Turbulence (2016) Movie Script

[Crazy in
Love by Pluto]
So what's a senator
doing at a party
with a bunch
of 20 year olds?
Shouldn't you be at some
formal dinner party
with your fellow
Yeah, I did
that earlier.
But can't I come
to the after party?
I was stuck there with
a bunch of old hags
in the other place.
I'm 60, I'm not dead.
And where does your wife
think you are right now?
She's probably too deep
into her vintage vino
to even realize
I'm missing.
20 years
of marriage
and that's what
it comes down to.
She sits at home alone
with her wine collection.
I do everything I can to
be somewhere else with a
bottle of Jack and a
hot girl at my side.
Well, thanks for the
compliment, I guess.
A little chilly,
isn't it?
Listen, Lisa...
Yeah, Lacey, what do you
say we ditch this place?
It's getting kind of
dull, don't you think?

What do you
have in mind?

[engine revving]
[heavy breathing]
Ew, get off!
I thought you said
you were married?!
Aw, come on.
You're on a beach at
three in the morning
with a married man.
You know the drill.
Um, no, I don't.
Hanging out is one
thing, but I'm not
just going to start
making out with you.
Get off of me,
you perv!
[loud slap]
Oh, you are
so done, buddy!
I'm going to charge
you with assault.
I'm going to take you for
everything you have, loser.
I'm going to sue you,
and you can say
bye-bye to
your career!
[echoing: You
have no idea
who you just
hit, loser.
You can't even keep your
wife happy at home,
you piece of crap!
Say bye-bye to your
career [career career].
Tina, answer
your phone!
[dance music]
Tina, answer
your phone!
No! Aaah!
Hey, it's Tina,
I can't get to my
phone right now.
Please leave
me a message
and I'll get back to
you as soon as I can.
[choking sounds]
[tires squealing]
[sad music,
waves crashing]
[ominous music]
[camera flashing]
[helicopter whirring]
This doesn't
belong here.
Let's run this for DNA,
we might get lucky.
Actually I'm kind of
swamped right now, but
um.. look, why don't you
just have Lisa file it.
And if it swings
back around
then I'll take it
from there, okay?
Well, listen, that's not
really my department,
okay, but I spoke with
the SEC yesterday
and they've got
it under control.
But listen, like I said,
just have Lisa file it
and if there's a problem
then call me back,
all right?
All right, bye.
Ugh, got mail fraud
trying to stick another
Ponzi scheme moron
on me. No, thank you.
Sounds like fun.
What's this?
This is the Senator
Johnson case.
Finally arrested, and
he's a little too high
profile for local, so
they handed him over.
Ah, another
hand off.
Yeah, I don't think
you can get out of
this one
though, Sarah.
So he's the suspect for
the past three months,
they got a scarf
on the victim.
They tried
getting his DNA,
couldn't pull
anything off of it.
But they did get the
security camera footage
finally, and it clearly
incriminates him.
You see the vehicle
coming into the scene,
him and the victim
exiting, and you see him
strangling this poor
kid on the beach,
running back to
his vehicle,
and leaving
the scene.
It's a pretty
closed case.
No witnesses?
No. No, but that footage
will serve as a witness.
It's more
than enough.
This guy's been
in trouble before.
Do you remember that case
he beat a few years back?
Big racketeering case?
Turned a blind eye,
got a payoff for some
fake union
construction deal.
Well, it turns out
the star witness was
found dead a couple
days before the trial.
Oh, wow.
He probably
didn't do it himself,
but everyone knows
he was behind it.
And he walked.
there was nothing
to stick, so...
I'm really
hoping this does.
Well, just leave
it to a woman
to solve the
world's problems.
Leave it to a man to
buy her plane ticket
to Washington DC.
Uh, I'm
sorry? What?
He's a senator.
DC wants the scoop
so you're on a flight
tomorrow, 8:00 AM.
It's Jacob's baseball
final tomorrow.
Come on, I booked this
day off five weeks ago.
Look before I forget,
the footage was
transferred to our
server from LAPD.
Have a
good flight.
Business class,
cheer up.
Right on.
All right.

[car approaching]
[ominous music]
Hey, mom!
Hi! Hi, sweetie.
How's my boy?
How are
you doing?
Good, are you ready for
the big game tomorrow?
Actually, honey, I need
to talk to you about that.
Uh, mommy's got to
travel for work tomorrow.
What? It's the
finals, mom!
you haven't missed a
game the whole season,
now the finals?
I know, I
know, sweetie.
Believe me, it's
breaking my heart.
But it's a really
important case and I...
I've got to
be there.
Aw, come
on, mom.
I know, I'm sorry.
I'll make it up
to you, okay?
Where's your dad?
He's in the
kitchen, I think.
What's this I
hear about a trip?
I have to fly out
to DC tomorrow.
Do you remember that
girl that was murdered
at the beach a
few months ago?
It turns out the
suspect is our
good old
Senator Johnson.
No way.
That guy's always
getting into something.
Indeed he is.
Okay, so what are
the cardinal rules
for a shortstop?
Watch the batter's
eye, watch the pitch,
watch the ball,
and be on guard.
You got it, that's it.
All right, time for bed.
You have a big
day tomorrow.
You're going
to be great.
I love you.
I love you
too, mom.
I feel terrible missing
his game tomorrow.
He'll be so deep
into his game
he won't even know
you're missing.
Need some
help with that?
You know I love
being undressed
by a
beautiful woman.

[ominous music]
I'll text you when
I land, okay?
Good luck
today, sweetie.
Love you, mom.
[car starting]
[ominous music]

Hey, it's me.
Listen, um, I just
got to the airport.
I was wondering if you
could do me a favor
and email me the
previous case file
on Senator Johnson.
[phone ringing]
You know, hang on
a second, hang on.
Oh, hey, John. I've got
my husband calling.
Let me call you-
let's just talk later,
all right? Okay,
great, bye.
Hi, babe. What
can't you find?
This is the final call
for Trans Europe
Express, flight 106
We will now be boarding
US Pacific Airlines,
Flight 192, in
destination to
Washington Dulles
International Airport.
Would all business
class passengers
please come to
the boarding gate.
Hi, excuse me,
excuse me.
Excuse me, sorry, I'm
about to miss my flight.
Hi. I'm sorry, I'm
about to miss my flight,
do you mind?
Thank you.
Excuse me.
LAX tower,
Pacific 192 heavy
requesting backtrack.
Copy 192,
backtrack approved.
Runway 1-7.
Copy, cleared takeoff
runway 1-7.
That was close.
I guess I should've
listened when they said
to leave two hours
before my flight.
The problem is,
you get here
two hours before
your flight
you end up waiting
an hour and a half.
But then you give
yourself an hour
and then this
is what happens.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your
captain speaking.
Thank you for flying
with US Pacific,
we'll be departing momentarily.
Our cabin crew
will be doing
a safety
demonstration shortly.
In the meantime, please
fasten your seatbelts
as we taxi out
to the runway.
I hope you have
a pleasant flight
and thank you for
flying with US Pacific.
I never feel
comfortable flying.
I don't know why that
is, I think the safety
demonstrations throw
me off. Is that weird?
You fly a
lot, huh?
Uh, not really.
a couple times
a year for work.
What do you do?
I work for the government.
Doing what?
Nothing specific.
I see.
Uh, what do
you do?
I'm a freelancer.
Oh. Um, for..?
Nothing specific.
I'm just
messing with you.
I was kidding.
I do corporate cleanup.
You know, people make
bad business decisions,
I come in and
clean up the mess.
Oh, all right, what
kind of companies?
Fortune 500 companies,
high net worth
individuals, politicians.
A couple of presidents.
Well, sounds
very exciting.
It can be.
I guess it's like
anything else, though.
You know, you
do it long enough
it just becomes a way
to keep the lights on.
Yeah, I hear you.
Well, hey, I'm Sarah.
It's nice to meet
you, Michelle.
[airplane engine]

It's beautiful,
isn't it?
You know what
blows me away?
The people who
shut their windows
right before
takeoff. I mean,
who wouldn't want
to see this view, right?
I've actually thought
that same thing myself.
They're all just trying
to act so cool, like,
"I'm on business.
Save that view for the
riffraff in the back".
You know what? you
go back into coach,
I bet everybody's
looking out the window.
All the riffraff.
You watched
"Titanic", right?
This is just
like the Titanic.
Cattle class are the
only ones having fun
on this flight.
Just hope we
don't crash.
enjoyed that.
So what's your
tax return status?
Single? Married?
I've been
married 15 years.
We have a twelve
year old son.
Oh, yes.
Little Jacob.
He's quite the
baseball player.
Is he still
playing shortstop?
And then there's
Ken. Kenneth. Mm.
Kenneth Calvin Plummer.
Started his own little
anti-spyware company
back in his dorm room
in the dot-com boom.
Narrowly made it
through the collapse
but thanks to his
business savvy,
20 years later, now
he's got one of the most
successful IT firms
in the country.
He is quite
a go getter.
Successful business,
beautiful 5,000 square
foot house in the Hills...
and you. Right?
Sarah Plummer,
senior deputy agent
at the FBI Major
Crimes Division.
That's something.
You graduated from
Freemont High,
June 8th, 1992.
Studied law and
criminal justice
at Georgetown U, where
you met Ken actually.
Graduated May
23rd, 1996.
Your next graduation
was at Quantico,
April 7th, 1998.
By January 9th, 2001,
you were working
out of the LA
FBI Field Office.
You could've
been the perfect
Hills housewife.
You just wanted to save
the world, didn't you?
Who are you?
I'm sure by
now you realize
it's no coincidence
I'm sitting next to you
on this flight.
I'm here for
you, Sarah.
I'm actually doing a
little housekeeping
for Senator Johnson.
You just happen to be in
the right place at the
wrong time, or the wrong
place at the right time.
It's all relative.
I know you've spent over
15 years with the Bureau,
so you're probably using
all that special training
trying to figure out
what your next move is.
I mean, who
is this woman?
How does she know
Senator Johnson?
How does she know all
this stuff about my kid?
Why don't you just let me
put a quick end to all
that thinking that you
got going on up there,
'cause it's not
going to help you.
I need you to do
something for me, Sarah.
One single,
very simple task.
The reason you're
on this flight is
because of Senator
Johnson's upcoming trial.
The reason there
is a trial is because
an incriminating
video has surfaced.
Now, imagine
there was no video,
would there
still be a case?
I can answer
that for you. No.
No video, no case.
Hey, that's where
we come in.
By the time this plane
lands we need to ensure
there is no video,
plain and simple.
I know. I know
what you're thinking.
Why would I, FBI
Agent Sarah Plummer,
do anything this
crazy lady asks?
We've taken
your family hostage.
This is a five hour
flight, which is
coincidentally exactly
how long your family has
left to live if you don't
do this one task for me.
But if our
demands are met
by the time this plane
hits the ground,
my associate
will walk away
and you can have
your family back.
If our demands aren't
met, they'll be executed.
Ladies' choice.
Now let's just
hope that mommy's
a good
little girl.
So we'll start by you
handing over your phones.
I don't want you doing
anything naughty.
I didn't say phone,
I said phones.
Both of them.
I did my homework
on you, Sarah.
Thank you.
Now will it be
Senator Johnson,
or Ken and your
cute little kid?
How do I even know
you're telling the truth?
My family was fine
when I left them
a few hours ago.
I knew you were
going to ask that.
I'm glad we're doing
this in business class.
This would've cost me
20 bucks back in coach.
I do love
a bargain.
Oh, no.
That's enough.
What? I-I can't just
log into the server
and delete
the video.
I know, but you do
have group privilege.
You just need to log
into the interface,
then into
your credentials.
Then you'll
ask for security
redundant clearance,
which you will receive
within 15 seconds.
Then you'll enter the
acceptance code,
et voila.
From there you just
trigger a security
breach alert on
file and then you can
delete all versions,
one by one.
That won't be enough
to exonerate him.
He's out on bail.
He'd be better off
trying to flee
the country.
I mean, this whole
plan is ridiculous,
it's insane!
Shh! Shh!
That is not all
we have on him.
What about the eyewitnesses
that saw him leave
the nightclub?
What about the
scarf he left behind?
What about the cameras
that we will find that
show them driving in the
direction of the beach?
It does not start and
end with this video.
I know
there's a scarf,
and we're not saying
that he wasn't with her
at some point
during the evening.
But just because
he was with her
doesn't mean
he killed her.
That's crazy.
As for these
other cameras
that you may or
may not find...
hey, you
leave that to us.
Maybe you should
concentrate on making
sure your family makes
it out alive, hm?
You gotta love
technology, kid.
Your mom's 30,000 feet
above us and I can see
exactly where she is
at this very moment.
Now isn't
that something?
[muffled grunting]
[tape ripping]
What the hell is
going on here?
Why are you
doing this?
There's no money
in this house,
if that's what
you're after.
listen to me.
I can get you
money, though.
I'll go to the bank and
pull out whatever we have.
Not an option.
You see, I'm like the bad
version of a good cop,
I don't take bribes
while on the job.
What job? what are
you talking about?
[tape ripping]
It's all right.
Hey, how's school
going, kiddo?
The last I heard you
made the honor roll.
You know, that's
fantastic, keep it up.
Are you clueing in?
This isn't some petty
home invasion, Ken.
I'm not some south side
gang banger here to steal
your DVD players
and your Rolex.
You know, I'm actually
quite offended
that you would
think that of me.
Then what do
you want?
Tell me what
you want,
so you can leave my
son and I in peace.
What do you want?
I don't want anything
from you, Ken.
Nothing at all.
No, you see, what I want
is 30,000 feet above us
right now.
Right above Palm
Desert as we speak.
This is
about Sarah?
[ominous music]
You know
what to do.
Careful with that.
That is your
family's lifeline.
[ominous music]
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your
captain speaking.
We are experiencing some
turbulence so we ask that
you all please fasten
your seatbelts.
I will be descending
to an altitude of
25,000 feet to get out
of this rough patch,
so it should be smooth
sailing very shortly.
Oh, please store your
laptop under your seat
until the seatbelt
sign clears.
I think we'll be
fine, it's okay.
We need to
make sure we're
clearly out of this
rough patch first.
All right, thanks.
Thank you.
Guess we'll have
to do this later.
I guess so.
Hey, it's like I
said, remember?
Titanic - boom.
completely insane.
I scare myself sometimes.
You know, the
good thing is that
I get paid for
being insane
just like you get
paid for being sane.
I mean, we both have
a job to do, right?
It's not personal.
It's nothing
You're holding
my family hostage,
how is that
not personal?
That's a really
good point.
You should probably do
what I ask then, right?
Pull another stunt
like that again,
you can count
yourself dead.
Do you
understand me?
Or maybe little
Jacob here instead.
Understand that this
is a whole lot bigger
than you
and I, Ken.
I'm not here
to play games.
You're the one who
came into my house!
So, no, I am not
playing games!
You're the one who's
threatening my family.
As you can see, my words
are not mere threats, Ken.
Now we both
have a job to do.
And your job is
to do nothing.
So from here on
out, do nothing.
How about you untie
me, lose that gun,
and I'll show you
what my job is.
Senator, I really don't
know what to say.
I just spoke with the DA,
she's got it in for you.
I don't know how
you're going to
get out of
this one.
Come on, Hollister, you
can do better than that.
I've worked for you for
years, Senator, and,
quite frankly, you know
I pull miracles out
without a genie
in a bottle.
But this time I
think you're in for it.
What are we
talking about here?
Well, with the
video evidence
they know
they've got you.
There's no chance of a
hung jury and they're
gonna dot their I's
and cross their T's and
make sure they eliminate
any chance of a mistrial.
They're not even open
for a plea bargain.
They've got
you, Senator.
There's nothing
I can do.
The only thing I can
think of now is to plead
with the judge to go
light on sentencing.
You know, the fact
that the prosecution
isn't even considering
a plea deal;
that tells me they're
going for the jugular.
What if there was
no video evidence?
I told you
this already...
the FBI has already
reviewed it and they're
going to submit it to the
prosecution tomorrow.
I'll get my chance to
review it and see if
there's any angle
that we can play.
But frankly,
You're not answering
my question, Hollister.
What if there
was no video?
Well, then, Senator,
I can go back to
being your pit bull.
We'll be in touch.
Now. Now, Sarah.
[suspenseful music]
Surface area
video.. deleted.
Root level
video.. deleted.
Good girl.
Just one final
thing to check.
route verification...
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah...
did you really think
you could pull a
fast one on me?
What's it going to
take for you to realize
that I'm not
effing around?
[breathing heavily]
You know, you're
really starting to
get on my nerves.
Did you think you would
hide a video in there
and I wouldn't find it?
What is this, huh?
You don't care about
your family anymore?
You don't ever want to
make love to your husband
again or watch that
little runt play baseball,
because I can make
that all happen.
So you need to
understand that
the man who is
currently holding
your family hostage
with a big 'ole gun
was hired for a
very specific reason.
All I need to do is
type a few words
into that
chat window.
He won't hesitate
to follow my orders.
Now you type...
or I type.
Would you like
something to drink?
Water, sure.
Excuse me.
[suspenseful music]
Would you ladies like
something to drink?
Actually, I-I would love
a glass of water, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, my god.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, I am
so sorry.
I don't even know
how that happened.
Just... god.
It's fine.
It's fine.
Let me get that,
I am so sorry.
I got it,
thank you.
Are you
kidding me?
What's wrong
with you?
Here you go.
Thank you.
Get to it.
[Phones ringing,
keyboards clicking]
Okay, I did
what you asked.
Now why don't
you tell your goon
to let my
family go.
It's not as
simple as that.
What do you mean it's
not as simple as that?
We had a deal.
I did what
you asked,
now hold up to your
end of the bargain.
I fully
intend to.
Not until there's a
couple miles between us,
'cause it's a little
too cozy for my liking.
Okay, listen.
Just let Jacob go.
Okay, just let him
go, he's just a boy.
When we land, then
you can let Ken go.
Yeah? Is that
the plan now?
I make the rules.
I tell you
what to do.
And what I say right
now is that nobody
goes anywhere. Do
you understand that?
Yeah, I
understand that.
But understand this,
anything happens to my
family, and I mean
anything happens to my
family, I promise you
I will hunt you down.
Do you
understand me?
Well, you'll have to
get in line, sweetheart.
hunting me down.
How are you planning
on killing me?
I asked you, how do
you plan on killing me?
You can't just let me
walk off this plane.
It was never your
intention to let my
family go, so I'll ask
you one more time.
How do you plan
on killing me?
Nobody's killing
anybody, Sarah.
Your job was to
delete the video,
so thanks for a
job well done.
Now if you would
just shut the hell up
and quit whining for
the rest of this flight...
Yeah, yeah, definitely.
Look, here's
my views on it.
I think it's a really
fluid situation.
I think we should
take Caster
straight to deposition.
It'll slow us down, and-
Sir, you're going to want
to take a look at this.
Hold on
one second.
I think it's really
important, sir.
I suggest you
look at it now.
Marcus, hey,
give me one sec.
I'll call you
back, thank you.
What's up, Gina?
Well, you
tell me, sir.
I got a message on
the host server and
it looks like it's
from Sarah Plummer.
I sent you
an email.
Our Sarah Plummer?
This interface, it's not
meant to receive messages
but I saw
it there.
"Sarah P family help".
Sarah P fam- Why would
she send you a message?
That's the
whole point,
this isn't meant
for messaging.
It's basically a command
prompt application
but it can be
accessed remotely.
I guess she used it to
get a message across
knowing one of us here
would eventually see it.
Yeah, this is
probably a mistake.
she's on a plane
to DC right now.
Um, who else
has access to this?
Well, anyone at the tech
lab but, other than that,
only agents with
level one clearance...
which Sarah has.
All right,
Gina, I got it.
I'll take it from
here, thank you.
Gina, do me
a favor...
if you hear anything let
me know ASAP, okay?
Will do.
[suspenseful music]
Jeremy, hey. Listen,
I need a favor.
I just got a really
strange message from
Sarah Plummer about her
family being in danger.
I don't know if this
is a mistake or not,
but just to be on
the safe side, can you
go to her residence,
do a spot check for me?
Yeah. Okay,
exercise caution
and brief me when
you're done. Thank you.
How much are
they paying you?
Tell me and I'll find
a way to pay you more.
You watch too
many movies, Ken.
It doesn't
work that way.
It always boils
down to money.
You're not doing this
for free, are you?
Just tell me how much
they're paying you
and I'll pay
you double.
It's not always
about the money.
You see, if I don't
finish this job
as promised, I
might as well be
places with you.
There's no amount of
money you could possibly
offer me, so why
don't you save it.
You expecting
Why the hell is there a
man who looks like an FBI
agent standing outside
your front door?
I don't know.
You got something
to do with this.
I've got nothing
to do with this!!
I don't even know
what's going on here!
Well, you're
going to fix it,
or else he ends up
like the pool boy.
Hey, sorry about
that. Can I help you?
Hi, I'm looking for
uh, Ken Plummer.
I'm Ken.
I'm agent Franklin
with the Bureau.
Oh, hey, um, Sarah's
actually not home,
she's on a flight
out of town.
Oh, right, I'm actually
not here for her.
We got a report that
there may be some trouble
here at the home, so I
just wanted to stop by
and check
in on you.
All is fine here.
Is uh, is
Jacob home?
[ominous music]
Uh, Jacob's
actually away.
He's got a big ball
game today. Finals.
Oh, that's great.
And you're
not there?
No, I had, uh, some
important papers to file
for work.
You're, um, you're
quite the mess,
if you don't
mind me saying.
What are you
working on?
Oh, it's, uh, I was just
doing a quick workout.
A workout in
these clothes?
Yeah, yeah, I mean,
I-I just came back
from a meeting,
and uh, you know,
I just figured I'd
do it now, you know,
before jumping
in the shower.
Well, that's, uh,
that's smart thinking.
Listen, uh, just so
I make my boss happy,
would you mind if I stepped
in for a quick second
to look around, you know,
some protocol type stuff.
Hey, listen.
I-I really got to get
back to work here, bud.
I've got a ton of paper
work to take care of,
but if I hear anything,
anything wrong,
I'll definitely give you
guys a call, fair enough?
Yeah, fair enough.
I'll leave
you my card.
Your wife's my boss,
so we're all family here.
If you need anything,
anything at all,
just give
me a call.
I will, thanks
for swinging by.
All right,
thank you.
[suspenseful music]
[car starting]
[beep beep]
No, no, no, don't.
No, stop-stop-stop.
Please. Don't hit send,
please, just-
Please just- I
can- I can fix this.
I'm begging you!
Please, just please don't
let him, please don't.
Don't let him
do it, please.
No, don't, just make
it, make him stop.
Please tell him
not to do it, please,
I'm begging you, I
beg you, please, no!
Look what
you've done.
I warned you.
You just couldn't
help yourself.
try something again,
I'll make your
family even smaller.
[phone ringing]
Hey, Peterson,
it's Franklin.
I'm just leaving the
Plummer residence.
Good. All okay?
Yeah, everything
seemed to be okay.
The husband seemed
to be a bit of a mess.
I found it a little
strange but I think I was
just being
overly suspicious.
I think I just caught
him at a bad time.
Do you think it's
worth going back
for a
double check?
No, I don't
think so. I mean,
the guy's kid
isn't even home.
I'm sure if there was an
issue he would've told me.
It was just
me and him.
Okay, Thanks, Jeremy,
I appreciate it.
Oh, you're
welcome, sir.
Let me know if you
need anything else.
Yeah, you got it.
Yes, sir.
Any new messages
or anything?
No, nothing, sir.
Okay, I figured.
You know,
it's probably just a
mistake or something.
Just for protocol's
sake, can you run
a trace on that IP
address for me?
Two steps ahead of you
sir, already underway.
That's my girl,
thank you very much.
I need to use
the restroom.
It can wait.
No, it can't. I need
to use the restroom.
Don't do
anything stupid.
There's another restroom
in the back of the plane
if you like. I
think it's empty.
Oh, uh, no, that's
okay. You scared me.
I uh, I'll just
wait for this one.
Okay, I get it.
You know, in all
the years I've been
doing this, not once,
I mean, not one time
has everybody
simply listened
and done what
was asked of them.
I always have to end
up shooting somebody
and I end up completing
the job anyway,
so why get
yourself shot?
You know what I should
do is, from now on,
bring a resume and list
of references to every job.
That way, when I
tell the captives
"don't do anything stupid
and everything will be fine"
they might actually
believe me.
[phone ringing]
Male voice: How
are things looking?
Everything is back
under control, now, sir.
Back under control?
When were they
out of control?
Well, we had a small
hiccup, but I assure you
been sorted out.
What kind of
small hiccup?
Plummer managed
somehow to alert the FBI
but they're clueless
that anything's
actually happening.
Alert the FBI, are
you kidding me?
How do you know
they were alerted?
Well, an agent popped
up here out of nowhere,
but I completely
diffused the situation.
All is fine now.
You're telling me an
FBI agent showed up
at the front door and
you're still there?
You moron! Get
out of there, now.
Go to the secondary
location immediately!
From here on out,
if anything happens
you let me know right
away, do you copy?
Yes, sir.
Sorry, angry boss.
Well, folks,
looks like we're going
on a little road trip.
[suspenseful music]
Dad, dad, dad...
look, the phone.
No. no way, just
leave it alone, okay?
Let's get this
thing over with.
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
What the hell
are you doing?

Damn it, Sarah!
Sarah, get
out here.
Sarah, I don't
know what the hell
you think you're
going to do here, but-
US Air Marshal,
put your hands up,
face the ground.
Don't reach.. don't.
Michelle Taylor, FBI.
[suspenseful music]
Let me see that.
What the hell's
going on here?
That's what I'm
trying to figure out.
I think she had some
kind of psychotic break
I don't know.
She's been acting
crazy the whole flight.
She just assaulted some
guy, took his phone.
Who's phone
did she take?
That guy
right there.
Look, I wish I knew you
were on board before,
I would've come and
gotten you earlier.
That woman was
acting really strange.
Something is
definitely off.
US Air Marshal, please
come out the restroom.
Ma'am, you have
to exit the restroom
or I have to
force it open.
This is the Air
Marshal speaking,
there's an FBI
agent also present.
She's not an
FBI agent.
I'm with the Bu-
I'm with the Bureau.
Hands up,
don't resist.
What, wait, what
are you doing?
I'm with the Bureau.
What are you doing?
I'm with the FBI.
Look, my badge is in my
purse, just go get it.
Ma'am I will, but right
now for the safety
of the passengers I
need to handcuff you.
All right?
Please, you
gotta believe me.
She's already
murdered my husband.
What, do you see what
I'm talking about?
She's been doing this
for the entire flight.
Because your gun for hire
has my family hostage.
My gun for hire?
Are you kidding me?
Yes, your gun
for hire!
Ma'am, calm down.
You're starting to
scare the passengers.
She's been like this
since we took off.
seen it, right?
Look, listen to me. My
son's life is at stake.
If you would just take
a walk up the aisle,
to my seat, 3-E,
you will find my purse
and in my purse you
will find my badge,
and on that badge it
clearly states FBI,
Deputy Agent Sarah
Plummer - my name, okay?
Please, just go to my bag
and get my credentials.
It will explain everything.
Clearly she
is unstable.
We need to get this
plane on the ground.
Please, come on,
it's all I'm asking.
Just get the bag.
Can you check
her bag-
No, no, no.
Not her!
I just told you she's
not an FBI Agent.
She's responsible
for all of this,
you can't send her to get
my bag, are you nuts?
Besides myself, she's the
only one with credentials.
They're fake,
they are fake!
What do I have to say for
it to get through to you?
Calm down!
Now listen...
I could have the
stewardess bring the
bag over and we
can all look for
your FBI badge
together, okay?
Yeah, that would
be fantastic.
Will you please
bring the bag over?
Yes, right away.
Thank you.
[suspenseful music]
Here you go.
Right there, on
the inside pocket.
nothing there.
What are you
talking about, it's-
nothing there.
You took it. You
took it, didn't you?
You did.
She's got my credentials.
She has them.
Go check her bag.
Your story
is ridiculous.
But if you want,
when we land,
you can talk to
the authorities.
Just call Bureau
headquarters, please,
and just talk to
my district manager.
He'll verify
my identity.
Please, just call.
I've had
enough of this.
Would you just call
headquarters, please?
I'm not
calling anybody.
You're going to sit
quietly in the chair,
and that's
the end of it.
You can't
do this.
I just did.
Can you please
call the captain
and tell him to get
out here. We need to
land this plane,
get her off this flight.
Or I could supervise
her if you want to
go up there and
talk to the pilot.
What the hell's
going on back there?
She's completely belligerent
and delusional.
Probably on drugs or
something, who knows.
We have a federal
agent on board,
she's supervising
her right now.
What do
you suggest?
We gotta land at
the nearest airport.
She's clearly a risk
to the passengers,
I'm not taking
any chances.
Copy that.
Contact Phoenix Tower,
get a clear to land.
Copy that.
Phoenix Tower, this
is US Pacific 192,
permission to land.
Roger, 192, please stand
by for ground directives.
[beep beep]
I want all
available units
to Sarah Plummer's
residence immediately.
This is high profile,
prepare for the worst,
I want SWAthere as well.
On my way
right now.
[suspenseful music]
Please let him go so
he can get a doctor!
[phone ringing]
I need an update.
I just pulled into the
secondary location, sir.
Is he still
As long as the boy's
alive we have leverage.
Any updates
from the plane?
No, sir. I've sent her
several messages now.
It seems I've lost
complete communication
with the plane.
What do you mean you
lost communication
with the plane? How
is that even possible?
I haven't received any
response yet, sir.
We said
constant updates.
You lost communication
with the plane and you
didn't think to tell me
about it until now?
What is your level
of incompetence?
I have paid you a
lot of money for this.
get your
act together.
Yeah. No,
we're clear.
I'm waiting on Gina
to get me back.
No, I haven't
heard anything yet,
so I think we
just missed them,
but I'm going to
head back to the-
Hold on
one second...
We got a
body here!
Let's get these
vitals checked.
This is not a
hoax, people!
Get me in touch with
that airplane now.
Can I get in
there, please?
Of course.
Whoa, what's
going on?
The gag is up. FBI got
a hold of the plane,
confirmed your identity
as well as the story.
Thank god.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Let me get these
handcuffs off you.
It's for
you, ma'am.
Sarah Plummer.
Oh, Peterson.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
I saw him get
shot on camera.
Listen, we're
landing shortly,
have an agency
jet ready for me.
I'm flying back to LA
to help with the search.
Thank you.
How long did you
think your charade
was going to last?
I think the question
you should be asking is
how long is little
Jacob going to last?
Tick.. tick.. tick.
[ominous music]
Johnson's behind
the whole thing.
You warned
me about him.
[engine revving]
God, I just.. I wish
I'd been more careful.
Hey, hey, hey. Don't
beat yourself up.
There's no way
you could've
this, Sarah.
Listen, I was at
your house earlier.
There's no trace
of Ken anywhere.
He could still
be alive, Sarah.
You there?
Yes, yes,
I-I'm here.
Now listen, what's
important is that we
focus and find Ken
and Jacob, okay?
Uh, well, look,
I-I have her laptop.
She used it
to communicate
with her accomplice.
He doesn't know that
she's been captured.
We've got to
keep it that way.
No press, no
media, nothing.
Get the computer
back to the lab,
wait for him to contact
her and when he does,
have tech run a
trace on the IP.
We find him, we
find Ken and Jacob.
Yeah, it sounds
promising, Sarah.
It's a bit of a shot
in the dark, though.
What if he doesn't
contact her?
He will.
All right, I'm going to
keep it on blackout.
I tried getting a warrant
from the DA earlier.
They said it was
all hearsay and
lack of evidence so I
couldn't bring him in.
I'm on my way to
his office right now
and I'm going to
see what I can do.
The bastard won't talk,
but it's worth a shot.
Have a car pick me
up at LAX, all right?
I'll be
there myself.
I'll see you on the
ground in about an hour.
Hey, Sarah.. I'm
with you on this.
All right? Your
family's my family.
We're going to find
them if it's the
last thing we do
with this Bureau.
Thanks, John.
I'll see you
in a few.
Your name
keeps coming up
all over the
place, Senator.
This whole situation
is based around
your murder trial.
The objective of the
events taking place
are to delete the video
that the prosecution
is going to use
against you.
You know who the lead
actor in that video is?
You are.
You're going to sit
there and try to tell me
that you don't know
anything about this?
Those are unfounded accusations.
That tape hasn't been
seen in any court of law.
So how can you possibly
say that it's the Senator
on that tape?
We have nothing to
hide, Agent Peterson.
The senator is an
outstanding public
servant and his
reputation precedes him.
You're speaking to
a senator, agent.
Choose your
words wisely.
Listen, Senator.
Let's just for a
second forget about
what happened to FBI
agent Sarah Plummer.
You're talking
about a mother here,
a mother has her son's
life on the line right now.
Her husband, he
might already be dead.
Now your lawyer
here, he can say
whatever the
hell he wants.
The bottom line
is I have you on
two counts
of murder.
Don't make
it a third.
He's just a kid.
If you know anything
that could save this little
twelve year old
boy's life, Senator,
please tell me.
And by the grace of
god, you have my word
I will do my very all to
do the best I can for you
when you face
that jury.
I already told you,
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Nor do I know
what's going on.
Or who these hostage
takers are you speak of.
And if they're throwing
my name out there,
I don't know why.
That little boy, I was at
his first birthday party.
I was at his first
baseball game.
So don't you for
a second think
that I don't know
you're behind this.
And you're going
to go down.
I will personally walk
you up that staircase
to the courthouse
in handcuffs
when that day comes.
You mark my words.
[phone ringing]
I'm sorry, agent...?
Agent Peterson, I'm
really sorry about
what happened to your
partner and her family
but I don't know
anything about that.
But you can count
on one thing...
As a senator I truly
appreciate the work
that the Bureau,
and specifically
people like you,
do for this country.
And you can count on me
contacting my resources
and see if there are any
strings that I can pull
for you...
whatever I can do.
[phone ringing]
You can tell him I'll
be seeing him shortly.
[phone ringing]
You want me
to update you,
answer your damn
phone, Senator!
911, what's the nature
of your emergency?
Where do we stand?
The senator
gave us nothing,
he's denying
any involvement.
Okay, let's just
ignore him for now
and focus on
finding my family.
Any leads?
No, nothing concrete.
Franklin did recall
seeing a white cargo van
parked outside
your house earlier
so I ran an APB on it
but there's no plates.
No plates
is a lottery.
That's all right, I doubt
they're driving around.
[suspenseful music]
[engines revving]
[phone ringing]
Driver: It's HQ.
Sarah Plummer.
This is Gina
Carter at tech lab.
I may have
something here.
What do you
have, Gina?
A call came in to
local 911 dispatch
and there was no answer
so they ran the number.
It comes back to
your son's cell phone.
Local PD had been made
aware of the situation
so they immediately
forwarded the call to us.
I think your son is
trying to give us his
location 'cause he's
left the line open.
Well, a-are
you running it?
Yes, ma'am.
Running a trace
and almost there.
As long as the
line remains open,
I'll get it.
It's cellular so
it takes longer.
We have to triangulate
it off tower hits.
[keyboard clicking]
90 percent and
making progress...
You don't answer
your phone, I can't get
a hold of the plane,
I'm working blind here.
94 percent...
96 percent...
98 percent,
almost there.
[suspenseful music]
Got it. Right before
we lost communication.
They're in a warehouse at
the Port of Los Angeles
harbor, 229
Harbor Drive.
You got that?
Driver: Got it.
Let's get all
available units
to 229 Harbor Drive,
this is a code red.
[suspenseful music]
Come on.
Come on, what the hell
is going on up there?
[suspenseful music]
[police radios]

You know what?
I'm getting the
hell out of here.
You, stay there.
You come with me.
You're all the
leverage I need.
No, get your
hands off me!
What the hell
is this?
I asked you a question,
what the hell is this?
Uh, I don't know, I
guess I had it on me
the whole time.
No, you did not have it
on you the whole time.
I took it when we were
leaving the house, okay?
But it doesn't
even work.
The battery's dead,
so who cares?!
I can see that.
I guess my question
is, before it died
did you get smart and
try to call anyone?
This is the FBI, we have
the building surrounded.
There's nowhere to go,
there's nowhere to hide.
This is the
end of the line.
Let's end this peacefully.
You called
them, uhh!
[police radios]
Still don't know
how many bodies
are in that warehouse.
Where's the
damn chopper at?
I'll call it in.
I want those
thermal images now!
Eagle one,
what's your ETA?
I need eyes
in the sky.
This is Eagle one, I'm
under 20 seconds out.
I'm right around
the corner.

[helicopter whirring]
I want those thermal
images now, Eagle one.
Copy that, lining
it up right now.
[helicopter whirring]
Here you go, sir, the
feed should be up soon.
[suspenseful music]
We have three bodies
on the warehouse floor.
One is pacing,
probably the perp,
the rest now.
Hold on,
hold on.
We got one more
body here, folks.
Southwest corner
of back hallway.
I repeat,
one more body,
southwest corner,
back hallway.
Copy, Eagle one.
Let's keep this
off the airways,
we have an
agent inside.
[helicopter whirring]
[piano music]
[phone ringing]
So the campaign
is going very well.
I mean, at this rate I'm
guaranteed re-election.
Two consecutive
terms -
that would be
nice, wouldn't it?
A long way from the
governor's days.
[phone ringing]
And get this...
I'm going to be
going presidential.
You know what? I
know that you could
care less about
my campaign,
or me, for that
matter. But at the
very least you could
have some common
courtesy to acknowledge
me as a human being!
[phone ringing]
Goddamn it!
[phone ringing]
[phone smashes]
It ends here.
It's okay, baby.
There's nothing
this gentleman
can do to you now.
So he's just going
to very slowly
put down his gun
and surrender.
No way in
hell, lady.
This looks like a
standoff to me.
If I'm not mistaken,
we both have guns
pointed at
each other
so that puts us on
an even playing field.
Not quite.
Right now it's you
and a gun on that side
and it's me and a
gun on this side,
but I also have a whole
brigade of federal agents
and a SWAteam outside.
And, boy oh boy, do
they have a lot of guns.
What's your name?
My name's Sarah.
You probably
know that already.
Why don't you just
give me your name?
We can talk to each
other like human beings.
Like you give a
crap what my name is.
You think I don't know
what you're trying to do?
Build a rapport with
the perpetrator first.
Then when he
feels comfortable
and we
become friends,
people he can trust
will ask him to
hand over the weapon
to the only friend
he has left in this
harrowing moment.
Well, guess what? I'm
not one for friendship.
Especially not
with an FBI agent.
You got it all wrong.
Right now I'm
not an FBI agent.
Right now I am a mother
and that is all I am.
And that's my little
boy behind me.
And I will do
whatever I need to
in order to protect him.
Do you understand that?
Now, unlike your
accomplice you seem to be
a rational person, so I'm
sure you can understand
my position here.
Like you, I'm just trying
to protect my interests...
and my interests,
my only interests,
are right behind me.
Your interests, however,
are in the wind.
Your operation's
a bust.
Your partner's
under arrest.
The man who hired you
is going to be in prison
for the rest
of his life.
So it would appear to
me the only thing left
that you have to
protect is your life...
your own life.
You and I both know
there's only two ways
you can leave this
place. What do you say
you protect your
interests too?
Put down the gun.
You know, you
make a good point.
My life is all I have
left to protect, but
there's no way in hell
that I'm going to spend
the rest of my life in
a federal penitentiary.
So you bet I'm going to
protect my interests.
[gun clicks]
So whose bullet
is it going to be,
yours or theirs?
You made it very
clear to me
you don't want to
leave this place alive.
So, whose bullet
is it going to be?
Yours or theirs?
I purposely had them
wait outside because
I thought you
were a sensible man.
I thought we could
use reason to end this.
But if you pull
that trigger,
there is nothing I
can do to stop them.
You know what
will happen.
People will come crashing
through those windows,
bullets will
go flying...
hell, bombs
may even go off.
Bombs may
even go off.
That's the code,
we're a go.
[suspenseful music]
What's it
going to be?
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[helicopter whirring]
Oh, baby! Ohh.
It's okay,
you're safe now.
Call an ambulance!
News Reporter:
Today at City Hall
is the sentencing
for former senator
Fredrick Johnson.
Johnson was immediately
relieved from his duty
as senator the moment
a guilty verdict landed
for one charge
of murder,
one charge of
attempted murder,
as well as multiple
terror related charges.
With a guilty
verdict on all charges,
rumors are that the judge
presiding over this case
will give him the
maximum sentence
of life in prison with
no chance of parole.
While one suspect
was killed during the
now infamous plot
which involved taking
FBI Deputy Agent Sarah
Plummer's husband and son
captive as well as taking
Sarah Plummer herself
hostage on a plane,
the second perpetrator,
Rosalyn Perkins, was
apprehended and similarly
received a guilty
verdict on all charges.
She is also facing life
in prison with no chance
of parole, which is the
sentence expected to be
handed down by the-
[audio fades]