Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying (1999) Movie Script

With service to 26 countries
on 4 continents,
we put the world within your reach.
Fly Trans-Con Air.
Relax, sit back, enjoy.
30% of American adults are afraid to fly.
The National Institute of Mental Health
places it only second to the
fear of public speaking,
so what you're dealing with here
is very common.
More importantly, it can be overcome.
Remember, just relax,
sit back, and enjoy.
Uhh! Aah!
Oh, my.
What was that?
It's all right.
It's just a little turbulence.
You'll be fine, Elliot.
Just take deep breaths.
Well, I suppose it could be worse.
I could be like...
Like Poindexter over there.
View options.
Select wire frame.
Rotate wire frame to delta 2 and enhance.
If he analyzes any more
charts and graphs,
the airline's going to have to give him
a Masters in Aeronautics.
Well, actually, he's already got one.
Open specifications.
You're joking.
What, so, he can build them,
but he can't fly them?
Oh. That's a stitch.
Oh, god.
The fact is, an airplane
is one of the safest places you can be
on the face of the planet.
Sir! Please, sit down!
I can't take it! I can't take it!
I got to get out of here.
I c... I can't take it anymore!
Where are you going?
You're freaking me out, man!
Leave me alone!
Don't do it! Stop!
Come back here!
Don't do it!
Don't worry. I'm ok now.
I... I just needed some fresh air.
Oh, man.
I thought you IRS guys were invincible.
You shattered the illusion again, dude.
That poor guy.
Can't do the machine
without the nicotine.
Well, at least you didn't vomit this time.
Now, I know each of you
have demons to conquer...
Claustrophobia, fear of technology,
bad airline food.
But for those of you suffering
from a fear of heights,
this next exercise may be a bit tricky,
but it's often very effective.
So let's see if you can do this.
Now, if you're having trouble
getting next to the windows,
try closing your eyes first
and then opening them
once you get next to the glass.
Come on, you guys.
It's not so tough.
Maybe not for her,
but I'm a freak about heights.
Yeah, me, too.
Whatever doesn't kill us
only makes us stronger.
Wouldn't you say?
Yeah, I suppose so,
except in the case of goiter
and irritable bowel syndrome.
I don't think either of
those makes you stronger.
Yes. That's good.
Right. Come on.
We'll open our eyes on 3.
On 34 right.
Pan Pacific 400, contact ground control.
1, 2, 3.
Somebody get him some water.
You all right, buddy?
Martin, Martin, can you hear me?
I want to commend all of you
for pushing yourselves
these last 3 weeks.
Now it's time for your diplomas.
Let's give yourselves
a round of applause.
Your trip from Seattle to LA
will be in a 747 identical
to our Boeing simulator.
The flight has only a small
number of passengers,
so the attendants can give you
their full attention.
Oh, and don't forget to arrive early
for our walk-through.
So I've, um...
Heard about this quaint little resort
on the island of Lanai,
where you sleep in thatched bungalows
along the beach.
Perhaps I could rustle us up
a pair of tickets
and some grass hula skirts.
You really sure you want
to go to the islands now?
I mean, it seems like
you already have that Hawaiian disease.
What disease?
Oh, dear god.
I'm sorry, but don't you think
we should go on another date
before, you know...
And I think I should finish my training,
get a few successful flights
under my belt.
Jessica, trust me.
You'll make a splendid flight attendant.
Sorry, I'm kind of, uh, fumble-fingered.
Oh, that's, uh, that's not mine.
That's, uh, Raptor the Death-Knight.
I hope it's not a bad omen.
We're in luck, statistically speaking.
There have never been two 747 crashes
within 3 months of each other.
And since that
Air Morocco jet went down
killing those 213 passengers,
I'd have to say the law
of averages is on our side.
Thanks again.
Well, he's just a real winner, isn't he?
Dear god.
I can't wait to meet the wife and kids
on flight day.
Martin's a little neurotic,
but I think he's nice.
And actually, I don't think he is married.
Ah, well, perhaps I should be jealous.
Well, here's to, uh...
Here's to winning your love
on Trans-Con 110.
Attention all passengers,
flight 118 to LaGuardia Airport is now...
Mmm. Mmm.
Oh, god,
I can't believe we're actually doing this.
Doing what?
Hey, Ralph.
Funny. Today's the day.
How are you guys feeling?
Hi, Lenny.
Has everyone got their carry on bags?
If you want to head down the jet way,
I'll be right with you. Ok?
All right.
Any time you need to get a hold of me,
you know the number. All right?
Oh, just a hint, dad.
You know whenever I get scared,
you tell me to think about Disneyland?
That's what you should do.
That's a good idea.
Don't think about crashing
and burning to death
in a million tiny pieces.
Thanks a lot, pal.
Ooh. I'm gonna miss you so much.
Me, too.
Don't you give Elena
any problems now, ok?
All right. Bye-bye.
Good luck.
Bye. Call me as soon as you get there.
Good-bye, Mr. Messerman.
Bye, dad.
Love you.
Ok, everybody,
let's keep together.
Watch your step.
This is huge.
Looks like you're swimming
with the whales.
Look at this.
Come on.
Right over here.
To save transfer time,
the luggage is stored
and moved in metal bins.
The de-icing fluid is a mixture
of 50% glycol and 50% water.
This way. We'll take a look
at the landing gear now.
This is the engine.
Makes the plane fly like a birdy.
Yeah, it looks like a, uh...
Rolls-Royce RB11-524
with a Trent 700 core.
This baby has one advanced
fuel flow system.
Makes the engine run cooler.
Happy to see that.
Oh, yeah? Me, too.
Welcome aboard.
Feel free to go wherever you'd like.
Trans-Con gives you guys
the run of the plane.
Where's Sheila?
She's sick.
Her replacement is supposed to be here.
Stanley Niles Jr.
Never heard of him.
Probably a new guy.
I hope your patch works.
It's a 2-hour flight.
- I thought it was an hour 45.
- Two hours.
E and f. Where the hell's e and f?
I can never figure these things out.
Oh, that's fine. You can keep that.
This plane gonna leave on time?
Yes, it is, sir. As scheduled.
Welcome aboard.
You're on the aisle. You'll be fine.
It doesn't fit.
Pull the thing, pull the thing.
Pull it.
Oh, let me help you with that.
It's, uh, kind of crowded up there.
Dr. Kessler,
everything's going to be just fine.
I'm going to be sitting
right in front of you,
all right?
Ooh. Strong.
There you go.
This is it.
Yeah, it sure is.
Looks like the gang's all here.
Man, hotties like that
do not travel by bus.
No. Uh-uh.
Ok, we'll hold the flight.
What's their ETA?
Sorry I'm late. I just got the call.
It went out last night.
I know, but, um...
Passenger load looks pretty light.
Midweek dead. Only 83 in coach,
but, uh, business class
ought to keep us busy.
Another fear of flying group.
Ohh. I'll pass out extra bags.
You can make the delay up to me
by checking the galley
and doing the preflight.
Sure. No problem.
Uh, ladies and gentlemen...
On behalf of Trans-Con Airlines,
I'd like to welcome you aboard
flight 110 to Los Angeles
with continuing service to, uh...
To Honolulu.
Please follow along with
the safety reference cards
as you watch the video on the monitors.
Excuse me, sir,
this briefcase has to go
in the overhead compartment
or under the seat in front of you.
I know the drill.
Good afternoon, sir.
Good afternoon.
13-D is in the center section.
It's gonna be a few more minutes.
4 passengers are being
routed through customs
from an aeroflot flight.
Their inbound was delayed.
I had the same problem
coming from sfo.
A storm's socked in most of the coast,
and it's due to
arrive here before nightfall.
A storm?
We're not gonna fly
through that, are we?
More snow?
Awesome. I'm skiing
whistler this weekend.
Ah, no snow. More rain.
The captain said it's going to get rocky.
We may be overnighting in LA,
so be sure that everything
is locked down tight,
because this flight could get hellish.
What does she mean by that, hellish?
Oh, god.
Mr. Brewster, please sit down.
I want off.
I'm sorry. It's too late for that.
We're still on the ground, aren't we?
Then it's not too late.
I am not flying through
any storm. No way.
It's not safe.
And it's bad Karma.
Look, Mr. Brewster,
please try to understand.
Excuse me. Out of my way.
Thank you. Excuse me.
I'm sorry about that, sir.
Please, everyone just sit down.
Row 16, on the aisle.
Boy, I could use a drink.
Have a good flight.
Ok, ok.
It's just a couple of hours, no big deal.
Pretty soon it'll all be over with.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Don't worry, you guys.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I have a feeling.
Trans-Con 110 heavy,
you are cleared through runway 3-1 left
via the November taxi way.
Trans-Con 110 taxing to runway 3-1 left.
Exterior lights on.
Transponder set to T.A.R.A.
Trans-Con 110 heavy,
clear for takeoff.
Thank you, tower.
Trans-Con 110 rolling.
I have 102%.
I have 100 knots.
Aah! Aah!
What's happening? What's happening?
We are experiencing
some severe turbulence.
Oh, my god.
Aah! Jesus!
Mmm. Mmm.
Take mine. Here, take it.
Please, everyone,
return to your seats
and fasten your seat belt. Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is Lloyd Reynolds
your captain speaking.
As you no doubt noticed,
we hit some unstable air on takeoff,
but now that we're above the storm,
we should have a smooth ride.
I'll be turning off the seat belt sign,
so feel free to move about the cabin.
Just relax, sit back, and enjoy the flight.
Thanks for choosing Trans-Con.
What was that?
Oh, it's, uh, it's just the landing gear.
Well, actually, what you just heard
were the flaps retracting.
You see, in a 747,
the flap mechanism locks
to avoid wing vortex damage
at cruising speed.
Is that right?
That's impressive.
Yes, well...
Oh, well, don't be impressed.
I'm more scared than anyone.
No, I'm more scared than you.
Yeah? You ever been in a crash?
You were in a crash? A plane crash?
I, uh...
Just... just... I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said anything.
When I get nervous,
I talk a little too much.
Yes, well, you've got impeccable timing.
Well, just say it wasn't during takeoff
with a 747.
No, actually, it was, um...
It was during landing.
We were coming back from a ski trip,
and we were in one of
those small turbo props.
Was anybody hurt?
Well, there were a lot of broken bones,
and, uh, one person was paralyzed,
and another one passed away.
What about you?
Hmm. That's the funny part.
I... I got out without a scratch.
But right after that,
I switched engineering specialties
and began studying aeronautics.
So you decided to design
airplanes because you crashed?
Something like that.
But until this class,
I never set foot on an airplane again.
Not even the ones
that I helped engineer.
I'm gonna get back to my magazine.
Anything to drink here?
Oh, no. No, thank you.
Well, you seem to be
holding up very well.
Yes, well...
Not much we can really do
at this point, is there?
Apart from having
a complete anxiety attack.
Actually, I know...
An excellent way to reduce stress.
I don't think I ought to hear it.
Here's some water.
Make it two Johnny Walker Blacks.
On the rocks?
Look, just give me the bottles.
Maybe you should stick with the water.
You know, Elliot, I just read something
about in-flight relaxation and yoga.
Yes, well, I'd love to
hear about it sometime.
Uh, I'll tell you all about it
when you come back.
What are you doing?
Safety check.
You aren't smoking in here, are you?
'Cause if you are
that's against federal regulations.
You know that, don't you?
I'm going to have to do a full examination
of the area now.
Don't lock it, because
it makes me feel like...
Yes, I know. Well, I'm here
to help you conquer your fears.
It's just too small in here,
and I can't... I can't breathe.
Look at me, look at me, look at me.
Look at my eyes. Look only at me.
Look at me, look at me.
You're crazy.
Well, just think of it as a little, uh...
Hands-on exercise is all.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy.
Would you like another, sir?
Sure, you got it.
Oh, my god, I got to get these shoes.
Those are great.
So... what do you do?
We work at the Kilavea Beach Club.
Paid to par-tay.
That's cool.
So, uh, you girls go all the way?
To Hawaii?
Yeah, to Hawaii.
I can't.
Shh, it's all right.
No, I can't, I can't. I can't.
Yes, you can.
No, I can't, I can't. Not here, not now.
I can't. I can't breathe in here.
All right, I'm sorry.
I got carried away. I'm sorry.
I understand.
Do you really?
Yes. Right, right.
Time and a place for everything, right?
We'll save it for Hawaii.
I'm sorry.
Trans-Con 110
tracking south-southwest
of Portland v-o-r,
heading 1-6-5.
Are you finished, gentlemen?
Oh, thanks, Peggy.
You're welcome.
Hi, Peggy.
Here you go.
Trans-Con 110 climbing to 3-3-0.
The controls are yours, Todd.
Thanks, Lloyd.
If you'll excuse me, gentlemen...
I need to make a pit stop.
Al, could you give me a report
on that weather system?
You got it.
The mile-high club is alive and well.
You know about that?
Honey, I founded it.
Are you finished with the glass?
Anyone, please open the door!
Captain, I'll get you out.
Are you ok?
Oh, my god.
God damn it! Come on!
Come on!
Captain, what's going on?
I don't know. They're out cold.
Todd must have disengaged the autopilot
when he fell forward.
We've got people unconscious
downstairs, too.
His pulse is fine. Thank god for that.
Ok, uh, we better move them back
to first class.
That storm is gaining speed.
50 knots.
We're gonna have to shut her down.
Ok, people, that's an FAA limit.
All outbounds are grounded.
Reroute all the inbounds
and notify Spokane.
Sir, Trans-Con 110
is declaring an emergency.
Requesting vectors for
immediate return to sea-tac.
Co-pilot and navigator are incapacitated.
Put it on speaker.
Seattle center, Trans-Con 110.
We are declaring an emergency.
We have crew and passengers down.
Request vectors back to sea-tac
and med link tie-in.
Uh, Trans-Con 110. Go to heading 0-4-0.
Be advised sea-tac is closed
due to weather conditions,
but we will land you
with FAA emergency protocol.
Uh, make your altitude 2-0-0
and commence fuel dump for
emergency landing procedure.
Trans-Con 110 descending to 2-0-0.
Confirm heading 0-4-0.
We are commencing the fuel dump.
At present time,
we have you at 27 minutes out.
Excuse me a minute.
I'm feeling a bit woozy.
But they've all been poisoned!
Ma'am, please!
We have to turn back.
Ma'am, please...
No! Something's wrong.
Woman: You have to listen to me!
They've all been poisoned!
I know it! Look at her!
Ma'am, you need to try and stay calm.
That's how you can help us right now.
Woman: She won't wake up!
It's ok. She will.
Ma'am, we're doing everything we can.
Sir, please sit down.
Everything is under control here.
Now, what did she have to eat?
Well... maybe some peanuts,
a club soda. But that's all.
What about him?
I don't think he ate anything.
You know, both of them just had water.
What's going on here?
It'll be ok.
Who prepared the drinks?
In coach, it was Judy and Virginia,
but they're both unconscious now, too.
And up here it was
the new guy... Stanley.
Here's your water, sir.
No, no, no.
Get your own, buddy!
Did you see that?
What's your name?
Stanley Niles. Why?
Let me see your goddamn ID.
I... I don't have it on me.
I must have left it at home
because I was in a hurry
and I'm kinda new
and I didn't want to be late.
I want you to stay...
Right here, Stanley.
Watch him. Don't let him move.
Ladies and gentlemen,
everybody calm down and be quiet.
I'm Russ bell, Trans-Con security.
I assure you, everything will be fine
if everybody cooperates.
Now, please... sir, sit down.
How many people had a drink
since they boarded?
How many had ice in their drink?
Thank you.
Get me a passenger list.
Here you go.
Dr. Kessler?
You are a medical doctor, correct?
Dr. Kessler?
Dr. Kessler, listen to me,
we need your help.
Dr. Kessler, look at me.
You can do it. I know you can.
I can't.
Get it together.
These people may be dying.
Aah! Oh, my god!
Help! Someone!
What the hell is going on? Get back!
Get me some towels! Now!
Towels! Anybody! Towels!
Thought I told you to stay put.
What, you think I did this, too?
All right, I want everybody in their seat.
Old man: Oh.
Nobody moves until we
figure this thing out.
Shear alarm, sir.
Trans-Con 110 heavy,
ground radar shows wind shears
developing in your flight path.
Reduce speed to 2-2-0 and
await possible redirect.
Also, we show you a half-mile
off your center line.
Make your new heading 2-9-0
in order to reintercept ils.
Trans-Con 110, confirm. Over.
Stand by, please.
Stand by.
Seattle center, we have a fatality.
This isn't salmonella, botulism,
any kind of food poisoning.
These people have been drugged.
Sorry. Sorry.
What did I tell everyone? To sit down!
Those guys don't understand English.
What language are they speaking?
I have no idea.
Excuse me. I... I think it's Czech.
Yeah. I heard it before
at the ticket counter.
My grandmother was Polish.
I spoke it as a child.
The languages are similar.
They were talking about something
they brought on the plane.
I want to know what
the hell is going on here.
Seattle, Trans-Con 110
encountering severe turbulence.
Requesting a higher altitude.
Aah! Aah!
What the hell?
Oh, my god!
Come on!
Kit! Call the captain!
Can you ask him who he is?
I only know Polish,
and not very much of it.
He said... he said 'back',
and the second part was
something about murder.
He's just a... postman. A postman.
Um, a delivery man.
What is that?
It looks too small to be a bomb.
I think he used the word 'poison.'
And... and the button makes poison.
It's a trigger,
and it's connected to the cargo area.
Below us?
Ja! Ja!
I need better answers than this.
What's he saying?
Don't shoot, or he'll trigger it!
It'll signal something!
It'll do something! 2 chemicals!
He's gonna... put the gun down now!
Put the gun down!
Put it down!
Sorry about this, captain.
He says to land the plane now,
or else he'll kill everyone on board.
Trans-Con 110,
terminate fuel dump and stand by.
Whoa! Whoa! Just tell him
I'm turning on the radio
to communicate with ground control.
Trans-Con 110 to Seattle center.
We have a special emergency,
situation red.
Repeat, we have a situation red.
Roger, we have you situation red.
Is the flight deck secure?
Negative. He's here.
Can I speak with him?
He doesn't
seem to speak English.
He's demanding that
we land immediately.
Negative, Trans-Con 110.
We've got class one
microburst wind shears.
Redirect to clear air holding pattern
over Pacific.
Circle 75-mile radius from vor 2-2-8.
Just inland from the coast.
Fuel status?
35,000 pounds. Fuel is low,
but it's also low on my list
of priorities right now.
Understood, 110.
Climb and maintain 1-5-0,
circle on auto.
We'll advise FAA situation red.
Stand by.
Trans-Con 110 climbing 1-5-0.
Circle on auto.
You tell our friend here this...
We barely scraped out of Seattle,
and we're running out of places to land
by the minute regardless
of what he wants.
We have to head back
to a safer altitude and wait
with limited fuel until we get
the green light to land.
If he can't wait and
he wants us all to die,
you tell him to go ahead
and use the bomb.
What are you doing?
What does it look like I'm doing?
Mr. Kapinski...
Gimme a break. What
difference does it make?
Shut up and give me one of those.
Uh, sir, Portland is still off-line,
socked in to redmond.
Trans-Con only has about
60 minutes flight time.
You think we should just
take the chance back here?
Everything wants them down...
The pilot, fuel tanks, the terrorist.
Everything except the weather.
Well, something might break.
Mr. Sikes?
Director Hobbs, FAA flight con.
This is lieutenant dickson of the FBI.
Seattle P.D. is on-site working with him.
Excuse me. Trans-Con 110,
radar reports you're in
for some chop. Over.
Roger that, Seattle center.
How's it going?
Oh... I've had better days.
Aah! Aah!
Seattle center, Trans-Con 110.
We have gunfire on board.
Repeat, we have gunfire in the cabin.
Yaah! Yaah!
That's a good job.
Yes, Elliott, that was
very courageous of you.
I guess fear does weird things to people.
I don't like violence.
I don't like being threatened.
No, obviously not.
Obviously, it brought out the best in you.
I noticed in all the confusion
that he dropped the detonator.
I also noticed that you picked it up
and put it in your pocket.
You observed a lot from your seat.
Yes, I did.
Where did you put it?
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
I need to show you something.
Allow me?
British intelligence?
What the hell is this?
Take a good look until you're satisfied.
And put the gun away, will you?
I think we've all had
quite enough of that.
What is going on?
He was telling the truth.
There is a toxin on board.
It's a binary nerve gas.
Came out of Turkmenistan.
It's a little leftover from less stable days.
Once detonated, it mixes in 15 seconds,
and every living thing
in a 5-mile radius dies.
So you're...
You're the one taking these guys out?
Taking everybody out?
I am under orders to track these four
and recover the toxin.
So by joining the class,
the airline lets you on
the plane a half-hour early,
and you have access to
all the restricted areas.
Access to the ice bins.
Yes. Very good.
So you doped the entire plane?
It's a simple spray. A tranquilizer.
Everybody will be awake by our arrival.
The thing I don't understand,
is why go after these guys on a plane?
Seems like an awfully crowded place
for an arrest, doesn't it?
It's the only place they're vulnerable.
If you knew the kind of artillery
these blokes carry, you'd understand.
Now, I need to speak with the captain.
He says you're lying.
Look, I know I haven't
been up front with you,
but you can understand why.
I think our Czech friends
have said and done enough.
Now, wouldn't you agree?
He says we should tie you up, too,
and give that to the pilot.
Or else we're all dead.
This is ridiculous.
Better safe than sorry.
Look, I understand your concern.
This man is a terrorist.
He's already held the entire plane...
Held all of us hostage!
All right, that's enough.
I don't recognize your authority
on this aircraft. I'm in control here.
Now give me the detonator.
No, this isn't going to work.
Oh, shit!
Well, that shut you up, didn't it?
Not thinking about the flight anymore
are you, Martin?
All I needed were the luggage tags
and the detonator
and that would have been it, you know?
They just weren't
thirsty enough, I guess.
Then the world's greatest dad here
has to play junior detective.
All right, the cabin is yours.
But please try to remain seated
while the seat belt light is illuminated.
Anybody who doesn't...
Oh, and thanks for flying Trans-Con.
Who the hell are you?
I'm your new boss.
In case you haven't noticed,
he's toasting us one at a time here.
I say we stay put.
No. I tell you, we can stop him.
Even with a gun.
He has control of the toxin, too.
Yeah. Or did you forget that?
No, not at all.
In fact, that's why we have to act now.
I think we should worry
about staying alive up here.
Let the police or the FBI
or whoever handle it.
You're trusting the situation
is gonna get better.
Look what he's already done.
He's up in the cockpit right now,
confident that we're all cowards.
This may be our only
chance to stop him.
The only hope, not just for us,
but for a million other people as well.
I'm in.
Me, too.
Me, three.
All right.
Look, you know, we've
already dumped fuel.
We've got a half-hour left if we're lucky.
Seattle's the only game in town.
I'll make that decision if you don't mind.
All right...
You are gonna have a little quiet time...
While I go make some noise.
Well, how's every little thing down here?
Unh. Remember...
Just sit back, relax.
You know the drill.
I need to talk to you.
What can I do for you?
I'll take that.
Is everybody ok?
Ok, I got him covered.
All right, get up. Now!
Drake: Watch it.
Just shoot him.
Now get back! Move!
Sorry about that.
What the hell are you doing?
I was starting to wonder
if they had the balls.
These guys? Barely.
The women maybe.
Oh, my god!
Nice talking to you.
Keep an eye on everybody.
No problem.
Now you know the ones to watch.
I'll keep them in line.
And stay there!
I need to check with Seattle.
I need the radio back online.
Look, we have no choice.
Seattle has the ground
warning radar system.
So unless you want those winds hears
to slam us into the runway on landing,
you gotta do what I say.
Look, I want you
to understand something...
Excuse me, I... I have to
go to the bathroom.
Look, I'm not stupid, lady.
Come on.
I'm not gonna fall for that.
You can control the plane,
but not my bladder.
This is a passenger
on Trans-Con flight 110.
I need to reach Seattle
flight control immediately.
You can watch if you want to.
Just keep the door open.
This is an emergency.
Are you gonna behave?
Yes, thank you.
Would you please just
connect me immediately?
Martin. Martin!
What are you trying to pull?
Seattle International Airport.
How can I help you?
Son of a...
Get the ice!
Aah! Get off me! Aah!
Open up!
This'll help.
Say 'ahh,' you son of a bitch!
Say 'ahh'!
Hello, operator?
Yes, this is a passenger
on Trans-Con flight 110.
Please listen to me.
This is an emergency.
We've been taken hostage.
Trans-Con 110 heavy,
do you copy? Over.
We have him on radar
and on transponder.
Tracking north-northwest 3-3-0 now.
He's still in pattern.
But why aren't they answering?
What terrorists have
no demands to radio in?
Circling, no gas,
and no intention to land?
I'd say a suicidal one.
Guess who.
Yeah, we're still on.
Yeah. Shut up. Shut up.
I need you to listen to me carefully.
He killed the phones.
He knows the plane.
We gotta find a way to
get rid of those toxins.
What do you suggest?
I don't know. Maybe it we can get
the claim tickets off these guys,
we can find their bags and
figure out how to dump them.
If it lands in the ocean or
even an unpopulated area,
even if it detonates,
it won't hurt anybody.
How are we gonna dump a bag?
There's hundreds of bags.
How are you gonna find it?
How do we even know what's below us?
That's why we have to get
ahold of the control tower.
You said all the phones were out.
Well, they are, but I have an idea.
Now, there's a second
radio access point
in the equipment bay.
The ground crews use it
to talk to the tower.
Yeah, that's right.
Won't Elliott hear that in the cockpit?
Yeah, but maybe...
We can use the vor and send a signal
to the ground that lets them know
to change the radio frequency.
Maybe we can bypass the cockpit.
I'm coming with you.
What are our assets so far?
The snipers will have
a clear sight line from the terminal.
What the hell is going on up there?
I don't know.
110 is unresponsive to hails.
That last report had gunshots aboard,
but she's circling steadily.
What is that?
It's static.
Storm's interfering
with the vor subsystem.
That's not the storm.
It sounds too regular for static.
It's like a pattern.
You're right.
Morse code?
Short, short, short,
long, long, long, short, short, short.
That's an SOS. Write it down.
I got the claim tickets.
Great. Good job.
You know what you're doing, right?
You kidding me?
I design these things for a living.
No. I mean the morse code.
Yeah, well, I think so.
Got a buddy through a few finals with it.
'A' is a dot-dash.
A tap of the foot, then a drag.
You used it to cheat on tests?
I didn't cheat.
He cheated. I just tapped my foot.
Must have been a good friend.
No, not really, but he had a cute sister.
I see. You just used it to get a date.
Better than that. I married her.
That was our son Trevor
you saw back at the airport.
For some reason I didn't
think you were married.
I'm not anymore.
My wife died right after Trevor was born.
'Truns-cop 1-1-0 to seugo Fred 2-2-1.'
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Their radio must be out.
Why else would they be
sending morse code
on the vor system?
Um, f-r-e-d.
Maybe that's supposed to be f-r-e-q.
Frequency 221.
'Go frequency 221.'
Get on 221. See if you
can pick anything up.
You got it.
She was the passenger
that died in that plane crash.
Yeah. I never thought I would fly again,
but at least maybe I can make it safer
for those who did.
Want to keep an eye on the hatch?
Testing, 1, 2, 3.
Do you read me?
What was that?
This is Trans-Con 110.
Do you copy?
Trans-Con 100 heavy.
We read you loud and clear.
What is your status?
We have an emergency.
Where's the captain?
We don't know. We think
he might've been killed.
My name is Martin Messerman.
I'm with the fear of flying group.
You... you might remember me.
I'm the one who passed out
in the control tower.
Oh, right. I remember.
Well, we've been hijacked,
and there is
a chemical weapon on board.
We are aware of the hijack situation.
What, uh...
What type of chemical weapons
are we dealing with here?
It's some kind of gas.
I don't know the specifics,
but he said that it would kill everything
within a 5-mile radius.
It's in the cargo bay
in... in one of the pieces of luggage.
We don't know which one.
We need to find a way
to get it off the plane.
All right, Martin, all right.
You just stand by.
Get field ops on the line.
Notify the director.
Tell him about the situation,
priority Alpha.
We'll do everything we can to help you.
Thank you.
I'm going to need a few
other things from upstairs.
Look, I'm the one who
found out about these guys,
and I'm the one who had
the balls and the brains
to snag their precious package,
so you just handle your end, ok?
Sorry. What are you looking for?
Um, we need detergent
and dessert gelatin.
Oh, and we need Ralph's nitro pills.
I'll get those.
Oh, I need your cigarettes...
All of them.
Here, you might as well take the lighter.
Now, if they were
the last to board,
the toxin would probably be
in one of the first three bins
on the port side.
3 bins. Copy that.
We have you at 15,000 feet
over Washington coastline,
approaching a large body of water
called Gray's Harbor.
In about 7 or 8 minutes,
you'll be over it.
If he maintains same course and speed,
you'll have a 3-minute window
by which to dump the container
before hitting populated land.
Remember this...
You must drop it over water.
They're going to down the plane
if it moves inland
with chemicals on board.
What was that, Seattle?
Could you please repeat?
Did you say down the plane?
Please confirm.
This doesn't make any sense.
There are innocent people
on board this plane.
We can't evacuate everyone in time.
We're talking a weapon
of mass destruction
and a half a million people
on that flight path.
We have to act now.
You'll guarantee authorization?
I mean, rock-solid,
stand by it all the way?
The press, the investigation, the works?
Because the FAA's not going to destroy
a planeload of innocent passengers
unless you guys take full responsibility.
We've confirmed the identities.
Czech intelligence has also confirmed
the theft of a type one
viral dispersion device
approximately 2 weeks ago,
and they concur on
the trail to flight 110.
But don't worry.
This is on FBI director authority alone.
I've got bremerton naval air station.
They're tracking, but they want
secondary authorization from FAA.
Let me talk to them.
Martin, listen.
They are prepared to shoot you down
if you move over any populated areas.
This is beyond my control.
My god, this is crazy.
You can do it.
Believe me, I know you can.
What about the bin numbers?
Hang on.
We're trying to match them now.
Hold on.
You got a pen?
All right, here goes.
Bin number a-4-5...
Hello, sea-tac control, do you read me?
You got that cigarette?
Yeah. Harold made a big sacrifice.
He probably needs a nicotine patch
the size of Nebraska right about now.
Well, thank god
for the tobacco companies.
This is one bad habit that's
going to save our lives.
Here you go.
Ok, step back.
Oh, god.
Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!
Check that first bin for a-4-5.
Here. This one says a-4-5.
So does this one.
Great. This one does, too.
Shit. Without the rest of the number,
it's going to be like trying to find
a needle in a haystack.
We got to find a way
to contact them again.
What? We don't have time,
and the phones are out,
and so is the radio.
Shit. If we just had a...
Wait a minute.
A cell phone? That don't
work on a plane.
I got an idea.
What? Wait. I don't understand.
Doesn't a cell phone interfere
with the navigational system?
No, it doesn't.
It works over land cell
sites up to 10,000 feet.
Well, then why do they
tell you not to use them?
Because they want you
to use their phones.
Why? What's the difference?
About 3 bucks a minute.
I'm going to, uh...
Use the spoiler...
Try to get us lower
where the cell phones are working.
We need to get to 10,000 feet anyway
to open the bay doors.
Otherwise, we'll be sucked
out by the decompression.
Great. I've got a signal.
Come on.
Yes. In Seattle,
sea-tac airport, air traffic control.
You're calling information?
Yeah. Could you hold this?
Whoa, god.
Damn it, now what?
If it crosses the coastline
and that sarin gas detonates,
we're looking at a catastrophe.
We're looking at one either way.
A 747 jetliner... my god.
Sir, there's someone on the line
claiming they're on the Trans-Con flight.
Well, put him through.
What is it with you people?
Copy. A-4-5-1-1-4.
Ok, we're looking. Stand by.
I got it.
Where should we move it?
Push it out of the way.
What? No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
She's fine.
You're comfortable, right?
Nice fashion statement.
You look like a duck.
I thought I told you to stay put!
Now, do you want to die?
Huh? No!
Huh? All you basket cases!
Do you want to die?
This one doesn't have a tag on it. Look.
Open it up.
Jessica: What's this?
That's not it.
It's a locator.
GPS backpacking equipment.
Keep looking.
Trans-Con 110...
I mean, Martin,
you have less than 2 minutes
before you hit land.
Can you confirm
that you have the toxin?
please stand by.
Here it is. Look.
Open this door!
Open this fucking door,
or everybody dies!
Get down!
Get down.
Push! Push!
Aah! Aah!
Damn it!
Come on!
Our radar shows they crossed
over gray's harbor,
and we have no confirmation
the toxin has been dropped.
Damn it!
This flight is getting expensive.
We're not going to be able
to get a signal again
until we're over land.
You are go for launch.
I repeat... you are go for launch.
The radar's locked.
Missile battery launching.
God help us.
Here, catch.
Oh, my god! Don't drop it!
Oh, it doesn't matter anymore.
Well, your brave expedition party
just had themselves an Anthrax cocktail
in the lounge below.
Now, I sealed the lower deck,
so if we're lucky,
the wind downstairs might save us.
If not, these margarine cups
won't help any.
So, given that unfortunate loss,
I'm forced to improvise,
and I'm in a really...
Bad mood.
It's flight 110. I've got him.
110, we confirm you have
dropped over water.
Bremerton, belay that order.
Bremerton, do not launch.
I repeat... do not launch.
Sir, the missiles are already away.
We have them locked on
and tracking to the target.
Seattle, it's gone.
Hello, Seattle?
We lost the signal.
Abort the missiles.
I repeat...
Abort and self-destruct.
Roger. Sending abort sequence now.
Who would've thought
that you frequent criers
would be my best ticket
out of this mess?
I mean, I don't know
what you're going to fetch,
but we'll see.
First, though, I need...
A volunteer for a patriotic mission.
He must've locked it.
Oh, what are we going to do?
Follow me.
Come on.
I... I can't go in there.
Just pretend it's one of
the exercises in class.
I can't.
Come on. I'll be right next to you.
We don't have a choice.
It's ok.
Come on, now, this is going to be fun!
All right, no volunteers?
Let's take a vote.
Who's the biggest pain
in the ass on this flight?
Here, contestant number one.
Right here.
Come on, people,
I want to see some hands.
Come on, come on, come on, come on!
Hands! If you don't vote, you die!
What'd you do to him?
All right, how about our teacher?
Right here. How about her?
How about them right here?
Her? Him, her? Duck, duck, goose?
People, come on. You are all
registered to vote.
How about her?
How about him right here?
You're... you're a lawyer, right?
How about the lawyer?
All right, you know,
I'm not seeing any hands.
Now, I know you hate this guy!
You know what? We're going
to have to flip for it.
Ok, here we go.
Heads, it's the taxman.
one less litigator.
Oh, no.
Damn. It's locked.
It's tails.
You know what?
These motherfuckers have audited me
for the past 2 years.
I'm just fucking with you.
Ok, let's go. What is...
Come on, go upstairs. Let's go.
Listen, I can negotiate
for you on the ground.
Good. Up.
No, wait!
If it isn't the mouseketeers.
I got to say,
I'm impressed.
Well, counselor...
I guess this is your lucky day.
If you kill me,
you won't be able to land the plane.
You shot the ils system.
Go ahead. Look.
What does that mean?
Autopilot can't land the plane
without an ils line to follow.
It won't know our position
relative to the ground
until we smash into it anyway.
If we're going to have any chance at all,
you need me alive.
I'm the only one who has a shot
at landing this plane.
Mr. Fearful flyer?
Without an ils line, in low visibility,
with 15 minutes of fuel?
How are you going to manage that?
In the baggage area, we found a GPS.
It's a global positioning system.
With it, we can fix our position
all the way to the ground.
You need me...
And not just to rig the equipment.
You may be able to program
the autopilot,
but flying the plane solo and landing it,
that's a whole different
ball game all together.
All right.
Let's go.
It's ok.
Found it.
All right, let's go.
Put this up to the PC connector.
It's there on the floor. Ok.
All right.
Good. We're acquiring satellites.
It's me.
Got a pen?
Ok, I got it.
Here goes.
I'm going to need to land manually,
and I'll need access to the radio
to make sure air traffic is clear.
All right, fine,
but if you try anything,
she dies.
What is this all for?
It makes the world go round.
So you just wanted to sell it?
No. We were more interested in using it.
In the right place, at the right time,
a good, solid terrorist threat
is much more financially rewarding.
All right. Go ahead.
Trans-Con 110 to Seattle center, over.
Seattle center. Go ahead.
This is Martin.
I have an update for you.
I'm now at the wheel.
I'm going to need a little help.
The hijacker is here with me,
and I'm coming in to land.
Tell them you want to refuel.
We want to refuel.
No police, no armed personnel.
You will await further instructions.
No police, no armed personnel.
Await further instructions.
I can keep the police back,
but I can't do anything
about the weather.
Are you ordering my men
back on FAA authority?
Well, I don't see any other way around it.
You want more people to die?
If I have to pull rank on you, I will.
I'm not letting some
madman call the shots.
God only knows what he has planned.
You keep your men in position
and board that plane
the first chance you get.
What's that?
It's a fuel warning.
We only have 2,000 pounds left.
It's enough for about 5 or 10 minutes.
We're going to have to make this work
on the first approach.
I want you to pass over the airstrip first.
We don't have enough fuel for that.
Yes, we do. You'll do as I say.
Or what?
If we try a flyover,
we're all going to die
when we undershoot the landing.
Yes, but it's not just
about us anymore, Marty.
I think it's for you.
Son of a bitch.
All right, line it up for the flyover.
You're insane. The fuel's just...
I don't care about the fucking fuel!
Now I want to drop them a message.
Where are you...
Stay there.
Well, since your boyfriend
already has his hands occupied,
we should probably keep
your hands occupied, too.
Why don't you shoot me?
Come on.
I think you know the answer to that one.
We got some unfinished business.
All right, let's go.
Oh, god! Please don't hurt me!
Come on. Go, go, go.
For god's sakes, haven't you
done enough already?
Shut up!
God, I'm just sick of you!
Go! Come on, move!
You're kidding me, right?
You're just fucking with me
like you were before,
aren't you?
God! Aah!
Oh, my god!
Did you say you'd negotiate
for me on the ground?
Yes! Yes! Absolutely!
Put in a good word for me!
Ohh! Ohh!
What in the hell is going on back there?
Remember how I said
whatever doesn't kill us
only makes us stronger?
Well, let's just say Wilcox...
Won't be getting any stronger.
All right, go ahead. Put them back on.
Sea-tac control, this is Martin.
He says that's a warning...
That if you don't comply
with all of his demands,
the rest of the passengers
will be landing the same way.
I'm having a lot of trouble
stabilizing this thing.
I've got the flaps set to full,
the throttle at one third.
You seem to know
the plane well enough.
That's half the battle.
Now ease off on the aileron.
Let her settle.
There's a cross wind of 20 knots.
In order to counter the yaw,
you have to push the right rudder.
Roger that. Countering.
My speed and my angle are way off.
Take it easy, Martin. Take it easy.
I don't know if I can do this.
You're doing just fine.
You're going to land this baby.
Now listen to me.
The ils shows 2 lines.
When they center up on the screen
in a perfect cross,
that indicates the proper glide slope.
Roger, sea-tac.
Warning... low fuel.
Warning... low fuel.
Shit. That's the number one engine.
The number one engine is down.
I don't know the restart procedure.
You have to purge the line
by throttling up
only the number one engine
and then hit restart.
Roger that.
We're out of fuel.
We're not going to make it.
The number 4 engine
is now gone as well.
Oh, my god!
We're going to die!
Oh, god, he's coming in too low.
You've got to compensate
for the lower velocity.
Pull up.
Pull up, Martin.
Pull up.
That's it.
That's it.
Reverse engines.
You're down. You're down.
Reversing thrust,
but engines one and four are still out.
We're not stopping.
Looks like 300 feet...
You'll have to lean on the hydraulics.
That's it! Whoo!
That's it. Jam on those brakes.
Oh, I wish I had a cigarette.
I took this off of Lenny.
Hit the wheel brakes.
Team 'A' is moving into position.
Let's go! Let's go!
Snipers will have a clear hit on the plane.
The hijacker is sending out
2 wounded hostages
in exchange for fuel.
Let's go! Let's go!
Just make sure the 2 hostages
are clear first.
Roger that.
Team 'B,' move into position.
Get ready to fire on my Mark.
We have all the angles pinned down.
Roger that.
We're trained on the door.
Nobody is going anywhere.
We have movement.
Repeat... we have movement.
Stay back!
He said stay back!
Oh, god.
He's insane.
He's speaking in some foreign language.
I can't understand a word he's saying.
Well, one big happy family.
You don't really think
you can just walk out of here, do you?
We're already halfway home.
You better listen to this.
Just put it on the speaker phone.
Shut up and just keep moving.
You know, you're never
going to get away with this.
Just watch me.
What the hell are you
going to do with my son?
He'll be fine right there in the terminal
as long as you play it cool.
Nice, Martin, very nice.
Tactical, listen closely.
Roger. Caucasian male
with tan overcoat.
Repeat... with a child?
It's all right.
Hey. Hey!
I said come back!
Damn it!
There! Drop him!
Bye-bye, Marty.
Oh, my god.
Jay, I've been shot.
Whatever doesn't kill us
only makes us stronger.
Are you two ok?
I was so scared.
It's so good to see you.
All right, let's go, let's go.
Move it out, move it out.
You ok, pal?
It's going to be all right now.
Oh, I love you.
Come on.
We're going home.
We should fly more often.
Hold your fire.
Is it over? Is he gone?
Martin Messerman?
I'm Robert Sikes, Seattle ATC.
I'm the guy you've been talking to.
God, congratulations.
You did an incredible job.
Thanks a lot.
Do me a favor, would you?
The next time you land a plane on my strip,
bone up on your morse code.
Well, it was a pleasure meeting you.
You, too.
Oh, my god, you did it.
Go, dad.
This is my good friend Jessica.
My very good friend.
You really landed the plane by yourself?
Were you scared?
Hey, is your dad scared of anything? Huh?
Can we give you a ride home?
Come on.