Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal (2001) Movie Script

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fans: Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven! Craven!
[Fans shouting]
Stop the horror! Stop!
Craven! Craven! Craven!
This is good. Oh, yeah.
Right over here. Mike.
Thank you.
After months of
negotiations with the faa,
Internet broadcaster z web TV
has finally been given
the go-ahead
for a live broadcast
of megastar slade craven's
farewell concert
from a 747 traveling
from L.A. to Toronto.
The death rocker's last concert
has been the source
of much controversy.
In the wake of the columbine,
and jonesboro tragedies,
the message of violence
and death in craven's music
does not sit well
with the conservative right
or religious groups.
Good for me.
Why don't you
grab some b-reel,
and then I'll get
right back to you.
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
All right, boys.
Let's do the hustle.
Man, I hate this part.
Aw, come on, damen.
You'll miss it when it's gone.
Thanks for the panties!
I love you!
Fans: Craven!
Craven! Craven!
You know what?
I should be up there.
Tom, I gotta go.
No, seriously.
What is Ethan doin' up there?
He doesn't even like slade.
I'm the biggest
craven fan there is,
and... but no, no, no.
Ben, you can't fly, remember?
What do you mean, I can't fly?
You can't fly.
Look, I got a few
nosebleeds. Big deal.
That's got nothin' to do...
I'm countin' 'em in.
That's me, you know?
I've been his fan since,
like, puke hard,
back in the eighties.
8, 7, 6...
put some kleenex up my nose.
5, 4...
Did you just do the count?
Voice: 3, 2, 1, go.
Right now I'm boarding
z web TV's specially designed,
absolutely radical
747 flying music station.
We've reconfigured the plane
just so we can bring you
slade craven's final concert.
Behind this curtain
is the stage,
and believe me,
it's like no airplane
you've ever seen.
40 lucky winners of the
craven's last shot contest
will join craven and his
band for this smokin' party.
The first live,
completely interactive,
real-time Internet
broadcast in history.
Follow me.
This plane is wired.
We've mounted tiny spy cams
all over the plane
so we can give you
the action on the stage,
in the fans' seating area,
or wherever it's happening,
and you don't
want to miss a minute.
So stay online, call
your friends or e-mail 'em.
We're lookin' for 10 million
craven fans tonight.
That was good.
I have director stopnow
from the federal aviation
authority headquarters
in San Diego standing by
to answer some questions
about craven's
airborne concert.
Mr. stopnow,
the public wants to know
why the faa approved
such a controversial flight.
We've been assured that
all faa safety regulations
will be followed,
so there was no reason
to deny the request.
And can you comment
on the rumors
that threats have been
made against the faa
if the concert doesn't happen?
Stopnow: Absolutely not.
There haven't been any threats,
and I would appreciate it
if people didn't exaggerate
the controversy
over this flight.
I'm sorry, but that's
all the time I have.
So, as you can see,
the faa officially
denies the threats,
even though reliable sources
have given us
a very different story.
Now let's go back
to the newsroom.
We've got some
expected turbulence
at flight level
We'll stay below it if we can.
You log many hours on 747s?
The last couple of years,
I got 1200 hours under my belt.
Before that, I flew choppers
in the military.
Well, we'll be in good hands
should we start
spinnin' around.
So what do you think
of this guy's music?
I listened for about 10 seconds
and got a headache.
I kind of like it.
It makes me think of 'nam.
It never stops.
Barrett: Kate finally
has somethin'
on that hacker.
She's not lettin' this one go.
Bad case of
obsessive compulsive disorder.
Heh heh!
Garner: What's up?
Fat lady's singing.
This new program picked him up
as soon as he was hot.
Same pattern.
He's covering his tracks
by routing through
these dormant websites.
Garner: Well,
who's the target?
Kate: I don't know yet.
Barrett, why don't you
log onto the site
while he's up, see if
we can't get a trace?
We got a bite.
Barrett: He lives
in those brand new condos.
Pretty fancy digs.
740 east 9th street.
Let's take this
mother hacker down.
No. We'll have field ops
handle it tomorrow.
It's not our job.
You're kidding.
Your shift's over, Kate.
Good work.
Good night.
[Music playing]
All right.
Craven's on.
Hacking's off.
[Music playing]
As I glare at
my shiny blade
does it love me?
will it share my pain?
I am the razor
tear your skin
I am trick metal
scream in pain
now you're staring
right back at me
and it's Scarlet
all that it seems
no, I can't stop
looking for my Paris,
the one with
the silver scare
I am the razor
tear your skin
I am trick metal
scream in pain
I am the razor
tear your skin
[music playing]
Yeah, man. You're on.
And then I, like, totally
ran down the fire escape.
[Electronic sweep]
I'm surprised they don't
bring out the rubber gloves.
Come on, man.
What's wrong with these, huh?
I saw him at
the staples center.
He's twisted, man.
Oh, I cannot believe
we are actually
going to see him live.
Oh, I know.
This is so wild.
Have you seen him live before?
No. I'm freakin' out.
Have you seen that
video with the dog?
The dog. Oh, my God.
2 years.
2 years I have been
sitting on my ass,
chasing this guy...
And here he is,
and he's giving him
to the field jocks.
Barrett: We track 'em,
they bring 'em in.
Screw you.
Kate, if you move now,
you're gonna screw yourself up.
You know that.
I'm tellin' you as a friend,
let it go, ok?
You heard Frank.
Your shift is over.
Go home.
I'll watch things tonight.
Good night.
Barrett: Go home, Kate.
Nick: Ok, crack.
Let's see how good
their firewalls are.
[Dials telephone number]
Gino: Village pizza.
Hey, gino. It's Nick.
Gino: Hey, Nick.
How you doin'?
Large 23, right?
Nick: You got it.
Be there in about 15.
Nick: Thanks a lot.
Coat off, please.
[Electronic sweep]
What's that mean?
Sign of the devil.
I had to ask.
Lift your pant legs, please.
You know, you have
the most beautiful eyes.
Aren't you the charmer?
Lift your pant legs, please.
I'm not gonna ask you
what that's about, am I?
It's part of the job.
Gotta give the people
what they want.
Can I go now?
Nick: Just switch the feeds,
and I'll have all
the cameras on the plane.
Ok. Don't forget
their close-ups.
I want to see their faces
when craven comes in.
Hold on.
They're buzzing me.
He's coming.
I think craven's coming.
Wow. That's just about
the scariest lot
I've ever laid eyes on.
Well, let's get
this pre-flight done,
and then we can
stick in our earplugs.
Ha ha ha!
Erica: He's risen
from his crypt
and is coming
to claim your souls.
Are you sure
you're up for the ride?
[Fans shout]
Well, then, let's party.
[Fans shouting]
Erica: Slade. Slade.
Oh, my God.
Did you see that?
He is such a babe.
I love him.
You can't cut in the middle...
Mandy: Benny?
What now?
Oh, how the hell should I know?
Ok, ok, ok.
Roll another video
while I sort this out.
Erica, who put the bug
up craven's ass?
Relax, Benny.
It's just his
bad boy of rock schtick.
You take care of net traffic.
I'll take care of my end, ok?
Ok. Yeah. I'll relax.
I'm relaxed... Bitch.
Ok. Well, the website hits
are comin' in hot and heavy,
so you just keep stirrin'
the pot, sweetheart.
Yeah. 'Cause
you're number one.
Nick: Come on, baby.
Fan: Oh, baby!
[Man laughs]
Nick: Into
their mainframe.
You guys better make sure
you behave yourselves,
otherwise, I'll have to
tell the captain.
We always behave ourselves.
Right, guys?
Oh, yeah. You know,
well, except for craven.
His mind is controlled
by the devil.
Ain't easy
bein' the antichrist.
All those pentangles
and human sacrifices.
Human sacrifice?
Do you mind?
I'm eating.
Traffic controller:
Trans con 619,
good evening.
3275 lax to departure,
push back at own discretion.
Contact ground 121.
Decimal 75.
3275 lax to departure 619.
All clear my side.
All clear on the right.
Ready for pushback.
Engines start.
Ready for taxi.
Checklist, please.
Flaps to 10.
Speedbreak armed.
Stabilizers and trims set.
Overhead panel set.
Front instruments set.
Crosscheck. Ready
for takeoff checks.
Karen: The floor lighting
will automatically light up
in the case of an emergency.
Please follow the lighting
to the nearest exits.
Craven. Craven.
All fans: Craven!
Craven! Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven! Craven!
Karen: Excuse me.
This is my seat.
Fans: Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven! Craven!
[Classical music playing]
All right, boys.
Show time.
Let's do the hustle.
Let's go, kids.
It's party time.
Tor: All right. It's time
to screw with the masses.
Damen: Come on, shred,
you derelict.
Let's go screw with the masses.
Hello? Hang on.
Gentlemen. Gentlemen!
You can't do that.
Yes, captain.
The band members have
just left their seats
and are headed for the stage.
Mary, we can't
leave the cockpit yet.
You'll have to handle it, ok?
Mary: Ok. Yes, sir.
I knew we were gonna
have trouble on this one.
Where do we hit that bad stuff?
100 Miles west of Santa Fe.
Gonna be bumpy.
Well, that should put a lid
on those whackos back there
for a little while.
Ha ha ha ha!
[Telephone beeps]
What? They can't.
We're still climbing.
Come on, Ethan.
We're going live.
You never know
what's going to happen
with slade craven on board.
He's just taken the stage
and is going to
start his first set...
yeah! Craven's on stage!
Let's go!
Erica: Let's go. Let's go.
[Fans shouting]
Karen: Everyone, I need you
to take your seats, please.
The captain hasn't turned
the seat belt sign off yet.
Hey, are you guys excited?
Oh, my God.
This is so cool.
Hey, everybody
out there! Whoo!
I feel like
we're in the movies,
and we don't know
what's gonna happen next.
You know, some people say
craven's music is too violent.
What do you guys think?
It makes me so hot.
I love it.
Erica: All right.
And what do you think?
Well, I guess if
you take it literally,
it might seem violent,
but it's a show,
and he's an artist,
and it isn't meant
to be taken seriously.
Thank you. We'll
get back to you later.
Ethan! The camera
stays on me.
Don't do that again.
We go on 3.
Let's go.
And what's the prince
of darkness up to
behind this curtain?
Planning his next
ritual sacrifice?
Conjuring up dark forces?
Well, I'm sure we'll see
soon enough.
Fan: Come on! Come on!
[Music playing]
[Fans screaming]
Erica: It's like nothing
you have ever seen before,
as we climb into
the belly of the beast
and wait for the arrival
of the self-proclaimed
dark angel, slade craven!
There's a chill on my spine
I got a feeling divine
I crave chaos and control
just shoot me, baby
she'll suck
the life from me
poor angel, squeeze
the blood from your veins
she's my little steel angel
in a dirty magazine
she's got an itch
in my addiction
and makin' me insane
she's got
a whole lot of lovin'
to make you scream
gun love
gun love
gun love
just shoot me, baby
give me your gun
please, give me your gun
there's no need to fight
just want to murder light
oh, my God.
He's coming over here.
He's coming.
She's the maiden of death
she's just
a hell of a whore
she'll kiss me, and then
she'll beg for more
she's got an itch
in my addiction
and makin' me insane
she's got
a whole lot of lovin'
to make you scream...
Oh, my God! Oh!
Gun love
call the murderer insane
gun love
I love this killing machine
gun love
I love the power to control
I'll protect you all
gun love
just shoot me, baby
just shoot me, baby
I'll kill you all.
My pretty little angel
don't you scat away
I'll pump you full
of my love, baby
and bring you ecstasy
see you in pain
just shoot me, baby
just shoot me, baby
just shoot me, baby
just shoot me, baby
just shoot me, baby
gun love
call the murderer insane
gun love
I love this killing machine
gun love
I love the power to control
I'll protect you all
gun love
just shoot me, baby
just shoot me, baby
gun love
just shoot me, baby
gun love
just shoot me, baby
gun love!
craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
[Fans shouting]
Screw your miserable souls.
The twisted mind
of slade craven
has once more drawn us
into his dark, violent world.
What's the next unspeakable act
in store for
his innocent victims?
Rock 'n roll!
[Fans scream]
It's getting rough up here.
Craven's worldwide
number one hit,
razor electric, is up next,
so tell your friends
to get online.
Here's the video that
sparked all the controversy.
[Music playing]
What's she doing?
Should I buzz her?
Where the hell
did that come from?
We must be pickin' up
the edge of the storm.
We've got at least 30 minutes.
[Music playing]
Hey, Benny. What's up?
What's up?
Well, what's up is
that we should have been
into the second song by now,
so I don't know,
maybe we should get
the show on the road, ok?
Where's craven?
How the hell should I know?
He just bolted from the stage.
It's not like I'm
gonna go chasing him
all over the plane.
No, of course not. No.
No. You couldn't possibly
do your job, could you?
Oh, God. I would
just love to...
What are you lookin' at?
Um, I don't feel so good.
I have to use the bathroom.
Are you all right?
You sure?
Yeah. I'm fine.
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
Mandy: I'm fine, Benny.
You sure?
Mandy: Yeah.
Is it like
a woman's thing, or what?
Benny, I'll be right back.
Well, hurry back, all right?
Hey, you're not upset
about what I said
about Erica, are ya?
'Cause, I mean, I think
she's super-talented.
Was that for real?
What can I do for you?
[Doorbell buzzing]
Kate: Large 23.
Yeah, come on in!
Yeah, the money's over
there on the table.
Just keep the change.
Kate: Wow, that's quite
a setup you've got there.
Yeah. Well, thanks.
You're the new delivery girl?
What is that?
Slade craven's doing
his final concert
in flight, and I have
access to all...
you hacked into the mainframe?
You into computers?
You could get your ass
busted for this.
Yeah, well, that's
not gonna happen.
Oh, yeah, why?
Because someone
would have to be
smarter than me,
and that's not possible.
I guess someone was
smarter than you.
FBI stand up,
turn around, put your
hands on your desk.
You wanna tell me
what this is about?
Ow! Hey!
Right hand.
Ok, sit down.
That is real.
I think somebody just
got whacked on here.
Well, that guy's famous
for staging murders
during his concerts.
No, this was
a hidden camera, ok?
If he's gonna whack somebody
he's gonna do it on stage
in front of an audience,
otherwise what's the point?
Hey, you at least
gotta call your people
or something, don't you?
Check it out?
Look, so what now?
I am the razor
Erica, the video
is almost over,
and we are losing viewers.
Damn it. We have to
get craven
back on stage.
So how'd you track me down?
Well, Mr. Attila the hun
of the Internet,
where would you
like me to begin?
The cable system job
you did 2 years ago?
Around the time you disrupted
the governor's first
web broadcast.
Do you remember when
the power lines went down
across half the grids
in the pacific northwest?
So that was you on my ass
the entire time, huh?
And now it all makes sense.
Oh, about those power grids...
They were gonna
raise the rates.
I convinced them not to.
The end justifies the means.
Yeah, something like that.
So you still haven't told me
how you tracked me down.
Well, I hacked into...
oh! Oh, you hacked
into... Ha ha!
Ok. Well...
I guess you and I
are a lot alike.
Give me a break.
No, seriously, I mean it.
The only real difference is
that you protect the system
and I protect the people.
Would you please be quiet?
You're distracting me.
Oh. Well...
I can appreciate
your frustration,
but we've got some
serious business
to attend to here.
So, you must really
love your job.
After a while
it gets kind of lame.
So what do you do
when you're not
attending airborne
rock concerts?
Actually, I'm studying
to be a broadcast journalist.
Uh, like her.
Uh, yeah. I wouldn't
call that journalism.
Heh heh!
I'm going to be
a news reporter.
Uh, look, I gotta go.
Um, I'll talk to you later.
I want you to get
craven out here now!
Uh, Mr. craven?
What do you want?
Uh, your second song
was supposed to begin
about 10 minutes ago.
We were just wondering, uh...
I'll be there when I'm ready.
Whenever you're
ready... Sir.
4 years of film school
for this.
He says he'll come out
when he's ready.
Erica: Damn,
we're losing viewers!
Benny: Yeah,
bring it on,
bring it on, baby.
Ok, that's one
the double mocha cappuccino?
The skinny? This is
the skinny, right?
Great. Ok,
thanks, brother.
Mmm! Uh-uh!
This one's yours.
Oh, great, great.
Ok, ok, ok, um...
Ok, um, uh,
go to gun love, gun love.
Yeah, again.
Because, you see,
the world is paying
10 bucks to watch craven
and not a bunch of weirdos
waiting for him to show up.
Well, how about getting
Erica on to hype things?
Right. I'll cue it up.
Huh! Does that look
like a setup to you?
You sure do have
good timing, detective.
So, do you believe me now?
Jim, you might want
to take a look back there,
see what's going on before
we hit the bad weather.
Right. Make sure
the inmates
aren't running the asylum, hmm?
I'll hold down the fort.
Excuse me, please,
I need to get...
are you listening?
Excuse me, buddy.
That'll do, pal, that'll do.
Excuse me.
I'll go up top.
I can't believe this.
Did you see this?
Were you watching that?
Get your camera.
Come on!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Craven! Craven!
Woman: Woo-hoo!
What's up, slade?
It's time for the words, man.
Words mean nothing.
This means something.
What's he doing now?
Oh, boy...
It's the same gun.
Hey, what's with slade?
Craven! Craven!
Who's next?
Is it you?
Nick: Something's
not right.
Heh heh heh!
Maybe it's you.
Aah! Yeah!
I've got an itch to scratch.
Who will be my next sacrifice?
Me, me, me!
We have a visitor.
The intrepid captain is here
to see that we behave
Isn't that right, captain?
You're going too far.
No one
touches me. Ever
it's a blank.
I didn't know
the pilot was in on it.
Who cares?
This is great!
Ho ho ho ho!
Oh, my God!
Look at the number
of hits we're getting.
Like, are you prepared to die?
'Cause, like, it's fun
when the bullets aren't real.
[Gun cocks]
But what if they were?
You're scared, aren't ya?
What's it like
to experience real terror?
You're so young and so pretty.
You don't deserve to die.
Let's kill someone
who's already lived
a long and boring
life. Ok?
Now the party gets real.
Jeez, come on,
this is ridiculous.
Fan: You're
nuts, man.
He's dead!
He's dead! You killed him,
you son of a...
Oh, my God.
[Dialing cell phone]
Yeah, I think maybe
it's time to call your people.
You! Keep the camera
rolling on me!
What's the matter?
Aren't we having fun anymore?
[Cell phone rings]
Garner here.
Kate: Frank?
I'm with specter.
I busted specter.
You what?
Before you begin the lecturing,
I need you to get Barrett
to log on to the z web TV site.
There's a concert on a plane.
What plane?
I would get Barrett
if I were you, sir.
Well, what the hell
are you talking about?
I believe a pilot
has been shot.
Wait a minute.
You decided
to go against my orders
and bust this guy on your own,
and now you're tying
to convince me
there's some sort of
plot on an airplane?
Z web TV
live broadcast, sir.
Kate? Kate!
Shall we play a game?
But I thought you liked games,
especially the ones
where people get killed.
Isn't that why you're all here?
Well, the name of the game
"is who dies next?"
Garner: Is this guy
for real?
He's known for his
bloody, theatrical stage shows.
Very controversial.
Slade: Who's next?
Who's my next sacrifice?
Is it you?
[Man mumbles]
Catch a...
please, no!
You keep the camera on me
if you want to live!
We don't want my public
to miss a second of this.
Do we, Erica?
Why are you doing this, man?
Because everyone is watching.
Now you move!
Anybody else wanna try
being a hero?
I didn't this so.
Something's not right.
I should've had him.
Damn it!
What are we gonna do now?
I'll... I'll figure
out something.
Don't do anything stupid.
He'll kill you.
Come here.
I have something
I need to discuss
with your viewers.
Could we get
a close-up?
Ok, ok, kill the feed.
Kill the feed,
kill the feed, kill the feed.
What's happening?
Erica: Ethan,
where's the feed?
They cut us off.
Benny, get us back on line!
What the...
Uh, yeah, hello.
I need to,
uh... Ahem!
I need to speak to the FBI
I... I think.
Y-y-yes, no,
yeah, I'm serious.
Uh, well, we've got
a situation here.
W-w-we're part
of a web TV show
a-a-and we're...
we're shooting a...
do you know who craven is?
Slade craven?
Well, if you uncuff me,
I can get the feed back.
Thank you very much.
Aren't you rough and tough?
[Cell phone rings]
Yeah, Agnes, we were
just watching it
before it cut out.
Benny? All right,
let him know
that we're on the way.
Let's go.
Who the hell is Benny?
A very nervous
Internet broadcaster.
You better find out
where that plane is.
Yeah, I'm on it.
So what do we do now?
Does anybody have any ideas?
How about you, Erica?
Agnes, this is Barrett.
Frank and I are on our way
to z web TV.
Is that
the f.A.A.?
Always an emergency
just before dinner.
Agent garner here.
Mr. garner,
we haven't been able
to establish contact
with flight 619.
We believe their
communications system
has been disabled.
Clearly these people
do not want to negotiate.
Ok, uh, get me everything
you know on that plane.
If there's a change
in course, speed,
anything at all.
I have no idea
what the hijacker wants,
so I need the information.
Yes, sir. We'll call
with any news.
All right.
Keep me updated.
Slade: You know what
the most exciting
thing is for me?
I think that's why
I'm so popular.
Because I figured out
that everybody loves
that feeling.
No one ever knows what
I'm going to do next.
One moment I can be...
Soft and sweet,
and the next I can do
something as ugly as...
Kill my best friend.
But you see, that's only
if I feel like it.
And right now, I don't.
You know what I mean?
Here goes.
Ah, there? You get much
better reception
with the direct satellite feed.
Why do you think
he's doing this?
You know, when he came
back out on stage, I...
My first instinct was that...
Who is this guy? I mean,
he was walking
completely different,
he was acting
completely different.
I'm just not sure it's him.
Let me... let me
check something.
All right, there's
the passenger manifest.
Can you crosscheck that
with the bureau's databank?
You need my help?
Yes, miss FBI,
I need your help.
Ahem. My name is
Kate Hayden,
and I'm a Ms.
You sure are.
Did you get through to Kate?
Can't get a signal.
Government issued phone.
Come on, work!
I think it's just ahead.
[Tires squeal]
[Dialing cell phone]
Kate? It's Frank.
We're just arriving
at z web TV.
Tell me what you know.
Frank: Uh-huh. Yeah.
Your hacker has
a direct feed
into the broadcast?
Ok, stay put and
I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.
Slade: The clock
is ticking.
Your time's almost up, Benny.
Do you want me to scatter
her brains all over this plane?
What are we waiting for, Benny,
the authorities to tell you
what to do?
Tell them to call
the f.A.A. In San Diego,
and they'll find out
what makes me tick.
And you make it quick.
I want them to get
that message.
Get the tower evacuated
right away.
Agnes, patch me through
to the f.A.A., San Diego.
Stopnow here.
Mr. stopnow, f.B.I
special agent Barrett calling.
We have reason to believe
that your tower is in danger.
You must evacuate immediately.
There's nothing unusual
happening here, sir.
Everybody, out!
The line just went dead.
But I heard the sound
of an explosion
just before it cut off.
Means he's got
accomplices on the ground.
Are you Benny?
Get back on line right now.
Ok, ok, get on line.
I thought that would be
your response.
Transcon 619,
request immediate status
Repeat, request immediate
status update, over.
Transcon 619,
this is Kansas City
air traffic control.
You're entering our...
any idea what he's after?
Me? I...
No, no, nothing.
I mean other than,
you know, keeping himself
on the air so the whole
world can watch him.
What do you know about him?
Uh, uh, well...
About as much as anybody else.
He... he's rich,
he's famous,
he's... he's very,
very private.
All right, see if
a background check
comes up with anything.
We have a match.
His name is Simon flanders.
Yeah, I saw that guy
on the plane earlier.
Let me rewind this.
I don't see him anywhere.
Do you have a voice
analysis program?
Yeah, it's in
the, uh, "x" file.
Heh! Of course it is.
Ok, bring up the first song.
and making me insane
she's got a whole
lot of lovin'...
and the suspect's voice.
Damn rewind.
There we go.
Words mean nothing.
This means something.
Who's next?
Two completely
different voices.
[Puffs] Then where's craven?
Kate: Ok,
Simon flanders.
He's linked to a group
of devil worshippers.
Nick: Oh, great.
They see themselves
as the vanguard
of the anti-Christ.
They believe they're gonna
rule the next millennium.
Hmm. Sounds like
my neighbor Daphne.
They've been implicated
in arson, violence...
What do they call themselves?
Guardians of the gateway.
Oh, that's catchy.
We have to get these people
back to their seats.
Shut up! Unless you want
to join the captain
in LA-LA land!
[Sinister music
plays on web site]
Kate: "Daughter
of the gateway,
the one that shall lead
the 10 million."
What does this have to do
with what's happening
on the plane?
Satanic mumbo-jumbo.
The stull prophecy.
"Cataclysm of fire,
"death of the false prophet,
release the dark angel."
It seems pretty real to me.
Let's get to work.
Come on.
They're heading northeast
towards Kansas City.
Still no word why they deviated
from the normal flight path.
Barrett: Hold on.
They can't seem to get
in touch with the cockpit.
All right, keep trying.
Tell them to keep us informed.
I need to talk to this,
uh, slade craven.
Can you make that happen?
Benny: Yeah, just
pick up a headset.
Erica, I have the FBI here,
and they, uh, want
to talk to craven.
Ok, Benny,
they want to talk to you.
Who wants to talk to me?
On p.A.: Slade craven,
this is Frank garner
of the FBI.
Mr. garner
from the FBI,
what a pleasure.
I didn't know I had
fans in the bureau.
Look, you're back online now.
Let's talk.
But first you've
got to let the woman go.
You got no reason
to harm her now.
Mr. garner, I don't think
you have any idea
what my reasons are, do you?
No, I don't,
but that's what
we'll talk about,
but I think it would be
a good idea if you let her go
and it's just you and me.
Mr. garner, I'd just
feel far too lonely
without my arms around
a beautiful woman.
She's so beautiful.
Wouldn't you agree?
Yes. Yes,
she's very beautiful.
I, um, understand
what you're saying, slade,
but it makes it very hard
for us to talk.
"Cataclysm of fire"...
does that sound anything
like a plane crash to you?
It could be.
[Heavy metal music plays]
Where's the plane now?
Over eastern Kansas.
Kansas, huh?
Oh ho.
Guess what stull is?
It's a very small town
in eastern Kansas
with a church with a very
interesting history.
Look at this.
A church in Kansas
is the seventh gateway to hell?
"Even the pope in his visit
to Colorado in 1996
"would not fly over
eastern Kansas. It's reputed
to be one of the unholiest
places in the world."
They're gonna crash
the plane into a church?
Release the dark angel.
This is getting weirder.
So what is it you want, slade?
A world without the hypocrisy
that's been afflicted upon us
from the time we were born.
What kind of hypocrisy?
Well, why should I tell you?
I want to understand.
Look at the numbers.
This is amazing, Ben.
They're increasing
by 10,000 a minute.
Yay, we're a hit.
...And I really don't think
you're in a position
to force me.
Do you understand me?
Houston, we got a problem.
There's a lunatic on the plane.
Who is this?
Where is that transmission
coming from?
It's coming from...
From, uh...
Right. Uh, it's...
it's coming from
the communications
center on the plane.
Craven: Hello? You there?
All right. Cut him off.
Oh, and then... sorry.
Can you patch me
into the plane?
Uh, yeah. Yeah,
just talk into that mic
and push that red button.
Garner: Who is this?
This is slade, man.
He's alive.
Craven's alive.
All right, uh, hold on.
I'll be right back to you.
Ok, put me back on with...
Benny: Ok. Ok.
Go ahead.
Now were you referring
to religion, slade?
Religion, the church,
the state...
whatever you want to call it.
It's the words we all
use to hide behind.
Hide from what?
The truth...
the real truth.
Ok, I'll have to get back
to you in a moment.
Cut him off again.
Put him back on.
Now how do I know you're
the real slade craven?
Excuse me?
I didn't catch your name.
This is Frank garner,
FBI field operative-in-charge.
Last year I paid $4,200,057
in income tax.
I remember, 'cause it hurt.
You check it out.
Check it.
[Cell phone dialing]
Agnes, Barrett here.
Pull up last year's
IRS return for slade craven.
Yeah, uh-huh. Slade craven.
Yeah, I'll wait.
All right, Mr. craven,
I want you to sit tight
and we'll get back to you
as soon as we can.
I don't think so.
We have a dangerous
situation on board.
I don't want you
getting involved.
Now, do you understand?
I'm sorry, Mr. garner,
y-y-you're breaking up.
I can't hear
a word you're saying.
I wonder why
they didn't kill him.
I don't know,
but I like his style.
Ok, craven, let's find out
exactly where you are.
It checks out.
4 million, 200...
should have stuck
to the clarinet.
All right.
Put him back online.
Benny: Ok, superman.
Right there.
All right, slade.
You talked about truth.
Let's do that.
Let's cut to the chase.
You tell me right now
what is it that you want.
I want you to die.
Ok. We'll write that down.
What else?
Time, Mr. garner.
How much time?
Well, actually,
now that I think about it,
I don't need anything from you.
Look, slade,
just stare into the eyes
of the people around you.
They're scared.
Now, nobody wants to harm you.
Who's this?
Hey, this is Nick.
Dude, you have no idea.
I'm such a big fan of yours.
It's... this is amazing.
How the hell did you find me?
Oh, uh, I hacked... I...
um... The z web TV
I've, uh,
I've been monitoring
your broadcast
since you took off.
He hacked into
the satellite feed.
Slade: Who's that?
Special agent Kate Hayden.
Slade: Special what?
Uh, she's just
a special friend.
Uh, dude, you just have no idea
h-how amazing it is
to be, you know,
just talking to you like this.
I mean, you're, like,
you're the dude...
Or chick or whatever you are,
but you are it, man.
Slade: Thanks, man.
I didn't think
I had any fans left.
What did you say you were?
You say you're a hacker?
Uh, no, no, no.
I didn't say that.
It's just... she said
I'm a slacker...
Or something.
Garner: Slade,
I have a suggestion.
Simon: What do you want?
To play a game?
We'll land the plane,
and everybody
will get to go home, ok?
Oh, my God.
That's that guy.
Man: I knew
it wasn't slade.
It's him.
All right. All right,
they got him!
Get him! Get him!
Get him!
Woman: Good.
She's got the gun.
Oh, my God!
Man: What happened?!
Second man:
She shot damen!
Slade: Damen.
I can't just sit here.
Oh, my...
We don't negotiate.
Cut the feed again
and everyone dies.
Into the back of the plane.
I don't want anyone
to get any hero ideas.
To the back of the plane,
all of you!
Except you.
We need to stay in touch
with our fans around the world.
It pays to have friends
in high places, Mr. garner.
Now that we have
our 10 million followers
thanks to your stupid
little morality show,
we move closer to our goal.
One that shall lead 10 million.
This woman organized
the whole thing.
Nick: Daughter
of the gateway...
oh, boy. Helter skelter
live on the net.
It's time to end the reign
of your false prophet.
Bring him here.
Oh, my God.
They're gonna execute craven.
Death of the false prophet.
Oh, uh, slade?
Your evil twin
is coming toward you.
We need to
figure something out.
Now we get to play.
Their plan is to kill craven.
I think it's our only chance.
We have direct contact
with him, Frank.
Let me get this straight, Kate.
You want the hacker
you want to arrest
to virtually guide
the rock star through the plane
so that he could overpower
the armed satanic hijackers.
Kate: Yeah,
I know it sounds crazy.
Do you have
a better suggestion?
Craven and the mad hacker
have developed...
A bond.
Oh, a bond. Of course.
Well, why didn't you
tell me that sooner?
It's time to change course now.
Are you ready?
The great slade craven...
How the mighty have fallen.
Not so powerful without all
your fans to hold you up.
You look better with the wig.
I wish you were there
to see the look
in their eyes, craven.
Today the world saw that
violence can inspire.
Millions of...
yeah, I know my own lyrics.
Get over it.
You really take
all that crap seriously?
I believe you know
the answer to that question.
I thought so.
Craven: Damn!
Nick, I hope
you're taping this.
[Opera music plays]
You're a lucky man, Ethan.
You're going to witness
the event
that'll change civilization.
You're sick.
You think?
[Music continues]
[Alarm beeping]
Put your heads
between your knees.
Keep your heads down.
[Screaming and crying]
Look who's just
walked on stage.
Nick: Erica's on her way
toward you with a gun.
Look, you gotta do something.
What's your plan?
I have no idea.
Improvise, I guess.
Benny: Oh, my God.
It's ok.
It's just a storm.
It's just a storm.
To better days.
Let's do the hustle.
Nick, I'm coming up
on the cockpit.
Can you hear me?
Yeah. I copy.
[Opera plays]
What can I do for you?
You can land this plane.
We'll be on the ground
in 10 minutes.
You know how to fly?
Put down the gun.
It's useless.
I... I love this music.
It's so perfect.
We're in the middle
of thunder and lightning
gently rocked by turbulence
and we can just sit here,
relax, enjoy the music.
Where are we going?
We're all in this together,
and we're all going down.
Copilot just shot himself.
There's no one here
to land the plane.
Who's gonna land the plane?
We are.
We? As in you and...
yeah, as in me and craven.
Oh, jeez.
You gotta be kidding me.
What do you know about flying?
Well, it's simple.
Some kids grew up
playing Nintendo.
For me it was
flight simulators.
Look, you got a better idea?
This plane's gonna crash
into some town in Kansas
within minutes.
All right.
Sir, we've located a pilot.
He's on his way.
Get garner.
Kate, are you crazy?!
You can't allow this to happen.
Now, I'll have a pilot
online momentarily.
Do you hear me?
Under no circumstances
are you to allow him
to try this.
Do you understand?
I'll hold you responsible.
Nick, you can't do this.
If anything happens to them,
we'll be held responsible.
And what if the plane
crashes in Kansas?
Who's responsible then?
2 minutes to impact.
All right, listen to me now.
You got to sit
in the left chair,
grab the wheel
and pull it back.
Ok, you gotta pull it back now!
We don't have any time.
You gotta get it
out of the dive.
Pull it back, ok?
Just pull back.
It's not working.
Look, grab the throttle
control on your right
and pull it back now!
I am pulling,
and it's not coming back!
Plant your feet
and pull it back!
Woman: Oh, my God!
Ok, we're leveling out.
My God... I think
we're gonna make it.
All right. All right.
You did a great job,
man. Great job.
Now just hold her steady, ok?
All right, now I'm gonna...
I'm gonna give you
a tour of the controls.
You gotta listen up.
Transcon 6-1-9,
number one for runway 1-9.
Turn left heading 2-3-0.
the I.L.S. Runway 19.
Eta Kansas, 8 minutes
current speed.
Emergency response team
has been dispatched.
I need you to access
kci's navigational
control center.
Are you out of your mind?!
That's completely illegal!
Fine, then.
Nick: Great.
Nick: All right, slade,
we've got to reprogram
the auto pilot
for Kansas City international.
Now, beside your right knee
there's a small keyboard.
Punch in 2-3-0
and enter.
Ok, now once you've
punched in the coordinates,
the computer will land
the plane, ok?
Still singing
that same old song.
Something's wrong.
They're diving again.
Slade, can you hear me?
What is up, man?!
This is not a good time
to go solo.
Slade! Talk to me, man.
Sorry, Nicholas.
I promise
it won't happen again.
6-1-9 is veering wildly
off course.
Sir, we have a visual.
Something is definitely
happening up there.
The plane is veering off
due north.
Well, where the hell's
the pilot?!
I'm right here.
I'm Jack Fletcher.
I've already been briefed.
[Telephone rings]
Who is it?
Mr. Fletcher.
Nick, I'm Jack Fletcher.
I'm a pilot with kci.
I see the plane approaching.
It's banking a hard left.
You have to get him
to level it off.
Ok, understood.
Look, slade... slade,
you gotta turn
the control column
to the right until
the plane levels out.
It's leveled out, Nick,
but I'm having
a hell of a time
holding it here.
Yeah, all right. Well,
just look at the throttles
on the center
control panel, ok?
Are they all lined up?
No, the one
on the far left's lower.
Ok, well, then just bring it up
so that it's in line
with the others.
What's going on there,
Why aren't you doing anything?
Mr. garner,
your guys are doing
all the right things.
Now, it's a very sensitive
situation up there.
If I take over now, there's...
there's a good chance
that they'll crash.
The, uh, the two of them
seem to have, um...
Some kind of, um...
yeah. Yeah, I know.
I gotta get me
one of these things.
Nick: Yeah?
This is Jack Fletcher again.
Yeah, glad to have you
with us, Mr. Fletcher.
You're doing
a great job so far.
Now ask him to engage
the auto pilot again.
Uh, slade?
Let's re-engage
the auto pilot.
Now, look up at the center
of the dashboard, ok?
Push the buttons
marked "c-m-d."
Now, the lights
are gonna come on
and then the auto pilot
will take over.
Nick, it's not lighting up.
Ok, look, slade.
You're gonna have to
land the plane manually.
[Necklace clatters]
Please, God...
Let us land safely.
Your approach angle's
too steep!
You're losing
your glide slope. Pull up!
Nick: Pull back
on the control column
and move the flap indicator
to 20 degrees.
It's located right next
to the throttle.
Ok, it's steady.
All right! All right,
you're looking good now.
Now just select full flaps
and get it down.
Full flaps.
Gears are down.
All right.
Ok, now listen to me.
Just look straight ahead,
all right?
Now, there's a set
of crosshairs.
You've gotta...
you've gotta center them
into a perfect cross.
Ok, they're centered, Nick.
They're still too low!
All right, now pull up, slade.
Nick: Come on, pull it up!
Increase power!
Slade: I'm pulling up!
He's a goner.
I think I just killed them.
[Radio static]
Slade: We're down!
They're down!
We did it!
Slade: Hello?!
How do I stop this plane?!
Somebody talk to me!
All right, look, just...
Move the throttles
all the way back, ok?
Just grab that little lever
and pull 'em up.
All the way, man.
Do it now.
We're still going too fast!
Pull the speed brake lever up
as far as it goes, all right?
It's right beside your knee.
Ok, apply full pressure
with your toes
on the rudder pedal.
It's workin'!
We're doin' it, Nick!
All right! Whoo!
Oh, yeah, man!
All right, slade, baby!
You are the dude!
I'm tellin' ya!
Oh, my God.
Hah hah hah!
Oh, wow!
Yes! Ha ha ha ha!
Nice job.
Yes. Yeah. Yes.
Very nice.
Nick, how do I talk
to the people in the back?
Ho ho.
He wants to talk to
the people in the back.
He is so cool.
Hey, man, just, uh,
just hit that button
by your right thumb.
This is your captain,
slade craven, speaking.
I want everybody
to sit tight, ok?
We're just stopping
in Kansas City to refuel,
and then we're gonna
head on to Toronto!
You sit tight because
we are gonna rock and roll!
Can you believe
what just happened?
[Dialing cell phone]
And, uh...
Tell your pilot there,
uh, well done.
Thank you, sir.
Oh, ho, ho.
Ho, ho.
Wanna go get something
to eat now?
Oh, that was amazing.
Well done, guys.
Right on.
Yeah. Yeah.
Good job, Nick.
Yeah, you, too.
It was just...
So, uh...
What now?
You want to...
Celebrate with some cold pizza?
Oh, you gotta be kiddin' me.
Oh, come on!
Get up and turn around.
This is a joke, right?
This is crazy!
I don't believe this!
I... I just saved
a plane full of people.
I just saved the world's
greatest rock star.
I mean, I just saved
the world from Satan!
This is absolutely ri...
I thought you said
you were hungry.
[Radio chatter]
I can't believe we made it.
Yeah. Pretty wild
ride, huh?
Are you ok?
Yeah. You ok?
Nance: I think what
you did up there
was just so great.
Oh, yeah?
It was nothin'.
Hey, you ever been
to Kansas before?
Well, I know
this great little place...
Oh, yeah?
Well, it's down by the river,
under a tree.
Thank God we're here.
Told you we'd make it.
Hey, broadcast
journalism, right?
Now's your chance!
Ethan, no!
Come on,
it's your first exclusive!
But I'm not ready yet!
In 5...4...
This is Jennifer shore
reporting live for z web TV
from flight 619
which has just now
made an emergency landing
at the Kansas City
international airport.
Superstar death-rocker
slade craven
has averted a disaster
and... and saved a plane
full of his fans
after almost single-handedly
fighting off a group
of heavily armed hijackers
who were intent
on crashing this plane.
Thanks, man.
Crowd chanting:
Craven! Craven! Craven!
Thanks, man!
You saved our life, man!
You're the greatest!
You're amazing!
trimark pictures
I tease, I please
infect you with disease
give in to temptation
you need to bleed
I twist your arm to feed
this lethal sensation
do you feel
a little wasted?
I'll make you feel
a little wasted
train ride to hell
wanna hear you scream
cast down the well
villain of your dreams
train ride to hell
give you what you need
cast down the well
gonna watch you bleed
you feel unreal
and seem to lose your will
forbidden desire
I want to stalk
to hunt you in the dark
can't get much higher
do you feel
a little wasted?
I'll make you feel
a little wasted
train ride to hell
wanna hear you scream
cast down the well
villain of your dreams
train ride to hell
give you what you need
cast down the well
gonna watch you bleed
you use, abuse
there's nothing
you'll refuse
can't stop your addiction
I'm here, I'm near
I'll drive away the fear
I got your prescription
do you feel
a little wasted?
I'll make you feel
a little wasted
train ride to hell
wanna hear you scream
cast down the well
villain of your dreams
train ride to hell
give you what you need
cast down the well
gonna watch you bleed
gonna watch you bleed
gonna watch you bleed