Turbo Cola (2022) Movie Script

It all started as a way
to save memory on computers
Everyone is waiting
to see what will happen
when the clock strikes midnight.
Before Y2K sets in,
companies big and small
are getting Y2K compliance.
Snow fall continuing...
Brought on by federal
regulations, banks and ATMs...
Line of computer code...
This will be the nerve center...
Refreshing taste
under every cap...
They say it called out...
What that means, Lisa,
you better bundle up...
Panic itself
could cause problems...
- Stockpile food...
- Bank radios, survival meals.
We are candles,
we are canned goods out here.
It's for certain Dave,
no one knows what will happen...
when the clock
strikes midnight, live from...
GMC and Chris Taylor...
No one knows what to expect
when the date reaches 00.
It must have been
like seeing the face of God.
Yeah, man.
No like,
alarm going off or anything?
No, no.
The ATM is old enough to be from
the Eisenhower administration.
They must have installed it when
they were building the fridge.
Once a week, the temperature
drops in the fridge,
causing the alarm to go off,
and I got to go in in the middle
of the night and reset it.
Eisenhower and Washington
with the only presidents
that went back to military
service after being president.
The guy who loads the money
is a complete wash up.
He shows up with his girlfriend
sometimes and gets
high in the truck.
And whatever he did to it...
You can reach right in it now.
You can actually see the cash?
- Yeah.
- Like you saw it?
- Yes.
- With your eyes.
Things are complex man
like sensors
and other blinky lights.
Yeah but not from the back.
And they load the money
from the front.
I've seen him do it
a thousand times.
- The thing weighs like a ton.
- Totally.
And it's bolted to the floor.
There's a hole
in the back of it,
it's a golden opportunity.
You're gonna go to jail dude.
You're gonna go to jail
just like your dad.
That's a good one Swear sky,
never heard that before.
Sorry. So...
how much is even in there?
Probably like 100,000.
Even just a piece of that...
Just a little slice of the pie.
We can go wherever we want.
I like pie.
I feel kind of bad
for Rick though.
It's not his money,
it's all insured,
plus ownership changes
on New Year's Day.
Yeah, I heard.
Your mom talks in her sleep.
We have to hit it
before New Year's.
I'd hit that literally
anytime, dude.
Shut up!
OK, so we get the
money out then what?
- We?
- All great heist movies
have two people in on it, dude.
Take it to the back.
That's too suspicious.
Taking it straight to the back,
it's too suspicious.
Told you it was too suspicious.
then we take it to the bathroom.
Amateur hour.
Just hear me out.
12 trips to the bathroom
in one night? Dude, really?
- Hi.
- Freeze!
- Hand where I can see them!
- Ok! Ok!
God damn it!
You're right.
This is kind of fun.
What? Do you have the answers,
Swear sky?
You know that
Turbo Cola contest?
- Yeah.
- You've got to do it right
in front of their damn faces.
You ever see the Great Escape?
Remember how they hid
the tunnel sand in their pants?
Right in plain view.
On camera, all night.
An alibi.
How do we get the pockets?
I took sewing back in Home Ec.
Oh, I took cooking.
Burnt the pizza.
Nice. I made curtains.
- Oh, that's cool.
- No,
I'd rather make burnt pizza.
So with what, four cameras?
They've got it all covered.
When they review the tapes,
they will review those tapes,
there's going to be plenty
to see but nothing to see.
Yeah, but I can't just drop
all the money all at once.
Now you're thinking.
I could...
take out the trash?
- Yeah.
- Could mop the floors...
- Yeah.
- I could restock the shelves.
There it is. Get dramatic.
And every time
at perfect moment,
I make the drop
That's what I'm talking about.
And Rick said I needed
to take the display out
on New Year's Eve,
no questions asked.
- God bless corporate America!
- I know.
So at the end of the night...
We walk out
the God damn front door.
With $70-80,000 cold hard cash
and a pop display.
What about the outside cameras?
I don't know.
I got it.
Then all you have to do...
Why are you wearing a ski mask
If the cameras can't see it?
It's cold as tits, man.
This is the finishing move.
On camera, all night.
All night.
- We're good.
- Scary, good.
Butch Cassidy and Sundance shit.
And we thought
of this when we're high.
It's impressive.
We're smart as hell.
Smart as hell.
Swear sky!
- Hey.
- You can't smoke in here.
Who's going to know?
Literally anyone who walked in
right now would know.
I think it gives me an edge,
Yeah, well put it out.
In a minute.
It's all about the attitude.
The attitude is going
to arouse suspicion,
which is the last thing
we need right now.
Only if you're suspicious.
Stop stealing shit!
I have to stock up...
for the end of the world.
You and everyone else
in this town needs to stock up,
but at least they pay.
You're early, I'm impressed.
Well, I've got to head over
to the fallout shelter later
for Dean's big
New Year's Eve rager.
- Wha...
- I might have to stock up
on some Turbo Colas.
Try to win the big
ten thousand dollars prize...
The cameras don't record
audio only movement.
- You know Mary Jane...
- They can't hear you!
- Really?
- Yes?
- The drug or the person.
- What?
I say Mary Jane might be there
and you're supposed to say
the drug or the person.
What's with the sign?
Uh, slush machine's broken.
Oh shit,
does that affect anything?
I don't...
Does it affect anything?
How would it
possibly affect anything?
I don't know! If they were
on the same system or something.
- What system would they both be?
- Like a circuit.
I don't know
how this stuff works.
Fuck I need tape, tape.
You can't hang up a sign
without tape.
I do have a little bit
of bad news,
but not like bad-bad,
like only kind of bad.
Ok just spit it out.
Eric's going to be there.
- Where?
- The fallout shelter.
The party.
Dean's party.
You know
he's going to be all over MJ
- if you're not there.
- The drug or the person?
It's not funny
when you say it like that.
Yeah, well,
it's not like I have a choice.
- I have to be here. So
- What if they bone man.
- Bone? Really?
- Yeah.
Well Jimmy's going to be there,
so I doubt either one of us
- will be all over her but
- It's still possible.
The fuck is the tape?
I'm surprised this place
keeps working.
Called your house.
You working here all night?
Rhonda's kid is sick.
That's why he's working,
it's so sad.
So the world's about to end and
you're working at Quality Mart.
Yeah well,
I don't really have a choice.
- Also it pays double, so
- Mm, right.
The biggest party in the history
of the shitty town versus
an extra two dollars an hour.
Hey, two dollars adds up
over time.
Why does she have a duffel bag?
Think I'll wear this
to the party.
I need to change
and then Jimmy's
going to come pick me up.
Wait, Jimmy's coming here?
- What's wrong with you guys?
- Nothing. Nothing.
It's just we haven't seen him
since he got kicked out.
- So it might be...
- Right
My parents really freaked
when he actually
didn't come home.
I doubt it'll last.
What slushie flavors
do you have?
- Orange and cherry.
- Woah, slow down,
there's so many choices.
- Jimmy can't be here
- I know.
And that's why you need to make
sure he goes to the party
and stays there.
He hates Dean, he hates me.
He doesn't hate you.
- He hates everybody...
- He only hates people
in a meta sense,
it's not really.
It won't turn off!
Watch out for Jimmy.
Come on, come on!
- Yeah it's broken.
- Mm hmm.
I meant to put up a sign
but I couldn't find the tape.
So many assignments already,
it's not even nine p.m.
- How do you do it?
- Um...
- Bravery
- Hmm.
- Street smarts.
- Right.
Uh the right training
can definitely help.
Am I in the way?
I need to get a mop bucket...
How long does it take
to fix a slushie machine?
- I uh
- Mm hmm
I still need to get the...
I'll be, yeah.
- Whoops.
- Nice shot.
My bad I tried.
You need to pay for that stuff.
- Put it on my tab.
- Since when you guys keep tabs?
- We don't.
- Do you?
So this will be your first
and last.
That's funny.
That'll be $2.75.
Rest in peace.
Quit acting like
it's gonna get bulldozed.
It'll still be here tomorrow.
Oh shit, is it?
I mean Jimmy said something,
but it's Jimmy,
so I didn't really think
anything of it.
Yeah. New Year...
- Mm hmm.
- New owner.
New logo, same shitty coffee.
Huh, really?
I like the coffee.
Some bigwig from Detroit
buying up all the little guys
and fucking your mom, shit.
Something like that.
Can I use the bathroom?
- No.
- I just have to change.
- No, I can't.
- But...
If I let you go,
then I have to let Swear sky.
And then total anarchy ensues,
I can't let it happen.
He makes me piss outside
like an animal.
Are you asking me to change
right here in front of you?
- Whatever.
- That's disgusting.
Why are you friends with him?
Okay I'll go to the Exxon, fine.
- I'm sorry.
- No, no, it's fine.
Was expecting more from the
Quality Mart
employee of the month.
I'm not mad.
I'm just disappointed.
You know how much
I suck at this job.
I have one announcement.
- The floor is yours.
- Chivalry is dead.
Watch out for needles.
I think she likes me.
Let's get to work.
So you two aren't dating?
Not like officially...?
You're making this weird.
Please stop making this weird.
You have her lipstick
like all over your mouth.
Ok, still not gonna
tell you, Swear sky.
Why not man?
Because you have a bigger mouth
than my mom and I really don't
need this to get back to Jimmy,
I don't talk to Jimmy.
Yeah, but you're the one
who's responsible for getting
him to the party tonight.
- So what?
- So I know you,
and I know your drunk ass
is gonna start going on and on
about how Austin and Mary Jane
hooked up.
Next thing you know, Jimmy
is here, fucking up the shop
and we both end up in jail
because of you.
- Is that what you want?
- Hey?
Hooked up?
I never said anything
about hooked up.
Neither did I.
Oh no, you did.
Okay, fine.
Yes, we hooked up last night.
- Last night?
- Yes.
So what's that mean?
Did you like,
make out or do anal?
We just did it.
- How was it?
- Good.
Jimmy is going to kill you man.
Jimmy's not going to find out,
is he Swear sky?
If Jimmy kills you,
I won't have to split the money.
Don't you have somewhere
you need to be going?
Also what'd you do
with all the Turbo Colas?
The party doesn't start
for like a while
- Oh and I won a hat.
- Good for you.
I'd like to receive
my hat now, please.
I think I have a box
of them in the back,
I'll go find him later.
- I'll wait.
- Seriously?
Yeah dude!
It's good luck.
The next one's going
to be the grand prize,
I can feel it in my chakras.
Get that.
I want my hat.
Quality Mart, this is Austin.
Oh hey, Mrs. Morris.
Yeah, she's good.
He's good. Mhmm.
You know, I'm not sure.
Ah let me let me ask him.
Yeah, he's here to close.
I know, it totally sucks.
Yeah, Rhonda's kid is sick.
Sure, yeah.
No, I'll tell him.
Alright, you take care of too,
Mrs. Morris.
Okay. Okay.
All right, bye.
even your mom's voice is hot.
Please don't say that
about my mom.
It's not my fault she's
got the best ass in town man,
- and she's not even that much...
- She's married!
She's going to the Pioneer,
so I think we're good tonight.
I think it's cool
your mom parties man,
my parents are boring.
She's known these ladies since
she was in elementary school,
Swear sky.
You've known me
since elementary school?
Yeah, well, that's different
we're not staying here.
Hells yeah.
The second I get the money,
I'm out.
Dude, if you leave,
Jimmy is like,
- actually going to explode.
- What?
Jimmy is going to kill you.
Yeah, well, Jimmy has
his own shit to figure out.
That's not my problem.
I'm hungry. Are you?
Stop stealing the merchandise!
Five star it is then.
Can I have one for the road?
And give me my hat.
What the fuck are you doing?
I'm saving your life man.
A little bird told me you
couldn't make it
to the fallout shelter,
which is fine.
The Quality Mart
is a good alternative.
Hey, just hide in the back
and then when the planes start...
Do you hear yourself?
You sound insane.
All I know is while
all of us are partying
into the end of the world,
you're at work.
Yes. Rhonda's kid's sick.
Fuck Rhonda and her child, okay?
Listen to me,
when the blackouts start,
I want you to hide out,
and I'm going to come get you.
We had compliance testing
last week, Jimmy.
Everything's fine.
Everything is not fine Austin,
Your dinkey ass Gateway
maybe Y2K compliant,
but what about the airlines?
You ever think about that?
There's going to be planes
falling out of the fucking sky
and there's an airport
three miles from here.
Kalamazoo has got
a goddamn flight path
right across this goddamn store.
Jimmy Listen to me.
There's tinfoil in aisle three,
go make yourself a hat.
Swearsky's going to be here
in five minutes with pizza.
Oh man, I saw him
on the way over here, yo.
I said if there's one olive
on that pizza,
I'm gonna chop his balls off
and feed them to his dog.
I like the olives.
Yo, where is MJ?
Uh, she's at the Exxon
getting changed.
That princess better be here
in five minutes or I'm gone.
I swear to God,
ever since she got into NYU,
it's been take MJ here,
do this for MJ,
MJ needs new shoes.
Yeah, she seems
pretty excited about it.
I mean, she must be excited.
We're friends.
No, you're not.
I can be friends
with your sister Jimmy.
Welp, I wouldn't suggest it.
She is one person away
from fucking everybody
in this entire town.
Isn't that how you get
your drugs Jim
Oh, princess.
So good of you to join us.
Hey, don't worry in about
two hours and 17 minutes,
I won't be here any longer.
- None of us will.
- Right.
Okay, let's go.
I'm talking to my friend.
- Jimmy, Dad said...
- Jesus fucking Christ.
I know what Dad said.
Drive yourself.
Hi, Austin.
I'm going to miss that.
Come on, you need a cigarette.
You know, it's fucking cold out.
Should wear a coat.
This is a coat.
A real coat.
You want me to take advice
from a guy wearing that?
What's wrong with this?
It's warm.
Yeah, looks like it.
Should I get a different coat?
No but ah...
It fits you...
- in a good way.
- Yeah?
Man I'm sorry I missed
Taco Tuesday.
It's okay.
Mindy was stressed, though.
Oh Mindy.
I hope Jim Jams not getting
mixed up with the wrong crowd.
- Man I was in Detroit.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- How was it?
Sure as hell never going back.
Yo, check this out.
Jimmy, put that away.
Where the fuck
did you get a gun?
Jimmy, put it away.
- Their customers all around.
- It's end of the fucking world.
- They can show up any time.
- Gotta have protection!
I don't need protection
at the gas station.
- I got your back.
- Thanks. I appreciate it.
In other exciting news...
I found an apartment.
- Really?
- Yep. Growing up.
It's in the complex
next to the high school
Be next to nothing if...
you know, we moved in together.
Moved in together, really?
- Why not make it official.
- It's by the high school.
- It's cheap.
- It's by the high school.
- It's weird.
- And we could sell
to all the kids, make a killing.
- Quit this fucking place.
- Jimmy. No way.
It would be awesome, come on.
A drug den by the high school
sounds awesome?
Fine, I'll keep looking.
But it would be cool.
You ever thought
about college, Jimmy?
it's biggest scam in history.
It's not the point,
it's a way to get out
of this town.
This town...
Man, here is just like
everywhere else.
Take it from me.
You've never been anywhere else
in your entire life.
- Hey, I've been Detroit.
- Detroit. Yeah.
This gas station clerk look
isn't doing it for me anymore.
Close your eyes.
- No.
- Close your eyes.
- Jimmy. Stop!
- Do it for me.
- I don't like that sound.
- Shhhh.
Yeah. Right there.
- Is that a lock?
- Yep.
What the fuck is this Jimmy?
That Sid Vicious man.
The guy who killed his
girlfriend? That's my new look?
It's more like a suicide pact,
My God.
I'm gonna go.
Thanks for the goodbye.
Anything else?
Ask him about the, you know...
I didn't see any.
Come on...
Do you having of those
New Year's Eve glasses?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
You know, the ones with
the two thousand for eyes?
- No.
- Told you.
Are you really gonna do this?
It's fine. It's fine.
We're going to go to the
ball drop and we just thought
- it'd be cool to have...
- What is this?
That's our town mascot,
Wrenchy the Wrench.
We spent half our
budget on it one year so,
never sold one.
This town has a mascot?
Mechanicsville, Michigan.
Yup, we throw a wrench in it.
That's a terrible motto.
It's not the motto.
- Was trying to make a joke.
- Okay.
We should go. Yeah. Goodnight.
Nice get up.
What you got there?
This was a... This was a gift.
I actually just got
a couple of minutes ago.
- My friend got it for me.
- Hmm.
Coffee's cold.
Really? That's not good.
You know what, I'll make more.
- Thanks.
- Sorry, yeah.
So did you hear that Kalamazoo
has got a flight path
right over this God damn store?
Do you think
there's going to be planes
falling on this guy
or anything like that?
- You know?
- You compliance tested?
Yes but that's just a dinkey
little gateway, right?
- You should be fine.
- You're right. You're right.
You like your coffee
with cream or just black?
So how much cream?
- Black.
- Sorry.
- The money.
- What?
Does this store take money
in exchange for coffee.
Yes, we do.
Thank you so much.
- Keep the coffee fresh.
- I will.
It'll be boiling hot next time.
Thank you.
Just act natural.
Just-just act natural.
- Everything's fine.
- Did he see anything?
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm positive.
But I'm feeling thirsty.
Me too.
No, Swear sky,
I'm feeling thirsty.
Oh! Now?
Yes. Now.
Jimmy could come
back any second.
- Oh shit.
- Yeah...
And grab some cash
while you're there.
Donkey fuck your mom.
Dude I'm not in the right
head space for this right now.
OK. Well,
we don't really have a choice.
If Jimmy comes back and hangs
out here, we're fucked.
Calm down and pull it together
and go grab some cash.
- OK.
- You've got this.
Just stick to the plan.
Swear sky! Swear sky.
- Hey, whoa! Jesus.
- I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Don't sneak up
on an officer like that,
you're going to get shot.
The stop-n-go is not nearly
exciting enough for that.
How's the coffee?
Shitty but hot.
It's the way I like it.
My change?
- Oh I'm so sorry.
I'll go grab that.
I'm sorry about that.
Here you are. Thank you.
Hey, do you know my mom?
- Excuse me.
- She's five-five, blonde woman.
Uh, supposedly hot
- Ah I don't know.
- That was weird.
My friends would say that,
her name's Mindy.
Clear ball?
Morris, but yeah, yeah.
Of course.
I know, Mindy. How is she?
- She's good.
- Good.
She going to
the Pioneer tonight?
Yeah, Yes, she is.
Hey, maybe I'll stop by.
Going to win big there?
Under the bottle cap,
I won a hat last week.
Yeah, me too!
I just haven't received it yet.
Well your odds look pretty good,
That's a lot of pop.
Yeah, it's for the party
at the fallout shelter.
I mean, um, really small.
Just a few friends.
Only sodas.
You should come by.
Yeah. I'm not gonna do that.
Say hi to your mom for me.
Will do.
Stay safe.
Well, I'm starving.
How come he gets
to see your Mom?
How do I get this
off my neck Jimmy?
- You need the key.
- So give me the key.
Oh I don't have it.
I swear to God, Teddy,
if there was one olive
on this pizza...
- Don't call me that man.
- I'll rip your balls off.
- Bet you'd like that.
- What was that?
Just don't call me Teddy.
No olives, that's a good boy.
You guys excited
about the party?
Yeah, we should probably
head out pretty soon, right?
Speaking of I saw Eric
driving on the way back,
he was with Jennifer Colley.
- Jennifer?
- Do you think?
- No way.
- Nice.
If Eric is going
to be at the party,
he gets some good shit.
I can get good shit.
Yeah, but you don't.
And I could kill Eric
if I wanted to.
Maybe I will now,
he's banging your girl.
- It's not my girl.
- Yeah, trust me man.
Austin and Jennifer
are old news.
Yeah I think that Eric
can get good shit, so.
- How's this for good shit huh?
- Come on man.
- Jimmy can't get good shit.
- Give me that man.
- Jimmy's scared, huh Swear sky?
- Come on man, give it.
- Get that out of here.
- Give it to me.
Get your skinny ass off of me.
Have a little fun.
That's right.
Swear sky!
That was literally
all on camera.
Jesus Christ,
it was a fucking joke.
Is this baking soda?
Baking soda?
Jimmy can't get good shit.
I'm thirsty.
You need to get him out of here.
- I know.
- So take him to the party.
The dude attacked me.
You literally attacked him,
Swear sky.
Woah! How do you
turn this shit off?
God damn it.
Thought Jennifer
went to college.
No way man,
she's only going MAC.
Oh staying home
to be near the boy toy.
I've been trying to tell you,
Austin's moved on.
Yeah, but not before corrupting
the valedictorian.
It was mutual.
Yeah, I bet it was. She's lucky.
I appreciate that Jimmy,
but it was a year ago.
Drop it.
Drop what man? It's my only
excuse to kill Eric.
You know,
maybe I'll do it tonight.
Right at midnight.
Like a sacrifice.
Changing that subject,
you want to go ahead
and get to the party?
Wait, hold on.
Something smells.
Something smells like Austin
not being a little bitch
and coming with us.
How many times
do I have to say no?
Dude, just close the store
for an hour.
Do you want me
to get fired tonight?
It's our last night on Earth.
And what if it isn't?
Then I lose my job
because of you
and you're the one
who wants to move in together.
- So it really doesn't...
- Ya'll are moving in together.
- No, we're not.
- We just haven't found a spot.
- Stop saying we!
- Why?
I don't know where I'm going
to be this time next year.
I do.
Man you'll be right here selling
cigarillos to the farmers
- of southwest Michigan.
- Fuck you Jimmy.
And you'll be living with Mom
doing taco nights,
which that part is fine,
I have nothing against
taco nights but meanwhile,
we could be getting loaded
and make a killing
selling to all the kids
at the high school right
across the street man.
You would not even
have to drive to work.
I'm not living
by the high school.
How come he gets invited
to Taco Night?
We have to stick together, okay?
Look, society is going
to fall apart tonight,
and I am the only one
taking it seriously.
You really wants it to go down,
it's hilarious.
Hell, yes I do, man!
It's going to be total anarchy,
it's gonna be fucking awesome!
Dude Justin has always said
those conspiracy theories
are for morons.
- Yeah well, your brother's dead.
- Jimmy!
Are you fucking kidding me?
Say that again.
Say what, Theodore?
That your brother
went and got himself killed?
I'm not moving in with you.
That's not what you
said when we...
You know, when we were
growing up man.
We were 15
I grew up.
Well, you got him to leave.
I'm using the money to move
to New York Swear sky.
I'm going with MJ.
And I'm going to buy an ice
cream shop on the beach.
Quality Mart, this is a...
- Hello?
- Dude this party's insane!
- Swear sky?
- Everyone is here!
- Are you drunk?
- No!
- I'm just blending in.
- Just blending in, really?
Dude, stop worrying.
No one knows about the money.
- Is MJ there?
- Ah Yeah.
Oh and Jimmy brought cocaine.
- Don't do drugs, Swear sky.
- Real cocaine!
Do you hear me?
Don't do any drugs!
You should see
the dude that's here.
He's in a
- Oh shit!
- What's going on?
- Oh shit.
- Swear sky, what's going on?
- Swear sky!
- Wa-wa-wa-get my money out.
- MJ.
- Austin.
Shouldn't you be at the party?
No, I needed some air.
We have great air here.
So Swear sky says
it's a great party.
No, the party's here
are overrated.
They're all the same,
college parties
are going to be way classier.
How would you
possibly know that?
Just guess.
I like a good guess.
- You're trouble.
- You like trouble.
- Nice collar.
- Thank you.
- Mhmm.
- Jimmy gave it to me.
- It doesn't work for you.
- I know.
I also can't get it off my neck.
Oh no.
So about last night.
I liked it.
Well yeah but Austin
it wasn't exactly what I...
Was it bad?
- No.
- You can tell me.
No, no, no. It's just...
I just thought
I should say that I don't
normally do things like that.
Me either.
- I never want to again.
- Shut up.
I just didn't want you to think
I was like some type of
I didn't mean that
like I think you're a slut.
I meant it like
you may be thinking...
It's just, it's NYU.
You know?
And I love this, whatever...
this is but
I can't make any promises.
We have until September.
We can hang out
a bunch until then.
We actually have a lot longer
than September.
- Hmm?
- I'm moving to New York.
- What?
- I'm moving to New York.
Austin, it's New York.
It's expensive.
I have a scholarship.
- Yeah, I have money coming in.
- From the Quality Mart?
- Yes.
- Hmm.
Not like from...
It's complicated.
- Sounds very complicated.
- You'll see. Okay?
You just have to trust me.
I'm gonna get us a place,
it will be beautiful.
- You're actually being serious?
- Yes.
I'm gonna take care of you.
Austin, if you're trying
to get me to hook up
with you in a Quality Mart
it's not working.
That's the problem
with the Quality Mart,
they totally suck
in the teamwork department.
No wonder why
they're getting bought out!
Look at that Exxon over there.
That's a tightly run squad.
Nobody fucks with those guys,
you know why, Jennifer?
Because they're a team,
that's why.
There's a lot of stuff
stuck up there.
I swear to God, if someone
doesn't show up in five seconds,
I'm just going to take
the beer myself.
One... two five.
- Jennifer.
- Austin.
What are you doing?
Happy New Year to you too.
Sorry we're just
a little busy right now.
Looks like it.
What? You need something?
Oh shit, you're here.
Yeah, I'm here.
Sorry, sorry, it's just...
So you're working tonight,
so you're not
coming to the party?
That would be sound logic, yeah.
I tried to send you
an IM earlier.
You weren't around but
I really liked your
away message, though.
Blink 182's like
my favorite band right now.
Me too. Thank you.
- Anyway, I need to talk to you.
- This place sucks.
They've got like two options.
Should be easy to pick one then.
You'd think so but like...
- It's not.
- He's amazing by the way.
What a catch.
I really need to talk to you
about something.
- It's real important.
- Babe.
I forgot my wallet.
Cover me?
- What's up fuckwad?
- Hmm.
- I only have my card.
- He takes cards.
- We do not take cards.
- Then make me a tab Austin.
Make you...
This is a gas station Eric.
Okay. You know, I'm good for it.
I know you're not good for it.
Also, I shouldn't be
selling to you guys.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means you're not 21, Eric.
I'm not... I'm not 21.
Do you know
who you're talking to?
Can you just go get your wallet?
- It's cold and it's in the car.
- Go to the car.
Just give me your card
and I'll use the ATM here, OK?
No you can't, it's broken.
- What?
- It's shredding cards right now.
So you can't use it.
A lady put a card in it earlier
and it shredded
the entire thing.
So you probably want to do that?
- It's a bad idea.
- No way.
Okay, be my guest.
Go test it out.
Look at you, you're bluffing.
Okay, you know what?
Let me just write down
your car number first, Eric.
- Why?
- So you can put it back together
You're such
a little bitch Austin.
Oh whoops, whoops.
You should clean that up.
Real great guy, love him.
You two together is perfect.
- It's fantastic.
- Yeah, shut up.
By the way, I got a new number.
It's OK.
Everybody needs a rebound.
Don't have nothing
to ashamed of.
Rebound? Fuck you.
- Fuck you.
- Yeah, fuck everyone, right.
Oh, her Mary Jane.
It's Jennifer now
so many Jenny's at MAC,
I have no clue why.
I mean, it's a popular name,
but it's not that popular?
- How are things?
- Things are good?
- Good.
- Yeah.
- How are things with you?
- In college,
so much different
than high school,
I mean It's fun.
It's just a lot of work.
Plus, I have a job
at the students center...
Still though,
just community college, right?
There's a great party
going on tonight.
- So you got a scholarship.
- Yes. NYU.
- Wow.
- Fuck this snow.
It's not in there.
Oh shit!
Mary Jane, you look hot.
- Yeah.
- Okay, well,
I'm sorry that I couldn't help
you guys this evening.
- I hope you...
- Just give me the beer,
- you nerd.
- No.
Come on, dick bag.
Or did you forget
that I won the championship
three years in a row.
Austin, police officers
in this town buy me beer.
Which is true, by the way.
So you're not going
to get in trouble.
That's not the point Eric.
It's a sale...
Austin, I'm team captain
of the football team!
You were team captain,
that was two years ago.
You played football?
Yeah, I played football.
Quarterback every year.
Multiple titles.
You like uniforms?
- Love them. Oh God.
- Yeah?
Three championships,
should have been four.
Were you in the stands?
What'd you say?
Take the beer.
So if you could just
come for a little bit,
- then I think that we could...
- Babe, we got to go.
I'm in the middle
of a conversation.
No, no, we've got to get
the beer to the boys now.
Please just come
for a little bit.
There is so much
I need to tell you.
- OK? Ok. Ok cool.
- Jennifer please.
- This is important to me.
- Let's go.
Please just come
for a little bit,
there's so much
I need to tell you.
- MJ, please.
- Just come to the party with me
- and talk all night.
- Yeah, that's nothing.
- Okay?
- It's fine.
- What?
- I said that's fine.
Okay, fine.
I just thought
you guys broke up.
We were never together
to begin with.
- What?
- So nothing's going on?
- No, not at all.
- Nothing is going on?
Give me a break, we're friends,
she has a new number.
- You think I'm stupid?
- No! I don't think
- you're stupid.
- You know,
- all of you guys are the same.
- What is that?
Will you stop for just
a second and listen.
MJ! MJ stop!
- I am doing all of this...
- Doing what Austin?
Working at a Quality Mart?
Oh you're such a man.
- You'll see tomorrow, watch!
- Tomorrow?!
Good. Yeah.
Let's hang out tomorrow.
It's a great idea.
- You idiot.
- You'll see. I promise.
- You just have to trust me.
- No Austin,
you promised that
we'd go to that party.
And I'm sorry that
we didn't go to the party,
But who gives a fuck?
I have a plan, okay?
Just go and cool off,
you're being crazy right now.
- Crazy?
- Yes.
No, that came out wrong.
- That's not what I...
- Yeah it did Austin.
You want me to go, fine.
Only until tomorrow.
- Long night?
- I'm fine.
- Golds, please.
- Coming right up.
It's going to be
four twenty five.
I got exact.
I'm impressed.
Experience right there.
Looks like your little
girlfriend's mad.
Not my girlfriend.
Maybe she was and now she's not
or maybe we still are,
couldn't tell ya.
- I just think that you should...
- Mom.
- Please stop.
- Okay.
So just the cigarettes?
Yeah, just these things.
I'll be at the Pioneer
if you need me. I
Sounds good.
I'm leaving your father.
- Tomorrow, first thing.
- What?
What kind of 'what',
like I don't know what...
No, that's cool, but really?
- I want you to be there.
- Where?
At the prison, if you want.
- Why?
- Just if you want.
Mom, I don't want to spend the
first day of the new millennium
- in prison with my...
- Well I just thought that...
It's a no.
I'm not going to do that.
You got to do what you gotta do,
and you gotta do it by yourself,
I raised a smart kid,
smart ass, but still smart.
That'll get you
in trouble someday.
Don't you need to get a drink
with your friends?
Yeah, I should grab a drink.
You should grab a Turbo Cola.
- This place
- Right.
It's like a magic spell.
It's beautiful.
It's not exactly
what I would say but okay.
No, it is.
Man it sucks here, it's bad,
and that's why people
like you and me
we stick around working,
drinking, fucking, dying.
What's wrong with you?
- I'm happy.
- You seem drunk.
- No.
- Are you drunk?
It's New Year's Eve man.
You haven't tried ecstasy?
It's awesome.
- And I feel amazing.
- You're on ecstasy?
- Oh I'd say so.
- Right now at the store?
- You want one?
- No.
I'm going back inside,
don't follow me.
You remember that time when
we drove down Eight Mile Road
and took out those mailboxes?
With the dad's golf putter.
Yeah, right, right.
Swear sky wasn't paying
he knocked over that stop sign.
We could have
killed someone, Jimmy.
We propped it back up.
Yeah and we totaled Swearsky's
parent's car in the process.
They got a new one.
You know, you've been
a horrible influence.
You like it.
It's been a good time.
Why the fuck do you talk like?
Like it's all over.
Like you just done
with everything, man.
Maybe this
is just the beginning.
What's this about?
Life is unpredictable.
I'm thinking about moving.
What are you too good
for this place?
- That's not what I'm saying.
- You're going to abandon me.
You are my friend Jimmy.
You will always be my friend.
Things cannot be like
how they used to be.
- Because you're giving up.
- Because I'm growing up.
I'm sorry.
you can't use the bathroom.
- You're not better than me.
- Stop.
Jimmy, Jimmy.
- I swear to God.
- You're not moving.
Yes, I am.
- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am.
I'm making something of myself,
you should...
Like what man? A poet.
I've seen your fucking notebook.
- Open the door.
- Man you're not good.
Just come out of the bathroom
and talk to me.
Did you just snort something?
What is your problem?
Jimmy, let me in!
Jimmy, open the door!
What is your problem?
Crack one open today,
your chance to win a prize.
Thank you Chris,
it's a beautiful night.
Let me tell you what,
from the end of the world,
spirits sure are bright.
If you look behind me,
Wrenchy is lit up,
he is ready to drop.
I wish you could be down here,
just amidst
the atmosphere, Chris.
I mean, it's really something.
It's-it's magic...
Austin's too good
for this fucking town, huh?
- Jimmy! Jimmy!
- Whoo!
You think you're going
to fucking take off?
- Jimmy, there's cameras.
- You think I give a shit
about those fucking cameras?
Are you fucking kidding me.
- This is my store!
- You know what, man?
I don't like being
lied to like that.
Yes, I think you'd be
used to it by now...
You've got no fucking money,
where you think you're going?
- You wouldn't know that!
- I would know that!
Not anymore Jimmy.
Man fuck you and your western
ideological bullshit.
- Quality Mart.
- Wait. Wait.
No, thanks.
- Hello?
- I'm on the phone, one second.
Austin, Can you hear me?
- I'm at Pioneer.
- Yeah, I know.
No. The pioneer.
Wow. Really?
You having a good
New Year's baby?
- Yeah, it's good.
- Just leave!
Go to that party
and the fallout shelter.
How do you know about that?
- I'm still cool.
- Is Swear sky by you?
I'm bringing you dinner.
Okay. Thank you
Do you mind if I get a lunch
with the girls tomorrow?
- The girls?
- Yeah.
Yeah, that's fine.
Listen, I wanted to talk to you
and let you know...
Hold on sec shit.
I can be there for moral support
and whatnot, drive you.
- I just can't go anywhere.
- I'm on the phone, one second.
Wait what?
you're divorcing dad tomorrow.
Oh sweetheart,
we have to talk about that.
What is there to talk about?
He's a piece of shit.
You're finally
cutting ties with him.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know,
honey, I'm just not sure
tomorrow is a good day.
Did you talk to him?
He's doing really well.
He sounds much different.
Yeah. What, baby? Hello?
I gotta customer, I gotta go.
I love you.
Bringing you dinner...
Fucking damn it!
Where the medical supplies?
Aisle three.
What happened?
Mary Jane hit him
with a beer bottle dude!
Look at how big this gash is.
- Fuck that bitch!
- That bitch fucked you up.
- I don't hit girls.
- You tried.
- Screw you.
- Austin,
All you have are band-aids
and rubbing alcohol.
- There's gauze in the back.
- Where?
- By the Spam.
- What?
- I'm calling him an ambulance.
- No, no, no you can't!
I'm not going to let him die
in a Quality Mart.
- What?
- He's fine, look!
- No. I'm going to...
- Stop talking!
it's one bad play in four years,
and I am Eric Sampson.
I got my ex-girlfriend
and my next girlfriend
in the stands.
Put me in!
It's one bad play, coach.
- He's just confused.
- Yeah, I'm gonna call...
- You've got to stop it.
- Austin!
He's full of odd drugs
and stuff.
I mean, look at him.
I don't even know what he's on.
Yeah exactly.
If they catch him right now,
they won't even patch you up,
they'll just arrest him.
- He could end up dead.
- I don't think
- that's how it works.
- Yes, it is.
Completely how it works,
always after the little guy.
He could do 10-20 because
of this, that what you want?
No, no.
Okay, he needs water.
- I'll get him a Turbo Cola.
- That's a really good idea.
What are you talking about?
Oh! All right!
Finally, some excitement.
- What happened?
- Mary Jane hit him with
a beer bar battle
and now he's gonna die.
- Your pupils are massive.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- What? Water!
Swear sky, water!
- This is bad.
- I know.
This is really bad,
you guys shouldn't
have brought him here.
Hey, Swear sky!
We have to take him
to a hospital.
You can't call 911,
they will arrest him.
Hmm. That's not how this works.
Hey baby,
you want to take
a ride in the Stang?
Yeah, bet you do too.
No, he's still talking.
I think he's going to be okay.
He'll be fine.
- I didn't mean to...
- Save it.
He's had it coming
for a long time.
Austin, we've got to
get him outta here.
- I know!
- Dude, if that cop comes back...
I know! You take care of him.
And I'm going to take care
of him. It's that simple.
Hey, Jim.
I wasn't supposed
to bring him here.
How am I supposed
to care of him now?
No kidding, Swear sky!
Shouldn't have brought him here.
You know you can try
and be nicer to them in here.
What do you mean?
I just want to leave
a good memory is all.
Oh, I don't know.
- But now you've gotta...
- We shouldn't be doing this.
I know! Take care of it.
Why did Thompson transfer
to another school?
You know what, fuck you Jimmy!
- Who am I supposed to believe?
- You're supposed to believe me!
So what, I'm some whore
because Eric grabbed my ass.
- No.
- I'm not a toy.
You know...
You need to stop hanging out
with Austin, Swear sky.
I can get you girls.
You could be a king
in this town.
Both of you guys
need to calm down...
- Can you just stand up for me?!
- Okay!
Don't just say OK
when I tell you to!
Wait a minute,
who treats you like that?
All of you!
You don't think I hear
what you guys say about me?
What all of you say about me!
I'm not fucking four!
MJ, please don't throw shit.
Yeah MJ, don't throw shit!
I thought you liked it
when I was trouble?
I don't I don't tell you
everything, Jim-Jam.
The fuck is that
supposed to mean?
Who knows?
But we need to get Eric
- to the hospital...
- Shut the fuck up.
You and Austin?
Okay, well, that makes sense
why you're so set on
being friendly all of a sudden.
Why Austin's been
such a dick to you.
He's getting back together
with Jennifer anyway.
No, I don't-I don't think so.
Well, we're less than
two minutes to midnight...
You're supposed to be my friend.
Sorry you had to
break it to you, Jim.
But not everything is about you.
- Oh but it is.
- It's not!
You want to know why
I hate you so much MJ?
- Why?
- Because I constantly have
to listen to Mom and Dad
talk about how great you are.
Everything comes
so easily for you!
- You always get what you want!
- And I'm getting out!
And now you're trying to steal
the one thing
I fucking care about.
It's not stealing, Jimmy.
You're such a loser.
You want to say that so the rest
of the class can hear you.
Yeah, Jim, you're a loser.
You want to know why people
like hanging out with me?
Because I actually tried.
I'm actually making
something out of myself.
I don't make people feel
obligated to hang out with me
because I sell them drugs.
You're nothing but a desperate
punk wannabe poser.
Does everyone feel that way?
You're kind of a dick
sometimes, man.
Jimmy, look,
me and her has nothing
to do with us.
It's fine.
You guys have a happy New Year.
Jimmy. Look
You're not mad Austin and I
hooked up, you're jealous.
Am I a loser now MJ, huh?
Stop fucking talking.
Come on man, put the gun down.
- You're scaring...
- I swear to Christ Swear sky.
Jimmy, put the gun down.
Jimmy put...
- put the gun down.
- Stop!
- Jimmy
- Stop fucking moving!
Fucking Christ!
Holy freak!
- Oh my God!
- What the fuck!
Oh my gosh Jimmy!
Why do you have a gun?
Stop. Stop. Stop.
- Shut...
- What the fuck!
Shut up!
Look... look at me!
I've only got about 10 minutes
before I pass out.
- Oh my God.
- No, no, no, no, no.
No God.
Here's the game plan.
Jennifer, Jimmy,
take me to the car.
Since you're not high on
God knows what, you drive.
- Jimmy, bring the gun.
- What?
He didn't shoot me.
Did you?
Say it with me, Jimmy!
I didn't shoot him.
- I didn't mean to...
- Jimmy.
Hey, look at me,
I don't have time for this.
Say it with me, Jimmy.
I didn't shoot him!
Someone came in
to rob the old Quality Mart.
Naturally, I stood up
to that person.
They shot me and ran off.
Jimmy over here
picked up the gun,
right, Jimmy?
You picked up the gun?
- Yeah.
- Austin?
I need you to get
all this money off the ground.
We don't know where
the money came from.
Swear sky. Yes, we do.
A bullet hit the ATM,
- and short circuited it.
- He's right.
- I saw it.
- Of course I'm right.
So you need to get
the money back inside.
How are we supposed to do that?
There's probably a way,
I'm sure.
And then erase the tapes.
- I don't think there's...
- No, if there's nothing missing,
- then it doesn't matter.
- But...
- No, no, he's right.
- Thank you.
So say it back to me.
Now! Come on!
Uh, Jimmy and I put
you in the car and I drive.
Good Jennifer.
Burglar came in and...
Nope. Nope. Nope. Come on,
Jimmy. You could do this.
A burglar came in...
He came in and shot you.
I grabbed the gun and he ran.
There he is.
We clean up the blood,
the vomit, the money
and wiped the tapes.
Woohoo Swear sky!
Talk dirty to me, baby.
I knew you had it in you.
- Nothing can be missing.
- I know.
Yes, I get it.
Okay, great, and last.
- MJ?
- Yeah.
I'm sorry I grabbed your ass.
- Thanks.
- But you've got a great ass.
- Okay.
- Let's go! Break!
Come on, get me up.
They are in a party mood.
I'll tell you, I would
not want to be the man
cleaning this mess up.
You won't find a happier group
of people
anywhere in the world,
back to...
Ah, fuck.
- You in?
- I'm in.
Ok. Ok. Ok.
Ok Jimmy?
Come on.
Just close the door.
- Cut by the high school.
- What?
It'll be quicker.
Where are you going? Jimmy?
- MJ.
- What?
- Where's your duffel bag?
- Over there.
Okay, okay.
- What are you doing?
- This is it.
- What?
- New York.
This wasn't exactly how
I expected things to go,
but it's fine,
we just have to keep moving.
Give me that, thank you.
Austin, there's no bullet hole
in the ATM.
It's what I was talking about,
why I had to miss the party.
Oh my God.
- What?
- Your stealing it?
No, no. Well, yeah,
but I don't have time
to explain right now.
- Just keep going, please.
- What do you mean?
This is it!
This is how we get our place
in New York.
This is how we go there
and live our dreams.
It's what we've worked for.
This is what you
were talking about?
- Yeah.
- This is crazy.
Austin, you're crazy.
Listen, I didn't think somebody
was going to get shot.
That's not my fault.
When we planned this,
we thought we were going to be
the two people here
the entire night.
- Who's we?
- Me and Swear sky.
We were planning it
all last week.
- Someone got shot Austin.
- That wasn't my fault.
I had nothing to do with it.
Oh my God,
you're a fucking idiot.
You just have to trust me.
I worked really hard
on this for you. For us.
You worked hard for what,
a week?
Austin, I've worked hard
my whole life.
I got a scholarship.
You're robbing a gas station.
The money is insured,
we're not doing anything bad.
Listen, you don't need
the scholarship anymore.
We can be in Canada
by the end of the night.
- You just have to trust me.
- I don't
I don't want to be
a fugitive in Canada.
And how long do you think
this money is really going
to last?
A long time.
I need air.
I'm sure she'll come around.
I never signed up
for Canada, man.
Swear sky, the plan,
stick to it.
I wanted to buy an ice cream
shop on the beach.
Not sell snow cones
at hockey games.
We don't have time for this.
Please help me.
This was never the plan dude.
I just wanted to have another
good time together before...
I enlisted.
I mean I didn't think we're
actually going to do this, dude.
We pulled off the perfect crime,
that was only going to be
like a bonus.
I'm not a felon.
You don't belong
in the military, Swear sky.
The structure might do me
some good.
Worked for Justin.
Now thanks to Eric,
I have experience at gunpoint.
It's a new millennium, right?
Military only does
peacekeeping shit now anyways.
Could be fun.
Jesus Christ.
Okay, that should be good.
I'm just gonna erase all of it.
Well, that's that.
Um, guess I'm in the army now.
Tell your mom I love her.
So you think Eric's
gonna be okay?
For sure.
Can't kill jock rich
that easily.
It's all played out so much
differently in my head.
How were you going to tell me?
I think I was just...
Can I tell you the truth?
How was I going to respond?
You make me happy.
- So are we
- For sure.
I don't date criminals.
What about almost criminals?
Austin, look, it's sweet
that you want to come
to New York with me,
but I'm not bringing you along
to sleep on my floor like a pup.
It almost worked.
Yeah. Better luck
on your next phase.
I'm still going
to move to New York.
They have to have
Quality Marts there, right?
I'll get a shitty apartment
in a shitty neighborhood.
- Have a shitty job.
- Mhmm.
And for the most part
it will be...
- Shitty
- Shitty. Yeah.
But I think it's what I need.
I think you should
give that a try.
I really liked you.
I like you too.
I would've been happy if you
just took me to that party.
How was your shift?
Not great.
That was so nice, sweetheart.
- Happy New Year's.
- Thanks.
What is that?
I said I love you.
I know that, sweetheart.
Get in, let's go home.
Think I need to walk tonight.
- It's freezing.
- I know.
- Austin!
- I'll be fine, Mom.
It's your smile, you know.
You've got your father's smile.
I have always said that.
You did a good job, Mom.