Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977) Movie Script

Come in.
Good morning, Mr President.
Good morning, Mr Willard.
General O'Rourke and Professor Foster
are downstairs.
Send them up.
Can't afford to keep important people
like that waiting, can we?
No, sir.
Want me to pull over, Captain?
Yeah, I guess you better.
Take it easy, mister. Are you OK?
I think... I think I broke my collarbone.
You'd better come with us.
Out. Move it.
Nobody told you to shoot him?
I don't like sergeants.
'Conservative groups are pushing for the
governor's ratification of this bill.
'Latest update on the prison breakout:
A Montana state highway patrol... '
Gentlemen, you care about the news?
- Never between wars. Get some music.
- Right, sir.
I've come to ask a personal favour.
...Zabat was an exchange student
who lived in my home for three years.
He loves and is loved
by my daughter.
Jesus Christ.
If he were my son,
I could not love him more.
I've come here to beg for his life.
Zabat gunned down
the head of a country.
And, sure, he killed a dictator.
How the hell can I put charity above
the codes of all civilised nations?
You're asking me to send a killer
back to law school.
If I grant Zabat sanctuary...
...I give tacit approval to every dissident
with a cause and a gun.
Thank you for your time,
Mr President.
Wait a second. I...
- Tell your daughter that...
- David...
- Please... tell your daughter...
- David.
I'll tell my daughter
I did the best I could,
and I'll tell myself,
though you were not a brilliant student,
you are an honest man.
By the look on his face,
you must have played all-day blinkin'.
Obviously, you didn't tell him that
we had to trade that kid for our air bases.
Three points.
May I remind you
that today's Sunday?
Screw church.
Rams over the Vikings.
- Turn on the heat.
- Put on the coffee, Mabel.
Africa, you never get cold?
No, just cool... fool.
I'm bearing a left about 60 yards.
Got it.
And we have to be finished
by eight o'clock.
Kincaid, Roger F, Captain.
(Officer 2)
Social security number: 076498765.
Witkin, Harry O, First Lieutenant.
Social security number: 046543976.
Ten minutes late.
Not bad for a new crew.
Hey, Charlie... do me a favour.
Don't big-deal it. I'm hungry.
They get the whole lead, right?
Geez, the place looks deserted.
Never mind that, Augie.
Concentrate on
that social security number.
You, too, Hoxey.
Kincaid, Roger F, Captain.
Social security number: 076498765.
Witkin, Harry O, First Lieutenant.
Social security number: 046543979.
Barker, Alan. A2.
Social security number...
Yes, sir.
The damn thing won't start.
Would you take the wheel, sir?
Hit it, sir.
Shit. The motor pool pricks
beat their meat all day.
We'll have to push it in, sir.
Remember to watch the cameras.
You men, give us a hand.
Push in unison.
Count off.
Mendes, I think, sir.
Come on, you guys, push.
Eh, we're on gravel, fellas.
Use those muscles.
Come on. Together, now, push.
We're trying, sir.
Come on, push.
We don't have your weight, sir.
Come on, come on.
Let's go. Hurry up.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. I sent it over a week ago.
Yes, sir.
In triplicate, yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
I'll ask him when he comes in, sir.
- Don't!
- Yes, sir.
Who the hell are you guys?
Where's that sergeant?
What a cheap joint.
I've seen better crappers.
Son of a bitch!
What the hell you do that for?
I chose the wrong man for the job.
What's going on? Man, we got trouble.
They're cooks.
Lock 'em up down below.
Get back to the biscuits.
- Security here.
- 'Anything wrong with that car? '
No, sir. Replacement missile combat
crew. 962B. Reporting for duty, sir.
'Affirmative, Security. Put Captain
Kincaid on the box for challenge.'
Right away, sir.
Captain Roger F Kincaid.
'Captain Kincaid,
what is the password, please? '
- Romeo.
- 'Second word.'
- And.
- 'Third word? '
Third word?
That prick, Kincaid,
must've held out on us.
There is no third word.
'Repeat. Third word, please.'
There's no third word, sir.
'Repeat. Third word, please.'
No third word.
'I challenge you.'
- 'Well? '
- I challenge you.
'You are correct, Captain. No third word.
Permission to come down.'
We're on our way down, sir.
Lock him up down below with the others,
and make it snappy.
We've only got about 15 minutes.
Let's go. Let's go.
He's got brass balls.
He's got a brass skull, too.
Hoxey's the only one
who could open that safe, dummy.
Who dreams up all this code stuff?
Some one-star asshole
with nothing better to do.
Eh, look. Is there gonna be
any more of that code crap?
Not before the eight o'clock challenge.
By that time, we'll be isolated
and sitting in the seat.
Or dead.
Looks like the Holland Tunnel.
- Willie, come here.
- Man, I told you not to call me Willie!
- Like Star Trek all over again.
- Uncle Louis ain't seen nothing like this.
Garvas, Powell, come on.
You're not on vacation.
This isn't Disneyland.
Kincaid and Witkin,
ready to enter launch control centre.
Remember, move fast.
Drag him into that dormitory,
and lock the door.
And pick up their weapons.
This board controls nine Titan missiles.
But the moment we prepare the launch,
four boards at four different sites,
all around us,
will light up like Christmas trees.
- What the hell for?
- To keep lunatics starting World War III.
- Give me that toolkit.
- What toolkit?
- Under the table.
- Get to the punchline!
We isolate this board.
We cut off all inhibitors and booby traps.
Otherwise we threaten nobody.
So we disconnect them. What's the big deal?
Big deal? The big deal is one mistake,
and we really will be dead.
'Dr Robert Pryor,
Dr Robert Pryor.
'Please report to third-floor OR.'
All right. Easy, you guys. Easy. Gently.
He's lost a lot of blood.
Now, this green tube
contains a chemical called sarin.
And we're going to remove it.
And we have to be very careful,
because the ends are extremely thin,
and they'll rupture if it's tilted.
The result will be terminal.
You mean that green shit's gonna kill us?
That green shit,
as you so colourfully put it,
produces a deadly vapour
when exposed to oxygen.
You mean we broke out of death row
to end up in a gas chamber, right?
Not if we keep it absolutely horizontal.
I ain't messin' with no poison gas.
You didn't tell us nothing about that!
No way! You just count me out, please!
Where's he going?
Nowhere. Come here, Augie.
Eh, how do you get out
of this goddamn coffin?
Nobody gets out till thisjob is done.
Now, back here.
We've wasted enough time.
Hey, listen, General,
I ain't in your fucking army!
I earned my dishonourable discharge!
Get me an Allen wrench.
- What size?
- Eight inch.
Jive-ass punkie.
We've got an unidentified victim
of an assault.
No, we've got a pair of shorts,
and an Air Force Academy ring.
The date is, 1968.
Number: 8765.
- Do you mind?
- Yeah.
- Emergency.
- I'll call you later. You're very welcome.
Yeah, I know.
As soon as I get this last nut out, Augie,
it should be free.
General, I got a funny feeling.
Now, Augie, relax.
Now, slide it gently toward me,
till it's in the clear.
- Till it's in the clear.
- No, just easy.
Keep your eye on that bubble. As long
as it remains in the middle, we're OK.
All right, bring it toward me.
No, no, no, no. Now, wait. Just hold it.
Give me your left hand.
- You can't...
- I can't!
You've gotta clear that...
Augie, you've got to get your hands
around to this side of the stanchion.
Now, give me your left hand.
And bring it around here. That's it.
All right, now. Now, you got it.
No, release your right hand.
I can't. I don't think this is gonna work.
My hands... See?
My fingers, they're stuck.
Augie, let go. Augie!
Now, Augie, take it easy.
- Don't freeze up now.
- I'm trying.
- Just let your right had go.
- My right hand go.
Augie, let your right hand go.
No, no, no, Augie!
Now, just hold everything.
Now, let your right hand go.
Let your right hand go!
For Christ sake,
come here and give me a hand.
Powell, for Christ sake,
come here and give me a fucking hand!
Augie, just... take...
- I don't think it's gonna...
- All right, all right.
- I'll take it.
- Let go, let go.
Easy... Bring it toward me.
- We gotta clear the stanchion.
- Right.
All right.
What's that bubble?
Keep your eye on the bubble.
Easy. Easy. It's all yours.
I got it.
It's all yours.
Watch the bubble.
...who art in heaven...
You do damn good work, Private.
When they busted me I was a corporal.
You got that?
Come on, you guys. Time's running out.
- What do you think?
- Well...
Good luck to you, Charlie.
What do you mean me?
You told me you knew about demolition.
You told me you knew
everything about explosives.
I would've told you I was George Wallace
with a tan to get out of that shithole.
Willie, boy, you're beautiful!
So, what are you gonna do?
You may wish
you were back in that shithole.
You say that to say what?
The SACs like to change their equipment
every couple of years.
Tentative ID indicates the assault victim
is Captain Roger F Kincaid, Silo 3.
Did you call the cops?
Yes, sir. They're taking pictures over at
the hospital for positive identification.
But I thought you'd wanna know.
- Thanks, Kelly, Keep me informed.
- Yes, sir.
I hope you guys are having fun
down there.
One of those phones
is gonna ring any minute.
And most booby traps go off
when you increase the pressure.
This one is triggered
when you release it.
What's all the game about?
Let's get on with it.
While you're holding it,
I'll remove these fuses.
And insert the non-conductor. Got it?
Where the hell is it?
You mean that little thing
that was in Hoxey's pocket?
That's right.
Well, he's upstairs sleeping, remember?
General Stonesifer's office,
Sergeant Shortland speaking.
- All done?
- Colonel Horne. Is he there?
- Colonel, he just left for Hangar 5, sir.
- OK, I'll try there.
That digital phone
is gonna ring any second.
What the hell's he looking for now?
- Hey! What are you, crazy?
- Terrific!
This is Colonel Horne.
I want General Stonesifer.
'Yes, Colonel, he's right here.'
- Ready?
- Let's do it.
'We have a man at
Great Falls Hospital, an assault victim.'
Tentative identification:
Captain Roger F Kincaid.
Currently assigned Silo 3.
But Hughie tells me
Kincaid code-checked at 07:09.
Well, that's impossible.
Remember, the pull can be
as much as 150lbs.
Only 30 seconds, you guys.
Release it slowly.
Hold it.
Let go.
Good morning, gentlemen.
16 November, 1981.
Julian date, 81215.
Today's briefing is classified as secret,
according with the Air Force
regulation 219, paragraph 4a,
SAC supplement 22c.
Reference indicator report numbers
for further information.
At present, gentlemen,
we are at Def Con 5.
Battle-readiness for
man bomber squadron is 90%,
a reduction of 3%
over yesterday's report.
Overall, snake pit's status report, 89%.
Let it ring.
Well, what do you know?
If you could answer that!
They'll wait.
Silo 3.
This is Touchdown.
Give me the first word, please.
Touchdown, please connect me
with the duty controller.
Silo 3, who, who's...?
Touchdown, I gave you a direct order.
Hold for Duty Control.
'Silo 3 wants to talk to Duty Control.'
- Silo 3?
- Yes, sir.
'Silo 3, this is duty controller.
Identify yourself, please.'
You'll inform CINCSAC
that Silo 3 is in hostile hands.
I repeat, Silo 3 is in hostile hands.
Look, whoever the hell you are,
unauthorised use
of telecommunications is forbidden.
I suggest you stop this nonsense.
Right now.
I wanna talk with General Martin
Mackenzie, direct, private and now!
Look, this is your final warning.
If you don't get off that phone, you are
gonna be in so much bloody trouble.
Whom am I speaking with?
Identify yourself.
Colonel Alexander B Franklin.
And who the hell am I talking to?
Colonel Franklin, this is Lawrence Dell,
and we have taken control of Silo 3.
You will inform Mackenzie that we have
knocked out his cut-offs and his inhibitors,
and we can now launch his nine birds.
I repeat, we have full launch control.
- First time I've seen him with a hard-on.
- What do we do now?
Until we get the keys out of that safe,
we're bluffing.
Now, aren't you sorry you killed Hoxey?
There are two men in there.
One of them will have the combination.
Let us ask:
How can we ignore these facts,
while lusting after goodies?
Let us... Let...
Let us, let us ask,
how, what our responsibilities
are to our fellow man,
social scientists
and street-corner philosophers...
- Urgent message from the duty controller.
- Right.
- Mackenzie.
- This is Colonel Franklin, sir.
We have rather
a peculiar situation in Silo 3.
- I'm listening.
- I think we better get on the scrambler.
OK, Colonel, let's have it.
Enemy in Silo 3.
- Where else?
- Nowhere else, sir. Just in Silo 3.
- And that's all it's going to be.
- Only Silo 3?
It's not them. General, I think you better
get back to the CP as soon as you can.
I'm on my way, Colonel.
Open up, Alfie. Kick ass all the way.
Right, sir.
Sandy... we're gonna have
to have that combination.
You haven't learned a thing, have you?
Still going up against a stacked deck.
This time I'm gonna blow it wide open.
This time? Hey, when are you gonna
wake up and smell the coffee?
Nobody gives a Chinese fuck!
You can climb up on a Capitol building.
Wouldn't bring sweat on a pig's ass.
What the hell happened to you?
I mean, who are you?
I saw the light, that's all.
I finally figured it out.
They don't wanna fucking know!
Sandy, if we can expose
their true intentions...
They'll crucify you.
That's what they'll do.
I don't believe it.
The problem lies with leadership.
Nobody's had the guts to get it out.
To say it. To tell the truth.
The truth? Jesus Christ!
How long were we caged up?
Five years?
Well, I wasn't home five minutes before
they had me believing it was all my fault.
The VC, the war.
Me being taken prisoner.
The orphans. The massacres.
Damn it, man, I took so much shit!
I wish I was back in a fuckingjungle!
I wasjust a flunky captain. You'd have
thought I was one of the joint chiefs.
That's because nobody knew
how it happened. Or why it happened.
Now they're gonna find out.
If you think that this... crazy stunt
of yours is gonna change anything... really are hopeless.
Now, get outta here. Leave me alone.
For a man who broke out of the joint
to steal $10 million,
you sure talk a lot
about God and country.
Hey, I'm talking to you, asshole!
I haven't said a thing yet.
It's your war, Generalissimo, but
unless you get the keys out of that safe,
it's not gonna be a very long one.
Hey, wait a minute, you guys.
Didn't you say something about
every system needing a backup system?
- That's right.
- Well, allow me, sir.
- What the hell's going on?
- You better listen to this, General.
'Whom am I speaking with?
Identify yourself.'
'Colonel Alexander B Franklin.
'But who the hell am I talking to?
'Colonel Franklin,
this is Lawrence Dell,
'and we have taken control of Silo 3.
'You'll inform Mackenzie... '
'... that we have knocked out
his cut-offs and inhibitors,
'and we can now launch his nine birds.
'I repeat, we have full launch control.'
Jesus Christ.
They did it, General.
Don't ask me how, but they did it.
Would you please check this back
to Computer Control?
That's impossible.
Colonel, I have a limited
tolerance for humour.
Well, all the inhibitor cables
have been severed.
All fail-safe systems failed.
That's gotta be bullshit!
I have to contradict you, General,
because it is a fact
that Silo 3 is independent.
And I suspect General Dell has
unimpeded irrevocable launch control.
That's unbelievable.
General Dell was an exceptional officer.
Nobody in the Air Force
knew our equipment better.
And you know that, General.
Yeah. I know that.
What do you think?
I don't know what to think.
Charlie to Touchdown.
Approaching target area.
Charlie One, Charlie Two, going in.
Charlie Three will remain
in radio contact. Going down.
'Perimeter fence is visible.'
Car, a SAC pickup,
parked inside the compound.
'We're going down.'
'No sign of enemies.
100ft, here we go.'
Just 20 yards till the touchdown.
Attaboy. Everything by the book.
You confirmed my faith in the military.
Well, what do you know, Jack Fox?
They got the First Team working today.
And it's Sunday.
- Who's in command of Fast Charlie?
- Major Fox, sir.
A tough son of a bitch.
He'll be ready.
- Get your ass moving.
- Predictable strategy. Tell 'em, Jack.
Tell 'em we're definitely for real.
You got the combination
for that thing out there?
Screw you.
Like I used to tell those scabs
back in Jersey,
it's a shame they gotta go to hospital
with no union benefits.
Have you got a dog?
Does he got one?
Hey, buzz off!
Captain's gonna need a good
Seeing Eye dog before this party's over.
Will, you keep your damn mouth shut.
You hear me?
That leaves one.
Now the rest is up to you.
Are you gonna leave the captain with one
good eye, or pull the curtains completely?
- You blinded him?
- I asked you first, didn't I?
And you didn't wanna cooperate.
Wait a minute! Wait!
My dog tags.
- Dog tags.
- The dog tags.
It's the combination.
You know, you really are a nice fella.
- And you're a fucking animal!
- What the fuck kind of attitude is that?
Don't cry.
Why, in a couple of days,
your man's gonna be eyeballing
all kinds of pussy.
You see Jerseyjust gave him
a little shot in the shoulder.
I tell you, man, you white boys
sure ain't very street-wise.
Hey, General,
we got the combination.
Well, well,
we've got company upstairs.
Right out of the Air Force manual.
Don't forget to check out
the pickup truck.
That's it.
I would estimate the phone to ring
in less than a minute.
Guard house empty.
'Except for two bodies.'
Here. Merry Christmas.
They brought up the troops?
Hey, we're surrounded now.
- Relax.
- What the hell is going on?
Take it easy.
They're just having a look around.
Tell him to try Launch Control
on the intercom.
Fast Charlie, try Launch Control.
What did I tell you?
This is Major Fox from Launch Control.
'What is the situation in Silo 3? '
Colonel Towne and Lieutenant Canellis
are cooperating with us.
A sergeant is dead
in the communications room.
His killer is lying in the car there.
Pick them both up and get 'em out.
Further communications will come
from CINCSAC himself and nobody else.
- 'Understood.'
- Son of a bitch. He's down there.
Fast Charlie, this is Spider Biter,
obey all instructions.
I repeat, evacuate guard house.
That means all personnel.
Containment procedures by air police
and armoured personnel carriers.
Stay 1,000 yards from the church,
but call up as many men as you need
to form an unbreakable circle.
No ins, no outs.
- OK.
- Clear the net.
Suppose he's got the keys?
It wouldn't surprise me.
Gentlemen, we are now a super power.
Well, gentlemen, until we kill Dell,
and, make no mistake about it,
we will,
this situation will remain top secret.
Only General Stonesifer at Malmstrom
is to know what's happened.
Now, get me Silo 3 on the phone,
and tape it.
Make sure everything's put
on scrambler from now on.
- Get me Silo 3.
- Yes, sir.
- This is Mackenzie.
- Greetings, General.
Dell, I can't believe a former
general officer of the Air Force,
no matter what the grievance,
would humiliate the service.
Mac, let's cut out the shit. We both
know what these nine birds can do.
You've got exactly one hour
to connect me with the old man.
Look, you lunatic, son of a bitch...
"Lunatic" in my book is defined
as someone who buries the truth.
I intend to hold it up to the world,
and let them see what it's really like.
- I'm telling you, Dell...
- You're telling me nothing!
You had your chance.
A hundred times I begged you
to go upstairs to tell the truth, but no.
You sent my memos to the shredder.
When I wouldn't trade what I believed in
for a star, you sent me to the shredder.
Well, I'm out now, General,
and I've got my finger on the button,
and you've got 60 minutes.
When this phone rings again, it better
be the President of the United States.
Well... what does he want?
He wants to talk to the President.
Come on!
- Come on!
- Yes, Mildred.
'The Secretary of Defence
has just arrived.'
Thank you.
Ask him to come in, please.
- 'Yes, Mr President.'
- OK. General. Pretend it's halftime.
- Don't forget the Chicago charm.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hello, Mr Secretary.
So good of you to come.
Please sit.
You looked very sharp
on "Meet The Press" this morning.
With the football game on television,
I'm humbled that you tuned in.
See today's dispatch cartoon on us?
How about some coffee?
- Too early for a drink?
- No, thank you.
Mr President,
when you asked me to come down
from Princeton to look after Defence,
as you quaintly put it,
you didn't tell me
I'd be working for Renfrew.
If the rumours about my imminent
departure are coming from him,
I can handle it,
but I will not be a member
of your election team,
if I'm to be replaced
after next November.
In other words, Mr President,
if you're going to fire me, do it now.
Mr Secretary,
I have no intention off iring you.
Not now or after the election.
What I would like...
is for you and Renfrew
to expedite the policy
of this administration.
What policy?
Are you saying we have no policy?
That's correct, Mr President.
- This is Stevens.
- Mr President, this is General Mackenzie.
- We're on scrambler.
- Yes, General?
We have a crisis situation
at one of our missile centres, sir.
I'm listening.
Three escaped convicts, led by a former
general in the Air Force, Lawrence Dell...
Wait a minute. The general convicted
of killing somebody up in Wyoming?
Montana. Yes, sir.
They penetrated an ICBM launch centre
near Malmstrom.
And, sir, we've confirmed
that Silo 3 is isolated.
What the hell does that mean?
It means, sir, we're unable
to inhibit launching.
You tell me
a renegade general's got his finger
on the button of a Titan missile?
No, sir.
The button can launch
nine Titan missiles.
Jesus Christ, Mackenzie! What the hell
are you guys doing out there?
- Those missiles have atomic warheads?
- Yes, sir. Titans are first line of defence.
How in the hell does some... joker
walk into a top-secret installation,
and get control of the most sophisticated
weapons system in the world?
You want to explain that, General?
Lawrence Dell is no joker,
Mr President.
He was on my staff for two years.
He was one of the primary designers
of Malmstrom's missile installation.
Where are these missiles aimed,
I don't know, Mr President.
You don't know?
All target areas are classified, sir,
known only to you, the joint chiefs
and the National Security Council.
Well, take a guess, General.
Well, I would assume, sir,
...the target areas are
somewhere in the Soviet Union.
Have you, talked
to this, this Dell character
since he assumed control of...?
Silo 3. Yes, sir, I have.
He told me that
if he didn't talk to you in 58 minutes,
he was prepared to launch.
Did he say anything else?
He had a number of things to say,
Mr President.
I can send you a transcription
in a matter of seconds.
General, I'm gonna ask a straight
question. I want a straight answer.
Is there any way to talk those bastards out
without endangering the entire world?
No, sir.
Second question:
You said General Dell was on your staff,
you must know him pretty well.
Do you think it would be possible
for me to...
well, let's say negotiate
successfully with him?
Well, sir, I've watched you turn swords
into plough shares on TV.
But in this situation,
I... I wouldn't count on it.
I appreciate your candour,
General Mackenzie.
There's one more thing,
Mr President.
In order to launch, two keys
must be turned simultaneously.
These keys are locked in a wall safe.
We have no way of confirming
that Dell has opened this safe.
What's your opinion, General?
Well, those boys in Silo 3 are
the best we have, Mr President.
I don't think they'd crack.
No, sir.
I think the son of a bitch
is bluffing all the way.
You better be right, General.
Get Renfrew, Whittaker, Klinger.
Who else?
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs,
Pete Craven of the Air Force.
Tell them to come in by the tunnel
from the executive office building.
- It'll be less conspicuous.
- Yes, sir.
'I'm telling you, Dell...
'You're telling me nothing!
You had your chance.
'A hundred times I begged you
to go upstairs to tell the truth, but no.
'You sent my memos to the shredder.
'When I wouldn't trade what I believed in
for a star, you sent me to the shredder.
'Well, I'm out now, General,
'and I've got my finger on the button,
and you've got 60 minutes.
'When this phone rings again, it better be
the President of the United States.'
- Anyone want a replay?
- Once is enough.
- Mr President...
- Stay seated, gentlemen.
Thanks for coming in
by the servants' quarters.
Somebody once said that,
the curiosity of
the White House press corps
is exceeded only by their treachery.
Now, it's, my decision to bypass
the National Security Council.
We must prevent the possibility that
the Russians might learn what's going on.
Now, there are endless considerations.
Legal, diplomatic and moral.
But I think we can assume
it's a simple case of extortion.
Mr President, extortion is never simple.
I stand corrected.
Sophisticated extortion.
The United States Government
can't do business with murderers.
That's not true, Arthur, and it never has
been true. When it's to our advantage.
We have the most cordial relations
with a wide variety of undesirables.
Well, who is this Dell character?
The CIA's never even heard of him.
You all have a summary
of his service record.
General Crane,
he was in the Air Force, wasn't he?
Can you shed any light on this man?
For almost 30 years,
Lawrence Dell was a superior soldier,
but he had great difficulty in adjusting
after five years in a prison camp.
When he came home,
he found that his wife had left him.
He was moody, dissatisfied, unhappy.
- We tried very...
- We railroaded him.
- We what?
- We railroaded him.
He was political, he was radicalised,
we made him a general to shut him up.
The one star didn't work.
He kept on truckin'.
Then he threatened to go public.
The incident in Montana came up.
What incident?
He got into an argument
with the brother of a 'Nam MIA,
and it turned into a brawl,
and this fella had a bad ticker.
The whole thing was
simply an accident,
but it wasjust much too good
an opportunity to pass up.
So... we threw the book at him.
30 years to life.
It happened a long time
before we arrived, Mr President.
Most regrettable, Mr President,
but in the interest of the service...
I don't think you can avoid it,
Mr President. You must talk to him.
Anybody disagree?
Mildred, get me Silo 3 at Malmstrom
for the President, please.
'Yes, sir.'
- Yeah, who's calling?
- David Stevens.
- May I speak to General Dell, please?
- Hey, it's really him. It's really him.
I'm not kidding.
That's the President on the phone.
Mr President, this is a great honour.
Thank you, General.
I don't mind saying,
you've got us over a barrel.
But I'm sure we can work it out
in a reasonable fashion.
I understand you've been a victim
of tragic circumstances.
Mr President, let me clear the air.
I did not take this action
because the Air Force blew up
manslaughter into murder one.
Well, what can I do for you?
- There are several demands.
- You have my attention, General.
First, for the men with me,
$10 million in small denominations.
- And second?
- Transportation to a country of our choice.
- How?
- Air Force One.
Is that all?
And to make certain
we arrive safely... a hostage.
Who do you have in mind?
You, Mr President.
I see.
Anything else?
One more thing, sir.
I believe the time has come for you
to restore the confidence of the
American people and their government
by disclosing the two reasons why
this country was made to endure a war
that cost over 50,000 American lives,
and 20 times that many southeast Asians,
all for nothing.
I'm not sure I follow.
You will broadcast the contents
of NSC document 9759.
NSC? The minutes
of a National Security meeting?
Exactly. 9759.
And after we arrive at our destination,
you will appear on television,
and inform the American people
of its contents.
- How did you obtain that document?
- Shit!
From a patriot, but that's irrelevant.
I must ask you to give me
good time to study it.
How much time?
Let's say a couple of hours.
One hour.
As a gesture of...
mutual confidence...
- about an hour and a half?
- Agreed.
- Thank you, General.
- Thank you, Mr President.
With that rhetoric, he could be
elected governor in ten states.
Ask Stoney to put all units
on combat alert,
and move in a command trailer for me
outside video range of Silo 3.
And I want direct lines to the White House,
here, Malmstrom and Silo 3.
- All on sealed secure channels. Got that?
- Right, sir.
Target one, Novosibirsk, heavy industry.
This is horrifying. I can't believe this.
Cool it.
Read and pass on.
Gentlemen, until all of us have
finished reading this document,
any further discussion is irrelevant.
Page four. Read and pass on.
Well, gentlemen,
those are the targets for Silo 3.
Slow down.
At ease.
Hello. All right.
- Armour all in place, gentlemen?
- Yes, sir.
If you go in at exactly 4,800 feet,
you'll come in under the hole's radar,
and over the range scanners.
But, sir, you've got to go in
at exactly 4,800 feet.
A foot either way, and it's all over.
You're right, Colonel.
That's why we're using solid gold.
Solid gold, sir?
Once we get authorisation
from the White House, we attack.
- Gold?
- Yeah... Gold.
Good luck.
Mr President?
Mr President?
Somebody once said
if it was an easyjob, they'd get a mule.
I hope that, each of you
will express yourself freely.
Nothing said by anybody
will ever get outside this room.
I really mean that.
There might be some military blunder,
or a relatively unimportant axe
that Dell was grinding,
but this, Christ...
General Crane?
Well, it makes us look like idiots.
I'll take that back.
You can live with idiots.
It makes all of military
look criminally negligent.
How will our people respond?
Could they take a joke like this?
I don't know.
- I really don't know.
- Ralph?
Well, the CIA feels that
such disclosures would be disastrous.
Under no circumstances
could we allow or want
this material to ever be made public.
what's the State Department's position?
You will note that the action taken
that day was unanimously arrived at.
I've been in the Corps all my life.
I came up through the ranks.
I've seen other men arise
to splendour in peace and war.
I believe this country is great enough
to survive the truth.
And maybe, just maybe, this could be
our last opportunity to trust our people.
Thank you.
Zach, what's on your mind?
Listening to Phil, I was touched.
Maybe we could do it.
Under different circumstances.
With more preparation.
But to broadcast this
with a gun to your head, Mr President...
...that'd be a tragic mistake.
- O'Rourke.
- It's me, Mike. Let me talk to Pete.
- Yes, sir.
- Yeah, Mike.
Operation Gold ready
whenever you are, Pete.
I'll get back to you.
Mackenzie's ready to go, Mr President.
We need your permission.
Why does CINCSAC think he can get
his men in Silo 3 without being seen?
Well, there's a blind spot
directly over their television cameras,
and the chopper will go
right down on 'em.
Once they get in, why can't they drop it
down the elevator shaft?
Gentlemen, those concrete walls
in Silo 3 are eight-feet thick,
heat-sensitive and steel-reinforced.
We place it directly outside the door,
they'll be jelly in a millisecond.
This weapon, what is it exactly?
It's a miniature atomic bomb,
that's what it is.
Yeah, that's essentially correct.
A small, clean, nuclear device.
What about radiation fallout?
At 60 feet, minimal.
Define "minimal".
- Well...
- Acceptable?
Acceptable to whom?
The people of Montana?
Considering the gravity of the situation,
aren't we compelled to take this risk?
You might talk to Dell again.
Who knows?
Perhaps we can negotiate ourselves
out of a critical situation.
- I agree.
- So do I.
'Yes, sir? '
Mildred, get me General Mackenzie
at the Command Post at Malmstrom
for General Crane, please.
'Yes, sir.'
- Mackenzie.
- Hold up Operation Gold, Mac.
- Pete, for Christ's sake...
- General Mackenzie!
Yes, sir.
Get Silo 3 again
for the President, please.
'Right away, sir.'
- Silo 3. Dell speaking.
- This is David Stevens.
- Yes, Mr President?
- I'm prepared to make a counteroffer.
- I'm listening.
- General Dell, you demanded $10 million.
- Willing to raise the ante to $20 million.
- $20 million?
I'll also grant a full pardon to you,
to Mr Powell and Mr Garvas for all crimes.
This covers the crimes each of you have
been convicted and sent to prison for,
and all crimes you may have
committed up to this date.
In addition, I will personally
guarantee in writing safe transit
to any country in the world
that you may choose.
Mr President, I accept
your financial and travel of fers.
But I must insist that you comply
with my final demand.
General Dell, there's nothing that I would
like better than to wrap this up right now,
but this office has certain limitations.
I'm not free to do anything I want.
If it were just up to me,
I would say fine.
But it simply isn't feasible to make
this document public at this time.
Mr President,
I'm not interested in waiting.
Not for a month, a week or a day.
There's simply no time left.
The doctrine of presidential credibility,
by which I mean the licence
to lie at home and abroad,
killed hundreds and thousands of people in
a war that should never have been fought.
This doctrine of credibility
destroyed the real credibility
of our country.
Instead of making us stronger,
it presented us as incompetent,
indecisive, helpless,
to say nothing of dishonest.
Mr President,
the devastation of Indochina,
the countless deaths and sufferings
of an infinite number of people,
the descent and unrest
of our own people here at home,
these events born
out of a policy of secrecy,
was the result of the treacherous
doctrine of credibility.
I insist that the time is past due
to eradicate this poison which
is killing our people and our country.
...make a persuasive case,
General Dell.
It's, obvious that
you are not only well informed,
but, extremely articulate.
However, I must respond
by saying there are... ramifications
and... complexities here,
which even you are unaware of.
I won't argue that point, Mr President,
but the mothers and fathers
of boys who died for credibility
are gonna rise up in fury.
This purge is unavoidable,
and it must come now before it's too late.
I'm sorry, Mr President,
but this item is non-negotiable.
If I...
...hear no objection...
...we'll proceed with Operation Gold.
OK, Mac. It's your show.
Thank you, General.
We go.
Chopper goes.
Chopper goes.
I wish to God I was up in that chopper.
No kidding, I really do.
Chopper is airborne.
I repeat, chopper is airborne.
Thank you, Major.
Chopper airborne.
Major Fitz, begin your attack.
I repeat, begin your attack.
President's talking
20-million bucks...
You'll get what you want.
I'll get what I want.
Fuck you and the flag, man.
I ain't interested in that shit.
General, look, be reasonable.
Didn't you hear what he had to say?
He don't give a rat's ass
about the money. We won!
Let me make one thing clear
to you men.
Either we're all going out winners,
or we're not going out at all. Understood?
What are we looking at now, Pete?
On the left,
the TV camera on one of the tanks.
On the right,
the TV camera on the chopper.
You can see exactly what's happening.
Hey, they brought up tanks.
How's that
for your Presidential credibility?
It looks like General Patten coming down.
They're gonna blow us up now!
Get me Mackenzie.
We're on the 50-yard line.
Yeah, we're in the middle of this game.
Let'sjust hope
we can fool General Dell.
- Well done.
- Thank you, General.
My God.
They're coming up.
Hey, General, you do that?
- Red phone. Silo 3.
- Jesus Christ.
Mackenzie, you miserable son of a bitch!
- What's the matter, Dell?
- What are you doing? Are you crazy?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm talking about ten APCs and
a TV tank rolling across the front yard!
- Mackenzie at Malmstrom.
- Mackenzie.
Mac, for Christ's sake, take a look.
He's got the keys.
Come on. Take it easy.
I tell you, he's bluffing.
He doesn't need the keys to open,
only to launch.
- Mackenzie's right.
- Hold on, will you, Dell?
- Bullshit.
- I'm in Omaha.
I don't know what those idiots
are doing up in Montana.
I got Malmstrom on the other line.
Give me a chance to find out
what's going on.
You're a goddamn liar!
Cease attack.
I repeat, cease attack.
- They're stopping.
- I called them off. No reason to launch.
I always knew you were arrogant,
but not insane.
Leave those vehicles where they are
and get the men out.
If those aren't out in ten seconds,
I launch.
- One, two...
- 'Solid Gold chopper is in place.'
- All crews abandon vehicles.
- All crews abandon vehicles immediately.
It's being done, Dell.
The crews will be out in a few seconds.
- That oughta teach you something, Mac.
- Always willing to learn, Dell.
That camera I see!
Come on!
You know, I thought
I was gonna piss in my pants.
150 guys against three! No!
General Dell, I'm with you.
Forget Powell.
'General, Operation Gold
proceeding according to plan.
- 'Troops are running to the woods.'
- Perfect, Major.
As soon as our men hit the trees,
conclude your descent from chopper.
- Are you guys ready?
- All set.
Let's go.
All right! Go!
Easy. Take it easy.
Haul her away!
Easy with that box.
Don't worry! I'm checking the left.
Watch the cameras.
And halt. Here it comes again.
OK, let's go, let's go, let's go.
Take it easy. Easy.
Watch those steps. You're gonna trip.
For goodness' sake, let's get inside.
It's clear.
- Well, at least they got in safely.
- First stage worked.
The beginning of the end of mankind.
In graphic black and white.
Heads up. Once we leave this place,
there'll be little conversation.
If anybody wants to make a speech,
this is the place.
What's the matter?
The funeral's called off.
Let's go, let's go?
What are you doing...?
- Why bring up the tanks...
- Come on, come on. Let's go.
...and not use them?
A diversionary attack?
A diversion from what?
Maybe their tankjockey
jumped off on his own.
I bet they kick his ass real good.
Preparing to descend, sir.
They're beginning their descent
down the elevator shaft.
- Tell 'em to hold all incoming calls.
- Hold all incoming calls.
Damn mission.
That's it. Watch that cable, Willie.
You're bouncing against it. Watch it.
That's it.
That's it, that's it.
That's it. Yeah. Put it down.
Come on, Jerry. Hurry up.
I can't hold on to this much longer.
Put it down. It's not that long now.
OK, OK. Come on. OK.
- How's your feet?
- Fine. I'm fine. OK.
- Are you good?
- Yeah.
OK. I'm running in.
OK, come on.
Come on, Handel.
- Got it?
- Go.
Let it go, let it go.
That's all right.
Jesus Christ.
Descent completed, sir.
We're starting down the tunnel now.
- They are now in the outer control room.
- Descent is now complete.
They're now
in the outer control room.
OK. Easy.
These goddamn TV controls
probably don't even work.
- You're shaking the box.
- I'm not shaking it! You're shaking it.
You can't even gauge?
- They can't hear us, can they?
- Are you kidding?
Just look at that door.
We're at the door now, sir.
They think they're fooling
with a bunch of kids?
There's no way in
without being seen.
Maybe they're convinced
we mean business.
They're up to something.
I can feel it.
- The floor slopes.
- Wait. Maybe I can fix it.
That's it.
Detonator ready. Timer ready.
Do you read me, sir?
Detonator ready. Timer ready.
Detonator ready. Timer ready.
Detonator ready, timer ready.
OK, check the balance.
Gold has blown!
I repeat, Gold has blown!
General, what do we do?
We're ready to go!
Turn that key!
- We're ready to go!
- Turn on the count of three!
One, two, three...
What the hell is that?
Mackenzie, we've launched!
55 seconds and counting.
'Jesus Christ.
It looks like the doors of hell.
'I never thought it would end like this.'
- Well?
- You asshole! Dell's bluffing?
He doesn't have the keys?
He can't launch?
Tell me those aren't fucking missiles!
General Mackenzie, what do we do?
Request permission to go, goddamn it.
They can do it!
Hold on, boy, goddamn it.
Stay where you are.
Mackenzie wants permission to fire,
Mr President.
- Mike, are you there?
- 'Here! '
Goddamn it, Mike!
Give me the order.
- General, what do we do?
- Give the order to fire!
Mr President, do something!
Do you hear, boy?
Don't run out on me now.
31, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24,
23, 22, 21, 20, 19,
18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13,
12, 11, 10...
The box! The box!
Come on, come on.
Come on!
Let's go. Come on.
Come on, let's go, let's go.
Come on.
The countdown stopped at eight.
Next time, they go.
Close the silos.
Drag him into the other room.
Tie him up.
Time is running out, gentlemen.
Somebody better come up
with a solution.
That man is double-talking you,
frontwards and backwards.
While you're talkingjustice,
he's calling up the armour.
And we don't know
what those cats left behind that door,
and I, for one, don't wanna know.
It was Mackenzie. Bastard convinced
the President he could blow us out of here.
- Bullshit!
- The President is not a liar.
They pressured him.
Military always thinks they can solve
everything with firepower.
I'm reading it for the tenth time,
and I still don't believe it.
can I have your attention, please?
There's something
I want to read you out loud.
You all have your own photographed
copies. You can follow me.
Page two, paragraph three.
About the middle of the page.
- You got it?
- Yes.
The President is speaking.
"Are you gentlemen telling me
that more boys are going to die?"
The response is "yes".
Again, the President.
"And these deaths
will be totally in vain?"
Again, the response is "yes".
Again, the President.
"No territory will be gained."
"There's no hope of winning,"
"and we have no chance
of defeating the enemy?"
The response is "yes".
And now we come to the big one.
The President says, and I quote...
"You men are telling me
that the objective of this war"
"is to demonstrate to the Russians
a brutal national will"
"that we have the willingness
to inflict and suffer untold punishment,"
"and no matter what the cost
to American blood,"
"we would perpetuate
a theatrical holocaust?"
And all for, for, for... credibility.
Gentlemen, let me tell you right now,
if this was the attitude of the American
leadership in this country...
...then I am...
Arthur, what in the name of
the Holy Father were you thinking of?
You attended. How did it happen?
It happened because this country
needed a foreign policy
that took into account
the implications of nuclear weapons.
In simpler words,
because of the unprecedented
destructive effect of those weapons,
all-out war became known
as counterproductive.
Mr President, the consensus was,
or still is, as far as I know,
that we had to fight limited wars
to prevent the nuclear wars.
Well, let's not forget
what Hitler and Stalin did in Spain.
They were both ready to fight
right down to the last Spaniard.
Ralph, are you comparing
Vietnam to Hitler?
I think, I-I think what Ralph means
is that, since nuclear war
would literally destroy what
we euphemistically call civilisation,
we faced a dilemma.
We had to convince the Russians
that we meant business,
no matter how unmotivated
our actions appear.
Our only option was
to show the Russians
that we would go all the way.
Didn't anybody ever express
the opinion that such a posture
was not only immoral, but homicidal,
to say nothing of suicidal?
And that, Mr President,
is blood over the dam.
...we killed and maimed
over a million people.
Not for military or territorial or diplomatic
reasons, but to prove we're inhuman.
Not exactly.
Not exactly, Mr President.
The objective was to prove
that we were capable
of inhuman acts.
Thank you, Arthur,
for that fine distinction.
Hoping, of course, that this knowledge
would inhibit the Russians' plans
for world takeover.
- I see.
- You mustn't take this personally.
We were forced into this
with the Soviet Union.
It's a game.
They play the game, we play the game.
It's the way business has been
conducted since, what, 1945.
All presidents have had to do it.
Their missiles removed from Cuba,
we pull ours out of Turkey.
That's... that's terrific, Ralph.
That'sjust great.
So I'll just get up on national television,
and tell the American people
it's all cold, calculated gamesmanship!
Jesus Christ.
Aren't any of you aware
of what's going on outside?
This country still hasn't
recovered from Vietnam!
It ripped us apart!
Soldiers died fighting it!
Kids died protesting it.
And what am I
supposed to do next time?
Get up on TV and tell them
it's all a PR gimmick?
To prove to our friends in Moscow
that I'm capable of pushing
the nuclear button if they push me?
Zach, I'd like to hear from you.
Well, Mr President,
we've had nuclear weapons
for over 35 years now.
And in all that time, we've never had
a comprehensive policy,
governing their use.
Neither have the Russians, Chinese,
French, Israelis, or anybody else.
The world has simply never dealt
with this explosive problem.
It's a dilemma without a solution.
A paradox without an answer.
I certainly don't have one.
If I did, I'd be living here, and you'd
be running the Defence Department.
Mr President, ever since Hiroshima,
through six different administrations,
our national security has
been defined by two words:
Limited war.
35 years ago, we had an opportunity
to explain this to the American people.
It didn't happen.
They still, to this day,
don't understand the realities.
And why should they?
Nobody ever explained it to them.
It's apparent
we have the opportunity again.
General Dell demands
that we enlighten the public.
That we do it today
before the sun goes down.
And he's putting countless lives
where his mouth is.
Who knows...
...if this incident were ever
to be revealed,
historians might consider General Dell
some kind of modern messiah.
He not only believes
that Judgement Day is here,
but he threatens a terrible wrath
if we don't make what he considers
the right choice.
Do you think he's right?
I mean, correct in how
he perceives the world?
He may very well be.
But this is hardly the moment for me
to either preach open government,
or to lobby for the imperial presidency.
Thank you, sir.
Zach, how do you define
the issue clearly?
How are we going to have
open government?
Or are we going to continue
to rule in the dark?
Often by deceit.
I simply don't think
the State Department
could operate in that climate.
The same for the CIA.
The damage to the military
would be irreparable.
Over a period of years,
a gradual disclosure of some
of these facts may be made.
You think General Dell will wait that long?
Mr President...
...naturally, we can't allow this man
to launch nine nuclear missiles.
It's become clear, at least to me...
...that the consensus
around this table is that...
...we do not go public.
I'm not sure General Dell offered us
a third option, or did I miss something?
I think what they're saying,
Mr President,
is that you will have to go to Montana,
and that protective measures
will have to be taken.
Once General Dell
has evacuated Silo 3.
You're saying if...
...a possibility exists that...
What you're saying is if...
...I go to Montana...
...I could be...
There's always that possibility,
Mr President.
I would be glad to call this man,
and offer to take your place.
Well, that's... that's... outrageous!
Gentlemen, I've no intention of being
sacrificed for the sins of others.
Think we ought to shove him out?
Drag him in the other room,
if you want to.
But that door doesn't open
till the President's on the elevator.
You know, the wife did
that painting when she was only 20.
She did that one the following year.
She might've been a really fine painter.
Is the President interested
in seeing a movie this evening?
No, I... I don't think so.
Why don't you try us tomorrow?
They got a great murder mystery.
You wanna see it?
No, I'm thinking about my own murder.
"I don't think so.
Why don't you try us tomorrow night?"
Why d'you think
I'll be twitching tomorrow night?
Cos you were born lucky, that's why.
Right on, as my daughter says.
Hey, now, that's my drink. You make
your own fucking drink. Come on.
You got elected, didn't you?
Tell me that wasn't luck.
A lousy convention hadn't deadlocked,
you'd still be living on Lake Michigan,
instead of the Potomac River.
Come on, that's history.
What am I gonna do? Those pricks
down there are trying to bury me.
I can see you're gonna be a big help!
You know, I'm no hero, but...
...I don't think I'd mind so much if I were
responsible, but I wasn't even here.
Same difference. Getting shot,
it's unpleasant for everybody, you know.
I hired every one of those assholes.
They don't have enough guts
to look me in the eye.
Except Guthrie.
That old bastard never flinched.
It's a lousy goddamn break.
Come on, David,
for Christ's sake!
It's got nothing to do with luck,
or breaks or the assholes downstairs!
It's who you are. It is the job.
It goes with the territory.
You're the fucking President!
Nobody else is gonna take your place!
Who are you gonna send? Me?
Anybody down there?
Eisenhower? Shall we get him
on the phone? Dig him up?
You don't get it, do you?
Has it ever occurred to you
I may be scared shitless?
Of course you're scared!
Who wouldn't be?
So, in the immortal words of
Harry Houdini: "The buck stops here."
Forget right, wrong, justice,
or any of that bullshit.
You live here, you gotta go!
Like, you said, "Urrr, outrageous,
that's it... Period." Slam.
Urrr! Asshole.
You prick!
You're the worst!
I should've dumped you years ago.
Yes, sir.
To hell with it.
- Nobody lives forever, right?
- Right, Mr President.
Gentlemen, please be seated.
Thank you, Mr Willard.
...this has been a difficult day
for all of us.
It's not over yet.
There are a number of things that have
to be done, and the sooner, the better.
- Where's the Vice President?
- He's in Atlanta.
I want him in the White House before
Air Force One touches down in Montana.
Now, if necessary,
each of you will do your best
to make the transfer of power
as smooth as possible.
What we've witnessed today
makes me understand
that the United States can't afford
to maintain its present direction.
The time has come
for this government
to make a declaration
to the American people,
to take them into its confidence,
to explain to them
what has actually taken place
since the end of World War II.
In this country...
...the people must have a right
to control their own destinies,
whatever the problems are.
They have a right.
And we have an obligation
to trust them.
Zach... and I have known each other
a few short years,
and we have disagreed many times.
If I'm unable...
...two weeks after the inauguration
of the new president,
I want you to promise to go on national
television and release that document.
The people must know.
And, damn it, they will know.
Because you're gonna tell 'em.
Can I have your word of honour
that you will do this?
Yes, Mr President.
My word of honour.
Mac assures me
that he's got three guys
that can knock the eye
out of a hawk at 1,000 yards.
I hope they don't shoot
the President instead.
That wasn't meant as a joke.
Look, there are three escaped convicts
coming out of that silo.
Three sharp shooters
for three convicts if we're lucky.
And if we're not?
I swear I just saw something.
- Maybe I'm seeing things.
- Keep looking.
Mackenzie will try anything.
He's hated me for over 30 years.
There's nothing moving out there.
- They're in the APCs.
- Thank God for that.
What about the press plane?
Developed engine trouble over St Louis,
and they had to turn back.
How convenient.
I don't know nothing.
I don't see nothing.
I sure feel something.
This is General Stonesifer at Malmstrom.
Where's Mackenzie?
- OK.
- General Mackenzie...
Come on, boy. Don't freeze on me.
We've got a real situation up here.
But, sir, he's up in Montana,
at the Command Postjust outside Silo 3.
Silo 3?
Yes, sir.
I should've known
the minute I saw those APCs.
That miserable son of a bitch!
They're really up to something.
Connect me with General Mackenzie
in the command trailer outside of Silo 3.
Red phone. Silo 3.
- Mackenzie.
- Well, well.
Welcome to Silo 3, Mac.
I knew my old buddy
wouldn't wanna miss this show.
Well, you know
I've always been a fan of yours.
I haven't heard from the President.
That can only mean one thing.
The President's on his way to see you.
He'll be landing in a few minutes.
You're, moment of glory
is almost here.
You try one more goddamn stunt,
and I'll light up the fucking sky!
He hasn't quit.
I can hear it in his voice!
Better leave.
You'll be late for the reception.
What the hell
could they be dreaming up?
Why did Mackenzie fly
all the way to Montana,
if they weren't thinking
of something special?
What the hell did you expect?
Free tickets to the roller derby?
We did the right goddamn thing.
There was no other choice.
Here comes Yankee Doodle again.
And that's how it happened.
May I bring you gentlemen
a beverage?
- I'll have a Jack Daniels, Mr Willard.
- Yes, Mr President.
And here I thought the Pres
was your main man.
It ain't gonna be him
who jumps off that plane.
Of course the President's
coming off that plane.
You know
what the trouble with you is?
You ain't got no imagination.
I bet you the real President never
got on that plane in the first place.
I bet you they've got a double
sitting up there playing chief.
A double?
Yeah, you never saw that movie
where the Germans are trying
to kill Field Marshall Montgomery,
so the English substitute some poor slob
to take the heat for the real Monty?
You wouldn't know the difference
if they dressed up Smokey the Bear
and sent him out there!
You don't understand at all.
- So don't ask me nothing!
- Well, I'm asking you.
You think there are sharp shooters
in those APCs?
They don't have to be in 'em!
They could be under a rock,
or behind a blade of grass!
My man, I had mere niggers in my outfit
that could shoot the asshole out of a rat
at a quarter of a mile!
Who knows?
Maybe they got a midget out there.
A what?
Some little biddy fella
we never even saw.
There are no midgets
in the United States Air Force.
Fuck the Air Force.
Maybe they bought him from the Mafia.
It's all the same company.
On the other hand,
would they run the risk?
They gotta know we got all the buttons.
You're right. You're right!
Mackenzie would do...
Forget that cardboard asshole, man.
He is nothing!
We are up against the real power!
Man! Don't you understand?
You are messing
with the brains of this country.
But we're not going out there alone.
The President will be right between us.
You really are pitiful.
What the hell are you trying to say?
I'm saying they do not give a shit about
the President of the United States!
They will kill us all
before they let that poor bastard
make that speech on television.
Man, don't you know,
they will never let him blow their gig.
You declared war,
but they got the muscle,
and they are gonna keep it.
And Stevens is expendable.
All right. All right. Come on.
Off our black ass. Let's do it.
You really are funny.
So? Get on that key.
And give me another good reason.
You said it yourself.
They have no intention
of honouring their commitments.
Grow up, General.
Nobody honours nothin'.
But that's no reason
to blow up the whole world.
Get on that key.
And if you blow me away,
who's gonna turn that key?
Of course, you could ask your buddy,
the war hero, in there.
What am I gonna do?
I'll tell you.
We got a dog's chance
of walking out of here,
getting on big number one,
with a piss pot full of money!
Now, who's to say us dogs
don't ever get lucky?
Colonel Powell here.
Yeah, Mac. I'll tell him.
Air Force One lands in 30 seconds.
'General Mackenzie,
Air Force One security clearance
'informs us that the President
and his party are about to disembark.'
- Mr President, General Stonesifer.
- General.
- General Horne.
- Sir.
- Beautiful day.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you for meeting me.
- Your Jeep is here, sir.
- Mr President, this is Sgt Fitzpatrick.
- Sergeant.
Mr President I... Yes, Mike?
I forgot your glasses.
OK, Sergeant,
we don't wanna be late.
How about that?
Well, Willie?
A very nice ride.
Thank you, Sergeant.
Thank you, sir, Mr President.
I'm Lawrence Dell.
- Pleased to meet you, Mr President.
- General.
David Stevens.
Willis Powell.
Where's Mr Garvas?
He ain't making this trip.
He's dead, sir.
Mr President... are you prepared
to appear on national television, and...
Hey, wait a minute. Unless that's
a money belt, I don't see no $20 million.
And unless we got that,
we ain't going nowhere.
Even though my tailor's a genius,
it wasn't possible on such short notice
to add the pockets necessary
to deliver $20 million.
And to be honest, I'm not sure that
today I'd have the strength to carry it.
The money's on the plane.
As to the document, General,
I'm prepared to comply with your request.
Well, like the old guy said,
"Get off, sonny,
cos you got all you gonna get."
After you, Mr President.
Just want you to know, General,
that... or lose... are some motherfucker.
Thank you... Willis.
We estimate objectives will appear
in one minute. Sparrow?
Ready, General.
- Blue Jay?
- 'All set.'
what if there's no clear line?
There are no ifs, Blue Jay.
You have your orders.
We estimate objectives exit
guard house, 30 seconds.
It's been a difficult day,
Mr President.
Many troubled moments.
but ultimately rewarding, General.
Thanks to you, Mr President.
I'd like you to know, sir,
that the first time since 'Nam,
I feel I've really come home.
- Robin?
- What if the President's in our sights?
Those convicts are not
to reach Air Force One.
- Understood?
- 'Yes, sir.'
We estimate objectives
to be entering guard house.
Sorry, Mr President.
Objectives now visible.
Objectives crossing compound.
I repeat, objectives crossing compound.
Moving your way.
I repeat, they're on the road.
- Identify.
- Sparrow ready, General.
But no clear target.
Blue Jay ready, General,
but no clear target either.
Robin ready, General,
but no clear target either.
- Blue Jay?
- Yes, General?
- 'Robin? '
- Yeah, General?
- 'Sparrow? '
- Yeah, General.
Sparrow, you are now in control.
Yes, General.
Sweet Jesus! Heading for home!
It's all right, Dave.
It's all right, yeah.
It's OK, buddy.
Mr Secretary!
- It's all right.
- Guthrie.
Mr Guthrie!
Will you...?
Again, Mr President.
Will... you keep your word?
Will you tell the people?