Turtle Beach (1992) Movie Script

[chattering in native language]
-[man shouts]
[glass breaking]
[men chanting
in native language]
[chanting in native language]
-[horn honking]
-RICHARD [shouting]: Judith!
[horn honks]
-[gasps] Shit!
-RICHARD: Come on!
[speaking native language]
[men shouting]
-RICHARD: Get down!
-[Judith grunts]
[tires squealing]
[chanting in native language]
-[tires squealing]
[tires squealing]
God knows they've got nothing
to fear from the Indians.
And they'll never
get the Chinese out.
They're too good at business.
Hmm. Jesus.
[siren blaring in distance]
Are you okay?
[synthesizer music plays]
-JUDITH: Got everything?
Hurry up. Come on.
[sighs] Bye, darling.
-Good-bye, Mummy.
Will we see you next weekend?
You're going to your dad's,
But we'll be with you
for the holidays, won't we?
Got your hanky?
[children singing in background]
Thanks, Mum.
-Here's yours.
-DAVID: Thanks, Mum.
Off you go now.
Bye, Mum.
-DAVID: Bye.
Come on, boys. You'll be late.
BILL: Well, there are no riots
there this time, as yet,
but there soon could be
with the refugee problem.
Talk to this woman.
Her name is Minou,
the second Lady Hobday.
Recently married
to Sir Adrian Hobday,
-our ambassador to Malaysia.
-Ah, yes.
She's president
of the International
Refugee Relief Committee,
and if anybody can get you
onto Bidong Island,
it's her.
You'll find her at the Regent.
She's here in Sydney
for a conference.
Leave it by the door, please.
Did you get my message?
The interview?
Well, can I come in?
[door closes]
Make yourself at home.
JUDITH: Million-dollar view.
If you like water everywhere.
You went from Bangkok
to Malaysia.
Why did you leave Saigon?
What do you think they do
to women who were friendly
with the enemy?
I wasn't that keen on a bullet
through the back of my head.
Do you want to talk
about the refugees or not?
Why is it that journalists
aren't allowed
in the Bidong camp?
What's the Malaysian
government hiding?
MINOU: Well, the official line
is they don't want
the Vietnamese to know
they're accepting refugees.
But the truth is, they don't
want the world to know
that they're treating
the Vietnamese like dogs.
Other refugees,
they'll look after.
The Chinese and Vietnamese,
they've always hated us.
They want us dead.
Well, is there any way out
for them? Bribery?
There's bound to be
a black market.
There is corruption
at all levels.
No matter
who you're dealing with,
no one helps anyone
unless they get something
out of it.
You're still obsessed
with Malaysia, aren't you?
-This is really important.
-So is my holiday.
I can't cancel.
I've got to get out
and meet some new people.
I'm going crazy.
-Richard, you've got a new woman
every month. I've had no one.
-Come on. Why--
Well, it's your own fault.
You're a workaholic.
Look, I can't replace
a husband that easy.
It's a pity you don't feel
the same about your kids.
Mmm. I'd forgotten how good
you are at the guilt trips.
Look, let's not
get into this again.
I'll take the kids this time.
I'll make it up to you.
[woman on P.A.
speaking native language]
[horns honking]
[chattering in native language]
Does it look any different?
The city's grown.
SANCHA: Well, a lot
can happen in 10 years.
[horn honking]
Oh, come on.
They should ban those bikes.
I'll be glad when Ralph
gets his next posting.
He spends half the time
with his precious refugees.
-On Bidong?
Must be awful there.
Well, Ralph says it's stage four
of the Vietnam War.
[crickets chirping]
What a beautiful house.
SANCHA: It used to be the center
of a huge rubber plantation.
We've kept it original inside.
How the other half lives.
Welcome home, Ms. Sancha.
Got to have the best. Come on.
I'll show you your room.
You must be exhausted.
JUDITH: Good of you
to let me stay, Sancha.
[birds squawking]
-[horns honking]
-[man chanting on P.A.]
[chattering and horns honking]
JUDITH: Julian.
My God. Judith.
-How are you?
It's been years.
What brings you back
to this sweatbox?
-I came
for the boat people story.
-Haven't we all, darling?
Oh, the place is crawling
with us. All the old gang
are here. Have you seen Jack?
-No. I only just got here.
-Then you won't have heard
about "the disappearance."
No. What's up?
The president of
the International Refugee
Relief Committee is missing.
Minou Hobday.
Rumors are it's a kidnap.
Sir Adrian. Sir Adrian,
do you think the kidnap
will have any bearing
on Australia's foreign policy
toward the boat people?
We have no evidence to suggest
there's been a kidnap.
Do you believe
there's any other reason
for your wife's disappearance?
As soon as information comes
to hand from Special Branch,
we'll let you know.
Do you-- Do you think
you've compromised
the embassy's standing
-by marrying
a Vietnamese refugee?
That's all for now.
[reporters shouting questions]
MAN: Thank you, ladies
and gentlemen. That's all.
[bells dinging]
[music playing and man singing
in native language over P.A.]
ADRIAN: Where's my wife, Kanan?
KANAN: She's safe.
She's where she always goes.
ADRIAN: I've told you,
she mustn't go there.
Minou is not a prisoner.
I won't give her false hopes.
KANAN: Then she's lucky
she's got me to help.
If I thought there was
any hope at all, I'd be doing
everything possible.
You couldn't.
I'm saving you from
diplomatic suicide, Hobday.
-I forbid any more trips
to Turtle Beach.
-What if she's right?
Terrified of that, aren't you?
Just keep out of it.
White boys got thrashed
in Delhi again, eh?
Indian umpires, mate.
RALPH: There's a friend
of Sancha's staying with us.
Ah, there she is.
Come and join us.
This is my old school friend,
Judith Wilkes.
Kanan Subramaniam.
Pleased to meet you.
Here for a bit
of sightseeing?
It's an interesting city.
Judy's a reporter.
She's here for the boat people.
Ah, a reporter.
Popular occupation
in K.L. these days.
[all chuckle]
Would you like a drink?
-SANCHA: We have champagne open.
-Love one.
SANCHA: And I'll have
another one too, darling.
-SANCHA: Great.
-Gotcha. [chuckles]
Sancha's so competitive.
-She always was.
-Look who's talking.
-[all chuckle]
-Never gets me anywhere.
-Any news on Minou?
-Oh, she's been found.
She was at Turtle Beach
all along.
-Isn't that where
the refugee boats come in?
-What was she doing there?
-She was looking for turtles.
-She was waiting--
-Shut up, Kanan.
Oh, is that what you do
at Bidong as well, Ralph?
Look for turtles?
[balls clack]
-You bugger.
-So sorry, old man.
[balls clack]
-Drinks all around?
-In a moment.
I thought turtle season
was in May.
Turtle Beach is the last
breeding ground in the world
for the green turtle.
So why were you spying on me?
I wasn't spying on you.
I was keeping tabs
on Sir Adrian.
Of course. For your story.
[Judith chuckles]
JUDITH: So how do you know
so much about Minou?
KANAN: I'm her friend.
[crickets chirping]
Sir Adrian Hobday
is an upper-class bore.
Minou only married him
for his embassy post.
And what a mistake she made.
He won't do a thing for her.
Kanan sees it as his role
in life to take Hobday down
a peg or two.
Only out of friendship
for you, Ralph.
Oh, is that all?
So how is Bidong?
Why don't you take Judith
with you next time you go?
You know the rules. No press.
I don't intend breaking them.
How do you decide
which refugees to take?
We take the strong ones.
The ones who've proven
that they can handle this mess.
They're women, mostly.
I don't know why,
but they're tougher.
We've had years of practice
at surviving.
The boat people
are the bravest people
in the world.
You know, the, uh, Vietnamese
are known as the "Jews of Asia".
Is that why they hide the camps?
KANAN: What an appetite
you have, Judith.
I mean for the truth.
[liquid pouring]
ADRIAN: I'm in the middle
of delicate negotiations.
Embarrassment like this
leaves me under pressure
from the Malaysian government
to convince my minister
to take more boat people
than we're prepared to accept.
I'm the only voice of reason
in this whole damned affair.
If Ralph had his way, there'd be
more Vietnamese in Australia
than we can cope with.
I've had to make
personal apologies
to half the diplomatic world.
There's been hell's own delight
with the press.
You know I didn't mean
to hurt you.
I can't afford things like this.
Your obsession has got to end.
I'm so sorry.
I couldn't tell you.
You would have stopped me.
You always protect me, Papa.
And I'm such a bad girl.
Always getting you
into trouble.
Promise to ask me
next time, not Kanan.
I promise.
Baby wants to fuck you, Papa.
We'll make the bad world
go far away.
[Adrian sighs]
Would you like that, Papa?
I would.
[Adrian sighs]
Only for you, Papa.
Only for you.
Is Lady Hobday in?
I'm a friend of hers from--
Lady Hobday is not in.
[door closes]
MINOU: So you're a friend,
Judith Wilkes.
Where did you get that from?
[sighs, chuckles]
I make friends easily.
Not with me.
Well, I'm glad to see
you're okay.
For reasons which defy logic,
I was worried about you.
And pigs can fly, Judith.
Look, you want to help
the refugees, right?
I can guarantee
a front-page story.
Just get me on to Bidong.
Why should I trust you?
Why aren't you like
all the other buzzards?
Because no one helps anyone
unless they're getting
something out of it,
as you said yourself.
Aha. A friend in need.
-Wait for me here.
-Yes, ma'am.
[men shouting]
[shouting continues]
[camera shutter clicks]
-[man groans]
[shutter clicking]
[man shouting]
[shutter clicking]
Lady! Lady, no!
Go home! Go!
[phone rings]
JUDITH: Hello. Hello,
Bill Whaley, please.
It's Judith Wilkes
calling from Malaysia.
Hello, Bill.
Yeah. No, no, I'm all right.
I just didn't want to wire this.
It's too risky.
JUDITH [over phone]:
Malaysia, Thursday.
Today I made an unofficial visit to Bidong Island,
where I witnessed an act
of supreme brutality
outside the Vietnamese
refugee camp.
I saw three shaven-headed
and chained refugees
being beaten
by Malaysian soldiers.
The question is:
Why are these people being
treated like prisoners of war?
SANCHA: I'm really looking
forward to the party tonight.
I haven't been out in ages.
Have you got
something to wear tonight?
They're awfully formal.
Look, don't worry.
You can borrow
something of mine.
-[sighing] Oh, thanks.
Hello, darling. Did you win?
I thought
you understood the rules.
I've just had a call
from Special Branch,
and they told me
you'd been to the Bidong camp.
Well, not inside.
There's a taped conversation
between you and your editor.
[sighs] I didn't know
the phones were bugged.
The refugees you saw
were in the black market.
They're rounding the bastards up
and shaving their heads
to humiliate them.
Just be sure.
If you act
without authority again,
I'll ask them
to revoke your visa.
What have you got
against me going into the camp?
You say you care
about the boat people.
A front-page story
could help them.
If we antagonize the Malays,
they'll take it out
on the refugees.
-But if--
-They're already towing
the new arrivals out to sea
and leaving them to rot!
We are playing
their game for now.
[fireworks whistling, exploding]
[explosions continue]
[traditional music]
-Tunku Jamie.
-Tunku Jamie.
Bernice. I'd like you
to meet a friend of ours
from Australia, Judith Wilkes.
Delighted. Delighted.
-Your Highness.
When the revolution comes,
it will be
against the royal families.
-MAN: Adrian.
-Hello, Jim.
KANAN: Watch this.
Tunku Jamie.
KANAN: They hate her even more
than they hate me.
So why do they invite you?
Hobday has power,
and I have money.
Excuse me.
-Sir Adrian wants to meet you.
My wife's a great fan of yours.
-She's been keeping
all your articles.
That's high praise.
She's generally very critical.
Whilst you're in Malaysia,
you might like to join us
for dinner one night.
[rock and roll music playing]
Rock, rock, rock, everybody
Roll, roll, roll, everybody
Rock, rock, rock, everybody
Roll, roll, roll, everybody
Rock, rock, rock, everybody
Rock to this groovy beat...
Adrian, darling,
I want to take Judith
with me to Thaipusam.
-Would you like that, Judith?
-What's Thaipusam?
I don't think Judith would
really want to go there.
Oh, don't be a spoilsport.
My minder will be with us.
We won't get up to anything
with him there.
-All right with you, Terry?
-No problem.
Minou's keen on these
savage customs. Can't say I have
the stomach for it myself.
-Going to come, Brenda Starr?
-[drums beating]
-[horn honks]
[drumming continues]
[horn honks]
I think we'll get out
just up here.
We could go for it.
You'll wait
till we park the car.
You're not to get out
of my sight. That's an order.
Adrian always gives me
the butch ones.
[traditional music]
[whistle blows]
Where is Minou?
Oh, she'll find us.
Opiate of the masses.
This is the big Hindu event
of the year.
In India, it celebrates
the winter equinox.
-Banned there these days.
-Oh, why is that?
Wait and see.
[music continues]
[woman singing
in native language over P.A.]
The day of reckoning.
Of purification.
Lot of nonsense, really.
Wait here.
That's my duty done.
Come on.
[no audible dialogue]
It-- It's child mutilation.
Her parents
don't mean her any harm.
Hindus don't harm
any living thing.
I want to show you something.
If they weren't
so crushed by life,
they'd be more moderate
in their enjoyment.
Don't be frightened.
It's just the poor having fun.
[singing in native language]
We're only seeking ecstasy.
[singing continues]
[singing continues]
[singing continues]
Come on, Judith!
We're out of here! Run!
Minou! What are you doing?
[Judith panting and gasping]
[horn honks]
[chuckles] It'll take him hours
to get back.
-MINOU: Now tell me, Judith...
-[engine stops]
you can swim, can't you?
Yes. What exactly
are we doing here?
Meeting people from home.
Anyone from home is family.
The currents are strong...
the boat people weak
from starvation.
Some of them will drown
without our help.
-Oh, I have spare clothes
in the trunk.
I had it planned.
MINOU: It's the only beach
in the world
where the green turtles come
to lay their eggs.
Yeah. I remember years ago
seeing one who was
in labor all night.
There were tears in her eyes
from the strain.
Uh. Turtles are
terrible mothers.
The babies get killed by birds
before they even
reach the water.
And some of them
never make it out of the eggs.
Do the Malay villagers
still rob them?
Disgusting people, they are.
They're coming in.
[shouting in native language]
[ship's horn blowing]
-They've seen us!
-[horn blowing continues]
[shouting continues]
Oh, quick!
They'll scuttle the boat.
Go! Go swimming!
I can't swim! Go!
[Minou shouting]
Judith, here. I'll take her.
Get the others.
[speaking native language]
[shouting in native language]
[man shouting
in native language]
[men chattering
in native language]
[child screaming]
MINOU: Judith!
[shouting continues]
[shouting continues]
What are you doing?
No! No!
-[men shouting]
-[gunshots continue]
[Judith sobbing]
JUDITH [sobbing]: No.
Lady Hobday,
you have a friend
this time.
You will both, please,
come with us to the station.
All right.
Had a nightmare.
[Judith sobbing]
At least you can
wake up from it.
Some people aren't so lucky.
People get killed,
you know, Judith.
It's not a game for us.
Write what you saw yesterday.
I'll get it out of the country
for you.
KANAN: Rise and shine, ladies.
Can't stay here all day.
Sorry I didn't bring you
breakfast in bed.
Hobday sent your driver
for you.
But why don't you
come with us?
[chuckles] Thanks.
Don't go to that beach again.
I don't think your luck
will hold out.
KANAN: The Malaysians feel
victimized and so are justified
in victimizing others.
It's an endless wheel.
I don't think the Malay
government means to ignore
the boat people,
but their plight
pollutes us all.
Malays don't want
to become a minority
in their own country.
KANAN: Feeling better?
Much better.
Looks better on you
than it does on me.
-Mmm. Nice place you got here.
Nice view.
Keeps the wolf from the door.
I had to earn every penny
that went into it.
My father died
in the 1969 riots.
JUDITH: Thank you.
SANCHA: Hi. Look,
Richard phoned three times.
I didn't like to tell him
you wound up in prison.
Judith, I really think
you should call him.
One of your boys is sick.
Chicken pox?
I thought
you both had that last year.
Can't you come home?
Oh, Dave.
Your father's there.
-It's not the same.
Is that your mother?
Where the hell
have you been?
Richard, a big story
has just broken.
-The Malaysian murders--
-Yeah, hold on. Hold on.
-RICHARD: Say good night.
-But I want
to talk to her some more.
Go to bed.
Night, Mum.
Will you phone tomorrow?
Yes. I promise.
You take care of your brother.
Jude, you're not the only
journalist filing from K.L.
Nobody else saw it, Richard.
I have to follow it up.
Judith, I'm warning you.
Come home, or you'll be sorry.
You're there, Richard.
Children don't die
of chicken pox.
A father wouldn't
come home for that.
Please, just once, understand.
Yeah, I understand.
I'll tell him you're too busy
with the Vietnamese.
[phone rings]
Judith, you're not behaving
like a responsible mother.
I want full custody
of the children.
I'll see you in court.
That's if you've got
the time to come.
[line disconnects, beeping]
[crickets chirping]
[footsteps approaching]
What is it?
About Bidong...
You could take me
as an immigration assistant,
nobody would--
Drop the story, Judith.
You won't get into Bidong.
What are you hiding?
I'm just doing my job.
Go home to your kids.
[horn honking]
Sancha told me you'd be here.
I've been trying to call you.
Have you seen this?
You bloody press,
all as bad as each other.
-I'm not in the mood.
-Oh, listen.
-[mouths words]
-MINOU: Not a word
about the refugees being killed.
Just "Sexy Saigon embarrasses
Australian government.
Looks like someone's been
caught with his pants down.
But after all, he's getting it
for free these days
from his former whore."
My husband's been behaving
like a real bastard.
We can both use a drink then.
[rock music playing,
woman singing]
MINOU: I'll be back.
[no audible dialogue]
My treat.
I hope I got the sex right.
Come on, Judith.
[music continues, muffled]
-WOMAN: Hi, Minou.
This is just like my old house.
Come. I'll show you the rooms.
Come on.
MINOU: Give me the key.
Body massage.
Look. This is a favorite hobby
of the locals.
They climb up and peer in.
You can tell the men
who've been here before.
They plug the holes
before they start.
How does it feel,
Brenda Starr?
A bit lower
than your way of whoring.
-[Judith sobs]
-What's wrong?
Richard wants custody
of my boys.
The mother always
gets custody, la.
Just keep sobbing
for the judge.
[Judith groans]
It's not that easy, Minou.
I know.
I had three children once.
I left them behind.
I'm sorry.
Don't know where they are.
I can't just pick up the phone
and call them.
Kwok-Kwan was conceived
in a room much like this one.
They said I could
only take one...
and Kwok-Kwan was a baby.
So, Mama tried
to pass him up to me...
but the chopper just took off.
I-- I couldn't reach him.
Well, Vietnam
is only three days
away from here by boat.
I think it'll take me
a lifetime to find them,
you know?
Everyone said I was mad
when I married Minou.
Not a chance of being secretary
after that. Twenty years' work
down the drain. [chuckles]
It was the most sober act
of my life.
I want to take Judith
with me to Bidong.
ADRIAN: You know
journalists aren't allowed.
Minou, another scandal
with the pair of you,
I'll be recalled.
It's absolutely
out of the question.
-I'm sorry.
-MINOU: Papa, please.
My children are coming.
I have to prepare.
Who told you that? Kanan?
He's the only man around
who's helping me.
You're not going to Bidong.
The I Chingis favorable.
-They are coming.
-Your children are dead.
No, they're not dead.
You just want me
all to yourself,
-to be a little baby.
-You don't think
it eats away at me too?
To see so much human suffering
and to be absolutely powerless
to do anything about it.
MINOU: There are things
you can do. You can help me!
That's what I'm trying to do.
They're dead.
Forget about them.
-[door slams]
I'm sorry.
I better be going.
Uh, no. Stay the night.
[birds calling]
[both speaking foreign language]
Good morning.
-Sleep well?
-And you?
-Always, la.
Don't be gloomy.
You're going to Bidong.
-Has Adrian changed his mind?
But I have a feeling
that Ralph might be persuaded
to change his.
RALPH: Oh, Judith.
I was just going
to come looking for you.
-You want a drink?
-JUDITH: Thanks.
I'm afraid the government's
canceled your visa.
They're still very upset
about that beach riot.
You've got three days.
There's a seat
on a direct flight
tomorrow night.
I had my secretary check.
I must say...
that the only reason
I've tolerated you
is for Sancha's sake.
You're a guest in my house,
and you have consistently
abused that hospitality.
I never picked you as someone
who'd have two women, Ralph.
What are you talking about?
That's your girlfriend's name,
isn't it?
What's Kanan said?
But I really think
you should take me
with you to Bidong.
RALPH: This will probably be
my last trip here.
I'm going to miss it,
in a strange way.
The islands off the coast here
were untouched
before the refugees.
RALPH: They were literally
tropical paradise...
like something out of boyhood,
like Robinson Crusoe
or Treasure Island.
And now?
Lan'll be leaving soon.
Probably this time.
We had a few problems
with her qualifications, but...
I think we've got that
sorted out.
Do you fake qualifications
up here?
You can do anything you like.
Most of our time
is spent working out
who these people are,
making them prove
that they exist.
[sighs] What are qualifications?
Slips of paper.
Who does it hurt
if you make a few up?
Find homes
for a few more people.
They're gonna nail you, Ralph.
I know.
I'll be recalled.
That's all right.
I'll have Lan.
She deserves a second chance,
doesn't she?
-[pop music playing]
Good news. Good news.
-I have had good news.
-Another boat?
Who, may I ask, is this?
A friend.
[speaks foreign language]
Many, many months
have been spent
tracking down these children.
And we only have
your word for it
that they've been found again.
This time we have
positive identification.
Of course, we can waste days
sending photographs
if you want.
Thank you.
You'll get the rest
when they arrive.
No profit, no job.
Ling's golden rule.
It's all here. Every cent.
They'd better be
on that boat, Ling.
If they're not,
you'll try harder next time...
for no more money.
-[Ling groans]
[Ling exhales]
When my children arrive,
I'll give you another $5,000.
-[crickets chirping]
-[dog barks]
Think Minou's children
will come?
She'll go crazy if they don't.
[speaks foreign language]
[brakes screech]
Wait for me!
[man shouts]
MAN: Right over here.
MINOU: Oh, good.
We've got the fridge.
Victory wings.
For good luck.
This is the sand bank.
I can see them...
calling out.
A few months ago,
a big boat arrived
from Vietnam in rough weather.
Two hundred people
were drowned here.
The bodies floated ashore
and along the beaches
for days.
The Malays celebrated
every time they found a corpse.
They were content
with the sacrifice
and left the next boat alone.
Yep. They love sacrifice,
as long as it's
someone else dying.
[ship's horn blowing]
[man shouting]
Hello. Hi.
[woman on loudspeaker,
MINOU: The market stalls
have all been destroyed.
[woman on loudspeaker continues]
RALPH: I'm going to find Lan.
It'll take me a while
unloading the refrigerator.
Go with Ralph.
It'll look better.
[insects chirping, buzzing]
Mr. Hamilton,
our new captain
would like to speak with you.
-[dog barking]
I see you've
cleaned up the black market.
Good thing.
You see, Mr. Hamilton,
there has been
some embarrassment.
What sort?
Nothing for you
to worry about...
Mr. Hamilton.
-MAN: Hello.
-RALPH: Hello.
[baby crying]
MAN: Hello.
-[insect buzzing]
-RALPH: Hello.
-WOMAN: Hello!
-RALPH: Hello.
-RALPH: How are you?
[shutter clicks]
[shutter clicks]
[man coughing]
This man was a colonel.
Wang Ho is a doctor.
[coughing continues]
And my friend here... Hello.
RALPH: An economist.
May I?
[shutter clicks]
Are you American?
We might see you there...
-RALPH: Come on.
-Mr. Hamilton will let you know
where I am.
JUDITH: Good luck.
-RALPH: Hello.
JUDITH: Hello.
[speaks foreign language]
Lan. [speaks foreign language]
-[foreign language]
[foreign language]
Is Lan in here?
Oh, my God.
Lan, what happened?
I wouldn't tell them anything.
RALPH: Who did this to you?
The new police captain
has disgraced me.
[Minou speaks
foreign language]
[man shouts]
RALPH [shouting]:
Let me in there!
I'm gonna kill him!
I'm gonna stay here
till you bastards let me in.
I'll bring the whole
bloody crowd in there with me.
-Where is the captain?
-[whistle blows]
I'll shave his bloody head!
[whistle blows]
[Speaking Foreign Language]
MAN: His spleen is ruptured.
He might die
in the next couple of hours.
I can do nothing here.
If we had drugs,
I could save so many.
I know.
I'll bring medicine next time.
These people are seriously ill.
I'll bring them back
as soon as they're better.
Don't worry.
You have my word.
[engine chugging]
[shouting, chattering]
Lady Hobday! Lady Hobday!
[Minou shouts]
LING: This time,
I'm hundred-percent sure.
[Minou gasps]
See you later on. Take care.
[car starts]
Uh, intensive care?
How is he?
They've already operated.
He's probably
still unconscious.
They think
he's going to be okay.
Show us where he is.
It's all over K.L.
about the girl.
[ragged breathing]
[takes a deep breath]
I'm gonna get you better
and take you home.
So you're in the black market
with Ralph, are you?
Lan was. That's why
they shaved her head.
Ralph does the visas.
What do you do? Supplies?
Supplies? What is this
black market crap, Judith?
Those people
need food, medicine.
Oh, so you think it's all right
to take what little money
they have?
I don't see your government
handing out food parcels
every day.
Judith, people don't
leave Vietnam
-to end up on Bidong Island.
They want to go to America,
Switzerland, Australia.
They live like dogs.
You know, someone
has to supply them
with the basic needs.
Hey! Stop!
-JUDITH: Minou.
Judith, I need you.
They're coming.
They're landing at Turtle Beach.
-That's the only point
where the tide will allow it.
-Turtle Beach.
Oh, God. I know
they will be there this time.
Don't go. You'll be hurt.
-The villagers want blood.
-Please, Judith.
I can't do it without you.
You swim!
[engine stops]
I hate this place.
I won't forget this, Judith.
Kanan's in the black market
with Ralph, isn't he?
He supplies it.
Why didn't you warn me?
What's there to warn?
I need him.
He knows a lot of people.
I would have never
found Mr. Ling without him.
He is expensive,
but he gets me the best.
You mean
he takes money from you?
-Of course.
JUDITH [whispering]:
Jesus. I don't believe it.
What's wrong?
Feeling dirty
because you slept with him.
Look, we're all dirty here.
Even you.
You profit from the boat people
your own way.
You've got your story now,
haven't you?
[gull squawking]
God! They are here!
[shutter clicking]
Come on.
Minou has to be here.
You don't.
Why don't you
come back to town with me,
and we'll wait there.
-MINOU: Judith!
There's gonna be
trouble, Judith.
Give it to me.
They're there.
I just know it.
MEN: Hello! Hello!
-Let's go.
-There's not enough air in this.
Whatever happens,
save my children.
Get the oars!
Don't go. Look!
Judith, they want blood,
and I don't want it to be yours.
Well, just talk to them, Kanan.
Make them stop.
You know their language.
Help us!
But, Minou,
you can't take this out.
The pump. Get the pump!
[chanting in native language]
-GIRL: Mama!
Kwok-Kwan. Baby.
-MINOU: Oh, baby.
[shouting continues]
CHILD: Mama!
Stay back! Don't come.
CHILD [wailing]: Mama!
Stay in!
ALL: Mama!
[ragged breathing]
-[children scream]
Kwok-Kwan! Kwok-Kwan!
It's okay, Kwok-Kwan.
It's okay.
Oh, Lai. It's all right.
It's gonna be all right, kids.
What's gonna happen?
Are they gonna attack or what?
KANAN: No, Judith.
You bastard.
You Westerners know nothing
about sacrifice.
They'll go home, and they'll say
the rich Chinese woman's ghost
will keep the others away.
[speaks foreign language]
You call it self-sacrifice.
It's a very noble act.
Judith, they're happy
with the sacrifice.
God, you talk a lot of crap.
Come on, kids.
JUDITH: Come on.
-Judith, did you have any idea
before you went to the beach
that Lady Hobday
would attempt suicide?
How did you know
the children were on board?
Did Minou Hobday tell you
what she was going to do?
Could it have been
just an accident?
-JUDITH: It was...
-[reporters fall silent]
an act of extreme sacrifice.
It was the only way
she could have saved them.
Minou Hobday
was the bravest person
I've ever met.
MAN: That is all,
ladies and gentlemen.
There'll be a full press release
later today.
[reporters shouting]
MAN: Where are the children?
Where are the children now?
[man over phone, faint]
-Yes, what is it?
Richard, I'm gonna
fight you for custody
of the boys.
I want them to live with me.
I'm taking them out
of boarding school.
I have to get a bigger flat...
maybe a house...
with a yard.
Why the change of heart?
I think they might
be missing their mother.
I want my boys back.
Oh, let's have a look at you.
-Ohh! Mmm. You all better now?
-Oh, I've missed you.
I missed you so much.
-I missed you too.