Turkles (2011) Movie Script

[ Music ]
- Loggerhead Marine
Patrol 1 to base.
- This is base, go ahead.
- Looks like we have a
nest that's been disturbed
about 300 yards north
of the Juno Pier.
The one we staked yesterday.
May be some evidence
of poaching.
- Okay Patrol 1.
We'll have Florida Fish and
Wildlife come check it out.
- Okay campers.
Come on, gather around
so you can hear me.
- Yo ho.
First thing.
Let's put on plenty of sunscreen
because we're going to be
out in the sun all day.
- Yes we are.
And we don't want any
mom's getting angry.
- No.
Jen and David, why don't
you guys come over here.
Let me introduce you.
This is David and Jen.
They were 6th graders like
you just a few summers ago.
Starting out as volunteers.
- Now they're an integral
part of our turtle watch group.
And they get to do fun stuff
like document this
season on video.
- And if you stick around
for the next few summers,
you could be a Loggerhead camp
counselor too once you're ready
to go into the 8th grade.
- Let's introduce you
to the rest of the gang.
- Come on over guys.
Okay. This is Nathan,
Sarah, and Hector.
They're going to be your
camp counselors this summer.
And this is Taylor.
This is Jen's sister.
She's going to be
helping out too.
Okay. Let's go.
- We're looking for any signs
that the female turtle
has come up on the beach.
Mounds, tracks, scrape marks,
any changes to habitat.
- What are those stakes for?
- Good question.
Let's check it out.
Okay. This marks where the
female has come the night before
and laid her eggs.
- We mark it with
a stake and a tag,
and then we keep
records approximately
when the eggs are
going to hatch.
Then we try to be
around to make sure
that the hatchlings make
their way back to sea.
- So that's when
we come in, right?
- That's right.
We want to be here to be
sure that when they scamper
out of the sand and
into the water,
they don't become dehydrated
or attacked by predators.
- So if you see any little
baby struggling hatchlings,
then keep them close together.
Please don't step on them.
And just steer them
towards the water.
Urge them on.
There's a nest just up ahead
where we think the
timing's right
for the hatchlings
to make a run for it.
- Check out this
other nest first,
while Mattie takes Jen's video
crew over to the other nest.
- Okay? Let's go guys.
- What happened here?
- We found this
earlier this morning.
It's hard to tell.
Raccoons, skunks maybe.
- Could it be human skunks?
- Yeah. It could be poachers.
But for now let's opt for the
predatory animal scenario,
so as not to alarm the kids.
- But you don't
really think so?
- We're not so sure.
But for now the official
story is raccoons.
- Got it.
- Hey, look at them.
- Turtle geeks?
What's the big deal
with turtles anyway?
- Yeah. I don't get it.
- Don't they have a life?
- Maybe we should rain on
their parade a little bit.
- And what could the big
deal with turtle eggs anyway.
They've got to taste awful.
- The environment.
It's all about the
environment, man.
- You're not getting all
tree hugging on us are you?
- No. But we all got
to live here don't we?
Show some respect.
[ Music ]
- So that's what
we have so far.
- Here's what's left
on the shot list.
- We need to tape the
orientation meeting tonight
before the beach walk to get
some more egg-laying footage.
- And we have to remember
that night viewing device
for the camera lens.
- Right here on
the equipment list.
- How much editing is left?
- We get the rest of
the footage we need
in the next few nights,
and we'll be done editing
by the end of the summer.
- You see we edit as we go.
We do have a couple
more interviews
that we have to shoot, though.
- Yeah. We have to get the
turtle diva down on the beach
when she gets back to
town from up north.
- The turtle diva?
[ Music ]
- So can I.
Get you anything else?
- How about a ride
on my fishing boat?
- Ooh, I'm sorry I get seasick.
- [Laughing] I got just
the remedy for that.
- Look. She's not interested.
- Just kidding with her.
- She's not laughing.
- What are you, her
knight in shining armor?
- That's all right.
I can take care of myself.
- I just bet you can.
That just got you
fired, hotshot.
- Sorry I'm late.
My mother was delayed
picking me up.
- Why didn't you
drive yourself?
- Oh I don't drive.
- You don't drive?
You don't know how to drive?
- I never had the
occasion to learn.
Or the need.
My mother drives me
everywhere I have to go.
- Stop. Why don't all you
guys just get regular jobs?
- [Laughing] What?
[Laughing] Practicing
really does work.
I'm getting better all the time.
- So, you all remember
why you're here.
Your mission.
- Why can't you just use
eggs from the supermarket
for your secret recipes?
- These eggs are
wrapped a lot different.
Loggerhead eggs are special.
Some people spend a lot
of money to get them.
It's your job to
get them for me.
- Can we be arrested for this?
- Of course you can.
That's why it's called
the crime syndicate.
That's why I'm paying
you $5 bucks an egg
to steal them for me.
So you'll be careful.
- I've calculated
the risk-reward ratio
and I'm not sure it's worth it.
- Well it's too
late to back out now.
You guys come highly
recommended to me.
I don't know why.
And we need to start tonight.
It's the height of the season
and we need to act now,
otherwise other guys will be
out there taking our eggs.
As far as getting arrested?
It's a big beach out
there. Just keep a low
profile at this meeting tonight
and no one will suspect you.
Remember, low profile.
Don't draw attention
to yourself.
And if Fish and Wildlife
come after you,
just run into the
ocean and swim away.
- I can't swim.
- Just pretend you're swimming.
- Hmm.
- Until they give
up the pursuit.
You said you were an actor.
Act like you're swimming.
- Don't forget the water.
Are you ready to go?
Let's go.
- Talk to her again.
- Okay little ones.
Stick with the group.
- Don't wander off.
- I know.
You say the same
thing every time.
- You are my babies.
It's my job to worry
about you two.
- What are you going to do
when I'm wandering the Amazon,
or traipsing off
to the Galapagos?
- I'll be here at home, quietly
having a nervous breakdown all
alone, wondering if you
have enough sunblock on.
- Dad, I'm a scientist.
I know about these things.
- Well, don't forget your -
- Bug spray.
It's in my backpack.
- And look after your sister.
Taylor, don't go wandering off.
- It's on my list, dad.
- Mom, why do we got
to take care of him?
- Because your Aunt
Catherine can't, that's why.
Some people can take
care of their kids.
My sister is not
one of those people.
And besides, he's your cousin.
He won't get in the way.
He doesn't say much.
- Mom, he doesn't say anything.
- Well maybe he can help
you out with your project?
- What's he know about turtles?
- Well maybe he knows
something that you don't know.
- Like what?
- Hmm. Be nice.
I've got to go get him
at the bus station while
you're out tonight.
It won't be that bad.
He reads a lot.
He's a bookworm.
- Great. A worm.
I'll feed him to my fish.
- Wise guy.
- Yes, karaoke.
It's my creative outlet.
You got a problem with that?
What about you?
- Your name is Lulu?
- He was named after my father.
- Your father's name is Lulu?
- No, just Lou, but my
parents wanted twins.
I told you.
I'm really an actor.
I have a screen actor's
guild card to prove it.
- Oh really.
And what movie might
we have seen you in?
- I had a speaking line
in "Empire of the Ants."
They shot it out in
Belle Glade in 1978.
I was 10 years old at the time.
- You actually had a line?
Would you care to
recite it for us?
I'm sure you remember it.
- Certainly.
You remember when the ants were
exposed to the toxics waste
at the sugar refinery?
And turned into gigantic monster
ants chasing the people all
over Belle Glade?
I'm the guy who says,
- Hey, Einstein,
we're trying not
to draw attention to ourselves.
Don't you remember
what the boss said?
- Every spring,
Florida's beaches come alive
with the excitement of the
sea turtle nesting season.
The nesting season lasts from
March through late October,
and allows us to witness one
of nature's most
awe-inspiring moments.
In the Juno Beach, Jupiter,
area we see mostly Loggerheads,
Greens, and Leatherbacks
in our offshore waters
and laying eggs on our beaches.
Hawksbill and Kemp's
Ridley are seen,
but they usually
don't nest here.
For the past 10 years,
we've been averaging almost
7,000 sea turtle nests
on our beaches between
John D. McArthur Park
and the Jupiter Inlet.
Nest count for Loggerheads
has been steadily declining
in our area from the high
of over 6,000 nests in 1995
to about 2,800 in 2009.
Loggerheads drop about
100 eggs per nest.
It takes about 60 days
for the eggs to incubate.
Sometimes it takes a little help
from some of our staff members
at the Loggerhead Marine
Life Center in Juno Beach.
But this should never be
attempted by anyone else.
There are stiff penalties
for tampering with nests
or touching sea turtle
Poaching eggs can
drop fines of up
to $100,000, plus
time in prison.
Yet each year, people still
try to steal turtle eggs.
Once the hatchlings
are free, they scamper
to the surf before they become
breakfast for a seagull.
Survivor rates are small.
Only about 1 in 1,000 to 1 in
10,000 survive into adulthood.
All of this puts special
pressure on all of us
to make our beaches as welcoming
to sea turtles as possible.
That includes keeping lights
off on the beach at night.
Lights distract the hatchlings
and may cause them to run
in the wrong direction,
away from the water.
Scientists at the Loggerhead
Marine Life Center conduct
nesting surveys to
better understand
reproductive behavior.
Over time, the researchers will
better understand the overall
health of each species.
They also monitor activity
to determine trends,
migration patterns,
threats, and genetics.
Loggerhead Marine Life
Center also has a hospital
where injured sea turtles
can be treated for injuries
and illness before being
released back into our waters.
To do this, they rely on a
small paid staff, volunteers,
and financial support
from the community.
[ Applause ]
- And now, Christy and
Natasha will take you
for the moment you've
all been waiting for, the
the beach walk.
[ Applause ]
[ Music ]
- If we see a sign
of any turtles,
be silent until after she
begins laying her eggs.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
How can you tell it's a she?
- What do you mean?
- Well, you just said after
she begins laying her eggs.
How can you be sure the turtle
laying the eggs is a she?
- They wear little skirts.
- Is your mom around?
- No. But I can go get her.
- She might be able to explain.
- Don't ask any
stupid questions.
We don't want anyone
to remember us.
All we're trying to do is
fade into the background here.
So don't do anything that's
going to make us stand out.
- So anyway, for
the rest of us.
If we're still conscious.
If a Loggerhead is disturbed
or alarmed in any way,
she'll go back out to the water.
She'll lay her eggs out there,
and they're all going to drown.
That could be a loss
of over 100 eggs,
and with a high attrition
rate already,
that could be a significant
- Do turtles have
any natural predators?
- Once the mother lays
the eggs and buries them,
they still face a danger
from raccoons, skunks, foxes,
and other animals
who are hungry.
- We came across
a nest this morning
that we think might have been
raided by a raccoon or a skunk.
- What about poachers?
- Poachers are actually
a big problem.
The eggs bring big money
on the illegal exotic foods
marketplace, for health reasons.
- We have many cultures
here in South Florida,
and some have traditionally
that turtle eggs reinvigorate
them better than vitamins can.
- Yeah. Some people
consider them a delicacy.
Others think it helps
their romantic attraction.
- So how do we know
if it's a she?
- Just out of curiosity,
not that I would ever want to
or need to acquire
and sell a turtle egg
under any circumstance,
how much would an egg go
for in the black market?
- That varies.
Anywhere from $10 to $50 an egg.
- So that's $1,000
to $5,000 per drop?
- Yes. Why do you ask?
- Like I say, just
idle curiosity.
Just in case I had to write
a term paper or something
like that for marine biology.
- Oh. Are you a
marine biology student?
- No. Not currently.
But maybe someday.
I wanted to take a class.
And I had to do a term paper.
I find this subject, well dog
gone it, downright fascinating.
- But he said we'd
only get $5 an egg.
- That's what we get.
He probably gets
$15 bucks per egg.
- Maybe we should
find a different buyer.
Deal direct.
Eliminate the middle man.
- Yeah. That'll be fine
if we knew was it was
we had to deal with.
- All right.
- Okay. We're approaching
the beach.
So we need to get really quiet,
and hopefully see some turtles.
- There's one on her way up.
- Ooh awe.
- Quiet everyone.
I got to take some cut aways.
- Wow, more good stuff.
- How long do we have to wait?
- It's been a half an
hour since they left.
Come on, let's go.
[ Moaning Sounds ]
- It's icky.
- You know, I'm
trying to remember
when the last time was I heard
an adult use the word icky.
- I use the word icky
because that's what it is.
It's icky.
It's a perfectly
legitimate word,
and it describes
precisely what it is.
It's icky.
- Well maybe you haven't
heard it used lately,
because adults don't usually
do icky stuff like this.
- Correction.
Most adults in their right minds
don't usually do icky stuff
like this, which
leads us to tonight.
- You know they kind of
look like ping pong balls.
- Ping pong balls
don't look like that.
- Hey guys.
This is my cousin
Izzy from New York.
He's come to live
with me and my mom.
Make him feel like he's at home.
- What's up, Izzy.
- Hey Izzy.
- Hi. I'm Taylor.
- Welcome to Florida, Izzy.
- Kristy, what do you make
of this discovery today?
- This is two nests
in two days.
Just a really big loss.
- Mattie, was the first nest
the result of animal predators?
- We'll never know for sure.
- We just know this
is over 200 Loggerheads
that will never grace
our seas now.
Big loss.
- We've got to do something.
- Yeah.
- As God is my witness,
I'm going to find
out who stole these turtle eggs.
- What are those
guys doing here again?
- I don't know.
Let's check it out.
- What are you guys
doing here again?
- We really enjoyed it
so much, so enlightening.
I'm trying to write
some original music
for a Broadway play.
- Last night it's a term paper.
And tonight it's
a Broadway play?
Quite a talented
group you have here.
- There's something
just magical,
and the way these gentle
giants know how to make it
to our shores at just
the right moment.
And then Mother Nature
instructs her how to dig a nest
to put her eggs, where they'll
be safe, while their incubated
in the warmth of the
South Florida beach sand.
It's just one of those
things that makes living
in Palm Beach County
such a delight.
It's all just so poetic.
Don't you think?
- You know.
This is much easier
than having a real job.
- How would you know?
- And I'm not out in the
hot sun all day either.
- Just keep digging.
You know, tomorrow night we
better bring some disguises,
because if they see us again,
they'll liable to
get suspicious.
[ Music ]
- The Loggerhead
will make her way up,
she'll come to this hole
then she'll use her flippers
to dig down.
- Oh no. Not again.
- That's three for three.
- Well at least two for three.
- This can't be happening.
- We've got to do something.
- Can't we get the Florida Fish
and Wildlife Management
to investigate?
- We've got to find out
what's going on one or another.
Who's with me tonight?
- What's tonight?
- Well if it isn't
the turtle geeks.
How's it going turtle geeks?
- Oh grow up.
- You mean like
turtle boy there?
Hey turtle boy.
- Where is your
cape and tights?
- I heard you guys
lost some eggs.
- You mean lost some marbles.
- How did you guys
know about that?
- Word travels fast.
- Well, what's up
with that guy, Wax?
- Don't pay any
attention to him.
He's just jealous.
- Jealous?
Jealous of what?
Turtle boy here?
- What's his deal anyway?
- He had a crush on me in the
4th grade and I rejected him.
He's never gotten over it.
Never lets me forget it.
- Why did you reject him?
- Definitely not my type.
If you ask him to read a book
or write a friendly letter,
he'd break into a nervous sweat.
- I heard that.
And I did read a book.
- See you guys later.
- What do you think Jen meant
when she said are
you with me tonight?
- I'm almost afraid to
think of what she means.
- We'll just have
to wait and see.
- [Laughs] see my new
golf cart on the way in?
It's custom-built,
air conditioned.
Getting better all the time.
So, you want $10 an egg
instead of $5 an egg.
Huh? Have you lost your minds?
- How did you know that?
- We might know of
an alternative buyer.
- Guys like you could
get in serious trouble
if you get caught selling
those eggs to the wrong people.
Now get out there and
steal some more eggs.
I got a tee time over
at Melaleuca Links.
And watch out for my golf cart.
Costs more than your house.
And don't try any funny stuff
if you know what's good for you.
- How can we tell
what's good for us?
- What's an alternate buyer?
- I know we can find someone
else to buy these things.
Although I don't
know why they would.
- That's not your job to try
and understand why anybody
would want to buy them.
That's for the deep
thinkers on his crew.
Like me.
- So have you figured
out why yet?
- Don't get me started.
- I though you wanted
to get started?
- Shotgun.
- Whip, whip, hit the deck.
- We could try selling the
eggs at the flea market.
- Listen.
Forget about that for now.
If we're not going to
get recognized tonight,
we're going to have
to go in disguise.
Now we'll meet up later
at Bermuda's house.
Everybody bring their disguise.
And you better make them good.
Now pipe down so I can back
up and we can get out of here.
[ Car Starting ]
[ Crashing Sound ]
[ Car Alarm ]
- I thought you were
a driver's ed teacher?
- Make that past tense.
- He was a driver's ed teacher.
- Should we call an ambulance?
- There's nobody in it.
- Wow. Feel that
air conditioning.
- Wow. Now we're
getting somewhere.
- Entre vous gentlemen.
- Would you like a beverage?
A drink?
- Ah, my mom doesn't
allow me to drink.
- Ooh, a few Shirley
Temples then perhaps?
- There's more than
one Shirley Temple?
- What are you supposed to be?
- I can spot who
you are a mile away.
- Harold, I'm disguised.
- How. You're wearing the same
thing you were wearing before.
Glasses and a fake mustache.
I said a disguise,
not a costume.
- But I don't understand.
People don't recognize
you know who when he steps
out of a phone booth
and just puts on a pair
of horn rim glasses like these.
- What's a phone booth again?
- It's just a little
something from the olden days.
- The you know who
you're referring
to is a comic book character.
- This is real life.
- Oh. Just call me soup.
- What are all these
superheroes doing on your shelf?
- They're very special to me.
- Yeah, I gathered that.
- I designed them for the
superhero movies I'm going
to make some day.
They're my bankroll
for the future.
- You need to have
you head examined.
- Did my mom tell you that?
- Mom?
- Do you want some
bologna sandwiches?
- Thanks mom.
You're the best.
[ Loud Burp ]
- Excuse you.
- I beg your pardon.
- Is it Halloween already?
- Yeah. We need to keep
an eye on these guys.
- Yeah. Especially her.
- What are you doing?
- I forgot to put
on my fake mustache.
- It's too late for that now.
Everybody's already seen you.
- Do you think they
recognize me?
- Ahh.
- I didn't recognize him.
- Ahh.
- You know what I noticed?
They put sticks above where
the turtles lay their eggs.
The sticks mark where
the egg nests are.
- You haven't been with
us the last two nights?
- Tomorrow night's
my karaoke night.
You can come and watch me sing,
and then we can all come here
and go to work afterwards.
- Hey. Follow the stakes.
- It's got to be
those guys again.
It can't be a coincidence.
- I'll bet they come
out on the walks just
to see where the eggs are.
- And what's with the costumes?
- This makes no
sense whatsoever.
- We'll just have to come back
to this spot later on tonight
and see if we can
catch them red-handed.
- I can't get out.
- We'll get caught if
we try to sneak out.
- But Jen's right.
I mean it's the only way.
- Mom's exhausted.
We should be able to do it.
- Izzy. Don't say anything
to my mom, all right?
That was easy.
You don't say much anyways.
- Going to hit the hay girls.
- Tired from work?
- Yep. Turn off the lights
and lock the doors
before you go to bed.
- Will so.
See you in the morning.
We've got a big day tomorrow.
You too?
- Yep. Big day.
- You know I can't
let you go, right?
- I know.
When I get older.
- You'll be there soon enough.
- I know.
- There'll be plenty
of opportunities.
- Hey Jen?
- Yeah?
- You'll be really careful
out there, won't you?
- You're starting
to sound like dad.
- That's not such
a bad thing is it?
- No. That's not
a bad thing at all.
It's a good thing.
We're lucky that way, you know.
- I know.
You'll remember what
he always says, right?
- I know.
Use good judgment, I promise.
- Wake me up when you get home.
[ Snoring Sounds ]
[ TV Playing ]
[ Music ]
- Come on.
Oh, ouch. We are going to be
late, so I'll see you tomorrow.
- I'll be okay.
See you in the morning.
- Come on Vic.
- Okay okay.
- It'll work.
Soon as he gets here.
- I've never done
anything like this before.
- All right.
Come on, let's go.
Lots of new stakes here.
This will be the perfect
spot for them to choose.
- Let's hide in the sea grate
and wait for them to walk by.
- No one's supposed to
be on the beach this late,
so if anyone is walking around,
we can assume they're
up to no good.
- Hey look.
Here they come.
- We got you.
We got you.
- Fish and Wildlife.
- Uh oh.
- All right you
kids just hold off.
We're placing you under
arrest for suspicion
of robbing turtle nests.
- What? That's crazy.
We're here to catch those guys.
- Well we got tipped
off from Camp Loggerhead.
- I guess they knew what
they were talking about.
- No. We're trying
to find the bad guys.
You have the wrong people.
- Sorry, son.
We're placing you
all under arrest.
You can call your parents when
we get back to the station.
- My dad is going to go crazy.
- Your dad's already crazy.
- Only during baseball season.
- 1-6-3 Palm Beach.
- 1-6-3, go ahead.
- Five juveniles 10-15
reference 63 tango.
10-51 JBPD.
- 10-26.
- Wow. That was close.
- Why do you suppose
they're arresting those kids?
We're the bad guys.
They must be confused.
- Tipped off perhaps.
- Too bad.
Now those kids are
going to have a record.
- A record?
I'm trying to get a record too.
- Enough with that mustache.
We need to get some eggs.
- Okay.
- There's little
turtles in there.
I bet they're so cute.
- You again.
All right.
- Isn't that my line?
- You're the lady
who got me fired.
- Oh I didn't get you fired.
That's what you get for not
minding your own business.
And your daughter got my
son arrested, by the way.
- What? That's nonsense.
- Ah. The truth
hurts doesn't it?
- Okay. Parents.
As soon as you get them signed
out, you can take them home.
- Today just isn't our day.
- What do you mean?
- Dad got fired today
and you got arrested.
- Fired? You got fired?
- Hey Sarah, where's your mom?
- I don't know.
She's out late again, as usual.
- Come on, we're
going to take you home.
Let's go.
- Hey. We can't release her
without a parent or guardian.
- Officer Nelson, you
got to be kidding me.
It's me.
- Okay Maggie.
I mean, okay, yeah right.
- Yeah, and you know, while
you're at it, why aren't you
out catching the real poachers.
What are a bunch of kids
going to do with turtle eggs?
Paint them for turtle Easter?
I mean, could you use just
a little common sense.
A little.
- Okay Maggie.
- Yeah, okay.
- Okay, Let's go.
- So when's turtle Easter?
- You know, David, we knew
it was going to be hard
after your father died.
We have to resign ourselves
to one day at a time.
- But mom -
- I am doing the
best that I can,
but I need you to participate.
- But mom, someone's
stealing the turtle eggs.
- We can't save
the planet, David,
we can hardly save ourselves.
- But mom, you know if we
don't do it, then who will?
- You know why I'm so mad?
Because I know you're right.
You're going to have to start
looking after your cousin.
- Why?
- Because I have to
work a second shift.
And you may not be able
to go to Camp Loggerhead.
- That's not fair.
- Life isn't fair, David.
Just ask your turtles.
Only 1 out of 100 survive.
Maybe 1 out of 1,000.
My job is to make
sure you survive.
And I can't do that
without your help.
- I have my friends
for support, mom.
- You won't be hanging out
with those same friends all
your life.
Two three years from now,
those friends that you have,
you'll pass them in the hall
and you won't even
say hello to them.
You'll have gone
your separate way.
They'll have gone
their separate ways,
and moved on to different
- That's really sad, mom.
- Yeah, David, it
is really sad.
But it's real life.
- Do you really believe that?
- I don't know.
All I do know is that life
doesn't get any easier
for guys like you.
And I'm working a double
shift from here on out.
- Awe, mom.
- Look.
- Okay. This is
getting really old.
- Every day is the same.
- We watched the eggs drop,
then the next morning
they're gone.
- I mean, this is three
nights in a row now.
- And the ironic part is
they must have been stolen
when you guys were in jail.
- Is this something
your friend Wax would do?
- I don't think
he's that malicious.
He's all bluff.
Beside, a lot of surfers are
environmentalists at heart.
They just don't want
to admit it.
- Ah, smells like mustard.
Or do we have our Halloween
characters to blame?
- Those pinheads?
- Yes.
- Those pinheads.
[ Music ]
- Fifteen hundred bucks
for three night's work.
That ain't bad.
- Hey. We need to
get some eggs.
And get ready to write
down these stake locations.
- I can't see in this light.
- Don't turn around.
I think we're being
watched by our costume guys.
Let's drift over
to the sea grate.
- We'll keep an eye on them.
- Tonight we'll
catch 'em red-handed.
- You mean sneak out again?
- Well, it's the only way.
Are you in?
- I guess.
- Man, I don't think
I can make it.
I mean, you know my dad.
He would go ballistic.
- That's one way to get him off
the sofa during baseball season.
- Jen and David can handle it.
I know they can.
[ Music ]
- Wow. Listen to those waves.
- The tide will
be high tonight.
Remind you of anything?
- The tide rises.
The tide falls
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
The tide rises.
The tide falls.
The twilight darkens.
The curlew calls.
Along the sea sands
dampen brown.
The traveler hastens
toward the town,
and the tide rises,
the tide falls.
- Darkness settles
on roofs and walls,
but the sea in darkness calls.
The little waves with their
soft white hands efface the
footprints in the sand.
And the tide rises,
the tide falls.
- The day returns,
but nevermore returns the
traveler to the shore.
The tide rises, of
the tide falls.
Complements of Henry
Wadsworth Longfellow
and our esteemed English
teacher, Mr. Dunkin.
- Most kids erased it
from their memory the
day after the test.
Except you.
- Well, and you.
- I don't know.
- You think you'll
remember that poem
when you go to college.
- Eighth, 9th, 10th, 11, 12.
That's five more years
until we're off to college.
That's University of Florida?
- Yeah. If my mom
wins the lottery.
Either way, you've
got a better chance
of selling a movie
script then, you know,
winning the Florida lottery, so.
- About the same, probably.
The poem says that the traveler
never returns to the shore.
You think when you move away
from here you'll ever return?
- Of course.
You know I love it here.
- Despite all that's happened?
- Sure.
- Ever wonder what the
future holds for kids like us?
- You mean kids like us living
in our trailer park lives?
Like my mom would say?
- Yeah. I guess you
can call it that.
- Ten years from now, what?
I'll be a bag boy
at the supermarket while you're
working the checkout line.
That would be paper
or plastic ma'am?
- Not me.
I'm going to have my
two degrees by then.
Think I'm being unrealistic?
- Oh no, no.
I mean just think of all
the things you could do
with a double degree.
Marine biology, and a doctor
of veterinary medicine.
That'll be great.
Money for your documentaries.
- It's never going to happen.
- Why not?
- Well, for one thing, my
father got fired from his job.
We're probably going
to lose everything.
It's like this big dream that I
know is never going to happen.
- Well you don't know that.
- Yes, I do.
I know it as sure
as I'm sitting here.
And what's worse -
- What?
- I don't know what's
going to happen to you.
- What do you mean?
- Well, let's face it.
Kids like us don't
stand much of a chance.
I mean, look, you and your
mom are barely getting by.
And now your cousin is here
to make things even
more complicated.
Spreading her even thinner.
And you're going to go home
someday and she's going
to tell you she has got
to get a second job.
And you're going to wind
up doing all the
housework just to help out.
No more time for our projects.
- She already has another job.
She started working two shifts.
I feel really bad for her, she's
so tired from just one shift,
she can hardly get up to
go to work in the morning.
It's been really tough
these past few years.
- Look at my dad.
He's really smart.
- He's just got rotten luck.
- If he didn't have rotten
luck, he'd have no luck at all.
He's even got a couple of
degrees, believe it or not.
He could teach construction
in college.
But those jobs are
just too hard to get.
- But you've got
to go to college.
That's your chance to get out.
- Get out of what?
- Get out of here.
- Here?
- I don't mean here, here, I
mean, get out of - I don't know.
- Well, we'll keep
our fingers crossed.
Come on. The rising tide awaits.
- David. David.
He's gone again, isn't he?
I told him he cannot be
out saving the world.
- Turkles.
- What? Say that again.
- Turkles.
- Yes. Yes.
He's saving the turkles.
[ Knocking on Door ]
- It's almost midnight in
case you are interested.
- Yeah. I know what time it is.
What planet are you on?
Your daughter is not in her bed.
- She lured my son
out of the house again.
- She lured him?
I think not.
- Uh hm. So what are we
going to do with these kids?
Hmm? Have any coffee
in this joint?
- Of course I do.
What kind of place
think I'm running here?
- Nice.
- I wasn't expecting company.
- Look.
- Here we go.
- I can't believe they're
stealing these eggs.
In broad daylight.
- You mean moonlight.
- Oh, this night
vision lens is awesome.
- What do you see?
Come on, let me see.
- Everything.
- Wait. Nothing.
My battery just died.
- Hey, did you see that?
- Was that a red light?
- It's that girl.
- That was a camera.
She's videotaping us.
- Let's get out of here.
This could hurt us.
- Do you have a spare?
- Sure, home on the charger.
Rookie mistake.
- Are you sure they
were poaching?
- I'm positive.
And we ran because we thought
they were coming after us.
- Rule number 1?
- Always have fresh
camera batteries.
- So where would they
sell the turtle eggs?
- Can't even imagine.
I'm going to call Fish
and Wildlife again
and tell them about
what you saw.
You might want to go down the
river, check out the trapper.
He'll know.
- Down the river?
[ Music ]
- Jen, David.
I thought I saw you
tubing down the river.
So what brings you
two way up here?
- Turtle eggs.
- I'm all out.
- But we've got some cookies.
- No, quit kidding.
Someone's stealing
Loggerhead eggs.
- Well you won't
find them up here.
- Christy said you might
know who's stealing them.
And where we could find them.
- There's only one place I
know who sells those eggs.
- Checkmate and two moves.
- I'm just letting you win,
you know that don't you?
- Yeah, nice try.
- The flea market on Saturday.
They sell all kinds
of contraband there.
If you wanted to buy some
eggs, that's where I'd go,
and if you can't buy them
there, they ought to be able
to tell you where
you can buy them.
- Okay. We'll give it a try.
We've got nothing to
lose at this point.
- I'll keep my ears open
and let you know what I hear.
- Thanks grandpa.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Next time, call us first.
- Might save you a trip.
- We don't want to
save ourselves the trip.
- Oh. I see.
- We see.
[ Music ]
- Wow. Look at these.
Lawrence Welk's Greatest Hits.
Julius La Rosa.
Classic stuff.
- I think I figured out a
way we can trap these guys.
- Set up decoy stakes
at the beach.
- Okay.
- Then set up a camera nearby.
This time with fresh batteries.
- Yeah.
- Have them walk right
into my video frame.
- [Sigh].
I could put a wireless
mic on the stake.
We'll record what they're saying
as they dig through the sand.
- Awesome.
- Hey, look.
That's them.
- What?
- How about placing a wireless
mic on yourself right now
and wandering over
towards their booth.
- I'm game.
Let's do it.
- All right.
- Hey David?
- Yeah?
- Be careful.
- I will.
- I'm feeling kind
of run-down lately.
Do you have anything for that?
You know like vitamin eggs?
- I think we might
have just the ticket.
- Let's see.
Ah. A dozen eggs.
Let's call it $250 bucks.
- What? $250 for a dozen eggs?
That's preposterous.
These flea markets are
supposed to be cheaper.
- I told you we couldn't
afford to live in Florida.
- Hah.
- Thanks, man.
Best prices in town.
That's half of what
I usually pay.
- You mean I could have
charged you twice as much?
- Too late, man.
- Hey you.
It's those kids.
- Hey, and they got
that camera again.
- Let's get 'em.
[ Car Screeching ]
[ Sniffing Sounds ]
- I smell rotten eggs.
Did you step in something?
- We think they were taping us
at the beach the other night.
- They taped us at the
flea marketing today too.
- What were you doing
at the flea market today?
- Looking for some superheroes.
- Looking for new
household appliances.
- Uh, looking for 8-tracks?
- Were you selling
eggs on your own?
Huh? Freelancing?
Is that why you haven't
brought me any eggs
for the last two nights?
You guys could get hurt trying
to pull something like that.
Don't even think
about trying it.
I'll be going with
you tomorrow night.
I need those eggs.
Our customers are getting angry.
And you better get that
videotape from those kids
if you know what's good for you.
Get that tape.
That's a direct order.
And you, you owe me
for that golf cart.
You're going to be
stealing turtle eggs
for the next 100 years.
I want that footage,
and I want more eggs.
- There's a skylight
on the roof.
Open it up and then
lower yourself down.
- Why are you telling me?
- I've got a bad back.
Really, I do.
- Well how do you
propose I get on that roof?
- Thought you'd never ask.
- Simple.
You just shimmy up
the drainpipe.
- Ha. Shimmy?
Ha. This drainpipe?
- This drainpipe.
- [Grunting sounds]
- Is everything okay up there?
Ah, oh.
- Uh, I wasn't supposed
to be on the bottom.
- [Multiple grunting sounds].
- Well, that was really close.
[Breaking glass]
- Yeah. Lucky no one got hurt.
- Oh. What are you
doing out here?
- You're supposed to be inside.
- I knew we couldn't
count on you.
- The door is now
open, gentlemen.
- You have glass splinters
sticking out of your cheek.
- Nah. Nah ha ha nah.
- Wow. Look at all
these buttons.
Is that what a computer
looks like?
- How would I know?
- What exactly are
we looking for?
- That tape they took of us.
- What will a tape look like?
- Like those 8-tracks
he stole the other day.
- Awe, come on.
Those were of Julius La Rosa.
Who was going to buy them?
- Stealing is wrong.
- Oh yeah?
Aren't we stealing turtle eggs?
- Come on.
Let's get out of here.
- Do you believe those
guys actually broke in
and tried to steal our video?
- Luckily, they didn't find
what they were looking for.
It's all the more reason why
we got to catch these guys.
[ Music ]
- You really think
this will work?
- Sure. They're
greedy and lazy.
- A perfect combination
for failure.
- So meet back here
tonight, after the walk-out.
- How you guys getting out?
- I don't know.
My dad and I had
this little talk.
- There's a baseball
game tonight.
He usually falls asleep
around the fourth inning.
- It's a Saturday night.
They'll leave early and
come home on Sunday.
- Mom's working two
shifts, remember?
What about you?
- I'll just have to wait
until my father goes to sleep.
- That won't be
long these days.
- So what are we
going to do about this?
- There's something in the air.
- I don't know.
I ran out of answers
a long time ago.
- Seems to me this is
pretty important to them.
Nathan wouldn't risk getting
into trouble and being
so involved, unless they were
all pretty much committed.
- Something tells me they're
planning to go out tonight.
Maybe even tomorrow night
after the beach walk.
- Think you're right.
I overhead Jen and
David talking earlier.
- We might want to think
about following them when
and if they think about
sneaking out again.
Although I do have a
hard time believing
that Nathan would
do such a thing.
- Well I guess when you're
trying to save the planet,
the rules don't apply.
- Don't tell them that.
Let's let them sneak
out one more time.
Force the issue.
- I don't think
that's such a good idea.
These guys could be desperate.
Maybe dangerous.
- All the more reason why we
should exchange cell numbers.
- Will I be home in
time for the game?
[ Music ]
- Hey Jen.
Hi five.
[ Dialing Phone ]
[ Cell Phone Ringing ]
- I just have to get
this for one second.
- Deb? You were right.
She just left with
her video camera.
- Okay. You know what?
Grab the others, I'm on my way.
You guys. You have to
take this food over to
that couple over there.
And here. Here's your check.
- This isn't what we ordered.
- I know.
Bring it to the people
over there.
- I got my eyes on
you guys tonight.
Let's get an accurate count.
We need at least 300 eggs.
- I would sing early.
There's a brand new
stake right over there.
- Easy pickings.
We should be finished early.
- This sure beats
following them around to get
to this stake's location
like we have been doing.
- They're being
very considerate.
- Makes our sleuthing
a whole lot easier.
- Will you put that away?
You're liable to start
a fire with that thing.
We can get rich stealing
these eggs.
- Yeah. Or wind up in jail.
- Yeah. This is going to
be the last trip for me.
- What are you talking about?
The season's just beginning.
- I don't know.
I've been asked to go
on an international tour
with my karaoke club.
- No way.
You think I'm letting
you out of your contract?
- I didn't know
we had a contract.
- What's this?
- What is it?
- It's a wireless
microphone, pinhead.
- What's a wireless
microphone pinhead?
- No, you're the pinhead.
It's the type of
microphone they use.
- Yeah, to catch bad guys.
- Like us.
- Before they send
them off to jail.
- But I never wanted
a life of crime.
Who will take care of my mom?
What will happen to
my action figures?
- Look. Kids.
There. The the -
- Go get them.
- They saw us.
- Let's get out of here.
- Grab them, grab them.
- I'm tired of these kids.
They're jeopardizing
my lifestyle.
- Did you hear what I said?
- Wait a minute, wait a minute.
I didn't sign up
to hurt any kids.
Besides, it might have a long
term impact on my record sales.
- You're not making
records anymore are they?
- Oh, figure of speech.
- Didn't you hear what I said?
Go get them.
- Oh no. We're not
hurting any kids.
They're an important
constituency for my movies.
- Constituency.
How do you spell that?
- My target demographic.
- One at a time, will you?
- They're, my audience.
- Wow. This is just
like watching a movie.
- What are you guys doing here?
- This is where we live.
I think this guy needs
to get his mouth washed
out with some surfboard wax.
- No, seriously.
What are you guys doing here?
- It's the beach, we live here.
- My mom is going to kill me.
- Yeah. Like she was off to
such a great start already.
- I don't even want to think
about what my mom's
going to say.
- My recording career
was finally within reach.
And now it's all gone
in a blink of an eye.
And for what?
How could I have been
so short-sighted?
- What about you?
How does your mom
going to take it?
- She's still mad at
me because I got one
of her dresses all sandy.
- Hey guys.
What's up?
- Dad?
- What are you guys doing here?
- Just trying to
save the planet.
- One turkle at a time.
- What?
- I'll explain later.
- Is that you Wax?
- Yes sir, Mr. Homsey.
Had a summer storm coming in.
Came down to check out
the waves and, well.
- Fish and Wildlife are here.
- Hey. Watch the wrist.
I've got an early tee time.
- Hey. I'm going to get
myself a cheap lawyer.
- What is that?
- I call it, Poacher's Lament.
- I could write some
really good lyrics for that.
- You're going to
have plenty of time
to practice where you're going.
[ Harmonica Playing ]
- Thanks Wax.
- Think nothing
of it turtle boy.
It's all a part of
protecting our beach and stuff.
- Come on guys, let's go.
[ Music ]
[ Applause ]
- Thanks ukulele lady.
That was really wonderful.
I think. Now we have some
surprise announcements
from our very own turtle
diva regarding our senior
camp counselors.
Come on up turtle diva.
[ Applause ]
- Thank you.
For their meritorious service on
behalf of all turtles worldwide.
And for their capture of a band
of cut-throat turtle
egg poachers,
and for their stunning
which will have its world
premiere here in a few weeks.
I would like to offer
the following
to these five wonderful
scientists of tomorrow.
A free college education to
the university of their choice.
[ Applause ]
That's right.
A free, four-year scholarship to
pursue their scientific studies,
which will hopefully lead
to a better, cleaner world.
[ Applause ]
[ Music ]
- Are we on?
Oh we're on.
We're on. We're on.
We're live.
This is Brooke Trout
coming to you live.
Good side, good side.
Hi. Brooke Trout coming
to you live from WJUP.
How does it feel to put all
those dangerous criminals
behind bars?
- Well they weren't
really dangerous.
They were just kind of hapless.
- [Laughing] hapless?
How cute. Is that a new word?
Did you just make that up?
- Um, no.
As a matter of fact,
when the only opportunity
for danger came about,
they stood up to their
boss to protect us.
- Well, I'm sure you
must have been frightened?
- Not really.
Between David and the rest of
us and our surfing buddies,
we could have handled
the situation pretty well
if anything threatening
had popped up.
Besides, those guys
were just egg poachers.
They had no interest
in hurting us.
- Now, you say they
were egg poachers.
Is that referring to the
way they were planning
to cook the eggs
that they had stolen?
- Uh, no.
- Is there a chance that any
one of them might have evolved
into something more
dangerous like an egg fryer?
Or an egg scrambler?
Or possibly even egg quiche
somewhere in the near future?
- Are you new at this?
No I'm not, I'm a veteran.
I've been doing this for weeks.
- Because that's the silliest
question I have ever heard.
- Let's toss it back to
the studio, shall we Frank?
This is Brooke Trout
coming to you
from the large, wooden
That's a wrap.
[ Music ]
[ Silence ]
- You wanted some
bologna sandwiches.
- Okay.
- Ah. Ah.
[ Laughing ]