Twa-Tiu-Tiann (2014) Movie Script

Young man, time to wake up!
You're sleeping while I'm teaching?
Knock it off.
Why's your thing beeping?
This thing is a mobile phone.
Look at you. Tap, tap, tap.
Only your phones.
Nobody reads anymore.
Teaching you history
is like playing piano to a cow.
Now, let me show you something.
It's a book.
A what?
Wow, that's a big book.
Only $2,000.
Too expensive.
It's all about boy meets girl.
A boy, and a girl, right?
Birds and bees, they do it, right?
He takes off his clothes, right?
And she takes off hers, right?
Too much bother.
Two total strangers at the bus stop,
What about that?
What do you say?
That's crazy.
What? Girls get knocked up just like that?
Just like that!
Where do babies come from?
Let me look at the book.
What are you doing here?
What's history got to do with me?
Come again?
Where would you be now without history?
A special price for us, Professor?
No way. $2,000.
Not a penny less.
Professor Pig!
Professor P.
Professor P.
Stop messing around.
Wait! Jack!
What's up?
The clock stopped?
He is the one?
Hi, I'm Jack, your lucky star.
Forward the message to ten friends
and you'll have all the luck you need.
But, if you don't...
Don't blame anyone but yourself.
Now, flash mob!
Teddy do you love me?
Stop that.
Let me have a go.
Let me have a go.
12:00, Taiwan time.
Happy birthday!
It wasn't me.
I've met someone else.
You don't care about me.
You don't know what true love is.
But I do.
Hey, what are you...
Hey, hands off.
She's got asthma.
She hates fluffy toys like this.
She's allergic to them, OK?
Take a photo!
Hey, Jack.
Call yourself a lucky star?
What's wrong with you and girls?
How would I know?
Mummy is sorry, mummy has to go.
You must remember.
Not to fall for anyone.
Don't believe in love.
Love is the deadliest poison ever.
Just wait till mummy finishes these
and then mummy will go to sleep.
Mummy, don't die.
I'm sorry, baby.
Why don't you save her?
Dad, help mum!
It's alright.
I'm fine.
Professor Pig says,
If you don't show up for the TTT tour,
he'll fail you.
Taipei, TTT wharf, 2014.
Our first stop today,
is the City God Temple.
The history is not the main thing.
People actually come here
for the matchmaking god.
Matchmaking God?
Just what you need, Jack!
You've just been dumped.
True love, remember?
Asthma, eh?
You think that's funny?
Please tell me
what true love is.
Come along everyone...
Look at the water dungeon.
A very famous person
was once imprisoned here.
Dr. Chiang,
known as the founding father of Taiwan.
I've got here an article by Dr. Chiang.
Can someone tell me the title?
A Note from Park.
A Note from Pool.
Can anyone actually read?
A Note from Prison.
The flower of youth is...
Can we go now? Miss?
No yet. I'm gonna tell you
about the water dungeon.
Oh Miss, they all look the same.
The water dungeon,
as you might have guessed...
You two, get out!
What do you think you're doing?
Knock it off, guys.
Here's your commemorative coin.
Come get yours.
Just give me a 10-dollar coin in return.
Issued in 2010.
With Dr. Chiang's portrait on it.
These are Taiwanese artworks
from the '20s to the '60s.
We'll start here.
Follow me, please.
Come on, we're almost done.
Stop messing around.
Keep your voice down.
Right, we finally come to
the last part of the TTT tour.
Come on.
Let's do a roll call.
Another $100 each.
Why do we need to pay again?
Didn't we pay already?
Professor P.
Now, pay attention.
This is South Street Festival.
This is TTT 100 years ago.
It takes you back in time.
Open any door
and you're back
in the Japanese colonial period.
Call girl period?
Don't be stupid.
Why do I bother telling you about history.
It's a total waste of time.
Says who?
Yeah, why do you say that?
We all want to be somebody.
Yeah, like all the time.
Good, I hear you.
You do it.
Thought you said no photos here?
You're ok.
Who called my name?
Somebody called you?
Look over there.
That handsome guy.
I like him.
I heard him called me.
Hey hottie...
I saw him in my dream.
Let's get to the temple.
City God, please help me find a husband.
Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world.
It's the opening ceremony today.
The typhoon is now at its strongest...
Yes, over to you.
Right now, I'm in
downtown Hua-Lian.
The typhoon Nally is currently...
Chinese Taipei is now batting
Look at that!
That' s a home run that I've never seen
(Singing) Oh, nothing can stop us...
Oh, let's move on.
The first 7-11 in Taiwan...
One small step for man, one giant leap...
Home run!
Little League of Taiwan,
first World Championship in 1955.
National Day Ceremony
The 15th of August
the Japanese surrendered in 1945...
He is the one!
Hey, young man.
Hurry UP-
Or we'll all be in trouble!
Didn't I tell you to
take care of him.
I did take care of him.
Where's he now?
It's too late now.
I'm gonna be in trouble.
Hurry, find him.
This must be him,
We're gonna be late.
- What?
- What?
This young man is no ordinary fellow.
Excuse me.
Where are we going?
Watch out,
here comes City God!
Make way for City God!
Hey, you.
What's going on?
Hang on.
Mr. Lin's shop?
No idea. it's just how it is.
This won't do.
What if Ms Ginger sees this?
Mr. Lin is rich. it's just business.
Just hurry up.
Put this on.
What are you doing?
Tell me what's going on!
Stop it, all of you!
What are you doing? Hurry!
Where are you going?
Somethings not quite right.
Probably a new move,
for the special occasion.
The new lion dance.
Drunken lion.
Where are you going?
Mr. Lin's fabric store
Sir, you alright?
Fine, fine.
Go clean it up.
Hey, you...
Who started this?
Ginger's fabric store
dares to lay a finger on Ginger's boys?
Ms Ginger!
Leave it to me.
Who are you calling mum?
How old do you think I am?
Tell me.
Who's giving you a hard time?
Stop pointing,
or I'll have your finger chopped off.
Yeah, chopped off.
Chopped off?
Mr. Lin.
Whatever it is,
I'll deal with it.
How are you going to deal with it?
I didn't open a new store here
to compete with yours.
Mr. Lin.
How would my tiny little tailor shop
ever compete against your grand store?
Let me just ask you though.
God, she know nothing about our slang!
Yo man, you know
how much fabric you need
to make a dress?
What about a kimono? Dude?
Call yourself a professional?
Don't worry though, my shop
right across the street
will never be competition.
Even better, I might
send some customers your way.
Alright? Man? she talking about?
Honestly, sir,
that accent of hers...
is driving me crazy, too.
And let me tell you.
Your boys will have to be
responsible for the mess today
or I'm going to have them all arrested!
How can you say that?
My woman's in danger.
Catch it if you can.
Catch it if you can.
Catch it!
Catch it, it's our chicken!
Pro...Professor P?
No, no. Go away.
It is Professor P.
No, I'm not.
Professor P!
Professor P!
- I'm not Professor P.
Make way.
- Come back.
Look, there's a pretty girl.
Look, I have money.
Come try the flour tea.
Come try the flour tea, young man.
It's delicious.
Have some.
What is this?
Where am I?
Where's my motorbike?
Black, where am I?
What year is this?
It's the 1920's!
Just woke up?
You're from Beijing?
Whereabouts in Beijing?
How come you haven't changed?
Stop calling me mum.
How old do you think I am?
Yesterday, if it weren't for Ms Ginger
a new kid like you...
They would have beaten
the HELL out of you.
That's awesome!
Great pronunciation!
There you go.
Thank you.
5 cents.
5 cents.
Only 5 cents?
Me too, me too!
Get lost.
You get lost.
You get lost.
Let's see what he's got.
Check it out. How does it look?
As poor as a church mouse.
Is it good looking?
What's that?
What's this?
What does it say?
Peace to the world.
Get off your arse and get busy then.
Get off your arse.
Yeah, get off your arse.
you two big lumps stop getting in my way.
You're the big lump.
You're the big lump.
What's your name?
Jack Chen.
Jack it is then.
You just stay here.
Excuse me.
Good morning.
Red bean soup, very sweet.
Try some.
Wanna try some?
Fresh bananas!
Would you like to try?
Flour Tea.
Come try the delicious flour tea.
Buy one get one free.
There he is.
Hey Jack!
Bravo, Jack.
What you did yesterday was brilliant!
That should teach them a lesson.
Don't you remember me at all?
He was saying...
Well well, look who it is.
Gosh, your hair stinks.
What's that on your hair?
Hair shit?
So, you're Ms Ginger's son?
My father's imported lots of fabric recently.
Tell your mother to
come and see if she wants to buy some.
Mind your own business.
We can take care of ourselves.
Just you wait, very soon we'll be
beating the crap out of you.
Yeah, all of you.
What makes you think you can do that?
We've got Master Pig.
Master PIG?
Get your hands off me.
You pervert.
I'm not a pervert.
Says you.
I was just doing my job.
It's just the way you do it.
One hand here,
The other here, and hold firm.
- That's how we do it.
I mean it.
Just want to make sure It's the right size.
What are you up to now?
I was just taking her measurements.
There you are.
I need you to out this for me.
And give us a discount, eh?
That new store across the street?
They're giving away freebies.
War, is it?
So be it.
Buy one get one free.
We can do that, too.
Great, there you go.
No need to take your measurements.
No need to take your measurements.
No need for a gentleman like you.
I only take measurements for ladies.
Ladies eh?
Honey, come this way!
Your wife is here, too?
Of course.
Oh no.
Thought you were going to...?
No, no, no need for that.
In you go, honey.
No, really.
Cut the crap, just do it.
No need, really.
Not necessary, really.
That pervert is crazy.
You should give me a freebie.
You can measure me then.
Aren't you sweet.
Come on, let's go home.
We'll come for the dress tomorrow.
Won't be ready tomorrow.
How so?
Need to order more fabric.
Hey, that's not right.
- Is he saying I'm fat?
It took you ages to take my measurements.
How did he take your measurements?
He did this...
I told him to hold firm.
Professor P.
Professor Pig!
Watch your mouth.
Not Professor Pig.
Professor P.
I knew it, you brought me here.
Now you send me back.
I'm not staying here.
Stop this.
What's wrong with everyone today.
(Japanese) Stop this.
No fighting.
How could you hit her?
(Japanese) They're just having a laugh.
You Taiwanese, no law and order!
I'm really sorry.
Please excuse us, Inspector.
You, just take care of the shop!
No more trouble!
I'm really sorry.
Go help him.
Go help him.
Here, let them help.
Sorry about that.
Your fault.
YOUR fault.
Come here, everyone!
Master Ptg
and the Twa-Tiu-Tiann theatre present
a joint performance
with the Shanghai Theatre.
The Lady of the Camellias
Just do me one favour first.
And I'll tell you about time travel
when I'm able to.
Just tell me now!
Where are we now?
Master Pig!
Bad news!
Two actors can't make it today
Tummy flu.
But we're about to start.
You, get up there.
UP there?
What about the storyteller?
The storyteller...
I'll do it.
But I can't act.
Just do what I say.
Which part?
The Tree.
The Tree?
You've come to see the show today.
Checking out girls?
Which one do you like?
Let's take our seats.
Which one do you fancy?
The one wearing pink...
Which colour?
Come again?
The old woman wearing pink...
Come here.
You play the tree.
What tree?
You play the tree.
Hey, what tree?
You guys get ready! Hurry!
I always play the main role,
you're making me play a tree?
(Recites poem)
A lady of the night falls
for a wealthy young man
but their dream
was soon ruined by cruel reality
Our heroine is mortally ill.
Anna, where are you taking me?
I'm taking you to plant these flowers.
You're going to do that, right?
Not like that, Anna.
Give them to him.
Give them to him.
Like this? To him, right?
Why don't you listen to me?
Who's Anna?
I'm afraid, Anna thinks I'm unworthy of you.
She wants me to give up.
It must be in the script.
It has to be.
I know, but someone's torn some pages out.
Keep looking.
Someone was probably desperate
for toilet paper.
Whose kid is that?
He can't run around with no pants on.
I really am going to faint.
I'm Armand.
He's calling for her now.
I've got the flowers.
I've got the flowers.
I've got the flowers.
Thank you tree fairy, but no need now.
Come on, we don't need flowers now.
Just kiss her!
Stop it.
Do you know anything about theatre?
What do you think you're doing?
Just do your job.
Why are you giving me a hard time?
This is a romantic tragedy.
Why's the audience laughing?
Yeah, why?
Watch your mouth. You're the male lead.
Damn you.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
What now?
(Japanese) Stop clapping.
Everyone go home now.
The shows over.
The Crown Prince will soon
be visiting Taiwan.
From now on,
all non-Japanese plays
are banned.
This is outrageous.
What kind of rule is that?
Are you sure this comes from the top?
What are you talking about?
Only Japanese songs?
No Taiwanese plays?
This is not fair!
You can't do this!
You can't just walk in
and stop our play like this.
No way.
Right, I know what you want.
No Taiwanese plays from now on.
There you go.
Come in.
Isn't that what you wanted?
Don't do this.
I'm too young to die, please.
Scared now?
Scared to death!
You useless prick.
Your cheap little trick wont work on me.
I don't understand a word you're saying.
(Taiwanese folk song)
Ok, no plays. What about songs?
At least we can sing.
Let's sing.
Stop singing!
Stop singing!
Stop singing!
What's that they're singing?
Some kind of Taiwanese spells.
I almost shit my pants.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you.
At least she's happy now.
Thank you.
Tea? Coffee?
Coffee, please.
There's something on your face.
Is there?
Master Pig just told me
share today's takings
with everyone.
How we've got here.
Yeah, we kicked the Japanese out
of the theatre.
What's this painting doing here?
I'm entering it in a competition
just not sure about the colours yet.
He!!! my painting!
What's wrong with you!
Look at you.
You can half kill yourself and still be here.
Let me tell you
all you need to do is take a picture.
Let's do it. Yeah.
Enough of that!
Are you trying to kill me?
It's not working!
Why's that?
Stop strangling me.
It's still not working.
I know.
Don't bother now.
Did you make a wish?
Pointing the camera
at the painting isn't enough.
You need to make a wish with all your heart.
To get wherever you want to go.
Or you'll just get lost.
Damn it, why the President's office?
My wish was to make big money.
So I travelled back 100 years
to Twa-Tiu-Tiann.
Where am I?
You're in Twa-Tiu-Tiann.
Here, I met Ginger.
They assume I go abroad when I disappear.
In fact I'm travelling through time
to be with Ginger.
Making ancient money in a modern way.
Everything I make I give to Ginger.
Hoping that she'll say yes one day.
Never seen a woman before?
Never. You're the first.
What do you think?
This is brilliant!
Anniversary sale at Ginger's!
Buy one
Get one free for your kid.
I've never heard of an anniversary sale.
Such great idea.
That's all my idea.
Good for you, good for me.
That's right.
Look around!
Do you know how much the book is?
Special offer, $888.
In those days
the glorious Golden Age of Taiwan
Thank you, P.
Everybody's working hard and getting rich.
This is TTT!
Did you make a wish before coming?
Make a wish...
What wish?
Let me see.
I didn't. Did you?
I did.
What did you wish for?
I wanted a piece of ginger cake.
Ginger cake?
I don't get it.
I mean Ms Ginger, you idiot.
You never get it.
Come on.
Let's make a deal.
I'll have someone finish that painting asap.
And then you'll be able to get home.
But I need a favour in return.
Keep an eye on Ginger for me.
See if she's got anyone on the side.
She's your type, eh?
Not just my type"-
MY ginger cake!
So you'd like to...birds and bees...
You got it.
No way!
God bless you then.
You'll never make it.
Are you crazy?
It's late already.
What are you doing here?
I was worried about you.
The cop hit you.
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
Take your top off and I'll take a look.
Hands off.
Just go home.
I don't think you've had supper yet.
So I got you these rice dumplings.
I'm fine.
But you've got to eat something.
Not hungry.
Where's today's takings?
Here you are.
This will be my dinner.
So can I stay the night?
Don't be so cruel.
I got Jack here to work for you
and you don't need to pay him a bean.
How come HE can stay here
Not ME?
You really want to come in?
Learn this.
She sells seashells.
Seashells she sells.
She sells seashells.
Seashells she sells.
This is how you say sea.
This is how you say she.
Now, your turn.
Damn it.
Sea and C makes...
C and sea.
Please let me in.
My hand!
You asked for it.
It hurts.
- Let me see.
It's fine.
Now you'll have to let me in
to take care of my injury.
You're driving me crazy,
Both of you!
One plays dumb,
the other keeps snickering.
Let me give you a hand.
Go away.
Afraid people will see you flirting?
Go away!
Where am I going to sleep?
Lonely night beside the candle... I'm stuck.
Isn't it... (Starts singing)
it's Billboard No.1!
Wow that's brilliant!
Do you write songs?
No, no, I can't.
The Geisha girls!
Geisha girls!
Wait for me.
Finish your painting!
This is for you.
Let him hang there.
See how long he can do it.
Hi, I'm Jack.
You're Ms Ginger's son?
He is the TREE.
That's right.
I'm the TREE
the one with the flowers.
Anyone actually buying anything?
Sure, still looking.
It's no use.
Where'd you learn to play guitar?
I learned from a book.
I can teach you.
Do you have asthma?
I'm Rose.
The blooming rose.
The blooming rose.
That's a pretty name.
The speech is starting.
Come quick.
Rose, let's go.
Today's Taiwanese are ill.
From what I can see, we're suffering
from severe cultural malnutrition.
The Japanese tell us
that opium is safe.
Why encourage Taiwanese to smoke it,
but forbid their own people?
Who's he?
Dr. Chiang from Yi-Lan.
By doing so,
They're practically slaughtering
the Taiwanese.
Treating us as second-class citizens.
You don't know him?
Take this.
I do know him.
This is the worst kind of tyranny.
This is our land, where our ancestors...
SHUT up!
What's this about?
Got a problem?
You shouldn't do this.
People are talking...
it's not right.
How could you do this?
Yeah, how could you.
Now what?
Let's go.
Have you got a permit?
We need a permit?
I assume so.
I'm sorry.
They do, right?
Yes, right?
- Yes.
What's happening now?
- Get inside.
Don't ask, just hide.
Why hide? There's no one here.
Hide, quick.
How many times have I told you?
Not to get involved with politics.
I know.
It'll spoil it for you with the Japanese.
What are you talking about?
If it weren't for the Japanese.
How would we ever have done so well,
selling our teas all over the world?
And become the top tea trader in TTT?
Now there's the Japanese investment
in our fabric business.
It's the Japanese
who show us how big the world is.
They also make us realize
how small we are.
Anyone thirsty?
Cup of tea?
There's going to be a party next month.
The governor's going to
invite all the local VIPs.
The Geisha need to perform at the party.
The theatre will organize the rehearsals.
You need to practice!
Come see our brand new product.
Oolong-scented garments.
With the fragrance of Oolong tea
and Jasmine-scented dresses.
No customers over the road,
They're finished.
Where can I find dried roots?
Dried roots?
Try the market.
No, I mean
that herbal stuff, like Ginseng.
Oh, Ginseng.
Ginseng garments.
Will make gentlemen
healthy and strong.
Healthy and strong!
Ladies who wear them
will be feisty and fit.
Feisty and fit!
Let's do it.
Let's do it!
What are you waiting for!
That looks cool.
Really cool!
That's a little weird.
We do it at rock n roll concerts!
Rock n roll?
Because It's impossible, we have to do it.
Just do it!
A wave!
Thanks for coming to the catwalk...
to see these fabulous dresses
Every dress is made by Ms Ginger.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
What if she doesn't like me?
Give her this.
I made it myself.
It's for you.
It smells of Jasmine.
Now, Ms. Ginger.
Do this.
It's all the rage overseas.
Yes, that's it.
Yeah, that's it.
I want to be somebody, too.
Make a wish?
If I told you
I came from 100 years in the future.
Would you believe me?
If that's true,
how did you get here?
At that time.
I was with my friends at an exhibition.
I saw this big painting.
It's like I was suddenly
sucked into the painting.
I was falling, flying.
Falling from 100 years in the future.
Down to 80, 50 years
All the way down, down, down.
By the time I got here,
I remember it was around when
the Japanese surrendered.
What's so funny?
Surrender? The Japanese?
Are you out of your mind?
No, I'm serious.
I think I know what you mean.
There are all sorts at the Geisha Club.
a British tea merchant comes in,
a German doctor.
The world is moving so fast.
Just like
nothing seems impossible.
Yesterday, I heard about
a 19-year-old Taiwanese boy
flying an airplane,
dropping leaflets over Tokyo
protesting against
the Japanese government.
Flying an airplane!
I was thinking,
we'll probably all have
our own airplanes in the future.
Am I right?
Not exactly,
airplanes are kind of expensive.
will you always be a Geisha girl?
I want to be a singer,
and an actress, too.
I want to make a difference.
That won't be easy.
Not everything is easy.
When I was 6-years-old,
I was sold to the Geisha Club.
At that time,
I was worth 100 dollars.
guests pay hundreds of dollars
just to hear me sing.
People say,
You go where the money is.
If I don't give up,
I'm sure I'll make it one day.
You will.
What are you going to sing
at the Governor's party?
Haven't decided yet.
Let me teach you a new song then.
(Japanese) Is that Mr. Goto?
Could you introduce me to him?
Mr. Goto.
This is Dr. Chiang and Mr. Lin.
They've organized
a special welcome for the prince.
We've been working on something.
His majesty won't be disappointed.
To avoid unnecessary disruption.
For example,
we've decided to suspend
all daily routines
everything should stop.
Is that necessary?
I'm afraid
his majesty won't see the real Taiwan.
Dr. Chiang means...
The whole point of his majesty's visit
is to see the real Taiwan.
Not to see a Tokyo wannabe.
All the extravagance.
All that song and dance.
Is that going to fool anyone?
I've always admired how
patriotic and straightforward you are.
You seem to have something to say?
Not just me.
Lots more Taiwanese do.
Particularly about the opium trade.
Could I have the permission
to sing a new song for you, sir?
That'd be great.
Go ahead.
Show time.
This way, please.
The train is leaving.
Goodbye, my hometown.
Goodbye, my family.
Goodbye, my friends.
I'm going to Twa-Tiu-Tiann
where my dreams will come true.
Friends say I'm naive.
But I'll stand on my two feet.
Oh, good bye.
Oh, nothing will stop me.
Oh, goodbye.
Oh, let's move on.
Oh, goodbye.
Oh, nothing will stop me.
It's great to dance.
Enjoying yourself?
It's fun.
Now what are you doing?
We need to get closer.
Give him an inch
and he takes a yard.
No way!
You're incorrigible.
Let's go.
Come on, give me a break.
There's no such thing as ghosts.
We'll just keep going
all night long?
It's like kneading dough.
It is.
What do you mean kneading dough?
What was that?
OK, let's take a look.
Senbai, you first.
Excuse me.
That's alright.
The future...
What does the future look like?
The future...
it's a very different world.
You can buy anything anytime you want.
Questions? You get your answers instantly.
Everything's become so easy.
So easy that
you forget about dreams
forget about youth.
The flower of youth is...
Please, help me find my true love.
Take me to Joy Luck Club.
What are you doing?
I'm not doing anything, she is...
Where did she get the money for this?
Ms Ginger!
I gave her the money.
You ripped everyone off
just to buy her opium?
Are you crazy?
I'm not.
Don't be so angry.
Ms Ginger.
We've got to go.
We've got to get out of here.
Baby? What baby?
Ms Ginger.
Baby, her son.
Ms Ginger, I'm not your baby.
Let's go.
Why don't you help?
Let's get out of here.
My baby.
Master Pig.
What are you doing here?
Stop messing about. Get out.
Ms Ginger, let's go home.
I'm not Baby, I'm Jack.
Found a toy boy, eh?
Toy boy, my ass.
Hang on. You haven't paid.
Not enough.
The price's gone up again?
This is a rip-off.
How much do you think I'm making?
The Japanese are in charge.
Go get yourself some medication.
Take care.
Let Ginger rest.
How many more addicts are there?
Just one more.
They say you die if you quit opium.
Is Jane going to die?
Jane's on opium?
What are we going to do?
Please, doctor.
Don't ask her to quit now.
Don't ask her to quit now.
She seems fine now.
Doctor, please.
She can't die.
She won't die.
Opium addiction can be treated.
But if even people like you don't know...
what about the public.
I can try to save them, one at a time.
But time is running out.
I can save maybe this area.
But I can't save the whole island.
The Taiwanese must wake up.
The Japanese will never respect us.
When will the Taiwanese ever wake up?
Let's go.
OK. Let's go.
Where to?
To the opium house?
How do you know?
Professor P.
Why did you bring me
back here?
Why? To show you the history.
To help you find your future.
My future. What about hers?
She's going to die if this doesn't stop.
Why can't you save her?
You know.
I'm crazy about her.
I've travelled 100 years back just for her.
I want to see Baby...
I want to see Baby...
You can't go back again.
I'll do anything.
Just let me see my baby.
OK I'll take you.
Alright, let's go.
Let go of me.
I want to see Baby!
No more opium!
No more drugs.
She's bitten me all over...
I'm a Qing.
After the Qing was overthrown.
My entire family
was wiped out.
10 years ago
I came to Taiwan.
I got married.
Had my baby.
But then,
my husband got cholera and died.
My baby got it, too.
The doctor said,
there was nothing he could do.
So I gave Baby...
You're sweating.
He wouldn't be so scared
if he could die in my arms.
Whenever I smoke opium,
I see my baby.
That's why Professor P needs money.
Everyone says I'm a cursed woman.
I can't go back to China
and I have no home here.
Luckily, he turned up.
In fact,
I've long been relying on him.
But why does he come and go
doesn't seem to belong to this world.
I can't fall for him.
I can't fall for him.
Do I really look like your mother?
Back then...
I couldn't save her...
But now,
I can save you.
Time that I let Baby go.
What's going on?
Could this be what he wished for?
Opium addiction can be treated.
Say no to opium!
It'll kill you.
Opium makes you look horrible.
Soon as you quit, you're good as new.
Look, she looked horrible
when she was on opium.
Hideous, look.
Really disgusting.
Who'd like her.
But look at her now, stunning.
Say no to opium.
Look, he's so fit because
he doesn't smoke opium.
Say no to opium.
For your health, for your family.
Please say no to opium.
Opium makes you impotent!
Says who?
These leaflets are everywhere.
I've had enough of these people
trying to ruin my business?
What to do now?
I'm hungry. Talk about it later.
The river is cold in the fog,
enshrouded in moonlight.
The river after dark where cabarets nearby.
Courtesans perceive not the sorrow
of a perished empire.
Across the river singing
continues into the night.
Inspector, cheers.
What's wrong with me?
What have I done now?
What are you doing?
The Inspector is here.
Let go.
Get back.
Keep on playing.
What's this?
What's this?
Chiang's Hospital.
Chiang's getting on our nerves.
He has to be warned.
What the hell's he talking about?
He's telling you to set fire to Chiang's office.
He's telling you to set fire to Chiang's office.
I can't do that.
I'm Taiwanese.
I don't take threats.
I'm not afraid of death.
Setting fire to fellow Taiwanese's house?
I can't do that!
You can't threaten me.
You can't threaten me.
What's that?
What's that?
OK, that's different.
Only one way to test it.
Real gold.
Take it.
What was he saying?
Take it with you.
Take it with me? I got it.
Excuse me.
What are you staring at?
Never stop, no matter what.
I'm going to be a millionaire.
Where to hide it?
Somewhere secret...
Is that why you're here?
Are you out of your mind?
When you're rich
everyone loves you.
When you're poor
everyone treats you like shit.
I'm done with being poor.
Money talks
When you're rich
you can get away with murder.
What's wrong with money?
I can share it with you.
Give us the gold.
You can't do that.
Let go.
The gold bar has sworn to be mine forever.
It was never yours!
Burn down the opium house?
Where would Ginger go then?
You can't go back there.
Opium will kill you.
It'll turn you into a hag.
If you really care about Ms Ginger
I love her, I'm crazy about her.
Is it my hands or the light that's shaking?
Why's this happening?
Am I really doing this?
Give this all to Dr. Chiang.
Just tell him
it's from an anonymous donor.
Don't let him know who It's from.
Only if he insists,
you can tell him where it's from.
The opium house is burned down
and we found this.
A coin with Chiang's portrait on it?
Apparently he's going to
overthrow the Japanese reign
and declare independence
Now we've got him.
Am I right?
Am I right?
- Am I right?
How dare you set fire to the opium house?
Don't be mad.
What about I try again?
Set fire to something again?
Half price this time.
Shut it, Pig.
Mr. Kuroaki.
I strongly suggest that you leave now.
You won't like it if things got out
and ruin your reputation.
SHUT up!
You think I don't know
about you secretly sponsoring Chiang?
Money doesn't make you Japanese.
You're all second-class islanders.
Take that back!
I'm a first-class Taiwanese.
Am I shot?
I'm shot.
Ms Ginger is shot.
Ms Ginger!
Ms Ginger!
Go arrest Chiang.
Yes, sir.
tell all hospitals,
no treatment for gunshot wounds.
Yes, sir.
Let's get out of here.
We must take her to the hospital.
Why did they open fire?
Nothing to do with me.
Nothing to do with me.
Get a doctor!
Hospitals won't take her.
Let's take her back to the future.
That's right.
hang in there.
I love you so much,
I've learned everything you taught me.
She sells seashells.
Seashells she sells.
She sells seashells.
Seashells she sells.
Please don't die.
I've made a wish.
I want to marry a super model.
You haven't said yes, you can't die.
You've learned it.
She sells seashells.
Say that again.
Seashells she sells.
She sells seashells.
Seashells she sells.
Please don't die.
Are you pushing or not?
Stop Seashelling!
Your grandpa,
used to say
Spring tea
goes for aroma.
Winter tea
goes for flavour.
To grow good tea,
you need hard working tea farmers.
Make sure they're looked after.
Don't talk now.
The doctor will be here soon.
Where are you from?
I'm from TTT.
The Lin family of TTT.
Lin Wen-Xiou
I'm from TTT.
I'm from TTT.
I'm from TTT.
I'm om T . Do you hear me'?
save my father.
Save my father.
Professor P, you take care of Ms Ginger.
Aren't you coming with us?
We can't both disappear.
I'm responsible for all this mess,
I have to deal with it.
That's right, go sort it out.
Just be careful.
Ginger, make a wish.
-3, 2, 1.
Chiang has been arrested for treason.
The police will start searching
for accomplices.
Royal Proclamation:
due to the impending royal visit.
Use of language is restricted
to Japanese only.
To avoid unnecessary disruption.
No working class are allowed
in the presence of his majesty.
No one is allowed outdoors
without a permission.
By royal decree.
Ms Ginger will be back soon.
Whatever happens,
we can't afford to fall out anymore.
We've got to stick together.
We must be on the same side.
Who are we?
Where are we from?
Where are we from?
Where are we from?
Let's prepare for the arrival
of Crown Prince Hirohito.
Every household hangs
out your Japanese flag.
Set off fireworks to celebrate.
Long live the Empire of Japan.
(Japanese song)
The snow of Mount Fuji...
What are you doing here?
Let's party officers.
Let's drink.
Are you OK?
You're drunk.
So hot in here.
Let's go outside.
See if he's in here.
What are you doing here?
Open it, quick!
I got the keys...
Let's hurry.
Where're the others?
Already waiting outside
Let's go.
Fellow citizens, unite together.
Boss, they're here.
So many?!
No hot-blooded Koreans would miss
the opportunity to sabotage the royal visit.
Thank you.
Not me you should thank.
Who then?
Thank you, Dr. Chiang Wei Shui.
You got it.
Give it to me.
Why do I always have to deal with this shit?
Don't even know if they can do it.
Lose those two useless fatsos back there.
It's hot, what's this candle for?
You asked for the candle.
You said it'd look better.
Stop it now.
The Korean assassins have been hired
to kill the crown prince.
How could it be?
They are framing you!
We must protect the prince.
If they succeed,
We'll never clear our names
We need a big crowd.
The bigger the crowd,
the more difficult for them to do it.
From what I've heard
there won't be much of a crowd tomorrow
I'm afraid.
Think of something, quick!
What to do?
This is highly dangerous.
I got it!
Hey, Missus.
You must come tomorrow, for the parade.
If you bring 10 people along with you.
You'll have a long blessed life.
If you can't have 10 with you.
You'll have the City God to answer to
and be in trouble your whole life.
Hurry along.
Hey, Mister.
Come to the welcome parade tomorrow
and make sure you tell 10 people about it.
I'm on my way.
You'll be in big trouble if you don't.
Listen to me, you must come, tomorrow
and must tell 10 more about this
if you want to be blessed.
Don't blame anyone if you get cursed
(muttering gibberish)
What's that?
I've done my ten.
Ten? I thought it was 20.
Stop messing around.
20?! Got to go.
We'll make it.
Let's get moving.
Missus, don't forget, 10.
What now?
Need more..
Hey, listen to me.
Or you'll be cursed.
Run along
Yeah, I've done 10.
Now the wheels are turning.
Everyone, step back.
Keep quiet, no disruption.
Back off, back.
Step back.
- Hurry.
Step back.
Escaped from prison?
That's one more charge against you.
You set the doctor up!
They've got everyone off the street
bad news for the prince.
Listen to me!
Have you smelt the sweet aroma of tea?
Have you?
Have you smelled
the wonderful scent of pineapple?
That's us, the scent of Taiwan.
We grow the best tea in the world.
Even the Chinese buy tea from us.
Demands so great, we hardly have enough.
But the icing on the cake is,
our baseball team
will win the world championship one day.
In 100 years,
we'll build
the tallest building in the world.
We must believe in ourselves.
The Japanese
are stopping us.
We just need to stand up,
and work together
and we'll show the Japanese!
So, let's stand together
and shock the world.
That's right!
We're no dumb slaves.
We must let them know
we're no second class citizens!
That's right!
The world is ours, we just need to speak up.
Fellow citizens, unite together!
Fellow citizens, unite together!
Fellow citizens, unite together!
His majesty is here!
Back, step back.
Hurry, step back.
Whats that?
- Take this pineapple.
I don't want it,
Take it, it might come in handy.
Try steal my girlfriend again!
Hold tight!
Hold tight!
Mister, are you alright?
Are you OK?
(Japanese) Beautiful!
Excuse me, no photos.
Rose, you alright?
I'm fine.
No flash, thank you.
No flash.
Master Pig!
What day is it today?
What day is it today?
23rd of June.
Where are we?
We're here.
What's that?
That's called a motorbike...
We need to hurry.
- And this?
And that?
That's Taipei 101,
the tallest building in the world.
If they'd killed the prince,
history would've changed
and the future would be damned.
The future?
I mean now.
Is it any different?
This way.
We've got the power to change our future.
Master Pig!
That's him.
Watch out.
Is that a motorbike, too?
No, that's...
a skateboard.
That year,
Dr. Chiang's plan
the parade-turned-petition
was a huge SUCCESS.
Despite some minor incidents.
The Japanese Crown Prince
had indeed heard their voices.
Now let's watch a documentary.
Freedom! Equality!
Freedom! Equality!
Fellow citizens!
Fellow citizens!
Unite Together!
Fellow citizens, unite together!
Blossom fell in the dirt,
who is there to care for it?
The merciless rain
and wind stand in my way of success.
What to do
when the blossom is in the dirt.
Rain is falling,
it drowns me in the pond of suffering.
Why the blossom gets severed
from the leaves and trees
and left deserted for no one to see.
Why the blossom gets severed
from the leaves and trees
and left deserted for no one to see.
Made up your mind?
Let's do it.
I'm staying here.
I wanted to go with you.
Truth is,
I like the way I was very much.
I was brave, and reckless.
that's your golden age.
Not mine.
So I've decided to stay,
and create my own golden age.
I want to tell more people
about our history.
You call the shots.
Think twice.
One click.
She's gone.
And you'll never get
a girlfriend as pretty as she is.
See you again.
See you again.
Goodbye, Jack.
Come back soon.
Don't forget us.
She's gone.
That's not too bad.
You love her,
and she loves you.
Whereas me,
I love Ginger to bits.
But she doesn't care about me at all.
I don't even know if she's dead or alive.
Not sure if they can save her.
Ms Ginger!
Ms Ginger!
Ms Ginger, you're alive!
Ms Ginger!
That's enough.
That's enough.
It hurts!
Ms Ginger!
What are you doing?
Hugging her so tight.
Don't you know she's recovering?
I'm sorry.
And you.
I was the one who saved you.
And you're hugging HIM?
It's so unfair.
Get out of my sight.
Better yet. Go get a room.
He's just like my son.
I'm not going back.
Not going back?
Where will you go then?
Wherever you go,
I'll go too.
Really? You're not just saying that?
Don't lie and break my heart.
I'm too old to have a broken heart.
Not old at all.
Let's go.
Jack, don't you come knocking.
The flower of youth, is the blooming rose.
Hey, look.
Let me have a go.
How much did you pay for that?
How much?
How's everyone?!
Why do you talk like my grandpa?
I've missed you all!
Dropping out from college?
We're not really the brainy type.
So we've decided to go home,
and learn how to grow organic vegetables.
I'm going on a working holiday
to Australia, too.
You won't be able to come
to my book signing then.
That's if your book ever gets published.
Don't say that.
Never say never.
Just go for it.
Right? Jack?
You've changed a lot!
You're the one who's changed.
YES, never say never.
Just go for it.
Just go for it.
This way, Ginger.
Take a seat.
I'm so happy.
You've finally accepted me.
I don't feel quite right though.
Something wrong?
I know...
you're still recovering.
Don't worry.
I'll be gentle.
You wait here.
I'll go take a shower.
And wash myself clean
especially for you.
Go ahead.
Third time brushing my teeth.
This is the happiest day of my life!
I'm getting married!
Ginger says yes!
Who are you? What are you doing here?
Who am I? I'm Ginger.
You're Ginger?
It can't be.
Haven't you heard about
the side effects of
time travel?
Time travel turns Ginger into a granny?
What granny?
Come on.
I'm all yours now.
Come on.
Let's see.
Isn't this nice.
Director, you lied to me!
Come on, don't be shy.