Turn It Up (2000) Movie Script

H and L A C O and D
What happened was?
I do not know what happened,
just went out.
I told you that the equipment is not worth it.
Tell the owner,
that nothing happens to this trash.
Yesterday control panel worked normally.
- It means nothing. I tell you,
here is full of crap!
Damn it.
Did you? Hey so I speak!
These panels themselves are programmed.
What is it?
- Should be completed today.
Come on! So I now begin.
- After half an hour I group.
And just tell me to collect
things, eh? How so?
People checker.
- My pocket is not shallow?
You know what I mean.
Di, wait!
I told you I do not want drug addicts
about your equipment.
When the bass is clean, is the best.
You know it.
Bass was the best years ago
be destroyed.
I control it.
- Be sure of one thing -
Try not to fuck my studio.
And for you I will take care of.
Do not be angry with me.
Do not you mad.
We leave.
What would you change the console?
- No, I'm leaving.
Just when you naglasih song, Dee.
I told you to go.
Dee, what are you doing?
You said here all night?
- Kicked out of us.
Kicked you?
How you think about that brothers?
This is not a free dinner?
I promised these bitches
to hear how they sing.
Tonight will not happen.
Gage, the whole evening you will kisnem here?
- Shut up, bitch, and march in the car.
Bitch you?
- Do not think you play?
Easy, man.
- That is not right.
And above that we will not be played.
I'll go to find out!
What are you doing, man?
I told you to calm down.
With Mr. Marshall well understood.
I do not fucking work.
Why do you think will kill him?
That you crazy bastard.
And you are my song, Dee.
Come then to see the bar.
Dee who is this nigga?
Seamus you?
- You know him?
Record producer.
- No, I've seen this somewhere.
In fact ... May beat
Negroes with dealers.
I tell you, that is legitimate
- Give it oberem now.
Only the jewelry will pay
for the studio.
Let's talk about something serious.
Bro, did you not rude
Do not wait for fair play.
You see, I'm right?
Seamus know Johnny White.
So what? He who does?
- Has "Raf on Records."
Does that little guy?
Look, bro. Watch how it's done.
Mr. White is Diamond.
The friend I was talking about.
Nice, Diamond.
- And to me, Mr. White.
Well, Diamond, your manager tells me
that music is it to you.
Would you like to iztananikam something?
You do not need, just give me demokaseta.
If you are as good
may turn business.
Honestly, Mr. White, I tell you.
Cartridge is nearly ready. Super E.
Sure am.
So you and your artist
Work on it
and if I ever finish the
To call you?
Only so, can you call?
Not so much hair.
Forget about it.
Hell Joker!
- At least it was a good experience.
All right.
They call us. Let's go.
What took you so long?
Would, as ever fuck with me?
You came?
Diamond, no they will not lately.
Working on his music.
I signed
with a recording studio?
Not yet.
Gage delivers goods,
Tell those pedals
that if I jump with Teddy
pretrepya them.
Well, It. I will warn them.
Come on, Dee.
It is a pleasure to see you again.
Yes, yes. Give brief.
Where is the money?
Why treat me like a stranger?
To say that would not be happy
how do you fuck with Teddy?
No longer do business with Teddy.
Mr. It will be particularly happy
to understand.
All right.
Now it's your turn.
Everything is here.
- Leave it on the table.
Let's get out of here!
Damn! Quick!
I can not believe it.
That small filthy cockroach!
And you try to shake.
- If it was Di,
Now we would be the next world.
- You must feel it.
As Gay said, lucky us.
- Nonsense!
In such a crap
luck is not enough.
I am pleased Gage.
- Yes. You're the best, It.
Enough for me today.
Will hear.
Did you not to his shadow?
I want to talk to Diamond.
Good. I go out.
Sit down.
Diamond is not my job
to tell you how to live,
but maybe more, much more.
Twice smarter from Gage.
And you know, I know it.
So do not talk nonsense.
I know you want to be rap star
like any other kid in the neighborhood.
I'll be honest with you.
Like Gage, hardworking E.
But I need someone with brains.
Someone like you.
It would, I know Gage is a bit dull
but he is my friend.
Together I am 6 years old.
I am his faithful as he is correct.
Would you make me become a traitor?
Not known.
If you hold on to Mr. B,
will earn money for a whole album.
If you hold on to Mr. B,
or die ... or we will conclude.
The day will come
It will withstand when the wall
and he betrayed us,
without even thinking.
If our music as it should be,
will ever get out of the mire.
I'll tell you something, bro.
This, where we do,
pay for the rent of your studio.
Pay for your fucking records.
Pay for my car even!
Do not want to go back
the projects?
I do not want any projects
just want to be legitimate.
I want respect.
As we walk in clubs
not all bitches?
Did not scare niggas all,
Do not crouch with drinks?
How do you want more respect?
You know what your problem is?
Too long to be silly
with industrial Negroes.
They are wrong in the head.
And now you come
and going to confuse me.
Who is it?
Denzel ... I am.
He said he would come straight here
and all night I sit and wait.
I was not his job.
I called the studio was not there.
What do you, check me now?
You know I love it!
Not show such disrespect.
- What? I'm Dee, remember?
Let's stop this game that I
apparently do not know what to do with Gage.
Why did you injure?
- Do not bitch me out, Diamond,
Your job is what you do,
but when it affects me,
I have the right to rule.
Dear, when they met,
You were so nice.
So nice that not only is unbelievable.
I just wanted to'm your girl.
But I grew up, and you still move
with Gage and playing Batman and Robin.
Are not you tired yet?
This has nothing to do with Gage and me.
I have some things to doopravyane.
As they do, end the recording.
Since when repeating it, Dee?
- What do not believe me?
Dear, if you do not believe,
I long to go.
Then why do I imbed cycling-friendly?
Because you hold.
And I love ...
and do not want to lose.
Diamond, all night I do not go to bed?
Yes, I write.
I'm half an hour of work.
What do you do?
I'll go see Mom
that something is not good.
Yesterday I heard on the phone
I mention nothing.
Call me to tell me how it is
OK, I'll call you.
Give me the number of mobile phone,
you to call me.
I can not.
Why? Tisha has a number of her boyfriend.
I know he's henpecked husband.
If it was conditionally released from jail
with those bracelets
where the signal
every time you leave the perimeter.
Zar-zar! Tisha here Tisha there ...
- Come on.
I tell you, he cursed the day
which gave her the phone.
Did not.
- On the contrary.
Why do you think
that the first work of doctors is
to cut the umbilical cord of the baby?
For men shall be free.
You can roam the earth.
For me, I give you my phone
is like back in the womb.
Laughing because you know that is true.
What do they do?
Love me.
I made you breakfast.
Why are you supposed to do?
I told you when I go head
will become.
11 o'clock and ate nothing.
I thought ...
You would not go to work.
Who will pay my bills?
I will take them.
- I know you're out of work.
So money-makers,
are not those I want.
Not so, Mom.
- I do not fool yourself, Diamond.
I am your mother.
I'm not a silly nonsense.
All right.
Show must go.
I'll go in the studio
I will do the recording ...
Tomorrow I will go back to see you.
Sometimes you talk just like his father.
I did not mean in a bad sense.
This is not cool.
Repeat for a week.
There is nothing like the record.
Just not cool and so.
Maybe you need
a little detente.
There is nothing wrong with that
to give time.
Maybe you're right.
Dee, do not forget ...
Do not pay me.
Thank you, bro.
- Please.
Quickly send an ambulance.
My mother has fainted.
"Uilkon Street" 301, app. 4-B.
Do not worry, you'll be fine.
Just hang on and everything will be fine.
Sorry about your mother.
If you do not want me here you go,
but had to come.
As for my game play?
if not they would be 11 years.
I came to have a last tribute.
I do not expect
to meet me with open arms.
Because definitely will not happen.
Next week
I'll be on this phone.
We need to talk.
Why do you think
I want to talk to you?
As I said, you have the phone.
I hope to reflect.
And sorry about your mother.
Your mother knew how to handle
all vats.
Remember ... me when
in a correctional institution
and talk to the supervising officer?
He spitefully.
Wow how I hated it!
But your mother convinced him
give me a second chance.
What happened to your father?
Will not you call him?
I do not know.
You did what?
I've never had a father.
Give him a chance.
Nothing lost.
Are you still playing?
In case.
Want to tell me something?
Do not occur every day.
Son, I'm sorry that I failed.
Sorry I was not up to your mother
and to you.
What else can I say?
I do not know.
For example, why he left us.
Do not give justification for their actions,
because I do not like that.
And what will I see you again
or was it only that?
I have nowhere to live.
I thought to poostana less.
To live it with you if you want.
Work is
I have no where to go.
I thought possible ...
to poostana to you.
Damn it!
But do not you and Sven.
You can sleep on the couch.
These know nothing about us.
As completed, will zavrem
these bastards in their place.
Dee, Check it out what was happening.
How are you, Mr. Bi?
- Gage.
What are you doing
in this sleek restaurant?
You know, I like you
enjoy the hottest dance.
Mr. White is in the music business.
- I know.
Now we know.
- Really?
Your singer presented her Diamond.
You said that you want to hear it.
Diamond? Is he a rapper?
And rap is cool, Mr. White.
- It really is.
Settle it with a manager.
- I'm his manager.
You're a smart boy, but understand what
from the music business?
Understand what these skapanyatsi.
And they want what I want.
Money and drugs ...
Hardly know more than Gage.
I will not go away
this behavior.
Check it out you where you go!
Gage, her going to sit.
Not very welcome.
Yes, it will do.
How did it go?
- Hell motherfucker!
I'm sick to play
a whistle at all!
Fuck demokasetata!
- What are you talking about?
How many more records
you need the album?
We like to fix it yourself?
Right now we pay?
And where will find the money
for the whole album?
You know,
recently behave as zhenka.
And to tell you the only way
to get a recording deal
to suck dick of Mr. White.
Fuck you!
What you said Seamus?
He wanted to go to a party in them.
Tonight Is the party?
At 2:00 at night?
Is he still here?
Maybe I just wanted to go.
Only two, eh?
I told him that I'm not.
Listen ...
Go and tell this slimy bastard,
that his wound.
And get his address.
But just to give him your phone!
Got it?
- Yes.
All right. I'll wait outside.
Go fix.
Who is it?
- Jane.
Re early, girl.
Wait, get off.
Pedal unhappy.
- What are you doing?
Shut up!
Get up, nigga!
Bass that and make-up!
Where is your money?
I have no money, man.
- None, eh?
- Calm down.
More quietly.
- Shut up!
What crawl as zhenka, come!
Get in here, nigga!
Where is the money?
Come here. Move!
Open the cupboard!
Where are they?
- There is nothing here.
Marsh there!
Motherfucker, where's the money?
Your old Mom ...
Put them envelopes!
Put them all.
All the money!
Thank you very much, Seamus.
Almost forgot ...
Damn it.
This is bullshit!
I hear only the bass.
Is cool, I tell you! Is super!
What's the point of recording something
if you do not hear the melody?
I tell you, this is the new sound.
I know his work.
Di, we must speak.
Fix it!
What is it?
Hopefully for good.
Sorry, Diamond, but I
you run credit studio time.
Cry me upload my price.
I know you have talent.
Why do you think they took?
Then let me breathe
to finish their demo!
Dee, my clients recorded an entire CD,
while your kid is a demo.
Yes, but my sound is cool.
-- I do not sell albums
and studio time. So pay my rent.
How are the damages?
- 1.50 per hour.
Okay, I think.
No wonder that its water goals.
In such a jerk ...
Only one highway ...
- I will not bother you.
Fire me?
- That said.
Get out of here.
Come on, get out!
What are you doing here?
- What are you saying was, bro?
-- What is it?
- I'm your manager, or not?
Of course.
- I told you that I get serious?
Right? I told you it was time
to go into the league, huh?
What nonsense babble?
- I'm talking to you make an album.
And I'm telling you,
we do not have much money.
Already have.
Ready to play?
Where did you get so much money?
Lucky me.
Are you ready tell me!
What is it, bro?
When Jesus healed the blind,
I asked him blind
how did it?
You are not Jesus and I'm not blind.
Decide what?
My arm is tired.
Are you sure?
One hundred percent?
- Let me show you sample?
I am pregnant.
Will act properly?
Which is correct?
Whatever you choose,
you support me.
To choose?
I'm not ready to be a father.
Not ready or not?
Do you know how things are my
to the head?
Already quite unintentionally.
So I am for myself only care.
You will be my child turning up.
What are you doing?
I own and look to the child
but I want it to be a father
and not some street thug.
I want a real man
that is to my child.
Can you imagine this man, Diamond?
Listen, let her fix things
and then we'll sit down and talk
the idea of ??family.
Now, however,
is not the time for family.
And I have not planned it,
but it was written.
I will not tell you what to do.
Ultimately, you decide.
No, dear ...
It is wrong here.
I need
and you can participate in the decision.
Then ...
- Yes?
I want to participate in the decision?
Well, I decide not to have a baby.
But I can not guarantee
I will be next to you
If you decide to keep it.
Put your cards on the table
and I'm just down to earth.
I do not want to have misunderstandings
or confusion.
Clearly. You want to land.
You can then run Gage the moment
which you call
though his wife,
but can not support his child.
What kind of man are you, Diamond?
I can not believe it.
Finally saw the light, eh?
If you do,
will do it properly.
Without games.
- You give me hundred grand?
Why do you harness that?
That's my music
and no one to fuck with her.
This I say.
Relax, bro.
This is me - Gage.
You are together in kyupa.
Forever ... Until the end.
Bro, will break!
Real hit!
I tell you, will break all.
Smiley, please shut up for a while.
How are you, Gage?
What brother?
Is well f.
- Tonight is frashkano.
Are you ready for tonight?
- He is always ready. Right?
I tried to sleep.
- Sit down, I prepared something to eat.
That was my music.
What do you say?
- Should I?
Maybe you just should not ask me.
- No.
Say what it is,
Too mechanized ...
You know, no feeling.
Pressure but no thrill.
The problem is that you grew up
with electronic music.
You think these keyboards
sound like a real piano.
Not so.
Let me show you something.
Play me something.
Make this plastic
sounds like a piano.
Not bad, eh?
Come on, put.
Where are we going?
In my time.
Damn it.
How you would?
I want to get a package from Frank.
Okay, no problem.
Watch your back.
All right.
Did you hear that Seamus is it clean?
Purified it? For what?
He held one of my one hundred grand.
- Seamus you?
Seamus does not work for you.
Do little business transaction.
I think this, where it is cleansed,
knew that Seamus has a tutu.
Nasty job.
Then he would hear would.
By the way ...
I heard that doing an album with Diamond.
Small deal, you know.
And where did you get the money for the album?
Not cost us any money.
Marshall put our stew.
- Yes.
How kind of him.
False dirty bastard!
You are cleansed Seamus.
I have not touched.
- I do not care what their rights.
He was fucking garbage.
I want my money.
Not me.
What's wrong with you saw me?
Nasty I even looking.
Was hungry.
Want fresh mestse?
I want my steak to be thin.
Your make them as you want.
We have a chainsaw.
Give chainsaw.
And you sit down.
Include in January
I want to show Gage's how it works.
What you choose, Gage?
A thick or thin?
I got your fucking money!
I know you took them.
What did you do with them?
I used it for Diamond album.
Why not say from the beginning?
Do you think you know?
It would, I told you ...
I did not know Seamus works for you.
But as I told you that someone has purged
and I took the hundred grand,
why not confessed?
Just had to say:
"Sorry, Mr. Bi.
Your money back. "
I was afraid, I was half-afraid.
- Are you scared?
But with pleasure spend my money
and got a music producer!
Look now at what sank shit.
- You, see ...
Diamond has nothing to do.
I have nothing against
music industry.
And who knows ...
This may be a blessing.
When I was a child,
I just wanted to play.
I was waiting for his big chance
which never came.
And when I stopped to hope
I stopped to believe in myself.
Then soaked.
You know, Diamond, in your eyes
I see my determination of youth.
I had a beautiful woman, child ...
And they infect, because I,
that music is more important.
It crushed me, son.
Do you understand?
I finished it.
Who is it?
- I am.
What are you doing here?
- I want to talk to you.
Come on, do not act like that.
Did not behave
I'm pregnant.
Just hear me out.
They listen.
I love you
and I want to watch this baby with you.
Last time we talked,
You do not want to have anything to do with it.
I bring you something
I want to hear.
When released,
will forever change our lives.
Yours and that of my baby.
Diamond, I believe you
and I want to trust you,
but the things which He spoke to me ...
I so easily forget them.
I can not.
I'll be with you.
What is it?
Silly me.
What did Mr. White?
Well, Gage, come. Wait for me.
Diamond, my man!
You know, Mr. White?
- Call me Johnny. Come, sit down!
Diamond does not think
I want to push forward
I just decided it was time
Johnny you to know.
Diamond will not drop.
I would not be here if I did not think
that your music is cool.
Its my music heard?
- Posted on Johnny this and that,
only to inflame the appetite.
- And what I heard, were money!
You know?
- The album is not yet finished.
Because you're a perfectionist.
I love this band in his.
You can trust me,
I know when something is hit.
As launch this album
will blow the market.
No offense, Mr. White
but what do you mean
this "we"?
Diamond, just listen to people.
- No, nothing.
When Diamond is ready
will sit down and think of something together.
Thanks for your time,
Mr. White,
but I work in the studio.
- I understand.
I was glad to talk.
I will settle it.
Hey, Dee?
What man?
Do not talk to me anymore?
I told you
do not fuck with my music.
What captures was?
Would you do service
they associated with Mr. White.
Would not anyone do services.
Apparently he will get something!
I told you
just trying to help you.
The last time they ask -
What happens between you and Mr. Bi?
- Okay, see ...
The situation is this:
I am robbed Seamus,
He vartyal a deal with Mr. Bi.
A secret history, did not know about it.
- Why not me?
Because it was between me and Mr. Bi.
- And now I would want my album.
I said it early -
Do not fuck with my music.
Listen, you will find the money to Mr. Bi.
- How will bring 100 grand?
Knockouts have a deal.
I have a buyer for 6 pounds.
He said he would give me 100 grand
If the drug is good.
Where you'll find six pounds?
- Already have them.
Sell ??their drugs to Mr. Bi
lighter and collected their excess?
Are you mad at?!
- No, I'm not!
Who gets rich without sweating?
And let the album
Would not we need.
But now he has to refund money
to get out of our back.
With me?
No. This time bomb will explode
in our faces.
Still talking about how you want to be legitimate.
Let me tell you something.
Nobody will give you something for nothing.
If you want something in this world,
he has to take it.
As did all
went to Wall Street.
I ask you ...
Would you like it or not?
Are you sure that is not footcloth?
Because I do not believe these bastards.
Do not give up, just share.
All right.
I will go.
You do not need to die, Diamond.
Must go together.
why move with Gage.
Because if it did not happen this time,
will succeed next time.
Do you think I do this?
Do you believe
it's really nice to do it?
I like your music.
- Then get out of it.
Yes, you have experience in the neighborhood.
Easily attaches to you.
- You are right.
Then I was easy.
But you my removal was
my biggest mistake, and sorry!
But if you want future
should get out of this a life.
And if the only reason
come was to say that -
then still make sense.
You do not have to do it.
- Bro, everything is agreed.
And when we do,
Mr. It will go away from us forever.
You just say,
I do not care about Mr. Bi.
Let's take the album.
We can always make another one.
Listen, do it and point.
I do not melt right now.
Smile, listen ...
I want to call me
a mobile phone after 10 minutes.
How much is it?
Yes, call me where you want,
only be clear after 10 minutes?
All right.
If we are not finished after 10 minutes
And what a Smiley will save us?
Not serious. Come on.
Do I wear anything?
If I knew it would make a meeting,
would lead to more friends.
The neighborhood is not safe.
- Look, let's do the job.
Show what you wear.
I want to count them.
After seeing cocaine
will sit down and count every dollar.
Show him a sample.
- I do not want a sample.
I want to see six pounds now!
Do not you want to try this before?
- Do you have them or not?
We have them.
How not, will come with the product
not sure in you!
You can count the money
after receiving the drug.
It sure enough is you?
Go bring it.
Put the gun on the table.
You, too.
Why are you calling this number?
I forbade you to do?
I have not been with no bitch last night.
What the fuck ...
And do not call me ...
Listen, now I can not speak.
Large male, not As.
His wife keeps him henpecked.
Do not call me that will come
and I will bust your ass, bitch!
No, Fuck you!
What is this?
Damn! This is not 100 grand!
From the beginning they knew
that skapanyatsi! Let's get out.
Let's get out.
Shut up!
Shut up!
- What are you doing?
I said go!
We can not leave witnesses.
She is pregnant.
And what will happen
as we pointed out in the sequence?
Gage, it does not even speak English.
Just show us.
When will all this end?
- Do not Wash hands with me!
Together we kyupa until the end.
Go and tell Mr. Bi
Who is the real ghetto superstar!
Gage is a dirty bastard!
Do not do it, she is pregnant.
Let her go.
Let's go.
Fuck you!
I'm not with you.
Do whatever it takes.
I'll take care of business
as they always do.
I thought you were smarter.
First I fucked
as stole my money
then come and offer me
30 thousand dollars!
Do I look like a fucking asshole?
Hope Diamond album
cost 100 grand.
Give him the chair.
If it was me
now I would pop off.
But Mr. White says
you have to sign a contract.
In the music business
word means nothing.
It was burned several times that.
So that bit of paper to sign,
otherwise it will blow your mind
the entire table
and wipe the puddle of contract.
As you say where is the Diamond
finish it.
Do you think Dee will come?
I do not know.
We are looking for Diamond.
- He is not here.
What is Diamond?
- I do not know.
Your guy owes me 100,000 dollars.
I'll say it very simply.
He paid with my money.
You understand me, because in this business.
I want the record to the Diamond.
I can not give it.
I need his permission.
Record It belongs to me.
Go and take it out.
Put him out back.
Is this it?
I came for their money.
It is not needed to get there.
All right.
Therefore, there is no misunderstanding
I take this record.
All right.
He took what you wanted.
I always knew
you're a smart boy.
By the way ...
How 100,000 dollars sound?
Play it.
One year later
David 'Gage' Williams
1976 - 2000
Well, Gage, finished album.
Deed done.
But anyway ...
I always knew that behind my back.
And they will always carry in my heart.
Rest in peace.