Twilight Dinner (1998) Movie Script

What made you literally
eat her pussy?
You must have hated her
to do something so sick.
Not at all!
Then, why?
I... I can't figure it out either!
What could have made me do it?
Don't play dumb with me!
I really don't know, detective.
That's it.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
Have a nice day.
You too.
It's so heavy, sister!
It's just a little further.
Those sisters moved into the apartment
across the street 3 months ago.
Since then, mysterious things
have been happening to me.
Thank you, this is very important.
You just moved in?
I live across the street.
Let me know if you need any help.
Thank you.
Who's that?
I dropped the wine opener.
He brought it in for me.
- I'm Kazuhiko Asakura.
- She's my sister.
Nice to meet you.
Um... Do you need any assistance?
Would you?
That's very kind.
Tsukiko, is it okay if he helps?
If you don't mind,
I'd appreciate it.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
You have a lot of wine.
Yeah, we love it.
Red wine is popular now. They say it's
good for your health or something.
That's not why we like it.
This is vintage. My sister has specific
tastes, probably because she's older.
How rude.
I'm not even in my 30's.
I'm just leasing.
The older sister's name is Tsukiko,
the younger one is Mayako.
They're so beautiful.
I was attracted to them
both at first sight.
I was lucky to have met them.
Hold on a second...
...what do they have to do
with Kumi's death?
Just let me recount the events!
I barely know what happened to me.
Don't fuck with me!
First, I fell in love with the
younger sister, Mayako.
But she wouldn't go
on a date with me.
She said she couldn't go out
because of her disease.
She kept a pologizing.
What kind?
She said her skin was very sensitive.
She couldn't go out into the sun.
Heard of anything like that?
Isn't that hematoporphyria?
What's that?
The main symptom is excessive
skin irritation from sunlight.
Patients get inflammation
from sun exposure.
In the worst cases, the ears, mouth,
and even fingers will be deformed.
The patients have to completely
cover up when going outside.
That's plenty!
I got it.
I see...
I gave up on dating her,
but kept going to the house.
Where's your sister!
At work.
Is she a designer?
No... she works with wine.
Like a sommelier?
I'm not sure.
I guess something to do with importing,
she always brings home new bottles.
What about you?
Tsukiko supports me.
I'm unemployed right now.
You can be good at housework.
You should marry soon.
It's not that easy.
Maybe I can be your husband.
I'll he done with grad school next year.
Hey, we've just met.
It sounds strange but this feels familiar...
like it's happened before.
It's like we've met before,
a long time ago.
I feel nostalgic.
So... I want to know more about you.
It's the same for me too...
I'm sorry...
but I can't kiss you.
My lips are very sensitive.
I have an idiosyncrasy.
So I just can't touch
your lips, right?
I love you!
Mayako... I'm coming!
I'm coming too!
Was it good for you?
Yes... it was sweet.
It was wonderful.
This is the first time
I've had these feelings.
What's their last name?
It's Kurotani.
Tsukiko and Mayako Kurotani...
sounds strange.
I'll find out if that's their real name.
Then what?
Mayako and I made
love several times.
The more time we spent together,
the more I fell for her.
Then... one night...
- Two please.
- Have a seal.
- This is my first time here.
- You're kidding!
No, my sister is very strict.
She never lets me go out.
I'm happy that you look me out.
What can I get you?
Give me the usual.
For the lady... sangria, please.
Coming up.
What is sangria?
It's a cocktail.
You'll like it.
You drink wine so,
you can hold your liquor, right?
Yes... but...
Hey, we should go out more.
I'll talk to your sister.
Yes, I'd love to see
different places.
You're late.
Hey, Kazuhiko.
Hi, Takashi.
You got a new girlfriend?
Oh, I don't know about that...
Okay, go for it.
Shut up!
Thank you for waiting.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
- She's lovely.
- You think so?
I envy her...
Hey! Your girl fell down
by the bathroom!
Almost there.
We're here.
Are you okay?
What's the matter?
I'm okay. can you get me some wine?
I'll get better once I drink it.
Oh, okay...
Please hurry!
It's good. Thank you.
You took her out?
I'm sorry, but...
What did she drink?
Just a little cocktail.
Which one?
A wine-based cocktail.
Stupid girl.
I need you to leave.
I'll take care of her.
I'll go then.
My apologies for last night.
May I trouble you for a moment?
How's Mayako?
She's still sleeping.
She falls into a deeper sleep
on sunny days.
That's why I ca me here.
Have some tea.
Thank you.
We can't!
You really do love my sister.
Then we shouldn't
tell her about this.
Is this fine?
She doesn't let you
kiss her, does she?
She can't handle
such big things...
I'm coming!
I'm sorry.
It's been a long time
since I've touched a man.
Does it hurt?
No, I'm okay.
But... I didn't think
you were so wild.
Oh, don't say that.
I'm embarrassed.
Bitch! You fucked Kazuhiko!
Why do you always steal men from me?
Because, as always,
you were falling for him.
You always have to interfere.
I was working on him gradually!
That's how I do things!
You can't do anything without me.
You're useless by yourself!
You gonna try to leave me?
You can't do it.
You can't work, because
you can't go out during the day.
You're a poor, little fledgling.
Did you bite him?
I don't know.
He's a good man,
he didn't deserve that.
He's been nice to me...
He doesn't seem all that different to me.
You like guys like that?
I think it's destiny.
And so does he.
You have a destiny to fulfill.
As you know...
You want to, don't you?
I can do it for you, all the lime...
You're such a bitch.
How can you say that?
I love you like a real sister.
Tell me when you want it inside you.
Sissy... put it in.
My sister told me.
I didn't want to believe it.
Is... sorry...
You're just like the rest,
a man and his urges.
It'll never happen again.
I promise.
I truly love you.
Hey, Kazuhiko...
I think she might have...
Are you all right?
What's... happening to me?
After that day,
I felt my body start changing.
I lost my appetite, and
was always thirsty...
But, whenever I drank something,
I'd feel sick and throw up.
At First, I thought
I had food poisoning.
By the way, I'm hungry.
Would you like a beef bowl?
No thanks.
I'll have something.
Get me a tempura bowl.
Should I get an extra large?
You want one?
No, thank you.
Oh, shit...
Go take care of that.
And don't forget to order our food.
Did you see a doctor?
I was scared.
When I was talking to Mayako, she said
"Im sorry. Please forgive me."
It's hard at first,
but you'll get used to it."
You don't understand!
It's getting worse and worse!
You look pale.
You think so?
Looks like you've lost weight too.
Are you okay?
Hey, what's wrong with you?
- Sorry for being late.
- Thanks.
Did you break up with that girl?
No, it's not like that.
Let me know if things go south.
I'll take care of you.
- Excuse me.
- Coming.
Why are you so popular?
- Takashi...
- Huh?
You're very handsome.
I get that a lot.
Stop it!
I don't know what's
wrong with me.
You're crazy!
Mister, are you OK?
I started getting these weird feelings.
While I still liked women,
I was suddenly attracted to men.
I just let my desires take over
and went with it.
I started fucking men, but no matter how
hard I railed them, I was still unsatisfied.
I kept feeling a deep,
deep yearning in my body.
I thought I was losing my mind.
I'm coming!
What's wrong with me?
You know something about it, don't you?
Am I sick?
"Well, the truth is...
I'm sorry.
What's wrong with me?
I can't go out in the sun anymore!
It's about time.
Tomorrow is the sun: day.
I'm sorry, Kazuhiko...
You must be surprised.
But we can't stay here anymore.
Vile have to move to another place.
Our species has to
move every 3 months.
I really loved you.
So, I didn't want to sacrifice you.
But it was too late.
She had bitten you already.
She always seduces my boyfriends,
and interferes with my relationships.
They would've been safe, if they could
refuse her. But you couldn't do it either.
I'm very sorry.
Maybe when the times change,
we can meet again.
Take care of yourself. Good-bye.
When the times change...
They are...
No way...
You look tired.
Yeah, a little bit.
Would you like to get a
drink together after my shift?
I can't believe it.
Finally, after all this time...
Suck me!
Kazuhiko... don't.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Looks like my period started.
Kazuhiko... Stop that...
It's dirty.
Tsukiko and Mayako Kurotani, there isn't
anyone with those names on record.
Also, the apartment you
mentioned was never rented out.
That can't be!
You're feeding us this vampire crap in
order to get off with an insanity plea.
No, I'm not!
I guess we should
bring in the shrink.
That just can't be!
I was really bitten by Tsukiko!
Then my body started feeling strange!
Please, a blood test!
I'm sure you'll find something wrong there!
Come on, please!
Make an appointment with a doctor.
Yes, sir.
It's over...
You'll put me in a hospital,
and I'll never get out of there.
You will go to the hospital,
but you don't have to worry about it.
People who have our interests in mind
manage that hospital.
Our interests?
That smell...
You are...?
There are many of us
in high positions in the city.
You are one of us now, my boy.
Special Guest Star
a KOKUEI Production
Script Writer
Cinernatograhper / SHOJI SHIMIZU
Music cornposer / HITOMI OBA
Assistant Director / SHIGEO MORIYAMA
Assistant Director / OSAMU SATO
Assistant Camera / MASAHIDE IIOKA
Directed by