Turn of the Screw (2020) Movie Script

Hello? Is anyone there?
Ah, you've arrived! Julia? We
spoke on the phone.
Nice to meet you.
The pleasure is ours. Trust me.
Thank God you've arrived! We
were getting worried.
Sorry. My flight from Auckland
got delayed but it did give me
more time to work on my lines.
I'm sorry we didn't have
someone to come and pick you
Oh, that's fine I
just got an Uber.
Well, the important thing is
you're here now.
However, it does mean we're
very short on time tonight.
We're going to have to start
straight away if you don't
Oh, of course!
You are able to perform off
book? We open tomorrow night.
Yes, I spent all last night and
today cramming my lines and I've
also studied
your stage directions.
Excellent! Who needs sleep, eh?
This will be your chance
tonight to get a real feel for
everything. An unofficial dress
rehearsal just for you!
You can leave your things here.
Since it's so late, most of the
stage crew have gone home.
But since your character is on
stage for the whole play that
shouldn't be too much
of an issue for you.
That's fine.
There'll be some lights and
sound and some minimal props
and sets.
All the other actors have been
able to stay late
apart from... just two. So
you'll have to work around
that. Just do the
best you can. Improvise.
Of course. I'll work around
anything you need me to. I
really appreciate this
Let me just run you through the
staging. Have you been in this
theater before?
No, it's my first time here.
Built in 1913. Mainly
for opera, but they allow us
poor thespians to use
it occasionally.
It's very grand!
As you know from your
stage notes, most of the
locations take place in a
different part of the stage.
The walls and props will drop
down when needed and disappear
again when they're not. But you
won't see any of that because
it all happens in darkness.
Each location will light up
when it's time for that scene
and you just follow
the light to that area.
Got it. Shit!
What was that?
Don't worry. That's another
major thing to be aware of. Our
sound system.
We have a major new sound
effects system installed for
this production. It creates a
total immersion sound
So what we heard
right now wasn't real?
Okay! I got it.
Turn on the city traffic.
And just like that we're
transported to the 1890s!
It's so lifelike.
Exciting, isn't it?
Give us the storm.
We have more subtle
sound effects. More
gentle breezes, birds tweeting.
And a few
more for emotive effect.
This is after
all... a horror story.
Of course.
I think it's great. It'll add
so much... atmosphere for
the audience.
Not just the audience, Julia.
It affects all the performers
as well. Takes things to the
next level.
You'll see.
Oh, shit. Look at
the time, it's after 11:00.
We really need to get started.
Look don't worry about your
costume tonight. We'll sort all
that out tomorrow
Do you need a glass of water?
No, I'm fine to begin.
Well. Break a leg.
See you at the interval.
Yes. The actress
I'm replacing... Is she all
Yes, she's fine and doing well.
We're all hopeful she'll make a
full recovery.
If you don't mind
me asking, what happened?
She had a breakdown.
Right here last night.
That's terrible!
Yes, it was very sudden.
We've all been working a lot of
long hours but no one saw it
coming. But
she's recovering now.
She's the second actress to
come down sick. Is that right?
Yes, we've had a
bit of bad luck there.
Well, what happened?
Look, don't stress yourself
about any of that. Just focus
on the very good fortune
for you, Julia.
Your big break!
Your first starring role!
Many is the great career that's
begun when the understudy took
their chance.
Wow the critics tomorrow night
and you'll be on your way.
But first we need to get
through tonight. We'll begin in
just a moment. All the best.
Oh, Richard?
The two I just
couldn't say late tonight...
Which roles are they?
So, this would be
your first governess position?
Yes, sir.
How old are you?
I'm 24, sir.
And what of marriage? In the
near future have you any
No, sir.
Good. I wouldn't want the
children to become attached and
then you decide to leave.
I agree, sir. Security and
continuity are vital to a
child's development.
I would never do
anything to jeopardize that.
My lifestyle here in the city
is not one that could suitably
be shared with children.
So, the children do
not live with you?
No, they are at my country
estate in Bly. A rather large,
lonely place.
Still, I'm sure you will agree
that the country is the proper
place for children.
I do, sir.
And the children
are both orphans?
Yes, their parents died whilst
overseas two years ago.
Little Miles and Flora now have
only me and they need much more
than just a distant Uncle.
They need someone to truly love
and care for them.
Can you be that
person to Miles and Flora?
Surely there must be far more
qualified applicants than me?
Yes, there have been other
applicants. But Bly is not the
most attractive location for
many people.
It really is in
the middle of nowhere.
Not another living
soul for miles around.
And those applicants who
weren't put off by the location
were either unsuitable or
wouldn't accept my other terms.
In particular, my
main condition.
Which is?
That you must never
troubled me. Never, ever!
Neither appeal, nor complain,
nor write.
Just take the whole thing over
and leave me alone.
What do you say?
If the children have been
orphans these past two years,
they must have had another
governess previously?
Yes, a Miss
Jessel. An excellent governess.
The children adored her.
Especially Flora.
So, why isn't Miss
Jessel still with you?
She died.
It was very sudden. I was away
when it happened and I have
only now been able
to seek a replacement.
Meantime, Miles has been sent
off to a boarding school and
little Flora has been looked
after by my housekeeper, Mrs
A very good woman whose been
with my family many years.
But she is not at all qualified
for a young lady's upbringing
and education.
Take the position.
Give Miles and Flora the love
and affection that they
Only remember that you are
in charge. Complete charge.
And no matter what happens, you
must handle it alone.
Not a word to me. Ever.
Who's there?
You scared me!
I'm sorry, Miss. I just
couldn't resist. We love games
You must be Flora.
I'm your new governess, Miss..
I know. We've
been waiting for you.
What were you looking at, Miss?
Oh, I just I thought I saw
something in the tower up
There's no one up there,
Miss. Not ever.
Since Uncle wrote, we've all
been waiting for you.
Mrs Grose is nearly as
excited as me.
She's cleaned and cleaned.
Mrs Grose! She's here!
I'm glad to see
you, Miss. Really I am.
Thank you. You're very kind.
I expect you'd like
a cup of tea?
That would be lovely.
Please, come in.
Flora, it's getting late. Go
and wash up before bedtime.
Do I have to, Miss?
I want to stay up.
Now, now. Do as Mrs Grose says.
Yes, Miss.
The house and
grounds are very impressive.
We do our best, Miss. Though
half the rooms are empty now.
It's a job to
keep the whole place clean.
Please, do sit down.
Flora loves it here. There's
never a shortage of places for
her to explore.
What an enchanting
child she is!
There's not another like her.
And the little boy... Miles. Is
he too so very remarkable?
Oh most remarkable, Miss. If
you think well of this one
you'll be carried away
by the little gentleman!
I'm rather easily carried away.
I confess I was carried away
in town.
Their Uncle is most persuasive.
You're not the first Miss and
you won't be the last.
I have no pretension
of being the only one.
Even as a boy the master could
twist you round his
little finger. And
the children, they're just the
He doesn't visit here often?
The master prefers the town
life. He would be very bored
down here with just
me and the children.
Mrs Grose.
Yes, Miss.
Is there anyone else living
here that I should know about?
Living here?
In the house. I was wondering
if perhaps there were any other
people I needed to meet?
I wish there were! We could use
another pair of hands.
Young Miles, as I understand,
arrives back soon?
Yes. School holidays begin
tomorrow. Miles arrives on the
afternoon train.
What the Hell was that?
Are you all right, Miss?
I'm fine. I just got a shock.
It was just a baby.
Did you have to kill it?
It was wounded, Miss. The
kindest thing to do.
How strange...
Perhaps it was
confused by the sunset.
Has anything like
this ever happened before?
No, never.
Just bad luck.
Sit down, Miss. Please, have
some more tea.
I'll dispose of this
and fetch us some lamps.
It's getting dark.
It's Flora's bedtime. She's
come to say good night.
Do I really have
to go to bed, Miss?
Yes, Flora. But I'll be
up to see you very soon.
I'm so glad we're
sharing a room together.
So am I.
Promise you won't go away.
No indeed. I'm
not going anywhere.
Now you run along. I'll be up
to see you very soon.
Good night, dear.
And to think what qualms
I had about coming here.
I was so afraid.
Afraid, Miss?
I couldn't make up my mind.
Should I accept this position
or not?
Well, I'm very
glad you did, Miss.
Mrs Grose.
Yes, Miss.
The other governess... The one
before me who died.
What was she like?
She was a young lady about your
age. Some thought her pretty
and I suppose she was.
But not as pretty as
you, Miss. Not by half!
He seems to prefer
them young and pretty.
Oh, he did. He
had the devil's own eye.
I mean that was
his way. The Master's.
But of whom
did you speak first?
Why the master of course.
There's nobody else. Nobody at
Now I lay me down to sleep. I
pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to
Mrs Grose wanted to give you a
big room on your own. But I
said we should share.
I am very pleased
to be sharing with you.
Big rooms get bigger at night.
Do you know that?
Do they?
Mrs Grose doesn't know. She
shuts her eyes in the dark.
I think that's silly.
I always look in the dark.
And what do you see?
Can I ask you something, Miss?
Yes, of course dear.
If I did die, where would the
Lord take my soul to?
To Heaven of course.
Are you certain?
Yes, because you're
a very good girl.
But I might not be. And if
I weren't, then wouldn't the
Lord just leave me
here to walk around?
Isn't that what
happens to some people?
What was that?
I'm sure someone's
being hurt! An animal.
We must pretend we didn't hear
it. That's what Mrs Grose says.
Then we can't imagine things.
Sometimes we can't
help imagining things.
Mrs. Gross
Goodness, you scared me!
What are you doing in here?
I thought I
heard something in here.
It'll just be mice or rats. No
one's used this room in years.
Do you know much
about all of this?
Everything in this room was
before my time.
We must get to bed Miss or
we'll be sleepwalking all
day tomorrow.
Of course. You go to bed and
I'll just put things back as I
found them.
Very well, Miss.
Good night.
Good night, Mrs Grose.
A letter has
arrived for you, Miss.
Thank you, Mrs Grose.
It's from your Uncle.
From Uncle?
Is he coming for a visit?
No dear. He's just forwarding a
letter from Miles's school.
Mrs Grose!
What's the matter, Miss?
Nothing, dear. You go
back to your reading.
Yes, Miss?
This is a
letter from Miles's school.
What's the matter? Is
everything all right?
Miles has been dismissed.
Expelled. He may not return
after the holidays.
What on earth has he done?
The school goes into no
particulars. They simply say it
is impossible to keep him.
That can only have
one meaning...
That he is the
threat to the other students.
Master Miles a threat? It's
dreadful to say such cruel
things. He scarcely
ten years old.
This is very concerning.
I'm not sure what to do.
See him first, Miss.
And then believe.
You might as well believe
it of the little lady!
The last governess... Miss.
Jessel. Did she see anything in
the boy?
That wasn't right? She never
mentioned anything to me.
And you've never
known Miles to be...bad?
No, I I don't pretend that.
Then you have known him...
To be naughty. Yes
miss. Like any boy.
But not to
the degree to... contaminate?
To corrupt?
To corrupt? No!
Are you afraid he might
corrupt you, Miss?
Oh, goodness! We must get ready
to pick Miles up.
Flora come along and get ready.
We're going to the
train station.
Are you ready, Miss?
We really must be going.
That wasn't you who just
screamed was it?
Screamed? No.
Did either of you
hear it? A woman's scream?
It was awful!
The most anguished
sound I've ever heard.
Are you certain, Miss? I'm sure
we would have heard it too.
Perhaps you were
confused by something-
I'm sorry. But no. I
don't see how I could have...
Also, twice, up on the tower-
We really must be going or
we'll be late for Miles.
Miles! How you've grown!
This is your new governess.
How do you do, Miles.
How do you do, Miss.
Let's get you home, Miles.
It's all the same. Somehow, I
don't know, I was afraid it
might be different.
Nothing ever changes here.
Well, Miss?
It's just as you told me.
Charm does seem to be the
family trait.
And that cruel charge?
It doesn't live an instant.
My dear a woman, look at him!
I assure you I do nothing else,
Miss. What will you say then?
In answer to the letter?
And to his Uncle?
And the boy himself?
Then I'll stand by you, Miss.
We'll see this out.
We'll see this out!
Would you mind, Miss, if I...?
What a comfort
you are. Dear Mrs Grose
What was it that was troubling
you earlier, Miss? You said you
saw something?
It was nothing.
I didn't sleep at all last
night and I think my tired mind
was playing tricks.
Miles shouldn't be sitting on
the grass in his good
Come along, Miles.
Let's get you changed.
Are you all right, dear?
Oh yes, Miss. It is
so good to have Miles home.
We should probably be getting
you changed as well.
Oh, please Miss. Can I stay
outside just a few more
I can do some more reading.
All right then. But
just a few minutes.
Flora! Come here!
What's going on, Miss?
Nothing, dear.
Everything is fine.
Flora, sit at the table and
finish your reading there.
Flora!. Are you all right?
Yes, Miss?
A man! There was a
man in here a moment ago.
I saw him through the window!
A man?
Yes, a man!
He was standing right here.
No, Miss. No one has
come in. You were only gone a
a few seconds.
Are you unwell, Miss?
No, dear. Everything's fine.
I just thought that I had...
It doesn't matter. I'm sorry
for worrying you.
Can you go and call
Mrs Grose for me, dear?
Then go get ready for bed.
Yes, Miss.
You wanted me, Miss?
Goodness, you're very pale!
What's the matter?
Mrs Grose, I've seen two other
people here at Bly.
First it was a man standing in
the steeple tower.
Ive seen him twice up there.
In the tower...?
Yes. First he was hiding in the
shadows. Then later he was just
standing there looking straight
at me.
And just before I saw him in
this very room. As close to me
as you are now.
What did he look like?
He is dressed like a gentleman?
Although I do not for a moment
believe he is one.
He has long dark hair and
the coldest, hardest eyes.
And dressed like
a gentleman, you say?
But definitely not one.
Mrs Grose. Do you
know who this man is?
The man you're describing
sounds like... Quint.
Peter Quint. He was the valet
to the master. When the master
returned to
town, Quint remained.
He lived here?
Alone with us.
He was in charge for a time.
And then?
He left.
Left to where?
He died, Miss.
Peter Quint is dead.
This cannot be... How?
Out there, Miss. He died out
there on that very lawn.
It was winter. The coldest,
darkest winter's night. The
steps were icy. And Quint...
He must have come home late and
full of drink. There was a
wound to his head as if he'd
slipped and fallen in the dark.
I can't forget his eyes. They
were open, full of pain.
Rather like the eyes of
a fox I once saw.
A fox the dogs had hunted down.
But it was... an accident?
He was a peculiar man. There
were things in his life that
might account for violence
done him.
But it doesn't do to
speak ill of the dead.
You said you've seen people,
Miss. Who else have you seen?
A woman. Dressed all in black.
She was in the garden before
when Flora and I were out
She wanted Flora.
Wanted Flora?
She came for the child? Came
with this determination
that was... indescribable.
I grabbed Flora before she
could get to her!
This woman is evil.
She scares me even
more than that man does.
And the lady was dressed
in black, you say?
Dressed as if in mourning, yes.
The dress looks exactly like
the one that I found
last night in the box room.
And you've never seen this
woman before today?
But I suspect that you have.
Miss Jessel?
Miss Jessel.
Mrs Grose, what do you know
that you're not telling me?
That's Miles's room.
I'll go to him. But
then we must talk further.
Come in, Miss.
How did you know I was there?
I saw your
light under the door.
You ought to be asleep.
I'm too excited!
By being home. By meeting you.
Tell me about your term at
school. How was it?
Let's not talk about school. It
already feels very far away.
Miles look at me.
You know you have been
dismissed from your school.
You will not be
allowed to go back.
I need to know, Miles. Why has
the school taken this action?
Does it really matter?
Of course it matters! This is
not something we can ignore. I
must know the reason.
Then you'll have to ask the
school. I can't tell you what
they think.
Miles, that will not do. Surely
they would have told you.
But they didn't!
Very well. I had hoped to
handle this myself. But if you
can't or won't help me I shall
have to write to your Uncle and
tell him.
Go ahead. Not that he'll pay me
attention. He never does.
I don't suppose he cares much
about me or Flora.
Miles, dear. You mustn't
believe that.
Your Uncle has
many responsibilities. And not
enough time to...
...waste any on us. I
understand. But it's a little
sad when people don't
have time for you.
I have time for you, Miles. And
I do care. Very much!
If there's something wrong. If
there's anything you want to
tell me?
No, there's
nothing. Goodnight, Miss.
What the fuck!?!
And that's intermission!
Excellent first half.
Well done, Julia. Well done!
You really have
studied those lines.
Is that what you were
You know that was nothing like
what I was expecting.
There's different dialogue,
different actions. I'm
completely lost most
of the time!
Well, it doesn't show.
You didn't tell me everything
would be this different.
Exactly. You're exploring new
territory as an actor,
Which is great!
Look, we're all
having to adapt tonight.
I told you not everyone could
stay late. But trust me.
Everything is working fine.
I'm sorry, Richard. I just
really don't feel comfortable
with what's
happening right now.
I see.
Would you like me to ring your
agent and tell them you're
struggling on the first
day of your big
No. I'll continue. This is all
just very new to me.
You're improvising beautifully
and coming up with things that
I haven't seen
in any other rehearsal.
Just trust your instincts and
keep going with it.
Look, it's after midnight and
we really need to press on.
Oh, Richard?
The other actresses
who played my role...
Yes, what about them?
Did they ever claim to see
things with the ghosts that
were... different? Not what
they expected?
Also, I'm still not
getting which-
Julia! It's been a fucking long
day for all of us.
We just need to get through the
next act and then we can let
everyone else go home. When
we've finished Act Two, I can
go over all the
questions and notes you want.
But, right now, we just
need to keep going. All right?
Of course.
And don't worry. Everything is
working just fine. Trust me.
Children! No talking. Finish
your study.
Are you all right, Miss?
I'm fine. I just haven't been
sleeping very well.
You're very warm, Miss.
Flora, sit back down
and finish your work.
Poor Miss. We're
being naughty. Aren't we?
No, of course not.
Oh, dear. What a grumpy
governess you have.
You're not grumpy at all.
Is she Miles?
Of course she isn't. Let's
entertain her, Flora.
Yes, lets!
No, children I'm fine. Why
don't you go off and play?
Enough study for one day.
Oh, children. Only play inside.
You're not to stay outdoors.
Oh, but Miss.
It's such a nice day.
Inside only and stay together.
Those are my conditions for
finishing early. Understood?
Yes, Miss.
Yes, Miss. Thank you, Miss.
You've let the children off
their studies early, Miss?
Yes. I'm far too distracted
right now to be a very good
Put last night
behind you, Miss.
I know what I've seen,
Mrs Grose. That man. That
woman! Looking at
me from their graves.
You're upsetting yourself
over nothing.
Mrs Grose, I appreciate you not
wanting to speak ill of
the dead.
But I must have it now. What
was between Quint and Miss
There was everything
between them.
A relationship? But Miss Jessel
was a lady?
She was a lady. But
she was infamous. They were
both infamous.
In spite of the difference...?
In their class and rank? It
didn't matter. Quint did as he
She was in love with him?
Love. I suppose she called
it that. It was more like
a sickness. A fever that leaves
the body dry and burned out.
The children... They haven't
mentioned Quint or Miss Jessel
once since I arrived?
No. And neither must you, Miss.
You see it was Miles who found
Quint dead.
The poor little boy...
If you could have heard
his screams. Seen the way he
clung to him,
begging him to speak!
He worshipped Quint.
Worshipped that man? Miles?
And who can blame him? A lonely
boy with no Father. No other
men around...
Quint took advantage of him.
It made me sick to see young
Miles trotting around after him
like a little dog.
They were always together.
Couldn't you have intervened?
Forbade the two from being
I wasn't in charge.
The master placed Quint here.
And besides...
No one could stand against
Quint. You didn't know him,
Such power he had
over people...
But Miss Jessel... Couldn't she
have done something?
Miss Jessel. Deep down there
was no difference between them.
She had Flora
and Quint had Miles.
Mrs Grose!
I must go to Flora.
I don't know what you've seen
Miss. But Miss Jessel and Quint
are gone. Dead.
There's no point in reliving
things that are over and
done with.
Hello, Miss. Have you been
looking for me?
You should be with Flora.
How long have you been up here?
Not long. Only a minute or two.
Then you must have seen him?
The man who was
with you just before.
I've been quite alone.
That can't be true. Just a
minute ago I saw...
Perhaps it was just me you saw.
No. There were two people here.
A minute ago? Right here?
Then you must have imagined it.
What are you doing up here,
Miles? I told you both not to
play outside.
Why did you disobey me?
So that you might think
me, for a change, bad.
And how could you be
sure that I would find you?
Oh, I arranged that with Flora.
She distracted Mrs Grose, and
whenever you're alone you
always look up here.
It was easy.
So what are you
doing up here, Miles?
Not much. Just thinking.
Thinking about what?
This strange business of ours.
What strange business, Miles?
Why, about you, Miss. We're all
very concerned about you.
You don't need to worry
about me, Miles. I'm just a bit
tired that's all.
I know.
Do you?
Flora told me. She said you
toss and turn all night.
Of course, one never knows
whether beleieve Flora.
She invents things.
Just like me?
Well, you won't be bothered
with me for much longer.
We will get you back to school
soon but not the old one.
We'll find you a
new one. A better one.
You've never said a word
to me about your school.
Never mentioned it in any way.
Haven't I?
No, never. From the hour you
came back, you've never
mentioned one of your masters
or one of your friends. Nor the
least little thing that ever
happened to you there.
You seem to just perfectly
accept the present.
I don't. I
don't accept anything!
Miles, please. Is there nothing
you want to tell me?
What happened before?
Before what?
Before you went away and before
you came back? What
If you only knew how I want to
help you. I'd rather die than
give you a pain
or do your wrong.
I just want to help you.
It's getting late, Miss.
What did Flora want earlier
when she called you?
Oh,, it was nothing Miss. Just
something she said she'd lost.
It was a trick.
She and Miles had planned to
separate us. She lied to you.
Oh, now Miss. I've never known
either of the children to lie.
Why would they?
Why? Because they are
both playing, or being made
to play, some monstrous game.
I can't pretend to understand
its purpose. I only know
it's happening.
Believe me. The children
are in dreadful danger.
But from whom?
Who do you think?
From Quint and Miss Jessel!
What you're saying,
Miss, it's terrifying.
I know it's hard to accept that
this house is poisoned. That
the children are a
pair of calculating liars.
That they have friends who
would scare them out of their
wits if they weren't deeply and
forever bound to them.
You really believe these ghosts
are in contact with the
But what are we to do?
Then you do believe me? You
don't think I'm imagining it?
I believe you, Miss.
Thank you, Mrs Grose!
I've been so frightened. I felt
so alone but with you to help
Of course I'll help you, Miss.
If you'll just tell me how.
First, we must understand what
these horrors want from the
Think, Mrs Grose. The answer
must be in the past.
It hurts me to remember.
There are things
I'm ashamed to say.
Go on.
Poor Miss Jessel. There was no
indignity she wouldn't suffer
for that man.
No shame. No pride.
Crawl to him she
would. On her knees.
And him laughing at her.
He had such a savage laugh.
And the children?
I can't say, Miss. I don't know
what the children saw.
But they used to follow Quint
and Miss Jessel everywhere.
Trail behind them. Holding
hands and whispering.
There was too much whispering
in this house, Miss.
What happened to Miss Jessel?
After Quint died, she went into
the blackest mourning.
She grieved and grieved till
there was madness in her eyes.
I used to hear her all over the
house wondering, sobbing...
Yes, and screaming.
It was horrible.
It couldn't go on.
Finally, she died.
The black mourning dress that
I found... That
was Miss Jessel's, wasn't it?
She wore it every
day after Quint died.
I have to be with Flora. She can
not be alone at all tonight.
We'll discuss our
plans in the morning.
Good night, Mrs Grose.
Where is she?
Your sister!
You were looking out there. Is
that where Flora is?
Of course.
Why is she out here tonight,
Miles? Why are you both out
I was waiting
for you again, Miss.
When you couldn't find
Flora inside, you'd have to
come out here eventually.
And why is
she out here tonight?
Because she needed for you to
not be with her tonight. And so,
I helped her.
Why would you do that?
When I'm bad, Miss, I am bad.
Mrs Grose! Mrs Grose!
Mrs Grose, I
need you outside. Now!
Good gracious, Miss. What on
Earth is going on?
Flora has disappeared.
I can't find her.
She must be inside. Surely she
wouldn't be out here in this
terrible fog.
She's out there. With her!
I must go and find her. But I
need you to stay with Miles. He
is not to leave your sight.
Yes, Miss.
Go inside. Now.
Flora, where are you?
Flora, are you all right?
What's the matter?
Flora, I need you to get
up and come with me. Right now.
Mrs Grose! Open the door!
Mrs Grose! Open the door!
Good heavens, Miss!
What is the matter?
The door was locked.
I'm sorry. I
was upstairs with Miles.
It doesn't matter.
Where is Miles now?
He's in his bedroom and I've
locked the door. He can't go
Flora, what are
you doing outside?
She was meeting her!
Miss! Let me
hear it from Flora.
Flora, who were
you meeting out here?
Don't lie to us!
Where has she gone?
Miss Jessel, Flora! Where has
Miss Jessel gone?
Let her go,
Miss! You're hurting her!
Where is she,
Flora? Where is she?
Let me go!
Miss! Let her go!
Look, Flora, look! There's no
pretending you can't see that!
Right there! Tell me her name.
What woman?
Are you telling me you don't
see her? I don't believe you.
She's right there, you silly
girl. There! There! There!
You can see her as
well as you see me!
Stop it! Im frightened!
Please, Miss. Stop this!
Look, Mrs Grose, look!
You can see her. You must!
She's as big as a blazing fire!
Only look dearest woman. Look!
I don't know what she
means. I see nobody. Nothing!
I never have.
I know, dear. Nobody's there.
Nobody ever was.
How could you see Miss Jessel
when poor Miss Jessel is dead
and buried.
You're cruel! You're wicked!
I hate you!
Take me away from her. Please!
Take me away!
I am left with no choice.
Their Uncle must be told
everything. He must be forced
to understand.
Understand what exactly, Miss?
Everything. Everything
that has happened.
I know what you
claim to have seen...
And is Flora still
claiming not to have seen?
She says there was no
one there. Except you.
And you pretended
to believe her?
I didn't have to pretend.
You know that.
Perhaps if I spoke to her-
No! You're not to go
near her. She hates you.
And quite frankly,
I can understand why.
Flora was a sweet and
innocent child. A happy child
until you made her face that-
That woman!
That bad memory.
You are to take Flora to her
Uncle this morning. Away from
me and away from them.
And leave you here alone?
Except for Miles.
I was with him
yesterday in the tower.
He didn't say anything but he
wanted to. He wanted to reveal
himself to me and
and ask for my help.
I must give him the chance.
You do understand?
No, Miss. After last night, I
doubt he'll ever understand
It was a cruel thing you did to
Flora. And if you're planning
another cruelty...
To wake a child out of a
bad dream. Is that cruelty?
Sometimes waking a child can be
worse than any bad dream.
You're wrong.
You're talking nonsense.
You and Flora are
to leave this morning.
That is my decision.
Tonight. I must be alone
here with Miles.
But Miss-
You mustn't miss the train. Go
and pack for your journey.
Yes, Miss.
It's 8 o'clock, Miss.
Are you getting tired, Miles?
No, not at all. I like having
tea just with you. How very
grown up.
We can talk properly
now. Like two adults.
Why did you send the others
away? Are you afraid?
What makes you think
that I am afraid, Miles?
I'm not a mind
reader, but I sense things.
But don't worry. No need to be
afraid. There's a man in
the house.
Is there?
Yes, it's me. I'll protect you.
It'll be fun. We have the whole
house to ourselves.
Yes, we have.
Poor Flora. Is she awfully ill
to leave so suddenly?
No. She just had to go into
town. This house didn't quite
agree with her anymore.
What? Flora loved this house.
She was happy here. As happy as
I am.
Are you?
So very happy?
Why did you want
to be alone with me?
I think you know quite well,
Miles. Why, last night, when
you were supposed to be in bed
were you in the garden?
I told you.
The real reason, Miles!
Don't shout, Miss. It makes you
look ugly. And cruel.
Miles, listen to me.
I was brought up to love people
and help them. Help them even
if they refused my help. Even
if sometimes it should hurt
That's the only reason I
am here. To help you!
Whatever you have done I am not
against you. I do not think
its your fault.
But I haven't done anything!
Then why were you
sent away from school?
Because I'm different.
No, you're not. You're like
every other boy.
Ah, now who's not telling the
truth? No, miss. You don't
think I'm like any other boy.
That's why you're afraid.
Did you take things, Miles? Is
that what you did at school?
No, I'm not a thief!
Then what did you do?
Don't make me say it.
Shall I tell you who taught
you? The things you have said.
The things you have done. Shall
I tell you his name?
You don't fool me! I know why
you keep on and on.
It's because you're afraid.
You're afraid you might be
So you keep on and on trying to
make me admit something that
isn't true. Trying to frighten
me the why you frightened
But I'm not Flora. I'm no baby.
You think you can run to my
Uncle was a lot of lies. But he
won't believe you. Not when I
tell him what you are.
A man woman! You never fooled
us. We always knew!
Admit it, Miles. Say his name
and it will be over.
The man who taught you. The man
you've been meeting. The man
you've never stopped meeting!
You're wrong. You're crazy!
Shall I tell you his name?
He's dead!
He's there!
In this room
for the last time!
Where? Where is he?!
You must say the
name, Miles. Say his name!
Say his name.
I can't!
Say his name!
Quint. Peter Quint!
Go! You can't have him!
It's morning. Miles...
They've gone.
You're safe now. You're free!
Miles? Oh, dear God, no!
Somebody? Please!
Help us!
Somebody? Please!
Richard? Richard! Where are
you? He's not breathing!
I need help!
Somebody? Anybody? Oh
God, please!
That was outstanding!
You didn't miss a line and your
use of the stage and
improvisation... It just got
better and better!
How are you feeling?
Okay... I really got into it.
It all felt so real.
That certainly came across! If
you can repeat that performance
tomorrow night we've
got a winner!
Anyway, I'm sure you want to
properly meet the other actors.
Here's Liz.
It's so lovely to
meet you! I'm Elizabeth.
You were amazing! It's as if
you'd been rehearsing for
Thank you! You were such a
great guide on stage.
I must get this wig off!
I'll see you
tomorrow. Good night.
Good night.
Oh, my God!
Sorry, I should have taken that
off. Nice to meet you properly.
You were wonderful.
Thank you. You
really scared me!
Fantastic work!
Oh, I I didn't
realize you were the same...
Yes, I play the Uncle as well.
Not a bad makeup job.
It's fairly standard for the
Uncle and Quint to be played by
the same actor. Otherwise
they'd both have a lot of
downtime off stage.
And you get to save paying
another actor as well!
How were you guys disappearing
on stage? I really couldn't
figure it out.
It's a trick of the lights. We
know just where to stand when
the lights go off
and come back on.
Well, you definitely fooled me!
Anyway, it's very late folks
and we need to clear
the building. And you need to
get a good night's rest for the
big day tomorrow.
We'll get changed.
Great work again.
Can't wait for tomorrow.
I'll drop you off at your
hotel. You must be exhausted.
I am way way past exhausted!
But I'd love to say good night
to the children-
I just want to say again your
improvisation was phenomenal!
I really believed you were
interacting with the children.
You really believed...?
Well, of course we couldn't
have them rehearsing this late
at night. But you'll get the
chance to meet them tomorrow
before we perform.
I'll just go and get my things
backstage and then we'll drop
you off. You just wait here.
I'll be back in a moment.