Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces (2014) Movie Script

- Did you get the paperwork?
- Yes.
Jeez, Agent Desmond, it's 3:30.
Where are we gonna sleep?
We're not.
You and I are gonna
get something to eat.
I didn't realize so many hours
had passed.
Did you, Agent Desmond?
You have your own MO,
don't you, Agent Desmond?
Had the FBI here once before,
back in the '50s when Hap
was running the place.
- Where's Hap?
- He's dead. Good and dead.
Sorry to hear that.
Ah, he didn't suffer.
I'd like to ask you some questions
about Teresa Banks.
Sheriff Cable already asked me
a few questions about Teresa Banks.
She worked nights for a month.
That's it.
Any friends?
Did you ever see her
with someone else?
Did she ever mention any friends?
No. Ask Irene about that.
Now, Irene is her name,
and it is night.
Don't take it any further than that.
There's nothing good about it.
Thank you, Jack.
How's that goddamn light going?
I think you and I
ought to see the sunrise
at the Fat Trout Trailer Park.
Agent Desmond,
are you talking to me in code?
No, Sam.
I'm speaking plainly.
I mean exactly what I said.
Okay, well, in that case,
we should go
to the Fat Trout Trailer Park.
Thanks, Irene.
- Good
- Good
Try that, you little monkey.
I think I'll just take this
badge off, J. Edgar, if you don't mind.
The only way you're gonna get
that body out of here
is over mine.
I think I'll take off my badge as well.
Come on.
This one's coming from J. Edgar.
Who's next?
That was very proficient,
Agent Desmond.
you haven't changed your hair,
and I've seen
that beautiful dress before,
but I must say,
you look sensational today.
No, I am not trying to buy time.
It's Thursday, and you have changed
something in this room,
and this time,
you've done very well. Very well.
But I am going to tell you
exactly what it is
in a moment.
You have changed...
Got it. Diane, you've moved
that clock 12 inches to the left.
Ah, yes, another triumph
for the dashing Agent Cooper.
And now, Diane,
you must clean the coffee cups,
get fresh ground coffee from Sally,
and make a damn great
pot of coffee.
Well, Agent Desmond wanted to check
out the trailer court one more time.
He asked me to drive the van with
the body back to Portland, which I did.
It was 105 miles.
Anything else?
Did Gordon show you
a woman named Lil?
Stanley, I'm up to speed.
Agent Desmond never did explain
to me what the Blue Rose meant.
Neither will I.
Well, all right.
You know, I really did like
Agent Desmond. He had his own MO.
Oh, I cracked the Whitman case
with a machine like this.
- Stanley, I heard about it.
- They never would've found
the splinters without a machine
like this. Wanna know why?
- No one else had a machine like this.
- Tell me about the letters.
Oh. Well, look in here.
Right there.
Agent Desmond and I found that
under Teresa Banks' ring fingernail.
No one found the ring?
No, sir, we did not.
Sam Stanley.
If you ever need me.
Mr. Jeffries?
Here's your key, Mr. Jeffries.
I hope you enjoy your stay here
at the Palm Deluxe.
Do you have a Miss Judy
staying here by any chance?
This is for you.
The young lady, she left it for you.
is that you?
- Phillip.
- Phillip?
meet the long-lost Phillip Jeffries.
You may have heard of him
at the academy.
Well, now,
I'm not gonna talk about Judy.
In fact, we're not gonna talk
about Judy at all.
- Gordon?
- I know, Coop. Stand fast.
Who do you think that is there?
Suffered some bumps
on the old noggin, eh, Phil?
What the hell did he say, Albert?
That's Special Agent Dale Cooper.
Where in the hell
have you been, Jeffries?
I sure as hell
want to tell you everything,
but I ain't got a whole lot to go on.
But I will tell you one little bitty thing.
Judy is positive about this.
Interesting. Thought we were
gonna leave Judy out of it.
Sit down, Jeffries.
Hey, listen.
Listen up and listen carefully.
I've been to one of their meetings.
It was above a convenience store.
Whose meeting?
Where have you been?
Jeffries, you've been gone
damn near two years.
It was a dream.
We live inside a dream.
And it's raining Post Toasties.
Hell, God, baby, damn, no.
I found something
in Seattle at Judy's.
And then there they were.
And they sat quietly for hours.
And I followed.
The ring.
I'll take that second mineral water.
Phillip, let's calm down here,
and get all this
interesting story on paper.
Hello? Hello?
Hello? Give me some good news.
Cooper, the device has gone faulty.
Can anybody hear me?
Mayday. Mayday.
What, am I alone in here?
- He's gone.
- What?
Oh, Mr. Jeffries.
Oh, the shit, it come out of my ass.
Santa Maria, where did you go?
Are you the man?
Are you the man?
- Bobby, the football?
- Yeah, the football.
The football's half-empty.
Where's the other half
of the coke?
What are you talking about?
Don't play games with me, man.
We either got to have
half that coke or half the money.
We owe Leo $5,000.
Relax, Mike.
It's not funny, sonny.
Look, snake,
I have the coke, all right?
Yeah, you better have it.
Here they come.
Want a ride?
We're all gonna bear our 'cudas.
No thanks, Bobby. We want to walk.
We weren't going to school
right away anyway.
Hey, Donna, I'll walk with you.
I'm walking with Laura.
That's what I like about you.
You're tough to handle.
That's why you need
a real man like me.
Yeah, Mike. You're the real man.
That's right, I am the man.
Mike is the man.
- Mike is the man.
- Is the man.
Laura Palmer,
I'll see you later.
Heh. Yeah, maybe.
Cigarette. Cigarette, cigarette.
Uh, Mom, can I borrow the car?
- Sure. What is the hurry?
- Oh.
- I forgot my books.
- Oh.
Ugh. Laura.
You will never be a smoker
if you don't start.
I mean it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You lied to me
about those schoolbooks.
I found them upstairs on your bed.
What were you doing in my room?
I was looking for my blue sweater
you borrowed,
which I found balled up
on the bottom of your closet.
Now, why did you lie to me?
And where the hell were you, Laura?
I had to see Bobby.
I know you don't like Bobby.
But there was a problem, and I just
didn't think that you would understand.
Oh, honey.
You don't have to lie to me ever.
You can tell me anything.
I will understand.
I'm sorry, Mom.
Go on. Hurry up.
Dinner's about ready.
Your father says he's starving.
Hello, Sarah. Hello, Laura.
Where's my ax?
I'm hungry!
Oh, Leland.
- What?
- Heh.
The Norwegians
are coming next week,
and I'd like you both to learn something
that I just learned in Norwegian.
I'd like you both to learn to say:
"Hello. How are you?
My name is Leland Palmer."
But my name isn't Leland Palmer.
Neither is mine. Can't we talk about
something serious for a change?
This is serious, my dear.
Mr. Benjamin Horne is expecting
a delegation of Norwegians
in town next week,
and I'd like you both
to be able to introduce yourself.
Now, Sarah, you first.
- Leland Palmer.
- Sarah. Sarah Palmer.
Okay, honey, now... That's very good.
We'll practice some more.
You try it, okay?
Laura Palmer.
Okay. All together now.
Hold hands.
A little bow. A little formal bow.
That's my girls. That's my girls.
Oh, my.
Oh, Sarah.
- Friend of Leo's, right?
- Yeah.
Power and the glory.
Hey, wait. Uh, I thought Leo said
this was my party.
If you can fuck and drive,
the party starts right now.
You shift that one.
This one's mine.
This is not the 2-by-4 I ordered.
It's the second time you've sent it.
It's too small.
I want a 2-by-4.
I don't understand
how this could have happened.
What's going on?
I ordered a 2-by-4.
None of the pieces are 2-by-4.
It's all very simple.
You see, Mr. Mibbler, the wood comes
in over here and it goes out over there.
Now, when it's over here,
it's exactly 2-by-4,
but when it comes out over there,
it's exactly 1 and 9/16ths
by 3 and 9/16ths.
It's that way all over our land.
You admit it then.
Well, you know,
a 2-by-4 hasn't been a 2-by-4
since the invention of the plane cut
and the planer.
We're not trying to cheat you.
- I've alerted the institution in Portland.
- If it was...
If it was 2-by-4,
it wouldn't fit anything.
You couldn't build
a decent doghouse with it.
Now, wood cutting has to be uniform,
I wanted a 2-by-4 inch.
Well, none of this would've happened
if you'd have said "untrimmed."
Do we have any of those?
Well, birchwood and clear wood,
they're exactly 2-by-4 for exporting.
But even they can shrink.
Green wood shrinks.
Pete, it's all so complicated.
I mean, we could end up in the
courthouse illegally or something.
I wanted 2-by-4.
Mr. Mibbler, look,
down at your bank,
is a dollar still worth
what it used to be?
I see what you mean.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Heidi has a bloody nose.
A bloody nose?
Do you think you could give Laura
a hand with the Meals on Wheels?
Uh, I'm really busy, Norma.
You're not that busy.
I changed my mind.
I don't want any coffee, Eddie.
Sorry, Norma.
Uh, Shelly, I... I can't do
the Meals on Wheels today.
I just can't.
Laura just ran off
and left her car and Meals on Wheels.
Should I do the run?
What's with that Laura?
Yeah, sure.
There's nobody here anyway.
Yeah, there's nobody here anyway.
There's no one here.
You okay?
Come back as soon as you can,
If Leo comes here,
he's not gonna believe
I'm out on Meals on Wheels.
If Leo comes, Shelly,
I'll take care of him, don't worry.
Kind of quiet.
Oh, babe, I'm so sorry
about what happened.
Let's get together later if we can.
I'll call you.
What's wrong, Laura?
Laura, what is it?
I just want one friend.
Just for one minute.
Laura, how about one friend
for the rest of your whole life?
That's what I want.
Thanks, D.
Okay, L.
I'm your friend always.
But sometimes lately I feel that
you don't wanna be around me
because I'm so uptight.
No, I am uptight.
And I hate it.
I don't wanna be, but, Laura,
I don't...
I mean...
I'm your friend
no matter what way you are.
You know,
even when I just think about your face,
I get happier.
Come on.
Do you wanna talk?
No, I wanna smoke.
I'm really in a mess today too.
I'm thinking about doing it with Mike.
Mike's the man, right?
Well, what do you think?
Donna, you're such a crack-up.
You don't even like Mike.
Is this way your way of showing to me
that you're not uptight?
This is about sex, not like.
Mom, Laura's here,
and I think I'll have
one of those huckleberry muffins.
You want a muffin?
If I can smoke it.
Do you want a muffin?
Donna, you are a muffin.
Ipso facto.
The red rose.
Where's the red rose?
Oh, that's so embarrassing.
You know the light
at Sparkwood and 21?
It worked right there.
I just did it right there.
Why is it you can't smoke
in your home,
I'm a doctor and don't allow smoking
in my home,
and I let you smoke in my home?
- Because you love me so much?
I do love you,
you little smoking whippersnapper.
I want you to know that I put seven
whole huckleberries in each muffin.
What the hell is this?
It's a prescription.
Uh, this isn't a prescription.
It's a secret message for Laura.
"The angels will return,
and when you see the one
that's meant to help you,
you will weep with joy."
I'll get it.
Yeah, she's right here, Leland.
Laura, it's for you. It's your father.
I gotta go home.
I'll walk you out.
See you tomorrow.
Bye, sweetie.
You okay?
Goodbye, muffin.
No, you're the muffin.
No, Donna, you're right.
I'm the muffin!
Don't take the ring, Laura.
Don't take the ring.
Ooh. You see what we can do?
- Ooh.
- No.
I want to taste through your mouth.
Now I can't find my blue sweater.
Did you take it again?
- Mom.
- What?
What are you wearing?
Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no.
- Oh, no.
- Mom.
Oh, no.
- Mom.
- It's happening again.
- No, it's...
- It's happening again.
- No. No, it's not. Just sit down.
- It's happening again.
Someone who knows how to clean
knows where the object was
before she started cleaning,
and then that object goes back
to the same exact spot.
Shelly, I know where everything
in this house is.
Sometimes on the road, I mentally
go through this whole house
and picture where every item is.
Lay off the bennies, Leo.
Anybody can clean the surface
of an object,
but dirt can find its way anywhere.
To really clean,
you have to scrub below the surface.
Where the dirt is, Shelly!
That's one thing you're gonna learn,
how to clean.
It takes scrubbing, Shelly.
There is no easy way.
This is where we live, Shelly!
As if I didn't know.
I'm gonna show you how to wash this,
and then you're gonna do it.
Come off it, Leo.
I need to get ready for work.
What did you say?
I'm not fooling around anymore!
First thing you got to learn
is good attitude.
That's the key.
Anybody will tell you that.
Don't even think about
going anywhere.
I'm not finished with you.
We couldn't get any warmer.
- Mm.
- Ahem.
What are you playing?
I don't think I recognize that.
It's a tune called P-P-P-P-T-B.
It's a portable, uh, breath tester.
Harry gave it to me. What's it say?
It says you can't even walk. Ha, ha.
Well, looks like we're gonna be here
for a long time.
Let's find something good
on the radio.
So far away.
God, that's beautiful.
It's you and me, Ed.
You can barely hear us.
do you think we're lucky,
or just a terrible accident?
Sweetheart, I think we're so lucky.
I think
we're one great big giant
All right, I didn't even spill my beer.
Everybody's coming. Ow!
What a downer you are.
Heh. Hey, Tommy.
Jacques beat us here.
Hold on, I'm choking the farm fed.
Come on, let's go inside.
Hey, Laura. How's it going?
Hey, Dennis.
...with me.
...with me.
Teresa Banks?
What can I do for you?
Oh, Teresa.
I really like your picture.
You wanna party?
Well, that sounds like fun.
Where did you see my picture?
In Flesh World.
Come to the Red Diamond City Motel.
I'm coming from Twin Peaks.
Okay, if you're coming
from Twin Peaks,
it's just your side
of Red Diamond City.
- Ah. You'll be there?
- I'll be here.
What room?
Room 123.
As in ready, set, go?
Right, as in ready, set, go.
Oh, baby. Heh.
- The guy split.
- He split?
Got the money.
Looks like it's just us girls.
Hello, Roadhouse.
Jacques. It's Teresa.
Hey, Teresa. Heh.
- How you doing, eh?
- I'm okay.
Let me ask you a question.
What does Ronette's father
look like?
Short guy, heavyset, balding.
Why? What are you up to?
And what does Laura Palmer's father
look like?
Very handsome, wavy black hair.
He's like a movie star.
Well, I got J.B.'d by this guy up your
way, and I had a thought about it,
but, uh, no,
this guy was a big guy, about 6'4",
nose broken, like he was a boxer.
Oh, well. Okay, Jacques.
Thanks a lot.
Hey, handsome.
It's your little party girl.
Now, don't forget,
it's Johnny Horne's birthday today.
Don't forget.
Joey just called in.
Bernie the mule
left Canada about an hour ago.
That means
we stop watching Jacques,
set a trap for Bernie.
He's coming in on foot.
That's right, Andy.
I guess you're saying there's an awful
lot of trails for us to cover, hmm?
No, I was thinking
what a long hike Bernie has to take.
I'll get on it.
Thank you, Andy.
I'm going out to the woods
to divvy up the product.
I want you to take this cash
and put it in your safety deposit box.
It's $10,000.
Bobby, did you kill Mike?
I'm not gonna give you this
if you don't stop fucking around.
It's not one goddamn bit funny.
I killed someone.
I killed someone, Laura.
Fuck. Laxative?
Shit, fucking, fuck!
Fuck! Motherfuck!
Laura, you didn't come
to see me yesterday.
I couldn't.
It was Johnny Horne's birthday.
I promised I'd be with him.
I told you not to call me here.
Well, you know,
a little trouble with your parents, uh,
is the least of your worries,
and it's certainly something
that I'm willing to put up with.
I'm not.
Did you make me a tape?
I already made you two tapes.
Laura, you're going
to have to deal with all of this.
I'm dealing with it, doc.
Maybe I'll make you
a tape tomorrow.
Good night.
Send me a kiss.
I hate asparagus.
Sure you do. It's good for you.
Where's Dad?
Ben asked him to stay late
to help plan for the Norwegians.
If it's okay with you, I think I'm gonna
go to Bobby's and do my homework.
It's a school night.
Back by 9.
Bye, Mom.
"And I will give power
unto my two witnesses,
and they shall prophesy a thousand
two hundred and threescore days,
clothed in sackcloth.
These are the two olive trees
and the two candlesticks
standing before the God of Earth.
If any man will hurt them,
fire proceedeth out of their mouth..."
- Hi, Mrs. Briggs.
- Hello, Laura.
Bobby's in the basement.
- Right where he belongs, right?
- Yeah.
"And when they shall
have finished their testimony,
the beast that ascendeth
out of the bottomless pit
shall make war against them, and
shall overcome them and kill them."
- Laura?
- Yeah.
What's up, Bobby?
Bad news, kid.
It was baby laxative.
What was?
The stuff from last night.
Baby laxative?
- We can't snort baby laxative.
- Shh.
No shit.
I killed a guy for baby laxative.
What is the world coming to
when you kill a guy
for baby laxative?
Don't get funny on me again.
- I'm not.
- Shh.
- Bobby, I gotta get some more.
- Shh.
I mean it. I'm out.
- I'm out.
- Yeah.
Okay, okay.
I gotta get that 10,000 back too.
Sure, but I can't get it
until school is out tomorrow.
Let's ditch this place and party.
Not tonight.
Just get me some
to hold me over until tomorrow.
Why not? Where are you going?
Where are you going?
I'm going home, Bobby.
To my bed.
To my nice warm bed.
We can... We can do it right here.
You don't want me.
You want the blow, don't you?
Oh, it's okay.
Bobby's got it.
I always have enough for us.
My little round friends too.
Thanks, Bobby.
"And the angel thrust in his sickle
into the earth,
and gathered the vine of the earth
and cast it into the great winepress..."
"And the winepress
was trodden without the city..."
Night, Laura.
"...even unto the horse bridles,
by the space of a thousand
and six hundred furlongs.
And I saw another sign in heaven,
great and marvelous,
and seven angels..."
Robert, put out the cigarette.
"And I saw as it were
a sea of glass mingled with fire,
and them that had gotten
the victory over the beast
and over his image
and over his mark
and over the number of his name,
stand on the sea of glass,
having the harps of God."
Sheriff Truman, this is Lucy.
I'm on the intercom looking for you.
Are you downstairs with Andy
in the interrogation room?
- Yes, Lucy.
- Oh.
Mrs. Packard called,
and she said she heard
what she thinks could be
a prowler outside her house.
Okay, Lucy. I better get on up there.
Andy, you stay down here
and monitor the radio.
Let me know right away
when you hear from Hawk.
It's probably raccoons.
Okay, Sheriff Truman.
And last week
I thought of the same thing.
Raccoons remind me
of my aunt who lives in Wyoming,
where they have raccoons too.
Except she couldn't get rid of hers
because she fed them albacore tuna.
I don't know why
she fed them albacore tuna.
Albacore tuna is very expensive.
Oh, Sheriff Truman!
How did you get up here?
Good night, Lucy.
Get some sleep now.
Andy, are you there?
I'm very confused.
Who am I talking to?
Andy, are you there?
Where did Andy go?
Go in the house.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
Sheriff Truman just brought her in
from Glastonbury Grove.
Where is the ring?
Where am I, and how can I leave?
My name is Annie.
I've been with Laura and Dale.
The good Dale is in the lodge
and he can't leave.
Write it in your diary.
How's Annie?
How's Annie? How's Annie?
Coop, are you all right?
Coop? Coop, are you all right?
I slipped and hit my head
on the mirror.
The glass broke
when my head struck it.
It struck me as funny, Harry.
Do you understand me?
It struck me as funny.
You're going right back to bed.
But I haven't brushed my teeth yet.