Twist (2021) Movie Script

Let me tell you a story about
a young man called Oliver.
There's no singing. No dancing.
And definitely no happy ending.
But before we get to me,
this all started with a thief
called Tom Chitling.
There he is!
Stop! Stop!
Let's go!
- Come here! Where is it?
- I don't have it.
Growing up,
it was just me and Mum.
We didn't have a lot,
but we had our imagination.
Where'd you take us
today, Oliver?
The beach.
And we had an ice cream.
Mmm, delicious.
I took us
to the circus.
Wow. Elephants.
- Thanks, Mum.
- You're welcome.
I'm gonna take us somewhere
even better tomorrow.
I can't wait.
What do you see?
A lady swimming.
What else?
What does Oliver see?
I don't understand,
Well, I see escape.
I see a powerful woman
leaving behind a life
that wasn't meant for her.
And all of the flowers,
they're telling us why.
Anyone ever told you
you're a bit weird, Mum?
Has anyone ever told you
you're a bit cheeky?
Oh. We're going
to space now, are we?
I thought we were supposed to be
doing our dreams for the future.
I don't get it.
Well that's you.
And that's me.
And we're
in a gallery.
And we're looking at this painting
of you and me in a gallery
looking at this painting
of you and me in a gallery.
And it goes on
and on and on...
But nothing
lasts forever.
Then it was just me.
Poor lad.
Time to go, Oliver.
I didn't know
anyone else.
I certainly didn't belong
with them.
I was better off on my own.
Oi! Wake up.
Wake up,
you little rat.
Right. I've told you before,
and I'm not... Hey!
I'm not gonna
tell you again!
Don't you dare.
Sod off,
you little scrounger!
Stop sleeping
in the gallery!
People don't really call
me Oliver any more. They call me...
Congratulations, love.
You've won
a little yellow square.
You could see
I had my hands full.
They're not my rules.
I just enforce 'em.
I was right here.
You was right here
for too long.
I thought
you were gonna move in.
Do you think
I like doing this?
Actually, I do.
It makes me feel big in every way.
Could you not give
the ticket to anyone else?
I'm not just giving 'em
to nice people.
You look like a nice person,
so I've given one to you.
Please, I was literally
about to leave.
You should have left earlier,
shouldn't you?
I can't afford this ticket.
Well, I can't afford a 4K TV,
but I wish I could.
I'd like one of those.
Actually, I don't even know
what it is,
but I like the sound of owning it.
I wish I could have it.
- Please, sir...
- Please, please, please.
Don't tell me
your problems.
You're gonna get another one
in a minute. Oi!
Hey, stay away from that van.
That's my van, you little pig.
- Here you go, miss.
- Thank you.
Stop that lad!
Yo, man. The bikes!
Yo, likkle man!
- Hey, slow up, bro.
- What?
Relax, man.
The cops packed it in way back.
Why are you chasing me then?
'Cause you forgot
your shopping.
- It's you, isn't it?
- What?
Doing all this.
Come on, man,
we know that it's you.
We done the forensics
on your spray cans.
He's a joker, this one.
But, look, listen.
I am Dodge,
this is Batesy,
and together we...
- What about your bikes?
- Not ours, pal!
Come on!
Hey! Stop!
I said get down!
Come on.
- Cracking set of pins, love.
- Look at that.
What happened to him?
- What was that?
- Brilliant.
You two again.
Oh, come on.
We're your guardian angels.
Where's the other guy?
Come with us. We'll sort you out
with some new gear.
Or you could just stay here.
I mean, it's up to you.
We got trainers as well.
Come on, handsome.
Follow us.
- I ain't got anything worth stealing.
- Come on, mate.
You can't go through
life trusting no one.
Yeah, we saved
your arse once already.
That was
the other guy.
What, you mean Red?
The guy in the green jacket.
That's a real hero,
that one.
Entre, s'il vous plat.
Who's that?
Just me and Batesy.
What size waist are you?
I'd say he's about
a 30 regular.
Who's that?
Oh, that is the ghost
of Dodge's grandpa.
Batesy, shut up.
I'll introduce you later.
Let's get you
some clobber first.
Uh, you do realize
I've got no money?
It's all right. You can owe us.
I don't like
owing people.
Go on, have 'em.
Introductory special offer.
- We can spare 'em.
- Where did you get all this?
- Sports Warehouse.
- Oh, I lost my favorite hat on that job.
Are you ever gonna stop banging
on about that hat?
Probably not.
Have 'em. They cost us nothing,
shop's claimed insurance.
Plus, them pasty legs...
they're gonna give me
Oh, better give 'em a little bit
of a shake actually.
Better give 'em
a shake first, eh.
Hey, Fagin.
Dodge, I've told you before.
You cannot bring in green kids
off the street.
- I know, but Fa...
- No buts.
Out he goes.
Fagin, please.
This is Twist.
Extreme graffiti artist.
Reaching places
others can't reach.
Tags under moving cranes
and that.
Like what's his face, uh...
Banksy. Yeah.
Reaching places other people
can't reach, eh?
The problem with graffiti is,
is you can't move it.
What's the point in a painting
if it's always in the same place?
The higher up I put my work,
the more people can see it.
That's the point.
It doesn't belong to anybody.
An idealist, eh?
All property is theft.
In my case,
that's literally true.
Tell me, Mr. Idealist,
how's virtue treating you?
Is it filling your stomach?
Can it give you
a hug on a cold night?
Ideals are useless.
They're like appendix.
Cut 'em out.
He's fast.
He left the Old Bill for dust.
I thought maybe
we could train him up
seeing as
we have a vacancy.
I'm not a thief.
What, you've never stole
a sarnie from Tescos?
I don't need to. They chuck out
enough if you know where to look.
Oh, living the dream.
We all have to start somewhere,
don't we?
It wasn't so long ago that you
were stealing credit card details.
Uh, it's called phishing.
It's called surviving.
It's what we do
to survive.
- Suppose.
- Bravo.
You need a place to stay?
No. Thank you.
Cheers for the clothes.
I'll pay you back.
a really decent copy.
I've seen the original tons
of times at the Tate.
No, you haven't.
I tell you what.
I'll cook tonight, Dodge.
What do you want,
spaghetti or beef burgers?
- I love the...
- Ah, nah.
Come on. Do me a flavor, Fag.
You know I'm 72% vegan.
Meat is a treat.
Doesn't matter what you eat
so long as you eat together.
Because, as I've always said,
the most important thing
is the family
that eats together...
...stays together.
Yeah. Right.
Oi! Mate.
I just wanted to...
Stand there gawping
like a fish?
If you could speak sometime
soon that'd be great
- 'cause I've got somewhere to go.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't realize you,
you were a...
And I didn't recognize you
with clothes on.
I just wanted to say thanks.
You're welcome.
Is that everything?
I'll take that as a yes.
The boy's an artist.
So, what do you see?
A loner with a cracking pair
of trainers?
Well, that's disappointing.
You missed the point.
Can you get up there?
Please. If he can...
- Yeah.
- Some boys like respect.
Some boys like being
in the pecking order.
But this one...
he wants something
that he's missing.
A smartphone?
He wants love.
So let's give it
to him.
Glad I climbed up
this side.
There's no toilet
up here.
Love what you've done
with the place.
It's just while
I'm doing this one here.
Gonna offer me
a cup of tea then, or...
I could do you cream crackers
and chocolate spread.
Ooh, nutritious.
I thought you were
a guy, by the way.
That's why I was being
weird earlier.
You say
the sweetest things.
No, no. I wasn't...
I mean, I just...
- The way you move...
- Like a guy? Yeah. I get it.
- I don't mean to offend you.
- Oh, why would that offend me?
Just guys are more strong.
Not that girls aren't strong.
Girls are strong as well.
Just guys tend to be...
I don't know.
Not much of
a smooth talker, are we?
Best stick to climbing
I think.
How come you're so good
at climbing anyway?
When I was younger,
I felt safer up high.
People couldn't find me.
So I taught myself
to climb.
And you've been a loner
on a roof ever since?
Suits me just fine.
Well, you can't stay
up here forever.
Isn't there things you wanna
see, things you wanna experience?
Must get pretty boring.
I can go anywhere I want.
- What?
- See.
I can imagine.
Well, I'm here
in real life,
and I've come to invite you
to a real-life dinner.
Me and you?
Come to Fagin's,
tonight at 7:00.
And you never know,
we might just be better
company than your paintings.
What am I doing?
What does Oliver see?
Can't be by yourself forever.
You're late.
Is that any way to greet
your favorite supplier?
What happened to Tom?
He screwed up.
That's what happened.
My kids are not disposable.
That's exactly what they are,
my old friend.
No friends, no family.
No questions.
For complications.
Did you get my envelope?
What, this?
When has it ever been
that easy, eh?
I want in.
I know you're pulling
a job.
You're hitting Losberne.
I want a cut.
I was gonna tell you.
Of course you were.
Let me make it
easy for you.
Whatever's in there...
seems very important
to your little plan.
Question is, are we gonna do it
the easy or the hard way?
Partners. Now...
the envelope.
I think I'll keep it.
Just in case
of future complications.
Took your bloody...
Oh, my giddy aunt.
What is happening
with your barnet?
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Come on, look, look.
Welcome, Twist.
Let me take your jean shirt,
jacket for you. There we go.
- Come on.
- Ah.
Glad you could make it,
Oh, Twist.
Come and sit next to me.
Oh, blimey, look. Nancy,
take his beautiful flowers
and put them in some water.
He can call me that.
- You don't.
- Understood.
I am starving.
Dodge, please.
Fagin, can we just
talk about something?
Can we talk about our boy,
Batesy here,
stealing my food
from under my bed?
- Grass.
- Thief.
- Okay, we're all thieves.
- Yeah, be a better one is the point.
All right. Okay, okay.
Uh, Twist,
I want you to say a few words
because it's a tradition.
About how thankful you are.
Well, thanks for having me
round for dinner, I suppose.
I can't remember the last time
that I sat down...
Like a family?
We're all orphans here.
All right,
that's the thanks.
Cool, um,
can we bloody eat now?
- Yes! Eat. Eat.
- All right!
- Eat.
- All right, all right.
Let's go.
It appears that
you're a connoisseur of beauty.
Yeah. I saw you in my office
admiring my collection, Mr. Twist.
Can I stop using that name?
It makes me sound
as though I'm in a casino.
What else can I call you?
Oliver. Well, Oliver,
your artwork is impressive.
They're just copies.
No, nothing is just a copy.
We always put a little bit
of soul into everything,
don't you think?
- Yeah, I suppose.
- When I was your age,
I wanted to be an artist,
just like you.
But my father was tasteless.
A bully.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Why sorry?
This is all my art, and Nancy...
is my masterpiece.
She needs someone to train with.
Someone who can keep up
with her.
- So you all just do whatever you want?
- Yes. But together.
We never work alone.
You know, we live together,
we eat together.
Because the family
that eats together...
Stays together. I know.
Watch this,
watch this.
Got a little surprise
for you.
- For me?
- Yeah.
Come on, then.
You ready?
We're going out.
Come on.
Make sure you bring him back
in one piece.
Don't you guys
ever feel bad?
What? No.
Look, the people that
we target are criminals anyway.
So, it's justified,
Think of Fagin
as good old Robin Hood
and we're his Merry Men.
Hey, wake up. Come on.
Get changed.
We're going out.
Okay, give me a sec.
- So, are you sticking around?
- Yeah, I think I will.
You sure
you wanna do this?
Yeah. It's nice
to belong to something.
Trust me, you'll be fine.
Morning, Dr. Losberne.
Good morning.
Dr. Crispin Losberne.
Curator, art dealer
and connoisseur
of 18th-century painters.
He's very predictable,
which helps.
Gets up every morning and leaves
for work at eight o'clock sharp.
He looks at his messages
and he puts his phone away in the
right-hand pocket of his coat.
- Flat white.
- Pays the barista.
Then he drinks his coffee.
What's all this about?
Well, we're gonna borrow
his phone.
And have it back in his pocket
before he knows it's gone.
But why?
He took everything from me.
And I'm going
to return the favor.
First thing, we need
to hack Losberne's phone.
Oh, and as far as the day
is concerned,
it's all performance art.
And the performance
will be given by Nancy.
I am such a klutz.
Let me help.
I've got tissues in my bag.
You absolutely must
let me help.
God, it's all over
your lovely jacket.
Oh, I'm so stupid.
I was on my way
to the Royal Academy
to see
the Gainsborough exhibition.
- Really.
- Oh, have you been?
As a matter of fact,
I curated it.
- Really?
- Oh, yes. Come on.
- Dodge, you got it yet?
- Yeah, plugging in.
All right.
On its way, Batesy.
I'm quite a mover and shaker
in the art world.
I have my own place.
You have
your own gallery?
That working, Bates?
You don't ever need interns,
do you?
Never say never.
Come on, Batesy.
Hurry up.
I'll give you my card.
I'm going as quick as I can.
It's in my jacket.
We need
to speed this up.
Yes, of course.
Bit wet.
Hurry up,
hurry up, hurry up.
Pop by anytime.
- Goodbye.
- Dodge, quick, he's leaving.
Yes. Let's go.
Garages on Swift Road.
Someone's taken my phone.
Get out of my taxi!
Sorry, mate.
I thought it was free.
- God.
- Is that what you're looking for?
Yes. Thank you.
You can keep the taxi.
I'm going to walk.
Where to, guv?
Not bad for your first job,
Yeah, and that was just
the hors d'oeuvre.
Batesy, keep hacking.
One word from Losberne,
I wanna hear it.
We need to know his every move.
- Dodge?
- Yeah?
Do the washing up.
Oh, man.
Nancy, you're going
to art school.
It's a crash course.
If you're gonna be convincing
as an art student
for an evening,
or even for ten minutes,
you're gonna have to know
some art to talk about.
Oliver, would you mind?
- Of course.
- Ah, good.
But nothing beats seeing
it in the flesh.
This is about
Pope Nicholas.
He's fuming.
And Dante's... Shit.
You do realize
this gallery's free, yeah?
He's worked here
for years. He hates me.
He's always throwing me out
for sleeping here.
Get up.
Here, I got you.
He doesn't scare me.
Shall we...
Millais's a genius.
- The use of...
- Hardly gonna win the 500-meter backstroke, though, is she?
I'm joking.
I know it's Ophelia.
Anything else
you'd like to add?
Well, personally,
I think the flowers
in the painting
are as important
as Ophelia herself.
The floating flowers,
they represent her sorrow.
And the nettles growing
around the willow,
well that's...
that's her pain.
Did you do art
at school?
No. It's just
common sense, innit?
Well, that
and the Internet.
All right.
Let's see what else you got.
So, do you feel ready to be the most
convincing art student of all time?
Yeah. Totally.
Although no thanks
to my teacher. He was rubbish.
So, uh...
couldn't help
but notice old Ophelia
made quite an impression
on you in there.
What was it about her?
I used to go to
that gallery with my mum.
She was an artist.
That makes sense.
- So, you did have a family?
- Just a mum.
She wasn't around
for too long.
Did you?
Just a dad.
But he was around
for too long.
So why did you get
into free running then?
So I could escape.
Escape from what?
From boys called
Oliver Twist.
Come here!
To pull this job off, we'll
need the plans for Losberne's gallery.
Oh, not
the caterpillar tash.
- Hello.
- Good morning, sir.
We spoke on the telephone
about your conversion
of number 30.
The Losberne Gallery?
I have bought
the building opposite
and I want you to make it modern
like number 30.
I have the plans here. I can show
you what we did for Dr. Losberne.
Follow me.
Yes. Very nice,
very nice.
11:05 on the dot, Fagin.
Just like you said.
This is private.
It's okay.
I don't understand Russian, so...
You want my business?
Take your time.
Thank you.
No windows, reinforced walls.
That's the one.
That'll be
a job getting in.
We don't have to do that.
If we do
what I've got planned,
they bring it out.
Batesy, carry on.
Bring what out?
This is the painting
we're gonna steal.
One of six paintings
by William Hogarth.
That says Dotheboy's
Auction House, Fagin.
Why are we casing up Losberne?
The painting
was lost in a fire,
but many people believed
it was a cover-up for a theft.
All this time,
it's been off the radar.
So you're saying
Losberne's got it?
- He's the seller.
- Wait, hang about.
How did he get his hands on it?
Many years ago,
Losberne went into partnership
with a man called
Isaac Solomon.
Both of them bought
a lot of paintings.
One of them was the Hogarth.
But when they had it in auction,
Losberne went missing
with the paintings.
And Solomon had nothing,
and his credibility
as an art dealer was gone.
Later, Losberne said
the paintings had been stolen.
So my man tells me.
How long have you been there?
I didn't hear you come in.
You should be more careful,
You're getting sloppy
in your old age.
It's only you two.
Oliver, there's someone
I'd like you to meet.
Here, boy.
This is Bullseye.
You're gonna need
your hands later.
Round two.
Magnetic, see?
Stick it on a pipe and get out.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Is it a bad time?
It's the perfect time.
Thank you.
Bottoms up.
So, you were saying
it'd be answering the phones,
doing a little bit of filing?
Nothing a girl
like you couldn't handle.
I did actually want
to show you some of my art.
Street art, you say?
it's just on here.
Let me just find them.
Uh, yes. Okay.
This one is actually
based on...
William Blake.
Of course.
I love what you've done
with the line there.
These are actually
rather intriguing.
Don't gas me.
Come on, girl.
Give her a second.
that's my graffiti talk.
It's the only way to get taken
seriously on the street.
Oh, right.
Well, don't forget
your wine.
Do you know, it's just going
straight through me.
I must pop to
the little girls' room.
Is it downstairs, or...
Straight down
the stairs.
The door straight
in front of you.
Okay. Thanks.
Oh, no. No, no, no.
He's on the move.
- I could have blown my hand off.
- Yeah, calm down.
- Everything all right?
- Yes, I'll be up in a minute.
You better have brought
a spare.
We just gotta get it
to her.
I'll take it.
I'm the climber,
Whatever you do,
don't drop it.
Red, it's me.
Let me in.
Look out.
- Oh, my God.
- Be careful.
What's going on
down there?
Losberne Gallery.
Special delivery.
At this time of night?
I'm right outside, mate.
Got a large package.
Says, "artworks, fragile."
I could leave it
on the doorstep if you want?
No, no, no.
I'm coming. I'm coming.
I was just in
the middle of something.
One second.
I'm at the window.
Where are you?
Um, let me
just check on that.
Sorry, mate. Wrong number.
I wouldn't use that lav...
uh, bathroom for a bit.
I'm sorry. You're going to have
to wait here for a moment.
Can you come up here, please?
What is this?
Search her bag.
Excuse me!
If that's the way
you treat all your interns,
you can take
your work experience
and shove it up your arse!
Our Dr. Losberne is gonna
get a surprise in the morning.
Until then,
you can take the night off.
- Go out, have some fun.
- Yes!
Yeah, but wait a minute.
Not too much fun
because you're back
on duty at 7:00 a.m.
We've all gotta be ready
to move when
the phone goes.
And I'll stay tuned to Losberne.
Well, you know he might be
into some heavy phone sex,
which means you might be in
for a steamy night, old boy.
So there's this party.
- What you saying?
- Red, you coming?
She got plans.
You did good.
Mate, let's go.
Come on.
Come on, mate. Don't be such
a Debbie Downer.
You know, there are
other birds in London.
Come on.
Have a drink with us.
No, I'm all right, mate.
Come on.
You know you want to.
Seriously, Batesy.
I'm all right here.
All right. Fine.
- Hey.
- I said...
Oi. You mug.
She belongs to Sikes.
You think
I don't know that?
I don't belong to anyone.
We'll see.
Oi, Batesy!
Batesy, look out!
I love coming here.
You almost forget
you're in the city.
How do you know
about this place?
Uh, Sikes brought me
here once.
Why'd you bring me
here then?
Because I wanted to.
Is that okay?
Seriously, why did
you bring me here?
Why wouldn't
I bring you here?
I don't think your girlfriend
would be too happy if she knew.
Mmm, never said
she was my girlfriend.
Why didn't you tell me?
Tell you what?
That you're only into...
Never said that either.
I'm so confused.
Oi! What the hell
are you doing?
Hey. Don't tell anyone
about this, yeah?
Red, if this is about Sikes,
you don't need to be scared.
It's not me
I'm scared for.
Got you!
You think you're clever, don't you?
Call the police, love.
- I will 'cause you're assaulting him!
- Assaulting him?
- Yeah!
- This little bellend has been vandalizing property
of the council with his
shitty little paintings.
You wanna go as well, eh?
Come on!
Here they are.
Get down there, you! Go on.
She's with the bellend there.
Arrest them.
- Stay with them. It'll be okay.
- Come on, Son.
I'll get Fagin.
Go on.
Thank you.
All right.
Personally I think
it's an improvement.
So let me go.
Metropolis Parking Solutions...
That's the company
whose property you vandalized,
they don't quite share
the same views.
Little Ollie Twister.
Look, to be honest, Oliver,
a little bit of graffiti
is not really
what concerns me.
You kind of running
into Warden Bumble,
well that's just kind
of fortuitous for me.
It's like
a happy accident.
What I really wanna talk
to you about is...
this man.
An alias, obviously.
A once prestigious
art dealer.
Then out of the blue...
And since then, it seems
like he's been putting
his knowledge of art
to more practical usage.
Apparently he's running
quite the operation.
And what about
this lovely lady?
Known associate of Fagin.
How am I supposed
to know these two?
How am I supposed to...
Nancy Lee, alias Red.
Known associate of
both Sikes and Fagin's.
It's a pretty girl,
I can get you out of this,
you know.
- Get me out of what?
- Ah, see, now that,
that's exactly what I'm
hoping you're gonna tell me.
Because your little friends,
your new pals,
they're not all
that they seem.
And to be perfectly honest,
friends of Fagin and Sikes
have a nasty habit
of ending up, well...
like that.
Tom Chitling.
He died last month.
Take a good look, Oliver.
I don't even know this Sikes.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
you're free to go.
Just be careful who you trust because
people only see what they wanna see.
Off you go, then.
You're late.
Where's Twist?
He was with you,
right, Dodge?
Just wanted to get a run-in.
I lost track of time.
I don't know
where Twist is.
I gave them all the night off.
Those paintings are going
nowhere till the morning.
It is morning.
Where is he?
- Who is this?
- Think of me
as the friendly uncle
you never had.
I just wanted to make sure
you've got my number.
In case you remember anything
about our Ms. Sikes.
I won't.
You got some explaining
to do, boy.
- Where you been, then?
- I went to a pub with Dodge and Batesy.
They got back hours ago.
What happened to you?
- I got arrested.
- Been having little words, have we?
No, it wasn't
like that.
It was this traffic warden.
I wrote on his van
and he wasn't happy about it.
You wrote
on his van last night?
No, last week.
I bumped into him
this morning...
How come
the cops let you go?
Did you give them
something they wanted?
No, nothing.
I gave them nothing.
If he grassed,
why would he come back here?
Was I talking to you?
- I'm just saying, I...
- Don't!
- We need him.
- Hello, Artnet.
- Hello, it's Dr. Crispin Losberne.
- Shh!
My vault is flooded, so I need
to move a painting to Dotheboy's.
He's on the phone
with the couriers.
They're arranging a pickup.
One second.
Round three.
The painting is gonna be
on the move.
This is it.
You better pray this time
it goes like clockwork.
I'm watching.
I'm claustrophobic,
Nobody told me that
it was gonna be that small.
- Quit making a fuss and get in.
- I'm not making a fuss.
I'm claustrophobic.
It's an actual condition.
If Batesy gets in there
and passes out,
the whole plan's screwed.
What are we gonna do?
Exactly. And there is
every chance
that if I get in there
I will pass out.
don't be such a baby.
What are you gonna do?
Force him down?
You say you're gonna do
something then don't do it.
Are we gonna do this,
or you gonna stand there arguing all day?
Well, he's in now.
All right. Anybody tries
to moves the crate,
you set off the smoke bomb
in their face.
Piece of cake.
All right. That's it.
Let's do it then.
Delivery to our gallery
in W1, yeah?
Yeah, copy that, darling.
We just got
a few drop-offs first.
Cheers, lads.
I thought we were only sharing travel
with the National Gallery piece.
Uh, let me see.
Originally yours
was dropped off first
and then on
to the National Gallery.
It's just an extra
pickup, mate.
It won't affect
your drop-off time.
They're close together,
you see.
- Chiswell Fine Arts.
- I've never heard of it.
You ever heard of
a Chiswell Fine Arts, Rosie?
Somewhere near here?
I thought you knew all
the galleries in London.
I'll Google it.
Can't find a Chiswell.
Get me Artnet
on the phone now!
What's all this?
You all right?
What's occurring?
- Can we get through?
- How you doing?
- Yeah, fine.
- Where you from?
- I'm from Fullham.
- Fullham?
I've got cousins in Fullham.
You know Phil?
- No.
- You must know my second cousin.
- What's her name? Oh, Tracey.
- No.
- Can we get through?
- Can you get through?
I don't know...
7-4, receiving. 7-4, receiving.
Is there aliens?
I mean...
7-4. Go ahead.
Just had a call from
the Losberne Gallery.
They seem to think
they're being robbed.
Is it real?
Is life even real?
Everything all right,
Floor it!
Sikes, no.
No, Sikes!
Please, Sikes.
- Where is it? Give it to me.
- I didn't get it. I'm sorry.
We need a distraction.
Move. Move!
When I said "don't,"
that means don't go this way.
- ...female in a red leather jacket.
- Hey!
Female suspect heading west
down Pass Road.
Officers are in pursuit.
Officers are in pursuit.
I'm asking you
very nicely to stop.
There it is.
I really need
to start going to the gym.
This is...
Bedwin, give me an update.
Brownlow, we got some good news
and some bad news.
- Fill me in then.
- Yeah, well, the bad news is I haven't got her.
- What's the good news?
- There is no good news, really, if I'm honest.
Get yourself back here now.
Oi! Get in.
- I need to work on my cardio.
- How come Twist was
in the back of that van?
Should have been you.
Well, I'm claustrophobic,
so we just switched places.
You shouldn't have.
He should have been
back by now.
Quiet. I'm trying to think.
That was our one shot.
It was bad luck
is all.
Bad luck? There's no such thing.
It was a simple plan
until that bloody Twist
decided to go in the van.
Mate, have you seen...
What happened
to Tom Chitling?
He fell.
- Did you see it?
- Someone has been misinforming you, Oliver.
- Don't avoid the question!
- I just don't think it's you asking the questions.
Who have you been talking to?
Why don't you ask her?
- Sikes!
- He's a rat!
Van suddenly peels off.
They knew what was going down.
- I didn't tell them anything!
- Lies!
What's this, eh?
Thing I need to know, Twist,
is how you hold up
under a beating.
I bet you fall
to pieces, eh?
Fagin, make her stop.
Question is,
do you want some more?
Hold him.
Sikes, don't make it
Right, Bullseye,
on my command.
You're making a mistake.
A mistake?
He got in trouble
with the traffic warden.
And how would
you know that, Red?
'Cause I was there.
We were on our way home
and the traffic warden
came out of nowhere
and tackled him to the ground.
- Just like he said.
- On your way home from where?
We went for a swim together.
If he moves, shoot him.
Come with me.
Bullseye, stay.
This ain't like Batesy.
He gets withdrawal symptoms
if he ain't plugged in.
- Batesy's dead.
- What?
Just like she killed Tom.
- But Sikes said...
- Tom was murdered!
He didn't go off
that roof by accident.
How would you know that?
I got a text
off that phone.
Some cop gave it to me
to see if I'd turn.
And did you turn?
Or were you never
with this family to begin with?
You call this a family?
When that psycho is
out there with Red
and you're pointing
a gun at me!
I don't believe you.
I'm gonna go find Batesy myself.
You're gonna be looking
six feet under.
He's right. I pushed Tom.
- You lying piece...
- Please.
Give me an excuse to kill you.
You can't kill all of us.
Let's see, shall we?
Six bullets, three kids.
You do the math.
We're hitting Dotheboy's.
We're getting that painting.
I think the whole plan
was to get the painting
before it went there.
That place
is impenetrable.
You scared, old man?
I'll have a plan
in four hours.
Try not to kill any more
of them in the meantime.
I can't promise anything.
Look, mate,
I believe ya.
What Sikes did to Tom,
that's messed up.
But if we don't do this,
we'll lose Red too.
Sikes is a loose cannon.
Let's just suck it up
and get on with it, yeah?
Let's do this.
Is he on time?
Like clockwork. We're on.
Can I get two sugars
with that, as well?
All right there, mates?
Sorry to interrupt.
Can I get a Bakewell tart,
- It's chippy, innit?
- Yeah, I know. It's freezing.
There you go. 1.50.
There you go.
Keep the change.
Have a good day,
See ya.
The painting will be under
lock and key before the auction.
So our only chance is
during the main event.
We'll go in at the front
and at the right moment
execute the plan,
sending the painting your way.
Let's play happy families, eh?
Big smiles.
Thank you.
It's the chair. Really?
There you go.
Dodge, once you're
inside, let Twist in.
Then, when all hell
has broken loose,
you know what to do.
Gang's all here.
Don't do anything stupid.
I'm glad you're finally taking
this threat seriously, Officer.
Detective Inspector.
How many men
have you deployed?
There's 12
inside the building.
Another 20 outside.
Nobody is getting
this painting, Losberne.
Doctor Losberne.
Better you than me,
Lot 146.
William Hogarth's painting.
A Harlot's Progress,
The Arrest.
Oil on canvas. 1731.
Has resurfaced
after many years,
as the only surviving Harlot's
Progress from the fire...
We start the reserve
price of three million pounds.
Yes, madam.
And you, sir? At the back there, sir? Yes.
Three million two.
I have three million,
200 thousand pounds.
He's got a gun!
- Stay calm.
- It was a trap.
- They're after my painting!
- Get it back in the vault!
It'll be safe.
It's the safest place.
- Over there, look.
- Through that door.
There's a robbery in progress.
Stay with the painting.
Get it to the vault.
Let's go! Let's move.
Wait, wait, wait.
I'm coming with you.
No one goes
down there but us.
There's a robbery in progress.
- Yeah, we have our procedures.
- And I have my orders.
And that painting ain't going
anywhere without me.
What... What's going on?
- Who are you?
- Officer Dawkins, Sergeant.
- Dawkins? Good.
- Yeah.
Okay. You guys go that way.
You guys come with me. Let's go.
Yes, it's me.
Ah, that felt good.
Good. This is good.
This is very good.
Show me the painting.
I'll be honest,
not his best work.
Oh, you silly sausage.
You're going nowhere, Son.
you're wrong about Twist.
He's in the lift shaft.
Yeah, the dirty swine.
Well, move then.
I'm coming for you, Twist.
- No, no, no!
- If you think a lift is gonna stop me...
- Oh, you got nowhere to hide, boy.
- Dodge!
- You muppet.
- Dodge?
Hurry up.
- Dodge.
- Come on.
Help me!
- Hurry up.
- Help!
- Come on.
- I'm coming!
Get these bloody doors open!
Hurry up, Dodge!
Wait a minute.
Give me a break.
You're not thinking we...
- Oi! Stop!
- Come on!
- Ready? Belt.
- Twist, what are you doing? This is madness.
Three, two, one...
Hang on!
Wait, wait...
Let go!
All the best.
Brownlow, you need
to get down here right now.
Shit, shit!
- Flippin' hell.
- Let's go up here.
I think we've lost them.
They wouldn't have got far,
you better be right.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Hey! Hey!
Don't even think about it!
Do not move.
- Your delivery's here.
- I didn't order anything.
- Hey, don't!
- Dodge, let's go!
Get after them!
Don't leave, hey!
- Come back here! Come...
- Wait!
Get them... Hey, stop!
Stop! Make him stop!
There's only one person
who could do this.
Enjoy your munch, did ya?
You magnificent bastard.
You had us worried sick, mate.
Where are ya?
You know Sikes has gone
full-blown psycho, don't you?
- She tried to kill me.
- What?
We're on our way
to see her now.
No, don't! It ain't safe.
What do you mean?
We got no choice.
Red's with her.
We're all heading to Fagin's.
All right, well,
I'll meet you there.
- Just look after yourself.
- Okay.
That was Batesy. He's...
You're late.
Where is he?
I don't know.
We got split up.
- Who's got it?
- He has.
- You miss me?
- Bates.
You all right?
What happened?
Thought I dealt with you,
fuck's sake.
- Where's Twist?
- I'm right here.
You want the painting?
She's coming with me.
Do you think she's worth it?
Try me.
Do what he says.
You got more stones than
I gave you credit for.
Give me that.
I'll always be
a step ahead of you.
You think
you can just take my girl?
It's the painting, Sikes.
Give me the envelope
and let him go.
You sure that's it, Fagin?
- What?
- The painting.
Are you sure
it's the right one?
Easy. Easy.
I'm just reaching for my phone.
You guys might wanna see this.
You see,
before I got into graffiti,
I used to paint.
You lot mentioning Hogarth
got me inspired.
It's not bad, eh, Fagin?
Where is it?
I walk out of here
with Red.
I'll call you
and tell you where it is.
She stays with me.
We need the painting, Sikes.
Whose side are you on?
All this has got to stop.
You're done. We're done.
All bets are off.
Get me the envelope
and I'll let you leave.
Come on.
You'll let me leave?
I choose how this ends.
- Fagin, Fagin.
- Fagin.
Come on!
Quick! Come on, Twist!
Come on!
You go first.
I'm not going without you!
Listen, jump.
I'll be right behind you.
Twist! Twist.
Hold on, hold on.
Come on!
Twist! Come on.
Don't let go.
No! No!
- Pull him up, Sikes.
- I'm sure he'll be fine. Step back!
Look at him, not even strong
enough to pull himself up.
- He's so weak.
- He's not weak!
- You need to come with me now.
- I don't need you anymore.
You think Twist is
the one for you?
He's more than
you will ever be.
I dragged you from the gutter,
looked after you,
gave you everything
you needed.
What a fine thing
capital punishment is.
Young man.
I'm guessing you heard
about the reward?
Be there in five.
Do we know what we're meant
to be waiting for?
We don't have a clue,
I'm sure we'll know
when we see it.
He's not exactly just gonna stroll in.
- He's literally just strolled in.
- All right, lads?
- You hungry?
- You got a lot of nerve showing up.
- Let's just nick him now.
- Calm down, Bedwin.
You look like you could do
with a bacon sarnie.
This might be funny to you,
but this is serious.
I need your full cooperation.
I've done you guys a favor.
How's that?
Where's the painting?
I don't have it.
So where is it?
I'm not the criminal here.
In fact,
I've done all the work
for you guys.
Two bacon sarnies.
- Enjoy.
- Thanks.
Excuse me. I didn't order this.
Oh, no, it's fine.
It's my treat.
Well, that's very kind of you,
young man.
- Yes, very kind.
- But don't think this is getting you out of trouble.
I need you to understand
one thing.
You're gonna need
to start cooperating.
Oh, brilliant.
Yeah, hello?
Very smart that was.
A wise cop
once said to me,
"People only see
what they wanna see."
You'll be wanting some
brown sauce with those I assume.
What do you mean... Hello? Hello?
Brown sauce.
Nah, it's...
It's above
the brown sauce, Bedwin.
It's above
the brown sauce.
Holy shit.
The tale of the stolen Hogarth
in an audacious raid
took a bizarre twist today
when a tip-off led detectives
to a lockup in East London
in which a large collection of
stolen artworks has been discovered.
The lockup belongs to the art
dealer Dr. Crispin Losberne.
Documents were also found
proving that Dr. Crispin Losberne
is not the legal owner
of the Hogarth.
It's alleged that
the well-established art dealer
has been making his fortune
out of selling stolen artwork
and faking
the ownership documentation.
A Mr. Isaac Solomon
has been named as an accomplice.
It's believed that this man
also goes by the name of Fagin.
Fagin and Sikes really
had raised some good thieves.
So good they didn't know
when they were the target.
The envelope revealed
the true owners of the Hogarth
and the key to the lockup where
Losberne kept the stolen paintings.
- Holy shit.
- Even Bedwin and Brownlow deserved a break.
In other arts-related news,
a mystery painting arrived
with a special delivery
for a new exhibition at
the National Gallery last week.
The question everyone's asking
is: How did it get there?
The painting was added
to the exhibition by mistake
but critics have gone wild
for this unknown artist
and have demanded
the piece remains on display.
There you go, Mum.
In fact, people can't stop
talking about the mystery artist,
with many asking
who is Molly Twist
and when and where
will all of her work appear.
Dealers are said to be willing
to offer up to 50,000
to anyone with
an original Twist painting.
Cheers, Nancy.
Call me that again, Oliver,
and I will twist something you don't like.
All right, quit canoodling.
So, are you gonna stick
with us, kid?
Come on,
you know you wanna.
Look, if I'm gonna be
staying around,
we gotta cut out all
the nonsense and go straight.
- Whoa, wait.
- He's joking, right? That must be a joke.
What exactly do you expect
us lot to do for a job, eh?
You ever thought about
selling paintings?
A bag full of Molly Twist art
is worth a few quid.
Like I said, no singing,
no dancing.
But maybe I was wrong about
the happy ending.
I know these people.
I belong with them.