Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In (2024) Movie Script

In the last century, Hong Kong once had an area that was in a state of anarchy.
At that time, a large number of immigrants came in, and there was a mixture of grass and snakes.
Many gangs are fighting for a place and a breath, attacking each other, and fighting constantly...
Make this place the Dragon City Qianlu Battlefield and the world-famous "Dark City"
Among the gangs, Lei Zhendong is the most powerful
Under the sweep of his "King of Killers" Chen Zhan,
Lei Zhendong stood on tiptoe in the city and became the "leading man" of his generation
Until a man nicknamed Tornado came to the walled city
He united with other forces that opposed Lei Zhendong
Set off a wave of resistance
Some people say that "tornado" Lei Zhendong and Azhan
There was an intriguing past because of the Walled City
But in the end, they turned against each other because of this place.
In a great battle, Tornado defeated Chen Zhan
The end of the turbulent years of the walled city
Hong Kong in the 1980s
It's going to be dark in a minute
Dont rush to plan success or failure
Time flies like lightning
If you want to be happy, you should go to the street
No need to turn down the volume
Let the dogs out
Buy big, lose big
Hold your own cards and recognize them but not others
No matter who hits the opponent, he cannot move.
Just win
Big brother is fighting
Just came here smuggled in
Playing pretty well
Come hang with me
I won't join the underworld
Does the underworld make you embarrassed?
my money
Brother is talking to you
No hurries
Waiting for the money
How do you want to spend this money?
buy id card
Your compatriots
I helped them get it done.
Didn't you tell him?
Come pick it up in two weeks
No problem, it'll be done in two weeks
Let's go
Since July 1979
United Nations lists Hong Kong as first port of asylum
Refugees from many different countries are pouring in
Refugees currently stranded in Hong Kong
Already more than 60,000 people
Once the certificate is ready, come with me
How to use it
What you came to buy is a fake ID card
Zhiran is
Do you understand, you brat?
I do not want
give me the money back
That's what the underworld is like
I have a lot of money
Is it still embarrassing?
This is the world
My boss gives you a good way, but you wont take it
Just accept your fate, you brat.
Get lost
Tell you to get lost
Get out of here
Stop bastard
Don't run
If you can't catch me, I'll chop Chaomen to death.
Don't run
Don't run
Stop, you bastard
Don't run
Don't run if you have the guts
Chase quickly
bring it
bring it
I'll take care of you when I come back
you run
The land of tornadoes
You think I dont know
Wang Jiu
What's wrong
you are lost
The handsome guy has the guts to come over and say
Hundreds of cents went away
look at them
Step aside
Hot water
It's almost 11 o'clock
give way
Hurry and reincarnate
where to buy
Just take one pack. Dont take too many.
Put the money here and the goods behind the barbed wire fence
I have the goods
Ruin the place
Who told you to look for food here?
Excuse me
where are you from
Dare to make trouble
I want to change money
That's causing trouble
it's here
chase him
Stop, don't run
catch him
I found him and chased him downstairs.
Don't run
Entered Taihu Tower
We all followed him to Taihu Tower
Entered the barber shop to chase
Call it a day
let me go
Do you want help?
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Perm your hair
what happened
This fool brought fans in to sell them
Don't understand the rules
warn you
You are not allowed to mess around in the walled city
Make trouble again
All lives are gone
elder brother
Give you a drink
You crawl over here
Bu two layers
Big red flower cage
Tornado will help you
Why didn't you leave?
what do you want to do
want to change money
Where did the stuff in the bag come from?
Big boss's
Wang Jiu and his people stayed outside all night
Just want to catch him
Who are you hanging out with?
I'm not a gangster
I was deceived by him
It depends on you
Not like locals
I just came to Hong Kong
Where is the family?
Coming to the walled city
It's all trouble
Give me that bag of powder
money is important
Life is still important
Take him to see Si Zai
Bald boy
If you're not dead, wait for me downstairs.
woke up
what are you doing here
I brewed a pot of fine Pu'er for you.
Let's have a drink first
Let me in here
Don't blame your little brother
It's me who's quick
Give this back to you
I'll give you the money
It's none of your business if I catch a thief
Kindly advise you
You are so big, yet you still care about the little one?
Your relatives?
have a finger in the pie
What if I have to care about it?
what will happen
How do I know what will happen to you?
newly published
Burning in fire
Thinking about it while watching it
No need to give it back to me
Make a big dragon and phoenix
I thought you were putting on airs and wanted to fight me.
Tell him not to come out
I will definitely come to the walled city to find you
If you can, come in.
no fracture
Just apply medicine
Do not eat poisonous food
Can't drink
It was you yesterday
Entered the walled city
You help people
People help you
Don't move
what to see
have not seen
What are you doing
See the doctor or watch the video?
Watch the video
They all want to help you find someone
You are going too far
How did my sister-in-law become a foreign girl?
It is said that my sister-in-law was deceived into pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.
Find the Asian area
He is very affectionate
in those days
When he wasn't being chopped down
As handsome as Toshihiko Tahara
shut up you
Damn the underworld
your trouble
Brother got it done
Helped you lose money
Sign here
Have to pay back
he lied to me
Why bring it up:
Yin Qiqie
You're lucky kid
Think about the shortage first
In Shuntai
As long as you are willing to do it
can make money
what is the matter
I'm looking for Sister Yanfen
You were introduced by Shinichi
Get an apron and start working
Put on your rain boots and go in to find the little girl.
What's so difficult about marinating pork?
Doubanjiang Barbecued Pork Sauce Soy Sauce Grinding Black Bean Sauce Southern Milk
Hoisin sauce sesame sauce dark soy sauce rose water salt sugar
The ingredients are even simpler
One spoon, two spoons, two, three, one piece
Three spoons, two spoons, three spoons, one spoon, seven spoons
You big fool, you cant remember it like this
If any of you co-workers dont understand, just ask me.
The size should be the same and the hand should be steady
Use the strength of the thumb finger and the thumb finger
I'll speak slowly and listen.
One spoon, two spoons, two, three, one piece
Three spoons, two spoons, three spoons, one spoon, seven spoons
Isn't this very simple, you big idiot?
Can you go slower?
Uncle Quan, you have been washing for an hour
Get some water and go home and wash it slowly.
My hands healed very quickly
He is dry
The water fell into the vegetables.
Does my good sister sell hair vegetables?
Brother Long
No matter what
The whole city is all related to him
Where to put the gas
Put it over there
Okay, wait a moment
There are a lot of clothes hanging on my patio
He keeps secretly watching when I will come back
Even underwear Yu
He is really sick
Mary, please sit down first
I do exercise every morning and dance when I have free time
I'm very energetic
Are your hands and feet still hurting recently?
suitable for living
But theres something missing in the spatial layout.
Good house
The last tenant was there not long ago
Just wait until the government building
Feng shui is good
Of course you also said you wanted to change the layout
Aren't you going to eat again?
handsome boy
How delicious are the shortbread cookies?
Have you ever tried Chengzhais signature barbecued pork rice?
Very delicious
No money
I invite you to come
What's wrong
I wont eat it until I add an egg.
Working so many jobs
make so much money
what do you want to do
Buy ID card
It costs a lot of money
If you stay in Hong Kong, you will be arrested sooner or later.
Go somewhere else
Where can I go?
It took so much hard work to come to Hong Kong
Do you know anyone?
Aren't you afraid that I will lie to you?
you will not
After all, I am also the director of the Walled City Public Security Committee.
I'm just asking
Sleeping on the eaves is addictive
Don't want to waste money
Clean up the attic for him
Don't charge you rent
Take enough breath to find the right path
Good to go
Take it if you don't mind
what is needed
Just open your mouth
How should I call you from now on?
Bald boy
My name is Chen Luojun
Lu Haipeng, you are so funny
Eat some red dates when you have time. My sister-in-law is a mutated madam.
Crying chicken
Fish Ball Girl
what are you doing here
Wait until my mother finishes work
give it to me
Where is it hidden?
No, I said no
no what is this
I paid for this
Just hit
Don't make a fool of yourself. You need to eat.
None of your business
What to look at
It's almost my turn
The fish paste stinks
Why are you here if you don't take out the trash?
Right here
It stinks for several days
Is there a dead mouse here?
This is what you smell
Fish Ball Girl
go home
Find the fourth boy over here
Lend me some clothes
Chen Luojun
The hand is not injured
If you miss the mark and fall
I can climb up by myself
The marrow bone was cracked
Maybe someone pushed him down
Let's go. I don't want to see it anymore.
Let's go and start working
I don't want to see it anymore
little sister
You will follow me from now on
When I go there, you go there, you know?
I saw a man beating her
Shinichi also knows
Move the body to the public toilet
call city council
Why no one cares
This is a walled city
Anyone without an ID card can stay here
The spirit of the Walled City
Ordinary people smell
Turn around and leave
What else should I do?
only this
fifty cents
Beat you stinky gangster
And eat sugar cane?
Eat sticks
so coincidental
How did you know I was coming to beat this bastard?
No need to help
I can handle it too
You are panting
Just now
Thank you
Are you Chen Luojun?
The one whose hand was broken by Brother Long
The whole city knows about you
He is also half a city dweller
His name is Twelve
Twelve Young Masters
Temple Street Tiger Brother Tou Ma
It's a heavy strike
That person beat him until it was like minced garlic.
Are you okay?
What are you afraid of?
They're all wearing masks, right?
where to buy
grocery store
Me too
It looks like you don't even have money to eat.
Come and celebrate
Eat barbecued pork rice
Do you think this mask matches me well?
Of course it's the same as you
You pig head is unconventional.
You two damn gangsters
Believe it or not, I will beat you to death.
Go quickly
We are always missing one
This time its rare for everyone to gather together
give money
If you dont know how to calculate it, you can take it yourself.
-That's a lot of money
W one share
How can there be so many
I have a big hand
Just right
Come again
The tornado really didn't lie to us
I want to play too
I never thought you could fly kites here
Is it fun to fight?
I told you not to cause trouble again
You didn't listen
Lets fight next time
count me in
Do you plan to stay here all your life?
Oops, the line is broken
Let's go down and pick it up quickly
Those kids are so positive
But can you pick it up?
They have to rely on themselves
This broken kite
floating around
I dont know when it will land.
This year is a very important year for Hong Kong
China and Britain have agreed to return Hong Kong to China
In this episode, we will talk about the issue of "Three No Matters" in the Kowloon Walled City
What to eat
Today we have two current affairs experts
Mr. He Zhenzhu and Mr. Liang Shiying chat with me
two persons
Do you think the Chinese and British governments
How will the issue of Kowloon Walled City be dealt with?
I believe the biggest possibility is to demolish it
But there are too many issues involved
legal compensation
legal gambling compensation
How to verify eligibility?
What about the same title issue?
Need to talk for a long time
Why don't you tell Xinyi?
Let him take you to the hospital
Make a detailed inspection
You now have tinnitus and chest pain
The tumor in your lung begins to worsen
Can't tell anyone
I dont know if I have the chance to see this day
You sit down for a while
The master said he would come out after exercising
You came
This months rent in the Walled City
Thanks a lot
I advise you
Stop tightening yourself so much
It's because I can't live with myself
You have helped me a lot
Made Azam for me
I will die without a son
That bastard
We must also cut off our descendants
I have been looking for her mother and son for so many years
Confirmed that his wife is dead
One son left
I don't believe I can't find him
Come and have a cup of tea first
I must let his son pay for it with his life
no sound
It's good here
Why should it be demolished?
What's so good about it
So crowded and so dirty
No water or power all day
What does this manual say?
Its all in Japanese and I dont understand it
You watch videos all day
Help me take a look
(Japanese) Connect the microphone cable to the audio output terminal
Got it
nailed it
Just sing along
Thats not to say everyone is short of stars
I helped my elder brother think about it
Take it apart here
I will open a karaoke dance hall
It will definitely work
You are both human and powerful
Come out and have a little adventure with me.
Being the boss is tiring
Are you tired of dancing?
It's so simple
The most important thing is fun
Pick a song and sing it together first
Something's wrong,
I want to stay here
Then I'll give you a key and remember to lock the door.
My mother died when I could barely remember
I've been adopted a few times
Never call a place home
it's here
I can sleep until dawn
I don't want to leave anymore
I want to stay in the walled city
Sooner or later this place will be demolished one day
Stay as long as you want
You can sleep until dawn
Not because of the Walled City
It's because of the people here
i want to follow you
Learn to cut hair with me
Teach you how to shave
Keep looking
What sunglasses do you two wear at night?
Can you see the way?
So get a stick
Brother Qiu doesnt know me
Why take me to dinner
Brother Long treats you as one of his own
I want to introduce you to my uncles and brothers
My eldest brother, Brother Hu, will also be here later.
Are Brother Qiu and Brother Long familiar?
We were sworn brothers and we went through life and death together.
Later, I got back to work
Sell land and build buildings here
He is the current big owner of the walled city.
There's something I've always wanted to ask
Why is this wall so rotten?
For a long time
Say you have never seen a big snake peeing
That was thirty years ago
The walled city in the past was not what it is now
Its a paradise for many people to make money
Everyone wants to plant a flag here with this piece of fat in their mouth
At that time, the whole world was in chaos.
In the end, only his eldest brother Tornado was left
There is another person named Lei Zhendong
Lei Zhendong can compete with my elder brother
Not because he is great
It's because there is a ruthless person beside him
A pawn who kills without batting an eyelid
"King of Killers" Azhan
In order to force my eldest brother to admit defeat, Lei Zhendong
Kidnapped Brother Qiu and used him as a hostage
Kill Brother Qius wife and children
And my eldest brother has one eye
How did Brother Long win in the end?
The battle raged here for seven days and seven nights.
Day and night
Finally he was killed by my elder brother
Big brother urged
Luo Jun
What are you doing?
I ordered so many dishes
Horse racing won
You'll know how to do it later
Brother Tiger
Brother Tiger
Waiting for you
Someone is causing trouble on Temple Street and wants me to come over.
, Wenfan is mine
What are you doing?
Who knows it's so mysterious
Finally found it for me
what to find
Azam's son
Silver Jufang
(English) Thanks
Want him back
Even ten lives are not enough for him to die
Celebrate with a glass of wine
Big brother
Brother Qiu and Brother Long
Brother Long
How many bosses are waiting for you?
Looking for death
Dress up so that you won't be embarrassed.
Brother Qiu
Good health
never seen it
Called Brother Qiu or Brother Tiger
Brother Qiu
Brother Tiger
The city will be a walled city in the future
This is the world for young people like you.
Come and sit
go out to eat
This is where adults sit
Come and go out
Let it go and drink
Anyone who doesn't drink will be killed.
kill him
See what to eat
No one saw you, right?
Think I'm a guinea pig again
Take off your coat first
You can fight
Is that okay?
All the brothers in the dock have called
No one wants to come
Are you still loyal enough?
Lie down first
lie down first
So dangerous
Lie down
I'm old
Congratulations on your wife being pregnant
Be your godson
Are you crazy?
Your boss found out that your son called me godfather
You are dead
Then I'll give it to you
It's really nerve-wracking
Can't move
Brother Long won.
I must kill Lei Zhendong
Then kill me first
Is it the two of us?
Only one can escape alive
What do you say?
Invisible to everyone
easy to start
If I die
Keep my wife and son away
If I die
You need to learn how to shave and cut your hair
Help me keep an eye on that store
That boat will take you away from Hong Kong
Someone will pick you up when you arrive
Be careful
You watch him
Call Qi people
find him out
Came smuggled in
My name is Chen Luojun
be quick
Owner password
The Twelve Young Masters call you and say that Luo Jun is Azhans son.
The Twelve Young Masters call you and say that Luo Jun is Azhans son.
Twelve, that boy is too drunk.
It is said that Luo Jun is Azhans son
Okay, now we see that gold and silver treasure No. 2 is a little ahead.
After that, there will be a happy reunion on the 5th
Then there is the No. 3 Arctic God in the inner column.
Gold and silver treasure No. 2, happy meeting on No. 5
Arctic God No. 3
Who can win?
The last 100 meters
The last gold and silver treasure No. 2 wins
Got hit by you again
You are so lucky in this life
Not just lucky
And a brain
Big brother exploded this time
Peripheral kill
Happy meeting in very good condition
You need help with this matter at the Walled City?
You know it's not convenient for me to come forward
Nothing good
Don't think about me
Compensation for demolition
How much can the government compensate?
Of course there will be less breakup.
The entire city combined
Just a few hundred million
Going to the walled city
A tornado
What about tornadoes?
Are you afraid
Brother Qiu, please come inside
Brother Qiu is still the same
Big brother
Brother Qiu
It's so early, big boss
I came here specifically to discuss business with you.
I have nothing to talk to you about
Not before
Once the walled city is demolished, it will be there
You are a big landowner
Want to cooperate with you
You clearly know that this scene is for tornadoes.
he is my brother
What do you want
Brother, you are so naive
You are neither big nor small
The truth can't be said like that
Are you looking for someone named Chen Luojun?
What happened
I know him
Why didn't you tell your brother?
Are you looking for the second boy?
'The tornado is still blowing hard
The tornado is still raging
Protect him in the walled city
Everyone knows that you and Ah have a family feud
Even my elder brother can't stand it
Your wife and children died tragically.
Your wife and children died tragically
You think of him as a brother
People think you are a fool
We got you a snake boat
Go right now
What did you say
You are Azhans son
Brother Qiu and Brother Hu are coming to kill you
My eldest brother said he wants you to give him an eye
Now give you a way out
Do you understand? Let's go
what are you doing
What does their past grudges have to do with us?
Shut up
Don't make it difficult for me, brother
Do you want to drive me away too?
I killed your father
I do not know him
His affairs have nothing to do with me
I used to think I had nothing
It's you who are willing to give me a bowl of rice
leave me here
I won't leave
you have no choice
Why didn't you say anything yesterday?
three lives
I've been waiting for so long
Come and ask for someone now
you say
Yes or no
All on
Don't let him run away and chase him
- hack him to death
intercept him
You come again
I kill you
Your dad owes me
You wont be able to pay it off in your next life
kill him
Dont go back to Hong Kong again
Not allowed to leave
Big brother
Things about the previous generation
never mind
I must count
Big brother
Twenty-eight Y
Where's the big boss?
My elder brother is taking a nap
What can you tell me?
I'm waiting for him
I'm the one doing the work
I want Chen Luojun to die
very expensive
I'll give you whatever you want
Then I'm going to the walled city
Sit down
you come to me
That means you fell out with the tornado.
Then can I sit in his seat?
As long as you help me kill Chen Luojun
I'll give you whatever you want
make a deal
How about it
Stopped bleeding
Injured internal organs
Brother Qiu wouldn't think so
Take him away immediately
Is it dangerous to touch him?
It's more dangerous to stay here
You arrange
Your illness is very serious
you have to go to hospital
The big boss comes in
Looking for Luo Jun everywhere
Big brother
You and Luo Jun go first
I'm going to stand up to the big boss
here you are
Watch your brother
Start work
what are you doing
Let's go
Check to see if you have seen this person before
Have you ever seen this person?
Three: The main wood is Yes/
Have you ever met Chen Luojun?
Have you ever seen it?
never seen it
3323 resume
What's up
The big boss entered the walled city
Brother Qiu wouldn't think so
what do you want to do
I must go back
When I was thirteen years old, I almost died after getting fans in the Walled City.
It was Brother Long who saved me, so I have my life with you.
He saved Luo Jun today just like he saved me back then
I can't leave them behind
Will not give up the walled city
Don't let anything happen to yourself
You still have to look after my big brother
I did not follow the wrong brother
go back
The fourth boy will take Luo Jun away
I'll go with you
You said you should give it to me
that's all
I will follow you from now on
Stop it
Stop it
Who can tell me where Chen Luojun is?
This money is his
I'll cut down whoever dares to touch you
what to do
I cant even find someone.
You figure out what you're doing
It's better if you speak politely
This is our territory now
You make trouble
I can cripple you
I saw the big boss enter the barber shop
My elder brother is waiting for you
No one is allowed to mess around
Take good care of the neighbors
Leave these comic books to me
I'm not here to step on you
It's your brother Aqiu
Rent this place to me
What kind of store would you like to open here?
Of course it's a striptease
If you hand over Chen Luojun
I'll give you the seat at the door
Keep cutting people's hair
I've wanted to retire for a long time
You can't protect him this time
over there
Big brother
Find Chen Luojun in Old Man Street
Go to the back
Four boys
put him down
put him down
Let's go
Hard Qigong
know the business
Let's go
Magical body protection
He has hard qigong
Can't cut it in
You are so weak
give it to me here
Big brother opens the door
Brother Long, open the door
Kaimen Longge
Big brother
Open the door
Why are you so excited?
How to be a big brother in the future
everyone is going to die
Top you a lung
Wang Jiu, stop it
Stop it, Wang Jiu
Big brother
keep your life
Go on
We must take Luo Jun away
What's the matter
Call the police
This person has no ID card
Cuff them first
Received to IJ
What's wrong
Kill your brother tornado
Pretending to be sad
Save it
IYou can't kill Chen Luojun
Don't expect to stay in the Walled City
Now that you're in
we won't leave
What can you do to me
You thought you killed the tornado
Can I sit in this seat?
Get out of here
I've said before that this guy is very naive.
Deliver it to your door yourself
bring them in
Let's go
central point
Kneel down
The Four Major Owners of the Walled City
Only you are missing
They already sold it to me
Good deal
Twenty yuan per foot
how about you
You have no right to talk to me
What does big boss mean?
Qualified enough?
Lock him up until he is willing
lower your head
Seize a fortress and come here
It must be bigger
in a few years
The government comes to take over the land
Even if we pay three thousand yuan per square foot
They must give it
That city depends on you.
Definitely not
Let me help you plan first
I don't want you to work so hard
How can I not work hard?
It's all rubbish
heard it
drive them away
"hurry up
Kick them out
Close the shop and leave quickly
What do you think
Ninth Brother
How can the Walled City not rely on you?
You killed all the tornadoes
The big boss is injured again
You be the boss
All our brothers think highly of you
What are you talking nonsense about?
I'll cut off your tongue
Chen Luojun
Tell the owner
wait for me to come out
0723 has been shut downyou are a refugee
You can be repatriated according to the procedure
You can also apply to go elsewhere
where do you come from
I was born in Hong Kong
Based on the information you provided
We found your birth certificate
We have verified
Your parents are also from Hong Kong
We will arrange for you to collect your Hong Kong Identity Card
Chen Luojun, what do you want?
Stand still and don't move
what do you want to do
Brother Tiger
I want to find Young Master Twelve
Shinichi and Sizai
I do not believe
They were killed by you
I've died once
I must help Brother Long and Chengzhai settle this debt
if something happens to you
The Twelve Young Masters will do the same
The three of them are different from before
You'd better be mentally prepared
Four boys
Not dead yet
Everyone is here
Should I do something?
play cards
play cards
No way
Play even if you dont have any cards
Let me tell you first
We are not colluding, okay?
West, do you want it?
Do you want it
Let you win 90,000
Give money if you are confused
I'll beat your mother
How to continue if there is one missing card?
I don't care
How do you play if you throw a card?
If you keep arguing, I'll beat you to death.
It doesn't matter if you beat me to death
But how can we play if we lack a card?
I'll beat you to death now
Where is Luo Jun?
Master is doing some kung fu
Neurosis is so messed up
You're back
Let everyone go home early
Don't even come out tonight
Luo Jun told us to go home
Don't come out tonight
Luo Jun is back
Luo Jun is back, go home quickly
don't want
Do you really want to play?
My son is gone
Find someone to play with
Don't be afraid that we will play with him
Don't bully children
Dont be afraid if you cant see it
My son is still young
Can help him practice
Don't be afraid of being bold
Do not do this
walked home
Who ate the leopard's gall?
Not dead yet
your mother
You underestimate us
Damn the underworld
Let you lie down and go out today
(B)Damn mafia
So agile
In the lamp altar/Deqing
Go to hell you
Four boys
Wang Jiu
Damn the underworld, you can't escape
I support
I support
No, tie him up first
He knows hard qigong, don't let him get lucky
We must find his destiny
Shinichi, let it go
Let go
r 'h feng mouth
We serve Fan Yi Ting Yue Beifan together.
Want to lose
Lose together
He swallowed the sword and broke the gong
Don't let him pull it out
Luo Jun
I'm fine
Hong Kong is really beautiful
Looks good, take a few more glances
It gets fast here
These buildings were demolished, rebuilt and demolished again.
Everything has changed
In a few years, the walled city will also be demolished.
no matter what
i believe something
won't change
The Kowloon Walled City was demolished in September 1993