Twice Born (2012) Movie Script

- Hello?
- Ma-may I speak with Gemma?
- This is Gemma.
- Gemma? Gemma, is that really you?
- Gojko?
- Yes, Gemma. It's me.
- My Gojko?
- Your Gojko.
Who called so early this morning?
From Sarajevo.
He's been trying to reach me
for months, through the Embassy.
They're organizing a show, to commemorate the Siege.
He asked me to go.
Some of Diego's photos will be in it.
I have to go to the office, I have a ton of work to do.
I can't just leave like this.
I don't know...
Of course you know.
Pietro will never come with me.
But it's a chance for him too.
- He's still alive.
- He's always been alive.
Let's go, Mom.
- Beautiful woman!
- Old woman.
- Fuck off!
- You are a rocker.
- I'm a joker.
You liked it?
- Very much.
- Is there any ice cream?
- Yeah there is a corner.
How do you say "ice cream" in Bosnia?
- "Sladoled".
- Chokolada, vanila...
- If I just say ice cream will they understand me?
Can I have some money, please?
Wait. Here.
Thank you!
- He's a good kid.
- He's like his father.
Call me, Gemma, any time.
I sleep sitting up...
because if I'm lying down I can feel my heart in my eyes.
It was easier to run through the
grenades that to walking on ruins.
Gemma '7?
I'm Gojko, your guide.
So, you're doing some research on...
Oh, on Andric.
Yes, for my thesis.
- So, do you have a good place to stay?
- Yes, a guesthouse. I'm fine.
Don't worry because you could sleep
under a bridge on the Miljacka,
nobody would bother you.
There's not a drunk or thief to be
found these days, you know.
Communist cleanup.
This is the first time we are baring
our ass to the world.
Olympic Games are about to start
and we have no snow, so, I'm a little bit worrying.
- Look, I'm here to study Andric's work.
- Ah...
I need someone who can take me to
places related to his life in Bosnia.
Maybe you're not the right person.
I have a car!
- What are you doing?
- No, no, no. Don't worry.
It's German. The Germans do their
assembly work here, they trust us.
And you want to know why?
Because we are so precise.
Okay, so maybe we are not so precise
but we sure are cheap.
I pay you very well.
You must be a real whore.
- What?
- You must be a real whore.
Stop. Stop the car!
What the fuck are you trying to teach
me? What are you, Italian professor?
Poetry is the art that listens to human life.
She's crazy!
Poetry... Poetry is God when he feels
nostalgia for men.
It's difficult to translate poetry.
"Alum mo!
A fist-full of earth falling,
as the gravedigger swears, spits."
Please Gemma, get in.
It's not my car, a friend lent it
to me. I give him half my pay.
Please, please get in, enough of this.
You bring good luck.
Beautiful Italian woman!
What was the poem about?
A gravedigger.
He has to bury a poet,
and he curses and smokes on his grave.
- And spits.
- Yes... yes and spits
I understood something.
It's pronounced just like it's written,
and the words agree with others close to them.
For example, if there is a feminine
noun, everything else becomes feminine.
We are very gallant, you know?
You got married?
- Yeah.
- Tell me, what is she like?
I was lucky.
What about the house in Monte Trebevic?
Is it still there?
It's covered with mines but...
if you want we can go up there together and get blown up.
Guys, guys!
Your attention, please.
Let me introduce my Italian friend.
Gemma, this is Zoran, a great mime.
Also known as Kafka.
His father, our local philosopher, also known as Kant.
This is Bojan, our amazing saxophone player.
Come on here. Let me introduce to
my Italian friend,
this is Diego, photographer,
American friend. Diego.
This is Mladio, a great sculptor
and he's the craziest of us.
The great actress Ana
A woman everybody wants and many have had.
I spent the whole day lying in the
snow with skiers jumping over me,
ice chips flying in my eyes.
I'm probably going to go blind. It's
not a great idea for a photographer
But I don't understand why you didn't wear sunglasses.
No, that's like making love with your clothes on.
Nothing can come between you and the lens.
God that laugh.
- Are you seeing someone?
- I have been someone for many years.
- What about you?
- Me?
I'm free!
I'm free!
Drop everything and run away with me.
Mm-hm, where to?
who work in these mines in Camaru.
I was going to leave tomorrow.
I was so happy, but now I'm so sad.
I'm also leaving tomorrow.
- Excuse me, Mirna Mari?
- Room 13.
May I take her?
Be careful with her head.
Allow me to introduce myself, young lady.
I'm your brother, Gojko.
And I'll also be your father,
in the memory of our recently departed dad.
What is it?
My mother wants to thank you for giving me work.
Very good.
She asked if you'd like to hold the baby.
Oh, she is so sweet.
So small.
Do you want children?
It's all I want.
Come on, Come on, Welcome to my house.
Principessa italiana can sleep here.
You, photographer you will sleep in my room.
Don't worry, sheets are clean enough,
and I'll sleep on the couch.
- Tell me.
- Our poet has fallen asleep.
- Okay, good night.
- No, I'm in love with you.
- You are crazy.
- I--I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
- Okay. How old are you?
- Twenty-three.
Nice poem, Gojko, congratulations.
No! Go!
Oh God!
And now you're mine.
There's a trattoria nearby,
I used to bring you mother there.
They make such a carbonara...
Let's run away.
I'm happy, Dad!
I'm convinced.
And the other one, the American?
The night caller?
- There's no one else.
- Then... no carbonara.
- You're crazy, crazy.
- I told you I'd be in Rome in no time.
You cannot stay here. This is my
father's house. I just got divorced.
That's okay. I can take care of myself
I already got a place to stay anyway.
- Armando?
- Diego! How was your trip, Diego?
Oh, it was great!
I took your advice.
- I followed a road, the...
- Aurelia!
- Aurelia, yeah.
I got a present for you.
It's from my childhood, from when I was a baby.
Hey, look, I haven't changed a bit, it still fits.
My ass is the same size.
You happy to see me?
Yes? Maybe?
Maybe just a little bit?
- Oh.
- Diego! Some coffee.
- Diego. You are a photographer?
- Yeah, yeah. I'm a photographer.
Eh, you work in weddings, advertising?
- Puddles mostly.
- Puddles. Yeah.
Interesting, eh?
May I have the honor of taking your
daughter off to dinner tonight?
Of course, Diego.
But do you think I really want to live here?
No, it belongs to a friend, a guy I met in Brazil.
This way.
All for you my love.
Come on.
What perfume are you wearing?
Juniper shower gel.
Sorry, I forgot my dress shirts at home.
- These are cemetery candles.
- It's all they had at the supermarket.
- When did you take these photos?
- Did you forget?
Have you thought about what to do for a living?
There's lots of little old ladies that
need a nice portrait for tombstone.
- That won't take us very far.
- No, but we're already here.
Everyday will be a party with me baby.
I promise.
How can you always be so happy?
I can't stand being sad.
I love you Gemma.
- The night at Gojkds house?
- Yeah.
I got pregnant.
Jesus Christ, Gemma.
And you didn't even tell me?
I lost it immediately.
It never even had a heartbeat.
It was lifeless, like a blind eye.
My grandmother was blind.
She was a schoolteacher.
One day she was riding her bike
and she fell in the river.
My grandfather fished her out.
He was younger than her, and they spent
the rest of their lives together.
The weirdest love stories are always the best.
This, right here, this is the spot you know.
This is where everything comes from,
where everything's born.
It's our destiny, you know.
The river of life
The river of life.
You want to know the truth?
He looks like you
He walks like you and he's moody like you.
- Did I ever tell you how much I was in love with you?
- You never did.
But you two were so in love.
You were so in love with him.
Pietro, be careful!
Is this Diego's?
It's nice!
It looks like a cool CD cover.
- No, I don't think it's your dad's.
- Dad?
What a drag with this story!
The first photo of your son.
Sorry you could not take it yourself.
- I love him already.
- Diego, we have no money.
No, no, no!
Today I got paid.
You can't ride a motor scooter anymore.
And you... You have to listen
to Mozart, Beethoven, Bach!
Pink Floyd. No!
Pink Floyd. No!
You're a mother now, a temple
and I'm a monk who kneels before you.
Come on, son, faster.
Time for a new life.
You need to take care of your body now.
No more alcohol, no more cigarettes and no more pot.
- Italian Fascist!
- Shut up!
A spineless American, that's what you are!
- There, smoke, smoke!
- How did you manage to win all those wars?
It was a blighted ovum, the body expels them naturally.
You were lucky.
The hemorrhage saved you from a D&C.
What did he say?
He said I was lucky.
Just means it wasn't Pietro, sweetie.
The children who are meant to come,
will come. Gemma, they'll come.
Look! Oh, get some fresh air in here.
Look, this is our bedroom.
Really sweet, look.
Oh, and a dark room, a perfect dark
room or maybe even a nursery.
Got a music room or maybe even a dance hall.
God, so much space, so spacious, the windows.
Look over here too.
Slip and slide.
Behind you is the kitchen.
It's our new life, Gemma
My love.
I'll be right here honey I'm not going
anywhere 0k? Think about me!
Think about us 0k?
I love you Gemma, I love you.
You're my sparkling Gemma little flower bud!
- I'll make it this time!
- Good morning, Gemma.
Don't worry, Gemma, relax
and think about something beautiful, think about the sea.
I'm so sorry I'm late there was so much fucking traffic.
I'm afraid that your eggs are incompatible with life.
Your sterility factor is rated at 97%.
We consider that total sterility.
What about the 3%?
Miracles do happen.
This is Italy after all.
You can live also without children, Gemma.
Adoption is a lengthy process,
a real ordeal for the mind and soul.
The last test of your shortcomings.
As your psychologist my responsibility
is to discourage you.
Having a child has become an obsession.
I see pregnant women everywhere,
They are like an army walking towards me.
Do you really want me to be honest?
I'm not here to prove to you that I am a good person.
I'm here because I'm afraid.
I'm afraid of losing the man I love.
I want to give him a child to tie him to me
with this padlock of flesh.
What does truth taste like?
When my father beat my mother I'd go hide in the closet.
I'd just keep telling myself
"Think about something beautiful".
I'd piss in my pants.
But I wouldn't come off until
I heard my mother washing her face
and going into the kitchen and start frying eggs.
And then I'd come off and smile as if to say,
"it's 0k ma'. I didn't hear a thing,
all I saw was a beautiful thing".
When my father died,
when they lifted up the container
there wasn't really anything
it was just a puddle of shrimp
marmalade and my father floating in it.
That was when I took my first photograph.
And then I started using heroine.
Heroine was a beautiful thing, it was
a thing that took away all the pain.
All of a sudden soccer fields
seemed like the Maracan stadium
and my ugly mug didn't seem so bad.
And then I met Gemma.
The only, truly beautiful thing in my life.
I want a child with his eyes, with his neck.
Do you think there is a child like that somewhere?
The police has given a negative evaluation.
Your criminal record Diego, the drugs and all the rest,
there was nothing I could do.
Your request has been refused.
I'm sorry.
I'm just...
I'm so sorry.
It couldn't have happened to a more deserving couple.
Hey, how are you? Are you 0k?
What do you need?
A case of Brunello di Montalcino.
Gojko, senti, how are you, how is Sebina?
Ah, Sebina is fine, she's always
jumping all over the place.
Listen put her on a plane, send her to us.
No, no, relax, there is no war here.
No one will ever touch Sarajevo.
Did you like the photos?
Were you there?
Were you always with him?
Not always.
- And where was I?
- You weren't born yet.
- Weren't you scared?
- Of what?
You were pregnant. Weren't you scared
of being pregnant in a war?
My shoes are wet!
I've caught a cold.
Legs up!
Shake them fast.
Make the lights flicker.
Let's change position, the other way.
Fast, fast!
One day you'll find somebody with good ovaries,
someone young and healthy
and you'll have a child with her.
What the fuck are you talking about?
I'll bring you little presents, I'll play the aunt.
Shoes with lights...
And I'll forgive you because I care for you too much.
Well, I don't "care" for you too much, I love you.
We have to learn to live without children.
- It's easy for you to say.
- No. It's not.
Diego you can have a child whenever
you want, with whoever you want.
Fine I'll get spade, like a cat.
I don't know what the fuck to do
with my balls anymore anyway.
I mean I'm sick of earning money for nothing.
I'm of no use to you any more,
I don't know how to make you happy.
Are you fucking the stylist?
Maybe we should split up.
- Bye kids!
- Bye!
So it's true that, life speaks through light.
You know who we'll take these to?
So guys.
This is the radio station.
I do a night poetry show.
I fuck like a mule these days.
- Hey. Kafka!
- What's up?!
- Diego, I have something for you!
Hello Ana.
It's our communal house.
Come on, what did you cook for my friends, mama?
My mom is the great cook!
It's plenty of electricity, you know.
You're wonderful!
Beautiful, Sebina.
This way we will always be able to find you,
even in the dark.
She is not studying at all, she is all
the time training at the gym.
She wants to become next Nadia Comaneci.
Son of a bitch! Do I always have
to listen to him? Turn it off!
How can every anyone be afraid of an ass like him?
It's the assholes you have to be afraid of.
He changed the menus in the restaurants the street names!
For them it's enough to fart and they
think their ass in supporting them.
Yeah, the propaganda people, first
come propaganda and then history.
No, it's one thing to... convince
a peasant that his Turkish neighbor
wants to cut his throat,
but there aren't any Turks here or Cetnics, or Ustascia.
Yeah that's what I'm talking about,
because here we are all Sarajevans!
- Poets, artists, lawyers.
- Wars start in the villages.
Wars start in the soccer stadiums,
while you guys haul yourselves up
in artist's colonies and write poetry.
- But you're not scared?
- We are together.
That's what matters.
Ah, ja.
What is the smell like?
Or the forest.
They are both biologists, he is
professor, she was his assistant.
They rent off a room and he's a jew, she's a muslim
but don't worry you'll be comfortable.
Welcome. Please take off your shoes.
Good morning.
Do you have international newspapers?
Newspaper? Yes!
Thank you. "Le Monde".
How are you, Professor?
And when are you two going to have a baby
Come on, the yankee can't?
If you need a little help, c'mon, here I am.
I'm sterile, Gojko.
Beautiful woman...
We are a luckless generation.
I wanted a child with these feet.
I wanted to see him walking in front of us.
I lost.
- Why don't you come too?
- Do you like her?
- No.
I like Italian girls!
- Let's go, Pietro.
- Come on.
- Go, go.
Leave her alone, we will have fun,
the three of us. Let's go.
Be careful on the slides!
Be careful!
You be careful too.
- Who's that girl?
- Kurt Kobain.
- Kurt Kobain?
And who the heck is that?
- Do you like Nirvana?
I listen to them in the dark every night.
They blow me away.
- Where exactly do they blow you to?
- Somewhere you'll never go.
- Idiot!
- Fuck you!
Nirvana is just a bunch of fucking nihilist millionaires.
- Screw you!
- Shut up!
So what are your intentions, Aska?
To play music.
One of the guys in Nirvana is Croatian.
If he made it, so can I.
I want to go to London.
That's why I need the money.
Gojko told me
you are looking for a roda, a stork.
I want to be paid in deutsche marks.
- Will you do it only for money?
- What do you want me to say?
That I'm doing it for love?
- Are you muslim?
- Sometimes I read the Koran.
And what does the Koran say? You can
rent your body to another woman?
The Koran says to help other people
I'm happy to help a woman who's defective.
We all have to give something back.
If you think about it, even the Virgin
Mary lent her womb to God the Father.
Aska doesn't exactly strike my as the Virgin Mary.
Every once in a while God points
his finger at someone and says
"You, come with me."
You can't say no to God.
He plants himself inside of us, opens our soul.
Kurt Kobain does drugs so he can deal with God.
How can I be sure you, you won't decide to keep the baby?
Easy. Families make me sick.
My test results.
No, I don't have AIDS.
My boyfriend and I can't have intercourse,
I have these bad muscle spasms so,
it's basically impossible, you know.
- Muscle spasms.
- Artificial insemination.
Yeah, that. Whatever you call it.
We have to do some tests first
in order to monitor your ovulation
and then your partner will have to...
I'm sorry...
We have to go.
Everybody is running away!
What's up? Where are you going?
Where the fuck are you going?
Cowards, traitors, motherfuckers!
Your mother is a bitch!
Get out, son of a bitch!
What's happening, guys?
Where is everybody going?
Fuck you, assholes!
Go, run away!
Motherfuckers, get out of town!
How about a hot chocolate at my place?
Thank you, grandmother.
If you want we can do it naturally, you know?
I don't have problems with sex.
You can watch if you want.
Like in a laboratory
Zic, zic, zic, zik...
Like rabbits!
Hey what's so fucking funny you two?
What the fuck.
I don't think so.
She's not going to come.
Good morning.
I don't know if you remember, I was here with my husband,
before the war,
he was a photographer.
A lot of photographers came here!
May I take a look around?
Of course. Please.
Who are you? Their maid of honor?
Sorry I'm late.
It's a zoo off there
with the demonstrations and all.
Let's hope I still have a few eggs left.
Are you staying?
So are they fucking those two?
"And the life laughs at us like a toothless old whore
while we fuck her with our eyes closed,
dreaming of the ass of lilly."
Do I stink?
You smell good.
Let's go make love once before we die.
We're not going to die, Gojko.
Yes... Yeah, I was at the Water Park.
I'll pass you mom.
No, she's asleep, yes, she's asleep...
Talk to you tomorrow, bye Dad.
What's this morgue?
What's this morgue, I said!
What did you do?
I walked a lot, I'm tired.
Leave me alone.
You were alone all day!
All day!
My friends are all at the beach,
in Sardinia swimming in the sea.
Look where I am!
In this shithole!
Where you brought me, in this shit city!
That's where I am, look at this great city of yours!
Look where I am!
Give me the lotion, I'm all sunburned.
Look for it yourself.
What did you do to your feet?
They're filthy!
- You hurt me, Pietro.
- Why don't you want to talk to dad?
- Why don't you want to talk to dad?
- Leave me alone.
Yeah, who do you think you are?
You never go to the Officers' Club,
you don't sit with the other Carabinieri wives.
Sure, laugh!
You've always been ashamed of dad!
- What are you saying?
- You didn't come here for me.
You come here for this fucking Diego!
Not for me!
For this fucking Diego!
Why don't you try calling him dad, just once?
Climb down, Gemma!
Climb down, because you're a nobody!
The chickens are all dead.
Nothing happened, no, I'm sorry.
We have to get off of here.
Here they are, my stars!
Darling, hi.
They're just back from Sarajevo,
Diego took some incredible shots.
Listen, is what I read true that the paring knives
for pitting olives are used to gouge people's eyes out?
"Ladies and gentlemen,
enjoy Sarajevo!"
Hi, my love.
How are you? Tired?
How did it go? How was it?
Who the fuck do you think was there?
Do you know what I did today?
I spent the entire day photographing
a can of tuna.
And once it was open and once it was close, an?
Again and again.
They even had a make-up artist for it,
for the fuckin tuna!
She kept on moving it back
and forth between dressing rooms,
like it was a fucking model.
The world is going to hell baby.
And we're going down with it.
I'm so sorry. Excuse me.
- Grandpa, going to war?
- Mind your fucking business.
Good morning, Gemma.
Where is he?
I hate this passport, mom.
When they ask me why I was born in Sarajevo, I'm ashamed.
"By mistake", I say.
By mistake.
My dear friend Zoran, he was the
greatest wheelchair pilot ever.
There's no one better than him.
Today he took his father for a ride
across that open street intersection.
His old man always used to say:
"Son let's race".
"See if that prick on a hill
can shoot me."
Zoran was a great mime and when he was shot
he fell like an artist.
He loved U2, Levis 501's and Kafka.
May you rest in peace, dear friend.
You can't get real flowers anymore,
so the florist in Markale started making paper ones.
Look, the light of life!
Thank you!
Not eating was bad, but not smoking was a crime!
How did you remember this?
Thank you!
Thank you Gemma.
Hey, come here! Come here!
Come on!
I knew you were following us.
I knew you were there.
We made love that night,
and again after that.
Do you love her?
How can I not?
And me?
Thanks, lunch was very good.
I'm going now.
- Where?
- To the University.
There's no more University, Jovan.
I know, I'm going to see if there is anything I can do.
Enjoy your meal.
I need to talk to Aska.
Call your father, have him send all the money he can.
I'm talking to you.
I'm talking to you!
Who do you think you are?
Who the fuck do you think you are!
Here he is!
Jesus Christ is here!
Jesus Christ is here!
Where are you going?
Where are you taking that?
Why don't you bring me some food?
I'm tired! I'm hungry!
My love!
This is what you call love?
I'll give you this fucking baby.
As long as a sniper doesn't get it first
What do you think of this beautiful city
surrounded by cemeteries, eh, Pietro?
The square with the chessboard is cool.
That square with the chessboard
is for pathetic old veterans.
Piazza Navona is so much better.
Yeah, Piazza Navona.
You are lucky.
You're Italian.
You are lucky, Pietro.
Are you waiting for two more?
I want to go home, mom, back to Rome.
Come on, Francesco Totti!
Pass me that ball.
Take it!
Stand up!
Come on!
It's not a foul, get up.
It's not a foul, get, get the fuck up.
Get the fuck up!
- Are you a signorina or what?
- Stop!
You're hurting him.
You're hurting my son.
Oh, such a good Italian mama.
What do you want?
Baby is coming.
Breath! Breath!
Breath! Breath!
This baby is going to stink of nicotine and of Sarajevo.
Breath deep, breath deep, breath deep, breath deep
His birth certificate. Nobody bothers
to check the paperwork these days.
You are his mother, Gemma.
Go! Go! It's 0k, it's 0k.
Go! Go!
- My husband!
- He doesn't have a passport.
What? What?
Madame... the Captain wants to know
if you'd like a ride to Rome.
I got you a sandwich, something to drink.
Here. Give him to me,
don't worry, I'll hold him!
I'll hold him, I had some nephews.
He's beautiful!
Did you give birth in Sarajevo?
What courage!
- Excuse me, the baby's father?
- He lost his passport.
Captain? What's up?
- How many measures do I put?
Read the instructions.
What's the name?
- Pietro.
- No, your name.
- Gemma.
- Bless you, Gemma.
He's a beautiful baby.
He looks like you.
Boys look like their mothers.
He drank it all.
Dirty boy!
Dirty boy!
- M--ma,
- M--
The man who called thought I was his father.
He fell from a cliff into the sea.
There's no sea in Sarajevo.
"Bread"! Come here.
Let's go.
Weren't you supposed to go towards the sea?
Pietro's complaining, the food's crap.
He wants to come home.
Where are you?
In the hotel.
Looking out the window.
Should I tell him?
Should I tell him I'm not his mother?
Don't run away, Gemma.
- What shall we steal, mom?
- What?
If you don't steal something,
it means you didn't like the place.
Who said such a stupid thing?
- A Carabinieri Colonel.
- Dad? Yes!
Or rather...
do you know what I'll steal?
Classic... Look how beautiful!
- Hi.
- Here is my facebook name.
Oh, thank you, thank you very much.
- Hi. - Hi.
- Thank you very much!
- Bye.
Indeed... Indeed...
So you like her.
- Who?
- Who?
I told you already!
I like Italian girls!
Come here.
- Give me a kiss.
- You scratch me!
- Give your mother a kiss!
- I'll give you a headbutt!
- Cut your nails off!
- A kiss to your mother.
You are so beautiful!
You scratched me.
Mom had gone up to the roof to hang the laundry,
it was a sunny day, the sirens sounded.
Sebina went down to the basement with the others.
It must have been some sixth sense.
They went looking for each other
at exactly the same time.
My mother left her laundry on the roof
and started down the stairs, just
as Sebina was coming up to find her.
And the blast hit them both,
right as they found each other.
The womb and its fruit.
Sebina didn't die right away.
She was a gymnast.
She wanted to win the gold medal in the Olympics.
I'll get you the best artificial
legs in the world, I told her.
Someone found one of her sneakers,
the ones that light up.
So I made the stupidest bet with myself:
as long as this sneaker flashes she will be alive.
And I lost.
You know who should talk about this war, Pietro?
A comedian,
someone like Buster Keaton.
Are you happy with your husband?
It's a different type of love, but I'm happy.
But I'm happy-
Love only comes once.
It moves like the sea, but it's always the same.
Nice woman.
Let me be, I'm old.
You'll never be old Gemma,
time only brings off your beauty.
What about you?
Are you happy with your wife?
We have a little girl.
We run a restaurant, it's a cultural association.
Do you still write poetry?
Ladies, my friends from Italy, say "Buongiorno" to them.
- "Buongiorno".
- Good Morning.
- Gemma?
- Ana? Ana!
- Gemma!
- No! Don't tell me! You two...
- Are you kidding?
I never would have married this ox.
- She married me!
- Mladjo!
- Gemma! Gemma!
Yes, Gemma, and then we got divorced.
She was cheating on me.
You were cheating on me, you bastard.
You were crazy Mladio, the craziest of us all.
Top of the list, but God didn't want me.
Yes, he's still crazy Gemma, that's why I dumped him
- This is Sebina.
- Hi.
- Gemma. This is Pietro.
- Hi, Pietro.
- Hi, Sebina.
Hi, Gemma.
Sorry, I wanted to tell you right away, but I couldn't.
What is this?
Now I understand everything.
The whole trip, the whole thing has been a set up.
What do you want?
What do you want?
To see him.
Look off the window, he's right there.
- He's with his sister.
- Please shut up.
What do you want? Do you want money?
I will pay. It's no problem,
I've been paying my whole life.
I gave money to every single refugee I met.
I took out my wallet and paid.
I'm an Italian citizen.
F" MM.'
I'm going to leave this house now,
and I'm going to take him with me.
Because he's my son, do you hear me?
He's my son.
I thought you were dead, or off of
your mind, crazy, locked in some place.
But here you are,
Young and beautiful, still having children.
Do you still listen to Nirvana?
- Kurt Cobain is dead.
- Why didn't you die?
Let me tell you the story.
Are we going to make this baby or what?
They're frying fritters downstairs, go get me some.
I'm hungry.
No, no, please!
I have a wife and a son!
I have a wife and a son! Please!
She has a perforated eardrum
and calcified fracture in her shoulder,
but no internal damage, she's a strong woman.
Her orifices will heal slowly,
it will take some time.
I'm ashamed to belong to the human race.
God will not forgive us,
not even the children.
Where were you hiding?
They should shoot me in the belly
and kill this piece of shit they made.
I'll tell my wife the baby's mine,
and you won't even have to see it.
And then you can get away from here,
away from this place.
You could start playing again.
No, my love. I'll never play again.
Are you sure?
Take him away.
A little bit of ink between you and your destiny.
A little dose of courage.
What is it?
I can't see it.
This is where life comes from.
Are you ready?
Ready to live.
- What is the most beautiful word for you?
- For me?
- Si.
Tennis. And for you?
- Freedom.
- Freedom, uuh.
- Yes.
- Would you like to be a musician?
- No.
I want to build a 7-stars hotel, yeah.
With a suite, with a complete golf
course inside, yeah. Big, really big.
The biggest.
But probably I will be a philosopher, yeah.
For me the most beautiful word is "grazie".