Twilight (2008) Movie Script

But dying in the place of someone I love...
Seems like a good way to go.
So, I can't bring myself to regret the decision to leave home.
I would miss Phoenix,
I'd miss the heat,
I would miss my loving, erratic, harebrained mother
And her new husband.
-Guys, come on!
I love you both, we got a plain to catch.
But they wanna go on the road,
So I'm gonna spend some time with my dad
And this will be a good thing...
I think.
In the state of Washington,
Under a near constant cover of clouds and rain,
There's a small town named Forks.
Population: 3120 people.
This is where I'm moving
My dad's Charlie.
He's the Chief of Police.
-Your hair's longer.
-I cut since last time I saw you.
-I guess it grew a lot again.
I used to spend two weeks here
almost every summer,
But it's been years...
-I cleared some shelves up in the bathroom.
Oh, right...
One bathroom.
-It's a pretty good work lamp.
-The Sears lady picked up the bed stuff.
-You like purple, right?
-Purple's cool.
One of the best things about Charlie...
He doesn't hover.
-I heard you guys coming all the way down the road.
Good to see you.
-Bella, you remember Billy Black...
-You're looking good.
-I'm still dancing.
-I'm glad youre finally here.
-Charlie here hasn't shut up about it
since you told him you were coming.
-Alright, keep exaggerating...
I'll roll you into the mud
-Until I ram you in the ankles.
-Yeah, bring it!
-Hi, I'm Jacob.
-We used to make mud pies when we were little.
-Right, I remember.
-Are they always like this?
-It's getting worse with old age.
-So, what do you think?
-Your homecoming present.
-Just bought it off Billy, here.
-I totally rebuilt the engine for you.
-Come on!
-Oh My Gosh!
-This is perfect!
-You must be joking!
-I told you she'd love it.
-I'm down with the kids.
-Oh, yeah dude. You're the bomb.
-you gotta double pump the clutch
when you shift but...
-Besides that, you should be good.
-That's this one?
-Yeah, right there.
-You want a ride to school or something?
-I go to school on the reservation.
-Oh, right.
-That's too bad. It would've been
good to know one person.
My first day in a new school.
It's March, the middle of the semester.
-Nice ride.
-You're Isabella Swan, the new girl.
-Hi! I'm Eric, the eyes and ears
of this place.
-Anything you need? Tour guide,
lunch date...
-A shoulder to cry on...
-I'm really kind of a more
'suffer in silence' type
-Good headline for your feature.
-I'm on the paper and you're news baby,
-front page.
-Please don't...
-Whoa! Relax...
-No feature.
-I'm sorry.
-I told them not to let me play.
-No, no... That's...
-You're Isabella, right?
-Just Bella.
-Yeah, hey! I'm Mike... Newton.
-Nice to meet you.
-She's got a great spike, huh?
-I'm Jessica, by the way...
-Hey, you're from Arizona, right?
-Aren't people from Arizona
supposed to be like... Really tan?
-Yeah, maybe that's why they
kicked me out.
-You're good.
-That's so funny...
-...A Master Piece.
-We're gonna have like this crazy pyramid fall from the sky.
-Hey Mikey! You met my home girl, Bella.
-Oh, your home girl?
-My girl!
-Oh, Tyler...
-Oh my God,
-it's like first grade all over again.
-You're the shiny new toy.
-Sorry, I needed the candid for the feature...
-Feature's dead, Angela.
-Don't bring it up again.
-It's okay, I just...
-I got your back, baby...
-I guess we'll just turn another
editorial on teen drinking...
-You can always go for...
-The eating disorders...
-Speedo padding on the swim team...
-Actually, that's a good one.
-Yeah, right. That's exactly what I thought.
-We're talking Olympic size.
-There's no way, he's so skinny.
It doesn't make sense...
-Who are they?
-The Cullens.
-They're, um...
-Dr. and Mrs. Cullens foster kids.
-They moved down here from Alaska
a few years ago.
-They kind of keep to themselves.
-Yeah, 'cause they're all together...
-Like together together.
-The blond girl, that's Rosalie,
-and the big dark-haired guy, Emmett...
-They're like a thing.
-I'm not even sure that's legal.
-Jess, they're not actually related.
-Yeah, but they live together...
It's weird.
-And... Okay,
-the little dark-haired girl is Alice...
She's really weird.
-And... She's with Jasper, the blonde one,
who looks like he's in pain.
-Dr.Cullen is like this foster dad-slash-match maker...
-Maybe he'll adopt me.
-Who's he?
-That's Edward Cullen...
-He's totally gorgeous, obviously.
-But apparently nobody here is good
enough for him.
-Like I care... You know.
-So... Yeah...
-Seriously, don't waste your time...
-I wasn't planning on it.
-Mr. Molina?
-Hey, Mike.
-Oh, yes... Ms.Swan.
-Hi, your pass?
-Thank you,
-welcome to class.
-Here's your stuff, okay?
-I got a seat for you right here,
it's the last one so...
-Just tag along until you catch up.
-Alright guys, today we're gonna be
observing the behavior of Planaria,
-a.k.a. flatworms...
-There must be something open...
-Physics? Biochem?
-Every class is full, my dear.
-I just checked in here.
-I'm afraid you'll have to stay in Biology.
-Fine, I'll just...
Accept to endure it.
-I just can't get over how grown up you are.
-And so gorgeous.
-Hey, Bella!
-You remember me?
-I played Santa one year...
-Yeah, Waylon... She hasn't had a
Christmas here since she was four.
-I bet I made an impression, didn't I?
-You always do...
-Bad crack Santa.
-Hey! Kids love those little bottles though.
-Let the girl eat her Garden Burger, Waylon.
-As soon as youre done I will bring
you your favorite...
-Berry Cobbler, remember?
-Your dad still has it...
-Every Thursday.
-Thank you, that will be great.
-Hey baby! So listen,
-if Phil's training goes well,
-we could be moving to Florida.
-(Please insert a dollar twenty five for an additional three minutes.)
-Mom, where's your cel?
-Okay, don't laugh.
-I didn't lose my power cord, it ran away...
-I literally repel technology now.
-I miss you.
-Oh, Baby! I miss you too.
-But tell me more about your school...
What are the kids like?
-Are there any cute guys?
-Are they being nice to you?
-Well... They're all very welcoming.
-Uh-oh. Tell me all about it.
-It doesn't even matter.
-Yes it does, honey!
-I have homework to do.
-I'll talk to you later.
-Okay, I love you.
-Love you too.
I planned to confront him...
And demand to know what his problem was.
But he never showed.
And the next day...
Another no-show.
More days passed...
And things were getting a little...
-Are you alright?
-Yeah, I'm good.
-Ice doesn't really help the uncoordinated.
-Yeah... That's why I had some new tires put on the truck.
-The old ones were getting really bold.
-Well, I'll probably be late for dinner.
-Gotta head down to Mason County.
A security guard at the Grisham mill got
killed by some kind of animal.
-An animal?
-You're not in Phoenix anymore, Bells.
-Anyway, I figured I'd lend a hand.
-Be careful.
-Always am.
-And thanks for the tires.
-Prom Committee is a chick thing but,
-I got it covered for the paper anyway,
-and they need a guy to help choose the music, so...
-I need your playlist.
-Hey! Listen, I was wondering...
-Um, Did you have a date to the...
-What's up, Arizona! Huh?
-You're liking the rain, girl?
-You gotta get used to it, girl.
-Hey Mike, you're real cute man.
-Oh, no...
-I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to
introduce myself last week.
-I'm Edward Cullen...
-You're Bella?
-Onion root tip cells!
-That's what's on your slides right now.
-So separate and label them into
the phases of Mitosis.
-And the first partners to get it
right are gonna win...
-The golden onion!
-Ladies first...
-You were gone...
-Yeah. Um, I was out of town for
a couple of days.
-Personal reasons.
-You mind if I... look?
-It's prophase.
-Like I said.
-So... You're enjoying the rain?
-You're asking me about the weather?
-I guess I am.
-Well, I don't really like the rain...
-Any cold,
-wet thing...
-And I'm really...
-It's... Anaphase
-You mind if I check?
-Like I said.
-If you hate the cold and the rain so much,
-why did you move to wettest place
in the continental U.S.?
-It's complicated.
-I'm sure I can keep up.
-Um, my mom remarried and...
-So, you don't like the guy...?
-No, that's not...
Phil's really nice.
-It's Metaphase.
You wanna check it?
-No, I believe you.
-Why didn't you move with your mother and Phil?
-Well, Phil's a minor league baseball player.
-And he travels a lot.
-My mom stayed home with me but I
knew it didn't make her happy so...
-I figured I'd stay with my dad for a while...
-And now you're unhappy.
-I'm sorry, I'm just trying to figure you out.
-You're very difficult for me to read.
-Hey, did you get contacts?
-Your eyes were black the last time I saw you and now...
-They're like golden-brown.
-Yeah, I know. It's the... Um,
-it's the fluorescence.
-Bella, I'm so sorry...
I panicked.
-Bella! I've got 911 on the phone now.
-are you okay?
-You and I are gonna talk.
-You alright?
-I'm fine dad, calm down.
-I'm sorry Bella, I tried to stop.
-I know, it's okay.
-No, as sure as hell it's not okay.
-Dad, it wasn't his fault.
-You could've been killed. You understand that?
-Yes. But I wasn't, so...
-You can kiss your license goodbye.
-I heard the Chief's daughter was in...
-Oh, Dr.Cullen.
-I got this one, Jackie.
-Well, Bella... Looks like it's a quiet spill.
How do you feel?
-Look here...
-You might experience some post-traumatic stress or...
disorientation but...
-Your vitals are good.
-No signs of any head trauma.
-I think you'll be just fine.
-I'm so sorry Bella, I'm really...
-It would have been a lot worse if Edward wasn't there.
He knocked me out of the way.
-Edward? Your boy?
-Yeah, it was amazing.
-I mean, he got to me so fast...
He was nowhere near me.
-Sounds like you were very lucky.
-I need to sign some paperwork...
-You should probably call your mom.
-Did you tell her?
-She's probably just... freaking out.
-...What happened.
-What was I supposed to do?
Let her die?
-This isn't just about you.
It's about all of us.
-I think we should talk this in my office...
-Can I talk to you for a minute?
-How did you get over to me so fast?
-I was standing right next to you, Bella.
-you were next to your car... Across the lot.
-No, I wasn't.
-Yes, you were!
-Bella, you hit your head... I think you're confused.
-I know what I saw.
-What exactly was that?
-You... You stopped the van.
-You pushed it away with your hand.
-Well, nobody's gonna believe you, so...
-I wasn't gonna tell anybody.
-I just need to know the truth...
-Can't you just thank me and get over it?
-Thank you.
-You're not gonna let this go, are you?
-Well, then I hope you enjoy disappointment.
That was the first night I dreamt with Edward Cullen.
-I need everybody's permission slips, so...
-Let's go!
-Look at you, huh?
-You're alive!
-I know, Yeah... False alarm, I guess.
-Um, now I wanted to ask you, you know...
-If... It's like a month away but...
-Do you wanna go to Prom...?
-So... What do you think?
-About what?
-Do you wanna go...?
-To Prom...?
-With me?
-Oh! I... Prom...
-Not such a good idea for me.
-I have something that weekend, anyway.
-I'm going to Jacksonville that weekend.
-You can't go another weekend?
-Non-refundable ticket...
-You should ask Jessica.
-I know she wants to go with you.
-Hey guys! Come on!
-We gotta go, we gotta go!
Green is what?
-Good! Let's go!
-Guys, come on!
-Other bus... Other bus...
Let's go!
-Eggshells, carrot-tops...
-Compost is cool!
Now stuff it in there...
-Yes sir! Yes sir!
-Very good, very good.
-Now I'm gonna make a steaming cup of
-Give me that...
-Yeah, this is recycling in its most basic form, guys...
Don't drink it! It's for the plants...
-What's in Jacksonville?
-How did you know about that?
-I... You didn't answer my question.
-Well, you don't answer any of mine, so...
-I mean, you don't even say 'Hi' to me.
-Are you gonna tell me how you stopped the van?
-Yeah... I had an adrenaline rush.
-It's very common.
-You can Google-it.
-That's what's in Jacksonville.
-Can you at least watch where you walk?!
-Look... I'm sorry I'm being rude all the time.
-I just think it's the best way.
-Bella! Guess who's just asked me to Prom.
-Um, yeah... I actually thought Mike was
gonna ask you...
-Um, it's not gonna be weird though, right?
-No, Zero weirdness.
-You guys are great together.
-I know, right?
-Bella, look.
-It's a worm... It's a worm...
-Bella... We shouldn't be friends.
-You really shouldve figured that out
a little earlier.
-I mean, why didn't you just let the van crush me...
-And save yourself all this... regret?
-You think I regret saving you?
-I can see that you do... I just...
-Don't know why.
-You don't know anything.
-Hi! Um...
Are you gonna be riding with us?
-No, our bus is full.
-Your mom called. Again.
-Well, that's your fault, you shouldn't have
told her about the almost-accident.
-Are you finished?
-I suppose you're right.
She always did know how to worry.
-She seems different...
-She seems happy.
-Phil sounds like an alright guy...
-Yeah, he is...
-Hey! La Push, baby... Are you in?
-Should I know what that means?
-La Push Beach down the Quileute Rez.
We're all going tomorrow.
-Yeah, there's a big fun coming in.
-And I don't just surf the Internet.
-Eric, you stood up once...
-And it was a foam board.
-But there's whale watching too.
Come with us.
-La Push, baby...
-It's... La Push.
-I'll go if you stop saying that, okay?
-Seriously dude... It's creepy, man.
-Edible art?
-You know, your mood swings are kind of
giving me a whiplash.
-I only said it'd be better for you if we
weren't friends, not that I didn't want to be.
-What does that mean?
-It means, if you're smart, you'd stay away from me.
-Well, let's say for argument sake that
I'm not smart.
-Will you tell me truth?
-No, probably not.
-I'd rather hear your theories.
-I have considered... Radioactive spiders
and Kryptonite.
-That's all super-hero stuff, right?
-What if I'm not the hero?
-What if I'm...
-The bad guy?
-You're not.
-I can see what you're trying to put off.
-But I can see that it's just to keep people
away from you.
-That's a mask.
-Why don't we just...
-Hang out?
-Everybody is going to the beach.
-I mean, have fun.
-Which beach?
-La Push.
-I dont know...
-Is there something wrong with that beach?
-It's just a little crowded.
-Its freezing...
-You gotta go out, folks...
-I don't know if it's worth it anymore.
-We're all the way out here...
-You guys are babies.
-So, I keep thinking that Eric's gonna
ask me to the Prom...
-And he just... doesn't.
-You should ask him.
-Take control. Youre a strong independent woman.
-I am?
-Can you help me out?
-Hi Jacob!
Guys, this is Jacob.
-Hey, Guys. How you doing?
-What are you, like, stalking me?
-You're on my rez, remember?
-Are you surfing?
-Definitely not.
-You guys should keep Bella company.
Um, her date bailed.
-What date?
-She invited Edward.
-To be polite, that's it.
-I think it's nice she invited him.
Nobody ever does.
-Yeah, 'cause Cullen's a freak.
-You got that right!
-You guys know him?
-The Cullens don't come here.
-What did your friends mean about...
-You know, 'The Cullens don't come here'?
-You caught that, huh?
-I'm not really supposed to say anything about it.
-Hey, I can keep a secret.
-Um, really it's just like an old scary story...
-Well, I want to know.
-Okay, did you know that Quileutes
are supposedly descendants from wolves?
-Like wolves... Real wolves?
-Yeah... That's a legend of our tribe.
-Okay... So, what's the story about the Cullens?
-Well, they're supposedly descendants from
this, like...
-Enemy clan.
-My great-grandfather, the chief,
found them hunting on our land.
-But they claimed to be something different, so...
We made a treaty with them.
-If they promised to say off Quileute lands,
-then we wouldn't expose what they really were to...
-The pale faces.
-I thought they just moved here...
-Or just moved back.
-What are they really?
-It's just a story, Bella.
-Come on, let's go.
-(...My mamma said I didn't know how
to make a kitten meow...)
-Nice jacket.
-Who are you?
-It's always the same inane questions...
-'Who are you?'
-'What do you want?'
-'Why are you doing this?'
-Let's not play with our food.
-He's not here.
-Whenever the weather's nice the Cullens disappear.
-What? They just ditch?
-No, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen yank them out for
hiking and camping and stuff.
-I tried that on my parents...
Not even close.
-Guys! I'm going to the Prom with Eric.
-I just asked him... I took control.
-I told you that would happen.
-Are you sure you have to go out of town?
-Oh, yeah. It's a weird family thing.
-Okay, we should go shopping to Port Angeles
before all the good dresses get cleaned out.
-Port Angeles?
-You mind if I come?
-Yeah! I need your opinion...
-I like this one...
-That's cool.
-But I don't know about the one-shoulder thing...
-I like this one.
-Yeah, I like the knitting.
-Jess, what do you think? Lavender?
-Is that good? Is that my color?
-I like it. I like that dusty-rose one too.
-Okay, I like this one...
It makes my boobs look good.
-Hey! Nice!
-That is uncomfortable.
-Oh, it's disgusting...
-Bella, what do you think?
-Looks great.
-You said that about the last five dresses though.
-I thought they were pretty good.
-Not really into this, are you?
-I, actually, really just wanna go
to this bookstore...
-Meet you guys at the restaurant?
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, see you in a minute.
-She's right though... It looks awesome.
-Here you go...
-Good night.
-Thank you.
-We saw you at the dress shop.
-Hey, where are you running to?
-There she is...
-How are you guys doing?
-What's up, girl?
-Whoa! Where are you going?
-Where are you going?
-Hang out with us.
-What's the problem?
-You're pretty.
-Don't touch me.
-Seriously, you should...
-Don't touch me!
-Get in the car.
-That was a very dangerous... move.
-I should go back there and rip
those guy's heads off.
-No, you shouldn't.
-You don't know the vile, repulsive things
they're thinking.
-And you do?
-It was not hard to guess.
-Can you talk about something else...
-And distract me so I won't turn around?
-Can you just put your seatbelt on?
-Put your own seatbelt on.
-Hey! Guys, I'm sorry. I just...
-Where were you? We left you messages.
-We waited but we were starving, so we...
-I'm sorry I kept Bella from dinner.
-We just ran into each other and got talking.
-No, we totally understand, I mean...
-That happens, right?
-Um, we were just leaving so...
-Bella, you wanna...
-I think I should make sure Bella
gets something to eat...
-If you'd like.
-I'll drive you home myself.
-That's so... thoughtful.
-It's really thoughtful, yeah.
-Yeah, I should eat something.
-Okay, so... I'll see you tomorrow.
-See you...
-One Mushroom Ravioli.
-Yeah, no problem.
-So... Are you sure there isn't anything I can get for you?
-No, no. Thank you.
-Let me know...
-You're really not gonna eat?
-No, I'm on a... special diet.
-You gotta give me some answers.
-Yes... No...
-To get to the other side...
-I don't want to know what the square root of Pi is.
-You knew that?
-How did you know where I was?
-I didn't.
-Don't leave...
-Did you... follow me?
-I feel very... protective of you.
-So you followed me.
-I was trying to keep a distance unless
you needed my help and then...
-I heard what those low-lives were thinking...
-You say you heard what they were thinking?
-So what... You read minds...
-I can read every mind in this room...
-Apart from yours.
-And then you... Nothing.
-It's very frustrating.
-There's something wrong with me?
-I tell you I can read minds and you
think there's something wrong with you.
-What is it?
-I don't have...
-The strength...
-To stay away from you anymore.
-Then don't.
-Okay, I think I'm warm enough now.
-Your hand is so cold.
-Whoa! What is going on?
-My dad's still here.
Can you pull in?
-It's my father's car in there.
-What is he doing here?
-Carlisle, what's going on?
-Waylon Forge was found in a boat out near his place.
-I just examined the body.
-He died?
-Animal attack.
-Was it the same one that got that
security guard down at Mason?
-Most likely.
-It must be getting closer to town then...
-you should go inside.
-Waylon was your father's friend.
-Um, I'll see you later.
-Dad, I'm really sorry.
-Not one gone in thirty years.
-Don't worry, we're gonna find this thing.
-In the meantime,
-I want you to carry this with you.
-I don't know if...
-It would give your old man some peace of mind.
-Let's go home.
-You're impossibly fast...
-And strong.
-Your skin is pale white and ice cold.
-Your eyes change color...
-And sometimes you speak like...
-Like you're from a different time.
-You never eat or drink anything...
-You don't go out in the sunlight.
-How old are you?
-How long have you been seventeen?
-A while.
-I know what you are.
-Say it....
-Out loud.
-Say it!
-Are you afraid?
-Then ask me the most basic question:
-'What do we eat?'
-You won't hurt me.
-Where are we going?
-Up the mountain, out of the cloud bag.
-You need to see what I look like in the sunlight.
-This is why we don't show ourselves in sunlight.
-People would know we're different.
-This is what I am.
-It's like diamonds...
-You're beautiful.
This is the skin of a killer, Bella.
-I'm a killer.
-I don't believe that.
-That's because you believe the lie...
-The camouflage.
-I'm the world's most dangerous predator.
-Everything about me invites you in...
-My voice, my face... Even my smell.
-As if I would need any of that.
-As if you could outrun me!
-As if you could fight me off.
-I'm designed to kill.
-I don't care.
-I've killed people before.
-It doesn't matter.
-I wanted to kill you.
-I've never wanted a human's blood
so much in my life.
-I trust you.
-I'm here, I trust you.
-My family, we're different from
others of our kind.
-We only hunt animals...
-We've learned to control our thirst.
-As to you... Your scent...
Is like a drug to me.
-Like my own personal brand of heroin.
-Then, why did you hate me so much when we met?
-I did. Only for making me want you so badly.
-I still don't know if I can control myself.
-I know you can.
-I can't read your mind,
-you have to tell me what you're thinking.
-Now I'm afraid.
-I'm not afraid of you...
-I'm only afraid of losing you...
-Like you're going to disappear.
-You don't know how long I've waited for you.
-And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...
-What a stupid lamb.
-What a sick, masochistic lion.
About three things I was absolutely positive:
First, Edward was a vampire.
Second, there was a part of him,
and I didn't know how dominant that part might be,
that thirsted for my blood.
And third,
I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.
-Monte Carlo? That's our Prom theme?
-Uhu, gambling... Tuxedos...
-And Bond... James Bond.
-Oh... My... God....
-You know, everybody's staring...
-Not that guy...
-No, he just looked.
-I'm breaking all the rules now anyway...
-Since I'm going to hell.
-So... Does a person have to be dying...
-To become like you?
-No, that's just Carlisle.
-He'd never do this to someone
who had another choice.
-So, how long have you been like this?
-Since 1918...
-That's when Carlisle found me...
-Dying of Spanish Influenza.
-What was it like?
-The venom was excruciating...
-But what Carlisle did was much harder.
-Not many of us have the restraint
to do that.
-But didn't he just have to... bite?
-Not exactly.
-When we taste...
-Human blood...
-A sort of frenzy begins.
-It's almost impossible to stop.
-But Carlisle did.
-First with me...
-And then with his wife, Esme.
-So, is Carlisle the real reason that
you don't... kill people?
-No, that's not the only reason...
-I don't want to be a monster.
-My family, we think of ourselves as vegetarians...
-'Cause we only survive on the blood of animals.
-It's like a human only living on toffee.
-It keeps you strong but you're never fully satisfied.
-It wouldn't be like drinking your blood, for instance...
-Was it other vampires that killed Waylon?
-there are others out there...
-We run into them from time to time.
-Can the rest of your family read
people's minds like you can?
-No, no. That's just me.
-But Alice can see the future.
-I bet she saw me coming.
-Alice's vision is subjective...
-I mean, the future can always change.
-Can you act human?
-I mean, I've got neighbors.
-I'm gonna take you to my place tomorrow.
-Wait, with your family?
-What if they don't like me?
-So you're worried...
Not because you'll be in a house full of vampires but...
-Because you think they won't approve of you?
-I'm glad I missed you.
-What is it?
-A complication.
-I'll pick you up tomorrow.
-Hey! Come to visit your truck?
-Looks good...
-Got that dent out...
-Actually, we came to visit your flat-screen.
-First Mariners game of the season.
-Plus, Jacob here keeps bugging me
about seeing you again.
-Great, dad... Thanks.
-Just keeping it real, son.
-Pale Ale.
-Well done, Chief...
-Harry Clearwater's homemade fish fry.
-Any luck with that Waylon case?
-Well, I don't think it was an animal that killed him.
-I never thought it was...
-You spread the word out at the rez, huh?
-Keep the kids out of the woods...
-Will do.
-Don't want no one else getting hurt, do we?
-This is incredible.
-It's so white and open, you know.
-What did you expect...
-Coffins and dungeons and moats?
-No, not the moats.
-Not the moats...
-This is the one place we don't have to hide.
-I told them not to do this.
-(... You add a little of olive oil
to a non-stick saut pan...)
-(...What I do, I cut this in strips and then...)
-Is she even Italian?
-Her name is Bella.
-I'm sure she'll love it no matter what.
-Get a whiff of that...
-Here comes the human...
-Bella! We're making Italiano for you.
-Bella, this is Esme. My mother
for all intents and purposes.
-Bon giorno.
-Molto Bene!
-You've given us an excuse to use
the kitchen for the first time.
-I hope you're hungry.
-Yeah, absolutely...
-She already ate.
-Yeah, it's just...
-I know you guys don't eat...
-Of course, it's very considerate of you.
-Just ignore Rosalie. I do.
-Yeah, let's just keep pretending
like this isn't dangerous for all of us.
-I would never tell anybody anything...
-She knows that.
-Yeah, well, the problem is...
-You two have become public now, so...
-No, she should know.
-The entire family will be implicated if this ends badly.
-Badly as in...
-I become the meal.
-Hi, Bella!
-I'm Alice.
-Oh, you do smell good.
-Alice, what are you...?
-It's ok. Bella and I are gonna be great friends.
-Sorry, Jasper's our newest vegetarian.
-It's a little difficult for him.
-It's a pleasure to meet you.
-It's okay, Jasper. You won't hurt her.
-I'm gonna take you on a tour of the rest of the house.
-I'll see you soon...
-I think that went well.
-Clean this up.
-Graduation caps?
-it's a private joke.
-We matriculate a lot.
-That's kind of miserable.
I mean, repeating High School over and over...
-Sure but the younger we start out in
a new place,
-the longer we can stay there.
-Come on...
-Um, yeah... This is my room.
-No bed?
-I don't sleep.
-You have so much music.
-What were you listening to?
-It's Debussy.
-Clair de Lune is great.
-I can't dance.
-Well, I can always make you.
-I'm not scared of you.
-Well, you really shouldn't have said that.
-You better hold on tight, spider monkey.
-Do you trust me?
-In theory.
-Then close your eyes.
-This isn't real.
-This kind of stuff just doesn't exist.
-It does in my world.
-Whoa! Hold on.
-It's human.
-Arizona! Yo, what's happening?
So... You and Cullen, huh?
-I don't like it,
-I mean... He looks at you like
you're something to eat.
-Here's your veggie plate...
-I'm sorry I'm late. Biology Projects.
-I ordered you the Spam Salad.
-I hope that's okay.
-You should order one for yourself next time.
-Cup-egg on a steak...
-Hey, I'm as healthy as a horse.
-So, Chief... Boys wanna know,
-Did you find anything down by
Creek Silver today?
-Yeah, We found a bare human footprint.
-But it looks like whatever that is,
it's headed to east.
-So, Ketsap's County sheriff is gonna
take over from here.
-I just hope they catch them fast.
-Looks like your friends are flagging you.
-It's okay. If you wanna go, join them.
-I was gonna try to leave early anyway.
-Me too.
-Bella, Friday night... Go out.
-Looks like the Newton boy's got
a big smile for you.
-Yeah, he's a good buddy.
-Better than any of these other yahoos in town.
-Anybody you're interested?
-Dad, we're gonna talk about boys?
-I guess not.
-I just feel like I leave alone too much...
-You should be around people.
-I don't mind being alone...
-I guess I'm kind of like my dad in that way.
-So, how's all the baseball stuff going?
-Oh, Phil's working so hard.
-You know... Spring training.
-We're looking for a house to rent
in case thinks become more permanent.
-You'd like Jacksonville, baby.
-I'm really liking Forks.
-Forks is getting to me.
-Could a guy have anything to do with that?
-I knew it! Tell me everything.
What is he? A jock?
-Indie? I bet he's smart.
Is he smart?
-Mom, can I talk to you later?
-Come on, we gotta talk boys!
Are you being safe?
-How did you get in here?
-The window.
-Do you do that a lot?
-Just the past couple months.
-I like watching you sleep...
-It's, um...
-Kind of fascinating to me.
-Um, I just want to try one thing...
-Stay very still.
-Don't move...
-I'm sorry...
-I'm stronger than I thought.
-Yeah... I wish I could say the same.
-I can never lose control with you.
-Hey, don't go...
-Hey, I got you another one.
-I have a date with Edward Cullen.
-He's a little old for you, isn't he?
-No... He's a junior, I'm a junior.
-I thought you liked the Cullens.
-I thought you didn't like any of the boys in town.
-Edward doesn't live in town...
-He's right outside.
-He is?
-Yeah, he wanted to meet you...
-Bring him in.
-Could you be nice?
-He is important.
-Chief Swan... I want to formally
introduce myself. I'm Edward Cullen.
-Hi, Edward.
-Bella won't be out too late tonight.
-She's just gonna play baseball with my family.
-Yes sir, that's the plan.
-Bella's gonna play baseball?
-Well, good luck with that...
-I'll take good care of her, I promise.
-Hey... You still got that pepper spray?
-Yeah, dad.
-Since when do vampires like baseball?
-Well, it's the American pastime.
-And...There's a thunderstorm coming.
It's the only time we can play.
-You'll see why.
-I'm glad you're here...
We need an umpire.
-She thinks we cheat.
-I know you cheat.
-Call them as you see them, Bella.
-It's time...
-Okay, now I see why you need the thunder.
-That's gonna be a homerun, right?
-Edward's very fast.
-You're out.
-Out! Whoo!
-Babe, come on! It's just a game.
-Nice, kid...
-My monkey-man...
-They were leaving, then they heard us.
-Let's go.
-It's too late.
-Get your hair up.
-Like that would help. I could
smell her from across the field.
-I shouldn't have brought you here.
I'm so sorry...
-Just be quiet and stand behind me.
-I believe this belongs to you.
-Thank you.
-I'm Laurent...
-And this is Victoria...
-And James.
-I'm Carlisle...
-This is my family.
-I'm afraid your hunting activities
have caused something of a mess for us.
-Our apologies.
-We didn't realize the territory
had been claimed.
-Yes, well...
We maintain a permanent residence nearby.
-Well, we won't be a problem anymore.
-We were just passing through.
-The humans were tracking us
but we lead them east.
-You should be safe.
-Could you use three more players?
-Oh, come on. Just one game.
-why not?
-Three of us were leaving...
-You can take their place.
-You go first.
-I'm the one with the wicked curve-ball.
-Well, I think we can handle that.
-We shall see...
-You brought a snack.
-You're human?
-The girl is with us.
-I think it best if you leave.
-I can see the game is over.
-We'll go now.
-Get Bella out of here... Go.
-Okay, I've got it! I've got it! I'm alright.
-What? Now James is coming after me?
-Listen to me, James is a tracker.
-The hunt is his obsession. I read his mind.
-My reaction at the field set him off.
-I just made this his most exciting game ever.
-He's never gonna stop.
-What should we do?
-We have to kill him.
-Rip him apart and burn the pieces.
-Where are we going?
-Away from Forks...
-We'll get a ferry to Vancouver.
-I have to go home, now!
You should take me home.
-You can't go home.
-He's just gonna trace your scent there...
It's the first place he's gonna look.
-But my dad is there...
-It doesn't matter!
-Yes, it does!
He could get killed because of us.
-Just let me get you out of here first, alright?
-It's my dad! We have to go back.
-We'll figure how to lead the tracker away somehow...
I don't know!
-But we have to do something.
-Edward, I said leave me alone!
-Bella, don't do this, please...
-It's over, get out!
-Hey... Hey hey!
-Bella, what's going on?
-I just gotta get out of here.
-I'm leaving... Now!
-What am I gonna say to him?
-I can't hurt him.
-Bella, what's going on?
-You'll just have to.
-I'll be down at the truck.
-Did he hurt you?
-Break up with you or something?
-No, I... I broke up with him.
-I thought you liked him.
-Yeah, that's just why I have to leave.
-I don't want this, I have to go home.
Your mom is not even in Phoenix.
-She'll come home.
I'll call her from the road.
-You don't have to drive home right now.
-You can sleep on it.
-If you still feel like going in the morning,
I'll take you to the airport.
-No, I want to drive, it will
give more time to think.
-If I get really tired, I'll pull
into a motel... I promise.
-Look, Bella...I know I'm not that
much fun to be around...
-But I can change that...
-We can do more stuff together.
-Like what?
Like watch baseball on the flatscreen?
-Eat at the dinner every night?
Steak and Cobbler?
-Dad, that's you... That's not me.
-Bella, come on. I just... got you back.
-Yeah, you know... If I don't get out now,
-I'm just gonna be just stuck here like mom.
-Your father's gonna forgive you.
-Why don't you let me drive?
-He won't.
-You should have seen his face...
-I told him the same thing that my
mom told him when she was leaving him.
-It was the only way he'd let you go.
-Just don't worry about him now.
He's safe. The tracker's following us.
-It's just Emmett.
-Alice is in the car behind us.
-He came to warn us...
About James.
-This isn't my fight and...
-I've grown tired of his games.
-But he's got unparalleled senses, absolutely lethal.
-I've never seen anything like him
in my three hundred years.
-And the woman, Victoria...
Don't underestimate her.
-I've had to fight our kind before.
We're not easy to kill.
-But not impossible.
-We'll rip him apart and burn the pieces.
-I don't relish the thought of killing another creature.
-Even a sadistic one like James.
-What if he kills one of us first?
-I'm gonna run Bella south and then
lead the tracker away from here.
-No, Edward. James knows you'd
never leave Bella. He'll follow you.
-I'll go with Bella.
Jasper and I will drive her south.
-I'll keep her safe, Edward.
-Can you keep your thoughts to yourself?
-Rosalie... Esme...
-Could you put these on so...
-The tracker will pick up Bella's scent?
-Why? What is she to me?
-Rosalie...Bella is with Edward.
She is part of this family now.
-And we protect our family.
-If anything happens, I just...
-Nothing's gonna happen.
-There's seven of us against two of them.
-And when everything's done,
I'm gonna come back and get you.
-Bella, you are my life now.
-Hey, mom. It's me again.
-Um, you must have let your phone
die or something...
-I'm not in Forks but everything's okay
and I'll explain it later.
-Rose, among the three.
-That's good.
-What is it? What did you see?
-He figured it out.
-The tracker. He just changed course.
-Where will it take him, Alice?
A room full of mirrors.
-Edward said the visions weren't
always certain.
-She sees the course people are
on while they're on it.
-If they change their minds, the vision changes.
-So, the course that the tracker's on
now is gonna lead him to... A ballet studio?
-You've been here?
-I took lessons as a kid.
-The school I went to had an arch just like that.
-Was your school here in Phoenix?
-Edward, you okay?
-We've lost the tracker.
The woman's still in the area.
-Rosalie and Esme have gone back
to Forks to protect your father.
-I'm coming to get you.
-Then you and I are gonna go somewhere...
-And the others will keep hunting.
-I'll do whatever it takes to make you safe again.
-Hey, mom! I'm glad you got my message.
-What are you doing home?
-Bella! Bella, Bella?! Where are you?
-Calm down, everything's fine.
-I'll explain everything later...
Mom, are you alright?
-Forks High School doesn't protect
the student's privacy very well.
-It was just too easy for Victoria
to find your previous address.
-It's a nice house you have here.
-I was prepared to wait for you.
-But then mom came home after she received...
-A very worried call from your dad.
-It all worked out quite well.
-(Please, wait...)
-Don't touch her! Don't..!
-You can still save her.
-But you're gonna have to get away from your friends.
-Can you handle that?
-Where should I meet you?
-How about your old ballet studio?
-And I'd know if you bring anyone along...
-Poor mommy would pay the price for that mistake.
I'd never given much thought to how I would die...
But dying in the place of someone I love,
seems like a good way to go.
I can't bring myself to regret the decisions
that brought me face to face with dead.
They also brought me to Edward.
-(Bella! Bella, Bella?! Where are you?)
-(Here you are! What are you doing in here?)
-(Everyone makes fun of me.)
-(You are a wonderful dancer.)
-(Mom, I suck!)
-(You do not suck.)
-That's my favorite part.
-You were a stubborn child, weren't you?
-She's not even here...
But you really made it too easy.
-so... To make things more entertaining,
-we are gonna make a little film of our time together.
-I borrowed this from your house.
I hope you don't mind.
-That will break Edward's little heart.
-Edward has nothing to do with this!
-He does... His rage will leave for
more interesting sporthings...
-Than this feeble attempt to protect you.
-And let's continue.
-Beautiful... Very visually dynamic.
-I chose my stage well.
-It's too bad he didn't have the strength to turn you.
-Instead he kept you this fragile little human.
-It's cruel, really.
-Tell him to avenge you.
-Tell him to avenge you! Tell him!
-Edward, don't!
-Tell him!
-You're alone...
'cause you're faster than the others...
-But not stronger.
-I'm strong enough to kill you.
-I'm sorry.
-Bella, Bella! It's okay.
-Enough! Remember who you are.
-Bella needs you.
-Oh God.
-Carlisle! The blood...
-Your brothers will take care of it.
-Start the fire with the floor boards.
-Alice, go.
-Her femoral artery has been savaged.
She's losing too much blood.
-No, no, my hand... Is burning!
-It's the venom.
-You have to make a choice to prevent the change happen.
-It's gonna happen, Edward. I've seen it.
-It doesn't have to be that way.
-She'd still have what she has.
-Make me a tourniquet with your belt.
-Carlisle, what's my other option?
-Tie it above my hands.
-To try to suck the venom out.
-You know I won't be able to stop.
-Then find the will... To stop.
-But choose. She only has minutes left.
-I can't make you go away, Bella.
-But I'll make it go away.
-Edward, stop!
-The blood is clean, you're killing her.
-Edward, stop!
-Stop. Find the will.
Dead is peaceful... Easy...
Life is harder.
-Where is he? Where's... Where is Edward?
-He's asleep.
-He never leaves.
-And your dad is down at the cafeteria.
-What happened?
-Well, when you fell you broke your leg.
-And you lost a lot of blood.
-You don't remember any of this, do you?
-Edward came down with his dad to
try to convince to come back to Forks.
-So you went over to their hotel
and you tripped...
-And fell down two flights of stairs...
-And through a window!
-Yeah, it sounds like me.
-Oh, honey. I'm so sorry.
-It's Phil.
-He's so worried about you.
-You're texting...?
-Finally, yeah.
-I told him to stay down in Florida.
-Oh, honey. You are gonna love Jacksonville.
It's sunny everyday day.
-And we found the cutest little house
and you've got your own bathroom.
-No, Mom. I still wanna live in Forks.
-I wanna live in Forks.
-Well, okay. We'll talk about it.
-Do you mind getting dad?
-I have to talk to him. Apologize.
-Okay, baby.
-I'll go get him.
-And I'll go get a nurse, okay?
-What happened? Where is James?
-We took care of him.
-And the woman, Victoria, she ran off.
-I'm alive because of you.
-No, you're in here because of me.
-The worst part of it was...
-I thought I wasn't gonna be able to stop.
-You did stop.
-Bella, you gotta go to Jacksonville,
-so I can't hurt you anymore.
-No, no!
-I don't even know what you're...?
What are you talking about?
-You want me to go away?
I can't just leave you...
-I know.
-We can't be apart. You can't leave me.
-I'm here.
-Okay. You just can't just say stuff
like that to me. Ever.
-Where else am I gonna go?
-Alice lent me the dress.
-The cast is....
-I'll take care of her, Chief Swan.
-Uhu. I've heard that before.
-Hey, Bells. I put a new can of
Pepper spray on your bag.
-And, um...
-You look beautiful.
-See you.
-Hey. Be right back.
-You too.
-Are you crashing the prom or something?
Did you come with a date?
-My dad paid me to come talk to you.
-Twenty bucks.
-Let's hear it.
-Just don't get mad, okay?
-He wants you to break up with your boyfriend.
-He's just ... He said,
-"We'll be watching you."
-Okay. Well, tell him thanks.
-And to pay up.
-Oh, let me help you.
-I'll take it from here.
-I guess I'll see you around, Bella.
-I leave you alone for two minutes
and the wolves descend.
-I can't believe you're making me do this.
-Wow! You are really trying to kill me.
-Prom is an important rite of passage.
-I don't want you to miss anything.
-You wanna go?
-(Alright... Slowing it down...)
-Shall we?
-You're serious?
-Oh, why not?
-See? You're dancing.
-At Prom...
-Edward, why did you save me?
-If you just had let the venom spread...
-I could be like you right now.
-You don't know what you're saying.
-You don't want this.
-I want you.
-I'm not gonna end your life for you.
-I'm dying... Already.
-Every second I get closer... Older.
-That's the way it's supposed to be.
-Alice said that she saw me like you.
I heard her.
-Her visions change.
-Yeah, but someday people decide.
-I've decided.
-Is that what you dream about?
-Becoming a monster?
-I dream about being with you forever.
-Are you ready right now?
-Is it not enough just to have a
long and happy life with me?
-For now.
No one will surrender tonight.
But I wont give in.
I know what I want.
To Nanie, By Dixours