Twilight Online (2014) Movie Script

Welcome to 'Twilight Online'...
...on the 19th day,
7th lunar month.
"Why is Tuen Mun the
locus of dark energy?"
We've invited
Master Ng to explain.
Master Ng...
A bus plunged off a Tuen
Mun Road bridge in 2003.
21 people were killed, turning
Ting Kau into a haunted village.
Recently, Tuen Man Yau Oi Estate became
a popular site for suicide jumps.
Tuen Mun is clearly...
...the most cursed of
all 18 districts.
Officer, were you told
to film this?
Yes, the footage is to
be carefully examined.
Superintendent orders:
If we capture anything, we're
on vertical patrol everyday.
No way.
Is he nuts?
Watch what you say,
we're still taping.
Officer, don't disturb the
spirits when they feed.
- Inspector Gu.
- Inspector Gu.
What's the situation?
All week...
residents reported suicide
jumps from the 10th floor.
We found no bodies
or bloodstains.
Sir, we were expecting you.
We waited for you before
going up.
Did CCTV capture anything?
Doesn't mean nothing happened.
Everyone at the station
believe it's...
...the supernatural.
Victim dressed in red,
jumped on the 14th day.
This place is cursed!
Could it be her spirit
jumping tonight?
You two losers...
...called the Special Crimes
Unit for a suicide case.
Did you talk to
any witnesses?
Inspector Gu has seen
a million corpses... he doesn't believe
in ghosts.
If it's ghosts...
...why bother investigating?
We're cops, not ghost busters.
But they hear terrifying
screams every night.
I never heard a ghost
scream before.
Look at this neighborhood.
It's obviously a prank.
You think the residents...
...are pulling a prank on us?
Set your watches.
It's now 22:35.
We're on the ground floor of
Oi Fai House, Yau Oi Estate.
Guys, when did you receive
the last report?
A 10th floor resident
called reporting center... report someone jumping.
We arrived at the scene...
...35 minutes later.
The five of us are proceeding
to the 10th floor to investigate.
Sir, may I be excused?
Can I stay here with him?
Whoever's not afraid,
come with me.
Count me in.
You two stay here
on stand by.
Yes, sir!
Stop shaking.
You're coming with me.
Yes, sir!
[10th Floor]
Isn't it odd for kids to
be playing outside... this hour?
Could they be ghost children?
Why not regular kids?
Kids sneak to play when
they can't sleep.
Sir, I don't see any kids.
Did you capture anything?
Let me rewind.
Could I be losing
my sight?
Sir, maybe they just left?
What were you shooting?
Which unit does the
witness live?
Did you report a suicide
jump just now?
Yes, my husband made
the call.
We saw 'that thing' jump...
...every night this week.
Where did she jump from?
The open corridor.
Officer, I really saw a female
ghost in red!
Officer, 1005 has been
vacant for a long time.
But we a
call from 1005.
That thing is over there!
Sir, I'll stay to finish
the interview.
Inspector Gu?
You capture anything?
Let me rewind.
Let's call it a day.
See you downstairs.
Why bother? Shut it off.
Sir, maybe we should
take the stairs?
Are you kidding?
We're on the 10th floor.
We should've taken
the stairs.
Samuel, once we're in... call the shots.
I have a hunch we'll capture
something on tape tonight.
Don't worry.
I'll have it all covered
for you
- Edmond! Hello.
- You're here.
Mr. Cameraman, make me
look good.
Me, too.
Mr. Pong.
He's your teacher?
- Yes. Mr. Pong
- Hello.
I thought you'd be
afraid to come.
I knew you'd forget the!
You girls came prepared.
The medium is here.
3rd Sister, thanks
for coming.
Wait for us!
- Which one is the show host?
- I am.
How do you do?
- He's the Village Chief
- Nice to meet you.
Chief, I thought you moved?
Don't you need a guide for
your paranormal expedition?
Your presence is greatly
Do we go that way?
Yes. Let us lead the way.
Good, let's proceed
Samuel, let's tag it first.
Today is the 20th of the
7th lunar month.
The gate to the underworld
is still open.
Tonight's paranormal expedition
at Ting Kau Village begins now
On July 10, 2003...
...a 265M bus plunged
off a bridge...
...into the Ting Kau
Village below.
Kiddo is now taking us... the most haunted place
in Ting Kau Village.
Wah Yeung Primary School.
This school is the locus of
evil energy in the village.
Children were studying
here 10 years ago.
After the accident it
was abandoned.
At Wah Yeung School on
318 Ting Kau Road...
...ghost screams can be
heard every night.
We believe it's the ghost of
one of bus passengers.
She fell through the roof
and died on this spot.
The place has been haunted
ever since.
Virtuous woman, Ginny Lui...
Virtuous woman, Ginny Lui...
I summon your spirit today.
Come forth.
Present yourself.
3rd Sister, is she here?
She's furious.
- I want to go.
- Calm down.
Which one is Pong?
I am.
She wants to speak
to you.
She's behind you.
We've made contact.
She is responding.
I'm Ginny.
Is it really you, Ginny?
Don't go back to
our old haunt.
I'm dead.
Our old haunt?
I miss you.
I miss you so much.
If you really are Ginny...
...why are you still in
Ting Kau Village?
I'm trapped here.
Is there something I
can do for you?
That's between the
two of us.
This is not the place to
discuss it.
Kiddo is missing!
He was abducted by ghost!
Our expedition may
have suffered...
...its first casualty tonight.
Could Kiddo have been...
...abducted by the
ghost in red?
Let's hope...
...we'll locate Kiddo quickly.
What's that?
What is that?
Ghost fire!
Ghost fire.
Run for cover!
So far in this paranormal
...5 members of the group
have gone missing.
Were they abducted by
evil spirits?
We've gone from 10
down to 5.
This is nightmare!
To find our missing members...
...we've come to the village
ancestral hall.
Ancestors of Ting Kau Village,
we beg you for help.
We're lost in Ting Kau,
being chased by evil spirits.
Lords, show us the way out
and help us now.
It's Amy and Mr. Pong!
Damn you, Carol.
Where is everyone?
Who sent this?
Call the sender back.
There's a creepy voice!
I think it's a ghost.
The spirit is jealous of the
women around Mr. Pong.
It's not going to let
Amy go.
- Help.
- Chief.
- Chief.
- Chief, what happen?
The ghost attacked me.
Thank god you're here.
Was that her?
Did Ginny Lui tie
you up?
Yes, she beat me and
tied me up!
3rd Sister?
Should we keep searching...
...for the four missing?
We have to!
We must find them...
before something happens
to them.
Are you all right?
Did you eat something bad?
That stink!
Can't you smell it?
Here it comes again.
You know where your
friend is, don't you?
Kitty, where is that stink
coming from?
Ahead of us.
It's over here.
She's dead!
We found a corpse at Ting
Kau Village! Send someone!
What happened to you?
What do you want me to do?
Kitty, who are you talking to?
They already know.
What do you want me to
tell them?
Damn you, Carol.
Where's everyone?
Is anyone here?
Is anyone here?
I'm not afraid of you.
I'm not afraid of you!
Are you seeing Amy's ghost?
She's gone.
Too many people here.
She died horribly.
We must catch the culprit so
that she can rest in peace.
Amitabha... go peacefully.
Welcome to 'Twilight Online'
on the 19th day...
...7th lunar month.
"Why is Tuen Mun the locus
of dark energy?"
We've invited Master Ng... explain.
Master Ng, a bus
plunged off...
...a Tuen Mun Road bridge
in 2003.
21 people were killed, turning Ting
Kau into a haunted village.
Recently, Tuen Mun Yau Oi Estate became
a popular site for suicide jumps.
Tuen Mun is clearly...
...the most cursed of all 18 districts.
"I'm alone in bed watching Twilight Online".
"What are you doing, Kitty?"
"You're alone in bed?"
"You're a psychic, why do you
still listen to ghost stories?"
"It's research for my".
"The other psychics might
offer something different".
Speaking of Tuen Mun, we
need to discuss Yau Oi Estate.
Just last week on the 14th day
of the 7th lunar month...
...a woman in red named
Ngai Yor-yee...
...jumped to her death.
Kit, the caller, was doing road
repair near Ting Kau Village...
...the same site...
...where a bus plunged off
a bridge 10 years ago.
Over 20 people were
killed then.
It didn't end there.
The village has been
haunted ever since.
So Kit...
...what do you want
to tell us?
A few nights ago, I was
working on the road.
An eerie voice suddenly
came through...
...the walkie-talkie.
She kept repeating, "Pong,
I'm waiting for you".
What happened next?
We rushed back to
the office.
Master Ng...
Could the ghost in red
that Kit encountered... a victim of the bus
crash 10 years ago?
From what I remember...
Pass me the laptop.
...the victims included workers...
...teachers and students.
I do recall a female victim
dressed in red.
She's the one who died
in a red dress.
Let's run a search.
That's my school!
Why did she say...
..."Pong, I'm waiting for you"?
Pong could be someone
that the spirit misses.
Who are you calling now?
Wendy, are you home?
Why? You sound jumpy.
The ghost in red being
discussed on the show...
...she was Mr. Pong's girlfriend!
Her name was Ginny Lui.
She was a teacher at
our school!
How did you find out?
Check out the 2003 photo
album on our school website.
That's her in the photo
with Mr. Pong.
But she died in the bus
crash in 2003.
Hello? Wendy?
Are you still listening?
Go on.
Let's keep this secret
from Kitty for now.
You know how she posts
everything online.
She always has to
be the boss...
...with her psychic powers.
I must question Mr. Pong
Why are you so upset?
Are you jealous of a ghost?
You're crazy.
I'm looking at our
chart-room now.
There's a ghost picture.
The sender is... Jasmine.
Jasmine said she took
this photo...
...she took this photo... 318 Ting Kau Road.
Let's go on...
...a paranormal expedition
to Ting Kau tomorrow night.
Those interested in goin
email me now.
You leave Pong alone.
You leave Pong alone.
Excuse me.
Where's Inspector Gu?
- The basement.
- Thanks.
One more.
Let me think...
Is Inspector Gu inside?
What's up?
This is the information from
Tuem Mun Station.
We need Inspector Gu's
help on a case.
Don't stop. Keep going.
Shovel the sand.
Madam, how much longer
will he take?
Who knows?
Just wait.
What is the case?
On the 14th day of the
7th lunar month...
...a woman in red jumped to
her death at Yau Oi Estate.
Her name is Ngai Yor-yee.
Autopsy results confirm...
...she died from multiple
blunt force traumas.
But since her death...
...we've received daily reports
from Yau Oi residents.
They witnessed Ngai
jumping again.
The victim was in the box
for 3 hours.
The air almost ran out...
We suspect that
Ngai's spirit...
...returned to haunt Yau
Oi Estate.
How should we proceed, sir?
The victim died at 11:45 p.m.
She was in there for 3 hours.
The air almost ran out.
Call someone.
I'm sorry...
She called someone. But who?
Open up!
Open up!
Get him out.
Open up!
Sir, are you okay?
She called someone from
inside the crate.
After the victim was abducted,
she called emergency...
...and her husband.
Arrest the husband.
He's the murderer.
He must have been nearby
Yes, sir.
Don't conclude it's a
ghost case...
...from the get-go
The victim, Nagi Yor-yee,
age 22...
...immigrated 3 years ago.
Her last address was...
...Unit 4A, 50 Fok Lok St,
Shum Sui Po.
Ngai didn't have any
close friends.
She had one relative in
Hong Kong... aunt...
...who died the year before.
...and pretty.
She visited a friend then
jumped? Highly unlikely!
Tuen Mun is a popular site for
suicides these last few years.
Perhaps she chose... end her life there?
Nagai was unemployed and
financially dependent on her aunt.
She committed suicide
out of despair.
- Who called first to report her suicide?
- A new immigrant.
His name is Shum Ji-yang.
He lives in Shum Shui Po.
Did someone push Ngai...
...then made it look like suicide?
Sir, my name is Bee. I want
to apprentice under you.
You have to get a transfer
here first.
I've taken a week off
to come work under you.
Because you're the best!
Is that a 'yes'?
Do you have a tenant
from the mainland...
...named Shum Ji-yang?
Are you a loan shark?
Police officer...
investigating a case.
Last room.
Wow. Handsome fellow.
Looks more like a gigolo
than a construction worker.
He may be at work.
He went to burn offerings
to his dead wife.
Ma'am, you gave me
a heart attack.
It's the 7th day after
her death!
Is that her?
She's the one.
Are you sure?
I heard she committed
suicide last week.
So I told Mr. Shum not to
stay here tonight.
I don't want guardians of the
underworld coming here.
Is Mr. Shum employed?
Not presently, I think.
Does he have money
for rent?
Never late.
Sir, where do we look
for Shum?
Ngai's home!
Be careful.
Are you scared?
Very! Don't you get tired
of playing all day?
Hey, no need to get upset?
What's wrong with
you today?
You won't understand.
I've been haunted.
Move over.
Why did we come to
Ngai's home?
To assess her mental
...before concluding it
was suicide.
I see.
Damn cop, you want me
dead, don't you?
Take one step closer and
I'll shoot!
Police! Open up!
Come out or I'll shoot!
Sir, what happened?
You drew your gun.
What were you doing
in there?
Taking a leak!
What's wrong?
Is everything okay?
Sir, what happened
just now?
Let's look inside.
Look at all the Tuen Mun
news clippings.
Shum may have a key
to this place.
You think Shum set this up... we'd think Ngai
committed suicide?
Sir, the door is locked.
Isn't this house abandoned?
Sir, something's wrong.
This place is so rundown...
...Shum wouldn't hide out here
of the crate murder victim.
Inspector, we found
the husband.
He confessed to the murder.
What now?
You stay here
You think Shum will
return here?
Wait, Inspector!
Amy Luk, Wendy Wong,
Kitty Cheung, Carol Ko.
Stop playing.
Come out.
Stop playing.
Were you scared, sir?
Wendy Wong.
I told you not to sneak
up from behind.
That's childish!
Mr. Pong, we got you!
Did we scare you, sir?
Mr. Pong, we have a few
questions for you.
Follow us.
Mr. Pong...
Was Ginny Lui your
Where did you first meet?
At school.
How long were you dating?
You haven't dated since her
death 10 years ago.
Because you still love her?
10 years?
How could you not date
for 10 years?
Let's stop here.
You asked for me?
Why has she returned to
haunt the others?
What do you think
she wants?
I think she wants you
to join her.
I agree.
Does that scare you, sir?
If that's what she wants...
...why bother with the others?
Enough! I don't believe
in ghosts.
You studied science.
You should place your trust
in science and reason...
...not listen to ghost stories.
They mess up your mind.
Are you joining the paranormal
expedition tonight?
You shouldn't go either.
You should all be in
bed by midnight.
Oh, my god.
Since when are you my dad?
Mr. Pong, your ex attacked
me last night.
Don't you believe me?
See for yourself.
- That's scary.
- She did this to me.
I'll find out tonight...
...if it's really
Ginny's spirit.
- He's coming?
- Yes!
Chief, listen.
They gave us 3 months to
finish the job...
...or we don't get paid.
Tell them it's not easy
evicting an entire village.
Watching all these
ghost shows... me an idea.
What do you think?
Ghosts? Will it work?
It's an old trick.
You did it again, Gu.
You solved the crate
murder case!
Do you believe in ghosts?
Why? Did you see a ghost?
Don't know.
Maybe that's why you have
trouble sleeping?
How did you know I
couldn't sleep?
I can see it on your face.
Do I look that bad?
Ghosts and people are
worlds apart.
Can't you tell
the difference?
There's no absolute proof...
...that ghosts exist.
Policemen rely on
hard evidence.
Give me the concrete
details then.
I love a good ghost story.
Don't you have an important
Ah... l almost forget about
my cousin!
We're not related at all.
Alright, Inspector Gu.
You beat me here again.
10 years flashed right by.
I wonder if Ginny adapted
to this place?
Let me tell you something.
One night, two officers walked
the night beat.
They took a shortcut through
a cemetery.
...they heard clanging noises
behind them.
They were scared stiff.
Afraid to even turn around.
So they ran like crazy.
As they ran, they saw a man...
...carving a gravestone.
It was etched with the
name Cheung Sam.
They checked the man
out and said...
..."What're you doing here?".
The man looked up and said...
..."They got my name wrong!".
A ghost story?
Do you think it'll scare
the girls?
I thought you were all
work no play.
We all need company
What about you?
Dating anyone?
Haven't found the right one.
"See you at Ting Kau Village
My students are going
on a paranormal expedition.
A field trip to a site
thought to be haunted.
High Street is long gone.
Where else can you go?
Ting Kau Village.
If my cousin ever appeared,
she'd appear before us.
Go find out.
If my cousin ever appeared,
she'd appear before us.
I think so, too.
The 7th lunar month always
means trouble.
I'm working on the case...
...of a woman who committed
suicide on the 14th.
Sorry, I stepped out.
I just saw Shum buying
paper offerings.
He should be back soon.
Accept these offerings...
Mr. Shum. Police. Are the
offerings for your wife?
Stay right here!
What's wrong, officer?
Why did you run from us?
You killed your wife...
for the insurance money!
What are you talking about?
Ngai Yor-yee!
I haven't seen Ngai since
we broke up a year ago.
You must be mistaken!
You reported her suicide...
...and just burnt
offerings to her.
Yes, I paid her a visit
the other day...
...because her aunt died.
Not to borrow money?
I did ask for a loan but
she didn't let me in.
She acted strange so I followed
her when she came out.
I thought she was meeting
another man.
Instead, she just jumped
from the 10th floor.
I told the police I didn't know her
to avoid trouble.
Are you telling the truth?
Why don't you ask her friend...
Officers get a discount!
Are you Fung?
It's the most common
hooker name.
You know her?
Let's talk at your place.
It's her 7th night,
that's why I work outside.
Are you afraid she'll
drop by?
Do you know why Ngai
killed herself?
After her boyfriend
bled her dry...
...she couldn't handle it and
became unstable.
Her boyfriend was Shum
Ji-yang, correct?
Did Ngai purchase
life insurance?
She did.
Did she make Shum...
...the beneficiary of
her policy?
Yor-yee was depressed...
...she tried to commit
suicide many times.
She'd never...
...make that bastard
the beneficiary!
One more thing.
Do you know why...
...she went to Yau Oi
Estate that night?
Beats me.
Handsome, want to do
business with me?
Your price?
That means Ngai's death
was suicide...
...not murder.
Inspector, someone jumped
at Yau Oi again!
Do you need me there?
No need. Bee will go
with me.
Spare you the fright.
That 'thing' really likes
Yau Oi Estate.
Let's go up to the
10th floor...
...and capture the ghost
on tape.
The five of us...
...are proceeding to the 10th
floor to investigate.
Samuel, once we're in, you
call the shots.
Today is the 20th of the
7th lunar month.
The gate to the underworld
is still open.
Tonight's paranormal expedition
at Ting Kau begins now.
This school is epicenter of
the evil energy in the village.
This is the first stop of
tonight's expedition.
If you really are Ginny...
...why are you still in Ting
Kau Village?
Turn on your flashlights!
Kiddo is missing!
- Missing?
- He was abducted by ghosts!
We may have suffered...
...our first casualty tonight.
Was Kiddo...
...abducted by the ghost in red?
Shouldn't we be looking
for Kiddo?
Why are we here?
Here. This is the place.
Why bring us here?
This is where the
bus crashed 10 years ago.
This memorial stone was
laid by villagers... appease the spirits
of the dead.
So this is where the
bus crashed.
3rd Sister...
...does this stone...
...have any power
over spirits?
How can a stone possibly...
...placate angry spirits?
Visiting here during the
7th lunar month... bound to anger the ghosts.
Are you trying to do
us in, Chief?
This is a
paranormal expedition.
You came to see ghosts,
didn't you?
Stop arguing.
Let's find Kiddo first.
- What's that?
- A ghost fire!
It's a ghost fire.
Run for cover!
You calling Amy?
No answer?
Did they just call?
It's just the two of us now.
Forget about them.
Amy Luk, what are you doing?
Stop pretending, Mr. Pong.
You were staring at me
during class.
What is this?
I heard you like to play with
female students.
Why not me?
It's Amy and Mr. Pong.
Who sent this?
Mr. Pong!
Why are you here?
I followed you two.
So you saw everything.
You lost. Mr. Pong kissed me.
I saw him pushing
you away.
Don't waste your time.
It's no use sending him
emails every night.
Don't you know...
...his heart is still
with his ex?
That's enough, Amy.
I quit. This is no fun.
You're so cheap!
It's just a game, Wendy
Nothing is free.
Now we're even
Mr. Pong, where are
you going?
You are part of the
I called the show to
report the ghost sightings.
People here are strange.
They don't talk to strangers...
...and shut their doors
at nightfall.
What's your name?
Call me Jasmine.
What's so funny?
It's late, why are you
here by yourself?
I was curious about your
paranormal expedition.
Won't your family be worried?
I have no family.
Where do you live?
I'll walk you home.
I lived at 318 Ting Kau Road.
Help me up.
No need to escort me.
You don't know the way!
Your friends are over there.
Go find them.
Is anyone here?
Come here, bitch.
What are you doing?
It's not my fault she
can't see me.
You're useless. I
need footage for the internet.
Go out and scare
her again. Scarier this time!
I'm not afraid of you.
Honey, she's hurt!
She slipped. No big deal
There's so much blood!
Calm down.
Damn. She's dead.
Let's call the police.
We can't! Let's go!
Honey, she'll die if we
don't call the police!
It's no use. She's
already dead.
Doesn't that make
us murderers?
No! Her death was
an accident.
We're not responsible!
Honey, let's go.
You women are useless.
...don't tell anyone what
happened here.
Don't leave me here!
Hide here. Don't let
anyone find you.
Don't go!
- Village chief. Village chief.
- Kiddo. Kiddo.
What took you so long?
Hit by a ghost.
I'll start.
Hit by a ghost.
- Tied me tight!
- I can't...
...if you keep moving.
Did you already send
the video?
I'll lose my job because
of this!
No, you won't.
Just admit you like me.
I can tell the Headmaster...
...that Amy forced
herself on you.
Wendy Wong...'re sick!
Why are you treating me
like this?
Why are you here?
Did you take
your medication today?
I don't want to!
The drugs make me fat!
Let's go back and talk
this through?
Ghosts are killing people!
Ghosts are killing people!
Police! Step aside!
Keep quiet!
Reporters, step aside!
Let us do our job!
Shut up.
Collect statements.
Yes, sir.
Your name?
Carol Ko.
Carol Ko... who do you think
is the killer?
Don't worry, just tell us
what you think.
I think the ghost killed Amy.
And you?
Amy said she doesn't know
who killed her.
Where have you been?
With the coroner.
He confirmed the cause
of death...
...was blunt force trauma
to the head.
That's obvious!
But the missing student
and teacher...
...just turned up at a
nearby beach.
Is the teacher all right?
He's fine. The female
student is dead though.
These six claim... have seen a ghost
dressed in red last night.
They all say the ghost
killed people.
The long-haired girl...
...even claims to be psychic.
What do you think?
Are you all right?
What happened last night?
According to the teacher...
...the victim on the beach
is Wendy Wong.
When she caught him with
another student...
...she knocked him out.
According to him, Wong was
emotionally unstable.
- Inspector Gu
- You're quick.
It was a quick walk from
the village.
The preliminary cause of
death was drowning.
Based on the swelling...
...the body was submerged
for 5 to 6 hours.
The time of death was
probably 3 a.m. this morning.
No obvious injuries
other than...
...scratches on the soles
of the feet.
The victim probably
walked for awhile...
...before jumping
into the sea.
Thank god you're
not a coroner.
Teenagers these days...
...all seem ready to commit
suicide over love.
Someone probably gave her
reason to jump.
Based on the currents...
...the victim likely entered
the water at the pier...
...then washed ashore
this morning.
Madam, all yours.
We need to confirm something
with you.
We have nothing to do with
the girl's death, sir.
Stop pretending.
We have the evidence.
At most you can charge us
for pulling a ghost prank.
There's no proof that we
killed anyone.
- Village chief
- What took you so long?
Hit by a ghost.
Hit by a ghost.
Don't leave me here!
Do you believe in ghosts?
Those three have obviously
seen a ghost.
Why else would they confess?
Do you believe?
You know why...
...some people are predisposed
to seeing ghosts?
Because they have too
much cortisol...
...the stress hormone.
It keeps them in a constant
state of fear...
...causing hallucinations.
That's why they see ghosts.
So you're an expert.
My doctor filled me in.
But the psychic student
doesn't fit...
...into the profile.
She wasn't scared.
She even claimed...
...she talked to her
classmate's spirit.
Teenage girls lie all
the time.
They can't be trusted.
That means you don't
believe in ghosts...
...or that people can
see ghosts.
I'm fine. I don't need
any coffee.
You're still here?
Finish up and go.
Another ghost sighting at
Yau Oi Estate?
Where did the uniforms go?
Too afraid to show?
Hold the lift!
The lift isn't going to
fall, is it?
Press the alarm.
Sir, can we go now?
How long did I sleep?
Were you asleep?
You drove us here!
It can't be.
Hold the lift!
Take the next one.
I should go back down.
You brat.
Look at all the goose bumps
on your face.
Is there something
up there?
If there was a ghost nearby...
...they say you'd literally
feel a chill...
...down your spine.
Is that true?
I'll shut up.
Our station regrets
what transpired...
...during last night's
Let's all take a moment
to commemorate the deceased.
- 3rd Sister?
- Yes.
Why are some people able
to see ghosts?
They either have second
sight or bad luck.
What are the signs of
bad luck?
Green aura and blank eyes...
...are the signs of having
bad luck.
How do people get
second sight?
Some are born with it.
Some develop second sight
after eye injuries.
Others have their eyes tainted
by corpse blood.
Did that ghost appear
before you...
...because she wanted
your help?
Then why did she try to
scare me?
3rd Sister, we both know...
...your so-called channeling
was just an act.
I'm old and my powers
are limited.
So I used a couple of tricks.
Why? Do you want to
expose me?
I know that Ginny Lui's spirit
cannot rest.
I know you're psychic.
Your psychic mumbo jumbo
is out.
I don't just see spirits.
I can enter their world and
even touch them.
You're not that special
for a psychic.
I think I'm quite unique.
I think something traumatic
happened to her 10 years ago.
If you see her again...
...ask her what she wants.
We'll see.
The school discovered
female students...
...involved in prostitution.
They sell their bodies
for money.
Some female students even
harass male teachers.
They develop obsessive crushes...
...on their teachers...
...and try to ruin their
reputations with sex.
Class... you think an affair
with a teacher will ever end well?
Seducing male teachers is
a shameless act.
It's as immoral as prostitution.
Chen Xiaoman, stay away from
my boyfriend.
Miss Lui, he likes me.
He wants to have sex with me.
Stop deceiving yourself.
You're old and old-fashioned.
You don't suit him
If it wasn't for you,
we'd be together already!
...your mom went through a lot
to raise you.
She'd be deeply hurt...
...if you were expelled.
Bravo, bitch!
That's it!
Chen Xiaoman, tell your
mom to see me after school.
I need to talk to her.
Wait, don't go!
- You can't leave!
- Bitch.
- She's going jump!
- Bitch.
You can't leave her there.
Mr. Pong is being
shamed online!
No way.
Headmaster, read this.
Pong screws up again.
Pong, where are you?
Did the blogger tell the truth
about 10 years ago?
Did the suicide victim have
a crush on you?
Ginny thought Chen
photographed us.
That's why she confronted her.
Stay away from my boyfriend!
Looking for me?
I know you like me.
Chen, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
- Ginny didn't know about...
- I know you like me!
Chen's illness.
She felt responsible for the
death of Chen.
So she took all the blame
to protect you.
Why didn't you tell the
truth earlier?
I was afraid to lose my job.
Thanks to your cowardice...
...another student died.
10 years ago it was Chen Xiaoman.
10 years later it's Wendy Wong.
What were you thinking?
The school already suspended me.
Maybe that's why...
...I saw Ginny recently.
I saw her spirit.
Why were you all able to
see her?
What about me?
What's going into the report?
Will it include ghosts?
I haven't decided
Actually, ghosts aren't
that scary.
Don't you think?
Just wait until you see one.
Thanks for everything, sir.
Bee, you forgot something!
Has Bee left?
Call him back.
Don't. Just let him go.
But he...
HKPF Officer Died in Line of Duty
Name: Bee Chen
Is he the same Bee that
you saw?
This prank has gone too far.
Everyone at Tuen Mun Station...
...knows he died.
- Inspector Gu.
- Inspector Gu.
Why not regular kids?
Kids sneak to play when
they can't sleep.
See you downstairs.
Do you believe in ghosts?
My doctor filled me in.
Don't stop. Keep going.
What did he say?
He's possessed
Let's go up to the 10th floor
and capture the ghost on tape.
I saw Ginny's spirit.
Why were you all able to
see her?
What about me?
Remember 3 months ago... officer from Tuen Mun was
killed in a shootout?
Some are born with second sight.
Some get it when their eyes are
tainted by corpse blood.
Are you okay?
Mrs. Wong?
I'm Wendy's teacher, Kin Pong
Please come in.
I've come to apologize.
Wendy loves steamed pork
with pickles
I never imagined...
I'm so sorry.
Mr. Pong...
You look weak.
Problems sleeping?
Sit down.
Stop blaming yourself.
I failed Wendy, too.
I didn't know she stopped
taking her meds.
It was my fault.
I didn't watch over her.
I know what my daughter
was like.
She's always been
very stubborn.
Once she loves you...
...she never lets go.
I should be the one
to apologize.
I didn't teach Wendy well.
Mr. Pong, I'm busy.
Please leave?
Goodbye, Mrs. Wong.
I'm sorry, Wendy.
I'm sorry.
Why won't you leave me alone?
Were you scared, sir?
Were you scared, Mr. Pong?
Do you know... to pacify an angry spirit... she can move on
to the next life?
Mrs. Wong...
...are you being haunted by
a vengeful spirit?
It's my daughter.
I think she's obsessed with
someone else...
...and can't let go.
I see.
3rd Sister, can you help her?
You must convince her... let go of her resentment.
"I deserve to die
in front of Wendy Wong."
Only then she can move on.
Did that ghost appear
before you...
...because she wanted
your help?
If you're a Buddhist...
...reciting Sutras to
the deceased...
...may ease her soul.
Avalokitesvara when practicing
the Prajna Paramita...
...perceives that all five skandhas are
empty and is freed from all suffering.
...form does not differ
from emptiness...
...that which is form is emptiness.
The same is true for feelings,
emotions and the intellect.
All dharmas are marked
with emptiness.
They do not emerge or vanish.
Don't do it!
Wendy Wong!
Daughter, rest in peace.
Pong! Pong!
What happened?
You wanted to kill yourself!
How did you get here?
I don't know.
It felt like someone was
pushing me.
Luckily you sent me
a message.
Otherwise nothing could have
saved you.
What message?
Ginny told me to save you.
Bring me a Jasmine flower...
...and I'll marry you.
Call me Jasmine.
I lived at 318 Ting Kau Road.
This is your Jasmine flower.
You can't see or feel
her presence.
She can see you...
...but she can't touch you.
Her spirit never left... she could watch
over you.
Imagine how she's spent the
last 10 years?
Those who die before their time
are trapped in limbo.
Endlessly reliving the moments
prior to their death.
They face the fear and trauma
of the bus crash...
...over and over.
Please let her go...
...and set yourself free.
I don't want to stop her spirit
from moving on.
Both of you deserve a
new beginning.
I wish her happiness.
It's better to cut your
suffering short.
Ginny would feel the same.
Bee said my cousin's spirit
appeared before me...
...because she needed my help.
Is Bee your subordinate?
No. He's from Tuen Mun station
but came to train with me.
Inspector Gu, why did you seek
psychiatric help?
Did you take the drugs
I prescribed?
What for?
Because you couldn't sleep.
I couldn't sleep...
...because I was too busy
to sleep.
Did you know insomnia is
a symptom of deeper mental issues.
I suspect seeing ghosts is
related to your insomnia.
Are you saying I see ghosts...
...because I'm sick?
Doctors diagnose based on
symptoms and science.
Some people delude themselves into
seeing ghosts, even in their dreams.
The cause is different in
each case.
Some people may have a
guilty conscience...
...or can't accept the death
of loved ones.
Some just want to brag.
That's right. They make it
up to scare people.
But for schizophrenics...'s a different story.
Inspector, think again.
Is it possible that the people
around you...
...don't exist?
You're still here?
You have to get a transfer
here first.
No need. Bee will go with me.
Spare you the fright.
"I deserve to die
in front of Wendy Wong".
Pong! Pong!
What happened?
You wanted to kill yourself!
How did you get here?
I was in a daze.
I just came.
I know. Wendy Wong tried to
push you.
What makes you think that?
I honestly want to pay for
my mistakes!
So her ghost didn't come
to you?
Why did I keep thinking...
...that her ghost wanted to
take revenge on you?
So it's true... I'm sick?
Many terrors and illusions...
...are man-made.
People say Yau Oi Estate
is haunted by spirits.
Does this place look haunted?
Nagi Yor-yee.
Are you planning to jump again?
You're causing trouble for
my colleagues...
...and the residents here.
Be honest...
What do you want from me?
I'll help you.
Just don't come back
Wait! You've got the
wrong man.
Inspector. We have 3 suspects...
...and 1 wounded hostage at
the scene.
Sir, my name is Bee. I want
to apprentice under you.
Not again!