Twenty Twenty-Four (2016) Movie Script

Where's Arthur?
Fine, what do you want?
I completely forgot.
Thanks for reminding me.
What is it?
I'm in the middle of something.
What's the problem?
Is it serious or can it wait
till I am finished here.
No, don't do that.
I said no!
A bat.
You ask me why I'm wasting my
time on these stupid questions.
Why, I spent months doing this shit.
What's the point?
Things up top are worse
than ever, Roy.
Negotiations have failed.
The clock now stands
at one minute to midnight.
I'm ordering you to move
Plethura into its final stage.
The time is now.
You got 24 hours to adapt
the bunker accordingly.
At that point,
Priority 1 will be with you
in less than two hours.
The moment they arrive,
you are to enter the elevator,
and ride it back to the surface.
Yeah, I know the protocol.
Because there won't be
a moment to waste.
Why leave it so late?
We've got one chance
of getting this right.
There is no room
for premature mistakes.
There won't be any.
Plethura will be ready in time.
What's happened to your hand?
Nothing, just a mishap.
Why wasn't this reported up top?
It's no big deal,
I didn't think it was important.
Every thing is important, Roy!
This is a deliberate
breach of protocol,
and not for
the first time either.
Do you have a problem
with authority, Roy?
Is that it?
I just want to be trusted
to do my job.
I've got everything
under control down here.
Let's get one thing
straight, Roy.
You are not in control
of this situation.
As a man, you are expendable.
It's what you do which serves
a higher purpose.
You know that.
Yeah, I do.
No, I know
the responsibilities, okay?
Because this isn't
just about PlethurRoy.
Future generations
will live or die
by the decisions
that we make today.
This is much bigger
than you or I.
It won't happen again.
Have you got anybody on top?
How very lucky you are.
Isn't that respect
too much to ask?
I am a scientist,
for Christ's sake!
And you really expect me
to go running off to mummy
just 'cause I cut my hand!
I'm not a fucking child.
Fuck Priority One!
If it weren't for me,
then we'd all be dead.
No Plethura,
no safe haven, nothing.
What I'm doing is selfless.
I mean, I'm just a pencil
mark in the pages of history.
Someone's always watching.
I just wanted to know I made
a difference, that's all.
Look, Arthur, I'm sorry
if I was a bit...
Ratty earlier.
I'm just... A little
out of sorts lately.
Well, to tell the truth,
I'm feeling a bit nervous
about heading back up top.
I know I was never meant
to survive down here.
I had a job to do.
A duty.
I did the best I could.
I guess I'm just finding it
harder to leave this place
than I thought I would.
Right outside,
I'd be afraid of surviving.
Well, that's the duality
of man, Arthur.
See, it doesn't matter
what happens up top.
And it won't matter what
happens down below either.
We're never
gonna change, Arthur.
That's the reality.
As a child, I was raised
in a Catholic orphanage.
Once when I was
around nine or ten,
one of the priests caught me
pulling the wings of a fly.
Not in a sadistic way.
I was just a kid.
And innocent.
But the priest took it upon
himself to discipline me.
Away from judging eyes.
He told me we mustn't harm
any of God's creatures,
no matter how small or
insignificant they may seem.
And he tried
to exercise his point
by whipping me with a cane
as thick as a man's thumb.
Enough times to draw blood.
A lesson, he told me.
So I feel the same pain
as the fly.
And that's when I realized,
it wasn't God that made
the world this way.
The darkness,
it lives in each of our souls.
That's why we deserve
what we get.
I don't know.
I always found it difficult
to connect with people up top,
so I just,
gave up and...
Ah, you know, talk.
No, I am talking to wires
and programming,
designed to make me think
that I am talking to a person,
but I am not.
Well, I guess, pride goes
before destruction.
It's a proverb.
I supposed we did it to
ourselves because we could.
And we deny it.
Choose not to acknowledge the
knife-edge we are living on.
In a way, yeah.
To spare ourselves pain?
Make life seem worth living?
I don't know anymore.
No, no, no. This can't be happening.
This can't...
Well, are there any
communications from up top?
What about Priority One?
I didn't make it.
I want all the data
collected from the surface.
We need to work out
the blast radius.
What are you talking about?
The clock's running.
What the hell
happened out there?
What is it?
Of course, I am.
I shouldn't be alive.
A lot of people died, Arthur.
I'm now a relic
of an endangered species.
Wouldn't you be sad?
This conversation's over.
Stop asking me that.
How do you think I'm feeling?
All right.
Of course, you can.
What is it?
That's what you are.
Yeah, but...
What are you talking about?
I'm not sure.
Perhaps, but it's rare
for me to remember.
It's most likely
just the surveillance feeds.
Every 24 hours,
the protocol states that
the surveillance feed must be
backed up to the hard drive.
They're not dream, Arthur.
They're duplicates.
You're seeing the past and present
simultaneously. That's all.
I'm kind of busy right now.
Where's it coming from?
Play it.
It's Morse code.
What is that?
Isolate the audio.
Just the voice.
What language is that?
Translate what she's saying.
There is no radiation.
There's a leak.
Right now, it's just oxygen.
But if there is a way in, Plethura
could become compromised.
What the hell is this?
What the hell is this?
What is this place?
What's it for, Arthur?
Why would someone
try to get in here?
How could they? No one else
made it down below.
Or maybe it's purpose
is to fuck with my mind.
Am I?
Is it irrational to do what
they are doing to me?
After all, there is always
someone watching.
Isn't that right, Arthur?
I know what this place is.
In fact, I think I've known
for a while.
Oh, you know what
I'm talking about.
Don't think of me as an idiot.
I've figured it out.
But none of this is real!
What am I, a test subject?
For Priority One!
A psychological profile, huh?
We talk about it.
Of course, it does.
You shot someone off.
You condition them and then you
just wait for them to crack
and count the days for them
to go mad, is it?
Is that it?
It's not our situation.
It's mine.
How the hell did
my chamber door get open?
The door to my chamber,
how the fuck did it get open?
Every night, I lock that door.
I can't sleep unless I know that it's locked,
I've been that way since I was a child.
But today, I wake up
and it's open.
Who opened that fucking door?
What are you trying to do to me?
You think that I know who I am.
Show me the surveillance feeds
for the hub.
Just do it.
What are you talking about?
I thought we fixed that.
Tell me how is it that
there is a power shortage
that you know nothing about!
How do you explain that?
Or else what?
Let it fail.
You heard it, Arthur.
I said let it fail.
No, it won't.
This is a simulated environment.
I know it.
Even if you don't.
Or something
you know about, is it?
Why, because I know the truth?
What I believe, Arthur,
is that I will discover the truth
by going through that door.
You think I'm afraid.
Where do I find it?
See if you can figure out
what the problem is.
I'm going to focus
on restoring power.
Arthur, pull those surveillance
feeds up on the screen,
that track all the motion
sensors around the bunker.
Just do it!
I'm a scientist.
I believe in facts.
Not fabrications.
Only an inalienable truth.
But you are right, Arthur.
I'm afraid.
I'm afraid that
I'm losing my mind.
And I don't think
I'm alone down here.
Arthur, is it real?
Of course.
What do you mean?
I convinced myself
I was losing my mind, Arthur.
See if I'm more comforted,
I need to know the truth.
No, I'm not alone
in this bunker.
This material.
Able to make physical contact
with objects.
Whatever it is.
It lives.
I've seen it, Arthur.
Almost human, and yet,
somehow not.
It's deformed.
And in pain.
I've seen these effects before.
It's radiation poisoning.
Don't tell me what is or isn't
possible, I've seen it!
That thing going in here, it
broke the black ring with it.
And how do you explain this?
What the fuck
is happening to me?
It's you.
You're trying
to drive me insane.
No, it's you!
It's you!
Arthur, what's happening.
Come on!
Come on!
Arthur, you there?
Arthur, can you hear me?
Please! I need to...
Understand. What is it?
What is it?
Fuck you!
No! No! No!