adam, can you make it?
- Yeah.
- OK, let's go! Move it!
You OK?
We gotta get outta here. The place
is gonna blow. Come on! Move! Come on!
- Be careful!
- Come on, come on. Here we go.
- Head for the clearing.
- Got it.
- Right behind you.
- Copt that.
You're goin' on a diet the minute we get back.
Come on! We'll miss the whole fight.
Let's see what this baby's got.
Ready to bring 'em together?
- Wind Chaser ready.
- Ready.
- Ready!
- Ready!
Do it! Turbo Megazord
morph sequence on line.
Powering up the Turbo shield armour.
Desert Thunder's ready to rock!
- Dune Star's right there with you.
- This is awesome! Mountain Blaster ready.
# Mighty engines roar #
# Turbocharged for more... #
Initiate docking sequence now!
# Go! #
# Power Rangers Turbo, go! #
Mountain Blaster's lined up and coming in!
Red Lightning coming in
for final docking sequence.
# Go! #
# Power Rangers Turbo, go! #
# Power Rangers Turbo! #
Megazord turbocharge!
- Ready!
- Let's take care of business.
Let's get him!
Whoa! That was close.
Maligore! Win this one for me, babe!
We got him!
- Ready to fly?
- Ready.
All right. Engage mega Turbo jets now!
Turbo jets full power!
Later, flame-face!
- Good job!
- We did it!
Yes! Yes!
The volcano! It's erupting!
We'd better get out of here.
All my plans!
The money! The jewels! The plastic surgery...
I didn't even get a honeymoon!
You mark my words, Rygog.
The Power Rangers will pay for this one day.
- I never accept defeat!
- Right. No defeat. So what do we do now?
- Run!
- Right.
I want my mommy! Move it!
Hey, guys. How about a lift?
All right. Here we go.
The competition is fierce, as
Angel Grove and Stone Canyon battle it out
for the championship
and the $25,000 grand prize for their charity.
And Angel Grove scores the first point.
Hey, Coach.
Come on, Adam! Get up!
Angel Grove scores again. One more point
and they clinch the championship!
I'm sorry.
After seven minutes and ten seconds
into the competition,
the National Championship title
goes to the Angel Grove shelter!
- I knew they could do it!
- Come on.
- Way to go, you guys!
- Yeah!
That was so awesome! Way to go, you guys!
Well, looks like the shelter's
not closing any time soon.
Come on, Justin.
Yes! All right!
# Riding fast, faster fast #
# Like turbo tigers in the night #
# We are at top speed tracking you down #
# Like turbo tigers in the darkest night #
# Now it's turbo time! #