Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992) Movie Script

Get me Agent Chester Desmond
out in Fargo, North Dakota!
Gene, come over here
and help out.
I'll get the phone.
Chet, I'm calling you
from Portland, Oregon!
It's Regional
Bureau Chief Gordon Cole...
calling from Portland, Oregon!
OK, Gordon.
I've got a girl
that's been murdered!
Seventeen years old!
Named Teresa Banks!
I've got a surprise for you!
Something interesting
I would like to show you!
Arrangements are being made...
and I will meet you at
the private Portland airport!
OK, Gordon.
Chet! Good to see you.
Chet, give Sam Stanley
the glad hand.
He's come over from Spokane!
It's a pleasure.
I've heard a lot about you.
Sam's the man who cracked
the Whitman case!
I heard about that!
Chet, your surprise!
Her name is Lil!
She's my mother's sister's girl.
Good luck, Chet!
Sam, you stick with Chet!
He's got his own m.o.!
Modus operandi!
You fellas can reach me
in the Philadelphia offices!
I'm flying out today!
That really was something
with the dancing girl.
What exactly did that mean?
I'll explain it to you.
Remember Lil's
wearing a sour face.
What do you mean?
Her face had a sour look on it.
We're going to have problems
with the local authorities.
They're not going to be
receptive to the FBI.
Both eyes blinking
means trouble higher up.
The eye is the local authority.
Sheriff and a deputy
would be my guess.
You notice she had
one hand in her pocket...
which means
they're hiding something.
And the other hand
made into a fist...
which means
they'll be belligerent.
Lil was walking in place...
which means there's
a lot of legwork involved.
Cole said Lil was
his mother's sister's girl.
Now, what's missing
in that sentence?
The uncle. Not Cole's uncle...
but probably the sheriff's
uncle is in federal prison.
Let me ask you something.
Did you notice
anything about the dress?
The dress was altered
to fit her.
I noticed a different color
thread where it was taken in.
Gordon said you were good.
Tailored dress
is our code for drugs.
Notice what was pinned to it?
A blue rose?
Good. But I can't
tell you about that.
You can't?
No, I can't.
Good afternoon.
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Special Agent Chet Desmond.
I'd like to see
Sheriff Cable, please.
Why don't you have a seat
over there with your partner?
Make yourself at home
because it'll be a while.
Why don't you have some coffee?
Go ahead.
It was fresh about two days ago.
I've had enough
of the waiting room now.
Is that so?
Don't move.
You can start that fresh pot
of coffee right now.
How the hell
did you get in here?
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Special Agent Chet Desmond.
I'm here to investigate
the murder of Teresa Banks.
Well, little fella...
we don't need
any outside help around here.
I don't like you people sniffing
around my neck of the woods.
When the state boys called me
about a J. Edgar coming up...
I think I said, "So what?"
It's all right, Deputy.
Sheriff Cable
can handle it from here.
Your behavior is not funny.
It's wasting the time
of the federal government.
You're lucky
I'm not wasting you.
Well, little fella,
let me put it this way.
The operative word here
would be "federal."
I'm ordering you to release
all pertinent information...
concerning Teresa Banks,
both while living and deceased.
Your basic kill.
Banks was a drifter,
and nobody knew her.
Where's the body?
It's out in back in our morgue.
It's 4:30. We close at 5:00.
We have our own clock.
We'll lock up.
Agent Desmond,
I figure this whole office...
furniture included,
is worth $27,000.
Teresa Banks.
She lived at the Fat Trout
Trailer Park for a month.
We'll check that.
Worked as a waitress
at Hap's Diner.
Worked the night shift.
Good place for dinner
when we're through here.
No one came to claim the body.
No known next of kin.
Crushed skull.
Probable cause... repeated blows
to the back of the head...
by a blunt,
obtuse-angled object.
I wonder where her ring is.
Personal effects include
a watch, undergarment...
pink waitress uniform.
The ring's missing.
Seems to be
an interesting contusion...
under the ring finger
of the left hand.
Agent Desmond, could you hold
the finger for me, please?
There's something in there.
What is it?
It's a piece of white paper...
with the letter "T"
imprinted on it.
Come here. Take a look.
Agent Desmond,
it's 3:30 in the morning.
Where are we going to sleep?
We're not.
We're going to get some food.
Ask Irene about that.
Irene out there.
Now, Irene is her name,
and it is night.
Don't go any further with it.
There's nothing good about it.
Thank you, Jack.
How's it going
with that goddamn lamp?
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Special Agent Chet Desmond.
I'd like to ask a few questions
about Teresa Banks.
Jack said you knew her.
How well?
She only worked here a month.
Nice girl.
Never seemed
to get here on time, though.
You ask me,
she had a little problem with...
Did you ever see
Teresa Banks take cocaine?
Do you ever take cocaine, Irene?
No, I do not.
I never took cocaine
or any other drug.
I don't take drugs.
Nicotine's a drug.
Caffeine's a drug.
Who's the towhead?
Those drugs are legal.
He's with me.
you'd like to tell us...
about Teresa Banks
that might help us out?
I've been thinking about that.
You ask me...
her death was what you'd call...
a freak accident.
Are you talking about that
little girl that got murdered?
You got something to tell us?
I know shit from shinola.
Agent Desmond, do you think
we should question him?
What time is it, Stanley?
It's late, Sam.
Hey, I'm sorry.
It's early. It's really early.
You know,
I never told anybody this...
but once,
for about three days...
just before her time...
Teresa's arm
went completely dead.
What do you mean?
Her left arm... it was numb.
She said she couldn't use it.
Probably those drugs
she was taking.
I just thought
I ought to tell you.
Are you talking about that
little girl that got murdered?
I doubt it was a drug problem.
It was probably a nerve problem.
I could recheck the arm
for injuries...
but I'd have to take
the body back to Portland...
to do some real nerve work.
I think that's a good idea, Sam.
We'd like to order
some food, please.
You want to hear
about our specials?
We don't have any.
What? What is it?
Can't you read?
It's really late.
We're really early.
Damn, this better be important.
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Special Agent Chet Desmond,
Agent Sam Stanley.
Sorry to disturb you...
but we need to see
Teresa Banks' trailer, please.
That goddamn trailer
is more popular...
than Uncle's Day
in a whorehouse.
You see what I mean?
It just means more shit
I got to do now.
Damn it!
Everything's exactly
like she left it.
Haven't touched a goddamn thing!
Take a look at this.
She's got the ring on.
I'm gonna make myself a cup
of Good Morning, America.
Y'all want some?
Here you go, boys.
Good Morning, America.
Thank you.
No kidding, man.
This stuff's got the sting
of the forty-eight-hour blend.
Right. It's the best
goddamn coffee...
you're going to get anywhere.
We sure do need
a good wake-me-up, don't we?
Yeah, we do, Sam.
Did you know Teresa Banks?
See, I've already gone places.
I just want to stay where I am.
What the hell's
that thing doing out there?
You're not taking
that body anywhere.
We're taking the body
back to Portland.
There's not a thing
you can do about it.
Teresa Banks had a ring.
Any idea what happened to it?
We got a phone here.
It's got a little ring.
Take that van back
to Portland, Stanley.
I'm going to take one more look
at the trailer park.
Agent Desmond, one thing
has been troubling me...
the blue rose.
You're going to the trailer park
for the blue rose.
That's Deputy Cliff's trailer
right there.
That's his truck, too.
Teresa Banks' trailer
is over here.
Right where we left it.
Where's my goddamn hot water?
See what I mean?
I'll be in my trailer.
Hot water, Carl.
I'm going to get you
some Valium, Margaret.
Gordon, it's 10:10 a.m.
On February 16th.
I was worried because
of the dream I told you about.
Phillip, is that you?
Cooper, meet the long-lost
Phillip Jeffries!
You may have heard of him
from the academy!
Now, I'm not going
to talk about Judy.
In fact, we're not going
to talk about Judy at all.
We'll keep her out of it.
I know, Coop!
Who do you think this is there?
Suffered some bumps
on the old noggin, Phil?
What the hell
did he say there, Albert?
Special Agent Dale Cooper!
For God's sakes, Jeffries,
where the hell have you been?
You've been gone
damn near two years!
I sure as hell
want to tell you everything.
Believe me, I follow.
It was a dream.
We live inside a dream.
It was above
a convenience store.
Listen, all. Listen carefully.
I've been to one
of their meetings.
Elga, baby, damn, no!
I found something!
And then there they were.
He's gone!
Albert, call the front desk!
I've got the front desk now.
He was never here.
News from Deer Meadow.
Agent Chester Desmond
has disappeared.
Gordon, what's going on?
He was here.
But where did he go?
And where is Chester Desmond?
That's her trailer over there.
Never touched a goddamn thing.
Agent Chet Desmond
come by a second time...
and asked to see Deputy Cliff's
trailer over here...
which I showed him.
I went back to my trailer...
and after that,
never saw him again.
Thank you, Carl.
Sorry to wake you.
All right.
Was having a bad dream anyway.
That's not the way out
to Deputy Cliff's trailer.
I'm not going
to Deputy Cliff's trailer.
Where the hell are you going?
I'm going over here.
What's over there?
God damn,
these people are confusing.
What are you looking for?
What was here, Mr. Rodd?
A trailer.
What the hell do you think?
Can you tell me
whose trailer it was...
and who stayed in it?
An old woman and her grandson.
Can you tell me
what their names were?
was the name of the people...
that rented this space before.
Is that Agent Desmond's vehicle?
Yep. Sure is.
Diane, it's 4:20 p.m.
I'm standing at Wind River
near the location...
where the body
of Teresa Banks was found.
Diane, this case
gives me a strange feeling.
Not only has Special Agent
Chester Desmond disappeared...
but this is one of Cole's
blue rose cases.
The clues found by
Special Agent Desmond...
and Agent Stanley
have led to dead ends.
The letter extracted
from beneath the fingernail...
gives me the feeling
the killer will strike again.
But like the song goes...
"Who knows where or when?"
Just a minute, Laura.
Yeah, Mike, you're the real man.
That's right. Mike is the man.
Mike is the man.
Laura Palmer, see you later.
See you in a sec.
Hey, baby.
Just kiss me.
It does matter.
We're in love.
James, you don't know what
you're talking about.
Quit trying to hold on so tight.
I'm gone.
Long gone...
like a turkey in the corn.
You're not a turkey.
A turkey's one of
the dumbest birds on earth.
Gobble, gobble, gobble.
Don't ever leave.
Laura, don't ever leave.
I'll never leave you.
Where were you
for the last hour?
I been looking all over for you.
I was standing
right behind you...
but you're too dumb
to turn around.
If he turned around,
he might get dizzy.
Where were you?
I'm not kidding around!
Who were you with?
Get lost, Bobby!
You'll be calling soon,
and maybe I won't be around.
Come on, Bobby.
Come on. Just a little one?
Love you, baby.
Are you going
to see James tonight?
Why are you so interested in
who I'm going to see at night?
Nighttime is my time.
You're tellin' me.
Only because you won't
let me in on any of it.
You're not going
to see Bobby, are you?
My God, Laura.
Why not?
Because Bobby is a loser.
You said so yourself.
He's a goon.
James is the one.
He loves you
with that everlasting love.
True love.
Yes, James is very sweet.
Why don't you get out
your violin, Donna?
God, he's gorgeous.
Yes, James is very sweet...
and very gorgeous.
I wonder if Mike
could ever write a poem.
Do you think that if you were
falling in space...
that you would
slow down after a while...
or go faster and faster?
Faster and faster.
And for a long time,
you wouldn't feel anything.
And then you'd burst into fire.
And the angels
wouldn't help you...
because they've all gone away.
My secret diary...
there are pages missing.
Who would do that?
But Bob is not real.
There are pages torn out!
That is real, Harold!
Well, maybe...
Bob is real!
He's been having me
since I was twelve.
And the diary
was hidden too well.
There is no other person
who could've known where it was.
He comes in through
my window at night.
He's real.
He's getting to know me now.
He speaks to me.
What does Bob say?
He says he wants to be me
or he'll kill me.
What? Please, what?
with... me.
The trees.
You have to hide the diary,
You made me write it all down.
He doesn't know about you.
You'll be safe.
I'm sorry.
I don't know
when I can come back.
Maybe never.
I want to taste...
through your mouth.
Lately I've been filled
with the knowledge...
that the killer
will strike again.
But because
it's just a feeling...
I am powerless to stop it.
One more thing, Albert.
When the next murder happens...
you will help me solve it.
Let's test it for the record.
Will the next victim
be a man or a woman?
A woman.
All right.
What color hair will she have?
Tell me
some other things about her.
She's in high school.
She is sexually active.
She's using drugs.
She's crying out for help.
Damn, Cooper,
that really narrows it down.
You're talking
half the girls in America!
What's she doing right now?
She's preparing
a great abundance of food.
Here's your change.
Thank you.
Heidi's got a bloody nose.
Think you could give Laura
a hand with Meals on Wheels?
I was just... I was busy.
I was doing this.
You're not that busy.
This would look nice
on your wall.
I can't do
Meals on Wheels today.
I just can't!
Oh, my God!
No, it's not him.
Donna, are you...
are you my best friend?
Of course!
What is it? What's wrong?
I'm your friend always.
Come on.
Hi, honey.
How's Donna?
And school?
School's fine.
Sit down.
Are you hungry?
Not really.
You didn't wash your hands
before you sat down, did you?
Let me see.
These hands are filthy.
There's dirt way
under this fingernail.
Leland, what are you doing?
Look at this finger.
Laura did not wash
her hands before dinner.
- Look at this.
- Don't.
Is it from a lover?
Did you get this
from your lover?
They don't call them lovers
in high school, Leland.
Bobby didn't give you this.
How do you know
Bobby didn't give her that?
Did Bobby give you this,
or is there someone new?
Leland! Please leave her alone.
Don't do that.
She doesn't like that.
How do you know what she likes?
Stop it!
Stop that!
Now, you sit down...
and we'll all have dinner.
I'll sit down...
but not a one of us
is going to start eating...
until Laura washes her hands!
Wash your hands!
What is it, Leland?
Laura, honey?
I love you.
I love you so much.
Good night, princess.
Is it true?
Don't take the ring, Laura.
Don't take the ring.
My name is Annie.
I've been with Dale and Laura.
The good Dale is in the lodge,
and he can't leave.
Write it in your diary.
This is where we live, Shelly!
As if I didn't know.
I'm showing you
how to wash this tile.
Then you're gonna do it.
Come off it, Leo.
I have to get ready for work.
What did you say?
Shelly, I'm not fooling
around anymore!
First thing you'll learn
is a good attitude!
That's the key!
Anybody'll tell you that.
Don't even think
about going anywhere!
I'm not finished with you!
Leo, Bobby.
What are you doing
calling me here?
I'm sorry.
The football's empty.
I'm looking for Santa Claus.
No way.
You already owe me money.
Five thousand, to be exact.
Leo Johnson, are you telling me
there's no Santa Claus?
Jacques, Bobby.
I need some things, man.
How come you only call me
when you're desperate?
You desperate, baby?
Are you interested or not?
Maybe, Bobby, baby. Maybe.
For ten K, I have a friend
who has what you want.
His stuff is the best.
Hit me.
Two days, midnight.
By the sound of sawing wood.
Jacques, you crazy
fucking Canadian.
This sounds big.
Where you going?
Nowhere fast...
and you're not coming.
Laura, come on.
Remember me?
I'm your best friend.
Aren't you
going to fix me a drink?
Where are the cookies?
You mean Fred and Ginger?
If I had a nickel
for every cigarette...
your mom smoked, I'd be dead.
I'll call you tomorrow.
When this kind of fire starts...
it is very hard to put out.
The tender boughs
of innocence burn first.
And the wind rises...
and then...
all goodness is in jeopardy.
Where did you go?
Why did you turn
Away from me
When all the world
Seemed to see?
Why did you go?
Was it me?
Was it you?
Questions in a world
Of blue
How can a heart
That's filled with love
Start to cry?
When all the world
Seems so right
How can love die?
Was it me?
Was it you?
Questions in a world
Of blue
When did the day
With all its light
Turn into night?
When all the world
seemed to...
So you want to fuck
the homecoming queen.
Let's go around the world, babe.
This isn't going to get you
in Walla Walla.
You go all the way,
don't you, little girl?
Sooner or later.
You willing to go all the way?
You gonna do it to me?
Let's boogie.
What the hell are you doing?
You part of the deal?
No, she isn't!
What did you say your name was?
That was really nice, Buck.
OK, Donna. Let's go.
Get her out of here, Jacques!
Don't ever wear my stuff ever!
I won't wear your stuff.
help me get her home now!
Why can't I wear your stuff?
Donna, not you!
How did I get in my house?
How did I get in my bed?
Life is full of mysteries,
Are you mad at me
for wearing something of yours?
I don't want you
to wear my stuff.
I do love you, Laura.
I love you, Donna.
But I don't want you
to be like me.
Why do you do it?
Excuse me, honey.
We're late to meet Mom
for breakfast.
I'll catch you later.
Bye-bye, Donna.
Dad, is the engine on fire?
It smells like
something's burning.
Something is burning!
It's the engine!
You stole the corn!
I had it canned
over the store!
And, miss...
the look on her face
when it was opened!
There was a stillness!
Like the Formica table top!
The thread will be torn,
Mr. Palmer!
Come on!
The thread will be torn!
It's him!
It's your father!
Stop it!
What was that all about?
You shouldn't do that
to your engine.
You ought to take it easy.
You're going to burn
your engine out.
What the hell
was all that about?
Why doesn't somebody
do something about this?
A man comes out
of the blue like that...
starts screaming at you
like a crazy person...
and harassing my daughter.
You all right, honey?
Dad, are you all right?
Teresa Banks.
You look just like my Laura.
So when's the next
business trip, big boy?
Soon. And next time...
let's party with those
girlfriends you told me about.
Sure. I can arrange that.
What are you doing?
Who am I?
I don't know.
That's right.
Who was that?
He looked familiar!
Have I met him?
No, you haven't met him.
Have you?
Let's go get your mother.
No. Just sit here for a moment.
Oh, my God.
A man comes out
of the blue like that.
What's the world coming to?
Hey, handsome.
What's wrong?
I chickened out.
Sure you're OK?
Did you come home
during the day last week?
Leave us alone!
God damn it,
get back to your work!
I thought I saw you.
Oh, God. You know?
I did stop home on Friday,
come to think of it.
I had this severe headache
and was in the neighborhood...
so I darted into the house
to get some aspirin.
Where were you, Laura?
I didn't see you.
I was just down the street.
The same ring.
Who are you?
Who are you really?
I'm nearly out.
It's taken care of, babe.
You and I will make
a big score tonight.
What is that?
This should tide you over.
A big score?
Maybe our biggest.
Don't tell Mike.
This is just between you and me.
Tonight, meet me two doors
down from your place at 11:00.
near the sound of sawing wood.
Do you love me, Laura?
Watch. OK. Watch.
That's good, Laura.
That's really good.
You're a great dancer.
Come on, knock it off.
Knock it the fuck off.
Give me the fucking...
Give me the fucking bottle.
Bubby? I mean, Bobby?
I found a little pine cone.
Shut up. Shut up.
Bobby, I found some dirt!
Shut up.
I found some dirt!
Here he comes.
Come on.
Who sent you?
That's right.
Like that, little girl?
Oh, my God!
Bobby, what did you do?
I shot him. Oh, my God!
I shot him. Fuck.
Get over here and help me!
Come here!
Shut the fuck up!
This isn't funny!
This is not fucking funny.
Now help me bury him.
Bobby, you killed Mike.
This isn't fucking Mike!
Is this Mike?
Bobby, do you realize
what you did?
You killed Mike.
Shut up.
Bobby, you killed Mike.
Shut the fuck up!
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Come on.
Fuck. What do you think this is?
Let's get the fuck out of here!
Look at that!
Come on!
Get the fuck out of here!
Where were you last night?
I thought we were supposed
to get together.
You're on something again?
So when will I get to see you?
I got to go.
Who are you?
Laura? Honey?
I really would like
to talk to you.
Laura, sweetheart.
Laura, honey?
Laura, is something wrong
this morning?
Stay away from me.
Not tonight.
Just give me some stuff
to hold me over until tomorrow.
Why not? Where you going?
Where are you going?
I'm going home, Bobby.
You don't want me.
You just want the blow,
don't you?
It's OK.
Bobby's got it.
My private stash.
Good night.
Good night, sweetheart.
I do love you, but...
I'll meet you in fifteen...
I'll meet you
in fifteen minutes.
God, why did I say that?
Fifteen minutes?
What the hell's wrong with you?
That's right.
There's no place left to go,
is there, James?
What the hell's
that supposed to mean?
You know it, and I know it.
What's wrong with us?
We have everything.
Everything but everything.
You always hurt
the ones you love.
You mean the ones you pity.
Say whatever you want.
I know you love me.
And I love you.
I do love you, James.
Let's get lost together.
He might try to kill you.
What's wrong?
If he finds out...
Laura, what's the matter?
Bobby killed a guy.
What are you talking about?
Bobby didn't kill anybody.
Do you want to see?
See what?
Open your eyes, James.
You don't even know me.
There are things about me...
Even Donna doesn't know me.
Your Laura disappeared.
It's just me now.
What about this, James?
I think you want
to take me home now.
Come on!
Don't! Just don't!
I love you, James!
You're right on time, baby.
Jacques! Don't!
Don't tie me up tonight,
God damn it!
- Stop it!
- Get back here!
Don't! Don't!
Don't tie me up, Jacques!
Leo, will you untie me?
Leo, will you please untie me?
Shut up!
Oh, my God!
Are you going to kill me?
If I die now...
will you come and see me?
Your diary.
I always thought
you knew it was me!
Don't look at me!
I never knew you knew it was me.
I want you.
I'm so dirty.
I'm not ready.
I'm sorry.
Let me in!
Don't make me do this!